Mario's Micro Grand Prix


            It was day three of the Special Cup, which means it is time for the race at Bowser’s castle, full of twists, turns, and FIRE! In two hours the race will start, and as of now the current standings were…

1st  Place: Mario with 20 pts.
2nd Place: Donkey Kong with 16 pts.
3rd Place: Bowser with 12 pts.
4th Place: Yoshi with 8 pts.
5th Place: Daisy with 5 pts.
6th Place: Dry Bones with 3 pts.
7th Place: R. O. B. with 3 pts.
8th Place: Toad with 1 pts.

            Everyone was in the Mushroom Kingdom Car Shop, fixing up their sweet rides. Toad was making adjustments to his Mushmellow, R. O. B. was recharging his battery in his high tech ROB-LGS, Dry Bones was fixing the traction on his Dry Bomber, Daisy was finishing the Paint Job on her Power Flower, Yoshi was finishing off his third… or fourth breakfast in his Kart the Egg 1, the over-confident DK sitting in his Rambi Rider was practicing his bongos,  Bowser was nowhere to be found but his  Kart the Tryant still reeked of evil… evil and bean burritos. And as for our hero Mario… he was asleep in his Kart the B Dasher.

“Mario… Mario! The race is two hours away,” a soft voice spoke, “MARIO WAKE UP”

“Huh… wha… yawn… oh hi Princess Peach,” Mario spoke still half asleep, “what’s wrong ?”

“What’s wrong!? Mario the race is in less than two hours, you have to get ready.”

“Don’t worry, Me and my B-Dasher are ready for whatever the competition can throw at me.”

(In Bowser’s Castle we find Bowser looking through a crystal ball)

“ Ha Ha, that’s what he thinks,” Bowser Laughed, “Are you stooges finished with my surprise?”

“ Almost King Bowser,” a Goomba Replied.

“ Excellent, make sure everything is ready, Mario won’t beat me this time.”

(Back in the Car Shop)

“ Well if you say so Mario, I just want you to win,” said Peach.

“ I still don’t understand why you didn’t enter the race,” replied Mario.

“ I need to finish the new Kart I’m working on.”

“You know how to build a car!”

“No Daisy was helping me.”

The conversation went on and  the time went by.  Before long there were only ten minutes until the race. All the drivers  went to the next course. The drivers eagerly waited for the race to start. DK began to gloat, and all the racers began to… well talk. Then all of a sudden, BOOM and the door broke open and Bowser drove in.

“Lets get this show on the road!” He boomed out, and the drivers got to their Karts and before the race began Peach ran over to Mario.

“Good luck,” she said and she gave Mario a kiss and ran to the Kart shop to work on her car.

The race light went green and the race began.

Bowser’s Castle Lap 1

             The karts rocketed out  of the starting line with DK taking an early lead, Bowser in second and Mario in third. The karts zoomed into the castle, and the many traps lurking inside began to trigger. One flattened Donkey Kong like a pancake. It was now Mario and Bowser fighting to get to first place, the karts dodged the fire balls and the race continued.

Somewhere near the finish line.

“Come on,” a Koopa Troopa ordered, “Mario should be passing by soon”

“Ok the Surprise is ready,” a goomba responded.

            The two ran to the sidelines, just as Mario and Bowser were coming. Seeing a chance Mario ran into a Power Up Block. And his H.U.D. (heads up display) showed that he got a Mushroom, not noticing the strange look on its face. (-_-) “Perfect” Mario thought and he pulled the trigger… and nothing happened. Mario pressed the trigger again, and again, until his kart’s H.U.D. began to short circuit. Before Mario realized what was happening Mario began to SHRINK! Mario had shrunk to about two inches, that was even smaller than when he was hit by a lightning bolt! He looked back at his power up and realized. “This is a POISON MUSHROOM!!!” In the rear view mirror Mario saw Bowser had stopped completely and was laughing away. “But why would he stop? Bowser could easily catch me,” Mario pondered. Wooosh he could hear and he looked above his head to see a blue shell hovering over his head. “Oh mamma mi…” And before Mario could finish the shell exploded and sent Mario spinning. When our hero finally came to he was in fifth place so he put the peddle to the metal and zoomed off, but at only 20 mph. Mario had finished lap 1.

Lap 2

             Mario’s kart began to gag as it was going as fast as possible. “Hold together” Mario thought as he continued the race. He smiled as a power up block came into view, and by this time Mario was in 8th place. The H.U.D. randomized and finally stopped at the Bullet Bill, Mario fired and the bullet zoomed him all the way to 4th place. Mario drove along and finally made it to the finish line.

In the Kart Shop

“Where’s Mario? I haven’t seen him since the first lap,” Peach questioned as she watched the TV monitor.

Lap 3

            “One lap to go,” Mario spoke with relief. Two karts zoomed by and Mario was now in sixth. Mario continued to drive until he came to a ramp. He zoomed of the ramp in a slow motion movie style effect, but before Mario could land a blue shell swooped under him and gave Mario a ride all the way to the front! “This will save me a lot of time,” forgetting the blue shell aftermath. Finally Boom! And Mario was caught in the explosion with whom ever was in first place. After a second or two Mario finally realized he had landed on Daisy’s shoulder. Mario looked at the beautiful brunette, she began to drive again and as she neared the finish she noticed the “bug” on her shoulder. “Sorry, but this is no taxi service" and she swatted Mario and his kart away. Crash! When Mario was finally able to get his kart going he was in seventh place. It was to late for getting in first so all Mario could do was finish. It ended with point totals of…

1st  Place: Bowser with 22pts.
2nd Place: Mario with 21 pts.
3rd Place: Donkey Kong with 20 pts.
4th Place: Yoshi with 16 pts.
5th Place: Dry Bones with 6 pts.
6th Place: Daisy with 5 pts.
7th Place: R. O. B. with 5 pts.
8th Place: Toad with 1 pts.

Seeing no point in going to the hotel, Mario decided to find the only person that could help…

Princess Peach.

At the Kart Shop

             After about forty-five minutes Mario had driven twenty miles (to his scale) and finally made it to the Kart Shop. And through the window Mario could see Peach taking a break and having dinner. Mario drove inside and honked the horn, being the only thing loud enough to get Peach’s attention. “What was that?” Peach said to herself. She stood up and began to look for the source of the sound. STOMP STOMP. Mario looked up to see peach walking… very close to him. In fear Mario jumped out of the kart and ran. “Who’s there?” Peach said again, taking another step. CRUNCH! “What the?” Peach picked up a smashed toy car, “Wait, this is Mario’s Kart! Mario where are you?” And as she looked around she found a little red piece of fabric by a wrench. Picking it up she looked behind it to see a small terrified Mario.

“Mario what happened!” Peach yelled before realizing that she was hurting Mario’s ears. “Oh sorry,” she whispered, “What happened?” She asked picking Mario up to her ear.

Mario began to calm down and yelled, “Bowser put a poison mushroom into a power up block, and now I’m only an inch or so tall. You have to help turn me back to normal.”

“No,” Peach said.


“We have to teach that cheat, Bowser a lesson. Besides, I think you look so cute at that size,” And she gave Mario a small kiss on the head, and Mario blushed a deep red.

“But how can I beat him,” Mario questioned, "I’m only two inches tall, my kart has been stepped on, and if I try to fight Bowser, he would step on me and swallow me whole.”

“Well then, I’ll just have to drive for you,” and Peach placed Mario on a table and pushed a button on the wall. A garage door opened reveling a yellow winged golf cart. “Mario I give you the Light Tripper.”

“It’s great, but are you sure you want to race? I may be small but I still care about you Princess, I don’t want you to shrink to.”

“Oh Mario, ever since we met you’ve been so sweet to me and you‘ve always helped me when I needed it. It’s time I help you. Now we better go to bed, the race at Rainbow Road starts tomorrow.” And Peach took Mario to her hotel room, placed Mario by the bed and Peach left for a moment to change into her nightgown. She then grabbed Mario, and kept him in her palm where it was comfy and safe. “Goodnight Mario, tomorrow we race.”

“Goodnight… My lov… er …. My princess”

Peach giggled and they went to sleep.

The Next Morning

             Mario woke up the next morning, and now he didn’t mind being so small. As long as the princess wouldn’t get captured, or the mushroom kingdom wasn’t in danger he wouldn’t mind being a couple inches tall. Then he noticed that Peach was not there, he looked around worrying that she did get captured… again. The hotel door opened and Peach walked in, wearing a racing uniform (Peach’s tennis uniform, but more stream line). Koopa Paratroopas (instead of butterflies) fluttered in Mario’s stomach. He was in love with Peach even more.

“Good Morning sleepy head, I got you some breakfast,” and Peach dropped a small piece of pasta on the bed next to Mario.

“Thanks,” Mario said and devoured the pasta, “When’s the race?”

“It is in about an hour, so we’re heading there now.”

“Ok… and Princess.”


“If you really want me to… I… will stay this size… just don’t expect me to save the world at only an inch tall.”

“Oh thank you Mario,” and Peach gave Mario a kiss, “Now come on, lets get to the race.”

Race 4: Rainbow Road

             Rainbow Road is such a beautiful track. With all its colors, and stars it’s a really nice place… except for the fact it’s in SPACE. And for some reason if you get off the track you will fall, EVEN THOUGH THERE’S NO GRAVITY! Mario, Peach, and the other contestants arrived there VIA warp pipe. All the contestants got to their places. Peach was worried, Mario was gone!

“Hey Princess,” Bowser yelled, “What are you doing here, Mario having a lady fight his battles now that he’s… having some… trouble.”

 “No, I’m helping  Mario because of  SOMEONE who rigged the last race.”

“I see, well when your done with that zero, get with the hero… er villain,” and Bowser gave Peach the (call me) sign and went to his car.

            Frustrated Peach concentrated on  finding Mario, and then felt something tapping against her leg. It was Mario, so she smiled, picked him up and placed him in the cup holder of her Kart.

“Mario I was so worried, where were you?”

“It’s a surprise”

            Mario and Peach began to talk about the race for a while and then the announcements were made.

“Racers, there is a slight change. Filling in for Mario is Princess Peach. The race is starting in one minute!”

“Well Princess, are you ready,” Mario asked.

“Yes, my little friend.”

            The lights came up for the race. Red… Vroom Vroom… Red… VROOOM… Green! And the Karts zoomed away.

Lap 1


            The Karts sped out of the starting gate, Bowser was in first… and our hero’s in fifth! The Karts gave out huge bursts of speed after every time they hit a speed boost on the road. Even still Mario and Peach were still in the back of the herd.

“Princess, why are we so far in back.”

“ It’s called strategy, my little man.”

“Well can I at least sit on your shoulder, so I can see what’s going on.”

“Ok,” and peach kept one hand on the steering wheel and with the other grabbed Mario and placed him on her shoulder.

            The race continued and Peach ran into a power up block, which revealed a star. With the pull of a trigger our heroes began to glow. Peach racing even faster  began to ram kart after kart until she got to fourth place. And she finished lap 1.

Lap 2

            Bowser was still in first place but Peach was making up for lost ground.  Her Kart zoomed through the loop and hit a power up. The prize was nothing special, just a green shell. None the less Peach shot it and after several pings the shell hit DK and Peach got to 2nd place. Bowser was still way out of reach, and it would take a miracle to beat him. Then Peach remembered…

“Mario, what was the surprise of yours?”

“Oh, right. Well before the race started I cut a whole in Bowser’s Gas Tank.”

“Mario! How could you… How could you not tell me this sooner. It serves Bowser right.”

            Peach neared the finish line and the saw Bowser yelling at the top of his lungs. With no gas in his Kart all he could do was yell. As Mario and Peach watched this spectacle  they began to point and laugh. Victory was surely theirs and the drove on and finished the lap.

“Laugh at this,” sneered Bowser as he pulled the trigger in his kart.

Lap 3


            With Bowser out of the way Peach and Mario began to relax. Peach kept her eyes on the road, whilst Mario sat on her shoulder waving to Bowser and continued to laugh. A few seconds passed and suddenly…

“Princess! Red Shell, Look OUT!” Mario yelled, but it was to late. Bowser’s last weapon hit the Kart and our hero’s began to spin out of control. As they spun Mario lost grip of Princess Peach and flew off the track.



“Mario, I can’t loose you”

“I love y,” and Mario was gone.

            Peach began to cry, she had lost her hero, best friend and boy friend all at the same time. As a tear went down her cheek Peach decided that the most important thing to do now was  win the race. She had promised that she would help Mario win so now she had to keep the promise. After a minute or so, Peach finished the race. She had gotten in first and was happy and sad at the same time. The other karts finished with Bowser in DEAD LAST.

The Award Ceremony

            The awards were about to be given out. And the asked the top three Racers to walk to the stands. As the Princess walked over, Lakitu (the guy in the cloud) stopped her.

“Excuse me your highness,” He said.

“Yes,” answered Peach still crying.

“I believe this is yours,” and Lakitu opened his hand to reveal Mario.

“Mario! I thought I lost you forever,” exclaimed the Princess.

“I’m sorry it took so long, but we’re not used to fishing for  people smaller than a Goomba”

“Oh thank you!” Replied Peach to the Ref and our heroes walked up to the stands.

            The  three top racers got up and the announcer began to speak again.

“In Third Place is Yoshi with twenty-four points, in second place is Donkey Kong with twenty-six points, and in First Place is Mario and Princess Peach with Thirty-One points!”

            The crowds cheered and Peach left with he trophy in her hands and the little plumber in the trophy.


            In the end  Bowser had to walk home. (Don’t ask me how when he’s in space.) Peach and (Mini) Mario went on vacation at the (Now free of graffiti) Isle Delfino. DK used the prize money for being in second to buy lots of bananas. Yoshi went home (Yoshi Island)and ate three tons of fruit. Daisy is now trying to get Luigi to shrink for her. So in the end almost everyone lived happily ever after.