Big Bad Bowsette

(Cubed Cinder)

Bowser wants to get a heads up start before Mario and friends can literally jump in and foil his next plot to kidnap Princess Peach, so he had his army go out and steal as many power-up items as they can. He watched as minion after minion, including his own son (Bowser Jr.) and the Koopalings all walked in holding question blocks, which were piling up behind the main throne.
"Alright! Let's go! Hustle hustle hustle! This time I'm gonna be prepared!" Bowser shouted.
"Haha! You tell 'em, Dad! This is a great idea you've thought up." Junior said.
"At this rate… we'll gather up every single block containing a powerup. Whether it be a Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Starman, Frog Suit, Tanooki Suit, Hammer Suit, Propeller Mushroom, Ice Flower, What's-a-Matter You Suit…" Bowser said.
"The what what that suit?" Junior said.
"Oops… well, you know what I mean! Either way, we take away all the ways those pesky plumbers can power up, and they'll never catch up to us! Princess Peach will finally be my shining bride!" Bowser shouted.
"Yes! Oh, I was looking forward to that wedding!" Junior said.
"You did wash my suit of all that moon dust, right?" Bowser asked.
"Ummm… well… that was their job, last I heard." Junior said as he pointed over to one of the Koopalings, Larry. Bowser stomped over towards Larry and stepped in his path.
"You cheating chump, Larry! You did wash my wedding suit, right!?" Bowser said.
"Y-y-y-yes, of course! It's all spit and span!" Larry shouted.
"Don't you mean Spic and Span, you simpleton!?" Roy said as he bonked Larry on the head and the two chased each other around the throne room. Bowser just rolled his eyes.
"It's so hard to get good help these days." Bowser said.

He then turned around when he heard Kamek's voice telling a Goomba to be careful.
"Hey, watch it, watch it!" Kamek shouted as the Goomba fought to regain its balance after tripping on something, but alas, the Goomba finally crashed to the ground, dropping the question block he was carrying. Bowser had a downright angry look on his face.
"You klutzy Goomba! Can't you do anything right!?" Bowser shouted as he stomped on the Goomba, flattening him as he quickly ran out of the throne room. Kamek, meanwhile, watched as something emerged from the block.
"Huh? Master, look at this!" Kamek said. He and Bowser were soon looking at the same object… a crown with eyes on it and a pink lump with a couple white spots on the sides, which resembled the top of Toadette's head (yep, this is the Super Crown from New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe on Switch).
"Hmmm? What's this? I don't recall ever seeing this powerup before." Bowser said.
"Me neither, master. Then again, new powers are sprouting up all the time." Kamek said.
"It kinda makes me wonder where they come from and how they're invented." Bowser said. He reached down to pick up the crown.
"M-M-M-Master! It could be dangerous! Perhaps you should let me or someone else test it out and…" Kamek said.
"Oh, pipe down, you old nincomkoop! It's just a crown! It probably doesn't do anything!" Bowser said. He then quickly set the crown on top of his head, fitting it perfectly between his horns.
"Hah! See, nothing! It's just a useless crown… probably worth no more than those 10-coin blocks." Bowser said.
"Yes, indeed. You certainly look, interesting, wearing that." Kamek said.
"Whatever. Now get back to work rallying the troops in bringing… Oh…" Bowser said.

He suddenly came to a sudden stop and felt his body rapidly changing from the inside.
"Uggggggh!" Bowser said as suddenly one of his feet gave out and he rested a hand on the ground.
"Master, what's wrong!?" Kamek shouted.
"Something… happening…" Bowser said as his body started twitching rapidly, and he had the painful facial expressions to prove it.
"It's gotta be that crown! Take it off, master!" Kamek said.
"I… I can't! GET THIS THING OFF ME!!!" Bowser finally shouted. That's when Kamek grabbed the crown and tried to pull it off, eventually calling for help from other members of Bowser's army, like Koopa Troopas, Bloobers, and even the Koopalings, but no matter how hard they pulled, the crown wouldn't budge. Kamek finally lost his grip and everyone crashed to the ground on top of each other.
"It's no good! I can't get it off!" Kamek shouted. A bright light suddenly started to cover up Bowser's entire body.
"What's happening… to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!?!?!?" Bowser said as he finally let out an ear-piercing roar that forced everyone to cover their ears. They also shielded their eyes from the bright light.
10-15 seconds later, the light finally died down and Bowser stopped screaming. When everyone looked at where Bowser once stood, their jaws went to the floor.
"Lord Bowser!?" Kamek said.

Bowser was no more. Standing instead in his place was a tall woman who bore a striking resemblence to Princess Peach, especially with the short pony-tailed hair at the back of her head. Her head had the same horns that Bowser once sported, maybe just a tad longer. She wore a black dress (with the top, containing a blue jewel in the middle, just barely covering her large breasts) with a slit on the front that allowed one of her legs to show and wore black high heels at her feet. She had a spiked collar around her neck and also spiked bracelets around her arms and wrists… again, like Bowser had. Also like Bowser, strangely enough, this woman had his spiked shell and the tail coming out from behind (sticking out through a hole in the dress). Finally, she had long, sharp black fingernails.

The woman, who we all know and love as Bowsette, saw everyone gawking at her. Naturally, she thought she was still Bowser until she heard her voice for the first time.
"What are you nitwits staring… *gasp!*" Bowsette shouted as she covered her mouth. Her voice was nowhere as high as Peach's normally would be, but it wasn't as deep or soothing as Rosalina's voice was. As she covered her mouth, she got a look at her human hands.
"My… my hands! My voice!!" Bowsette shouted.
"Um… master, I don't know how to tell you this, but…" Kamek started to say.
"Mirror! I need a mirror RIGHT NOW!!!" Bowsette shouted, stomping a foot to the ground.
"One mirror coming right up!" Wendy O. Koopa shouted from the back as she zipped out of the room. She came back a few seconds later holding a mirror almost as tall as she was; this was so Bowsette could get almost a full view of herself. Wendy held the mirror while Bowsette looked straight at it and got her first look at herself, twisting around so she could see her backside.
"I… I'm a girl now?" Bowsette said.
"It would appear so." Lemmy commented.
"Well, I for one think this is the greatest thing to happen… well… ever! It's nice to not be the only female living in this castle anymore." Wendy said.

Bowser Junior suddenly broke into hysterics.
"Huh? What are you laughing at, son!?" Bowsette said as she folded her arms underneath her big chest.
"Heh heh… I can't help it, Dad. Or should I say Mom now?" Junior said. That really got Bowsette going as she cringed her teeth (some of the molars were quite sharp, much like Bowser's) and embers came shooting out of her mouth.
"Eeeeeps… I'm sorry, Mom. Er… Dad." Junior said. Bowsette then let out one of her evil smiles and patted Bowser Junior on the head.
"It's okay, son. You can call me Mom if you'd like." Bowsette said.
"Huh? Really?" Junior asked. Bowsette looked over herself in Wendy's mirror one more time.
"In fact, I kinda like this. If all of you are so shocked, imagine what every other kingdom will think when I strut around like this!" Bowsette said as she suddenly struck a few poses like she were in a modeling show. Two of the Koopalings looked at each other and snickered.
"Hur hur… she said strut." Morton Jr. said as he looked over at Ludwig. The two suddenly had to jump when a fireball suddenly was shot towards their feet. They looked to see it came from Bowsette' s mouth, judging by the tiny embers coming out from there.
"What did you say, you numbskulls!?" Bowsette shouted.
"Oh, Um… nothing, your highness!" Morton Jr. said.
"Yeah! We were just commenting how at least it's still Bowser underneath that feminine shell. The fiery breath…" Ludwig said.
"The temper tantrum!" Roy said.
"The horns, the spiked bracelets, that spiky shell!" Larry shouted.
"The divine beauty…" Wendy said as she continued to oogle over Bowser's transformation.
"Man, imagine what Princess Peach would think if you captured her in that state!" Roy said.

That's when Bowsette raised her eyebrows.
"Hey, great idea! If I capture Princess Peach, then Mario can't fall in love with her! In fact, he might even fall in love with me!" Bowsette shouted. The other minions in the room kinda cringed, some of them audibly.
"Okay, okay, maybe not! But hey, I can try! I've got the looks… right!?" Bowsette said. She then felt herself stepping on something. She lifted up one of her high heels and saw she had flattened a yellow Micro-Goomba. She smiled to the point where her teeth were on full display.
"But why stop there? Imagine how entire kingdoms would react if I… Kamek!" Bowsette shouted.
"Yes, master?" Kamek asked.
"I want you to make me big. And I mean biiiiiiiiiig!!! Bigger than touching a Mega Mushroom! Bigger than when I stole those Grand Stars!" Bowsette shouted.
"Yes, master! No problem at all!" Kamek said as he started to fly out of the throne room.
"Hey! Where do you think you're going!?" Bowsette shouted. Kamek stopped and turned around, flying back towards Bowsette.
"Ummmm… Master? Aren't we going to go outside so I can cast this spell?" Kamek asked.
"No! I want you to make me grow NOW!" Bowsette said.
"But, Master! Um… wouldn't that destroy your castle!?" Kamek said. Bowsette then rolled her eyes and marched up to Kamek, grabbing him by his robe and lifting him off his broom.
"So? You and the other idiots are so good at quickly rebuilding my castle. Now DO AS I SAY AND MAKE ME A GIANTESS!!!!" Bowsette screamed. Then she slammed Kamek down to the floor.
"*cough cough* Right away, master…" Kamek said.

Of course, Bowser Junior knew what that meant and turned to look at every other minion in the room, including the Koopalings.
"Alright, all you jokers! Let's clear out before Mom wrecks the place! Move it, move it, move it!" Junior said, which made Bowsette smile seeing her son taking charge. All the minions scrambled to leave the throne room. Junior, meanwhile, looked at the Koopalings.
"Come on, you seven! Let's jump in the Koopa Clown Car Deluxe and watch the action from the sky!" Junior said.
"Right!" all seven shouted as they left along with Junior. Soon, it was just Bowsette and Kamek in the room.
"Alright, here we go. Hold still, master." Kamek said as he jumped on his broom and flew over Bowsette. Then he sprinkled his signature rainbow magic, making Bowsette's entire body sparkle in rainbow colors as well. Her body stopped flashing next, and Bowsette was growing.
"Yes! Yes! Bigger! Bigger!" Bowsette shouted. That was Kamek's cue to leave as he flew right out a nearby open window, right as Bowsette's head brushed against the ceiling and she pressed her backside against it.

All the minions watched as large chunks of the castle broke off and flew into the distance. The top half of the castle burst apart, being replaced with a still growing Bowsette. The villainess eventually stopped growing, standing a little over 160 feet tall when the minions compared her size to the rest of the castle. It didn't matter what the number was… Bowsette was big and she was letting all of Dark Land know it with an echoing laugh.
"Hahahaha… HAHAHAHAHA!!!" Bowsette laughed. She watched as her deluxe-sized clown car, which was being piloted by her son and the Koopalings, hovered to the side of her face.
"Mommy? How do you feel?" Junior asked. Bowsette smiled and put her hands on her hips.
"Like a giant, rampaging evil queen. Which I am right now, hahaha!" Bowsette said.
"So what now? And what do we do?" Larry asked.
"What else, you fools!? March towards Peach's Castle and capture her! And have some big fun in Toad Town. You just stay put and enjoy the show." Bowsette said.
"Roger!" they all shouted. Bowsette, meanwhile, plowed through the rest of her castle and took step after step out of Dark Land, feeling the ground shake and buckle ever so slightly underneath her black high heels.

Meanwhile, in Toad Town, things were peaceful like they were a majority of the time (notice I didn't say all the time!). The Toads were all busy doing their things. But of course, that would come to a grinding halt as they heard booming sounds in the distance and the ground shake slightly at first and then a good firm shake afterwards. Everyone didn't have to wait long to see the cause of these quakes, as peeking out from behind one of the mountains in the distance was the giant Bowsette.
"Hahaha! Peekaboo! I see you, Toad Town!" Bowsette shouted as she stepped out from behind the mountain and approached Toad Town. The Toads all went screaming around for their lives while Bowsette rested her hands on her hips, though she did have to lean forward to see the ground past her big chest.
"Haha! Do you mush-runts recognize me!? I'm taking on a new look! Well, even if you don't, it doesn't matter. The end result will be the same… I'm gonna smash and crash this town to mush!" Bowsette shouted as she lifted up one of her legs and slammed her high heel down on a house, breaking it apart and sending pieces flying in multiple directions. Bowsette giggled as she crushed another house beneath her black high heel.
"Mmmmm… somehow this feels more satisfying than being a rampaging giant in my original form!" Bowsette said. She then took her next step over a group of screaming Toads, crushing them so flat into the ground that only their mushroom 'hats' stuck out.
"Hahaha! Don't worry, you'll unflatten eventually… maybe! My Goombas do that all the time!" Bowsette said.

She then got down on her knees and crawled around so she could see a close-up view of Toad Town. It also gave her the opportunity to scoop up a group of frightened Toads, who tried running off her hand, only to have Bowsette point one of her long and sharp fingernails at them.
"Hahaha! The only place you twerps are going is into my belly! Hope you're ready for an inside story!" Bowsette shouted. She tilted her hand back and the Toads fell helplessly into her mouth until she gulped them down. Bowsette, shortly thereafter, let out a loud burp.
"URRRRRRP! Oops… my bad!" Bowsette said as she stuck her tongue out. She saw more Toads running underneath her body, navigating their way around either the giantess's exposed leg or her dress. But when she saw the Toads running in just the right spot…
"Timber!" Bowsette said as she lunged forward and pressed her chest onto the ground, shaking it tremendously and leaving behind a BOOM that echoed for a couple minutes. In the meantime, Bowsette picked herself up and saw half of the Toads smushed to the ground and the other half clinging lifelessly to her chest… at least until she shook them off.
"Hmmmm. I can see why some girls in the Real World want to have chests this big." Bowsette said as she playfully bobbed her chest up and down a couple times. But now it was time to get back to an old fashioned rampaging around. In fact…
"So, you think being crushed or eaten is bad, you mush-runts?" Bowsette said. She took a deep breath and let loose with the flames, a signature trait that carried over from Bowser. The fire set much of Toad Town ablaze, leaving Toads to double scramble as they dodged not just the flames, but the rampaging giantess as well as she got walking around again.
"Regular or extra crispy? Hahaha!" Bowsette jokingly asked.

Meanwhile, at Peach's Castle, Princess Peach and Toadsworth came running out the front doors of the castle… crossing the bridge and looking at the destruction that was in front of their eyes.
"My heavens! Who is that giant woman!?" Toadsworth said.
"I don't know, but she looks kinda familiar…" Peach said.
"Oh dear oh dear. I hope one of our friends hasn't gone evil and rampagy, like Daisy or Rosalina." Toadsworth said.
"I know I've seen that spiked collar before…" Peach said as she continued to look over Bowsette's body from head to toe, black dress and all. As for Bowsette herself, eventually after shooting a couple more fireballs over Toad Town, she looked towards Peach's smaller-from-her-perspective castle. She raised her eyes and showed off her teeth with glee as she looked down at the princess.
"There you are, Princess Peach! Come here!" Bowsette said as she walked towards the castle.
"Quickly, princess! Back into the castle for your protection!" Toadsworth said as he tugged on Peach's dress, forcing her to run back inside the castle. Bowsette just smiled as she watched the front doors close, but that wouldn't stop her as she got down on her knees and thrust one of her hands through and inside.
"You won't escape from me that easily!" Bowsette said.
Peach and Toadsworth couldn't get up the taller staircase when they turned around and saw one of Bowsette's giant hands come breaking through the doors. Peach gasped as Toadsworth hopped in front of her and clutched his walking staff.
"Back off, monsterous fingers! I won't let you take the princess!" Toadsworth said as he fought off each of the fingers like one sword to another. Toadsworth put up a valiant fight, but he finally got flicked away by the giant fingernails, slamming against a nearby wall and falling unconscious.
"Toadsworth!" Peach said as she looked towards the fallen elderly Toad. As a result, she didn't see one of the giant fingernails gently poking her and then the fingers themselves wrapped around.
"Eeeeeeeek!" Peach screamed as she got pulled out of her castle.

Bowsette stood up and shifted Peach around until she was sitting in the palm of her right hand.
"Hahahaha!!! Hello, Princess Peach. Nice of us to get together again." Bowsette said.
"Who… who are you and what do you want!?" Peach said.
"Simple! I want you and I want the Mushroom Kingdom! As for who I am… take a look. Surely you'll recognize me in due time." Bowsette said as she moved her hand around different parts of her body, namely the spiked collar around her neck, the spiked bracelets on her other arm and wrist, the horns on her head, and finally the spiked shell and tail on her backside.
"Bowser?" Peach said.
"Hahaha! A winner is you!! I always admire how smart you are, especially during a party game." Bowsette said.
"But… but how?" Peach said. Bowsette immediately tapped on the Super Crown with her free hand.
"You can thank one of these new powerups my minions stole from the field. Bowser is, as of right now, no more, my dear Peach. I present to you Big Bad Bowsette!" Bowsette said with a smile. Peach, on the other hand, had a cringing face that was basically like 'what the heck!?' Bowsette immediately picked up on this and snarled.
"Hey, come on! There's a lot of weird stuff that goes on around here! Remember Cheese Land!?" Bowsette said.
"Ugh! It doesn't matter who you are, Bowser… or… um… Bowsette! The Mario Brothers will stop you like they always do!" Peach shouted.
"Hahahaha! I'd love to see them try! Speaking of love… I'll make sure Mario falls head over heels for ME from now on! What do you say about that!?" Bowsette said. Peach gasped. The thought of Mario getting cozy with a female transformed version of Bowser was making her skin tingle.
"Enough talk, though! I want to crush some more places while I'm still this big! I've got the perfect resting spot for you, Peach." Bowsette said. Peach gulped nervously.
"(gulp) Where's that?" Peach said. She then gasped as she was suddenly dangled over Bowsette's cleavage.
"Where else!? Snugly between my breasts! At least it's soft and comfy compared to my castle dungeon. Happy landing, princess!" Bowsette said as she dropped the princess, leaving her falling towards her cleavage, which Bowsette made wider as she spread her chest apart.
"Eeeeeeee…!" Peach said, her voice suddenly cutting off as Bowsette let go of her breasts.

Peach quickly found herself trapped between two walls of warm flesh. She tried wiggling her way out of the prison, but it was as firm a grip as you could imagine. Peach took a couple deep breaths of air, what little there was coming from above, and growled.
"Ugh… trapped between Bowsette's gigantic breasts. I can't think of anything more embarrassing… or inappropriate!" Peach said. All she could do was hang tight, literally, and hope for a break… like Mario coming to her rescue. But even if he did, how would he be able to stop someone as big and beautiful as Bowsette?

So now with Peach snugly in her grasp, Bowsette patted her chest one more time and then heard Bowser Junior comment from above.
"Hahaha! That's really using your chest, Mommy!" Junior said. He then got an up close look at Bowsette's angry face as she leaned her head towards the Koopa Clown Car Deluxe, with the Koopalings ducking inside for cover.
"You better watch it with the words, son! You're too young to be thinking that sort of thing!" Bowsette shouted.
"Eeeeep! I'm sorry, Mom!" Junior said, only to suddenly get a light stroke of his forehead from one of the giantess's fingers.
"It's understandable, son. I'm having so much fun not only being this big, but being like this too. I'm starting to see why some women like being big." Bowsette said.
"Heh, yeah! I tend to agree! Now come on! I want to see you stomp Peach's Castle!" Junior said.
"Alright then!" Bowsette said as she turned towards Peach's Castle and raised one of her legs up. She slowly brought one of her high heels down… but once the heel got to within a few inches of the stained glass Peach window (a signature part of the castle), she suddenly pulled it back and set her heel down.
"Huh? What gives, Mommy?" Junior said.
"You know what? I've already brought so much chaos, destruction, and despair to Toad Town. Destroying Peach's Castle would be a bit too much… and besides." Bowsette said, suddenly with an evil grin that flashed her teeth.

"Uh oh… I recognize that grin!" Junior said.
"Why stop here? I'd love to go stomping all over some other kingdoms! Son, look inside the clown car. A warp whistle should be somewhere in there." Bowsette said. Junior and the Koopalings did just that, digging around the clown car until Junior popped up holding a whistle.
"Found it, Big Mama!" Junior shouted.
"Great! Now play the tune while I think of my next destination." Bowsette said.
"Oh oh oh! Where will that be!?" Wendy asked.
"Now now. Gotta keep some surprises close to my chest. Aside from the princess, I mean!" Bowsette shouted.
"Alright, here we go!" Junior shouted as he put the whistle to his mouth. He blew… and what came out was enough to shatter untrained eardrums, as evidenced by the fact that Bowsette closed one of her eyes and cringed while the Koopalings all held their heads.
"STOP THAT INFERNAL NOISE!!!" Bowsette screamed. Ludwig didn't waste any time ripping the whistle out of Junior's hands.
"Give me that, Beethoven!! Watch how a REAL musician plays this thing." Ludwig said. He gently blew into the whistle, playing the familiar tune from Super Mario Bros. 3 (and Legend of Zelda!). Suddenly, a swirling whirlwind came down from the sky… miraculously the same size as the giant Bowsette herself. The twister swallowed Bowsette and the Koopa Clown Car Deluxe (and its occupants) and they all disappeared, leaving the surviving Toads to pick up the pieces and watch as Toad Town continued to burn, and they also wondered if and when Peach would be rescued.

A minute later, Bowsette and his companions regained their vision and found themselves in Tostarena, otherwise known as the Sand Kingdom. Already they could feel the heat in this desert kingdom, especially Bowsette as she wiped her forehead.
"Whew… this place. I liked it way better when I tried to freeze it." Bowsette said.
"What's wrong with the desert heat? It really pumps me up!" Morton Jr. said. Bowsette glared briefly at the Koopaling, but didn't find it a surprise considering he was put in charge of trying to conquer Desert Land some time ago.
"Anyway, let's see what I can smash, crash, bash, and leave a rash on!" Bowsette said as she casually stomped along the sandy ground, feeling some of the sand sink beneath her high heels. It didn’t take her long to find another tall structure. One that was almost as tall as she was, in fact. Bowsette walked right up to the Inverted Pyramid and rubbed her hands along the surface.
"Mmmmm… there's something riveting about seeing a structure almost as tall as the size I've grown to. Why do you suppose that is?" Bowsette said.
"Er… well… maybe just the feeling of that structure once towering over you and now you're as tall as it?" Roy asked.
"Don't look at us, master! We've never grown big like you have!" Iggy shouted.
"He's right, you know! Well, except in that one dimension where we were the children and there was that one time about the Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja…" Ludwig started to say.
"Oh shut up! I HATE that dimension!" Junior said.
"Only because you weren't in it, you dolt!" Wendy said.
"Alright, alright, PIPE DOWN!!!" Bowsette shouted.
"Huh? What pipe? I don't see any warp pipes around!" Morton Jr. said. Bowsette just rolled her eyes, once again wondering about the intelligence level of the Koopalings.
"Whatever. Just stay high and watch the show." Bowsette said.

The Koopa Clown Car Deluxe did just that, flying high and watching as Bowsette backed up several steps (crushing some ruins beneath her high heels along the way). Then she smiled and charged forward. She suddenly leapt high in the air…
"Bowsette Bomb!!!" Bowsette shouted as she suddenly stopped in mid-air, moved into a sitting like position, and then slammed right down on the Inverted Pyramid. The combination of the speed Bowsette dropped down from the air as well as her sheer weight from being gigantic was too much for the pyramid to take as it practically disintegrated underneath the giantess's behind. The ground shook feverishly and it seemed like the BOOM would echo forever. Meanwhile, Junior and the Koopalings all applauded the giantess as she got back to her feet.
"Yahoo! Bravo, bravo!!!" they all shouted.
"Yeah! You really showed that pyramid, Mom!" Junior said. Bowsette then did a bow, similar to what Peach might do when royally greeting someone.
"Thank you. Thank you very much. Now to see if there are any towns around who witnessed that!" Bowsette said as she walked away from the wreckage.

Along the way, Bowsette was tearing her way through the Ancient Ruins, whether that was kicking them down with her feet, swinging her tail casually and chopping them down, or…
"Cannonball!" Bowsette shouted as she turned around and fell right on her back, crushing everything underneath her spiked shell. Bowsette got up and looked at the huge dent her shell left behind, complete with holes from the spikes.
"Hahaha! Now that's what I call a Koop Angel." Bowsette said. She looked up at the Koopa Clown Car Deluxe where there were confused looks galore.
"Get it? Snow Angel… Koop Angel. Ugh… JUST LAUGH ALREADY!!!" Bowsette once again screamed as she clenched her teeth and hot embers came shooting out. The Koopalings and Bowser Junior all heartily laughed.
"Yeah! I got it now! Good one, Mom!" Junior said.
"Thank you." Bowsette said, now smiling and resting her hands on her hips.

She next arrived at Tostarenan Town, a small town (that of course looked smaller from Bowsette's perspective) with a very Mexican vibe. That vibe came to a grinding halt as the Chinchos and Tostarenans all looked up and saw the giantess approaching.
"Hahaha! Hola, you little skull and crossbones!" Bowsette said. The citizens started to run away, only to stop when Bowsette yelled a very firm…
"STOP!!!" Bowsette said as her voice echoed through the skies. She then put her hands on her hips.
"There's no need to be afraid. In fact, I'll make you a deal. If you play me a song worthy of my evil nature, I will spare you all and your puny town. So get playing!" Bowsette said with a smile. The Tostarenans all looked at each other, but soon realized they were being granted the gift of survival if they complied. And so after muttering some stuff between each other, one of them looked up at the giantess.
"Um… may we please know your name, mujer gigante?" one of the Tostarenans said.
"Bowsette." Bowsette simply replied. Suddenly all the Tostarenans jumped up and pulled out their musical instruments, mostly guitars.
"Viva La Bowsette!!!" all the Tostarenans shouted. And so they started playing the iconic Super Mario Bros. Overworld theme in Latin style.

And Bowsette was immediately enraged. She slammed one of her high heels down and shook the entire ground with that stomp.
"NO!!! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!" Bowsette screamed, clenching her fists and gnashing her teeth afterwards. The Tostarenans all scrambled back to their feet and quickly came up with another tune to crank out. Once again it was Latin style, but this time they were playing what was actually the Bowser battle theme from Super Mario World. And this time, after bobbing her head up and down a few times, Bowsette liked the choice.
"Mmmmm… much better. I can get down with this." Bowsette said as she swayed her hips around and then danced in place. The Tostarenans watched nervously as the giantess danced around, coming very close either to them or the buildings of their town, but she didn't smash or step on anything yet. Bowser Junior and the Koopalings were dancing from their airborne ride as well.
"Woooo! Show them your moves, Mom!" Junior shouted.

In between Bowsette's breasts, Peach was already feeling very uncomfortable and the conditions were getting worse as Bowsette continued to dance around. Thanks to the giantess working up a sweat combined with the desert heat, it was getting unbearably warm in her 'prison.'
"Ugh… I'm gonna need, like, a billion showers to wash this stench off when this is all over." Peach said. As she squirmed around once again trying to escape her cushy prison, she found herself sinking deeper and deeper down the mammoth chest. And that would actually prove to be beneficial to Peach in escaping. She wiggled her feet around and felt nothing but air.
"Uh oh… eeeeek!" Peach said as she finally slipped out from in between Bowsette's breasts, falling down between her stomach and her black dress. Peach reached out and grabbed the dress, using it to slide down and slow her fall to the ground. Eventually she could see daylight again thanks to the slit in the giantess's dress, and finally she touched down on the sandy ground… and right as Bowsette was lifting up one of her heels.
"Whoa!!!" Peach shouted as she dashed out of the way before the heel could crush her. With the wide open Sand Kingdom in front of her and Bowsette distracted with her dancing, Peach ran as fast as she could, wanting to gain as much distance between herself and the giantess, hoping she could escape out of her sight.

However, she didn't escape the sights of the Koopalings and Bowser Junior, who looked down and saw Peach running away.
"HEY! Princess Peach somehow escaped!" Wendy shouted.
"Yikes! We better warn the master right away!" Ludwig said.
"Hey, Mom!" Junior said. However, Bowsette did not answer as she kept on dancing.
"Mom!!!" Junior shouted again. Bowsette was now playing air guitar as she twirled around. Junior took a deep breath and put his voice to full use.
"MOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!" Junior screamed. That was finally enough to get Bowsette's attention as she stopped dancing and looked up at the Koopa Clown Car Deluxe.
"What, son!? Can't you see I'm busy having a grand time!?" Bowsette shouted.
"Princess Peach is getting away!" Junior shouted as he pointed behind Bowsette, who finally looked and saw Peach running across the open sand. At first Bowsette thought maybe her eyes were playing tricks on her, and so she peeked in between her breasts and saw Peach was gone.
"What!? How did she escape my booby trap!?" Bowsette said. The Koopalings and Bowser Junior couldn't help but laugh hysterically when they realized the exact choice of words the giantess used. Bowsette couldn't help but cover her mouth when she realized why they were laughing.
"Arrrrrgh… I knew that was going to slip out eventually! Never mind! I'll get that little princess!" Bowsette said as she stomped her way towards Peach.

As for Peach, she knew her goose was cooked as she turned around and saw the giant Bowsette fast approaching. She tried picking up her pace despite breathing heavily and sweating like crazy. Alas, it was not enough. Before Peach knew it, a giant foot in a black high heel slammed down in front of her, blocking her path. Peach looked up and saw Bowsette towering straight over her.
"Hahaha! Nice try, little miss Peachy." Bowsette said as she kneeled down and scooped up Peach in one of her hands.
"Eeeeeek! Help me!" Peach shouted as her upper body stuck out of Bowsette's fist and she was held in front of her massive face.
"Awwww… you hurt my feelings, Peach. I thought you liked being snuggled inside a giant woman's chest." Bowsette said.
"Ugh! Not one who used to be mean ol' Bowser!" Peach shouted.
"Pffffft. You should be lucky I'm not some crazy bimbo who would stick you somewhere more…! Ahem… just for that, you can sit comfortably in the Koopa Clown Car Deluxe with the rest!" Bowsette said. She casually tossed Peach, who had no chance to right herself or perhaps float out of the way, into the Koopa Clown Car Deluxe. Quickly she found herself surrounded by Bowser Junior and the Koopalings who all smiled with glee.
"And NO FUNNY STUFF, YOU NINCOMKOOPS!" Bowsette once again screamed, causing everyone to back away and give the princess some space.

Bowsette then wiped her forehead of the sweat coming down it, and she knew it was from the combination of her dance show and the desert heat.
"Whew… all that dancing and this heat. I'm surprised my whole dress isn't soaking in sweat. I gotta find some place to cool off." Bowsette said.
"Why not Lake Lamode? Y'know… the Lake Kingdom!" Junior shouted. Bowsette smiled and looked up at her son.
"That's my boy! Great idea! Ludwig, start playing that warp whistle!" Bowsette said.
"Right away, our queen!" Ludwig said. With a few toots from the whistle, the giant tornado suddenly reappeared and picked up Bowsette and everyone near her (including Peach) before disappearing.

You couldn't ask for more stark opposites between the two kingdoms Bowsette visited. One minute she was sweating and dancing it out in the Sand Kingdom. Now, she towered over Lake Lamode of the Lake Kingdom, where water seemed to stretch for miles. In fact, the bottoms of her high heels were already touching the 'shallow' water. And she felt more comfortable, not being oppressed by the desert heat.
"Ahhhhh… now this is more like it. It sure beats falling into a pool of lava… and having your skin melt until you're a living pile of bones. Ick…!" Bowsette said, shivering at the thought of what a Dry Bowsette might look like.
"Bleh, but there's nothing to stomp around on. I like seeing you rampage around, Mom!" Junior said.
"All in good time, son. For now, this is a good opportunity to rest and recharge." Bowsette said.
Then the giantess did something that made everyone (even Peach) from the Koopa Clown Car Deluxe gasp. Bowsette reached around her waist and detached the lower half of her black dress. After setting it aside on nearby dry ground, Bowsette then gently kicked off her high heels, leaving her in her bare feet. Bowsette was now, for all intents and purposes, wearing a black one-piece bikini. She looked up and saw some of the dumbfounded looks from the clown car, namely from Peach.
"What!? Didn't you wear something like this in the Rio Olympics!?" Bowsette shouted.
"Well… yes… but…" Peach said.
"Pfffft. Never mind. You all just relax while I do the same for a few minutes." Bowsette said as she walked deeper into the water. She had to walk quite a ways before it was finally waist high, and that's when she sat down, shifting her tail around so it wouldn't be trapped between her legs.

For the next few minutes, Bowsette softly moaned and shifted back and forth, taking in what she felt was the perfect water temperature.
"Mmmmm… this is just as good as that hot tub atop Corona Mountain. The only way this can be topped is… Heeheehee." Bowsette said, grinning as a crazy thought entered her head. Then she looked up at the clown car.
"Son! Koopalings! Round up as many Toads and Lochladies you can in the immediate area!" Bowsette said.
"Right away, Mom!" Junior said as the clown car flew away.

Bowsette relaxed for the next couple minutes, barely moving around as she casually rubbed her 'swimsuit' and admired the water. However, she watched as the Koopa Clown Car Deluxe came swooping back in with a net attached underneath holding a few Toads and Lochladies captive.
"Here they are, Mommy! Just like you asked!" Junior said.
"Good! Now drop them all in front of my feet!" Bowsette said. The clown car did just that as the net magically opened and the Toads and Lochladies all splashed into the shallow water, where they looked ahead and saw the tallest bare feet ever imaginable.
"Hello, my new little friends. Do me a favor and massage my soles." Bowsette said.
"N…n…no! We won't bow to your will, evil giantess!" one of the Lochladies said.
"Tsk tsk. You're in no position to be making demands, little missy." Bowsette said. She then moved a bit forward and pinned a couple of the Lochladies underneath the ball of her foot.
"Now I'm going to ask one more time. MASSAGE MY FEET OR YOU'LL BE FLATTER THAN TOFU PANCAKES!!!" Bowsette screamed, again with embers coming out of her mouth as she gritted her teeth.
The Toads and Lochladies wasted no time, massaging as much of the skin as they could underneath Bowsette's feet. Despite being so much bigger than them, Bowsette could feel the touches from her hostages.
"Mmmmm… feels so good…" Bowsette said.

The massaging went on for a few more minutes. In fact, Bowsette almost lulled herself to sleep as comfortable as she was. Her head recoiled forward after tilting backwards.
"*snort* Koopa Pack, Attack! Huh? What? Oh… I nearly dozed off there." Bowsette said. She then reached forward and scooped up the Toads and Lochladies, along with a handful of water, into her right hand.
"Hahaha! Good work, all of you. As your reward, you get to live inside my belly. Don't worry, it's luxurious enough for plumbers!" Bowsette said. She dumped everyone, who yelled and screamed for their lives, into her open mouth, gulping them down easily.
"NO! You monster!!!" Peach shouted, upset that Bowsette went as far as she did. Bowsette angerily looked down at the clown car, causing Peach to duck in fear from the giantess's huge face up close and personal.
"Do you wish to join your insect-sized friends, Peach!?" Bowsette shouted. Peach simply trembled in fear and didn't answer.

Bowsette, meanwhile, walked back towards the lower half of her dress and snapped it back onto herself, making her princess outfit whole again. She also slipped her feet back into her black high heels.
"Ahhhhh… now that I'm all freshened up, it's time I got back to rampaging around!" Bowsette said.
"Woohoo! Alright, Mommy! Where are we going next!?" Junior said.
"Wherever it is, it should be a bustling place. Somewhere very busy and lots of things going on… somewhere very befitting of my giant stature." Bowsette said.
"Hey, how about that Metro Kingdom you were bragging to us about!? Y'know, what's it called… um…" Roy said. Bowsette immediately broke into an evil laughter.
"Hahahaha!!! That's the one! New Donk City!! Oooooooh… I can see it now… me rampaging around in between all those buildings… all those humans running away from me. It will be PERFECT!!! Ludwig, play that warp whistle NOW!!!" Bowsette said.
"Right away, master!" Ludwig shouted. As Ludwig played the whistle and the tornado reappeared, Peach gulped nervously and thought of a particular person from that kingdom.
"Oh no… Pauline…" Peach said to herself, just as the tornado came and swept everyone away.

New Donk City was, like Bowsette described earlier, a bustling place. Very busy with lots of things going on. Taxi cabs and other vehicles drove around. People dressed in different colored business suits (mostly grey) walking around.
But just like in the other kingdoms, activity came to a halt when these people felt the ground thump and booming sounds echoed overhead. When a young woman looked up and screamed, everyone immediately understood why. Stepping out from behind one of the taller buildings was the giant Bowsette. Most of these people had no idea this was Bowser completely transformed… all they cared about was a giant evil-looking princess was in their midst.
"Hahaha! Just like in those old monster movies… only this time it's real!" Bowsette said as she casually took step after step, nearly crushing a group of people underneath her high heels. She looked over towards a high rise apartment building where she saw a couple staring point blank up at her head.
"Hey, what are you staring at!? Haven't you ever seen a reptile-turned-princess getting ready to conquer the world!?" Bowsette said. The couple screamed and turned around to run off the balcony they were standing on.
"Too slow!" Bowsette said as she stretched out her fingers and swung her hand out at the building, slapping a big hole to its side.
"Hahahaha!" Bowsette laughed as she watched the bricks and stones rain down on the ground. She took another swipe at the building… this time with her tail. She instantly laughed over the severe damage she caused to the structure with just those two attacks.

As Bowsette continued stepping around, unknowningly crushing a clueless young man who was too busy playing with the RC Taxi Cab (which, along with the 'race course,' also got completely crushed flat), she eventually stopped in front of a glass skyscraper and immediately got an idea as she smiled evilly.
"Why bother running from my beautiful high heels? At least it will spare you from the horror of nails on glass windows!" Bowsette said.
"No, Mommy! Wait!!!" Junior pleaded from the clown car, but Bowsette didn't listen. She pressed the tips of her sharp nails against the glass and dragged them downward. The resulting sound was easily 100 times worse than nails on a chalkboard. The entire city covered their ears and collapsed to their knees, cringing in pain from the ear-piercing sound. This included Bowser Junior, the Koopalings, and Princess Peach in the clown car.
Bowsette finished the pure torture and admired the scrape marks on the glass building.
"Haha! Now that's what I call a work of art! And now for the finishing touch…" Bowsette said. She took a deep breath and…
"RAWR!!!" Bowsette roared as flames came shooting out of her mouth, covering the glass skyscraper from top to bottom in flames. Of course, Bowsette didn't stop there. More and more fireballs came out of her mouth and set more buildings ablaze. Some immediately disintegrated into ash.
"Hahahaha!! Remember, kids! Eat more spicy foods!" Bowsette joked as she looked down at a group of escaping school children. Bowsette then turned towards another street and walked down it. Little did she know until a couple minutes later this path would take her towards City Hall.

Outside City Hall, Pauline was doing her best to try and calm everyone that was running past her down. Of course, such efforts proved to be fruitful, but she tried nevertheless.
“Please, everyone! Don’t panic! Running frantically only makes things worse!” Pauline said. Soon, somebody with a red suit, who was actually one of the musicians in Pauline’s makeshift band when she sang her song, stopped alongside her.
“Mayor Pauline, it’s no use! We have to evacuate now!” the man said.
“You go on. I have to stay behind as mayor of this city. Don’t worry about me! Just go!” Pauline said as she encouraged the man to run away. Just as he did that, a large shadow blocked out all sunlight from the area Pauline was standing in. By the time she looked up, there was the giant Bowsette already leaning down and wrapping a hand around her.
“No! Let me go!!!” Pauline shouted, watching helplessly as she was lifted upward towards Bowsette's face.
"Ahhhh… mayor Pauline. So nice to meet you face to giant face." Bowsette said.
"Have… have we met?" Pauline asked.
"Not directly, though I did take issue with the fact you wouldn't sing at my wedding with Peach!" Bowsette said.
"Huh? I don't remember being invited to a wedding between two women. That would've been a unique first." Pauline said. This made Bowsette show a stunned angry look, although she shouldn't be surprised given the differences between herself and Bowser.
"Whatever! You now belong to me and will make lovely company for the princess!" Bowsette said as she casually dropped the mayor inside the Koopa Clown Car Deluxe.
"Pauline, are you alright?" Peach asked.
"Yeah… I suppose, given the circumstances. I think I liked being captured by Donkey Kong better!" Pauline said. Peach couldn't help but briefly giggle, but went back to being worried from being surrounded by Bowser Junior and the Koopalings.

Before Bowsette could get back into rampaging around the city, however, she felt something explode just off her right hip. She looked down and saw a bunch of tanks, or Sherms to be precise, rolling up towards her and shooting missiles that seemed to do little damage to the giantess. Bowsette folded her arms and looked annoyingly down at the tanks.
"You dimwitted Sherms! Don't you recognize me!? You don't rush and attack your master!" Bowsette shouted. The tanks seemed to be ignoring the giantess, however, as they kept on firing up at her. When one missile exploded just off one of her breasts, that finally set Bowsette over the edge.
"Alright, you're asking for it!" Bowsette said as she stepped up to the tanks. As she blocked further missiles with the spiked bracelets on both her arms and wrists, the first two she crushed flat into the ground with a very hard stomp that was strong enough to crack the ground in multiple directions. For the next two, she pulled off her Bowsette Bomb, crushing them beneath her behind. And for the next two? She took a deep breath and engulfed them with her flames, causing them to eventually explode. The remaining three tanks finally got the memo and scattered away.
"Hahaha! That's right, run away! Get some sense knocked back into those pea-sized missile launchers of yours!!" Bowsette said as she stood back up.

Just as she did so and brushed off her dress of debris, she felt something else strike her in the back of the head. And this time… it actually hurt.
"Ow! What in the name of Dark Land!?" Bowsette said as she looked where the 'blast' came from. She was looking at a ragged building roughly half her size about 50 yards away. But more important than that was who was atop this building.
"Woohoo! Here we go!" Mario shouted as he thrust a fist in the air from atop the green Yoshi he was riding.
"Yoshiiiiii!" Yoshi shouted.
"It's Mario!" Pauline and Peach both shouted happily. Bowsette gasped. Her sworn enemy was finally in her presence.
"Marioooooooooooooo!!!" Bowsette roared, causing a few boulders to fly into the sky. Some of them landed atop the building Mario and Yoshi were standing on, causing parts of the rooftop to break (forming holes that would certainly mean a fatal drop to the abyss below).
"We've got you now, Bowsette!" Mario shouted.
"Huh!? How do you know who I am!?" Bowsette shouted.
"Toadsworth told me everything, and he also suggested that I grab Yoshi while Luigi hunts down eggs big enough to stop you!" Mario said. Indeed, Bowsette rubbed the back of her head and saw the leftovers of a jumbo Yoshi egg shell rain down from her hair. It immediately reminded her of when she was Baby Bowser many years ago…
"Bleh… Déjà vu. But still, things will be different this time, Mario! I'll destroy you for good and rule all the kingdoms with Princess Peach by my side! Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" Bowsette said.

She roared out and shot three fireballs, one at a time, from her mouth towards Mario and Yoshi. The two quickly ran around and dodged the fireballs. Of course, Bowsette was dismayed and took a couple powerful steps (causing the ground beneath our heroes' feet to shake) towards the duo before firing another set of fireballs.
"Mama mia! I feel like this is déjà vu!" Mario said.
"Yoshi Yoshi!" Yoshi shouted as he pointed towards another jumbo egg floating via a smiling red balloon towards him. Yoshi jumped in the air and collected the egg.
"Fire away, Yoshi!" Mario said. Yoshi set the giantess in his imaginative crosshairs and shot the egg, striking Bowsette in the forehead.
"YEOWCH!!!" Bowsette said as she stumbled backwards. She rubbed her forehead checking if there were any lumps on it, but no. Before she knew it, however, another egg came flying and struck her right between the eyes.
"OUCH! Arrrrrrgh! What is it with those eggs? Are they filled with lead or something!?" Bowsette said. The constant attacks were annoying her to no end even as she shook them off and marched forward.

From the Koopa Clown Car Deluxe, the Koopalings and Bowser Junior watched the giant Bowsette take a beating.
"Ack! Guys, we gotta help Mommy out! Any bright ideas!?" Junior shouted. Roy reached down behind both Peach and Pauline and grabbed a couple spike balls.
"Yeah! A good ol' fashioned ambush!" Roy shouted. He threw the spiked balls down towards Mario and Yoshi, and the other Koopalings followed suit. While most of the spiked balls were off the mark, some were bouncing onto the building, forcing Mario and Yoshi to do some quick dodging and jumping, all while avoiding any projectiles (whether they be boulders or fireballs) thrown by the giant Bowsette.
Finally, though, Yoshi's right boot caught one of the balls, and he ran around squealing, causing Mario to go flying off.
"Yoshi!" Mario shouted. In Yoshi's panic attack, he didn't see another spiked ball coming and got hit by it, spinning in circles until he fell flat on his stomach, stars swirling around his head and in his eyeballs. Mario tried to run and check on his dino pal, but got bonked in the head with a spiked ball and fell back rubbing his head in pain.
"Yeah! Bullseye! Good shot, Wendy!" Larry shouted.
"Haha, thanks! I learned from the best." Wendy said with a wink. Peach and Pauline both gasped as they saw Mario and Yoshi barely moving around, all while Bowsette was charging headstrong towards the building they were standing on.
"Get up, Mario! Please get up!" Peach shouted.

Bowsette soon towered over the entire structure and smiled over seeing Mario and Yoshi down. First, she looked up at the clown car.
"Nice work, son and Koopalings! Remind me to raise your weekly allowances when we get back to my castle!" Bowsette said.
"Yeah! More money, more money, more money!" Junior said as he and the Koopalings high-fived each other. Bowsette, meanwhile, reached down and dangled Mario by his signature overalls. The plumber was fully conscious again and kicking around trying to break free.
"As for you, Mario, it's time I put you in a nice, soft, and comfy place. At least until I squeeze the living daylights out of you!" Bowsette said. She lowered him towards her cleavage and was about to let go, but suddenly, Bowsette felt something strike her below her right eye.
"OW, HEY!" Bowsette shouted. She blinked to see what hit her and it was…
"What? A Luma? Oh no… that means…" Bowsette said. That's when she looked up and saw a flurry of different colored Luma all flying towards her.
"Ack! Too many!!" Bowsette said as she tried to cover her head with her other hand. The hand that was holding, Mario, however, soon lost grip of him. Mario didn't fall for long as he bounced right off one of Bowsette's breasts (complete with Super Mario World boing sound!) and landed back on the building, right next to Yoshi in fact.

Peach and Pauline were suddenly smiling as they watched all the Luma ambush the giantess and Bowser Junior and the Koopalings all looked on in shock.
"Wow! Look at all those Luma!" Peach shouted.
"Do you suppose that means…" Pauline started to say. Suddenly a loud guitar riff rang from overhead. Everyone looked up to see what it came from. A young girl was floating down slowly from the heavens. She looked a lot like Rosalina judging by the hair, although she looked waaaaaaaay different from her usual princess look. She was wearing a black short sleeved shirt (with her midriff showing), and jeans ripped up in a few spots, namely her knees. Everyone in the Koopa Clown Car Deluxe looked dumbfounded to say the least.
"Rosalina… is that you?" Peach said.
"Yes, Princess Peach. I have returned from the cosmos to assist. What do you think of my new digs, though?" Rosalina said.
"Digs?" Pauline asked.
"It's a new hobby I wanted to try out." Rosalina said as she swing her guitar around.

Bowser Junior snapped the Koopalings out of it.
"Hey! Don't just stand there! Get her get her get her!!!" Junior shouted.
"One spiked cosmic rock and roll princess coming up!" Lemmy said as he and the other Koopalings picked up a spiked ball each.
"Hey, wait! Don't you all want to hear my new riff? It goes something like this." Rosalina said as she took a swing at the strings of her guitar. A loud riff immediately paralyzed the villains and made them drop their spiked balls and hold their ears. Strangely enough, the riff sounded pleasant to both Peach and Pauline, although Peach couldn't help but think it was Rosalina's cosmic magic making that happen.
"Heh… I like your new hobby, Rosalina!" Peach said as she and Pauline applauded. Rosalina gave a thumbs up and then looked at the Luma surrounding Bowsette's upper body.
"Children! Get away and let Mario finish the job!" Rosalina shouted.

Like obedient children hearing their mother, the Luna flew away from Bowsette's face, leaving her with a clear view again, but she was royally ticked off.
"Arrrrgh! I'll burn you all to a crisp! Nobody outsmarts the great Bowsette!" Bowsette shouted as she opened her mouth like she was going to spread her flames around at full power. In doing so, however, she failed to see one more jumbo Yoshi egg come flying towards her face.
"OW OW OWWWWWWW!!!" Bowsette screamed. Suddenly her entire body was blinking yellow. Then, showers of multi-colored sparks came flying out from all around Bowsette. Purple, orange, green, blue, and finally white. The giantess knew what this meant.
"Oh no! I'm gonna shrink!!!" Bowsette shouted. She also was forced to open her mouth wide as all the Toads and Lochladies she ever swallowed from the first minute she grew to giant size came flying out and landed safely on the ground. Soon, the light became bright enough for everyone to briefly cover their eyes.

When the light died down, Bowsette was out of sight. Everyone looked around until Rosalina found her standing in the middle of a street.
"Look! There she is back to her normal size!" Rosalina shouted. Mario wasted no time, acrobatically hopping down the building until he was back down on the street. Bowsette grumbled as she watched Mario run up towards her, although she was still at least twice Mario's height.
"Grrrrrr! You may have caused my growth spell to wear out, but I'll still strike you into the next kingdom! Maybe even back onto the Moon! Haaaaaa!" Bowsette said as she charged forward like she was going to slash Mario with her fingernails. But Mario was always ready to dodge these kinds of attacks. He made a super jump right over Bowsette, who could only look up in awe. And as soon as the plumber hero landed on his feet… he grabbed Bowsette by the tail.
"HEY!!!" Bowsette shouted. Mario wasted no time swinging her around, bringing him back to his battle with Bowser in Super Mario 64.
"Oh no! Nononononono! Please!!! Anything but this!!!" Bowsette said, now suddenly fearing for herself.
"So longee, Bowsette!" Mario shouted as he finally let go, sending Bowsette flying through the air.
"WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" Bowsette screamed. The Koopalings and Bowser Junior all gasped as they watched the villainess flying towards the clown car at breakneck speeds.
"Heads up!" Junior shouted as he tried to fly the car out of the way, but Bowsette slammed right into it, causing it to tilt to the side. The Koopalings and Bowser Junior all tried to hang on, but Peach and Paulina went flying out.
"Eeeeeek!" both ladies shouted. However, they didn't have to worry about an unhappy landing, as Mario caught Peach in his arms from the ground while Rosalina caught Pauline in mid-air, slowing her descent to the ground. As for Bowsette and his underlings, they flew away in a blink of light, with Bowsette leaving one last remark.
"I'll get you for this, Mario! You haven't heard the last of Bowsette…!!!" Bowsette screamed.

Peach and Pauline both gathered around Mario, just as a few other citizens of New Donk City did to applaud the hero.
"Oh, Mario. My hero…" Peach said as she leaned down and kissed Mario on the nose.
"Heehee… I got it!" Mario said as he thrust a fist in the air. He next got a hug from Pauline.
"Thanks for saving me, Mario. And the rest of New Donk City." Pauline said.
"I'm sorry your city got wrecked so much, Mayor Pauline." Mario said.
"Nah, think nothing of it. I rebuilt it before, and I can do it again." Pauline said.
"We also have Rosalina to thank too for literally swooping into the rescue." Peach said.
"Heh heh… I just did what any other friend would do." Rosalina said.
"This calls for a celebration!" Pauline shouted.
"Oh! How about a song I've been working on?" Rosalina said.
"Er… that's okay, Rosalina. I think we've all had enough rock and roll for today." Mario said. Rosalina smiled.
"Actually, I'm a little bit country too. The Luma really love this song." Rosalina said as she played her guitar once more. This time, more pleasant guitar riffs came ringing out. Mario, Pauline, and Peach all stood together, watching as the Luma and some citizens of New Donk City gathered behind Rosalina as she closed her visible eye and took a deep breath.
"They said I could never siiiiiiiiiiing…" Rosalina started to sing. Already everyone was in awe of Rosalina's singing voice.

Meanwhile, all the way back in Dark Land, Kamek was putting the finishing touches on the throne room after using his magic to repair Bowser's Castle (after Bowsette tore it up during her growth spurt).
"There! Good as new!" Kamek said. He then looked out the nearby and saw several familiar faces flying in his direction.
"Oh snap!" Kamek said as he dove out of the way, just as Bowsette, Bowser Junior, the Koopalings, and part of the Koopa Clown Car Deluxe all came crashing through the wall. As Bowsette landed on her stomach, the Super Crown flew off her head at the same time.
"Ahhhhhhhhh!!!" Bowsette screamed, once again feeling her body undergo an incredible change.

By the time everyone regained their bearings, Bowsette was gone. Bowser was laying where she once stood.
"Ugh… that was some landing… huh?" Bowser said. He looked down at his hands and realized his voice had changed again.
"Oh! Lord Bowser! You're back!" Kamek shouted. Bowser continued to inspect his body, and then he finally saw where the Super Crown was.
"It appears that I am." Bowser said.
"But where is Princess Peach?" Kamek said.
"Bleh… Mario and his friends ruined my fun again! Arrrrrgh! I hate him so much! Even when I'm a 160 foot tall woman, I STILL can't beat him!" Bowser said.
"Awwww… no more Mommy. It was fun while it lasted! Right, Dad?" Junior said.
"Yeah, I guess. Still… I'm not sure I want to go through an experience like that again. Kamek, see to it the Super Crown is properly disposed of." Bowser said.
"As you wish, master." Kamek said. He reached down and picked up the Super Crown, only to suddenly feel someone tugging on it. It was Larry, one of the Koopalings.
"Hey, wait up! Let's not be so hasty! I want to see what happens when I wear that thing!" Larry said.
"You!? What about me? I want to see what my feminine side looks like!" Iggy shouted.
"You're both nuts! I want to take this thing and analyze what makes it work the way it does!" Ludwig said. As the Koopalings and Kamek fought tooth and nail to possess the Super Crown, Bowser rolled his eyes.

Suddenly, after a firmer than usual tug from Roy, the crown went flying into the air. Everyone watched as the crown suddenly landed atop a Boo's head.
"Waaaaaah!!!" everyone in the room shouted. Boo, meanwhile, twitched around several times before being covered in a bright light.
When the light died down, much like the transition from Bowser to Bowsette, in Boo's place was suddenly a young woman floating in mid-air. She was dressed almost entirely in white, had a massive chest much like Bowsette did, had glowing red eyes. You and I know this young woman as Boosette.
"Oh… oh my. I feel so alive! Weeeeee!!!" Boosette said as she flew around in happiness. All the other characters stood dumbfounded, including Bowser.
"What nonsense is this crown trying to create?" Bowser asked.
"I… I don't know, master." Kamek said.

Suddenly, Boosette looked sharply at Bowser and hearts came out of her head.
"Oooooooh… Master Bowser, you look so… amazing. Perhaps we should go out on a date?" Boosette said as she floated towards Bowser, who backed away.
"Oh no… nononono…" Bowser said.
"Come here, tall, horrible, and disgusting!" Boosette said.
"Eeeeeeeeek!!!" Bowser screamed as he went running around the throne room, with Boosette chasing after him.
"Don't just stand there, you idiots! Do something!!!" Bowser shouted as he ran out of the throne room.
"Yeah! Don't just stand there, everyone! We gotta save Dad from… that!!!" Junior shouted as he, the Koopalings, and all the other minions in the throne room chased after Bowser and the pursuing Boosette. Kamek shook his head and looked down on the floor.
"Now I've seen it all." Kamek said as he finally flew out of the room to join the chase.