Apple's Bad Day

(Lord Bolo)

It was just a normal day in the Mushroom Kingdom; things were going well as everyone was happy, all except for one very evil koopa. GWAAAAAAAAAAARGH! Bowser stomped his foot in frustration, as he's been trying to come up with a new evil plan for weeks.
"No, that won’t work". "But if I do this then". The koopa king paced back and forth in his throne room furiously. He heard the doors open and close.
"Get out! Can't you see I'm thinking?!" Bowser shouted.
"Your Burliness, please watch your blood pressure!" said Kammy Koopa, one of Bowser's most loyal minions.
"Ah Kammy, I hope you have good news for me".
"I do your highness, it appears the Mario brothers and Yoshi have taken a vacation in Isle Delfino".
"I’m surprised those faucet-freaks would go back there after what happened last time". Said Bowser, remembering the events of Mario sunshine.
In that moment Bowser had a great idea. "I've got it!”
"Got what?" Kammy asked.
"No time to explain just take me to see Kamek!"

"Good morning, your highness!" Kamek said as Bowser walked into his library. (The one from Mario party ds.) "I spent all last night working on a new spell.”
This got Bowser's attention, for he was just going to ask Kamek to make a new spell.
"What does this new spell do?" asked Bowser with a nervous look on his face.
"It can erase memories up to any point I so choose, I call it Memory Lapse!" Kamek said with a proud look on his face.
This is just what Bowser was going to ask him for, so he was very overjoyed at hearing this.
"I have the perfect first subject." Bowser said with an evil grin on his face...

It was nighttime when they both arrived in Giant Land, so mostly everyone was asleep except for a few choice guards.
Being as quiet as possible, both Bowser and Kamek flew into the open window that led to Princess Apple's room.
Bowser just looked at Kamek and nodded. Kamek nodded back and began to cast the spell onto the 50-foot princess.
As soon as Kamek finished, they were spotted by guards patrolling the halls.
"Yikes!" Bowser and Kamek yelled as they flew away.
"Let’s see how this plays out..." Bowser said as he flew back in the koopa clown car.

Apple woke up to the sound of ferry horns, almost forgetting she invited peach, daisy, and Rosalina. She did her usual morning things and went outside. Something was definitely wrong with her though, as when she came outside she almost stepped on the three waiting outside the door.
"APPLE!" peach screamed as loud as she could to get her friends attention. It was then when Apple decided to look down.
"Oh hey girls, why are you so small?" asked Princess Apple with a confused look on her face.
"Um, we're not, you're big." stated Daisy.
"I'm so big, you three look like toys." Apple said with a bit of a chuckle as she picked the three up. "Whoa." the trio exclaimed in unison showing their surprise.
"Put us down please Apple." asked peach nervously, as she had no idea what Apple had planned for the three. Walking calmly back to her room holding the three princesses, Apple had a playful grin on her face...

Apple sat down on her bed as she looked down at the three princesses. She set Daisy and Rosalina down on her nightstand and kept Peach in her hands. "You're the toy I want to play with now." Apple said with a smile.
And with that, Apple gave Peach the biggest hug ever! Peach let out a soft moan and returned the hug. The two sat like this for a couple of minutes until Rosalina spoke up.
"Apple, are you feeling all right? You're not normally like this."
"Silly, I'm feeling fine." replied Apple. "There's something I've never experienced before, the taste of a person." And then she tossed Daisy right into her mouth!
"Apple, let her go now!" shouted Peach at the top of her lungs. Apple just simply nodded and spat a very wet Daisy out onto the bed.
"Are you all right?" asked Peach as she slowly helped her friend back on her feet.
Daisy looked mad to the point she almost lit on fire. She ran right up to the giantess’s stomach and started punching as hard as she could. Apple merely giggled, for all it did was tickle her.
"Stop it, stop it!" Apple managed to get out before falling over laughing.

Meanwhile, Rosalina was standing on the dresser just watching the whole ordeal. She figured something was very wrong, so she pulled out the mushroom phone, (yes I know it’s called the cellular shopper.) and called the two people who she thought could help solve the situation...

The door to Apple's room slowly opened, and in came three of the greatest minds in the Mushroom Kingdom; Professor Frankly and Goombella of Rougeport and Elvin Gadd from the Boo Woods.
"Thank goodness you're here!" Peach said as she floated down from the bed.
"Certainly, we came as fast as we could" said Goombella, sort of happy to be away from research.
"What seems to be the problem?" asked E. Gadd.
"Well you see, Apple hasn't been acting normal today, she seems to be acting a bit like a child." Peach said as she looked up to see Apple laughing very loudly as she messed with Daisy's hair.
"I see, I'll check for anything unusual about her." Frankly said as he began to look over Apple's body. While this went on everyone was chatting about Mario's latest adventure in new super Mario Bros. U.

"Aha!" Frankly shouted as he hopped down.
"What is it?" Peach asked.
"It seems she has amnesia, but this was not received from a blow to the head, but rather by magical means".
"So that means Bowser is behind this".
"Precisely, but because of its magical origin it will last far longer, up to a year if I am correct".
"So what can we do about it?" asked Peach, scared of thinking her friend was going to be stuck like this for a whole year.
"You're in luck, I have just the machine for this sort of thing, I came up with it when I heard the nimbi Blubi lost his memory, but he recovered and the blueprints have been sitting in a closet for years, I still need to build it, and it requires parts from some sketchy places..." E. Gadd said with a somber look on his face.
"I'll get whatever you need." said Goombella with a smile on her face; she's had experience with dangerous places in her adventure with Mario. "Perfect! Okay here's what we need..." exclaimed E. Gadd as he started to list items.
"Sounds easy enough, catch you guys when I have the parts!" Goombella yelled as she ran out the door. And with that, everyone knew all they could do was wait...

While waiting around, Apple decided to play with her "Toys". Apple giggled as she threw Rosalina high into the air and caught her again, repeating this until Rosalina looked like she was about to puke. She then placed Peach and Daisy at her feet and ordered them to run across her body until they reach her chest. Apple tried to slow down Daisy's progress by flicking her back when she saw Peach lagging behind. But ultimately Daisy was the winner, being the tomboy she is she ran far faster than Peach.
"Can we take a break Apple, please?" Peach asked trying to catch her breath.
"No silly, I have to have something to do while we wait." Apple said with a smile.
"Mama mia..." Peach muttered before falling face first into Apple's chest.

Apple saw that Peach didn't want to play anymore, so she looked over at Daisy, who was still kinda wet from being in Apple's mouth. Daisy saw this and tried to run away, but Apple stopped her by picking her up and holding her near her face.
"I know what to do with you." Apple said with a smile. She then placed Daisy on the bed and began to lower her behind onto Daisy!
"Another reason I carry these around." Daisy said as she pulled out a star. She used it just as Apple sat on her. Apple noticed this so she stood back up and looked down to see a rainbow glowing Daisy stand back up as the power down sound rang through the air.
"Don't you ever do that again!" Daisy shouted. Apple merely giggled.
"It's gonna be a long day..." Rosalina said as she sat down on the bed.

Goombella headbonked another magikoopa that stood in her way. She looked very exhausted, as she had just gone through Soda Jungle to find a single item, the rare Normal Mushroom. This item reversed any effect, bringing the user to normal, hence its name.
"So many enemies, this thing must be heavily guarded." Goombella muttered as she pressed onward.
"There it is!" Goombella shouted with glee as she spotted a glowing mushroom.
This mushroom was dandelion yellow, with blood red spots on its cap. It also gave off a slight white glow.
Goombella picked the mushroom, being careful not to accidentally use it, and put it in the backpack she was carrying.
She then ran to her next location, Luigi's Mansion.

Since the disappearance of the original mansion, the ghosts in the hidden mansion have been wreaking havoc on people in Evershade Valley.
"I'm gonna need a plan to get in there, and a good one too..." Goombella thought long and hard about how she would get in there. Suddenly, it hit her.
"I've got it! I'm a goomba whether I'm good or not, so if I just take off my cap and bag I can sneak in looking like one of Bowser's baddies!" She did just that and knocked on the door.
A speedy spirit opened the door and looked down at Goombella.
"Who are you little miss?" the ethereal being asked trying to sound intimidating.
"Bowser sent me here to help ravage the area; he said I could stay here." Goombella replied with a smirk on her face.
"Bowser huh? Alrighty, but you must see King Boo first!" Said the ghost with an evil grin on its face.

The speedy spirit brought Goombella to the bottom of the well, where King Boo was looking at a portrait of Bob-omb Battlefield; it stood in the place of his Mario painting.
"Bowser sent more minions, King Boo." the speedy spirit said as he bowed and left the room.
"So Bowser sent you to help, huh? He must not have high hopes for this place." King Boo said.
"Alright I'll bite; I need more staff patrolling the backyard. Think you can handle it?" King Boo asked as he turned to face her.
"Yes sir!" Goombella said as she left the room via the well exit which led straight to the backyard.
She began to look for another item, a ghost shroom. With the mansion being filled with ghosts it was highly likely one would be here.
"Found it!" Goombella shouted as she picked the white mushroom.
"Found what?" asked a purple puncher as he came out of the mansion.
Goombella tried as best she could to hide the mushroom behind her back.
"Nothing, I just lost a contact lens, I found it though." Goombella tried her hardest to make the story sound convincing. She was sweating nervously.
The purple puncher looked at her with its hand on its chin, as if it was analyzing the story.
"Alright, glad you found it. Now back to work!"
"Yes sir!" Goombella stood like a soldier.
And with that, the purple puncher went back into the mansion.
"Whew, gotta be more careful." Goombella muttered as she slipped over the fence surrounding the mansion.
She put the ghost shroom in her backpack and went to her next location, Whomp's Fortress.

The item she had to recover from here was a single power star. A simple task right? No, all but one were picked up by Mario. The one held by king whomp.
Goombella almost collapsed from exhaustion trying to climb the huge tower. Sitting down to rest, she finds a familiar red block.
"The wing cap! Yes!" She said as she hit the block. Responding to her hitting it, a miner’s cap with wings on it fell out. She put it on and ran for the cannon.
She aimed the cannon for the top of the fortress and shot out. Suddenly she was flying high in the sky.
"This is amazing!" she shouted as she landed in front of King Whomp.
"I challenge you for your power star!" Goombella shouted fearlessly at the humongous whomp.
The whomp king turned around and looked down at her.
"So you have come to challenge me? Very well, I won’t go easy on you!" The whomp king shouted at her.
Goombella knew she couldn’t hurt him normally, so she did a triple jump and took off. The whomp king did not expect this. He tried to swat her out of the air, but ultimately ended up falling flat on his face. Goombella saw this as her chance to attack, so she flew as high as she could and nosedived straight into his back, dealing massive amounts of damage and killing him instantly.
“You win, but I’ll be better next time!” The whomp king shouted in defiance as he exploded in a bright flash of light.
Goombella unshielded her eyes to find he was gone and a pile of rubble was in his place. Above the rubble floated the object Goombella sought after, a single power star to power the machine. Goombella grabbed it and jumped through the portal back to Peach’s castle…

Meanwhile, the three princesses looked very dizzy from all the playing Apple did with them. E. Gadd and Frankly were both sawing logs on the floor during the whole thing. Apple was now asleep clutching the three princesses against her chest.

“How much longer do we have to keep this up?” Daisy asked as she was clearly getting annoyed with keeping apple busy.

“Just until Goombella gets back with the items.” Peach said.

Rosalina was asleep from fatigue and exhaustion, so there was no waking her up anytime soon.

The two princesses who were awake just laid back down, waiting for Goombella.


Mario and Luigi were at home, sitting around their table bored out of their minds.

“Yo Bro, how about we go to see princess Peach?” Luigi asked.

“That sounds like a good idea.” replied Mario.

So they made the usual trek to Peach’s castle, using a mushroom or two along the way because of Bowser’s minions.

When they got to Peach’s castle no one was around, all that was there was a note on the door.

Dear Mario and Luigi,

I have gone to visit princess Apple in giant land. If I am not back yet please come check if anything bad has happened.

                                                       -princess Peach

“Mama Mia! Peach could be in trouble!” Mario said with a surprised look on his face. Pulling out a star, Mario sprinted back to the house as fast as he could with Luigi following close behind. He then did a triple jump and landed perfectly in the seat of his kart. The brothers then sped off toward the direction of giant land. As they neared the water, Luigi became worried.

“Hey bro, how are we gonna cross the water?” Luigi called ahead.

“I’ve got it.” Mario called back. He then pushed the button that enabled anti-gravity for both of their karts. They then surfed across the water at incredible speeds leaving behind a wake of water as they neared giant land.

They soon parked their karts and ran up to the door for normal-sized people.

“Hello, who is this?” Came the voice over the intercom.

“It’s a me, Mario!” Mario said with a backflip, always happy to say his catchphrase.

“Alright, come on in.” Said the voice as the door opened.

Mario whizzed down the hall to Apple’s room. Opening it, he had an extremely confused look on his face when he saw nothing was wrong. Luigi walked in shaking a bit, big things scared Luigi so naturally he was a bit nervous around Apple.

“Peach? Where are you princess?” Mario called.

“Mario? I’m up here Mario.” Peach called down.

“Come down then.” Mario asked.

“I can’t, Apple’s hand is too heavy to lift.” Peach said. Even with Apple’s dainty hands, she was still 50 feet tall, so for Peach her hands were impossible to lift.

Hearing this, Mario grabbed a cape feather and flew up. Landing quietly so he would not wake Apple up, he lifted her hand and pushed it over to the side.

“Thanks again, Mario. I don’t know what I would do without you.” Peach said.

“No sweat princess.”  Mario replied with a smile.

All of them heard the door creak open, and a very battered Goombella walked into the room.

“I’ve got the stuff you needed to make the machine.” Goombella said before falling over.

“Perfect, I’ll get to work on it right away!” E. Gadd said. Within the next couple of hours the machine was finished and Apple was still asleep.

“I call it the reversfyer! It cures any effect.” E. Gadd said with a proud smile.

“It kind of looks like an ipad with a corn cob stuck to it.” Daisy said.

“Shut up! At least it works well.” E. Gadd said. And with that he turned on the machine, It shot out a steady stream of purple plasma at the gigantic princess. E. Gadd turned around with a proud smile on his face.

“See? Science always trumps magic!” E. Gadd said.

“E. Gadd! The princess is shrinking!” Rosalina shouted.

“What?! I’ll stop the machine.” E. Gadd said as he began frantically pushing buttons.

“I can’t shut the machine off!” E. Gadd said. At that point the machine finished its job. The group climbed the bed to see a normal sized (to them) princess Apple. She began to wake up.

“Um, why is everything so big?” Princess Apple said looking very confused.

“How do we explain this? You kind of… shrunk.” Luigi said.

“WHAT?! How did this happen?!” Apple shouted.

“You see princess, the ultra mushroom’s effect on you was technically a powerup, albeit an everlasting one, so when I tried to remove the amnesia from you, it removed the ultra mushroom’s effect as well” E. Gadd said. Apple then went into a frenzy scolding E. Gadd.

“We’re not going to be able to help her until she calms down.” Peach said sitting down.

"They still yelling at each other?" Luigi asked walking into the room.

"Yep, and it doesn't look like they're going to stop soon." Said Peach looking back at Luigi.

"All right, I've had enough of this!" Daisy shouted at the two still screaming at each other.

"In order to fix this problem, all we have to do is find the ultra mushroom. That will return Apple to normal." Daisy said.

"That would work, but..." Apple trailed off.

"But what?" Rosalina asked

"I have no idea where it is!" Apple cried.

"Shouldn't you know if you ate it?" Peach asked.

"After that, Hugo moved it somewhere else in the castle. It never came up in conversation where he hid it." Apple replied. "And at my current size, I can't go looking for it."

"Where is Hugo now?"

"Off on vacation."

"So what you're saying is that we're going to have to wait." said Peach

"Yup, and it's gonna stink being this size in my own castle." Apple looked around at her bedroom, which seemed much larger to her than before.

"I believe I have a solution other than waiting." Prof. Frankly chimed in.

"What would that be?" Apple inquired.

"Why not ask one of the gaurds in your castle? Surely they must know where it is because they guard it." Frankly proposed.

"Great idea, Frankly!" Said Goombella, who was now awake.

"Let's go ask Tim, he's always willing to help." Apple said.

Tim was patrolling the halls, humming Epona's song as he went, when he heard a faint noise coming from the floor. He looked down to see princess Apple standing next to his foot.

"Apple? What happened to you?" said Tim.

"That's not important right now, I need you to take me to where the ultra mushroom is hidden." said Apple.

"Sure thing princess." Tim held out his hand for the princess to climb on.

Apple sat down quietly in Tim's hand while Tim walked to where the mushroom was hidden. She couldn't bring any of her friends in case another incident happened, like the commotion with the shadow queen.

"We're here princess." said Tim, putting his hand on the floor for the princess to step off.

The pair were in a large room with grass everywhere. The ultra mushroom was in the center under a soft white beam of light.

Apple walked forward towards the mushroom, looking it over. The original bite marks from when she became 50 feet tall were still there.

"Well, here goes nothing!" Apple then took a bite of the mushroom. She began to feel the familiar pulse from all those years ago. She watched the ground shrink away from her as she grew. Soon she was back to her old height of just a little over 50 feet tall.

"Thank you so much Tim, what would i do without you?" said Apple, overjoyed.

"It was no problem, you should probably send your friends home though, it's been two days since they got here." said Tim.

"Has it really?! I guess amnesia messes with your sense of time. Thanks again Tim." said Apple.

"No problem. see you later." Tim said as he walked away.

Apple found the way back to her room quickly, and opened the door slowly.

"Hello?" Apple said as she walked in the room.

"Apple! We're so glad you're back to normal." said Peach from the floor.

"I am too, but what happened to daisy? I never got to ask." Apple said.

"Long story short you tried to eat and crush me, but you really didn't know much better so it's fine." Daisy said.

"Oh, sorry about that. Anyways you should all get home. It's getting late." said Apple.

"We should, come on everyone lets go home." Peach said.

Apple held the door open as everyone walked out, each one saying their goodbyes as they left. When everyone was gone, Apple sat down on her bed.

"I wonder what it would be like to be the small one for once, looking up at someone else?" Apple said.

"Oh well, it's late so I should probably get some sleep." Apple said as she got ready for bed.

"My friends are amazing, I hope they continue to help others like they did with me." Apple then laid down in her bed, excited about the next adventure she might have.