Looking Back - Personal feelings and random trivia on old stories as their original authors go back and re-read them long after writing them.
Last updated January 24, 2020.

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Original giantesses:
I've had many ask me over the years if I allow original characters to be giantesses. The answer is yes, under one of two conditions. Either A) they must be accompanied by another giantess who's already in the game OR B) a picture/drawing is made of that original character, in which case they can stand solo.

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Final Fantasy
- The Incredible Shrinking Thief

- Little Nightmare
- Shrunken Guardian

- A Sorceress's Little Knight
- When Final Fantasies Collide
- Jainson

- Lost Machina
- My Little Angel

- Mysterious Spell: Yuna's Discovery
- Purest Corruption
- Slumber Party Playtime
- Steiner's Sudden Shrink
- Teasing the Octopus
- To Be Skilled
- To Save the Planet
- Unwilling Weapon

- Yuffie's Revenge
Legend of Zelda
- Back in Her Hands
- Big Trouble in Kakariko Village
- Bigger Times
- Dark Magic
- Darkling Chronicles from Koholint
- Defender of the People
- Doshindo
- Higher Authority

- Linkle's Tall Tale
- Malon's Revenge
- Mile-High Dream
- Mile-High Dream 2
- Mile-High Dream 3: Role Play
- Mile-High Dream 4: Stepping Grounds
- Mile-High Dream 5: Ruto Wave
- Mile-High Dream 6: Twilight Shrinking
- Mile-High Dream 7: Island Hopping
- Mile-High Dream 8: Skyward Giantesses
- Mile-High Memories
- Navi Gets Even
- Oracles of Size
- Play Date
- Prisons of Hyrule
- Quad Towers
- Red Haired Girl
- Red Haired Girl 2: Setting Things Right
- Saria's Small Dilemma
- Shrink & Switch: Ash in Hyrule
- Spryte Gets Even
- Tour de Hyrule
Mega Man
- Cyber-Elf Grandia
- Ever Growing Tremor
- Giantess Roll
- Hyperactive
- Maverick Crusher

- Protoman Downsized

- Roll's Power Trip
- The Smallest Loophole

- Titan Tron
- Abnormal Ball
- Abnormal Ball 2: Tainted Love
- Abnormal Ball 3: Casual Acquaintance
- Abnormal Ball 4: One More Shrink
- Abnormal Ball 5: It Returns
- All I Want for Christmas is Ash
- Alola to MicroBerries!
- Anything But Mini Golf

- Ash's BIG Date
- Attack of the Giant Misty
- Barbie's Bigger & Better Birthday
- Big and Happy Family
- The Big Sister Act
- Big Time Professor Fun
- Big Trouble! Make it Double!
- Bonnie, We Shrunk Ourselves!
- Bonnie Resizes Max

- Curse of the Toon Gengar
- Cynthia's Super Sized Vacation

- Dawn's Inside Story
- Dragon Goddess
- Duplica's Little Helpers
- The Dynamax Four
- G-Solana
- Grande Gardevoir
- GrowShipping
- Home in Sinnoh
- Iris's Toys
- Jenny, I BLEW UP My Sister!
- Jenny, I BLEW UP My Sister... Again!

- Jessiezilla
- Jessie Makes it Big

- The Joy of Legends
- The Joy of Legends 2
- The Joy of Legends 3: Escape!
- Leaf's Little Secret
- Lights! Camera! Shrink! Hide! Seek! Action!
- The Loneliness
- Lost in Little City
- Love o' War
- Love o' War 2: Ash's Triple Trouble
- Love o' War 3: Heartbroken Again
- Love o' War 4: Serena's Jealousy
- Lyra's Shrunken Friend

- Max's Incredible Journey: Hide and Shrink
- Max's Incredible Journey 2: Whitney the Collector
- May in Wonderland
- Mega Super Ultra Extra Bonniezilla Supreme
- Micro in Cerulean Gym
- Mirror Mayhem
- Misty's Jealousy

- Misty the Biggest Mermaid
- Overcoming Shyness
- Pokémon GTS Storybook Tales:
Serena the Littlest Giantess

- Professor, I Shrunk the Kids!
- Queen May
- Real Masters
- Real Masters 2: Don't Leave Me
- Real Masters 3: Misty Life
- Real Masters 4: Mind Blowing
- Real Masters 5: Giantesses of Generation 5
- Real Masters 6: Alola to Giantesses
- Real Masters Gaiden: Slave in Johto
- Revenge Rampage
- The Road to Lilycove
- Rockets Away!
- The Secret of Valencia Island
- Shauna Mega Evolves
- Shrink & Switch: Sonic in Kanto
- Team Big Kids
- The Spice of Gigantamax

- The Trial of the Spirits
- Tsareena Immensely Cares
- Universal Champion
- Ursula's Shrinking Revenge
Sonic the Hedgehog
- The Accident
- Amy's Growth
- Amy's Little Date
- Amy's Revenge
- Amy Rose Grows
- Amy Rose Grows, Part 2: Chaos Attacks
- Amy Rose Grows, Part 3: Space Colony ARK Battle
- Cosmo's Revival
- Cosmic Horror
- The Echidna's Guardian
- Empresses Rouge & Topaz
- Generational Stomp

- Hot Vanilla
- How the Doctor Ruined Christmas
- Just a Simple Winter Wonderland of Fun
- Massive Gear
- Macro House Zone
- Molecular Rift

- Peeping Sonic
- Play Responsibly
- Rouge's Booby Trap
- Rouge's Toy Island
- Rouge the Empress
- Rule Change
- Rule Change 2: Love Grows
- Sally's Big Adventure
- Shrink & Switch: Link in Mobius
- Shrinking Babysitter
- Sonic Boom: Attack of the 50 ft. Amy
- Sonic Shrink-a-thon
- Sonic's Micro Adventure
- Station Square's Triple Trouble
- Tiny Sonic, Giant Amy
- Twisted Tales of Mobius
- Twisted Tales of Mobius 2: New Journies
- Vanilla, I Shrunk the Kids
- Vanilla, We Shrunk Ourselves
- Vector's Date
Star Fox
- Aparoid Influence
- Fun in Corneria
- Star Mosquitoes
- Star Mosquitoes 2: It's a Small Galaxy After All


Street Fighter
- Big Bad Viper
- Chun-Li in Wonderland
- Enormous Masters
- Giant Impact
- Go for Broke!
- GS Tale of the Desert City: Episode Blue

- Psycho Crushers
- Psycho Puny Power
Super Mario Bros.
- A Christmas Wish
- A Mushroom Christmas Carol
- A Peachy Christmas
- A Spark of the Christmas Spirit
- Adventure of the Mini Goombas
- Adventure of the Mini Goombas 2: Dark Rising
- Adventure of the Mini Goombas 3: Tourist Trapped
- An Apple a Day
- Apple's Bad Day
- Apple's Grand Tour
- Apple's Grand Tour 2
- Apple Athletics
- Attack of the 50 Foot Daisy
- Attack of the 50 Foot Princess Toadstool
- Attack of the Giant Wendy
- The Battle for Mario's Heart
- Big Bad Bowsette
- The Big Lady of New Donk City
- Big O Wendy
- Big Surprise for Birthday Toad
- Birth of a Big Apple
- The Christmas Present
- The Christmas Substitute
- Curse of the Crystal Starman
- Deep Dark Galaxy Girl
- Defender of Giant Land
- The Dream Before Christmas
- Far From Hugo
- The Giantesses Before Christmas
- Golden Giantess
- Growth of the Princesses
- How the Wario Bros. Stole Christmas
- Inside the Peachy Diary
- Little Big Princesses, Little Big Problems
- Macro House Guests
- Mario & Mona: Big & Small
- Mario's Micro Grand Prix
- Mario and the Beanstalk
- Mega (Women) Micro (Men) Stories!
- Mona's Big, Bad Dilemma
- Peach's Picnic
- Peach Down Under
- Peachy Bedtime Stories
- Princesses in Wonderland
- Reverse Kidnapping
- Rosalina Finds a Little Love
- Something in the Giant Land Water

- Time Extension
- Toadette's Water Problem
- Wario and the Beanstalk
- War for the Crystal Starman
- Chozo Exposure
- X Factor
Dead or Alive
- DOATEC Classified Report: Conflict Number Eight
- Fault Tolerance

- Following Footsteps
- Following Footsteps 2: Girlzillas
- Humanity's Competition
- Humanity's Competition 2: Desperate Strike
World of Warcraft
- Demonic Ambitions
- Demonic Ambitions 2: A New World
- Demonic Ambitions 3: Everything
Fallout series
- Into the Void
- Power Cells
Mortal Kombat
- Height Buildup
- Mortal Kombat: Titans
- The Wrath of Tanya
- Ness and the Beanstalk
- Shrink to Fit

- Time of a Big Princess
- The War Against Paula! Part 1
- Staying Hidden
- Not Staying Hidden: Ivy's Revenge Rampage
- The Tormented Soul
- Shantae's Big Dance
- Opposing Genies
- Bite Size Brains
- Risky Business
- The Beach is Not Big Enough
Senran Kagura
- Bursting Boob Power
- Growth Burst
- Teachers Peepers!
Kirby Overload
- Mini Crusade for the Blade

- Tiff's Sparkling Growth
- Ribbon Reunion
- Short Stories of BIG ARMS, Volume 1: Min Min
- Short Stories of BIG ARMS, Volume 2: Ribbon Girl
- Short Stories of BIG ARMS, Volume 3: Twintelle
- Short Stories of BIG ARMS, Volume 4: Lola Pop
- Short Stories of BIG ARMS, Volume 5: Mechanica
- Short Stories of BIG ARMS, Volume 6: Dr. Coyle
Crossovers (VGGTS/ACGTS/both)
- Apple's Smashing Army
- Asagi Forever
- A Tale of Two Mikus
- Beyond the Smashing Army
- Big BFFs: Chibiusa & Pudding

- Captain N: The New Age
- Clow Call for the Rescue Rangers
- Genesix
- Girl Power: The Story
- GLLK: Giant Monsters All Out Attack
- Icy Invasion
- Moon-Mew Turf War
- Mt. Lady vs. Diane
- Nimi and Riho

- The Return of Radio Zelda
- Robobot Rumble
- Samus and Mini Mega Man

- Sailor Chibi-Moon vs. CardCaptor Sakura!

- Shadow of the Giantess
- Star of the Star Allies
- The Man Who Didn't Know a Lot
- Titanic Crossover Insanity
- Viruses & Giantesses

- Radio Zelda 2: Never Say Never Again

- Dangerous Heights
- VixeNation
Other Game Series
- A Dream...
- A Tale of Red and Blue

- Alteration Fayt
- Bad Girl and the Gimps
- Big Dreams for Christmas
- Bigger Forms of Expression
- The Biggest Match of Metro City
- Blooming Roses
- Chase's Problems
- Crash's Big Little Sister
- Date With Donkey Kong
- Divine Punishment
- Dragon For a Day
- D.Va: The Goddess
- Excessive Data
- Faustian Foibles
- The Greater Good
- The Green Juice

- Grunty's the Beautiest of Them All... Now She Grows Big and Tall

- GT-Virus
- Hassle in Linda's Castle!
- Her Pet Sider
- How Not to Summon a Fox Woman

- Incredible Shrinking PaRappa
- Journal of a Writer
- Little Mac to Tiny Mac
- Lucky Snowflake
- Mini Makoto and the Colossuses
- Nanobot
- Nobodies in Wonderland
- Overshrunk
- Palutena's Vacation
- Prince Marth's Tiny Misadventures
- Professor Layton and the Massive Mystery
- Protected Area
- The Rampage of Dr. Veronica
- Riho Futaba: Big and Beautiful

- Stay Fresh and Huge!
- Stay Fresh and Huge 2: The Octoling Invasion

- Story of Death
- Tactical Error
- Tali's Fantastic Journey
- Terry's Big Challenge
- Tiniest Kong
- Titanic Tawna and the Trophy Titanesses
- Tower of Giants
- Turnabout Heights
- Very Big New Horizon
- Wuzilla