Golden Giantess

(Cubed Cinder and Twilight Prince)

Chapter 1, written by Cubed Cinder

Bowser's Castle

It looked quiet on the outside of Bowser's Castle in the volcanic atmosphere that made up Dark Land, but inside, it was anything but. Bowser walked through the hallways as some of his Koopalings were running around, playing with each other or some of Bowser's minions. When Bowser almost got hit in the head with one of Lemmy's green balls, he went into his authoritative mood.
"Arrrgh! Can't you stoopa Koopas play in your rooms like I've told you to do a million times?" Bowser said.
"Well, yeah, king Dad! It's just so cramped up in our rooms!" Iggy said.
"Yeah, when will we get those bigger rooms you promised us!?" Lemmy said.
"(sigh) Why do I even bother?" Bowser said to himself.

And just as he thought things couldn't get worse, he walks into his throne room, and to his right is a gigantic television screen. Standing in front of it were two more of his Koopalings, Wendy and Larry. Also standing there was Kamek, Bowser's oldest-serving Magikoopa. Bowser's head boiled red and he let loose.
"KAMEK!!! What is the meaning of this!? What is this big honking TV doing in my throne room!?" Bowser shouted. Kamek jumped as soon as he heard Bowser's voice. The two Koopalings didn't react as they were entranced on the viewing screen.
"Please forgive me, King Bowser! The kids wouldn't stop pestering me to teleport this TV from the Real World to the throne room!" Kamek said.
"You... why I oughta..." Bowser said.
"Shhhh... shut up, Daddy! We're trying to watch this!" Wendy said.
"Yeah, King Dad, something big is about to happen, it looks like!" Larry said. Bowser knew there was hardly any arguing against Wendy, the only female of the Koopalings, so he just sighed and looked at the screen with them.
"Sigh... fine. What's going on here, anyway?" Bowser said.

Daisy Circuit

Ken the Reporter was standing in front of a good-sized crowd that had gathered around the giant golden Daisy and Luigi statues that were a signature of the Daisy Circuit, located on the outskirts of the Muda Kingdom of Sarasaland. Standing next to Ken was Professor E. Gadd, the crazy scientist known for his crazy inventions such as the Game Boy Horror, the Poltergust series, a time machine, FLUDD, and perhaps most infamously, the Spherasizer. Ken cleared his throat as he held the microphone up to his mouth, with one of the other dogs (standing behind the camera dog) pointing at Ken, signaling him to start talking.
"Thank you, and indeed, woof! We are here live all the way out in the Muda Kingdom of Sarasaland, where we are moments away from the demonstration of a brand new invention from Professor E. Gadd. Professor, I believe it is time for the television audience to know what it is you are about to show us." Ken said.
"Ah, but of course, Ken! I am proud today to demonstrate for the first time ever, the Statue Livenator! It brings to life any statue with the personality being determined by the love that went behind the creation of the statue!" Gadd said.
"The love that went behind the creation of the statue?" Ken asked.
"Well, yes... you see, when any statue is built, it is done with a purpose. And behind that purpose..." Gadd started to say, but before he could go into one of his long-winded explanations, he could hear the familiar voice of Princess Peach from within the small crowd.
"Look, here comes Daisy!" Peach shouted. When Ken heard that, he indeed looked behind him and saw Daisy driving up towards the crowd in her kart.
"Ah, forgive me, Professor, but it would appear our guest of honor has arrived. Ladies and gentlemen, Sarasaland's own Princess Daisy is arriving on the scene now!" Ken said.

Eventually, after the crowd made way for Daisy as she parked her kart not too far away from the golden Daisy and Luigi statues. Also standing close to the statues were Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Ken the reporter, and of course, Professor E. Gadd with his newest invention, the Statue Livenator.
"Hey everyone!" Daisy said.
"Daisy, you're a little late..." Peach said.
"Well, excuuuuuuuse me! They were taking longer than usual cleaning up the Daisy Cruiser!" Daisy said.
"No surprise... that thing's big enough to hold an entire race track!" Mario said.
"Well, anyway, now that the princess is here, shall we begin the proceedings?" Gadd said.
"Yes! So you say that little invention of yours will bring those statues to life?" Daisy said, pointing up at the Daisy and Luigi statues.
"Well, at least one of them. I can revive one statue with this machine, but then it has to recharge for several hours before I can revitalize another statue." Gadd said.
"In that case, you better start with my statue!" Daisy said.
"I thought you'd never ask! Here goes, everyone... stand back!" Gadd said. After Gadd was given plenty of working room, he tinkered with his compact invention. Eventually, a thin red laser fired up, directly making contact with the Daisy statue. The statue glowed red for a short while, and then stopped.

A few seconds passed and nothing had happened.
"Looks like nothing happened." Luigi said.
"Hmmm... I guess it's back to the drawing board, doc!" Mario said.
"Have patience, Super Mario Brothers... I'm sure we'll see some results very soon." Gadd said. And right when he said that, the Daisy statue started to vibrate. Everyone gasped and moved a bit wondering what was going on. Finally, the Daisy statue, estimated at about 50-60 feet tall, released her grip on the Luigi statue, carefully planting her feet into the fountain, splashing water in many different directions.
"Huh? What happened? I feel so full of life, all of a sudden..." the Daisy statue said.
"Greetings, Daisy statue!" Gadd shouted, his voice filled with excitement as a result of his invention seemingly a success.
"Oh, hi! I'm Daisy! It's a pleasure to meet all of you!" the Daisy statue said.
"Incredible!" Mario shouted.
"Mama mia! And her dress is flowing smoothly too!" Luigi said, noting Daisy's dress fluttering in both the wind and the water of the fountain. Everyone had expected the dress to be solid stiff from being a statue, but this was not the case. The Daisy statue was moving as if Daisy had grown in size. And speaking of Daisy, she ran up to the edge of the fountain, not too far from where the statue was standing.
"Oh, you must be the original Princess Daisy! The one who commissioned my creation for this lovely part of your kingdom." the Daisy statue said.
"Professor! You did it! Look how much this statue is like me!" Daisy said.
"Yes... perhaps this is my greatest triumph ever!" Gadd said. Then, everyone watched as the statue reached down and picked up Princess Daisy.
"Princess Daisy, forgive me if this is too much to ask, but I've been stuck on this platform for so long... I have always dreamed of exploring this kingdom. Will you please take me on a tour?" the Daisy statue said.
"Well, Sarasaland is such a huge kingdom... perhaps we can keep the tour simple for now by taking you around this track and the town not too far from it?" Daisy said.
"Oh, I would love that! And perhaps I can meet everyone here too!" the Daisy statue said.
"Alright then... well, I would like to introduce you to four of my closest friends. Down there is Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom, and Professor E. Gadd." Daisy said, pointing to each member of the front group. The Daisy statue did a curtsey.
"I'm honored to meet all of you!" the Daisy statue said.
"This is amazing, Professor E. Gadd!" Peach said.
"I agree! Too bad we don't have that Peach statue anymore I found from Kitchen Island." Mario said.

Finally, the Daisy statue turned away from the crowd and walked further down the Daisy Circuit, still holding Daisy in her hands as the princess guided the living statue on where to go around the circuit. The rest of the crowd, including Professor E. Gadd with his invention, followed behind the statue, anxious to hear what she thinks of the town.

Bowser's Castle

As the guided tour was happening live on TV, Bowser, Kamek, and the two Koopalings (Wendy and Larry) all had different opinions on different parts of the ceremony.
"Ooooohhh... that is so incredible, that statue coming to life like that!" Wendy said.
"Even I have to admit it looks good, especially as it walks around like a normal human being." Larry said.
"Bah! Parlor trick! Who needs a dumb piece of machinery when a little Koopa magic can being ANYTHING to life?" Kamek said, folding his arms.
"Yeah, except your spells don't work the way they're supposed to half the time." Bowser said.
"Daddy! I wanna have a giant, talking statue of myself!" Wendy said.
"Alrighty, my little kootie pie, I can have Kamek..." Bowser said.
"No! Magic's the easy way out... I want him to build this statue with his own two hands! No magic wands or any other stupid spells of his!" Wendy shouted.
"WHAT!? Young lady, you are talking nonsense..." Kamek said.
"I don't care! I want you to build a giant, talking statue of me, Wendy O. Koopa! I WANNA!!! I WANNA!!!!! I WANNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Wendy shouted at very high volume levels.
"Well... you heard the lady, Kamek. With your own two hands!" Bowser said.
"Huh? Not you too... sigh, this is unbelievable." Kamek said.
"So you better get as many Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Dry Bones as you can, and tell them to make it snappy!" Bowser said.
"Right away, sir..." Kamek said as he slowly walked his way out of the throne room. Wendy and Larry shortly followed.
"Yee-hah! I'm gonna get my own giant, talking statue... I'm gonna get my own giant, talking statue..." Wendy said as she sung her way out of the room.

Bowser took another look at the TV screen, with the giant Daisy statue making its way around Daisy Circuit. As he stared at the image on screen, he suddenly had an idea that involved giant statues.
"Hmmm... Kamek! I'm gonna be borrowing your wand! And your spellbook too!" Bowser said as he too made his way out of the throne room.

Daisy Circuit

A short time later, the tour was coming to an end as the group had returned back to where the statues were. The Daisy statue gently placed Daisy down on the ground and the princess hopped off the golden gloved hands.
"Well, I must say this was a fascinating tour of the town. I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of Sarasaland." the Daisy statue said.
"Hey, why stop there? I think it'd be nice if the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom saw you, Daisy." Peach said.
"What are you talking about? I've been all over the Mushroom Kingdom several times over!" Daisy shouted.
"Whoops... I meant the giant statue of yourself." Peach said.
"Oh, right. My bad!" Daisy said.
"Yes, I would like that too! Huh? What is that flying object approaching us?" the Daisy statue said. Everyone looked in the same general direction as where the statue was looking. As the object came closer, there was already panic in the crowd.
"That's no UFO! That's Bowser in his Koopa Clown Car!" Mario said.
"Hahaha! You got that right, Mario! I'd give you a prize for guessing correctly, but that wouldn't be sporting of me!" Bowser said.
"Bowser! What do you want!?" Peach said.
"Well, you'll be happy to know I'm not interested in you this time, Princess Peach. I'm here for that giant golden Daisy statue!" Bowser said.
"What!? You'll never get this statue, not if we have anything to say about it." Daisy said.
"And besides... isn't it a little too big for you to capture?" Luigi asked.
"Oh, but I don't need to capture it... at least, not the conventional way. Observe!" Bowser shouted. He pulled out a blue wand from his car and fired it at the Daisy statue.
"What? What is this strange light? Oooohhh..." the Daisy statue said, suddenly feeling the need to hold its head. Finally, the statue closed its eyes and lowered its head, seemingly being knocked unconscious.

"Daisy! What's happening?" Daisy said as she and everyone else looked in fear at the statue, wondering what was going to happen next. Then, the Daisy statue raised its head again, but this time, something was amiss.
"What is your command, my master?" the Daisy statue said, looking straight at Bowser.
"Ah, beautiful! It works! Oh, I am so giving a promotion to Kamek when this is over." Bowser said.
"Oh no! Bowser's taken control of the giant Daisy statue!" Mario said.
"That's right, dumb plumber! And guess what? I get to test its obedience on every last one of you! Giant Daisy statue, I command you to capture every one of those citizens down there!" Bowser said, pointing at the crowd, who gasped in fear. Some of the people were already running away for shelter.
"Yes, my master." the Daisy statue said in a rather cold tone. The statue then walked towards our heroes and reached down to grab them.
"Run for it!" Mario said, with he and Luigi taking off in the opposite direction.
"Eeeeeek!!" Peach and Daisy both shouted. Everyone, including Professor E. Gadd, was able to escape the Daisy statue's hand, but now they had to contend with the golden giantess chasing them past the Start/Finish line of Daisy Circuit. Bowser flew behind the statue, smiling at the panic his newly found ally was causing around town.

As E. Gadd tried to keep up with our heroes, only one thing was on his mind right now.
"Sigh... why is it my inventions always cause things to go wrong?" the professor said.

Chapter 2, written by Twilight Prince

As the group consisting of Daisy, Peach, the Mario brothers, and E. Gadd ran as fast as they could, they could hear the thundering footprints of the possessed golden giantess behind them. This only made them wish to run faster. "So what're we gonna do?!" called out Daisy among the ruckus.

"You tell me!" said Mario. This was one of those rare times Mario didn't have a plan off the top of his head.

Seeing something, Luigi suddenly turned around. "Quick, in here!" he called out. He was heading into the hidden shortcut that was found early on in the Daisy Circuit, which had a booster that led out to where the statue normally was. Everyone dove into the small outcropping, and just in time as the Daisy statue turned the corner, but she didn't see where they went. Even if she did, it was likely she'd have a difficult time getting them out without causing a building to be demolished or two. The godlen giantess, now with a glowing red tint in her eyes signifying her being under Bowser's control, looked around for any sign of the group.

"What the---hey, where'd they go?!" Bowser called out from his Clown Car, "Those pipsqueaks couldn't have gotten that far, even on Star power! You, statue! Keep following the track and look for them!"

"As you wish, my master." the giantess replied, strolling down the track yet again, unknowingly passing by the shortcut the group was hiding in.

Once the loud footsteps had died down, the group sighed with some relief. "Well...what will we do now? Surely it won't be long before she comes around again..." Peach replied.

"Mm...this is indeed quite the predicament." E. Gadd replied, "I now wish that I didn't leave behind my device, otherwise I could change the statue back into just a statue, and surely that wicked Bowser's spell would wear off...Hummm...but I do wonder if science could beat magic. That is quite the conundrum..."

"This isn't exactly the time to be getting into talking about that, E. Gadd. We have to find a way to break Bowser's spell on that statue! country could be in trouble..." Daisy replied, seeming a little responsible for what happened.

"Mm, yes, quite right my dear." E. Gadd nodded.

"Hold on a second, doc." Luigi replied, "You said you left your machine back where the statue first came to life, right? Aren't we...just next to that site?"

E. Gadd jumped in place for a moment. "By jove, you're right Luigi! We are indeed right within the vicinity of where the statue first came to life! All we need to do is go and get the Statue Livenator and then await the statue to come back!"

"Providing the statue hasn't crushed the device already..." Mario replied.

"Hm...yes, that is possible, but it never hurts to try, right?" Peach replied.

"Right! Me and Luigi will go out and get the device. You three stay here in case the statue and Bowser come back!" Mario said, and with that, the Mario Bros. jumped out the other side of the shortcut and ran towards where the golden statue was originally placed.

Unfortunately, to their dismay, the Statue Livenator was indeed smashed to pieces, right in the center of a large footprint left behind by the golden Daisy statue. Luigi sighed. "Well, there goes that idea, there a Plan B?"

"Well...I guess the only option left is to get Bowser's wand and reverse the spell." Mario replied.

"That's gonna be hard, Mario...especially with the statue following his every command!" Luigi said, stating the obvious.

"I know, I know! Hmm...if I only had a Cape Feather or a Racoon Leaf or something." he sighed.

Back with the rest in the hiding hole of the shortcut, Peach was busy keepign watch out the other side while Daisy and E. Gadd were speaking with each other. "So...we're just supposed to sit here while that statue runs amok with Bowser?" Daisy asked.

"I'm afraid that's all we can do for now, my dear. Unless the Mario Bros. are successful in retrieving the Statue Livenator, which we then can use to make her a statue again." E. Gadd replied.

"This is stupid! I mean...why does Bowser always have to come and ruin the fun. Doesn't that quack ever take a vacation?!" Daisy was easily fed up at this entire ordeal, despite that her kingdom usually wasn't the target for Bowser's attacks.

"Ah, here come the Mario Bros. now!" E. Gadd replied, seeing the two brothers down below.

Daisy peered over the side. "Well guys? Any luck?" she called down to them.

"Ah...afraid not." Luigi replied, "The machine's smashed to bits!"

"Oh my, my, my, that's no good..." E. Gadd sighed.

" is there a Plan B?" called Daisy.

"We gotta get the wand from Bowser. Then we can reverse the spell!" Mario replied.

"Okay, sounds easy on paper, but with that statue under his control, that isn't going to be easy." said Daisy.

"AAAAAHHH!" came a scream from the other side. It was Peach's scream as a golden gloved hand gently plucked her up and off the ground. The Mario Bros. heard this and ran around to the other side while Daisy and E. Gadd just stared in slight horror as they saw the golden giantess hold Peach in her hand, keeping a good, but not crushing, grip on the princess.

"Ahahahaha! Thought you could hide from me, eh princess?" Bowser chuckled menacingly as he hovered to Peach's level in his Koopa Clown Car, "Well, nice try, but it seems this statue knows more about this area than you think! Must be from being stuck here all the time normally. Gaahaha!"

"Bowser, let me go!" Peach begged.

"Oh, don't be such a spoilsport, princess. Now I got you and a secret weapon...a giant living statue of this kingdom's princess that will do my bidding! Gaahahaha!" Bowser couldn't help but feel that he had finally won, but his little winning speech was cut shot as he saw the Mario Bros. below, "Hmm...well, can't celebrate just yet...not until those pesky plumbers are gone first! Statue! Smash those two into the ground!"

"Yes, Master..." the Daisy Statue replied, her eyes still glowing red from being under Bowser's spell. Without any hesitation or thought, she lifted her golden heeled slipper up into the air.

"Mario! Luigi! Watch out!" Peach yelled downward. It seemed to be just in time, as the giantess's foot came crashing down with forceful impact, the Mario Bros. dodging to the sides just in time.

"Whoa! I've heard of smashing bugs, but smashing plumbers?!" Luigi wondered.

"Not the time, Luigi, move!" Mario replied as the giantess tried yet again to make the plumbers a smear on the gravel. Try as she did, though, the Mario Bros. managed to dodge every footfall, even though each one caused the ground to shake harder than a Thwomp upon impact.

"Just keep it up, statue! They'll tire out quick!" Bowser yelled out.

"This is no good Mario! We can't get up to Bowser if we're busy plaing hard-to-get!" said Luigi, dodging another footfall.

Watching from the sidelines was E. Gadd and Daisy herself. Thankfully, they hadn't been noticed as much since Bowser was too busy focusing on the Mario Bros. now. "Oh my, this does not bode well..." the professor replied, shaking slighly from fear and the shockwaves of the golden giantess's thundering footsteps.

"This is stupid! Ugh, darn it Bowser!" Daisy grunted as she pounded her fist against a brick wall. However, as she did, she felt the brick wall crumble, much like how a brick block shattered when Mario hit one back in the old days. Furthermore, there was a multicolored shatter followed soon after, and Daisy instantly knew what that was. "A...a Mario Kart item block...?" she wondered. True enough, it seemed like she had somehow broken a hidden one someone stored away from the races. Seeing it broken, Daisy didn't know what to expect as a panel showing a rotating flurry of pictures hovered before her, the pictures indicating Mario Kart power-ups.

When the rotating stopped....Daisy's eyes went wide, then her mouth went into a sly grin. "I think...we just got our Plan B." she smiled.

Seeing the result of the item block selection, E. Gadd adjusted his glasses. "Oh my..."

Chapter 3, written by Cubed Cinder

The fatigue was starting to set in for Mario and Luigi. It was getting tougher to avoid the giant Daisy statue's stomps amidst the heavy breathing both brothers were now experiencing.
"*huff puff* Luigi, I can't take much more of this..." Mario said as he collapsed to his knees.
"I know... I know, Mario... that Daisy statue knows how to wear us down..." Luigi said, also unable to move any more. Peach tried encouraging them to move again, even in the tight grip of the Daisy statue's hand.
"Get up, Mario and Luigi! Please get up!" Peach said.
"Hahahaha!! Cheer all you want, princess, but my plan worked perfectly. They're too worn down to even stop a sewer clog. Now finish them, my beautiful statue!" Bowser said.
"As you wish, my master." the Daisy statue said. It looked like the end for the Mario Brothers as they helplessly watched the statue raise a foot above them.
But just then, the statue looked ahead of her to see a big chunk of debris flying towards her face! She wasn't prepared for the projectile suddenly approaching and she got hit in the face with it.
"Ow!!!" the statue shouted as she backed away a couple steps, almost losing her balance. After she rubbed her face of the mess, she looked ahead again to see where it came from.

Standing ahead of her was Princess Daisy herself, and she was just as tall as the statue.

Daisy was standing next to a building that had one of its upper corners ripped off, signifying it was that piece of building she used to distract the statue.
"Alright, my twin statue. I think it's time you picked on someone your own size." Daisy said. The statue was slightly taken aback, which was no surprise given the lack of emotions caused by Bowser's spell. And speaking of Bowser, naturally he was in shock.
"What the koop!? How did she get so big? And without my magic no less!" Bowser shouted.
"You really should remember what's in those item boxes, Bowser." Daisy said.
"Woohoo! Now we're talking!" Mario said, seemingly invigorated with energy from seeing the advantage they needed to take on the giant Daisy statue.
"Yeah! Go, Daisy!" Luigi said.
"Daisy, we don't have to fight... please, come to your senses and help me defeat Bowser." Daisy said. The statue's eyes glowed a brighter red than before.
"I serve nobody except King Bowser!" the statue shouted.
"Well, can you at least give me the princess so we don't accidentally hurt her, or something?" Daisy said.
"Go ahead, my beloved statue. Let's be fair to the giant tomboy of a princess. Toss her our gift!" Bowser said with an evil smile.
"As you wish, my master." the Daisy statue said. She followed Bowser's command literally, tossing Peach up in the air like she were some kind of ball.
"Eeeeeeeeeeeek!!! Someone catch me!!!" Peach said. Fortunately, it was an easy play for the giant Daisy. She took a few steps forward and held her hands up in the air, allowing Peach to fall into them. Daisy lowered her hands and held them against her face.
"Are you alright, Peach?" Daisy said.
"Yes, thanks... but what about you? How did you grow so big?" Peach asked.
"That was a great idea adding Mega Mushrooms to the item boxes for the Mario Kart races this year." Daisy said with a smile.
"Oh... I guess I'm glad I had the thinking crown on that day." Peach said, smiling right back.
"You and the brothers better get out of here. I'll deal with my golden twin." Daisy said.
"Be careful, Daisy!" Peach said. Daisy then lowered her down to the ground, where she joined up with Mario and Luigi. The three then ran out of the way, thinking it was about to become a brawl (not that the three were strangers to such a scenario) between the two giantesses.

Once the three were out of the 'battlefield,' Daisy once again tried talking with the golden statue of herself.
"Please, Daisy, don't do this! If we fight, we'll destroy this entire area!" Daisy said.
"What difference does it make? My master and I will soon rule this entire world." the statue said.
"Yes, but think of the people you'll be hurting not just here in Sarasaland, but in all the Mushroom Kingdom as well!" Daisy said.
"Silence! My master wants me to dispose of you, and that is what I shall do! Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" the statue said before she charged forward towards the flesh-and-blood version of herself.
"Wait, Daisy! Wait!" Daisy said, trying once more to plead with the giantess, but she ended up getting plowed into by the statue. Daisy fell back several steps before crashing into a couple buildings, topping them as she fell on top of them.
"Haha! Nice shot, my statue! Exemplary work! I could almost hire you on the spot!" Bowser said. Daisy slowly got up, brushing the building mess off her dress. Fortunately, the area was evacuated, so none of the citizens (Mushroom people and Piantas, for example) were in any danger. Still, Daisy wasn't too happy with what just happened. Daisy was known not just for being far more tomboyish than the average princess, but for her short temper as well.
"Alright then... if you wanna fight, then that's what you'll get!" Daisy said. She lunged towards the golden giantess and the two locked hands. It was a struggle for the first minute or two, with both giantesses trying to fully grab each other. Bowser of course was cheering for his statue.
"Come on, come on! A left to the face and a right to the jaw!" Bowser shouted.
The fight continued for about a few minutes. When the giantesses weren't locking hands, one was throwing the other against a large group of buildings. So the villages that populated Daisy Circuit started to look like a wreck, although it could've been a lot worse.

As the battle continued to play out, with the two giantesses taking turns landing hard blows to each other, Mario, Luigi, and Peach watched as the battle played out. E.Gadd was staying in the shadows for the time being.
"Oh! That was a hard one..." Luigi said.
"I just hope Daisy will be okay." Mario said.
"It's not just Daisy I'm worried about." Peach said.
"What do you mean, Peach?" Mario asked.
"Are you guys seeing the glowing red eyes in the Daisy statue? It seems to me the evil is building up inside of that statue. Soon, it will grow more ruthless, and I fear nobody may be safe by then." Peach said.
"Well, the real Daisy will save us by then, right?" Luigi said.
"I'm not so sure... her Mega Mushroom powers might wear out soon... then what will we do?" Peach said.
"She's right... Daisy can't be like that forever. We have to do something, but what?" Mario said. Peach then pointed over to the same item box that Daisy had touched earlier.
"We have to get that wand from Bowser, and I have an idea..." Peach said.

Meanwhile, because of the growing evil inside the golden Daisy statue, her moves were getting stronger as well, and Daisy had a hard time keeping up, especially as the statue suddenly kneed Daisy in the stomach. Daisy stumbled backwards, having to lean against the Luigi statue to keep from falling to the ground again.
"So, how does it feel to lose to a living statue?" the golden Daisy statue said, now with an evil smile on her face.
"How can I feel anything? I'm fighting against something that's been given an evil soul against its will. I'd rather lose to the Daisy statue I had my people build when I made this track!" Daisy said.
"Such a lack of logic. A statue is a statue, no matter what the purpose is." the Daisy statue said.
"Don't worry... when this is over, I will make Bowser pay for what he did to you." Daisy said.
"No... it is you who will pay!" the Daisy statue said. She ran up towards Daisy, and the giant princess jumped to the right... but the statue anticipated this and used her other hand to grab Daisy by the neck.
"Ack! You're... you're choking... *cough cough*" Daisy said, unable to find the words to speak.
"Now... to render you immobile, just like I have been since the day I was born!" the Daisy statue said.

While all this was going on, Peach touched the item box and a series of items shuffled around, just like before. Peach was hoping it would be another Mega Mushroom so that she could grow and help Daisy finish the battle, but instead, something else popped up.
"Huh? A Bob-omb?" Peach asked.
"No wait... this will work out! All we need to do is get the wand from Bowser, right?" Mario said.
"I get it! We're gonna take out Bowser while he's distracted with this Bob-omb!" Luigi said.
"Exactly!" Mario said. He reached forward and grabbed the holographic image, causing it to transform into a Bob-omb. Peach looked back to see Daisy being cornered by the Luigi statue.
"Better make it fast, Mario! Daisy's trapped!" Peach said.
"I'm on it! Luigi, be ready to grab the wand just in case." Mario said.
"Right!" Luigi said as he and Mario ran towards the two giantesses, with Bowser flying his Clown Car near them. When Mario felt he was close enough to Bowser, he turned the crank on Bob-omb's back, causing the fuse to light up.

Back to where the Daisy statue is trying to chose Daisy to unconsciousness, Bowser rubbed his hands together as he sensed the inevitable victory.
"Yes, yes! Knock out that tower of flower power! Once she's out of the way, nobody can stop us then!" Bowser said.
"Hey, Bowser! Catch!" Mario shouted before he hurled the Bob-omb up in the air. When Bowser heard Mario's voice, he looked down and saw the Bob-omb heading for him. But in the heat of the moment, with the Bob-omb flying upwards in a hurry, Bowser actually catched the Bob-omb in his two hands, and didn't realize what he caught until he was looking right at it.
"Oh no..." Bowser said to himself before the Bob-omb exploded!

The loud explosion caused the Daisy statue to become distracted, wondering where the boom came from. This gave Daisy the chance she needed to use her arm strength to loosen the statue's grip and then kick her down to the ground, splashing into the fountain she once came from.
Meanwhile, Bowser was fully charred having taken the big hit from the Bob-omb. On top of that, the Koopa Clown Car fell down to the ground, the rough landing causing Bowser to fall out of the vehicle.
"*cough cough* I knew I should've banished those Bob-ombs to Doki Doki Land." Bowser said. When he looked a few yards ahead of himself, that's where he saw the wand that he hypnotized the Daisy statue with.
"My wand!" Bowser shouted. He crawled out of his vehicle to try and grab it, but it was an easy scoop for Luigi.
"Now my wand!" Luigi said.
"Blast it! Give me my wand back!" Bowser shouted, but of course those words fell on deaf ears as far as Luigi was concerned.

Luigi, meanwhile, stepped as close as he safely could to the two giantesses, standing behind the real Daisy in fact, and aimed the wand at the Daisy statue as it was slowly getting back up.
"Here we go! No more evil statue..." Luigi said as he activated the blue wand and its beam of light was focused on the statue. Slowly, the red glare in the statue's eyes faded away until none of it remained.
"It's working!" Peach shouted in excitement. Daisy saw the wand's light focusing on the statue and knew it was her friends that had done the job of wrestling the wand out of Bowser's grip. She turned around and saw Luigi with the wand in his hands.
"Alright, sweetie! Did you get that wand all by yourself?" Daisy said.
"Um... well... um... uh..." Luigi said, obviously nervous about speaking to his 50-foot-tall girlfriend.
"Yes he did! You were very brave to take on Bowser one-on-one like that, Luigi!" Mario said. Peach could only help but giggle over what she was watching.
"Awww... my little hero." Daisy said as she reached down and grabbed Luigi and then kissed his entire body with her lips.
"Mama mia!!!" Luigi shouted. Daisy then placed Luigi back down on the ground (though she did take the wand and crush it with her gloved hands) and focused her attention on the Daisy statue.

As for the Daisy statue? She was rolling her eyes around like she was trying to get her vision back.
"Ugh... what happened? Where am I? What have I been doing?" the Daisy statue said. That's when she looked ahead and saw the human Daisy just as tall as she was.
"Princess Daisy? I didn't know you could be as tall as me." the Daisy statue said.
"Hehe... I'm not, my beloved statue. It's kind of a long story." Daisy said.
"I must ask, what have I been doing the last several minutes?" the Daisy statue said.
"Well, I'll just come right out and say it. You were under Bowser's control." Daisy said.
"Bowser? Who is that?" the Daisy statue said. Daisy looked to the statue's right where she saw Bowser trying to get back into his Clown Car.
"How about I introduce him to you?" Daisy said. She walked over to the Clown Car and picked it up with both her hands, with Bowser inside it.
"Huh? Hey, put me down! Put me down! I'm not in my giga form!" Bowser shouted.
"So, Bowser? How does it feel to have twice the Daisy towering over you?" Daisy said.
"Wait, now I seem to recall... you are an enemy of Daisy and her friends. I remember you throwing all those Spiny Shells in one of the races!" the Daisy statue said.
"Bah! You're dumber than you look, stupid statue!" Bowser shouted.
"Daisy, may I do the honors of sending Bowser back to where he came from?" the Daisy statue said.
"Absolutely!" Daisy said. She handed the Clown Car over to her statue counterpart, and then, the statue ducked down and hurled the Clown Car all the way off Sarasaland and into the sky.
"I'll get you for this! I'll be back! Just you wait and see!" Bowser said.

After dealing with Bowser, the Daisy statue looked around and saw all the damage that was caused around the Daisy Circuit.
"So I see... it must've been when I was under that evil spell that caused all this damage." the Daisy statue said.
"Daisy, don't worry about it..." Daisy said.
"No... I must apologize for this. I know how important this village is to you. I take full responsibility." the Daisy statue said.
"Oh, stop! They're just buildings, they can be rebuilt by the kind and loving citizens of Sarasaland. Besides... the most important thing is that nobody was hurt." Daisy said.
"Nobody? Not even yourself or your friends?" the Daisy statue said.
"You bet! So don't think for one second I'm going to punish you!" Daisy said with a smile.
"Still, I would like to atone for the trouble I have caused all of you. Please allow me to help with the cleanup part here." the Daisy statue said.
"I would love that. Uh oh..." Daisy said. She then felt her body vibrating just a bit. She knew what was coming. And just like that, she started to shrink in size (complete with the shrinking sound effect from the Mario games).
"Well, that Mega Mushroom lasted longer than I thought." Daisy said with a smile on her face. She was back to her original size, leaving the Daisy statue as the only giantess in the area. Peach ran up to Daisy and gave her a hug.
"Oh, Daisy, everyone in this kingdom thanks you for defending us against the Daisy statue." Peach said, pointing at all the people (who started to come out of their hiding places after they saw the Daisy statue cured of its evil spell) that were starting to cheer for their princess.
"Hehe... oh stop, it was nothing really." Daisy said.
"So? Shall we begin with the cleanup?" the Daisy statue said.
"Yes we shall!" Daisy said.

Bowser's Castle

Back in Bowser's Castle, Bowser had made a big leap off his Clown Car, which crashed into the lava moat that surrounded his castle. But he landed on top of the stone columns that would've made up the Wendy Koopa statue outside the castle, and Wendy was not too pleased with the work of Kamek and the other Koopa Troopas coming to an abrupt halt.
"Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Daddy, how dare you interrupt construction of my glorious statue!?" Wendy said.
"Lord Bowser! Where in the world have you been?" Kamek said, looking at Bowser's still charred body from the Bob-omb blast.
"Don't ask..." Bowser said as he just laid there helpless, another plan failed and getting an earful from Wendy Koopa at the same time.

Daisy Circuit

Almost one hour passed, with most of the debris cleaned up around Daisy Circuit, particularly the stuff that littered the race track. Thanks to the Daisy statue's combined size and strength, a cleanup job that would've taken the rest of the day took less than one hour to accomplish, a feat that was applauded upon by the citizens that were still in town. Of course, there was still the task of rebuilding the buildings that got demolished, but that can come another day, Daisy thought.
"Hey, everyone! Everyone!" a familiar voice shouted.
"Oh! Professor E.Gadd!" Daisy said. Everyone looked to see E.Gadd running towards the scene. He had gone into hiding after Daisy grew to her giant size, working to get the Statue Livenator back in working order.
"Oh, I see Bowser has been taken care of. Darn! I was gonna seal him in a painting again!" E.Gadd said.
"So... professor, I take it you fixed the statue machine?" Daisy said.
"Well, almost. I think I'm gonna need another few minutes worth of work before it's completely fixed." E.Gadd said.
"Hmmm... I have an idea to pass the time." Daisy said.
"You do, and what is that?" Peach asked. Daisy smiled and looked up at the giant statue of herself.
"Daisy statue! I challenge you to a race in Mario Kart!" Daisy said.
"WHAT!?" almost everyone in the group shouted.
"Huh? Me? Are you sure? I don't even have my own kart... let alone one that would fit me!" the Daisy statue said.
"Heh, you don't need a kart! You can just run along the track while I'm driving my way around." Daisy said.
"Really, I can do that?" the Daisy statue said.
"Yeah! I heard the idea from a little chimp, of all things." Daisy said. Bonus points to anyone that can guess the reference there (hint: it's a Nintendo/Rare racing game from the N64 days).
"Oh, Daisy, I would be most honored to compete in one race against you before I return to my normal state." the Daisy statue said.
"Then it's settled!" Daisy shouted.

Moments later, the giant Daisy statue was standing on the starting line of the Daisy Circuit while Daisy was in her 150cc-powered kart, revving it up and waiting for the starting signal. With Lakitu on vacation, Peach was standing between many yards in front of the two, acting as the starter for the special race. Mario and Luigi were among the many people gathered to watch the race from the streets.
"Mario, are you sure Daisy will be alright racing against such a big living statue?" Luigi asked.
"Hey, if we can survive an onslaught of Spiny Shells, Princess Daisy can sure race against a statue that's running on foot." Mario said with a smile.
"Daisy statue, are you ready?" Peach asked.
"Ready!" the Daisy statue shouted.
"Daisy, are you ready?" Peach asked.
"Ready!" Daisy shouted, revving up her kart again.
"3...2...1... GO!!!" Peach shouted as loud as she could, throwing both her hands to the ground to signify the start. Daisy raced off in her kart to Peach's right while the Daisy statue went running by on her two feet to Peach's left.

Peach turned around and watched the two race into the first series of turns while the crowd cheered behind her. No matter who won, it was gonna be a race for the ages.