Teasing the Octopus


WARNING: This story contains violent crushing scenes that may not be suitable for people aged 17 and under.

"I get the feeling this isn't going to work Mr. Chupon." Ultros sighed as he raised two tentacles to his forehead.

"It's going to take a million years to work off this debt and interest in the Colosseum is waning after only one. This idea definitely isn't paying off. What could possibly renew the peoples interest?" Ultros asked his good friend.

Chupon seemed to consider the question for a minute before seemingly coming to a conclusion. Opening his mouth wide he shouted, "FUNGAH!!!"

"Now there's an idea Mr. Chupon! One of those muscleheads from the whole Kefka incident might bring in the crowds! If we can trick one of them into going into the ocean then we can use the water as an advantage. Why, they'll never sea it coming!" Ultros replied.

Chupon shook his head in disagreement, and motioned to a nearby table. A crudely painted sign saying, "PLACE BET HEAR" lay on the table, and it was filled with many assorted items.

Sliding to the table, Ultros looked over the items for a moment before turning back to Chupon.

"Well Mr. Chupon, what's so special about the worthless items people have been betting?" Ultros asked.

"FUNGAH!!!' Chupon replied and blew away a few of the healing potions and rusty swords until an old, rusty piece of metal lay on top. Seemingly proud with himself, he turned back to Ultros and shouted, "FUNGAH!!!' again.

"So this piece of junk has the power to control peoples minds you say?" Ultros asked as he wrapped a tentacle around the crown and brought it to him for closer examination.

Chupon nodded quickly.

A sinister smile spread across Ultros's face as he turned the metal around a bit looking at a series of small switches on the back. He flipped a few, hoping to get some kind of reaction, but nothing happened.

"Oh I see," he told himself. "We need to attach this to someone's head before we can get a real reaction out of it! But it needs to be a cute morsel I can really wrap my tentacles around, in case it doesn't work. Which of those muscleheads that were around a year ago would make a good victim?" Ultros asked.

"FUNGAH!!!" Chupon shouted excitedly.

Ultros grinned wickedly and took the metal ring with him as he left the Colosseum and headed East through the slowly recovering plains.

Terra wiped the sweat from her brow as she sat down to rest. The city of Narshe had been one of the last stops she and the other Returners had made in their plan to restore the world to what it had been before Kefka effectively ruined it.

Though she hadn't been present in the restoration of many other towns, Terra felt a bit of guilt over Narshe in particular because she herself had attacked it long ago. Though she had been under the control of a slave crown, she still felt as if she was to blame and made the effort to make sure at least this city would be brought back.

Even she had her limits though, and she sat on a nearby bench, fanning herself and watching some of the other workers continue. Edgar seemed to be testing out some new machines he purported would make construction faster, but not all of them were panning out as expected.

Terra smiled to herself as she thought about all the progress the world had made so far, and how close they were to bringing everything back to normal.

Sighing to herself, she stood up again to resume helping when she felt a sharp pain on the back of her neck, that traveled all the way down through her feet.

"Ow!" She shouted , rubbing the back of her neck and turning to see what hit her. A chill ran down her spine as she immediately recognized the object as a slave crown, though it looked to be old and rusted.

Bending at the knees, Terra picked up the slave crown, and looked over it for a moment when a powerful gust of wind lifted her from her feet and sent her flying into the nearby mountain before she could scream for help.

"Excellent Snort Mr. Chupon, that more than makes up for your terrible aim with the crown in the first place!" Ultros laughed as he held Terra with his tentacles and reached for the slave crown by her feet with another.

Slipping it on as best he could with his tentacles, Ultros grinned hugely as he lightly shook Terra awake.

Terra's eyes opened.

Surprised, Ultros immediately noted her pupils were no longer visible.

"Side effects, who needs 'em, am I right Mr. Chupon?" he laughed.

Chupon just shook his head in excitement.

"Ok then my pretty slave, I'm going to need you to come with me to the Colosseum now." Ultros said as he began to slither back the direction he came from.

Terra didn't move.

Ultros quickly noticed his pretty prize was no longer following him so he turned to face her again. "Don't tease the octopus now! Let's go!" he called back.

Terra stood still.

Slithering back to her, Ultros reached behind her head and flipped more of the switches around on the crown, hoping one of them would animate her again.

Terra's fingers moved.

"That's better." Ultros said as he patted Terra on the head and planned to make his way back to the Colosseum, but was quickly pulled back by an unexpected result.

Terra was growing quickly.

Using the suckers on one of his tentacles, Ultros kept a tight grip to the top of Terra's head as she shot up into the sky at an alarming rate.

Terra stopped growing.

Climbing the rest of the way up her head, Ultros looked over the world far below and suddenly realized the new potential a giant famous warrior would have for the Colosseum.

Chupon quickly flew up to the same height as Ultros and seemed equally pleased with the way things had turned out before signaling down the mountain to the city or Narshe.

"Excellent thinking Mr. Chupon, we don't know exactly what she's capable of right now, so let's take her for a test drive!" Ultros shouted. "Step forward!"

Terra took a step forward.

The citizens of Narshe had been surprised to see an enormous giantess rise from the mountains with a strange ring around her head, but they had little time to dwell on this as she quickly took a step forward into their town. Her enormous booted foot crushed flat anything caught beneath it, and the cobblestones of the street cracked from her enormous weight. Dust rose around the boot and the people ran in panic.

"Beautifully done there Terra!" Ultros laughed. "Now, just to make sure that wasn't a fluke, give me a nice stomp!" He ordered.

Terra lifted her other boot and stomped.

The giantess's first step had been devastating, but her followup put that to shame. Several individuals found themselves in the other boots shadow as it lifted into the air, but the stomp wasn't slow. Like a bolt of lightning it struck down flattening, then crushing anything beneath it into a wet mess. The entire city quaked from her second step, and the cracked cobblestone was also crushed into powder, along with the compacted dirt the boot now rest in.

The panicked screams rose as one while peoples belongings fell from shelves, and the very repairs Terra had been working on earlier were brought to the floor by impact.

"Impressive, but that's enough of that." Ultros said. "Now, we really must be heading to the Colosseum." he added before stopping suddenly.

"Mr. Chupon! Which way to the Colosseum? I can't tell from this high up!" Ultros asked.

"FUNGAH!!!" Chupon replied and pointed south-west.

"Yes, of course Mr. Chupon. You heard him, get moving pretty!" Ultros ordered.

Terra went in the direction pointed out by Chupon.

The ground rumbled more as Terra's weight shifted for her to begin moving away from the city. As they lifted high overhead, rubble fell from the boots and pelted the roofs of some of the spared homes. Though she was now safely out of the city, the rumbling of her feet impacting the ground was still cause for concern as several of the now weakened roofs looked as though they were about to collapse into themselves.

Edgar and Celes, the two other Returners that had come with Terra ran to the cities limits and boarded the airship lent to them by Setzer. It's engine started and they quickly set to the skies in the same direction as Terra, quickly passing her because of her slow walking speed.

Only minutes after taking off they were at their destination, Castle Figaro. Though Terra was extremely far away, she could still clearly be seen.

"So, what's your big plan you didn't want to tell me Edgar?" Celes asked as they ran into the castle.

"Well, I'm sure you noticed the crown Terra wore during all that?" Edgar asked as they made their way up the many flights of stairs in the castle.

"Yes, it was a slave crown, I'm all too familiar with them myself." Celes replied

"Well yes, and it's the reason for her growth too!" Edgar panted. "Back when I was pretending to be on the side of the empire, one of the many things they supplied my kingdom with was slave crowns so we could have our own army. A representative came by and explained the things they could do for me too, but said not to ever use the growth switch on the back, simply because Gestahl didn't want anyone on the Empire's side to be a casualty of a giant slave." Edgar finished as he made his way to the top of the castle and pulled a switch.

The entire castle began to shake and lower into the ground beneath his feet as he made his way inside the castle for safety again.

"So... you still have these crowns I assume?" Celes gasped between breaths.

"Yes! I never intended to use them, but thought maybe our engineers could use their technology for new machines. There's still boxes of them in the basement!" Edgar told Celes.

"So you intend to grow yourself and fight Terra?" Celes asked.

"No, if I were to grow and something happened, it'd look bad on my entire kingdom..." Edgar trailed off.

"So... you want me to be enslaved and fight Terra I presume?" Celes asked with only a bit of surprise in her voice.

"That's why I brought you here in the first place!" Edgar added. "Otherwise I would've only come to lower the castle into the desert and that would've been the end of it."

"I don't know Edgar, this seems kinda dangerous, and I'd love nothing more than to never be enslaved again. It's not a good feeling." Celes slowly replied.

"Come now Celes, if you're under the control of me you won't have to worry about anything bad happening.

"Still... I don't know." Celes thought.

Suddenly, the sand above them began to shake, affecting the entire submerged castle at once. Though they were safely underground, the impact Terra's boots made with the sound shook everything enough to bring people to their knees.

The light in the room Celes and Edgar had retreated flickered a bit.

Sighing heavily, Celes finally conceded. "Fine, I can see just how dangerous this is myself. I'll do it."

"Excellent." Edgar said as he made his way to the basement and returned a minute later with a crown. Looking at the back of the crown, Edgar quickly spotted the, "SIZE" switch and flipped it up.

The footfalls had long since stopped, so the castle was quickly raised again and the duo made their way outside.

"Here goes nothing." Edgar said as he slipped the slave crown onto Celes's head.

"Mr. Chupon, shouldn't we have arrived back at the Colosseum by now?" Ultros asked.

"FUNGAH!!!" Chupon answered incredulously.

"Yes I know you're sure this is the right way, but we've crossed the ocean twice here, I'm pretty sure we only crossed it once on the way over! We're nearing a town too, but I don't recognize it." Ultros replied.

Terra continued walking.

The ground beneath her was ripped out of its place by her weight and the dirt rained from the bottoms of her boots with every step she took. The town of liars and thieves, Zozo, was fast approaching, but Ultros and Chupon continued to argue on Terra's head.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to stop and ask for directions Mr. Chupon. It's not that I don't believe you, but we need to get back to the Colosseum faster than this, so maybe the locals will know a shortcut!" Ultros said as they grew arrived at Zozo. "Stop!" Ultros ordered quickly.

Terra stopped.

The boot of Terra's right foot stopped by it just barely hit a home on the towns edge with the force of a locomotive. The entire right side of the home collapsed around the toe of the boot as Terra stopped in place.

"Ok now if anyone gives us any trouble, you give them the what's what and snort, got that Mr. Chupon?" Ultros asked.

"FUNGAH!!!" he replied, though it sounded panicked.

"What is it Mr. Chupon?" Ultros asked as he shifted to look in the direction Chupon had been facing.

Coming straight for them from the ocean was another, equally huge giantess. This one was blonde and wore a green outfit, contrasting greatly to Terra's green hair and red clothing.

Celes was running through the ocean, her feet creating great trenches as she continued to make her way to the equally enormous Terra. Far behind, Edgar stood on the Airship, relaying orders through a communication device.

"Now stop!" Edgar ordered and Celes instantly followed suit.

Carefully flying closer to the group, Edgar quickly recognized Chupon, and that annoying octopus that wouldn't stop bothering them all those years ago. Placing the palm of his hand on his forehead, Edgar sighed as he tried to think of the best way to go about this.

Robotically, Terra balled her hand into a fist and punched Celes in the jaw.

Celes stumbled from the blow.

Watching the whole thing, Edgar realized the Octopus had made his decision for him. The only way he'd be able to stop the whole thing was to defeat Terra, but given both of their robotic movements it seemed futile.

A surprised look quickly crossed Edgar's face as he got an idea. He quickly gave Celes a simple order.

"Celes, regain self control."

Celes shook her head suddenly and looked for Terra and Edgar, hoping the plan had succeeded. She did quickly find Terra, but also noticed the incredible new height at which she stood.

Taking a moment to gather herself, Celes recognized the many, now tiny, towers of the town she was in as belonging to Zozo. Looking behind her, she saw the airship in the distance and heard a voice in her ear tell her something.

"Celes, the only thing we can do now is defeat Terra, you look like you've regained your self control, so it should be no problem!" Edgar happily ordered, ready to enjoy a catfight of epic proportions, though he'd never admit it.

Turning back to face Terra, she found another fist robotically sailing to her face and quickly dodged to the side.

At ground level, Celes's simple dodge had gone right into the city itself and it was largely a repeat of Terra at Narshe. Her blue boots crashed into the ground and slid slightly with her momentum, tearing out stones the road was made of and sending them flying as deadly projectiles. The ground quaked and many windows in the smaller buildings shattered as their frames couldn't take the vibrations.

"Mr. Chupon, this isn't going to end well, is it?" Ultros asked.

Chupon seemed to shake his head in disappointment.

Terra turned and threw another slow punch at Celes.

Reacting quickly, Celes grabbed Terra's outstretched arm and tossed her over the shoulder, directly into the center of Zozo.

The many thieves panicked as the body of a giantess sailed through the air, only to land in the center of their town and crush flat many of their buildings and citizens. Any buildings spared of the carnage beneath Terra's body soon found their way to the ground by the powerful impact crumbling their very foundations. Even seconds after landing the damage continued to be felt as the citizens who were ok made all attempts to flee.

One unfortunate citizen however, found himself running in the same direction as Celes. Though he figured he could get behind Celes and be safe, he instead found the bottom half of his body crushed into a thin organic film beneath the tip of her shoe. He screamed in torturous pain as what was left of him seemed to go into shock and writhed about at the tip of her boot, unnoticed by Celes.

Quickly straddling Terra, Celes managed to wrest the crown from her head and ripped it off, it breaking easily because of its poor condition.

Terra suddenly found herself conscious again and looked up to see Celes. Surprised for a bit, she then saw Celes continue to rise into the sky above her until Celes was an enormous giantess in comparison to Terra, who had returned to normal now that the crowns control had been released.

Celes looked down at Terra, happy to see that it ended quickly, with the only casualties being a town full of liars and thieves that no one would ever really care about anyway. Reaching her palm down, she set it next to Terra and told her it would be ok to stand on her hand.

Standing again, Terra wasn't sure what exactly had happened, but the sight of all the rubble and blood spattered dust around made her sick. She quickly climbed into Celes's hand, figuring it was preferable to being in this hellish landscape any longer.

Terra was lifted skyward again and Celes took a step out of the ruined city and found her attention drawn to the ground again. She spotted the now delirious man who looked like he would have a torturous, drawn-out death.

Feeling a twinge of guilt, Celes realized that it was outside of the crater Terra had created, so this mans pain was on her shoulders. Looking down at him, she decided the only proper way to help him was to end his life painlessly, as he was likely too far gone to be saved.

"I'm... I'm sorry about what happened to Zozo." Celes said as she moved her boot over the puny mans flailing body. Just as she was about to press him flat, she heard him respond between pained gasps.

"Z..Z-Zozo? N-N-N-Never heard of it..." He managed to say.

Celes frowned. "A liar to the very end." She thought to herself and stamped him out of existence.

Only a couple of minutes later, Terra was safely back onto the deck of the Airship and Edgar almost shouted in surprise as he saw how dirty and stained her back was.

Celes smiled back at Edgar and was soon back to normal, without a slave crown on the airship again.

Hugging Terra in relief, Celes smiled as she noticed something Edgar, and even Terra herself had seemed to miss.

Still on top of her head was a small, purple, octopus.

From Terra's head, Ultros backed away as he saw Celes's enormous face approach him and smile.

"Well Mr. Chupon, it looks like we no longer have a small problem of debt on our hands." He said.

Floating from behind Terra's head, Chupon nodded his head in solemn agreement.

"Oh well, to be honest Mr. Chupon, things could have ended up worst. I'm sure if we somehow managed to get away with it, our debts would have only grown." Ultros said with a snicker.

"FUNGAH!!!" Chupon snorted.