Mysterious Spell: Yuna's Discovery

(Majin Tobias)

In a quaint little village called Hori, where the party had stopped by, Yuna was sitting on the edge of her bed, thinking. Night had fallen. It had been a few weeks since she had become a summoner. She was a little unhappy, however. Without her summons, her physical power wasn't that great. She was realising this for the first time.

"What'll happen...if my summons fail to defeat Sin? I'll be a mere liability in the heat of battle......" Yuna said to herself, "I need to get stronger. This staff will only do so much damage......How can I ever hope to get stronger?"

Yuna kept thinking about this, running into one dead end after another. Most offensive spells were not usable by her. Yuna thought to herself further. This was one problem that eluded her, more than anything else.........

Was there no spell that could significantly make her more powerful?

Coincidencially, Wakka was also lying in bed, thinking a similar thing..talking to himself.
"What if enemies attacked Yuna without us around? She'd be a a heap of trouble...." he thought, "But I won't let Yuna out of my sight, ya hear that, old fiends?" He punched the air with the old one-two, and laid in bed silently afterwards. But unlike Wakka, Yuna kept thinking on the situation.

Out of the corner of her eye, Yuna noticed a piece of paper on the ground. It was tattered and it looked like it had been torn from a book in a hurry.
"What's that?" She walked over to it, nearly tripping over her boots that had been set aside by her bed.
"Huh...?" Upon close examination, it was handwritten. The words were written in red.
"This is a spell?" She couldn't understand the title on top of the page or the words to the spell....They were written in an old language.

"Perhaps this is an answer to my question. I don't know what this spell will do......but I must try it." She picked it up, and began to speak the words out-loud, slowly. Soon, Yuna felt like she was going to faint. She became dizzy, and the room seemed to sway back and forth.
"What the..." A quick flash of light enveloped her, and then everything blacked out.

One Hour Later

Yuna awoke. It was still the night...Nothing had changed, apparantly.
"It didn't work? Nothing happened?" Yuna was confused by this. Maybe the spell was some practical joke that just knocks the user out or something.
"I can't figure it out..Tomorrow morning I will.." She began to get back into bed, when she just noticed something odd. The bed seemed a little smaller to her.
"Wait a minute...Am I taller?" Yuna walked up to the door that exited her room. She found that she was about 5 inches taller, by comparing herself with the doorway. Yuna smiled.
"This might be what I was looking for!" She ran straight out of the Inn the party was staying out, and went into the cold night air. Not that she cared it was cold.
"If this spell gave me the ability to grow.." She shut her eyes, and concentrated. The changes began instantly.

A feeling of stretching came over Yuna. She ignored it and concentrated more. The dizzying returned, but only breifly, and with her eyes shut, it's not like it affected her, really. When she opened her eyes, she was delighted to find that she was taller.

Much taller.

" Either this is some hallucination, or I've just grown to just about 100 feet tall! I can't beleive this, it's amazing! I had no clue that such a spell existed!" Even whispering this to herself, her voice was louder, and she figured it smart to keep her thoughts inside.

"It'll be morning soon. Why don't I see what I can do? I bet I can eliminate just about any fiend who stands in my way..."

She was excited, to say the least. Immeadiatly, she set out for the edge of the town, trying to tread lightly so her footsteps did not awaken the citizens of the town. She also had to be careful that she didn't accidently crush anything.....

Unfortunately, the darkness didn't help that and she took a false step. A home was instantly crushed, like a twig in the woods..

"Oh my god!" she immeadiatly thought. "Have I already inadvertantly murdered someone?" She checked the debris quickly. There was no sign of a corpse or blood. She breathed a sigh of relief, and continued onward. There was nothing she could do to repair the damage to the home, and at least no one had been inside. "I have to be more careful, I could have just killed someone, and only a few minutes after receiving this strange power."

Yuna looked into the distance for fiends. Sure enough, there were a few of those suckers wandering around near the edges of the town. It was too dark for her to see what kind they were, but it's not like she cared. To Yuna, all fiends...were fiends. The minute they caught sight of her approaching, they hesitantly dove at her. Instead of panicking, Yuna, of course, stood her ground. The attacks from the beasts did nothing, besides barely scratch her ankles.

She giggled a bit at them and snatched one up deftly. "Fiends like you once overpowered me physically...Not any more!" However, now that she had the beast in her grasp, she realised she didn't know what to do first. There were several ways she could kill it, now that she was 100-odd feet tall. Finally, she made a decision.

Quickly, she gripped tighter, and threw the fiend into the distance. The creature hit the ground a nearly immeasurable distance away, making a crater, and killing it instantly. Two more to go. "Wow...." The fiends started to retreat, but Yuna chased them and easily caught up with them. She even ignored a fiend that was lagging behind, and merely trampled it. It sounded as if 2 dozen eggs had been broken all at once when her foot came down on it. Ouch.

Then Yuna snatched up the final fiend, smirked at it, and broke it's neck using her thumb and index finger. Seeing that the fiends were all dead, she was a little disappointed, but soon shook the disappointment off.

"Tomorrow, I'm going to show Tidus my newfound power!" She went back to the Inn where they were staying, and concentrated on returning to her original size. Immeadiatly, she was restored to normal, and went back inside, and laid in bed, though it was difficult for her to sleep...

The next day

Tidus was still sleeping at about 8:30 in the morning. That is, until.....

"Hey! Tidus! Wake up, sleepyhead!" Yuna shook him slightly. He groaned a bit and eventually sat up. "Wha.......? Oh. Good morning, Yuna!" Tidus said. Before he could ask why he was woken up, Yuna answered that question.

"Come outside...I'd like to show something to you." She smiled sweetly and ran outside. "What the...hey, wait up!" Tidus hurriedly got out of bed. In a minute, he was outside with Yuna.

"Close your eyes...oh, and stand back a bit" Yuna said to Tidus. He obeyed. "Huh, what could this 'surprise' be? Is she going to give me something?" he thought. He even held out his hands. Yuna just laughed and shut her eyes as well, then concentrated on becoming about 150 feet tall. As usual, the changes began instantly and ended 10 seconds later, with Yuna standing at that 150 foot height. "Go ahead, open!" Tidus was a bit surprised. Yuna's voice seemed somewhat distant and louder. But he opened his eyes. His reaction was nothing short of shocked. "Yuna! What the hell? How did....You're.....I mean...." Tidus didn't know where to begin. But he finally found the words. "Yuna, you're tall....beautiful.....How did you get so tall?"

"I found some spell and used it on myself. I actually thought it was some prank spell, but I found out it gives me the ability to become as tall as I want!" Yuna explained. "Isn't it wonderful?"

"It is wonderful.....I don't believe it, but weither or not I do, you're a tall, beautiful giantess standing right in front of me!"  Tidus said. Yuna giggled and put her hand down near Tidus. "Go ahead, climb up!" Of course, Tidus did, and immeadiatly Yuna lifted him up to her face. Of course, she didn't understand that was a rather intense ride for him, as lifting him up at that speed make him feel rather heavy. "Wow, Yuna..." Tidus exclaimed. "I think this could change a lot. Imagine what you could do at this size!"

"I know...I have a real opportunity to help people here! Fiends won't stand a chance against me now. And Sin........Sin.....I might be able to defeat Sin like this, somehow." Yuna began to walk slowly, of course taking care not to crush anything. There were few people outside at this time of day, but the ones that were just stared up, amazed. A few panicked and retreated to a safe distance. Some that were already inside came out to see what was happening. Yuna would just look down upon the citizens of the small town, and just give them a friendly smile, which relaxed many of them quite a bit.

"Imagine what Wakka and Lulu would say about this!" Tidus exclaimed. He then imitated Wakka. "Yo, Yuna, how you get so big, ya?" That made Yuna laugh loudly. Unfortunately, it seemed that she was attracting attention like this, and there was no way to prevent that. Suddenly....

"FREEZE!" Someone had shouted into a bullhorn. The local law enforcement had arrived, and they all had spears....directed towards Yuna!
"Wha....hey!" Yuna protested. Then the bullhorn dude said: "You barbarian! Put him down!" Yuna tried to reply, "Bu--but I'm not a barb--" but she was interrupted by the throwing of several spears. None of them really did anything besides scratch up her ankles, though. "There must be...some mistake!" Yuna said.

"There is no mistake...look what you've done!" The bullhorn dude pointed toward the wreckage of the same house Yuna crushed earlier. "Oh no....." she thought. She realised that her blunder last night had cost her. "Hey...Yuna's not some monster! Leave us alone!" Tidus said to the leader. All Yuna could think of at the moment was to hide from their view and return to normal, where she could escape. She panicked, turned around, and crushed another home by accident in her attempt to flee. "Fire the spear launcher!"

The spear launched was fired, and a volley of long, very sharp spears were fired at Yuna, and connected with her leg. She went down to her knees in pain, and almost dropped Tidus. 

"Hah! That learned the f***er!" said the leader. But he had no clue what kind of shit he just put himself in.

" dare" Yuna was REALLY angry. She put Tidus down, and stood back up, pulling the spears out. Blood seeped out of the wound. She stared the leader down. "Oh my........GOD! RUN! RETREAT!" Yuna approached him, and raised her foot, her intentions clear.
"AAAAAHHH---" His scream was cut short as he was crushed like a melon. There was fire in her eyes as she approached the rest of the attackers. "I think this lady is out of our jurisdiction. RETREAT!" yelled another guy. They really didn't have a chance of escape, though. She grabbed 4 of them with her hands and held them in the air. Two of them were crushed in her hand. She looked at the other two. Then she pulled a limb off of each of them, and dropped their profusely bleeding bodies on the ground.

"Please remind me not to make you angry, Yuna...." Tidus stepped back from Yuna.
"Hey, calm down!" Yuna was unable to calm down, however. She took a look around the small town. After surveying the area, she walked north, and began a rampage.

The minute Yuna started crushing houses, people began to panic. She enjoyed their expressions, and figured she would shock them even more. Just like before, she concentrated on growing, but this time, slightly. She was able to keep growing as she went foward. The people watched as she gradually became taller. Relentlessly, she advanced. Just about everything was a target. She would generally just step down on houses or people, sometimes grabbing them and crushing them in her fist. She encountered a crowd of people, who just stared at her while she gradually grew.
"It's not very polite to stare," said Yuna. She finished her growth off with a sudden burst that sent her to 300 feet and stopping there. Stasified, she pinned the crowd underfoot. She was about to crush them too when she had an idea.

Yuna snatched them up off the ground and lifted them to her face. Then she smiled at them. The crowd shivered, wondering what their fate was to be. Then she ate them, one by one, swallowing them whole.

"YUNA! What are you doing? This isn't the Yuna I know! You can't.....Stop this at once!" Tidus was confused and angry. "Why?"

"The Giant's Enchantment. I've seen this before," Auron said.

"Auron! What are--How long have you been standing there?" Tidus was surprised by Auron. He didn't know when he had come outside and began to witness this.

"It's an ancient spell that was banned long ago, and all copies of it supposedly destroyed, because it's effects have deadly side effects: If the user is angered or provoked in any way, it's extremely easy for them to lose control and start destroying everything in sight. If we allow her to continue, she will mindlessly destroy the city and then come.....after us."

"There's nothing we can do?"

"WE can't do anything. But the anti-spell can. It's likely if Yuna found a copy of the spell, there's the anti-spell nearby. In the meantime, someone should destract Yuna before she takes out the entire city...." He looked at Yuna, who was gradually cutting a path of destruction through the town.

"Hey, uh, what's this? I found it on Yuna's bed." Rikku ran outside. "Oh jeez! Why is Yuna so---huge?!" Both Tidus and Auron stared at Rikku. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Do you want to be as big as her?" Auron said to Rikku. She nodded. "We need YOU to become as big as Yuna, and stop her from destroying everything. She doesn't really know what she's doing." Auron seemed to notice Tidus' sudden change in expression, because he said, "Don't worry. It's not likely she's going to work WITH Yuna if she gets mad and also falls under the spell's side effects. So, we leave them to lock horns with each other, while we locate the anti-spell. Go ahead, Rikku. Read the spell."

Rikku read the spell. Instantly she became dizzy and nearly fainted like Yuna did when she read it, but since she wasn't tired, she was able to stay awake. She shot up about 5 inches.

"But what if they hurt each other?" Tidus protested. "There are no other real options. Think of it this way: If Yuna tries to attack us while we try to read to anti-spell, we won't stand a chance. Better for her to be distracted then to risk having her after us." Auron said.

"This is cool! I wanna do it more!" Rikku jumped around excitedly. She shut her eyes. Tidus and Auron ran for cover. Immeadiatly, Rikku began to grow. They watched as Rikku got taller...and taller.....

She opened her eyes, and found herself at 300 feet tall, matching Yuna's current height exactly. "Wow!"

"Let's look for the anti-spell. Rikku, go!" Tidus yelled. She nodded and walked off towards Yuna, and called out to her. "Yuna!! Stop this at once!"

Yuna turned, that blank, but angry look still in her eyes. "............Rikku," was all she could say. She ignored her and continued to smash homes. "So be it!" Rikku shouted, and grabbed Yuna forcefully, pulling her away. Yuna struggled to break free, and eventually managed. She whipped out her staff, and took three swings. Rikku dodged all the swings and reached for Yuna. Yuna grabbed Rikku's hands in a sort of grapple, where they both struggled for control. After a few seconds, Rikku gained control and started to push Yuna back and trying to wrestle her to the ground.

On the ground, some guy was watching the struggle. "This is amazing, and yet so bizzare." He seemed to notice he was in danger, though, as he was behind Yuna, and she was being pushed backward. "I'd better g--AAH!" Those were his last words as Rikku pushed Yuna back a great deal, causing her to inadvertantly crush him under her heel. At this time, the town was evacuating. Rikku was doing her job....

Yuna again swung her staff upward, and this time it hit, squarely on Rikku's chin. The two grappled again and this time, Yuna won easy, due to the hit she just scored, and wrestled Rikku down to the ground. She raised her fist and was about to strike Rikku again, but hesitated. "Is she recovering a little?" Rikku managed to take advantage of the hesitation and get up. The two kept attacking each other, neither with a clear advantage. However, when one of them could hurt each other seriously, they never took the chance.

In the meantime, Auron and Tidus were scouring the Inn for the anti-spell, if it was even there. "Keep searching!" They looked in beds, checked under them, and even in corners, but there was nothing to be found, so far.....

"What in Spira are you doing?" Lulu had awoken.

"We must find that anti-spell. Lulu, can you help?" Auron asked her.

"I found this yesterday, but it doesn't seem to do anything..." Lulu said. It was another piece of parchment with a spell written on it. Auron took it and was about to study it when he was nearly knocked over by a huge quake. Yuna and Rikku's fight was moving towards their building.

"We must hurry. There's no time to delay, I hope this is the one. Lulu, would you go outside and perform the spell?" Auron said

"Did I miss something? I don't even know what this does, what's going on, or anything." Lulu was getting pissed.

"Well, step outside and see for yourself." Tidus said. She walked outside, and her eyes were wide with shock. Never before had she seen something like this, but both the 300-foot Yuna and Rikku were battling each other. "It can't be! This spell..will shrink them? Why are they--" She jumped back as Yuna pushed Rikku back towards the Inn. Lulu delayed no futher. She concentrated and read the spell. An orb of light was formed in her hand after reading it. Yuna pushed Rikku all the way and Rikku was about to fall onto the Inn. Without thinking any further, Lulu threw the ball. A huge ZAP sounded and the area was filled with light and both Yuna and Rikku landed on the ground. At their normal sizes, clensed of the evil spell.

"What just happened?" Yuna looked around. "Did I just do something terrible?" She peered in horror at the damaged down. Crushed buidlings were everywhere, and the landscape was peppered with the broken, torn, and even bitten bodies of innocents. Yuna put everything together, and fell to her knees. "I did this. Why did I...." Tears formed in her eyes. Tidus ran outside, and saw Yuna sobbing slightly. He conforted her a bit, and said, "It wasn't your fault. You didn't know what that spell was going to do to you."

"I'm sorry......I shouldn't have lost faith in my abilities as a summoner and tried to improve my physical power." Yuna said. She turned to Rikku. "You tried to stop me..didn't you?"

"Yeah....I did everything I could!" Rikku responded.

"So, this was all the cause of some evil spell?" Lulu questioned.

"Auron said it was some 'Giant's Enchantment.' He said he'd seen it somewhere, and that it makes it's user prone to urges of destruction. Where did--"

"Jecht, Braska, and I encountered an evil magician on our travels. He used it against us, but we discovered an anti-spell, and countered him. After destroying the fool, we tore both spells from their books and disposed of them. Or so we thought. Come to think of it, somewhere near here was where we encountered it. Hmph." He picked the growth spell off the ground and gave it to Lulu, who held the anti-spell. "Lulu. Burn them now." Lulu obeyed, casting Fire on them. They fell to the ground in flames.

"It's over. I must perform my duties as a summoner and send the dead. I can do nothing further.." Yuna announced. "Before all of this destruction happened, though, I have to admit it was fun while it lasted."

"It WAS pretty cool at first!" Tidus exclaimed.

Yuna stepped foward, swung her staff, and danced the sending, the two papers having finished burning and turned into useless ash.

In the cabin, Kimarhi awoke, unaware of what had just happened. Wakka was still sleeping like a stone. He got up and wandered outside, not noticing the dead bodies, or Yuna sending them. He first looked at the sun, which was fairly high in the sky now. Then he stepped on another piece of paper, this one different from the other two.

"Kimarhi not know what this do. Kimarhi save for future, maybe spell become useful." He walked off towards the group, putting the crumpled piece of paper in a safe place...