Shrunken Guardian


“Two down, two to go” said the being known as Darkness. Everything began to fade away. “No! No! Darkness!”

“ARR!” shouted Tidus as he woke up. Tidus and the others were resting in Macalania inn. Tidus looked around and notice that it was still nighttime. Tidus lays back onto his bed and began to wonder on what his dream was about.

“Who was that guy? I hope that I never end up like him. Two down, two to go? I hate to be the other two guys”

Hours later,

Light began to shine through the curtains and woke Tidus up. “Oh man” said Tidus as he was getting up.

Tidus rubbed his eyes and looked at the room. He was the last to get up. “Oh man I late!” shouted Tidus as he was getting his things together.

Tidus dashed towards the doors and made it outside. “Yo! Sleepy head” said Wakka. “Sorry about that?” said Tidus as he was rubbing his head.

“As long that you don’t have anymore of those nightmares then you’ll be fine” said Auron. “So um…Where to next?” asked Tidus as he was looking at Lulu.

“We’re heading towards Mount Gagazet and beyond that lies Zanarkand Ruins,” said Lulu. “Well lets get going,” said Tidus. “Can we get going? I’m freezing here,” said Wakka as he started to jog on the spot.

“Fairly well, lets go,” said Yuna. All seven of them headed towards Mount Gagazet.

The party was walking through Macalania Forest. “Hay what’s the matter?” asked Yuna. Tidus stopped walking, looked at Yuna and said, “Theses dreams that I’m having. They’re getting worse”

“What are you dreams about?” asked Yuna. “That a man with blond hair and wears purple clothes was being chased by the shadows with red eyes. The other day I dreamt about a man with a monkey tail that same thing was happening to him. Last night, I heard someone say, two down, two to go”

“Tidus, it was all a dream. Dreams can’t hurt you,” said Yuna. “I hope…that you’re right,” said Tidus. The two of them carried on walking.   

The seven of them entered the Calm Lands. “This is the Calm Lands,” said Auron. “Here is where the final battle against Sin takes place. This is where the final summoning is called,” said Lulu. “Every summoner and their guardians get lost by going through this land,” said Auron as he walking down the path.

“Good thing that we got Auron can lead us through,” said Tidus. “Right because he been here before with my father and Sir Jecht” said Yuna as she was walking down the path. Tidus followed her.

 “Let’s go man,” said Wakka as he was walking down the path as well. The others started to walk down the path. As they were walking, a group of fiends appeared out from no where.

Everyone drew out their weapons and starts to attack them.

“Tidus! Stay focus” ordered Auron. Auron runs in and sliced one of the fiends in half. “Thanks man” said Tidus, as he was about to attack the other fiends.

  “Your next” echoed an unknown voice. “Huh? Who said that?” asked Tidus. “Tidus! Watch out!” screamed Yuna.

As Tidus turned around, a fiend stabbed its claw right into his chest. “No!” shouted Wakka as he threw his ball at it. Auron rush in and slice the fiend in half.

Tidus looks down and saw his own blood leaking out from his chest Tidus falls onto his kneels and then fell onto the ground. Wakka rushes over to the fallen Guardian while Auron took care of the rest of the fiends.

“We’re losing him!” shouted Wakka. “CURE!” shouted Yuna. Tidus’ body gave off a green glow and after that, nothing. Tidus’ eyes remained shut.

“Tidus no…” said Rikku. “Hum. Instead of standing here. Let’s take him over that Inn where it’s safe,” said Auron. Auron walks off towards the Inn. “You could help!” shouted Rikku.

Kimahri picks up Tidus and placed him upon his left shoulder. Kimahri started to run towards the Inn.

Kimahri bashed open the Inn’s door and headed towards one of the rooms. The woman at the counter was about to say something but Auron said, “We’re here to save his life”

Yuna and the others made it to the inn and the woman at the inn took a bow. “My lady summoner, are those three with you?” said the woman. “Yes, could you please help us?” said Yuna as she walked up to the counter.

“Of…of course. What you want me to do?” asked the woman as she took another bow. “Find something to stop the bleeding. Rikku, Wakka and Lulu rushed over to the room Tidus was in.

“Here I know, hold on,” said the woman as she kneeled down. Three minutes later she popped back up with some cotton, needles and a roll of string. “Wait hear my lady,” said the woman as she rushed to the room.

Yuna sat down on one of the chairs and waited for one of the others to come out to her if Tidus was all right or not. She was sitting at her chair, not moving for five minutes, suddenly the sound of a door opening echoed through out the area.

Yuna looked at the hallway and saw Wakka walking towards her. As Wakka was walking towards Yuna, she notices that he was sad. “What? What is it?” asked Yuna as she shot up from her seat.           

“Yuna, I don’t know how to say this but I’m just going to say it out now. Yuna, Kimahri and the others did their best to save Tidus’ life. I’m sorry, he didn’t make it,” said Wakka as he was trying to get Yuna to sit down.

“No…no! I…I don’t believe you! I want to see him!” screamed Yuna as tears were running down her cheeks. “Hay wait” said Wakka as Yuna was running past him.

Yuna bashed into the room and saw that everyone was looking at Tidus, who looked like he was sleeping peacefully. Everyone else looked up at Yuna and left the room without saying a word.

Yuna slowly walks up to Tidus and sat next to him. “Tidus…no” said Yuna as she was trying not to cry again.

Tidus slowly opened his eyes but only to find him alone in the dark. “Tidus, Tidus come this way” “Who…who said that?” shouted Tidus. “Behind you” Tidus turned around and notice a Blitzball heading right towards his face.

He was unable to dodge the Blitzball and fell backwards. As he touched the ground, he felt something wet. Tidus shot up and found him on a shore on a beach.

“You…The star player of the Zanarkand Abes? You couldn’t even catch that ball! Don’t was to know what you’ll like with the women” “I know that voice!” said Tidus as she shot up. “Get up!”        

“I am up! Show your self Old Man!” shouted Tidus. “Tidus please, open your eyes” “Huh? What did you say?” asked Tidus as he crossed his arms. All of a sudden a bright light flashed in front of Tidus.

Yuna was still sitting on her seat beginning to think that he dead already. Tidus all of a sudden opened his eyes and shot right up from his bed and shouted, “ARR! Where…where am I!” “Your alive! Everyone! Tidus’ alive!” shouted Yuna as she shot from her seat.

Everyone apart from Lulu rushed in to see what going on and saw Tidus sitting. Slowly he closed his eyes and dropped back onto his bed. Yuna rushed over to check if he’s got a pulse and he dose.

“He’s alive!” said Yuna all happy. “How… how is that possible?” asked Rikku. “Don’t go all cheery just yet, Tidus is still wounded and we need to treat them as soon as possible” said Auron as he walked out the room.

As Auron was walking down the hallway, Lulu was reading a book that she found in the room that she was sleeping in. Lulu walked into the room that everyone else was in and said; “Yuna, I found something you might want to look at” Yuna nodded and walked out of them room.

Yuna and Lulu started to walk down and the hallway. “What is that you want to show me?” asked Yuna. “This” said Lulu as she passed the book to her. She started to read the page that Lulu opened it at.

Long ago, the ancient Mages formed potions that use every White magic known to the people of the world. Over the ages, the Mages vanished; leaving behind the Ancient chest that contained the potions.

Years and years by and a group of treasure hunters found that chest and each took a potion. Thesis potions healed the hunters as they went on looking for more treasures to find.

The hunters used every last potion apart from one that was still inside the chest. The hunters were now in there nineties and decided to just leave the potion in the chest.

I shall give you a hint on how to find the last potion, ‘Look for the unsent Summoner’s Temple and she shall give you the things seek’

“An unsent Summoner? And she will give you the things you seek?” said Yuna all confused. “She must have the potion that the book was talking about,” said Lulu with a smile on her face.

“Then that means that Tidus will make it. You guys look for the temple when the sun rise,” said Yuna as she rushed back to the room. “You guys? Aren’t you coming?” asked Lulu. “Well someone needs to look after Tidus,” said Yuna still walking away from Lulu.

Everyone apart from Yuna went to sleep.

Hours later, the red light from the rising sun shined through the windows and everyone else walked outside.

There was a knock on the door. “Come in” answered Yuna. Lulu walked through the door and said, “We about to go. Wish us luck” Yuna looked at her with a smile on her face and said, “Please, come back with the potion” “I promise that we will,” said Lulu. She gave a wave and left the room.

“Hold on Tidus, please hold on for another day” said Yuna as she looked at Tidus fasted asleep.

Lulu and the rest are outside, planning on what to do. “An unsent Summoner? Where would we find one of those?” asked Lulu. “Don’t forget that this Summoner has a temple,” said Rikku. “Right, right. Where to start?” said Lulu as she began to think of a plan.

Wakka looks out into the distance and saw a crater in the ground. There was a person standing there, not moving. Wakka seem to recognise that person. “Hay guys, isn’t that Belgemine over there at that crater?” said Wakka.

Everyone else looked over at the crater and saw the same person. “Maybe she knows about the unsent summoner,” said Lulu as she started to walk towards the crater. “Make hast, Tidus’ life is on the line” said Rikku as she dashed towards the crater.

“Hay Belgemine!” shouted Rikku as she was running towards her. “Huh?” said Belgemine as she looked towards her. Minutes later, everyone else made it. “A party of Guardians but with no summoner. What happened?” said Belgemine in her normal calm tone of voice.

“Well, it went like this…” Five minutes later. “I see, that is bad news. I think I can help you,” said Belgemine. “Really?” said Rikku. “Yes, but you all need a Chocobo to find it. Once you caught your selves some Chocobos, seek out the ruins of Remiem Temple. There I’m sure you will find the unsent summoner”

Belgemine began to do the Yevon’s prayer and then walked off into the distance. “Kimahri don’t want to waste more time. Tidus’ life is on the line,” said Kimahri, crossing his arms.

“You know, I’m with Kimahri on this one. Why catch a Chocobo, when we could rent some from that Chocobo trainer that’s over there?” said Auron. “All right then let’s go,” said Rikku as she started to run towards the trainer.

“HAY MISS!” screeched Rikku. The trainer stopped and turned around to look at her. “Can me and my friends rent some chocobos?” “Well, I’ve got some Chocobos. But they’re not fully trained yet. If you want, you and your friends can have the Chocobos for free if they can train them” said the trainer.

The others walked up to them. Rikku turned around and told them about the Chocobos. “Alright fine, we train the Chocobos. How hard can it be?” said Lulu, as she was about to walk towards the trainer.

Half an hour later…

“MY GOD! I NEVER WANT TO TRAIN ANOTHER CHOCOBO EVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE!” shouted Lulu as she was trying to catch her breath.

“Well at lest we got the Chocobos’ trained,” said Kimahri. Lulu looks up with a smile on her face and said, “Your right. Let’s look for the Remiem Temple” “So, dose anyone know where to find this temple?” asked Rikku as she jumped onto a Chocobo.

“It should be near the entrance to the Calm Lands,” said Auron as he headed of towards the entrance on his chocobo. “Last one to the entrance is a rotten Shoopuf!” shouted Wakka as he put his chocobo to full speed.

“Hay wait for me” shouted Rikku as she made her Chocobo run fast. They all made it to the entrance. Wakka was first and Auron was at last place. “Don’t say a word. I weren’t even playing,” said Auron.

“So where is it?” asked Lulu as she looking at the area. “You see that broken bridge over there?” “Yes” “We need to jump across it and beyond that is the temple” said Auron as his Chocobo dashed towards the broken bridge and jumped over.

Everyone jumped across the broken bridge and carried on journeying. The five of them stopped as they made it to the other side. In front of them, was the temple known as Remiem Temple.

“Let’s move,” said Auron as he jumped off his Chocobo. Everyone else did the same. They all headed towards the temple.

As they reach the doors to the temple, they each notice three strange symbols that appeared on the doors. Suddenly they fade away and the door slowly opened. The five of them walked in.

“Huh? Who’s that?” said Wakka as he stopped walking. “Its an unsent” said Kimahri as he too stopped walking. “Belgemine? What are you doing here?” asked Lulu as she stopped at the centaur of the room.

“Welcome to my temple” “You…You’re an unsent?” asked Rikku. Belgemine lowered her headed and said, “Yes I am but enough about me, you want the Ancient potion?” “That’s why we’re here,” said Auron.

“Once I give you the potion, promise me that you all will bring Yuna here for her final training and don’t tell her that I’m an unsent” “Deal” said Lulu.

Belgemine clicked her fingers and a chest appeared in front of her. “Go on take it,” said Belgemine as she walked off.

Lulu opened the chest and found a glass bottle filled with black and white liquid. “Let’s hurry back,” said Rikku as she dashed towards the doors. They all left the temple.

Without anyone knowing, a shadow with red eyes left the chest that the Ancient potion was in. It zoomed upwards and outside the temple walls.

Back at the Inn,

Tidus was still fast asleep. Tidus started to have another strange dream. Tidus opened his eyes and found his self in the room that was in. He got up and got out of bed. He notices that Yuna was not in the room.         

He went walking out into the hallway. As he was walking down the hall, he notices Yuna walking up towards him. Yuna didn’t seem to notice him as he was walking down.

As he got closer, Yuna seem to be getting bigger and bigger. “Huh? What’s going on?” said Tidus to him self.

“Yuna we’re back and we got the potion!” “Hurry! We don’t know how Tidus will last”

Suddenly there was a sudden vibration. All of a sudden a huge black boot stomped right in front of him. “Holy crap!” shouted Tidus. He slowly looks up and to his surprise it was Yuna.

“How did she grow so tall?” wondered Tidus as he was taking a step back. “Here Tidus, drink this”

“Hold on, this is a dream,” said Tidus with a relief. Tidus started to blink so that he could wake up.

Tidus opened his eyes and found him self in his bed. He looks out and noticed that everyone was looking at him with their mouths opened.

“What?” said Tidus as he sat up. As he sat up, he began to notice that he has lots of legroom and a really big pillow to lay on.

Tidus looks to his left and saw Yuna sitting on a seat looking at him. “Could someone tell me what’s going one?” asked Tidus.

“Perhaps this would help,” said Yuna as she stood up. Tidus looks at her and she was towering over him. He was around a size of a doll.

“What the hell did you lot do to me?” asked Tidus, trying not to panic. “We don’t…know,” said Lulu. “We gave him the potion but I can’t see how that would shrink a person” said Rikku. “Wow! This is a first in the history of Guardians,” said Wakka.

“Hum, a shrunken Guardian, now there’s a first,” said Auron. “Hay people! Why are you lot talking like I’m not in the room?” shouted Tidus as he jumped up from his bed. “Sorry, we didn’t see you there,” said Kimahri. “Oh, ha, ha” said Tidus as he dropped back down.

“Well at least you’re all right,” said Yuna as she sat back down. “Hay! If you haven’t noticed, I got a little problem and I mean a little problem!” said Tidus, waving at her.

“Calm down. We will find a way to grow you back to normal size. Right now, all we can to is to rest up,” said Auron as he left the room.

“You know how hard it was to train a Chocobo?” said Lulu, as she to was about to leave the room. Everyone else soon left the room apart from Yuna.

Tidus looks up at Yuna and notices that she has black eyes. “Better get some sleep,” said Tidus as he dropped back onto his pillow.

“Night then” said Yuna as she steps up from her seat. She then lowered her self to Tidus and gave him a small peck on his forehead. Yuna then left the room. Tidus just lay on his bed closed his eyes and slowly went to sleep.

The Next Day…

Tidus woke up to sudden vibration and a sudden coldness. He opened his eyes and found himself in the hands of Rikku. Tidus look up as Rikku looks down at him and said, “Finally you’re awake. I’m getting tiered of holding you”

Rikku puts Tidus to her left shoulder. “Where are we?” asked Tidus as he was looking at the area he was in. “We’re at Mount Gagazet and right now, we’ll just waiting for Kimahri to kick Biran and Yenke ass’” said Rikku as she pointed forward.

Tidus looks forwards and saw Kimahri standing in the middle of the two Ronsos. Yenke is about to cast a Ronso Rage move: Fire Breath. A wave of flames went zooming out from his mouth and covered Kimahri’s body. Kimahri dropped onto his kneels.

He slowly looks up at Biran and he said, “Huh! So this is the power of Kimahri!” “You haven’t seen anything yet!” roared Kimahri as he shot back up.

Kimahri is about to cast a Ronso Rage move: Nova. All of a sudden a black hole appeared above Biran and Yenke and they both got sucked into it. As they entered into it, the black hole turned into a golden sun.

Slowly the golden sun exploded and, the two Ronsos fell out from the sky. Both hit the ground hard. Brian looked up and said, “Alright Kimahri, you win”

“Alright Kimahri!” shouted both Tidus and Rikku. “Alright, lets move on,” said Auron as he past the defected Ronsos. Everyone else followed.

“So have you got any ideas on stopping Yuna from dying?” asked Rikku as she was behind the group. “No…nothing. You?” said Tidus as he lowered his head down. “Same here” said Rikku.

“Ah, the son of Jecht” said an unknown person. Rikku turned around and saw Seymour standing there with a creepy smile on his face. “Rikku! Put me down,” said Tidus. “What?” asked Rikku. “Go and get the others. I hold him off as long as I can” said Tidus.

Rikku picked Tidus off her left shoulder and placed him on the floor. Tidus nodded at Rikku and then looked at Seymour. Rikku turned around and ran off to get the others.        

“My, my what happened to you son of Jecht?” asked Seymour as he slowly walk up to Tidus. “Its as it looks. What is it that you want from us?” said Tidus, looking up at him.

“Haven’t you figure it out yet? You see, I need Yuna, so that I can save Spira. With her, I will be unstoppable”

“Your crazy! How can Yuna help you save the world?” asked Tidus as he was taking a step back. “If you ask me now then you are not ready to fully understand. If you must know, then ask your fellow Guardain friend; Sir Auron” said Seymour as he too took a step back.

Tidus notice that Seymour was standing in front of a cliff. “Start making sense!”  shouted Tidus.

“Save some for Kimahri!” Tidus looks behind him and saw a huge Ronso running towards him. Behind him were Tidus’ fellow friends.

“You better leave if you know what’s good for you” said Auron. “Allow me to say a few words to the last Ronso before I leave?” asked Seymour.

Seymour turned around and faced the cliff. “Yours is truly a brutally race. They threw their selves at me to bar my path” Seymour turned around and faced Kimahri.

Seymour raised his arms and said, “One after other” Seymour then formed his left hand into a fist and started to laugh. “NO” roared Kimahri. “Kimahri” said Yuna as she was looking up at him.

“When I become the next Sin, your father will be free again” said Seymour. Tidus looks at the ground, then looked up at the sky and shouted, “Aw! What do you know!”

Tidus started to run towards Seymour. Seymour shock his head and said, “What a pity” Seymour started to hover and a strange looking machine floated up behind him.

“You could have ended the life of this poor Ronso and now, you all shall suffer!” shouted Seymour as he was merging together with the machine.

“Dam! Not again!” shouted Auron as he drew out his blade.  Everyone apart from Yuna, Tidus and Rikku went running towards Seymour. (Who is now called Seymour Flux)

“Yuna how about the new Aeon?” asked Rikku. “What new Aeon?” asked Tidus as he looked up at her. Rikku picked him up and placed him on her left shoulder.

“The one we got while you were sleeping and it cost us a lot of gils to get him” said Yuna. “Summon him then,” said Tidus. “Hold on tight then,” said Yuna as she drew out her staff and stepped forward.

“Get out of the way people,” shouted Rikku. Everyone looked back and did what she said. Green spheres appeared around Yuna as she was summoning her new Aeon. “Yojimbo!” shouted Yuna.

All of a sudden a tree just magically appeared and slowly, a man from behind it, wearing strange looking clothes was walking towards Yuna. As he reached Yuna, he lifted his cape and faced Seymour Flux. An odd looking dog was standing next to him.

Yuna ran up to him, took a hand full of gil and said, “This is all we got. Please help us defeat him” Yojimbo looked down at her, took the money and nodded.

Yojimbo placed his left hand to his face and like magic, a little fireball appeared above his fingers.

In front of him, the ground started to give off a purple glow and slowly a long sword handle was rising up from it. It shot up suddenly and Yojimbo grabbed it, as it was about to touch the ground.

Yojimbo slowly draws the sword out from its cover. He looks at it and then looked at Seymour Flux. He went running towards him and shouted, “Zanmato!” Yojimbo spun around and slash the sword at Seymour Flux.

Seymour Flux didn’t move for a couple of seconds. Pyreflies slowly leaked out from him. “NOO!” shouted Seymour Flux as he was fading away. Yojimbo bowed and then vanished along with his dog. “Thank you” said Yuna.

“And stay up there!” shouted Tidus as he shot up from Rikku’s shoulder. As Tidus was about to sit back down, he and Rikku notice a shadow with red floating up and then vanished along with the remaining Pyreflies

“Did you see that?” asked Tidus as he looked up towards Rikku. Rikku picked Tidus up from her shoulder and said, “That black thing with red eyes? Yes”

“I hope we don’t have to fight it,” said Tidus. “Fight what?” asked Wakka. “He mean’s me” echoed a familiar voice. Everyone looked around the area and saw nothing. “I don’t like the sound of that,” said Wakka, as he was about to run off.

“Going somewhere Wakka?” echoed the voice again. “Who…who’s there?” asked Yuna. “Don’t you know who I am?”

“This is a waste of time. Come Yuna. Let’s go,” said Auron, as he was heading up the mountain. Everyone else followed him. “Fine then, feel my fury!” echoed the voice again.

A bolt of lightning struck down in front of Auron. Auron jumped back and drew out his blade. Everyone looked forward and saw a man dressed in black. “Your!” shouted Kimahri, as he drew out his spear.

There in front of them was one again Seymour but he looked different. He no longer has his long blue hair and blue clothes. They are now long white hair and black hair.

“What do you want now?” asked Auron. “You’re not taking Yuna!” shouted Tidus now back on Rikku’s shoulder.

Seymour just smiled at them. He slowly walks up to them and said, “My master don’t want her, she want’s you” “Me?” said Tidus.

Seymour raised his arm towards Rikku while still walking. Lightning was shot out from his hand and was heading towards Rikku. “Rikku move!” ordered Tidus as he jumped off her.

Rikku jumped back and the bolt missed her. Yuna looked down at the ground and saw Tidus getting up. She rushed over towards him but was too late. Seymour appeared behind him in a flash. He picked Tidus up and headed towards the cliff.

A portal of some kind opened in front of Seymour. Seymour looked at Tidus and said, “Hope you like your cell mates” Before Tidus could say anything, and Seymour threw him in the portal. “Tidus no!” screamed Yuna as she was running towards Seymour.

Seymour grabbed hold of her and said, “You want to join him? My master has plans for you and the ladies. Say hi for me” “What?” asked Yuna as she looked at him. Seymour smiled at her as he was pulling her towards the portal.

“In you go!” shouted Seymour as he kicked her in. The portal slowly closed up. “Yuna! Tidus!” shouted Wakka. Seymour turned around and looked at the Guardians. “What have done with them?” asked Rikku.

“Wouldn’t you like to know” said Seymour, as he clicked his fingers. All of a sudden, the snowy clouds turned black and started to rain. Lightning began to strike and strange looking monsters with angel like wings appeared out from nowhere.

“What? What are those things?” asked Wakka as he drew out his Blitzball. “This power is far more stronger then Sin” said Seymour. Seymour clicked his fingers again and a whole army of monsters with angel like wings appeared behind him. “You lot, get out of here now!” ordered Auron as he was walking forward.

“What? What are you planning on doing?” asked Lulu. “I’m going to end his story,” said Auron. Auron looked back and nodded. The others nodded and ran off down the mountain.

“Bring it on!” shouted Auron as he went running towards Seymour. Seymour smiled and said, “Kill them” The monster started to fly towards Auron.


Rikku and the others were running down the mountain as fast as they can. “You think Auron can win?” asked Rikku. “Don’t know?” said Lulu. “Hay is that your father’s airship?” asked Wakka as he was pointing towards the sky.

Rikku looks up and saw a pink coloured airship. “It is. Its pup!” shouted Rikku. Everyone stopped running to catch his or her breath. “Rikku touch the Save Sphere! We teleport you all up here” echoed a familiar voice.

“You heard Cid. To the Save Sphere” said Wakka, as he was running down the mountain. In five minutes the four of them made it to a Save Sphere.

On board Cid’s airship…

“Where the hell is Yuna!” shouted Cid. “She was sent through a portal along with Tidus,” said Rikku. Brother, Rikku’s older brother looked back at them and said, “Syopa dryd kenm ghufc ypuid dra bundym?”

“What he say?” asked Lulu. “He said, Maybe that girl knows about the portal?” answered Rikku. “Good idea. Girl in here!” shouted Cid. A little girl with blue hair walks into the room.

“Wow! That girl has a horn!” said Wakka. The little girl looks up and said, “Nice to meet you too. Hi my name is Eiko” “Hi Eiko. What do you know about the portal?” asked Rikku as she kneels down.

“Nothing apart from that this world is going to blow up,” said Eiko. “Say what!” shouted everyone. “We need to escape. Now!” ordered Eiko. “Where do you plan on going?” asked Cid. Eiko looks up at him and said, “Keep flying till we find one” “You heard the girl” said Cid as he headed towards Brother.

“Oac vydran. Hu bnupmas” said Brother as he looked forward. “It may take a while but we will save Yuna and Tidus” said Cid as he was leaving the room.

Hours later…

“Vydran! E vuiht y bundym!” shouted Brother. “What he say?” asked Wakka. Rikku turned around and said, “He found a portal” Cid runs in the room and said, “Ok people. Brace yourselves for the unknown!” “Full speed ahead Brother,” said Rikku. Brother nodded and the whole ship vibrated.

The Airship entered the portal. “I hope we find them,” said Rikku just before they entered it.

Set in an unknown place, Tidus slowly opened his eyes. He found him self locked up in a bird’s cage. “YUNA!” shouted Tidus as he shot up.

Tidus turned around and looked outside the cage. He saw nothing but darkness. “Are you alright?” asked an unknown person. Tidus looked back and saw two other men.

Tidus slowly walks up to them and said, “Have we met?”  The two men looked at each other and gave a shrug. One of them had long blond spiky hair and was wearing purple clothes. The other had brown hair, wears old fashion clothes and even had a monkey’s tail.

Tidus shook his head and started to walk back. He turned around and shouted “NO! NO! Darkness!” He slowly dropped onto his kneels.

“One more to complete my set” echoed a creepy voice. The three men in the bird’s cage look outside and saw a huge pair of red eyes.