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So what is VGGTS, you ask? VGGTS stands for Video Game Giantess. Basically, your favorite video game gals such as, but definitely not limited to, Princess Zelda, Hitomi from DOA, or Aeris from Final Fantasy VII either grow to gigantic proportions or shrink the man that they adore so much and play with them as if he were a toy. This website is dedicated to this topic and all the people that contribute to it.

If you'd like to contribute to this site with a picture, story, or simply information regarding GTS in games, send me (Cubed Cinder) an e-mail or let me know on either Twitter or DeviantArt. I don't really hunt for new pictures or stories these days, so if there's something you want on this site, your best chance is to make me aware of it.

This site is updated every Friday night on or around 9 PM Eastern Time; with submissions no longer being taken around 8:30 PM.

Last update: November 8, 2019 (2019 Update Archive)
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Pictures - See the VGGTS in action!
- BloodRayne: 1 from roodedude
- Crash Bandicoot: 1 from 1994semaj
- Final Fantasy: 1 from caiman2, 1 from LightningFangirl
- Fire Emblem: 1 from EmBeRNaGa
- Fortnite: 1 from AP76
- Kid Icarus: 1 from Charly Dibu
- Killer Instinct: 1 from Fez
- King of Fighters: 1 from Charly Dibu
- Legend of Zelda: 1 from Jora-Bora, 1 from Dangerking11
- Metroid: 1 from pandatomi77, 2 from Artistic-Allen
- Neptunia series: 1 from zen-gts
- Overwatch: 1 from caiman2, 1 from Bantoras
Persona: 1 from Magestic-Maggot, 1 from Zero6Vi, 1 from kogochew, 2 from Bantoras, 1 from simsda
- Pokemon: 1 from MicroMike, 1 from Zerinon, 1 from GreenMatcha, 1 from YuitaK, 1 from Sad-Bag, 3 from MicroGamer1, 1 from PinkKoffin, 1 from EmBeRNaGa
- Puyo Puyo: 1 from EmBeRNaGa
- Senran Kagura: 2 from Hank88
- SoulCalibur: 1 from roodedude
Super Mario: 1 YouTube from Jackurai, 1 from Artistic-Allen, 1 from roodedude, 1 from MegaMaliit
- Type-Moon universe: 1 from RankerHen
- Multiple games: 1 from MicroMike
- Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion (other): 1 from Riadorana II
- Rainbow Six Siege (other): 1 from Bantoras
- Dragalia Lost (other): 1 from EmBeRNaGa

Stories - Read about the exciting adventures of the VGGTS!

Where are these VGGTS? - See what games feature the gigantic video vixens!
- Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit List updated: Kim Kaphwan, Nakoruru (all found by Cubed Cinder and DekuDave5)

Links - Check out other places, such as websites or social media, that are run by some of the site's contributors!

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