Attack of the 50 Foot Princess Toadstool

(Cubed Cinder; idea by Ultrasound 4172)

Plumber's Log. Number 2-13-02 (two thirteen oh two). Princess Toadstool has once again been kidnapped by King Koopa, and our chase has led us to The City of Cities, a place that would make Luigi and me feel right at home.

Mario, Luigi, and Toad walked around The City of Cities admiring the many tall buildings, ranging from 50-100 feet tall.
"Leaping linguine! This place reminds me so much of Brooklyn." Luigi said.
"Yeah, it almost makes me feel right at home, especially with all the people walking around." Mario said as he took note of the many humans that he was walking by.
"Yeah, dudes! There are no mushroom retainers here. All humans, all the time." Toad said.
"Still, the princess could be anywhere. It's like looking for a pasta noodle in a haystack." Luigi said. Mario then looked to his left.
"Speaking of pasta! Look, a pasta restaurant!" Mario said, taking note of the young man behind the counter serving various bowls of pasta. The brothers as well as Toad approached the counter.
"Greetings, pasta lovers! 5 coins will get you 10 bowls of your favorite pasta!" the man said. Mario and Luigi both smiled and each threw 5 gold coins at the man.
"Sold!" they both shouted. They sat down at the counter and watched as bowl after bowl of various pasta dishes came out.
"We've got a princess to rescue, and all you two are thinking about is food?" Toad said.
"Awwww, Toad… you know how Mario is when he even gets a whiff of pasta." Luigi said.
"Besides, we'll need all the extra strength we can get out of this food if we're going to find the princess!" Mario said as he ate away without hesitation at his bowl of spaghetti.
"(sigh) Well, since you put it that way… save some pieces for me." Toad said as he sat down behind the counter as well.

Meanwhile, in an abandoned warehouse several blocks from where our heroes were, King Koopa was looking out of a periscope at the plumbers (and Toad) as they ate away.
"Look at those pasta loving pinheads adding up the calories while they subtract time! At this rate, they'll never find us! Hahahaha!" King Koopa said. Princess Toadstool, with her arms tied behind her back, had an unhappy face.
"Don't be so sure, Koopa! My friends will find me sooner than later!" Princess said. King Koopa approached the princess and gently brushed a claw against the bottom of her chin.
"Wanna bet, my fungtastically beautiful Princess? By the time they find us, my new invention will be completed, and their chances of winning will literally be squashed flat! Hahaha!" Koopa said.

Just then, a piece of machinery came wheeling out from behind the nearby curtains, thanks to a group of Koopa Troopas pushing it. Leading them out was Mouser, one of Koopa's trusted assistants.
"Here zit is, your royal Koopaness! Ze Super Duper Supersizer Machine!" Mouser said.
"Good work, Mouser! One zap from this gizmo, and I can squash those faucet freaks flatter than pizza pancakes! Hahaha!" Koopa said. Princess gasped, shuddering at the thought of a giant-sized King Koopa wreaking havoc on the city.
"Ohohoho! Not to mention ze damage you'll cause to ze city!" Mouser said. Koopa then lightly punched Mouser on the nose.
"I was just going to say that, mouse head! Now hurry and fire up that machine!" Koopa said.
"Right!" Mouser said as he pulled on the nearby lever. After the machine jumped around for a few seconds and spat out some smoke, the antenna on the side of the machine let out a powerful energy beam… but not at King Koopa. He, Mouser, and the Koopa Troopas watched as the beam struck the princess.
"(gasp) Eeeeeek!" Princess shouted.
"Uh oh… ze beam took za wrong turn!" Mouser said. Suddenly, a very irate King Koopa reached towards Mouser and grabbed him, shaking him as he spoke.
"You swiss cheese for brains! You aimed the machine at the princess!!" Koopa shouted. Eventually the machine automatically shut off, having transferred enough energy beams to its target (not knowing of course it was Princess Toadstool).

Everyone in the room didn't have to wait long for the machine's rays to take effect on the princess.
"Oooooh… I feel so strange." Princess said. The ropes that tied her hands together broke apart as she outgrew them.
"Oh? Everything's getting smaller!" Princess said as she watched the ceiling get closer and closer. She tried kneeling down to give herself more room, but it was too late, as the top of her crown started pushing through the roof, including her arms as she instinctively pushed them through.
"Uh oh! Ze royal highness is getting even higher!" Mouser said. Even King Koopa knew staying inside the warehouse would mean certain doom.
"Koopa Pack! Retreat!!" Koopa shouted as he and his cohorts ran for the nearest exit. When they made it outside, they watched from an alley as the warehouse completely crumbled apart and gave way to Princess Toadstool. Finally her growing stopped, and she now stood at 50 feet tall, just a tad bigger than the building she was once held captive in, along with some of the adjacent buildings. The now giant princess looked around and couldn't find King Koopa or Mouser or the Koopa Troopas anywhere.
"Where did King Koopa go? He must've gotten away after I grew and tore the warehouse apart." Princess said. She looked at how much smaller the City of Cities looked from her new perspective.
"Wow… the City of Cities looks so small from up here. At least now I'm free from King Koopa's grasp." Princess said as she rubbed her hands together noting the lack of a rope to tie them together. But immediately afterwards, there was a very loud grumbling sound. It didn't take long for the princess to figure out where it came from as she rubbed her stomach area.
"Ooooooh… I haven't had anything to eat in several hours! I just gotta find some food before I starve!" Princess said. That's when the 50-foot-tall ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom took her first steps through the roads, leaving behind a crashing sound (similar to that by Koopzilla) with each step she took.
Koopa, Mouser, and the Koopa Troopas came out of hiding when they saw the giant princess walking away. They ran up to what was left of the warehouse they formerly hid in.
"Drats! There's nothing left of the Super Duper Supersizer! My Kooptastic caper is kaput and the show isn't even half over yet!” Koopa said.
“What do we do now, your royal Koopaness? Ze princess is much too big to be captured now!” Mouser said. As Koopa took one more look at the princess, he rubbed his chin.
“Hmmmm… that may be true, but I've got a plan that will make me look like the hero for a change! Quick, Mouse Brains! Call up as many Albatoss and Beezos as you can!” Koopa said.
“Right zaway, your zupreme nastiness!” Mouser said. While he pulled out a walkie talkie, he, Koopa, and the troopas all ran in the opposite direction of the giant princess.

Meanwhile, after filling their bellies full of pasta, the Mario Brothers and Toad were back on the hunt for the princess, unaware of her recent growth spurt.
“Mmmmm… That sure was delicious, eh Luigi? Remind me to go back for seconds once we've rescued the princess!” Mario said.
“Seconds? Don't you mean thirds? Or maybe it was fourths. I lost count.” Luigi said.
“Hey guys! Check out the road ahead!” Toad said as he came to a stop and pointed at the intersection. There, our heroes saw a wide variety of humans running and screaming away from them.
“Huh? What are all those people running from?” Luigi said.
“Maybe they're looking for the same restaurant!” Mario said with a smile on his face. Toad looked around the corner and saw just enough of Princess Toadstool’s signature dress, but right away he knew something was way off.
“Uhhhh… dudes! I think I found the princess…” Toad said as he was now nervously pointing upwards. Afterwards, the 50 foot tall princess took her next steps forward and then paused, waiting for the crowd of people to get away from her dress.
“Holy macaroni!!” Luigi shouted in shock.
“Yikes! Either I need my eyes examined, or the princess is a walking Empire State Building!" Mario said.
"You ain't seeing things, Mario! Princess, over here!" Toad shouted, trying to get the giantess's attention, but she did not respond. In fact, she didn't even look towards where they were standing.
"Ooooooh… there's gotta be a food stand around here somewhere." Princess said as she kept on walking slowly down the street, making sure not to step on anyone.
"Well, at least she's not in King Koopa's dirty claws anymore, but we gotta follow her and make sure she doesn't hurt someone!" Toad said.
"Are you kidding? She'll make mushed meatballs out of us if we're not careful!" Luigi said.
"Maybe so, Luigi, but Toad is right! The princess still needs our help! Come on!" Mario said as the three heroes went running after the giant princess, trying their best to keep up.

After a couple more minutes of walking, the princess finally found several stands full of food that covered almost every category on the food pyramid (circa 1989!). There were some people still behind these counters, and the princess got down on her knees and leaned in, causing the shopkeepers to see nothing but her giant face.
"Excuse me, but can I please have some of your food? I'm starving!" Princess said.
"EEEEEEEP!" the human shopkeeper as he went running away from the stand.
"Wait! Don't run away! I won't eat you, honest!" Princess said. After standing back up, she then heard her stomach rumble once more. She clutched it with one hand while looking down at the food stands at the bottom of her dress.
"(sigh) I feel terrible taking all this food without paying for it, but I have no choice." Princess said. And so she went down the line of stands, scooping up as much food as she could with her hands and literally throwing it into her mouth. This went on for a couple minutes until finally the stands were clear.
"Mmmm… that was all delicious! But I'm still hungry… oh! There are more food stands down this street." Princess said as she turned to the right and walked down another street. The humans down this road panicked just like the last group, and they ran away before they could be either crushed or scooped up in her bare hands. Princess Toadstool, at this point, was completely fixated on the endless stretch of food. Even stuff she normally didn't eat, like bowls of ravioli, went down into her stomach without a wink of hesitation.

After another couple minutes (set to licensed music of your choosing), the food stands were cleared out. Princess wiped her lips.
"Aaaaah… all that food really helped, but now I need something to wash it all down." Princess said. She looked around and then took notice of a water tower that was several yards away.
"A water tower! That will do nicely!" Princess said. It only took a few seconds for her to reach the water tower, and just as she was wondering how she was going to get the water out of the tower, she looked to its side where she saw a faucet, complete with turning handle. Because, well… why not?
"Oh! That's conveient!" Princess said. She reached up and turned the handle, allowing water to come pouring out. Some of it did splash down onto the city streets, but the princess merely opened her mouth and allowed the water to fall down her throat. Several seconds later, she felt she had enough and turned off the faucet.
"Mmmmm… that was quite refreshing." Princess said.

At that moment, however, she suddenly felt the urge to hold her stomach.
"Oooooh… maybe I ate too much, I gotta…" Princess said. The next thing out of her mouth was the loudest belch anyone in the City of Cities would ever hear.
"URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP!!!!!!!" Princess belched. The city, both ground and nearby buildings, shook violently, with some buildings even taking moderate damage as they cracked (but didn't collapse) from top to bottom. The loud belch was not lost on the Mario Brothers and Toad as they all closed in on the giant princess.
"Mama Mia! And you always thought my burping was loud, Luigi!" Mario said.
"So much for good manners! I thought I taught the princess better than that!" Toad said.

Princess Toadstool quickly covered her mouth after she finished that loud burp.
"Oh! Excuse me…" Princess said. But that was the least of her problems. She looked down at the bottom of her dress, where all of a sudden, the same people that were running away from her were now standing before her and shaking their fists at them. And they looked far from happy too.
"How dare you come here and destroy our beautiful City of Cities!?" one human shouted.
"Yeah! Get out of here, you giant klutz!" another shouted.
"You're a monster to society!" another shouted. Princess Toadstool gasped over hearing these words and tried to reason with them.
"No, please! I mean you no harm! I'm so sorry! I'm normally not this big!" Princess shouted. But there was no response. The people still were angry with the giantess. In fact, some of them even through vegetables at the bottom of her dress. Of course, they didn't hurt her.
"Booooo! Hissssss!" another human shouted.
"Get out of town and don't come back!!!" another shouted. Sadness quickly overcame Princess Toadstool's face.
"Okay, okay. I understand. I'll leave immediately." Princess said as she turned to her right, where there were no people gathered around. Still, she did her best to make sure she didn't step on anyone or her dress knocked anyone over.
The Mario Brothers and Toad turned another street corner where they finally found their supersized friend.
"Look, there's the princess!" Mario shouted. Luigi, however, was the first to spot a big problem (no pun intended!). She was walking right for our heroes and had no idea they were in her path!
"Suffering spaghetti! She's heading right for us!" Luigi shouted as the three heroes looked in horror at the fast approaching giantess.
(Mario: Be right back, paisanos!)

(Mario: We're back, paisanos!)
The three heroes looked in horror at the fast approaching 50-foot-tall Princess Toadstool.
"Now I'm about to know what being a clog in a drain pipe feels like!" Luigi said.
"Princess! We're down here! Princess, stop!!" Toad said as he jumped up and down and waved his arms. But it was no good. The princess was not listening, focused too much on putting as much space between her and the angry mob behind her. Mario then took a good look at the princess's giant dress as it swung around. He got an idea.
"Quick, everyone! Jump on her dress!" Mario said. With only a single step to go before the princess was on top of our heroes, they knew the choice was not up for debate. Mario, Luigi, and Toad all leapt up and grabbed onto the princess's dress like it was a magic vine, sparing them from being crushed flat.
"Whew! That was close!" Mario said.
"Yeah, but now what, Mario? We can't just hang around here all day." Luigi said.
"Hey! At least we've got a hold of her now! Let's just climb up to her shoulders and yell into her ear!" Toad said.
"Good thinking, Toad. Let's get climbing!" Mario said.
"Oy… this is going to be a grueling workout!" Luigi said as he, Mario, and Toad got to climbing their giant friend's dress.

As for Princess Toadstool herself, she took a look behind her to see if the angry patrons of the city were behind her, but they weren't.
"Whew… I think I lost them. *GASP!*" Princess said. But by looking behind her, she couldn't see what was in her path, and she ended up kicking a truck on its side. The truck was heavily bent up with broken glass all around, but even though there was nobody inside, the giant princess still feared the worst.
"Oh no! I…" Princess said. Tears started to fall down her eyes as she dropped herself down to her knees.
"I can't go on like this… I don't like being this tall. Where are my friends? Maybe I crushed them on the way here… *sob sob*" Princess said as she put her hands to her face.
"Princess! Princess!" Mario shouted. The princess gasped and looked around the ground.
"Mario? Is that you, Mario? Where are you?" Princess said.
"Down here! On your left shoulder, your highness!" Toad said.
"Yeah… emphasis on high!" Luigi added. The princess finally looked on her left shoulder, where she saw Mario, Luigi, and Toad all waving up at her.
"Toad! Luigi! Mario! I knew you wouldn't give up on looking for me!" Princess said. She held a hand out in front of the three and allowed them to jump on. Then she moved that hand in front of her face.
"Heh heh… at your size, it would've been hard to miss you." Mario said.
"Princess… what happened? How did you grow so big?" Toad asked.
"King Koopa tried to use some new machine to make himself giant, but Mouser ended up zapping me instead." Princess said.
"Where are they now?" Luigi asked.
"I don't know. I think they escaped while I grew out of the warehouse they kept me in. I tried to stay put waiting for you guys, but I got so hungry… and now the city hates me for eating up all their food." Princess said.
"Well, look at it this way, Princess. I've finally met someone with a bigger appetite than mine!" Mario said.
"And nobody will think twice about any rulings you make!" Toad said with a smile. The princess couldn't help but smile back.
"Oh, I'm so glad you guys still have a sense of humor. Still, I don't want to be stuck like this forever. I can't rule the Mushroom Kingdom like this. There's got to be some way I can shrink back to normal." Princess said.

Luigi then looked past the giant princess's head at something he saw coming from the sky.
"Uh oh! I think we got bigger problems than that, Mario. Look!" Luigi said as he pointed. The princess turned her head and neck so she could see the same things that Mario, Luigi, and Toad saw coming. It was King Koopa and Mouser riding a flying carpet (from the Super Mario Bros. 2 game), and a couple dozen Albatoss and Beezos each carrying Bob-Ombs behind them.
"It's King Koopa and a fleet of Albatoss and Beezos!" Princess said. King Koopa then put a megaphone up to his mouth.
"Hahahaha! Now hear this, City of Cities! King Koopa is here to save the day from the giant princess of doom! My army will see to it that she and her teeny tiny friends will pay for eating you out of city!" Koopa said.
"That's a lie and you know it, King Stoopa Koopa!" Toad said as he shook his fists up at the evil tyrant.
"Yeah! It was your invention that put the princess in this piping hot plight to begin with!" Luigi said.
"Bah! Who cares how it happened, plumb scum! It doesn't matter… because in a few minutes, you'll all be Bob-Ombed to the next county! Koopa Pack, attack!" King Koopa said.

With that command, the Albatoss and Beezos came swooping in and dropped the Bob-Ombs on Princess Toadstool's head. One Bob-Omb might not cause any trouble given her current size, but a few of them striking at the same time was too much for her.
"Ouch! Ouch! Make them stop!" Princess said.
"Calamitous calzone! They're coming in from everywhere!" Luigi said as he and Toad ducked for as much cover as they could muster.
"Princess! We better make a hasty retreat!" Mario said.
"But, but… I'm afraid I'll step on someone!" Princess said.
"No offense, your royal highness! But if the Bob-Ombs don't get you, those angry people will!" Toad said as he pointed down at the angry mob of citizens that were still trying to chase the giant princess out of their city.
"You've got a point!" Princess said. That's when she rose to her feet and walked as fast as she could, watching the roads carefully and also making sure she didn't tip her hand over and send Mario, Luigi, and Toad plummeting almost 50 feet to the ground. As Bob-Ombs exploded in her path and some of the Albatoss went back to Koopa's carpet to gather more ammunition, Mouser made a comment.
"Your royal Koopaness! Ze Bob-Ombs are having little zeffect on ze princess!" Mouser said.
"She won't get far once I've pulled this next trick out of my shell! Koopa Pack #2, deploy!" Koopa said as he pulled a walkie talkie out.

The princess walked as quickly as she safely could, but was so focused on the road ahead, she didn't see immediately below where a couple Koopa Troopas were pulling a rope out, covering one side of the street to the other. She didn't see the rope and walked right into it.
"WHOA!!!" Princess shouted as she fell forward, crashing onto the ground with a resounding thud. Mario, Luigi, and Toad all went flying out of the her giant hand when it hit the street, sending them several yards forward.
"Ow… that one hurt…" Princess said as she rolled onto her backside. She gasped as she looked up at several Albatoss and Beezos hovering over her with Bob-Ombs, with King Koopa and Mouser in their carpet eventually joining in.
"Hahaha! I got you now, Princess Toadstool! Even when you're super duper supersized, you've still got nowhere to run!" Koopa said. Princess looked around frantically. All hope seemed lost.

Meanwhile, the Mario Brothers and Toad all jumped back to their feet, where they saw the giant Princess Toadstool all but pinned down and about to be blasted by a dozens of Bob-Ombs.
"Oh no! The Princess is trapped with nowhere to run!" Toad said.
"That's one extra large pressure cooker she's in!" Luigi said. Mario, however, looked behind him at one of the buildings, where something outside its main window caught his attention.
"Look, everyone! A bed of fire flowers!" Mario said.
"Lucky lasagna! We can become the Super Mario Brothers with these things!" Luigi said.
"Hey, make room for me! Super Toad to the rescue as well!" Toad said. Without further hesitation, the three heroes all plucked a fire flower for each. In seconds, the flowers disappeared, and colors flashed in the sky. Eventually, the color schemes for the three changed to that of their fire power (for Toad, that meant reversing his color scheme).

Princess Toadstool laid nervously on her back, waiting for the Albatoss and Beezos to drop their Bob-Ombs.
"So long, Princess Toadstool. I'm going to miss all 50 feet of you! Hahahahaha!" Koopa shouted. He raised his hand like he was ready to commence the attack on the giantess, but he suddenly watched as a few fireballs came flying up from the ground, striking some Bob-Ombs and blowing them up in the grips of the Albatoss or Beezos, causing them to be covered in dust and fall to the ground.
"What the…!?" Koopa shouted. He then looked down and saw Fire Mario, Fire Luigi, and Fire Toad all standing on Princess Toadstool's stomach area.
"Super heroes to the super rescue!" Mario shouted.
"Mario! Luigi! Toad! You're super powered now!" Princess shouted as she smiled in happiness and leaned up.
"Hehehe! Deep fried Albatoss and Beezos, coming right up!" Toad said as he and the Mario Brothers shot another barrage of fireballs up at the Bob-Omb dropping enemies. As for any Bob-Ombs that did manage to escape from the air and fall towards the ground, they were swatted away by the giant princess.

A few seconds later, there was nobody left in the sky except for King Koopa and Mouser in their flying carpet.
"Uh oh! Ze are out of Albatoss and Beezos!" Mouser said.
"Drats! I think it's time we kooped out of here!" Koopa said as he slowly turned his carpet to fly it away from our heroes.
"King Koopa's trying to get away!" Luigi said. He, Mario, and Toad suddenly felt themselves being picked up by the giant hand of Princess Toadstool. She set them down safely on the ground and then stood up to her full height.
"Don't worry, Luigi! I'm going to pull the rug out from under them!" Princess said. She then reached up and managed to grab a small piece of the carpet. It was enough for her to yank on it, causing Koopa and Mouser to slip off it and hover in the air.
"Yeeeeeeowwwwww!!!" Koopa shouted as he waved his feet trying to stay afloat, but cartoon physics could only work for so long, and he and Mouser felt themselves falling down. They didn't fall for long as they suddenly landed in one of Princess Toadstool's bare hands.
"Well, what do you know? These falls are getting shorter and softer!" Koopa said. Mouser, however, gulped nervously.
"Um… your royal Koopaness. I don't think you'll like what ze landed on." Mouser said. King Koopa turned around and saw a very angry Princess Toadstool looking down on him.
"Whoa!" Koopa said.
"Well, King Koopa, how does it feel to be the captured one for a change?" Princess said.
"Er… um… well… I think you've got things backwards!" Koopa said as he twiddled his claws together.
"Once I've locked you away, the Mushroom Kingdom will finally be at peace!" Princess said.
"Do somezing, King Koopa! I'm too young to be locked zaway!" Mouser said.
"Nobody's capturing King Koopa today! Or ever!" Koopa shouted as he pulled a Bob-Omb out from behind his shell and threw it up at the princess's face. It exploded on her nose, causing her to drop the villains as she clutched her nose and mouth with both hands.
"OUCH!" Princess shouted.

King Koopa and Mouser bounced off a nearby canopy, allowing the two to land safely on the ground. Koopa then pulled out a bottle of bubbling red liquid (from the Super Mario Bros. 2 game).
"As the old saying goes… he who Koops and runs away lives to Koop another day!" Koopa shouted before he threw the bottle behind him. As soon as the glass bottle broke, a puff of smoke emerged which quickly blew away and revealed a red door. As the two villains ran for the door, Princess Toadstool regained her sight and looked down on the ground.
"They're escaping into a warp zone!" Princess shouted. Koopa opened the door and he and Mouser ran inside. Once the door closed, it disappeared.
"Frustrating fettuccine! Koopa's got away again!" Luigi said.
"Yes, but he won't be bothering the City of Cities anymore!" Mario said.

Right as Mario said that, Princess suddenly felt a change going through her body again.
"Oh? What's happening now?" Princess said. Toad was the first to notice.
"Look! The princess is shrinking!" Toad said. Princess Toadstool was quickly shrinking in size. 40, 30, 20, 10… all the way back down to her normal size, which brought a smile to our heroes.
"But most importantly, we have our beloved Princess Toadstool back to her normal size!" Mario said.
"Whew… and not a moment too soon! I wonder what made me shrink? Did the effects of Koopa's machine wear off?" Princess said.
"Or maybe it was that last Bob-Omb explosion that did the trick." Toad said.

Our heroes then looked to see the group of human citizens approaching them. They at first thought they were still angry that the princess was 'destroying' their city with her earthshaking burps.
"Uh oh… looks like those people are still simmering like freshly baked pasta sauce!" Mario said.
"Don't worry, Princess! We'll stand up for you!" Toad said. To everyone's surprise, however, the people did not have angry expressions on their faces. Suddenly, a much older man (who looked maybe in his 70s) approached the princess.
"Princess Toadstool, I am the mayor of the City of Cities. Please… we mean you no harm." the mayor said.
"Huh?" all four heroes said.
"We heard and saw everything. We know you weren't trying to destroy our beloved city. Forgive us… we were simply scared out of our pants like ants at a picnic." the mayor said. Princess Toadstool smiled and bowed her head.
"I accept your apology, Mr. Mayor. I fully understand your reaction." Princess said.
"Now that King Koopa has been driven out of our city, plus the fact you are back to your normal size, we are forever in your debt. If there is anything you or your friends would like for us to do…" the mayor said. Mario was quick to jump in with a suggestion.
"How about a 50-foot-tall salami sandwich? I'm starved after all that climbing on a 50 foot tall princess!" Mario said.

Everyone, including the people of the City of Cities and even Princess Toadstool, just laughed out loud as Mario smiled to the camera and the picture faded to black.