The Giantesses Before Christmas



It read,

December 21st

“My, my, that’s a lot of hate coming towards the Christmas Holiday” said Booster as he was riding on his miniature toy train. “Hubby you don’t understand the pain that I had to go through” snapped Valentina as she turned and faced Booster, she saw that his miniature toy train was just going round in circles. Valentina took a deep breath and walked towards the tracks that the miniature toy train was running on. She saw a leaver that was connected to the tracks and pulled it.    

The track that just went around in circles then connected to another track. “Thank you” said Booster as he went past her.”You have any idea as to how hard it is just to play nice?” asked Valentina. “Of course I do” answered Booster. “Hmm, I don’t think that you do” said Valentina. “Huh what do you mean?” asked Booster as he jumped off his train and looked at her. “Well it’s just that the only nasty things that you do are pretty much childish things” answered Valentina.

“Oh yeah tell me one nasty thing me did that was childish?” asked Booster as he walked towards Valentina. “Oh I don’t know, how about the time that you kept that pink dressed blond princess and trying to force her into marry you” answered Valentina. “Hay that doesn’t really sound childish” snapped Booster as he jumped up and down. “Yeah you’re right, the only childish thing with your nasty deed was that you used toys as a way to keep that plumber, puppet, cloud and turtle away from you while you were trying to marry the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom” said Valentina as she laughed.     

“Grr” snarl Booster as he stormed off out of the room. Valentina watched on as he slammed the door behind him. “Hmm…perhaps that I went a bit too far” said Valentina as she shook her head, “How should I make it up to him?” Just then she then heard the sound of the main entrance of Booster’s Tower slamming. Valentina looked out of the window and saw Booster stomping his way towards Booster Pass.

Down upon Booster Pass,

Booster was stomping his way through, grumbling to himself, mainly about doing something bad that isn’t childish. As he was mopping, something twinkled in the sky as it was falling down upon Booster Pass. Booster didn’t notice that, which something was heading right towards the back of his head. It smacked him with a great thump. “Ow!” yelled Booster as he rubbed the back of his head and looked around him just to see what it was that hit him.     

To his surprise, he saw what to his confusion a simple door knob was with star shapes spread around its surface. “What is this about?” asked Booster to himself as he knelt down and picked it up. He noticed that the door knob was freezing cold, making nearly hard for him to hold barehanded. When the pain of the coldness was too much for him, Booster dropped the door knob when hit the ground with a clank sound echoing throughout the Booster Pass.

Booster looked down at the door knob as saw that it was standing up straight, unlike before when it was on its side. Booster knelt down again to pick it up but to his surprise, he couldn’t, no matter how hard he tried. Booster dropped down onto the ground and began to ponder as to how he could pick up the strange door knob. As he was pondering, Booster suddenly felt a cold breeze coming from where the door knob stood. “Huh?” was all Booster could say when he could almost heard the sound of bells ringing as well.

“What is this all about then?” asked Booster as he climbed himself back up and marched towards the door knob. Again, Booster tried his hardest to pick it up but, once more it was useless as he was just trying to pull it out. Booster then turned the door knob slightly and all of sudden a gust of cold air engulfed him. Booster let go of the door knob as he wrapped his arms as he was trying to keep himself warm. The sound of bells began to echo even louder as Booster suddenly felt the ground beneath him sank.

Suddenly the ground swung open like a door and Booster fell down into what he could tell to be a deep hole.  

The moment that Booster was about to scream, he landed face first onto something soft. He felt cold as he looked up and saw that it was night time. “Where am me?” asked Booster as he slowly stood up. He looked down and saw that he standing on thick layer snow and the clothes that he was wearing was covered in it. Once he shook the snow off him, he felt the same thump hitting on him on the back of his head. “Ouch! Again?” said Booster as he rubbed the back of his head and looked for what hit him.

Once he saw what it was that it him, he was surprised to see that it was the same door knob that he found back at Booster Pass. “Not sure how me got here, but me think that me take this just in case” said Booster to himself as he picked up the door knob and placed it in his pocket. Just then, he heard the sound of bells ring throughout the cold night air. “Huh?” was all Booster could say when looked toward the direction that it came from.      

“Burr! Its cold here” said Booster as he walked towards the direction of the noise. As he was heading towards the sound of bells, he could a dim light as it slowly grew brighter till he found himself standing on top of steep hill, looked down at what was the source of the light. There at the bottom of the hill was what he could tell was a huge wooden like building with a curved ramp, the whole building was covered with Christmas lights decorations.

“What is that me wonder?” asked Booster to himself as he made his way down the steep hill.  

Once he reached the bottom and made his way towards the building, he noticed that there was window near where he stood and took a look inside. There he saw what he could best describe as huge machines scattered all over a huge room. He also saw that the machines had conveyor belts coming out of them and that each one had what he could tell were toys. Booster tried his hardest to contain his excitement when he saw the toys. 

Behind these conveyor belts he saw strange looking people as each one were short, wore greens clothes and had pointed out ears. He saw that the people that were the closest to the machine placed the toys inside white boxes, while the ones that were farther away wrapped the boxes up in wrapping paper. The ones at the far back then wrapped the wrapped up boxes with different coloured ribbons. Just then Booster saw someone he couldn’t believe his eyes. He could hear a faint jolly laugh echoing from behind the window as he saw the man clearer.

“Its Santa Claus” said Booster as he saw the man greeting the people. Booster looked at him, the people and then slowly looked towards the boxes that were filled with toys. “Oh ho! Idea! Me got an idea that will make Valentina see how evil me can be!” laughed Booster as he looked away from the window. “Huh? I thought I heard something outside” spoke one of the people with a high pitch voice. “Uh oh” was all Booster saw as he moved away from the window and took out the door knob. As fast as he could, he thrust the door handle into the thick snow till he heard the sound of something of a clanking like noise.

The window from the building opened up and out poked Santa Claus’ head to see what the noise that one of his elves said he heard. “There’s no one here” said Santa as he looked back inside. “Huh?” said Santa as looked back outside and saw that there was a huge crater of snow shaped like a door, “How long was that been there?”

Meanwhile, back at Booster’s Tower,

“Hmm, darling has been gone for awhile now” said Valentina as she was pacing back and forth within the room. Just then, she suddenly felt a sudden gust of cold breeze and then she saw that it was beginning to snow within the room. “Huh?” was all Valentina could say as she slowly looked up at the ceiling and saw that it was slowly forming a shape of a door which suddenly swung open. This shocked Valentina as she suddenly saw Booster falling through it along with snow which landed on top of him.  “What the!” screamed Valentina as she rushed towards Booster to see if he’s okay.

“Darling, are you okay?” asked Valentina as she turned him over, she felt him freezing cold. “Me got an idea that’s evil” said Booster as he smiled at his wife. “Do tell” said Valentina as she smiled back.     

December 23nd

“Hmm, so how is everything coming along?” ask Miss Claus as she entered the Santa’s Workshop. One of the elves saw her and answered, “Everything is going fine, in fact unless we get new Christmas Lists we’re finished early this year” “Oh really” said Miss Claus as she looked at the notepad that the elf said and saw that every single thing of the list have been ticked. “Hmm, very good, very good. Best inform the Princess about this” said Miss Claus as she smiled at the elf. “Yes Mam” said the elf as he left the workshop.

The moment that the elf left the workshop,

There was a faint sound echoing throughout the area. “Hmm?” was all Miss Claus said as she looked out at the window and saw a field of white snow. Miss Claus slowly walked towards the window to take a better look as she could tell that the sound was getting louder. “What in all of the silence of all nights?” asked Miss Claus as she saw what she could tell were different types of toys heading towards Santa’s Grotto. “What’s that noise?” asked a familiar voice. Miss Claus looked at who spoke and saw that it was Santa as he entered the workshop.

“Look at that” answered Miss Claus as she pointed towards the window. Santa walked towards his wife and looked out and saw the marching toy army. “Well I never. Here I thought some of the elves were goofing off” said Santa as he slowly looked away from the marching toys to his wife. Just then the sound noised stopped echoing through the area. The two of them looked towards the toys and saw that they stopped marching. “What on earth?” asked Santa as he and Miss Claus saw that there were three catapult like toys moving ahead from the army.

“They’re not going to do what think they’re going to do?” asked Santa as he looked at his wife. “I think that they are” answered Miss Claus. Just then they heard the sound of a door opening and an unfamiliar female voice spoke out, “Well, well, well. What do we have here?” Santa and Miss Claus looked towards the person that spoke and saw that it was Valentina walking out of a door; they saw that she wearing winter clothes such as a long white woolly jacket and gloves along with red boot.       

They also saw that she came out from a door that isn’t connected to any of the walls within the workshop. “It seems that we have Mr and Miss Claus caught in a dilemma” laughed Valentina as she walked towards them. “Whom may I ask is you?” asked Miss Claus. “Oh I’m surprise that you two don’t know who I am? I would have thought that Santa would have seen my name the naughty list” answered Valentina as she looked at her and then other towards Santa.

“Why I know you of course, you’re Valentina. The one that almost overthrown Nimbus Kingdom a while back” said Santa as he looked at her. “Care to explain what that is all about?” asked Miss Claus as she pointed outside. Valentina looked out of the window and answered, “Oh that, that’s the very thing that’s allowing us to lock you two up without trouble” “Why should we allow ourselves to be locked up by you huh?” asked Santa. Valentina waved her index finger and said, “Now, now, I wouldn’t talk to me like that if I were you”

“And why not?” asked Santa. Valentina then placed her hands onto her hips and answered, “Glade that you asked for you see if you two allow yourselves to locked up then my darling wouldn’t order his toys to attack the workshop” “What…what did you say?” asked Miss Claus as she was shocked at what she heard. Valentina looked at her and answered, “You heard me. The choice is yours. Either locked yourselves up in here,” said Valentina as she stepped aside and pointed towards the door she came in from, “or have many good little children be disappointed due to having this placed destroyed”    

“Grr, fine you win but I must ask,” said Santa as he stepped towards Valentina, “for how long for?” “Why till after Christmas of course” answered Valentina. “Why are you doing this?” asked Miss Claus. Valentina looked at her and answered, “Why? Because I’m taking over Christmas this year, that’s why” “What? That’s crazy talk” said Santa. “Sigh…just go through the door” ordered Valentina as she shook her head. Valentina saw that they were hesitant to go through the door, she took another sigh and clicked her right fingers.

Suddenly the two of them could hear something large was coming through the door and within seconds they saw what they could best explain to be a giant oddly shape black bird that’s wearing a helmet rushing into the workshop. “Dodo if you please” ordered Valentina as she looked at the bird. Dodo nodded as he rushed behind Santa and his wife and pecked them. This caused the two of them to enter the door, once they through; Dodo stopped pecking them and looked towards Valentina, to see if she needs anything else from him.       

Valentina shook her head, which caused him to go through the door. Valentina then slowly looked at the elves that were left within the workshop. Valentina chuckled to herself before she spoke out in a demanding voice, “Fear not Santa Elves! I shall not ruin Christmas by destroying the presents that you all so hard to make” The elves all looked at each other then slowly looked back at Valentina. They all saw that Valentina was walking towards one of the machines and placed her right hand onto it.

She then looked at the elves and said, “What I’m going to do is to replace each and every one of the presents” This caused the elves to mumble to themselves. “Oh!” said Valentina as she took her hand back and turned to the elves, “Don’t think of trying to overthrow me,” Valentina placed her hands onto her hips, “Cause as I just said Santa Claus and his misses will be returned after Christmas. Just in case you all weren’t aware of that. Perhaps;” Valentina clicked her fingers and in came from the door were a two jesters known as, Knife Guy and Grate Guy. Behind them were four jester minions.

“You called for us?” asked Knife Guy was he was juggling his knifes. “Just for you clowns to show these elves what would happen if they try to oppose me” answered Valentina. This caused the jesters to laugh. “Fair do lady, fair do” laughed Great Guy as he was balancing on his ball. “Now then elves, I do hope that you all get the general idea on what’s to happen here” said Valentina as she walked towards the jesters. The elves all nodded their heads.

“Good,” said Valentina as she stood by the entrance of her teleporting door, “by the way, hubby will be here to make sure that you all make the toys he instructed so that you all can replace the presents that you got everyone for Christmas”

The moment that she said that, Booster, he too was wearing winter style clothes, entered into the workshop. “See you all on Christmas Eve” said Valentina as she waved at the elves and blow a kiss to Booster. With that Valentina left the workshop and the door slammed shut behind her. “Okay elves! This is what we’re going to do” said Booster as he walked towards the elves with a smug smile across his face.

Unknown to them all, the elf that left the workshop just moments that Valentina, Booster and their goons arrived in Santa’s Grotto was just standing outside the entrance of the workshop and he heard everything. “Oh…what to do, what to do?” whispered the elf to himself as he took a step away from the entrance. “AH!” said the elf as his voice went loud but he quickly covered his mouth. “Yes! That’s it! There’s really just one way!” said the elf as he whispered it faster as he made his way out of the grotto.

As he was making his way out, he pulled out a device which looked like a mobile phone and saw that it had little to no bars, not enough to make a call.   “Oh come on! This is too big for us elves to handle,” said the elf as made it out of the Santa’s Grotto and began to climb up the steep snowy hill. Once he reached the top of the hill, he held the device up into the air and said “We need Princess Apple’s help”

Meanwhile over at Giant Land,

“Well then, I take it that you’re ready for Christmas Eve?” asked Prince Hugo as he saw that Apple was standing in front of a mirror, all dressed up for her Christmas Eve duties. Apple looked at the Hugo’s reflection in the mirror, smiled at him and said, “You bet I am, even though it’s a little early. I just really wanted to put these on”

“Hmm yes it is early for that and besides don’t forget about tomorrow night now will you” said Hugo as he took note that it’s the 23nd December. “Well,” said Apple as she turned round to face him, “How could I forget about the Christmas Gala. How’s that coming along anyway?” “The Gala’s coming along just fine, the foods are almost cooked and ready as well as the entertainment are heading over here” answered Hugo. “That’s lovely to hear and what of the guests?” asked Apple as she walked over to the open window and looked out.

There she saw that the sun was slowly setting upon the scenery that a snow covered winter Giant Land has to offer.

“As far as I can tell,” said Hugo as he stood next to his wife, “all of the guests that have been invited are going to attend” “That’s good to hear, well then” said Apple as she looked down at herself and looked at the clothes that she was wearing. “I best get changed then” said Apple as she looked back up at Hugo. Before Hugo could say something, the sound of a ringtone began to echo through the room. “What is that?” asked Hugo as he looked round the room, trying to find the source of where it came from.

“Oh that’s from the Santa Earpiece” said Apple as she rushed over to her things. She searched through her belongs, looking for her earpiece while it was still ringing. “Here we go,” said Apple as she placed the earpiece on and answered the call, “Hello?”

Apple listens to the other side and heard that there were high winds blowing in the background. “Hello?” asked Apple as she was begging to worry. “Hel….Pri….Ap….is that…” was all Apple could hear through the high winds. “Yeah…this is Apple speaking. Is something wrong?” asked Apple as she slowly looked to Hugo. “Thank…g….Princ….need….help….Santa…b….kidnap…a….hairy man…took…” was all Apple could hear when the line went flat. “Hello? Hello? What was that about Santa?” asked Apple as she was now really worried about that the person said.

“What is it?” asked Hugo as he looked at Apple as she slowly sat down. “Something…something has happened over at Santa’s Grotto” answered Apple as she slowly looked up at Hugo. Before Hugo could say anything, there was a knock on the door. The two of them looked over to the door and saw it open, one of the giant guards poked his head through the door. “What is it?” asked Hugo as he looked at the guard. “I’m afraid that I have bad news” answered the guard as he slowly entered the room.

“What is it?” asked Hugo as he slowly walked towards the guard. “I’m afraid that there has been a break in” answered the guard. “What?” asked Hugo as he sounded surprised. “What was broken into?” asked Apple as she looked at the guard. The guard looked at the floor before he slowly looked up at the two royals. He took a deep breath and answered, “It was the Vaults” This caused Apple to jump up and shouted out ‘What!’

“It wasn’t the Sword that was stolen was it?” asked Hugo. The guard shook his head. “Then what was stolen?” asked Apple as she let out a breath of relief. “It was a Super Mega Mushroom” answered the guard. “How long ago this theft did take place?” asked Hugo. “About a few minutes ago. We’re still trying to find the thief but I’m afraid that we still can’t any traces of it anywhere” answered the guard. This caused the two of them to look at each other with a worried look. “Are you sure?” asked Hugo as he looked at him. The guard just nodded. “Very well then, leave us and carry on the search” ordered Hugo. “As you wish your highness” said the guard as he left.  

“This is too much of a coincidence. That call from that person from Santa’s Grotto saying that it’s in trouble and now this, a theft within our castle” said Hugo as put his finger on his chin. “I’m going” said Apple. “Going?” asked Hugo as he looked at her with a worried look. “Yes. I’m going to Santa’s Grotto and see what’s this all about” answered Apple. “What about the Christmas Gala will you be back in time?” asked Hugo as he saw Apple heading out towards the door. “I will be back before then” answered Apple. “Best be careful then” said Hugo as he rushed over to Apple and hugged her.                       

“I will” said Apple as she embraced his hug.

Meanwhile over at Booster’s Tower,

It has been some time since Valentina and Booster took over Santa’s Grotto. Booster has just returned from that place as he finally finished doing his part of his evil plan. “Oh I seeing that you’ve returned darling” said Valentina as she was sitting on a chair holding onto a glass of Martini. “Yeah me returned” said Booster as he walked over towards her. “And how did the elves behave?” asked Valentina as she looked at Booster as he took a seat next to her. “Yeah those elf thingies behaved as those clowns kept them in line” answered Booster.

Just then there was a sudden knock echoed throughout the tower.

“Ah it seems that my package has just arrived” said Valentina as she placed the Martini down onto a nearby table and stood up. “Package? Is it for me?” asked Booster as he was excited about the package.”You wish” said Valentina as she walked over to the window and opened it. Booster looked at open window and in flew a Parakoopa holding a ? box. “Here you go mam” said the Parakoopa as he handed her the box. “Why thank you” said Valentina as she handed him a few coins. The Parakoopa nodded his head and said, “Glad to do business with you” With that the Parakoopa flew off.

With the ? box in hand, she turned round and placed it onto the table. “So what’s in the ? box?” asked Booster as he stood next to Valentina jumping up and down. “Why,” said Valentina as tapped the ? Box which caused an item to pop out of it. Booster saw that it looked like a Super Mushroom but it had a more swollen look. “Good, it seems that my order came through” said Valentina as she shoved the mushroom back inside the ? Box. “What are you doing with that?” asked Booster as he looked at Valentina picking up the ? box up.

“Why it’s to fulfil my part of our plan” answered Valentina as she walked towards her bedroom. “What part was that?” asked Booster as he saw her enter the bedroom. Within seconds Valentina cam out again all dressed up a Christmas outfit. “Why I’m taking over that giant princess’ role this year” answered Valentina. “But aren’t it too soon?” asked Booster as he watch her walk towards the door that leaded to Santa’s Grotto. “Why it’s never too soon” answered Valentina as she looked at him as she had a hand onto the door handle. With that Valentina opened the door and went through.

Booster slowly began laugh like a little boy as he turned and skipped his way to out of the room. As he was heading towards another room, Booster came across a room with an open door. Booster looked inside and saw that Santa and Miss Claus within a large iron bar cage, both of them were sitting on chairs. Booster slowly made his way inside the room they were confine in. Santa took notice of him and said, “So tell me, Booster was it,” Booster just nodded, “When are you going to tell Valentina on what your real plan is?”

Meanwhile over at Santa’s Grotto,

Valentina walked through the teleporting door and found herself within the workshop. She looked on at the far end of the workshop and saw that there was a sack big enough for a giant pick up. Valentina slowly began to walk her way towards the sack. She noticed that the elves that were within the workshop all looked sad. Valentina was about to ask why they were sad when she suddenly remember that they might be sad because of her and Booster’s doing.

“Okay then elves,” said Valentina as she made it up to the sack and turned to face the elves, “Cheer up, for you all still get to make toys for all the good little boys and girls” Valentina took note that none of them smiled at what she said. She even spotted that one of them was about to say something but the elf that was beside the one that was about to say something stopped him. “Fine whatever” said Valentina as she slowly looked down at the ? Box.

Outside, a few miles away from Santa’s Grotto,

The elf that was able to call Princess Apple was still outside trying to call her again but he still couldn’t get enough signals. Just then, he heard the sound a door knob clicking and then slowly turning. He looked behind and saw a giant door. “That wasn’t there before” said the elf as he took note that the door appeared out of nowhere. The elf looked on in shock as he saw the giant door slowly open outwards and a giant black boot went slamming down in front of him.

This caused the elf to scream in fear. “Huh?” echoed a female’s voice. The elf took note on the sound of the voice and remembered that it sounded like the voice that he heard when he called Princess Apple. The elf slowly looked up at the owner of the black boot and he saw that the owner of the black boot slowly looked down and looked at him. “Princess Apple?” asked the elf as he saw the giantess slowly kneeling down so that she could get a better look of him.

Ah you must be the person on that phone call” said the giantess whom was Princess Apple. “Yeah….” said the elf. “Well that was easy to find the caller” said Apple as she took a deep breath of relief.   “No time for relief” said the elf. “Well that really depends on what it was that you were trying to say to me over on the phone” said the princess as she opened her right hand for the elf climb on. Apple raised her hand close to her face so that she could hear the elf’s voice more clearly.

Once the elf told the giant princess everything that he knows, she lowered him down onto the floor and she slowly stood back up.      

“What…are you going to do?” asked the elf as he looked up at her. Apple looked down at him and answered, “Why I’m going and sort everything out”  With that, leaving the elf behind, the giant princess slowly made her way towards Santa’s Grotto, making sure not to be spotted by the toys that were outside. As she was getting closer, Apple noticed that there were no signs of any toys outside the grotto. “That’s odd?” asked Apple to herself as she looked at where the elf said that there were the toys to be.   

Trying not to think much of it, Apple slowly made her way close to the grotto building, she creped down as low as she can and saw that there were open windows. Apple then slowly took a look inside the window and saw that it was the workshop. She saw that within the workshop were the elves, each one sitting on the floor sad. She only saw the elves though; no sigh of the jesters or Valentina. Believing that it’s to be safe, Apple gently tapped onto the window which caused a few of the elves to look up. The elves then looked at the window and saw the princess looking in. One of the elves looked side to side to make sure that the cost is clear, stood up and opened the window.

“Princess” said the elf that opened the window. “I just got word on what’s going on” said Apple as she saw that the elves that were within the workshop all looked up at her. “If you’re here to save Santa and Miss Claus then I’m afraid that they’re in another place” said one of the elves. “Okay…any clue on where they’re being held in?” asked Apple. “Best find Valentina” said another elf. “Okay, so where can I find Valentina?” asked Apple.              

“She out in the back, though I saw her with a strange looking mushroom” said one of the elves. “Strange mushroom?” asked Apple as she looked at him with a worried looked on face. “Yeah it kinder look like a swollen Super Mushroom” answered the same elf. This caused the giant princess to suddenly stand up straight. “Ah princess!” shouted one of the elves. Apple looked back inside as he continued saying, “Best ask her about the presents when you see her”

With that Apple stood up straight again and headed towards the back of Santa’s Grotto.

Once she made it to the back of the grotto, to her surprise she saw Valentina dressed up in a Christmas outfit and the fact that she was a giantess. Apple saw that she was the same size as herself. She also noticed that Valentina was on the ground with her back resting against the grotto. As Apple was making her way towards her, she noticed that Valentina glum. “Valentina?” asked Apple as she stood a foot away from her. This caused Valentina to stir as she suddenly looked up at Apple. Apple saw that there were tears running down her cheeks. Valentina hastily whipped the tears away from her face and, “I take it that you’re here to save the day?”     

Apple looked at her and then she noticed that next to her was a sack of what she could tell was filled with presents. Remembering what the elf said, Apple asked, “The presents?” Valentina looked at her and then looked at the sack and then looked back at the princess. “Go ahead,” said Valentina as she picked up the sack which to Apple’s surprise, she picked it with no effort, “Be my guest” as she tossed the sack over to Apple. Apple caught it and felt that the sack was light; it was too light according to what she remembered them being when she delivered the presents for the past few years.

The princess slowly opened the sack and took a look inside. Apple picked up one of the normal size presents and shook it gently. To her surprise the present was hollow. “No” said Apple as she unwrapped the present and opened it. She looked inside and saw that it was empty. She checked with the other presents and found that they were the same. “Did you…” said Apple as she looked at Valentina and saw that she buried her into her kneels.

“But I never intended all this madness, never and nobody really understood;” said Valentina as she slowly raised her head up from her kneels, looked at Apple and rolled her eyes, “well how could they?”

“Well I guess you could start by telling me as to why you did all this?” asked Apple as she sat down next to her. Valentina slowly looked towards her and said, “That all I ever wanted was to bring them something great,” she looked away from her and up at the clear sky, “Why does nothing ever turn out like it should?”

“Life’s never what you expect them to be” Apple said as she wrapped her left arm over her shoulders. “Well, what the heck, I went and did my best” said Valentina as she looked at Apple with a smile. Apple removed her arm off her and watched Valentina standing up, “And, by God, I really tasted something swell and for a moment, why, I even touched the sky and at least I left some stories they can tell,” Valentina looked back at Apple and pointed towards her with a grin on her face, “I did”

Apple chuckled and said back, “You did” She looked at her as she saw Valentina taking a few steps away from Apple. “For the first time since I don't remember when I felt just like my old villainess self again. I just can't wait until next the holiday cause I've got some new schemes that will really make you all scream. And, by goly I'm really gonna give it all my might!” said Valentina as she punched the air with her eyes closed and a huge grin on her face.

Apple looked at her as she saw Valentina’s happy face slowly turned worried when she lowered her arms and said, “Uh oh, I hope there's still time to set things right” Apple stood up as Valentina looked towards her and the two of them said at the same time, “Sandy Claws!” With that the two of them rushed off.

“Okay Valentina. Where are you holding Sandy Claus?” asked Apple as the two of them headed passed Santa’s Grotto and headed towards the area that Apple first appeared. “Where do you think?” answered Valentina as she made it sound like a question. “Oh of course, like all villains in this world that kidnaps people they hide them within their hideout” said Apple as they reached the door that still stood in place. “Hay what’s going on?” asked the elf that stayed behind. “Of to save Sandy Claus” answered Apple as she looked down at the elf.

Over at Booster’s Tower,

“I can’t believe how much toys I got here” said Booster as he was within a room filled with different type of toys of all shapes and sizes. Booster, like a child, began to play each of the toys. An hour has passed since he started playing with the toys. Just then, Booster felt the whole of the tower to suddenly shake and then he heard the sound of something ripping. He suddenly looked up as he saw the ceiling being torn off.

“AHHHHHHH!” screamed Booster as he saw a giant face looking down at him through the ripped ceiling. He saw that face belong to an angry Valentina. “Darling!” boomed Valentina’s voice. This caused Booster to drop the toy he was playing with. “Erm….yes me dear?” asked Booster as his voice sounded weak. Valentina reached in and grabbed hold of Booster. With Booster within her grasp, she raised him towards her face and said, “Care to explain to me as to what you were planning?”

“Didn’t you…didn’t you say that you hated Christmas…” said Booster as he felt it was hard to find words. “True, I don’t like Christmas, but where did I say that I wanted to ruin it for everyone else?” asked Valentina. “Ah that’s…true” said Booster as he looked away from her. As he looked saw Apple on the other side of the tower and in her hands were both Santa Claus and his wife. “Well?” asked Valentina. “Well…what?” asked Booster as he looked back at her. “Well? Well I want to know why you stole the presents instead of replacing them?” asked Valentina.

“You know me…me love toys and when me saw all those toys, me wanted them” answered Booster as he slowly looked up at her eyes. “And you lied to me about the evil plan by replacing them with our handmade toys then” said Valentina. “Sorry me lied…me though that you love me more if me took all the toys with replacing the one we made. Kinder like a bird and two stones” said Booster. “Oh you silly man, I love you. I love you and I’m sorry that I teased you about being childish” said Valentina as she kissed Booster on the forehead.  “But no harm have happened and the toys seem to be in one piece” said Apple as she walked up to them with the Claus in hand. Booster nodded.

“Then we must hurry and get everything all sorted by tomorrow night” said Santa as he looked at everyone. “Oh Valentina, one thing” said Miss Claus. Valentina looked at her. “With your haltered towards this holiday, I must ask…why were you so willing on taking over our roles without the intent of ruining Christmas for everyone else?” “As I said…because I don’t like something doesn’t mean that I should make everyone not like it either” answered Valentina.

“That’s good to hear” said Miss Claus with a smile. “Well it’s not like I went and stole all the presents in Toad Town or kidnapped Sandy Claus by using a sack and locking him up in a cupboard” said Valentina as she rolled her eyes. This caused Apple and the two Claus to laugh nervously. Valentina took note of their laughter but felt that it’s best not to say anything. With that the five of them began work on sorting out the presents.  

Time has passed since the events of Valentina and Booster, they all were able to sort each and every present and Santa Claus was able to deliver on time.

December 24th  

Over at Giant land,     

The sun has set letting out the clear night sky shinned down upon the snow covered land. It was the night of the Christmas Gala here at Giant Land; the royals have invited many guests to this event. Grand festive music played out which could be heard throughout the castle. Both Hugo and Apple, each dressed up for the night, stood within the grand hallway of the Giant Castle. Each one greeting the guests that have entered the castle all dressed up all glamour clothes. The guests that arrived to the gala were of all different sizes.

“Hi Apple” spoke a familiar voice. Apple took note of the person that spoke and looked ahead and saw no one was there. She then slowly looked down and saw that it was Princess Peach with Mario standing next to her, arm in arm. “Oh it’s great to see that you guys could make it” said Apple as she knelt down to look at them. “Same here but I’m surprise at seeing that you’re still here” said Peach as she smiled up at the giant princess.

“Oh I’m thinking that you’re talking about my Christmas role” said Apple as she smiled back. “Yeah that” said Peach. “Well, let’s just say that I have this year off” said Apple as she slowly looked out at the entrance. “Really?” asked Mario. “Who has Santa got to cover you?” asked Peach. “Let’s just say that you wouldn’t believe me even if I told you both” answered Apple as she looked back down at them. “Try us” said Peach. “Very well…” said Apple as she began to tell her tale.

Meanwhile over at the Mushroom Kingdom,

A certain giantess was wondering through the streets of Toad Town as quietly as she could with a heavy sack on her back. Sitting on her right shoulder was a man that dressed up like Santa Claus. The giantess was indeed Valentina, and the dressed up man was in deed Booster. “You know…” whispered Valentina as she took out a few presents in hand a dropped them within a chimney of a house, “Where did you say you got that door knob?” Booster looked at her and then thought for a moment before answering, “Me had it hit me on back of me head”

“Then you’re saying that you have no idea where huh?” asked Valentina as she looked at him confused. Booster just shrugged. “Hmm…” said Valentina as she picked up the sack and began to move over to the next the house, “Then I wonder where it came from” Valentina looked up at the night sky. As she looked up, she saw what she could tell was to be a shooting star.

Unknown to her and all those that saw the shooting star was in fact the Comet Observatory sailing across the fleet of stars.

Within the Comet Observatory,

“Where did you lose it?” asked Polari as he looked at Rosalina as she was searching through her stuff. “I don’t know…I could have sworn that I left it in my room” answered Rosalina as she looked over her shoulder to look at the brown Luma. “Well…” said Polari as he looked at the entrance to the room and saw that a yellow Luma was hovering in. “Erm…Mama…” said the yellow Luma. Rosalina looked at the Luma. “It was…it was me that lost the door knob,” said the Luma as it was beginning to cry, I wanted to see Santa Claus so I could…get you a present. But…but as I was about to use it…I dropped it onto a Warp Star”. “It’s okay” said Rosalina as she hugged the Luma.   

“Really?” asked the Luma. “Yeah…it’s okay…I’m sure that wherever the door knob went, it’s fulfilling its purpose” answered Rosalina.

Back down upon the Mushroom Kingdom

Everyone that’s at Christmas Gala and two that’s out delivering presents each looked up into the starry night sky. Each one smiled as they looked up as if they could see people looking down or rather reading them and they all said at once as load as they could,