The Battle for Mario's Heart


Chapter one: Princess Peach Toadstool, will you…    

“Mario! Help me!” screamed Pauline as she was being carried away from ape known as Donkey Kong. “Hay Donkey Kong! Let her go!” shouted Mario as he was chasing after him, all the way up the tower.

As Mario got to the very top of the tower, Donkey Kong was beginning to throw barrels at him, but Mario has managed to throw his barrels back at him. After three hits, Donkey Kong fell off the tower. “Is…is he all right?” asked Pauline as she looked down.

“Don’t worry, he will be all right,” said Mario. From that, Pauline rushes over to Mario and gave him a kiss. “Let’s go home,” said Mario as he and Pauline were making their way down and back to there home.

Two days later…

A letter was posted through Mario’s front door. Luigi picks up the letter and shouted, “Pauline! You got mail” “Give it here,” said Pauline as she was walking up behind him. Luigi handed the letter over to Pauline and she opened it up and began to read.

After a few minutes, Pauline’s face turned from her normal cheerful look into a worried look. “What’s the matter?” asked Luigi. Pauline began to cry. “It’s…its my grandfather…He fell down the stairs and must stay in hospital” answered Pauline.

“Do you want to visit him then?” asked Mario, who heard everything. Pauline turned around and nodded. “Where is your grandfather?” asked Mario. “He’s in England…I better leave tonight” answered Pauline.

Pauline rushed off to pack her suitcase. “Must be hard for her, Mario…maybe you should go with her” said Luigi. “I should really go with her for support but what about the plumbing business?” said Mario. Luigi place his hand on Mario’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry about the business, I’m here”

“Well…that’s the thing, Luigi, you’re here, with no extra pair of hands to help you the work” said Mario. “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. Go to England”

Hours later…

“Pauline…the taxi’s here” shouted Luigi. From that Pauline and Mario are heading towards the front door carrying suitcases. Pauline stopped at the front door and said, “Mario…I, I want to do this alone. I’m sorry” Mario stopped and looked back at her.

“Are you sure that you’re going to be all right?” asked Mario. Pauline nodded. “If that what you want…tell your grandfather to get well soon” said Mario as he carried his suitcase back into the house. As Pauline was about to enter the taxi, she turned around and gave Mario a kiss on the lips.

“Be good,” said Pauline as she gave a little smile before she entered the taxi. “You know we will,” said Mario as he was waving goodbye. Pauline looks out of her window and waved back at them. The taxi began to drive off into the distance.

“Better unpack then,” said Mario as he carried his suitcase back to room. As he was heading towards his door, Luigi said, “Might as well tell you that tomorrow, we got to clean out a bathtub for an old lady” “Ok, goodnight then” said Mario.

Much time later, 

In the Mushroom Kingdom, at Peach’s castle’s balcony,

Mario and Peach are standing there looking out into the night’s sky. “There’s something you wanted to ask me?” said Peach as she looked at him.

Mario looked at her and said, “When me and Luigi first entered this world, all we wanted was to find a way home. That all changed, the day I fist met eyes on you gave me the courage to accept that there was no way home. On that same day, Bowser kidnapped you. So Luigi and me set off rescue you”

Peach smiled and asked, “What are you trying to say? You want to go back to your home” “No princess, that because, I’m already home” answered Mario. “That so sweet” said Peach as she looked back out into the night’s sky.

Mario took out a box and took a deep breath. “Princess Peach Toadstool…” Peach turned around and saw Mario kneeling down holding onto the box. “…Will you, marry me?” asked Mario as he opened the box to reveal an engagement ring.

Mario looked at Peach and noticed that she had tears running down her cheeks. “Yes…yes I will” answered Peach. Mario places the ring onto Peach’s finger and the two of them kissed. All of a sudden, Luigi, Daisy, Toad and Toadette rushed out to congratulate them.

“We’ve been through so much together, over the past four years. Not even Bowser and his pals could keep us apart. No one can stop us from getting married” said Peach, as she was hugging Mario with her eyes closed.

All of a sudden, an image of Pauline crying popped into Mario’s head. “That’s funny…why did I just thought of Pauline just now? I hope she got a new man in her life” thought Mario, worried.

“Come on then! When are you two thinking of tying the knot?” asked Daisy as she was jumping up and down and grabbed hold of Mario’s right arm tightly. Mario and Peach looked at each other and then looked at everyone else. “How about, three days from now?” asked Peach.

“Sure, that’s the day when Luigi and myself first came to the Mushroom world and saved the princess” answered Mario. “Alright then! Better get the wedding ready before then! Come on toad! Let’s tell the others,” said Toadette as she grabbed hold and dragged Toad with her. “See you guys in the morning then” shouted Toad as his voice echoed faded away.

“Hay Luigi! When are we getting married?” asked Daisy as she looked at him with puppy dog eyes. “Erm…” said Luigi as he was beginning to panic. “Well?” said Daisy as she tried to make herself sound even more cute.

“If you catch the flowers that Peach throws after they get married?” answered Luigi. Daisy’s face turned into a smile and grabbed hold of him and asked Peach, “Can you throw them to me?”

Peach giggled and said, “Remember, I can’t see everyone with my back turned” “Awl! Fine then, I will try my best to catch them so that me and Luigi can be hitched,” said Daisy as she pulled Luigi away with her. “See you tomorrow then!” said Luigi before he was dragged inside.                              

Mario and Peach are left outside to watch the night sky in peace. Unknown to them, they were being watched by an old foe.

Far away from Peach’s castle,

Deep within a secret hideout, Bowser was watching Mario and Peach on the balcony through a giant crystal ball. “Ha! So those two are getting married in three days time. Plenty of time to cause trouble at the church! Kamek!” said Bowser.

All of a sudden, a Magikoopa known as Kamek entered the room. “Yes?” asked Kamek. “Kamek, I need you to go to Giant Land and steal one of those Mega or Super Mega Mushrooms and get back here as soon as you can” ordered Bowser.

“Understood” said Kamek as he got onto his broomstick and flew out of Bowser’s secret hideout and headed towards Giant Land. Kammy walks in. “Kammy! I got a plan and I need your magic to make some improvements to the mushroom that Kamek is going to bring back” said Bowser.

“What are you going to use that mushroom for?” asked Kammy. Bowser look back at the crystal ball and said, “I’m going to give one little plumber the worst nightmare he ever had” From that, both Bowser and Kammy began to do there evil laugh.

Hours later, morning came,

Kamek flies into the room that Bowser was sleeping and shouted, “Bowser! I got the Super Mega Mushroom!” from that, Bowser woke up in shock due to Kamek’s sudden out burst. “Sorry for waking you my king…I’ve got the mushroom you wanted” said Kamek.

Bowser got out of bed and headed towards Kamek. Kamek handed him the mushroom. “Perfect…Kammy!” roared Bowser. Seconds later, Kammy runs into the bedroom. “Yes?” said Kammy as she looks up at him.

“I need you to cast that spell I wanted you to use,” said Bowser. “But…you will no longer be to control yourself if you use it” said Kammy as she took out her wand. “Do you really think I’m going to use this? This is going to be a wedding present that those love birds will never forget” said Bowser as he was heading out of his room.

All of a sudden, a green shell Kooper Trooper rushes into Bowser’s room. “My lord! She’s here! She just seen Mario and Peach,” said the Kooper. “I want to see her!” shouted Bowser as he dashed to the room with the crystal ball in. the others dashed along with him.

Bowser stopped and looked at the crystal ball. There was a woman kneeling down crying could be seen on the ball. The woman was wearing a red dress, red high heel shoes and long brown hair. “Kammy! Cast that spell now!” ordered Bowser as he handed the mushroom to her.

“Oh, I now see why you went to a lot of trouble trying to dig up Mario’s past and why you brought her here” said Kammy as she was about to cast the spell. “Its handy having two Magikoopas that can see into the past” said Bowser as he was still watching the crystal ball.

“Done,” said Kammy. “What are you waiting for? Teleport it” ordered Bowser as he noticed that the mushroom had changed its normal red colour with white dots into a pink mushroom with white dots.

“As you wish,” said Kamek as he took out his wand and waved it about. The pink mushroom slowly faded away and reappeared right next to the woman in the crystal ball. The woman looks up and noticed the mushroom. She crawled over to it and as she was about to touch it, a bright white light flashed.

As the light dimmed down, Bowser shouted out, “It work! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” the others in the room laughed along with him. “Pass me the controls” ordered Bowser.

Chapter two: Kidnapping

Meanwhile at Giant Land, in the throne room of the Giant Palace,

Prince Hugo was pacing up and down the room, looking worried. Princess Apple, who was sitting on her throne said, “Honey…maybe you shouldn’t worry yourself too much”

Prince Hugo stopped pacing and looked at his wife. “I know…I know, it’s just that, one of our Super Mega Mushrooms was stolen last night. The guards said that a Magikoopa on a broomstick knocked them out and took a mushroom. I can only think of one person who wants a mushroom this badly,” said Prince Hugo, as he was about to sit on his throne.

“It’s Bowser… isn’t it?” said Apple as she looked onto the floor. “I’m afraid so, better send a warning to Princess Peach and the Mario brothers” said Hugo, as closed his eyes. “Your highness” echoed a male voice.

Apple looked down and a servant that was bowing at her feet. “Yes, what is it?” asked the giant princess. The servant looks up and said, “A message just came for you, its from Princess Peach” “What kind of message?” asked Apple.

“We thought it would be good if we wrote the message on larger piece of paper for you” said the servant, as four more walked in holding onto a piece of a huge paper. Apple picked the paper up and began to read.

After a few minutes, Apple looks down at the servants and they all nodded and left. “Hugo” Prince Hugo opened his eyes and sat up. “What is it?” asked Hugo. “Its good new, Mario and Peach are going to get married in two days time and we’re invited to their wedding” answered Apple.

“That is good news…but what about Bowser?” said Hugo. “Well, it says here that Peach want me to be her Maid of Honour, so I can go to the Mushroom Kingdom and warn them about Bowser’s plan. I’m sure he’s going to do something to ruin the wedding,” said Apple as she stood up.

“Better take a Mega or Super Mega Mushroom with you just in case” said Hugo. “I will, will you be ok here?” said Apple. “Don’t worry about me and Bowser…just have a good time if you can” said Hugo as he stood up and hugged Apple. “Ok, I try not to worry about it. I take a mushroom just in case,” said Apple as she kissed him on the cheek.

Hugo let Apple go and Apple left the room, took a mushroom and left the palace. Apple began her journey to the Mushroom Kingdom, which will take her about two hours.                          

Back at Peach’s castle,

Every single Toad is making sure everything is ready for the big day. Mario and Peach, along with Toadsworth were walking down the halls.

“I would be happy to do it for you” said Toadsworth as he looks up at Peach. “Thanks Toadsworth” said Peach as she stopped and kissed him on the cheek. “You really do it?” asked Mario. “I said I would be happy to do it. You just have to wait till the big day if you don’t believe me” answered Toadsworth.

“Ok, ok, I believe you,” said Mario. “Alright then, better go to your hen night and stag do. I just go and check on how things are going” said Toadsworth, as he was about to walk off. “Toadsworth?” said Peach.

“Yes princess?” asked Toadsworth as he turned around. “Did you sent the invites to Princess Apple and Prince Hugo?” asked Peach. Toadsworth smiled and said, “Of course I did, after all, she’s your best friend” “Thank you, you may continue,” said Peach as she waved him goodbye. Toadsworth nodded and carried on walking.

“I guess I see you on the wedding day?” said Mario. “Just don’t get cold feet on the day before” said Peach as she moved in to hug him. All of a sudden, an image of Pauline being angry popped into Mario’s head.

“Not another thought of Pauline, forget about it. She got nothing to do with me anymore. I’m getting married in forty-eight hours,” thought Mario as he and Peach let go of each other. “What’s wrong?” asked Peach worried. “It’s err, nothing. Don’t worry,” said Mario as he smiled.

“All right then, see you on the big day, before then, its bad luck” said Peach as she closed her eyes and smiled. All of a sudden, Luigi and Daisy appeared out from nowhere. “ARR!” shouted both Mario and Peach. “Come on Peach, time to have fun,” said Daisy as she grabbed Peach’s left arm and dragged her down the hall.

“Be good,” said Peach before the two girls disappear from the brothers’ sight. “Unlike them, our time of fun is right behind this door,” said Luigi as he walked up to the door that was behind Mario. Mario turns around and opened the door.

Behind the door, was a room filled with people, tables with pizzas and the stag do is never complete without soda. On the other side of the room, next to the window was another door. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s have some fun,” said Luigi as he patted Mario on the back.

“What’s this about a wedding and we’re not invited” said a familiar voice. Mario slowly turns around and saw a large man with pointy ears and was wearing a yellow plumber’s suit. “Wario! I thought you wouldn’t come because we’re enemies and all,” said Mario as he scratched his head.

“HA, ha! I never miss a party even if it’s this boring,” said Wario as he punched Mario on his left arm. “Well then, let get this party starting!” said another familiar voice. Just then, a tall man with pointy ears and was wearing a purple plumber’s suit walked into the room, holding onto a very large radio.

“Waluigi? You too?” asked Luigi. “Hay enough about the chit chat and let get this party started. Oh Guys!” said Waluigi as he carried on walking. Just then, a bunch of characters that appeared in the Mario Party series rushed into the room and shut the door.

Wario draws out a game board and like magic, the whole room became the world of the game board. A huge dice appeared in Mario’s hands. “Let the games begin!” said Mario as he threw the dice.

In a far away place, a woman that is now a giantess from Mario’s past is heading towards Peach’s castle with hast. Her eyes were filled anger, sadness and also happiness. The giantess stopped and noticed the castle was in sight. It will take her about an hour to reach the castle.                    

An hour later, the room turns back to normal. Everyone is now tired apart from Mario. Luigi was watching the sunset through the window. Luigi carried on watching but he was too tiered to notice the thing he saw was strange. That was till moments later Luigi knew that it was strange. Luigi turned around and walked up Mario.  

“You know Mario, that giantess that’s heading right towards us, looks very familiar,” said Luigi as he poked Mario’s right shoulder. “What? What giantess… Mama! Mama! Mama Mia!” shouted Mario as he looked outside.

“I know, don’t she look familiar?” said Luigi as he began to drink more of his soda. “Luigi! You do know that’s my ex!” shouted Mario as he looked at him. Luigi began to spit out the soda due to the shock that his brother’s ex became a giantess. “Luigi…couldn’t you have swallowed it instead of spiting it in my face!” shouted Mario as he was beginning to panic.

All of a sudden, the sound of someone knocking on the door froze the movement that was in the room. Slowly, Mario opened the door and saw a very angry giantess looking at him.

All of a sudden, the giantess raised her right hand and went through the door and headed towards him. Mario slowly crawled his way to the other door that was in the room but stopped as he saw the giant hand coming towards him. “NO!” screamed Mario as the hand covered him up and moved back outside.

Everyone else apart from Luigi ran out of the room screaming. “Pauline?” asked Luigi as he stood back up. The giantess looks back into the room and smiled. “Hi Luigi. Mind if I borrow Mario for a little while?” said Pauline, as she was about to walk off towards the hills.

Suddenly, Peach and Daisy burst through the door and found Luigi standing all alone looking out of the window. “Luigi! Are you all right?” shouted Daisy as she rushed over to him. Luigi slowly turned around and saw Daisy running towards him. “I…I’m fine” said Luigi as he moves up to her and gave Daisy a hug.

“Where’s Mario?” asked Peach as she was looking at the fallen food that was on the floor. “I don’t know how to tell you this but his ex-girlfriend kidnapped him. The strangest thing is that she’s a giantess,” said Luigi as he looked at her.

“A giantess you say? Which way did she go?” asked Peach. “She headed towards those hills. Peach, how are you planning on rescuing Mario from his ex-girlfriend that is thirty times your size?” asked Luigi as he let go of Daisy.

All of a sudden, the whole castle began to vibrate and then stopped moments later. A sound of someone knocking on a window echoed. “Hello Peach” echoed a familiar voice that Peach knew. Peach looks up, smiled and said, “Hi Apple, long time no see”

Luigi and Daisy slowly look towards the window and saw a giantess wearing a crown. “Everyone, this is Apple, princess of Giant Land. Luigi, she’s our key on our rescue mission” said Peach. “Did I miss something?” asked Apple.

“I’m happy that you made it but, we need to ask you a favour,” asked Peach as she looks up. “What kind of favour?” asked Apple. “I’ll explain on the way, can you carry us beyond those hills there?” said Peach.

“All right, hop on,” said Apple as she placed her huge right hand outside of the room. Everyone got out and sat down. “Beyond those hills?” asked Apple. “That’s right” answered Luigi.

Apple turned around and started to head towards the hills that Pauline went to with Mario in her hand. “There’s something I got to tell you but it has to wait” said Apple as she looked at Peach. Peach looks back up and nodded.            

Elsewhere, Pauline stopped walking opened the palm of her hand saw Mario looking up scared. “We got some things to talk about,” said Pauline as she raised her hand up to her eye level. “What…what about?” asked Mario.

“Everything, like where are we going to live and when we’re going to get married,” said Pauline. Oh no! Luigi, if you’re going to save me, hurry! thought Mario as he gave Pauline a fake smile. Pauline smile back, not knowing that it was a fake smile.

Pauline noticed a lake that was on her left. She slowly walks towards it, took her red high heels off and put her feet into the lake. She gently placed Mario on her left kneels and said, “Right then, what should we talk about now?” Mario looks up, worried at what she’s going to ask. 

Chapter three: Pauline’s four weeks of sadness 

“Yes, I know what we could talk about first,” said Pauline, as she looked down at him with a smile on her face. “And…what’s that?” asked Mario. “Ha…I’m, going to tell you about the worst four weeks of my life!” answered Pauline, as she picked up Mario to her eye level.

“It all began four weeks ago, that night where I left to visit my grandfather” said Pauline.      

Flash Back

 “Pauline…the taxi’s here” shouted Luigi. From that Pauline and Mario are heading towards the front door carrying suitcases. Pauline stopped at the front door and said, “Mario…I, I want to do this alone. I’m sorry” Mario stopped and looked back at her.

“Are you sure that you’re going to be all right?” asked Mario. Pauline nodded. “If that what you want…tell your grandfather to get well soon” said Mario as he carried his suitcase back into the house. As Pauline was about to enter the taxi, she turned around and gave Mario a kiss on the lips.

“Be good,” said Pauline as she gave a little smile before she entered the taxi. “You know we will,” said Mario as he was waving goodbye. Pauline looks out of her window and waved back at them. The taxi began to drive off into the distance.

“Promise me that you’ll be good” whispered Pauline as she sat back round. “You all right miss?” asked the taxi driver. “I’m…I’m fine. If you don’t mind, I’m going to sleep” answered Pauline. “Ok, I wake you as we get to the airport,” said the driver. Pauline closed her eyes and slowly fall asleep.

“We’re here,” said the driver as he stopped the taxi. Pauline opened her and opened the door. Pauline took her suitcase out and paid the driver. Pauline walks off, carrying her suitcase and caught her flight to England.

Fours weeks later, 

Pauline was about to go on her flight back home, but she stopped at a payphone and rung Mario’s home number. “Hi, this is Mario & Luigi’s plumbing business workshop, none of us is in at the moment, so please leave us a message and we try and back to you” said the answering machine.

“Mario, please pick up…I need to hear your voice again. Grandfather…he passed away in his sleep a few days ago. We’ve just buried him yesterday. Oh Mario, please pick up. My…my flight is about to tack off, see you and Luigi soon” said Pauline as she slowly places the phone back.  

Hours later,

Pauline got out of the taxi and paid the same taxi driver that took her to the airport. Pauline took her suitcase and entered her house. “Mario! Luigi! I’m home!” shouted Pauline as she was standing in the hallway.  As her voice echoed through out the house, she knew that she was alone.

As Pauline was about to head upstairs, she noticed the answer machine had twenty messages. “That’s odd?” thought Pauline as she went to press the play button on the machine. About forty minutes it took for all twenty messages to play. The last message was Pauline’s.

“Where the heck are they? They wouldn’t let the machine take this many messages. There must be something around here that could tell me where they went” said Pauline to herself as she was checking the machine.

She found nothing. “Check the kitchen,” thought Pauline as she headed towards the kitchen. As she got inside, she noticed a note hanging on the fridge. She walked up to it and began to read.

It reads,

Miss Ema Jones place tomorrow

At 9.00am

Bathtub problems 


“I guess I can start looking there,” said Pauline as she about to head out. “Oh right…it’s night time, guess I have to go in the morning” said Pauline as she was about to open the front door. Pauline headed upstairs and went to bed.

Morning came and Pauline shot out of bed. “Mario and Luigi are not back still,” said Pauline as she went out of her room. Pauline went back into her room and changed into her famous red dress and red shoes and headed down stairs. She put her coat on and headed out to Ema Jones’ house.

An hour later, Pauline turned up at the woman’s front door. She rang the bell and an old lady answered. “Yes…can I help you?” asked the woman. “Erm, are you Ema Jones by any chance?” said Pauline. “Why yes I am, what can I do for you?”

“Well, its just that…did the Mario Brothers turn up to fix your bath tub?” asked Pauline. “Yes…they turned up and fixed it, but they disappeared afterwards” answered Ema. “What do you mean…disappear?” asked Pauline, worried.

“Well, as they were testing the bath for me, I went to get the lads cups of coffee and when I returned, they were nowhere to be seen. They left all their tools here” said Ema. “I could get in if I say I came to pick up the tools,” thought Pauline.

“You’re here to pick up their tools?” asked Ema. “Yes…yes I am. Are they still in the bathroom?” asked Pauline as she took a step in. “They are. It’s upstairs, the third door to the left” answered Ema. “Thanks” said Pauline as she headed upstairs and entered the third room to the left.

“Right then, they were testing out the bath tub and then they disappear. If I do the same thing” thought Pauline as she locked the door. Pauline went over to the tub, closed her eyes and turned the tabs on. “Young Lady? What are you doing in there? And why did you locked the door” echoed Ema’s voice as it was fading away.

Pauline began to feel light-headed and then sleepy. She fell into the bathtub and was out cold. Suddenly, Pauline opened her eyes and found herself in another world. She slowly stands up and looks around the area. “Mario and Luigi, are in this world?” said Pauline, as she was about to walk around the place.

As she was walking, she heard someone say, “I’m looking forward to our wedding, are you, Mario?” “Mario? Is that my Mario?” thought Pauline as she was searching the area and spotted Mario with a woman wearing a pink dress.

Pauline noticed a castle with a window of the woman that was with Mario. “She’s the owner of that castle? Hold on a sec, did she say wedding?” thought Pauline. Pauline slowly began to walk towards them, till she saw something that broke her heart. Mario kissed the woman in the pink dress.

“NO!” screamed Pauline as she was about run off. Mario and the woman looked at were the scream came from. “What was that?” asked the woman. “Don’t know Peach, it have nothing to do with us” said Mario.

“Come on, I got something to ask Toadsworth” said Peach as she carried on walking. Mario followed.

Pauline carried on running for a few hours. She stopped because she couldn’t run anymore. She dropped onto her kneels and began to cry. “W…why did you do that? Mario…I thought we had something special. If you’re happy with that dumb blond, then that’s fine by me” said Pauline.

All of a sudden, a pink mushroom with eyes appeared out from where.

Pauline looks at the mushroom and thought, “What a strange looking mushroom” Slowly she crawled towards it and toughed the mushroom. A bright light flashed, as it dimmed down, Pauline opened her eyes and noticed things differently.

She was now one hundred foot tall. “W…what happened? How did I got this big?” thought Pauline as she was noticing that everything around her was smaller then her.

“Huh? Yes…that’s it. With my new size, I could win Mario’s heart back and punish that woman and this land” thought Pauline as she was heading back towards the castle.   

Back to the present

“And the rest you know” said Pauline as she was looking at Mario, who was sitting on the palm of her hand. “I’m sorry about you grandfather, is there anything I could do…?” said Mario as he noticed Pauline’s eye lit up as he said it.

“I’m so glad that you said that. Mario…I want us to go back home,” said Pauline. “Erm…Pauline” said Mario as he looked up at the cheerful giantess. “Yes, what is it my little Mario,” asked Pauline. “I don’t know how to say this but, I’m getting married to Princess Peach in a tomorrow” said Mario, scared.

“You what? You’re getting married! I’ve been gone for four weeks and you’re marring someone you met in that time limit!” boomed Pauline’s voice. “Four weeks? What are you talking about? I’ve been here for four years,” said Mario as he was defending himself.

“Four years? Its more like four weeks I left to see my grandfather!” said Pauline, as she moved her hand closer to her face. “Time must move differently here,” thought Mario as he was crawling backwards.  Pauline stood up to her full height, still standing in the lake.     

“Fine then! If I can’t have you, then that princess can’t have either,” said Pauline as she was raising her hand above her head. “Wha! What are you doing?” shouted Mario as he grabbed hold of Pauline middle finger. Mario looked down and saw Pauline had her mouth opened.

“Goodbye Mario, my true love,” said Pauline as she shook her hand and made Mario fall. Before Mario fell into Pauline’s mouth, he landed onto something soft. “You! No, you can’t have him!” screamed Pauline.

Mario opened his eyes and saw a giant Peach looking down at him. “Thank god that we made it in time” said Peach as she was looking down at Mario. Mario noticed Luigi and Daisy were sitting on Peach’s left shoulder.

“Apple! Can you handle her till I get back?” asked Peach as she looked over at Apple. “You got it,” said Apple as she went flying towards Pauline and pinned her on the floor. The two of them are now fighting in the lake, which is like a puddle to them. Peach turned around and headed dashed back towards her castle.


“Peach! What are you doing?” asked Mario, who was still siting in Peach’s hands. Peach looks down and said, “Getting you and the others back to safety. Also, you better get ready for our wedding tomorrow”


In no time, the giant Peach made it to her castle. All the toads and Wario and Waluigi looked up at the beauty of the giantess in the pink dress. Peach kneels down and placed everyone down at the front gates of her castle.


“See you on our wedding day” said Peach as she gave a kiss and blow at Mario. Peach stood back up and headed towards the area Apple and Pauline are fighting. “Just don’t hurt yourself!” shouted Mario.

“Come Mario, better get you in your wedding suit” said Luigi. From that Mario and the others went back into the castle, getting ready for the big day.       

Chapter four: The wedding that will never be forgotten 

Just moments before Pauline was about to eat Mario

Bowser’s secret hideout

“YES! YES! Finally! Mario will be out for good!” shouted Bowser happily as he was watching the crystal ball and saw Mario falling. Just then, everything went dark in the room that Bowser and his minions are in.

“ARR! JUST WHEN IT WAS GETTING TO THE GOOD PART!” roared Bowser. Kamek and Kammy drew out their wands and the orb ontop of the wands began to glow. Bowser turned around and looked at his fellow Koopa Troopas. Bowser was about to say something but a red shell Koopa Troopa rushed into the room, carrying a letter.

“This is for you my evilness,” said the Kooper as he tripped our. Bowser walks up to the Kooper and took the letter. He began to read. “Dear Bowser Kooper, since you didn’t pay your electricity bill for some time now, we had cut off your power. Hope you weren’t doing anything important. We put the power back on as soon as you pay the bill. Yours truly, the evil manager of the Evilness Powerline.

“WHY WASN’T I TOLD ABOUT THE ELECTRICITY BILL?” roared Bowser as he was looking at everyone in the room. “What are you talking about? We put the bill on your to do list” said Kammy.

“I have a to do list?” asked Bowser as he looked at her. “Well, tons of to do lists” answered Kammy as she headed towards Bowser’s bedroom. Bowser followed and saw a mountain full of papers covered on his working space.

“Where was I when this lot was building up?” asked Bowser as he looked at the mountain. “Doing your usually things, kidnapping Princess Peach, Mario kicking our butts, thinking of new evil plans and the last week looking up Mario’s history” answered Kammy.

“How come I didn’t noticed this before?” said Bowser, as he was about to climb the mountain of  paper and looking for the bill. “By the way, why didn’t we brought that Donkey Kong character here instead of that Pauline person?” asked Kammy as she was looking up at Bowser.

“True, Donkey Kong would be perfect to destroy Mario and kidnap the princess, but for unknown reasons I chose to go along with the Pauline plan and turn her in a giantess that I would control” said Bowser as he was still searching for the bill.

Just a few steps away from the lake

Apple, who was carrying Peach, Luigi and Daisy stopped and noticed Pauline sitting at the bank of the lake while talking to Mario. The giantess placed her friends on the ground. “Right then, what’s the plan?” whispered Apple as she kneeled down.                          

“Well, I was thinking that you go in and keep her busy while we go in and save Mario” said Peach as she looked up at her best friend. “You know, I have a better idea,” said Apple as she placed her hand in her pocket and took out a Mega Mushroom and handed it to Peach.

“Oh I see where you’re going with this,” said Peach as she smiled. “What? What’s the new plan?” asked Luigi, as he looked confused. “Fine then! If I can’t have you, then that princess can’t have either,” boomed Pauline’s voice.

Apple looks at the lake and noticed Pauline has her hand above her head and that Mario was hanging. “It’s now or never! Hurry up and eat the mushroom!” Apple said as she stood up. Peach took a bite and like magic, she grew up to the same size of Apple.

Peach quickly picked up Luigi and Daisy and placed them on her shoulder. Peach looks over at Pauline and noticed that Mario was about to fall. Just then the two giantesses dashed towards Pauline. Mario fell and landed onto something soft.

Mario opened his eyes and saw a giant Peach looking down at him. “Thank god that we made it in time” said Peach as she was looking down at Mario. Mario noticed Luigi and Daisy were sitting on Peach’s left shoulder.

“Apple! Can you handle her till I get back?” asked Peach as she looked over at Apple. “You got it,” said Apple as she went flying towards Pauline and pinned her on the floor. The two of them are now fighting in the lake, which is like a puddle to them. Peach turned around and headed dashed back towards her castle.


Back at the present


“Oh thank god that Apple brought a Mega Mushroom with her” thought Peach as she was running towards the lake that Apple and Pauline were fighting. Peach got there in no time and saw the two giantesses fighting.


Apple started to pull Pauline’s hair and Pauline smacked Apple’s face. The two of them stood up and began to wrestle each other. “Just who are you!” screamed Pauline as she was fell back into the lake. “Don’t play dumb! You almost killed Mario!” said Apple as she began to slap her in the face. Pauline’s eyes lit up as she said Mario’s name.


 As Peach got closer, she noticed something different about Pauline. Pauline was crying. Peach rushed in and stopped Apple before she could slap her again. “Wha…what’s going on?” asked Pauline as she looked at Peach and Apple.


“Hold on a sec! Don’t you remember what you were just doing?” asked Apple. Pauline looked at her all confused. “All I remember was crying and was about to touch this pink mushroom with eyes on it” answered Pauline.


“I knew something like this would happen,” said Apple as she stood up. Peach helped Pauline up and asked, “What did you know was going to happen?”   Apple looked at Peach and said, “ Remember when I said there was something I got to tell you?” Peach nodded. “A Super Mega Mushroom was stolen a few days ago and we all believe that Bowser stole it”


“Is Bowser an ugly looking turtle that can talk by any chance?” asked Pauline. “That pretty much hit the nail on head” said Apple. “How do you about that?” asked Peach. “When you said Bowser, an image of him appeared in my head and that image stayed with me after I touched the mushroom. Hay! I even know where his hideout is,” said Pauline.


“If you know that, then lets teach this turtle a lesson he would never forget” said Apple. “By the way, what are your names?” asked Pauline. “I’m Peach and this is Apple” answered Peach as she placed her hand out. “Nice to meet you both, I’m Pauline” said Pauline as she shook Peach’s hand.                      

“Ok then! Let’s go and teach a bad Kooper a lesson” said Pauline as she led the way. Peach and Apple followed.

An hour later,

At Bowser’s secret hideout

“FOUND IT!” shouted Bowser, as he was about to jump off. “Found the bill?” asked Kammy. “Right here, now then, how much is it?” said Bowser, as he was about to read the bill. After a few seconds later, Kammy noticed that Bowser looked like he saw a ghost.

“Wha…how much?” asked Kammy as she was about to take a look of the bill. “Ninety nine hundred thousand coins!” shouted Kammy. Bowser was about to cry as he said, “I…guess I have to…sniff…go through my savings”

As Bowser was about to go to his huge safe that was hidden under his bed, the whole place began to vibrate. All of a sudden, the whole rooftop was ripped off and behind it was three beautiful giantesses looking down at him.  “What’s going on!” shouted Bowser as he looked up. Bowser looks down and saw Kammy packing her stuff.

“Well I’m off!” shouted Kammy as she got onto her broomstick and flew out of the room. “Come people! We’re off!” echoed Kammy’s voice. All of the sudden, all of the Koopa Troopas and Kamek could be seen fleeing the area. “Cowards!” shouted Bowser as he running towards his bedroom door.

“Where do you think you’re going?” asked Apple. Bowser, slowly look back up and saw Apple reaching down to get him.  “NO!” shouted Bowser as he was about to run away.

Apple grabbed Bowser and took him to the giantesses eye level. “Well then, what should we do with bad boy?” asked Apple as she looked at Peach and Pauline. “Something he can’t stand” said Pauline. Bowser looked at her and said, “ Why aren’t you under my control?”

All of a sudden, Kammy appeared on her broomstick and said, “Forgot to tell you that once you cut off the power, the magic will have no effect and will need to get another mushroom. Got it? Ok bye” From that Kammy flew off into the distance.

“Darn it!” shouted Bowser. “I know the perfect punishment for him” said Peach. Bowser looks up and was getting scared. “Wow look at the time! You’re wedding will start in few hours” said Apple as she looked at her watch. “We better hurry! Come on girls! Let’s go,” said Peach as she was about to head back to her castle.

“Pauline, hold him will you?” said Apple as she flipped Bowser in the air and Pauline grabbed him. “Peach, calm down, I’ve got everything covered. I knew something like this would happen so I told Hugo to bring you know what and some extra mushrooms,” said Apple as she grabbed hold of Peach’s hand.   

“You mean?” asked Peach as her eyes began to glitter. “Yes, come on then, we got a wedding to get to” said Apple as she began to pull Peach as she was heading towards Peach’s castle. “Hay! What about me?” shouted Pauline. The two giantesses stopped running and Peach said, “Would you like to be a bridesmaid?”  Pauline’s face broke into a smile and said, “I would love too”  

From that the three of them headed back to the castle with Bowser in Pauline’s hands.

Hours later

Peach was getting ready for her big day, all her bridesmaids were helping her getting ready. “Here you go Peach” Peach looks back and saw a woman with pointy ears handed her the flowers. “Thanks Zelda. Right then everyone, let’s get this show on the road” said Peach as she was about leave. Everyone is dressed up in beautiful dresses.        

Outside of Peach’s castle, everyone was waiting for the bride, maid of honour and the bridesmaids to show up. Mario, now wearing his suit was standing next to Luigi and Toadsworth, who was also wearing suits.  Mario looks out at the crowds and saw many faces. All of a sudden, the usual music played at the wedding began to echo though out the area.

The crowd looks back and saw five giantesses heading towards the spot where Mario was standing. Peach was in front and behind her was Apple, Pauline, Daisy and Zelda. Each of them was looking down at the crowd.

“Now this is a wedding to remember for a lifetime” said Luigi. Mario nodded. As Peach got up to Mario, she kneels down and the two of them looked at Toadsworth.

“We’ve gathered here today to enjoy the joining for these two souls. Mario, will you take this bride to be you wife, where you will save her from all evil and help her through all her troubles through sickness and through health?” said Toadsworth as he looked at Mario.

Mario looks up at Peach and says, “I do” Toadsworth looks up at Peach and said, “Do you Princess Peach, take this plumber/ hero to be your husband, where you will save him from all evil and help him with all of his troubles?” Peach looks down at Mario and said, “I do”

“Then I’m happy to say by the power in me, you both are now man and wife. You may kiss each the bride,” said Toadsworth. Peach picks up Mario and the two of them began to kiss each other. Music began to play and everyone began to clap and cheer.

“I said I wasn’t going to cry, I said I wouldn’t cry,” said Waluigi, as he was about to cry. “Can’t believe this cry baby is my brother,” said Wario as he put his head down in shame. “ARR! No! Happiness! Too much happiness!” shouted Bowser who was trapped in Pauline hands. “I say he learnt his lesson,” said Pauline as she looked at Apple.

Apple walked up to Pauline and took Bowser and said, “Not just yet. See ya Bowser” Apple tied something onto Bowser’s tail, but he didn’t noticed. “What do you mean?” asked Bowser confused. Before Apple answered his question, she looked and winked at Pauline and she winked back. Apple then flicked him and he went flying across the land.

“Let’s PARTY!” shouted both Wario and Waluigi. From that, Wario drew out a game board and everyone began to play. A dice appeared in the giant Peach’s hand. “Let’s play,” said Peach, as she was about roll the dice. An hour later, Peach won every game. Everyone began to have a good time. 

Mario was sitting on the floor, looking at everyone with a smile on his face. A shadow covered him; Mario looks up and noticed that it was Pauline. “Mario?” asked Pauline as she sat down next to him. “Your back to normal. Peach told me everything, so don’t worry, I don’t hate you,” said Mario as he was looking up at her.

“I guess…I lost the battle,” said Pauline. “What battle?” asked Mario as he looked forward. “The battle for your heart. I just want you back so much and when I saw you kissing Peach, I just knew that I lost” answered Pauline. “You didn’t lose, in fact, everyone is a winner if they want my heart” said Mario as he looked up at her.

“Huh? What do you mean?” asked Pauline. “The reason why no one lost is because I got to know the people around me, in this world and back in your world. As long as no one forgets me, they always have room in my heart. So Pauline, stop crying because you’ve already got a place that will remain always” answered Mario as he looks up at her.

“Oh Mario” said Pauline as she moves down and gives Mario a kiss. “What are you going to do now, its not like you can return being in that size” said Mario. “Well, Apple said that I could live in Giant Land till the effects come off but, I don’t see the effects wearing off any time soon” answered Pauline.

“Well I promise you that Peach and I will visit you now and then,” said Mario. “I would like that. Oh, looks like Peach is about to throw the flowers. See you later,” said Pauline as she stood up and headed towards where Peach is standing.        

 “Hay Mario!” echoed a familiar voice. Mario stood up, turned around and saw Link walking towards him. “Hay Link. What that you got there” asked Mario as he noticed Link was holding something.

Link handed him a green cap that looks like a bird. “It’s called the Minish Cap. Use this if you ever want Peach to act like a giantess for you” answered Link. “Umm, thanks,” said Mario, as he was looking at the cap.

“Come on Link, Peach is about to throw the flowers,” said Zelda that appeared behind Link. Zelda picks up Link and headed towards Peach. “See you later!” shouted Link. Peach, still a giantess was holding normal size flower, turned around so she couldn’t see everyone and dropped the flowers behind her.

Mario looks at the cap and said, “What an ugly looking cap” All of a sudden; the cap began to speak. “Well you’re not good looking yourself” “ARR!” shouted Mario as he threw the cap into the air and ran off. Two people walked to the spot where Mario was standing. 

“What’s wrong with him?” asked Daisy, back to normal size. “Don’t know,” said Luigi, as he took off his green cap. Before the two walked off, the Minish Cap landed ontop of Luigi. All of a sudden, Luigi began to shrink down to the size of a Minish.

“Oh no” said Luigi as he looked up and saw Daisy’s eye glittering. “Wow, my very own little Luigi” said Daisy as she was about to pick up him up. “How can this get any worst?” said Luigi as he was being picked up. All of the sudden, flowers landed ontop of him.

“OH MAN! Daisy caught the flowers, she’s going to be married next” shouted everyone. “OH NO!” shouted the little Luigi as he climbed out of the flowers and saw Daisy’s face. She looked like she was going to blow up with joy.

“We’re going to get married! You promised that we would if I catch the flowers,” said Daisy as she was dancing around and kissing him. Everyone else began to laugh. Peach noticed her husband standing next to her left foot. She picks him up and the two of them looks at Daisy and the shrunken Luigi arguing. Luigi jumps off and began to run Daisy began to chase after her little Luigi.

The sun was about to set. Apple walks up behind Peach and said, “Look out there and you will see my other gift” Peach and Mario looks out into the distance and waited for something too happen.

Meanwhile elsewhere,

Bowser is still flying around the world non-stop. “Man, when am I ever going to stop?” asked Bowser to himself. All of a sudden, he whacked into something hard and was now flying backwards. Bowser opens his eyes and noticed that he landed on a spacecraft and a purple alien was flying it. “Tatanga?” said Bowser.

“Bowser? You need a lift?” asked Tatanga, as he was about to open the door till he noticed something strapped onto Bowser’s tail. “What’s that on your tail?” asked Tatanga. “Huh, what’s on my tail?” said Bowser, as he was about to look. There tied onto his tail was a Bob-Omb that had a countdown to three seconds.

“Oh drat!” shouted Bowser as the fireworks blew up, which causes Tatanga’s spacecraft to blow up. The two of them went flying off into the distance, till they were nolonger in sight.

Back at the castle,

Everyone saw Tatanga’s ship blowing up, but they all thought it was just fireworks going off. “Now this is a wedding that would never be forgotten through out the ages,” said Mario as he looked at his giant wife. “You said it,” said Peach as she looked down at him. The two of them carried on watching the fireworks like they were in there own little world.