Far From Hugo

(Cubed Cinder)


Giant Land


Prince Hugo walked towards the double doors that led to Princess Apple's bedroom. He knocked casually on the doors with a smile.

"Good morning, honey! Are you dressed yet?" Hugo asked.

"Yep, here I come!" Apple said from the other side of the doors. Even though the two were happily married, they slept in separate bedrooms as both rulers liked having their own personal space to come to should they ever need it. Prince Hugo watched as the doors opened, revealing Princess Apple in her usual attire of a red dress (with black line circling around the bottom), red tiara with apple seed in the middle atop her brown hair wrapped in a ponytail, and golden sandals. The 60 foot tall woman approached her same-sized husband and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

"Good morning, sweetie!" Apple said.

"You look lovely as always." Hugo said.

"Thanks! I say the same about you." Apple said.

"I'm really looking forward to tomorrow." Hugo said.
"Ah, yes… our wedding anniversary! It still feels like yesterday even though it's been a few years now!" Apple said.

"I couldn't agree more. I'm excited because it's been a long time since we ventured outside of Giant Land together." Hugo said.

"True. Thank goodness Princess Peach and the Toads will be clearing the way!" Apple said. The two giants slowly walked through the hallways of the palace they lived in.

"But today is all about touching up the royal garden, right?" Hugo said.

"Yep, I can't wait! Ahhhh… to think that's where this whole adventure started." Apple said.

"Indeed, when you touched the Ultra Mushroom and it made you the size you're at today." Hugo said.


A few seconds later, however, there was a sudden monster-like roar that shook up the castle walls slightly.
"YEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!" the monster shouted. Hugo and Apple immediately knew where and whom it came from.

"Oh dear. That was Madzilla." Apple said.

"Oops… you think he stubbed his toe again in the kitchen?" Hugo asked.

"You go on ahead to the garden. I'll catch up after I've calmed Madzilla down." Apple said.

"An excellent idea, dear. Your voice seems to have a calming effect on him." Hugo said. The two gave a quick kiss to each other on the lips before Apple walked ahead while Hugo turned around and headed for the royal garden.


The royal garden, as Hugo mentioned earlier, remains a special place for both him and Apple, for it was here that Apple touched the Ultra Mushroom and grew to the size she's at today. Today, the garden has moved to the back of the castle into a greenhouse that's connected only with a tunnel that hid beneath the castle, and the location of this tunnel was only known to both Hugo and Apple. Hugo walked inside the garden and took a nice breath of fresh vegetation scent.

"Ahhhh… the royal garden is singing its praises once again." Hugo said. He gently walked around, already noting some of the plants and loose Super Mushrooms (that didn't change the size of anyone in Giant Land but made them feel nourished) that had to be dealt with once Apple arrived in the garden.

But when Hugo took a turn towards the back of the garden, a rather peculiar odor caught his attention.

"Oh my… that smells like something that has died." Hugo said. He carefully followed the scent, feeling it get stronger the closer he got to it. Eventually he felt the scent at its peak, and it was coming from a couple of thick bushes. Hugo pushed aside the bushes and gasped when he saw what was underneath.

"What in the world!?" Hugo shouted. It looked like a Poison Mushroom at first glance, but the brighter than usual skull on its top and the mean looking eyes made the mysterious Dark Mushroom seem like an angel. It also seemed be pulsing every second or two, like a heart beating inside a person's chest.

"Where did this thing come from?" Hugo said. He very slowly leaned in to examine the mushroom further.


And that's when the mushroom struck and shot several dark purple spores up at the giant, making him cough instantly as he tried to brush the spores away.

"COUGH COUGH COUGH!!!" Hugo shouted. Hugo's cough was incredibly intense. He was worried he was having a heart attack for a moment, but that wasn't the least of his worries. Unknown to him at the moment, Hugo was getting smaller and smaller in size. He shrunk at a quick pace, only taking a couple seconds to be 1/4th of his normal size. He continued to shrink and shrink and shrink until one minute passed. Prince Hugo finally stopped coughing and managed to open his eyes.


The garden looked wildly different. Everything was incredibly huge now. The plants, the leaves, the dirt, and the other mushrooms, including the mushroom that just sprayed him. It was now slumped over and totally devoid of any color, like it shot everything it had up at Hugo and then died.

"What… what has happened?" Hugo said. He swirled around in a 360 degree motion, looking at how much bigger the royal garden was. The roof of the greenhouse felt like it was a mile or two away. That's when it finally hit him.

"Oh my word! That mushroom must've shrunken me… and it didn't just shrink me to normal human size either!" Hugo said. Indeed, the incredibly massive environment told him he shrunk well beyond what a normal poison mushroom might do. He knew he had shrunken down to a size that would make Princess Peach look 60 feet tall. At least that's what he thought. Being only two inches tall, there were a LOT of things that could now tower high above him.


"Okay, honey! Here I… huh?" Apple shouted, with her voice echoing high above.

"Oh no! My wife has arrived, and she…!" Hugo said, watching as Apple came into view. Words could not accurately describe how big she appeared in Hugo's eyes. He almost strained his neck as he looked higher and higher in the air trying to find Apple's face. It didn't make him feel better that Apple's footsteps sounded like deep thunder. He had to cover his ears as he watched Apple's golden sandals loom closer and closer. He was worried for a moment that he'd be crushed underneath those sandals, but Apple stopped her slow walk around the garden just a couple yards away from where the 'microscopic' Hugo was standing.

"Where is he?" Apple said. As she looked around, Hugo knew this was his chance to get onboard his giga-sized wife before she got out of range. He quickly ran and leapt towards the 'wall' that was her sandal. He climbed up and eventually made it on top.

"Whew… *huff puff*… I'm glad I still have some athletic ability. It's thanks to all that swimming in the pool!" Hugo said. Still, he gulped nervously as he looked up and up and up at a pinky toe that looked hundreds and hundreds of feet tall.

"Apple! Down here, Apple!" Hugo shouted. Of course, it was of no use. Apple didn't look down even for a nanosecond down at her feet. In fact, she got back to walking around more of the garden. This forced Hugo to drop down onto his stomach, laying flat and hoping he wouldn't go flying off his wife's sandal.

It finally became obvious to Princess Apple that her husband was nowhere to be found in the royal garden, which felt somewhat strange to her.

"Huh, that's odd. He said he was going to meet me in the garden. Maybe something else came up? I better look around more of the castle." Apple said as she made her way to the tunnel connecting the royal garden inside the greenhouse with the Giant Land castle. Hugo crawled his way carefully to the skin underneath Apple's pinky toe and cradled himself there until he felt it was safe to move again.


A few minutes pass, and Apple has searched just about every room of Giant Land castle. It was starting to worry her a bit. Where could he have gone? He always gave advance notice to her if he had to go somewhere else, like Pipe Land or Sky Land. Apple kept slowly walking, looking left and right for her husband.

"Hugo!?" Apple shouted. Of course, she had no idea that her husband was around her right foot, shrunken down to a measly two inches tall. People that small were almost impossible to see… as Hugo already thought, he was small enough to make the other princesses, like Peach or Daisy, look his normal height of 60 feet tall. Despite the danger of Apple moving around, he couldn't stay down at ground level for much longer. He had to find a way to higher ground and get his wife's attention.

"She cannot possibly hear or see me from down here. I've got to get to a higher level, like inside her ear, to get her attention!" Hugo said. When Apple briefly paused to look inside another room, that's when Hugo got to climbing… first on top of her foot and then up to her ankle. He held on for dear life as the giantess got moving again.

"Whew… fortunately Apple's wonderful skin lets me get a good grip." Hugo said as he looked up and gulped nervously. He had a looooooooooooooot of climbing to do to get to Apple's dress.


Meanwhile, as for Apple herself, she started to sweat a bit as she still couldn't find her husband even after checking every room almost 3 times. She was so obsessed with finding Hugo that she didn't see Madzilla in her path, and the two bumped into each other.

"Oooooof! Hey, watch where you're…" Madzilla started to say until he saw who it was he crashed into, "Oh! Princess Apple! Please forgive me!"

"No, no. It's okay, Madzilla. That was my fault. I wasn't watching where I was going." Apple said as she looked around the immediate area once again, something that Madzilla caught onto.

"Are you okay, princess? You look like you lost something and you're frantically trying to find it." Madzilla said.

"As a matter of fact, Madzilla, I am looking for something." Apple said.

"I hope it's not more bandages, because I think I got plenty of them!" Madzilla said with a smile, showing off one of his toes that was bandaged by the princess earlier when he stubbed it on a table.

"Actually, it's Prince Hugo. We were supposed to meet in the royal… um… the royal golf course out back, but he never showed up." Apple said, making sure not to mention the royal garden because it was a secret known only to herself and her husband.

"Maybe he had to go somewhere urgent?" Madzilla said.

"That's the thing. I've looked in every room of the castle two or three times and I can't find him. The guards and maids tell me they haven't seen him come by either, and normally he tells SOMEBODY if he's going away from the castle!" Apple said.

"Oh my! This sounds serious! Perhaps we should form a rescue squad and search for him!" Madzilla said. Apple was at first gonna shrug that thought off as Madzilla being on his cheery side, but quickly changed her mind.

"That's not a bad idea. Bring together as many castle guards as you can." Apple said.

"Aye aye, captain!" Madzilla said.


About 15 minutes later, Princess Apple came outside the Giant Land castle as requested by Madzilla. There, she saw six of the castle guards and also Madzilla, complete with an army style helmet that made Apple lightly gasp.

"Oh! Where did you get that helmet, Madzilla?" Apple said.

"Mario and Luigi gave me this as a gift from something called a United States military base, and Prince Hugo helped enlarge it to a more fitting size." Madzilla said.

"I see…" Apple said.

"But enough about that! Alright, troops! You have a dangerous mission ahead of you. Your objective, should you choose to accept it, is to search all over Giant Land for our beloved Prince Hugo! You will leave no smiling hill, no rusty pipe, and most importantly, no angry sun unturned as you seek out and find Princess Apple's husband. Are you with me!?" Madzilla said.

"Yeah!!!" all six guards shouted.

"I said are you with me!?" Madzilla shouted.

"YEAH!!!" all six guards shouted.

"Alright then, let us move out and begin the search! Hop two three four! Hop two three four! Hop two three four…!" Madzilla said as he marched himself and the guards away from the castle, prompting a chuckle from Princess Apple.

"Oh, that Madzilla. Such a spirited monster that I'm glad to have as a friend." Apple said. As Apple turned around to head back in the castle, she looked down and noticed a very tiny black spot just underneath her red dress.

"Oh? Is that a fly on my leg? Shoo, fly!" Apple said as she swept her hand over the spot and brushed it aside.


What Apple didn't know was that she had just knocked her mini mini miniscule husband off her leg.


While Madzilla was giving marching orders to the palace guards and Apple was watching from the castle's front entrance, Hugo continued to climb up the mighty skin colored wall that was Apple's leg. It wasn't easy climbing up the leg, as the sweat on the prince's forehead would tell you.

"*Huff puff* It's too bad Apple is not wearing her winter clothes… but I can't give up! I have to make it up to her head and get her attention!" Hugo said. A couple more minutes of climbing later, Hugo was roughly 5-10 yards away from reaching the very bottom of Apple's red dress, and then he could breathe just a little bit easier… although his shortness of breath told him he wouldn't be out of the woods yet, provided he could find the strength to continue climbing even after his internal stamina meter would wear out.

But Apple's incredibly loud voice told him otherwise.

"Oh? Is that a fly on my leg? Shoo, fly!" Apple said. And when he saw a hand the size of his own home island coming down towards him, he panicked.

"Oh no! No no no no, honey! Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!" Hugo said as he felt like he had gotten punched a thousand times over by the giant hand. Hugo watched Apple walk back inside the castle as he fell and fell and fell towards the ground.


Hugo eventually bounced off a blade of grass, and then towards another and another. He ping ponged back and forth between the thick grass blades until he was on the soiled ground. Hugo dizzily stood back on his two feet, wobbling around until he shook himself off a few seconds later.

"Wow… that was incredibly lucky. I thought I'd be dead for sure." Hugo said. Then he looked around at his surroundings. Blades of grass that were a couple hundred feet tall. An anthill that looked the size of a volcano. He was a long ways from the castle now, and seeing the castle tower over him even several feet away only made his heart sank as he collapsed onto his knees.

"Sigh… it's hopeless now. It's going to be days before I can get back into the castle… provided I don't starve to death. But then again, even a small cookie crumb would feel like a gourmet meal as tiny as I am." Hugo said.


As the shrunken prince got up and walked through the 'jungle' that was the front yard of the castle, he tried to think of how he could possibly get back into the castle now. He ran all sorts of scenarios through his head trying to think of something that will get him back to Princess Apple now, but it wasn't until a subtle pat on his chest that he suddenly came up with an idea.

"Wait… of course! The Warp Whistle!" Hugo said. He reached inside his shirt and pulled out the famed Warp Whistle (that you may recognize from SMB3), which he knew allowed the wearer to teleport to anywhere in the world with a strong mental thought… otherwise they'd just be whisked away to World 9 where he/she can pick their destination.

"Apple was right… this thing would come in handy one day!" Hugo excitedly said. He started to put the whistle into his mouth and blow the familiar tune that would summon the whirling warp, but he suddenly stopped and took a deep breath.

"Wait, wait… I need to carefully think this through. This whistle loses its power the instant I use it." Hugo said. He paced back and forth on the soil and between two giant blades of grass.

"It wouldn't make sense to teleport directly towards my wife. She not only didn't hear me, but she easily mistook me for a flea! I'm going to need a 'smaller' solution… that's it! Princess Peach in the heart of the Mushroom Kingdom. Surely she will see me and have a solution to this problem." Hugo said. And so it was settled. He would use the whistle to warp inside Peach's Castle and, provided he doesn't get stepped on by the princess, enlist her help and the two of them could work together to come up with a cure for his condition.

Tightly clutching the whistle with confidence, he put it into his mouth and blew the tune. A few seconds later, a tornado suddenly approached that was amazingly only a few inches taller than he was. Hugo stood perfectly still and put his mind to work as the tornado scooped him up and carried him into the air.


Toad Town


Prince Hugo eventually couldn't take much more of the spinning, feeling like he was going to hurl at any second. His mind pleaded with the 'whirlwind warp' to stop and drop him wherever he was at, and that's just what happened. He was suddenly back on solid ground… but the bad news was that he wasn't at Peach's Castle. It was in the distance, but he had another obstacle standing in his way. More than a few obstacles to be precise as he watched giant-sized Toads come close to stepping on him. As Hugo danced out of harm's way, his surroundings told him exactly where he was.

"Hmmmm… this must be Toad Town, the town that lies directly in front of Princess Peach's Castle. I suppose it could've been a lot worse… I could've been dropped off in Desert Land. That would've been a nightmare!" Hugo said. Still, he was also relieved to see the Toads walking around were not remotely close to being as big as Apple appeared.

"Even though everyone's not as big as in Giant Land, I must still be vigilant and on the lookout. One wrong step by any of these Toads could be the end of me." Hugo said. That's when he took a look at one of the food stands and spotted a different looking toad… one sporting pink braid-like plaits coming from her head. Hugo immediately recognized the toad to be Toadette, whom has visited the castle a few times.

"Ah, there's Toadette. I should be able to get her attention." Hugo said. The tiny prince took a deep breath and took off running towards Toadette, hoping he wouldn't get stepped on by another Toad along the way.


Toadette, meanwhile, was cradling three different bottles of liquid in her arms as she looked at Tayce T.

"There you go, Toadette, dear. Three instantly nourishing sports drinks to help the three princesses at the castle heal quicker after a tough workout." Tayce T. said.

"Thanks, Tayce T.! The Mushroom Kingdom is so lucky to have someone as talented in making food AND drinks as you." Toadette said.

"I'm glad to hear that! Tell Peach and the others I said good luck to them at the Rio Olympics!" Tayce T. said.

"I shall!" Toadette said as she bowed her head and got to running towards Peach's Castle.

It looked like Hugo was going to make it to Toadette's shoes, but to his despair, he watched as the female Toad went running away from him.

"Oh no!" Hugo screamed. Even though the size difference made sure he couldn't keep up, Hugo nevertheless chased after Toadette, all while dodging a couple of Toads before they could unknowningly stomp on him. However, Hugo caught a break when Toadette ended up dropping one of the drinks onto the ground.

"Whoops!" Toadette said. As Toadette got down on the ground to pick up the drink, Hugo was closing in fast on Toadette. Thinking leaping onto her shoe might be dangerous, Hugo instinctively ran towards one of the locks of hair and leapt onto it. Only a second later, Toadette stood back up.

"Whew… good thing these drinks aren't carbonated. No more time to waste… Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina are all probably sweating like crazy by now!" Toadette said as she got back to running. Before Hugo could call out for the giantess, her hair swung back and forth in the wind, leaving him with no choice but to hold on. At least he was going to be getting a free ride straight to Princess Peach.


Somewhere in Peach's Castle


Toadette ran up the stairs and made it up to the door she was looking for. Even with the door closed, she could hear the music thumping through the walls.

"Wow… must be an intense dance!" Toadette said as she set the drinks down so she could open the door. Once open, she picked up the drinks and walked inside, where she saw Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina all dressed up in their gymnastic outfits and holding two batons each. As the song 'From The New World' played out over a nearby stereo, the three girls were dancing all around the room and either swinging or throwing their batons around. It made Toadette's (and for that matter also the tiny Hugo's) heart race as she heard the bare feet of all three ladies hitting the floor at different intervals of the song.


Finally, the song ended and all three ladies struck their final poses. Toadette couldn't help but put the drinks down and happily applaud.

"Bravo! Bravo!" Toadette said.

"Hey! I thought you said we wouldn't have an audience for practice!" Daisy shouted.

"Oh, come on, Daisy. You know Toadette is always welcome in my room." Peach said.

"That was beautiful! One of you three is going to take the gold medal in Rio for sure!" Toadette said.

"Mmmm… thank you for your support, Toadette. It means so much to me. I can't help but be nervous considering this is the first Olympics I'm competing in." Rosalina said.

"Pffft… you've got nothing to be nervous about! You'll be surrounded by the lights, the atmosphere, the sweet smell of Amy Rose's perfume…" Daisy said.

"And yet Sonic still runs away from her." Peach said, prompting a laugh from all three ladies. Toadette then picked up the drinks again and approached the princesses, all while Prince Hugo let loose on his grip of Toadette's hair and fell to the floor.

"Anyway, here you are, your highnesses. And of course, I got the peach flavored one just for you, Princess Peach." Toadette said as she handed the drinks one by one to the princesses. All three of them immediately twisted off the caps on their respective bottles.

"Thank you, Toadette!" Peach said.

"If you need anything else, just let me know!" Toadette said as she bowed and then turned around to leave the room. The three princesses, meanwhile, chugged away at their respective recovery beverages. In fact, almost half their bottles were gulped down when they moved them away from their mouths.

"Ahhhhh… that really hits the spot!" Daisy said.

"I concur. It's like the juicy nectar from crushed star bits." Rosalina said.

"Mmmm… and it helps they're so cold too. It's going to be sizzling down in Rio." Peach said.

"Heck, it's already sizzling! I wonder what the temperature in Ice Land is right now!" Daisy said. The three ladies then sat down on a nearby couch and started talking about other topics here and there while their bodies recovered from the gymnastics exercise.


Meanwhile, Prince Hugo had to jump to the right to avoid being stepped on by Toadette. Then he looked up at the 'giant' princesses. He couldn't help but be fascinated with seeing them where he was standing. He was always used to looking down on them. Their outfits stood out to him as well. It reminded him of the two piece bikini that his wife wears whenever they go swimming in the castle's backyard swimming pool.

"No, I must concentrate. There will be another time and place to fully appreciate this kind of size difference." Hugo said as he got to running towards Peach's bare feet even as she and the other two princesses, Daisy and Rosalina, went over to sit down on a nearby couch.

"Princess Peach! Down here!" Hugo shouted as he jumped up and down and waved his arms trying to get the giantesses' attention. It did not work, and Hugo immediately knew why. The three were busy talking to each other.

"They can't hear me through their own voices. I'll have to climb up… fortunately this shouldn't be as hard as trying to climb Apple." Hugo said, noting how because Peach was 'normal sized' compared to his wife, she wasn't anywhere near as big and so would have an easier time climbing Peach's leg.

In fact, it only took a couple minutes for Hugo to make it above Peach's knee, but he could only take a couple more steps when he suddenly heard Daisy's voice from above.

"Oh, hey! Look, Peach, there's a little bug on your leg!" Daisy said.

"Oh my!" Peach said.

"Don't worry, I'll crush that little booger!" Daisy said as she raised one of her hands up.

"Noooooooooooooooo!!!" Hugo shouted as he held his arms up in vain, but Peach came to his rescue.


"Don't you dare, Daisy!! How many times do I have to remind you that not all bugs are disgusting little creatures?" Peach said.

"Huh? I thought you were talking about just the Pikmin, and I don't see any Pikmin walking around here!" Daisy said.

"They'd be pretty hard to see anyway, as tiny as they are." Rosalina commented. Peach lowered a finger towards the tiny Hugo, right now still thinking it's just an ordinary bug.

"It's okay, little bug. I won't hurt you. Climb on." Peach said. To her astonishment, the 'bug' actually climbed onboard her finger. That's when she slowly moved the finger up towards one of her blue eyes and got a close up look at the 'bug.'

"Princess Peach! Thank goodness you've found me!" Hugo shouted. Peach flat out gasped.

"*gasp* Prince Hugo!?" Peach said.

"Huh? Are you trying to pull one on me, Peach?" Daisy said. Rosalina leaned in and got a closer look.

"Oh my… it really is him, Daisy!" Rosalina said. Daisy leaned in as well, obscuring Hugo's view almost entirely with the giant faces of the princesses.

"What the… no way! What happened, Prince? You must've been on some ultra crazy diet!" Daisy said.

"I wish that were the case, Princess Daisy, but as you can see, I really have been reduced to a mere two inches tall." Hugo said.

"How?" Peach asked.

"Apple and I were supposed to be doing some work in the royal garden today. I went ahead of her, and then I saw this weird and evil looking Poison Mushroom. I took a closer look, but then it sprays these spores at me. Next thing I know, I've been shrunken to this size of two or three inches tall." Hugo said.

"Oh dear… that's horrible!" Peach said.

"And I thought weeds growing were quite evil!" Daisy said.

"I tried to get Apple's attention, but of course that went nowhere. Now that I think about it, I'm probably small enough to sink deep into her skin… so I should consider myself lucky that I'm even talking to you three!" Hugo said.

"That's for sure. You being two inches tall in Giant Land… I can't even imagine that kind of a size difference!" Peach said.


Just then, Daisy carefully plucked Hugo from Peach's finger, holding him between two of her own fingers and giving him a closeup view of her own blue eyes.

"Still, I can't help but feel powerful holding you, Hugo. Or maybe we should call you Tiny-O?" Daisy said with a giggle.

"Um… you don't say." Hugo said nervously. Daisy laid back on the couch she and the other princesses were sitting on and she placed the tiny prince on the flower jewel part of her gymnastics outfit.

"Heehee, I'm getting a kick out of this!" Daisy said. The princess, however, moved a little too much for Hugo to keep his balance, and he ended up falling down and sliding down Daisy's outfit.

"Whooooooooooa!!!" Hugo shouted. Suddenly, he stopped sliding when he landed in the palm of another giantess's hand, this one belonging to Rosalina.

"That was a close call. Are you alright, prince?" Rosalina asked.

"Y-y-y-yes… I feel heavenly… no pun intended." Hugo said as he tried to calm his rapidly beating heart down.

"Daisy! This is not the time to be fooling around! Hugo could've gotten hurt!" Peach said.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry. But come on, you gotta admit… being bigger than anybody in Giant Land, even if it's because they shrunk, has to make you feel good!" Daisy said. Peach simply rolled her eyes.

"Peach, what should we do? How can we cure Prince Hugo of this ailment?" Rosalina said.

"I think the first thing we all need to do is let Apple know what's happened with Hugo." Peach said.

"I concur. She's probably worried sick that she nor Madzilla can find me." Hugo said.

"Alright then. Let's all change and go to Giant Land. Wait here, prince." Peach said as she took Hugo carefully from Rosalina's hand and placed him on a nearby table.


After the princesses changed back into their normal dresses and took a few final sips of their recovery drinks, Peach picked up Hugo and walked out of her castle, with Daisy and Rosalina following behind. They took the nearby warp pipe that would take them straight to Giant Land.


Giant Land


As soon as the three princesses (with Hugo now sitting on Peach's right shoulder) emerged from the giant warp pipe, they looked around and saw many of the Giant Land castle guards walking around the land around the castle with Madzilla going from one guard to another encouraging them not to give up.

"Wow… it looks like every guard from the castle is looking for you!" Peach said.

"Man, we'd really have to do some athletics to keep from getting stepped on!" Daisy said.

"But thankfully that is not the case as close as the pipe is to the castle." Rosalina said.

"Rosalina's right, but still… let's not waste another second." Peach said. The three ladies grabbed a nearby rope ladder and used it to climb down the pipe and onto the ground.


They were next in front of the gigantic front door of the castle. They all approached the much smaller door to the left side labeled RESERVED FOR VISITORS OUTSIDE GIANT LAND. Peach pressed the button which rang a buzzer. A few seconds later, the front doors of the castle opened up and there was Princess Apple.

"Oh, Princess Peach!" Apple said.

"Hello, Princess Apple! I hope this isn't too much of a surprise." Peach said.

"Not at all. You know you're always welcome at the Giant Land castle." Apple said. That's when she kneeled down and held out a hand, allowing Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina to climb onboard. Apple then brought the three ladies to the throne room, setting them on a pedestal next to her throne that she sat down on.

"So what is it that brings you to the castle?" Apple asked.

"Apple… are you looking for Prince Hugo?" Peach said.

"Oh? You know about that?" Apple asked.

"Yes… as a matter of fact, he's sitting here on my shoulder." Peach said.

"Huh? Peach… I don't have time to kid around. I've been searching high and low in this castle for him, while Madzilla and the guards are doing the same in the rest of Giant Land. He would absolutely tell me if he's going somewhere!" Apple said with a hint of frustration in her voice, which didn't surprise Peach given how much she loved him and any mysterious disappearance of him would make her distraught.

"No, really, Apple. I speak the truth. Get your magnifying glass that you normally use as Dr. Apple." Peach said. Apple knew Peach wasn't the type to play practical jokes on her, not unless she and herself were in a very good mood.

"Okay. I'll be right back." Apple said as she got up and left the throne room with Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina watching as the giantess left.

"Oh dear… I wonder how she'll react." Hugo said from Peach's shoulder.

"I'm both excited and nervous at the same time." Daisy said.


Apple returned a couple minutes later, indeed holding a magnifying glass. She focused on Peach, looking all around her.

"On my shoulder, Apple." Peach commented. That's where the giantess focused on Peach's right shoulder.

"H-H-H-Honey!?" Apple said. Hugo was jumping up and down and waving his arms.

"Hello, my love!!" Hugo shouted. And yet, Apple could not hear her 'microscopic' husband. She tried leaning in with her ear.

"I said hello, dear!!!" Hugo shouted.

"He said hello, dear!" Peach said. Apple moved her head back and looked in the magnifying glass at her husband.

"I can't believe it… he's so small! Smaller than you three, even!" Apple said.

"Yeah, imagine OUR surprise when we saw him climbing Peach's leg!" Daisy said.

"Only to get our attention, of course!" Peach said.


Apple asked what happened and the three ladies spent the next couple of minutes telling the whole story.

"Oh my… I don't recall wanting to grow such a mushroom! Someone had to have planted it there!" Apple said.

"But who?" Rosalina asked.

"We can worry about that later, especially since it only works once, thankfully. Right now we MUST figure out how to undo the effects and return my husband to normal size." Apple said.

"I agree! Our marriage would never work with this much of a size difference!" Hugo said, with Peach relaying that comment to Apple.

"Hmmm… how indeed. Couldn't he just find another Ultra Mushroom and use that?" Daisy asked. Apple immediately shook her head.

"We both disposed of all the Ultra Mushrooms until absolutely necessary, after that one time when Wendy Koopa tried to steal it. We're not taking any chances anymore." Apple said.

"An understandable precaution given how powerful those mushrooms are." Rosalina said.

"Although… perhaps the people of Small Land might have a solution!" Apple said.

"Oh?" Peach asked.

"Hugo, you're the perfect size for that land. The people there can thoroughly examine you and perhaps find a cure to extract the poison from that mushroom out of your body." Apple said.

"Good thinking, Apple! All that time as Dr. Apple paid off, didn't it?" Peach said with a smile.

"Heh, it certainly helped! Do you remember where Small Land is, Peach?" Apple said.

"I believe so." Peach said.

"Good, I'll wait here and hope you come back with a solution." Apple said.

"Okay! Rosalina, I'd like for you to come with me, just as a security blanket." Peach said.

"Very well." Rosalina said with a nod.

"Hey! What about me?" Daisy said.

"Well… it'd be best if you stayed here and kept Apple company. You and small places are kind of a volatile mix…" Peach said as she started to explain, but Daisy quickly got the picture.

"Alright, alright. No need to rub it in!" Daisy said as she folded her arms.

"I'll at least take you back to the pipe." Apple said. She held out a hand allowing Peach (with Hugo still on Peach's shoulder) and Rosalina to climb onboard.


Once they were at the pipe, Hugo passed a message to Peach for relaying to Apple.

"Apple, Hugo says don't worry, everything's going to be alright." Peach said.

"I sincerely hope so. But no matter what, I will always love you, Hugo." Apple said as she winked one of her eyes down on Peach. Hugo simply nodded and blew a kiss to his wife even though he was way too small for her to see it. Peach gently grabbed Hugo and clutched him into her gloved hands while she and Rosalina jumped into the warp pipe. Apple took a deep breath and hoped for the best as she walked back to the castle to chat with Daisy and pass the time.


Unknown to everyone in Giant Land, they were being watched carefully by a small army of winged Goombas, all of whom eventually flew back to…


Dark Land


About the only thing you could hear coming out of Bowser's Castle was the excessively loud voice belonging to none other than Wendy Koopa.

"WHERE IS MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT!?!?!?!!???" Wendy yelled out. She was stomping around Bowser's throne room, throwing some of her things around in absolute frustration, while Bowser just sighed away on his throne, trying with no success at all to ignore his child's words.

"I keep telling you, sweetums, it takes time! Those flying Goombas should be back any minute." Bowser said.

"That's not good enough!!! You said she would be here in my hands today! WELL, SHE'S NOT HERE YET!!!!!!" Wendy shouted. Kamek then suddenly flew into Bowser's room, just dodging Wendy's television that she had thrown clear across the hallway.


"My king! I have most important news!" Kamek said.

"It better be good... I'm getting a headache from Wendy's temper tantrum!" Bowser said.

"Well... it seems the Maximum Mini Mushroom has taken root in the royal garden of Giant Land castle after we tricked Princess Apple into planting those seeds. However…" Kamek said.

"However?" Bowser and Wendy both shouted.

"Princess Apple is still her usual giant size. The Goombas are telling me the mushroom has effected her husband, Prince Hugo, instead!" Kamek said. He was then picked up off his flying broom by Bowser as he shook him up like mad, a sure sign he was angry with the magikoopa.

"You moronic magician! It's no wonder you're hardly any help these days!!" Bowser shouted.

"F-F-F-Forgive me, master! Hugo is now with Princess Peach and that Rosalina girl! They're on their way to Small Land no doubt to research a cure for Hugo's condition!" Kamek said. Wendy would ordinarily throw one of her temper tantrums by now, but instead she snapped her clawed fingers.

"Wait, Daddy-kuns! Maybe we can use this as an advantage! We can capture Hugo and hold him hostage, forcing Princess Apple to come to us!" Wendy said. As Bowser threw Kamek out of the room, he smiled down on the only female Koopaling to reside in his castle.

"Good thinking, Wendy, my dearest! I'll go off to Small Land, ambush Princess Peach, and get Prince Hugo for you!" Bowser said.

"NO!!! You've messed up enough thanks to Kamek's incompetence and your lazy flying Goombas! I'll go pick him up myself!!!" Wendy said.

"Now you listen to me, Wendy, it's..." Before Bowser could start, however, Wendy interrupted.

"I WANNA GO GET THAT LITTLE PRINCE!!!! I WANNA!!! I WANNA!!!!! I WANNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Wendy said. Bowser finally had to relent and let Wendy go as he fell back on his throne trying to get his eardrums back.

"Alright, alright... go! But take the Doom Ship! The Sledge Brothers can help you pilot it." Bowser said.

"Thank you, Daddy! You won't regret this! I'll even let you see my new pet once I capture him!" Wendy shouted as she ran out of Bowser's throne room. Bowser just sighed.

"Why do I even put up with her..." he said to himself as he tilted his throne backwards in order to take a nap.


Grass Land


Peach and Rosalina eventually made it to Grass Land and walked around looking for Small Land, taking their walk nice and slow so that they wouldn't accidentally crush the hidden land.

"I must admire Princess Apple's courage and bravery over this whole ordeal." Rosalina said.

"Yeah, I agree, but still, it's gotta be hard for her. The sooner we can get you back to your old giant self, Prince Hugo, the better." Peach said.

"Thank you so much, Peach. That's what I love about you and the Mario Brothers. Always willing to help those in need." Hugo said.

"So, I take it this Small Land is the total opposite of Giant Land?" Rosalina said.

"Indeed. It's so incredibly tiny, one false step could cause indescribable destruction to that land. They've done a fantastic job keeping themselves hidden from the rest of the Mushroom World." Peach said.

"Still, it's good such a land exists in the first place. It shows how diverse and varied your kingdom is, much like the many other galaxies I've visited." Rosalina said.

"And I'm sure it's been a lot of those!" Peach said with a smile.


The two princesses walked around until a small swarm of flies started flying circles around their faces.

"Oh! Shoo, flies! Shoo!" Rosalina said as she swung both her hands (one of them holding her star wand) around trying to get the flies away.

"Wait, Rosalina! These are the residents of Small Land." Peach said. As soon as she said that, a couple of the flies flew in front of Peach's blue eyes so she could better see the Toads that were flying on these flies.

"Princess Peach! It is a pleasure to see you again!" one of the Toads said.

"Thank you! I'm sorry I didn't give advance notice of my arrival, but it was important I get here as fast as possible." Peach said.

"It's alright, princess! You're always welcome to visit Small Land anytime. We're always on the lookout for anyone, not just you, that towers over us." the Toad said.

"Haha! Understandable, given how incredibly tiny your land is." Peach said.

"But who is this lady next to you? I can't believe she's even taller than you!" the other Toad said.

"Oh! This is my friend, Rosalina. She comes to us from outer space." Peach said. The two Toads commanded their flies to fly towards Rosalina, and they stopped directly in front of her visible eye (the one not covered by her hair).

"Wow! You're from outer space!?" one of the Toads said.

"Well, kinda. I like to travel amongst the stars and find or create other galaxies." Rosalina said.

"I see! Well, welcome to Small Land! Any friend of Princess Peach is a friend of us!" the Toad said.

"Thank you… I'm honored to meet you." Rosalina said as she lightly bowed her head at the Toads, who then flew back over to Peach.

"Wait here, your royal highness! We will summon the king at once!" the Toad said before they flew down to the ground. Peach watched where they flew so she could see where exactly in the thick grass Small Land resided. She and Rosalina only had to take a couple steps forward to finally get a good look at Small Land.


Small Land looked like an ordinary town of Mushroom people, but of course the buildings and Toads were very small. In fact, the castle could only reach to the princesses' ankles. The many Toads could only stop and admire how huge both ladies looked, especially as they towered over the protective wall that surrounded the town.

Finally, a couple trumpets sounded off, and coming out of the castle was a slightly taller Toad wearing a crown. Peach smiled and got down on her knees, as did Rosalina, and watched as King Small approached.

"Princess Peach! Welcome once again to Small Land! We are always humbled by your gigantic presence." King Small said.

"Heh heh… thank you, King Small, but you need not go through all this trouble just to greet me." Peach said with a smile.

"Nonsense, young lady! The people here all look up to you in more ways than one! So what brings you to our kingdom?" King Small asked.

"King Small, there is someone that needs your help. Princess Apple and I feel you're the only land that may be able to help." Peach said.

"Oh? Princess Apple, you say?" King Small said. He and the other miniscule Toads watched as Peach reached up to her shoulder and grabbed Prince Hugo, gently lowering him down to the ground. Hugo casually stepped off Peach's gloved hand and approached King Small, with many of the Small Land Toads gasping loudly. They knew something was definitely off regarding Hugo's size.


"Hello, King Small. Long time no see." Hugo said.

"P-P-P-P-Prince Hugo!?!?" King Small said.

"Yep, it's me, in the flesh." Hugo said.

"My heavenly stars… what has happened!? It's been over 20 years since I last saw you at any size other than Giant!" King Small said.

"Indeed. That was before I grew in size and became the prince of Giant Land." Hugo said.

"Hugo was hit with some kind of gas from a mysterious poison mushroom in his garden, and it shrunk him to the size you see him at." Peach said.

"Goodness gracious, and you're still in one piece!? I know I'd get crushed 100 times over if I ever came to Giant Land and tried to have a chat with you or Princess Apple." King Small said.

"King Small, we were hoping maybe your doctors could look over Prince Hugo and determine if he can be cured of his condition." Peach said.

"Oh, of course! Of course! We will do whatever we can. Guards, please escort Prince Hugo to the operation room." King Small said.

"Yes sir!" A couple Toads said as they led Prince Hugo inside the castle. King Small looked back up at Peach and Rosalina.

"It should take no more than an hour for his body to be fully scanned. We'll keep you updated!" King Small said.

"Thank you, King Small. We will remain here for the time being." Peach said.

"As you wish!" King Small said as he turned around and walked back inside the castle himself.


Like Peach said to King Small, she and Rosalina chose to remain behind in Small Land instead of going elsewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom. But both princesses wouldn't be sitting out of boredom. A few minutes after King Small left their presence, a handful of Small Land Toads, a mix of grownups and children, came walking towards Peach's dress.

"Oh? Hello, little ones." Peach said.

"Princess Peach, my kids have always dreamed of climbing you. Is it okay if they do this?" one grownup Toad said.

"Well… okay! Whatever makes you happy!" Peach said.

"Mine too!" another grownup Toad said.

"Yeah, my kids will call me the best Dad ever!" another grownup Toad said.

"Now now, there's plenty for everyone. In fact, why don't some of you climb my friend, Rosalina? She'll be extra gentle!" Peach said. Half of the Toads did exactly that as they sprinted towards Rosalina, who was a bit concerned about seeing such incredibly tiny Toads risking their lives in this manner.

"Peach, are you sure this is a safe idea? They're so small, I don't want to accidentally crush them…" Rosalina said.

"Don't worry, Rosalina. You'll be fine. Just pretend they're incredibly small Luma." Peach said.

"Hmmm… yes, a good thought." Rosalina said as she watched some of the younger Toads slowly climb up her turquoise colored dress.


Peach and Rosalina smiled as they watched some of the Toads climb up their dresses. They both tried to imagine what it must look like for the Toads to be climbing such towering figures. Some of them jumped up and down on the giantesses' legs like they were mattresses or something else bouncy. Some of the kids were climbing up their dresses real fast, and some were even sliding down the dresses like they were giant slides. Rosalina also took delight that the younger Toads were having fun, although some of them did ask her a question.

"Um… excuse me, giant lady, but what can you do with that wand?" the younger Toad said as he pointed over at Rosalina's wand down on the ground.

"Oh, almost anything I want, but most of the time I use it to command my Luma." Rosalina said.

"Luma?" another younger Toad asked.

"Little star-like creatures that I take extra special care of." Rosalina said.

"Oh, I was hoping that wand could make us fly." the first younger Toad said.

"Hmmhmm, of course it can. Hold still…" Rosalina said. She gently waved her wand around until it started sparkling lightly. That's when she pointed the wand at her waist where the two tiny Toads were and surrounded them with sparkles. Those sparkles lifted the Toads away from Rosalina's dress and made them float in the air.

"Wow! This is cool! We're really flying!" the younger Toads both shouted as they flew around a short distance, tickling Rosalina in the nose with the sparkles they were leaving behind. The sparkles eventually wore off and the Toads started to fall for the ground, but Rosalina was right on top of this and held a hand beneath them, allowing them to land safely in the palm of her hand.


Another 30 minutes passed, and the princesses didn't realize it as much as they were entertaining their tiny guests. It was the trumpets signifying the arrival of King Small outside the castle that got their attention. The tiny Toads all returned inside the castle walls as the princesses leaned in to hear what King Small had to say. Standing behind him were a couple guards as well as Prince Hugo.

"Good news, Princess Peach! We should be able to flush out the material from that poison mushroom from Prince Hugo's body! We just require something from you before we can proceed." King Small said.

"Oh, what's that?" Peach asked.
"A Super Mushroom. The doctors say the juice from deep inside the mushroom can act as a cleanser for his body, essentially neutralizing the poison from within!" King Small said.

"Hmmm… a most fascinating way of curing such a disease." Rosalina said.

"I agree, Rosalina. Don't worry, King Small. There should be plenty of Super Mushrooms around this part of Grass Land. We'll be back in about a minute." Peach said.

"I knew we could depend on you ladies!" King Small said.


However, Peach could only take one step when she heard a familiar sound coming from above, as well as a huge shadow blocking all sunlight. Peach and Rosalina gasped.

"Oh my… what is that?" Rosalina asked.

"Oh no! It's Bowser Koopa's Doom Ship!" Peach shouted. The Doom Ship shot cannon balls down towards the princesses as well as Small Land, although they all were far off from their targets. Still, it was enough to distract the ladies long enough for Wendy Koopa to come down from the ship's anchor. When the anchor was three feet from the ground, Wendy hopped off and landed squarely in the middle of Small Land, crushing a few houses (but no Toads luckily).

"Hahahaha! There you are, my little boy toy. You're coming with me!" Wendy said as she reached down and grabbed Prince Hugo with two of her claws.

"No! Help me!" Hugo shouted.

"Prince Hugo!" Peach shouted.

"Tell that bimbo of a giantess, Princess Apple, that if she wants her teeny tiny husband back, she'll have to come to my castle and surrender Giant Land to ME!!!" Wendy said. She then jumped back on the anchor and it rose up back towards the Doom Ship, which then got back to sailing through the sky, no doubt back towards its home in Dark Land.


"Oh my! This is terrible! Prince Hugo has been kidnapped! That Koopa girl has some nerve coming to our fabled kingdom!" King Small said.

"Fortunately it does not appear anyone was hurt." Rosalina commented.

"Don't worry, King Small. We'll get Prince Hugo back!" Peach said.

"Huh? Us? Perhaps this would be a job best suited for the Mario Brothers, Peach." Rosalina said.

"No. Prince Hugo was taken on my watch. I'd never forgive myself to Princess Apple if anything happened to him. And besides, it's time we princesses taught them a lesson they never forget!" Peach said.

"I admire your courage and tenacity, Princess Peach. I will help you in any way I can." Rosalina said with a smile.

"Thank you, Rosalina. We better get to Bowser's Castle immediately!" Peach said.

"I know the quickest way possible." Rosalina said. That's when she waved her star wand around a few times and then covered herself and Peach with sparkles from that wand. Peach could suddenly feel herself floating a couple feet off the ground.

"Oh? Am I flying now?" Peach asked.

"Indeed, although only for a short while. You lead the way to Bowser's home." Rosalina said.

"Okay, follow me!" Peach said as she went flying in the same direction the Doom Ship went, with Rosalina flying right behind her.


Dark Land


Meanwhile, inside Bowser's Castle, Wendy was already in the throne room playing with the tiny Prince Hugo that she had captured. Bowser was just sitting back in his throne, happy to see the female Koopa all excited and no longer angry over her loss. Wendy was laying down on her stomach and poking at Prince Hugo with her sharp nails.

"Look at him, Daddy... isn't he so cute and adorable, especially when he struggles?" Wendy said.

"He sure does. It kinda makes me wish I had done this to the prince instead of turn him into a poodle..." Bowser said.

"You'll never get away with this, you, you..." Hugo started to shout, but the look on Wendy's menacing face told him that he better shut up before she does something bad to him.

"That's a good little prince. Oh! I can't wait to see the look on Princess Apple's face..." Wendy said.

"What is it that you have against my wife?" Hugo asked.

"Hmph! She just looks so perfect, like she had the perfect upbringing! Nobody like that deserves to rule a kingdom! She should be the one at my feet instead of you because of that poison mushroom, but oh well!" Wendy said.

"Wait, so it was you that planted that mushroom in the garden!?" Hugo said.

"Not me myself. I would NEVER subject my eternal beauty to such a sloppy environment. That's why we have Goombas and Koopa Troopas after all. But still…" Wendy said. She then got up and picked up Hugo, placing him down on the floor.

"Alright, you... start running before I crush you like a little mushroom! Daddy... watch me play Stomp the Teeny Tiny Prince!" Wendy shouted.

"(sigh) I'm watching..." Bowser said. Indeed, Wendy started making stomps at Hugo who just took off running in the opposite direction. Wendy was deliberately missing on each attempt to stomp on the prince, no doubt to make him feel a full dose of fear and panic. Kamek and Bowser simply watched all this unfold in front of their eyes.

"Gosh, your majesty... I didn't think your daughter had this kind of behavior in her." Kamek said.

"Well, it could be worse... she could steal one of Iggy's wands and become a towering giant Koopa, and then we'd all be in trouble!" Bowser said.


Just then, one of Bowser's Hammer Brothers came running into the throne room.

"Your royal meanness! I have most terrible news to report!" he said.

"Hammer Brother! How many times do I have to tell you!? Knock before you come barging in here!" Bowser said.


"Oh... I'm sorry, but Princess Peach and one of her friends have broken into the castle and they're on their way here!" Hammer Brother said.

"What!? Princess Peach? Why her and not the Mario Brothers?" Bowser asked.

"Because that's our friend you took from us!" Peach shouted. Indeed, she and Rosalina were both standing on either sides of the door to Bowser's throne room.

"Cursed crocodiles! It is that pretty-in-pink princess!" Bowser shouted.

"And a traveler from the cosmos!" Rosalina shouted.

"Impossible! How did you get past our many guards in this castle?" Kamek shouted.

"A little help from this wand I happened to steal from one of your Koopa Kids." Peach said as she held up a wand with a light green-colored jewel at its end.

"Arrrrrrghhh!!! Somebody stop those princesses! And Kamek... get my warp zone wand!!!" Bowser said.

"Yes, sir!" Kamek said as he sped out of the room.


"Leave them to me, Daddy... I'll stop those pretty princesses!" Wendy said as she pulled out her wand that had a red jewel on its end. She fired it and out came one of her candy cane-colored hula hoops.

"Watch out, Rosalina!" Peach shouted. Rosalina thrust her wand down, and suddenly a Yellow Luma appeared to block the hoop.

"Good job, brave and noble Luma!" Rosalina said.

"Now it's my turn!" Peach shouted. She shot the wand forward and out came one of Lemmy Koopa's bouncing balls. It hit another hoop and sent it flying back for Wendy! Wendy could not dodge it in time as she became trapped in her own hoop.

"HEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! NO FAIR!!!!" Wendy shouted as she cried out in frustration once more. Prince Hugo, meanwhile, managed to find cover against one of the walls of the throne room after barely missing being crushed by the giant Wendy.

Kamek then came running in holding a gold-colored wand.

"I got it! I got it!" Kamek shouted as he threw the wand across the room and into Bowser's hands!

"Yes! The Warp Zone Wand! This wand allows me to open a warp pipe into any place I wish! Now I can use it to zap you two to my dungeon! Hahahaha!" Bowser said.

"Any ideas, Peach?" Rosalina asked. Peach stood still for a few seconds and then snapped her fingers.

"It's time for a little rhythmic gymnastics practice!" Peach said. Rosalina opened her mouth wide then smiled, knowing exactly what the princess had in mind.


That's when the princess suddenly began to undo her dress, with Rosalina doing the same thing seconds later. This took Bowser by surprise.

"Huh!? Now w-w-w-wait a moment! There are children present!" Bowser shouted as he frantically waved his arms, dropping the golden wand in the process.

"I knew I should've brought my camera with me!" Kamek said. But to everyone's relief, underneath Peach and Rosalina's dresses were the outfits they wore earlier during rhythmic gymnastics practice. The two ladies even went as far as taking their feet out of their shoes.

"And now for the music." Rosalina said as she waved her wand around and shot some sparkles in the air. Suddenly, even though there was no stereo in the room, 'From the New World' started playing at an almost too loud volume for everyone except the princesses.

As the music got going, Peach and Rosalina got dancing around the throne room, using the wands they stole as makeshift batons. The loud music and being fascinated by the dancing of the princesses left all the Koopas almost motionless. Bowser didn't even see Peach coming in from the side and kicking him in the nose.

"Ow! My nose!" Bowser shouted.

"Now... while he's distracted!" Peach shouted while dancing around. Rosalina at first didn't know what she meant by that... that is until she looked down at the wand by her bare feet.

"Oh right! Have a ball, Bowser!" Rosalina shouted. She shot a rubber ball out from the wand and it went smack onto Bowser's nose! The hit knocked him unconscious as he fell backwards and dropped the golden wand in the process.

"Hey! You can't do that to the king!" Kamek said, only to suddenly have a ball go flying into his face, knocking him out cold and off his flying broom.

The song then came to an end, with Peach and Rosalina striking the same fabulous poses even though there was no audience around, except for Wendy who was still trapped in her candy hoop.


Peach and Rosalina took deep breaths… the dances obviously taking much of their strength with them.

"Whew… that was great, Rosalina!" Peach said.

"I couldn't agree more. The judges in Rio will surely have to give us gold medals after we perform for them." Rosalina said with a wink from her visible eye. Peach ran over to the wand and picked it up before walking towards the wall and looking down at Prince Hugo.

"Are you okay, Prince Hugo?" Peach said.

"I am now thanks to you! I didn't think you ladies had it in you to take on Bowser like that." Hugo said.

"Awww… it's nothing, really. We'd do anything to help you." Peach said.

"Now then, we'd better get back to Small Land before Bowser and the others either wake up or break free." Rosalina said.

"You're right, Rosalina, and we better take this souvenir with us. Bowser can't be allowed to have the power to warp anywhere he chooses!" Peach said as she showed off the golden wand while Rosalina walked over and gently picked up the shrunken Prince Hugo. Peach then concentrated and fired a beam from the wand at a section of the floor. A pipe sprouted up from the spot. The two princesses changed back into their regular princess outfits next, brushing off the dust from the checkered floor of the throne room.

"Here's our ticket back to Small Land!" Peach said as she jumped inside, taking the wand with her. Rosalina tightened her grip on the tiny Hugo a little bit.

"Hold on tight, prince." Rosalina said as she followed Peach inside. The pipe then disappeared.


A few moments later, Bowser woke up, only to realize that Peach and Rosalina were gone, along with Wendy's little birthday gift.

"Oh crud... first I always get beaten by those pesky Marios, and now I get beaten by a couple of helpless princesses!" Bowser said. Wendy finally was able to break out of her own candy trap and she stood up next to Bowser.

"It's all your fault! You just had to let those annoying princesses rescue my birthday gift! You're like the worst Dad EVER!!!" Wendy said. Bowser showed a face of anger as he looked down at Wendy.

"Wendy..." Bowser said. Wendy saw the face and knew what was coming.

"Um... yes, Daddy?" Wendy said, softly.

"SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bowser shouted in a tone so loud that all of Dark Land could hear it... not that there was anyone else outside of Bowser's Castle.


Small Land


Peach and Rosalina (with Hugo firmly in Rosalina's hands) both came out of the warp pipe that was generated by the golden wand about 50 feet away from where Small Land was, so it was only a short walk to be towering over the land once again. However, Peach came to a sudden stop.

"Huh? What is it, Peach?" Rosalina asked.

"I almost forgot! The Super Mushroom that King Small asked for." Peach said. That's when she jumped up at the ? block directly over her head. Coming right out was indeed a Super Mushroom, and Peach made sure to touch the very bottom of the 'shroom so that its power wouldn't activate on her. Then the two resumed their walk and made it back to Small Land.

"Oh, Princess Peach! You have returned safe and sound!" King Small said.

"That's right! And we got Prince Hugo back too." Peach said as she nodded over to Rosalina, who gently kneeled down and dropped Hugo directly in front of the king.

"Excellent! And you brought the Super Mushroom too! We'll begin Operation Unshrink on the prince right away! Just set the Super Mushroom down behind the castle." King Small said. Peach did exactly that and found it astonishing that even a Super Mushroom towered well over the land.


There was nothing more Peach and Rosalina could do except wait, and wait, and wait. They paced back and forth outside the Small Land walls, occasionally watching as doctors ran in and out of the castle connecting probes and other things to the dormant Super Mushroom. They even respectfully declined the requests of some of the Toads to play around the giant princesses. A little over 30 minutes later, they heard a Toad crying out.

"Whoa! He's growing fast!" one Toad shouted. Peach and Rosalina both looked to see what that meant, they were watching Hugo grow bigger and bigger… he was already five times taller than the Small Land castle. The prince quickly stepped over the protective walls, where he was already the same size as Peach and Rosalina.

"Oh! Prince Hugo! You're growing!" Peach said.

"Indeed I am…" Hugo said, watching as he now towered over the princesses. In just about a minute, he was back to his original gigantic height of a little over 60 feet tall.

"Hooray, Hugo! You're back to normal!" Peach said.

"Yes, and it's all thanks to you and the people of Small Land. I am forever in their debt." Hugo said. Peach looked down on King Small and the rest of Small Land.

"Thank you so much, King Small! I hope it wasn't too difficult to cure Prince Hugo." Peach said.

"Awwww… no trouble at all. As I said, it was an easy process of using the Super Mushroom to cleanse the prince's body of the poison that caused him to shrink." King Small said.

"As the prince said, we are forever in your debt." Peach said as she blew a kiss down to King Small and everyone else in Small Land.

"Hahaha! I just love big kisses!" King Small said.

"Alright, we better get back to Giant Land immediately. I can't wait to see the look on Apple's face!" Peach said.

"Until we meet again, Princess Peach! And do say hello to Apple for us!" King Small said. Finally, Peach and Rosalina walked away from Small Land, and they were picked up by Prince Hugo as he made his way out of Grass Land and towards Toad Town, looking for the warp pipe that went directly to Giant Land.


Giant Land


Hugo jumped his way out of the warp pipe and landed on his two feet with Peach and Rosalina riding along on his shoulders. Before he could take another step, though, he was suddenly greeted by Madzilla.

"Oh! Your royal majesty! There you are at last!" Madzilla said as the monster came running up to his fellow giant.

"Yes, Madzilla, here I am! I'm sorry to have worried all of you." Hugo said.

"No trouble at all, sir. Where did you go, if I may ask?" Madzilla said.

"Oh, it's a really long story. I think it would be best if I told it at dinner time. Besides, I must see my wife immediately!" Hugo said.

"Yes, yes, I concur! She's become really worried over the past few hours. Follow me, I will take you to the castle with great haste!" Madzilla said as he led the way towards the castle.


Once both giants got there, Hugo quickly realized the predicament that Peach and Rosalina might find themselves in. That's when he gently plucked both ladies off his shoulders.

"You two better get down on the ground. We wouldn't want my wife to be knocking you two down when she hugs me." Hugo said.

"Oh yes, we understand!" Peach said. Once the two were down on the ground and they ran to a safe distance, Hugo ducked down behind Madzilla so Apple wouldn't see him right away. That's when Madzilla nodded and then knocked on the door. It only took a few seconds for the front doors to open up and reveal Princess Apple, with Princess Daisy sitting on her right shoulder.

"Madzilla? What do you have to report?" Apple asked.

"Princess Apple… I return to your humble home to bring you very important news about your husband." Madzilla said with a suddenly somber look on his face. This made Apple quiver seriously as she placed a hand over her open mouth.

"Is… Is he…?" Apple said.


Madzilla then smiled and stepped to his left, fully revealing the restored-to-giant-size Prince Hugo.

"Surprise!" Hugo shouted. Apple gasped loudly.

"HUGO!!!!!" Apple screamed. Immediately she wrapped her arms around her husband as the two giants hugged each other. Daisy held on for dear life to Apple's brown hair as she tried to stay atop the giantess's shoulder.

"Heh, it's been a looooong time since I came home to a hug like that!" Hugo said with a smile.

"I was so worried I'd never see you again like this!" Apple said as she wiped a couple tears from her eyes.

"Hey, what about me!? Don't I get some hugs for finding him?" Madzilla said. Of course, Apple knew the real reason behind Hugo's 'disappearance,' but she still went over and hugged him as well.

"Of course, Madzilla. I have you to thank as well. Please gather up all the guards and have them return to the castle." Apple said.

"Right away, your beautifulness!" Madzilla said as he saluted a little too hard and knocked the Army helmet off his head, much to everyone's laughter. After picking up the helmet, Madzilla walked away.


"So Small Land was able to cure your condition?" Apple said.

"They sure did, albeit after Peach, Rosalina, and myself took a detour through Dark Land." Hugo said.

"Oh? Dark Land?" Apple said. Peach and Rosalina stepped towards Apple's golden sandals to tell the rest of the story.

"One of the Koopalings, Wendy, managed to find us and kidnapped Hugo." Peach said.

"Where we found out it was Bowser's evil minions who planted that poison mushroom in the garden. They were trying to shrink and kidnap you, my sweetheart!" Hugo said.

"Oh dear! That evil Bowser!" Apple said.

"But fortunately we got him back using some of the rhythmic moves we practiced." Rosalina said.

"Man! Sounds like I missed a lot of action! Seriously, Peach, we gotta take more adventures!" Daisy shouted, prompting laughs from everyone in the area. Peach then dropped the golden Warp Pipe-generating wand down on the ground.

"Apple, it's important that you crush this wand we stole from Bowser. It's important he never use its power again!" Peach said.

"As you wish!" Apple said as she took a tiny (to her) step forward and pressed the front of her sandal down on the wand, crushing it to many pieces and rendering it unusuable.


Apple took a deep breath and smiled.

"I can't thank all of you enough for saving my husband and restoring him to normal, including everyone in Small Land. Perhaps you'd like to stay for dinner as royal guests of honor?" Apple asked.

"We'd be honored!" Daisy said.

"Absolutely." Rosalina said.

"You bet!" Peach said.

"Good!" Apple said. She then gently picked up Daisy and placed her down on the ground next to Peach and Rosalina.

"Let me just use the crystal in my bracelet to temporarily enlarge all of you…" Apple said.

"Actually, Apple, we would like to remain our normal sizes this time around. We… kinda want to look up at the two of you after everything that's happened with Prince Hugo." Peach said.

"Huh? We do?" Daisy said, only to suddenly get a bump in the chest from Rosalina's elbow.

"I mean… yes, YES! Peach is right! You two should wear your size proudly for the three of us!" Daisy said. Apple then smiled.

"Very well, if that is what you wish. But…" Apple said as she reached down and picked up the three ladies.

"I'm still carrying all of you to the dinner table. We wouldn't want to accidentally step on you, would we?" Apple said.

"Of course not!" all three princesses shouted. Apple giggled as she and Hugo kissed each other one more time before walking back inside the Giant Land Castle. Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina were looking forward to having whatever huge dishes they'd be served at the dinner table.


Hugo took a deep breath as he walked around the castle and looked at his same-sized wife. Never again would he wake up and take his size for granted.