Power Cells



The Vault dweller came over the hill and immediately saw it. Like nearly all the machines from the pre-war world, it was broken, immobilized, and in this case, partly buried. This machine was different, however, and the grey skinned body outside confirmed what it was. An Alien space craft. Dogmeat ran up to the grey humanoid, sniffed it, and whimpered.

“Easy boy,” The Vault dweller said as he patted the canine on the head.

“Poor guy” He said as he shifted his gaze from the Alien, to the craft he’d been using. It wasn’t too big, maybe the size of an Enclave Vertibird.

He sighed, he knew enough about technology to fix his laser rifle and some of the plasma weapons he found on the Enclave soldiers, and even Scribe Yearling had been trying to teach him more about the Brotherhoods other technologies, but he was no scientist, he’d have to make the trip back to the Citadel to make sure they sent out a team to get this before someone else found it. He keyed the location into his Pipboy, and turned to leave when Dogmeat barked.

Dogmeat was sniffing at the wreckage of the cockpit, and as he turned around to call Dogmeat, he saw it. It was like nothing he’d ever seen before, and he’d seen some wired things. It vaguely resembled a laser pistol, but the housing above the trigger was much larger and round, the barrel was short, and the tip of the barrel and housing both had fins on them. To top off the overall weirdness of the “weapon” it was a shiny metallic red that gave it a pre-war look. He stepped back down the hill and pulled the weapon from the ships wreckage. It was heaver than it looked, and had a small selector knob on the side where the safety should be, but instead it had four different settings. He looked back into the cockpit and saw some small glowing tubes, he reached in and grabbed one,

‘power cells’ He thought, he looked at the Alien weapon, then back to the power cell.

“C’mon Dogmeat, I think we should make a stop in Underworld.”


Chapter 2


Sydney rubbed her eyes as she sat up in her bed, and looked around.

‘Morning’ She thought, or at least as morning as it gets in Underworld. She stood up and stepped over to the trunk that Carol had provided her in her “room” in Underworld, and put on her sweater, pants, and combat armor. She thanked Carol and left for The 9th Circle. Winthrob, despite her numerous requests, offers of caps, and even free ammo, had denied her a room in Underworld for her ammo shop. He had said that since Underworld was a city of ghouls, it wouldn’t be right to have a human with a shop here. Luckily, the always-looking-to-make-a-few-caps local bar owner, had offered to let her sell ammo in 9th Circle if she sent a few caps his way. It wasn’t much, really, but maybe if she saved up some money, she could afford to move to Rivet City, or Cantebury Commons, open a real shop, but for now this would have to do.

She sat down at one of the side tables lining the wall. She looked over at Charron, he seemed to sense her gaze and turned her head to cast back his characteristic empty emotional glance and she turned away. As she turned back toward the entrance, she heard a familiar bark and saw Dogmeat and the Vault Dweller entering the bar. He smiled, and immedily moved over to her table.

“Need some more Ammo?” She said with a smile

“Not quite” He said as he sat down. “Look at this” He took out a strange sort of weapon and set it on the table.

“what’s that?” She asked.

“I…don’t know, some kind of weapon, I think, I was hoping you would know.” He replied. She frowned, and picked up the “weapon” it was heaver than it looked, and had some weird fins on top of it.

“I also found these.” he said producing a small sack of glowing tubes, “I think they’re some kind of power cells.” he said. She set down the weapon and picked up one of the Power cells from the bag.

“Where’d you find these?” She asked.

“Up north, near some kind of crash site, I’m on my way to tell the Brotherhood about it, so the Enclave doesn’t get a hold of it, but I thought you’d be the person to give this too.” he said.

“Huh…” She said without looking up. The Vault Dweller glanced at the Pip-boy on his wrist.

“I got a long walk back to the Citadel.” He said, stretching as he stood, waiting for her to say something, although she didn’t.

“and I want to get there before they close the gate for the night.” He paused again, but her attention was focused on the Power cell.

“What I wouldn’t give for a Vertibird.” He continued. She nodded, but didn’t look up and continued her focus on the power cell. The Vault Dweller nodded, whistled for Dogmeat, and walked, out of the bar, and out of the Museum.

Sydney felt one of the power cells. It was smooth, clean, NEW. She quickly stood up, grabbed the weapon in one hand, and the bag of power cells in another, and ran out to her room. She ran fast enough that even Charron’s eyebrows went up.

Chapter 3

‘Easy now’ Sydney thought as she popped the side off the weapon. She had taken the weapon and the “power cells” back to her “room” and was trying to load the power in at her desk. As soon as the side came off, another of the energy cells fell out, however, this one was dark, unglowing.

“hum” she said as she set the dark power cell aside, and inserted one of the glowing ones where the darkened one had been. The weapon imminently gave off a faint hum, She set it down and moved the selector knob to the first setting.

“Sydney?” She spun around and stood up, leaving the weapon on the desk, and saw Carol standing in her doorway. The 200+ year old ghoul looked taken back, even though she had been the one to interrupt her.

“Carol, hi” Sydney said. “did you need something?”

“Uh, yes, well you know, it’s the first of the month, and the rent-”

“Right, right, I forgot.” Sydney said as she turned back to her desk to get some caps. When she looked back at the desk she saw a reproach scurrying around on top of the desk. “Uhh” she said as she pushed the mutated creature off the desk. As the reproach was pushed off and across the desk, it’s leg inadvertently pulled the trigger, sending a burst of white energy at Sydney. She cringed, expecting to be turned into a pile of ash. After a minute, she opened her eyes. She looked around, two legs, two hands, her face felt the same.

“Carol, do I look alright?” She said, turning back towards the ghoul. “Umm, well, yes, actually, you look fine. You were glowing there for a second though.” Sydney frowned, but decided to worry about it later. She went back to the desk, opened a drawer, and got some caps from her savings, and paid Carol.

After Carol left she turned back to the weapon on her desk, she reopened the side and out popped the power cell she had put in, no longer glowing. She set this one aside as well, and placed another one inside, and closed the weapon. As she set it down she felt a shiver, then another. “Uhh,” she said as she sat on her bed. ‘maybe I better lie down’ she thought as she laid on her side and fell asleep.

Chapter 4


As Sydney slept the energy stored in the power cell, shot through the Alien weapon and into her body was starting to take effect. Her legs slowly began to stretch down towards the end of the bed and her head began to cover more of the pillow. At the same time her sweater became tighter as her modest B cups swelled to Mid C’s. Her entire body stretched out, slowly inching up in height, stretching her 5’5” frame to 6’. She slept through the rest of the day, and into the night, as the Vault dweller continued his trip to the Citadel. As he approached, Paladin Bael recognized him and opened the gate. He thanked him, and along with Dogmeat, went inside. Once inside the two went straight to Elder Lyons quarters, and knocked on the door. The Elder himself answered the door.

“Ah,” he said “Our young friend from the Vault, and Dogmeat as well,” he said leaning down to pet the pup. “ Please come in, Scribe Rothchild here was just telling me about the scanners picked up out North.” As he stepped into the room, he saw the elderly scribe sitting at a table with a map, and took a seat nearby. The Elder shut the door and returned to his seat. “Now Rothchild,” he began “What is it that you’ve found?” The Scribe frowned.

“Not found Lyons, deacted, and I’m not sure what, at first we thought it was just a Vertibird, but the power readings are off the charts, though we lost it up here.” he said, pointing to the spot on the map where the Vault dweller had found the space craft.

“Scribe” He interjected, “I’ve just been out there, and I think I know what you picked up.” He told him, about the craft, the being, and gave him one of the power cells.

“I’d better get this to the lab right away.” Rothchild said as he left with the power cell. Elder Lyons nodded as he stood up.

“And I will get a team ready to go and excavate this crash site,” he turned to the Vault Dweller, “ Would you lead them to this crash site?” he asked. Dogmeat gave a happy bark in reply,

“There’s you’re answer Elder.”


Chapter 5


At the same time, at the other end of the Capital Wasteland, Colonel Augustus Autumn had a meeting with the president. Autumn began as soon as he entered the large wire covered room that served as the Supercomputer President‘s office.

“Mr. President I-”

“Colonel!” the president interrupted, “Whatever brings you here?” The Enclave commander narrowed his eyes, as the President knew exactly and began again.

“Mister President, at 0500 hours yesterday our scanners picked up some foreign energy signatures Northwest of D.C.” The President stifled a chuckle,

“foreign? Colonel are you telling me were being invaded?” Autumn remained serious.

“No, Mr. President, these readings are far different from anything of this planet.” Suddenly the President seemed, for the first time Autumn could remember, taken back.

“I see” he finally said, more coolly than his normal fatherly tone. “Well, we’d had better get some of our boys out there to check it out.” he said, snapping back to his usual self.

“Yes sir, also one of our patrols in Downtown D.C. picked a similar burst of energy somewhere in the Mall around 0900.” he said.

“Well, then send a team to search that area as well.” The President said.

“Yes sir” the Colonel replied saluting, and turned to leave. Just before he was out the door the President stopped him.

“Oh, and Colonel, do try and be gentle.” Autumn stopped for a second, looked over his shoulder, then went out the door.

Chapter 6

Sydney woke with a start, sat up in bed, and rubbed her eyes. She looked over at the clock on the wall, ‘9:40’. She frowned, she’d slept all day. She turned and stepped out of bed. Immediately she almost lost her balance. ‘Funny’ she thought, ‘Everything looks, smaller.’ She went to pull her boots on, but found them much tighter, and almost couldn’t get them on. Her armor felt tight, especially on her breasts. ‘weird’ she thought, ‘I need some air.’ She walked out of Carol’s place and to the entrance.

Outside Tulip was sitting in what had once been a lawn chair, cleaning her laser rifle. “How’s it going out here?” Sydney asked. Tulip didn’t look up.

“Boring, as usual, nothing ever-, well, no actually, there’s a bunch of Enclave out by the Capital Building. I think they’re looking for something, I can’t imagine what.” Sydney stepped out to the street. Sure enough, there were 2 Vertibirds parked out on top of the Capitals steps, and several black clad Enclave soldiers on that side of the mall. She looked right, the Brotherhood outpost at the Washington Monument seemed to have noticed the Enclave as well. “For once I’m kind of glad that the Brotherhoods here.” Tulip said quietly.

“yeah,” Sydney muttered, and went back inside.



Sydney sat at her desk, staring at the weapon. Wondering what, if anything, it had done to her. It had been on the first setting when it had gone off, and there were still two others. ‘Huh, I wonder’ she thought as she switched the selector left to the middle setting. She picked up the weapon and aimed it at her self. “Here goes nothing.” she said as she closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. Once again the white light surrounded her and she felt the energy hit her, then just as quick, it was over.

Lt. Neil liked his job. He liked the Enclave, he liked the Uniform, he liked the hat, and he really liked the Plasma pistol. But he didn’t like this mission. They were looking for the source of an energy reading, hours old, in the decrypt Mall, and the scientist in the white and red egg headed uniform had let him know how tough this was every few minutes. “Again, sir” the scientist continued to complain, “I have only a very faint reading to go off of here.”

“Then Doctor,” The Lt. said, turning to face him, looking where he thought the scientists eyes were, “Do as best you can with what you have. My orders are from the Colonel himself, and I-”

“Wait!” The scientist interrupted. “I just got a real clear reading! It’s in the museum of Natural History!” He said happily. Neil frowned,

“Lots of ghouls in there doctor, are you sure about this?” he asked.

“Positive” the scientist said. Neil turned to his power armor clad platoon,

“Alright boys,” He said looking towards the museum and the nearby Brotherhood outpost, “it seems were invading Underworld.

“Sydney!” Winthrop said interrupting her laser induced trance. She turned around, still sitting down, as he came into her room. “Sydney, I know I said no to a shop, but, well, damnit, I need the caps, and…” Sydney started to smile.

“Yes, and…” she replied, stretching out the a. Winthrop looked at the ground and muttered.

“You can one downstairs for-”

“Winthrop we got a problem!” Tulip yelled as she came through the main doors to Underworld. Winthrop turned around and Sydney stood up.

“Give me a minute.” he yelled back down and turned back to face Sydney, “Anyway, I…” He stopped, surprised to be looking up at her. “Sydney, you wearing heels today?” he asked

“No why?” she replied. He started to say something else, when Tulip yelled again.

“Winthrop, NOW!” He sighed, turned and left, and Sydney followed.

“What is it?” He said leaning over the second floor balcony. Sydney noticed two ghouls putting up a barricade in front of the door.

“Enclave’s here.” She said

Chapter 7

“This is bad.” Sydney said. They had blocked the door with the loose pillars and a few old chairs that littered Underworld, and turned over some tables to hide behind. Cerberus was floating around, Charron had come downstairs, and a few of underworlds residents had some hunting or assault rifles of there own, but even with her own Ultra SMG, she could tell they were in trouble. “this is really bad.” she reiterated.

“Stop saying that” Carol said plainly. Sydney looked at the ancient ghoul crouched behind the table next to her, she sat focused, tense, ‘I wonder if this is how she was when the bombs fell?’ she thought to herself. Sydney gave her a nod, but the fact that they could she hear Enclave troops on the other side of the door made her nervous enough. She could hear them, talking, moving something large, placing it right against the door. Then the noise stopped.

“Duck!” Sydney yelled.


The Large doors blew right off they’re hinges and slid across the floor towards them, creating a cloud of dust where they used to be. Even as the doors were still sliding past, Cerberus was jetting himself forward, shooting plasma at Enclave soldiers that she couldn’t see. One came out of the dust, firing his laser rifle, but just as he passed the stairs, Charron unloaded a shell from his shotgun on him, and the black armored trooper flew backwards into the wall. Another came in and ran for the other side, this one looking to take cover behind an old pillar. Sydney shot at him with her Ultra SMG, and hit him in the chest and thigh. He tumbled over, thrashed for a second, then went limp. More armored troops came through the door, firing as they charged, and the ghouls returned fire. Some striking hits, some missing wildly, some shots even bounced off the black armor. Even as more Enclave troops entered, they were doing alright. ‘Maybe we really can do this.’ Sydney thought.

Then a green plasma blast flew out of the dust around the door. It hit Cerberus square in his circular body. Sydney watched the Mr. Gutsy fall out of the air and slid past her along the floor, seeing exposed wires through the hole the plasma had made. She looked back to where the doors had been just in time to see an Enclave officer enter, holding a plasma pistol. He stopped just past the door, took aim, and shot left. Sydney watched the plasma blast travel and collide with Charron’s right leg, dropping him to a knee. This gave the soldier he was grappling with the chance to introduce his rifle’s butt stock to Charron’s face. Sydney raised her Ultra SMG, and took aim at the officer. She was about to fire, when she felt a pain in her chest. She cringed, and checked to see if she’d been shot. She looked down and felt her chest, ‘No blood, no wound.’ Then another wave of pain hit, only it felt more as though she’d been asleep and just woken up, she felt it crawl through her body, from her toes to her head. It was so much that she fell over. As she looked up, she saw Carol and all the ghouls still alive retreating deeper into Underworld. The room became quiet, and Sydney felt paralyzed, both from fear, and from the growth that was about to take place.

An Enclave soldier walked around checking the bodies, both Enclave and Ghoul. As he came to where Sydney was laying, he stopped, looking at her through his helmets dark lens.

“Sir, this ones alive.” He said through his helmets external radio.

“Very well,” A voice she decided belonged to the officer said, “Bring her-”

“Wait!” Another voice said, as a person in a white full body suit with a red head canopy attached came up to her with some type of scanner. “The energy breaks off, it’s coming from somewhere up stairs,” He paused. “And from her.” Everyone was silent for a moment, then the officer said, “I see, Trooper! Get upstairs and find what we need.” He looked down at Sydney, a small smile forming on his face “And take our new friend to the Vertibirds.”

Chapter 8

The D.C. Metro tunnel was green from the glow of the Vault Dwellers Pip-boy. The team of Knights and Scribes from the Brotherhood was with him, and they were making there way under D.C. to where he’d found the crash site, They wouldn’t have gone through the tunnels, but they needed to get to the crash site as soon as possible, lest the Enclave get there first. As they passed under the Mall, his Pip-boy’s radio crackled. He stopped and adjusted the dial for a clearer signal.

“-is Brotherhood Monument outpost. The Enclave is attacking us and-,” the voice on the radio was drowned out by a burst of laser fire, “again, the Enclave is attacking us and Underworld. We are-” Static. Dogmeat whimpered as the Vault Dweller clicked off the radio. All the Brotherhoods members looked at him. He pulled the hunting rifle off his back, and pulled back the bolt.

“Send the Scribes back.” he said, moving a round into the chamber. ‘Underworld’ he thought, ‘Sydney’

Sydney woke up, slowly opening her eyes. She was surprised to see that she was looking up at the sky. She tried to move her arm, but found that she couldn’t. Turning her head right, her eyes grew wide at what she saw. Her arm was being held by some kind of energy restraint, and looking over at her other arm, she saw that it was restrained as well.

Looking around she saw she was in the middle of the Mall, between the Washington Monument and the Capital building, and that the Enclave were here too. In fact, it looked like the Enclave had set up an outpost here themselves. There were plenty more soldiers than before, a pair of Vertibird on a makeshift landing pad, and even more of those egghead suited scientists. But what really surprised her wasn’t the scientist standing next to her making notes, but his size. In fact, the size of everything. Everything looked smaller. ‘How did everything…’ Sydney’s thought trailed off when she saw the weapon the Vault Dweller had given her earlier along with the power cells sitting on a desk behind the scientist. She looked back at the sky, making the connection. ‘they’re not smaller.’ she thought, ‘I’m…big.’ The 15 foot ammo specialist tried to move again, but the restraints were too strong. Looking back towards the capital building, she saw the officer from before. ‘I wonder where that Vault Boy is anyway.’

Chapter 9

“Stay low, and stay close.” The Vault Dweller said as he led his team of Knights up the steps out of the Metro across from the Museum. Just as he had suspected, the Brotherhood Outpost was silent. He hadn’t suspected, however, the Large amount of Enclave in the Mall. There had to be 40 power armored soldiers, patrolling, setting up defenses, and even a few of those glowing comm towers they were so fond of. In addition, he saw two Vertibirds, as well as a multitude of white suited scientists, a group of which caught his attention. Or rather, what they were looking at did. There, held down by some kind of large energy restraint, was Sydney. Only, she was three times her size. He closed his eyes, shook his head, and looked again. ‘Still big’ he thought. One of the Knights broke his trance,

“Look at those guys!” the Knight said pointing to a pair of Tesla Armored Troopers. No surprise that the Brotherhood would look at the tech first, the person captured second. Even if she was 15 feet tall.

Looking at his team of ten Knights he saw that they would be no match for all the Enclave in the mall. “We need a distraction.” he said more to himself than the Knights with him. As if on cue, all of the Enclave troopers suddenly ran for the eastern edge of the mall. “What are they…oh.” the Vault dweller said, seeing a Behemoth and accompanying super mutants smash through a building near the Capital Dome. “That’ll work.”

Lt. Neil fought to keep his excitement out of his voice, after all, he was on the radio with Colonel Autumn.

“Lieutenant, you’d better have a good reason for bringing all those soldiers away from they’re posts and that equipment was to be used for an outpost at the Sat-Com array east of Raven Rock, not in the Mall.” The Enclave’s commander was beyond annoyed, but Neil was confidant.

“Sir, I can assure you Sir, these men needed here, and the equipment has been vital. In addition, I have discovered the source of the energy, it’s a weapon, although I don’t think we can really use it as one.”

“Whatever do you mean by that Lieutenant?” The Colonel’s accent almost hid his annoyance.

“I think you’d better see for yourself, it went off on a wastelander, and we have her detained here.” Neil replied.

“Then why don’t you bring her here?” The Colonel was about to lose his patience.

“Uh, Sir, she’s…” The Officer trailed off, hearing the pounding of footsteps. Big footsteps. “Behemoth!”

Chapter 10

Without delay, the 2 Vertibirds took off. The Enclave’s flying machines turning to fire on the giant super mutant. More Enclave soldiers got on line, firing on the giant and smaller mutants while the scientists all ran for cover.

“Alright, Now!” The Vault Dweller said.

“For Steel!” The Knights yelled as they charged at the Enclave. The Black armored troopers were fully focused on the super mutants. So when soldiers behind the front line began falling, it took a moment for those still alive to realize that they were fighting a two-sided battle.

With the main force distracted, the Vault dweller ran to help Sydney with Dogmeat in tow. As he reached where she was restrained, he saw an Enclave soldier pop up from behind one of the grey pre-fabricated barriers they’d set up. Taking aim with his hunting rifle, he shot, the round hitting the trooper in the less protected neck. As the Soldier fell over, the Vault Dweller caught sight of something green flying at him. He turned just in time to avoid becoming a pile of goo, but the plasma struck his rifle instead, melting the weapon in two. The Vault Dweller turned to where the plasma had come from seeing an Enclave officer standing there. The Officer smiled as he took aim and prepared to fire again, when Dogmeat jumped up, biting his right wrist. The Officer screamed, dropping his weapon. Just as the pistol hit the ground, Dogmeat grabbed it and ran off. The Vault Dweller reached into his right boot, pulling out the Trench Knife he’d picked up from the Outcasts, and ran at the Officer. The Lieutenant looked for a weapon, spying a Ripper on the table next to the Alien Weapon. He grabbed the chainsaw knife and lunged at the Vault Dweller, who was now only a few feet away. Swiping from right to left, the Vault Dweller deflected the Ripper with his knife, then elbowed the Officer in his cheek. The Lieutenant fell, dropping the Ripper well out of his reach. The Vault Dweller turned his attention to the machine that held Sydney, as he approached the control panel, looking for some kind of off switch. He cursed his lack of technological knowledge, he couldn’t tell what did what. Then he saw the weapon he’d given Sydney earlier. The one he’d found at the crash site. He looked at the weapon, then at Sydney. ‘no way’ he thought. The Officer moaned, he was getting back up. The Vault Dweller grabbed the weapon, changing it to the last setting. The Officer stood. He put a new power cell in. The Officer smiled again. The Vault Dweller fired at Sydney. The Enclave Lieutenant tackled him.

Lieutenant Neil had the vault suit wearing wastelander pinned. His smile grew on his face as he reached into his own boot, pulling out a dirty combat knife he’d kept from his Raider days. The wastelander made eye contact with him, then his eyes looked up and above him, then higher, and higher, until he was looking almost straight up. Neil ignored the wastelanders focus.

“Your DEAD Meat sack!” Neil yelled, still smiling, as he raising the knife above his head. As he tried to drive the knife into the Vault Dweller’s heart, he felt something holding onto his arm. Looking up, he saw two giant fingers pinching his arm. He followed the fingers to a hand, then an arm, then to the Wastelander he’d pulled out of the Museum. Looking up at the now 50 foot Ammo Expert, Lieutenant Neil’s smile disappeared. As she picked him up in one hand, his only thought was, ‘I really didn’t like this mission.’


“Threeeee Dog! That’s me kids, coming at you loud and proud safe from my fortified bunker in the middle of the D.C. Hell Hole! ain’t life grand. A special shout out to that lovely giantess of the wastes, Underworlds own ammo expert, Sydney. For those of you who don’t know, Sydney’s been helping the Brotherhood remove the Enclave and Super Mutants from the D.C. area. And at 50 feet tall, even those Behemoths don’t stand a chance against that giant girl. So hey, great work out there kid. Until next time, this is Three Dog-”

‘Click’ The Vault Dweller turned off his pip-boy’s radio, smiling to himself as he gave Dogmeat a pat on the head. As the two wanderers walked down what had once been a highway into the wastes, the Vault Dweller drummed his fingers on the red Alien Weapon sitting in his holster.