The Big Lady of New Donk City

(Final7Darkness and Cubed Cinder)

Chapter 1, written by Final7Darkness

The Lights of New Donk City shun brightly throughout the night sky. It’s been a long and busy day for everyone within the city. So much so that everyone is looking forward to the grand finale that the night has to offer. Up on the rooftops, the citizens all looked out into the distance towards the city hall and were waiting and then, suddenly the lights emitting from the forms of electricity turned off. The sound of the citizens gasped echoed throughout.

The sound of music began to drown out the gasp, which were replaced with roaring cheers. On top of the buildings shrouding the city hall, spotlights turned on shooting out rays of light towards the starry night sky. Suddenly, the citizens noticed a large towering silhouette slowly emerge in front of the city hall. Before they could question the silhouette, the spotlights turned towards the silhouette and reveal to the whole city to be none other than their beloved Mayor Pauline, all dressed ready to sing.

The only different about the mayor was the fact that she towered over every single building as they only reached up to her shins. She is a giantess, living up her title that her citizens dubbed her as,

The title of,

‘The Big Lady of New Donk City’.            

Pauline gave a wave and smiled down her people as she done a twirl. With a normal size mic inbertween her index finger and thumb, with the musicians on the rooftop of city hall began to play out an all too familiar melody as Pauline took in a deep breath as she was about to sing.

But, how did we end up here?

Well, why don’t we take a step back and begin at the start of this unusual day.

Act 1: The Beginning of the Unusual Day

‘Sigh’ Pauline said under her breath. She sat in her office, looking at the paper works laid out at her desk. On top of the paper work was something she dreaded. Slowly she reached out and picked it up and read ‘New Donk City’s Science Show. She closed her eyes and let the paper slip out of her fingers as she ushered another sigh. The paper flutters down and glided across the office and towards the entrance door, which landed in front of it.     

There was a knock on the door, which stirred the mayor to open her eyes and looked at the entrance. “Come in” spoke Pauline as she sat up straight on her chair. She watched the door slowly opened and saw a familiar face poking his head into the office. “Ah Mario,” Pauline said as she shot up from her seat as she clasped her hands together, “It’s good to see that you made it in time” “Anytime, Pauline,” Mario said as he entered the office, his eyes widen as he realised what he said, “…Oh I mean Mayor Pauline” as he rubbed the back of his head.

“No need to be formal with me Mario,” she said as she made her way round her desk and towards Mario and embraced him in a hug, “I may be the mayor but I’m still the same old Pauline” Mario embraced the hug and returned the favour. “So what was it that you wanted me to be here for?” asked Mario as they separated from the hug. “Oh, well…” Pauline answered as she turned round and took a few steps towards her desk, “You see…it kinder embarrassing”, placing her palms on the table surface.

Mario took note of the piece of paper that was on the floor; he knelt down to pick it up and read it once he stood. “But you see there this event happening today…” Pauline said till she was cut off, “New Donk City’s Science Show?”  Mario said out loud as he looked at the paper in hand. Pauline turned round and saw that he was reading. “Yeah…That” she said as she walked up to him and yanked the paper from his hand. Walked back to her desk and sat on its surface.      

Pauline crossed her arms, and said, “I invited you here today to add excitement,” she rolled her eyes, “to the New Donk City’s Science Show” “Why?” asked Mario with his arms behind his back. “Because it boring, the same old stuff every year and with me acting as mayor I can’t get out of it as I have to give a blue ribbon to the ‘best’ science invention and I figured I ask you to come along so I won’t be bored out of my mind” answered Pauline as she directed her eyes on the floor.

“Ah I see; misery loves company” chuckled Mario as he walked towards her. She looked up at him and smiled. “So you attend with me?” she asked as she stood up. Mario looked up at her, simply nodded and said “Sure, when does it start?”

Before Pauline could answer, a buzzing sound emitted from the desk. Pauline turned round saw a black box attached to a speaker with a red button. She leaned over and pressed it, after a brief crackling sound, “Mayor Pauline speaking” she spoke loudly. Once Pauline let go of the button, “Morning Mayor Pauline, just to inform you of your reminder of the Science Show at the square will begin within the hour” spoke a female voice from the speaker. “Thank you for the reminder, we shall be on our way to the square” said Pauline as she pressed the button.

“Well that answers that question does it not” Mario said as he saw Pauline stood up straight, walked over to the coat stand sitting in the corner of office and picked up her purple hat. Once she put her hat on, smiled over at Mario, “Well, let’s get this show on the road.” Pauline walked towards Mario as the two of them left the office and headed off towards ‘The New Donk City’s Science Show’.


An hour has passed since the New Donk City’s Science Show started down at the square. It was an outdoor show due to what happened last year, in which caused an unfortunate explosion of a rare stench of stink bombs which stunk out the building. It took out almost a year to get rid of the smell before people can use it again. Scattered all throughout were tables of strange looking gizmos. Standing behind the tables are people of different races, each one wearing a white lab coat stood behind their respected invention.

Each one all stared at Pauline as she stood by the starting point. She looked at the gleam of their glasses as they shinned as they looked at her. “Talk about intense” Mario whispered beside her as he too noticed the stares. Pauline nodded. With that, they made their way over to the tables. Each one had strange look gizmos, their inventor explained on what their invention does to Pauline. Some of them range of a light bulb that makes people glow in the dark, a never ending flavour chewing gum (which was stuck as garlic flavour, the inventor can’t explain as to why that is), a machine that can tell you how long it takes for paint to dry, another that can tell you how long grass will grow and then a strange looking red button on a white box, which suppose to grand your deepest desire but at a deadly cost.

Each one didn’t impress Pauline or even Mario as they looked at each one they could feel their eyes slowly getting heavy. Mario took a deep yawn as he looked over his shoulder and spotted someone. By one of the table tables, he spotted a purple man in a black suit with pointed ears as he was looking at a table with a ray gun looking invention. Mario felt like he knew who the purple man is until he saw him turned facing towards him as the guy was wearing thick glasses and that he had a pointy moustache. Mario was going to ignore him till he spotted what looked like a label hanging off the moustache.

With that, Mario knew who that guy was.

“Hey Pauline” Mario said as he looked over at her. He saw that Pauline’s eyes were closed shut and that was asleep while standing. “Pauline…” Mario said again as he nugged her arm. Pauline’s eyes shot opened and she stuttered, “I’m up…yes interesting hmm…yes…” Pauline blinked a bit till she noticed that it was Mario standing by her. “Erm…yes Mario?” was all the mayor said as she noticed the look he was giving her. “I was trying to tell you that I spotted someone that we should be weary for” Mario answered as he turned to look for the purple man.

“You mean someone like Bowser?” Pauline asked as she looked in the same direction. Mario noticed that the purple man was gone. “He’s gone!” Mario said he couldn’t see him at all. “Who?” asked Pauline as she was trying to see whomever he trying to find. Mario dashed back and forth between the rows to find him but in the end he couldn’t find him. “Must have ran off” Mario said as he returned to Pauline and hung his head. “Who was it?” Pauline asked as she looked at him worried.

Before Mario could answer, he spotted that the table with the ray gun looking invention is missing with its inventor searching for it, panicking. He rushed up to the table and asked the inventor what’s wrong. Pauline stood next him as the inventor answered. “It’s my invention, the Gold Teleport, it’s gone” he answered. “Remind me again, what the Gold Teleport does?” asked Pauline as she looked at him worried. “It has the ability to transport gold from one location to where the ray gun is” answered the inventor. “Teleports gold huh?” was all Mario said as he spotted something purple dashing down a few rows over at the other end of the square.

“There he is!” shouted Mario as he gave chase. Pauline looked on worried as she too gave chase.

Near the end of the square that the three of them were heading towards, a familiar elderly scientist was setting up his invention, a big ray gun, which was pointing upwards towards the sky. Just as the scientist turned round to plug the invention on with his own generator, once in, the big ray gun gave off a powered up charge sound behind him and just as he was about to turn round, a purple man bumped into his table after tossing a banana skin behind him onto the ground. The bump caused his invention to fire a large bright orange beam of light upwards.


Unbeknown to them all at that moment in time,

That this large orange beam of light when it went hurdling towards the sky and by miracle it didn’t hit anything, not a single bird, cloud or even an aeroplane along its way out of the planet’s orbit. Unfortunately for everyone though, due to its gravity pull, the beam went hurdling towards the moon; to be more specific, it went hurdling towards the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ and once it arrived, it struck its unintended target. 

Unknown to those back at New Donk City; that this so very brief moment will come back to them in big way.

But we shall learn what that repercussion is in due time.


Before the scientist could react to the accident fire, he spotted Mario giving chase to the purple man. “Get him Mario!” shouted the scientist as he pointed towards the purple man. Mario looked at him and with a nod, he said back, “Will do E.Gadd!” Once he said that, Mario didn’t notice the banana skin that was left on the floor and accidently stepped on it and slipped on it towards E.Gadd’s table. Once he bumped onto it, it’s caused the big ray gun to fall onto its side, sparks shot out from it as it was aiming towards the direction Mario just ran from. “Sorry!” was all Mario said as he pushed himself up and gave chase.   

Just as he left, E.Gadd noticed that his invention gave off another spark and before he was able to do anything about it, “Wait up Mario!” shouted Pauline as she was running after Mario, the invention fired off another, a smaller beam of orange light which struck the mayor. Before E.Gadd could react, his invention exploded right in front of him. “Cough! Wasn’t expecting Cough! That!” said E.Gadd as he climbed back up on look at the table surface. He took off his glasses and cleaned off the soot so he could see the damage.

Once cleaned, he put them back on and saw the remains of his invention. With a sigh, he almost hung his head until he spotted that Pauline was on the ground as she landed on her back. “Oh my,” E.Gadd said as he rushed over to her. The other scientists rushed over towards her as well. “I’m terribly sorry about that Mayor Pauline” E.Gadd said as he opened his hand for her grab. Pauline looks up and took his hand. “It’s okay. Accidents happen” Pauline said as she pulled herself up.

“Are you okay?” E.Gadd asked as he looked at her worried. “Yes…why do you?” Pauline asked as she was cut off when she noticed from her hand she took back was giving off an orange glow. The glow then spread all over her body. Pauline looked at E.Gadd with a worried look on her face and was about to ask him a question. When suddenly, a bright light emitted from her which blinded everyone around her.

Mario reached the outskirts of the square and he found that he lost the purple man. He knew that the purple man is long gone. He hung his head and when he’s about to stand up straight and head back in,


A shockwave shocked throughout the square, which started Mario as he fell backwards as he looked back in the direction of the square and saw a large dust cloud. “Pauline! E.Gadd!” shouted Mario as he jumped back onto his feet and was about to run back in until he spotted a silhouette emerging from the dust cloud. Screams echoed throughout as Mario spotted the scientists fleeing past him. Mario looked forward in a panic, fearing the worst and he was headed in closer and entered the cloud. Within, all around him was dim, allowing little light due to the dust shrouded him, and then he spotted E.Gadd as he rushed towards him.

“E.Gadd! What happened?” asked Mario as he stopped next to him. E.Gadd didn’t say anything, he just stared ahead. “Hmm?” was all Mario said as he slowly looked towards what he was staring at. Once he looked, his eyes widened and his jaw dropped as he looked on at the large towering being before them. In front of them, was a pair of large black heels and slowly, looked up and up and up and up till his neck couldn’t allow him to look higher.

The dust cloud evaporated, light once again shinned down again and showed all at who the large black heels belong to.

There towering over the square was Pauline, the owner of the said heels, as a fifty foot giantess, whom looks down at everyone and saw them all fleeing away from her. Then she looked down at her heels and there she spotted Mario and E.Gadd looking up at her. Slowly she crouched down, keeping her heels from touching them and gave a weak smile and said, “Care to explain to me as to what happened?” as she looked at E.Gadd.

E.Gadd looked at Mario, then looked over to where his table once stood and saw the broken remains of the big ray gun scattered all over the place from the fleeing chaos and then slowly looked at Pauline. Took in a deep breath and he began to explain what his invention does. Once explanation been said, the three of them knew that it was going to be a long day.  

As it was the just the beginning of the Unusual Day for all that live in New Donk City.

Chapter 2, written by Cubed Cinder

Act 2: Warming Up

"So, yep. That's that. That's what the Big Ray Gun does and why Mayor Pauline is enlarged before our eyes." E. Gadd said as he finished up his explanation.
"Okay, so how do we change her back?" Mario asked. E. Gadd gulped nervously as he walked around and picked up the pieces of the Big Ray Run.
"Well, based on how many pieces this gun is in, it's going to take some time, I'm afraid. Probably as long as 24 hours…" E. Gadd said.
"24 hours!? I have to be stuck like this for that long!?" Pauline shouted from above.
"I'm so sorry, Mayor Pauline! Please don't arrest me or something like that!" E. Gadd said.
"It's okay, Professor. You're my only hope to get back to normal size, so I shall let you go for now." Pauline said.
"T-t-t-t-thank you. I'll get started on the repairs right away." E. Gadd said as he picked up the last of the pieces and left the area.

But as Pauline stood back to her full 50-foot-tall height, she suddenly heard a woman screaming to the side.
"Eeeeek! Giant woman! Everyone run for your lives!" the woman shouted.
"No, wait! I won't hurt anyone!" Pauline said as she went walking after the woman, with Mario having to duck underneath one of Pauline's heels as she swung it overhead.
"Mama mia! Wait, Pauline!" Mario shouted.
"Whoa! What did I miss, Mario!?" Cappy said from atop Mario's head.
"I'll fill you in later! Right now we just have to stop Pauline before she causes further panic!" Mario said.
"Why? She seems like a sweet, darling little… oh." Cappy said, only to glance his eyeballs up and up and up at the giantess as she turned the corner and walked down another street.

After Pauline turned the corner, she saw nothing but men, women, and children in gray suits all running around screaming their heads off.
"Everyone, please! Don't panic! It's me, Mayor Pauline! I…" Pauline said as she took a couple steps forward, but in doing so, however, she accidentally kicked a fire hydrant off its foundation and it shot water almost up to level with her face.
"*gasp!*" Pauline gasped in surprise. As she backed away, one of her heels caught an open manhole and she stumbled backwards.
"Whoa whoa whoa!!!" Pauline shouted as she waved her arms around to keep her balance, but it was no good. Pauline fell flat on her behind and sent a loud boom echoing in the sky, along with leaving behind a big dent in the road.
"Ow…" Pauline said. As she pushed down on the road to get back up, she saw more people rushing to get away from her giant hand. This only made her frown even more.
"I… I understand, everyone. I'm a giant menace to you now. I'm sorry… I will take a leave of absence immediately." Pauline said as she sighed and gently walked towards and then behind a row of buildings, one of them the most important one being the Mayor's Office.

Mario, meanwhile, ran around the street where he saw a little bit of destruction had taken place, but there was no sign of the giant Pauline.
"Whew… she sure is fast!" Mario said.
"That's to be expected! Her stride is so much longer now that she is bigger." Cappy said. The two then heard a loud but muffled sound of a woman crying.
"Huh? Do you hear that?" Mario asked.
"Yeah… someone's crying! It sounds like it's coming from behind the Mayor's Office!" Cappy said. Mario nodded and ran towards the office. He sidled his way through the alley, and once he made it through, he was suddenly doused with some kind of liquid that had a salty feeling to it.
"There she is!" Cappy shouted after shaking the water off itself. The two looked up and saw Pauline sitting up against the backside of the Mayor's Office, crying as she wiped her eyes with the backs of her hands.
"Pauline! Down here!" Mario shouted. Pauline blinked as she looked down.
"Oh… there you are, Mario." Pauline said.

Mario used his mad jumping skills to easily land atop one of Pauline's legs, covered of course by her long red pants.
"Awwww… it can't be that bad, Pauline." Mario said.
"I don't know, Mario. People are scared of me. I can't say I blame them." Pauline said.
"They just need time to get used to the new you. And besides… even though you're 50 feet tall now, you're still Mayor Pauline." Mario said.
"That's… that's true." Pauline said.
"You just have to show them you're the same kind, generous, and noble woman who helped turn this city around years ago. You're just doing it… well… on a bigger scale now!" Mario said. This brought out a chuckle from the once sad giantess.
"Heh heh… no pun intended, right?" Pauline said. Mario nodded, and then he watched as Pauline gently wrapped a hand around him and picked him up.
"But you're right. I just gotta be extra careful and show everyone that I'm still the same Mayor Pauline I was at plain ol' regular 5 something feet tall." Pauline said.
"That's the spirit!" Mario shouted.
"Thank you, Mario." Pauline said as she puckered her lips and gave Mario a kiss, covering almost his entire body in lipstick.
"Woohoo! Here we go!" Mario shouted.
"Here, you can ride here for the time being." Pauline said as she gently set Mario on one of her shoulders. Mario held on for the ride as Pauline got up, wiped her face one more time with her hands, and confidently walked away.

Pauline quickly reemerged from behind the buildings where the people once again looked up at her. Some were nervously murmuring while, amazingly, a few more than before were looking up at the giantess and not running away.
"People of New Donk City. Obviously some of you haven't heard yet, but it's because of an accident regarding a professor's invention that I have been enlarged to this size. But make no mistake, I am still the same Mayor Pauline who will continue to vow to serve you, the wonderful people of this city. That has not and will never change. In the meantime, while I ask that you be patient until the professor works on a cure for this condition, know that I will continue to serve as your mayor and carefully carry out my duties to the best of my abilities… and my new size." Pauline said. There continued to be confused murmurs amongst the crowd, however, and Pauline just sighed.
"It's just no use, Mario. They're just not used to seeing a living person even a quarter the size of this city's tallest buildings." Pauline said.

Just then, however, the giantess, along with Mario and Cappy, all looked towards the bank and heard loud sirens going off.
"Huh? What's going on at the bank?" Pauline asked. Mario was the first to spot the purple man from earlier running out, along with a small group of police officers.
"Look! It's that purple man from earlier!" Mario said.
"Oooooh… the nerve of him stealing from our proud and customer friendly bank!" Pauline said.
"I won't let him get away this time! Let me down, Pauline, so I can run him down!" Mario said. Pauline did just that, gently getting down on one knee and setting Mario on the ground.
"Mario! Use one of your rocket flowers to catch up!" Cappy shouted.
"Good thinking, Cappy!" Mario said as he reached into his overalls and pulled out one of said Rocket Flowers. He crushed it with his gloved hands and felt a rush of energy that made him to speeding towards the purple man. Pauline was impressed with seeing the speed burst, but knew Mario could only chase the mysterious robber for so long.
"Mario is going to need my help. I'll cut off the villain at the pass." Pauline said. Carefully watching where she was stepping, especially with normal-sized people everywhere, the giantess made her way down another street.

Later, Mario (and only Mario with the police officers unable to keep up) had finally managed to catch up to the purple man, who gasped and ran a little faster himself.
"Oh no! We're losing him!" Cappy remarked as Mario tried to add a little more oomph to his step. The purple man smiled as he looked back and saw he was gaining ground from Mario. But he failed to see what was in front of him until he slammed right into the 'wall.' The purple man looked up and up and up and was stunned to see what he ran into, which was one of Pauline's giant black heels.
"Yipes!" the purple man said.
"Where do you think you're going!?" Pauline shouted angrily. The purple man quickly pulled out of his outfit what looked like a laser pistol and shot up at the giantess's face.
"Ugh!" Pauline grunted as she tried to reach down and grab the purple stranger, only to pull her hand back after it got hit with the lasers.
But in occupying himself with trying to blast the giant Pauline out of the sky, he didn't see Mario coming up from behind. By the time the purple man heard the footsteps and turned around, he found himself tackled to the ground by Mario, sending not only his weaponry, but also the bag full of gold coins flying a few yards away.
"Whoa! Nice tackle, Mario! You should try playing rugby someday." Pauline said.
"Heehee… you really think so?" Mario asked.

As the purple man struggled to break free, Mario got a good look at this man's face, and that's when he realized he wasn't looking at a man at all… but instead an alien, and a very familiar alien at that.
"Tatanga!?" Mario shouted.
"Huh? You know him?" Pauline asked from above.
"Yeah… we had a history long ago. He had a thing for Princess Daisy… even before she and Luigi dated!" Mario said.
"Arrrgh! I can't believe it… beaten by Mario again! That's three times now!" Tatanga shouted.
"Why, Tatanga? Why were you stealing all that gold?" Mario asked.
"Bleh… I was trying to buy the parts I needed to repair my spaceship and leave this wretched galaxy!" Tatanga said. The alien gulped nervously not only as Pauline took a step forward and planted her black heels inches away, but also as the group of police officers finally caught up to the trio.
"Officers, take this alien into custody! He's the one responsible for stealing the gold from the bank… and also the invention responsible for stealing that gold!" Pauline commanded. The officers did not hesitate as they put Tatanga in cuffs and led him to the police car. They also took the gold, leaving behind the invention, which wound up in Mario's arms.

As the police car drove away with a depressed looking Tatanga, the young male professor who invented the Gold Teleport machine that was stolen by the alien ran up to Mario.
"Hey! You got my Gold Teleport back! Thank you thank you thank you!" the professor said.
"Awww… I didn't do it alone. Mayor Pauline helped out!" Mario said as he pointed upward at the giantess.
"Whoa! I don't remember her being that tall… but thanks, madam mayor!" the professor said.
"Happy to be of service." Pauline said. Eventually, to Pauline's great relief, more people of the city gathered around and started clapping and cheering.
"Whew… thank you everyone." Pauline said. After reaching down and picking up Mario, subsequently placing him on her shoulder, she gently stepped forward and walked along the streets. This time, people stepped aside and were not afraid to root the gigantic mayor on as she stepped by them.
"Hoohoo! See? I told you they'd come around." Mario said.
"You know? Now I know how Princess Apple must feel everytime she travels outside Giant Land." Pauline said.
"I bet she'd be thrilled to see you like this!" Mario said.
"Too bad I'm too big to use my phone in the office." Pauline said, who waved down at the tiny people as they cheered for her.
"I want to be as big as you someday!" one young girl said.
"Hohohoho! Work hard, eat right, and maybe that will come true someday!" Pauline said, not wanting to burst the girl's dream bubble by telling the truth on how she grew.

As Pauline gently walked around New Donk City and admired the view from her new height, she looked and saw an electronic billboard showing an image of Donkey Kong as if he was from a 1981 video game. Pauline could easily tell who the billboard was trying to portray.
"Donkey Kong has never looked better." Pauline said.
"You know, it'd be funny if he tried to capture you again in the current condition you're at." Mario said.
"Hahaha! Too bad I don't have a boat to take us to his island to try that!" Pauline joked. But the giantess then sighed.
"What's wrong, Pauline?" Mario asked.
"Well… it's nice that everyone is accepting me, but it'd be nice to do something fun and light hearted involving my increased size. Heck, I wish I could jump rope with those two ladies who are always inviting people to do just that, but I'm way too big for that!" Pauline said. Mario then looked down and saw a parked taxi cab.
"Hmmm… I have an idea! Set me down next to that taxi cab." Mario said. Pauline did just that, kneeling down and setting Mario next to the taxi.
"Okay, Pauline! Catch me!" Mario shouted.
"Huh? Catch you? How?" Pauline asked.

Mario then looked at the taxi and took Cappy off his head.
"Okay, Cappy! Do your thing!" Mario said.
"With pleasure!" Cappy shouted as he landed atop the taxi cab's roof and Mario dissolved into many multi-colored blobs and floated inside the cab, becoming the vehicle itself. Pauline gasped over what she saw.
"Oh!? How did he do that?" Pauline asked, but then she watched as the vehicle drove down the roads. That's when Pauline realized what Mario meant by catching him.
"Okay, Mario! Ready or not, here I come!" Pauline said as she marched after Mario the taxi cab. Both he and the giant Pauline were careful to make sure they didn't make life miserable for the nearby people, who were actually fascinated with watching the giantess have a little fun.

The chase went on for a good couple minutes until finally Mario made a wrong turn that brought him to a dead end. With help from Cappy, he turned around and looked to see Pauline slamming her black heels down… and with a smile on her face.
"So, Mario. Any last words before I put my foot down on your roof?" Pauline said. That's when Mario jumped out of the taxi cab and had Cappy back on his head, unpossessing the vehicle.
"Whoa, Pauline! You're not serious, are you?" Mario said.
"Hahaha! Of course not! I just felt this sudden urge to say something like that. But that was fun!" Pauline said.
"I'm glad you had fun, Pauline." Mario said.

Suddenly, a large shadow instantly wiped out any sunlight shining down on the two, let alone the city block they were in. Pauline and Mario both looked up at the object that was coming down from the sky.
"Huh? What's that? That's the strangest looking cloud I've ever seen." Pauline said.
"No way that's an ordinary looking cloud! It's heading right for us!" Mario shouted.
"I'll protect you!" Pauline said as she kneeled down and hovered over Mario, giving him as much cover as her giant body would allow as the object crashed down and violently shook the ground and sent shockwaves in every direction that brought a few structures down, including those underneath the object. When they felt the boom die down, they both looked up, and up, and up, and up some more.
"Is that…!?" Pauline said.
"Mama mia! It can't be her!" Mario shouted.

The two were looking up at one of the Broodals, Hariet. But she was much, much, MUCH bigger. She made Pauline look as small as the normal-sized people (and Mario) did to Pauline. And this obviously sent the entire city into a panic. Hariet, meanwhile, looked down in awe over how small the city appeared, and she wasn't alone either. Flying around one of her gargantian ears were the rest of the Broodals in their flying airship.
"Wow… I thought I was big enough outgrowing that moon after that orange laser hit me." Hariet said.
"Are you kidding? You make the RoboBrood look like a robo ant now!" Spewart said.
"I reckon you can trash this whole kingdom in like 20-30 steps as big as ya are!" Rango shouted.
"Hmmm… you're right, Rango! I think I'm going to like being this huge!" Hariet said as she playfully twirled around, causing massive damage with the bottom of her purple dress and her shiny black heels.
"Never mind that! Look down there!" Topper said as he pointed down towards the ground where Pauline was sitting and looking up with Mario down by her hip.
"Oooooh… it's that mayor lady! Though I don't remember her being that big." Spewart said, noting how she was bigger than the people around her, including…
"Who cares!? Mario looks like a mere flea now. Oooooooh how I'd love to crush him for ruining ALL of our plans!" Hariet said as she flashed an evil smile and rubbed her purple gloved hands together.

Pauline, meanwhile, didn't feel so big anymore and gulped nervously.
"I think we're in really big trouble, Mario." Pauline said.
"Mama mia! You can say that again!" Mario shouted.

Chapter 3, written by Final7Darkness

Act 3: The Massive Rabbit


“Sooooo!” said the giant rabbit she crouched down with her hands on her knees, “Looks like this city isn’t big enough for the both us” she giggled when she said the last part. “Sorry…..sorry, couldn’t keep a straight face when saying that!” laughed Hariet as her voice boomed.


This caused Pauline, Mario and the citizens that are nearby to cover their ears due to the booming laughter. As soon as Pauline took note that Hariet stopped laughing, she lowered her hands, but was startled by the sudden movement from the giant rabbit as she has her gigantic face leaned in as close she could possibly can to Pauline.




Her voice boomed when she said that, as this caused Mario to roll backwards down from the mayor’s knee and onto her lap. “I’m far, FAR bigger than whatever Big Lady status you are supposed to be” Hariet said with a grin on her face. Slowly, Pauline safely lowered Mario onto the ground as she stood up straight and stared at her.


“You may be bigger than me, yes, that is true,” she said as she took a step forward, “but you need to LEAVE this city! Now!”  Pauline ordered as she took another step forward. At this point, she was standing an inch in front of Hariet’s nose. The smile that was on the giant rabbit’s face slowly changed into a frown.


With a deep breath, “Now!” ordered Pauline as she pointed towards the direction of one of the exits of New Donk City. She said this by putting on a brave face.

The frown on Hariet’s face suddenly went back to a grin, a smile that sent a chill down Pauline’s spine as she felt something malicious behind that grin.


“Well ...did you hear that boys?” she said as she leaned back and looked at her fellow Broodals within the airship.


“Yeah, are you going to let that little one tell you what to do?” said Spewart as he and along with the others on the airship started laughing. Hariet slowly looked back down at Pauline, “Noooo.” She said slowly as she leaned back towards the mayor. “I think this ‘LITTLE’ mayor has made her last order” she said this as she places her right hand in front of Pauline, slowly formed her hand and flicked.


With the full force, Pauline felt the impact of Hariet’s finger as she sent her flying backwards. Backwards as far away from where Mario stood. He watched as he saw the mayor who was in front of him, went flying overhead and was heading towards the streets that stood behind him.


Mario looked in horror as he saw that Pauline landed with a thump onto the buildings. “Pauline!” Mario shouted as he was about to run to her side. “Hmm! Ah huh!” a large shadow loomed over Mario, “I almost forgot about you!” boomed Hariet’s voice high above him.


Mario took a deep gulp as he slowly looked up and saw the eye of the giant rabbit staring down at him. “Mama mia!” was all Mario could say as he saw the purple hand approaching towards him. Then everything went dark. “I’m going to put you in a place where a flea like you can’t interfere” echoed Hariet’s voice from outside the darkness.               




Deep within one of the laboratories of New Donk City, with a window lit room, E. Gadd was busy working hard at fixing his invention, the Big Ray Gun. Giving him peace and quiet, so he could finish off working. With a wrench in hand, he started turning the nuts and bolts of the circuitries, completely unaware of the events that are taking place outside.


That is until there was a bang on the large doors within the room. This startled the professor as he dropped the wrench which landed onto his left big toe. “OWW…” shouted E. Gadd as he crouched down and held his throbbing foot. Bearing the pain, he grabbed the wrench and stood to face who entered the lab.


To his surprise, he saw that it was a bunch of inventors, the same ones that attended the science show. “How’s it coming along?” asked one of the inventors with a slight panic in his voice. E. Gadd took note of the panicked voice. “Just finished off one of the circuitries for the Big Ray Gun” answered the professor as he placed the wrench down next to the gun.     


He saw that the inventors rushed towards the Big Ray Gun and looked at it. One of them looked at the professor and said, “You need to make haste and get this done as soon as possible” “Why? Surely Mayor Pauline isn’t THAT scary of a giant politician” said E. Gadd as he chuckled to himself.


E. Gadd took note that once his chuckle stopped echoing, there was an awkward silence. The inventors looked at each other in confusion, and then one of them said, “You haven’t heard? Surely you must have heard?” “Heard what?” asked the professor with a raised eyebrow.


Before the inventor could answer, there was a loud boom which echoed throughout the lab. “That” said another, “That. Did you not hear that”.  E. Gadd looked around the lab and saw that many of its equipment shook, some almost threatening to fall. “You mean to tell me that those booming sounds isn’t you guys inventing?” asked E. Gadd as he looked back at the inventors and saw each of them shook their heads.

“That’s what we came here to see you,” said one of the inventors. “So…” E. Gadd as he pointed around the lab as there another boom which shook the room, “what’s causing all this?” “A rabbit” answered one of the inventers bluntly. E. Gadd looked at him funny.        


“I’m sorry…a RABBIT? A rabbit causing all this?” asked E. Gadd as he lowered his hand. “She’s a rabbit in a purple dress. She’s one of those rabbits that worked with Bowser that one time…I think?” answered another. “This I got to see,” said the professor as he rushed over towards the window.


Looked out, he saw to his surprise, a giant rabbit in a purple dress stomping her way throughout the city. Waving her arms side to side, whacking the buildings with a smile on her face. With an airship flying beside her, cheering her on. “Well I be….” was all he said as his jaw dropped. ‘That must have happened during the first misfire’ thought the professor with his eyes widened as he saw the rabbit causing havoc. “Seriously…how did you not notice any of this?” asked one of the inventors that stood behind. E. Gadd looked over his shoulder, “I was more focused on getting my Big Ray Gun fixed and get it ready to shrink the mayor back normal size”


“Well…you need to do more than that!” snapped one of them as the area shook again with another boom. “Then I best get back to work” E. Gadd said as he pushed past him and got back to the Big Ray Gun. The others watched him as they saw him getting to work. They looked uneasy, one of them said, “Do you want help?” E. Gadd looked up and with a smile, “Yeah…more heads are better than one”


With that, they all joined in and to help fix the gun.          






Were the only noises that the citizens could hear, as they all felt the city shook with every sound that took place. Then suddenly, the people saw the source of the noise as they saw a massive black shoe came slamming down onto the road. The impact caused those nearby to tumble onto the floor. “RUN!” screamed one of the citizens, as they all climbed back up and ran as fast as they can.


Some looked over shoulder to see what the shoe belong and to their shock; they saw that it belongs to a female rabbit in a purple dress.


“Oh this is fun guys!” laughed the booming voice from high above the people, “Look at them run, look at them cower from me, as if they can escape!”


Before they could even react to what she said, a large shadow loomed above them and it was growing darker and darker. Some looked back and saw that it was the soles of her black shoes coming down towards them.







“Ouch…my…” Pauline said as she began to stir, she opened one eye to see in front of her and said due to what she saw, “everything”. She could hear the sound of destruction echoing throughout.  It took a brief moment for the mayor to recall onto what happened, how she found herself against a building and how the streets of the city that laid before her is in ruins.


More importantly, ‘where is Mario?’ crossed her mind as she couldn’t see him anywhere, ‘Cappy as well?’ as she also couldn’t see where he is.


“This…this can’t be happening” the mayor said as she slowly freed herself from the building and stood tall. Brushing the debris off her red suit, once done, she saw her hat lying on the ground beside her. She knelt down to pick it up, stood back and faced the direction of the disruptive noise.


With a frown on her beautiful face, Pauline put her hat on and headed off towards where Hariet was causing havoc.       





“I can’t believe this” mumbled Mario. “Can’t believe what?” asked Cappy. “Do you know where we are?” asked Mario as he looked up at the cap he’s wearing. Cappy took a moment to look at his surroundings and saw that they were standing within what he could tell was a jungle like setting, with long grey trees towering high above them.


When he looked far into the distance he could barely see the blue sky due to the grey trees almost blocking his view. Just slightly over, he could briefly see what he could best describe as being yellow trees.


“We’re in a jungle aren’t we not? I mean last I remember was that Hariet reached in to grab us after what she did to Mayor Pauline. She must have thrown us to different kingdom. Though I never heard of a kingdom that has a grey jungle” answered Cappy as he looked back at Mario.


Mario didn’t say anything. He looked down at the ground; he tapped his foot onto it as he felt it moved. It was soft. Soft enough for him to bounce, Mario thought to himself. “Are you going to say anything?” asked Cappy as he noticed Mario’s silence. “Keep that thought of where you think we are” answered Mario as he started to run.


Once Mario picked up speed, he started to hop, skip and jump onto the ground which to Cappy’s surprised he jumped really high. He jumped from what he could tell was at least twenty feet above ground. “Wow! I knew you were good at jumping Mario, but I didn’t know you can jump that high!” Cappy said in amazement.


While his jump wasn’t high enough to go over the top of the grey trees, Mario looked upwards as he saw everything, enough for him to say that Cappy’s answer was wrong. Mario, with an arm reached out to grab the nearby tree, held on tight and pulled himself towards it.


“Ah I see…you’re trying to get a better look at where we are” Cappy said as Mario started to climb the grey tree. As Mario was climbing, Cappy took note that the tree he was climbing didn’t look like any of the other trees that are from the other kingdoms had. For one thing, he noticed that the tree didn’t have leaves on it and that when Mario was getting higher and higher, he noticed that the tree was giving way as it was starting to tilt due to Mario’s weight.


Once Mario felt he climbed enough, he looked up into the sky and saw the thing more clearly. Cappy took note as he slowly looked up into the sky and to his shock. He saw high, high above him. Like the size of a mountain. Was the massive face which belonged to Hariet. Due to her size, it was so close to them but it was so far away from them at the same time.


Cappy took note of the angle he was seeing her face, as it was in a really low angle. Cappy’s eyes widened. He looked down at Mario and asked, “M…Mario…if we’re below her face and you’re standing on what I assume is her fur…then does that mean where we were…was it?”


“Yes” answered Mario as he looked down without saying what it was. Both of them took a big gulp, as they don’t know what to say next. As if on cue, the whole area shook with a booming laughter echoed throughout. They looked up and saw that Hariet was laughing as she looked into the distance, without noticing that Mario & Cappy were hanging onto a piece of her fur.


“What are we going to do now?” Cappy asked. “The only thing I can think of,” Mario answered he looked at the furs leading upwards towards Hariet’s face, “I’m going to get to the top of ‘Mount Hariet’, we defeated her before and despite her new size, we can do it again”   


“Wait, can we?” asked Cappy as Mario began to climb by latching onto the other furs before him as he makes his way up top. “Sure we can, I mean I lost count on how many times I fought and won against Bower when he was mountain sized” laughed Mario. “Yeah! We can do this!” laughed Cappy as well. 


Unbeknown to them both, this will be the toughest climb of their lives with the events that are about to come. 


Chapter 4, written by Cubed Cinder

Act 4: Destruction, Despair, and Bouncing

Even with a couple tears in her eyes as she watched her beloved city be destroyed, Pauline nevertheless kept walking towards the mega-sized Hariet. But as she got closer and closer, her heart raced and she had to stop. Despite being big herself, she looked more like a doll compared to how big Hariet was, and she knew she could get seriously hurt if she tried to stop her. Plus, there was no telling what danger would befall Mario, especially seeing where he was trapped earlier.
"I… I feel so powerless watching Hariet so easily crush some of these buildings flat." Pauline said. Then the mayor heard a group of young girls crying. She looked down by her black high heels and saw some girls crying with a couple adults trying to comfort them. Pauline got down on one knee, being careful not to get too close to these girls.
"It's okay, girls. Everything's going to be okay, but I need you to listen to me carefully. I need you to run out of this city as far away as you can. Don't stop for anything!" Pauline said.
"Okay, Mayor Pauline. But what about you?" one girl asked. This put a smile on Pauline's face.
"I'm the mayor of this city. You know I always find a way to make things right, right?" Pauline said.
"Yes, Mayor Pauline!" the girls said.
"Now go! Please!" Pauline said. The girls nodded and they and the adult supervisors went running into the outskirts of the city in the distance. Pauline could see a few more people running around her.
"Everyone! Evacuate the city while you still have the chance!" Pauline shouted, watching as the people ran around her to escape. She would help direct people confused on which way to go until they joined the crowd exiting the city in a not so orderly fashion.

Still, destruction and despair continued to reign supreme as the massive Hariet continued to stomp around New Donk City, crushing skyscraper after skyscraper with ease with each step she took.
"Hahaha! Run! Scream! Flee in terror! Because I could do this all day!" Hariet said. The rest of the Broodals cheered on their sister from the airship as she continued to rampage around, although they also made suggestions.
"Yeah! Go Hariet go!" Spewart shouted.
"But why just use your boots? I'd like to see you get creative with how you destroy this city!" Topper shouted.
"Hmmm… good thinking, Topper. How about this?" Hariet said as she took off her hat and then lowered her head until one of her ears were on the ground. Once she felt this, she dragged that ear along the ground, leaving a swath of destruction in its path. Once she raised it back up, she heard the applause coming from the airship.
"Yahoo! Bravo bravo bravo!" all the guys said.
"Or how about this!?" Hariet said as she swung her head back causing her ponytail to rise into the air, then she slammed it down, causing a massive quake that broke apart several buildings. Again this brought cheers from the airship.
"Encore! Encore!" the guys said.
"Thank you, thank you." Hariet said as she bowed her head a couple times.

While all this was going on, Mario continued springing from one massive fur strand on Hariet's body to another. There was some good news despite still being a long way up.
"Whew… at least we're out of that forbidden region!" Cappy said.
"I don't know who's more relieved… you or me!" Mario said.
"We can worry about that later. We still have to get atop Hariet's head and figure out where we go from here." Cappy said.
"You're right. Maybe… WHOA!" Mario said as the scenery moved rapidly thanks to Hariet moving her head around. Luckily, Mario was about to get a good bounce off one of the furs, but he suddenly saw he was coming down on something gold colored, not knowing this was one of her hair strands.
"Hold on, Cappy!" Mario said as he sprung off one of the hair strands and went flying up in the air. Mario was worried for a second he'd be buried underneath her hat as she started to put it back on, but instead he flew past that and wound up landing on something else. But first he had to catch his breath.
"Mama mia… I haven't flown like that since I traveled from galaxy to galaxy." Mario said.
"Oy… if I were capable of eating lunch, I'd be losing it ten times over already." Cappy said.

Mario walked to the edge of where he landed and made an important discovery.
"Huh? Hey, Cappy, look! We're not on Hariet anymore!" Mario said as he was indeed looking down on the mega giantess, getting a bird's eye view on her destroying New Donk City.
"Oh? But where are we?" Cappy asked. They both looked to the right as they heard a series of cheering voices.
"Yeah! That's awesome! Show that Donkey Kong poster who's boss!" Topper shouted. Mario saw three more normal-sized rabbits, recognizing them as the rest of the Broodals… Spewart, Topper, and Rango.
"Oh? The other Broodals? We must've landed atop their airship." Mario said.
"Hey! We should try and stop them, Mario! That way Hariet will have to take her attention off destroying the city." Cappy said.
"Woohoo! Here we go!" Mario shouted as he went running towards the three rabbits.

Sneaking up on the trio was not an option, however, as Spewart heard the sound of footsteps getting louder and louder and he looked over and saw Mario running towards them.
"Hey, look out!" Spewart shouted as he and the other Broodals jumped out of the way before Mario could jump on top of them.
"It's that dang tootin' Mario!" Rango said.
"Make Hariet stop this instant!" Mario shouted.
"Oooooh… who are you to boss us around!? Let's get him, boys!" Topper shouted as he and the other rabbits charged towards Mario.

A couple minutes later, as Hariet sat down on a group of buildings and got back up, brushing the mess off her debris, she was a bit surprised she didn't hear the other Broodals cheering for her.
"Huh? I'm not boring you guys, am I?" Hariet asked as she looked at the airship and saw it slowly losing altitude. Once it was low enough, she got a look on the deck and saw why her brothers weren't cheering for her. They were busy fighting Mario, who somehow was now on the airship, and obviously she was ticked off, wondering how he could have possibly escaped her 'furry' prison. Without regard over what she was stepping on, Hariet approached the airship and grabbed it with it easily fitting in her gloved hand. Mario and the Broodals got rocked around as Hariet moved the airship right up against one of her red eyes.
"Well now. You sure are a persistent flea, are you!?" Hariet shouted as her voice boomed overhead. Mario suddenly had to hold on tight to one of the airship's masts as Hariet flipped the ship (and her hand) upside down. The three male Broodals had to do the same thing.
"Hey! Hariet! Aren't you forgetting we're still here!?" Topper shouted, but Hariet either didn't hear them or was laser focused on shaking Mario loose.
"Get off my ship, MARIO!!!" Hariet boomed as Mario held on for dear life.

Those last words from Hariet were not lost on Pauline. After helping another group of people escape, she heard Hariet shout out and then she looked up where she saw her holding the airship and Mario (and the Broodals) holding on.
"Mario!!" Pauline shouted as she instinctively ran towards the bigger Hariet. She felt the need to jump up and grab the bottom of the giantess rabbit's dress.
"Let him go, you carrot munching villainess!" Pauline shouted as she tried with all her might to climb Hariet's dress. However, the bigger Hariet actually felt something tugging on her dress, and looked down to see Pauline trying to climb her dress.
"Pfffft… silly." Hariet said as she kicked Pauline off her dress with the back of one of her boots. Pauline went flying off Hariet's dress and crash landed against a group of buildings, once again slow to get up.
"Ow…" Pauline said as she slowly stood back up, but gulped nervously as she watched Hariet walk towards her, still holding the airship in her gloved hand.
"Listen to me, you little shrimp! I'm big. You're small. And there’s nothing you can do about it!" Hariet said, which made Pauline's heart sink as she was once again reminded of that grim reality.

Meanwhile, in an alley near that group of buildings that survived being crushed underneath Pauline, E. Gadd and a few other scientists were busy wheeling out the Big Ray Gun. Once the cart was in place, E. Gadd picked up the device and made a few more tweaks with his screw driver.
"There! All set!" E. Gadd said.
"Brilliant, Professor E. Gadd! Now we can shrink that nasty Hariet back to her normal size, right!?" one of the professors said. E. Gadd paused before he finally answered.
"Actually, given the current situation and given the state of New Donk City… I only had time to, quote on quote, FIX one of the gun's settings." E. Gadd said. Before the other inventors could wonder what he meant, he suddenly aimed the gun at Pauline and pulled the trigger… especially as Hariet slowly raised her boot up like she was going to crush Pauline flat. Pauline suddenly found herself engulfed in a laser light.
"Professor, what are you…!" one of the inventors said.
"Patience, gentlemen. Our last hope resides on what you are about to see." E. Gadd said.

As Pauline wondered what the light was that surrounded her, she suddenly watched as the ground was rapidly shrinking before her eyes. As for Hariet, she gasped as she stepped back, watching as Pauline quickly grew bigger and bigger and bigger. Already, Pauline was up to Hariet's size and still growing. It was when Hariet suddenly had to tilt her head up as Pauline was now a full head taller that she gulped nervously… and it didn't look like the growing was stopping anytime soon. Pauline, meanwhile, smirked.
"I believe you were saying about you being big and you being small?" Pauline said as she folded her arms under her chest and watched her continue to shrink before her eyes.
"Oh boy…" Hariet said, sweating nervously as she watched Pauline continue to grow…

Chapter 5, written by Final7Darkness

Act 5: The Bigger Giant(ess)


Hariet looks up in horror as she took a few steps back to truly grasp as to how big Pauline was growing. After a few steps she took, the rabbit noticed that the mayor had finally stopped. Hariet looked straight ahead of her and saw that all was blocking her view was Pauline’s heels. It made her feel small. Suddenly, while it was meant to be a gentle cough, echoed loudly high above Hariet. It shook her as she took a deep gulp before she slowly looked up.


Towering high, high above her, stood a gigantic woman as she slowly placed her hands on her hips. From that angel, Hariet couldn’t get a good look of her face due to clouds obscuring it but she could just tell that she was gloating.


With a sudden move from the gigantic woman, she climbed down onto all fours before resting on her knees. Pauline looks down around herself. “Have to say, it's hard to see anything up there, with all those clouds hovering round my face” she said before she looked back down at Hariet. Hariet shook in anger as she took a step forward. “No fair! It's not fair! Why are you huge!” she screamed as she pointed towards her with a free hand.


Pauline pointed at herself, “No idea”, then pointed back at the rabbit, “but it’s a good thing I did because you would have crushed me”. “Don’t give me that! You had help! I know you did! I was having fun!” Hairet said as she slammed her foot onto the ground, which caused damage to the road and nearby cars. “Stop,” the mayor said as she threw her a cross look on her face.


Pauline slowly climbed onto her front and as she rested on her elbows.


“Now what was it you said to me before? You’re big and I’m small?” she said as she leaned in close to Hariet. “And there’s nothing you can do about it?” Pauline said this as her face was an inch close to Hariet. Hariet took a step back as she felt unease as to how close the gigantic face was looming over her.


While it was faint, Hariet heard people shouting.


She took note that the sound was coming from her closed hand. Her eyes lit up as she suddenly remembered what she got. Slowly she opened her hand and saw that the airship that her brothers and Mario was riding on. She thought back to when she was trying to get the red plumber off the airship. She raised her hand towards her face, and she could see her brothers, each one pinning Mario down.


“Ha!” laughed Hariet as she looked back at Pauline, “Best behave yourself! Or you wouldn’t want your precious hero crushed!” She said this as she raised her hand with the guys in the palm of her hand towards Pauline. Pauline took a deep breath and rolled her eyes. Hariet looked confused as to why she rolled her eyes. Before she could ask, Pauline; with the use of her right finger pushed Hariet onto her back and pinned her.




Through this action, with Hariet falling backwards, the airship to topple round, caused Spewart, Rango and Topper to topple along with it. Freeing Mario from their grasp but instead of rolling along with the rest of the rabbits, with his jumping skills. Mario jumped onto the rabbit’s heads in order to leap off the airship. Once Hariet landed with a thump, Mario landed onto his feet and found himself still onto the purple hand.


Mario looked over his shoulder and saw towering gigantic mayor, this caused Cappy’s eyes to widen. “Mama Mia!” was all Mario said. “You said it” Cappy said as he caused Mario’s head to nod. Before the two of them could marvel at her size, they saw that Pauline with her index finger raised high above them and went down onto Hariet.  “Ouch! Why did you do that for?!” boomed Hariet’s voice.


“Not sure about you, but I say we get off this giant hand as quick as possible” Cappy said as he looked over to where he could see Hariet’s face. He saw that Pauline’s finger was placed onto her chest. “Don’t need to tell me twice” Mario said as he rushed off towards the gaps between Hariet’s fingers. Mario looked over his shoulder and he saw that mayor's massive eyes scanning rounds the palm until she was looking directly at him.


"Must feels kinder creepy having massive eyes staring down at us" Cappy said as soon as Mario had just reached the gap. Mario took another look over his shoulder and gave a wave. With that, the red plumber jumped down.





"Well then. What do you have to say for yourself?" Pauline asked as she saw that Mario & Cappy are now out of harm's way. "About what! What about your hero then" answered Hairet as she stared up at the giantess.


“Don’t you care about what happens to him?” she asked when looked over to her hand and expecting to see Mario. Only to see that he wasn’t anywhere on the palm of her hand. “Why do you think I pinned you down?” answered the giant mayor as she leaned in closer, “Because I knew that Mario would be okay, he went through a lot worse than you and still come out at top”


With that Hairet let out a loud grumbled.




The sound of police sirens began to echo throughout the streets.


“Now then,” Pauline said as she leaned back, looked over her shoulder and looked at the direction where the siren came from. There she could see the red and blue lights flashing. “It looks to me that you’re not going anywhere”


Once the police cars arrived on the scene, each of the officers stared up at the sight before them. “Never would have dreamt that the moment I wake up this morning I would have witnessed the sight of a giant Mayor Pauline pinning down a smaller giant ‘rabbit’” said one of the officers that approached the two giantesses.


“You said it” said another as he stood behind him and patted his shoulder.


All the officers looked over at the massive Mayor Pauline, “Officers, take this giant rabbit and her little brothers into custody! For the destruction of New Donk City” boom Pauline’s voice. Each officer looked at each other and nodded.


While Pauline has Hariet pinned, a group of officers made their way over to where the brothers were at. On their way over the Hariet’s palm, the group of officers came across Mario. They noticed that he looked tired.


“It’s been a tiring day that’s for sure” Mario said as one of the officers escot him back with the others. “You can say that again” Cappy said, which started the officer as he looked at the cappy and then back at Mario with a raised eyebrow


This caused the two of them to laugh.Which caused the officer to look at them even more confused.




Pauline looked down at the officers and saw that they have Spewart, Rango and Topper in handcuffs and being escorted into their cars. “Erm...pardon me Mayor Pauline?” asked one of the officers as took a step towards her.


Pauline looked down at him with a gentle smile. “Yes” she answered. The officer looked over at Hairet and asked, “I don’t think we have handcuffs big enough for Hairet” He said this as he held his handcuffs above his head.


“Hmm...I see the problem. I can’t keep my finger on her forever” Pauline said as she looked over to Hairet as she felt her finger starting to ache.


Just then, the sound of someone making a loud cough echoed. Pauline looked down at the whom made the sound and saw that it was E. Gadd approaching her. She saw that he had his Big Ray Gun in hand. 


“I believe I can solve that problem” E. Gadd as he smiled up at the giantess as he waved his gun side to side. This caused the mayor to giggle, “Of course,” With that, the officer looked the E. Gadd and nodded. He placed the handcuffs onto the floor, E. Gadd with his gun ready open fired upon it.




The citizens all look in shock as well as they all cheered at the sight of Hairet, who stood there towering over them with handcuffs on. They all saw that the handcuffs had a long chain connected to a dozen of heavy police vehicles. Making it hard to escape. “Can’t believe this!” Hairet said under her breath, as the police vehicles began to move. This caused Hairet to follow as they started to pull her arms.


Pauline, who by the time Hariet had handcuffs on, stood back up to her full height, looked down at the sight of a giant rabbit being escotte to a holding cell. Or some sort of place that can hold her till she can be shrunk back down to her normal size. 


With that, she directed her eyes over the ruined building that her city had suffered from. “Hey!” echoed a faint voice by Pauline’s heel. She looked down, knelt down to get a better look and saw that it was Mario and E. Gadd.


Pauline held out her hand so that the guys could climb onto her palm. Once on board, Pauline gently rose back up. “I’m so relieved that you okay Mario” she said as the giant mayor smiled at him with a single tear forming from her left eye.


“You know me Pauline, I can survive through anything” Mario said as he had his hands behind his head. “That’s true...but still, I’m just glad that everything turned out alright” she said this as the single tear ran down her cheek.      


“That is true...however” E. Gadd as he took a step forward. Pauline looked at him. “It appears that it will take a while longer to get you back down to your regular size. It took me and the rest of the inventors to be able to get the grow feature to work. So it’s thanks to them,” E. Gadd said as he pointed down near Pauline’s heels.


Pauline looks down and saw the inventors all waved up at her. “...oh that’s right, the science show. It didn’t finish did it huh” she said as she looked back at E. Gadd. “Oh ‘DON’T’ worry mayor. Once the Big Ray Gun is complete, we can resume the science show and I have to say, that some of those guys that helped, have a good shot at winning” E. Gadd said as he looked over the palm to see the inventors.


“Yey” thought Pauline as she rolled her eyes. This caused Mario to chuckle.   


Pauline looks back down upon the city, “Need to do something about all this” she said as she showed the guys the ruined buildings. “Hmm, I know, you can leave it all to me,” E. Gadd said as he looked at the giantess, “I got something under my sleeves that should help”


He said this as he briefly showed a green mushroom from his left sleeve. Pauline saw the mushroom and knew what E. Gadd has in mind. This brought a large smile on her face. She looked back out at the city and saw her citizens.


Just then, an idea clicked.


GASP! That’s it!” Pauline said as her eyes lit up. She turned to face the guys. Mario took note of the sparkly eyes Pauline was giving off. Before he could ask, he saw the giantess’ sparkly eyes looking down at him.


This started him for a bit. “Mario...I need you to go and find the Band Members. I need you to go get them ready for tonight” Pauline said. “Erm...sure but what are you planning on doing tonight with them?” asked Mario.


“Why, after what happened today, I’m going to boost my citizens' moral, that’s what I’m going to do” Pauline said as she smiled. Mario nodded, with Cappy saying, “Oh yeah!” Pauline then looked over to E. Gadd.


“Professor, I’m going to need your Big Ray Gun to grow one more thing for me to get things ready for tonight!”

Chapter 6, written by Final7Darkness

Act 6: The Big Lady of New Donk City


A few hours later, just as the sun was setting,

Within New Donk City police station, the lone police warden sat by his desk reading his newspaper of yesterday’s events. Every now and then he glances up from his paper to see the people that are within the holding cell, waiting to be transferred to another location. He looked at them as he couldn't believe the party of misfits that sat within the cell.

There sitting in the cell was the purple alien, Tatanga and three hats wearing rabbits, Spewart, Topper, and Rango. Each one sitting next to each other looking glum. Each of them looked at each other and then took a deep sigh.

The Police warden shook his head and looked out the bar window and saw the giant rabbit Hariet sitting outside with her handcuffs still on her. He looked over to the small TV that was hanging on the wall in the corner. Took a shrug and made his way to turn it on.

Once on, he made his way back to his desk and got back to reading his newspaper.

Tatanga, Spewart, Topper, and Rango each slowly looked up while watching on what’s the small TV.

On the screen was Ken the Reporter, who was filming live in New Donk City.


“Now this is Ken the Reporter, reporting the events that took place here in New Donk City. Now before me everyone has gathered round waiting for whatever Mayor Pauline has planned.” Ken said as he and his cameraman were standing on top of one of the buildings of the city. The camera looked around and saw the citizens relaxing, cheering themselves up on top of the buildings.  

“Now then, for those that just joined us, here are the bullet points of events that took place” he said as the screen scrolled to the right. 


On the screen, it showed the image of a towering rabbit in a purple dress, Hariet with handcuffs on. Ken appeared within the crowd of people that had gathered round. The camera focused on him and then slowly looked up at Hariet. Hariet looked down at the people and gave them a scowl look.

This sent shivers down the spines of everyone that witnessed the scowl. Suddenly the chains on the handcuffs began to tug her. With that she started to follow. The camera followed the giant rabbit, showing to the viewers that heavy police vehicles were pulling her down the street. Slowly the camera shows Ken, turning round to look at the screen. 

“This is Ken the Reporter, as we have just witnessed; the giant rabbit that has been terrorising the city has been apprehended thanks to the efforts of New Donk City’s very own mayor, Mayor Pauline!” He said as he rose up his free hand upwards. The camera turned round and panned back as much as it can to show to the viewers the colossus size of the city’s mayor.

Pauline looked down at the people and gave them all a wave and a gentle smile.

A few seconds later, the screen scrolled to the right.


The scene suddenly changed, Ken appeared to be standing at the square with what remains of the science show. In the background, damaged buildings could be seen. “As you all can see, this here is what was supposed to have been a simple day of a science show that was a yearly event held here in New Donk City. But a simple accident took place here that set the chain of events that shook the whole city” Ken said as he looked at the screen.

Behind him, E. Gadd could be seen walking towards the centre of the square. Ken turned his head as he noticed the professor. Before he was about to approach him to do an interview with. Both he and the viewers saw E. Gadd took out a green mushroom and place it on the ground. He took a few steps back, took out the Big Ray Gun and fired upon the mushroom.

The viewers saw the green mushroom grew bigger and bigger and bigger and even bigger still. As it was growing, both E. Gadd and Ken along with the camera moved backwards till they saw that the mushroom grew so big that it covered the square. 

Before Ken could ask as to why E. Gadd did that, hooks fell from the sky and attached to the green mushroom. The camera looked up and saw that hooks came from a dozen of airships that hovered high above the square.

Once all were attached, E. Gadd gave thumbs up at the airships. With that, the airships began to rise back up into the air which brought the giant green mushroom up with them. “Ah, I believe that you're all going to enjoy this” spoke a voice off screen.

The camera looked back down and the viewers saw E. Gadd looking at Ken and looking at the screen. “Why? What’s happening?” asked Ken. “As soon as it reaches the right altitude, the people on the airship will let the mushroom go” answered E. Gadd as he looked back up.

Upon saying that, as if on cue, the camera looked up at the airships and saw that the mushroom had indeed been released. The camera followed the mushroom decent as it went plummeting onto the ground. Once it made impact the mushroom exploded into a massive green mist which covered the entire city.

The sound of Ken coughing could be heard off screen. “What the?” was all he said, as the mist started to clear and to him and the viewer’s shock, they all saw the damaged buildings slowly reforming. Within seconds, everyone building within the square is fully restored. “Unbelievable,” Ken said as the camera looked at him.

Ken looked at the camera, “As you all just witnessed, E. Gadd had just found and restored the damaged buildings with his latest invention. Tell me sir, what are you going to do now?” he asked as he made his way to the professor with the mic in his hand. E. Gadd looked at the camera and answered, “I’m going to make a certain mayor ready for tonight”.

A few seconds later, the screen scrolled to the right.



At that exact moment in time, far out over towards the Dark Side of the Moon and deep within the headquarters of Broodals; Madame Broode was busy at her desk counting up the coins of the payment for her organization from their last hire.

As she was counting, placing the coins she counted on the far side of the desk, she kept counting, taking the coins from one side of the desk to the other until she suddenly stopped.

She looked confused as to why she stopped as the numbers didn’t add up to the agreed payment amount. Slowly she looked at where the uncounted coins stood and to her shock she found that side of the desk to be empty.

“No he did not! He better not, he wouldn’t!” Madame Broode said with her voice raised as she slammed her fists onto the surface of the desk. This caused the coins to topple over and some to fall off the desk and spun round the floor.

During the time the coins were spinning, making the unfortunate sound that was making Madame Broode turn red in anger. In that moment, she couldn’t keep her anger in any longer and gave out a mighty roar.

“HOW DARE HIM! NO ONE AND I MEAN NOBODY! NOT EVEN HE SHALL SHORTCHANGE ME!” Madame Broode roared which shook the entire headquarters. 

Her roar was so loud that it caused the coins to settle and so loud that it covered the entire moon and could even be heard out in space and by some strange luck, the roar even made its way towards the Earth.


Within New Donk City police station, the lone police warden suddenly looked up as if he could hear something. Something that sounded like a faint roar. So faint that he doesn’t know what to make of it, so he shrugged and went back to reading. Due to this, he didn’t notice that the rabbits had their eyes widen in fear as they knew what it meant.  

On the TV, LIVE on the screen showed that it was now night time, Ken standing on one of the buildings as Mayor Pauline is seen kneeling down so that her face could be seen on the screen. “And now Mayor Pauline,” Ken said as he looked at the camera, then slowly looked over towards the giant mayor, Pauline took note of Ken talking and smiled. “I’m sure everyone is eager to hear who's the winner of the New Donk City’s Science Show” Ken said as he held the mic towards her.

Pauline chuckled, “Well Ken,” she said in a whisper tone which was loud enough for everyone to hear, “It has been a long day, with everything that happened, really a long day and in the end the winner is…..”


The loud sound startled everyone in the police station. The lone police officer looked towards where the source of the noise came from and saw that the wall with the bar window within the holding cell was ripped off. The Rabbits and Tatanga sat firmly on their seats with only the purple alien with his eyes widened in fear.

“Come on guys! Not sure about you guys but I say that it high time that we get home before Mama ‘Start’ focusing all of that anger towards us” Hariet’s voice boomed as her face appeared from where the missing wall supposed to be. Her brothers each nodded their heads as they jumped off their seats. “H…hay wait!” shouted the lone police officer as he rushed to the bars. 

The brothers looked at the officer with a puzzled look on their face, along with Hariet’s giant eyes looking at him. “You can’t leave! You all are to be transferred!” said the officer as he reached for something in his pocket. This caused the rabbits to laugh. The police station shook due to Hairet’s laughter. This caused many objects to topple over, like the officer’s desk to now block the only door. Her laughter even caused the TV screen to crack. Which had just shown who the winner was.    

“Did you really think that any sort of prison could hold us? Now that’s a laugh” Hariet said. The lone officer looked at her as he saw that she stood up and took steps back so that he could see her hands. He saw that she still had the handcuffs on but to his shock, he saw that she forced them apart.

As the chains hit the floor, Hariet moved back towards the missing wall and said, “We’re only here to have fun and guess what?” “Playtime's over” said Spewart, Topper, and Rango all at the same time with a grin on their faces. With that said each of the rabbits took a wave and left the holding cell.

Suddenly the sound of shouting of the other police officers within the station could be heard from outside the room and that they were banging as they were trying to get in through the blocked door.

The officer didn’t pay much mind to the other officers as he rushed over to the other side of the room to look at what’s happening outside and saw that Hariet held her hand out for her brothers to climb on. Once on, Hariet took one last look inside the holding cell and gave a grin towards the officer and shot her tongue out towards him before she stood back up.                

With that Hairet with her brothers in hand made their escape into the night. For what became of them after that and ‘who’ and ‘what’ the cause was of Madame Broode’s rage?

That as they say, is another story to tell.


Tatanga sat within his seat, looking confused as to what just happened. He looked at the officer and saw that he wasn’t paying much attention to him. He looked at the missing wall and then back at the officer on the other side of the bars. He could hear the other officers were working their way into the room and they were to be there at any moment. With a smile, he decided to stand up and casually walked out of his cell and to his freedom.

By the time that he was gone, the other police officers that were left in the station managed to push their way into the room to see what happened. They found the lone officer with his hands holding onto the bars looking out of the missing wall.

“Hey buddy…what happened?” was all that was said.


News of this doesn’t get reached to the people of the city till the morning.

As for where everyone was around that time, well, they were all gathered on top of the buildings as instructed by Mayor Pauline as she announces to everyone that as when the sun sets she has something that will help everyone relax after the events of the day.          


Over at the City Hall,

The giant mayor, Pauline crouches high above her office; she looks at the rooftop and sees both Mario and E. Gadd. “So…” said the mayor as she looked at the two. E. Gadd took a step forward and said, “Yes mayor, I got the very thing you requested”. He said as he held out a brown briefcase and waved it about.

“Thank you” Pauline said as she gently lowered her index finger to the roof. E, Gadd handed the briefcase to Mario and nodded as he took out his Big Ray Gun. Mario nodded back as he took a few steps back and to see how high up Pauline’s finger was and saw that it was a few feet above. With a strong throw, Mario threw the briefcase towards the finger.

But before the briefcase landed, E. Gadd fired his Big Ray Gun towards its beam and struck the case. Once it landed on her finger, Pauline saw that the briefcase began to grow bigger and bigger. It grew so big that when it towers over everyone, to the mayor, it appeared as a regular size briefcase. Slowly, she opened it up and saw what contained inside of it.

With a smile, she said as she looked back down at E. Gadd, “Thank you again”

“I was able to get all of the musicians in time,” Mario said. “Yeah, those guy really do make it hard to find,” Cappy said as he rolled his eyes. This caused Pauline to chuckle. “Thank you to you both” said Pauline as she can spot her musicians scattered about on the same rooftop, setting their instruments ready.

Pauline then looked at the time as she looked back down at the guys. “Well, you all best get yourselves ready for the biggest show New Donk City has ever seen” she said as she stood back up to her full height. “Hay I just thought of something…” Cappy said as Mario and E. Gadd went and they got ready to see the show.

“With Pauline that size, how is she going to change into that red dress?”

This caused both of them to look at Cappy with E. Gadd laughing. “Oh don’t you worry about that, I got something set up that gives Pauline an open window. After that, I think it’s best to not question these kinds of things my hat friend” E. Gadd said as they got to their spot and waited for the show to begin.

It was then that Mario spotted a familiar purple alien making his way along the rooftops a few buildings across. Not that sure from him were a few police officers. E. Gadd spotted him too, patted Mario on the shoulder and nodded. “Got one loose end to sort before we can enjoy ourselves Cappy” Mario said as he began to make his move. “Yeah, let’s get him” was all Cappy said as Mario gave chase.


It’s now night time,

The lights of New Donk City shun brightly throughout the starry sky. It’s been a long and busy day for everyone within the city. So much so that everyone is looking forward to the grand finale that the night has to offer. Up on the rooftops, the citizens all looked out into the distance towards the city hall and were waiting and then, suddenly the lights emitting from the forms of electricity turned off. The sound of the citizens gasped echoed throughout.

This didn’t last that long.

As the sound of music began to drown out the gasp; which was replaced with the sound roaring cheers. On top of the buildings shrouding the city hall, spotlights turned on, shooting out rays of light towards the starry night sky. Suddenly, the citizens noticed a large towering silhouette slowly emerge in front of the city hall. Before they could question the silhouette, the spotlights turned towards the silhouette and revealed the whole city to be none other than their beloved Mayor Pauline, all dressed ready to sing.

With her sheer size, she towered over every single building as they only reached up to her shins. She lives up to her title that her citizens dubbed her as,

The title of,

‘The Big Lady of New Donk City’.            

Pauline gave a wave and smiled down at her people as she did a twirl. With a normal size mic in between her index finger and thumb, the musicians on the rooftop of city hall began to play out an all too familiar melody as Pauline took in a deep breath as she was about to sing.

At times, she glances down and she can spot many people, she saw E. Gadd along with the scientists dancing, Ken the reporter with his cameraman recording the performance. Pauline even spotted a purple alien among the rooftops being chased by the police officers throughout the crowd of people.

Before the purple alien was able to lose his chasers, Pauline saw that he was tripped over none other than Mario. With that, he was caught by the officers. Mario looked at him being taken away, looked back up at Pauline and saw that she gave him a wink. And with that Mario began to dance along with everyone else. 

From that, Pauline sang and put on a show for her people all throughout the night and everyone had the time of their lives. Knowing that tomorrow, everything will be alright.