The Incredible Shrinking Thief


"ARR!" screamed Vivi as he went running towards Black Waltz No.3. "I will help!" shouted Steiner as he run up behind him. "Garnet! You take control of the airship. What ever you choose I follow you all the way. Lindblum is just beyond South Gate, just keep that in mind" said Zidane as he drew out his daggers. Garnets watch Zidane as he was running out and join the others in the fight against Black Waltz No.3. Within a number of minutes, Vivi began to turn into his trance state. Black Waltz No.3 starts to flap its wings and began to hover. It raised its staff and cast Thundera onto the whole group. "Vivi! I think you better start casting magic for my magic sword! Thunder!" shouted Steiner as he went running toward the Black Waltz. Steiner swing his sword on Black Waltz No.3 and lightning went striking down ontop of it. Vivi jumps up into the air and shouted out, " Thunder! Fire!" A bolt of lightning and a fireball went zooming towards the Black Waltz. Zidane starts to run towards the Black Waltz and stabbed it with his two daggers. Slowly Black Waltz was hovering down and shouted, "No this cannot be!" Black Waltz No.3 jumps up into the air and fell right towards the earth.

Without knowing by the others, Thorn and Zorn was flying an airship, much better then the one Dagger is flying. Thorn and Zorn both saw what happened to the Black Waltz No.3. "Oh no! No indeed" said both of them. "We get the blame for this," said Thorn. "Blame we will have" said Zorn. "Let’s get out of here. Zorn your not lifting the helm. What’s up?" said Thorn. "It’s Black Waltz No.3. Its still alive" said Zorn. "Black Waltz still alive? We saved," said Thorn as he was trying to see it. "But something’s wrong with it" "Its magic is too strong. The queen will have our head for this!" said Zorn. Before the two of them could do anything else, Black Waltz No.3 whacked Thorn and Zorn off board and too hold of the airship’s helm. "I exist to kill! I exist to kill! I exist to kill!" shouted Black Waltz No.3 no stop as it was flying towards the others’ airship.

Thorn and Zorn both was falling to their doom and the two of them say their goodbyes, "Thorn it was great knowing", "Not as great as I was to knowing you". The two of them closed their eyes and waited for their death to come as they were still heading towards the hard, cold ground. Thump! The two of them hit something hard. Both of them opened their eyes and noticed that they landed on the roof of an airship. The two of them get up and jumped off the roof and looked around the place. As the two of them was wondering around the place, they both ended up in the control roof. The two of them notice the pilot of the ship and Zorn walks up to it and asked, "Are you going to Alexandra?" The pilot didn’t move or say anything. Thorn was beginning to wonder on where the other crewmembers are. He looked around the room and notice a blueprint pinned onto the wall. Thorn moves over and notices that the blueprint is about some sort weapon. Zorn tried his best to get the pilot to say something but got bored trying.

"Zorn! You must see this," said Thorn as he was trying to rip the blue print off the wall. "I say! What’s that you got there then chum?" said Zorn as he slowly walks over to him. "Why are you talking like that?" asked Thorn. "I have no idea," said Zorn as he got up to Thorn. "Never mind, take a look at this" said Thorn as he placed the blue print on the floor. The two of them looked at the blue print and noticed that the drawings are in a shape of a strange looking machine and a jewel with a strange looking symbol. "Zorn! You know what this might mean?" asked Thorn as he looked back up.

"That this is some kind of weapon that we could use?" said Zorn. "Correct! All we need to do is find this machine and use it to kidnap princess Garnet," said Thorn as he scrolled the blue prints up and put it in his pocket. "Now if I were a weapon, where would I be on this airship?" said Zorn as he was looking around the control room. "Why not try the pilot. He sure wouldn’t mind and hay what’s he going to do?" said Thorn. The two of them walked towards the mindless pilot and placed their hands in its pockets. Zorn pulled his hand out and found that he has a dark blue jewel that’s fit his whole hand. "Thorn take a look at this," said Zorn as he threw the jewel at him.

Thorn caught it and said, "I bet that this is that jewel that’s power the machine up". Before Zorn could say anything, there was a sound of someone clapping echoed through out the ship. "Hide the Jewel!" ordered Zorn as he was in a panic. Thorn placed it in his left pocket and then waited for whoever it was clapping to enter the room. BANG! BOOM! Was the noise that could be herd through out the ship. Thorn and Zorn looked at each other and then ran next to the mindless pilot.

The noises was getting louder and louder till it goten so loud that the door began to thump in and out. Thorn and Zorn just stood there, waiting on what’s going to happen next. To their surprise, the door stopped thumping but then it started to knock; and what really shocked the two of them was that the pilot said, "Come in". The door handle turned over to it’s left and slowly the door opened. Behind the door was a huge pit of darkness, nothing was there but the two of them was still scared of what the darkness thing was because it was never there before.

Within the darkness, a pair of red eyes opened and closed. It was looking right towards Thorn. "I can read your fears little one. You’re afraid of the dark, aren’t you Thorn!" echoed a creepy voice. "Who are you?" asked Zorn. "Me? I am what’s left in this universe. When every sun dies out and every life form takes its last breath, I’m there. You can call many what ever you want because I’m not any of those things," said the creepy voice. "You must have a name," asked Thorn as he was trying to hide his fear. "Are you afraid?" "No" said Thorn. "You liar! You stink of fear! But you two could be useful. I will let you live if you do this one thing for me" said the voice. Before Thorn and Zorn could say anything, the darkness engulfed the two of them. Thorn and Zorn began to scream like they never screamed before.

The two of them opened their eyes and only to find that they are back within Alexandria castle halls. Zorn was scanning the place to check if they are back home. Zorn looked at Thorn and notice something different about his eyes. They were pitch black. "I understand," said Thorn. All of a sudden the blackness within his eye vanishes and then Zorn’s eye went all black. He too said, "I understand". After that, his eyes went back to normal. The two of them went creeping down the castle halls till they ended up in the castle’s weapons lab. "Zorn, master said that we must find a failed Black Waltz?" asked Thorn. "With so many failed Black Waltzes, so little time," said Zorn as he walks over to the trap door that was in the centre of the lab. Zorn kneeled down and opened the door, all of a sudden a Black Waltz went zooming out and Zorn closed the door before any more could come out.

"Black Waltz! Do you want to become the forth number of the successful Waltzes?" asked Thorn. "More then anything" said the thing. "Then place yourself here," said Zorn as he was pointing to the table with chain locks on it. The Black Waltz placed it self onto the table and Thorn locked its arms in the chain locks. "Are you ready?" asked Thorn as he put his hand in his left pocket. "Yes" said the Waltz. Thorn took out the dark blue jewel and placed it on the Waltz’s chest. Within seconds, electricity went shooting out from the jewel and slowly it was sinking into the Waltz. "It is done," said Zorn as he was unlocking the chains and then pulled them off.

The Waltz slowly stands up and all of a sudden it was changing its look. Now the Black Waltz has longer wings with a silvery shine, a sharper looking hat that was covered in black with red strips; and has a strange looking staff with a green orb sitting ontop of it. "Black Waltz No.4, we have given you a chance to be the very best of all Black Waltzes. We have given you a jewel that powers up a powerful machine but we do not know what the power can do. We found it on an airship and found that there are no living people on it apart from the mindless pilot. Your first task is to go and kidnap the princess of Alexandria known as Garnet. She is travelling in a group of four.

She have with her is a monkey boy who likes to play with daggers, a eight year old boy who looks like you apart from the wings and a captain of the Pluto knights. You can’t miss them. They were last seen heading towards Lindblum, so start there. Once you found her head towards the Iifa tree and wait for us to show up. Remember you can kill others if they get in your way. Got that?" said Thorn. "I understand," said Black Waltz No.4. The Black Waltz spread out its wings and started to fly out of the castle and headed towards Lindblum.

Black Waltz No.4 headed all the way to Lindblum a lot has happened on his flight. Garnet and the others made it to the Lindblum castle and met Regent Cid to their surprise, they found that the very wise and always thinks ahead has been turned into an oglop. Zidane met an old friend, Freya is a dragoon.

Zidane, Vivi and Freya enter a contest and Zidane won. Burmecia becomes under attack by Alexandria army. Princess Garnet and Steiner left the group and headed towards Alexandra. Zidane wakes up alone with the others because Garnet put sleeping herbs in the food that they were eating apart from her own and Steiner’s plate.

Zidane believe that Garnet has headed off towards Burmecia and decide to chase after her. Vivi and Freya join him. As they entered Burmecia they found out that Garnet isn’t there and began to wonder on where she is. Before they could leave they ended up fighting and lose to Beatrix.

After they wake from the beating, the three of them decide to head towards Cleyra Settlement and help out the citizens that live there. They bump into and lost again to Beatrix as she was fleeing. She jumped into a portal and the other follow her, only to find that it leads to an airship. Vivi finds another portal and the three of them made it back in Alexandria.

There they meet Steiner who was trying to save Princess Garnet. They only have twenty minutes to her before the Queen makes it back
The four of them dashed through out the Alexandria dungeons and found Princess Garnet asleep. Before they could wake her up, they fought and lost the last time to Beatrix. After the fight, Beatrix has a change of heart and cast her own magic to wake Princess Garnet up.

The five of them escapes the castle but as they were about make it out, both Beatrix and Steiner stayed behind and fight the monsters that the Queen has sent. Fryer also stayed behind to fight which only leaves Zidane, Vivi and Garnet to escape. They escaped but only find their selves in an unknown area.

A spirit called Ramuh shows up and joins Garnet if she could finish his story, in which she did.

The three of them goes off to Lindblum castle to get help from Regent Cid but as they made it, they found that Alexandria has attacked and claimed Lindblum. As they entered, Regent Cid told them that a man is giving Alexandria weapons and that if they found him, they could put an end to this nightmare
So now they three of them headed off in search off this man. They three of them headed off towards Qu’s Marsh. As they took one step into the Marsh, only to find something they all thought they seen the last off. It was Black Waltz No.4.

"What! I thought we seen the last of your kind" said Zidane as he drew out his daggers. Black Waltz No.4 just stood there, not moving. "Fira!" shouted Vivi as he jumped into the air. A fireball went shooting out of Vivi’s staff and headed towards the Black Waltz. The fireball hit the Black Waltz but didn’t seem to have made any damage.

Garnet summons Ramuh and it too didn’t do any damage. "Now its my turn" said Black Waltz No.4 as it aim its staff towards Zidane. The green orb that was sitting on the staff was beginning to glow. "Dark Ruin!"

A dark blue mist went shooting out from its staff and headed towards Zidane. Zidane started to cough and started to give off a light blue aura around his body. Nothing seems to be happening to him.

"What hell was that?" said Zidane as he was looking at body. Black Waltz No.4 spread out its wing and said, "You see, you see". The Black Waltz started to fly but couldn’t because Vivi cast Thundera onto it. Slowly the Black Waltz fell back onto the ground.

"That’s how you want to play? Fine then. Dark Thundera!" shouted Black Waltz No.4 as it aimed its staff towards Vivi. At the same time Garnet cast Reflect on Vivi. A shield appeared and then vanished in front of Vivi just before black lightning was struck towards him.

Black lightning struck onto Vivi but it headed right back towards Black Waltz No.4. "NOOO!" screamed the Black Waltz, as the lightning was about to hit it. Within seconds Black Waltz No.4 went up in smoke and then exploded. As the dust settled, the Black Waltz was just laying on its back, not moving.

"Is it dead?" asked Garnet as she was walking towards Zidane. "I go and check" said Zidane. Zidane walked up to it and was about to place his hand onto its neck. As he was about to do that, the Black Waltz started to move. It sat up and swung its staff at Zidane but missed. Black Waltz No.4 stood up and started to flap its wings.

It started to fly up into the sky. It sprung round and said, "This isn’t the last see of me". "I believe this belong to you" said Zidane, as he was holding a green orb. The Waltz looked at its staff and notice that the green orb was gone. "GRRR! Curse you!" shouted Black Waltz No.4 as it threw it staff onto the floor.

The Black waltz turned around and flew off into the distance. "Here Vivi you can have this" said Zidane as he hands him the green orb. "Um…Thank you Zidane," said Vivi as he looked at the orb. "Zidane, do you feel all right?" asked Garnet. "I’m alright why
you ask?" said Zidane.

"Cause that spell that Black Waltz cast on you. He said ‘You see, you see’. What did he call that spell?" said Garnet. "Its called Dark Ruin" said Vivi as he was putting the orb away. "We find out latter, now we must a way to find this guy" said Zidane as he carried on walking through Qu’s Marsh. Garnet and Vivi followed.

Unknown by to them, they were begin watch in a far away place. Thorn and Zorn was watching through a magic mirror. "It seems that Black Waltz No.4 have failed" said Thorn. Suddenly the mirror went all completely black and a pair of red eyes appeared. A creepy voice was beginning to echo though out the place. It said, "On the contrary. Your creation did what I hoped it would do". "And what is that my lord?" asked Zorn. "You see, you see," said the voice again.

The three of them carried on walking till they ended up in a pond filled with frogs. To there surprise they saw a strange looking thing trying to catch one of the frogs. "What is it doing?" asked Vivi.

Before Zidane could say anything, a frog jumped into his hands. The thing looked at him and slowly walks towards him.

"Can me have that?" asked the thing. "Ok take it" said Zidane as he threw it towards the thing. The thing stuck out its tongue and it grabbed hold of the frog. The frog was pulled into the thing’s mouth within seconds.

Another thing started to walk about and said, "How are you going to become a master chef if you can’t even catch a signal frog?" "But master Quale. I tried my best to catch one. Then this nice man gave me the frog," said the thing.

"Is that true?" said the other thing as it was looking towards Zidane. "Err yes," said Zidane as he gave a shrug.

"If that is so then you don’t mind staying at my place for the night" said the thing again. "The name’s Quina and this is Master Quale," said the thing that ate the frog. "My name’s Zidane, the little one is Vivi and she’s Garnet" said Zidane. The five of them walked off towards the thing’s nest. It was getting dark.

They made it to the nest but as they got there, all there was were mud and one small hut. "I set up the tents then," said Zidane. Vivi and Garnet went with the things into the hut while Zidane was putting up the tents.

As Zidane was putting up the tents, his monkey tail was giving off a light blue glow and with Zidane noticing, he lost two inches.

Half an hour later, Zidane finished putting up the tents. He put the tent equipment away and headed inside the hut. "Tents are ready!" shouted Zidane. Garnet and Vivi walked out of the hut and entered the tents. "Night all" said Garnet as she crewed into her tent.

"When you all wake, breakfast shall be ready" said Master Quale as he walked back into the hut. "Thanks" said both Zidane and Vivi as they both were going into their tents. The three of them woke up the next morning.

Zidane crawled out of his tent and started to smell something sweet. He slowly walks towards the hut. As he got inside, he notices that Garnet and Vivi was already inside. In front of him was a huge table with lots of food laying on it. "Just in time" said Garnet as she was sitting down.

Everyone else in the hut sat down at the table and started to take the food they all want.

As Zidane reached out to grab an apple, his tail was giving off a light blue glow again. Unknown to everyone apart from Vivi notices that Zidane he gotten smaller. He lost another two inches.

"Em…Zidane, I don’t know if it’s the food that’s making me see things or that you lost a few inches" said Vivi. Zidane looked at Vivi oddly and said, "You must be seeing things, there’s no way that someone can lose a few inches".

Vivi got off his chair and said, "Only one way to find out. Garnet can you please stand up" "Umm…ok" said Garnet as she stood up. Everyone else looked at Zidane for him to get up. Zidane gave off a sigh and stood up.

Zidane looked at Garnet and notice that she’s taller then him by two inches. "That’s not right? I ment to be bigger then you" said Zidane as he tip toed. As he tiptoes he was about the same height as Garnet.

"How is this possible?" asked Zidane. "It must be from that spell," said Garnet as she placed her left hand on Zidane’s right shoulder. "Would it happen to be from that bird like man? If so me can lead you all to it" said Quina as s/he walked up to Zidane.

"You mean you saw him? Take us to him" said Zidane. "If s/he leads you, will you let her/him tag along with you?" asked Master Quale.

"By the way, what race are you?" asked Garnet. "We are Qus, masters of cooking all sort of food. As you see Quina is in learning chef and need to go out into the world and try out other foods so he can master the ways of cooking food just right" said Master Quale. "Please can me go with you?" asked Quina.

"Well…" before Zidane could say anything, his tail began to glow again and lost another two inches. "Ok yes! Let’s make hast!" ordered Zidane. The four of them ran out of the hut and Quina said, "Follow me". Quina headed towards north and the other began to follow.

Back at the unknown place, Thorn and Zorn was watching Zidane and the others again on the magic mirror. "Looks like Zidane is shrinking. Which will make stealing the Princess much easier," said Zorn. "What are we going to do about the Queen?" asked Thorn. "What do you mean?" asked Zorn as he looked at Thorn.

The mirror again went all black and a pair of red eyes appeared. "It seems that it has began. Your roles are almost complete. I shall send my best man to catch my prize and I shall give you both yours" said the creepy voice.

The magic mirror turns back to normal and Thorn and Zorn carried on watching. "I be back with your prize," said an unknown voice. The two of them looked behind and saw that no one was there.

The four of them carried has been running through Qu’s Marsh for hours till Quina stopped. "What now?" asked Garnet. "We need to rest, beside its getting dark," said Quina.

"Why and how do you know that?" asked Vivi. "Because we will be walking across an open free land and we need to rest up. So me think we need to set up camp, in half an hour it will be getting dark," said Quina as he walked off looking for some wood so he could make a fire.

Half an hour later, Vivi set up the tents and Garnet and Zidane sat down next to the fire the Quina has just made. Slowly it was becoming night.

Zidane looks at Garnet and notices that she was towering over him. Zidane took a deep sigh and said, "Things may change… I don’t know if I can protect you and the others, as I’m getting smaller or when I’m going to stop but…" "Nothing will change as long as your with us. As long as you can still wield your daggers, you can still protect me" said Garnet before Zidane could finish his sentence.

Zidane smiled up at Garnet and she smiled back down at him. Zidane’s tail began to
glow again and lost another two inches. From that moment, Zidane past out and fell on Garnet’s lap. Zidane was now a size of a nine-year old.

Garnet placed her left hand on Zidane’s small head and looked towards the fire. "Tents are ready," said Vivi as he walked towards Garnet. Quina headed towards the tents and entered one of them. Vivi heads towards the tents all so and said as he was walking was, "Well night you two".

Garnet picks up and carries Zidane to her tent. Slowly the fire went out and morning came. Zidane was the first to wake up and his tail began to glow again. He shrunk to a size of an eight-year-old. He looked next to him and notices that Garnet was sleeping next to him.

Zidane jumps back and said, "Holy smokes!" Slowly Garnet wakes up because of Zidane. Garnet looks at Zidane and said, "Good morning". "Please tell me that we didn’t slept together," said Zidane. Garnet sits up and said, "I’m not telling if we did or not"

Garnet started to craw out of the tent and Zidane followed. "Tell me if we did or not. Steiner going to kill me if he thinks that I did something to you" said Zidane as he was looking up at Garnet.

Before Garnet could answer his question, something with very long wings fell from the sky. After that Zidane woke everyone up and told Quina to lead them to the open land.
Quina went running through out the Marsh and everyone else followed, leaving behind their tents.

Quina carried on running till it stopped in the middle of an open free land. "Why have we stopped?" asked Zidane. "Because we are here" answered Quina. Quina pointed forwards and in front of them was Black Waltz No.4 lying on its back, not moving. "Where have I seen this before?" asked Vivi as he walked next to Zidane. Zidane was the same size as Vivi.

Before anyone could walk up to it, a black bolt of lightning struck onto it and then vanished, leaving behind its hat and black feathers. "Oh my god! It’s dead! Which means that Zidane…will" said Vivi.

Zidane looks like he saw a ghost and then he took walked slowly towards the remains of the Waltz. Zidane looked down at the remains and then fell onto his kneels.

"Zidane!" said Vivi as he was trying to run up to him but was stopped by Garnet.
"Give him some time," said Garnet as she was looked down at Vivi. "Vivi, can I see that green orb that gave you?" asked Zidane. "Sure" said Vivi as he handed over the green orb.

Zidane holds the green orb and slowly it began to give off a light blue aura. Within seconds the orb turns from green into pitch black, also the light blue aura turns to a dark blue aura.

"What’s going on?" asked Quina. "Hay who’s that in front of Zidane?" asked Vivi. Zidane looks in front of him and notice a tall man wearing strange looking clothes.

Zidane and the other couldn’t see his face because his face was covered in shadow by his strange looking hat. All they could see from his face was a pair of red eyes that seem to be looking towards Zidane.

"Another Black Waltz?" said Vivi. "He don’t look like a Waltz," said Quina. "Who are you and what do you want?" asked Garnet.

The man looks up and said "I do not have a name, but you may call me Unknown and I’m here to pick up my lord’s prize" "What prize and who is your lord?" asked Vivi.

"Well my lord is in every shadow you see, you see him when the lights go out, he ends life and kills laughter. And for my lord’s prize is…the monkey boy and I'm going to take him" said Unknown.

"What did you say?" said Garnet as she and Vivi drew out their staffs. "You heard me, I’m going to take the boy if you like it or not" said Unknown. Unknown looks down and notices that Zidane was no longer there, all there was the pitch-black orb.

"What!" shouted Unknown. "Where did Zidane go?" said Garnet as she looked at the ground. "No matter, I guest I might as well get my lord’s other prize for his servants" said Unknown. "And that is?" asked Garnet. "You" said Unknown.

Unknown aimed his right arm towards Garnet and black lightning was shooting out of it. Within second a long black sword appeared in the tip of his hand.

"So it was you, who destroyed Black Waltz No.4," said Vivi, as he was about to be ready to cast a spell. "Come here you!" shouted Unknown as he was running towards them.

Zidane opened his eyes and notice that he was standing in a forest made of grass. Zidane couldn’t believe how small he has become.

Zidane now walks on the land of giants. All he could see was a jungle that covers miles upon miles of the land. Zidane began to walk into the jungle in hope of finding his friends.

On his way through the green forest, Zidane began to feel a certain vibration.

The vibration slowly became an earthquake. Zidane drew out his daggers and faced towards the earthquake.

The earthquake stopped and Zidane felt like he was begin watch. The little thief scanned the area that he was in till he notices something moving in the shadows of the jungle. Zidane drew away his daggers and ran towards the moving object.

Zidane stopped as soon as he saw the moving object. It was a huge foot. Zidane looks up as far as his neck could go and to his surprise, the foot belonged to non-other than Quina.

Zidane started to shout but Quina couldn’t hear him. "This is hopeless," said Zidane, as he was about to kick Quina’s foot. Before his foot could even kick her/him, Quina started to move again. Zidane fell onto the floor headfirst.

As Zidane lift his head up, loud noise echoed through out the place. Zidane covered his ears. "What the hell?" said Zidane, as he stood back onto his own two feet.

As he put his arms down, he began to look up and watch he could see was the strange man swinging his sword at Garnet, Vivi and Quina. Vivi started to cast Fira at Unknown but he reflects it with his sword.

The flames went flying back towards Vivi, Vivi went shooting back and almost hit Zidane. Vivi was out cold.

Zidane rushed towards Garnet and grabbed hold of her trousers. Zidane grabbed on tight because Garnet kept on running about. Zidane started to climb up. Quina dashed towards the man and stabbed her/his fork into his chest.

"You fight with a fork?" said Unknown. "Yep! Me like forks" said Quina. Unknown drew out the fork and threw it away. Quina ran after it. "What kind of party is this?" asked Unknown.

Zidane made it to Garnet’s left shoulder and started to give a purple glow. "What the hell is that?" asked Unknown. Zidane jumped up and shouted, "your in deep trouble now!" Zidane slowly turns into his trance form.

"Is that the lord’s prize?" said Unknown. "I’m no one’s prize!" shouted Zidane as he drew out his daggers. Zidane jumped off Garnet’s shoulder and went flying towards Unknown.

Zidane stabbed his dagger into the man’s left arm. He then climbed his way to the top by stabbing the daggers all the way up.

Zidane made it to Unknown’s left shoulder and was about to cast something. Before Unknown could stop him, Zidane shouted, "SOLUTION 9!" All of Zidane’s Trance power left his body and caused the man’s head to explode.

Unknown’s headless body began to fall down forwards. Zidane fell off his left shoulder and was about to fall to his death. Garnet caught him. Zidane looks up at Garnet’s face and saw that she was smile.

Vivi slowly wakes up and Quina comes back with her/his fork back. Vivi gets up and looks at what Garnet had in her hands. "My god! How did you shrunk down that fast?" asked Vivi.

"Remember that green orb?" asked Zidane. "Kind off" said Vivi. "When it turned black it must have speeded up my shrinking and I think it stopped" said Zidane.

"Come to think of it, where is that orb?" said Garnet. Garnet looks at the ground and couldn’t see the orb anywhere.

"You know, I beginning to enjoy begin this size," said Zidane as he sat up. "Why’s that?" asked Garnet.

"At this size I could be unnoticeable to all my enemies, seem to have increased my strength and I can easily steal stuff, once I learn on how to change my size" said Zidane.

"So now on you will be known as ‘The Incredible Shrinking Thief’," said Vivi. "I guest so," said Zidane as he stood back up on his feet.

Back at the unknown place, Thorn and Zorn was once again watching the magic mirror. Suddenly the mirror went all black and red eyes appeared again. "It seems that your best man lost and we still don’t have our prize for the help we did," said Zorn as he crossed his arms.

"If you want a job done right, do it yourself" said the creepy voice. "What do you mean?" asked Thorn. "Watch" the mirror went all clear again and Zorn and Thorn watched.

Zidane and the others didn’t notice that the Black orb that was hidden appeared by coming out from the headless man’s body.

The orb hovered in mid air and zoomed towards Garnet and Zidane. Vivi looks behind Garnet and shouted, "Watch out!" Garnet sprung round and saw that the black orb was in front of them.

Before Garnet could do anything, the orb began to glow and a portal appeared out of nowhere. A gust of wing was sucking Garnet and Zidane in. The two of them went flying in and slowly the portal vanished.

The orb vanished along with them. "Garnet! Zidane!" shouted Vivi. "Now what do we do?" asked Quina. The two of them just stood there in the empty land all alone.

Zidane slowly wakes up and notice that he was in a bird’s cage. He looks to his right and saw another man his size. This man wore purple clothes along with black boots and a left shoulder pad that was also black.

The man also had spiky blond hair and had light blue eyes. "Have we met?" said Zidane. The man looks at Zidane and gave him a smile and went back to sadness. The two of them remain silent.

"Come! Thorn and Zorn, let pick up our prizes" said the creepy voice. Thorn and Zorn entered the darkness and laughter was heard as they went through.