Big O Wendy


   "Just hurry up you idiots!" Yelled the Princess of the Koopa Kingdom, sitting on her bed, getting rather annoyed by something we do not know about yet.

   "Just wait!" Said a loud mouth koopa with a scar of a star on his face. "(impatient brat!)" He said under his breath.

   The koopa with a scar on his face looked to his right, his older brother had a almost finished cake in his reptile hands. "Finally!" He said, in a dark voice. "Now all I have to do is.... Bake it for 10- 15 minutes?! No way?!" The blue haired koopa put the cake in the oven.

      Morton, (The one with the star scar.) suddenly saw something was wrong. "Hey Ludwig? What's wrong?" He asked.

     "Morton! We need at least 10 more minutes before the cake is finished!" Ludwig Panicked.

   "What What What?! Dude! She wants the cake right now! If she doesn't get it, who knows what will happen to us!" Morton said, thinking of all the things Wendy would do to him. "Oh man I'm scared!"

   "Just relax Morton! Go over to the party and stall them for 10 minutes or a little longer okay? By then, the Cale should be ready!" Ludwigh asked, hoping this plan of his would work.

    Morton ran out of the kitchen, hoping to give Ludwig some time by stalling Wendy.

   Meanwhile, in the main throne, which had just been turned into a 17 year olds birthday party room, everyone was having a adquate time, Lemmy was playing Pin the tail on the Donkey, Roy was messing with Bowser Jr. And many other things

   Sadly, Wendy O. Koopa, the birthday girl, was the only one not having an good time at this party, mostly because she wanted her cake. "Daddy!" She yelled.

   The King of The Koopas, Bowser Koopa, get off of his throne. "Just a minute Princess!" He said, walking to the little koopa with a bow.

    "Now just tell King Daddy what you want!" Bowser said, looking down at his Teenage Daughter,

   "I want the cake!" She blurted out, angry and annoyed.

   "Now sweetums, Ludwig and Morton are taking their sweet time! You know! To make it the best cake you'll ever have!"

   "But I want it NOW!!!" Wendy demanded at the top of her little lungs.

   Suddenly, Morton Koopa JR. ran into the room. "King Dad I got something to tell you!" He said, worried.

    "What is it Morton? Hey! Wait a minute!! Where's the cake?" Bowser noticed.

    "Oh... Um.... Well..." Morton blurted out. Suddenly, Ludwig Von Koopa ran into the living room. "It's with Ludwig!" Morton said.

   Ludwig was holding a basic looking chocolate cake. "Sorry I'm late! I needed to make it the best cake Wendy will ever have!" He said.

    "Well Sweetums, look what your brothers made for you!" Bowser said. "Go ahead! Try it!"

     Wendy looks at the cake in Ludwig's hands. "Is that the best you two idiots could make?!" She yelled.

   "Well, kinda." Morton said.

   "But come on Sister! Don't you remember the old saying? Never Trust a Book by it's cover!" Ludwig Said.

    "What the hell does that have to do with anything?!" Wendy yelled, confused by her brother.

   "It means you should try to cake before thinking it's terrible because of how boring it looks!" Ludwig said, explaining his statement.

     "Hmm... Well I guess so." Wendy said. "Someone cut me a slice!"

   Lemmy Koopa ran to the Princess, he grabbed the Cake and put it on a table nearby. He then cut the cake into many large slices.

   "And done!" The tall koopa said as he handed the slice of cake over to his sister along with a fork.

    Wendy Koopa picked up the fork and slice of cake. She then pickedup some of the cake with the fork and bit it.

   The Koopa Princess suddenly spat out the piece she had just bit in to. She threw the slice to the floor along with the fork.

   "Disgusting!" She yelled out. "I can't believe you two idiots had to ruin my birthday!" Wendy Koopa suddenly started to jump up and down, throw chairs and other chaotic things.

    Bowser was ducking and covering as his Daughter was throwing the tantrum. "Now wait Sweetums!" He said.

    Wendy stopped. "What?!" She yelled at her father. "What can possibly make a birthday good after a crappy cake!"

   "Ill give you anything you want Sweetums!" Bowser said, trying to calm down his daughter.


   "It is my little cutie pie's birthday today! Of course I will! So tell me, what do you want?" Bowser asked.

   Wendy started to think. "Hmm... Well, you know what I would really like Daddy? To be Bigger!"

   "Wait, what! You don't want to rule America or some other place in the real world?! (Phew, thank god. Doing things like that is so annoying...)" Bowser said, shocked at his daughter's request.

    Suddenly, Bowser had an idea. "Okay Sweety, I'll make you big! Only if you could do one small little favor for me!"

    "Really Daddy?!" Wendy said, shocked to here her dad suddenly say yes for something. "Wait! What's the litle thing you want me to do?"

   "Isn't it obiovus? To get me those Mario Bros and take over the Mushroom Kingdom for me!" Bowser said.

   "Fine I'll do it, anything that'll make me bigger..." Wendy said.

   "Great now! Koopalings! All of you move back as I grow Wendy to giant size!" Bowser said.

    All of the Koopalings (Besides for Wendy!) Moved back a few spaces. Bowser walked to his throne to pick up the growth magic wand off of the wall.

    "Are you ready Wendy?" Bowser asked.

    "Of course I am! Just hurray it up!" Wendy yelled back at Bowser.

    Bowser activated the magic wand by flicking it at Wendy. Suddenly, a purple light surrounded the castle.

   Meanwhile, in the mostly peaceful and exciting Mushroom Kingdom, it was a normal day for the mushroom people as they were relaxing on this fine day.

   With The Mario Bros, the too saviors of the kingdom who saved the kingdom many many times, (Though Mario saved it a few more times then Luigi did.) were relaxing in their home, eatng pasta.

   "Mommia Mia Luigi! How in the world did you-a make a pasta this good Luigi?" Mario asked to his brother.

   "Well a Mario, whill your on a your adventures saving the princess, I take a cooking class back in a Toad Town!" Luigi answered.

    Mario rubbed his stomach, he had just finished his Pasta. "Wow a Luigi! Nothing can a Possibly ruin this a day for me!"

     Suddenly, the door started to knock. "Oh a look Luigi! It's a knocking! Can you get it this time!?" Mario asked.

   "Whatever..." Luigi said annoyed as he walked over to the door to answer it. When he opened it, he saw a very freaked out Toad who was running in place  at the door. "Hey this is a your third time here this a week!"

   "Marrrrio! Luigiiiii! I got some bad news for you guys!" The little toad yelled at the top of his lungs. "It's Bowser's kids again!"

   "Wait a minute!" Mario said. "You mean that Bowser and his little brats are a turning all of the kings to animals again?"

   "Uh.... No." Toad said.

   "Oh, nevermind a." Mario said. "So what's a really going on a?"

    The toad was still panicking as he said, "Its awful Mario and Luigi! Wendy's attacking the whole city!"

   "Wait a, how the heck a is Wendy attacking the city?" Luigi asked.

   "Somehow she got really really big now and she's crushing houses and other stuff!"

   Mario got off his chair. "Well I just a we should check this a out now! Eh Luigi?"

   "Oh... We have to  a go to another adventure already Mario? Didn't we a save the kingdom back in November?" Luigi asked, annoyed.

   "We were saving the Princess Luigi! Not the Kingdom!" Mario said. "Now Let's a go Luigi!" Mario said, running out the door.

    Luigi soon followed Mario as the duo reached the warp pipe that's in front of their house, jumping in it, Mario and Luigi Await whatever crazy thing Bowser did this time.

    Mario snd Luigi jumped out of another Warp Pipe, they ended up in a part of Toad Town, though something was very wrong in Toad Town.

   The Too Plumbers saw many buildings, mostly homes Destroyed and many Toads on the ground injured badly.

   Mario and Luigi ran up to one of the toads that looked unharmed. "Excuse me a, but where is a the monster a now?" Mario asked to the little toad.

   "Oh msn it was horrible! She just came here and destroyed like everything here! She like went over to the downtown area of ToadTown!" The toad said.

   "Thank you very much a!" Luigi said as the two plumber brothers ran over to the street that led to the downtown area.

    When the two plumbers got there, they noticed many toads running away as two giant reptile feet were in the streets.

     The two giant feet kept on walking and moving so it was very difficult to walk because of the earthquakes caused by the feet. Along with the giant feet, buildings were being smashed as two giant reptile arms kept on smashing many of the buildings in the area.

   A huge laugh was heard. "Hahaha! Now If you guys won't tell me where those Mario Bros are like King dad wants me to,  then I'll destroy this whole city!" Wendy, the giant koopa said.

   "Mommia Mia Luigi! It's a Wendy!" Mario said, looking up at the Giant Koopa's back side.

   "And she's a SuperSized!" Luigi added.

   Suddenly, the giant sized koopa turned her back and looked down at the ground, to notice... The Mario Bros! "Well Well Well! If it isn't Mario and Luigi! King Dad made me big so I could get you two plumbers!"

    "Oh oh Mario! I a think she a found us!" Luigi said, scared as he could ever be.

   "I suggest we a run... Now!" Mario and Luigi started to run off, away from the giant Koopa.

   "Oh no you don't!" Wendy started to chase after the two little plumbers as Mario and Luigi ran though Toad Town.

   Though, as the Mario Bros. Were running though most of ToadTown with Wendy close behind, Wendy all of a sudden started to catch up to the plumbers, and after a few seconds, snatched the two plumbers in her hand.

   She looked at the Mario bros as they were trapped in her hand. "Well well well, Mario and Luigi! King Dad's gonna be so proud of me when I return to him you guys!" She said, laughing at the two plumbers.

  The duo were motionless as the giantess started to laugh it them.

   "Well then, I guess it's time to go back to Dark World now! King Dad's gonna be so proud of me! *Snicker!*" Wendy said, she turned her direction to left as she walked her way to Dark Land.

   After all of the mayhem and chaos caused by this incident that will never be forgotten to the mushroom people in anyway at all.

   Meanwhile, at the Castle, which was quite ironically the only place that was unharmed by Wendy's attack on ToadTown.

   Outside of the Castle, sitting on the waterfall was Princess Peach, the ruler of the fair kingdom.

   She was staring at most of the damage done by the giant koopa. "*Sigh* Where are the Mario Bros when you need them most?" Princess Peach whispered to herself.

   Suddenly, Toadsworth, An old Toad that's a father like firgure (Or maybe he is her father!) who takes care of her started running towards her.

   Toadsworth was panting as he said "Oh Princess! It's terrible! The koopa had kidnapped the Mario Bros and has taken them to DarkLand!" He said.

   Peach was generally horrified by the news. Then, she realized that she might be the only one able to save the Mario Brothers, mostly because everyone else is afraid to do so.

   "Toadsworth." Peach said. "Do you have any of those Raccon Leafs left?"

   "Why of course I do! But why would you need those things?" He asked.

   "Im going to Dark Land to save Mario and Luigi!" She said.

   "What What What?! But Princess! Don't you know how dangerous it is over there? After all, you were kidnapped and Locked up there!" He said.

   "I know Toadsworth! But who's gonna save the Mario Bros If I don't?"

   "Hmm.. Well, those Wario bro- no not them... Maybe Yoshi... No, he's on brake... Well... I suppose so. I'll be getting those Raccon Leafs.."

   Later on, Peach was flying to Dark Land by raccon powers she had just gained. As she was getting close to Bowser's Castle, suddenly, behind her a ParaTroopa bit her tail. "Ow!" She said.

   Suddenly, her Tail and raccon ears disappeared, she started to fall to the ground. When she fell all the way to the ground, she was right in front of the Koopa King's castle!

   Meanwhile, inside of the castle, The Mario Bros were in a large prison cell in the throne room with a lock on it. "Great job my Sweetie! You got me those dumb plumbers!" Bowser said.

     "You'll never get away with this a  Bowser! This will somehow a backfire a on you!" Mario said, shaking the prison cell's he's in bars.

   "Yeah a Bowser! You get what's a coming to you!" Luigi said, also shaking the bars.

   "Hahaha! Boy you Plumbers sure do give me a great laugh sometimes!" Bowser said.

   Wendy got a little closer to Bowser. "Now Daddy, get off that throne! Your not the king anymore!" Wendy demended.

   "Wait, What the hell are you saying?"

   "Isn't it obiouvs daddy? The Koopa Conmadments list that Only the Strongest and Biggest may be the king!" Wendy explained.

   "And what does that have to do with anything?!"

   "Im the bigger and stronger one now Daddy! I'm now the ruler of the koopas! This is way I wanted to get big! So I can rule Dark Land and maybe the world!" Wendy yelled, while laughing an evil laugh.

   "Oh yeah! I almost forgot.." Wendy grabbed Bowser in her hand.

   "Hey! Let me go!" He protested.

   "No way Daddy! Your going with the Plumbers!" Wendy opened the cell with her key and put Bowser inside it. After she did, she closed it again.

   She dropped the key on the floor for some reason. "Well, now I'll be on my way to move all my stuff to your room daddy! Bye!!" Wendy says, walking out of the throne room.

    Princess Peach walked into the castle by opening the large gate in front of the castle.

    The Princess was now in the Main Hall of Bowser's Castle. "Hmm... Okay now, Bowser always hids me in his throne room.,, So maybe that's where Mario and Luigi are!" Peach said.

   Princess Peach ran though the castle, and to the Throne Room, she already knew what and where it was. (Mostly because she's been kidnapped a large amount of times by Bowser, so she knows where everything is in the castle.)

      When she was walking around the Castle, she had finally made it to the Throne room, Only to find Mario, Luigi and Bowser locked up inside of a Prison cell!

    Mario and the others noticed the Princess as well. "Princess! How a did you a get here?" He yelled.

   Princess Peach ran over to the Prison cell the Brothers and Bowser were trapped inside of. "Oh... I just decided I wanted to help you guys this time around!" Peach answered. "But why is Bowser in here? Shouldn't he be on his Throne?"

    "I'll tell ya why!" Bowser said. "It's all my damn Daughter's fault! A few hours ago I made her into a giant 100 foot tall Koopa so she can destroy the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnap the two pesky plumbers!"

    "But that doesn't really explain everything Bowser..." Peach said.

    "Hold your Horses Princess! I wasn't finished!" Bowser said, mostly annoyed. "Anyway, My daughter then suddenly decided to misuse her new size by Overthrowing the Kingdom and locking me up in this cell with those dumb plumbers!" Bowser said, finishing his rant.

   "Well Bowser a, we a told you a something like a this would happen!" Mario said, laughing quite hard.

    "Hey shut it you dumb plumber!" Bowser yelled at Mario.

     "Hey stop a fighting a guys!" Luigi said. "What we a need to a do is to get a out of here!" Luigi explained.

   "But a how are we gonna do that?" Mario asked.

   "Didn't you goomba brains notice!? Wendy dropped the keys to the cell!" Bowser said, pointing to the right.

   Mario, Luigi, and Peach looked to their right to see a giant sized key. "Wow, I can't a believe we a didn't notice that!"

     The Princess ran towards the key, she looked at the key. It appeared to be about the size of the Princess herself! "Well, here goes nothing.." She says. The Princess holds onto the giant sized key, and tries to lift it like a weight.

    Unfortunately for the Princess, despite trying her hardest and all of her strengh to lift the key, she just couldn't lift the giant key! "Darn it! Now how am I going to save Mario and Luigi?!"

   Suddenly, Bowser King of the Koopas had an idea. "Princess! Why don't you use one of me magic wands to help you?" Bowser said, in a slightly more nicer tone then how he sounds most of the time.

    Princess Peach ran to Bowser's Throne, nearby the Throne and on the wall was a few Magjc Wands in many diffrent colors. "Hmm... Now which one would I use?" She asked herself.

   "Use the Blue one Princess! It's the one that makes things grow or shrink!" Bowser yelled.

   "Well, okay!" Princess Peach grabbed the Blue Magic Wand from the wall. "Well... I hope this works!" She says, aiming the magic wand at herself.

     Suddenly, large shaking could be heard. "Okay daddy! I finally moved all your stuff into my old room!" A giant koopa's voice was heard.

    To not be noticed, Peach hid behind Bowser's Thorne. (Sadly, she was not able to make herself giant yet.)

   A giant sized Wendy Koopa walked into the Thorne Room, "Well well well daddy, having fun with your new friends?" She joked, laughing at her dad.

    "Wendy! You better stop this stupidity of yours!" Bowser said, angry.

   "Hahaha! Daddy, don't you remember? Your not the King anymore! I'm the new koopa queen!" Wendy said.

   With Peach, she was still behind the Thorne, looking at the Two koopas arguing, suddenly she had an idea.

   She grabbed the Blue Magic wand again, and aimed at Wendy's huge body. "I hope this works..." She says, firing the Magic Wand.

    A Blue Beam comes out of the Magic Wand and hits Wendy in the back.

   As she was still talking to her daddy, She Shrank back to her normal size! "Wait! What?! I'm... Small again?!?" Wendy says, puzzled.

   Peach finally fires the Magic Wand at herself, causing a sudden growth sprout to her, in only a few seconds, she was 100 feet tall, nearly reaching the ceiling of the castle.

   Peach grabbed the little and tiny Wendy Koopa. "What?! Where did you come from?!" Wendy said.

   "Doesnt matter Wendy! You caused lots of trouble for the kingdom and tried to take over your father's kingdom! And for that...." Princess Peach flicks Wendy with her fingers out the window. "That was fun! "

   Peach grabs the key from the floor, now it was about the size of a normal key to her. She then keeled down and unlocked the cell with the key.

   Mario, Luigi and Bowser ran out of the prison cell. "Well." Bowser said. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but.. Thank you guys for saving my Kingdom. When Wendy comes back, I'm telling that brat to move all of my stuff back to my King room!" Bowser said.

   Mario and Luigi looked at the giant Princess. "Mommamia Princess! Your huge!"Mario said, looking at the giant Princess. "So a, are you a ready to be normal sized again?" Luigi asked.

   "Oh.... Do I have to?"