Mario & Mona: Big & Small


This is a zany story of an adventure, an adventure of sizable proportions, starring the legendary, multi-talented plumber, Mario, and a girl with many different professions, Mona.  Both of them are from different sides of Mario’s World, and neither of them knows each other personally, but Mona has heard stories about Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom.  Both of them have learned about a temple near a place called Thwomp Volcano and choose to explore it.




Here is Mario’s side of the story.


Mario has recently received a letter from Princess Peach, saying the following.


Dear Mario & Luigi,


I found information regarding a treasure that can be found near Thwomp Volcano.  I’d like you two to explore that temple and find the treasure.  I’ve enclosed a map that will help you.



Princess Peach


Luigi was surprisingly eager to go on this adventure with Mario.  Although he enjoyed the quiet life, Mario knew that he couldn’t turn down a request from Princess Peach.


Luigi: Are we ready to go, Mario?

Mario: Almost.  I just-a need to lock up.


Luigi: Well, hurry up!  I’ve wanted to do something like-a this for a while.


Mario: I’m-a surprised that-a you’re so eager.


Luigi: Well, we haven’t had any action for a while.


Mario locks the front of the house.


Mario: Let’s-a go.


Luigi: Off-a to Thwomp Volcano!


Mario gives Luigi a surprised look, but Luigi just walks off.


Mario: (Thinking) This may become exciting, if-a he’s acting like-a this.


Both of them start walking away from the house.




Now, it’s time for Mona’s side of the story.


Mona was working at Mona Pizza one day, when she overheard a pair of customers talk about a temple and the treasure within.  Intrigued, she asked around about it and soon learned everything.  Soon, she thought of it as a story with an adventure.  If you haven’t already guessed by now, it’s the temple near Thwomp Volcano.  She told her boss, Joe, about it, and they both decided to take a trip to the temple.


Mona: This is exciting.  Taking another adventure, just like Wario does, AND it’s for treasure!


Joe: Speaking of-a Wario, shouldn’t you have-a told him about-a this?  He’s-a the only one who knows how to get out of-a Diamond City.


Mona looks at him with a raised eyebrow.

Mona: And let him take all the glory?  No way!  This is my expedition.  Besides, I managed to get a map from someone I interviewed a while back.


Mona shows Joe the map.


Joe: Really?!


Mona: Yep.  It should take us there in no time.


Joe: In-a that case, let-a me get ready.


Five minutes later, Joe, dressed in a brown safari suit, and Mona, dressed in a pink safari suit, take their equipment, and they start walking away from Mona Pizza.




While Mona & Joe had a much longer route to take, Mario & Luigi had to deal with Bowser’s minions.


Fortunately, Bowser had no idea about the treasure, and those minions were just causing trouble.  So, after several easy, yet time-consuming fights, Mario & Luigi made it the temple.


Mona & Joe took the journey by boat.  They paddled their way to the temple, facing several unexpected whirlpools and a few nasty roadblocks along the way.  Yet their journey was less perilous than that of the Mario Bros.  It wasn’t long before they made it to the temple.


Mario & Luigi are at the front of the temple.  Mona & Joe are at the back.  Neither duo is aware of each other.



Mario: Wow.  Since our adventure with our younger selves, the place doesn’t seem-a that-a much different.


Luigi: It-a looks older…


Mario: But-a the temple is-a new to us.


Luigi: Definitely new.


Mario: So, shall we get-a started?

Luigi: We shall, bro.




Mona: This must be it.


Joe: Thank-a goodness.


Both of them step out of the boat, as Mona grabs her bag.  Joe blows on his hands.


Joe: 5,000 miles, and I rowed every step of-a the way!


Joe places his hands in the water and feels relief, as the water emits steam.


Mona: Are you finished?  Cause we need to get moving.  Get the camera.


Joe: Hey!  Watch-a how you talk-a to your boss!


Joe grabs his camera and turns it on.


Mona: *giggles* Sorry…  I’m just really focused.


Joe: So is the camera.


Mona takes her microphone out of her bag and clears her throat. Joe: Action.


Mona: This is Mona with another addition of Mona’s Exploration Team.  After countless research on the temple at Thwomp Volcano, I can safely say that I have found it.  The only mystery is as to what’s inside.  That mystery gets solved, right now.  And cut.  How was that?


Joe: Good job-a so far.  Now, let’s explore.




Mario & Luigi head for the entrance.  They stop when they find a nearby stone tablet.


Mario: Oh.  A stone tablet.


Luigi: What does it-a say?


Mona & Joe head up the stairs of the back entrance, and find a stone tablet with the same writing.


Mona: Hey, a stone tablet.


Joe: Should I turn on-a the camera?

Mona: No, not yet.


Joe: Okay.  What does-a the tablet say?



Mario: “Within Thwomp’s Temple…”


Mona: “…lies the Golden Spiny Orb.”


Mario: “This-a orb has-a mystical powers…”


Mona: “…and those with impure hearts and weak courage…”


Mario: “…will meet-a certain doom…”


Mona: “…in reaching the orb…”


Mario & Mona: “…as it is guarded well.”  Hmm.  Sounds interesting.


Luigi & Joe: Sounds-a dangerous.



Mario: Yes, but-a this is what you wanted.


Luigi: Yes.  So, let’s go.




Mona: Come on, Joe.  This is no time to get cold feet.  We’ve come too far to turn back now.


Joe: I know.  I know.




All four of them enter the temple.




Mario & Luigi see the temple full of lit torches.


Mario: It-a looks like-a nothing more than a simple corridor…


Luigi: I’m-a sure that-a it’s-a more than-a that.


Mario: Watch-a your step.


Luigi: Will do.




Mona & Joe are crossing a stone bridge.  Mona continues her report as Joe records it.


Mona: As you can see, the walls are full of Thwomps as far as the eye can see, indicating that the Thwomps that inhabit this land make up nearly every aspect of this temple.  And cut.


Mona makes it across the stone bridge, but before Joe could follow, a Thwomp lands in between them, surprising them both.  Soon, the bridge starts crumbling and falling apart, and Joe starts running in the opposite direction.  Fortunately, he makes it to the entrance before he falls deeper into the temple.


Mona: Joe!  Are you okay?!


Joe: I’m-a sorry, Mona!  You’re going to have-a to continue without-a me!


Mona looks back at Joe as the Thwomp rises up.  She takes a deep breath, exhales, and moves away from the Thwomp.


Mona: In that case, let me make one more announcement for the report.


Joe: From-a over there?!

Mona: This is no time to argue.


Joe turns on his camera.  Meanwhile, Mona looks up, as a precaution for more Thwomps.  Mona finds a safe spot, and Joe zooms in while starting the camera.


Joe: You’re on!


Mona: Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve currently found myself in a dangerous situation.  I’ve been separated from my cameraman and boss, Joe, and will be forced to press on with the adventure, deeper within Thwomp Temple.  So, in case something should happen to me…


Mona takes a deep breath.  Then exhales.


Mona: …I would like to let everyone know that it was a pleasure entertaining everyone in Diamond City in the many ways possible.  It was also an extreme pleasure working for Wario, even though I never got a paycheck for it.  So, unless I come out alive, this is Mona of Mona’s Exploration Team saying…


Mona blows a kiss at the camera and winks.  Joe blushes.


Mona: I’ve got a positive attitude and strongly believe that I’ll come out alive, but it’s always smart to be prepared for things like this.  With that being said, good-bye, everyone.  And cut.


Mona turns away and walks a few steps before she turns her head to Joe with a smile.


Mona: See you later, Joe.


Mona continues walking deeper into the temple.


Joe: Mona…  I’m-a sorry…


Joe heads back outside.




Mario & Luigi continue through the temple and soon find a different room with a stairway.


Mario: This-a seems too easy for a well-defended temple.


Both men head up the stairway.


Luigi: Yeah.  Maybe we’re both-a pure hearted, so that’s-a why this is easy.  Although I’m-a surprised that it’s-a this easy.  I expected at-a least a few…


A Thwomp shaped like a ball with spikes appear at the top of the stairs.  A few more appear behind it.


Luigi: THWOMPS!!


The Thwomp starts rolling down the stairs.  At the same time, the stairs turn into a slide, as the steps angle themselves.  Both Mario & Luigi slide down with the Thwomp speeding behind them.  Both of them slide toward the entrance to the hallway, but Mario hits a wall, kicks off, and jumps over the ball as Luigi slides through the entrance.  The Thwomp soon stops itself at the entrance of the room, blocking it.


Mario: Luigi!

Luigi: Mario!


Mario: Head-a back to the entrance, you can’t-a do any more good around here.


Luigi: Sorry.


Mario notices another entrance nearby and heads on through.  A few more Thwomps attempt to squash him, but the mighty plumber manages to dodge all of them as he heads through the entrance.




Mona continues heading through a corridor, with a look of determination on her face.  A few Swoopers attempt to fly at her, but Mona just stays low as she continues running through the corridor.


Mona: (Thinking) If I get through this alive, it’ll be one heck of a story.


Soon, she sees a room in front of her.


Mona: What is that?


Mona runs inside the room.  She kneels down and catches her breath.  After doing so, she stands up and drops her bag on the floor.




Mario continues heading through a corridor, with a look of determination on his face.  Thwomps continue to try and flatten him, but Mario continues running, avoiding every one of them.


Mario: (Thinking) Mama Mia.  The value of-a this-a Gold Spiny Shell had-a better be worth it.


Soon, he sees a room in front of him.


Mario: What is-a that?


Mario jumps and dives inside as the last Thwomp tries to flatten him.  He stands up and wipes the dust off him.




Both of them see the object in front of them, sitting on a pedestal, as they head toward it, unaware of the other individual on the opposite side of the room.  They stop in front of the object and smile.


Mario & Mona: The Golden Spiny Orb!  Huh?


Both of them look at each other.  Mona gives Mario a stink eye and snatches the object.


Mona: I don’t know who you are, but I won’t let you take what I found!


Mario: Mama Mia!  Relax!


But then, Mona takes a good look at the man in front of him and gasps.


Mona: Wait a minute, aren’t you Mario?


Mario: Yes, I am.


Mona: *gasps* Oh, my goodness!  As in THE Mario?!


Mario: Uh, yes.


Mona: WOW!  I’ve only heard stories about you from my friends, but I never thought that I’d meet you in person.  This is a real honor.


Mona blushes and bows before him.


Mario: Uh, thank-a you, miss…


Mona: My name is Mona.


Mario: Mona.


Mona: Anyway, why would you be interested in this orb?

Mario: It’s a job for-a Princess Peach.  She wanted me to go on-a this-a hunt for her.


Mona takes a look at the object for a moment, and then smiles.


Mona: Well, since you’re doing this for her, here.  Take it.


Mona hands the orb to Mario.


Mario: Thank-a you.  But-a weren’t you looking for this-a too?


Mona: Yeah, but that’s okay.  I already have what I need for my story, anyway.


Mario: So, you’re a rep--


As Mario grabs it, the whole place starts shaking, the orb becomes bright, and both Mario & Mona feel like they’re being shocked by electricity.  In a blinding flash, both of them fall down.  When they wake up, Mario looks at a gigantic pink wall in front of him.  He soon realizes that it’s Mona’s safari hat.



Mario: Mona!  Wake up!  You’re-a gigantic!


Mona groans and reaches a hand at Mario.


Mario: WHOA!


Mario dodges out of the way.  Mona shakes her head, blinks a few times, and then sees Mario.  She becomes shocked.


Mona: Mario?!  What happened to you?!  You’ve shrunk!


Mario looks around and realizes that the pedestal and doors are huge, proving that Mona was right.


Mario: I’m not-a sure, but I think that it-a has to do with-a the orb.


Mona takes the orb and looks at it.  She stands up and looks down.  Mario was almost as tall as her feet, almost 3 inches tall.


Mona: Funny.  Nothing happened to me when I touched it.


Mario thinks.  Then, he looks around and finds a stone tablet.


Mario: Hey, there’s a stone tablet.  Can-a you tell me what it says?


Mona gently grabs Mario and places him on her left shoulder.


Mona: Gladly.


Mona walks over to the tablet and reads it.


Mona: “A pure heart can easily take the Golden Spiny Orb, but beware.  If two pure hearts hold the orb inside the temple, it’ll get confused on whom it should entrust itself to and work its magic instantly, like a hammer works with mushrooms.”  What does that mean?


Mario: If I had to guess, it must’ve affected-a me when we both-a touched the orb.  It had the effect of-a the Mini-Mega Hammer and-a made me tiny.


Mona: Mini-Mega Hammer?


Mario: The Mini-Mega Hammer has-a the ability of both-a a Mini Mushroom & a Mega Mushroom.  When-a used, it can either grow or shrink-a something or somebody, but only for a brief period.


Mona: Wow.  I’m surprised that it only affected you, though.  “If more than two pure hearts hold the orb inside the temple, they will be teleported out of the temple, as the Golden Spiny Orb will not be able to handle more than two pure hearts.  Heed this warning well.”


Mario & Mona: NOW it tells us…


Suddenly, Mario & Mona feel themselves expanding.  Mario jumps off and soon grows back to normal.


Mario: Hey, I’m-a back-a to normal.  I guess that-a the process is-a only temporary.


Soon, Mario notices that Mona is missing.  He just sees her bag on the floor.


Mona: MARIO!


Mario covers his ears.  He turns around and sees Mona growing.  She continues to grow, and is about to outgrow the room.


Mona: Brace yourself!


Rocks from the building start breaking apart.  Mario does his best to dodge as many rocks as possible.




Outside, both Joe & Luigi feel the ground shake.  Soon, they see a giant head break through the top of the temple.




Luigi soon finds a bunch of rocks falling in his direction.  With his jumping abilities, he manages to avoid them.  When he’s done he smiles and laughs, but one rock comes out of nowhere and smacks him on the head.  He spins around and falls with his eyes spinning around in different directions.


Joe: MONA?!


Joe tries to go around the temple, as he records the footage.  Surprisingly, he’s so focused on recording the footage, he doesn’t realize the rocks falling around him.  Even more surprising is that he doesn’t get hit by a single one.




Mona now stands at roughly 120 ft. tall.  Mona becomes shocked at how big she is.


Mona: Wow!  *gasps* OH, NO!  MARIO!


Mario: I’m-a okay.  But-a don’t yell so loud.  At-a you’re huge height, it’s-a deafening.


Mona looks down and finds Mario inside her right pocket.


Mona: Oh, thank goodness you’re okay!


Mario jumps down and wipes himself clean of the dirt.  In comparison with her gigantic height, Mario is still the same size as when he was tiny.  He finds another tablet.


Mona: Well, so much for what I said earlier.  I guess this must be the other half of the curse.


Mario: Mona!  There’s another tablet here!


Mona: What does it say?


Mario: It-a says, “For the two that have-a failed to heed the warning, heed-a this.  The process for the two will always alternate, but-a never change.”


Mona: If I had to guess, it means that we’ll constantly grow and shrink, but I’ll always be bigger than you.


Mario: It also seems that-a we’ll always change size at any given moment.


Mona: Oy vey.  This is beautiful.  You and me, stuck like this forever.  Constantly growing and shrinking…


Mario: Hold on.  There’s-a more.  “To remove the curse, the two must-a return the Golden Spiny Orb to its original owner or-a one if its-a descendants.  Then return to the orb’s-a room.”


Mona: “Original owner?”


Suddenly, both Mario & Mona feel everything getting bigger again.


Mona: Awesome!  I’m back to normal!


Mario: But I’m-a tiny again.


Mona looks down and kneels at Mario.


Mona: Wow…  We really are stuck like this…


Mario: Yep…


Mona: So, do you know what the tablet means by, “original owner?”


Mario: No, but if I had-a to guess, that-a means that-a we need to find out who this-a belongs to and-a return it-a.


Mona: And then we come back to this room.


Mario: Yep.  Until then, we’re stuck with-a this-a curse.


Mona: So does that mean that I’ll be adventuring with you?


Mario: It-a looks that-a way.


Mona smiles.


Mona: All right!  Well, despite what I’m going through right now, I consider this a real honor, Mario.


Mario: Thank-a you.  Now, let’s-a get going.


Mona: Yes, sir!


Both of them look around and notice the damage.  Mona grabs her bag, and then grabs Mario.


Mona: So, how did you get out of here?


Mario: Through the front-a entrance, but-a a pathway is-a blocked now.


Mona: Aw, and I thought that we were home free.


Mario: Why?  Are-a you trapped here, too?


Mona: Yes.  The bridge to the back entrance was destroyed by a Thwomp.


Mario: And I’m-a too small to jump out of here…


?????: Mario!


Out of nowhere, Luigi jumps into the building.  The man has a huge bump on his forehead.


Mario: Luigi?!


Mona: Luigi?  Your brother’s here too?!  Awesome!


Luigi is shocked at Mario’s height.


Luigi: Bro?


Mario: It’s a crazy story.


Before Mario could explain anything, both of them start growing again.


Mario: Luigi!  Get out of-a here, NOW!


Without another word, Luigi jumps out of the building.  Mario reaches his normal height and quickly jumps out of the building.  In mere moments, Mona becomes a giantess again.


Luigi: What happened to her?!  What happened to you?!


Mario: I’ll explain-a later.


Mona: So I’m big again.  Well, I might as well use this to my advantage while I have the chance.


Mona steps out of the temple, being careful not to destroy anything.  Aside from the ground shaking with each step she takes and popping out of the temple, Mona barely did any damage.  She reaches inside the temple for her bag, which she easily carried in the palm of her right hand.


???: I’m-a getting amazing footage of this!


Mona and the Mario Bros. turn to face Joe, who’s been filming this incident since she popped out of the temple.


Joe: Mona!  It IS-A you!


Mona: Joe, please turn that off.


Joe turns off the camera.  Then, he turns to Mario & Luigi.


Joe: And who might-a you two be?


Mona: Those are the Mario Bros.  You know, the legendary plumbers that everyone in Diamond City believes are nothing more than a fairy tale?


Joe: Really?!  Now this IS our lucky day, Mona!  But-a mind explaining to me what’s going on with-a you?


Mona: I suppose I should.




Mona explains to both of them the situation at hand, with Mario tiny and Mona back to normal.  Luigi’s bump is gone, too.


Luigi: So every time you two change size, Mario is-a tiny.


Joe: Or Mona is-a gigantic.


Mario: That’s about the situation in a nutshell.


Mona: And if I had to guess, the Thwomps separated us intentionally…


Mario: What do you mean, Mona?


Mona: Well, I’m guessing that we all had pure hearts, but courage was another issue.  Joe, there were times where you wanted to turn back while we were inside the temple, right?


Joe lowers his head in shame.


Mario: And Luigi--


Luigi: I know, I know.  We’ll skip-a the history on-a me, thank-a you.


Joe: Anyway, this is-a good for the story.  So, where do we head-a next?


Mona: Uh, sorry, Joe.  But I can’t take you with me.


Joe: Huh?!  But-a why?!


Once again, Mona & Mario start growing, putting Mona as a giantess with Mario back to normal.


Mona: This is why.  As much as I want to do this story, it would be too difficult to do along my trip.


Joe: But-a after all the information we gathered, we can’t just-a have nothing for our report.


Mona: Don’t worry, I thought about that.  I plan on doing an update shortly before we head into Diamond City.


Joe: Diamond City?


Mona: I don’t plan on traveling with Mario in my safari suit.  Plus, there are several things I wish to get before I start my adventure with Mario.


Mario: I understand.  Which reminds me.  Luigi.


Luigi: Yes?


Mario: Can-a you tell Princess Peach about-a this?


Luigi: Sure thing.


Mario: I’m-a sorry.  I know how much you wanted an adventure, but--


Luigi: I understand.  Good luck, Mario.


Luigi leaves.  At the same time, Mona & Mario shrink.  Mona takes Mario on her right shoulder.


Mona: Start the camera, Joe.  But don’t zoom in on Mario until I mention Mario on my shoulder.


Joe: Understood.


Joe starts the camera.


Joe: Action.


Mona: This is Mona of Mona’s Exploration Team with an update.  I mentioned in my last report that I may not do this again, if something should happen to me.  Fortunately, I’m still here, and what I found was this.


Mona takes the object out of her bag.


Mona: This is known as the Golden Spiny Orb.  I had to brave the nearby Thwomp Temple to get it.  Fortunately, it took a pure heart and strong courage in order to avoid or get through the majority of obstacles within the temple.  To say that I’m lucky is an understatement, as I also encountered the legendary plumber, Mario and his brother, Luigi.  Both of them were also after the Golden Spiny Orb for the leader of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach.  Like Joe & myself, Mario & Luigi were separated within the temple.  Both Mario & I were able to reach the orb, but with it was, what I’d like to call, a zany curse.  If two individuals are holding the orb at the same time inside the temple, they end up suffering the Mini-Mega treatment with one always being bigger than the other.  In other words, both of them will continuously grow & shrink, as one will always be bigger than the other.  In case you think that this is a joke, take a look at my right shoulder.  As you can see, Mario and I both are currently suffering from the curse.


Suddenly both Mario & Mona start growing.  Mona drops the microphone, Mario jumps off of Mona’s shoulder, and Joe backs up.  The moment Mona gets to 120 ft. she kneels down, shaking the ground, and looks at Joe.  He gives her the thumbs up.


Mona: As you have just seen, Mario was a tiny man on my shoulder.  Now, he’s back to normal, as I’ve become a giantess.  You can believe this to be real or fake.  Either way, I will be going on an adventure with Mario to return the orb to its owner.  Unfortunately, neither of us knows who it is, and this will be the last update for a while.  When I’m done with Mario, I will be back with a full report on the temple and my adventure with Mario.  Until then, this is Mona of Mona’s Exploration Team signing out.  And cut.


Joe: You know that-a Wario’s gonna kill you for this…


Mona: And 9-Volt will be incredibly jealous, too. *laughs*


Mario: You know Wario?


Mona: He lives in Diamond City.  In fact, I’m one of his top employees for WarioWare, Inc.


Mario: Really?  How much-a does he pay you?


Mona hesitates to answer.  So, she tries to alter the answer.


Mona: I don’t do it for the money.  I do it because I enjoy the job.


Mario: In-a other words, he doesn’t pay you anything.


Mona sighs, then laughs.


Mona: Nothing gets by you, does it?


Mario: *chuckles* I’ve-a known Wario much-a longer than-a you can imagine.  Greed has, and-a always will be, his #1 calling.


Mona: That’s why I didn’t invite him on this treasure hunt.


Mona stands up.


Joe: When-a we get to Diamond City, I’ll-a take care of-a the equipment-a.


Mona: Good.  And, when I’m normal-sized again, I’ll switch outfits and get my scooter.  It’ll definitely come in handy.


Joe: I’ll-a keep a close eye on-a your animals, too.


Mona: Thanks, Joe.


Suddenly, Mona & Mario shrink again.  Mona grabs Mario and places him on her right shoulder.


Mona: So, shall we get going?


Mario & Joe: Gladly.




As they traveled to Diamond City, they made extra careful that Mona’s unexpected enlargement wouldn’t destroy anything.  So, Mona decided to walk as Joe paddled back with all the equipment.  Mario wasn’t bothered by it at all, since he would still be the same size with Mona anyway.  However, Mona realized that she would soon have to swim, since Diamond City is on an island.  Mona started swimming with Mario riding on her hat.  The constant size changing did affect the water and creatures around them, but Mona wasn’t planning on stopping until they made it there.




After several long hours, both Joe & Mona made it to Diamond City.  Mona, currently giant-sized, makes it to land, exhausted.  She gets on her knees and breathes heavily.  Joe places his hands in the water, as he rowed the long distance, again.  Mario jumps off of Mona’s head.


Mario: Are you okay, Mona?


Mona: I’ll be fine…  *breathing heavily* Just…need to…catch my breath…


Joe: If it’s-a okay, I could-a grab your stuff, Mona.


Mona waves a hand at Joe, shaking her head.


Mona: It’s okay, Joe…  *breathing heavily* I can wait.


Joe: In that-a case, just-a stay by the water.  I’ll have-a the building unlocked for you to get-a your stuff.  We’ll-a take care of the news footage when-a you’re done with-a Mario.  Good luck, Mona.


Joe leaves with the equipment.

Mona: Mario, I think that you should lay low, too.  If anyone sees you around here, it’ll cause a huge commotion.


Mario: Good thinking.


Both of them head into the water, keeping an eye out for any strangers passing by.  During their wait, a familiar spaceship floats by.




Orbulon: Interesting.  A gigantic life force, but the scanners say that it’s the female humanoid unit, Mona!  The other humanoid is Mario.  If my memory is correct, and it generally is, Mario is the legendary plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom.  But this seems illogical.  Mario has yet to be seen in Diamond City, and humanoids aren’t meant to grow that large.  Wait a minute.  What is this?  Both life forces are shrinking?


Orbulon scratches his head.  Then rubs his chin.


Orbulon: Hmm…  I should look into this.




Meanwhile, Mona rushes into Mona Pizza, heads up the stairs in the employee restroom, and changes into her standard attire.


Mona: Nice to be in my favorite outfit.  Not that I have any problems with my other outfits.  It’s just that this one’s the most comfortable.


Mona grabs her bike helmet.


Mona: Now, I’d better head back, and fast.


Mona rushes outside, takes her scooter, and drives off.


Mona: I left him by the water.  I just hope that I can find him before I grow again.

Suddenly, Mona notices a familiar spaceship floating by.


Mona: The Oinker?  *groans* Orbulon, I don’t have time for THIIIIIIIIIISSS!!


Mona screams as she gets sucked in the spaceship with her scooter.




Mona finds herself inside the ship.  She also finds Mario, who is trapped inside a glass jar.  She hops off of her bike and runs over to Mario.


Mona: Mario?!


Mario: Mona?!


Orbulon heads into the room.


Orbulon: So it’s true.  This is the legendary humanoid Mario.  But I expected him to be a lot bigger than this.


Mona: That’ll happen soon, and if you don’t let me out of this ship, it’ll be destroyed!


Orbulon: Care to explain the situation?  I am confused.


Mona: Let us out in a place away from people, and I’ll tell you everything.  And I suggest that you make it fast, too!


Mario: She’s-a not kidding!


Mona moans as she crouches down.


Mona: I…feel it…happening…  I’M…GROWING AGAIN!!


Orbulon screams and gulps.


Orbulon: Very well.  After what I saw, I would not argue with either of you.  Just please try to abstain from enlargement until I find a safe location!


Orbulon heads to the control room.  Mona stands up laughing.


Mona: That was easy.


Mario smiles at her.


Mario: Want any eggs to go with-a that-a ham?


Mona: Nah.  Besides, the yolk’s on him.


Mario & Mona laugh.




A while later, Mario is standing with Orbulon with the enlarged Mona sitting nearby.  Orbulon also has the Golden Spiny Orb.


Orbulon: I now understand.  The scanners did find some strange energy flowing through your circulatory systems.  The energy, however, is unknown.


Mario: I’m-a just surprised that-a your other clothes-a grew with-a you, Mona.


Mona: Yeah, so am I.  I guess whatever I wear instantly gets affected by the orb’s magic.


Orbulon continues to look at the orb.


Orbulon: Intriguing.


Mona: So, do you have any idea who it belongs to?


Orbulon: No, I don’t.  But I believe that two other humanoids in this quadrant of Diamond City should be of assistance.  The Iga Twins are experts on turtle shells.


Mario: Who are they?


Mona: Kat & Ana.  They’re two grade-school karate experts that live near here.


Mario: Then-a we should find them.


Orbulon: I will wait here for your return.


Mona takes Mario and starts heading for Kat & Ana’s place.


Orbulon: I just hope that her walking doesn’t cause a commotion.


As Mona continues to the ninja twins’ house, Mario asks a question.


Mario: Hey, Mona.  Shouldn’t you have-a waited until you were-a normal-sized again?  This is risky.


Mona: Those girls live in a tranquil area, away from the city.  We should make it there without any problems.  Plus, it’s quicker this way, and I plan to wait until I’m normal-sized to get their attention.




Unknown to her and Mario, a news helicopter was over them.


Ken The Reporter: This is Ken The Reporter with the eye-in-the-sky report.  Around the eastern area of Diamond City, the traffic is once again clear.  The weather seems to be clear without a cloud in the sky, making it perfect for being outdoors and--WHAT THE?!


Ken and his news crew is in shock, when they see Mona the giantess heading into the trees.




Mario: Mona, wait.


Mona: What’s up?


Mario: You hear that?


Mona listens and hears blades running in the air.


Mona: It’s a helicopter, isn’t it?


Mario looks behind him.


Mario: A news chopper.


Mona: Ken…  Dang…


Mario: Quick, duck into the trees!


Mario jumps off Mona, as she gets on all fours, heading into the trees.




Ken The Reporter: It looks like--whatever that was--went into the trees.  But why was it heading near Kat & Ana’s house?  We plan to find out.




Mona continues crawling through the trees, trying to stay hidden, as Mario is running in front of her.  Unfortunately, her knocking down different trees and the ground rumbling didn’t help.


Mona: So much for it being safe.  Sorry, Mario.


Mario: Don’t-a worry about it.  Not even I could’ve seen that-a coming.


Mona: I just hope that I shrink soon.  If Ken or any other news crew sees me like this again, we’re in big trouble.


Mario looks around and finds a small house.


Mario: What’s-a that place?


Mona: That’s Kat & Ana’s house.  Oh, if only I was normal-sized right now…


Mario walks up to the house.


Mona: Mario, wait.  Are you sure about this?


A helicopter motor can be heard in the distance.


Mario: I don’t-a think we have a choice.


But before Mario could get to the door, it opens up, and both girls jump to the front yard, with their swords pointing at Mario, thinking that both him and Mona are a threat.


Kat: Sir, if you think that you can threaten us with that giant creature…


Ana: …then you have no idea how painful this will soon be for both of you.


Kat: We sensed the danger approaching us…


Ana: …and heard you coming from a mile away.


Kat & Ana: Prepare yourselves for--HUH?!


Their game faces soon turn to shock when they actually see Mario and Mega-Mona.


Mona: Hi, Kat.  Hi, Ana.




Mario: Hello, girls.


Mona: *laughs nervously* There’s a very good explanation for this…


Mario chuckles nervously, as the twins sheath their swords.


Kat: I seriously hope so!


Suddenly, the shrinking happens, surprising the twins, yet again.  Mona stands up.


Mona: Oh, how nice!  I shrink back to normal AFTER I get your attention!  Sheesh!


Ana: Now, they’ve shrunk?!


Kat: What the heck is going on here?!


Suddenly, a helicopter appears in the sky and descends near the house.


Mona: Oh, no…


Mona snatches Mario off the floor and hides him behind her back with a smile, trying to act cool.


Ken The Reporter: Oh, hey ladies.


Mona: Ken, how’s it going?  How’s the weather around here?  What brings you over to Kat & Ana’s place?  Was it for an interview with me?  Well, I’m sorry, but I’m very busy at the moment.  So--


While Mona was talking she didn’t realize how tight she was squeezing Mario.  Mario kept his hand over his mouth, trying not to make a sound, but her squeezing him wasn’t helping at all.  Kat & Ana just look at Mario with raised eyebrows.


Ken The Reporter: Mona, calm down!  I just wanted to know if you girls were aware of the giant monster that walked by here.


Mona: Giant monster?  I think it went beyond the house and ran straight for the water.  Right girls?


Kat & Ana continue looking at Mario.


Mona: Girls!


Kat: (With Ana) Huh?  Uh, oh yeah.  It went by the water and left.


Ana: (With Kat) Huh? Uh, oh yeah.  It created quite a commotion, but it’s gone.


Ken The Reporter: Do you have any idea what it was?


Kat & Ana: Uh--


Mona: Nope.  Not a clue.  Sorry.


Mario’s face turns red.


Ken The Reporter: Well, it looks like this story’s a bust.  Thanks again, ladies.


Mona: Anytime, Ken.


Ken heads into the helicopter, and the chopper flies away.  Mona wipes her head, breathing a sigh of relief.


Mona: Man, was that close.




Mona gasps as she brings Mario to her face.


Mona: OH, MY GOODNESS, I’M SO SORRY!  I’m so sorry!  My goodness!  I didn’t--


Mario: *coughs* *wheezing* No--*gasps*--harm--*coughs*--done. *wheezing*  (Thinking) At-a least her voice wasn’t deafening when she was-a loud.


Mona hugs Mario to her face.


Mona: I’m so, so sorry!


Mario: *breaths heavily* OH!  *coughs*  Just-a be careful next-a time.


It doesn’t take long for Mario to breathe normally again.  But as he does, Mario & Mona grow again, with the trees around 3/4 high as Mona’s boots.  Both Mario & Mona are wide-eyed at this surprise.


Mona: That’s not good.


Mario sees a copter in the distance and points.


Mario: Copter!


Mona lets out a quick scream and quickly gets down to the trees, causing the ground to shake roughly for a few seconds.  This causes a surprise with the few civilians around the area, but the surprise is short.  Mona waits for a while.  Then, when she no longer hears the copter, she exhales a sigh of relief.


Mona: Once again, a close call.  How are you, Mario?


Mario groans.  Mona notices that she accidentally slammed him on the grass with her right hand.  Mario looks barely conscious.




Kat & Ana cover their ears.


Kat: MONA!




Mona, however, is too focused on Mario.


Mona: Uh, hold on!  I’ve got an idea!


Mona uses her two index fingers to try and resuscitate him.


Mona: Okay.  One!  Two!  Three!  Four!


Mario: M--*exhales*--Mona!


Mario screams, as Mona puts her humongous lips on his, breathing a lot of air into him.  She continues breathing, as Mario muffles loudly, trying to tell her, “Enough!”  Kat & Ana watch from a distance as Mona continues CPR on Mario.


Ana: Should we do something?


Kat: Nah!  This is pretty funny!


Both girls laugh.  Meanwhile, Mona continues.


Mona: One!  Two!  Three!  Four!


She goes for his mouth again, but Mario pushes her face away.




Mario stands up and coughs.


Mona: I’m so sorry.  I--


Mario: *breaths heavily* Please!  Calm down!


Suddenly, Mario and Mona shrink.


Mario: I said-a, “Calm down,” not-a “Grow down!”


Soon both of them stop shrinking.


Mona: Back to normal again.


Mario: Back to…shrunken…Mario…again…


Mona: Sorry, Mario.


Mario: Please, I forgave you a long time ago.  Now let’s-a focus on breaking this-a curse.


Mona nods her head.


Mona: Okay.


Mona walks over to the twins.


Mona: Sorry about all that, kids.


Kat: No problem.


Ana: It was pretty entertaining.


The twins laugh, as Mona and Mario look at each other with confusion.


Mona: Anyway, I originally wanted to make this a short visit, but after what we just went through and what you just saw, it turns out that we may need to get to a safer area to discuss this.


Mario jumps on Mona’s right shoulder.


Mario: As-a you can-a see, we took an awful risk asking for your help.


Ana: Okay, we’ll help you.


Kat: But you’d better tell us exactly what’s going on.


Mona: Perfect.  Orbulon’s the only other one that knows about this aside from you two.


Ana: Where is he now?


Mona: Parked south of here.


Kat: Let’s go.


Ana: But wait a minute.  We still don’t know what’s going on.


Mario: Mona just-a said that-a his isn’t-a the place for discussion.


Mona: Yeah, I could become gigantic again at any given moment.


Ana: And I think that her recent actions caused a bit of a commotion.  I hear a crowd nearby.


Kat: Then let’s not waste any more time around here.


The three girls start running to Orbulon’s ship.



Later, Kat & Ana see where Orbulon is and rush for him.  At the same time, both Mona & Mario get bigger.


Orbulon: You made it back.  Well done.


Mona: I caused a few small problems, but we made it through.


Mario: Indeed.  And next time I need-a healing, a Group Hug will do just-a fine.


Mona: Huh?


Mario: Never mind-a.


Mario jumps off Mona and runs for Orbulon.  Mona walks over there and sits down.

Orbulon hands Kat the object.


Kat: What’s this?


Mona: That’s where it started for us.  Both Mario and I went in search for that treasure.  He was doing it for Princess Peach, and I was doing it for my story.  We both made it to the object, but I handed it over to him.


Mario: And-a that’s when the sizeable madness started.  According to one of-a the tablets, if-a two pure hearts touch the orb inside the temple we would-a constantly grow and-a shrink.


Mona: With one always being bigger than the other.


Kat: I see.


Orbulon: My scanners did indicate strange powers within this orb.  But the magic seems to have been concealed.  My scanners also detected an unknown energy within Mario & Mona.


Mona: Now we have to return this orb to its rightful owner.  Otherwise, we’ll never free ourselves of this curse.


Ana: Well, by the looks of it, this is obviously a Koopa shell.  Something that I’m sure you’re very familiar with, Mario.


Kat: Definitely a Koopa shell.  I wish we could tell you guys more, but we’ve never really seen one like this, except from 9-Volt’s house.  I would find someone that would know more about these things.


Ana: Why not try getting the information from the Koopas themselves?


Mario: In-a that case, we’re off to Koopa Village.


Mona: Koopa Village?


Mario: I know several Koopas who would-a know about-a these things.


Mona: But aren’t the Koopas your enemies?


Mario: This-a village has-a no connection to Bowser, aside from-a race.


Mona: Well, if you say so.


Orbulon: I can take you there in no time.


Mona: I appreciate that, but are you sure?  I know that soon I will shrink again, and you’ll be able to carry both of us there, but it’ll be disastrous if I grow during our trip.


Orbulon: I will use caution.  Plus, I still have your vehicle in my ship.  I am positive that you won’t want to go anywhere without that, Mona.


Mona: That’s for sure.


Mario: Why did-a you take that?


Mona: I thought that it would help us out on our adventure.  I rarely go anywhere without it.


Mario: In that-a case, drop us off at-a my house.  We’ll leave when-a she’s normal again.


Orbulon: Affirmative.


Kat: I wish we could help, but we’ve got things to take care of at the dojo.


Kat hands Orbulon the orb.


Ana: Bye, Mona.  I hope that I get to hear a full story on this later.


Mona: You can count on it.  Bye, girls.


Mario: Bye, kids.


Kat & Ana: Bye, Mario.


Kat & Ana leave.  Shortly afterward, Mario & Mona shrink again.


Mona: Good, we’re small again.  Let’s go!


All three of them rush inside the Oinker.




Orbulon started flying toward Mario Pad, but was unfortunately forced to stop a few times, trying to anticipate when Mona was going to grow, as not even Mario or Mona knew when the size-change would occur.  At one point, they made it to Thwomp Temple, Mona, as a big girl, was surprised.


Mona: It’s fixed?


Mario: But-a how?


Orbulon: According to recent data, Koopas came and repaired the temple.


Mona: Would it be the friendly Koopas that Mario mentioned, or Bowser’s stooges?


Orbulon: The King Of Koopa’s minions.


Mona: It’s still amazing how quickly they had fixed this place.


Mario: Mmm-hmm.


Mario nods his head.




Other points had them stopping near water, forests, and certain towns.  Mona did her best to avoid a panic, but there were times were she was unable to.  Fortunately, there was little incident involved.




Finally, they made it to Mario’s Pad.  Luigi was sitting at the front of the porch.


Mario: Look, that’s-a my house.


Mona: Oh, finally!  I was getting tired of all the pit stops.


Orbulon: Preparing for final destination.  Please take all belongings with you.


Mona gets on her scooter and moves it over to the beaming area.


Mona: Ready!




Meanwhile, Luigi noticed the UFO flying overhead.  He screams and heads inside.


Luigi: Mama Mia!  I’ve dealt with enough today!




Orbulon hands Mona the orb.


Orbulon: I wish you two the best of luck in the rest of your journey.


Mario & Mona: Thank you.


Orbulon: Farewell.




Orbulon uses his beam to exit Mario & Mona.  Then, the saucer leaves.  Mona gets off her scooter.  Then, M & M grow up, yet again.


Mario: Wait here, Mona.


Mona: Okay.




Meanwhile, Luigi headed back outside, wondering if it was safe.


Mario: Luigi!


Luigi: Mario?


Luigi then finds Mario.  They both smile.


Luigi: Mario!


Mario: Luigi!


They hug each other.  Mona just looks at them with a smile.


Mona: Aw, how touching.


Luigi looks at Mona, who walks over to them and sits down.


Mona: Hola, Luigi!


Luigi: Mona, wasn’t it?


Mona: Yep.


Luigi: You look-a different.


Mona: I decided to change clothes.  Surprisingly, this outfit grew with me.


Luigi turns to Mario.


Luigi: I guess that-a you’re not done with-a the adventure?


Mario: Sorry, bro.


Luigi: Well, despite not being with-a you two, it’s-a nice to see you again.


Mona: The feeling is very mutual.


Mona walks up to the house and looks at it.


Mona: Nice place you guys have.  Although with you’re popularity and status, I expected a huge mansion.


Luigi: I have one, but-a it’s-a not as-a big as you.


Mona: What about you, Mario?


Mario: I have-a no interest in a big-a house.


Mona: How come?


Mario: Why would I need-a that-a many rooms?


Mona: Okay.


Suddenly, Mona feels a breeze blowing by.  A leaf heads by her nose.  It starts itching.


Mona: Oh, no.  I--ah!  Ah!  My nose!  Ah!


Mario & Luigi scream and run inside the house.


Mona: Ah!  Ah!  AH!  AH!  AH-CHOO!  Oh, no!  I destroyed--


Surprisingly, Mona notices that Mario’s house looks much bigger.


Mona: Wow!  What timing!


Mario & Luigi head back outside, with Mario on Luigi’s shoulder.


Mario Bros.: You can-a say that again.  Mama Mia!


Luigi hands Mario over to Mona.


Mario: We should-a get-a going.


Mona: Well, it was nice visiting you, Luigi.


Mario: Take care.


Luigi: See you later, Mario.


Mona jumps on her scooter and revs it up.


Mona: Hold on tight, Mario!


Mona does a jump into the nearby Warp Pipe, as Luigi waves good-bye.




Mona exits the Warp Pipe and lands in Toad Town Square, surprising a few people.


Mona: Sorry, folks.  Didn’t mean to scare you.  I’ll be going now.


Mona starts driving through Toad Town.


Mona: For a simple house, that place is very clean.


Mario: We do our best.  Even though he owns a mansion, he prefers living with-a me.  That huge place is-a used for other things.


Mona: I see.


In no time at all, both of them made it to Koopa Village, easily avoiding all enemies in the way.  Mona stops her scooter in front of the place.  She hops off, and both of them grow again.


Mona: So what now?


Mario: Well, I should-a go alone.  Do you still have the orb?


Mona: It’s inside the back of the scooter.  Press the handbrake-like switch.


Mario: Got it.


Mario presses the handbrake switch, and the orb pops out.  Mario takes the orb.


Mario: If-a you shrink, then-a come to the village and get-a me.


Mona: Will do.


Mario heads into the village.




Once Mario got inside, it was pretty quiet around the village…except for the Fuzzies attacking the Koopas.


Mario: Not again!



A shell-less Koopa approaches Mario.


Koopa: Oh, thank goodness!  It’s Mario!  Welcome back to Koopa Village.  Unfortunately, as you can see, we’re having another Fuzzy problem.  Those pesky Fuzzies just love to cause mischief.  They stole our shells again, and continue to run around the village.  Bombette & Kooper have been helpful, but the Fuzzies got to Kooper’s shell, and Bombette can’t handle the job alone.


Mario: I’ve-a got problems of-a my own, but I’ll do what I can to help.


Koopa: Oh, thank you!  I knew we could depend on you!


Mario: (Thinking) I hope I don’t-a shrink anytime soon…


Mario starts finding Fuzzies in trees, in bushes, and in houses.  He wastes no time in whacking each one, and saving the Koopas’ shells.  When he gets to the back of the village, he runs into a Fuzzy with a blue shell.


Fuzzy: Meork!  It’s Mario!


Mario: That’s-a Kooper’s shell!


????????: Come back here!


A pink Bob-omb runs by and notices Mario.


Mario: Bombette.


Bombette: Mario!  Hi!


Fuzzy: Meork!  Later, suckers!


The distraction allowed the Fuzzy to slip by them both and head into the front of the village.


Bombette: Oh, no!  It’s getting away!


Mario smiles.


Mario: If it-a thinks that it can escape that-a way, it’s in for a BIG-A surprise.


Bombette: Huh?


Mario: Follow me.


Mario & Bombette run to the front of the village, as the Fuzzy exits.


Fuzzy: Meork!  Meork!  Meeeooorrk!


The Fuzzy continues running with the shell, but unexpectedly runs into Mona.


Mona: Huh?




The Fuzzy tries to turn around, but gets ambushed by Mario and Bombette.  Mario pounces the Fuzzy, and the Fuzzy drops the shell.


Fuzzy: Me-OUCH!  Fine!  Take it!  If I knew that you had a giant monster guarding the village, I wouldn’t have bothered taking that shell!


The Fuzzy leaves.


Bombette: Thanks for the help Mario, but what did that Fuzzy mean when--


Bombette screams when she sees Mona out front.


Mario: Bombette, meet Mona.


Bombette: M-Mona?!


Mona: Uh, hi.


Mario: It’s a long story, but-a we need help.


Soon, Mario sees a giant golden object in front of him.  It’s the Spiny Orb.  He also sees a gigantic round object over him: Bombette.


Bombette: Mario!  You’ve shrunk!


Mona: So have I.


Bombette turns to see Mona at her normal height.




Meanwhile, the Fuzzies take a look at the entrance of the village.

Fuzzy #1: I’m telling you, there was a giant monster guarding the village!


Fuzzy #2: I don’t see a giant monster.  Where is it?


The first Fuzzy is shocked.


Fuzzy #1: Me-oh?  It WAS here!  I swear!


Fuzzy #3: Meork!  That’s a bad habit!


The rest of the Fuzzies leave, as the lone Fuzzy stands confused.  Suddenly, Mona and Mario get bigger.  The Fuzzy turns around and screams.




The Fuzzy leaves.




Bombette: So you need the Koopas to tell you who owns that statue?


Mona: Yes.  Can you help us out?


Bombette: Well, Kooper & Kolorado are unfortunately missing.  You see, a while ago, Kolorado & Kooper were preparing for a journey into a place called Sky Land.  However, before they could leave, the Fuzzies attacked.  Kooper and I were able to handle them for a while, but soon, Kolorado got swept up river, and Kooper’s shell was stolen.  He went ahead to save Kolorado, but I’m afraid that he’ll be able to do little good without his shell.  Meanwhile, I’ve had my hands full trying to rid this place of the Fuzzies.  All the other Bob-ombs are exhausted, and I don’t think I’ll last much longer by myself.


Suddenly, Mona & Mario get smaller.


Mario: And-a this-a curse putting me at a shrunken height isn’t going to help us, either.


Bombette: Curse?  You mean you guys growing and shrinking?




While Mona explains the situation to Bombette, the Fuzzies return.


Fuzzy #4: Well?


Fuzzy #1: Meork!  Not again!  Maybe I’m going nuts…


Fuzzy #5: I’ll say you are!  Just take the shell from them and find a safe place!


Fuzzy #1: *gulps* B-B-But suppose the monster comes back?


Fuzzy #2: Use your head and quit losing it.  We’ve got a village to terrorize.


Fuzzy #1: Meork…  But--


Fuzzy #2: But nothing!  Now let’s get going!


The Fuzzies leave as the first Fuzzy thinks.  The Fuzzy turns around and finds Mona as a giantess again.





The Fuzzy leaves.




Bombette: I understand.  Surprising situation, I must say, Mario.


Mario: Indeed it is.


Mona: So, we’ll need to help the village out before we can continue.  Sounds simple enough.


Suddenly, the two M’s shrink again.


Mona: If we weren’t constantly growing and shrinking.


Bombette: Well, Mario’s already cleaned the front of the village.




As they continue discussing the situation, the Fuzzies head back to the entrance of the village.


Fuzzy #2: Well?!  This is the third time you’ve dragged us up here for a giant monster, and we STILL see nothing!


Fuzzy #1:  Meork…  Either we’re not fast enough, or the monster is playing head-games with me.


The other Fuzzies groan.


Fuzzy #2: Meork!  Never mind!  Let me do it!


The Fuzzy grabs Kooper’s shell and runs away with the others.


Mona: Oh, no!


Mario: They took-a the shell!


Bombette: Sorry, guys.  It’s my fault.  I got us so caught up in this conversation that we failed to notice the obvious.


Mario: Don’t-a blame yourself.


Mona: Yeah, I’ve made several dumb mistakes myself.


Mario: Some that-a almost had-a me wishing for Therapy.


Mona: Huh?


Mario: Never mind-a.


Mona: Anyway, how can we route all those Fuzzies?  I could wait until I become big and easily squash those little freaks.


Bombette: While at the same time, risking the chance of dealing fear and damage to the village.  I don’t think so.


Mona: Well, you got any better ideas?  Mario can only do so much before he becomes tiny.


Bombette: Yeah, there’s that problem too…


Mario: I have an idea!




Fuzzy #2: Meork!  Now, wasn’t that simple enough?


Fuzzy #1: Meork…  I don’t know.  I suggest that you return it before that monster comes back.


Fuzzy #3: Meork!  Relax! 


Fuzzy #4: We’ve got the village in an uproar.


Fuzzy #1: But didn’t Mario clean out the front of the village?


Fuzzy #2: So what?  We’ll just grab their shells again and continue terrorizing the village.




Suddenly, the ground shakes.


Fuzzies: ME-HUH?!




Suddenly, Mario appears next to Bombette.


Fuzzy #2: Meork!  You idiot!  It was probably just Pinky, letting some steam off.


The Fuzzy turns to Mario & Bombette.


Fuzzy #2: You guys think that you can intimidate us with cheap fireworks?  Then you’re dumber than you look!  MEORK!  STRIKE FUZZIES!


The Fuzzy with Kooper’s shell runs away into Kooper’s house, while the others prepare to fight with the Koopa shells that they’ve stolen.  But before they could strike, the ground shakes again.


Fuzzies: Me-Huh?


Fuzzy #1: Meork…  That wasn’t Pinky…  That was the monster.  I know it.  It’s coming!


Fuzzy #3: Will you stop jumping to such crazy conclusions?!


While the Fuzzies argue, Bombette unleashes a Power Bomb, attacking all the Fuzzies.  In no time, the Fuzzies run away, back to the trees.


Fuzzy #3: This is your fault!  Giant Monster, bah!


Fuzzy #1: Meork!  I’m telling you that I--


Fuzzy #3: --don’t want to hear anything else from you!




Soon, the Koopas get their shells back and return to their normal lives.  A little later, Mario asks an elderly Koopa, known as Koopa Koot, a question.


Koopa Koot: Eh?  A Golden Spiny Orb?  Sorry, sonny.  But I haven’t a clue what yer talkin’ about.  Kolorado may know somethin’ about that.  Anyway, thanks again fer all yer help.


Koopa Koot heads back into his house.


Bombette: So much for trying.  Well, at least we know--Huh?  Mario?


Bombette walks around, trying to look for him.


Mario: WHOA!  STOP!


Bombette: Huh?  Mario?  Did you shrink again?


Mario: Yes, and-a that was-a close.


Bombette looks down and realizes that she was inches away from squashing him.


Bombette: Oh!  I’m sorry.


Soon, Mona walks into the village.


Mona: So, did it work?


Bombette: It did.  We took out the Fuzzies in one stroke.  Clever idea, Mario.


Mario: Thank-a you.


Mario jumps on Bombette’s head.


Mario: But it’s-a not over yet.


Bombette: Yeah, we still have to recover Kooper’s Shell.


The three of them head into Kooper’s house, but it’s empty.


Bombette: They must’ve escaped to the forest on the other side of the house.


The three of them head through the forest.


Mona: Interesting area behind Kooper’s house.


Bombette: Yeah.  Fuzzies used to use this area as their hideout at times.  My guess is that we’ll soon be face to face with all of them.


Soon, they find a single Fuzzy bouncing around the dead end with Kooper’s shell.


Fuzzy: Meork!  Meork!


Bombette: End of the line, you freak!  Now hand over Kooper’s shell!


Fuzzy: Meork!  Ha!  You think that we plan on just handing it to you?!


A huge group of Fuzzies jump from the trees.


Mario: Ambush!


Fuzzy: Try and take it, if you can, Pinky!


The Fuzzies jump up and down, chanting, “Meork!”  Suddenly, Mario & Mona change size again.  The Fuzzies are shocked, as Mona puts her hand on her hips and smiles, looking down at the little fuzzy black dots.




Fuzzy #3: I don’t believe it!


Fuzzy #4: MEORK!  UNREAL!


Fuzzy #2: Quick!  Into the trees!


The Fuzzies head into the trees nearby.


Mona: *laughs* You think it’s that easy to hide from me?


Mona takes a deep breath, and blows on the trees, causing the Fuzzies to fall off and the leaves to get blown away.  The Fuzzies look high at the titanic teenager with extreme fear.


Mona: Now, be good and hand over the blue shell.  Now!


The Fuzzy with the blue shell throws it at Mona’s feet.


Fuzzy #2: H-H-Here!  T-Take it!  Meork…


Fuzzy #3: J-Just please d-don’t eat us!


Mona: Eat you?  Yuck!  I’d rather just squash you all like the bugs you are.


Fuzzy #1: N-N-NO!  We’ll be good!  We’ll be good!


Mona: Then don’t ever let me catch you freaks bothering the Koopas ever again!


Fuzzies: We promise!  We promise!


Mona: Good.  Now, get lost!


The Fuzzies leave.  Afterward, both Mario & Mona shrink.  Mona takes the blue shell.


Bombette: I gotta say, Mona.  That was really cool.


Mona: *giggles* Thanks, but Mario’s to thank for this.


Bombette: Yeah, who would’ve thought that there were alternatives for this situation?


Mario chuckles.


Bombette: Well, it was nice knowing you guys, but it’s time that we parted ways.


Mona: Huh?  Aren’t you coming with us?


Bombette: No.  I need to stay and protect the village.  You guys go ahead and find Kooper.


Mario: In-a that case, we’re off.


Mario jumps onto Mona’s right shoulder.


Mona: It was nice meeting you, Bombette.


Bombette: Likewise, Mona.  Will I see you again?


Mona: I honestly don’t know.  But I hope to never forget you.


Bombette: Likewise, Mona.


Mario: We’d better get-a going.


Mona: Yeah.  I know the drill by now.


Mona runs off, waving good-bye to Bombette.  Bombette jumps up and down.




Mona heads to the entrance of the village, and grows with Mario.  She continues walking with her scooter and the orb in one hand.  Enemies around the area ran into hiding when they saw the gigantic girl.  Mona paid little attention to them, though.


Mona: So, where’s our next stop?


Mario: Bombette said that-a Kooper headed for Sky Land with-a Kolorado.


Mona: But didn’t Bombette also mention that they were swept upriver?


Mario: Yeah, but-a that won’t-a stop them from-a their adventure.  I’m-a very sure that-a we’ll find-a them there.


Mona: Okay.  So, which way do we go?


Mario: North.  There’s a Tower that-a can easily take us to the clouds in-a no time.


Mona: Okay, then.  Let’s go.


After shrinking again, Mona heads back on her scooter and drives north.  Fortunately, with all the walking that she was doing as a giantess, it didn’t take her long to reach Sky Land.


Mona: This is Sky Land?


Mario: One-half of it.


Mona: One-half?


Mario: This is-a known as The Ground.


Mona raises an eyebrow.


Mona: The Ground?


Mario: Yeah.  Not a clever name, but-a the other half is-a just beyond that-a Tower.


Mario points to the Tower that reaches to the sky.


Mona: So I guess we have to scale it?


Mario: Yes.  But-a we have to go through a tunnel to get-a there.


Mona: Hmm…


Mona smiles.


Mona: Maybe we won’t.


Mario: Huh?  What-a do you mean?


Mona steps off her scooter.


Mona: I have an idea.  Hopefully, it’ll make things easier.


Mario: What is it?


Mona: Wait for it…


Mario: Wait-a for--Oh!


Mario & Mona soon changed sizes.  Mona got a great view of the place from her ginormous height.  She soon sees a shell-less Koopa in the distance.


Mona: Mario, see that?


Mario: What?  The Tower?


Mona: No.  On the ground, there’s a shell-less Koopa over there.  Is that Kooper?


Mario: Oh!  It-a must be.


Mona grabs her scooter and starts walking.


Mona: Then off we go!


Mona easily makes it over the river that separated them from the Tower.




Meanwhile, Bowser’s minions in the area scatter when they see Mona walking by.  Piranha Plants hide in the pipes when they see the titanic teenager.  Munchers, however, were unable to move.  Then, Mario & Mona shrink.




Mona: Well, so much for the easy route…


Suddenly, the Piranha Plants peek out and see Mona normal-sized.  They waste no time in spitting fireballs at her.  Mona dives out of the way, as Mario jumps and tries to throw a fireball at one.  However, in the excitement, he failed to realize that he’s small and that his attack did little damage.  He soon finds himself almost becoming a snack for the Piranha Plant.  He jumps over the pipe but soon looks at the other side and hangs on the ledge.  Right below Mario was a bunch of Munchers.


Mario: MONA!


After diving away from the Piranha Plants that tried to attack her, Mona stands up.


Mona: Man, that was close.  Are you okay, Mario?


Mona looks at her shoulder and gasps.


Mona: MARIO!


Mario: MONA!


Mona sees Mario hanging for his life.


Mona: MARIO!


Mona looks around and sees an empty green shoe with a windup key in it nearby.


Mona: Maybe I can use that giant boot.


Mario: That’s-a Goomba’s Shoe!  Get inside it!


The Piranha Plant continues to take a bite at Mario.  Mona sees this and heads for the shoe.  She heads inside.


Mona: Whoa!  This is deep!


Mona moves around, and notices that she’s hopping around.  She continues hopping around, enjoying herself.


Mona: Hey!  This is fun!


Mario: MONA!


Mona: Oh, right.  Here I come!


Mona heads for the Piranha Plant and stomps it, causing it to disappear.  Unfortunately, Mona also lands on Mario’s fingers, causing him to lose his grip.  Mario screams as he falls toward the Munchers.


Mona: MARIO!


Fortunately, Mona did some quick thinking and threw her helmet at the Muncher, causing Mario to fall on top of the helmet.  Mona wipes the sweat from her forehead and jumps down to Mario.


Mona: That was close!


Mario: I’ll say.  That-a was some quick thinking, Mona.


Mona: Well, I didn’t know what else to do, and I’m surprised that it worked.  Although I wonder why they’re not attacking me.


Mario: Munchers won’t attack anyone wearing a Goomba’s Shoe.


Mona: I see.


Mona grabs Mario and her helmet.


Mona: Now, let’s continue.


Mona continues hopping around, pouncing on Piranha Plants and safely traversing through the area, all while Mario rides on her helmet.


Mona: This is awesome!


Mario: You should-a consider yourself very lucky.  This Power-Up is only found around-a this area.


Mona: Wow!  This adventure just keeps getting better and better!




Soon, both Mario & Mona find Kooper.  Kooper is sitting by the entrance, with a sad attitude.  Suddenly, he sees a green shoe approaching him.


Kooper: Huh?  Goomba’s Shoe?  A lady?


Mona stops in front of him.  Kooper stands up.


Mona: Are you Kooper?


Kooper: Yes.


Mona: We finally found you.


Mona outgrows the Goomba’s Shoe and rips it to pieces.  Mario jumps off and grows to his normal height.  Mona becomes a giantess, and Kooper is shocked.




Mario: It’s-a been a while, Kooper.


Kooper: Mario?!  What’s going on?


Mario: First things first.  Mona, I believe that-a we left some things behind.


Mona: I’m on it already.


Mona walks away.


Kooper: Okay…


Mario: Be patient.


Mona: I’m back.


Mario: What-a took you so long?


Mona: Very funny.


Mona places her scooter on the floor.  She then kneels down at Kooper.  Kooper is slightly intimidated by her gigantic height.


Mario: Relax, Kooper.  She’s got-a something that-a you want.


Mona brings her hand to him and opens it up.


Kooper: *gasps* MY SHELL!  Thank the stars for granting my wish!


Kooper jumps onto her palm.  Mona lifts him over to her.


Mona: I knew that you would be happy.


Kooper: Oh, believe me, I’m very happy!  Thanks, giant lady!


Mona: Call me Mona.


Kooper: Thanks, Giant Mona!


Mona: *giggles* No, just Mona.


Kooper: Okay.  But how did you get so big?  Just a minute ago, you were…well, you were still bigger than me, but not as abnormal as this!


Mona sits down and places Kooper on the floor.


Mona: It’s a long story.  All you need to know is that Mario & I are stuck with a curse.


Mario: A curse that-a constantly causes us to grow and-a shrink, with-a Mona always being bigger than-a me.


Mario heads for Mona’s scooter and presses the handbrake-like switch.  The Golden Spiny Orb pops out, and Mario shows it to Kooper.


Mario: Would-a you know what this is?


Kooper: It’s a Golden Spiny Shell.  I know that Lakitus around here would know whom it belongs to.  But I don’t think they’d be willing to help out Mario, if you know what I mean.


Mario & Mona nod their heads.


Mario: By the way, where’s Kolorado?


Kooper: He headed up the Tower to The Sky, the second-half of Sky Land.


Mona: The Sky?  Who came up with these lame names?


Mario: The ruler was-a not-a picky with-a names.  And-a no one complained.


Mona: Anyway, why didn’t you go with him, Kooper?


Kooper: Honestly, I felt useless without my shell.  So he told me to stay behind.  But now that I have my shell back, I can scale that Tower and find Kolorado.


Mario: Go on ahead.  We’ll be joining you shortly.


Kooper: Oh, I will.  I’ll also let Kolorado know that you’re looking for him.  Thanks again, Mario & Mona.


Kooper leaves.  Mario looks up at Mona.


Mario: So, how long do you think that-a we can wait?


Mona: I don’t know, but I’ll need to shrink, if we want to scale that Tower.


Mario: But-a wait.  What if-a you fall through the clouds when-a you get enlarged again?


Mona: *gulps* I dare not think of the negative outcome…  Nonetheless, I’m going with you.  I’ve come too far to turn back now.


Mario smiles.


Mario: In-a that case, I know something that-a might aid you.  But-a we’ll have to find it inside the Tower.


Mona: Okay.


The M team shrinks again.


Mona: I’ll leave my scooter over here.  Let’s go, Mario.


Mario: Be careful.  There are dangerous enemies within that-a Tower.


Mona: I will.


Mona takes Mario and the orb and heads inside the Tower.


She rushes through the entrance, but stops when she notices a few Roto-Discs in the area.


Mona: Whoa!


Mario: Roto- Discs.  This-a won’t be easy.


Mona sees a ? Block nearby.


Mona: Mario, is that what you were talking about?


Mario: Yes, but-a be careful.


Mona: You’ll be safer in here.


Mona puts Mario in her pocket.  She carefully makes her way by the Roto-Discs and hits the ? Block.  A leaf comes out.


Mario: Grab-a the Super Leaf, but-a be careful.


Mona grabs the leaf and transforms in a cloud of smoke.


Mona: What the--?!


Mario: I’ll explain it-a after we get through here.  For now, focus on-a reaching the top-a.  Hurry, before we grow.


Mona: Uh, right.


Mona hurries through the castle, doing her best to avoid the obstacles in the area.




Thanks to Mario’s guidance, Mona makes it to The Sky.  At first glance, Mona is in awe, as she never expected to see an entire land in the sky.  She also never expected to be walking on clouds.


Mona: Joe would flip if he saw me now.


Mona takes Mario out of her pocket, and Mario smiles.


Mario: Well done.  I’m very impressed.


Mona places Mario on the ground.


Mona: *giggles* Well, I’ve had my share of creeps in the past.


Mario: Anyway, we still need to find Kooper & Kolorado.


Mona: Sure thing.  But I’d like to know what is going to help me out around here.  That leaf and cloud of smoke couldn’t have been normal.


Mario: That-a was a Super Leaf.  It-a has the powers of a flying raccoon.  You now have-a raccoon ears and a tail, becoming Raccoon Mona.


Mona looks at herself, and gasps when she sees and feels the new body parts.  She gets upset, feeling embarrassed of her new look.


Mona: How is this supposed to help me?


Mario: The tail can-a be used to help-a you fly or-a help-a you fall safely.


Mona: Oh.


Mario: In-a case you grow and-a fall through the clouds, this power should-a help you from-a crashing.


Mona: I understand.


Mario: Anyway, we should-a start-a looking for them now.


Mona: Why not start at that building?


Mona points to the nearby Fortress.


Mario: Okay.  You go ahead-a.


Mona takes Mario and starts running and soon takes off into the air.  She is surprised how high she is.


Mona: *laughs* Cool!  I’m flying!  I’m flying!  I can’t believe that I’m actually--OW!


Mona gets hit by a Spiny and loses her powers.


Mario: Uh-oh…




Mona finds herself heading toward the ground.  She lands on the clouds, facedown. A Lakitu flies overhead.


Lakitu: That’s for scaring my allies earlier!


Mona: *groans* Man, that was close.  At least the orb is safe, and the clouds made a cushy landing.  How about you, Mario?


Mona looks at her hands and realizes that Mario is gone.


Mona: *gasps* MARIO?!


Mona soon hears muffling.  She looks down and sees him stuck on her chest.  Mona screams and grabs him.   Her face turns red.


Mona: How embarrassing…


Mario coughs and opens his eyes.


Mona: Are you okay?


Mario: I’m-a fine.  Why is-a your face red?


Mona gulps and shakes her head.


Mona: Uh, n-n-never mind that!  Let’s just focus on the Fortress.


Mario: Okay.  Even though you don’t-a have your powers, we don’t-a have a choice.  Look.


Mario points at the Lakitu throwing Spinies nearby.


Lakitu: I’ve got plenty more Spinies for you, doll-face.


Mona runs for the Fortress.  She continues avoiding Spinies as she goes for the Fortress.  She makes it inside.


Lakitu: Well, that’s that.  Not like we can do anything inside a fortress.  Come on, boys.


The Lakitu and his Spinies leave.




Mario & Mona make it inside.  Mona wipes the sweat from her head.


Mona: Wow.  I didn’t that that would happen.


Mario: Let’s-a keep going.


Soon, Mona starts fanning herself as the castle gets very hot.


Mona: Phew!  What kind of Fortress is this?  It’s incredibly hot in here.


Mario: It-a should be.  It’s got-a lava flowing through the castle with-a Podoboos in it.


Mona: Podoboos?


Mario: Living fireballs that-a work for Bowser.


Mona soon looks down and sees the lake of lava and a pipe near it.


Mona: Oh, that’s nice.


Mona jumps over the area and goes through the pipe.  She soon finds herself in another similar room.


Mario: Not just on the floor, but on the ceiling, too.


Mona: That’s even nicer.


Suddenly, both of them hear a scream nearby.


????????: H-E-L-P!  HELP ME!


Mario: That-a was Kolorado’s-a voice!


Mona: Let’s go!


Mona continues making her way through the Fortress.  Soon, she sees Kolorado & Kooper dealing with a Boo and a Dry Bones.


Kooper: Here we go!


Kooper uses his Fire Shell attack.  He manages to incinerate the Dry Bones, but the Boo manages to evade him.


Kooper: Oh, no!  I can’t attack that Boo!


Kolorado: Oh, dear.  This is bad…


Mona: Mario, what do we do?


Mario: We get over there, and-a get to the pipe.


Mona: What pipe?


Mario: That-a pipe.


Mario points over to the pipe on the other side.


Mona: You’ve gotta be kidding me…


Mario: Sorry…


Mona takes a deep breath and continues forward.  Soon, Kooper & Kolorado look over and see Mona.


Kooper: Mona!  Mario!


Kolorado: Eh?  Either my ears deceive me or you just mentioned Mario’s name.


Kooper: I did.  Come on!


Kolorado: Eh?  W-What?  Hey, wait for me!


Both of them head over to Mona.  The Boo continues to chase them.


Mona: No!  Head on over to the other side!  We can talk when we reach the exit!


Kooper: Got it!  Let’s go, Kolorado!


Kolorado: Right behind you, old bean!


The Boo continues chasing after the two Koopas, but they manage to get away.  The Podoboos were the only obstacle left.


Mona: They made it!


Mario: Mona, I suggest that-a we get-a moving.  It-a would-a be fatal for you if-a you enlarge inside this-a Fortress.


Mona: Yikes!  The lava would make it fatal!  I’m gone!


Mona makes her way through the area.  The Boo turns over and notices Mona, and hides its face.


Mona: Huh?


Mario: I see…  This-a must be one of-a those shy Boos.


Mona: Shy Boos?


Mario: Whenever someone looks at-a them, they always cover their eyes and-a don’t move.  Just-a keep-a your eyes on-a them as-a we continue moving.


Mona: Got it.


Mona does exactly what Mario says, but it becomes difficult as she continues making her way toward the end, ducking and dodging Podoboos along the way.  Soon, she heads for the pipe and enters it.


Mona: Finally!


Kooper: Nice to know that you made it, Mona.


Mona: Thanks, although I wonder how you stay hefty doing this?  My heart’s racing from going through our recent obstacles, and I’m exhausted!


Mario: *laughs* Despite what I eat, I sometimes wonder about-a that-a myself.




Outside the Fortress in The Sky, they continue talking.  Mona has Mario on her right shoulder.


Kolorado: So, it’s true.  Kooper has me up to speed with your dilemma.


Mona: Here’s the orb.


Mona hands the orb over to Kolorado.  Kolorado examines it.


Kolorado: Hmm…  Mmm-hmm…


Mona: Well?


Kolorado: It is indeed the legendary Golden Spiny Orb.  This object goes as far back as the beginning of the Koopas existence.  The Koopa that found it was unable to truly harness the power of the Golden Spiny Orb, yet he knew that it was incredibly powerful and how it worked.  So, he made it his sworn duty to figure out how it works.  It needed someone with a pure heart and strong courage to unlock its power.  But the power and conditions were never figured out, as the poor chap was on the doorstep of The Underwhere.  So, he had it sealed inside an old pyramid, which eventually became the property of the Royal Koopa Family and transformed into Thwomp Temple.


Mario: *gulps* Royal Koopa Family?  I don’t-a like where this is-a going…


Mona: What do you mean, Mario?


Kolorado: *clears throat* If I may continue?  Over time, travelers would attempt to make it through the temple and see if they could figure out the mystery behind the Golden Spiny Orb.  They learned different things about it.  The magic behind it changed, depending on different creatures attaining it.  So was fixing the magic.  The Koopas had marked their information in stone tablets so that they can finally figure out how the Golden Spiny Orb works.  However, to this day, not one member of the Royal Koopa Family has figured out the true power of the Golden Spiny Orb, and the story soon turned into legend.


Mona: Wow!  Amazing story!


Kolorado: Thank you, my dear lady.


Mona: Does that mean that you know who it belongs to?


Kolorado: Indeed I have.  Unfortunately for you, your next destination will take you straight into Koopa territory.


Mona: Back to Koopa Village?


Mario: No.  Not Petalburg, either.


Kolorado: The current rightful owner of that orb is King Bowser Koopa!


Mona screams.


Mona: BOWSER?!  No!  I…I’m not--I don’t--I can’t--BOWSER?!


Kooper: Kolorado, are you sure about this?


Kolorado: Very sure, I’m afraid.


Mario & Mona sigh.


Mario: Mama Mia…


Mona: Man…


Kooper: Sorry, guys.


Mario: No, don’t-a be.  We just-a didn’t expect-a this.  But, if we want this curse to end--


Mona: I know.  I know.


Kolorado: Here.  I found this while I was journeying to Sky Land.


Kolorado hands Mona a Warp Whistle.


Mona: What’s this?


Mario: A Warp Whistle?


Kolorado: It should take you both straight to Bowser’s Castle.


Mona: Cool.  Ready to finish this Mario?


Mario: Ready, Mona.


Suddenly, Mona & Mario become enlarged.


Mario: Oh…


Mona: …crud!


Kolorado: Run, Kooper!


Both Koopas run to a safe distance.  Suddenly, Mona & Mario start falling through the clouds, screaming.  Both Kolorado & Kooper cover their ears, as well.




Meanwhile. Mario is covering his ears, trying to get Mona’s attention.


Mario: MONA!  MONA!


Mona is too busy screaming that she is unable to hear him.  So Mario swims himself over to her gigantic face and smacks it.


Mario: MONA!


Mona: Huh?


Mario: Finally!  Mona!  Hand-a me the whistle!


Mona still realizes that she still had the whistle.  Right now, it’s the size of an ant.  She hands it to Mario.  Mario grabs the whistle.


Mario: Got it!  Grab-a me, and-a hold on tight!


Mona: Okay, but hurry!


Mona grabs Mario.  Mario blows the whistle and both of them disappear in a tornado of wind, just before they hit The Ground.




Kooper: Good luck, guys.


Kolorado: They’ll need it.  With what they’re currently going through, they’ll need it.


Kooper: On the other hand, this is Mario we’re talking about.


Kolorado: I know, chap.




Soon, Mario & Mona find themselves surrounded by Warp Pipes.


Mario: This-a must be the Warp Zone.


Mona: Warp Zone?


Mario: The pipe that-a we’re near should-a take us straight-a to Bowser.


Mona: One problem.  I’m too big to fit through that pipe.


Mario: Then-a we’ll just-a wait for you to--


Suddenly Mario & Mona shrink in size.


Mario: Bravo.  Let’s-a go!


Mona heads through the pipe.




Mona exits the pipe and feels it getting very hot.


Mona: Phew!  Man, and I thought the Fortress in Sky Land was scorching.


Mario: We’re here.


Mario & Mona see plenty of lava around a castle.


Mona: *gulps* Well…now what?


Mario: Well, with-a the curse, I’d-a rather not-a go inside.


Mona: Agreed.  So why don’t we just leave the orb by the front door and head back to Thwomp Temple.  Just looking at this place gives me the creeps!


Mario: Fine, but-a make it-a quick.


Mona heads for the front door, but before she could make the quick delivery, both her and Mario grow.  Mona is twice the size of the castle.  Mario heads into her pocket to find the orb.


Mona: Uh-oh…  Mario?




Mona: Mario?!


Bowser’s minions start throwing Bob-ombs and shooting cannons, Bullet Bills, and Banzai Bills at her.  It doesn’t take long for her to pass out, as she soon falls back and causes a shockwave.  She becomes unconscious.




Meanwhile, Mario felt everything going on inside her pocket.


Mario: That’s-a not good.


Mario hears Bowser’s laughter and decides to stay hidden.  Soon, Mario starts feeling drowsy and passes out.




The front door opens and Bowser and several of his minions appear.


Koopa Troopa: She appeared out of nowhere.  It’s a good thing that we were prepared for this.


Bowser: Indeed.  Nice job, my loyal followers.


Bowser heads over to Mona.  He takes a good look.


Bowser: She’s hot!


Koopa Paratroopa: She does look like a beautiful young woman.


Bowser: Definitely a teenager.  Probably from Giant Land.


Goomba: What should we do with her?


Bowser: Hmm…  I think the question should be, “Why did she come here?”  For now, send her to the back of the castle, and make sure she’s unable to escape.


Hammer Bro.: Already ahead of things, your nastiness, as those Bob-ombs were filled with sleep powder.  She won’t be getting up for a while.


Bowser: Excellent.  In that case, have fun with it, then.


Minions: We will, my king.




Several hours later, Mario wakes up, and finds himself next to the orb.


Mario: The orb is-a still the same size.  That-a must-a mean that-a Mona is-a still huge.  But-a what’s that-a noise?


Mario climbs out to get a glimpse, and he is surprised to see a theme park.




Bowser looks from his castle and is confused and surprised.


Bowser: A theme park?!


Koopatrol: You said to have fun with it.


Bowser: Yeah, but I wasn’t expecting this…


Koopa Paratroopa: But what happens when she wakes up?


Koopatrol: I’m not worried.  We’ve got a special device strapped to her mouth and nose.  She’ll be able to breathe, but every hour, that sleeping gas will put her out.


Bowser: Very weird…  But I like it!




Mario climbs up to her stomach and gets even more surprised, as he’s standing right below a roller coaster.  He looks over and sees that her right arm has been roped around and nailed under roller coaster parts.  He looks the other way and sees that her left arm is in the air for another ride.  He looks to her feet and sees that they’re being used as ticket booths.  Other carnival rides and stands continue around her body.  He then looks to her head and sees a few ropes around.  He then sees two Koopa Troopas climbing up to her helmet with gear that makes them look like mountain climbers.  Mario shakes his head in surprise and disbelief.


Mario: You cannot-a be serious…


Mario sees her face and notices that she’s got her eyes closed and a gigantic mask over her mouth.


Mario: I could-a wait until we shrink, but-a that-a may do us both-a more harm than-a good.


Mario takes a look at the mask and notices a giant tube leading somewhere.


Mario: Oh?


Mario jumps off Mona and heads for the tube, being careful not to get caught by Bowser’s minions.  Mario heads for the tube and follows it to find the source.  It leads near her ears.  Mario sees a Koopatrol operating it.  Mario heads over to him and knocks him out by surprise.  He takes out his hammer and trashes the machine.  Unfortunately, it also triggers an alarm.  Mario rushes back to Mona’s pocket.


Mario: I’ll-a let her do the rest of the work.


Mario makes it back.  Meanwhile, Mona starts waking up.  She starts moving her right hand, and the Koopas nearby gasp and panic.  Mona feels herself unable to move.


Mona: What happened to me?!


Mona looks around and sees herself as part of a few amusement rides.


Mona: (Thinking) I don’t believe this!  Instead of thinking of me as a beautiful gift, they use me as a living joke!  (Out loud) HOW DARE YOU TREAT ME LIKE THIS!!


All the Koopas in the area cover their ears.




Mario also covers his ears.


Mario: Mama Mia!  I wouldn’t-a want to be Bowser right-a now.




Mona starts moving her right hand.  In the process, she breaks the roller coaster.  She takes her other hand and breaks the roller coaster off her body.  She removes her mask and continues breaking stuff.




All the while, Koopas are falling, running around panicking, or hiding.  Bowser himself is busy eating the food.


Bowser: What happened?!


A Lakitu heads by Bowser.


Lakitu: Lord Bowser, we’ve discovered a security breach.  The machine that was used to keep the giantess out cold was destroyed.  The Koopatrol guarding it is unconscious.


Bowser: *sighs* Well, so much for this theme park lasting…  It seemed like such a good idea, too…


Bowser rushes to finish his food.  Then, he stands up.  But before he can make an order, he notices a bunch of rubble heading his way.  He runs as the Lakitu floats away.




Mona continues tearing apart the theme park.  As she finishes, she looks down at all the destruction she caused.  She brushes herself clean and turns her attention to Bowser and his minions who stand nearby.  She steps over the destruction and stomps in front of Bowser.  She looks down and places her hands on her hips in an angry manner.


Bowser: *gulps* Now-Now-Now t-take it easy, kid.


She leans over, scaring a lot of the Koopas.


Mona: I’ve never been so humiliated in all my life!  Why did you use me as a theme park?!


Bowser: It wasn’t my idea!  It was my troops!


Mona: So, I guess you saw me as a threat and decided to knock me out and use me as amusement, right?


The Koopas don’t answer.  They just continue acting scared.


Mona: Well, if that’s the case, then how’s about I amuse you some more…


Mona heads for Bowser’s Castle.  She lifts a foot into the air.


Bowser: What are you doing?!


Mona: …as I tear your castle…


Suddenly, Mona shrinks in size, surprising Bowser and his minions.




Mario, on the other hand, finds the orb in her pocket getting larger.


Mario: Oh, no!  Not-a now!




Mona stands in front of the castle, at her normal size.


Mona: …apart?!


Bowser starts laughing.


Bowser: Well, well, well.  I guess that whatever you were going through has worn off, KOOPA PACK!


Mona: UH, WAIT JUST A MINUTE!  I have a gift.


Bowser: Huh?


Bowser heads towards Mona.  Mona gets nervous, as she sees that he’s huge compared to her.  Bowser heads up close, and looks into her eyes.  Mona gulps in fear.


Bowser: Well?  Where’s the gift?


Mona: Oh!  Uh, right.


Mona reaches into her pocket.



Mario sees Mona’s gigantic hand coming.  He moves out of the way as she grabs the orb.




Mona takes the orb and hands it to Bowser.


Mona: Here.  This is for you.


Bowser: Hey, thanks kid.


Mona: You’re welcome, your--uh--Koopa…ness…  I went through a great deal of trouble getting it to you.


Bowser: Well, although you’re very beautiful, you’re still too young for me.  Sorry, kid.


Mona bows before Bowser.


Mona: (Thinking) Ugh!  Like I’d wanna be your type!  (Out loud) That’s okay, your highness.  I’m just glad that you enjoy your gift.  I’m just sorry for scaring your troops like that, as this is all I came to do.


Bowser: No big deal.


Suddenly, a Koopatrol emerges from the wreck of Mona’s destruction.


Koopatrol: Your wretchedness!  Mario was responsible for knocking me out!  He also destroyed the machine that was keeping this girl asleep!


Bowser: Mario?!


Mona: *gasps* Oh, no!


Bowser: Now I get it!  This is the Golden Spiny Orb that you stole from Thwomp Temple!  It also explains the hocus-pocus behind your gigantism!  You were cursed with that faucet freak, Mario!  Find him!  Find him now!


Bowser’s troops start searching the area for Mario.


Mona: You know about that?


Bowser: It’s meant to be guarded from anyone trying to steal it.  Only a pure hearted individual would be able to grab it.  Another exception would be a member of the Royal Koopa Line, such as myself, and my kids.  If you had followed the stone tablets then you wouldn’t be in this mess, as I plan to make things worse for both you and Mario.


Mona: *gulps* W-What do you mean?


Bowser laughs and grabs Mona.  She kicks and screams but all it does is send Mario on a wild ride.




Mona is thrown into a cell at the top of Bowser’s Castle.


Mona: You’d better let me out of here now!


Bowser: *chuckles* Not happening, sweet-cheeks!  You, along with that pluming pain-in-the-neck, are going to meet your end inside that cell.


Mona: You know that I’ll become a giantess soon, and when I do, I’m going to mangle every last one of you!


Bowser: *chuckles* Oh, is that so?


Bowser leaves.  As he does, Mario steps out of Mona’s pocket.


Mona: Mario, I’m sorry that you had to endure all that.


Mario: No big-a deal.


Mario looks and notices that there are no guards by the cell door.


Mario: I don’t-a like this…  Why was he so calm when-a you mentioned that?


Mona: I don’t know, but I know what I’m going to do!


Mario: Fine.  In the meantime, I’ll-a see if I can-a find out what they’re up-a to.


Mario heads through the bars easily.


Mario: (Thinking) Not even the bars were hard to get by.  Something is-a definitely not-a right here…


Mario leaves Mona and looks around.




Meanwhile, Bowser meets a Koopatrol.


Bowser: What do you have to report?


Koopatrol: We searched all over.  We couldn’t find him.


Bowser thinks and smiles.


Bowser: In that case, is everything ready?


Koopatrol: Yes, you’re evilness.  We’re all set.


Bowser: Good.


Goomba: But what about Mario?  And why did you ask us all to pack up?  I don’t understand.


Bowser: For your information, we’re moving to another castle.  I had this planned for a while now.  We need more space.  As for Mario, I’m not worried about him.  He’ll most likely go after her, and at his small size, by the time he gets to her, it’ll be too late!  Gwa, ha, ha, ha, ha!


Bowser breathes flame at part of the castle, and as the Koopas leave, the castle continues catching fire.


Bowser: Now let’s see if I can figure out the mystery behind this orb.




Mario continues looking around.


Mario: Very weird.  There’s-a nothing around here besides bricks.  Not a single trace of-a Bowser or his-a minions exist.


Suddenly, Mario grows.


Mario: Hey, I’m-a back to normal.




Mona, on the other hand, is experiencing a problem growing.  Instead of breaking out, she falls through the floors, with her bottom reaching the bottom floor.  Her head reaches the ceiling.  The rest of her body expands throughout the castle.  Her arms head outside the building through windows, as her legs started expanding.


Mona: Oh no!




Soon, Mario notices the place rumbling, and a door breaks down.  He sees a giant foot expanding in size, pushing outward.  Mario starts running, but the foot ends up pushing him outside.  Mario flies out and lands on his face.  He stands up and sees Bowser’s Castle with arms and legs.


Mario: MAMA MIA!  MONA?!


Mona: I’m fine, Mario!


Mona tries to stand up, but the castle is stuck to the ground.


Mona: It’s no use!  I’m stuck!  *sniffs* And I smell smoke.


Mario: Smoke?


Mario sniffs around and sees that there’s a fire in the corner of the castle.  All the while, Mona continues speaking.


Mona: This is a surprise, though.  I mean, at my height, you’d think that I wouldn’t have any problems destroying buildings.  Yet here I am, stuck.


Mario: Mama Mia!  No wonder Bowser was-a so confident!


Mona: Huh?  What’s going on out there?


Mario: Bowser knew that-a you would-a grow.  So I guess that-a he took his-a troops out of-a the castle and-a set it on fire!


Mona: WHAT?!


Mario: Not-a so loud!


Mona: Do something!


Mario looks around and sees a few ? Blocks nearby.  He jumps and punches a few of them.  Aside from a few coins, he finds an Ice Flower and a Mega Mushroom.


Mario: An Ice Flower.  Just-a what I needed.


Mario grabs the Ice Flower and heads toward the fire.  He starts shooting Ice Balls at the area, causing the fire to subside.




Mona: Brrr!  Where did this cold front come from?




Meanwhile, the Mega Mushroom was heading toward Mona’s hand.  She unexpectedly grabs it and brings it to herself.


Mona: Maybe this will help me get out of the castle.


Mona eats it, but soon sees the castle getting smaller.


Mona: Oh, great!  Getting bigger wasn’t what I had in MIND!




Mario screams as he sees the arms and legs of the castle getting bigger.


Mario: Don’t-a tell me she’s-a growing again!


He runs, and Mona soon outgrows the castle.  Mario looks at her in awe.


Mario: She must’ve taken the Mega Mushroom that I found!


She continues growing until she’s doubled in size.  She looks down and barely sees Mario.  She carefully reaches over to him and brings him to her face, so that she’s able to see him more clearly.  To her, Mario was the about size of a fingernail.


Mona: Mario!  What’s happened to me?




Mona stands up and gasps.  She now stands at 240 ft. tall and realizes how far down the ground is.


Mona: Oh, my goodness…




Mona smiles.


Mona: In that case…


Mona places Mario in her pocket, which is almost twice as deep in size.  Mario climbs up and hangs to the opening.


Mona: …you stay in there.




Mona giggles and starts walking.




Bowser travels with his minions toward the next castle.  Suddenly the ground shakes, slowly getting more violent.


Bowser: What’s going on?!  That giant woman couldn’t have broken out of the castle!


A Koopa Paratroopa flies into the air with a pair of binoculars.  He looks to the distance and screams.


Bowser: What’s wrong?


Koopa Paratroopa: L-L-Lord B-B-B-Bowser, n-n-not only did she escape, she’s b-b-b-b-bigger!


Bowser: WHAT?!


The Koopas look in shock, as Mona heads towards them with a vengeful smile on her face.


Koopatrol: *gulps* Orders sir?


Bowser: What do you think?!  RUN?!


All of Koopas Minions scatter.  Mona giggles and jumps into the air.  When she lands, the ground shakes like an earthquake.  All the minions that tried to scatter fall down.  Mona takes her helmet, which is now the size of a building, and covers one group of minions with it.  She then goes over to the second group of minions and sits in front of them, encircling her legs around them.  The minions get frightened, as Mona giggles.  She grabs them like a pile of micro action figures, grabs her helmet, turns it upside down, and places the rest of the minions inside it.  She looks at them with satisfaction.


Mona: Why so scared?  After all, you had a lot of fun with me inside the theme park.  Why stop now?


She places her hand inside.


Mona: Now, time for a raffle drawing!  And the winner is…


Mona continues stirring the minions around, much to their disdain.  She purposely takes her time, making sure that they all suffer.  Soon, she notices Bowser running.  She takes her hand out.


Mona: …me.


Mona starts running and throws her helmet towards Bowser.




Bowser continues running, trying his best not to get caught.  However, he soon notices his minions falling from the sky.


Bowser: I’ve heard of the song, “It’s Raining Men,” but “It’s Raining Koopas?”


Soon, Bowser sees a gigantic dome land in front of him with a gigantic thud.


Bowser: A flying saucer?  Wait a minute, that’s the kid’s helmet!


Mona: Right you are, your highness!


Mona grabs Bowser by his tail, between her thumb and index fingers.  She grabs her helmet, and places it on her head.  She lifts Bowser up to her gigantic eyes.


Bowser: Grr!  What do you plan to do to me?


Mona: Not much.  Just fling you around and see how far I can throw you.


Bowser: You just better hope that you’re grip is good!


Mona giggles and swings Bowser around.  After a few swings, she throws him.  Bowser screams as he heads into the sky.


Mona: And that’s the end of that.


Mona starts walking away.


Mona: Now, it’s time for our trip back to Thwomp Temple.  I’ve had more than enough excitement for one adventure.




Mona looks down at Mario.  She gently grabs him and places him on her broad shoulder.  She looks at him and smiles.


Mona: Well, alls well that ends well.


Mario: INDEED!


Mona: You can stop yelling.  I can hear things pretty well, even at this ginormous height.


Mario OK--uh, I mean, okay.


Mona: *giggles* It’s a good thing that you stayed in my pocket the whole time.  I didn’t want to forget you.


Suddenly, Mona stops and gasps.


Mario: What’s-a wrong?


Mona: My scooter!  I left it in Sky Land!


Mario: Mama--Huh?  Hey, look!


Mona sees a red object and two Koopas in the distance.


Mona: It’s Kooper & Kolorado, and they brought my scooter!


Mona heads over there, but ultimately surprises the two Koopas, when they see her.


Kooper: WHAT THE--MONA?!






Mona carefully kneels down to get a better look.


Mona: Hey guys.


Mario jumps off.


Mario: You can-a blame a Mega Mushroom for that.


Mona grabs her scooter, which was the size of an ant compared to her 240 ft. tall height.


Mona: You guys brought me my scooter!  That’s so thoughtful!


Mona carefully places the scooter on the floor.


Kooper: Now we’re even.  You gave me my shell, and I gave you your scooter.


Suddenly, the effects of the Mega Mushroom wear off, and Mona is back to her giant self.


Mario: Looks-a like she’s-a back to her normal self.


Mona: You mean the gigantic height that I’m supposed to be with the curse.


Mario: Yes.


Mona: Good, because it gives me a chance to do this.


Mona picks up Kooper and brings him to her face.


Mona: Let me thank you.


Mona gives Kooper a big kiss.  Kooper has hearts in his eyes.  She places him down, and he faints.  Suddenly, Mona and Mario shrink.


Mona: Mario!


Mario jumps for Mona’s shoulder, as Mona gets on her bike.


Mona: Thanks again, guys.  I’m off.


Mona starts up her scooter and drives away.  Kolorado looks at Kooper, who’s still love-struck from Mona’s big kiss.


Kolorado: Blimey.  Wait until everyone in Koopa Village hears about this…




Mario & Mona make it back to the temple, with Mona gigantic.


Mona: So, we’re back here again…


Mario: You ready to finish this, Mona?


Mona: More than ready, Mario!


Both of them shrink and head inside.


Mona: We’ll take the back entrance.  It’s the only one I know.


Mario: Okey-dokey!




Mona has no problems getting through most of the obstacles, since it was really just one Thwomp and a corridor filled with Swoopers.  Soon, they make it into the room.


Mona: Okay, we’re back.  Now what?


Mario: Hey, look!


Mario is pointing at the center of the room.  There’s a glowing star in the center.


Mona: Strange.  That wasn’t there last time.


Mona grabs the star.


Mario: I think I understand-a what to do.


Mona: What?


Mario: Hold still, Mona.  HERE I GO!


Mario jumps off of Mona’s shoulder and at the star.  The star flashes in a bright light several times.  Soon, the bright light dies down.  Mario & Mona are on the floor.  Both of them stand up and are shocked.  When they notice that Mario is back to normal, they smile.


Mario: I’m-a normal-sized again!


Mona: And I’m not big!  That means we’re cured!


Both of them hug each other in happiness.  A little later, both of them are back outside the temple.


Mario: Mona?


Mona: Yes?


Mario takes off his hat.


Mario: I must-a say that-a your courage is very strong.  And-a your heart is-a gold.  It was an honor traveling with-a you, Mona.


Mona just looks at him for a few seconds.  Then, she takes off her helmet and smiles.


Mona: (Whispers) Wow…  (Out loud) Uh, thank you.  Although it’ll probably sound stupid now, the pleasure was all mine.


Mario: Maybe we’ll meet each other again.


Mona: Maybe we will.  But…


Mona walks up to Mario.


Mona: …until then…


Mona kisses Mario on the cheek, causing him to blush.  Mario spins around, places his hat back on his head and gives out a peace sign.


Mario: YAHOO!!


Mona, just for fun, joins in, placing her helmet back on her head, and gives out a peace sign.


Mona: WAHOO!!




Mona: (Narrating) And so, Mario went back to the Mushroom Kingdom.  Even though it was regrettable, especially since Bowser was the rightful owner, I was forced to part ways with the Golden Spiny Shell…and Mario.  It really was a lot of fun traveling with him.


Mona is in her safari outfit, in back of Mona Pizza, with Joe taping her in his safari outfit.


Mona: In conclusion, the adventure I went through was, by far, the zaniest adventure I’ve ever been on.  My run-ins with the law and a few of the Dinosaur members don’t even come close to this.


Mona sighs.


Mona: Although I must say that I missed being big.  It would’ve been more fun had I been able to control the constant size changing.  But not even that can compare to my experience with the legendary plumber, Mario.


Mona stays silent for a moment, and then blushes.


Mona: I miss him already…


Mona turns back to the camera.


Mona: So to you, Mario, I say…


Mona blows a kiss at the camera and winks.  Joe blushes.


Joe: (Thinking) Lucky dog…


Mona: This is Mona of Mona’s Exploration Team, signing off.  And cut.


Joe: That was-a very good.


Mona: Thank you.  Now, let’s get to work.  We’ve got customers by the front door, and we’re running late.


Joe: Let’s-a go!


Mona giggles.




Meanwhile, Mario & Luigi see the announcement at his home on TV.  Mario smiles.


Luigi: So, I guess that-a she likes-a you.


Mario: I guess so.


Luigi: I’m-a surprised that-a Bowser was the sole owner of-a that thing.


Mario: Still, it was-a one crazy adventure.


Luigi: And-a next time, I wish to be a part of it!


Mario: We’ll see what happens.


Mario turns off the TV.


Luigi: I’ve heard that-a one too many times.


Parakarry: Mail call!


Luigi: I’ll get it.


Luigi leaves the house and heads for the mailbox.  He opens it and finds a letter inside.  He reads it and heads inside the house.


Luigi: Hey, it’s another letter from-a Peach!




At the same time in Diamond City, Mona is busy in the kitchen washing dishes, in her Mona Pizza uniform.  Suddenly, Joe, dressed like a chef, rushes in.


Joe: Hey, Mona.


Mona: What is it, Joe?


Joe: I just-a got another letter.




Luigi & Joe: It’s about another treasure hunt!


Mario & Mona: WHAT?!




Luigi: She says that-a since we couldn’t get-a the Golden Spiny Orb, she’s decided to make it up-a to us with-a this--


A thud can be heard.




Joe: Since-a we made such-a fantastic coverage about-a the Golden Spiny Orb, I think it-a would be good to capitalize on-a our last--


A thud can be heard.




Luigi: Mario?



Joe: Mona?



Both Mario & Mona pass out on the floor.


Luigi (With Joe): I guess that-a the excitement was-a too much for him.


Joe (With Luigi): I guess that-a the excitement was-a too much for her.


Luigi & Joe: That’s okay.  We’ll-a leave whenever you’re-a ready.


Luigi leaves for his room, as Joe heads back to the front.  Mario & Mona laugh as they lie on the floor.


Mario & Mona: I guess an adventurer’s work is never done.  Mama Mia…