Mona's Big, Bad Dilemma


Part 1

Mario & Sonic, two living legends in their own worlds.  Throughout their timelines, they’ve gone through many adventures, fought many adversaries, and made many friends.  Then one day, Mario & Sonic finally met face to face.  Since then, they have been able to do many things together.  The most memorable moments so far would be brawling each other and competing in the Olympics.  A few months after Mario’s craziest adventure in space, things have been very quiet.  Until one day…


Parakarry flies over to Mario’s Pad and delivers a letter.

Parakarry: Mail call!

Parakarry flies away, and Luigi comes out the house to get the mail.  When he sees the letter, he becomes surprised and rushes back into the house to tell Mario.

Luigi: Hey, Mario!  You’ve got a letter from-a Sonic!

Mario: Really?!  It-a has been a while since-a we’ve seen each other.

Luigi: Wait a minute, and I’ll-a read it to you.  *clears throat*

To Mario,

Hey, what’s up?  It’s been a while since we’ve last seen each other, and things have gotten pretty dull.  So, I’ve decided to come over and hang out in your world.  Plus, I’m interested in checking out the towns and places there.  I’ll meet you at Peach’s Castle in a few days.  Tell her about this, too.  I’m really looking forward to having a blast!

Yours truly,

Sonic The Hedgehog

Luigi: We should-a let Peach know about-a this right away!

Both Mario and Luigi head out of Mario’s Pad and through the Warp Pipe.  After exiting into Toad Town, they rush through and head inside Peach’s Castle.  Once inside, they find Peach coming downstairs, ready to leave.

Peach: Mario!  Luigi!  Hi!  What brings you two here?

Mario: I got a letter from-a Sonic, and-a he’s-a coming over for a visit.

Peach: Really?!  That’s wonderful!  It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other!  Oh, my goodness!  We need to start getting ready for his arrival!  Toadsworth!

Toadsworth comes running towards Princess Peach.

Toadsworth: Yes, what is it your highness?

Peach: Sonic The Hedgehog is coming over to our world to visit!  I want everything looking nice for his arrival!  Announce this to the others and at other towns!  Say that, “The legendary blue blur, Sonic The Hedgehog, is coming to visit our world!  He’s best known for being alongside Mario in the Olympics and must be treated with the utmost respect!”  That’s all for now.

Toadsworth: Blimey!  I’ll get to work on things right away!

One hour later, that announcement is posted on the billboard near Merlon’s house.  Soon, every person living in Toad Town is working their butts off, sprucing up their buildings.  Calls are made to other areas of Mario’s World.  Daisy, Donkey Kong, and Yoshi are more than anxious to see him again and have gladly decided to await him in their territories.  But when the call goes to Wario, he declines.


Wario: No thanks.  I’ve-a got-a better things to do than-a waste my time-a with-a those boneheads.

Outside the room is where the real adventure begins, as a young, beautiful girl is waiting for Wario to come out.  She knocks on the door.

Wario: Hold on, Mona!  I’ll-a be out-a there in a minute!

Mona crosses her arms and leans against the wall, trying to be patient with him.

Wario: I don’t-a care about-a Mario or Sonic!  I’m-a not going over to the Mushroom Kingdom, nor am I letting them in-a Diamond City!  Good-a bye!

Wario slams the phone in irritation.

Wario: My reputation would-a be ruined if-a he ever stepped foot in-a this-a city, especially with-a that-a hedgehog!  Mama Mia!

Mona overhears this and quickly contains her excitement as Wario comes out.

Wario: How did it-a go?

Mona: Everything went as planned.  They signed the deal, and the games are now in production.  You should get your money in less than twenty-four hours.

Wario: Excellent!  You’re work here is-a finished!  You may leave!

Mona: Yes, Wario.

Mona leaves, and Wario chuckles.

Wario: Now, it’s-a time to fire everybody, again, and-a take all the money!  WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!


Mona is driving on her scooter down a street, thinking about Sonic.

Mona: Wow!  Sonic is back!  If memory serves me right, he was in the Olympics with Mario and is well known for his unmatchable speed.  Ooh, I love to meet them both!  *sighs* Man, I can’t believe that Wario didn’t want them coming in here!  He never tells us anything about the other side of the world, and life is already hectic enough for me as it is!  If I don’t get a break soon, I may grow old before I hit 30!

Mona makes it to Restaurant Sora Sora.  She heads inside, and the boss comes up to her, looking angry.

Boss: You’re late!

Mona: It was only for a couple of minutes.

Boss: Well, know that in this job, we go for perfection, so that means that you need to be here on time, or earlier, if possible.

Mona: Well, you know that I’m constantly busy--

Boss: Ha!  You’d do better if you weren’t always moving around from place to place!  You should know that you’re on the borderline of losing your job.

Mona: But sir, that’s--

Boss: (Overlapping “that’s--”) Not another word, or I’ll have you working in the kitchen today, GET IT?!

Mona: Yes, sir!

Boss: Remember your place!  Now, go and wait on those customers!

Mona: Yes, sir!

Filled with sadness, Mona gets to work.


A few hours later, Mona is on her scooter and rushes to get to the Gelateria on time.

Mona: What a jerk!  One or two minutes late, and he has the nerve to act like I broke something important!

Unfortunately, by the sounds of sirens, she just did.  It was the speed limit.  She looks back to see cops chasing after her.

Mona: Not again!

Before she gets the chance to lose them, one cop car pulls up in front of her like a roadblock, and she is forced to stop.  The others manage to catch up, and she’s surrounded.

Mona: Oh, no!


The cop that used his vehicle as a roadblock walks up to her.

Cop: License and registration, please?

Mona: Yes, sir…

Mona gives him her license.  He looks at it and acts surprised.

Cop: Mona, as in THE Mona in Mona & The Hot Slices?

Mona: Why, yes I am.

Cop: Step off of the vehicle, please.

Mona steps off the scooter and smiles.

Mona: (Thinking) Maybe he’s a fan, and I’ll get a lucky break.  Ooh, I sure could use one!

Cop: Do you think that just because you’re a local celebrity that you can disobey the law?

Mona: (Thinking) Maybe not.  Dang!  (Out loud) No, sir.  I’m sorry.

Cop: “Sorry” isn’t going to cut it, this time.  According to your records, you’ve had plenty of problems with speeding.  Therefore, we’re confiscating your ride.

Mona: WHAT?!

A tow-trucker comes by and takes her scooter away.  Mona gets on her knees and begs.

Mona: Please don’t take my scooter!  I’m already in enough trouble as it is!  Without it, I could lose everything!

The cop writes her a ticket.

Cop: Well then, if you want it back, then come with the money and pick it up at the Impound Lot.  Have a nice day.

The cop gets back in his car, and everyone drives off, leaving Mona stranded.

Mona: Aw, man!  Now, I’ll really be late!

Mona starts sprinting, hoping to make it before it closes.


Three hours later, Mona makes it to the Gelateria.  Her manager, Joe, and three of her animals are at the front of the building.  Poor Mona, full of sweat, falls on her knees, trying to catch her breath.  Concerned, Joe runs up to her.

Joe: Mona, what happened?

Mona: *breathing heavily* I…I…I…My…vehicle…is…gone…

Joe: Gone!  You mean-a stolen?

Mona: *breathing heavily* No…I…lost…it. *coughs*

Joe: Catch-a your breath and explain-a slowly.

Mona: N…N…Never mind.  Let’s just…get to work.

Joe: Well, I hate to break it to you, but we’re done with the Gelateria for today.

Mona: What?!  No!

Joe: I’m-a sorry, but you should’ve gotten here on time.

Mona: Aww!  This just isn’t my day…

Joe: However, there are a few more things that I need to take care of here, so take-a your animals and head to Mona Pizza.  I’m-a leaving you in charge, until I’m-a done here.

Mona: Sure thing.  Come on, guys.

Mona starts running off with her animals close behind.

Joe: The poor girl.  She’s already gone through a lot-a and-a could really use a break-a.


Meanwhile, in another part of Diamond City, Dr. Crygor is inside his lab, testing a new invention.

Dr. Crygor: Now, this is a strange device, but I’m still proud of it.

Mike: What is it?


Dr. Crygor: I call it The Matter Manipulator!  I’m still confused at what it does exactly, but I’m sure that it’ll be phenomenal.

Mike: So, what do you plan on testing it on?

Dr. Crygor: Mike, would you like to be the subject?

Mike: Negative!  Negative!

Dr. Crygor: *chuckles* Just joking.

Suddenly, Penny barges into the room.

Penny: Sorry I’m late, grandpa!  Whoa!

Penny trips and knocks into her grandfather, who accidentally turns the machine up to full power and presses the fire button.



Penny: WHAT?!



The machine turns red and starts spinning around wildly before it expands in size and fires a huge beam of blue light.  The blue light bounces at many areas of the lab, like a bouncing rubber ball.  Then, it heads out the window and soars into the sky.  The machine emits a lot of steam and swells back down to its normal size.

Dr. Crygor: It’s a very good thing that I had that window open.

Penny: I’m very sorry, grandpa!  It’s just that I got so excited at testing this device, I wasn’t being careful.

Dr. Crygor: Don’t blame yourself Penny.  Accidents happen all the time.

Mike: But why do you suppose that the beam didn’t do anything to the walls or the objects around the lab?


Dr. Crygor: Hmm…  My guess is that it only works on certain objects.  I’ll have to look into this further.

Mike: Okay, then.  Beginning cleanup sequence.

Dr. Crygor: Not this time.  Penny, you’ll be cleaning up the room while Mike watches.

Penny: Huh?  Why?

Dr. Crygor: I may have forgiven you, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t punish you.  Now, get started.

Penny: Aw!


Meanwhile, Mona has finally made it to Mona Pizza.  Completely out of energy, she limps over to the door and opens it.

Mona: *breathing heavily* Man.  I--*coughs*--finally made it. *coughs*  It’s late, so I’ll…start…tomorrow morning.

She looks at the front counter and sees some letters addressed to her.

Mona: *breathing heavily* I’ll--*yawns*--deal with this tomorrow.  You guys…lock the door…and--*yawns*--good night.

Mona sits down at the front counter and passes out.  Her animals look worried and just do as she says.  The monkey locks the door, and all of them fall asleep.


The next day, she wakes up and hears a lot of noise around the restaurant.

Mona: Oh!  How long was I sleeping?!

She looks at the clock and screams.

Mona: 11:30?!  And we already have customers?!  Why didn’t anyone wake me up?!


Worker #1: We all thought that you were a customer.

Mona: A customer?!  (Thinking) And with these people here looking at me like this, we’ll probably lose even more!  Man!

Worker #2: Mona, what happened?

Mona turns around and sees a bunch of employees looking at her.

Mona: Oh, it’s a long story.  I’m going upstairs.

Mona heads upstairs and goes into an employee restroom.

Mona: Fortunately, there’s a tub and shower up here for emergencies.

Mona gets herself ready to take the shower.  As she washes herself, she starts thinking.

Mona: Man, things have been getting hectic.  Ever since Art & Decko went on vacation, things have been going downhill.  We continue to lose customers to Pizza Dinosaur, and now without my scooter, how the heck am I going to save my other jobs?

Mona turns off the water and wraps herself in a towel.  She looks in the mirror and starts combing her hair.

Mona: It’s also been pretty quiet around here, since football season finished, meaning that my cheerleading sessions are impossible to schedule.  I don’t know if I can handle this.  I mean, this quiet lifestyle is something that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, but it’s pretty lousy, if I’ll I can do is work.

Mona starts cleaning her face and teeth and then gets dressed into her uniform.  She looks at herself in the mirror and smiles.

Mona: Well, hopefully, things will look up today.  After all, I did get a bunch of letters.  So, that should be a sign for good news, and maybe I’ll be able to overcome a bad start.  *sighs* Still, I wish that something big would happen to me today, especially with Sonic visiting Mario.  I’d go through anything, just to see them in person.

Mona puts her other clothes in a closet and heads downstairs.


Meanwhile, the blue beam that was in the sky heads into space, bounces off a few satellites, and heads back down to Earth before bouncing off the pavement and into a few poles.  At the same time, 9-Volt & 18-Volt are heading to 9-Volt’s house when they notice the light continuing to bounce off of many objects.  They both get down as the beam passes by them.

9-Volt: Whoa!  What was that?!

18-Volt: I don’t know, but I think that Dr. Crygor may be behind this!

9-Volt: Well, whatever it was, we can’t worry about it right now.  We need to get going.

18-Volt: Word, P1!

As they walk off, the beam continues to bounce off of many different objects as it heads into Diamond City.


Mona: Hi, everyone.  Sorry, about what happened earlier.

While walking downstairs, Mona looks around and is surprised to find very few customers and even less employees in the building.

Worker #1: Bad news, Mona.  While you were up there, a few more of our employees have switched over to Pizza Dinosaur.

Mona: You’re kidding!

Worker #2: I wish.  On top of that, more of our customers have left, too.  All this happened because you made the news.

Worker #1: It stated that you had a run-in with the law and your scooter impounded.  You even made the front page of The Weekly Wario.

The worker hands Mona the newspaper.  The headline reads…





Mona starts getting irritable, but tries her best not to show it.  However, when she goes to read her letters, she blows her top, as the letters were nowhere near pleasant.  Every letter that she got was from her jobs, and they’re nothing but pink slips.

Mona: WHAT?!  I can’t believe these letters!  “Fired for always being in a rush.” “Fired for always showing up late.”  So what?!  It’s not that big of a deal!  “Fired due to bad business.”  I can’t believe that Joe would do this to me!  And then there’s this one!  “Fired just because I said so!”  AUUGGHH!!  WARIO!!!

Mona, in anger, tears up her letters and the newspaper, throws them on the floor, and continues to stomp on them.

Worker #1: Hey, Mona.  We’re taking the day off.

Mona: WHAT?!  YOU CAN’T!!

Worker #2: Actually, we quit.  We’re hardly making any money, and Pizza Dinosaur seems to be taking all of our old customers.

Mona looks at them with narrow eyes and an ice-cold stare.

Mona: You two plan on switching sides, don’t you?

Both workers become nervous.

Worker: #1: Uh…

Worker #2: Bye.  Give Joe our regards.

Both workers leave in a hurry.  The few customers that Mona has look at her, as the poor girl moans and tries to contain her anger.

Customer #1: Look at that vein on her head.

Customer #2: She’s about to explode.

Customer #3: You can’t blame her.  She’s been moving from one place to another with her rock band, multiple jobs, and making games for Wario.  Now, she’s been hitting rock bottom.

Customer #4: I don’t know why she continues working for him.  He never pays anyone anything.

Customer #5: Yeah, it’s ridiculous.

Customer #6: Poor girl.  She was overwhelmed with work.  Now, she’s overwhelmed with stress.

Customer #7: Well it’s a good thing she ain’t as big as Wario, otherwise we’d all have a reason to be afraid of her.

The customers laugh.  Mona turns at them with fire in her eyes.

Mona: Were you guys saying something just now?

All the customers instantly get back to their business, as Mona stomps off upstairs.


The beam continues to bounce off of many objects as it heads toward Mona Pizza.


Mona comes downstairs in her normal attire and speaks to her pig, monkey, & elephant.

Mona: I’m stepping out for a few minutes.  Make sure that nothing happens to this place while I’m gone.

The animals nod their heads.  Suddenly, without warning, the beam heads inside Mona Pizza through an open window.  The customers start panicking and hiding underneath tables.  The beam bounces off of many walls at an incredibly fast speed, and then hits Mona.  She screams and starts flashing in many bright colors.

Mona: What’s happening?!  I feel funny…

Her body stops flashing.  Then, it starts expanding.

Mona: Everything’s getting smaller.  What’s going on?!  Am I growing?!

Suddenly, her head his the ceiling and she realizes the truth.

Mona: *screams* Oh, no!  I AM growing!

As she speaks, her voice echoes.  All the people start running out of the building and away.

Mona: Wait!  I need help!  I’m still getting bigger!

In no time at all, she crashes through the rooms above until her head and shoulders pop out of the building.


The people outside see her and start running away.  Even her animals refuse to stick around.  Mona sees everything and becomes angry.  In fact, she gradually gets to her boiling point as she continues growing.

Mona: *groans* Man, I can’t believe this!  I get fired from all of my jobs!  I don’t know why!  I was always on time!  I always did my work effectively!  So what if I’m in a rush?!  As long as the job is done properly!  That’s what should always count!  Yet that wasn’t good enough for those ungrateful rodents!  And as far as being late, it’s always about one or two minutes late, yet they have the nerve to make it THAT big of a deal!

Mona starts moving her arms, causing the building to shake and crumble as she tries to break free.

Mona: My band is on vacation and football season is finished, leaving me with hardly anything to do!  It’s boring if all I can do is work, which is impossible right now because of all those skunks that fired me, and the cops having my scooter impounded!!

Mona gets her hands free.  People continue running away from the buildings and the falling debris.

Mona: And Wario!!  Wario!!!  I’ve done so much work for him, yet he never pays me one red cent.  Now, that pompous rat has the nerve to fire me for no reason, again!!!

Mona’s face turns red, and her teeth are clenched.  She manages to break free from the restaurant and outgrows it, causing it to crumble and be destroyed.  She finally stops growing and is now 90 ft. tall, making her bigger than just about every building in Diamond City.  She wipes herself clean and looks down at her former restaurant, which is now a pile of rubble.


Her loud voice causes the entire area to rumble very violently.  The remaining people still hanging around cover their ears and run away.


Meanwhile, at Pizza Dinosaur, it’s unusually packed inside.  The employees are on the top floor discussing things.

Worker #1: Wow!  We seem to be getting even more customers than usual!

Worker #2: Maybe it has to do with all that rumbling and racket from outside.  It was incredibly loud.

Worker #1: Yeah, for a minute, I thought my ears were going to explode.

Boss: Oh, well.  The more customers we get, the better our business gets.

Suddenly, the whole ground shakes like crazy, and lights inside the building start flickering.  One of the workers takes a look out the window, and runs over to the boss.

Boss: What’s going on out there?!

Worker #1: I don’t know!


Boss: What’s wrong?

Worker #1: We don’t have enough workers to support this many customers?

Worker #2: Are we short on supplies?



Boss & Workers #1 & #2: Huh?


The whole building starts shaking like crazy, and the roof starts cracking.  Then, a bright light engulfs the roof and Mona’s huge face stares down at them with an evil smile.


Worker #1: YOU’RE ASKING US?!

Mona: *laughs* Hello, boys.  It’s a common fact that the Tyrannosaurus Rex is considered to be the most powerful dinosaur of all time.

Her voice can be heard throughout the entire restaurant.  People can see different parts of her body through the windows and start panicking and running out of the restaurant and away from the titanic teenager.

Mona: I’m sure that the T-Rex has gotten itself a major part in your restaurant by becoming the name of your largest pies or something like that.

Boss: So what?

Mona snatches the boss with her left hand.


Mona: You watch your mouth, and don’t interrupt me!

Workers #1, #2, & #3: BOSS!

Mona: Anyway, what that powerful dinosaur has done in his timeline is nothing compared to what I’m about to do right now!

Mona grabs the three workers with her right hand and dangles them all upside-down.

Mona: I hope that you all enjoy going down with you restaurant! *laughs*

Mona drops them back into the restaurant and grabs the building.  She tears it in half and throws the top half to the ground.  It crumbles, and the employees are all unconscious.

Mona: Well, that felt good.

Then, she kicks the lower half, crumbling it into dust and broken debris.

Mona: *giggles* Cool!

She looks down at the employees.

Mona: And this is only the beginning!

She starts walking off.  Each step she takes causes the ground to shake.  The people around are all running scared of the new terror that looms over Diamond City.

Civilian #1: RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!

Civilian #2: MONSTER!!

She punches through a few buildings, crumbling them as her arms go through.  She also kicks over a few cars without even caring.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.  Then, she sees a familiar building in the distance.

Mona: Ah, the Gelateria.  My next stop.

Part 2

Meanwhile, Joe is getting ready to leave.

Joe: Now that I’ve-a managed to clean out the place, it’s-a time to close it down.

Just then, the ground starts shaking like crazy.

Joe: W-What the heck is-a that?!  An earthquake?!

After a few loud tremors, things get quiet.

Joe: It stopped.  Maybe someone’s moving in.

Joe steps into the front room.

Joe: Well, better take-a one last look at this-a place.

Then, he notices a gigantic, round, blue object looking at him through the front window and gets startled.  Little does he know that it’s really an eyeball.

Joe: Mama Mia!  What in the world is-a that?!

A giant hand crashes through the front door and grabs him.

Joe: AAAHH!!!  LET ME GO!!

The hand brings him all the way up to the sky, and he sees Mona’s huge face in an unhappy mood.

Joe: M-M-MONA!?!?  B-B-BUT HOW--

Mona: Joe, you and I have been friends for a long time.  So why did you fire me?!

Joe: Didn’t you get-a my letter?!

Mona: Yeah, I was fired because of bad business!

Joe: I was-a planning on closing down this-a place for good, because-a you’re constantly busy with-a your other jobs and-a we’ve already got other areas to worry about, especially with-a Mona Pizza!  In other words, I did this-a for you!

Mona raises an eyebrow.

Mona: Really?

Joe nods, and Mona smiles.  Joe wonders what that smile could mean and sweats nervously.

Mona: Then allow me to speed up the process.

Mona raises her left foot.

Joe: What are you doing?!

Mona lowers it down on the building, turning it into a pile of rubble.

Mona: *laughs* Awesome!  Now, to destroy the next place!

Joe: What?!

She then places Joe on top of a nearby building.

Mona: Since you did this for me, I’ll let you go, this time.  Just be sure that next time, I get the whole story in advance.  Bye!

Mona winks at him and walks away.  Joe is puzzled.

Joe: Now, I really need a vacation!  I’d better get to the airport!


Mona continues her rampaging destruction by tearing off a few lampposts and bending them with her thumbs.  Then, she throws them into two tall buildings, causing them to crash down and crumble to the ground.  She looks down and notices all the little people running in fear of her, pointing and screaming in terror.

Civilian #3: GODZILLA!

Civilian #4: NO, BIG LADY!


Mona smiles as she continues walking through the streets, observing everything around her.

Mona: (To herself) Wow!  Now I really understand how this feels!  It’s like viewing the world from a different point of view, and what a view this is!  And the way these people run in fear of me and the strength that I possess is incredible!  (Out loud) *giggles* This is fun!

She sees another familiar building in the distance.

Mona: Oh, there’s Restaurant Sora Sora!

Mona walks toward the place and tears the roof off.

Mona: Hmm.  No one’s inside, I see.

Mona takes her right hand and punches through the building.

Mona: *sighs* Too bad.  Smashing that building would’ve been a lot much more fun if there were people inside to terrorize.  Oh, well.

Mona continues her rampaging destruction, smashing many cars, buildings, and other objects along the way.  All the while, the civilians are doing whatever it takes to get away from the giant gal.  Even men and certain boys that she knew, who would normally take advantage of this and stare at her magnificent beauty, refused to stay around.  That’s how dangerous she was considered.  Needless to say, Mona was enjoying every minute of this.

Mona: *laughs* This rocks!


Meanwhile, Wario is inside his house, enjoying some time in front of the TV.

Wario: *laughs* This-a show is hilarious!  It’s always nice-a to know that-a there are-a much bigger losers out-a there!  Although why should-a they make easy money just-a for acting stupid or cute-a?

Without warning, the TV-show changes.

Ken The Reporter: We interrupt this program for an emergency broadcast!  Something humongous is terrorizing the streets of Diamond City and destroying just about anything in sight!  We’re viewing the scene, live from the sky as the gigantic creature breaks into Pop Star, Vanessa’s Mansion!

The TV shows Mona breaking into Vanessa’s house.  She grabs Vanessa and has an evil smile on her face.

Vanessa: *screams* LET ME GO!  LET ME GO!

Mona: If I remember correctly, you once tried to ambush me.  Well, I should give you a nice long trip to repay you.

Ken The Reporter: It seems that the gigantic figure has Vanessa and…it’s throwing her into the sky!  Vanessa has disappeared!  Now, it’s kicking the building and turning it into scrap!  Ladies and gentlemen, I strongly suggest that all those who are still in Diamond City should leave immediately!  Fortunately, there have been no casualties so far, but it would be wise not to take any chances!

Mona: Now, it’s Wario’s turn!

Wario manages to hear this and becomes shocked!

Wario: WHAT?!

Mona sees the camera and smiles.

Ken The Reporter: Oh, no!  The monster’s spotted us!

Mona starts laughing, and Wario is able to recognize the giantess.

Wario: IT’S-A MONA!

Ken The Reporter: She’s coming towards us!  Charlie, get us out of here!

Unfortunately for them, Mona was easily able to swat them out of the sky with her left hand, and they crash-land into the ground.  Mona sees the news people move out of the copter.  She walks up to them and starts taping her foot, causing the ground to shake.   The people in the copter look up at her and run away.  Mona looks down and sees the news camera pointing up at her, still on.  She kneels down with a smile on her face and starts speaking.  From Wario’s TV, it looks like she’s speaking down at everybody with the camera being at the lowest point of view.

Mona: You little bugs better watch what you get your noses into, otherwise, you may end up on the receiving end of my rampage.

Mona stands up, raises her right foot, and smashes the camera.  It causes Wario’s TV to receive static.  He turns it off.

Wario: She’s-a probably mad at-a me for that-a letter!  But how did-a she get-a so big?!  Well, whatever the reason, I’ve-a got to get out of here-a, fast!  I think that I’ll head-a to the Mushroom Kingdom.  It-a should be the safest place since no one in-a Diamond City knows about it-a.

Wario gets his things together very quickly and drives away.

Wario: Good-a thing that I never keep-a anything valuable in-a my house or my office-a.  Now, let’s-a see what-a Waluigi is up to.  It’s been a while since-a we’ve seen each other.


Meanwhile, Mona continues with her destruction.  She jumps into a building, and it instantly gets destroyed.  Then, she walks out and starts tearing off signposts and throwing them into other buildings, causing them to crumble and fall.  She looks around and notices something strange.

Mona: Hmm.  Things are getting pretty quiet.  I guess that my presence and warning has forced the little people to run away. *giggles*

Mona turns her head and notices a very familiar building in the distance.

Mona: There it is!  WarioWare, Inc.!  Time to pay him a visit!

Mona goes to the building while walking through a few others.  She tears off the roof, but finds no one there.

Mona: Hmm.  Maybe he’s at his house.  It’s not too far from here.

Mona stomps over to Wario’s house.  During the walk, she also passes by Kat & Ana’s place, but doesn’t notice it.


However, the ninja twins notice the huge tremors that came and went.  They step outside the house to investigate.

Kat: What was that?

Ana: I don’t know, but it felt like an earthquake.  Should we check it out?

Kat: Sure thing, but let’s stay hidden until we know what we’re dealing with.

Ana: Right.

Kat & Ana move outside and start heading towards Mona.


Meanwhile, Mona has made it to Wario’s house.  She gets on her knees and knocks on the door with her left index finger.

Mona: Wario, are you there?  Open up!

Mona lies down on her front and looks through the windows.  She sees nobody.

Mona: Okay, you asked for it!

Mona tears off the roof and throws it aside.


In the distance, the roof that Mona threw almost hits Kat & Ana, but barley misses them.  However, it still took them by surprise.

Kat: That was too close!

Ana: What the heck is that?!  Should we strike it down?!

Kat: Hold on, that monster looks very familiar.

They watch the gigantic girl stand up to her full height.  It is then that they instantly recognize her and become shocked.

Ana: I-Is that Mona?!

Kat: H-How did she get that big?!

Ana: Your guess is good as mine!

9-Volt: It was Dr. Crygor.

Kat & Ana turn around and see 9-Volt & 18-Volt.

18-Volt:  The doctor must’ve been testing some new invention of his.

9-Volt: I guess that Mona becoming huge was the result of it.

Kat: How do you two know this?

9-Volt: When that beam was shot, we saw it bounce around the street we were in.  Since Dr. Crygor is the only guy we know that deals with stuff like that, it had to be his doing.

18-Volt: I’m surprised it didn’t make anything else big.  Anyway, what brings you two out here?

Kat: We came to see what the commotion was all about.

Ana: We never guessed that Mona would be the cause behind all of this.  What about you guys?

Kat: Yeah.  Why have you been following Mona around?

9-Volt: We wanted to see what she’s been up to.

18-Volt: What do you mean “we”?!  I didn’t want to be out here!

9-Volt: Relax.  I’m sure that she won’t hurt us.  (Thinking) I hope…

All four of them turn to see what Mona’s doing.


Mona: *groans* He’s not here, either and probably ran off to a place where he thinks I’ll never find him!


9-Volt: She’s probably talking about the Mushroom Kingdom.

18-Volt: Wario always heads there and never tells us anything about it.

Ana: We should go with her.  I don’t want the Mushroom Kingdom suffer the same fate as Diamond City just did.

Kat: Agreed.


Mona: I think that this is a perfect time for me to take a vacation, myself.  With Sonic visiting Mario, and me being this big, it should turn out to be a lot of fun. *giggles*

Mona looks at the sky with a smile.

Mona: Someone up there must’ve been answering my prayers, today. *giggles*  Thank you.

Then, she turns around and finds a surprise.


18-Volt: What?!  Sonic’s coming back?!

9-Volt: Awesome!  Now, I’M anxious to go!

18-Volt: Word!

Kat: Huh?

Ana: What do you mean?

During the conversation, a huge shadow engulfs them, and all of them are unaware of it.

18-Volt: Don’t you two know anything?

9-Volt: Sonic is known as the blue hedgehog that teamed up with Mario in the Olympics.

Mona: So, I find all four of you spying on me!

All four of them look up to see Mona’s huge face looking down at them with a playful smile.

Kat, Ana, 9-Volt, & 18-Volt: MONA!!

Part 3

Kat: But how did you manage to sneak up on us without making any noise?

Mona: I crawled over here.  I’m surprised that none of you noticed me.  Anyway, it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, girls.

Kat: Uh, yeah.

Ana: But why are you doing this?


Mona: Oh, I was just letting off some steam.

Kat & Ana: WHAT?!

18-Volt: By terrorizing the entire city?!

9-Volt: I’ve also noticed a pattern of destruction going on while you were on your rampage.  First was Pizza Dinosaur, then the Gelateria, then Restaurant Sora Sora, and your last stop was at Vanessa’s place.

Mona: Now, it’s Wario’s turn!  I’ve been working my butt off for him, and he stubbornly refuses to pay me any money, time and time again!  Now, he fires me, yet again, just so he can keep all the cash!  Well, I’ve had enough!  I’m going to find that greedy punk and make him pay in more ways than one!  But first--

Mona grabs 9-Volt in her left hand and 18-Volt in her right hand.

9-Volt: What are you doing?!

Mona doesn’t say anything.  She just continues to giggle and look at them with a mischievous smile.  Both gamers become scared.

9-Volt: P2?


18-Volt: What up, P1?

9-Volt: I’m now regretting not taking your advice about hanging close to Mona.

18-Volt: I’m now regretting not ditching you when I had the chance.

Mona: And I’m now regretting not eating anything before I became big.

9-Volt & 18-Volt: OH, NO!!

Mona throws both of them in her mouth and moves them around in every direction with her tongue.  At the same time, the gamers are doing their best to avoid her humongous teeth from mashing them to pieces.  The ninja twins are shocked at this, thinking that she plans on swallowing them.

Kat: Mona, stop!

Ana: This isn’t like you at all!

Mona spits both gamers out into her hands.  Both of them are covered in saliva and dazed.  She giggles at her satisfaction, then looks down and sees Kat & Ana standing on her right boot.

Kat: You’ve done more than enough damage for one day!

Ana: We can understand your anger, because we’ve gone through this with Wario, too!  But taking it out on all of these innocent people is pointless!

Mona: Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do!

Mona kicks them off.

Mona: Besides, I wasn’t really planning on eating them.  I was just having fun. *laughs*

After recovering, Kat gets angry and wields her sword.

Kat: Okay, you asked for it!

Ana: Kat, no!  She’s our friend!

Kat: No, she’s not!  She’s a monster!  Her new size has completely messed with her head, and she’s gone mad with power!

Mona looks down at them with a cold stare.  The twins get in battle positions, assuming that Mona plans on crushing all of them.  However, after a few seconds, Mona changes her attitude.

Mona: *sighs* Fine.  I was planning on bringing you two with me, but if that’s how you’re going to act, then I guess I’ll go by myself.

Mona throws 9-Volt & 18-Volt aside.

9-Volt & 18-Volt: WWHHOOAA!!!

Kat and Ana make a dash for the two gamers.  Kat catches 9-Volt, and 18-Volt lands on Ana.

Kat: Are you two okay?


18-Volt: I’m fine.  What about you, P1?

9-Volt: I’m okay.

Ana: Swell, now can you please get off of me?

18-Volt: Oh.  Sure thing.

18-Volt stands up, and Ana wipes the dust off of her.

Ana: Yuck!  My back is covered in saliva!

Kat: Deal with it.  My hands are, too.  No thanks to that mega-sized Mona!

Mona: Hmph.  I am so out of here.  Bye.

Mona starts walking away.

9-Volt: There’s no way I’m missing this chance!

18-Volt: P1, no!  It’s not worth it!

9-Volt: There’s no way I’m missing this chance!!

9-Volt runs up to Mona and jumps onto her white coat, hanging on tight.

Ana: He is seriously determined about this.

Kat: In that case, we should hitch a ride, too.

18-Volt: I’m going as well.  There’s no way I’m going to abandon him, even if it means having to face Mona again.

Kat: Then let’s all take a ride.

All three of them run up to Mona’s coat and hitch a ride.

9-Volt: Kat?  Ana?  P2?

18-Volt: There’s no way I’m leaving you behind to have all the fun, P1.

9-Volt: Thanks, P2!

18-Volt: Plus, if Sonic’s going to be there, then it’ll really be worth it.

9-Volt: Oh, yeah!

Kat: What do you mean?  And what else could you tell us about him?


9-Volt: Well, we knew about him the moment we knew about the Olympics.  Then, I started doing my research and found out that this crazy animal has been through a lot of adventures.


On the other side of the world, preparations for Sonic’s return are just about finished.

Toadsworth: I say there, it has been a while since we’ve seen that wild rodent.

Peach: Did he say if anyone else was coming, too?

Mario: No, he didn’t.  Although I don’t-a think that-a he’ll want-a something like-a this.

Peach: Well, this is out of respect.  Because of the Olympic Games, he’s very well known in this world.  It’s only right.

Mario: I guess-a so.  I just-a hope that-a he’ll be able to enjoy this-a place without the commotions.

Peach: I’m sure that he will.  And if things do get hectic, he’ll probably just zoom away.

Mario: Oh, yeah.  I forgot about his-a speed.

Peach: By the way, where’s Luigi?


Mario: He went off to see Daisy.  He should-a be back by tomorrow.


Meanwhile, Mona continues her march into the Mushroom Kingdom, trying to figure out how Wario gets there.

Mona: This is the only path out of Diamond City, so Wario had to have gone this way.


At the same time, 9-Volt finishes explaining things to Kat & Ana.

Kat: Wow!  So Sonic is just as famous in his world as Mario is in this world!

Ana: And they plan on meeting each other in this world?!

9-Volt: That’s the story.

Kat & Ana: Awesome!

18-Volt: Word!

Kat: But what do you think will happen if Mona shows up?

Ana: I really hope that she doesn’t plan on terrorizing the area!

9-Volt: Well, let’s just keep a positive attitude about all this and hope that nothing else happens.

18-Volt: Word, P1.  That’s a good idea, especially with those cops following us.

Kat, Ana, & 9-Volt: What?!


From Mona’s perspective, a bunch of small cop cars and a helicopter are following her.


Ken The Reporter: We continue our live broadcast as we follow the gigantic creature near Dr. Crygor’s lab as it leaves Diamond City.  It seems that despite the creature departing, the police don’t want to let it out of their sights.


Mona: (To herself) *groans* I’m getting really tired of those guys.

Mona turns around quickly.


The ninja twins and the gamers all scream when she makes the turn.




Kat: AHH!  Does she have to scream?!

9-Volt: Man, that’s loud!

Ana: *groans* I just hope that we don’t go deaf by the end of this adventure.

18-Volt: Word.


Ken The Reporter: Whoa, that was loud!  But we’re just fine, ladies and gentlemen!


Mona stomps on the ground a couple of times, which causes the road to become unstable.  The cops stop and get out of their vehicles.  They take a good look at the giantess.

Cop #3: Whoa!  Is it just me, or does that creature look like a colossal version of Mona?

Cop #2: If it is her, then MAN, she’s hot!!

Cop #1: So I take it that you’re a fan.

Cop #3: You bet!  I stop by Mona Pizza every now and then.  Plus, I’m a fan of her music.

Cop #2: But why would she be doing this?  She’s one of the nicest, most popular, and most attractive girls in Diamond City!  On top of that, what’s responsible for her enlargement?

Cop #1: Well, whatever it is or the reason behind it, we need to stop this thing now.  We can’t jump to conclusions until we get all our facts straight.  For now, get in position and don’t fire until I say so.

Cop #2: I just hope she doesn’t scream again.

Cop #3: Oy!  My head is still ringing…

The cops get their guns out and aim at Mona.  Meanwhile, she looks up and notices the copter and two other familiar flying vehicles moving around her, a taxicab and a pink spaceship.


Spitz: Dribble, why on Earth are we flyin’ around here?


Dribble: I wanna get a closer look at what’s scarin’ the town.  It’s humongous!

Spitz: Are you crazy?!  We should be getting out of here!!

Dribble: Aw, don’t be a scaredy cat.  Once we know what it is, we’ll leave.

Spitz: *gulps* Fine, but make it quick.


Orbulon: It seems that the gigantic life force is more intimidating than I thought.  But the scanners say that it’s the female humanoid unit, Mona!  That’s completely illogical!  Human beings aren’t naturally meant to grow that big!


Mona: All right, if you all insist on staying around, then we’ll play an alternate version of my microgame, “Pro Bowling”!  I call it, “Bowling For Cops”!

Mona reaches for the two flying vehicles and grabs them.  Meanwhile, the cops are shocked.

Cop #1: It IS Mona!!

Cop #3: I knew it!  That microgame is from WarioWare: Touched!  And since she says that it’s hers, then she has to be the real deal.  Plus, that outfit is unforgettable.

Cop #2: What does she mean by “Bowling For Cops”?

Cop #1: I don’t know, but get yourselves ready.


Ken The Reporter: Ladies and gentlemen, by the way that creature spoke and mentioned a familiar game, and the way it looks, we can now say that we’ve identified the monster!  It’s another WarioWare, Inc. employee, Mona, who’s also known for being part of Mona Pizza and the rock band, Mona & The Hot Slices!  It seems that somehow, she’s gotten herself to become almost 100 ft. tall.  The reasons behind her actions on Diamond City are a mystery, although we can easily say that she’s responsible for its destruction.  Although much more attractive at that size, she is still considered to be very dangerous.  The bigger question though is what would cause one of the most attractive, most popular, and nicest girls in Diamond City to turn into a giantess with a grudge?


As for the victims inside, everything starts shaking violently as they see Mona’s gigantic hands around their windows.


Spitz: The monster’s got us!

Dribble: Oh, man!  I told you that we should’ve gotten out of here!



Orbulon: Danger!  Danger!  The humongous humanoid has the ship!


Mona takes a good look at both vehicles.

Mona: Hmm.  I wonder how strong these things are.


Ken The Reporter: It seems that Mona has grabbed two vehicles from the air, one flying cab and a pink spaceship.  The only ones that own these types of vehicles would be three other WarioWare employees, Orbulon and Diamond Taxi’s Dribble & Spitz.  The young giantess seems to be inspecting the vehicles.


Dribble and Spitz are very shocked when they recognize the giant figure that grabbed them.

Dribble & Spitz: MONA?!

Dribble: How did she get that big?!

Spitz: I don’t know, but every strand of hair on my body is now standing on end!

Dribble: You mean that you’re scared?

Spitz: Right.  Even though she’s our friend, she’s also the one who’s been causing mayhem in the city.

Dribble: *gulps* Hold me.

Spitz: Only if you hold me.

Both of them grab each other in fear.  Then, they see Mona opening her mouth and find themselves moving close to it.  They both scream, as they fear for the worst.



Part 4

She ignores them and sinks her teeth on the front of the vehicle.

Mona: This one seems strong enough.  Now let’s try the other one.


Orbulon sees Mona opening her mouth and him moving towards it.


Before he could expect the worst, he hears a huge clank.  Then he sees himself backing away from her face.

Orbulon: Illogical.  She didn’t consume me.


Mona: This one seems strong enough, too.  First, let’s play the pool version.

Mona takes Orbulon’s ship and uses it like a cue ball.  Then, with her right hand, she uses the taxicab as her pool stick.


Ken The Reporter: It seems that Mona was about to eat the vehicles, but is now using them like toys.  The motives of this strange girl are…strange indeed.


The poor taxi drivers could only see Mona’s gigantic fingers all around the windows and feel the tremors that she’s making.

Dribble: N-N-Now what is she doing?

Spitz: I don’t KNOW!!

Dribble: WHAT’S GO-ING ON?!



As for Orbulon, he’s desperately trying to escape from Mona’s grasp.

Orbulon: If that gigantic humanoid does plan on consuming me, then I need to escape this planet.  That rumbling of hers is very disturbing.

Orbulon tries to activate his engines and his emergency boosters, but he hears a beeping noise and realizes that he’s stuck.



Mona is lying down on her front as she moves the cab back and forth while aiming at the spaceship.  She knocks the cab into the ship, and the ship knocks into the cop cars like bowling pins.

Mona: 8-Ball, side pocket! *giggles*

Cop #1: INCOMING!!


Orbulon: OH, NOOOOO!!


The ship continues to plow through the cop cars before disappearing from sight.  The taxicab’s engine took a decent amount of damage from that strike.


Ken The Reporter: Holy cow!  Mona is using the cop cars as bowling pins!  Fortunately, it doesn’t seem that too much damage was done besides a few cars getting tossed upside-down.


Cop #1: *groans* Where’s backup?!  We can’t handle this beast by ourselves!!

Cop #2: It’s coming!  It’s coming, boss!


Dribble: Aw, no!

The taxicab starts moving again.

Spitz: Now what is she doing?


Mona stands up and looks at the cab with a smile.

Mona: *laughs* Now to have some fun with the cab.  Vroom!  Vroom! *giggles*

She moves the cab around like a toy.


Ken The Reporter: It seems that the titanic teenager is now playing with the taxicab.  I can only imagine how Dribble & Spitz are able to handle this.  Still, they’re well known for traveling around space and seeing weird stuff, so we can be sure that they know how to handle themselves in a situation like this.


Dribble & Spitz: WAAAAAHHHHH!!!




Cop #2: Shouldn’t we do something?

Cop #1: We can’t risk hitting those two in the taxicab.

Mona continues to have fun with the cab, spinning around and doing loops.  After a few minutes, she makes it roll down the street at the cop cars, almost as if she was throwing a bowling ball down a lane.

Mona: Time to pick up the spare!  Smashy, smashy!

Cop #1: LOOK OUT!!!


Dribble & Spitz: OH, NOOOOOOO!!!!!


The taxicab goes through the cop cars and disappears from sight.

Mona: *laughs* I don’t think that I’ve ever had this much fun with toys since I was Kat’s age!

Cop #1: Forget the backup!  Just shoot her!


Ken The Reporter: It seems that she’s done playing with the toys.  And now, the cops seem to be taking action.


Sure enough, the cops start shooting at Mona.  Unfortunately for them, the bullets do no more damage than spitballs.  On top of that, Mona gets irritated.

Mona: I think it’s time I dealt with the rest of you piglets!

Mona jumps into the air.


9-Volt, 18-Volt, Kat, & Ana: WWHHOOAA!!  AAAAHHHH!!!


Mona lands and causes a massive shockwave, which causes the road in front of her to become uncrossable as it cracks, breaks, and falls.  This also prevents any attempt at cops following her into the Mushroom Kingdom.  Then, Mona turns her attention at the copter with a wicked smile.


Charlie (Pilot): Uh, maybe we should go back.  Remember what she did to us last time?

Ken The Reporter: No way, Charlie!  This is the story of a lifetime!  As long as you stay far enough away from her, she can’t hurt us!

Co-Pilot: Sir, something big is heading this way!

Ken The Reporter: It looks like a flying saucer, and it’s going to CRASH INTO US!  RETREAT!!


Sure enough, the copter explodes and heads into the ocean.  As for the saucer, it was nothing more than Mona’s helmet.


Mona: All right!  That should take care of the last of those pests.  Now, to get my helmet back.


The four hanging on to her coat become shocked.

Ana: Wait a minute!

Kat: She’s not thinking of…

9-Volt: My advice would be to not ask questions.

18-Volt: Just hold on tight and your breath, too, because we’re GOING IN!


Mona dives into the water.  The four hitchhikers scream as they go in.  Her dive causes a huge tidal wave that gets all the cops soaked.  They all just stare at her as she swims away.

Cop #2: She’s getting away!

Cop #1: Forget it, now.  It’s out of our jurisdiction.  Right now, we should just focus on getting things back to normal with Diamond City.

Cop #3: Besides, it’s under law that no officials are allowed anywhere outside of Diamond City while on duty and without military permission, and it looked like she was heading in that direction.

Cop #1: I’m going to have a talk with the captain about this.  Backup never showed up, and we had too many close calls, dealing with that towering titan.

The cops turn back into the city limits.

Ken The Reporter: Hey!  Can you get us out of here, first?

The cops see the three people, who were in the copter, in the water.  After getting them out, they all head back into what’s left of Diamond City.


Back at Dr. Crygor’s lab, Penny has finished cleaning up the room that just went through the crazy laser problem.

Penny: All finished.

Dr. Crygor: Very nice!  And don’t feel bad about what happened earlier.

Mike: Affirmative.  Accidents happen.  Nonetheless, you’ve done an immaculate job at cleaning the lab.

Just then, a loud crash is heard, and the whole place starts rumbling.  A lot of noise can be heard clanking on the walls, and the window in the room is covered in sand.

Penny: What was that?

Mike: I will look.

Mike opens the window, and sand falls on his head.  After brushing it off him, he sees a large object close by.

Mike: Alert!  Alert!  Unidentified flying object located outside of the lab!

Dr. Crygor: WHAT?!

Dr. Crygor looks out the window.

Penny: Amazing!  This I gotta see!

Dr. Crygor: Penny, wait!  They could be hostile forces!

Mike: Wait for me!

Dr. Crygor and Mike follow Penny outside of the lab.  They’re all in amazement at the sight of the saucer.

Penny: Wow!  Astonishing!

Dr. Crygor: I wonder what type of creature will come out of it.

Penny: I wonder if it’s related to Orbulon.

Mike: DANGER!  DANGER!  Gigantic life form approaching!

Dr. Crygor: Huh?

As Mike predicted, a giant hand comes out of the water and grabs the object.  Dr. Crygor and the other two are shocked and scream at the sight of this.  The hand places it on a head, which also comes out of the water.

Dr. Crygor: Wait a minute.  It was only a hat?

Mona: Actually, it was my helmet.  And I see that the goggles didn’t fall off, either.  How nice.

Dr. Crygor: MONA?!

Penny: WHAT?!


Dr. Crygor: She must’ve been the result of The Matter Manipulator!

Mike: It’s a huge possibility.

Mona: So, this gigantism of mine was because of you, huh?

Dr. Crygor: *gulps* I really hope that you’re not angry with me for this.

Mike: We should change you back to normal.

Mona: Don’t waste your time.  I enjoy being this big.

Penny: Don’t be dumb!  You go into the city, and the military will be all over you!

Mona: Not if I’m out of the area before they catch up.  Besides, I don’t plan on coming back to Diamond City.

Dr. Crygor: Huh?  Don’t plan on coming back?

Mike: Does not compute.  Illogical.

Penny: What do you mean?

Mona: *giggles* See ya!

Mona winks at them and swims away.

Penny: What is she up to?

Dr. Crygor: Well, whatever it is, we need to find some way to reverse the effects.

Penny: First, we should test that device and see if it does anything else.

Mike: Agreed.  Enlargement may be one of many possibilities.

Dr. Crygor: Good point.


Back at the Mushroom Kingdom, the Star Spirits wait at the Star Shrine by the portal, as this is how Sonic and his friends are able to travel into Mario’s world, and vice versa.

Muskular: Man, how much longer is it going to take?

Eldstar: Patience.  He should be arriving any minute now.

Misstar: Here he comes!

Coming out of one of the portals is the blue blur himself.

Sonic: WAAAHOOO!  I made it!  Nice to see you guys again!

Eldstar: Mamar, inform Princess Peach that Sonic has finally arrived!

Mamar: As you wish!

Sonic: No need.  I’ll just take the path that leads down there.  Bye.

Sonic zooms away.

Misstar: Incredible!

Eldstar: I forgot all about his unmatchable speed.


Meanwhile, Sonic zooms toward the end of the path leading to Star Hill.

Sonic: Now, it’s party time!

Sonic jumps into the beam of light and is transported down to Star Hill.  Once there, he zooms over to the castle and finds Peach waiting for him.

Peach: Welcome, Sonic The Hedgehog!

Sonic: Hey, Peach.  It’s been a while since we’ve last met.  Mario, how’s it hanging?

Mario: Things are-a good.  Is-a anyone else with-a you?

Sonic: No, just me, this time.  Anyway, there are other places around here that I’m unaware of.  So, care to show me around?

Peach: We would be honored to.

Toadsworth: I say there, Master Sonic, shouldn’t you rest a while before you head off to explore our world?

Sonic: Sorry, old-timer, but I came here to explore and see what this world has to offer.  I’ll rest when I’m finished.

Toadsworth: Well, then at least have something to eat.  I’m sure that we can at least do that for you.

Sonic: Well, I am kinda hungry, so I’ll say yes to that.  Hey, Mario.  Do you know any good places?

Mario nods his head.

Peach: I’ll meet you both at the right exit of Toad Town near the Toad House in an hour.

Sonic: Okay.

Sonic & Mario leave.

Peach: Toadsworth, I want you to make sure that there’s absolutely nothing that can bother Sonic during his visit here.  I want him to be able to enjoy every minute of his trip.  If there is anything that can’t be handled, let me know about it immediately.

Toadsworth: Yes, ma’am.  You take good care of yourself as well, my dear.


One hour later, Sonic, Mario, & Peach are ready to leave Toad Town.

Sonic: So, where’s our first stop?

Peach: Koopa Village.  Don’t confuse these gentle creatures with Bowser’s minions.

They all walk off as Toadsworth says good-bye.

Toadsworth: Do take good care of yourselves and the princess!

Toad #1: Toadsworth!  We have a situation!

Toadsworth: Already?!  What’s the problem?

Toad #1: Our scouts have discovered a possible threat approaching the kingdom.

Toadsworth: Is it Bowser?

Toad #1: We’re not sure.  It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Toadsworth: In that case, send more soldiers out there and find out exactly what it is!  If it posses any indication of a threat, then take care of it, immediately!

Toad #1: Yes, sir!

Toadsworth: Oh dear, I really hope that this is nothing serious!

Toadsworth goes inside Peach’s Castle.


Meanwhile, after a long swim and a few more hours of walking, Mona finds herself getting lost.  As for the four little hitchhikers, it’s a miracle that they’re still able to function properly, especially after dealing with that long swim.

Mona: *sighs* Maybe I should’ve asked Dr. Crygor for help.  I don’t even know where I am, and it’s getting late. *yawns*  I’ll continue my journey, tomorrow.

Mona sits down.


Kat: We should get off, now!

Ana, 9-Volt, & 18-Volt: Agreed!

All four of them jump off Mona’s coat, as she sits down, causing a tremor.


Mona: Ooh!  Look at the sky!

Mona moves to lie down on her back, causing another tremor as her body hits the floor.  She admires the nighttime sky, feeling peaceful.

Mona: The stars are beautiful!  I never get the chance to see this in Diamond City!  Plus, it’s been a while since my last trip into space!

Mona smiles.  Then, she starts thinking about her recent actions.

Mona: Hmm.  Maybe Kat was right.  I have let this new size get the better of me.  I mean, so much has happened to me in a short amount of time.  I went from totally busy to losing every job in less than a day.  Then for me to have destroyed my own restaurant--I just snapped.  Now I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll be accepted if I ever do come back to Diamond City.  I’ve caused so much destruction, and those pigs and hawks wouldn’t leave me alone, even when I was leaving the city.

Mona sits up.

Mona: Hold on.  I can’t forget the reason I came here.  To get my revenge on Wario!  I can’t stop now!  Plus, seeing those people scream in terror of me, and viewing things from this perspective is fun! *giggles*

Mona lies down again, causing another tremor.

Mona: *sighs* Still, I shouldn’t have snapped at Kat & Ana.  Not to mention scaring 9-Volt & 18-Volt half to death.  None of them really had anything to do with my problems, and if I had carried on, the twins probably would’ve slain me.  *sighs* They all must hate me now.  Hmm…

Mona continues to look at the stars.


From a distance, the four hitchhikers are overhearing the whole thing.

Ana: Should we say something?

9-Volt: I don’t know.  Right now, I’m scared at how she’s going to react.  After all, she’s not expecting us to be following her.

18-Volt: Word.

Kat: For now, let’s leave her to her thoughts, and we’ll sleep nearby.

Ana: Sure thing.  Mona feels bad, and I would feel bad too, if I left her by herself, even if she is a big girl.

Kat: Fine.  Then we’ll sleep here.

9-Volt: In the grass?

18-Volt: With no mattresses, pillows, or bed sheets?

Kat: Ooh.  That’s a problem.

Ana: And it’s getting chilly.

Mona: Well then, why don’t you all snuggle with me tonight?

All four of them are shocked to see Mona’s huge face looking at them.

Kat, Ana, 9-Volt, & 18-Volt: MONA?!

9-Volt: You must have very good ears!

Kat: How long?

Mona: Since you guys decided to take a ride on my coat back in Diamond City.

18-Volt: Wow!

Mona: Yeah, I guess that machine of Dr. Crygor’s improved my hearing, as well.

Ana: Anyway, what do you mean by us snuggling with you?

Mona: Well, I have several ideas.  One: You guys can use my body for warmth.  Two: My hair can be used as a blanket.  Or Three: You guys can use my coat instead.  Just as long as none of you have any “issues” in bed.  Otherwise, I may have to “play” with you.

The gamers and ninja twins gulp at that statement.

Mona: *giggles* Anyway, I’ll try not to toss and turn while I sleep.

Kat: Well, it is getting chilly.

9-Volt: But can we trust you?

Mona: Come on.  It’s the least I can do to make up for the way I treated you guys earlier.

Ana: Fine.

9-Volt: Might as well.

18-Volt: Word.

Kat: In that case, we’ll go with the hair.

The guys and the twins get themselves comfortable in her hair.

Mona: Good night, guys!

Kat, Ana, 9-Volt, & 18-Volt: Good night, Mona!

Everyone except Mona falls asleep.  She looks at the starry sky and smiles.

Mona: Okay.  If I get into the Mushroom Kingdom, I’ve got to act like a gentle giant, or rather, giantess. *giggles*  Sure, experiencing the Dark Side of a giantess is fun, but it’s not me.  Besides, it’s not like--*yawns*--the Mushroom Kingdom has done anything to offend or hurt me.

She closes her eyes and falls asleep.  A few minutes later, a bunch of small creatures appear, surrounding the young giantess.

Part 5

In the morning, Mona wakes up, but something strange has happened to her.

Mona: Mmm…  Mmm…  Huh?  My body!  I can’t move my body!  Ahh!  My hair!

???? #?: The monster is waking up!

Mona: Huh?  What’s going on here?!

???? #?: So, it can speak.

???? #?: What should we do with her?

???? #?: Do what we were told.  Get rid of it.  We have to make sure that nothing bothers Sonic while he’s here.

Mona: Sonic?  Does this mean that I’m in the Mushroom Kingdom?!  But how were you guys able to get me this far?!

Toad #1: It wasn’t easy.  We had to use a whole lot of cranes, chains, Mega Mushrooms, and other objects to get you on our platform.  Then, we spent another couple of hours making sure that it would be impossible for you to move if you ever woke up.

Toad #2: And as for you being in here, the platform has wheels underneath it.  I’m surprised that none of you guys woke up throughout the night.

Sure enough, Mona was all tied up from head to toe on a gigantic moving platform.

Mona: *groans* I can’t even turn my head.  What?  Did you nail my hair to the platform, too?

Toad #1: Yes, we did.  We can’t have that stuff tangling up our residents, now can we?

Mona: What about the others that were with me?  What did you do to them?

Toad #2: We have them resting in a safe place near by.

Toad #1: I’m sure that they’re feeling a lot safer in a nice inn rather than being with a monster like you.

Mona: What?!  (Thinking) I can’t believe that Mario and the residents here would instantly consider me a threat!  Grr!  I should teach these ants a lesson!

Before losing her temper again, Mona rethinks about this.

Mona: (Thinking) No!  I can’t make another bad impression of myself!  Maybe things aren’t what they seem.  For now, I’ll just play along and see what happens.

Toad #1: We’re here.

Mona: *groans* Where’s “here”?

Toad #1: The front of Princess Peach’s castle.

Mona: (Thinking) Princess Peach, huh?  Let’s see.  If I remember 9-Volt’s video games, she’s the ruler of this kingdom and the damsel that Mario’s always rescuing.  Maybe she can help me out.

Toad #1: Okay, everyone, back away!  Make room for the giant monster!

Mona: When do you plan on letting me go?

Toad #1: That won’t happen, as I’ve been ordered to make sure to dispose of anything that disrupts today’s events.

Mona: Which are?

Toad #1: The legendary blue hedgehog, Sonic, has already come into this world, and we plan to make his visit an enjoyable one by any means necessary.

Toad #2: So, we plan on rolling you down a hill and into the ocean.  That way, you won’t be able to bother anybody!

Mona: (Thinking) Okay, forget playing along.  It’s time to break free.

Toad #1: Do you have anything that you wish to say before your sentence is carried out, monster?

Mona: Yeah, I appreciate the fact that you wish to keep this place safe from harm, but I’ve got a greedy rat to catch, and I’m not leaving until I get my revenge!

Mona manages to get her right arm moving and continues to move it until it breaks free.


All the Toads in the town start screaming and panicking.

Mona: Better get the ones out of my hair, first.


Mona reaches for the ones in her hair and gently pulls them all out.

Mona: Now, for the other arm.

Mona manages to get her left arm free.  Then, she pulls out the ones around her chest and continues pulling ropes out down her body until she’s free from all of the restraints.

Mona: Now this feels much better.


The soldiers waste no time in attacking Mona with their cannons.

Mona: Ahh!  Stop it!!  I don’t want to cause trouble!!!

The soldiers start throwing Bob-ombs and shooting Banzai Bills at her in the mix.  With this, she starts feeling pain and taking damage.  Soon, she falls back and causes a shockwave.  Fortunately, no one was squashed.

Toad #1: Bowser’s not the only one who uses these things anymore!

Mona starts getting angry and clenches her teeth.

Mona: (In a low voice) That’s it!

Mona stands up to her full height and steps within the area that the attack is coming from, scaring the Toads.  She doesn’t step on any of them, but it was enough to get them to stop attacking.  With the angry expression on her face, the Toads assume that she’s ready to retaliate.  Instead, she calms down and nervously bows at them.

Mona: I’m very sorry about this.  Don’t take it personal, but I’ve gotta go.

Mona walks off, and Toad Town is in a panic.  To her, it’s like Diamond City all over again.

Mona: (To herself) Before I continue looking for Wario, I should try to find Princess Peach.  Maybe she can help me out.  I’ll worry about finding the others after things get straightened out.


Meanwhile, the ninja twins and two gamers find themselves waking up inside the Toad Town Inn, also known as the Toad House.

Toad: Are you all feeling okay?

Kat: *groans* That music.  Where are we?

Toad: Inside Toad Town’s Inn.

9-Volt: What?  So we’re inside the Mushroom Kingdom?!

18-Volt: Toad Town is part of the Mushroom Kingdom, so it’s possible.

Ana: But what happened to Mona?

Toad: Was there someone else with you?

Kat: Uh, kinda.

Toad: If you’re wondering about that giant lady, then know that we’ve already taken care of her.  It’s a good thing that she was sleeping when we saved you.

Kat: WHAT?!

Suddenly, the radio that was playing music starts talking.

Radio: This just in!  The giant creature that was brought into Toad Town has broken free from her prison and is now on a rampage!  It is strongly advised that everyone stays indoors or outside of Toad Town for the time being!

Kat: Oh, no!

9-Volt: She wouldn’t…would she?

Ana: Well, I wouldn’t be too happy if I woke up in a cage or chains!

Kat: Come on!  We’ve got to set things straight with Princess Peach!

Toad: Wait!  You can’t go out there!

9-Volt: Sorry, but we’re entangled in this mess and we need to make things right before things go crazy, again!

18-Volt: Word!


Meanwhile, Mario, Sonic, & Peach have finished visiting Koopa Village and get themselves ready to leave.

Sonic: Interesting.  I thought that because of what they are, they’d be hostile.

Peach: Like I said before, some of Bowser’s minions got tired of the evil life and decided to settle down.  These Koopas are an example of that.  Our next stop is Yoshi’s Island.

Sonic: He’s the green dinosaur that also participated in the Olympics, right?

Mario: Exactly.  On that-a island, there are-a many colored Yoshis.

Sonic: Really?  Sounds cool.

Parakarry: Princess Peach!

They see Parakarry flying down at them.

Peach: Parakarry, what’s wrong?

Parakarry: I have an urgent message from Toadsworth.  A huge monster is terrorizing Toad Town.  It was originally brought through the town to be dumped into the ocean after it was captured, as it was ordered to make sure that nothing disrupts Sonic’s trip in this world.  However, the monster broke free and is now running amok through Toad Town.

Mario: Let’s-a get going!

Peach: *moans* And at a time like this…

Sonic: Well, crime never takes a vacation, and neither does trouble.

Peach: Sonic, you came here on vacation, so we shouldn’t get you involved in this.

Sonic: I appreciate your concern, but I’m not one who likes to relax when someone else is in danger.  Besides, this shouldn’t take too long to fix, and it might turn out to be fun.  (To Parakarry) Thanks again for the message.

Parakarry: No problem.

Parakarry flies off as Sonic, Mario, & Peach make their way back into Toad Town.


Meanwhile, Mona continues to walk through the tiny town in her search for Princess Peach.

Mona: Hmm.  It seems that no one else is in town.  Either that, or everyone is scared of me.  I can’t blame them, after that stunt I pulled earlier.  Well, at least it makes my search for Princess Peach less dangerous.

Mona realizes something and smacks herself on the forehead.

Mona: Duh!  Why didn’t I think of searching around the castle sooner?  I’m sure to find her there.


In another part of town, Kat and the others are discussing on how to handle Mona.

Kat: Okay, so how do you guys think that we should go about this?

9-Volt: I think that we should avoid Mona for the time being.

18-Volt: Word, P1.  If she really is on another rampage, then we shouldn’t get in her way.

Kat: Well then, what should we do?

Ana: We could search for Princess Peach.  Maybe she can straighten things out and let the people here know that Mona isn’t a threat.

Kat: That could work, but with Mona running about, would she still be in the castle?

Sonic: What are you kids doing out here?

9-Volt & 18-Volt: SONIC!!

All four of them are shocked to see the blue hedgehog appear before them by surprise.

Sonic: Was it just to see me?

Peach: Sonic, do you know these kids?

Sonic: No, I just met them.

Both Kat & Ana run up to Peach and bow before her.

Kat: Your highness, my name is Kat of the Iga Ninja Clan.

Ana: And I’m her twin sister, Ana.

Peach: Uh, well it’s nice to meet you two, but--

Kat: We have a situation on our hands, and really need your help.

Mario: Does it-a have to do with the monster on the lose-a?

All of them turn around to see Mario.  9-Volt & 18-Volt drop their jaws at the sight of this man.

Kat: Well, yes and no.

Ana: You see, the “monster” is really our friend, who got herself into an accident.

Sonic: Oh, really?

Kat: Yes.  Everyone thinks that she’s a monster, but the whole thing is just a misunderstanding.

Sonic: I see.

Peach: Well, I’ll be sure to set things straight.

Sonic: But first, who are those guys gawking at Mario?

Ana: Uh…

9-Volt: I can’t believe it!  It’s really him!  In the flesh!

18-Volt: The legend!  The one man that Wario hates the most!

Mario: You guys-a know Wario?

9-Volt: He lives in our town, and we work for--

Kat: (Overlapping “for--”) 9-VOLT!  18-VOLT!  THIS IS NO TIME TO GET HUNG UP ON FAMOUS HEROES!

9-Volt & 18-Volt break out of their trances.

Kat: You can have your fun AFTER we deal with Mona.

Ana: “Deal” with Mona?

Kat: You know what I mean, Ana.  Now let’s get going.

Peach: I’ll be expecting to hear the whole story behind this later.

Kat & Ana laugh nervously.

Kat: Hey, where’s Sonic?

Mario: He went on ahead.  He got-a tired of waiting.

Peach: And we should get going, too.  I’m sure that your friend’s first stop would be at my castle.

Kat: Then let’s move out!

18-Volt: Word!


Meanwhile, a bunch of soldiers are holding spears and shields and have cannons and Bob-ombs at the front of the castle, guarding it from the colossal Mona while the civilians stand behind her.

Mona: For the last time, I’m not here to cause problems!  I’m here to see Princess Peach!

The civilians are jeering and shouting against her.

Toadsworth: Balderdash!  We told you that we don’t want anything to do with you, and we will do whatever it takes to protect her majesty!  Now leave, or else we will be forced to unleash our full force!

The civilians cheer for Toadsworth, but Mona crosses her arms and stands her ground.

Mona: Very commendable, but I’m not going anywhere, so do your worst!

Toadsworth: Very well.  Lock on target, men!

Before any action can be taken, a man in a bushy mustache shows up.  The whole crowd gasps as he appears.

Toadsworth: Hold your fire!  He can take care of this by himself.

Mona: Mario?!  No, wait.

Mona takes a good look at the man and realizes who it really is.

Mona: Luigi?!

Luigi: So, you know-a my name.  Anyway, my brother is-a not here, and-a neither is-a Peach.  Now, leave, unless you wish to face-a the fury of-a Lightning Luigi!

Mona: *gulps* (Thinking) Oh, great!  Now, what do I do?!  I can’t fight the Mario Bros.!

Since she’s run out of ideas, Mona gets on her knees, causing the ground to shake, and begs, hoping that this will let them know that she’s no threat.

Mona: Luigi, please!  I really mean none of you guys any harm!

Luigi gets confused, while Mona continues to act as sorrowful as possible.

Mona: You really wouldn’t attack someone who doesn’t want to fight, especially if it’s a girl, would you?

Luigi slightly blushes as he looks into her sorrowful eyes.  Then, he tries to recompose himself, scratching the back of his head.

Luigi: Uh, no, but…

Sonic: Maybe you should let me take it from here, Luigi.

Sonic shows up on top of Mona’s helmet, surprising everyone.  He jumps off and lands in front of her.

Luigi: Sonic?

Mona: Sonic?

Toadsworth: Master Sonic!  What brings you here?  You shouldn’t concern yourself with this monstrosity.  Master Luigi has it covered.

Mona: What?!

Sonic: Sorry, but Princess Peach has ordered that all soldiers withdraw from their positions before any unnecessary damage is done.

Everyone is shocked.

Toadsworth: You cannot be serious!

Sonic: Those who refuse to obey will be relieved of their duties.

The civilians are even more shocked.  Mona is very surprised with all of this going on.  She looks down at all the little residents staring at her and talking amongst themselves and laughs nervously.

Mona: (Thinking) This is so embarrassing…

Sonic: And as for you, my extremely tall friend, Princess Peach has agreed to meet with you as soon as she gets here.

Once again, the civilians are shocked.  Mona becomes happy hearing this and puts her right hand on her chest and breathes a sigh of relief.

Mona: Thank goodness!

Toadsworth: Sonic, are you absolutely sure about this?  Has the princess really made those orders?

Sonic: Trust me, Toadsworth.  We’ve got it covered.

Mona gets on her hands and moves her face close to the hedgehog, making it easy for him to see and be sure that she was nothing more than a young teenager at an abnormal height.

Toadsworth: AHH!  Oh, dear!  My heart!

Sonic: Relax, old-timer.

Mona: Oh, Sonic, thank you!  I honestly thought that for a minute, things were going to get more complicated!

Sonic: No problem.  So, what’s your name?

Mona: I’m Mona.  It’s very nice to meet you in person.

Sonic: So, I guess that you’re the one that those girls talked about.

Mona: Kat & Ana, 9-Volt & 18-Volt?!  Are my friends okay?!

Sonic: See for yourself.

Peach arrives with Mario & Mona’s friends, getting pass the crowds and up to the young giantess.

Toadsworth: Oh, your highness!  Master Mario!

Mona: Mario?!

Peach looks at Mona.

Peach: (To herself) So, Kat was right.  (Out loud) Everyone, there has been a huge misunderstanding!  Gather around, and I’ll explain everything!


Now, the story turns its attention to Bowser’s Castle, and we find the evil king himself standing outside, prepared to leave.

Bowser: Gwa ha ha!  So, it seems that the blue hedgehog has decided to make another appearance.  It’s been a while since we’ve met face to face.  Even though it was only in the Olympics and on one other occasion, I’ve never forgotten that blue rat.  So, Sonic, I believe that now is the time that I crossed paths and brawled with you, personally.

As Bowser leaves, Kammy Koopa and Kamek rush over to tell him something important.

Kammy Koopa: Your gruesomeness!

Bowser: What is it?

Kammy Koopa: We have reports of something big currently residing in Toad Town!

Bowser: What do you mean?

Kammy Koopa: Well, I don’t have any clear information, but we know that it’s a very huge creature!

Bowser: In that case, you two will accompany me.

Kamek: You mean just us three?

Bowser: Yeah.  We don’t know what it is, so there’s no reason to send an army.  Bwa ha ha ha ha!

Part 6

Back in Toad Town, things appear to be normal.  Then, the ground starts shaking violently.  Soon, Mona appears and walks through the streets as the civilians stare at her in suspense and amazement.  Although slightly nervous, she smiles and waves at them while thinking about her situation.

Mona: (To herself) Now, I seriously feel like a circus freak as the main attraction of a parade.  Still, this is amazing!  These buildings hardly reach beyond my knees, and the castle is almost as big as I am!  And the way that they all look up at me, not like love-struck idiots, but as if I was one of the many Wonders Of The World is incredible!  (Out loud) *giggles* This is fun!

Mona smiles and giggles, continuing to walk down the streets and wave at the civilians.


Meanwhile, Mario, Sonic, and the others are around Peach’s Castle.  Both 9-Volt & 18-Volt are hardly able to contain their excitement, as the world that they’ve played through many times is now the world they’re standing on.

9-Volt: Wow!  This place is amazing!

18-Volt: Word!

Peach: Thanks.  I’m glad you two like it.

9-Volt & 18-Volt continue to look around the castle.  Meanwhile Kat & Ana start to talk about Mona.

Kat: Thanks for setting things straight, Princess Peach.

Ana: Mona really seems to be enjoying herself now.  I guess it’s because of how big she is.

Sonic: I don’t see how that’s so surprising, since Mario and his comrades tend to go through that change every now and then.

Luigi: True, but I guess-a this is-a different.

Peach: She’s new in town, so I suppose that’s the reason there’s such a commotion.

Sonic: Maybe.  So, where’d you guys come from?

Kat: We came here from Diamond City, Wario’s hometown.

Mario: I’ve-a never heard of that-a place, nor did I know that-a Wario had a day job.

Peach: Yeah, we just assumed that he was nothing more than a treasure hunter.

Ana: That’s no surprise, since Wario always keeps news between both areas to himself.

Peach: Now that, I can understand.

Sonic: What about your giant friend?

18-Volt: I can answer that.  Some accident in a laboratory caused that girl to get that big.  Oh, my bad.  With all the excitement that we had, we never gave you our names.  It’s 18-Volt, and my little buddy is 9-Volt.

9-Volt: Also known as the biggest Nintendo fan alive.

Sonic: Nice meeting you two.  It must’ve been a long journey just to get to see us.

9-Volt: Actually, none of us knew about your trip here.  The only reason we’re here is because of Mona.

Sonic: Hmm?

Kat: She was after Wario.  I’m sure she can explain the story better.

Ana: I think that we’d better wait until nightfall.  Right now, she really seems to be enjoying herself.


They watch Mona pass by their area with a smile on her face.


Mona continues to giggle, smile, and wave at the civilians, enjoying every amount of positive attention that she’s getting from them.

Mona: *laughs* This rocks!

A few Toads get on their roofs to try and get a better view of the giant girl.  One of them becomes really eager and is unable to get a good view.  So, he tries to get as close to the edge as possible.

Toad #3: Hey, watch out!  You’re gonna fall!

Too bad that was a last-minute warning, as the Toad slips off the roof.

Toad #4: AAAHHH!!

Mona: Huh?

Mona turns around to see him fall and dives for him.  Everyone around her gets shaken and shocked at her actions.  Despite the rumbling ground because of Mona’s impact, she manages to catch the Toad, perfectly unharmed.  Fortunately, not too much damage was done around the area, either.

Mona: Are you okay?

Toad #4: Uh, yeah.  I’m fine.  Thanks, again.

Mario, Sonic, & the others run over to see what happened.

Sonic: What happened?

Mona: Relax, guys.  I’ve got it under control.

Mona stands up with the Toad in her right hand.  The Toad takes one look at her gigantic face, and when he notices how beautiful she looks, his face turns completely red.

Mona: You should be more careful.  I know that I’m the main attraction around here, but that’s no excuse to be acting careless.

The Toad’s heart starts beating faster, and he has a hard time responding.

Toad #4: Uh…I…I…I understand.

Mona: *giggles* Relax.  I’m not going to hurt you.

Mona takes her other hand and gently rubs his back with her fingers.  Everyone around her looks up in amazement as she calms the Toad down.

Mona: Are you feeling better, now?

Toad #4: Oh, yeah.  M-M-Much better!

Mona: Good.  Now take it easy, my little friend.

The Toad moves up to the end of her fingers and looks down.

Toad #4: Wow!  The view from up here is incredible!

Mona: *giggles* I’m glad you like it up here.


Everyone laughs as Mona places the Toad on the floor. 

Mona: There you go, little guy.  Now, promise me that you’ll be more careful.

Toad #4: I will!  Thanks again, Ms.--

Mona: My name is Mona.

Toad #4: Thanks again, Mona!

She gets back to her full height and places her hands on her hips.  She looks down and around her with a smile on her face.  Soon, everyone around her starts applauding her for what she just did.  She waves at them, as the applause gets louder.

Mona: *giggles* Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  You’re all too kind.


9-Volt: It’s amazing.  A few hours ago, everyone was afraid of her.

Luigi: Now, she’s-a become the next big-a thing in town-a, literally.  Instantly replacing Sonic.

18-Volt: Word.

Sonic: It doesn’t bother me.  In fact, I think it makes things easier for my trip here.

Kat: This is just like a fairy tale that I once heard about a man who traveled over seas.

Ana: Hey, I remember that story.  It was in the 1700s, and he ends up discovering two different places at different sizes.  Then, he visited two other places dealing with music and horses, or something like that.  I don’t remember it too well, though.

Kat: You’ve got the right idea, Ana.  However, in Mona’s case, she went through a size-change before coming to Toad Town.  Although it’s not the same concept, it sure does feel like it.

Ana: Definitely.

Sonic: I think I’ll spend some time with her.  With her around, it’ll probably be a while before I can get to do some real traveling, anyway.

Sonic zooms over to Mona.

Sonic: Hey, kid!

Mona looks down and sees the tiny hedgehog standing right in front of her.

Mona: Huh?  Oh, hey, Sonic!

Sonic: Mind if I take a ride?


Mona: You mean on my shoulder or something like that?

Sonic: Yeah, I guess so.

Mona: Sure.

Mona grabs Sonic and places him on her right shoulder.

Mona: Okay, excuse me, everybody!  Big girl, coming through!

As the residents move out of the way to clear a path for her, Mona starts walking through the streets again.

Sonic: Wow, that guy was right.  The view of the town IS amazing from up here.

Mona: *giggles* So, Sonic.  How were things at the Olympic Games?

Sonic: It was fantastic!  I never would’ve guessed that a man like Mario would’ve gotten himself involved with more crazy places or people than yours truly.  That’s what I think made the Olympics phenomenal.  It was like both worlds had collided for this!


As Sonic continues his story, in the distance, Bowser and the Magikoopas are observing Mona from the sky.

Bowser: Wow!  So, that’s what you guys were talking about!  SHE’S HOT!!!

Kammy Koopa: Lord Bowser?!

Bowser: What?  Kamek, I’m sure you think so, too.

Kamek: Huh?  Me?  Well, I…um…

Kamek’s face turns red.

Bowser: She seems to have caught the hedgehog’s attention.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Mario was next.  Lucky dogs.

Kamek: Well, the fact that she’s acting like a goody-goody just sickens me.

Kammy Koopa: That’s something that we can all agree on.  And what about Princess Peach?  Is she now considered yesterday’s news?

Bowser: Relax, Haggy.  I think I know how I can get both Princess Peach and her at my side.  For now, let’s pull back into the nearby forest.


Mona is sitting by the castle as Sonic finishes his story.

Mona: Wow.  So things were THAT intense?!

Sonic: Pretty much, but it was no big deal.

Mona: And now, you’ve decided to visit this world.  How come?

Sonic: I’ve been enjoying my time in Mario’s World.  So this time, I wanted to go from place to place, seeing everything it had to offer.  I had just started with my vacation when that flying mailman gave us a message about a dangerous monster terrorizing Toad Town.

Mona: You mean me, don’t you?

Sonic: Well, at least you really weren’t dangerous.  Besides, I should consider you my first exciting experience in this world.

Mona smiles.  Then, she grabs Sonic and holds him in her hands.

Mona: *giggles* Thanks.  I really appreciate that.

Sonic: No problem, after all it’s nice to be making new friends, no matter how big they are.

Sonic’s words shock Mona, as even after what she’s gone through, he still considers her a new friend.

Mona: N-N-New friends?!  Y-You mean me?!

Sonic extends his right hand like he is about to shake on it.

Sonic: Sure.  You never used yourself to cause mayhem around town, and you’ve been pretty nice, despite how you were treated earlier.

Mona just looks at him for about a few seconds before smiling.  She takes her right index finger and shakes his hand.

Mona: Believe me, this is a real honor!

Sonic: Thanks, and I’m glad you decided not to hug me.  I couldn’t handle that.

Mona: And with your quills, neither could I.  I hate getting pricked in the fingers.

Mona places him on the ground.

Mona: Thanks again, Sonic.

Sonic: No problem.


Mona continues to walk around, trying to do as many good deeds as possible.  Helping Toads in high areas, helping out with in-town delivery shipments, and other tasks that are done daily.  Both the citizens and Mona are surprised at how fast and easily she is able to get the jobs done.


After a hard day’s work, some of the Toads decide to reward Mona as she rests by the castle with Sonic in her lap.  Sitting down, she appears to be around the same height as the castle.

Toad #5: Uh, excuse me, Mona?


Mona: Yes?

Toad #5: Uh, well, we were wondering if you’d like a hand and foot massage?

Mona: Why I’d love that.  Thanks.

Toad #6: It’s the least we can do after what you’ve been doing for us.

Before they could get started, Peach appears and suggests something bigger for Mona.

Peach: Actually, I think that we should do all that we can to clean her up.

Everyone around her: HUH?!

Peach: There’s a special event happening, tonight, and after going through a crazy ordeal just to get here, she probably feels completely filthy.

Mona: You said it.  I also haven’t eaten anything since I left Diamond City.

Peach: I thought so.

Sonic: Well, as long as you don’t result to cannibalism, then I guess we can help you.

Peach: Sonic, no.  You’re on vacation.

Sonic: Yeah, but I’m not on a time limit.  I’ll go back home whenever I’m ready.  Plus, I think that my abilities will be useful here.

Mona: Thanks, you guys.

Toadsworth: Well, I respect your wishes, but how do you expect us to clean her up and feed her?  The Mega Mushrooms won’t enlarge the objects that we use, and it’ll take a lot of effort, money, and products to deal with something that large.

Mona: Excuse me, old Toad, but I’d appreciate it if you didn’t use the term, “large” on me.  It makes it sound like you’re making a crack about my weight instead of talking about my height.

Toadsworth: My sincere apologizes, my lady.  But still, how exactly are we going to do this?

Peach: *sighs* It’s going to be a long afternoon.

Part 7

Later, Peach has an assortment of items nearby along with Mona’s boots and helmet.  Her servants are getting ready to give Mona both a hand and foot massage.  One Toad for each hand and foot.

Peach: Good thing Professor E. Gadd was able to help us out.  Are you ready, Mona?

Mona: Ready as I’ll ever be.

Mona lies down on her back, and the ground shakes.  After her small tremor, the Toads get to work on her hands and feet.  As she feels the pieces of skin being moved around in a relaxing manner, Mona starts moaning, pleasurably.

Mona: Mmm!  This feels SO good!  I’ve been going through a lot, and this really takes the stress away!

Fortunately for the Toads, Mona’s feet and hands didn’t smell too bad.  After a few minutes, Mona gets into a sitting position.

Mona: What’s next?

Mario: One word-a: Shampoo.

Sonic: Three words: Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Peach: This one should be simple enough.  All you have to do is lather, and we’ll take care of the rest.  Ready?

Mona: Let me take off my coat, first.

As she takes off her coat, some of her male spectators’ faces turn red for about five seconds, as all she had on was her red top, earrings, belt, and red skirt.  Basically, much of her body was exposed.

Mona: Okay, now I’m ready.

One of the Toads has a fire hose and shoots water at her hair.  Then, another Toad uses one of Professor E. Gadd’s inventions.

Sonic: What is that thing?


Peach: I think that the professor called it The Soap Suds Splasher.  All you need to know is that it should act like shampoo.  (To her servant) Just shoot a little bit of it at her.  She can do the lathering herself.

As instructed, the Toad fires the machine, and the suds land on Mona’s hair.  Mona starts lathering it around.

Mona: (Thinking) This is so relaxing!  Being able to clean myself at this size!  I’m really impressed with what this place is capable of!  Sure, hanging with Dr. Crygor and Orbulon has made me experience several things out of the ordinary, but the guys here seem to think of everything!  No wonder Wario likes hanging around here every now and then!  But where is he?  Well, I’ll have to ask about him later.  (Out loud) Okay, I’m done.

Peach: Time for the rinse.

Once again, the Toad fires the water hose, and within a few minutes, Mona’s hair is clean.

Peach: Now, for the drying part.  Mario?

Mario steps up with a small device attached to his right arm.

Sonic: Another device from the scientist?


Peach: Yes.  This one’s the Flame Dryer.  Mario is known to use the power of fire, and with this device, he’ll turn that into hot air.

Sonic: Couldn’t the professor have made a gigantic blow dryer instead?

Peach: He’s a strange individual, so he tends to sidestep easier methods.

Mona picks him up.

Mona: I promise to be as gentle as possible.

Mario starts using the machine as Mona moves him around her head from the front, to the top, to the back, doing this with her left hand.  With her other hand, she tries to move her hair around so that every strand can get dry.

Luigi: (Thinking) Mario must-a be nuts to allow her to do that-a.

After about seven minutes, Mona places him on the ground.

Sonic: Now, it’s my turn.  Hold still, Mona.

Sonic jumps on the top of Mona’s head and does a Blue Tornado.  The small winds manage to move around and dry her head even more and also cool down the heat that Mario’s fireballs gave her.  Soon, her whole head is dry and cool.  Mona takes Sonic in her hands and places him on the ground.

Mona: I thank you guys for everything that you’ve done.  And I’m really sorry if this is going to cause problems in the future.

Peach: Please don’t think of this as trouble.  Think of it as our apology for the way we treated you earlier.  Are you hungry?


Mona: I’m starving.

More Toads start handing her small bowls of food.  Mona takes the bowls in her fingers and easily chucks the food in her mouth.  She then places the tiny bowls back on the floor for the Toads to clean.  After several hundred bowls, she was full.  She stands up and puts her coat, boots, and helmet back on.

Mona: Now, I feel like a new person!

Peach: Now, we’re ready to begin.

Mona: Huh?  Begin what?


A little while later, the civilians surround Mona, applauding her for her good deeds, while she’s on her knees.  Princess Peach steps toward her.

Peach: Mona, on behalf of the citizens of Toad Town, I’d like to present to you, the Toad Town Citizenship Award.  Mario?


Mario steps up and gives her a plaque.  Mona stares at him and Peach in awe for a few seconds before speaking.  Even though she’s very thankful, she protests, feeling that she’s not worthy.

Mona: You know, this isn’t really necessary.  You all know that my giant size is completely accidental, and--

Peach: (Overlapping “and--”) It doesn’t matter.  Despite what happened to you, you used your size to help others, making their jobs easier & quicker.  Because of this, some of the civilians were able to spend more time with their children.  Some of them were able to have more personal time for themselves, and others were just grateful for your assistance.  Plus, they all enjoyed having your company.

Mona is shocked.  She takes a good look at everyone, and everyone’s looking back at her, smiling.  She thinks about everything that she’s done and asks them a question.

Mona: Have I really made that much of a difference for you all, today?

Everyone cheers and applauds.  Mona is very surprised.  She kneels down at Mario and takes the tiny plaque.  She stares at it for about a few seconds.  She lets out a tear and wipes it away.  The tear lands in the nearby moat and makes a huge splash.  Mona smiles.

Mona: Thank you.  Thank you!  Thank you all!  Kat, please hold on to this for me.

Kat: Sure thing.

Kat takes the plaque from Mona’s fingers.

Mario: Congratulations!

Mario extends his right hand and Mona shakes it with her right index finger.

Mona: Thank you, Mario.

The crowd goes wild.  Then, Mona stands up and looks at everybody.  She spins around and models as if she was posing for a camera.  This causes an even greater crowd reaction.  On top of that, both gamers’ faces turn red.

Ana: *giggles* Well now, this is new.

9-Volt: Huh?  W-What do you mean?


Kat: Don’t play dumb, we saw you two blushing at Mona.

Mona looks down at them, but doesn’t say anything.


18-Volt: Uh, well, I…err…

9-Volt scratches the back of his head with a bashful look on his face.

9-Volt: *laughs nervously* I guess it’s because things are different this time.  I guess her huge size plays a huge factor in this, too.

Mona giggles.

Mario: I’m-a not surprised, myself.

Sonic: Me, neither.  During my adventures, and some of my time with Mario, I’ve learned that at different heights, people, animals, and other creatures can look and act completely different around you, and vice-versa.

Kat: Really?

Sonic: It takes personal experience to really understand this.

Peach: (To the crowd) Well, that’s all for tonight’s events!  You all have a nice evening!


Later that night, Mona is lying down on her back in front of the castle, looking at the stars.  All of her friends are with her, as she finishes telling them the whole story about her transformation and trip from Diamond City.

Sonic: *whistles* That is one hectic story.

Mona: Yeah.  With all the bad stuff that happened to me, I just snapped.  My actions completely came before thought.  The things that I did and the things that I said, there are so many things that I want to take back.

Kat: Relax.  I’m sure that you’ll get a chance to make up for all the bad things that happened.

Ana: Yeah, like you just did in this town.

9-Volt: I don’t think so.  Diamond City’s streets are known to be narrow, and at her size, anything she may do to help could only make things worse.

18-Volt: Damage is the word, my friends.

Mona: Well, either way, I’m not going back until I’m back to normal.  I don’t want to take any chances.  Besides, the only reason I was accepted was because of Mario, Sonic, & Princess Peach.

Peach: Well, until you feel that you’re ready to go back, you’re welcome to stay here as long as you like.

Sonic: Besides, everyone here seems to like you.

Mona: Yeah, until something goes wrong.

Mario: Don’t-a think like-a that.

Luigi: As-a long as you have us as-a friends, then you have-a nothing to worry about.

Mona smiles.

Mona: Thanks.  That makes me feel much better.

9-Volt: That plaque should’ve made you feel better.

18-Volt: Word.  To earn something like that just for being humongous and helping people out is amazing.

Mona: *giggles* Yeah, I guess it is.  By the way, is Wario around?  He’s the real reason I’m here.

Peach: Unfortunately, none of us have seen him.

Mona: Rats!  I could’ve sworn he’d be in here!

Peach: Well, he said that he wouldn’t be coming here.

Mona: (Thinking) Oh, yeah.  That’s right.

Peach: However, if he is here, then he must be at his castle.

Kat: Wario has a castle?!

Peach: That place is like his home away from home, if you want to call it that.  I don’t know where it is, though.

9-Volt: Or he could be hiding out on Waluigi’s Island.  Those two are best friends, I think.

18-Volt: Word.

Mona: (Thinking) In that case, I’ll have to find those places next.  I’ll get that greedy Grinch if it’s the last thing I do!

Sonic: Well, I’m gonna crash at Mario’s place.  See you all tomorrow.

Kat: The rest of us will stay in Peach’s Castle.

Peach: What about you, Mona?


Mona: I’ll just sleep out here, tonight.  I doubt that there’s any place big enough for me to sleep in.

Peach: Are you sure?


Mona: Very sure.  Good night.

Everyone leaves, and Mona is alone with her thoughts.

Mona: I guess this is one of the downsides of being gigantic.  Oh, well.  At least I still have people who care about me.  And since I’m alone this time, I can make myself a little more comfortable.

Mona takes off her boots and helmet.  She takes off her coat and uses it as a blanket.

Mona: Now, this feels much better.  Tomorrow morning, I’ll start my search for Wario, bright and early.

She yawns and falls asleep.


A few hours later, Bowser appears in his Koopa Clown Car with Kammy Koopa and Kamek on their broomsticks.  They all fly over Mona’s face while she snoozes.

Bowser: I hope that you’ve slept well, kid, because you’re in for a rude awakening.  Ready?


Kammy Koopa & Kamek: Ready!

Bowser: Then let’s begin.

Both Magikoopas wave their wands around and the magic energy shapes start floating around Mona’s head.  She opens her eyes.

Bowser: Gwa ha ha!  All too easy!

Part 8

???: Not so fast!

Bowser: Huh?

Bowser and his cronies turn to see Kat & Ana with their swords and ready to strike.

Kat: It’s a good thing that we decided to check on Mona.

Bowser: Gwa ha ha!  You two are funny!  You honestly believe that you can defeat me?!

Kat: Don’t underestimate us!

Ana: We’ll protect our friend or die trying!

Kat & Ana run at Bowser, but he just stands there with his arms crossed and an evil smile on his face.  As they strike, Bowser hides in his shell, and when their blades smack his shell, they break.

Kat: No way!  Our blades broke!

Ana: His shell must be harder than steel!

Bowser: Now, Kammy!

Kammy Koopa: Right, King Bowser!

Catching them off guard, Kammy Koopa shoots a magic spell at the twins, putting them both to sleep.

Kamek: What should we do with them, your majesty?

Bowser: We’ll see to them later.  Right now, let’s deal with the big one.  Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!


The next morning, Sonic is the first one to wake up.

Sonic: *yawns* Man.  What a nice sleep.  Good thing these guys had a spare bed.  Well, I’d better check on Mona.

Sonic leaves a note on the bed he was in and leaves the house.  He jumps into the warp pipe and zooms through Toad Town.  He checks the front of the castle and finds nothing.

Sonic: Hmm.  I guess she got up early.  It’s surprising that no one heard her leave.  This town must be full of heavy sleepers, and Mona must be an early bird, like myself.

Peach: Good morning, Sonic.

Sonic turns to see Peach exiting the castle.

Sonic: Morning, Peach.  I guess you’re an early bird, too.

Peach: Sometimes.  Where’s Mona?

Sonic: I don’t know.  Do you think that she’s still looking for Wario?

Peach: Maybe.

Sonic: How’s everyone else?

Peach: Still sleeping.  What about Mario & Luigi?

Sonic: Same thing.

Peach: So until they wake up, do you want to go searching for her?  I’m sure that she couldn’t have gone far.

Sonic: Let’s wait until everyone else wakes up.

Peach: Why?

Sonic: I need some grub, and I’m sure that it’s still too early for anyone to be working.

Peach: Oh.  Sure, we can wait.


Meanwhile, Bowser is busy making preparations for his invasion.

Kammy Koopa: Your wickedness, are you sure that you don’t want to call Dr. Eggman and borrow a few robots from him?


Bowser: I’m very sure.  I want to battle with Sonic myself.  If he knows about it, then I’ll lose my chance.  These Hammer Bros. & Koopatrols are my best troops.  They should be enough to take care of Mario and the others, especially with our secret weapon.

They all turn and stare at the gigantic figure nearby.  It’s Mona, who has her coat, boots, and helmet back on.  She’s just standing still with a blank stare in her eyes, acting emotionless.  She also has Bowser’s symbol, in black, on her forehead.  That symbol is the curse mark that keeps her under Bowser’s control.

Kamek: I strongly agree!  Using her can really cause mayhem!

Bowser’s minions are in awestruck by both her size and beauty.

Bowser: You two remember what to do, right?


Kammy Koopa: Yes.

Kamek: I admit that this plan of yours is very smart, my king.  This way, they won’t have a clue at what’s controlling her.

Bowser: Kammy, do you have your crystal ball with you?


Kammy Koopa: Yes.

Bowser: Good.  You two should be able to observe everything from that.  I’m leaving the giantess in your capable hands.  Don’t fail me!

Kammy Koopa & Kamek: Yes, Lord Bowser!

Kammy Koopa flies up to Mona’s face.

Kammy Koopa: Giantess!

Mona turns her head and looks at Kammy.

Kammy Koopa: Now, you are to do everything that King Bowser tells you to do.

Mona turns her head at Bowser.

Bowser: (Thinking) I should test this out, first.  (Out loud) Kid, raise your left hand.

Mona raises her left hand in the air.

Bowser: Now lower that hand to the ground and keep it flat.

Mona lowers her hand to the ground and keeps it flat.  Bowser gets on.

Bowser: Now raise it up to your face.

Mona raises Bowser to her face.

Bowser: Very good.  Now speak, and tell me your name.

Mona: Yes, Lord Bowser.  My name is Mona.

Bowser blushes a little bit.

Bowser: (To himself) Wow!  Even her voice is heavenly!  (Out loud) *clears throat* Uh, Mona, eh?  Well, now know that you will help me destroy and conquer the Mushroom Kingdom.  Normally, I have very little use for females in my ranks, with very few exceptions, like Kammy Koopa and my daughter, Wendy.  However, I see great possibilities with you, and I strongly believe that you’re my ticket to conquering the world!

Mona: I will do what I can, my king.

Bowser: Fwa ha ha ha ha!  Very good!  Now, hand me my ride.

Mona picks up Bowser’s Koopa Clown Car.  The car still has the twins inside, unconscious.  Bowser jumps in, and the engine starts.

Bowser: Release the car, Mona!

Mona: Yes, your majesty.

Mona releases the car, and Bowser is flying.


Minions: YES, SIR!


Bowser’s minions run ahead of him.

Bowser: What about those two brats, Kamek?

Kamek: We’ll keep an eye on the brats.  Besides, as long as we have the giant one under our spell, those two will stay unconscious.

Bowser: Excellent!  Now, it’s your turn to move out, Mona.  Find Princess Peach and grab her.

Mona: Yes, Lord Bowser.

Mona starts walking and following the minions, shaking the ground with each step taken.

Bowser: BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!


Back in Toad Town, a lot of people are searching high and low for Mona.  9-Volt & 18-Volt search the docks.

9-Volt: MONA!

18-Volt: KAT!  ANA!

Peach & Toadsworth are at the west side.

Peach: Any sign of them, Toadsworth?


Toadsworth: No.  I’m so sorry, my lady.

Mario and a bunch of soldiers search the east side.

Mario: Nothing on the east side.

Toadsworth: Your highness, we’ve searched high and low for the girls.  There’s no trace of them.

Peach: *sighs* Continue the search outside of Toad Town.

Sonic dashes over to the west side of Toad Town.  He shakes his head and finds the situation to be pretty unbelievable.

Peach: Any luck, Sonic?

Sonic: Still nothing, I’m afraid.  I find it really hard to believe that someone as big as her could just disappear without a trace, unless she went back to Diamond City.

Peach: Without taking 9-Volt & 18-Volt?

Sonic: Good point.  Maybe I should’ve checked things out earlier.  And how did the twins get mixed up in this?

Peach: They wanted to spend some more time with Mona.  We all assumed that it was going to be like an up-all-night thing.  Now, I’ve got a really bad feeling about this.  Sonic, can you search the Train Station?  It’s the southern-most place of Toad Town.

Sonic: Sure thing.  But where’s Luigi?  Did he disappear, too?

Peach: Toadsworth, check the center of Toad Town.

Toadsworth: Right away, Princess.

Peach: I don’t know where he is, but I wouldn’t worry about him.  He can take care of himself.

Both Toadsworth and Sonic leave.

Peach: Oh, Mona.  Where have you gone?

Just then, the ground starts shaking violently.

Sonic: What the--?!  Mona must’ve come back!

Suddenly, a loud scream is heard.

Mario: That was-a Peach!

Everyone runs to the west side, and they find the civilians surrounding a large figure that’s holding a smaller figure.

Sonic: Mona!

Toadsworth: Blimey!  She’s got the princess!

They all look up to see Mona holding Peach in her left hand.  Mona takes her feet and destroys the house next to her.  This shocks everybody.

9-Volt: Mona!  What the heck do you think you’re doing?!

Sonic: And where are the twins?

Mona turns her head towards Sonic and raises her right foot.

Sonic: MONA, WHOA!

Sonic moves as Mona crashes her foot down onto the floor.

Sonic: Gah!  Toadsworth!  Take the soldiers and get these people out of here, immediately!

Toadsworth: Right away!!  Please save the princess!!

Toadsworth and the soldiers leave with the civilians.

Mario: Mona, why are-a you doing this?


18-Volt: Word!  We’re your friends, and Peach and the others were nice enough to accept you into this town!  You have no reason to act like this!

??????: Bwa ha ha!  Unless she was being manipulated!

Just then, a bunch of Hammer Bros. & Koopatrols appear around the area.

Mario: Bowser’s minions!

Sonic: So he’s behind this!  Why am I not surprised?

Bowser appears in his Koopa Clown Car, floating next to Mona.

Bowser: I plan on killing a few birds with one stone, this time.  First, I take possession of this lovely young giantess.  Second, I use her to destroy Toad Town and kidnap Princess Peach.  After that, I go for my adversary and take over the world, expanding her destruction and mayhem.

Mario: So THAT’S-A why she’s-a acting strange!

Peach: Don’t you know that you can never beat Mario?!

Bowser: One of these days, I WILL prove you wrong, but not today.

Peach: Huh?


Bowser: You see, today, my adversary is none other than you, Sonic!

Everyone gasps and looks at Sonic.  Sonic smiles and is unafraid.

Sonic: *chuckles* Well, if you wanted a challenge, then you should’ve just asked.  I’m always ready to go.

Bowser: Yeah, but that’s not my style.  Mona, I’m leaving Princess Peach in your hands.

Mona: Yes, Lord Bowser.

Peach: Mona, no!  Wake up, please!

Mona doesn’t listen and keeps a tight grip on Peach.

Bowser: Gwa ha ha!  Don’t waste your breath!  As long as she has my mark on her forehead, she’ll only obey me!

Sonic: I’ll bet that you’re also responsible for making the twins disappear, too.  Where are they?

Bowser: *chuckles* I’m not saying a word about those brats!  If you want things back to normal, Sonic, then you’ll have to defeat me!

Sonic: Gladly!

Bowser jumps out of the car, and gets in fighting position.

Bowser: Mona, place Princess Peach in the Koopa Clown Car and make sure that nothing happens to it!

Mona: As you wish, my king.

Peach: No!  Stop!  Please, wake up!

Despite Peach’s pleas, Mona places her inside the Clown Car.  The Clown Car gets sealed in glass.

Bowser: The tempered, sealing glass is a new feature of the Koopa Clown Car.  Only the giantess and myself can make it open and close.  This should prevent you from escaping.  Attack, my soldiers!  But remember, Sonic’s mine!  Mona, demolish this town and take good care of the princess!

Minions: Yes, sir!

Mona: Will do, Lord Bowser.

9-Volt: Mona, no!  Stop!

Sonic: Think about what you’re doing!

18-Volt: Word!  Snap out of it!

Mario: Wake up-a!

Peach: Please, wake up!

Mona’s friends continue to try and get her to come to her senses, but Mona ignores their voices and continues to stomp on buildings and crushing everything in sight, heading into the center of town.

Sonic: *chuckles* And here I thought that I was going to have a nice, quiet trip.  I guess nothing in life is ever simple.  Alright, bring it on!

9-Volt: Uh, guys?

18-Volt: We’re not really fighters.

Sonic: Then you two can--

Before Sonic could finish, Mona heads for the gamers and grabs them in one hand.  Then she continues destroying Toad Town.

Sonic: Shoot!  This makes things harder…

Mario: Now what?

Sonic: Well, it’s just you and me, now.  So, why don’t you deal with those goons, first?  Then, do whatever you can to save Mona’s friends and Peach.  Afterward, find out who or what’s manipulating her.

Mario: But-a what about-a you?

Sonic: Bowser wanted to fight me, so I’m accepting his challenge.  Now, let’s do this!

Part 9

Meanwhile, back in Diamond City, Dr. Crygor had been doing multiple tests with The Matter Manipulator.  Right now, Dr. Crygor has four arms, Mike has three heads, and Penny has a clone of herself standing next to her.

Dr. Crygor: Okay, so here’s the conclusion.  This device won’t work on inanimate objects and seems to do different things to different beings.  When it strikes, it targets the being’s cells and forces the cells to expand, separate, multiply, shrink, or do numerous other things.

Penny: Nice, but this still doesn’t tell us how to get Mona back to normal.

Mike (First head): Affirmative.

Mike (Second head): And what about us?

Mike (Third head): How do we get back to normal?

Dr. Crygor: I’m still working on how to reverse the effects.

Penny: Well, let’s try to speed it up.

Penny (Clone): Mona could be terrorizing another town for all we know.

Mike (First head): Affirmative.  We’re running out of time!

Mike (Second head): And this stupid machine has caused us nothing but trouble!

Mike (Third head): Worthless consumer model!

Dr. Crygor: Mike, no!  Don’t do that!!

Mike, in anger, kicks the machine.  By doing so, the machine activates and fires off a gigantic beam of light.  Once again, it bounces off of many areas before hitting everybody.  After flashing numerous colors, Dr. Crygor, Penny, & Mike are back to their normal selves.

Dr. Crygor: Amazing!  So this has the ability to reverse the effects just by firing at the target again!  Now, I just need to build a compact version and compress the data.  Then I’ll follow Mona’s trail into the Mushroom Kingdom.

Penny: How?  We don’t even know where it is.

Dr. Crygor: No, but while we’ve been working, I’ve also been monitoring Mona as she left Diamond City.  I’ll just follow her trail and be there in no time.  I also plan on upgrading this device before leaving.  Hopefully, this will prevent any more problems in the future.


Back at Toad Town, things continue getting hectic, as Mona continues to destroy everything in sight with her friends and Peach held captive.

Peach: Mona, please wake up!  I don’t know how Bowser’s controlling you, but you need to stop before you end up destroying the entire planet!  Please, wake up!

9-Volt: Yeah!  You’re squeezing us way too tight!  Gack!

18-Volt: Wo--Gah!!

Mona takes one look at Peach, then, gets back to stomping on houses.

Peach: Oh, it’s no use.

9-Volt: Don’t worry, Peach.  I’m sure that Mario & Sonic will save us.  Mario always wins against Bowser!

18-Volt: Word, and with Sonic teaming up with him, this will be finished twice as fast.

Peach: Well, I can’t argue with those facts.

At the same time, Mona continues her rampaging destruction by stomping on buildings and crushing them with other body parts.  Then, she looks at the ones in her hand.

Mona: It’s difficult with you two in my grasp.

Mona places them with Peach inside Bowser’s Koopa Clown Car.  Then, she continues to have fun with her rampaging destruction.

Mona: Much better.

Peach: Oh, I hope that those guys hurry up before all of Toad Town is in ruins.

18-Volt: Word.  It’s getting scrunched in here.


Meanwhile, Sonic is busy exchanging fists with Bowser as Mario deals with his minions.

Koopatrol: If we all jump him at once, he won’t stand a chance, just like we planned.

Hammer Bros.: Good idea.  LET’S GET HIM!!

Soon, Mario’s covered in Koopas, like football players tackling someone with the football in a dog pile.  However, it’s ineffective, as Mario’s Mario Tornado knocks them all off.  Then, he jumps into the air, and fires an Ultra Flame.


All of the minions are dazed and down.

Hammer Bros.: Man!  Even the best of the best can’t stand up to Mario!  He’s invincible!  We need to overlook our strategy and find out what went wrong…

Bowser sweats a little bit.

Bowser: Well, at least they’re smart enough to know what to do after failing.

Sonic: Embarrassing.  Are you sure about them being your best troops?

Bowser: Yes.  Even after failing, they constantly work hard at what to do next.  Besides, I’m not worried.  That giantess will be more than a match for Mario, especially since she has your friends in her possession.

Sonic charges at Bowser with a barrage of kicks.  Bowser hides in his shell, and Sonic’s attacks become ineffective.  Right during his last kick, Bowser grabs his leg and throws him in a 360-degree fashion.  Sonic lands on a wall, and Bowser does a hard punch to his gut.  Then, he goes into a barrage of slashes, grabs Sonic’s leg, and throws him into another wall.  Concerned, Mario runs up to him.

Mario: Sonic, are you okay?  Maybe we should-a switch places.

Sonic: *groans* What are you talking about, man?  I’m doing fine!  Besides, Peach needs you to save her!  Now, go!

Mario: Right.

Mario leaves as Sonic gets up.

Sonic: So, you managed to get a few good shots in there.  You’re much better than your lackeys.

Bowser: Although useless against Mario, they’re still loyal, and always give 100% of their work.

Sonic: As for me, now that I know what I’m dealing with, it’s time I got serious!

Bowser: Gwa ha ha!  Just what I was hoping for!

Sonic dashes up to Bowser with a really fast Spin Dash.  Bowser wasn’t expecting it, and takes a huge amount of pain in the gut.  He gets knocked on his shell.

Sonic: *chuckles* You’re stuck on your back.  Now what, Biggie?

Sonic jumps up and onto his stomach.  Then, he unleashes a barrage of punches.  Bowser is screaming in pain and tries to nail him with his Fire Breath.  Sonic jumps out of the way, and Bowser manages to stand upright again.

Bowser: Wow!  Y-Y-You’re tougher than I--*coughs*--than I thought…

Sonic just stands there and smiles.

Bowser: Yeah, you just keep smiling, Sonic!  Soon, I’ll be the one who has the upper hand around here!

Bowser gets himself into a fighting pose, and the fighting continues.


Meanwhile, Mario has no problem finding Mona, as the ground shaking got more intense as he continued running.  Soon, he found her with the gamers scrunched up inside Bowser’s vehicle.

Mario: Peach?

Peach: MARIO!

9-Volt: IT’S MARIO!

18-Volt: WORD!  He’ll save us!

Mona turns her attention towards him and stops right in front of him.  Mario looks way up at her with an angry look in his eyes.

Mario: Mona, stop-a this nonsense-a right now!  You’re-a not yourself, and I don’t-a want to hurt-a you, but-a I will do whatever it-a takes to save Peach and-a everyone else!

Mona: *giggles* You think that you can defeat a giantess?

Mario: No doubt about it.

Mona: Then I’ll be glad to take you on, Mario!

Mario & Mona get into fighting positions.

Mario: (Thinking) Looks-a like I have-a no choice.

Mario faces off against the giantess Mona, standing unafraid.

Peach: Mario, please go easy on her.  She’s possessed.

Mario: I know.

Mona: You may be legendary in your abilities, but I still can’t let you win.

9-Volt: I hope that he has a plan.  Otherwise, we’re all doomed.

18-Volt: Word.

Peach: Mona…  Mario…  Sonic…

Part 10

Mona starts with a punch to the ground.  Mario easily avoids it and runs up the arm.  Mona tries to swat him with her other arm, but he jumps off and lands on the ground, only to have to deal with Mona’s stomping feet.  Again and again, Mona tries to squash him under her feet, smash him with her fists, and snatch him up with her hands, but the agile little plumber is just too quick for her.

9-Volt: I don’t get it.  Why doesn’t he just use his special attacks to take her down?

Peach: Mona is a friend, and on top of that, a woman.  I don’t think that Mario has the heart to harm her.

9-Volt: Weak!  Mario can’t afford to hold back!  He needs to go all out, or he’s doomed!

18-Volt: Word!

Peach: Hmm…  Well, maybe there’s an alternative…

9-Volt: Huh?  What do you mean?

Peach: Maybe he’s figured it out and plans on…

9-Volt: On what?  What is he going to do?!

Peach: Be patient.  Let’s just wait and see.

Mona tries slamming her hands on the ground to squash Mario, but all she does is get her hands dirty.  So, she tries to jump on him with her whole body.

Mario: WHAA!!

Mario runs and screams as a giant thud is heard behind him.  He lets his guard down for only a second to see if she’s okay, and he soon finds himself caught in her right hand.

Peach: Oh, no!  Mario!  Mona, stop!

Mona stands up to her full height, and holds him in between two fingers, and very close to her face with an evil smile.

Mona: Time for a snack.  All this destruction has made me hungry.

While he was being held, Mario was charging his hands up for an Ultra Flame.

Mona: Down the hatch!

Peach & 9-Volt: MONA, NO!!!!!

Ignoring their cries, Mona throws Mario inside her mouth.

Mario: Sorry, Mona.

As he falls inside her mouth, he fires the attack on her tonsils.  Mona screams and spits him out right before he goes down her throat.

Mona: HOT!!  HOT!!  HOT!!  HOT!!

While the others around her cover their ears from her shouting and screaming, she runs over to the castle moat, and almost squashes Mario in the process.  While she’s busy cooling down her throat, drinking the water, Mario manages to do an incredibly high jump towards the Koopa Clown Car and successfully lands on top of it.

9-Volt: ALRIGHT!!

Peach: Oh, Mario.  You did it!

Without another word, Mario grabs his hammer.

Mario: Let’s-a hope that this glass isn’t unbreakable.

Unfortunately, Mario swings, and all the glass does is make a loud vibrating sound.

Peach: It didn’t work.

9-Volt & 18-Volt: Aw, man!

Mario: Well, I’ve-a got another idea.

Mario goes as close to the underside of the car as possible and smashes the propeller.  The car falls down and crashes on the ground.  Mario jumps off and runs up to the car, which is tilted on its side.

Mario: Peach, is-a everyone okay?

Peach: We’re all fine, but the glass is still intact.

Mario believes that this makes things safer for breaking them out, but before he could do anything, the ground starts shaking like crazy.  Soon, Mona sees Mario on the ground with the Koopa Clown Car, smiling.

Mario: (To himself) Maybe there’s a better way.

Mona: Thanks for the spicy meatballs!  In return I’ll make you a pancake!

Mario stands on top of the glass part of the Koopa Clown Car.

Mario: Just try it!

Mona raises her right foot and as Mario dodges the foot, she smashes the top of the Koopa Clown Car, and the glass shatters into pieces.  Fortunately, her foot landed a few inches away from Peach and the gamers, preventing them from getting hurt.  Mona doesn’t even care that Peach and the others are free.  She continues to focus on Mario, who somehow disappeared.  Meanwhile, Peach, 9-Volt, & 18-Volt get out of the car and run away.

Peach: Let’s get to the castle while Mario deals with Mona.  Then, we’ll look around and see if we can find out what exactly caused these problems.

9-Volt: Right.

18-Volt: Word.


Mona: Where are you, little pest?

Mario is hiding safely behind a house, thinking about what to do next.

Mario: (Thinking) Now that-a Peach and the others are-a safe, I’d better try and-a get her back to normal.  But-a how?

Mona: There you are!

Mario runs from the house.  Then, dodges another foot as Mona tries to squash him again.  Mona continues to walk after him, as he continues to run from her.

Mona: You’d better think of something, or else these boots are gonna walk all over you. *giggles*

Mario: I have-a no choice.  I have to fight.

Mona goes for another stomp on Mario, and Mario jumps on and starts running up the leg.  Mona tries to swat him off, but he jumps on her arm and up to her face with an Ultra Flame.  Then, he jumps on her forehead.

Mona: AAAAHH!!  How dare you attack a lady, especially in the face!

Mona rubs her nose, while Mario runs onto the top of her head and heads through the large orange strands of Mona’s hair.

Mona: If you think that you can hide within my hair, you’re crazy!

Mona takes off her helmet and tries to grab through the strands for Mario.  But it’s to no avail.  So, she starts scratching it, and it works.  Mario is sent flying through the air and landing near a building.

Mona: Found you!

Mona puts her helmet back on and goes after Mario.  Mario looks around and sees the building with some interesting equipment.

Mario: That’s it!  That’ll work!

Before he could make his move, Mona finally manages to snatch him up.

Mona: Gotcha!

Mario: Mama Mia!

Mona just holds him in her right hand with his head and shoulders sticking out, while smiling at him.

Mario: I’m-a surprised at you.  Before, you hardly had any emotions.  Now, you act-a more evil.

Mona: Well, at first, this was nothing more than an assignment for Bowser.  But that didn’t mean that I was supposed to remain emotionless the whole time.  Anyway, as I continued smashing up the place, it became a lot of fun, just like it did in Diamond City.

Mario: I warn you!  Stop-a this madness, or else!

Mona just laughs and brings him closer to her face.

Mona: And what will you do if I don’t, shrimp?  In case you haven’t noticed, I’m much bigger than you, I have you in my grasp, and your hands are caught inside of my hand.  There’s nothing you can do!  Hmm.  Maybe I should do to you what I’ll do to Wario later.

Mario: So you STILL remember your grudge-a for him?!

Mona: You bet!  How could I forget that rotten skunk!  That, gorgeously handsome--

Mona stops in mid-sentence when she realizes that she’s saying this in front of Mario.  It’s seems that she still has a crush on Wario, despite being in a vengeful mood towards him.

Mona: --annoying, greedy punk!!  Hmm.  Perhaps I should go out with you, instead.  (Thinking) That’ll REALLY get under his skin.  If he saw me going out with Mario, then he’ll do whatever it takes to win me back.  Plus, it would be nice to see two men the size of action figures fighting over me. *giggles*

Mario: Mama Mia!  It’s-a like you’re back to normal, but…you’re-a not!  Besides, what would-a Peach say about this?

Mona: HA!  Like she WOULD have a say in this.  You forget, I’m a giantess now.

Mario: *chuckles* Well, I must-a say that-a you’re a cute-a kid, and I really like-a you.

Mona: *gasps* Really?  You…like me?!  Wow!

Before she could get completely excited about this news, Mario interrupts.

Mario: However, I have other plans, and-a they involve saving you!

Mario charges his hands up with fire, and Mona starts feeling the heat around her fingers.

Mona: OOOOWWWW!!!!  Ow!  Ow!  Ow!  Ow!  Ow!

Mona drops him and starts shaking her hand.  After enduring her loud voice, Mario goes into the building and takes a pair of scissors, plenty of string, and a few needles.  He places them in his pockets and turns back to Mona.

Mario: This should work.

While she’s distracted, Mario climbs up her right boot and at the top, he jumps up to her left knee.  Mona looks down and sees him making his climb up to her skirt.

Mona: Hey!  Do I look like a mountain to you?!

Mario: No.  You look-a more like-a that gold-a statue of-a Peach that I swiped from-a Wario.

Mona: What?!  YOU stole something from Wario?!

Mona clenches her teeth and shakes her fist as Mario continues his climb up her body.

Mona: (Thinking) So, Wario cares more for Peach than he does for me?!  Well, I’ll deal with both of them later, but right now…  (Out loud) Take this!

Mario makes it up to her belt.  She tries to swat him off, but he jumps onto her hand and onto her top.

Mona: (To herself) Man, he’s faster than he was before.  I can’t even grab him.

He jumps off her chest and up to the top of her coat.  Then, he swings up and over to the back of her head and grabs onto her hair.  Irritated at this point, she tries to brush him off by moving her fingers through her hair.  After a few tries, she manages to grab him in her hands after hearing him muffling.

Mona: I got you, this time!

She opens her hands, and he jumps onto her nose, trying to climb up to her helmet.  She shakes her head and moves her nose around to try and get him off, but to no avail.

Mona: GET OFF!

Her shouting causes him to lose his balance, as he covers his ears and starts falling down.  She claps her hands and manages to catch him, but finds him missing when she opens them up.

Mona: Huh?  How did he--?!

Mario whistles for her inside her right sleeve.

Mona: Why you little--!!

She uses her other hand and tries to dig inside for the little plumber.  Mario climbs through the sleeve and makes it up to her elbow.  He takes the scissors and cuts a hole in her coat.  He comes out moments before her hand does.  He uses the thread and needle and sews up the hole he made, trapping her hand in the process.

Mona: Huh?  Hey!  My hand’s stuck!  No!!

Mario runs up to her shoulder.

Mario: I hate to do this to you, but it-a has to end this-a way.

Mona: W-What are you going to do?

Mario jumps onto Mona’s helmet and ties a knot in the center of her goggles.  She tries to blow and shake him off, but it’s to no avail, as he jumps down to her neck, takes the long string, and spirals it around her body, tying her up.

Mona: Hey!  Stop it!  You going to make me f--Whoa!!

As Mario gets to her feet, Mona is unable to control her balance as he pulls back the string, and she falls back with a huge thud.  She becomes unconscious, and Mario looks back at her huge body, breathing a sigh of relief.

Mario: I hated to do that to you, but I had to find a way to stop-a you without causing harm.  So, I just-a improvised with some simple equipment.  That-a Ultra Flame was a mistake, and I’m-a sorry.  I just-a hope that when-a you wake up-a, you’re back-a to normal.

Mario goes by her gigantic body and rests against it.

Part 11

Meanwhile, the battle between Sonic & Bowser heats up.  Bowser goes for a Slash.  Sonic dodges it and goes into a Spin Dash, nailing Bowser in the stomach.  Bowser manages to keep his balance and grab Sonic.  Bowser twirls Sonic around by his leg and slams him into the ground.

Bowser: I’ll admit, Sonic.  You are a worthy opponent.

Sonic gets up and holds onto his left arm, which has gone numb.

Sonic: For a big guy, you’re not bad yourself.  But I think that you’re hiding something from me.  Why don’t you show me your true power?

Bowser: *chuckles* You’d better watch what you ask for hedgehog!  Because I’ll definitely hold you to your word!  Watch closely, Sonic.  This transformation isn’t easy to maintain, but I’ve been working on it.  HHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

Bowser starts flashing in many dark colors before he gets engulfed in a bright red light.  Suddenly, lighting strikes him, and when the red light disappears, Bowser stands before Sonic, bigger than he was before and many times more vicious.

Sonic: Whoa!  If I was any younger, then I’d be scared to death.

Giga Bowser: I AM GIGA BOWSER!!  Let’s see your confidence help you now!

Sonic: *chuckles* BRING IT ON!!!


Meanwhile, Peach and the gamers start looking for clues inside the nearby forest.

9-Volt: For a princess, you’re pretty bold, Peach.

18-Volt: Word.

Peach: *giggles* Well, I can’t just sit back and do nothing while Mario & Sonic go through an endless fight with Mona & Bowser.

9-Volt: But why are we inside of a forest?

Peach: It’s one of the closest areas outside of Toad Town and a perfect place for plotting schemes and ambushes.  So, we may find something around here.

Suddenly, they see both Kammy Koopa and Kamek waving their wands around a crystal ball with the twins in ropes nearby.  Both girls are still snoozing like babies.  Peach and the gamers hide in a nearby bush.

9-Volt: (Whispers) Oh.  Magikoopas.  The one in purple is Kammy Koopa, Bowser’s second-in-command.

Peach: (Whispers) And the blue one is probably Kamek.  Those two always seem to be hanging around Bowser.  Let’s get a closer look and see exactly what they’re up to.

All three of them creep up as close to them as possible.  As they creep up, 9-Volt accidentally steps on a twig, causing it to snap.

Kammy Koopa: Huh?  Princess Peach!

Kamek: What are you doing here?!

Kammy Koopa: Never mind.  Now that you’ve stumbled onto our secret, we can’t let you go.

9-Volt: So you two are the ones controlling Mona and the twins?  You’d better let them go before Mario gets here, you old fogies!

18-Volt: Word!

Kammy Koopa: Why you little runt!

Kamek: Let’s get rid of them before anyone else finds out about this!

Kammy Koopa: My thoughts exactly!

Both Magikoopas get themselves ready to fire a magical attack spell at their adversaries.  But before they could finish the spell, someone jumps in and knocks them both out with a single attack.

Peach: Huh?

9-Volt: Awesome!  But who did that?

?????: Sorry, I’m-a late.  But-a I had to go and-a see Daisy again.

Peach & 9-Volt: Luigi?!

9-Volt: What timing!  You knocked them both out!  Now maybe Mona and the twins will be back to normal!

Suddenly, both girls start groaning and slowly wake up.

Kat: *groans* What happened?

Peach: Oh, thank goodness you’re back to normal!

Ana: Peach?  Luigi?  What’s going on?

Peach: You two were out cold the entire time.  Right now, we need to get back to Mona.

Kat: Mona?!  What happened to her?

Peach: I’ll explain it on the way.  Now, let’s go.


Mario is still resting near Mona, waiting for her to wake up.  The curse mark on her forehead disappears and she starts to wake up.

Mona: *moans* What happened?

Mario: So, you finally woke up-a.

Mona: Mario?  What’s going on?  *grunts* And why are my arms tied up?!

Mario: It’s a long story.  I just-a hope that you’re back to normal.

Mona: “Back to normal”?  What’s going on?

Mario: Let-a me get you free first.

Kat: Hey, Mona!

Mona: Kat?

Mario and Mona see their friends coming.  While Mario gets Mona’s hands free, another conversation starts.

Mario: Luigi!  Where were-a you?

Luigi: Sorry, bro.  I was-a busy doing things out of town-a.

9-Volt: Besides, it was because of him that we managed to break the spell on Mona.

Mario: So, things are-a back to normal?  What-a exactly happened?

Ana: It was strange.  We went to check on Mona last night.  We found the strangest creatures messing with our colossal friend.  But when we tried to stop the big turtle, we got knocked out.

18-Volt: You mean that you two tried to take on King Bowser and his cronies by yourselves?!

Kat: Well, they were trying to take over Mona’s mind with their magic!  We couldn’t just sit back and do nothing!

Ana: Maybe we should’ve gotten help from Mario.  Otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten our blades broken and knocked out by those wizards.

Mario: Don’t-a blame yourselves.  You wanted to help a friend, and-a you tried.  That-a should be good enough.  Plus, you both are safe.

Mona: Yeah, thanks girls.

Peach: The Magikoopas were using some sort of magic spell on Mona and the twins.  Fortunately, Luigi was able to save us and knock them both out.

At this point, Mona is now free and stands up to her full height.

Mona: Well, where’s Sonic?

Peach: He’s still dealing with Bowser.

Mona: Well, I should pay them both a visit.  Mario, care to join me?

Mario: But-a Sonic wanted to face-a Bowser by--

Mona: (Overlapping “by--”) I don’t care!  That evil beast made me do all this damage, and I need to return the favor!  Don’t try to change my mind, either!

Being as big as she is, and by the determination of her voice, no one else dared to argue with Mona.

Kat: Then let us go with you!

Ana: Yeah, that jerk had us sleeping throughout all this, and I’m just as angry as you are!

Mona smiles at them.

Mona: Fine.  In fact, why don’t we all go?

Mona looks around and can easily see Sonic on the ground, with Bowser standing over him.

Mona: Perfect.  We’re leaving, now!


Sonic is on the floor, struggling to move his body.  Bowser is back to normal, but exhausted.

Bowser: Man…  That transformation…is not…easy to maintain…  And…you managed…to endure…all of those attacks…  Amazing!  If that hedgehog…had managed to stand…any longer, I would’ve lost.  Well, you put up a valiant effort, but it’s time to say good night!

Before he could get the chance to finish Sonic off, the ground starts rumbling.  Caught off-guard, Bowser finds himself getting slashed in the chest by Kat & Ana.

Bowser: GAH!!!  WHAT THE--?!

Then, he finds himself getting thrown by the tail by Mario.  As Bowser is flying through the air, Mario unleashes an Ultra Flame.  Bowser takes the full force of the attack and finds himself facedown in front of a pair of giant feet.  He slowly gets up and becomes surprised.

Bowser: Huh?  You brats, again?!  AND MARIO, TOO?!

Mona: Don’t forget about me.

Bowser turns around and looks up to see Mona with her hands on her hips, looking down on him with a wicked smile.  Thinking that she’s still under his control, Bowser smiles and laughs.

Bowser: *chuckles* Nice of you to come, my dear girl.  Now, do me a favor and take care of this mess.

Mona: *giggles* Whatever you say.

Mona raises her right foot and stomps it on Bowser, pinning him down.


Mona: In case you haven’t noticed, I’m back to normal, now.


Mona: Yeah, he beat me.

Bowser: B-B-But how?!  There’s no way that Mario could’ve figured how I was controlling these girls!  And where the heck are Kammy & Kamek?!

Kat: Sorry to break it to you, my king, but they’re sleeping.

Bowser: You two couldn’t have possibly managed to knock them out!  You both were unconscious!

Ana: We didn’t.  He did.

Ana points to Luigi, who’s standing nearby with Peach and the gamers.

Bowser: WHAT?!  LUIGI WAS HERE, TOO?!  GRRRR!!!  No wonder!

Mona: Mario brought me down, Peach & the boys found the source, and Luigi saves the day!  Now, I’m going to finish the job!

Mona gets herself ready to do a big kick, as if Bowser was a football.

Bowser: *gulps* Oh, crud!

Bowser sees it coming and hides inside his shell.  Mona unleashes the kick and sends Bowser flying sky high, faster than a bullet.

Mona: And that’s that.

Mona turns to Sonic and picks up the beaten hedgehog.

Mona: Sonic, please wake up.

Sonic: *groans* Man.  I can’t believe how tough that guy was.

He stands up, wipes the dust off of him, and turns around to see Mona’s giant face.

Sonic: Hey, Mona!

Mona: SONIC!

Mona cuddles him to her face while the others cover their ears.

Sonic: *groans* Nice to see you, too.

Mona: Oh, thank goodness you’re okay.

Sonic: Where’s Bowser?

Peach: He’s gone.

Sonic: So it’s over?

Mario: It is.

All of them look at the destruction caused by Mona, Bowser, and his minions.


One month later, Mario & Luigi are sitting in chairs at home, discussing the recent events.

Luigi: Boy, what a crazy day that-a was!

Mario: I’ll say.  Who would’ve thought that-a we’d run into people from-a Wario’s town?

Luigi: Well, it’s-a been several weeks since-a then.  You think-a Mona found Wario?

Mario: Who knows?

Soon, the whole house starts shaking like crazy.

Mario: Looks like we may have our answer soon.

Luigi: It-a can’t be.  Why would-a she still be gigantic?

Mario: Like I said, we may have our answer soon.

There’s a knock on the door.  Mario opens the door and as expected, it was Mona, who is still 90 ft. tall.

Mona: Hey, Mario!  It’s been a while?

Mario: Mona!  What a surprise!

Luigi: I’m-a surprised that-a you’re still gigantic.

Mario: How’s everyone else-a?

Mona: 9-Volt, 18-Volt, and the twins are back at Diamond City.  Things are back to normal, there.

Mario: But what about-a Wario?

Mona: I found him and made a deal with him.

Luigi: One offer I’m sure that-a he was-a unable to refuse, I’ll bet.

Mona: *giggles* Right.  He’d pay for all the upcoming bills that I had to deal with, which also included all the damage that I did to Diamond City.  Plus, he’s giving me a huge bonus.

Luigi: How the heck were-a you even allowed back in-a the city?

Mona: Well, I didn’t exactly go into the city.  I swam over to a friend’s island lab.  I dropped off my friends, and the scientist, Dr. Crygor, figured out how to reverse his machine’s effects.  He was more than willing to fix my financial problems if I’d just allow him to shrink me back to normal.

Mario: And you refused?

Mona: I said to him that there’s a better way of doing this.

Luigi: And that’s where Wario comes in.

Mona: You got it.  He’s paying for all of his employees’ financial problems and giving them all the money that they earned working for him.

Luigi: But how can-a you be sure that-a he’ll do what he’s told?

Mona: *laughs* Do you really need to ask that?

Mona digs into her pockets and pulls out Wario & Waluigi.  Both men are tied up and Waluigi is unconscious.  Wario looks up at Mona and moans.

Wario: Mama Mia!  How long-a do you plan on keeping this up, Mona?  I already took care of everything back at-a the castle!

Mona: I’ll be the judge of that!  I’ll let you both go when I know for sure that ALL the employees got what they deserved.  Besides, I’m having too much fun with you guys. *giggles*  Now, go back to sleep.

Mona places them back into her pockets.

Mario: So, what-a now?

Mona: Well, I thought that I’d come by and say hello.  By the way, is Sonic around?  Is he feeling any better?

Sonic: I sure am.  I was checking on Peach.  She’s doing fine, too.

Sonic is standing on top of Mona’s helmet.  He jumps down and lands in front of the Mario Bros.

Sonic: Nice to see you again, Mona.  It’ll be a while before I can continue my tour of this world.  So until then, I’ll spend some time with you.

Mona: Hey, thanks.

Sonic: Better yet, how’s about a trip to Diamond City?  Since you’re still large, and now in charge, I think that it will be fun.

Wario screams from the pocket.


Mona smacks the pocket.

Wario: OW!

Mona: You don’t get a say in this, Wario!

Mona turns to Sonic with a smile.

Mona: I’ll be happy to take you guys there.

Sonic: What do you say guys?  It’s about time I got back to my vacation, anyway.

Mario & Luigi nod their heads, and Mona has them riding on her shoulders as she starts walking.  Continuing his vacation at Diamond City against Wario’s wishes, Sonic knows that things will get pretty wild over there, especially with the Mario Bros. and Giant Mona.  Speaking of Mona, things are now perfect for her.  She’s got Wario in her grasp and under her control.  But will she ever return to her normal size?  Only Mona knows the answer to that.