Apple Athletics

(Cubed Cinder)

Giant Land Castle

"Alright... one for the road. One for the road!" Princess Apple said as she held on tight to her bat and swung it around, waiting for the Ultra Machine to shoot the next ball. Once the ball came out, Apple took her best shot, swinging the bat forward and making contact with the ball and sending it flying over the castle walls.
"Wahoo! Another home run for me!" Apple shouted as she jumped up in excitement. She was standing in what used to be the mushroom garden, the very same garden where she found the Ultra Mushroom that allowed her to grow to the size she is at today. These days, the garden has been moved elsewhere on the castle grounds and the outdoor place is now simply a courtyard for fun and games, and today, the game was batting practice. Although... Apple wasn't taking swings at innocent baseballs just for the heck of it. She was actually testing out a new invention from E.Gadd, the Ultra Machine. And so far, the test was proving very successful and very fun too.

A little while later, Princess Apple's husband, Prince Hugo the Huge, entered the courtyard. Sipping a cup of Koopa Tea prepared by Tayce T. of the Mushroom Kingdom, he watched as Apple sent another ball flying out of Giant Land Castle.
"Well, I must say, honey, you've got the swing of a champion." Prince Hugo said.
"Awww... you're just being modest." Apple said as she took another swing, this time popping up the ball high up in the air. Apple brushed a little hair out of her face as she watched the ball sail towards the sky and brush a couple clouds.
"Oops... I hope that wasn't Sky Land I hit up there." Apple said.
"Not to worry, dear. You'd have to hit the ball miles high to reach Sky Land." Prince Hugo said.
"Right. I keep forgetting!" Apple said.
"So, I take it this new gizmo from E.Gadd is to your satisfaction?" Prince Hugo said.
"You bet! I should have him build me an Ultra Machine just for the two of us. This is too much fun." Apple said.
"Well, that's good. Oh, that reminds me, E.Gadd called me just a couple minutes ago." Prince Hugo said.
"He did? What did he want?" Apple asked.
"He just wanted you to know that the modifications are almost finished to your bracelet, and that he would deliver it personally once he was through." Prince Hugo said.
"Oh, good! I'm so glad to hear that." Apple said.
"So remind me what kind of changes he is making to your bracelet?" Prince Hugo said.
"Well, I told him, if it was possible, to add some kind of device that would allow me to beam out the same kind of energy that's inside of me from touching that Ultra Mushroom years ago." Apple said.
"Oh?" Prince Hugo said.
"Yeah. I don't want that energy to go to waste, and at the same time, I want my friends to feel what it's like being this big, even if it's only temporarily. When I asked E.Gadd if that was possible, he said it was no problem, so that's when I gave him that bracelet." Apple said.
"But are you sure you can trust him? I've heard some of his inventions have had wacky side effects... such as that golden Daisy statue thing and..." Prince Hugo said.
"Oh, Hugo, you worry too much! Those things happened because Bowser intervened. I've got one of my best Mushroom guards helping with protection for Gadd." Apple said.
"Well, that's good to know." Hugo said as he sipped his tea again.

Apple then took a swing at the next baseball coming from the Ultra Machine. She made contact and the ball sailed towards the right as it flew over the wall.
"Uh oh... that's heading for the Giant Land Raceway!" Apple said.
"Which I heard is very close to completing construction..." Hugo added.
"Gulp... hopefully they won't mind the foul ball." Apple said as a drop of sweat came down her head.

The aforementioned Giant Land Raceway was a very simple track. In fact, it was a simple short oval, similar to Baby Park that was built for the Double Dash tour. But it was what Apple and Hugo wanted... a simple track they could use to test their karts on should the Mario Kart series ever find a way to allow either of them to race. Standing near the start/finish line were three normal-sized people (therefore making them look tiny to Apple), the middle of them looking like he was on fire from head to toe. There were a couple gentlemen standing right next to the fiery man they called Cubed Cinder.
"So, we just have that one last turn to smooth out and we'll be completed?" Cubed Cinder said.
"Yes sir, Mr. Cubed Cinder, sir! Just that one more turn, and it'll be Mission Accomplished!" Twilight Prince said.
"Man, this is gonna be exciting, seeing that very first race at this gigantic race track!" DJ Yellow said.
"Indeed, though I still wonder where Princess Apple is going to find a kart big enough for her to race." Cubed Cinder said.
"Heads up!!!" a female voice shouted in the distance. Cubed Cinder and the other two guys looked up and saw a giant baseball headed right for them! They all scampered out of the way, just as the ball landed on the pavement.
Fortunately, nobody was hurt and there was no damage at all to the pavement. Still, it drove Cubed Cinder crazy.
"HEY! Who's driving baseballs onto my race track!?" Cubed Cinder shouted, his fiery body lighting up as bright as it could.
"I believe that would be the giant princess herself." Twilight Prince said.
"Well, that's interesting. I never thought of the princess to be a sporting person." Cubed Cinder said. Suddenly, a female wearing glasses, long brown hair, a pink tank top, and blue jeans joined up with Cubed Cinder and the others. Accompanying her was a man sporting golden wings, golden tail, and golden horns on his head. He wore a white T-shirt as well as dark blue jeans.
"Everybody okay?" Bigger Better Barbie said.
"Yes. Thank you, sis, for the heads up." Cubed Cinder said.
"Anytime, brother! I hope you don't mind, but Ra and I are leaving now that Turn 2 has been inspected." Bigger Better Barbie said, pointing to the gentleman next to her.
"Oh, and where are you two going?" Twilight Prince said.
"I'm continuing my hunt for the Giant Pink-Haired One, and Barbie agreed to help with the search... if that's okay with you." Ra said.
"Not a problem, Ra! Just be careful if you do find her." Cubed Cinder said.
"I'm sure she'll think twice before messing with us." Ra said. He then picked up Barbie and the two flew off into the sky.

Soon, a white cheetah looking creature joined up with the group.
"Cubed Cinder... we may have a problem." the cheetah said.
"What is it, gamdann?" Cubed Cinder asked.
"I think I saw Chris with a laptop doing something else rather than running diagnostics on the item boxes."
"Uh oh... he's not doing what I think he's doing, is he?" DJ Yellow asked.
"Don't worry, I'll take care of this. You three finish up in this corner." Cubed Cinder said.
"Roger!" Twilight Prince said.
"Oh, and... um... Cubed Cinder? Could you perhaps..." gamdann said.
"Yes, yes, gamdann. You've told me a thousand times. Don't worry, I'll put all the Transformers and other giant robots I can fit into our next track. Just make sure the asphalt here is smooth and safe first!" Cubed Cinder said.
"Understood." gamdann said.

Dark Land

Meanwhile, all the way out in Dark Land, it looked quiet on the outside of Bowser's Castle in the volcanic atmosphere that made up Dark Land, but inside, it was anything but. Bowser walked through the hallways as some of his Koopalings were running around, playing with each other or some of Bowser's minions. When Bowser almost got hit in the head with one of Lemmy's green balls, he went into his authoritative mood.
"Arrrgh! Can't you stoopa Koopas play in your rooms like I've told you to do a million times?" Bowser said.
"Well, yeah, king Dad! It's just so cramped up in our rooms!" Iggy said.
"Yeah, when will we get those bigger rooms you promised us!?" Lemmy said.
"(sigh) Why do I even bother?" Bowser said to himself.

But just then, the castle suddenly got rocked like there was an earthquake. It only lasted a couple seconds, but the booming sound reverberated throughout the castle and pieces of the ceiling fell onto the floor.
"LUDWIG!!! You didn't just blow up your room again, did you!?" Bowser shouted. As he marched towards Ludwig's room and kicked open his door, he looked around and noticed nobody was inside.
"Huh? Nobody?" Bowser said.
"Don't you remember, Daddy? Ludwig went off to Pipe Land to conduct his weirdo science stuff..." Wendy said as she walked by.
"But if he's not here, then where did..." Bowser said. But suddenly the castle shook again, exactly the same way as it happened the first time.
"Alright, I get it... that buffoon Smithy is trying to take over my castle again! I'll show him a thing or two!" Bowser shouted.

After jumping into his Koopa Clown Car, Bowser took off and flew outside the castle. It was when he flew to roof level when he was almost stunned to see what had been attacking his castle.
"Baseballs? We're under attack by giant baseballs?" Bowser asked himself. But then he had an idea where these baseballs came from.
"There's only one place that could have baseballs this big... Giant Land. Princess Apple!" Bowser said. He then turned his flying vehicle around and zipped the skies. His destination? Giant Land Castle. Yes, it was a long way away, but he was gonna have his way with Apple one way or the other.

Giant Land Castle

After sending another ball flying dead center out of the castle, Princess Apple anxiously awaited the next ball to arrive.
"Wow! That was quite the long ball. Come on, give me another one!" Apple said.
"Um... there's one problem with that." Hugo said.
"Huh? What's that?" Apple asked. She looked to see Hugo pointing towards the Ultra Machine itself, and when she looked at the machine... there were no balls to be found.
"Oh... no wonder!" Apple said.
"And I don't see any loose balls around here. Are you telling me you hit every single ball out of the castle grounds?" Hugo asked.
"Yep, I guess so. I guess I got a little carried away, didn't I?" Apple said.
"Hmmm... you know. You should try your hand at golf, since you're so good at baseball." Hugo said.
"Huh? Wait a minute... Giant Land doesn't have a golf course!" Apple said.
"Not a full fledged one, sure. But my father made a hole years ago. This was way back when he wanted me to be the best golfer in the world... until of course I was deemed too big for the courses." Hugo said.
"Ah, I see." Apple said.
"Yep, they should be north of this castle. I think I even still have some golf balls and clubs somewhere in the castle." Hugo said.
"Well now, I'd like to see how good a golfer you are today." Apple said with a smile on her face.
"And I could say the same about you! Come on." Hugo said as he walked back inside the castle. Apple placed the bat down on the ground and did the same.

Giant Land "golf course"

Later that day, both Hugo and Apple were standing outside looking at a series of makeshift fairways, with a hole at the very end covered by a flag. It was your typical golf course setup, despite the fact there was only room for one hole. Next to Hugo was a small (by their standards, anyway) bag that had a bunch of different clubs front and center, with one pocket on the side reserved for the golf balls.
"Well, for one hole, this course looks magnificent." Apple said.
"Thank you. That means a lot coming from you." Hugo said.
"But do you really think I can play as well as you?" Apple asked.
"Hey, if you can knock a baseball all the way to Water Land, you can surely hit a golf ball as well as I can. I'll show you how easy it is." Hugo said. He placed one of the golf balls on the tee and then took out one of the clubs. He got into his stance, and then reared back and swung the club forward, sending the ball flying in the air.
"Wahoo! What a shot that was!" Apple said.
"Huh... I still got it, don't I?" Hugo said.

Meanwhile, Bowser had made it onto Giant Land, flying high above the air and muttering words on what he would do when he ran into Princess Apple.
"Arrrrgh... when I get my hands on that Princess Apple, I'll show her what it means to be giant and..." Bowser said, but in all his ranting... he forgot about the giant golf ball that was coming right for him.
"Eeeps!!" Bowser shouted as he tried to pull his flying ship up to dodge the ball. Unfortunately, the ball clipped the propeller that allowed his vehicle to fly.
"Oh no!!" Bowser said. He tried to get his Koopa Clown Car under control, but he and the vehicle kept falling and falling and falling. Finally, the vehicle landed upside down right smack on top of the oversized tee, trapping Bowser inside.

And while that was going on, Apple took the club from her husband's hands.
"Alright, honey, now you try. Just hold the club like so..." Hugo said, helping Apple with handling the club with her two hands.
"Thanks, but I think I can handle the rest." Apple said as she stepped up to the tee.
"Okay, give it a go! Hmmm... that's strange. Apple must've gotten a ball behind my back." Hugo said, noting how there was a 'ball' already on the tee. Of course, I quote ball because the ball really was the Koopa Clown Car. With everyone at the size they were at in Giant Land, the Koopa Clown Car was no bigger than a golf ball from this land.

And as Bowser finally was able to lift up the car and see daylight, he at first saw nothing but Apple's golden sandals and smooth skin. But as he looked up, that's when he saw Apple moving the club back and getting ready to swing it forward.
"Oh boy, this'll hurt..." Bowser said as he quickly got back inside the car and braced himself.
"FORE!" Apple shouted as she took her best swing and whacked the Koopa Clown Car (not knowing it was just that of course) off the tee and into the air.
"YEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!" Bowser shouted as he felt himself flying through the air. Eventually, Bowser and the Koopa Clown Car landed not just on the green... but right into the hole as well.
"Wow! A hole in one!" Apple shouted.
"And on your first swing too! That's incredible!" Hugo said.
"Well, I am an incredible princess of Giant Land, you must admit." Apple said with a sly smile on her face.
"Yes, I mustn't forget that. That's one more reason why I married you." Hugo said as he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.
Next, one of the giant Mushroom people serving as a guard of Giant Land Castle approached the two similar-sized people.
"Your excellency, please forgive the interruption, but I've just gotten word from the construction crew that the Giant Land Raceway is ready for operation." the guard said.
"Oh, beautiful! That's another piece of good news." Apple said.
"Very good, young lad. Thank you for the update." Hugo said.
"You're welcome, sir. Oh... and you also have a visitor waiting at the door for normal-sized people." the guard said.
"Oh, who is it?" Hugo said.
"His name is Professor E.Gadd. He says he has something for Princess Apple." the guard said.
"Ah! He must've finished with the modifications to my bracelet. Tell him I will be right there." Apple said.
"Right away!" the guard said. Hugo and Apple started to follow.
"Oh, wait! What about the golf balls?" Apple said.
"Don't worry, I'll pick them up later. It's not like anybody's gonna try and steal them, right?" Hugo said.
"Nope, I suppose not!" Apple said with a smile as the two followed the guard back to the castle.

In the meantime, Bowser crawled out of the hole breathing heavily after taking the ride of his life. He took one look at the Koopa Clown Car, which was bent from where Apple had struck it with the club. He knew there was no way he could fly the thing back to Dark Land now, so he reached inside his shell and pulled out the Bowser Phone (used in Mario Party 3).
"Yeah... Kamek, I'm gonna need a ride. You don't want to know..." Bowser said.

Giant Land Castle

E.Gadd stood patiently outside the front gates to Giant Land Castle. Behind him was a large wagon that he was holding onto, and onboard this wagon was the oversized bracelet (complete with locket) that belonged to Princess Apple.
"Good thing I made the Heavy Duty Transportater, otherwise I'd never get this bracelet here!" E.Gadd said to himself. Just then, the big doors opened near the professor, and standing there was Princess Apple.
"Professor E.Gadd, welcome back!" Apple said.
"Ah, yes, I say the same to you, Princess Apple." E.Gadd said.
"I see my bracelet has returned." Apple said as she reached down towards the wagon to pick it up.
"Yep, and I'm happy to announce I was able to make the changes you requested." E.Gadd said.
"That's great! But... where are they? The bracelet looks perfectly normal to me." Apple said.
"I will show you... but perhaps we can do it inside where I would feel much safer?" E.Gadd said.
"Oh, of course! Hold on." Apple said. Bending her knees down and holding out her other hand, the giant princess allowed E.Gadd to jump onto her hand and he held on as Apple stood back up and walked back inside the castle.

Apple eventually walked into a room behind the throne room, setting E.Gadd down on a table that was about half her height. To the side of this table was a warp pipe, but it was too small for Apple. In fact, it was at a size for normal-sized people.
"Princess Apple, might I inquire as to what that pipe over there is for?" E.Gadd said.
"Oh, that's for a certain someone I hope to meet one day. He is more powerful than the goddesses from Rymas, so I've heard..." Apple said.
"Oh, I see." E.Gadd said.
"No, no. He's not a new boyfriend. My love with Hugo is unbreakable." Apple said with a smile.
"Ah, very good." E.Gadd said. Apple quickly brought the subject back to where it should be.
"So, professor. Tell me how I work your magic with my bracelet." Apple said as she opened it up and looked at the picture of her younger self along with the rest of her family (older sister Aska, mother Queen Pineapple, and deceased father King Askew).
"Well, your highness, all you have to do is press down on that wonderful picture of your family." E.Gadd said.
"Like this?" Apple said. She did just that, pressing a couple fingers down on the picture. The picture opened up and Apple was now suddenly looking at a shining red crystal. Apple gasped at the beauty of this crystal.
"Wow... this crystal is beautiful." Apple said.
"This is a piece of the crystal known as Enlargium. I found it during an archeological dig in a far off island known as Spira." E.Gadd said.
"Fascinating!" Apple said.
"I've modified its molecular structure to respond to your thought waves. I guess now you can understand why I needed to gather your thought waves that one day." E.Gadd said.
"Yes, I understand now." Apple said.
"All you have to do is think about the crystal. Tell it how long you want the effects of the growth beam to last, anywhere from 5 minutes to one hour! Then just think about shooting the beam and it will fire. The crystal takes care of the rest." E.Gadd said.
"Amazing! Only you could make something so easy and effortless to use. But what could I test this thing on..." Apple said as she attached the bracelet back to her wrist.

E.Gadd noted the wagon that was still behind him and he was quick to suggest that.
"How about my wagon? I have no further use for this thing anyway, so if this thing fails... no problem!" E.Gadd said.
"Okay then!" Apple said. She picked up the wagon (with no problem of course) and placed it next to her feet on the wooden floor.
"Okay... just concentrate on how long I want the growth to work." Apple said. She did just that, thinking about the crystal and how long the growth of the wagon would last. To her astonishment, an electronic display underneath the crystal showed the number 5.
"Oh? What's this number 5?" Apple asked.
"That means the growth will last five minutes after you have zapped the object. That is the time you had in mind, correct?" E.Gadd asked.
"Yes, yes it is!" Apple said.
"Wonderful! My thought receiving transmitter worked like a charm!" E.Gadd shouted, jumping up in excitement.
"Well, here goes..." Apple said. She then concentrated again after aiming the crystal down at the wagon. Her bracelet was now firing a wide red beam, and she quickly corrected her aim. As soon as the wagon started to grow, the beam automatically was cut off, just as E.Gadd had explained. Apple backed up as she watched the wagon grow bigger and bigger. It stopped growing when it was big enough to look like an ordinary wagon to Apple.
"Yes! Another success! The automatic cut off and the rate of growth! Nothing could have gone any better!" E.Gadd said.
"Well... congratulations, professor! This is exactly what I wanted... to have the power to make anything I want my size, and only temporarily too." Apple said.
"Indeed. In five minutes, that wagon should automatically revert to its original size after the beam effects have lingered off." E.Gadd said.

Soon thereafter, Hugo walked into the room and noticed the wagon next to Apple.
"Hmmm... I guess the experiment was a success?" Hugo asked.
"Indeed it was, my love. Make sure E.Gadd is rewarded handsomely with gold coins for all his hard work." Apple said.
"I'll have it taken care of immediately." Hugo said.
"Well... with this working and the race track finished, I'd say it is time for the first annual Giant Land Grand Prix!" Apple said.
"Ah, is it that time already? I can't wait... I know how much you've looked forward to this day." Hugo said with a smile.
"I better go summon Princess Peach, and hopefully some other friends of hers willing to race. I'll be back, sweetie." Apple said. She walked away from the table, kissing Hugo on the cheek as she walked out of the room.

Giant Land Raceway

Princess Apple had delivered the good news to Princess Peach about construction being completed on the race track in Giant Land. As luck with have it, also with Peach when Apple was at her castle was Rosalina, who was visiting and getting ready for the next race at Mario Circuit. The two princesses joined up with Apple as she next warped to Sarasaland and picked up Princess Daisy.

About an hour later, Giant Land Raceway was suddenly bustling with activity. Sitting at the start/finish line close together were Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina all with their karts next to them. There was also a fourth kart that was borrowed from Mario. Apple had decided to use that kart as her own for this race. In the stands were several of the Mushroom citizens of Giant Land, but there were also some normal-sized people that were there to cheer the racers on, such as Toadsworth and Toadette. They sat far enough away from the giants so that they wouldn't be in any danger whatsoever.

Apple came out from the infield pit area and looked around the stands.
"Wow... isn't this amazing, everyone?" Apple said.
"Yes, to think there would be this big of a turnout so quickly, and for just one quick race too!" Peach said.
"No pun intended, right?" Daisy said.
"Well, yes, of course." Peach said.
"May I once again say how much of an honor it is to meet you, Princess Apple, and also to race against you." Rosalina said.
"It's my pleasure, Rosalina. I'm glad to meet you too, after what Peach told me what you have done." Apple said.
"Come on, let's get going! Besides, I'm anxious to know how the heck we're supposed to race against you... let alone how you're going to fit in that itty bitty kart!" Daisy said, resting one of her feet on one of the wheels.
"Well, Daisy, your questions will be answered right now. At the same time, I have a special treat for all three of you." Apple said.
With that being said, she opened up the locket attached to her bracelet and pressed down on the family portrait. There was the crystal that was given to her by E.Gadd. She concentrated and saw the number 20 flash.
"20 minutes should be long enough. I want my friends to be able to enjoy their new size a bit longer." Apple said to herself. With a smile, Apple then aimed the crystal down at the three ladies and the four karts. The beam soon fired onto the group, and the ladies had to shield their eyes from the laser's bright light.
"Hey! What's this!?" Daisy shouted.

When the light died down, all three looked to see what had happened. Peach was the first to note the change, even as Apple spoke out about the change.
"My friends... how does it feel to be as big as me?" Apple said, almost excitedly. Peach smiled, looking at Apple as if they were normal-sized.
"Oh, Apple!" Peach said as she walked up and gave her friend a hug. Apple laughed as she hugged her right back.
"Pretty cool trick you did there, princess! Much cooler than using a lightning bolt on yourself!" Daisy said.
"My gosh..." Rosalina said as she looked around and saw the race track looking more normal from her new perspective.
"So... how did you do it?" Peach asked.
"Well, it's kind of a long story, and I really want to get to our race. The people of Giant Land have waited a long time for this." Apple said.
"You're right. Let's race, ladies!" Peach shouted.
"Alright!" Daisy said.

After all the ladies jumped into their karts and started their engines, a tiny Lakitu floated high above the racers holding a stoplight from his fishing pole.
"3...2...1... GO!!!" Lakitu shouted. When the light changed to green, the four racers sped off to the loud cheering of the spectactors.

It was a wild and competitive five laps, but the victor of this race was Princess Daisy. Peach and Apple were almost in a photo finish for second place, and Rosalina was in the back for a fourth place finish. But all the ladies hopped out of their karts in a good mood, Daisy in particular.
"Yeeeehaw! Hi, I'm Daisy!" Daisy said as she waved to the cheering crowd.
"Daisy, we were racing just for fun, not for points!" Peach said.
"I know, but you know me. I'm such a competitor!" Daisy said.
"But how about that photo finish, Apple!?" Peach shouted.
"I know... Wow! I haven't had this much fun since I was little." Apple said. All the girls, except for Rosalina, laughed from that line.
"I hope you realize the irony of that statement!!" Daisy shouted.

"Rosalina, what's wrong? You're not upset that you finished last." Peach said.
"No, I enjoyed the race as much as I'm sure you did. It's my own fault I was so far behind... I was just admiring all the sights and sounds. Especially the little ones that were cheering... I can see what makes you so special, Princess Apple. And it's not just because of your incredible size." Rosalina said.
"Well... thank you. That means a lot coming from you." Apple said.
"In fact, I feel I need to do something for you, just as you had done this for me. Peach, do you mind if I take Apple to my observatory for a short while?" Rosalina said.
"Not at all." Peach said.
"Don't worry. We won't be long. Stand close to me, Princess Apple." Rosalina said. Apple did just that, and Rosalina then pulled out her silver star wand and waved it around. The sparkles surrounded both herself and Princess Apple and the two disappeared.

Comet Observatory

Life was pretty normal for Polari and the Lumas, but they all stopped when they saw the silver sparkles forming near the center of the observatory.
"Look! Mommy's coming home!" one of the Lumas shouted.
"Yes, indeed she is... but why are there so much more sparkles than usual?" Polari asked.

Soon, the sparkles formed together, and Rosalina and Princess Apple both appeared. Of course, they both towered over the Lumas, and some of them scattered away for their safety. But as before, Rosalina's deep soothing voice helped ease their worries.
"It's okay, my children. I promise you this is only temporary. I'd like you all to meet my new friend, Princess Apple, from Giant Land of the Mushroom Kingdom." Rosalina said. The Lumas that had run away quickly made their way back towards the two giantesses, waving up and saying hi to Apple.
"Hello down there, so you're all Lumas? Rosalina has told me so much about you." Apple said.
"Hello, Princess Apple! Welcome to our home!" one of the Lumas shouted. Others greeted her in a similar manner.
"Rosalina! What happened to you? How did you get so big?" Polari said.
"I will explain when this is over, but right now, I have something important to do for Apple." Rosalina said.
"Something important?" Apple asked.
"Polari, I'm going to need a Pink Luma that has been fed enough Star Bits." Rosalina said.
"Oh, we have one ready to go just for you. Hold on, I will get him!" Polari shouted as he floated off away from the giantesses and to another part of the observatory.

A few minutes later, with Apple helping to pass the time by talking about herself to the Lumas, including how she grew so big, Polari returned with a rather large Pink Luma floating behind him.
"One Pink Luma at your service, Mother!" the Pink Luma said.
"Young Luma... the time has come for you to join your brothers and sisters of the universe and create another galaxy to help extend the circle of life." Rosalina said.
"Yes, yes! I will do as you ask! We Hungry Lumas live exactly for this purpose." the Pink Luma said.
"But not just any galaxy. Do you see my new friend behind me, my large new friend?" Rosalina said.
"Yes?" the Pink Luma said.
"I want this galaxy created in honor of my new friend. I want you to look into her eyes. Think of the perfect galaxy for her, including myself at the size I am at right now." Rosalina said.
"Have no fear... I have just the galaxy for the both of you. I shall now... TRANS...FOOOOORM!!" the Pink Luma said.

As the Pink Luma's skin changed to a bright white light, the Luma suddenly shot itself several miles into the starry sky. Despite being so far away, the Luma then exploded in a brilliant bright light, which almost blinded Apple and Rosalina. But they both looked to see the result of this Luma's work. Rosalina was smiling over what she saw, and Apple just gasped in amazement.
"Oh my gosh..." Apple said.
"Princess Apple. In your honor, I have created... the Supermassive Galaxy." Rosalina said. She then pulled out a telescope from her dress and handed it over to Apple, who looked inside with great anticipation. Supermassive Galaxy depicted many common Mario enemies and elements at an extraordinary size. Some include Piranha Plants, Lumas, coins and Platforms. It reminded her almost exactly of Giant Land.
"Rosalina... I... I don't know what to say." Apple said.
"There is nothing to say, my friend. Consider this my gift from not just myself and my beloved children, but from the entire universe. In fact, please feel free to consider this galaxy your home should the day come when you feel Giant Land of the Mushroom Kingdom is no longer for you." Rosalina said.
"Huh? You mean?" Apple said.
"Don't worry, I do not expect you to move to the Supermassive Galaxy immediately. I hope it will be years, in fact, before you consider it your new home." Rosalina said with a smile.
"Yes, I understand. Thank you, Rosalina. Thank you so much." Apple said as she finally gave Rosalina a big hug (almost literally considering the size of both).
"Come, we should return to Giant Land so we may not worry Peach or Daisy any longer. Fear not, my children, I will be back soon." Rosalina said. She waved her wand once again, transporting the two out of the observatory.

Giant Land Raceway

The stands had mostly cleared out after everyone saw a great race, but Peach and Daisy were still at the track and still supersized, waiting for Apple and Rosalina to return.
"What do you suppose is taking them so long?" Daisy asked.
"Come on, Daisy, have some patience for once!" Peach said.
"Hey, it's just a simple question!" Daisy said. Just as she said that, Apple and Rosalina quickly reappeared after the silver sparkles reformed.
"Welcome back, Apple!" Peach said.
"Thanks! Oh wow... you're not going to believe this. Rosalina created a galaxy in my honor... the Supermassive Galaxy!" Apple shouted.
"Well, not me directly. It was the wonderful Luma who sacrified his life to help bring new life into our vast universe." Rosalina said, keeping her emotions in check which is what she was known for. But she still showed off a smile.
"That is cool! You have to show us it!" Daisy said.
"Oh, I will... if Rosalina doesn't mind, of course." Apple said.
"Not at all, but not today, because I must be returning to my home soon, preparing to scan the cosmos where more galaxies can be created." Rosalina said.

"Hey... um, Apple? Not that I'm getting bored with being gigantic, but how long is this growth spell of yours supposed to last?" Daisy asked.
"Oh, I set it for 20 minutes, so I would guess there's about 8 to 10 minutes left before you all automatically shrink back to normal size." Apple said.
"Hmmm... I wonder what we can do for the rest of that time." Peach said. Apple, however, was quick to offer a suggestion as she looked out in the distance at more of Giant Land.
"You know... I've got a one-hole golf course behind the castle!" Apple said.
"Huh!? You never told me you had that!" Peach shouted.
"I know... I didn't know either until Hugo told me today. He said he hadn't used that hole in years, back when he wanted to play golf instead of rule a land." Apple said.
"Hmmm... I would not mind trying out the sport of golf for the first time, much like kart racing was my first sport." Rosalina said.
"Is it a short hole? I so wanna hit another hole in one!" Daisy shouted.
"Well, just follow me and you will see!" Apple said.
"Alright!" Peach shouted.

And so, the four giantesses left the Giant Land Raceway after completing the first annual Giant Land Grand Prix. As Apple was leading her giant-sized friends to the 'golf course' for a quick round of stroke play before they shrunk back to their original sizes, she thought back to the wonderful day she had. She tried out three sports (baseball, golf, kart racing) for the first time all in a single day. She got her wish granted of her bracelet enhanced so she can share her size, at least temporarily, with other friends. She got her race track built even if it wouldn't have near as many races as a place like Mario Circuit.

But probably the best thing to happen was the most unexpected thing. That Rosalina gave Apple an entire galaxy dedicated to her was almost too much to put into words.

Princess Apple smiled, took a breath of fresh air and looked at the sun setting in the background. She hadn't had this grand a day since the Grand Tour.