Yuffie's Revenge


Cid was walking on the bridge of the Highwind. He was all alone, because everyone was visiting their loved ones. He wasn’t really in the mood to back to Rocket Town so he decided to stay with the ship. He was walking near the chocobo room when he heard a noise.

“What the hell?” He put his ear up to the door and it opened .

“wooo!” He fell into the room and he saw the chocobo Cloud left in the squawking at him.

“Damn chocobo, nearly scared me to death.” He got up and dusted himself off.

“You’re hungry aren’t ya! Well let me find some greens for ya! Now where did Cloud put those greens?” He walked into the Operations Room and saw some of Cloud’s items left behind.

“Ah ha! There we go!” The chocobo followed him into the room as well.

“Hey what are you doing in here you @%#$ing chocobo?! Whatever as long as you don’t wreck the place up.” Cid picked up the bag of items and started to look through them.

“Hmmm potion, tent, a couple softs, a grenade, phoenix down, …..there we go, Reagan Greens!” Cid pulled out the Reagan Greens, but before he could fully pull them out the chocobo smelt them and rushed to the bag and snatched it and ran off.

“Hey! Get back here!” Cid chased it all the way to the deck.

“Come on! Give the bag to uncle Cid!”

“Squark!” Cid rushed at it and grabbed the bag, but in the process he made some of the contents fall out of the bag.

“@#%$!” Now Cid had parked the Highwind near Wutai, because Yuffie was the last one to get off the ship.

“Stupid chocobo! You’d better hope that wasn’t an important item or else you’re next dinner!” The chocobo didn’t listen, because he found the Reagan Greens and was eating happily.

“sigh” Cid walked the chocbo back into the stable. Meanwhile Yuffie, who was walking around outside of Wutai looking for scattered materia.

“Hmmm not much around here. Maybe I’ll check over- What’s that?” Yuffie saw a shiny green rock on the ground.

“Haha! Materia!” She ran towards it and grabbed it from the ground.

“hmm this looks sort of like a transform materia, but there’s something different about it.” She was examining it for a few minutes when she noticed a deep growl behind her.

“What! A monster!” It was an Adamantaimai(a large turtle looking monster).

“Hey this is a great chance to try out this new materia!” She quickly attached it to her weapon and got close to the monster.

“Take this!” She used the materia. Nothing happened at first, but after a few seconds there was a bright green flash.

“What is this?” Then she felt the monster hit her.

“Oww!” Then she heard it start to charge, but then she felt nothing but a little tap on her boot.

“Huh?” The light dimmed down and she looked around, but the monster was nowhere to be found. Then she felt another tap at her boot, when she looked down she saw the monster charging at her boot, but it was only a few inches tall.

“But I thought these monsters were really big?” Then it grew back to it’s normal size and started to charge at her again.

“Ah! Man I wish it was small again!” Then when she opened her eyes it was only a few inches again. “Wow! Cool! Die you stupid monster!” She raised her boot over it. It knew what she was going to do so it ran as fast as it could but she stomped on it first.

“Hehe! That was cool! Mini could never make a monster that big that small. This must be a more powerful version!” Yuffie never got to use a mini very much so this was a new experience for her.

“Hmm I wonder what else I can shrink.” She then saw the Highwind a little bit away.

“Hmm I wonder if Cid is still there…….because if he is, then it’s time for a little fun!” She quickly started to run towards the Highwind, with an evil look in her eye. Cid pushed the chocobo inside of the stable,

“In you go!” He locked the door and slide down on the door.

“Few! Finally! I still don’t remember why I haven’t remover that stable!” He lights a cigarette.

“Well I’d better get some shut eye before Yuffie comes back and starts bouncing around the place. Cid covered his eyes with his goggles.

“HEY! CID! YOU HERE!?!” Cid fell over in surprise,

“Too late! Yuffie, can you come back tomorrow? So I can get some sleep?” Cid waited for a response, but there was only silence. He took off his goggles and looked up at her to see an evil grin on her face. “What’s with that smile kid? Trying to freak me out or something?” She just smiled for a few seconds. “Well I wanted to show you something I found outside.” Cid got up at full height of 5’ 8” compared to Yuffie’s 5’ 2”.

“What you going to show to me, because I need some sleep. So make it fast.”

“Ok Cid, it’ll be really quick.” She pulled out the materia, still with the evil grin on her face.

“See? It’s a new materia!” Cid inspected it for a while.

“Nah! That’s just a normal transform materia, oh well Yuffie, maybe you’re slipping?” He started to walk off towards the bridge when Yuffie started to cast the magic.

“Well you’d better get on home before it gets too late.” She didn’t reply.

“Yuffie?” He turned around, but before he could see anything a bright light filled his vision.

“What the hell?” He felt really strange, but he felt this before, when he was shrunken into a frog by those pesky Touch Me’s (frog like enemies who when they hit you, you transform into a frog). Then the bright light slowly got dimmer and dimmer and when it was gone all he saw was a giant boot in front of him.

“What the hell happened to me?” He walked up to the boot not showing any fear (yet).

“And who got this lame boot! It takes too much space!” He kicked it as hard as he could.

“Oww! Man that sure is life like! But still takes up way too much room!” He then heard a slight chuckle.

“Or maybe you don’t take enough space!” He was a little shocked,

“Yuffie? Is that you? Are you on the speakerphone again?”

“No!” “Then where are ya?”

“Look up!” He did and saw Yuffie standing about 100 feet above him.

“Woah! How did you get so tall?” She laughed and grabbed him from the ground,

“I didn’t, you shrunk!” He looked around and noticed that his surroundings were much bigger.

“How? When? What?” She used her thumb to cover his mouth,

“I found this new materia that let’s me control the size of the victim. So I thought it was time for a little payback for how mean you were to me ever sense we met!”

“What!?! I didn’t say anything mean to ya! So let me down and we’ll talk.” She squeezed him lightly,

“No! You can’t weasel your way out of this one!” Cid started to get a little angry,

“Hey! You little son of a #%$@ , you let me go now or I’ll rip you apart and @%#$ing sell your leftovers to thieves for food!” She squeezed him very hard this time,

“You don’t get your position, do you? You are my slave for the night or for as long as I want! Got me?!?” He could hardly breath, but he nodded slightly. She loosened her grip and took him to the Operations Room and put him on the ground as she sat down next to him.

“Ok I’m tired and I’ve been walking for hours. Tell me what would you want the most after a long hard walk?” He was silent.

“Well?” She gave him a slight push with her finger.

“Um I would want to have a foot rub or something.”

“Good answer!”

“Stupid little girl, if I had my materia with me I’d teach you a little something!”, Cid whispered. Yuffie was taking her boots off,

“What was that?”

“Nothing Yuffie!” She took off her left boot and removed the sock and started the other,

“Oh yeah I want you to call me Yuffie the Great or Goddess Yuffie.” She finished and displayed her giant bare feet in front of Cid.
“You got to be kidding me!” He walked up to them and she pulled them away from him,

“You have to ask the goddess if you are worthy enough to touch her wonderful feet before you touch them!”

“Yuffie can I-“ “Goddess Yuffie!” He sighed,

“Goddess Yuffie, can I rub your feet?”

“Hmmmm You’re not worthy enough, but I can see that you really want to so I will allow it.” She lowered her feet next to Cid.

"You may begin.” Her feet smelled and were extremely sweaty,

“Ok Cid you can do this! Just take it slow.” He slowly started to walk towards Yuffie’s feet, but Yuffie quickly shoved her sweaty feet right into Cid’s face.

“Hmm is that sweat taste good? You’re so lucky to have such a wonderful goddess!” Cid could hardly breath through all the sweat that was going down his throat. He tried to back up, but Yuffie kept pushing her foot closer, untill Cid gave up and started to rub her feet with all the energy he could get with the little air he could get. After a couple of minutes of rubbing her feet, Cid passed out of lack of oxygen.

“Ah poor baby, he couldn’t handle my feet.” She sniffed her feet,

“Oh neither can I!” She grabbed Cid and let him sleep to get some air as she put her boots on. “I should let him sleep somewhere safe while I get something to eat, or not!” She put him in her butt pocket and walked off into another room.

Yuffie walked into the kitchen and pulled out two pieces of bread, some cheese, and some mayonnaise.
“Ok, let’s get lunch started! I’d better wake up the meat.” She grabbes Cid out of her butt pocket and places him next to the bread and wakes him.
“Wake up you lazy bum!” Cid moves a little bit, then gets up to see the sandwich items.
“Wa-what are you doing?” He looked up at her, but she ignored him and put some mayonnaise on the bread and put the cheese on. Cid started to get the idea so he started to back away, but Yuffie quickly grabbed him and put him in the sandwich.
“Now, it’s time for your real punishment!” Cid just looked at her evil smile and saw the giant teeth in front of him. She opened her mouth to let some of her breath and his fear flow around him.

Meanwhile Cloud and Tifa were walking towards the Highwind.
“I hope Yuffie isn’t giving Cid too much trouble.” Cloud smiled and tried to make a joke.
“Knowing those two, she’s probably chewing on his nerves.” Tifa knew he was trying to be funny so she chuckled and they continued towards the Highwind.

Back at the Highwind.

“Ready to be eaten by your goddess?” Cid violently shook his head.
“Well too bad!” She opened her mouth and started to chew on the first piece of the sandwich. Luckily it wasn’t where Cid was.
“Why are you doing this!?!?!?” Yuffie ignored him and put her teeth on the spot he was in.
“Please! Don’t eat me! I’ll do anything!” She lightly bit him, but to him it was unbearable so he screamed in pain. She took him out and placed him in some water to get the mayonnaise off, while she ate the rest of the sandwich.
“Yummy, but it would have been better with you in it! But I was thinking of all the things you could do for me before I really do eat you.” She grabbed him and put him right up to her face. She inspected him for a while then licked him.
“What was that for?” She was savoring the flavor.
“Hmmm you would have made a tasty meal, but as I said I have better plans.” She put him in a bowl and put her hand in it.
“I want to see how weak you’ve gotten. So I want you to fight me hand.” Cid was a little confused, but he didn’t get much time to think because Yuffie flicked him with her finger and he slammed into the other side of the bowl.
“Ok, no more mister nice guy!” Cid reached for his spear which shrunk too. He pulled it out and launched at her hand but she moved it quickly. But he quickly countered with his limit break, Dragon Dive. Everyone of his hits were right on target. She was surprised at his strength at his size.
“Wow, your way stronger at your size than I thought, but I’ll make it harder.” She put her hand in, but she grabbed him and started to squeeze him.
“I give, please don’t kill me!” She laughed and smiled.
“I don’t have to listen to you!” Cid then had a smile on his face.
“Huh? Why are you smiling…………” She turned around and saw Cloud and Tifa standing right behind her.
“Hi guys what’s up?’ She quickly grabbed Cid and hid him behind her and covered his mouth with her finger, but they already saw him.
“Give him here!” Tifa held out her hand and Yuffie slowly gave Cid to her.
“Man, I was having fun too…” Tifa looked at him and placed him on the ground and casted an esuna spell on him. He began to grow back to normal. When he was at full height, Yuffie thought he was going to hit her or something, but he just turned around.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know how mean I was to you. I’ll try to be nicer.”
“Ahhh a tender momment…..”, Tifa said.
“So does this mean I can drive the Highwind?”
“WHAT! No! Your too little and you can’t drive a delicate machine like this!”
“Well you old fart, why don’t you at least drive fasted than a slug!” Cid started to chase after her. Cloud just sighed.
“Well things are back to normal…..”
“I wonder if I could get Yuffie to let me borrow the materia she used on Cid…..” Tifa ran after the two.
“Wait, what? Hey Tifa what do you mean? Your not planning anything are you? Tifa!”