Mega (Women) Micro (Men) Stories!

(Cubed Cinder)

NOTE from Cubed Cinder: The first story was written by someone else (who wishes to remain anonymous), and then I took over for him.

Mona in
"Road Rage!"

"Gah!" Mona complained, pushing even harder on the pedal of her bike. "I'm gonna be late! The game starts in just a few minutes!" The cheerleader sighed, driving in between cars to get to the Diamond City Stadium. How disgraceful it would be if the head cheerleader missed a game.
"Oh no..." Mona groaned, spotting a whole half-mile of traffic ahead of her. "What the heck happened up there!?"

"18-Volt..." 9-Volt muttered to his large companion, laying in a crashed go-kart in front of the traffic. "This is nothing like Mario Kart..."

"I'll never forgive who did this..." Mona growled. She glared up ahead. "But right now, I have bigger things to worry about, like the game!" She closed her eyes, the traffic jam coming closer and closer. Her grip tightened on the handlebar. "Form: Handlebar." All the practice she did with the Form Baton was paying off as she rushed in between all of the cars, tilting the handlebar in just the right place each time.
With a great boost, she sped right out of the jam, getting a glimpse of the cause of the traffic. "9-VOLT!?" Mona cried. "You're too young to drive...!" Shaking her head on the craziness of this all, she was just a minute away from the game.
Mona quickly activated the brakes, coming to a skidding stop. She leaped off the scooter and rushed straight into the stadium. Still not stopping, she changed into her cheer leading uniform and entered the field, just in time for kick-off.

The girls were showing off their best moves, as did the football players with their 7 - 0 lead. It was an easy game luckily as the score remained the same through out almost the whole day.
"Oh boy oh boy oh boy..." one of the boys mumbled, heading towards the ball for a kick. "Don't mess up don't mess up don't mess up..." He looked up to see the cheer leading beauty that was Mona, spirited as ever. "Mona Mona Mona...!" Like most of the other boys, he fell deeply in love. So much he was pumped up for this kick.
"Alright Mona, let's pump up this crowd!" Mona whispered to herself. "Form: Umbrella!" She held her baton up like, as her form says, an umbrella. She swung it back, then up into the air. "GO TEAM! GO!" she yelled as the baton went spiraling into the sky.
The football player kicked the football as hard as he could, still eying the lovely Mona. "That's for you that's for you that's for you...!" he said happily.
The ball flew into the air, the crowd cheering at the sight. However, a certain cheerleader's baton was in the way. The white baton flew into the air, so high the football smacked right into it. Due to natural forces, the ball continued it's trail to victory. Mona's baton, however, shot out towards the electric score board. Like a dart it went straight in, cracking the huge screen. The audience gasped as the screen was shut off, too broken to work properly.
"Oh boy..." Mona grumbled as she saw the screen. "Now my lucky baton is gone..." As soon as she said this, the baton came falling back down, bouncing down the seats of the audience and right in front of Mona. The girl was shocked at first, then greatly pleased. "How lucky can someone get?" Mona cheered, kneeling down and grabbing it.
A huge charge ran through her body as soon as she touched the baton. Already she could tell something was up. In just a matter of seconds, half the field was filled with... Mona!
Mona took in this new size slowly. Both the crowd and her were silent. She slowly rose to her full height and looked down.
"Uhhh..." she muttered. Looking down even further, she saw some players directly beneath her. "Why are you all..." Mona realized why. Embarrassed, she fell to her side, pushing down her skirt. The people in the audience ran away from the falling giantess as best as they could. Although no one was crushed, many got lost in her labyrinth-like hair.
The people now screamed and shouted as they ran from the stadium. Those brave enough to stay were merely awe-stricken perverts gawking at her huge details or the audience members that were tangled in her hair.
"This is terrible!" Mona groaned. "Not only did I ruin the game, but there are people screwing up my hair and looking up my skirt...!" She eyes one of the perverts in the audience seats. She rose her foot up and slammed down on the pervert. However, Mona was only able to crush the seats and not the person themselves.
With a sigh, Mona rose, ignoring those still stuck in her hair or those looking up her skirt. "Well, might as well have as much fun with this as I can." Mona stepped over the stadium walls and into Diamond City where most everyone was panicking.

"Hey, that traffic jam is still there..." Mona mumbled, seeing the freeway still clogged with vehicles. "I would have missed the entire game if I didn't dodge all of that..." She looked down to see 9-Volt and 18-Volt re-boarding their go-kart dizzily. "And it's all because of 9-Volt and his stupid video games. I ought to show him how dangerous the road can be..."

"Fifth time's a charm, right 9-Volt?" 18-Volt chuckled, holding his head steady.
"I still don't see the Lakitu fishing us back onto the road..." 9-Volt replied. The ground then started to rumble. "Did you feel something?"
"Uh... It was probably nothing." 18-Volt answered. "Let's go find a red shell." The car was now being risen into the air. The two drivers gasped.
"There's only one thing to explain this." 9-Volt said quietly. "Lakitu must be really slow!" he shouted at his friend.
"What?" 18-Volt mumbled.
"See? Lakitu is carrying us into the air! Just like Mario Kart! You were right!"
"Oooh! I understand now!"
"Hey, Lakitu!" 9-Volt cheered, looking up. "Thanks for the li--" Instead of seeing the expected Lakitu, 9-Volt saw the enlarged Mona, carrying the go-kart with her fingers. "I don't... think this is Lakitu, 18-Volt." The second gamer turned to see why 9-Volt said such a thing.
Mona stared at the two. For a few seconds, it was quiet. Then the gamers broke down.
"AHHHHH!" they both screamed. "Quick! Do something!" they told each other.
"You two should realize that the gaming world and the real world are two different things!" Mona lectured. "You almost made me miss the game!"
"QUICK! Push her fingers off!" 9-Volt shouted, ignoring Mona. Both him and 18-Volt slammed to the sides of the go-kart and put their hands on the fingers.
"Form: Chauffeur!" Placing their palms on the large fingers, they both pushed forward, releasing Mona's grip on the go-kart. The vehicle was now falling down. Before it hit the street, it bounced off of Mona's breasts almost like a trampoline, thus bugging Mona. As soon as the go-kart hit solid ground it boosted away, escaping Mona.
"Wanna show your smooth moves, huh?" Mona mumbled, grabbed the edge of the freeway. "Form: Discard!" She then flipped the segment of the road the two were driving on and placed it upside down.
The two gamers didn't notice a thing for a second and continued driving on the bottom of the road. However, the go-kart then started to fall down like a normal vehicle does. It crashed top-first on Mona's shoe.
The two walked out of the debris of the go-kart, gazing up at Mona. Both held each other for safety. "M-Mona! W-We're truly sorry! Really!" The foot the two laid on now started bouncing up and down as Mona tapped her foot. The two were shaking violently.
"Ha ha, oh boy, you better be sorry." Mona giggled.
Suddenly, a shock ran through her from head to toe. It felt the same way when she was first shocked. Gradually, she began shrinking down to normal height. Her two victims and the go-kart fell off of the once giant foot.
9-Volt and 18-Volt stared at the cheerleader, heavily confused on what had just happened. Mona stared at them blankly.
"Uhh...." she grumbled. Politely (and nervously), she bowed, and ran off.
9-Volt looked up to his buddy, who gave a look back. Both stared the wrecked go-kart. "Hey, 9-Volt, what happens in Mario Kart when your go-kart gets destroyed?" 18-Volt asked.
9-Volt sighed. "Mona was right..." he grumbled. "Games are totally different from the real world."
"Yeah, we need to start concentrating on the consequences of the real world."
"Like giant cheerleaders wrecking our things."

Ashley in

The hole was still there from top to bottom in Ashley's mansion. That came from the night she first experimented with her growth spell. She had transformed an ordinary plant into a huge piranha plant-like creature with a flick of her wand, unsuccessfully at first but she was able to correct her mistakes after consulting with her trusty spellbook, Skullbook. Her other sidekick, Red the Kid Devil, who could transform into anything he wanted, including Ashley's wand, walked into the library and saw Ashley reading one of her books very closely. He hopped on the table and looked down at the book with Ashley, who clearly had a focused look on her face. No surprise to Red. She never smiled unless she succeeded in something.
"Huh? What are you reading, Ashley?" Red asked. It took Ashley a few seconds for her to respond.
"I'm gonna see if I can adjust that growing spell a little bit." Ashley said.
"But how can you adjust it? It worked maybe a little too well that one night on that plant! I'm just glad your disintegration spell saved us!" Red shouted. Ashley then slammed Skullbook shut.
"Ow! Not so hard, Ashley! You could break a bone." Skullbook said.
"Whatever. Come on, Red. Let's try the new spell out." Ashley said. As Skullbook flew back to his cozy spot, Ashley got up and walked back to the part of the mansion where the hole was. Red of course followed behind.

Ashley looked up at the hole with the sunlight shining down inside the many floors of the mansion.
"So, um... what are we going to try this new growth spell on?" Red asked.
"Me." Ashley said softly.
"What!? Are you serious!? It could be dangerous, Ashley!" Red shouted. Ashley simply looked right at Red with a somewhat mean look on her face. Those red eyes of Ashley's glared right into Red's psyche.
"My wand?" Ashley said.
"Oh, yes... of course!" Red shouted as he instantly transformed into Ashley's magic wand. Ashley took the wand and then twirled it in a circular motion before holding it up high. She then shook the wand as much as she could, and soon after... a pile of golden dust came flying out from the wand, sprinkling all over Ashley. The dust vanished almost as quickly as it appeared. Red changed back into his normal self as he looked at Ashley. Nothing seemed to be happening for the next few seconds.
"I guess it didn't work. I'm so sorry, Ashley." Red said.
"It's okay, it just takes time." Ashley said, and almost as soon as she said that... Ashley began to grow.
"Hey! What the...!" Red said as he fell back in shock, backing away from Ashley's red shoes as they were growing towards him. Ashley was growing very quickly, it only took about ten seconds for her head to grow out of the hole in the mansion. Finally, Ashley stopped growing with the top of the mansion at her waist level. She looked down to see she was completely covering the hole that was in the mansion, not to mention how much smaller her mansion looked at her new size. Ashley just let out that cute, innocent smile she was known for whenever something went her way.
"Cool." Ashley said. She then started moving, tearing right through her own mansion and heading straight for Diamond City out in the distance.
Red, just barely able to avoid being crushed by the newly created giantess Ashley as she waltzed right through her own home, now watched nervously as she headed for Diamond City.
"Oh man... not good! Not good at all! What do I do? What do I do now?" Red said. Finally, though, he got an idea.
"I know, I should talk to that Wario guy about this!" Red said as he started running away from the damaged mansion and looked for Wario.

But in the meantime, it was widespread panic everywhere in Diamond City. Ashley slowly strolled around the city, brushing many of the buildings with either her hands or her long hair. She was almost overwhelmed taking in the sights and sounds of the city at such a smaller scale, but she clearly enjoyed herself.
"Everything's so tiny." Ashley said. Naturally she smiled, enjoying herself in this situation. She swatted what appeared to be a purple fly in her eyes, but in fact she had knocked the alien known as Orbulon off course.
"Darn it... not again! I have the worst luck whenever I come near this planet!" Orbulon said as his ship crashed out in the distance.

Ashley then felt her stomach rumbling and immediately looked around to find something to eat.
"Hmmm... I guess I did forget it was lunch time." Ashley said. She looked down the road and saw a gray van with the Pizza Dinosaur logo on the side heading right for her feet. She smiled and picked up this van, looking inside and seeing the three Pizza Dinosaur members in a state of panic.
"Give me all your food." Ashley said. One of the Pizza Dinosaur men, the driver, stuck his head out the window and shouted right at the giantess.
"Hey, lady! Are you gonna pay up for all the pizzas or what!?" the driver shouted. Big mistake for him to do that, as Ashley's eyes now glowed a bright red, and an evil aura was glowing around her.
"You dare defy me, Ashley the Witch!? Maybe I should just use all of you as lab rats!" Ashley shouted. The three men inside the van quickly acted as they pulled out every single pizza box that they had from the back.
"Okay, okay! Take everything we've got!" they all shouted as they started to dump each of the boxes into Ashley's free hand. Immediately she cooled herself down and was no longer in a deathly angry mood.
"Thank you." Ashley said. Then she just tossed the van behind her and let it crash to the ground. Ashley, meanwhile, popped open each of the boxes and dumped all of the pizza inside. But her appetite clearly was not satisfied, not that it possibly could as bad as the food from Pizza Dinosaur tasted most of the time.
"Abysmal. I'll have to find something else to munch on." Ashley said as she continued her walk further into Diamond City, stepping on some police cars along the way. Not too far from those cars was Mona, riding on her scooter and wearing her Mona Pizza outfit. She didn't see Ashley, but she stopped and noticed the destroyed Pizza Dinosaur van with the three men slowly crawling around their vehicle, inspecting the damage.
"It's just like them to cause trouble like that." Mona said. She then looked at her watch.
"Eeeek! I'll be late if I don't get going! Maybe I should've stayed giant-sized like I did a few days ago..." Mona shouted as she started up her scooter again and drove off.

While all the panicking was going on, Dribble and Spitz were all but ignoring the craziness as they both were relaxing inside their taxi cab. Spitz was busy listening to the radio while Dribble was sipping his soft drink and watching everyone run away.
"Hmmm... wonder what they're all running for?" Dribble said.
"Maybe there's a big sale going on or something!" Spitz said.
"Bah! You watch too much science fiction..." Dribble said.
"No I don't! Do I?" Spitz asked. Just then, the ground began to thump every second or so. The two looked around and watched as Ashley stepped out from behind one of the taller buildings in the city. Dribble noticed the giant-sized Ashley and spit out his drink in shock.
"Yikes! Speaking of science fiction..." Dribble said.
"Man, I was afraid reading Attack of the 50-foot Daisy too many times would cause this to happen." Spitz said. Dribble just pretended he didn't hear that as he looked through the window and up at Ashley. Ashley, in the meantime, looked down right at the taxi cab.
"Hmmm... I've never really liked taxi cabs." Ashley said as she slowly stepped towards the cab. Dribble and Spitz looked right at each other.
"I think we better get out of here." Spitz said.
"You don't have to tell me twice!" Dribble shouted. He quickly fired up the cab and punched it into high gear, turning around very quickly and driving away just a split second before Ashley could stomp the cab flat. Ashley lifted her shoe and saw nothing but a big hole in the road.
"You won't escape..." Ashley said as she walked after the cab, keeping pace every step of the way.

Dribble kept one eye in the rear view mirror and another eye on the road in front of him, keeping his foot hard on the accelerator and steering his way through the traffic, something he was quite good at. Spitz, as he does most of the time, gave instructions to his co-driver.
"Break through the gate!" Spitz said as he pointed at the Road Closed signs in front of the cab, and indeed, Dribble just drove right through them. They were now coming up fast on a fork in the road, with a big gap between the two buildings ahead.
"Through the gap!" Spitz shouted. Dribble drove the cab into the gap, scraping the car against the walls of the two buildings but able to make it through. These buildings didn't stop Ashley as she simply pounded her way through them like a sprinter through yellow tape. Fragments of the building were raining down in front of the cab but Dribble was able to weave his way back and forth through the mess.
"Hit the action button!" Spitz shouted.
"Huh? What action button!?" Dribble shouted.
"Oops... sorry. I heard it in a movie once." Spitz said.
"(sigh) You and the world of sci-fi..." Dribble said as he focused back on the road. They both noticed a sharp curve in the road to the right.
"Drift turn right!" Spitz shouted. Dribble turned the steering wheel sharply to the right, with the cab once again coming extremely close to being crushed flat.
"Through the car wash!" Spitz shouted. Dribble drove the cab directly inside the car wash that was just to the left of the roads, giving the cab the quickest wash you can ever imagine. It sparkled brightly as it rolled on down the roadway.
"Pass close to the cars!" Spitz shouted, pointing at the wreckage of vehicles on both sides of the road. Dribble drove right between the mess without getting a scratch, though he did have to weave back and forth again to avoid the flying debris that Ashley kicked up. Another sharp turn was coming up.
"Drift turn left!" Spitz shouted as Dribble turned hard to the right. In front of them now was a bigger mess of wrecked traffic and pieces of buildings that were destroyed by Ashley. At first, it seemed there was no way through, but Spitz quickly spotted a ramp from a tow truck.
"Jump over the rubble!" Spitz said. Dribble looked at his partner like he had lost his catnip.
"What do you think we are, Stuntmen!?" Dribble shouted.
"I don't know, but this is our only chance!" Spitz shouted. Dribble floored it once again and drive the cab up the ramp. The cab was now sailing in the air and over the mess.
"Aiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!" Both Dribble and Spitz shouted as they could feel the air. They landed hard on the road and continued on. Ashley saw the whole stunt and just smirked.
"Hmmmm... they're pretty persistent." Ashley said. Of course, all she had to do was step over the mess and keep on chasing after the cab.

About half a mile ahead of the big chase, Red was watching the whole thing play out. He looked back at his guest with a worried look on his face.
"Um... are you sure you can handle this, Mr..." Red started.
"Are you kidding!? I am Wario Man! I can handle anything!" Wario, dressed up as the super zero, Wario Man, said as he jumped out in front of Red.
"Ugh... right." Red said. The cab soon sped right by both Red and Wario Man, and Wario Man stepped in front of Ashley, who obviously hadn't noticed the two on her chase. Red ran back when he knew trouble was coming in the form of Ashley's huge red shoe, but Wario Man stood his ground, holding his stinky arms up like he was ready to stop that shoe from coming.
"Hahahaha!!! I am Wario Man, and there is nothing stronger than..." As he was finishing his line, Ashley just flat out stepped on him. Of course, she had no idea since she was focused on the cab, but nonetheless, there was a big hole in the part of the road where Wario Man was standing. Red approached the hole and noticed Wario Man as flat as a pancake, thus making him Flat Wario now (play any of the Wario Land games, except the first one, if you don't know what I am talking about).
"Um... are you okay, Wario Man?" Red asked.
"Waaaaah... this is soooooo lame! Can someone get me a drink of water?" Flat Wario shouted as he walked all over inside the hole. Red just shook his head and looked at the giantess Ashley before running after her.
"Hold on, Ashley, I'm coming!!!" Red shouted.

Finally, Dribble & Spitz's luck was running out as there was a concrete barrier sitting in front of them.
"Yikes! A concrete barrier! Stop! Stop!!!" Spitz said. Dribble immediately jammed on the brakes, stopping the cab just short of the wall.
"What? We could've plowed right through it, you know!" Dribble shouted.
"A concrete barrier?" Spitz said. The two jumped out of the cab where they watched as Ashley stopped her trek with her feet just inches away from them. Both Dribble and Spitz got down on their knees and started begging.
"Oh please, very very very big lady! Please spare our lives!" Dribble shouted.
"Yeah, we'll even give you a free ride!" Spitz said.
"But how would she fit in..." Dribble said before Spitz covered his mouth. Ashley just smirked and let out a soft laugh.
"Whatever... I should just pick you two up and take you home as my new toys." Ashley said. But just as she bent herself down to pick up the two, she suddenly felt a magical sensation entering her mind. It felt instantly familiar to her from back at the mansion...
"Uh oh..." Ashley said. Indeed, she started shrinking until she was all the way back down to her normal size. At the same time, Red had caught up to her.
"Ashley! You're back to normal!" Red shouted.
"Curses. The spell must not have been permanent. Come on, Red, let's go back and figure out how we can fix this."
"Um... yeah, sure. Okay. Whatever you say." Red said. He quickly transformed into Ashley's broom and began to carry Ashley away from Diamond City. Dribble and Spitz just stood in their places wondering what just happened, but Dribble finally wanted to get his mind off this.
"So... what do you want to do now?" Dribble asked.
"Hey! Someone! Anybody! TAXI!!!" Flat Wario shouted from out in the distance. Spitz quickly thought of an idea.
"Pick up a passanger?" Spitz said.
"Yeah sure... and make sure we collect the fare for once!" Dribble shouted. The two then jumped back into their cab and drove to pick up Flat Wario, where he would eventually return home and dump a bucket of water all over him to change him back to regular ol' Wario.

And as usual... Dribble and Spitz forgot to collect the fare.

Penny in
"Little Science!"

At the Crygor Laboratory, which sat on its own island just outside of Diamond City, Dr. Crygor, with the help of his robotic assistant, Mike, was busy putting the finishing touches on... well, whatever the heck it was he was building.
"So, Dr. Crygor, remind me again what it is that you are making? For the benefit of those reading this silly story, I mean." Mike said.
"Ah, yes, I'm glad you reminded me of that, Mike. I am almost done with my newest invention... the Lean Mean Fat Reducing Machine! All it takes is a press of the button and the zap of the laser, and years and years of unwanted body fat gets zapped right out of your body!" Dr. Crygor said.
"Which should eliminate the need for daily exercise!" Mike said.
"Indeed! Ah, Mike, you are one smart bot I built." Dr. Crygor said.
"Well, you made me that way. Oh yeah, and your granddaughter, Penny Crygor, should be here any minute now." Mike said.
"Excellent... I couldn't finish this project without her help. Say, how about we give this thing a test run?" Dr. Crygor said.
"Are you sure, Dr. Crygor? There are still some nuts and bolts that still need to be added and/or adjusted inside the machine." Mike said.
"Nonsense! What can go wrong? Besides, it's only some small pieces. The machine itself is already functional as it is. Heck, I'll even be the test subject!" Dr. Crygor shouted.
"You are very brave, my master." Mike said.
"I sure am. I want you by my side should something happen to me." Dr. Crygor said. Mike obliged and stood next to Dr. Crygor. He pressed some buttons and the two stood in front of the machine, waiting to be hit by the laser.

But of course, when Dr. Crygor is involved, things always seem to go wrong. Instead of losing weight, both Dr. Crygor and Mike were losing both height and weight as they both shrunk in size. They both got smaller and smaller
"Dr. Crygor, something has gone horribly wrong!" Mike shouted.
"Goodness sake, yes! It appears the machine took too much fat away from us!" Dr. Crygor said.
"Actually, if I may, since I am a robot, I am not capable of storing body fat, so if the machine has affected me as well, it would seem that the machine has instead shrunken us to a very tiny size." Mike said.
"Hmmm... that is not good. I wonder how small we are." Dr. Crygor said.
"Calculating now... calculation complete. We are exactly 2.8917 inches tall." Mike said.
"Well, look on the bright side, my trusty sidekick! At least there is nobody around of normal stature to pose a threat to us!" Dr. Crygor said. But in a sign of the doctor opening his big mouth like he always does, they could hear the sound of a door opening in the background, along with the pitter-patter of feet walking on a metal floor.
"Grandpa! I'm here!" a female voice shouted.
"Except for your granddaughter, of course." Mike said.
"Oh, don't worry, Mike. I always have to guide her to this part of the lab. She'd be lost without my guidance." Dr. Crygor said. Big mouth time again... as soon as he said that, the two shrunken characters looked to see the normal-sized Penny entering the room. She was already in her pink lab coat (which concealed her black top and pants), pink boots, and of course those familiar glasses.
"Except for the fact that she has been to this lab exactly 64 times." Mike said.
"Very well, now I shall admit... we're in big trouble!" Dr. Crygor shouted.

Penny, meanwhile, looked around every corner of the room she had just entered and could not see Dr. Crygor or Mike anywhere.
"Hmmm... I guess he's in one of the other rooms. Oh well... I'll just stay in here and check on the Lean Mean Fat Reducing Machine." Penny said. As she quickly walked over to the table where the machine was sitting, both Dr. Crygor and Mike had to scamper out of the way to keep from getting stepped on by Penny. Penny looked to see many lights flashing on the console, showing that it was activated.
"This is weird, why is the thing turned on? Oh well... a simple flip of the switch will do the trick!" Penny said as she did just that, "Now to add in the last of the pieces to this puzzle! I'm sure grandpa won't mind!"
Dr. Crygor and Mike both looked way up at Penny and watched as she tinkered with the machine.
"Well now, I do not mind one bit. My granddaughter is certainly a master of building these things!" Dr. Crygor shouted.
"That's great, master, but there is still the matter of getting her attention." Mike said.
"You are right, Mike! But how?" Dr. Crygor said as he continued to admire the beauty of his own granddaughter from his new perspective. The two didn't notice a yellow creature exactly their height with an overly huge head walking towards them.
"Master... perhaps my loud singing voice will gain Penny Crygor's attention?" Mike said.
"I got it! Mike, you are a master of karaoke! Perhaps your loud singing voice will gain my granddaughter's attention!" Dr. Crygor said.
"You certainly have the mind of a snail, if I must say." Mike said.
"Er... right. Anyway, prepare for voice interjection procedures!" Dr. Crygor shouted.
"Um... excuse me." a voice said. The two turned their heads to see the yellow creature that I was talking about earlier (check the WarioWare entry in the Where? section for more info). Dr. Crygor ran behind his robotic creation for cover.

"Great name of Frank! It's a monster!" Dr. Crygor shouted.
"No no... not Frank! Fronk! Fronk is my name." Fronk, the yellow creature, said. It extended its pointy hand out towards Mike.
"Much obliged to meet you, Fronk. My name is Mike and I'm a master of karaoke! This is my creator, Dr. Crygor." Mike said. Dr. Crygor came out to shake Fronk's hand as well.
"Hmmm... a small yet intelligent lifeform as tall as us. Brilliant!" Dr. Crygor shouted.
"I gotta admit, I never ever thought I would find people as small as you are." Fronk said.
"So what brings you to my lab?" Dr. Crygor asked.
"Well, I am trying to find my way home, you see. I got stuck on some guy's motorcycle and the next thing I knew, I woke up in this laboratory. I was able to escape from my cage, and now I've been running around trying to find a way out of here." Fronk said.
"How about you tag along with us? We are trying to get my granddaughter to help us with our problem, and surely she will help you with yours." Dr. Crygor said, pointing up to Penny.
"You really think so? Okay, I'll stick around then!" Fronk said.
"It is agreed. We shall work together to gain the attention of my granddaughter!" Dr. Crygor said.
"Stand back... I shall activate my karaoke powers now! Initializing..." Mike said. Dr. Crygor and Fronk both waited patiently for Mike to begin with his karaoke program, with Fronk backing away just in case things would malfunction and get ugly. Actually, he backed up all the way to Penny's pink boots. Fronk took another look up at the giantess.
"Hmmm... perhaps it would help if I got that girls attention." Fronk said. He then started climbing very slowly up Penny...

Mike stood ready now that his karaoke program was initializing.
"Okay, in about five minutes, I will be ready to commence playback." Mike said.
"Good job! Now we can... wait a minute, where is Fronk?" Dr. Crygor said. Mike looked up and was the first to spot Fronk as he now climbed up Penny's pink lab coat.
"Um... he is reaching new heights, I fear." Mike said. Dr. Crygor now looked up and saw Fronk climbing up his granddaughter.
"Yipes! This is not good! What if she spots her!?" Dr. Crygor shouted. Once again, Dr. Crygor's knack for making things happen just by saying them reared its ugly head. Penny, as she was wiping some sweat from her forehead, looked down on her lab coat and saw what looked to be a yellow spot. Of course, we knew that spot to be Fronk.
"Hey, how did this little yellow spot get on my coat?" Penny asked out loud. She brushed off the spot with her hands, and she was astonished to see the spot actually falling down onto the ground.
"What the...!?" Penny shouted. She watched as the yellow spot drifted down to two other spots on the floor.

Fronk crashed down onto the ground, but quickly got up unharmed.
"Fronk, are you okay?" Dr. Crygor asked. Fronk clearly looked dazed as he tried to shake off the stars that twirled around his head.
"Yeah... sure. Did anyone get the license plate on that hand that just hit me?" Fronk said. Just as Dr. Crygor and Mike could wonder any more about Fronk, they could hear Penny speaking from above.
"I guess that thing was a bug, and there are more of them at my feet." Penny said.
"Hey, at least she spotted us!" Dr. Crygor said.
"Yes, but is it in the correct manner? I believe I heard her use the word bugs." Mike said.
"Grandpa won't like seeing little bugs in his lab. I better crush them before he gets back." Penny said.
"Eeeeeeek!!! Run for your lives!" Fronk said.
"I couldn't have said it better myself!" Dr. Crygor shouted. The three all ran away in the same direction just before they could get crushed by Penny. They went flying in the air from the big shockwave that came from Penny slamming her foot down on the floor, but they were all able to get back up and begin running again.
"Wow... they're pretty fast for little bugs, but they can't escape from me for long!" Penny said, as she followed the tiny trio.

As the three spent the next couple of minutes running away from the giantess and avoiding her stomping, Dr. Crygor looked over at his assistant robot, Mike.
"Mike, I think now would be a good time to start playing your song!" Dr. Crygor shouted.
"I wish I could, master, but the program is still about two minutes from being ready to run!" Mike said. Fronk quickly noticed an opening between two of the consoles.
"Look, an opening!" Fronk shouted. They all ran towards the opening, only to run into a dead end. It was like being stuck in an alley for the most part. Luckily, Penny couldn't crush the three now even though she did see them go into the opening. It was just wide enough for her to stick her hand inside.
"You little pests won't escape that easily. Science always wins out in the end!" Penny shouted as she got down on her knees and reached inside.
"That's my granddaughter!" Dr. Crygor said, smiling over the comment he always told Penny. Mike and Fronk of course didn't care. They just watched as Penny's huge hand got closer and closer.
"Drat! We're stuck here like hairballs in a drain pipe!" Dr. Crygor said. Fronk looked back and noticed a toothpick that was about as tall as a sword sitting behind them.
"Then I'll unstick us!" Fronk said as he picked up the toothpick, no easy task for a creature with a big head. He then ran out in front of the two and held the toothpick close to Penny's hand.
"By sticking her!" Fronk said. He then lunged the toothpick forward and it struck the target. Penny pulled the hand quickly backwards and shook it like she had gotten shocked.
"OW!!! That hurt!" Penny shouted. At the same time, Mike jumped up and down in front of his master.
"Master! The karaoke program is fully operational!" Mike shouted.
"Excellent! Now get out there and show my granddaughter who's boss!" Dr. Crygor shouted as he gently pushed Mike out into the open. Penny looked down and noticed the dot that we know as Mike standing there.
"So... bite me, will you? Let's see how you like my hand close up!" Penny shouted. Just when she was about to swat Mike flat into the ground, his music began playing out of the speaker located on his chest. Dr. Crygor and Fronk had to cover their ears as the music was playing so incredibly loud, but the volume level was necessary in order for Penny to pick up the sound.

And it worked. Penny stopped her swat in mid-air as she just heard the familiar tune. She had a stunned look on her face. A bug playing Mike's theme song? Something didn't add up.
"Wait a minute, nobody else plays that song but..." Penny said. She reached into one of the pockets in her lab coat and pulled out a magnifying glass. She held it above Mike and she got her first glimpse at the tiny robot. Mike, as a robot, naturally didn't react much to see an eyeball much bigger than him looking down from up top.
"Mike? Is that you?" Penny said.
"Affirmative, Penny Crygor." Mike said. His voice sounded very faint to Penny's ears, but she asked her next question anyway.
"If that's you, then where is Dr. Crygor?" Penny asked. As if they were on cue, Dr. Crygor and Fronk both stepped out and stood next to Mike.
"Grandpa?" Penny said.
"Yep, it's me, my dear granddaughter! A bit smaller than normal, of course!" Dr. Crygor shouted. Penny quickly put away her magnifying glass and held out her hand, allowing the three to step on. She got back on her feet and looked very closely at the tiny trio, with the three seeing nothing but Penny's face.

"Are you all okay? What happened?" Penny said. All three, even Mike, held their ears as they were ringing from Penny's loud voice.
"Ouch! Watch the shouting, please!" Dr. Crygor said.
"Oops... sorry, grandpa. So how did this happen?" Penny said, going into a whisper but that still sounded pretty loud to our three. Penny then moved her hand against her right ear so she could better hear Dr. Crygor.
"Well, I was working on the Lean Mean Fat Reducing Machine when I decide to give it a test run... but unfortunately, it took away more than just our weight, as you can see. Our new friend here is Fronk... supposedly he was held captive in one of my lab rooms and has been trying to escape and get back with his family ever since." Dr. Crygor said.
"Hmmm, so I see. That's what happens when you play with a machine before it's completed!" Penny said.
"I am always reminding Dr. Crygor of that error in judgment, if I must say." Mike said.
"Alright, alright. So how about getting me and Mike back to our normal size?" Dr. Crygor said.
"Of course, grandpa!" Penny shouted. She set both Mike and Dr. Crygor on a nearby table while placing Fronk on her shoulder so he could watch the whole thing. She then walked over to the Lean Mean Fat Reducing Machine.
"Okay, all I have to do is flip a couple of switches and the machine should fire in reverse." Penny said. After she did just that, she activated the machine and it fired a beam towards both Mike and Dr. Crygor. Indeed, as Penny anticipated, both grew back to their normal size.
"Ah, it feels good to be normal again. Now I can enter that karaoke competition next week!" Mike said.
"Didn't you already enter in one last week?" Dr. Crygor asked. Penny looked at her shoulder and then picked up Fronk.
"Oh, don't worry, Fronk, I haven't forgotten about you. In fact, I have an invention that should help you get back home!" Penny shouted.
"Really?" Fronk asked.

Soon, Penny, Dr. Crygor, and Mike were all outside standing behind one of Penny's inventions that looked more like a giant spoon than anything else. Penny was setting Fronk down on the launcher.
"So you are certain that this thing will transport me all the way back to my family?" Fronk said.
"I'm sure of it! You'll be back home in no time. Okay, prepare for launch!" Penny said as she backed away from the device while holding a remote control.
"So, Penny, have you actually tested this new invention of yours?" Dr. Crygor asked.
"Not yet... this is my first run!" Penny said. Fronk was able to hear this and began to sweat nervously.
"5...4...3...2...1... Blast off!" Penny shouted as she pressed a button on the remote control. The spoon-like object launched forward, no doubt sending Fronk on a free flying lesson.
"You are certain that he will get home?" Mike asked.
"Well... I don't know. But surely it will work! Science never fails!" Penny shouted.
"Hahaha! That's my little girl!" Dr. Crygor shouted.
"Thanks, grandpa... but can I be the BIG girl again someday?" Penny said as she and everyone else walked back inside the lab.

As for Fronk...

The kindergarten-aged ninja twins, Kat and Ana, were walking down the street heading back for their home, the Diamond City Shrine.
"Well, Ana, I hope you learned your lesson well from Mystical Ninja Elementary, because we are going to be practicing it when we get home." Kat said.
"Awww... do we have to, sis? I was hoping I could Shuriken (their Falcon), Numchuck (their monkey), and Shadow (their dog)!" Ana said.
"Of course, we can play with them together after we have done our practice. We must continue our training if we are to defeat the nasty demons!" Kat said.
"Yes, I understand." Ana said. Just then, she had to fall back a bit as she felt something slap her forehead.
"Ouch!!!" Ana shouted.
"Sis, what is it!?" Kat said. She took Ana's hand away from her forehead and noticed a yellow spot stuck in the middle of the forehead. She peeled the spot off and noticed that she was actually holding onto Fronk. Fronk was once again in a dizzy spell before breaking out of it and noticing he was in human hands once more.

"Whoa, what a trip that was. What? Where am I?" Fronk said.
"You... talk?" Kat asked.
"Wait a minute! This isn't my home!" Fronk shouted. Ana joined up with her sister.
"Sis, what is that?" Ana said.
"The thing that hit you on the forehead. I don't know what it is..." Kat said.
"Awww... can we keep it? Huh? Can we? It's so cute!" Ana said.
"Well, I suppose we could for a little while." Kat said. Fronk was sweating nervously again.
"Oh boy! We're going to have so much fun with our newest member of the family!" Ana shouted.
"Um... uh... girls! I think you're making a mistake! Girls!?" Fronk shouted as he continued to be held tightly by Kat as the two girls made their way home.

So what did become of Fronk as he was now forced to stay with Kat and Ana? Well... that's another story.

Sometime down the road.