Attack of the Giant Wendy

(Cubed Cinder; idea by BlazingBarrager)

Outside Giant Land

With Giant Land surrounded by water, pretty much the only way to get to the place was by boat... or if you were Princess Daisy, by her massive cruise ship. The ship, big enough to hold an entire race track as well as baseball diamond, was slowly chugging along the vast ocean. Onboard the ship were Daisy herself, Princess Peach, and also on the ship was Birdo. Birdo was named an honorary captain for a week as a reward for defeating Daisy in a tennis match not too long ago. Daisy was impressed with how well Birdo was handling the Daisy Cruiser.
"Awesome job, Birdo! I didn't think you could pilot a great big cruise ship like this so well." Daisy said with a wink.
"Hey, we Birdo are quick learners! We don't just stand around and shoot eggs at our adversaries!" Birdo said. Peach looked out the windows and could see Giant Land approaching.
"Well, we're almost there. I'm sure Apple won't mind us paying a visit." Peach said.
"Provided she doesn't step on us when we get there!" Daisy said. Peach figured she might have been joking, but she still reminded her friend of the way Giant Land citizens looked out for visitors.
"Now now, Daisy. You know everyone in Giant Land is taught to look where they step. Apple will make 100% sure of it." Peach said.
"Yes, I figured. I'm sure she will appreciate our company. Didn't you say her husband was traveling this week?" Daisy said.
"Yep, Prince Hugo is out in Moleville, I think. Poor Apple, always having to stay behind and look after the castle!" Peach said.
"I know. If only we could get little Toadette to be bigger. She'd play housekeeper all day long!" Daisy said. The two just laughed at the thought when 'Captain Birdo' called out to them.
"Princess Daisy! Princess Peach! We’re about to dock at Giant Land!" Birdo said.
"Thanks, captain!" Peach said.

Daisy smiled at her and turned to face the island, but then noticed something shiny in the sea. She adjusts her vision to get a closer look at it, but when she figured out what it was she quickly turned to the captain.
"STOP THE BOAT!!!!" Daisy shouted at her highest voice level. Birdo did what she said without hesitation, slamming on the powerful brakes and causing the ship to come to a stop and push a huge wave of water forward. Peach looked at the princess with a bit of confusion, but knowing Daisy she must’ve had a reason for shouting the order.
"What is it, Daisy?" Peach asked.
"Sea mines." Daisy said.
"Huh? Sea mines? Here?" Peach asked.
"Yeah. They’re in the sea in front of us. If I didn’t see them earlier this ship would’ve gone to its grave." Daisy said.
"But why are there sea mines in the ocean around Giant Land?" Peach asked.
"Apparently someone doesn’t want us or anyone else getting in or out." Daisy said.
"So what do you want me to do? Do you want me to turn around and head back?" Birdo asked.
"No. Something isn’t right here and I want to check it out." Peach said.
"I agree." Daisy said.
"How do you expect to get to the island then? By flight?" Birdo said. Peach suddenly looked at Birdo, particularly its huge mouth, and got an idea.
"As a matter of fact, yes!" Peach said.
"Huh? But we didn't bring any capes or raccoon leaves or anything like that!" Daisy said.
"Don't worry, I've got an idea. Birdo, please meet me at the front of the ship." Peach said as she turned around and walked out of the navigation room. Daisy and Birdo weren't sure what Peach was up to, but they followed the princess anyway.

Once they made it all the way to the front of the ship, Peach pointed towards Giant Land.
"I remember when I was in Subcon... I had to ride one of Birdo's giant eggs to sail across the freezing water and make it to an island fortress." Peach said.
"Ah! Brilliant thinking, your royal highness!" Birdo said.
"Wait wait... can Birdo really make eggs big enough for the two of us to ride?" Daisy said.
"It sure can!" Peach shouted.
"Yes, she is right! I can make eggs big enough to feed almost a hundred people if I really tried." Birdo said, giving a thumbs up.
"Alright, if you insist." Daisy said.
"Birdo, you stay here until Daisy and I return." Peach said.
"No problem! Someone has to stay and watch over the ship, right?" Birdo said.
"Yep, that's for sure. Whenever you're ready!" Daisy said.
"Okay, here we go!" Birdo said. The creature of unknown gender then opened its mouth as wide as it could, and breathed in as much air as it could as well. Then, Birdo fired off a massive egg that was headed for the empty space between the two princesses. Peach was the first to jump.
"Wahoo!" Peach shouted as she leapt on top of the egg as it flew off the ship and towards the island.
"Impressive..." Daisy said as she watched Peach balance herself on the giant egg.
"Your turn, Daisy!" Birdo shouted. After opening its mouth again and taking in a lot of air, Birdo spat out another egg. Daisy used precise timing to jump onto the egg and set sail for Giant Land, leaving Birdo all to itself for the time being.

Daisy's egg eventually caught up with Peach's egg as the two princesses watched Giant Land get closer and closer.
"You know it’s a good thing that Birdo has this ability, don't you think?" Peach said.
"Yeah, but I hate it when my hair gets in my face. I knew I should’ve had my hair in a ponytail." Daisy said. Peach just laughed as the two friends flew closer to Giant Land, and the mystery that reeks all over the place.

Giant Castle

In the giant castle that housed the lovely Princess Apple, several Hammer Bros., Bob-Ombs, and Magikoopas were guarding the titanic grounds, and the titanic princess herself. Standing in front of her, with an evil smirk on her face, was Wendy Koopa, the female Koopaling of the family of Koopas and the most annoying one next to Morton Jr. due to her constant complaining and bickering. Princess Apple was sitting in front of her while tied up to the point where she was completely helpless despite her size, and she wasn’t happy one bit.
"So how does it feel to be at the mercy of us tiny folk now, Princess Apple? You know I was always jealous of you as much as I was jealous of Peach, but not just because of your beauty but also your great size and power. Now tell me where that mushroom is!" Wendy said. She of course was referring to the Ultra Mushroom, the very one that permanently grew Apple to the size she was at today. Despite the fact the legend of the Ultra Mushroom had somewhat faded thanks to the creation of the Mega Mushroom, Wendy still wanted it and wanted it badly. But Apple would not budge, instead shaking her head.
"I’m not going to tell you anything, you ugly Koopa!" Apple said. This got Wendy really steaming now.
"NO ONE CALLS ME UGLY!!! Magikoopas! Shock her!" Wendy shouted. The Magikoopas did just that. When they raised their wands and muttered the spell, Apple screamed in pain as the ropes sustaining her shocked her with 25,000 volts of electricity. When Wendy put up her hand, the Magikoopas stopped the spell and the electricity disappeared while Apple was grunting with her teeth to hold back the whimpering of pain.
"Now I’ll ask you again…where is the mushroom?!" Wendy said.
"*grunting* I…won’t…tell you!" Apple shouted, trying to find the energy to defiantly deny Wendy's wishes.
"Suit yourself." Wendy said.

Wendy was about to nod to the Magikoopas to unleash another shock when a Paragoomba came flying up to Wendy.
"What is it this time?" Wendy said.
"We spotted a couple of people on the island heading straight for the castle at this very minute." Paragoomba said.
"Grrr…it’s those darn Mario Brothers again. They always have to ruin my plans." Wendy said.
"Actually one of them is Princess Peach. The other one looks to be that princess from Sarasaland, Princess Daisy." Paragoomba said.
"Well, it doesn’t matter who it is. Make sure that other princess doesn’t reach the castle, but bring Peach back here. I want to have the pleasure of squashing her under my heel." Wendy said.
"Yes, Miss Wendy!" Paragoomba said. The Paragoomba then flew off followed by a few Paratroopas as they headed straight for Daisy and Peach. Wendy just smirked evilly again while turning back to Apple, who was barely awake from all the electric shocks she had to withstand.
"Well, I guess I get to squish Princess Peach after all. This must be my lucky day." Wendy said. Apple just looked down at her legs and started to cry a bit. Wendy caught this sight and just grinned.
"Ah, don’t worry, Mrs. Universe. I’ll make sure you see her as I squish her like a bug, but first I need to find that darn mushroom. And since you won’t tell me... I’ll have to take this place apart, brick by brick." Wendy said.

Wendy whistled her soldiers, and soon they all split up. A couple of Koopas let the Chain Chomps loose and they soon started going on a rampage knocking down gigantic lamps and vases. The Hammer, Boomerang, and Fire Bros. started destroying all the furniture. Everyone else just went to the second floor and started tearing everything apart up there as well…until a Magikoopa came back carrying a rather strange mushroom.
"I think I found it Ms. Wendy." Magikoopa said. Wendy started smiling very widely and very evilly…while Princess Apple just gasped and stared in horror.
"Well I guess its time for your retirement ceremony, Princess Apple, because there’s a new queen in town now." Wendy said.
"No... please, Peach…stay away from here. I don’t want to lose you too." Apple said to herself.

Wendy ate the entire mushroom and soon enough its effects started to take affect. Wendy’s entire body began to expand, as she grew larger and larger. The growth effect only took at least 25 seconds before they reached their limit. There Wendy stood, towering over her soldiers while look at Princess Apple straight in the eyes (she was still shorter then Princess Apple though) while laughing at the frightened princess.
"Hahahahaha! It’s good to be living large isn’t it?" Wendy said. Apple just growled at her, she knew as well as everyone in the room that she was completely helpless, not to mention badly hurt.
"Now all I need to do is find that antidote, and then even you won’t stop me. Now that I’m a giantess it will be a whole lot easier to find it." Wendy said. Wendy turned to her miniature soldiers as they stared at her enormous body.
"Bring me Princess Peach, and I don’t want her hurt one bit. I want to kill her myself. Got it!?" Wendy shouted. The soldiers nodded, but the same Paragoomba that reported Peach’s presence on the island stepped forward.
"What about that other princess that was traveling with Peach?" Paragoomba said.
"Do whatever you please." Wendy said. The Paragoomba nodded and soon flew off while the rest of the soldiers ran out the palace door’s leaving Wendy and Apple alone in the entire castle.
"Now then I better start searching for that antidote…unless you’re willing to tell me where it is right now." Wendy said. Apple just kept silent. Apparently she was in a state of shock.
"Suit yourself. You’re only prolonging your suffering." Wendy said. Wendy started walking to the second floor of the castle while Apple just continued to stare down at the pavement of her castle floor.
"Please be careful Peach." Apple said.

Giant Forest

In the deep forest of tall grass, Daisy and Peach were continuing to walk towards the enormous castle…with Daisy starting to get a little impatient.

"Man, we’ve been walking through this grass for two hours. How much further till we get to the castle?" Daisy said.
"I’m not sure. Usually it only takes a few minutes to get there because Apple caries me." Peach said.
"So in other words... you don’t have a clue." Daisy said.
"Pretty much." Peach said. Daisy just sighed while Peach couldn’t help but smile a little bit. Then, the brunette walked past one of the gigantic ? boxes.
"So what do you suppose is in here?" Daisy asked.
"I don't know. Shall we find out together?" Peach said. Daisy nodded, and the two princesses both punched the block as hard as they could, hoping it would respond to their touch. Luckily it did, and popping out of the block were, conveniently enough, two Raccoon Leaves. The two princesses allowed the leaves to float down towards them, and as soon as they were touched, both Peach and Daisy were suddenly sporting raccoon ears and a tail.
"Y'know, I still say I look ridiculous with these on." Daisy said.
"Don't be silly, it's not like you're in a stadium full of millions of fans from across many universes." Peach said.
"You're not talking about that Smash tournament, are you? How come I never get invited!?" Daisy shouted.
"Anyway, we better hurry if we're going to save Princess Apple." Peach said.
"The raccoon princess express, ready for takeoff!" Daisy shouted. The two made a run for it, running as fast as their legs (and dresses) would allow them. Eventually, the momentum allowed them to flap their tails and take off to the skies.

The aerial Koopa troops continued searching for the two intruders, but were not only having trouble finding them, but also having problems with the creatures of the island; particularly the Giant Paratroopas.
"Geez, how hard could it be to find two human girls that have bright colors on them?" Red Paratroopa said.
"Well we wouldn’t have this many problems if SOMEBODY would stop playing with the Giant Paratroopa." Green Paratroopa said. The entire Paratroopa force all turned their heads to the Paragoomba bouncing up and down on the Giant Paratroopa following behind them.
"Hey don’t blame him; he’s just a kid." the Magikoopa said.
"Well that KID is costing us time and Wendy’s patience, and you know how little patience she has when it comes to that Princess Peach." Red Paratroopa said.
"Speaking of Peach, I think I see her and the other princess." Green Paratroopa said.
"Where?" Red Paratroopa said.
"Apparently…heading STRAIGHT FOR US!!!!!!" Green Paratroopa said.

The aerial force scattered as Daisy and Peach came zooming by at very high speeds. The entire force just stared at them, completely dumbstruck at what they saw. They then immediately swung around to begin the chase for the two girls. Daisy noticed the Koopa air force chasing when she flew straight through the crowd. She turned her head to check if they were following her, and sure enough they were.
"Oh great... just what I need, a traffic squad." Daisy said. Peach looked back at the dozens of Koopas as well, but instead of getting annoyed she became very worried.
"Wait... those are some of Bowser’s troops. That means Bowser or one of his kids are here as well. No wonder we didn’t see any giant animals around." Peach said.
"Geez, I’d thought he would learn his lesson after we kicked his tail in the volleyball match, but I guess not." Daisy said. Peach looked back ahead and noticed another swarm of Paratroopas flying straight for them, and they were coming from the castle.
"More trouble." Peach said.
"Hah! Just watch! I've been practicing this." Daisy said. She flew up higher into the air, and then once she was flying over the Paratroopas, she suddenly stopped flapping her tails and planted her heels onto the backs of each of the troopas, jumping from one to another as their wings snapped off their backs from the impact.
"Eeeeek!" the Koopas all shouted as they plummeted down to the ground below. Once all the Paratroopas were gone, Daisy flapped her tail and was in flight once more, with Peach catching up to her.
"That was amazing, Daisy!" Peach said.
"Yes, I know." Daisy said, with a smile on her face.
"Come on, it should be smooth sailing from here to the castle." Peach said.

Giant Castle

Using her wand as a telescope Wendy Koopa was watching the two princesses as they flew closer to the castle, and she wasn’t happy one bit.
"Oh they think that they’re out of the open huh? Well they’re in for a big surprise, and I intend to give it to them." Wendy said. She turned to face Princess Apple, who was still tied up, to give her a snickering look.
"Well, it appears that I can’t squash you now without that antidote, but that doesn’t mean I can still terminate you. I know how dear of a friend Princess Peach is to you, and when I give her an old fashion GTS stomping you’ll die of a heart attack or something. Either way you’re both dead." Wendy said. Apple simply looked up at her and smiled.
"That will never happen, and you know it." Apple said.
"Oh really? Well did you forget who’s the top Giantess around here?" Wendy said.
"Do you really think size will grant you the power you desire? It's not size that makes someone powerful, but the size of their heart." Apple said.
"Oh don’t even bother with your pathetic mind tricks. They won’t work." Wendy said.

"Actually, she isn’t bluffing, Wendy Koopa!" a familiar voice said.

Wendy turned around to see Peach and Daisy, both still with their raccoon powers, standing at the window.
"Well that was fast, but you only sped up your death time, Peachy. Time to feel my foot squish every organ in your body." Wendy said. Peach and Daisy weren't scared at all over seeing Wendy grown, in fact Peach clenched her fists at the threat, but Daisy held her arm in front of her. She looked at her friend with a bit of surprise, but knew it was for the best.
"I’ll distract Wendy. You find a way to free Apple." Daisy said.
"Are you sure?" Peach said.
"I saved you from Super Mega Giga Bowser, didn't I? She won’t be much of a challenge even if I were as big as her." Daisy said.
"Wait, you’re the one who defeated Daddy?" Wendy asked. Daisy moved her head to face the colossal Koopaling, and showed her a smirk of her own.
"I’m surprised that you even recognize me, kootie pie!" Daisy said. Wendy growled at Daisy’s smart remark.
"I don’t care if you are a princess or not, you won’t ruin my plans when I’m so close to completing them. Prepare to die, meanie!" Wendy said. She then pulled out her wand and fired one of her familiar Candy Rings at the little princesses.
"GO!" Daisy shouted. She and Peach both took off in flight just as the ring crashed into the windowsill.

As Peach was flying, she headed straight for her injured, giantess friend. Sadly though Wendy saw Peach at the corner of her eye and immediately stomped towards her.
"I’ll deal with you first Peach!" Wendy said. But Daisy completely saw this act coming and made her own move for them. She flew away from the window pavement and got in front of Wendy's huge face.
"No one messes with Peach without getting a smack in the nose first!" Daisy said. She then swung her raccoon tail around, hitting Wendy on the tip of her nose, causing her to back away a bit and hold her nose.
"Ow! Why you..." Wendy said. She swung her wand straight into Daisy and sent her smashing right into a giant flowerpot. Peach gasped at the sight, especially as Daisy lost her raccoon powers, but didn’t stop to look at the scene. She continued her fly for Apple to see if she can help her. She just only hoped that Daisy could finish Wendy off.

The Sarasaland princess raised her body up from the rubble of the flowerpot while rubbing her head.
"Geez, that was one, strong smack. But I'm not hurt... I guess I got lucky there." Daisy said.
"You won’t be so lucky next time ant girl." Wendy said. Daisy raised her head to see Wendy making another swing with her wand. Daisy managed to dodge the wand, but Wendy used her other free hand to smack Daisy straight into the wall making a tiny crack in it. Daisy dragged herself out of the small hole and looked at Wendy with rage.
"Typical Koopalings... always fighting dirty!" Daisy said. Just then, she looked to the side where she saw a couple petals of a fire flower laying down by the pot she had smashed into earlier.
"No you don't!" Wendy shouted. She then used her wand to fire several rings at Daisy in hopes of finishing her off, but Daisy countered them by bringing the two petals together and shooting a strong blast of flames. The two attacks connected causing an explosion that sent both fighters flying in the opposite direction. Wendy managed to recover quickly, but Daisy had a hard time standing up.
"She’s too strong for me to take on at this current size. Hurry up, Peach!" Daisy said to herself. But before Daisy could make another move, she suddenly felt herself covered in a blue aura, and was stuck right where she was.
"Hey... what!? I can't move!" Daisy shouted.
"Haha! You like my new paralyzing beam? Now you can't move at all, and I'm gonna crush you like the wilted flower you are!" Wendy said. She started walking over to her and prepared to lift her giant foot for the old fashion GTS body squishing.
"It’s over pretty girl. I hope you like my high heels, because that is what's sending you to your grave." Wendy said.

Just then a ripping noise came from behind. Wendy turned around in horror to see Princess Apple standing at her full height without the ropes restraining her still intact, and standing on her shoulder was the Princess Peach, still in her raccoon power.
"Thank you Peach for freeing me from those horrible ropes." Apple said.
"Don’t mention it Apple. After all friends stick together, always." Peach said. Wendy was really mad now seeing her prisoner set free by Peach. It’s enough to make an evil villainess freak. She was so mad that she pointed her wand at Peach while forgetting that Daisy was still behind her at her feet.
"Let's see who you like when you’re nothing but a pile of ashes!" Wendy said. Suddenly though Wendy was stopped in her tracks. In fact, she felt a sharp pain suddenly coarse through one of her ankles. She tripped her wand and hopped around the room holding her foot.
"OW OW OW OW OW OW OWOWOWOWOWOW!!!" Wendy shouted. Peach and Apple both looked behind Wendy and noticed Daisy holding a large hammer in her hands.
"You know you shouldn’t turn your back on your opponents during a fight, especially ones who have many hidden items up their dress." Daisy said.

But before the two could wonder where Daisy got that hammer or at least how she kept it hidden in her dress, the two looked to see Wendy recovered from her painful dance and she was staring angrily at Daisy.
"Oh no... what do we do now?" Peach asked.
"I’m still weak from all those electric shocks that Wendy gave me earlier, so it’s now up to you Peach. Take this." Apple said. She opened up the locket on her wrist and then pressed down on the picture of herself and her family. It opened to reveal a small mushroom in it. It was the same mushroom that Wendy used on herself, but apparently she kept this one safe.
"Are you sure? If I ate that then I would be able to beat Wendy, but would I ever return to normal?" Peach said.
"Don’t worry about that part, Peach. Just focus on finishing Wendy once and for all." Apple said.

Peach nodded. At that moment Apple dropped the mushroom over Peach. The blonde princess caught it and soon ate the entire thing. Immediately she began to grow larger and larger at a very fast rate until the Mushroom had its full effect. Peach admired herself at her new size at first, but soon focused on Wendy, and she wasn’t happy at all.

"NO! I’m the only one who’s supposed to be a giantess around! No one else, but me! ME ME ME!!" Wendy shouted.
"I think it’s time you became normal again Wendy Koopa." Peach said. Giant Peach then made a leap into the air (which surprised Apple) and made a huge kick right at Wendy’s stomach. After the kick was delivered the mushroom that Wendy ate came flying out and landed on Apple’s hands. Finally, Wendy crashed to the ground out cold as she began to revert back to her own size.

When Wendy was back to normal, the giant Princess Peach picked up the knocked out Koopaling and placed her in a straw; where she then fired her out of the window and right off Giant Land at blazing speeds. As Peach made a big sigh of relief Apple came by her side and smiled to her.
"I knew you could do it Peach. I just knew it." Apple said.
"Well I didn’t do it alone. I had help from you." Peach said.
"Hey, what about me!? Am I suddenly the shrimp around here!?" Daisy shouted. Peach looked down and giggled down at the small Daisy.
"...and from you, Daisy." Peach said. She then went over to Daisy and slowly picked her up. Daisy looked around with her new viewpoint and almost fell over seeing Peach's gigantic face in front of her.
"Well, nobody can say you didn't gain some height." Daisy said.
"I know. How do you like my new appearance?" Peach said.
"Are you gonna show it to Mario?" Daisy said. Peach just laughed down at Daisy. Soon, Apple stood alongside Daisy.
"I agree with Peach, though. We both would've been goners if it hadn't been for you, Princess Daisy. I am forever in your debt." Apple said.
"Awww... it's nothing, really. But I do appreciate it." Daisy said as she bowed to the giant princess.
"But I do want to know... how did you fit that big hammer into your dress?" Peach asked.
"I kinda learned it from this other princess. I think her name was Zelda." Daisy said with a smile.

After several hours Peach (back down to her normal size) and Daisy made it back to the Mushroom Castle. Toad, Toadette, and Toadsworth of course greeted them, as they wanted to hear everything about their visit to Giant Land, but the only reply they got out of Daisy and Peach was…

"We had the best time of our lives."