Dead or Alive VGGTS Stories

DOATEC Classified Report: Conflict Number Eight
Approx. pages: 45
- Colonel Lance Roshal is your everyday DOATEC employee. He does his work, pays his taxes, goes to work, just like a normal citizen. But when a rogue ninja decides to hijack top secret work from DOATEC, the Colonel must team up with an assassin to bring down this new threat, coincidentally one hundred ninety-four feet taller then him! Completed December 15, 2006.

Fault Tolerance
Approx. pages: 24
- Christopher Prochaska is an ordinary citizen of New York. However, when three girls break into a top-secret military base and steal a potion that the government doesn't even know what it does, problems get a little gigantic... Completed January 27, 2007.

Following Footsteps
(Cubed Cinder)
Approx. pages: 18
- As the girls of DOA relax with each other on Zack Island, a strange bubbly liquid arises from the ocean and engulfs all eight girls. They re-emerge, however, as towering mega giantesses! With their new size, all the girls decide to have large-scale fun first on the island, and then in a nearby city beyond the coastline. Eight giantesses at 800 feet tall each. Eight times the risk to be crushed. Completed October 30, 2003.

Following Footsteps 2: Girlzillas
(Cubed Cinder and MEGAW)
Approx. pages: 20
- The girls of DOATEC's fighting tournament enjoy another cozy break on Zack Island, despite what had happened to it two years ago, when eight women all enlarged to 800 feet tall and caused havoc first to the island and then to two major cities. While walking on the beach, Kasumi spots a tube of suntan lotion, manufactured by DOATEC it would seem. Obviously suspicions are raised knowing the kind of technology and weaponry that DOATEC invests in (even under Helena's leadership), but nevertheless, she, Ayane, and Hitomi all put the lotion on their bodies. It doesn't take long for them to grow to 500 feet tall, and slowly growing even bigger with each passing second. The three giantesses eventually march off the island and go to find some cities to crush, leaving the tube of suntan lotion behind for other girls (like Tina and Mila) to use... Completed May 10, 2014.

Humanity's Competition
Approx. pages: 19
- After losing her partner to a humiliating loss against Christie and Kokoro, Ayane finds herself with no other options but to ask her sister, Kasumi. As they quickly find out, Christie and Kokoro have a little secret they are hiding. This attracts the attention of one of the most elite assault teams ever created. Ayane and Kasumi check it out to find that Christie and Kokoro have developed a high-powered growth formula. With no other options, Ayane and Kasumi take that along with them. Combine that with a military team and a world ahead, the results might get a little crazy... Completed February 16, 2007.

Humanity's Competition 2: Desperate Strike
Approx. pages: 16
- The last free country has fallen, and, through the combined force of Christie and Kokoro, the world is now under their rule. Those who don't submit, die. Trent Rullman submitted. In fact, he works for the government. However, two familiar faces and a death threat convince him to commit what easily qualifies as treason. And if he can't be trusted, are there others? Betrayals, battles, and surprises are about to change the ones the people serve. Completed June 9, 2007.