Macro House Guests

(Cubed Cinder; idea by Twilight Prince)

Do you remember the original Mario Land? Probably not, so here's a brief history lesson.

There were many beautiful sights in the Mushroom Kingdom, and the original Mario Land was certainly one of them, even if there are no visitors to the place nowadays. The Mario Land theme park was created as a gift from Princess Daisy, who Mario helped along with Peach in getting Sarasaland a part of the Mushroom World. Not too long after Mario Land was created, however, Daisy was captured by the evil space alien, Tatanga.
Fortunately, Mario came to the rescue, and all was safe in Sarasaland. A relationship could never work with Mario already very close with Peach, but he and Daisy remain close friends to this day and Daisy eventually met with and fell in love with Luigi after serving as his caddie during the NES Open.

But while Mario was running around in Sarasaland, Wario stepped into Mario Land and claimed it as his own. The inhabitants are brainwashed into thinking that Wario is their master, and Mario is their enemy. Wario's motive behind this sudden attack was to take control over Mario's Castle (the centerpiece of Mario Land) in order to have a palace of his own. Mario dodged the many traps and enemies placed all around the land, and recovered the 6 Golden Coins that protected the land from evil magic. Mario eventually stormed the castle and defeated Wario for the first time, prompting Wario to seek his own path towards greed and fortune.

Mario Land was restored and many tourists would enjoy the different areas such as Tree Zone, Pumpkin Zone, Mario Zone, Turtle Zone, Space Zone, Mario's Castle, and of course, the Macro Zone. Eventually, the attendance level dropped to almost nothing, thanks to the rise of Party Lands, including a new Mario Land, which included board game-like areas such as Horror Land, Western Land, Pirate Land, Space Land, and Mystery Land (see Mario Party 2).
Today, as mentioned at the top, nobody visits the old Mario Land anymore, but it remains up as a relic of the past; a living time machine, if you will. Well, almost nobody visits.

Coming out of the mechanical shoe that was a part of the giant robotic Mario statue in Mario Zone, Mario wiped the sweat off his forehead.
"Mama mia! Luigi and I probably should check those air conditioning pipes inside! Still, it was nice to ride around inside my old robotic self." Mario said as he looked back at the statue. He then walked away, and as he walked back onto the main path, he pulled out what appeared to be a checklist.
"Let's see, I think that covers every zone on the map! Well, except for the slot machines and, oh yeah, the Macro Zone." Mario said. He looked ahead and saw the tunnels that led to said zone to the left. He eventually stopped his walk when he stared right at the tunnel entrance. It looked like an ordinary tunnel no matter how many times he looked at it. A normal-sized light at the end of it.
"I still wonder what Daisy was thinking when she built that zone. Oh well, here goes!" Mario said. He walked inside the tunnel, and it only took a few seconds to come out from the other end. A look to the right, and there was the super huge house, which looked normal sized from looking on the other side of the tunnel.
"It's a good thing these tunnels are the only way in and out of this zone. Might as well go inside and make sure there are no bugs inside." Mario said to himself. He jumped over the large anthill and walked into a nearby pipe to get inside the house, simply because there was nobody normal-sized to open the door for him.

Of course, that would soon change.

With the sun setting, the Daisy Cruiser moved across the sea smoothly. It had to since it was big enough to hold a Mario Kart race onboard! Daisy stood at the front of the ship, watching as the island holding Old Mario Land was fast coming into view.
"We're approaching the Old Mario Land island! It should be another few minutes!" Daisy said. Eventually, the other three passangers joined Daisy up top. Peach of course came along for the ride, taking a break from her duties as princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Also with her were two special guests. First was Rosalina, who helped save essentially the entire cosmos after Bowser tried to wipe it all out with a powerful black hole, but she and the Luma were able to work their magic and combine all the seperate galaxies into one more cohesive universe. Despite such an important job for her, she and some of her Luma visit the Mushroom Kingdom from time to time, such as during the last Mario Kart tournament.
Also onboard was Pauline, better known as Mario's first girlfriend. Pauline and Mario first met in Brooklyn while she was studying to be an actress. Of course, Mario eventually saved her from the clutches of Donkey Kong. That would be the last time the two saw each other, as Mario and Luigi eventually fell into a warp pipe that got them in the Mushroom Kingdom. Although many years later, Pauline would also find her way to the Mushroom Kingdom. The resulting reunion led Pauline to become a VIP guest for the opening of Super Mini Mario World, a theme park designed around the best-selling Mini Mario line of toys. Although Pauline appears in other events from time to time, she's adapted to a quieter life in the Mushroom Kingdom, something that was almost impossible to find in Brooklyn.

"Oh, good. It's been a while since I've seen the old Mario Land. I'm sure it will bring back memories." Peach said.
"And I'm seeing it for the first time. I'm still amazed over how much Mario has done for this kingdom." Pauline said.
"I know." Peach said with a smile.
"I'd like to once again thank you for inviting me, Princess Peach. I promised I would explore more of the Mushroom Kingdom with the universe together in one piece." Rosalina said.
"My pleasure, Rosalina. Are you sure the Luma will be fine without you?" Peach said.
"Well, luckily they have your Mushroom people to play with, not to mention Polari overseeing them." Rosalina said.
"Land ho!" Daisy shouted just as the Daisy Cruiser slowly pulled up to the patch of land that was behind the Macro Zone house.

After lowering one of the bridges, all four ladies stepped off the cruiser. They each, except for Daisy anyway, carried a small bag that had some of their clothes and other important items inside. As for Daisy's bag? Well, Pauline struggled to keep it and her purse on her shoulders.
"Ugh... really, Princess Daisy? Did you have to pack so much for this one-night stay?" Pauline said.
"Hey! A princess has to have everything by her side to stay a princess!" Daisy said.
"But Pauline is correct. All that for just one night?" Rosalina said.
"Oh, that's Daisy for you, Rosalina." Peach said with a little giggle.
"What!? You're supposed to defend me!" Daisy said, and that got everyone laughing.
"Anyway, where do you think we should go first? The excitement I have is like when I found my first galaxy." Rosalina said.
"I was thinking maybe the Tree Zone. I hear the view from the top of that tree is amazing." Peach said.
"Anywhere's fine, just as long as I get this luggage off me." Pauline said.
"Um... that may be a problem. Look at this!" Daisy said as she ran towards the tunnel that led to the Macro Zone. Obviously, since they were on this zone's grounds, the tunnels had a very small opening. Daisy couldn't even kick a nearby rock through this tunnel.
"Huh? That's a very tiny tunnel." Peach said.
"So... anyone bring a Mini Mushroom?" Daisy said. Everyone just shook their heads.
"Isn't there another way out of this area?" Pauline said.
"It does not appear so. We are surrounded by the ocean, the watchful hills, the inaccessible tunnels, and this old house." Rosalina said.
"Oh... we must be on the northernmost part of the island, where the Macro Zone lies. We were supposed to approach the island from the south." Peach said, trying not to glance over at Daisy, but she did direct the cruiser.
"Darn! I knew I should've asked Toad or Toadette to provide directions. Some navigator I turned out to be." Daisy said.
"Can we worry about that later? I just want to rest a bit from holding all this luggage!" Pauline said.
"Couldn't we just go back to the ship and sail to the other part of the island?" Rosalina said.
"Well... it'll be the middle of the night by the time I get the cruiser turned around and then sail to the south, and I'm not staying past this night! Sarasaland needs me!" Daisy said.
"As does the cosmos, I'm afraid." Rosalina said.
"Yeah, and the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom. Alright, we'll just stay in this house for tonight." Peach said.
"Ugh... not exactly the most royal of places!" Daisy said.
"I don't mind. Better than sleeping outside, I guess." Pauline said.

So with that settled, the girls approached the front door of the house. Peach was the first to knock on the door.
"You think anyone's home?" Peach asked.
"Has anyone even lived here recently?" Pauline asked, wiping the sweat off her forehead.
"Come on now! This probably isn't even a real house. I bet the door isn't even locked!" Daisy said. She walked up to the door and turned the knob. Sure enough... the door swung open.
"At least they left the lights on." Rosalina said, pointing out the light that was illuminating inside from the nearby lamps.
"I... I guess we can go inside." Peach said.
"Me first!" Pauline said as she walked by the princesses. It was easy to see why she wanted in. She let Daisy's bag and her own purse down on the wooden floor, breathing a sigh of relief to finally get all that weight off her shoulders.
"Well, come on, Peach! We should make ourselves at home!" Daisy said. She, Peach, and Rosalina entered the house, with Daisy closing the door behind her.

Just prior to that, the almost flea-sized Mario was simply running around the wooden floor several normal-sized yards from the front door, jumping over cracks in the floor as if they were pits in World 1-1. He also stomped some of the similarly-sized Goombas and Koopa Troopas that were crawling around like the dumb enemies they've been known to be.
"Woohoo! Just like old times." Mario said. He was about to start running again, when he could hear a loud knock coming from the door. This made him almost skip a heartbeat as he sharply looked at the door.
"Huh? Someone at the door? It must be someone strong for them to knock on the door like that." Mario said. He then recognized the voices outside.
"You think anyone's home?" Peach asked.
"Has anyone even lived here recently?" Pauline asked, wiping the sweat off her forehead.
"Come on now! This probably isn't even a real house. I bet the door isn't even locked!" Daisy said.
"Peach? Daisy? Pauline? What are they..." Mario said, and before he could finish his thought, the door swung open, revealing the three ladies, along with Rosalina. And at Mario's current size, they were huge.
"...doing here at regular size?" Mario said softly, not believing what he was seeing.
"At least they left the lights on." Rosalina said, pointing out the light that was illuminating inside from the nearby lamps.
"I... I guess we can go inside." Peach said.
"Me first!" Pauline said as she walked by the princesses. Mario watched as Pauline dropped the luggage on the floor, and it sounded like a boom as it crashed down on the wooden surface.
"Well, come on, Peach! We should make ourselves at home!" Daisy said. She, Peach, and Rosalina entered the house, with Daisy closing the door behind her. Rosalina was the first to approach where Mario was standing, and he tried desperately to get her attention.
"Rosalina! Down here! Rosalina!" Mario shouted, but there was no reaction. In fact, Mario had to make a long jump out of the way to avoid Rosalina's silver dress shoes. He ran further away to make sure Peach, Daisy, and even Pauline wouldn't step on him. He had seen an oversized Peach, Daisy, and most recently Rosalina before, but to see Pauline so big was almost unimaginable to him.
"What is going on here? I've got to get their attention somehow!" Mario said. He stayed in his spot for now, thinking of his next move and watching as the girls waded around their sleeping grounds for the night.

After their initial scan of the first room, the girls seemed at first disappointed with what they saw.
"Doesn't look like a whole lot to this place. I hope there's at least a bathroom and a shower!" Daisy shouted. Peach noticed the big hole in the ceiling, which had led up to the attic.
"This house has certainly run its course. Well, I shouldn't say that, because it was designed this way!" Peach said.
"I think next time, I'll check into a hotel." Pauline said. Rosalina, on the other hand, found some silver lining.
"Well, for a house that seemingly hasn't been in use for years, it's still got its qualities." Rosalina said.
"What do you mean, Rosalina?" Peach asked.
"For one thing, there doesn't appear to be signs of insect infestation. No spider webs or anything else of that nature." Rosalina said.
"That's good. I can't stand staying in a house that would be full of bugs..." Pauline said.
"Now now, we should respect the bugs from time to time. Some of them are quite nice, like the Pikmin for example. Right, Daisy?" Peach said with an eyebrow raised and a slight smirk on her face as she looked at Daisy.
"Oh come on! You're still not mad at me for what happened that day, right!?" Daisy said. Peach just laughed and gave her a pat on the shoulders.
"Yeah, I knew it. You're such a jokester for a princess!" Daisy said. Rosalina then rubbed her stomach.
"Hmmm... I am kinda hungry after that long journey." Rosalina said.
"I think the kitchen was this way." Daisy said as she walked down a nearby hallway with the other ladies behind her.

Mario could only watch as the four ladies walked away, and he wasn't anywhere close to reaching them. Being the size of an ant was taking its toll on Mario, not able to communicate with the ladies nor keep up with them. He had to catch his breath from all the running he had done.
"(huff puff huff puff) It's no good... I'm just too small for them." Mario said.
"Well I'll be a picnic-invading ant of good fortune!" a voice said.
"Huh? Who said that?" Mario said as he looked around. He was looking up most of the time.
"Man, look right in front of you!" the voice said. Finally, Mario looked and saw an ant looking right at him.
"Oh, one of the Macro Zone ants!" Mario said.
"Yeah, Speedant to be exact! I can't believe you're here, Mario! It's been years!" Speedant said.
"Heh... yep, in the flesh. At least what I still have. So how have the other ants been?" Mario said.
"Oh, just fine. Keeping busy as always in the old anthill. Bazookant is still throwing a tantrum here and there. Hey, Mario, what's going on? What's up with those princesses being so humongous?" Speedant said.
"I think they docked on the wrong side of the island, thereby skipping the tunnels." Mario said.
"Yeah, I'd say that will do it every time, except this is the only time this has happened!" Speedant said.
"Listen... um, Speedant? I need your help. I have to convince those ladies that I'm here." Mario said.
"And yet your little legs aren't getting you very far. Trust me, my brothers and cousins know the feeling!" Speedant said.
"Um... so can you help? I mean, you guys owe me one after I saved this whole land from Wario!" Mario said.
"Say no more, plumber man! I, Speedant, am the fastest ant that ever ran! I could outrun even that hedgehog fellow who you raced with in that Beijing kingdom!" Speedant said.
"Well, that's encouraging! Can you take me to the kitchen? I think that's where they headed." Mario said.
"You bet! Just hop on my back and we'll go flying." Speedant said. Mario did just that, jumping on the back of the ant. Speedant kicked its feet back and took a couple of breaths.
"Alright, fasten your seatbelts! We're gonna fly at the speed of an Ultra 64!" Speedant said.
"Wait, what seatbelttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mario shouted as he suddenly had to hold onto Speedant's back with one hand and his trademark red hat with the other.

In the kitchen, it was amazingly clean in here too, as Rosalina was so kind to point out.
"No traces of dirt anywhere. Not even the ants are eating the leftovers." Rosalina said.
"I haven't even seen an ant in this old place. Not even a termite!" Daisy said.
"Our good luck has to run out eventually, though..." Pauline said. Peach, meanwhile, approached the refrigerator.
"Peach, you're not gonna open that thing, are you? It probably smells rotten in there!" Daisy said.
"Don't worry, I have some strong perfume that can counter any stink in this old refrigerator." Peach said. She then bravely opened it up, and to her amazement, there was no smell. Her second amazement came when the shelves inside were stock full of pasta ingredients.
"Huh? Mama mia!" Peach said, so stunned over what she saw that she had to blurt out one of Mario's most famous lines.
"Somehow I had a feeling that Mario would be filling up the fridge with his favorite pasta." Daisy said. Pauline smiled.
"Nice to see some familiar food for a change... not that I'm gonna complain about the culinary choices this kingdom has to offer." Pauline said.
"But is it fresh enough to eat? I know my babies couldn't eat Star Bits that were millennia old." Rosalina said.
"Well, only one way to find out. Make yourself comfortable, my friends, while master chef Peach does the cooking!" Peach said as she walked over to her bag and pulled out a chef's hat, putting it on her head in place of her crown. The other ladies sat down at a nearby table.
"Silly question... did you borrow that from Toad?" Daisy asked. But Peach didn't answer, as she was busy pulling out pots and pans along with the rest of the pasta inside. Pauline salivated over the fact she was gonna have spaghetti very soon.

Meanwhile, Mario and Speedant had both arrived in the kitchen. Speedant stopped his run just underneath the refrigerator and took a whiff of the air.
"Mmmm... smells like spaghetti! I haven't felt that smell in almost 17 years!" Speedant said. Mario looked all the way up at Peach as she continued to make preparations.
"Looks like she's cooking... but with all that old pasta?" Mario asked.
"I guess it's like fine wine. It tastes better with age!" Speedant said.
"I guess you're right. Listen, Speedant, thanks for your help. Stay here in case I need you again. I'm gonna try and get her attention." Mario said as he ran towards the giant Princess Peach.
"Like I have anything else to do at the moment." Speedant said to himself, wishing Mario luck as he ran forward. Mario tried his best to remain focused. Certainly the closer he got to her, the bigger she appeared to be, and seeing her so gigantic from his perspective was a very overwhelming feeling. He stopped momentarily when Peach turned around and faced her friends.
"So how much sauce do you girls want on your pasta?" Peach asked.
"Just a little for me. I am trying this recipe out for the first time, after all." Rosalina said.
"Oh, but I'm quite familiar with spaghetti. I like a lot of sauce, please!" Pauline said.
"Well, I guess I'll go up the middle. Wouldn't want to upset my beloved Luigi!" Daisy said.
"Okay!" Peach said as she focused her attention back on the boiling water. She was also busy arranging the ingredients needed to make the pasta.

And naturally because Peach was busy, this gave Mario the chance he needed to reach her. Since he couldn't be heard from the wooden floor, he had to get closer. He didn't have to look far, taking note of the bottom of Peach's dress swaying ever so slightly back and forth.
"Well, at least this'll be safer than climbing thin vines." Mario said to himself. He made a straight jump for the edge of Peach's dress and quickly grabbed on. For the next couple of minutes, it was simply climb up Peach's pink dress as far as Mario could. He certainly had room to climb, unlike those vines he would climb in Subcon many years back. Though he still had to be careful...
"Whoa!" Mario said as he looked up and saw one of Peach's gloved hands coming down towards him. He couldn't veer out of the way in time, but as small as he was, he was able to fit in the empty space between her palm and the dress. Peach finished her scratching and pulled her hand away, much to Mario's immense relief.
"Whew... that was a very close one." Mario said to himself as he continued his climb.

By the time Mario was close to halfway up Peach's dress, more trouble soon struck. Peach watched as the sauce was being boiled, one of the last steps after putting the ingredients together. Everything seemed to go smoothly, until the sauce started to bubble together.
"Huh? This doesn't look right." Peach said.
"What is it, Peach?" Pauline asked.
"The sauce seems to be bubbling together... now it's one really big bubble!" Peach said, watching as the red-colored bubble slowly swelled in size. Daisy could see it from where she was sitting.
"Uh oh... that sauce is gonna blow! We have to take cover!" Daisy shouted. Peach ran towards the table and started to duck underneath it like everyone else was.
"Wait! Allow me." Rosalina said. Rosalina was quick to react, activating her forcefield around herself and the other ladies, thereby protecting them from the sauce that soon splattered all over the kitchen after the bubble went POP! The ladies looked to see sauce all over their glowing bodies.
"Yuck! I'll wash but I may never be clean..." Pauline said.
"Not to worry. My forcefield has done its job." Rosalina said. She deactivated the forcefield, and it disappeared along with all the sauce that had gotten stuck to it. Daisy was quite impressed.

"Wow... you have got to teach me that trick someday!" Daisy said.
"How many centuries can you spend?" Rosalina said.
"I don't understand. I did something wrong in making the pasta sauce, but what?" Peach asked, standing back to her full height.
"Maybe it was too much garlic! Arrrgh... makes me think of that one prank that Wario and Waluigi pulled in the Chai Kingdom!" Daisy said.
"Never mind that... so what are we supposed to eat now?" Pauline said.
"Perhaps it is time I introduced you three to Star Bits." Rosalina said. Conjuring up her galactic magic once again, a few Star Bits rained onto her hands.
"Huh? But aren't Star Bits only edible to the Luma?" Peach asked.
"And they probably taste like rocks coming from the cosmos..." Daisy said.
"Yes, it's true you can't eat these whole, but it's like the confection the people of this planet call a lollipop. By licking the outer shell of these Star Bits, the sweet flavor of honey rolls onto your tongue like smooth butter. This is one of the few things that the Luma actually taught me while I was raising them." Rosalina said.
"Fascinating. Well, it's worth a try!" Peach said. She took one of the bits and very gently licked the outer shell. Right away, the honey flavor hit her on the tongue and extended throughout her taste buds.
"Mmmmm... this is great!" Peach said. After seeing Peach enjoying licking the Star Bits, the other ladies (aside from Rosalina) soon followed, and they were quite satisfied as well.
"You're right, these are good! Who knew you could get such fine taste from outer space?" Daisy said.
"Hey, it's better than nothing. I do feel good." Pauline said.
"I was hoping you'd say that, Pauline!" Peach said.
"Come on, we should get into the bedrooms, wherever they are." Rosalina said.
"Well, I think there was only one, but fortunately I know where it is!" Daisy said.
"Wait, only one bedroom!?" Pauline shouted.
"We'll just have to make the most of it. Come on, Daisy will lead the way." Peach said as all four ladies eventually got up from the table and walked out of the kitchen, with their respective bags in their hands.

Mario, still on Peach's dress even after all the madness and mayhem that just happened, hung on for the ride. He was heading for the bedroom whether he liked it or not.

Eventually, the ladies arrived inside the bedroom, and it was quite roomy. It was big enough, in fact, to have its own private bathroom (kinda like in a five-star hotel) as well as TWO queen-sized beds. Pauline was quite impressed.
"Wow... not bad for an old and creaky house." Pauline said.
"Ha! Isn't it nice? I added the queen-sized beds for Mario in case anyone wanted to sleep here." Daisy said.
"I didn't know that." Peach said.
"But of course! I am sort of the co-owner of this land, because it was my gift to Mario, after all!" Daisy said.
"That's true..." Mario said to himself, listening in on the conversation.
"Well, might as well change into our pajamas." Peach said.
"Yes, so who's going in first?" Rosalina asked.
"What do you mean? We're all girls here. We have nothing to hide." Peach said.
"I'd be careful when you say that." Daisy said. Peach couldn't help but giggle as she, Daisy, and Rosalina walked towards the door that led to the bathroom. Peach looked to see Pauline making herself comfortable on the bed.
"You coming, Pauline?" Peach asked.
"It's okay. I didn't bring any pajamas with me. I'm sleeping in this dress for tonight." Pauline said.
"Are you sure?" Rosalina asked.
"Believe me, I've got tons of these red dresses." Pauline said.
"Okay then. Don't mind us if we make a lot of noise, especially Daisy." Peach said.
"Hey, what's that supposed to mean!?" Daisy shouted as the three girls entered the bathroom. Obviously, with Mario still clinging onto Peach's dress, he went in with them. He thought about jumping down, but the ground was too far down. Mario shuddered to think over what he was about to see.
"(gulp) Maybe I should've jumped when I had the chance." Mario said, watching as Peach closed the bathroom door behind her.

Inside, the girls were talking about random subjects, namely over what's happening around their resepctive kingdoms, or in Rosalina's case, what's happening around the cosmos. Just when Mario was about to resume climbing up Peach's dress, he watched rolled her arms inside her dress, a clear sign she was about to take it off.
"Oh no... don't do it, Peach!" Mario shouted. But of course, his voice only sounded like a squeak to Peach's ears. Mario tried to speed up his climbing, but it did no good. Peach pulled her dress up over her body and Mario could only hang on for the ride. Eventually, she placed the dress down on the ground with much of it landing on top of Mario.
This was both good and bad news for him. The bad news first; he was stuck in a sea of pink fabric in every direction, leaving him to fight his way through and hope he didn't come out in a bad spot. On the flip side, at least for the moment, he wouldn't catch a glimpse of Peach in her bra and panties. Now THAT would be worse than the time he found Peach's ??? during the events of Super Mario RPG.
Meanwhile, Peach looked in the mirror and made sure her crown was kept on straight, which it was. Daisy, who was also changing into her pajamas, saw Peach do what she did.
"How is it you're able to keep that crown in the same place?" Daisy said.
"Well, as Koopzilla once simply said, years of practice." Peach said with a smile.
"Oh, sure. Make it sound so easy!" Daisy said. Peach then reached into her bag and pulled out her pajamas, which were long pink pants and a long-sleeved pink shirt, plus pink mushroom slippers. It didn't take her long to change into this outfit. Daisy was also already in her pajamas, and they made her look a lot sexier than Peach did. She wore a more open top without sleeves that also had the emerald-colored jewel that was on her normal princess dress. Unlike Peach, she wore shorts similar to her athletic shorts, but the length was a little less.
"Aren't you gonna get cold sleeping in that?" Peach said.
"Maybe, but hey... I sleep in almost a desert! It can't be helped." Daisy said. Both princesses looked over at Rosalina, who was looking over the makeup on her face it appeared.
"Rosalina, aren't you gonna change?" Peach asked.
"I will soon. Don't worry." Rosalina said.
"Very well. We'll be waiting outside." Peach said. After picking up her dress and folding it up, she and Daisy walked out.

While all this was going on, Mario was making his way out of Peach's dress. Then the dress started to move again as Peach was picking it up off the floor. Mario tumbled down, struggling to grab hold of the moving fabric. He landed on the ground where his view changed of that to the giant Peach once again, in her pajamas as she was folding her dress together and putting it in her bag. Mario thought about leaping on top of Peach's mushroom slippers, but they were too high up. That's when he spotted Daisy approaching with her bare feet.
"Gotta time it just right..." Mario said. He then made a daring leap, and landed successfully on top of Daisy's foot.
"Whew, that was close. Now how am I gonna get their attention?" Mario said, taking himself back to square one, which was as he said, how was he gonna get their attention?

With Peach and Daisy in their pajamas and waiting patiently for Rosalina, they wondered what they could do since it was still about an hour or so before their bedtime.
"Hmmm... what can we do for about an hour or so? Doing something right before I go to bed kinda helps me sleep." Daisy said.
"Why? What do you think this is, a slumber party?" Peach said.
"Wait, I didn't say that! Although that would be kinda cool in our own private house like this." Daisy said, prompting a smile from both princesses. At that moment, the bathroom door opened, and out came Rosalina in her own nightwear. Peach and Daisy were stunned.
"Oh my gosh..." Peach said. Rosalina was wearing a top similar to Daisy's but with a yellow star in the middle of the cyan-colored design. The other major difference was that it was tied from the back, so there were no shoulder straps. And the other piece of her pajamas? Probably the shortest miniskirt you'll ever see. One didn't have to tilt down very far to see the white panties Rosalina was wearing. Like Daisy, Rosalina was also barefoot.
"Sorry I took so long." Rosalina said.
"Geez... how can you wear something that short?" Pauline asked.
"And who was it that said I could catch a cold in this outfit?" Daisy said.
"Hey now!" Peach shouted. She then walked back and reached for one of the pillows.
"Seriously, Rosalina, where did you get that?" Daisy said.
"I've had this for so long... I cannot remember." Rosalina said.
"Hey, Daisy." Peach said.
"Yes, Peach?" Daisy said as she turned around, only to see a pillow heading right for her face!
"Think fast!" Peach said as the pillow collided with Daisy's face. She backed up a bit to recover herself. While she did this, Mario lost his grip on top of Daisy's toes and he tumbled to the ground. He quickly had to get out of the way as Daisy walked forward.
"Oooof! What was that?" Daisy said.
"Teehee! You weren't ready for that, were you?" Peach said. Daisy then reached towards the other bed for her own pillow.
"Alright, if that's the way you want to play." Daisy said as she took a swing at Peach.
"Yikes!" Peach said as she got clobbered in the face. Rosalina, in one of her very rare moments of excitement, couldn't resist joining in.
"Pillow fight!" Rosalina said as she grabbed a nearby pillow. Soon, all three princess were taking swings at each other, and Pauline just stayed in the corner, reading her book and letting the 'girls' duke it out.

For Mario, this was like a nightmare. Giant feet, and also giant mushroom slippers, were moving back and forth right in front of him, and it was also raining feathers that were even too big for him. Sometimes he would succeed in jumping on top of a foot, only to fall back off because the momentum was just too much for his shrunken body to take. He even landed one time in between Rosalina's feet, and held his head in embarrassment when he got a glimpse of Rosalina's miniskirt. Still, he had to jump out of the way to keep from getting stomped on. On top of that, after one good whack from Daisy, Mario even had to avoid Peach's crown as it fell to the ground! Mario dug his way through the feathers, getting as far away from the chaos as he could. By that time, he looked to his right and noticed the fireplace.
"Wait, I remember the fireplace! I've got an idea..." Mario said as he also noticed the hole in the ceiling. He remembered making sure there were holes in the fireplace so that tourists could easily make their way to other areas of the house, such as the attic. That's when he started running for the fireplace, occasionally checking to make sure the giant ladies weren't coming his way.

Finally, when all the pillows had seemingly run out of feathers, the three princesses were all catching their breath.
"Man, that really felt good!" Daisy said.
"You had some power in that last swing, Daisy." Peach said as she reached down to pick up her crown.
"And how about Rosalina!? I didn't know you had that side in you!" Daisy said. Rosalina blushed slightly.
"Well, it felt like being a kid again." Rosalina said.
"Pauline, don't you want to join us?" Peach asked.
"Nah, it's okay. I gotta save my energy for tomorrow, anyway." Pauline said.
"Well, your loss. How about we do a little dancing?" Daisy said.
"Oh, I don't know. I'm kinda out of breath..." Peach said.
"Come on, don't be soft! I'll even put a slow song on for you!" Daisy said. She then reached into her bag and pulled out what looked like a CD player with a speaker attached to the back. Since there was a CD and batteries already installed, all Daisy had to do was hit the Play button. She hit the forward button a few times before she found the right track.
"There we go! Dire Dire Docks, with the beats!" Daisy said.
"Oh, that's good! I didn't know you had soft music in your system, Daisy." Peach said.
"Hey, I did it just for you." Daisy said. Peach gently bobbed her head up and down with the beat of the music. Rosalina eventually joined in.
"This does sound rather pleasent. Perhaps my children will enjoy it." Rosalina said.
"I think the Luma would LOVE to hear something like this, Rosalina." Peach said.

Moments later, by virtue of climbing inside the fireplace and finding the right hole to jump into, Mario found himself up in the attic. He ran towards the hole where he looked down and saw the three princesses, and then Pauline sitting in a corner. He watched as Peach and Rosalina were gently dancing with each other... even colliding rear ends like only playful girls could.
"Wow! Now that's beating the behind!" Daisy said.
"Thank goodness nobody else saw that..." Rosalina said, reacting over what she just did with Peach.
"Ugh... you have no idea, Rosalina. Now let's see..." Mario said. Finally, stepping away from the hole, he looked around the spacious attic. He smiled upon noticing the familiar question blocks.
"Bingo! There's my ticket downstairs!" Mario said. He bashed each of the blocks as all of them dropped a few coins here and there, until one of them was exactly the one he wanted. The block revealed a smiling carrot with eyes. As soon as Mario touched it, he instantly became Rabbit Mario. Flapping his newly-created rabbit ears to make sure they were functional, Mario then approached the hole again.
"Now, to get their attention... although Peach and Rosalina look kinda busy." Mario said, referring to their continuing slow dancing. Daisy looked a little pre-occupied, and he knew how much of a reputation she had gained for stomping bugs flat... so maybe she was not the best one to get attention. That left him with only one choice... Pauline. Mario didn't think much of it. He knew this may be his only chance.
"Woohoo... here we go!" Mario shouted as he jumped into the hole, flapping his rabbit ears to greatly decrease his falling speed. Of course, the rabbit ears also gave him great maneuverability in the air. Mario made his way ever so closer to Pauline, who continued reading her book...

As Pauline was busy reading her book, amazingly amidst all the fun that Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina were having with their mini slumber party, she didn't notice the ant-sized Mario floating down towards her head. In fact, she didn't even notice him when Mario finally landed on her nose. Not that she could because of how small Mario was. Mario was as close as he could safely get to Pauline. And now, he let it all hang out as far as the voice went.
"Pauline!!!" Mario shouted. Pauline, amazingly enough, picked up on that voice. She looked around and was about to shrug it off thinking it was all in her head. But then she heard the call again.
"Pauline!!!" Mario shouted. Then Pauline looked between her eyes...
"EEEEEK!!! A MOUSE! A MOUSE ON MY NOSE!!!" Pauline shouted as she jumped out from her seat, dropping her book in the process, and just ran around the room freaked out. Peach jumped as well on the sound of the word mouse.
"A mouse!? Where?" Peach said as she somewhat hid behind Rosalina. Daisy, naturally, acted like the tough girl she's always been known to be.
"Oh, for the love of Sarasa, it's just a mouse!!!" Daisy said.
"IT'S HUGE! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF ME!!!" Pauline shouted as she shook her head. It was too much for Mario to take and he went flying off. Even though he flapped his rabbit ears rapidly, maintaining control at such a high speed was proving tough. That's why he was unable to avoid flying right into Rosalina's chest.
"Ouch!" Mario shouted as he hit Rosalina's fine skin. Rosalina, meanwhile, felt something strike her chest, and that's when she looked down and saw the tiny object we know as the shrunken Mario sliding down. She held him in the palm of her right hand. Daisy, meanwhile, was keeping Pauline calm.
"Okay, okay! Calm down, sister! Look... no more mouse on your nose!" Daisy said.
"Are you sure?" Pauline asked.
"Sure I'm sure! Man, that's the loudest I've ever heard you!" Daisy said.
"Well, you should've heard me during this one horror movie I was in." Pauline said.

"Um... girls. This isn't a mouse... it's Mario!" Rosalina said after looking at the tiny Mario for long enough.
"Mario, but that's impossible!" Peach said as she came out from hiding behind Rosalina, eventually looking on her right hand and seeing the tiny Mario as well.
"Ummm... hello, girls." Mario said. Daisy and Pauline eventually joined in, and Mario was soon surrounded by giantesses.
"Mama mia! Not so close!" Mario said.
"Mario? Is that you? Did you accidentally eat one of Donkey Kong's mushrooms?" Pauline asked.
"No no, Pauline. You see..." Mario said, but was cut off by Daisy.
"Wait, wait! Don't tell me! You took those tunnels, didn't you?" Daisy said.
"You guessed it!" Mario said.
"I figured that's what happened!" Daisy said.
"What do you mean, Daisy?" Rosalina asked.
"Well, remember those itty-bitty, or flea-sized, tunnels that Peach saw a few hours earlier? Well, that's normally how you get into this Macro Zone. I think the point of this zone was that you appeared very tiny and tried to explore a normal-sized house as best as you could." Daisy said.
"But since we came in from the north side of this island... we skipped those tunnels entirely." Pauline said.
"Yep, thanks to my oh-so-great navigating." Daisy said with a bit of sarcasm. The other ladies couldn't help but laugh.
"Why didn't you tell us, Mario? We could've looked for you when we got here." Peach said.
"Well, how was I to know you girls would show up and find a way to skip the tunnels? That's never happened before!" Mario said.
"Good point, there's always a first time for everything. One of the first songs I sang even." Pauline said.
"I was just taking a short field trip around Mario Land, just soaking in the memories, basically. I didn't even know you girls were coming to this island, period!" Mario said.
"Well, regardless of the miscommunication, you are safe and sound now. It had to be hard running around the house at the size you are at." Rosalina said.
"Wait... does that mean....? Um... Mario, you weren't in the bathroom... were you?" Peach asked. Mario quickly shook his head. Yes, it was a lie, but he was not about to repeat the ??? incident.
"Nope. Never went in there. I was trying to get Pauline's attention... from the ground I mean." Mario said.
"I see. So it was you that flew onto my nose..." Pauline said.
"I'm... I'm sorry, Pauline." Mario said.
"It's okay. No harm, no foul, right?" Pauline said. She then leaned forward and blew a kiss down to the tiny Mario.
"Mama mia!!" Mario shouted.

"So... what now? I guess it's time for bed." Daisy said.
"Yeah... I am kinda sleepy after a long day. (yawn)" Peach said.
"But what about Mario? Where is he gonna sleep?" Rosalina said.
"Oh, he should sleep with me! He's never slept with me in the past, not that it bothers me!" Daisy said.
"Wait, I think he should sleep with me! I am close to his heart, after all." Peach said.
"But it was I that discovered him. Perhaps it's best for the stars that I keep him company." Rosalina said.
"I want to make up for him after reacting the way I did." Pauline said. Eventually, each lady came up with a different excuse, and this led to the arguing as to who Mario would sleep with. Mario, still standing firm on Rosalina's hand, already thought of a good idea. He let out a loud whistle that just barely caught the attention of all the girls.
"Ladies, I've got a better idea!" Mario said. He started hopping up Rosalina's arm, eventually making a high jump into Peach's ear. Mario shouted out the idea before floating down into Peach's open hand.
"Y'know what? That's a great idea! Come on, girls, help me move the beds together." Peach said. It turned out, after the girls moved the beds (despite cracking a little bit of the wooden floor in the process of shoving the furniture), the two beds were right together, allowing the princesses to sleep side-by-side. And Mario would be close by to all of them. Eventually, they all laid down under the covers but without pillows, since they were all destroyed during the pillow fight. And that got Mario thinking as Pauline turned all the lights out (making her the last to jump into bed).
"Hey, Peach. Daisy is right about one thing." Mario said.
"What's that, my little Mario?" Peach asked.
"She has a very mean swing with a pillow." Mario said. All the girls just giggled before they all went to sleep, with Mario safely in between the heads of Peach and Daisy.

The next morning, everyone jumped back into their regular clothes and gathered all of their belongings, but not cleaning up the mess they left behind as Mario felt it would be fun that way for the tourists. While the girls got back onboard the Daisy Cruiser, Mario took the tunnel that helped restore him back to normal size. His rabbit ears helped him make the long leap from a grassy stretch of land to the Daisy Cruiser, and while some of the ladies, like Peach or Pauline, were a little disappointed that Mario couldn't stay tiny, they knew (Peach especially) that they would have other chances down the road.

Finally, with the daily chores of all the ladies waiting for them, the Daisy Cruiser sailed off, leaving behind the wonderous spectacle that was the original Mario Land. At least this time.