The Christmas Present


The stockings hung high in the houses throughout the land; each and every one waiting to be filled with gifts for the big day. It was the task for a certain jolly old man whom wore a jolly red suit and hat and black boots. This jolly old man who wear these things and goes by many names; the most common name he goes by is Santa Clauses.

While Santa goes and deliver presents to boys and girls that have been good all year round and give coal to those have been bad. He goes far and wide to deliver these gifts but alas there are certain places he cannot reach. Thus this task been placed upon a certain giant princess whom then goes and finish the areas Santa couldn’t reach. How the giant princess had been given this task, that isn’t my place to say but what I can say is that she’s been doing this for many years.     

Over towards Giant Land, within the Giant Castle sleeps the giantess princess whom is known as Princess Apple. She was calmly asleep, dreaming pleasant dreams but all that changed when a loud ringing noise echoed.

“Yawn” spoke the princess as she woke up by the sudden noise of her alarm clock. She titled her head towards the clock and saw that it was twelve O’clock in the morning. “Best get ready” she said as she climbed out of her bed and got herself changed. She did this as quietly and quickly as possible as her other task was about to begin. After ten minutes, Apple now dressed in her Christmas outfit along with an ear piece in her right ear made her way out of her room. Once out of her room, she slowly made her way through the corridors of the castle as she was heading on outside. Once she made it outside, she saw that there were no guards on duty at the castle gates.   

Apple looked out the scenery that the area has to offer to her.  She looked out and saw that the landscape she could see was covered in thick blanket of snow. She even saw her own breath as she suddenly felt the coldness of the snowy night. Before the princess could comment about the temperature, the sound of her ear piece began to ring. “Hello?” asked Apple as she answered her ear piece. “Ah it’s good to hear that you’re up” spoke a jolly old voice.   

“Santi Clauses long time no see” said Apple as she looked up at the night sky and saw something flying towards her. As she looked at the object getting closer, she saw that it was a sleigh flying through the sky being pulled by six reindeers. “Ho, ho, ho!” yelled a jolly old voice that came from the sleigh. Apple looked at the sleigh as it was flying around her and asked, “How are things?” “Things are all good princess, here catch” answered Santa as the sleigh was about to fly in front of her.

Once he reached the front, Apple held out her hands as Santa tossed what Apple could tell to be a small sack. As the sack was coming closer to Apple’s hands, she saw that it was growing larger and larger. Once she caught it, she felt that the sack was empty and as she was about to ask Santa, the bag suddenly began to fill up with presents. This caused Apple to slowly place the filled bag onto the snowy ground. “There you go, oh best not forget this” said Santa as he made the reindeers move the sleigh closer to Apple’s face.  

Apple looked at Santa and saw that he was leaning over his sleigh and saw that he was holding a letter in hand. With her index finger and thumb, Apple gently took the letter from him and as with the sack; the letter began to grow in size. When it stopped the letter was now at the size that fit perfectly in her hand. She looked at the letter and saw that it was a list of everyone within the areas she needs to deliver the presents to. Next to the names is written either naughty or nice.     

“You’re all set, see you later my dear” said Santa as he made waved at Apple. “See you next time Santi Clauses” said Apple as she waved back at him as she saw him flying off towards the same direction he came. “Till next time princess, till next time. Ho, ho, ho, ho!” echoed Santa’s voice as he was disappearing into the night sky. “Well then, no time to waste” said Apple as she saw that Santa was no longer in sight. With that Apple picked up the sack and swung it on her back. Once rested firmly on her back, Apple tightens the rope on the sack so that none of the presents within would fall out. She looked at the list and saw that there were bold underline words of areas that she must visit and that the names of the gifts she must deliver.      

Taking a deep breath, Apple breathed out and headed towards the first area on the list.

Once she made it to the first area, she looked on at the buildings that she has to deliver and took a deep breath. Silently she made her way through the streets, tip toeing the best she could to not cause a giant footprint on the snow covered roads. Even with her special Christmas boots which can reduce the weight of any heavy being, Apple have to careful not to step on cars that are scattered all throughout the streets; which would if stepped on could cause her to make an imprint. As she was trending through the streets, which due to her size make it hard not to trip over and cause a scene but she done this many years so she knows how to handle herself.

Once she reached the first building, she took out her list and like magic she saw the names of the people that lived in first building glowed brightly. With a grin on her pretty face, Apple saw that the people that are highlighted are all nice. Gently, Apple placed the sack down and unfastens it. Placed her left hand within and like magic, she suddenly; like magnets felt presents being drawn within the palm of her hand. Carefully she cupped her hand out of the sack and looked at each and every present and saw that they all have the names that matched on the list.

With that, Apple looked towards the chimney of the first building and one by one she picked the presents from her cupped hand and dropped them down the chimney. Again like magic, the presents instead of falling hard flat onto the floor and breaking what’s within them. They all gently hovered their way towards the Christmas tree and rested beneath it. Apple then looked at the list and saw that the names of the people within the building have dimmed down and been crossed out. With that, Apple nodded her head. She put the list away, fastens the sack and picked it up and placed it on her back.         

The clock ticks away as hours have past; Apple whom has just about done looked at her list and saw that there were no names left as each and every one of them have been crossed out. Apple slowly makes her way out of the last area she was in, once she made a good distance away from it; she looked back at it and gave it a smile.  As she was about to head off back home she suddenly felt something cold sprinkling around. She saw that it was snow. “Well, best make haste” said Apple to herself as she was making her way back Giant Land.

As she was trekking her way back, with her free hand, Apple placed it on her ear piece and said, “Apple here, just reporting that I’ve finished and now heading back home, over” “You’re done for another year, nothing happened this year?” asked a female voice, that Apple knew was Miss Clause. “Yep, nothing bad happened this year. Which is kinda shocking if you ask me” answered Apple. “You sound disappointed” said Miss Claus as she noticed the tone that Apple was speaking in. “What, oh no, no. I’m not disappointed, just surprised as seeing how something happens each year wherever its some sort of villain trying to ruin Christmas or helping grant a wish to a princess that sails across the stars” said Apple.

“Well Princess Apple, sometimes it doesn’t hurt having an uneventful Christmas. It’s nice when is it just plain and simple, wouldn’t you agree with me?” said Miss Clause as she chuckled. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. Okay then, see you again next year and merry Christmas” said Apple as she too chuckled. “Yes, merry Christmas to you too” was all Miss Clause said as the line went dead. Apple lowered her hand and said to herself, “Sometimes it doesn’t hurt having an uneventful Christmas; yeah…I guess it does get a bit tiring where something always happens each year”

With that Apple went off her merry way back to Giant Land with a smile on her face.



“Now hold it, wait a minute, no…who says that nothing can happen” said Apple as she shook her head, “I mean it doesn’t have to be huge. It doesn’t have to be up to me from stopping some villain from taking over Christmas. I mean…it can’t just end this way. It just can’t” Apple said this as she stopped mid pace and hung her head. As her head hung, she suddenly felt something vibrating in her one of her Christmas Suit pocket. Confused as to what it is, she lowered the empty sack and took out what was in her pocket.

To her surprise, it was the Naughty or Nice List and saw that a name was glowering brightly. “Huh? I thought I was finished and that name wasn’t there before” said Apple as she didn’t recognise the name being on the list when she first started. “What’s this about?” Apple asked herself as she shrugged. Just like magic, she suddenly felt something slammed right into the palm of her right hand. Apple blinked a few times, not sure as to what happened, but she slowly looked at her right hand saw a human size present.

“What the…no, no I already delivered all the presents and beside I didn’t come though this way. So there’s no way that this present fell out of the sack” said Apple as she brought the present right up to her eyes. She saw the present was wrapped in white paper along with green ribbons and a bow around it. She even saw a name tag hanging from it. She even noticed that the name on the tag matched the name that was on the list. Just then, Apple suddenly realise as to whom the present belong to. “Well I didn’t know the name at first but I know who it is. Seeing how it’s been left out here must mean that Santi Clause must have somehow dropped it by accident” said Apple as she closed her right hand gently so that she doesn’t crush the present.

She then looked at the list and saw that it suddenly have an arrow on it; all the other names apart from the owner of the present have vanished. Apple looked at this confused, she slightly move the list left and right and saw that it kept pointing towards the same direction no matter which way moves it. “Well, guess this is my compass on finding the owner of the present” said Apple as she gently placed the present inside one of her pockets, picked up her empty sack and followed the direction that the arrow is pointing towards.   

Apple followed the arrow for an hour; she looked at the pocket watch that came along with the Christmas suit and saw that it was four O’clock. “Just a few more hours before the sun raise…I best hurry” said Apple to herself as she put the watch away. As she was making her way through the snow, she noticed that the temperature was getting cold, colder than its useable is. She looked around her and saw that it was snowing heavily and that it blowing harsh. Slowly she saw the scenery around her turn white.

“A blizzard, but how, there no weather reports of there being one?” asked Apple to herself as everywhere she looked, there was nothing but white. While she was looking through the white darkness, she could have sworn she saw ripples.    

She looked back at the list and saw that the arrow on it was slowly fading away. “What….no, no, no, no” was all Apple could say as she also saw that even the owner’s name have faded away. “Well…I guess I have to go through this blizzard” said Apple as she put the list away in her pocket. With that, she headed towards the direction that the arrow on the list pointed towards last.  Everywhere she looked, she couldn’t see anything but white darkness. But as she was walking through it, she knew the direction that she was going was the right one. “Just a little bit further Apple, just a little bit further” said Apple to herself as she was marching her way through the harsh bitter cold. Every step she took, she felt her strength slowly demise and slowly felt light headed.

She was getting tired and the harsh blizzard wasn’t making her feel any better.

When she felt her head about get even lighter, she shook it hard. She looked ahead and squint her eyes so that she didn’t have to feel the wind stinging her eyes. Just then, she saw something shining through the white darkness. “What the” was all Apple could say as she saw the shiny thing again. She has no clue as to what it is nor does she question it but she felt that she must keep moving towards it. As she was moving in closer, she suddenly felt her strength returning.

As she was getting closer, she saw that the shiny thing was glowing brighter and brighter. As she was moving closer, Apple could feel that the blizzard was dying down as she could see a little bit of colour leaking through the whiteness. With that Apple knew that she was close to her destination.  Closer and closer she made herself move towards her destination. Then in just a blink of an eye, the blizzard vanished and with it, left her view clear.

Apple blinked her eyes a few times as she want to make sure that she wasn’t seeing things. When she knew that she was out of the blizzard, a smile grew across her face and she knew that the hard part is now over. She then slowly looked towards the distance and saw the source of the shiny thing which was a very tall conjoined building. As Apple slowly makes her way towards the building, she could see a billboard on the ground in front of it.

On the billboard it reads,

‘VGGTS World and Anime & Cartoon GTS World

Main Branch Building’

Apple stopped walking as she saw something moving at the entrance, as she looked at it she could see that it was glowing like a flicking bonfire. She could also see that the flicking bonfire was shaped like a human being. Apple’s eyes widen as she knew who it was that just exited the building. Apple began to panic as she saw that the being began its flight as it was flying its way towards the direction of where she was. Seeing as there was nowhere for her to hide, she quickly put her arms behind her back and stood there with a forced smile on her face.

“Huh? Who’s there?” spoke the being as it was getting to where Apple was. “Oh erm…” was all Apple could say as the being was now hovering in front of her. “Apple…what? What are you doing here?” asked the being as he crossed his arms. “Oh hay Cubed…oh you know…just chilling out” answered Apple. “Right…you’re a long way out for ‘chilling out’ and weren’t you suppose to be delivering presents?” said the being known as Cubed as he hovered up towards Apple’s face.

“Okay you got me…here since its Christmas where I am already” said Apple as she slowly took the present from her pocket and held in front of Cubed. “For me, but it’s not Christmas yet where I am but thank you” said Cubed as he looked at the present in Apple’s hands and saw his name tag on it. “Oh right hold, the time differences between worlds” said Apple. “Thanks for the present, but what is this all about?” asked Cubed as he flew down into Apple’s hands and picked up the present.

“Well, long story short I was doing my normal delivery and when I was done I somehow was able to find your present which I guess was lying in the snow. I thought that perhaps Santi Clause dropped it by mistake so I thought that I should deliver it you” answered Apple. “Wow…so you went through the Connect Storm to get here to give me this. Thank you Apple” said Cubed as he looked at the present and then looked up at the giant princess. “Is that what that blizzard is called? Well, that pretty much explains about why I’m here. So what were you doing here so late?” asked Apple as she smiled down at him. “Yeah, it’s pretty much a way to keep this place protected from the villains, and those corporate bigwigs over at Ultratech. The storm changes during seasons. So it’s never a blizzard all year long. Now as to why I’m here, well, oh you know, just doing some clearing up of the latest site updates” answered Cubed.

“Oh, okay then, I hope you have a merry Christmas Cubed. I see you later then” said Apple as she smiled at Cubed and gave him a wave. Apple turned around and was about to leave. “Wait a moment, I was about to log off. Before I do would like you me to drop you off home?” asked Cubed as he flew after her. “Drop me off? How?” Apple asked as she looked at him confused. “Oh it simple really but it’s kinda hard to explain, so to save time do you a lift?” answered Cubed as he flew towards Apple and hovered a few feet in front of her face.     

“Thank you” said Apple. Before she knew it, in a blink of an eye the area around her suddenly changed from where she was; now she was back where outside the Giant Castle of Giant Land. Apple blinked a couple of times but to make sure she knew what just happened. “There you go Apple, merry Christmas and I shall see you in the New Year” said Cubed whom was still hovering in front of Apple. “Thank you Cubed, Merry Christmas and have a happy new year” said Apple as she looked at Cubed, whom waved at her before he flew away.

Apple took a deep yawn and said to herself, “Boy…I best get some shut eye before the sun rise” With that Apple turned round and headed inside the castle. Apple carefully made sure not to make too much noise that will wake the residents of the castle. Once she made it to her room, she slowly opened her door and slowly made her way inside. Once inside, Apple got out of her Christmas uniform and into her pyjamas. Slowly she made her way to her bed, rested her head on her pillows and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Four hours have passed since Apple fell asleep,

She was then awoken by the sound of her alarm clock which instead of it ringing, it played out Christmas songs. “Morning love” spoke a familiar voice.  Apple looked over at whom spoke and saw that it was Prince Hugo who was at the bedroom door. “Morning” said Apple as she sat up and rubbed her eyes. “I take it that it that you had a long night? What happened?” asked Hugo as he walked in. “Oh nothing much really” answered Apple. “Really? So why were you late coming home?” asked Hugo as he smiled while he crossed his arms.

“Heh, nothing slip past you does it. Well as I was heading back after finishing, I found a present which was left behind and I decided to go deliver it myself” answered Apple as she smiled at her husband. “Well I guess you were able to deliver it” said Hugo as he sat down on her bed. “Yeah, I did, I hope that he likes whatever was inside his present” said Apple. “Well, best get yourself ready my dear for we have guests arriving soon” said Hugo as he sat up from the bed.

“Very well then” said Apple as Hugo left the room. With that Apple got out of bed and got herself changed into her normal get up which was her red dress, a gold bracelet with a heart chain and sandals. Lastly once she sorted out her long hair into her trademark style, she placed her red crown on top of her head. Once she was all ready, Apple made her way out of her room and joined Hugo.

Meanwhile elsewhere,

In a certain house which is filled with a family get together. In the living room of the said house which has a tall Christmas tree next to the fireplace, was a man whose body was that of fire and a woman who’s wearing glasses, long brown hair, a pink tank top and blue jeans. “Merry Christmas brother” said the woman known as Bigger Better Barbie as she sat down by the Christmas tree. “Thanks sis, Merry Christmas to you too” said the man known as Cubed as he too was sat down by the tree.

“Huh? You know that present looks different from all the rest” said Bigger Better Barbie as she saw pointed towards one of the presents under the Christmas tree. Cubed looked at the present his sister pointed at and saw that it was the one that Apple gave him. “Well that’s the one that Princess Apple gave me a few hours ago” answered Cubed as he reached in and pulled out the white wrapped present with green ribbons and a bow.

Cubed pulled it towards him and slowly began to unwrap the present. Cubed slowly opened the box, which appeared to glow within and a wide grin spread across his face. “What is it? What did you get” asked Bigger Better Barbie as she saw his smile. Cubed turned his present around so that his sister could see inside. When she saw what was inside, she too smiled.

Back at Giant Land,

Princess Apple and Prince Hugo were outside, waiting for the guests whom are about to arrive. Just then, they were able to see a human size black car was driving towards the castle. As they for the car to reach the castle, Princess Apple and Prince Hugo looked at each other then they both looked up into the sky as if they could see people looking down or rather reading them and they both said at once as load as they could,