Little Big Princesses, Little Big Problems


NOTE from author: Shiroma is the White Mage from Mario Hoops 3-on-3.

Toad Town

Mario and the crew were in the middle of a battle with Bowser, his son Bowser Jr. and his minions Kamek, Boom-Boom and Pom-Pom. "Jeez these guys can't take a hint" said Shiroma launching a fireball
"Just keep-a hitting them" Mario said, Luigi and Pauline were standing back to back taking out minions with boomarangs, Boom-Boom barreled through them knocking them out of boomerang form
Boom-Boom prepared to take another swing at them only to be caught by Shadow Peach's dead hands "Ah ah ah, let's have some fun first" she said dragging Boom-Boom back and commanding the hands to slam him on the ground constantly "Hahahaha, oh this is too much fun"
"Put me down you crazy brat" Boom-Boom said
"I got you Boom-Boom" Pom-Pom said throwing her boomerang and shuriken hitting Shadow Peach and knocking Boom-Boom loose
"Not bad but..." Shadow Peach couldn't finish her sentence as Boom-Boom grabbed her by the face and threw her into a cliff
"Ha take that" Pom-Pom said, as Shadow Peach began to pull herself loose Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Pauline, Shiroma, Toad, Toadette, Metal Mario and Pink Gold Peach were thrown toward the same cliff
"Oh great" Shadow Peach said as the others slammed into the cliff
"Heeheehee how do you like that chumps" Kamek laughed. The rocks tumbled loosening them from the cliff
"Get off me" Shadow Peach said pushing Toad of her and readjusting her crown "Got any ideas, plumber boy", everyone stood up and dusted themselves off
"Ugh I hate being knocked into small form" Daisy said as she and the others were knocked into small form from the hit
"Just one but we need a distraction" Mario said looking at Luigi
"Wait why do I always-a have to be the-a distraction" Luigi asked
"Just do it" Shadow Peach said "Hey Peach got any super mushrooms"
"Yeah but not enough for all of us" Peach said "But I have some mini mushrooms and mega mushrooms", "Give them to Mario, Luigi, Toad, Toadette, Pauline and myself the super mushrooms, I have a think I an idea" Metal Mario said

"Hey over-a here" Luigi said drawing Boom-Boom and Pom-Pom's attention
"Get him" Pom-Pom said, "Uh oh aaauuggghh" Luigi yelled leading them away from Bowser
"Nice job bro" Mario said
"Yeah whatever you-a owe me for this" Luigi said still running
Toad and Toadette jumped onto Kamek's broomstick "Surprise" Toadette said
"Why you" Kamek said kicking his broom into high gear to shake them of, meanwhile Mario and Metal Mario grabbed Bowser by his tail
"Gotcha" Mario said
"What whoa" Bowser said as Mario and Metal Mario swung him around "Junior get them off me"
"You got it dad" Bowser Jr. said rushing preparing his mech
Unnoticed Pauline walked up to Jr.'s mech, removing one of the control panels she placed a miniaturized Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Shiroma, Pink Gold Peach and Shadow Peach inside "Okay you girls rewire this thing while I head for the main control room" Pauline said
"You got it" Rosalina said pulling out her wand
"Let's get to work" Peach said pulling out her parasol, after slashing the wires they hop out and replaced the panel
"Okay let's get out of here" Pink Gold Peach said
in the control room Pauline hacked the controls and placed a Bob-Omb into the main engine "Once they try to take off they'll be in for a rude awakening" she said heading out
Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Shiroma, Pink Gold Peach, Shadow Peach and Pauline met up and headed for the exit "Okay now" Peach said, as everyone except Pauline jumped out they use the mega mushroom to turn into mega form "Okay Pauline jump" Peach said holding out her hand as Pauline jumped into Peach's hand
in the airship Bowser Jr. hopped into his mech "Let's see how they handle this" he said pressing the button, but the mech began to malfuction and exploded blast Jr. into the control room which in turn caused the Bob-Omb to explode.
Mario and Metal Mario threw Bowser into the airship blasting him and Bowser Jr. into the distance "You haven't see the last off me" Bowser said
"Okay that is enough" Kamek said preparing to blast Toad and Toadette with magic but he was interupted by Peach who slammed him on the ground knocking his wand loose, Daisy grabbbed Toad and Toadette
"Ha take that jerk" Daisy said, Boom-Boom and Pom-Pom stopped chasing Luigi and grabbed Kamek dragging him out of there
"And good riddence" Shiroma said
"Wait where's Kamek's wand it's still charged with magic" Toad asked
"Uhhh right there" Luigi said seeing the wand falling to the ground
"We got it" Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Shiroma, Pink Gold Peach, and Shadow Peach said racing for the wand but before they could grab it the wand fell to the ground smashing the jewel zapping them with magic
"EEAAAYYYEEAAHH" they screamed as they were blasted into a nearby cliff
"You girls okay" Toadette asked
"Uuuggghhhh" the girls said as they fell to the ground being knocked into their small forms from the blast
"I'll get some more super mushrooms" Toad said walikng back to the castle

Peach's Castle

Back at the castle the girls use the super mushrooms restoring them back to normal form(super form is a bit different for Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Shiroma, Pink Gold Peach and Shadow Peach, more on that later in the story) "Well that was a bust" Shiroma said
"Yeah but at least got rid of them for today" Mario said
"Speak for yourself, I almost got-a pounded" Luigi said
"Yeah, Yeah come on I'll let you pick dinner tonight" Mario said
"Ugh Fine, later-a guys" Luigi said
"Come on Pink let's go home" Metal Mario said
"See you guys tomorrow" Pink Gold Peach said
"We're gonna head out too" Rosalina said
"Later" Shiroma said, they walked out leaving Peach, Toad, Toadette and Shadow Peach to themselves "I'm going to bed, I've had enough excitement for one day" Peach said
"Goodnight Princess" Toadette said
Shadow Peach began to walk into her room when Toad stopped her "Are you sure Kamek's magic didn't do anything weird to you guys" Toad asked
"You know you worry to much, we're fine end of story good night" Shadow Peach said irritated closing her room door
"Ugh what's her deal" Toad asked
"You know Shadow, she's always in a bad mood" Toadette said heading to their room
in Shadow Peach's room she changed into her night gown and climbed into her bed "Ugh Toad why is he always so paranoid" she said "I don't know how my counterpart deals with him all the time" turning off the light she fell asleep, as she slept she began to grow slightly.

The next day, the toads were working around the clock while Toad and Toadette prepared breakfast, Mario and Luigi walked into the foyer "Smells like-a waffles" Mario said "Breakfast must be ready" In Peach's room, Peach was getting dressed for the day "I wonder why Toad was so worried about us yesterday, we seem fine" Peach thought to herself walking out of her room
Back in the foyer Mario and Luigi were checking on breakfast while Toadette was trying to keep them out "Come on guys I can't have you eating the food before anyone else get some, again" she said "Come on just-a one taste" Mario said reaching for the door
"Okay guys breakfast is... ready..." Toad said staring as he dropped the pan with Luigi catching it "Jeez-a Toad what's up with you" Luigi asked with toad grabbing Luigi and turning him around "Uuuhhhhh" was all Luigi could say
"Morning guys" Peach said
"Oh boy" Toadette said
"What's wrong" Peach asked
"You, you're what's wrong, you're huge" Toad said panicked
"What are you talking about" Peach said "And are you guys shorter"
"See I told you something was wrong" Toad said "I warned you"
Shadow Peach walked out of her room "We have a problem" she said
"You think" Toad said
"I'm sure there is a logical explaination for this" Mario said, before anyone could figure out what to do Peach and Shadow Peach felt a tingling sensation before long they began to grow
"Okay now we have a serious problem" Peach said bracing herself as she grew

Comet Observatory

Rosalina was scrambling around trying to figure to why she was bigger than usual "Why am I like this, I'm didn't eat any super mushrooms recently so I shouldn't be in super form" she said remembering that her and the other princesses super form is not their normal form like the boys, Toadette and Pauline, but rather they were twice their size but still smaller than mega form "I've got to head to Peach's Castle and warn the others". Using a launch star, Rosalina floated to the Castle but before she could make it to the ground she felt a tingling sensation "Oh no, not again" she said as she began to grow larger "GGGYYYYAAAHHHHH" the sudden growth spurt caused Rosalina to fall to the ground "Ow" picking herself up she tried to float but couldn't "Oh star bits, these growth spurts must be affecting my magic I can't float anymore, guess I'll have to run the rest of the way" running as fast as she could she made her way to Peach's Castle "Guys we have a problem, oh...."
"WE KNOW" the others said annoyed.

Peach's Castle

Later Daisy, Metal Mario, Pink Gold Peach, Shiroma, and Pauline arrived as they tried to figure out what to do "How did this happen" Toad asked
"I been reading ever book I have but nothing comes up, this doesn't make any sense" Rosalina said, "You see this is why I was worried" Toad said
"All right already, you we're right, we we're wrong, now can we please just figure out how to fix this before I have to hurt someone" Shadow Peach said
"Wait a minute, remember Kamek's wand" Shiroma said
"Oh... OH I see, the magic from Kamek's wand must of bonded with the mushrooms we ate" Rosalina said,
"But what a minute, didn't we also eat a mini mushroom before that" Daisy asked
"Oh Mamma Mia, you don't think...." Peach said worried, a moment later the girls felt a tingling sensation again
"Oh no, are we about to get bigger again" Pink Gold Peach said
"Worse I think we're about to get..." before Rosalina sould finish the girls shrank to microscopic size "...smaller"
"Way to jinx it, Daisy" Shadow Peach said
"Sorry my bad" Daisy said, "A little help here guy" Rosalina said
"Right" Pauline said picking them up
"Great now what" Peach asked
"We need to figure out someway to fix this" Toadette said
"This might-a be difficult" Metal Mario said "With the girls constantly-a changing size we need to a close eye on them for when they-a do"
"Come-a on maybe Professer E. Gadd can help" Mario said as they rushed out the door
"You'll be safe in here girls" Pauline said placing them in her pocket
"Ugh, I hate mondays" Daisy said
"It's tuesday Daisy" Shadow Peach said
"Oh man" Daisy said.

Professer E. Gadd's lab

Professer E. Gadd was on his computer as the mini princesses were on a nearby table "Ah yes not good not good" he said "This will definitely be troublesome to fix"
"Why's that" Toadette asked
"Because magic and power-ups don't mix, something weird happens when you do" E. Gadd said
"Oh gee that's for the vote of confidence you quack" Shadow Peach said "Any bright ideas"
"Ah now that's the tricky part, might be a good idea to find the magical source" E. Gadd said
"Oh great that-a means we need to go to Bowser's Castle" Luigi said hanging his head
"Well good luck" E. Gadd said
soon the princesses felt a tingling sensation "Oh no, not again" Peach said
"Oh no you don't you're not growing in here" E. Gadd said pulling a lever which opened a trap door causing Mario and friends to fall into
"I hate days like thisssssss" Toad said as they fell
landing outside the guys, Toadette and Pauline found themselves crushed underneath the princesses "Would you mind getting off-a us" Metal Mario said
"Sorry, blame the professer" Pink Gold Peach said

Bowser's Castle

Inside Bowser's castle Kamek finished repairing his wand "OHHH those stupid brats, making a mockery of me will be the last mistake they make" he said angrily
meanwhile Bowser and Bowser Jr. finished repairing Bowser Jr.'s mech and the airship "Great job son" Bowser said
"Thanks dad, this time they won't know what hit them" Bowser Jr. said, Boom-Boom and Pom-Pom walked into the room
"The troops are all ready to go boss" Pom-Pom said
"Yeah, time to make them pay" Boom-Boom said
Kamek walked into the room "I'll make them suffer for this" he said
Outside the castle Mario and the others waited to strike "Okay we go in, grab Kamek's wand and get-a out, got it" Mario said
"Right" the others said, but before they head out the princesses feel a tingling sensation
"Oh come on, not now" Daisy said as they shrank to miniature size again
"Ugh now what" Rosalina said
"Don't worry you guys were-a going to stay out here with Pauline anyway" Luigi said
"What why" Shiroma said
"You girls are a liability in your-a current state" Metal Mario said "Just stay here, alright", "Don't you tell me what to do" Shadow Peach said angrily
"Just-a do it" Metal Mario said
"Grrrr Fine" Shadow Peach said through her teeth, as the boys and Toadette rushed in the princesses stayed behind with Pauline
"Well guess it's just you girls and me" Pauline said "Hey Shadow I never noticed you had fangs" "Yeah why is that" Daisy asked
"Because dark magic now let's move on" Shadow Peach said "Hey you next scene"
"Ah so there's our fourth wall break, about time" Shiroma said
"This will happen alot folks, so get used to it" Rosalina said

Mario and the others made their way into Bowser's Castle, sneaking past the minions they spy Kamek, "Okay everyone let's-a go" Mario said, rushing into wave of minions Mario and the others head straight for Kamek "HEEEYAAAA" Mario yelled tackling Kamek
"How did they get in here" Pom-Pom asked
"Who cares, just get rid of them" Bowser roared
"You got it boss" Boom-Boom said as he and Pom-Pom jumped down to fight "Bring it on" Boom-Boom said as he and Pom-Pom ducked into their shells and dashed toward them
"You annoying pests" Kamek said "You won't escape this time" summoning his broom Kamek launched magic blasts at them, dodging the shots Mario and Luigi made a break for Kamek
"RRROOOOOAAAARRRRR" Bowser breathed fire straight at them catching the bros off guard "OWW OWW OWW HOT HOT HOT" Mario and Luigi screamed trying to fan the flames off their butts
Bowser Jr. jumped in inside of his mech "Time to show you my latest toy" he said sending the claw out and grabbing Mario and Luigi as Boom-Boom and Pom-Pom grabbed the Toads and Kamek had Metal Mario
"Well this stinks" Toad said
Outside the princesses and Pauline were playing cards "Got any threes" Pauline said
"Go fish" Pink Gold Peach said
Pauline drew a card as they heard yelling from the inside "Oh no sounds like the boys and Toadette are in trouble, we've got to help them" she said
feeling a tingling sensation the princesses grew again "Well at least we got that going for us" Peach said
Back inside Mario, Luigi, Toad, Toadette and Metal Mario were suspended above a lava pit tied up "Well didn't think this is the way we would go out" Toad said
"What are you talking about, we fall in fire pits all the time" Toadette said
"Thank-a goodness for extra lives huh" Luigi said
"Speaking of which how-a many do we have left exactly" Mario said
"I don't know it's hard to keep track okay" Toadette said
"Well I would say goodbye, but knowing you guys you'll be back, you always come back" Bowser said pulling the lever lowering them, soon a large hole appeared in the side of the castle "OH WHAT" Bowser roared
"Sorry to burst your bubble Bowser, but we need Kamek's wand" Pink Gold Peach said
"I've got this dad" Bowser Jr. said launching Bullet Bills from his mech
"Oh boy" Pauline said ducking down, quickly Peach pulled out her parasol and blocked the Bullet Bills which ended up releashing the guys and Toadette, reaching in the princesses grabbed Jr.'s mech and crushed it "Why you" Bowser Jr. said
"RRROOOOAAAARRRRRR" Bowser's roar was all they heard though
"Oh great Bowser's mad" Peach said
"Oh please, what's the worse that could happen" Shadow Peach asked she soon got her answer as Bowser grew to match their size "Oh that, well at least he'll put up a good fight"
"What is wrong with you, Shadow Peach" Pauline asked
"What, I like it when they fight back" Shadow Peach said "Makes it much more fun when they're begging for mercy"
"Lady, you scare me" Toad said
"You and me both" Toadette said
"Come on girls, Let's do this" Peach said as the princesses charged at Bowser, as they fought Mario and the others corner Kamek
"No where to-a run" Luigi said
"Why you pests" Kamek said charging his wand again but before he could do anything Pauline threw a Bob-Omb at him knocking him out and knocking his wand loose,
"Not again" Toadette said watching the wand fly into the air "Incoming"
seeing this Peach and the others jump out the way as the wand crashes and shattering near Bowser shocking him and blasting him into the other room turning him back to normal size "Oh Crud" he said before passing out
Outside the Mario Crew realize they have no way of fixing the girls now "Again this was a bust" Toad said
"Now-a what" Luigi asked, soon the girls felt a tingling sensation and shrank back down
"Only one thing we can do now" Peach said
"And what would that be" Daisy asked

Star Spirit's Shrine

At the Star Spirit's Shrine they explain what happened, "I see" one of the Star Spirits said "Bring them here" Pauline walked up placing the princesses in front of them "Hold still" soon energy surrounded the princesses return to normal size
"Oh thank goodness that's over with" Toad said
"Yeah" Toadette said
"Use your new power well" one of the Star Spirits said "I bid you good luck"
outside the Mario Crew begin to walk home "I wonder what they meant by new power" Pink Gold Peach asked
"Who-a knows" Metal Mario asked
Back at the castle, Toad went to prepare lunch "Peach can you reach that shelf" he asked
"Sure no problem" Peach said walking over to the shelf, in the foyer the others were busy talking "Feels good to be able to float again" Rosalina said floating around the room before landing
"Uh guys can you come here for a second" Toad asked" as the others walk in they see that Peach has turned giant again
"Uuuuhhhhhh" was all Mario and Luigi could say
"I think I understand what the Star Spirits meant by new power" Peach said
"Cool, let me try" Daisy said growing to the same size as Peach "Awesome" Daisy said
"I wonder..." Shiroma said, focusing Shiroma shrank down "Yup just as I thought" returning to normal size "It works both ways"
"So now we can change size whenever we want" Peach asked
Rosalina focused growing larger than perviously established while retaining her floating "Seems like it has no limit either" Rosalina said
soon the other girls followed suit growing to the same size as Rosalina "Wow this is amazing" Pink Gold Peach said,
"Oh the fun we could have with this" Shadow Peach said looking at her friends
"Not on-a us you're not" Luigi said
"But that raises another-a question" Metal Mario asked
"And that would be" Toadette asked
"How are they-a able to grow like that without-a damaging the castle" Metal Mario asked
"Must be our magic I guess" Peach said
"I'm guessing it allows us to fit into buildings we can normally at any size" Rosalina said
"Convenient" Daisy said "at least this time we don't have to worry about it happening whenever it wants", the crew begin to laugh as Peach turns to camera and winks.