A Sorceress's Little Knight


“One more to complete my set” said the being known as Darkness. Everything began to fade away. “What…Where arm I?”  

Out in space,

Squall wakes up in the escape pod, still wearing the spacesuit. “Sorry, I guess that I’m no help you at all,” said Ellone, as she looked at him. “Did, did send me somewhere else?” asked Squall. “No” answered Ellone.

“That’s it! I’m going out and save Rinoa!” said Squall as he was strapping off his seatbelt. “Are you crazy?” asked Irvine. “You wouldn’t last more than five minutes out there and your friend can’t last for another minute” said one of the scientists.

“I don’t care, I’m going to save her. Even if it costs my life,” said Squall as he started to climb out of the pod. “He’s crazy!” shouted the scientist again.            

Squall entered the deep space and can see Rinoa floating away. “Rinoa! Hang on just a little longer,” said Squall to himself.

Squall went gliding towards her and grabbed hold of her. “Squall? What are you doing here?” asked Rinoa as she weakly looking at him. “Saving you,” said Squall. He slowly wrapped his arms around her. The two of them floated out into the deep space together.

Squall and Rinoa slowly opened their eyes and found themselves aboard a ship. Squall noticed that he and Rinoa no longer wearing their spacesuits. “What the? Is that air?” said Squall. “Where are we?” asked Rinoa as she sits up. Squall stands up and helps Rinoa to stand as well.

“Let’s find out who’s in charge of this ship,” said Squall. “Squall…thanks for saving me back there,” said Rinoa. “It was nothing,” said Squall, as he was about to leave the room.

The two of them left the room and stopped. “Hug” said Rinoa as she spread out her arms. “What?” asked Squall. “The spacesuit was in the way” answered Rinoa.

Before Squall could say anything else, a load roar echoed through out the ship. “What was that?” asked Squall as he ran to the next room.

As they got to the next room, the two of them saw something that was out of this world. There down stairs was a monstrous looking thing that has purple scales. “An alien!” said Rinoa. “Sh! Let’s get go,” said Squall as he slowly walks across the bridge.

Squall & Rinoa made it up to the door but only to find that it’s locked. “Blast!” said Squall as he looked towards the stairs.

The two of them slowly walks down the stairs and hoping the alien wouldn’t see them. As they reached the bottom of the stairs, a load roar echoed behind them. They slowly look back and saw the monstrous thing heading towards them.

The two of them drew out their weapons and stand their ground. “Be careful,” said Squall as he was looking at the alien. “You too” answered Rinoa as he stepped forward. She spread out her arms and said, “Siren”

All of a sudden, beautiful purple waves wash over the alien. Just like magic the alien appeared in the far away sea. Siren appears, sitting on a lone surfaced rock, playing her harp. Her music plays through the alien, causing silence and non-elemental damage to it.

“That should shut him up,” said Rinoa as she jumped back. Squall moves forward, placed his right hand in front of his face and said, “Quezacotl”

Dark clouds appeared above the alien; a blast of lightning was fired from the dark clouds onto the ground. As the massive bird arises from the earth, he creates a large energy field around the purple alien. A channel of intense electrical energy is blasted upon the thing.

The alien gave out a dying roar and then fell onto the floor. The two walked up to it. “Why haven’t it faded away?” asked Rinoa as she was about to touch it. “Maybe its different in other worlds” said Squall as he was about to walk off.

“Hay wait up” said Rinoa as she got up and ran after him. The two of them entered the next the room, but only to find another same looking alien. The difference is that this alien is red instead of purple.

Squall saw another door on his left; he looked at Rinoa and holds her hand. Rinoa smiled at him and she was about to say something, till Squall pulled her while running to the other door. Lucky for them, the red alien didn’t see them.

The two of them are in entrance of the ship. Squall lets go of her, Rinoa looks up at him and said, “Why did you do that for?” Before Squall could answer, another of the alien’s roar echoed within the room.

Down at the bottom of the room was another purple alien. “Didn’t we kill that one already?” asked Rinoa. “We did,” said Squall as he grabbed hold of Rinoa. The alien saw them and started to run up towards them.

The two of them made it to the next room. “Oh my god!” screeched Rinoa as she pointed towards yet again another alien. This one is green and for some reason it wasn’t chasing after them. “Ok Rinoa, slowly walk to the room next to it” said Squall as he slowly walk towards the room.         

As they entered the room, a yellow alien went running towards them. “Whoa!” shouted Squall as he drew out his Gunblade. Rinoa got her Blaster Edge as she stood next to Squall.

Squall steps forward, placed his right hand in front of his face and said, “Pandemona” The whole area went all dark, a huge purple monstrous looking thing appeared out from nowhere. Pandemona looked at the alien and started to suck it up.

As it was sucking up air, its tail started to get bigger like a blown up balloon. After exhaling the alien was blown back onto the spaceship, sustaining massive wind damage. Squall jumped back and Rinoa aimed his Blaster Edge at the alien and hit it.

The yellow alien started to give a dying roar and fell onto the ground. “Hay a computer!” said Rinoa as she ran over to it. Squall got up to it and turned it on.

“This is the ship ‘Ragnarok’ and this is a fail system of the ship. There was this breed of aliens that some how went aboard the ship. My crew and me fought some of these monsters but for some reason they won’t die. They seem immortal but their not.

You see, the aliens have some sort of pattern. If you kill one alien, another will bring it back alive. For example, if you kill one purple alien and then kill one red alien. The reaming purple alien will bring the purple alien that you killed back alive.

You see, if you kill two of the same colour alien in a row, you’ll stop the alien in coming back. There are a total of four colour aliens. We killed them all but there is a fear that they might come back again. If you’re reading this then it means that they are back”              

“We have to kill the purple ones again,” said Squall as he turned around. “Let’s go then,” said Rinoa as he headed out of the room. The two of them went outside and started to kill the aliens.

Three hours later…

Squall and Rinoa are back to the point where they saw a sitting green alien. “That took forever,” said Rinoa as she dropped onto her kneels. Squall walks up to the stop that the alien was on and notice a switch.

“Hay come here,” said Squall. Rinoa stood up and walked towards him. As she stood next to him, Squall hit the switch and the floor they were standing on started to move up.

Unknown to them, a shadow with red eyes entered the remaining body of the last alien Squall and Rinoa fought. That was down stairs. Slowly its scales turned black and its body started to move.

Squall & Rinoa slowly walk into the upper floor. “Calling Ragnarok! Ragnarok please respond” echoed an unknown voice. “I think its coming from this,” said Rinoa as she walks towards a microphone.

Squall walks over to it, switch on the microphone and said, “This is the Ragnarok over” “Ragnarok! Hay people! Ragnarok is back! How many people are there?” said the person on the other line. “There are two of us on bored” answered Squall.

“Don’t worry you two, we’ll get you home” “How are you going to do that? We have no idea on where we are,” said Squall. “Don’t panic. All you need to do is let the ship’s computer to auto-pilot you two back home. See the main computer in the room? Go and sit in the pilot’s seat”

Squall nodded and headed towards the seats that are next to the main computer. “I’m at the computer,” said Squall. “Right do what I tell you to do,” said the person.

Meanwhile downstairs…

The alien that’s now a black scales alien started to move it’s way towards the upper floors.

“And that’s it. Welcome home” Squall sat back on the chair and closed his eyes. “By the way, what are your names?” Squall opened his eyes and said, “I’m Squall, a SeeD leader of the Balamb Garden” Rinoa walks over to the seat and said, “Rinoa”

“RINOA! THE SORCERESS RI NOA?” shouted the person. “No need to shout!” said Squall. Squall looks over to Rinoa and notice that she was sad. “Sorry about…see you two soon,” said the person before they turned off the transmitter.

“Rinoa? Its true isn’t it,” said Squall. Rinoa looks over at Squall and was about to say something till, a loud monstrous roar echoed the ship. Squall & Rinoa look back and said at the time, “I thought we kill them all”

Squall & Rinoa jumped out from their seats, Squall drew out his Gunblade and Rinoa got her Blaster Edge ready. The two of them got onto the lift, Squall hit the switch and slowly the two of them started to go down.      

They went running down the halls and then stopped, there in front of them was a black alien. “I didn’t see any black aliens,” said Rinoa as she aimed her Blaster Edge at it.

She fired at it but it didn’t do any damage. As Squall looked at the black alien he froze, he didn’t move a muscle and suddenly he started to hear voices.

They said, “You’re the last. The last prize, now hold still. This shouldn’t take long. Time to meet the others”

“Squall! Squall snap out of it!” shouted Rinoa. Squall started to blink and then shook his head. He looked at Rinoa and said, “Run”

Squall drew away his blade, grabbed Rinoa’s arm and ran. The alien started to roar and then ran after them. “You can’t get away! You can never run away from your fate!” echoed the same voice.

The two of them made it to the lift. Squall hit the switch and slowly started to move up. As the lift was moving up Squall noticed that something was different.

As they made it to the top, Squall rushed over to the pilot’s seat and sat on. “Squall? What’s the matter?” asked Rinoa as she looked at him.

She noticed Squall’s head lowering from the seat. Must be leaning back thought Rinoa. “Erm…nothing thing wrong” said Squall in a worried voice. Rinoa started to walk towards him. “Are you sure?” asked Rinoa.

“Yes I’m sure,” said Squall, as his head was no longer see-able. A load banging noise echoed below them. “How did we get in this mess?” asked Rinoa. “I…don’t know” answered Squall. “Are you really alright?” asked Rinoa as she moved towards the seats.

“Stop!” said Squall in a panic. Rinoa stopped and asked, “Squall, what’s the matter?” “If you must know. Then look,” said Squall. Rinoa slowly walks over to Squall’s seat and said, “OH MY GOD!”

Squall was sitting in his giant chair. Rinoa looked down at Squall and Squall raised his head way up to see Rinoa who is now towering over him.

“You must be three inches tall,” said Rinoa as she slowly picked him up. “How can I be a leader if I’m only three inches tall,” asked Squall as he looked at her giant face.  “Ever heard of the saying, ‘Good things come in small packets’?” ask Rinoa. Rinoa placed Squall on her right shoulder.

All of a sudden, the banging noise started up again and this time its gotten loader.   “We’ve got to get out of here,” said Squall. “You said it. We let that run free on earth” said Rinoa.

“Hay I got an idea” said Squall. Rinoa picked Squall of her shoulder. “What’s your idea?” asked Rinoa.

“You remember the entrance? It had a huge door at the far end? It’s where we saw the second purple alien,” said Squall. “Yes” said Rinoa. “If we can trap the black alien in the entrance and open the door before we reach home. It should send it away in deep space”

Rinoa smiled at him and said, “You’re one smart little man” “Hay who are you calling little?” said Squall as he shot up. Before Rinoa could answer him, the banging noise got even more loader. “Oh shut up!” shouted both Squall & Rinoa.

The banging stopped.

All of a sudden, the lift started to move down. “Oh no!” said Squall. “Not good!” said Rinoa. The lift stopped, a thumping sound echoed and then the sound of the lift moving up is heard.

“Brace your self,” said Squall. “Hold on to me,” said Rinoa as she looked down at him. Slowly the black alien’s head appeared and then its whole body.

It looked at Squall and Rinoa, slowly it started to walk towards them and a voice echoed that the two of them could hear. It said, “Give it up. Come with me. Your lady friend can join my other guests”

“If we say no?” asked Squall. The black alien stopped and the voice spoke again, “You don’t have the choice. You will come and join your fellow cell mates”

“Before we go, tell who are you? Your not like the other alien we fought here” asked Squall.  “I’m the being known as Darkness. I’m your every nightmare. Where ever you run, I will catch you. Now come with me you two!” said the thing.

Rinoa felt something cold with her left hand. She slowly looks down at it and notice that it has a light blue glow. Rinoa looks up with a smile on her face. “What are you so happy about?” “Why don’t you disappear!” shouted Rinoa as she aimed her left hand at the alien.

A blue light fired out from her hand and hit the alien. Slowly the alien started to glow a blue aura and then fading away. The alien was gone and the shadow with red eyes slowly floats up.

“I will get my prizes!” shouted the shadow. “Go away will you!” ordered Squall. “Cocky aren’t you? Well try thing on for size” from that the shadow released a black mist. “See you two later,” said the shadow as it floated away.

“There’s nothing wrong with this mist” said Rinoa. “Rinoa!” shouted Squall as he dropped onto his kneels. Squall slowly closed his eyes. “Squall! Squall please wake up!” shouted Rinoa. Rinoa started to panic.

The ship suddenly has a vibration. “Ready for landing” said the main computer. Rinoa moves and sit down on one of the seats. She placed the sleeping Squall on the seat next to her. As the ship landed, the sound of footsteps echoed though out the place.

“SORCERESS RINOA!” shouted an unknown man. Rinoa turned around and saw a man wearing strange clothes. “Sorceress Rinoa please come with up for the sake of the world” said the man.

Rinoa shook her head and said, “No I don’t to go” The man looked at the ground and said, “ I’m sorry I have to do this”

“What are you going to do?” asked Rinoa as she got up from her seat. The man put on a gas mask on and said, “This” The man draws out a gas bomb, pulled the pin and threw in the room.

Seconds later, green gas started to leak out from it and started to fill the room. Rinoa slowly looks at the shrunken Squall, closed her eyes and said, “I’m sorry”

She opened her eyes and then dropped onto the floor. The man along with two others entered the room with gas masks on. Two of them picked up Rinoa and slowly dragged her out. “What did you do?” asked one of the two men.

“It’s a knock out gas. She is fine. She’ll wake in a few hours. The three of them left the room and left the ship without knowing about Squall.

“Hello? Anyone here?” echoed a familiar voice. “My god! Hay guys! Take a look at this”

Squall slowly opens his eyes only to find Selphie looking at him. Squall sits up and notice that he was on Selphie’s hand. Selphie looked down at him and said, “What on earth happened to you?”

Squall slowly stands up and said, “Well what do you think happened?” “To me, it looks like you’ve shrunk and that you couldn’t save Rinoa,” said Irvine as he walked into the room.

“What do you mean?” asked Squall as he looked at him. “I heard that they caught a Sorceress and that they sent her to the ‘Sorceress Memorial’ and from the look of things, it looks like Rinoa was the one they took ” answered Irvine.

“Who took her!” shouted Squall. “Hay calm down little man” said Quistis, as she and Zell walked in. “We have no idea on who but we’re going to save her” said Irvine.

“Say…dose anyone else noticed that Squall is only three inches tall?” asked Zell as he rubbed his head. Quistis just shook her head and said, “It’s just you”. Selphie puts Squall down and sat on the seat next to him. Irvine stands behind her.

All of a sudden the whole ship started to shake. “Next stop! Sorceress Memorial!” shouted Selphie as she stuck her arm up in the air. “Full speed ahead!” ordered Squall as he looked up at Selphie. Selphie looked down and smiled.

Meanwhile at the Sorceress Memorial,

A man was inside his office reading the information that the people gathered about the Sorceress. A scientist walks in. “Doctor, we’ve got the tomb ready” said the scientist. Doctor looks up from his work and said, “Perfect. Place the Sorceress in”

The scientist nodded and left the room. Minutes later the alarm went off. “What on earth!” shouted the man as he was headed towards the door. As he opened the door, a man in shadows was blocking his way out.

“You! You don’t work here,” said the man as he stood back. The man in shadows slowly walks in and drew out his weapon. “Is that…a GUNBLADE!” shouted the man. “It is” answered the man in shadow.

He raised the Gunblade and swung it across the man’s chest. Blood slowly pouring out. The man slowly looks down, drops onto his kneels and said, “Why?” “Because my master wants the Sorceress’s little knight and I can’t afford any screw up” answered the man but in a deeper voice. The man hit the floor and didn’t move.

The man in shadow slowly walks out from the room and entered the Sorceress’s room. In the far end of it was a woman wearing black and blue clothes sealed up in a Sorceress’s tomb. “Pretty soon, your friends will be here,” said the man.

“My god!” echoed a female’s voice. The man turned around with a smile on his face.

Squall and the others entered the Sorceress Memorial. There in front of them were the dead bodies of the scientists. “My god!” shouted Selphie. “Dam! Who could have done this?” asked Zell as he looked at the bodies.

“They all been sliced across the chest” said Quistis as she looked at the dead bodies. Squall was sitting on Selphie’s shoulder, looked up and said, “Come on! We go to get Rinoa out of here!”

“Come this way” echoed a familiar voice. “I know that voice! Seifer come on out!” ordered Squall. “As you wish” answered the voice.

Out from the shadows, Seifer walks out from them. “What happened to Seifer?” wondered Zell. Seifer is wearing all black clothes and grey hair instead of his normal grey clothes and brown. Seifer took a few steps forwards and then stopped. Everyone else drew out his or her weapons.

“You want to save your Sorceress? Better hurry,” said Seifer. “Selphie run towards the doors and throw me in” ordered Squall as he looked up at her. “What? You’re going to get hurt,” said Selphie still looking at Seifer. “I be fine. Do it!” said Squall as he was getting ready.

Selphie nodded, grabbed hold of Squall and dashed towards the doors to the room Rinoa is in. “Good luck!” shouted Selphie as she stopped and threw Squall towards the doors. Squall went flying in and vanished in the shadows.

“My master have plans for them” said Seifer. “Who’s your master then? Your no longer a puppet?” asked Zell as he was getting ready to fight.

Slowly Seifer started to fade away. “Hay stop!” shouted Zell as he started to run towards him. Seifer smiled and said, “You all going to meet him, as your ride gets here” “What!” shouted Zell as he stopped. Seifer completely disappeared.

In the room,

Squall slowly stands up and looks at the room he was in. The sound of someone banging the wall echoed through out the place.

“Squall! HELP ME!” screamed a woman’s voice. Squall looked at the far end of the room and saw Rinoa in a tomb banging on the wall. Squall started to run towards her. As Squall was running, he noticed that the tomb was filling up with some kind of black liquid.

Squall tried to run as fast as he can but it wasn’t easy for him because he was only three inches. “Squall hang on. I will find you!” said Rinoa, as she was about to take her last breath. The tomb became completely full of the black liquid.

Squall stopped in shock of seeing the person he loved slowly dying in the black stuff.                                             

“Told you I will see you again. Come with me now. You have no reason to live in this world any more” echoed a creepy voice.  

Squall turned around and saw the same shadow with red eyes he saw while he was in space. “I’m not going with you!” shouted Squall. “SLEEP!” said the shadow as black gas was leaking out from it. Squall slowly dropped onto his kneels and said, “I’m…not…going with you” after that, Squall passed out.

“They’re all mine” echoed the shadow as it was fading away. Squall and Rinoa vanished along with it.

The room’s doors swung opened and Zell and others walked in. “Squall! Rinoa! Are you in here?” shouted Zell.   


“What did Seifer mean by when our ride gets here?” asked Irvine. “He might be playing mind games with us” said Quistis.

All of a sudden, the Sorceress’s tomb started to give out a light blue glow. “What’s that?” asked Zell. “I have no idea but I think that be our ride. So we better get out of here!” shouted Selphie as she started to run out of the room.

 “Vydran! Fa ryja syta ed du yhudran funmt!” echoed a unknown voice. The others started to run out from the whole building. All of a sudden, a pink airship shot out from the tomb, smashed through the building and crashed into the Ragnarok.

“Oh my god!” shouted Selphie. Just then the doors to the pink airship started to open. A teenage girl walked out and said, “Erm…sorry about your ship…Can you lot help us?”

Quistis crossed her arms and said, “How can we help you?” “Come aboard our ship and we’ll tell you” answered the girl.

“Hold on tick! This is our ride to see this master,” said Zell. “We’re help you!” said Selphie as she rushed towards the doors of the airship. Everyone entered the airship.

 “Drana'c yhudran bundym ubahehk!” shouted the pilot. “What did he say?” asked Zell. The girl turned around and said, “He said he found a portal. Hopefully this will lead to the world our friends are”  “By the way, you never told us your name” said Irvine. “The name’s Rikku” said the girl.

“Squall and Rinoa might be at that world too” said Selphie. “If they are, we better this world now!” said Rikku. “Why?” asked Quistis. “Because this world is going to end!” answered Rikku.

“Haqd cdub! Dra bundym!” shouted the pilot. The ship started to take flight and headed towards the portal. “What you mean, when you said the world’s going to end?” as Zell as the ship entered the portal.

Set upon a unknown area,

“Oh no. It got the last one” echoed an unknown voice. Squall slowly opened his eyes, found himself in a bird’s cage and notices three other people looking at him. “Who are you guys?” asked Squall as he slowly stands up. “I’m Zidane,” said the man with a monkey’s tail. “Cloud” said the man in the purple clothes. “Tidus” said the man in yellow. “I’m Squall”

Everyone remained silent. Zidane slowly sits down, Tidus leaned on the bars, Cloud sat down and Squall slowly slides back down.

“I have all four! Now what to do with the ladies, Yes I know” echoed the creepy voice. All four of them looked out and saw two pairs of red eyes. All four of them then looked back at each other.