The Christmas Substitute


It was Christmas Eve; everyone around the Mushroom Kingdom was getting ready for the big day. Everyone getting last minute presents to wrap up. People getting as much food as possible for the Christmas. The busiest place of all within the kingdom was Mushroom City as the city is filled with citizens getting themselves ready. As for a certain red dressed woman, she was within her house getting herself ready for a date later that day.

“What to wear, what to wear?” asked Pauline to herself as she was wonder through her wardrobe. She looked through them and saw that she basically had a bunch red dresses which all looked the same. ‘Never thought I have this much trouble picking out a dress’ thought Pauline as she going through the dresses. As she felt that she hasn’t got anything worth wearing, she then saw a dress that looked slightly different. She picked it out of her wardrobe and looked at it with a smile. It was a long dress.

As she was looking at her dress, her mind drift off back as she remembered what happened a few hours ago,

Earlier that day,

Pauline was walking down the shopping streets of Mushroom City; she was planning on getting a last minute present for one of her friends. As she was walking along the streets, walking past the citizens, each one was rushing past each other as they all had their hands full of shopping bags of the things they need.  It was when Pauline stopped in front of a shop and looked in their display window that something unexpected happened. As she was looking inside, Pauline noticed a man approaching her within the reflection on the display window. “Pauline?” said the man.

Pauline looked at the reflection and noticed that there was something familiar about him. She looked over her shoulder to look at him better. Pauline turned round to face him and after a brief second she recognized him.  “Oh my…” she said as she turned round to face him as she looked at him as her eyes went wide. “Stanley?” she said as she rushed up towards him. “Pauline it is you” said Stanley as he rushed up towards her and hugged her tightly. Pauline embraced his hug as she wrapped her arms.

“Haven’t seen you in years” Pauline said as the two of them let each other. “Yeah I haven’t seen you since that Donkey Kong incident” Stanley said. “Wow, that was a long time ago” Pauline said as she giggle. “You know not long after that I had a run in with that ape” said Stanley. “Really? What did he do?” asked Pauline. “Oh he just broke in my glasshouse and almost ruined my flowers. Luckily I was able to get rid of him before he could do any damage” answered Stanley.

“Oh must have happened after what Mario did to him…” said Pauline as she suddenly stopped talking. “So, how are you?” asked Stanley as he could see that she didn’t want to talk about it. “I’m good. Just doing some last minute shopping, how about you?” answered Pauline. “I’m pretty much the same. How’s Mario doing?” said Stanley. Pauline looked at him confused. “Erm…Pauline?” asked Stanley as he saw the way she was looking at him. “How long has it been since you entered the kingdom?” Pauline asked him.

“A few weeks ago why?” answered Stanley. “I Thought so. Well about Mario, we’re not together for a long time” said Pauline. “Really” was all Stanley said. “Yeah, he’s dating Princess Peach believe it or not but Luigi is also dating a princess” said Pauline. “You’re kidding me right? Mario is dating a princess and Luigi too?” Stanley said with a raised eyebrow. “Yes is all true. Though I’m still friends with Mario and Luigi as well as the princesses” said Pauline.  

“Really, this might be a bit bold of me but would you like to have dinner with me tonight?” asked Stanley as he looked at her directly. “My, are you asking me out on a date Stanley?” Pauline asked. Stanley looked at the pavement and just nodded. “Then I love to” said Pauline which caused Stanley to look up at with a smile on his face. “Really?” asked Stanley all surprised, “I haven’t thought that far ahead of where to eat” Pauline just giggled at what he said.

Just then she looked across the road and saw that a restaurant called the ‘Blue Shell’ stood there. Stanley took note at what she was looking at and turned round and saw the same restaurant. “If we could book a table, would you like to eat at the Blue Shell?” asked Stanley as he looked back at her. “That would be lovely” Pauline answered as she looked at him. With that the two of them crossed the road and tried to book a table. They were able to book a table for eight o’clock.         

Her train of thought was interrupted by the sound the door bell. Pauline looked at the clock that was hanging on the wall and thought that is was too early for Stanley to show up. They agreed to meet up at the restaurant. The door bell rang again. With a roll of her eyes, Pauline placed her dress on the bed and made her way towards the front door. Once she made to the front door, she looked through the peep hole and saw no one was standing on the other side. Believing that is was children playing around, Pauline made her way back to her room when suddenly the door bell rang again.

She rushed over to the peep hole and saw that no one was there. Once she looked away, the bell rang once more and annoyed Pauline. With that she rushed over and opened the door wide open. To her surprise, she was expecting to see the street lights on or Christmas lights all lit on the neighbours’ houses. All she saw was complete darkness, no light could be seen from beyond her front door. “What’s going on?” was all Pauline could say as she leaned forward to the outside world.          

Just then, Pauline spotted something moving from far distance of the darkness. It was moving fast. She didn’t know why but Pauline could for some reason be able to see this fast moving object which was coming towards her. To her surprise, Pauline could suddenly make out what the object was and it was growing big as it closer and closer. As it was getting nearer, Pauline could tell what it was and what was fast approaching was a giant hand. Pauline took a step back as she saw that the giant hand was coming towards her.  

“What the!” screamed Pauline as she was suddenly saw the giant hand approaching her. She turned round and tried to escape the hand was corning her at the other end of the hallway, blocking her off to the stairs. Within seconds the giant grabbed hold of her by the waist. “Let me go!” screamed Pauline as she tried to break free from it. She saw that was she being pulled inside the door that the hand came from and then everything went dark for a few seconds. Suddenly sight came back to Pauline as she saw that she was within a room, only that everything largely portion. It made her feel that she somehow shrunken down in size. Pauline felt that she was still being held by the giant hand around her waist.  

Pauline looked down at the hand and began to think, ‘Have Donkey Kong kidnapped me? Have I been abducted by some sort of giant alien race? Have I somehow entered a strange parallel counterpart world where everyone is giants…or…’ she was suddenly cut short by, “It’s good to see you” spoke a familiar voice from above, along with a sniff. Pauline slowly looked over to whom spoke and saw the head of Princess Apple. Pauline rolled her eyes for over thinking worse case scenarios as she realise that she’s in safe hands.

Pauline took another look at the giant princess and saw that she doesn’t look good. She saw that Apple’s eyes were puffy; her noise was bright red along it running which caused the princess to sniff everytime it began to run. This caused Pauline to cringe at the sight of her. Especially when the princess kept on sniffing.  She also noticed that Apple was lying in bed. “It’s…erm…good to see you too” said Pauline as she looked away as she saw that Apple had a booger dripping. “Oh sorry” said Apple as she went to grabbed hold of a tissue with her free hand and blew her noise.

“That’s better” said Apple as she threw the used tissue onto the ground. “How did you do that?” asked Pauline. “Do what?” Apple asked as she looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “How did you get me here? I mean I was just in my house not that long ago?” asked Pauline. “Oh that, just something I used that belongs to Rosalina. I really need to get that back to her” answered Apple as she eyed up a small door knob on her bedside cabinet.    

“What can I do for you?” asked Pauline as she rested on her elbows. “Straight to the point, surprised on why you haven’t asked why I dragged you here” answered Apple as she raised her eyebrows. “Well, the fact that you dragged me away; just as I was about to go on a date and you being…erm…ill. Means that you need me for something” said Pauline. “Yes…you are correct. Though truth is told, you weren’t the first choice” Apple said.

“Yeah…I kinder figured” Pauline said bluntly. “Really?” asked Apple. “Yeah, I mean I wouldn’t really expect to have me for the first choice…for whatever it is that you need my help for” answered Pauline as she crossed her arms. “Well as you can see. I’m not feeling too good and I have a job to do” said Apple as she sniffed her nose. “That is?” asked Pauline. “I need you to do my job I do for Christmas” answered Apple. Pauline looked up at the giant princess with her mouth opened wide.

“Really…you want me? Me to do your Christmas Delivery Job?” was all Pauline said. “Yeah I do…” answer Apple. “Are you sure that no one else can do?” Pauline asked as she looked away from her. “Yeah I contacted others and their all busy” answered Apple. “But you know that I’m on…the,” Pauline said as she slowly looked back up at her, “the Naughty List” “Yeah I know that you’re on the Naughty List but Pauline, you are my only hope” said Apple as she placed her down on the surface of her bed.

“Okay I do it” said Pauline as she looked up at her. “Thank you Pauline…you have no idea how much of a relief this is” Apple said as she lay down, which caused the bed to shook. This made Pauline topple over backwards. “Oops sorry” said Apple as she sat back up. “No worries, I’m fine” Pauline said as she sat up. “You said you have a date right? Are you sure you want to do this?” asked Apple. Pauline looked at her and answered, “I’m sure and don’t worry. He’ll understand why I couldn’t make it. Though I hate to skip another date with him”

“What do you mean?” asked Apple. “Oh it’s a long story but long before I dated Mario, I was going to go on a date with this guy I know. I was young but I never went on that date, I stood him up. The only guy I ever stood up. I don’t know why I did what I did but I regretted it. I vowed to never stand anyone that I’ll date from that point onwards. Before I could apologise to him about ditching him I met Mario and it was love at first sight. Well for me at least. After that, the Donkey Kong incident happened and I never saw him again. That was till today” answered Pauline.

“Wow…I feel bad for calling you” said Apple. “Don’t be, I’m sure he’ll understand” Pauline said as she climbed up onto her feet. “If that’s how you feel, then we best get you ready by first having you the right size” Apple said. Just then the door opened in came a maid as she entered the bedroom with a cake dome in hand. She took the dome off and the two of them a Mega Mushroom. She moved over to the bed and placed it in front of Pauline. “A Mega Mushroom, how long does this last?” asked Pauline as she walked towards the mushroom.

“It last for twenty four hours” answered Apple. Pauline looked over her shoulder and asked, “So I’m going to be a giant for Christmas,” she looked back at the Mega Mushroom, “Feels like someone been wishing for that for a long time” “Oh many people have” Apple said under her breath. “You say something?” asked Pauline as she looked back at her. “Oh nothing” was all Apple said. With that, Pauline slowly made her way over to the Mega Mushroom and touched it. As soon she touched it, the mushroom vanished.  

Then within seconds the effects of the Mega Mushroom kicked in, Pauline went shooting up increasing in size, once she stopped growing, she fell over backwards on the bed. With her head landed on Apple’s lap, she leaned over her and asked, “You okay?” “I’m fine, are you?” answered Pauline as she sat up and looked at her. “I’m fine” said Apple as she watched Pauline getting off her bed.

Once Pauline was off, she looked over at the maid whom was standing close to the bed and saw that she was able to look at her eye to eye. “Now that you’re the right height for the job, now to make you look the part” Apple said with a smile on her. Pauline looked at her with a worried look on her face. “What do you mean by that?” asked Pauline as the maid moved over to the door and opened it. Pauline looked over her shoulder and saw a swarm of maids in the hallway. Each one of them is holding a makeup kit and hair appliances.

“Can’t let Santa know that I’m ill and the only person that can help is on the Naughty List. In fact…I don’t know what he’ll do” Apple said as Pauline looked at her. Before Pauline could say anything, she felt a set of hands placed her shoulders and before she knew it, she was pulled away from the bedroom and being led into another room. Apple giggled as the maid closed the door, with that she lay back down on her bed.                   

A few hours has passed, while Pauline was getting a makeover, Stanley just arrived at the ‘Blue Shell’. Once he entered one of the waiters led him to the table that he and Pauline booked. Once he sat down, he began to wait for his date to arrive.


Pauline looked at her reflection in the mirror and saw how different she looked. The makeup crew did a great job on her. Pauline had to blink a few times before taking it in but she looked just like Princess Apple minus the colour of her eyes. “I believe that you are ready” spoke the maid as she smile at her. “Okay…are you sure?” asked Pauline as she looked at her. “Oh I’m sure, if not, let the princess see for herself” answered the same maid. “Sure” Pauline said as she stood up and followed the maid.

The two of them entered the bedroom. Apple looked on and a smile grew on her face. “Wow it’s like I’m looking at my twin” Apple said as she saw that Pauline looked just like her. “See we got the princess’ approval. Now I believe it’s time for you to truly be ready” said the maid. “Ready? I thought I was already am?” asked Pauline as she looked at the maid confused. “We need you to get you dressed for the part, I mean it not Christmas tradition if the one whom during this job not to wear the suit” answered the maid.       

With that the maid dragged Pauline with her. About ten minutes later, they returned with Pauline wearing the Santa outfit that Princess Apple wears along with her crown. “Now that you are ready” said the maid. Pauline looked down at the outfit and said, “Really, this doesn’t look warm” Apple chuckled at hearing that, “Don’t worry, it’s a lot warmer than it looks. I worm them everytime I do deliveries” Upon saying that Apple sneezed. This made Pauline squint her eyes and made her question as to wherever what she said was true, seeing that she’s ill. 

Apple looked over at the clock and saw that it was almost time. “It’s time to go. Pauline, good luck” Apple said as she looked over at Pauline. “Thank you…I try my best” Pauline said as she turned round and face the entrance of the bedroom. “Oh one more thing Pauline, when you see him, I call him Sandy Clauses. That’s what I call him anyway” said Apple as Pauline was about exit the room. Pauline looked over her shoulder and nodded. With that she left along with the maid.

While they were walking down the hallway, Pauline looked at the maid and asked, “Where is it that I suppose to go?” The maid looked at her and answered, “You just go to the other end till you come across an open landscape. With this ear piece,” answered the maid as she handed Pauline an ear piece, “Santa Claus will give you a ring and from there your job begins” Pauline looked at the ear piece that she was given and placed it in her right ear. “As the Princess have said, best of luck for tonight” said the maid as she led Pauline to the entrance of the castle.

“Thanks…just over there right?” asked Pauline as she looked over in the distance of Giant Land. The maid just nodded. With that Pauline took that as her cue to head off towards the meeting point. As she was walking through the streets, Pauline noticed that it was quiet. She looked on at the buildings shouldered her and saw that each of them had lights off. She looked over her shoulder back at the castle and saw that it too had its lights turned off. ‘They went to bed in hurry’ thought Pauline as she looked ahead.

After a few minutes, Pauline reached the outskirts.          

Pauline looked out the scenery that the area has to offer to her.  She looked out and saw that the landscape she could see was covered in thick blanket of snow. She even saw her own breath as she suddenly felt the coldness of the snowy night. Before the princess could comment about the temperature, the sound of her ear piece began to ring. “Hello?” asked Pauline as she answered her ear piece. “Ah it’s good to hear that you’re up” spoke a jolly old voice.   

“Sandy Clauses…erm…long time no see” said Pauline as she looked up at the night sky and saw something flying towards her. As she looked at the object getting closer, she saw that it was a sleigh flying through the sky being pulled by six reindeers. “Ho, ho, ho!” yelled a jolly old voice that came from the sleigh. Pauline looked at the sleigh as it was flying around her and asked, “Erm…how are things?” “Things are all good princess, here catch” answered Santa as the sleigh was about to fly in front of her.

Once he reached the front, Pauline held out her hands as Santa tossed what Pauline could tell to be a small sack. As the sack was coming closer to Pauline’s hands, she saw that it was growing larger and larger. Once she caught it, she felt that the sack was empty and as she was about to ask Santa, the bag suddenly began to fill up with presents. This caused Pauline to slowly place the filled bag onto the snowy ground. “There you go, oh best have this. Don’t want forget this important thing” said Santa as he made the reindeers move the sleigh closer to Pauline’s face.  

Pauline looked at Santa and saw that he was leaning over his sleigh and saw that he was holding a letter in hand. With her index finger and thumb, Pauline gently took the letter from him and as with the sack; the letter began to grow in size. When it stopped the letter was now at the size that fit perfectly in her hand. She looked at the letter and saw that it was a list of everyone within the areas she needs to deliver the presents to. Next to the names is written either naughty or nice.     

“Hmm, are you okay?” asked Santa as he looked at Pauline with a raised eyebrow. ‘Oh no…he seen through me’ thought Pauline. “Yes…I’m fine Sandy Claus. Just coming down with a cold” answered Pauline. “Well that’s not good, hope you’re feeling up for this” said Santa. “Don’t you worry about me, I’ll be fine” Pauline said as she put a smile on her face. “Very well, that’s good to hear. You’re all set, see you later my dear” said Santa as he made waved at Pauline. “See you next time Sandy Clauses” said Pauline as she waved back at him as she saw him flying off towards the same direction he came.

“Till next time princess, till next time. Ho, ho, ho, ho!” echoed Santa’s voice as he was disappearing off into the night sky. “Well then, no time to waste” said Pauline as she saw that Santa was no longer in sight. With that Pauline picked up the sack and swung it on her back. Once rested firmly on her back, Pauline tightens the rope on the sack so that none of the presents within would fall out. She looked at the list and saw that there were bold underline words of areas that she must visit and that the names of the gifts she must deliver.      

Taking a deep breath, Pauline breathed out and headed towards the first area on the list.

Once she made it to the first area, she looked on at the buildings that she has to deliver and took a deep breath.  Pauline noticed that there weren’t that any people out in the streets, barley any cars driving as the majority of them are parked up. Every now and then she does see a car driving, when that happens, Pauline hastily hid herself behind the buildings on the street. Silently she made her way through the streets, tip toeing the best she could to not cause a giant footprint on the snow covered roads. She looked at the buildings and saw that some of them still have their lights on glowing through the windows.

As she wondered through the streets, she’s amazed that no one has noticed her, a giantess wondering through the streets. With that Pauline just shook it off as she carried on walking through the area, looking for the first building to deliver presents to. Whiling wondering through, Pauline carefully tried not to step on the cars that are scattered all throughout the streets, but every now and then, she accidently bumped into a few. She didn’t damage them but she was lucky that she didn’t set off their alarms.

Believing that she’s making good progress to the first building, Pauline didn’t watch her stepping as her right foot touched a car, which due to her size made her fall flat forwards on the street, which shook the whole street. For a brief moment, Pauline believed that she just ruined Christmas for all the people of the areas that she’s to deliver. People would have checked to see what that loud was, so Pauline slowly looked up at the buildings around her and to her surprise. She didn’t see any lights turning on. No curtains were pulled slightly so their owners could see her. No one stirred from within their houses, not even a mouse.  

Hastily, Pauline rushed up onto her feet, checked the sack to see if it and the presents are still intact. With that Pauline made her way off towards the first building to deliver the presents. Making sure that she’s not in any risk of tripping over on cars again by making sure she check her footing. Once she reached the first building, she took out her list and like magic she saw the names of the people that lived in first building glowed brightly.

With a grin on her face, Pauline saw that the people that are highlighted are all nice. Gently, Pauline placed the sack down and unfastens it. Placed her left hand within and like magic, she suddenly; like magnets felt presents being drawn within the palm of her hand. Carefully she cupped her hand out of the sack and looked at each and every present and saw that they all have the names that matched on the list.

With that, Pauline looked towards the chimney of the first building and one by one she picked the presents from her cupped hand and dropped them down the chimney. Again like magic, the presents instead of falling hard flat onto the floor and breaking what’s within them. They all gently hovered their way towards the Christmas tree and rested beneath it. Pauline then looked at the list and saw that the names of the people within the building have dimmed down and been crossed out. With that, Pauline nodded her head. She put the list away, fastens the sack and picked it up and placed it on her back.         

As the clock ticks the hours away; Pauline whom has just about done within the area she was in. She looked at the list and saw that there was only one area left with two names on it, the location that were left on list reads, Mushroom City. Pauline slowly makes her way out of the area she was in, once she made a good distance away from it; she looked back at it and gave it a smile.  As she was about to head off towards her next destination she suddenly felt something cold sprinkling around. She saw that it was snow. “Well, Apple was right about this outfit. It’s is warmer than it looks” said Pauline to herself as she was making her way towards Mushroom City.


Within the ‘Blue Shell’ Stanley has been sitting at his table, waiting for Pauline a little over an hour. He looked over at the clock which reads nine o’clock. He was beginning to feel nervous believing that Pauline has stood him up. “Please…not again” Stanley said to himself as he looked away from the clock. He looked over at the entrance of the restaurant, hoping to see Pauline gracefully making her entrance. Suddenly he heard the sound of someone coughing in order to get his attention.

He looked over to see who coughed and saw that it was one of the waiters. “Forgive me but I’m afraid that I must ask that you give up your table as we have a couple that have also booked it” said the waiter. “What? Please can I wait a bit longer” asked Stanley as he looked back at the entrance. “I’m sorry sir but you’ve been here for over an hour and you haven’t ordered anything on this table.” The waiter said as Stanley looked back at him. “If you like, I can offer you a smaller table” the waiter said as he pointed to a smaller table that was near to the toilets.

Stanley was lost of words, he looked at the smaller table, then back at the entrance and then finally back at the clock which now reads nine fifteen. He hung his head as he now realised what’s happening. “She’s not coming” said Stanley as he stood up from his seat. “I’m truly sorry about sir, would you like to have the smaller table?” asked the waiter. Stanley looked at him and answered, “No…no thanks. I’ll. I’ll be leaving. Sorry to have wasted your time”

With that, Stanley turned round to leave the restaurant, as he walked towards the entrance; he looked over his shoulder to see the couple that was going to be sitting at his tale and saw that it was it was Waluigi and Vanessa. With that Stanley left the restaurant and wondered through the streets of Mushroom City without a destination in mind.                  

It took Pauline thirty minutes to reach Mushroom City. Once there she looked on at the city and saw how busy it was despite the late hour. ‘How am I supposed to deliver presents in the city that never sleeps’ thought Pauline. Taking a deep gulf, Pauline hastily made her way through the streets. She noticed that despite that it’s snowing, the roads and pavements aren’t being covered by it. With that in mind, Pauline realise that she doesn’t have to worry about leaving footprints. All she has to focus now is to not be seen by the citizens of the city.

During her trekking through the city, Pauline hid within the back streets of the city. Staying low, Pauline checked the list to see who the first one is. With that, Pauline made her way towards the first house. During her time getting there she stayed in the back streets as well as crouched down so she doesn’t tower over the buildings. She did so she doesn’t make the same mistake of tripping over and making loud noises. Even though no one noticed in the first area, she didn’t want to risk it in Mushroom City.    

Once she made it to the building, she saw that it was a small house. ‘Okay, easy does it’ thought Pauline as she made her way over to the building and looked at the chimney. One by one she picked the presents from her cupped hand and dropped them down the chimney. One again like magic, the presents instead of falling hard flat onto the floor and breaking what’s within them. They all gently hovered their way towards the Christmas tree and rested beneath it.         

Once Pauline felt that the presents has been delivered safely, she slowly made her way back to the back streets and checked the list to see who’s next. She looked at the list and saw that there was only one name left. “Stanley!” Pauline said under her breath.  She did a double take of the list as she didn’t believe the name that she saw. Pauline opened the bag and looked inside. To her surprise, she saw that there were no presents left inside. “What the,” Pauline said as she stuck her right hand inside just to get a better feel, “There’s nothing!” Before she able to question as to why there was no presents, the ear piece began to ring.

“Hello?” asked Pauline as she answered. “Hello Princess Apple, I believe I have accidently taken an extra present from your round” spoke a familiar jolly voice. “You have Sandy, that’s good I thought I lost it” said Pauline as she let out a breath of relief. “I’ll be there in a moment” said Santa as he hung up. Pauline stood up straight and looked out into the night, trying to find Santa. Just like he said, a moment has passed as Santa on his sleigh could be seen coming from the distance. 

“Ho, ho, ho!” shouted out Santa as he made the reindeers land his sleigh on top of a building. “You got the present?” asked Pauline as she moved over to the building. “Of course I do,” answer Santa as he hopped off his sleigh, “You’re done with your delivery?” “All expect one” Pauline said as she rested on the building with her elbows. “You’re working fast princess. You got somewhere to be?” asked Santa as he moved over to the back of his sleigh and pulled one of the sacks off.

“Oh erm…” was all Pauline could say as she didn’t to blow her cover. “You okay?” asked Santa as he carried the sack over towards her. “Yeah I’m fine…why do you ask?” answered Pauline as she stood up. “Well, its sounds like that you’re hiding something” Santa said as he lowered the sack onto the floor as he stood a foot away from her. “What would I be hiding Santa?” asked Pauline. Just then Pauline realised that she slipped up. “Oh I say that you’re hiding something Princess Apple. Or should I say, Pauline” Santa said as he crossed his arms, while looking up at.           

“Wait a minute…you knew?” asked Pauline as she looked at Santa. “Of course I knew. I’m Santa Clause and know straight away who’s on the naughty list just by looking at them” answered Santa. “Then…why didn’t you blew my cover?” asked Pauline. “What and make you miss out on leaving the naughty list? I think not. So I just played along with Apple’s plan” answered Santa. “Wait how did you know that it was Apple that planned for me to look like her?” asked Pauline.

“Really you’re asking me that? It’s not like someone used some sort of Mimic Mushroom to look like her or anything like that…now that I think about it I haven’t seen that thing for a while now. Oh well I sure it show up somewhere” answered Santa as he went through his sack. “Wait what was that?” asked Pauline. “Never mind, here it is” answered Santa as he moved out of his sack. Pauline saw that he was holding onto something. “What that then?” asked Pauline as she saw him turned round and faced her.

“Here, hold out your hands” answered Santa as he looked up at her. Pauline did what she was told and held out her hands. She looked at Santa as he placed two objects on her hands. She looked at the objects and she couldn’t see what they were. She looked at Santa with a raised eyebrow and before she could say anything the two objects began to grow in size. Once they stopped growing, Pauline looked the objects and saw that they were a lipstick and a compact mirror.

“I don’t understand? I thought you were giving me Stanley’s present” said Pauline as she looked at him. “Oh…I did,” Santa said as he turned round and put his sack back on his sleigh, “I did Pauline. Can you guess what his present is?” “You mean?” asked Pauline as her eyes lit up as she realise what he meant. “Yes, you both deserve it. Now go, hurry along, Stanley is still there” answered Santa as he climbed onto the sleigh. “Thank you” Pauline said as she waved at him as he made the reindeers fly the sleigh. She watched him fly off into the distance.

With that Pauline looked at the compact mirror and looked at her reflection. “Well guess it’s time to me again” said Pauline as she saw that she still look like Princess Apple. She began to mess up her hair, to make it all fluff out. She opened the lipstick with her other hand, she saw that it was red. Pauline then looked back at the mirror and put the lipstick on.         

Meanwhile just down streets of Mushroom City,

Since Stanley left the ‘Blue Shell’, he spent his time wondering through the streets of the city. Finding someplace for him to spend Christmas Eve at, in the end, he decided to head off back to his apartment. Once in, Stanley headed off to bed and tried to drift off. This didn’t amount to anything as he spent hours trying to get to sleep but he kept on tossing and turning. Had enough Stanley opened his eyes and looked over at his bedside clock.

He saw that it was six in the morning. It dawned to him that it was Christmas morning. With that he got out of bed and changed his out his pyjamas and into his street clothes. “I need some fresh air” said Stanley to himself as he grabbed his keys and left his apartment. He looked out at the lit street outside his apartment and began to walk down it.

While he was walking he could swore that he could feel slight vibrations on the pavement. He looked at his feet with a raised eyebrow; thinking that he should question it was when he could hear faint sound of someone walking. “Where do you think you’re going? Haven’t we got a date?” spoke a familiar voice which came from behind. Stanley looked over his shoulder and saw that the voice belongs to Pauline, whom towers over him.

He turned to face her and he couldn’t get his head over how big she was towards him. Pauline leaned forwards with his hands on her knees.  “Pauline…you look…gulp…beautiful” said Stanley as he avoided asking the elephant in the room question. Pauline just smiled as she knelt down and held out her right hand. Stanley looked at her hand, then looked up at her and took another gulp as he climbed on board.

Once on board and held on tightly, Pauline moved her hand close enough for her to see Stanley clearly. “I got something for you” said Pauline as she tilted her head. “You…you do?” asked Stanley. “Yes, now close your eyes” answered Pauline. Stanley did what he was told and closed his eyes. Once shut, Pauline moved her hand towards her lips and gave Stanley a kiss. “Wow…” Stanley said as he was covered in lipstick. “You’re welcome. Sorry for being late but we can have our date now” Pauline said with a smile on her.     


Out in the night sky, Santa was still riding on his sleigh as he was heading on back home. Just then his eyepiece began to ring. He answered it and said, “Santa’s here” “Merry Christmas Sandy Clause” spoke a croaky but familiar voice. “Hello Apple, you’re up early” said Santa. “Yeah, I’m just checking to see how it went?” asked Apple. “Well I’m happy to say that your plan gone on smoothly” answered Santa. “Two birds with one stone” was all Apple said. “Having Pauline off the Naughty List as well as getting that lad what has always asked one thing for every Christmas,” said Santa.

“To finally have a date with Pauline” said the both of them at the same. The two of them began to laugh for brief while. “Well I hope you feel better soon” Santa said. “Oh I feel fine” Apple said as voice suddenly sounded healthy. “Well I be,” Santa said as he laughed, “Best not make a habit using that mushroom” “Don’t worry Sandy, I won’t” laughed Apple. “Well then Mary Christmas to you and I shall see you next year” Santa said as he was about to hang up. “Don’t worry you will, see you next year” Apple said as the two of them hang up their earpieces.                  

Back over at Mushroom City,

With that said; Pauline stood up straight and began to walk down the streets of Mushroom City. Stanley looked up at her and asked, “So, where are we’re going?” “Somewhere we can have our date” answered Pauline as she smiled down at him. As she was walking down the street, the two of them noticed that the morning light was shinning down upon them. They looked out at the dawn and saw the beauty of the morning sky has to offer. Pauline with Stanley in her hands, both of then looked up into the sky as if they could see people looking down or rather reading them and they both said at once as load as they could,