The Dream Before Christmas


Its Christmas Eve and throughout the Mushroom Kingdom, all of it citizens are getting ready for the big day as they all got their gifts to give to each, food for their Christmas Feasts and the company of their loves ones. There was one whom thought that she was ready for the big day, which was until a single sentence was spoken. All this took place at night on Christmas Eve, within the Peach’s Castle “Oh just you wait till you see what I got for you this year Daisy” said Luigi proudly as he was walking along side Daisy. The two of them were walking within the corridors of the castle.

“Is it beautiful? Will I like it?” asked Daisy as she looked at her with her eyes glittering. “Yes and yes you will like it a lot” answered Luigi as he smiled back at her. “Oh I will, will I? I hope it lives to what you claim it to be” said Daisy as they entered the main hall of the castle. “Trust me Daisy, it will live up to your expectation” Luigi said as they both stood still. “I am looking forward for it” said Daisy as she went in and hugged Luigi and kissed him on the cheek.

“With all that boasting, I hope you got something to match his present” spoke a familiar voice. The two of them looked over at whom spoke and saw that it was Mario along with Peach. Luigi looked over at her, waiting for her to say something. “Yeah…I got him something” said Daisy as she looked at Luigi and then slowly looked over at Mario. Peach took note at the way that she said that and gave Mario a nudge to his side. Mario looked at Peach, rubbed his side and saw the look Peach gave him.

“Oh err…I be going see you guys later” said Mario as he quickly walked off out of the hall. “Yeah I best go with him” said Luigi as he kissed Daisy on the cheek and followed his brother. Once the brothers have left, Peach made her way towards Daisy and asked, “You okay?” Daisy looked at her and answered, “Yeah…I hope that what I got him is good enough” “I’m sure that whatever you got him will be great” said Peach as she patted her on the back. “Yeah, I hope your right” said Daisy as she left the hall with her head hung. Peach looked on with a worried look on her face.

Meanwhile down the hallway where the Mario Bros were walking in,

“You know that it Christmas Eve right Luigi?” asked Mario as he looked at his younger brother. “Yeah Mario, I know, why you ask?” answered Luigi as he looked back. “What I mean is that it’s that time of year that you always have that…you know” said Mario as he looked worried. “Yeah I know what you mean; I try but no matter how hard. I always end up having those dreams” said Luigi as he looked on the floor. “I do worry about you with those dreams. You always talk in your sleep,” said Mario before asked, “Why do you only dream about it only on Christmas Eve?”

“I…I don’t know Mario, I just don’t know” answered Luigi. “You been having them ever since you were a kid” said Mario. “Like I Mario, I don’t know” Luigi said as he looked at him. “I hope I didn’t upset Daisy with that comment I made” said Mario as he looked sadden. Luigi saw his face and said to him, “I’m sure that Daisy doesn’t take to heart on what you said. She’s not that type of girl”, he looked away from and said under his breath, “I hope not, at least” With that the two of them head off to bed.               

Later that night once the last citizen went to bed, Daisy whom was staying over for Christmas couldn’t sleep. She kept tossing and turning in her bed. She let out a deep sigh as she slowly sat up. She opened her eyes and looked over at the clock within the guest bedroom; she saw that it was 11: 38pm. She was worried over what Mario said. “What if what I got doesn’t meet up to what he got” asked Daisy to herself. With that Daisy shot out of bed and said, “I’ve got to see what he got me….I just got to”

Remembering that the presents which; everyone got each other were held inside a room before being put underneath the Christmas tree within the grand hall. Daisy made her way to the switch to turn the lights on. Once on, she search around the room in order to find a torch, which she found to be within one of the desks draws. With that she made her way out of her room, turned off the lights and made her way down the corridor.

The lights within the corridor were still on, but they were dimmed down so that it wouldn’t disrupt the people sleeping in their rooms. As quietly as possible, Daisy made her way the corridors and up the stairs which the room was located in. she made it upstairs and made her ways towards the room. Once she found the room she was looking for, she checked to see if it was locked and to surprise it was unlocked. She was expecting it to be locked in the first place. It was as if the room was unlocked for the sole purpose for her to enter it. She took a deep breath before entering.           

Once she entered the room, with a torch in hand, she flicked it on so she can see in the dark and began to shine it all over the room. She spotted the Christmas presents that Luigi and the others were to give each other neatly placed together in the far corner of the room. Taking a deep breath, Daisy made her way towards the presents, trying not to make as much noise as possible which wasn’t easy as each step she took made a creek sound from the floor boards.

Once she made it to the presents and knelt down, she began to scuffle through them trying to find the present that Luigi got for her. She suddenly stopped searching as she found the present. Daisy looked at it, shined the torch on so she knows that she got the right present.  Her eyes lit up when she saw that it was the right one. “Should I?” whispered Daisy as she still couldn’t decide on wherever to see what he got her. The temptation was getting too much for as the present, which was size of a small box and slowly and gently as possible; she tears off one of sellotapes. Once off, she gently opened the wrapping paper and looked inside of it.

 “Wha….is this he got me?” asked Daisy to herself as she looked at the inside of the unwrapped present. Daisy looked at the present with her eyes glittering as she saw the most beautiful thing in the world. She looked at it a while longer till she suddenly heard the sound of footsteps. This snapped Daisy out of her trance and looked over her shoulder. There she could see the shadow beneath the door. In a hurry she quickly wrapped up the present and placed it back to where she found it.

Once returned, the sound of the door creaking open spooked her as she hastily turned to see who have entered the room. “Daisy? What are you doing in here? It’s very late” yawned the person that entered. The light from outside the room flooded inside the dark room. Daisy was able to see who it was that entered. “Oh it’s just you Peach” said Daisy as she let out a sigh of relief. Peach then turned the lights on. Daisy saw that Peach was in her nightgown and saw rubbing her left eye. “Yeah it’s me…yawn…I thought I heard some creaking noises from this room so I went to take a look. So what were you doing?” asked Peach as she saw Daisy with her arms behind her back while looking at the floor.

“It’s just that…I just took a look at what Luigi got me for Christmas and well…” said Daisy as she didn’t raised her head to look at Peach. “What did you do? You didn’t break it did you?” asked Peach as she sounded worried. “No I didn’t do such a thing!” Daisy said as she raised her voice a little. “Okay, okay…what happened?” asked Peach as she began to walking towards her. “It just makes me feel guilty about it, that thing I got, got Luigi. It’s nothing compared to what he’s going to give me” answered Daisy as she looked up.

“I’m sure whatever you got him he will be happy with” said Peach. “What makes you say that?” snapped Daisy as she took a step towards her, “He took much effect into getting me that and me…I didn’t spend swot on mine” “The thought is all that counts right?” said Peach as she looked at her worried as she saw Daisy was close to bursting into tears. “Hay, hay…don’t cry Daisy, don’t cry” said Peach as she made her way to Daisy and hugged her tightly.       

“I just know what I got isn’t going to match up to what he got me” said Daisy as she embraced the hug. “Hmm, you know…” said Peach, as she remembered something, “Seeing as how there isn’t much time left to get him something, I do believe that I can help you out” “Help me out?” asked Daisy as the two of them let each other go. Daisy tilted her head and asked, “How can you help?” Peach took a step back and answered, “Well, a few months back Apple gave me a bunch of strange looking mushrooms which she said have grown in the Royal Garden”

“Strange mushrooms? How strange are we talking about?” asked Daisy. “Well, it’s strange because we called it a Dream Shroom” answered Peach. “Dream Shroom? What’s that and why is it strange?” asked Daisy. “Well from what we found out about it is that those whom uses the mushroom will be able to enter the dreams of others and what’s strange about it is that it shouldn’t have be able to grow in the Giant Land’s soil” answered Peach, “To top of it, whomever enters the dream will have power to do anything he or she wants” 

“So what are you getting at here?” asked Daisy as she crossed her arms. “What I’m getting at is that you could use the Dream Shroom and enter Luigi’s dream and give…” answered Peach as Daisy cut in, “Give him a present he wouldn’t forget…” Daisy looked at Peach confusingly, “Right? He wouldn’t forget the things I would do in there right?” “He shouldn’t, well do you want to?” answered Peach. Daisy just looked at her, with a smile on her face and nodded.

“Well then, come on” said Peach as she walked out of the room, with Daisy following behind.

The two of them wondered through the castle till they reached the treasury room; which was located deep within the castle. It was so deep that nobody, apart from the Mushroom Princess and a selected few knew that such a room excised. Within the room was filled upon piles upon of golden coins, a few jewelleries like ruby rings, diamonds and emeralds. There was one thing that caught Daisy’s attention which was a marble table in the centre of the room. Standing on the table sat a wooden chest with the seal of the Mushroom Kingdom on it. Peach slowly made her through the treasury room till she reached the table. She looked at the chest and tapped onto the seal and within seconds there was a clicking sound.

With that, Peach slowly opened the chest and reached her right hand inside of it. Once she took her hand back, Daisy saw that she was holding onto a strange looking mushroom. The mushroom looked just like a normal Super Mushroom but with its spots shaped like puffy clouds and with its eyes being closed, making it look like it was asleep. Peach then slowly made her way towards Daisy. “Is that the Dream Shroom?” asked Daisy as she walked straight up to it and looked at it fully.                

“Yeah it is” answered Peach as she handed the mushroom over to her. “Why are you doing this for me then?” asked Daisy as she looked at the mushroom still. “Do I ever need a reason to help someone out?” answered Peach as she smiled at her. “Thank you” said Daisy as she smiled back. “I must warn you that the amount of time you can spend within the dream is based on when Luigi wakes up” said Peach as she gave a deep yawn. “Thank you again, I see you in the morning” said Daisy as she too took a deep yawn.

With that the two of them headed off to the directions of where the bedrooms were. Peach went off towards her room while Daisy made her way towards Luigi’s room. She slowly opened the door, hoping that the creaking noise coming from it wouldn’t wake Luigi up. Once the door was opened far enough for her to enter without letting too much light of the hallway getting inside, she slid herself inside. With little light, Daisy looked over at the other end of the room and saw Luigi’s bed.

Slowly Daisy made her way towards his bed and saw that he was still asleep. Before she used the Dream Shroom, she heard that Luigi was mumbling something. “Hmm, what is he saying?” whispered Daisy as she heard Luigi mumbling in his sleep. “I…told you Mario, I saw Santa” mumbled Luigi. “Huh Father Christmas? What is he going on about?” said Daisy as she thought it was strange into hearing him talking about Santa. “Mama…you believe me…don’t ya?” mumbled Luigi as he turned his head to the right. “Oh well, might as well give Luigi a Christmas Present he won’t forget” whispered Daisy as she knelt down onto her kneels.

Daisy then placed the mushroom onto Luigi’s chest and then slowly placed her head on top of the mushroom. The moment that she closed her eyes, her head began to sink within the Dream Shroom and began to drift off to sleep. With her eyes closed Daisy saw was all black at first, until colours began to form from the darkness. This confused Daisy as she had her eyes sealed shut. She opened her eyes and she felt a strong wind blowing all around her. 

She moved her head to look and saw that she was high up in sky. She looked down and saw an open field covered in white snow. Daisy noticed that she was floating in the sky and beginning to wonder what was going on. “This must be because I’m in the dream like world” said Daisy to herself. As she said this, she spotted something green moving along the fields. Then all of the sudden, Daisy found herself falling towards the ground.

This caused Daisy to scream as she went plummeting downwards, but her scream was cut short when she suddenly found herself covered in snow. She blinked a few times to see where she was before she felt the sudden cold of the snow. “That didn’t hurt at all and I guess I can still feel things” said Daisy as she began to climb herself out of the snow. Once she rose from snow, she heard the sound of someone yelling. Daisy looked straight ahead and couldn’t see where the voice came from.    

She looked left to right but she still couldn’t see where it came from. While she was doing this, she noticed the ground was noticeably further below her sight. Taking note of this, Daisy slowly looked down and saw something looking up at her. She looked at it and saw that it was human wearing familiar green garments. She knew that it was Luigi, whom was wearing a long green scarf.  “I…I didn’t do this” said Daisy as she remembered what Peach said about being in control of in the dream. Daisy can’t get over how small everything looked to her as she towered over them, especially with Luigi, whom just looked up at her all wide eyed. She looked at Luigi for a moment longer till her eyes lighten up and a smile crossed her face.    

“Oh I guess this is what you want; hmm?” asked Daisy as she looked down at herself then looked over at Luigi. Luigi looked up confused at what he just saw. “Daisy, what’s going on? What are you doing here and why are you huge?” asked Luigi. “Cute” thought Daisy as a smile grew on her face. Daisy slowly leaned down onto her front, rested on her right hand and said, “Isn’t this what you wanted?” “What…W…w…What do you mean?” asked Luigi as he slowly made his way towards the giant princess.

“Playing like that are you,” Daisy said as smiled as she pointed Luigi on his chest, which caused him to fall down onto his back. Once on his back, Daisy placed her index finger on him, making it hard for him to get up. Daisy pulled herself closer to the now pinned down Luigi. “No, no, this isn’t what I wanted!” yelled Luigi. “Huh? It’s not then what is?” asked Daisy as she lifted her finger off him. “I want to find Father Christmas” answered Luigi. He looked up at her; he saw that she had the look of surprise.    

“Father Christmas? You want to find Father Christmas. Why look for him when I’m here to give you want what you want” said Daisy. “About that, how are you here? This is my dream and not once have you ever appeared in it” asked Luigi. “Wait, you know that this is a dream?” asked Daisy as she raised an eyebrow. “Only when I’m having this dream, which I have every year on Christmas Eve” answered Luigi. “Really” was all Daisy said. “So how are you here?” asked Luigi.

“Oh long story short, I’m here because of a Dream Shroom and I’m here to give you a dream you never forget” answered Daisy. “You being a giant is about?” asked Luigi. “I don’t know, I guess it’s like outside force want me to be a giant” answered Daisy as she gave him a shrug. “If you’re here to give me a dream I never forget then will help me find Father Christmas?” Luigi asked. “So….if I understand correctly, you want me to help you find Father Christmas?” asked Daisy as she looked at him confused. “It’s silly I know, but I mean saw him as a silhouette years ago, when I was child” answered Luigi as he sat up with his legs crossed. “Really, is that what you want to do?” asked Daisy. Luigi just simply nodded. “Okay then, hop on” said Daisy as she held out her right hand, which Luigi climbed his way onto. The moment that Daisy climbed up onto her feet, the clothes she was wearing suddenly changed.

Daisy took note of her sudden change of wardrobe and saw that her clothes were all Christmassy. “Why am I wearing this Luigi?” asked Daisy as she looked from her clothes over to Luigi, whom was still in the palm of her hand. “I don’t know, I guess that it’s the holiday season and you wanted to dress accordingly” answered Luigi. “Fair enough, come now, let us go and find Father Christmas” said Daisy as she rested Luigi onto her shoulder. With that Daisy began to wonder off into the snowy fields.

“Do you know where we’re going?” asked Luigi as he looked up at Daisy. Daisy didn’t look at him but answered, “Not really, but I thought we just head north. I mean that’s where his grotto is right?” “I guess so” said Luigi as he looked back down at the snowy fields. As Daisy was wondering towards what she felt was north, she suddenly heard the sound of a bell jingling and stopped in her track. “What is it?” asked Luigi as he looked back up at Daisy. “I thought I heard a bell ringing” answered Daisy as she looked up at the night sky.

Once she said that, the sound of a bell jingling rung again and this time Luigi heard it. “I heard it” said Luigi. “You did?” asked Daisy. “Yeah” answered Luigi as he looked back up at her. Then once more the sound of a bell jingled again and then suddenly, beside Daisy’s feet, a set of rainbow coloured Christmas lights spread out in front of her. “What the, are we suppose to follow the lights?” asked Luigi as he was surprised at what he saw. “Why are you acting all surprised, this is all in your head” said Daisy as she looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Well yes…erm I guess it is….but I don’t know what’s to happen next” said Luigi as he looked away from her. “Don’t worry about that, we just see this though by following these lights and then we can get back just in time for Christmas” said Daisy as began to follow the Christmas lights. Daisy noticed that the more she followed the lights, the further it kept of stretching out into the distance. She took a looked over her shoulder and saw that the lights she walked passed slowly dimmed down and then once off they sank into the snow.         

Also as she began to notice that the scenery also slowly changed. The once open snow coved field have now turned into deep forest. The lights from the Christmas lights kept the area from going dark. Daisy took note that Luigi didn’t reacted to the sudden change of scenery. “Don’t you find this strange?” asked Daisy as she looked at the snow covered trees. “What is strange?” answered Luigi as he looked over to her. “That the whole area changed” answered Daisy as she looked at him.

Luigi looked at her confusedly and said, “Not really, weren’t we been walking along these lights for hours, you didn’t talk much” “I guess time moves slowly for you as those hours you went through was only minutes for me. In a sense I guess you can say that this kinder helpful for me at least” said Daisy. “Really?” was all Luigi could ask when the sound of people cheering and laughing echoed throughout the forest. The Christmas lights lead Daisy to open vast area of the forest, there trees still shrouded them but within the area; Daisy and Luigi saw a group of people all hurdle round a camp fire.

Upon close exception, the two of them saw the group of people were women as well as being as big as Daisy was. “What’s going on here?” whispered Daisy as she tilted her head slightly towards Luigi. “I have no idea but they look familiar” answered Luigi. “Really, should we go in and introduce ourselves” said Daisy as she began to make her way towards the group of women. As she was getting closer to them, she noticed that she couldn’t really see them properly. They appear to blurry to her, but she could tell that they were women.

“Princess Éclair!” said Luigi out loud which caused the group of women to look over to them. “Say what?” asked Daisy as she looked at Luigi sternly. “I told you about her right? She’s the one that I rescued while back” answered Luigi as he looked up to her, with a smile on his face. “No, you didn’t tell me about her, though I read about her in those books of yours” said Daisy. “Oh….right” Luigi said as he slowly looked away from her and back at the women.

“Luigi?” spoke one of the women. Daisy looked over to whom spoke but all she could see was only their blurry faces. She couldn’t even see what kind of clothes they were wearing or what style of hair they have. “Princess Éclair, is that you?” asked Luigi as he looked at one of the women as she made her way towards them. “Yeah Luigi, it’s me but what are you doing here this far deep?” answered Princess Éclair as she titled her head to the left.

“We’re on our way to Father Christmas’ place” answered Daisy. “Yeah, do you know which way it is?” asked Luigi. Princess Éclair looked at both of them and then looked over her shoulder and said, “Father Christmas’ place? It’s right over there” Daisy and Luigi looked over to where Princess Éclair looked over at and saw the trees sinking into the snowy ground; once the trees were gone there it revealed Santa’s Grotto. “How could we have found that?” asked Daisy as she saw that a trail of lit Christmas lights leading up to it. “Don’t know, though thank you showing us the way Princess Éclair” answered Luigi as he looked over at Princess Éclair.

“No problems Luigi, now then it best that you two be off, don’t want you guys to wonder deeper in these woods” said Princess Éclair. “Why?” asked Daisy as she looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “Because in these woods lies the deepest and most treasured memories that Luigi holds dear. If he or you go any deeper, chances are, you guys won’t ever wake up” answered Princess Éclair. “So this woods, its contains memories. I take it that you women are memories?” asked Daisy.

“That is correct and we appear as we are according to his memory but only to him. To outsiders such as you, we appear as nothing but blurs” answered Princess Éclair as she walked over back to where the other women were. “Thank you” said Daisy as she turned to face Santa’s Grotto and made her way towards it. “Are you going to ask about those women?” asked Luigi as he looked up at her. “No, Luigi those are women are from your memories, it wouldn’t feel right in me asking about them” Daisy answered.

“Thank you, beside Daisy, your my present and my future” said Luigi as he smiled at her. Daisy just smiled at Luigi as he said that. Daisy then turned to face the direction of the grotto and saw that they were near it. They began to hear the sound of jingle bells ringing and it got louder and louder the closer they got to it. 

Daisy looked at him and knew that this was something he had to do, and it was something she could help him with. Without her, she knew that Luigi would have endlessly trying to find Santa’s Grotto and never finding it. She was happy to know that this was her way of giving him a Christmas Present that he wouldn’t forget, even if he thinks it would just be dream when he wakes up.

With that Daisy had Luigi stand on her right hand and lowered him onto the ground. The two of them then slowly made their way towards the grotto, the Christmas lights still lead them to the building. The sound of jingle bells still rang out very loud but then, they all suddenly stopped when they were a few yards away. Silence took hold of the area, then the sound of footsteps echoed throughout and then a sound of a door opening.

Daisy and Luigi looked at the grotto and saw the door; they saw that light shinned out of it so brightly that they couldn’t see who it was standing there. It was only a silhouette. It was a silhouette that Luigi always wanted to see. They saw that the silhouette turned it head over as if it was looking at the two of them. It kept looking at them for what felt like ages, until the silhouette turned it head over its shoulder and yelled, “Can you dim the lights down will ya! It’s far too bright for our guests to see who I am!”

Within moments, the light behind the silhouette dimmed down to the point that Daisy and Luigi could see who it was that was standing by the door. There standing was a jolly old man wearing a red suit along with a red hat, black boots and had a very long white beard. They knew this man to be known as Father Christmas or in some cases as Santa Claus. Both Daisy and Luigi walked further towards the Grotto, Daisy stopped in her tracks while Luigi kept on moving.        

“Ho, ho, ho, why hello Luigi and hello Daisy” said Santa as he took his first step from the entrance of the grotto. “Santa, it’s really Santa!” said Luigi as he rushed up towards him. “Hello Luigi, what bring you both here?” asked Santa as Luigi stopped a foot in front of him. “Yes Luigi, why are we here?” asked Daisy as she slowly sat down with her legs crossed. “I know that this is childish and all this is a dream but I always wanted to see you Santa” answered Luigi.               

“Is that so, so tell me my boy, why do you want to see me?” asked Santa as he looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “Well, it all started when I kid, that during the early morning of Christmas, it was still night out and I was just too excited to sleep. I was just lying on my bed was when I saw your silhouette from my bedroom window flying across my bedroom wall. I screamed out in joy stating that I’ve seen your sleigh. Of course no one believed me” answered Luigi.

“You did, did you? So why bring yourself and your girlfriend to come and see me?” asked Santa. “Not sure why myself, but ever since that night, always on Christmas Eve I have this dream. It’s a dream on which I always remember when I’m having it, but at the same time; I always forget about when I’m awake. It’s where I’m aimlessly trying to find Santa’s Grotto. I wake up never finding it” answered Luigi. “That seems like a heavy dream to have, so what do you want?” asked Santa.

“Huh? What I want,” said Luigi as he looked at Santa and then looked at the floor, “What I want…me…I don’t really know” “Is that so, you dreamed of seeing me all those years and you don’t know why you’re here” said Santa as he turned round and faced the grotto. “I guess, all I wanted was for this dream to finally end” said Luigi as he looked up. “That’s good to hear, real or not I was starting to get board of waiting” said Santa as he looked over his left shoulder.  

“Waiting for what?” asked Luigi. “Waiting to give you this” answered Santa as he turned back round with a wrapped up present in hand. Santa walked up towards Luigi and said while handing it over to him, “Since what you wanted always changes every year, I got you something that you want this year” Luigi took the present from Santa and opened it up. He looked inside and looked surprised at what he saw. “Wow…thank you Santa” Luigi said as he closed the present and looked at Santa. “That’s alright and besides” said Santa as he pointed over Luigi.  

Before Luigi could ask him what meant, a large shadow covered over him. “Well then, time to give you something extra” said Daisy as she loomed towards Luigi. Luigi looked up at Daisy and asked her, “What’s that then” Daisy held a mistletoe high up above Luigi as she leaned in to him. Seeing this, Luigi closed his eyes as he and Daisy kissed each other. Upon kissing, the scenery around them began to bright up till everything around them turned completely white.

Daisy took note of this as she looked around her and then looked back at Luigi with a smile. “I guess the dream is over” said Daisy as she noticed that the mistletoe in her hand faded away. “Must be, I wonder if I remember any of this” said Luigi as he looked worried. “Oh, I’m sure you will. After all, I helped you out with that recurring dream. There’s no way that will slip your mind” Daisy said as she began to notice that her hands were fading away and the sound of a clock ticking echoing through out, “Well, Merry Christmas Luigi, Merry Christmas” said Daisy. Just like that, everything began to fade away into nothingness.       

 Complete silence took hold for only a brief moment, before the sound of an alarm clock echoed throughout.

“Hmm, huh?” asked Luigi as he woke up with his eyes still shut, he felt some form of weight on his chest. He opened his eyes and saw that it was Daisy whose head was still lying on his head. “Daisy?” asked Luigi as he shook her head a little. “Hmm,” said Daisy as she opened her eyes and looked over at Luigi, “oh morning Luigi” “Morning…and Mary Christmas” Luigi said as he smiled at her. “Yeah, merry Christmas Luigi” she said back to him as she lifted her head up.

Luigi turned to the right side of his bed to turn off his alarm clock off and then looked back over at Daisy; who have just stood up. “Don’t know why or how it happened but thank you” Luigi said as he climbed up onto his feet. This surprised Daisy to hear. “What? Didn’t you say that there was no way it will slip my mind” laughed Luigi as he made his way towards her. “You remember?” asked Daisy. Luigi simply nodded as he went and hugged her.

There was a knock on the door. Luigi and Daisy looked over to the door as it opened. Poking through the door was Peach whom was in her nightgown. “Merry Christmas you two, the others are ready downstairs” said Peach with a smile on her face. “For what?” asked Luigi. “For the opening of the first presents” answered Peach. “Oh okay then, come on Luigi lets go” said Daisy as she held his hand as she and him followed Peach out of the room and into the corridor.         

They followed her all the way to the grand hall of the castle. There the two of them saw a great big Christmas tree and beneath it was a pile of Christmas presents. Gathered within the grand hall were Mario, Toadsworth, Toadette and the rest of the Toads. “Come on everyone, lets us all pick up one present underneath the tree” said Peach with a bigger smile on her face. Everyone smiled back at her as they all went towards the tree and picked up a Christmas Present.    

Once they picked up a present that was addressed to them, they all opened them. Peach looked upon her subjects with such joy as she saw how happy they were. She then looked over at Luigi and Daisy and saw that they haven’t opened their presents. Peach made her way towards them and asked, “Didn’t you want to open your presents?” “We already opened them” answered Daisy. “You have?” asked Luigi as he looked at her. Peach then remembered what happened last night. “Yeah, I’m sorry I opened the present that you were going to give me” answered Daisy.

“It’s okay Daisy, you’ve given me something that no one else ever could” said Luigi as he smiled at her. “Oh and what’s that then?” asked Peach, as she looked a bit confused. “She gave me an end to a recurring dream” answered Luigi. “I don’t get it” said Peach. “I explain later” said Luigi as he saw Mario walking towards them. “Merry Christmas Luigi and Merry Christmas Daisy” said Mario as he smiled at them. The two of them said the same thing to him.

Daisy noticed that Mario looked a bit worried and asked him if something was wrong. “It’s just that…I’m sorry about what I said yesterday. Sorry for putting you on the spot like that” said Mario. “It’s okay Mario, in fact,” said daisy as she leaned in towards Luigi, “If you haven’t said that, I wouldn’t have gotten Luigi the perfect gift” When she said that, she went and kissed Luigi on the cheek. “So Daisy, what did you originally got Luigi?” asked Peach.

Daisy had a look of embarrassment as she looked at the present that Luigi was holding. The others looked at the present and saw that it was from Daisy. Luigi looked up from the present and looked at Daisy, whom gave him a nod. Slowly Luigi unwrapped it and saw what was underneath the wrapping paper. It was a long green scarf. He looked back up at Daisy and said, “I love it” “Really…cause I kitted it” “Really, then I love it even more” said Luigi as he placed the scarf around his neck.         

“Look, it snowing outside!” shouted one of the Toads as he spotted snow falling outside the window. “So it is, so it is, well…shall we?” asked Luigi as he held out his arm for Daisy to wrap her arm around. Once she did, daisy asked, “But we’re still wearing our pyjamas” “It’s okay, we’re not going to be out for long” said Luigi as he and the others were making their way of the castle. 

Once they were all out, they all looked up high right into the sky as if they could see something, it was as if people looking down or rather reading them and they all took a deep breath and shouted out all at once and as loud as they could,