Adventure of the Mini Goombas 2: Dark Rising

(Goomba; idea by Cubed Cinder)

Chapter 1: Party Crashing Goes Wrong

It has been awhile, but the memories of the incident were far too great for many to handle, mostly Princess Peach. Who knew the incident with the Dark Star beforehand would drag her into such a depressing mood? It should be a happy occasion, now that another face of evil was defeated by none other than the Mario Brothers, along with Bowser and Starlow. Shouldn’t it be a happy occasion?

Well, to Princess Peach, it wasn’t. Shortly after the incident, Peach’s mood started to go negative, enough so she mostly stays in her own bedroom the entire day. Because of this, she organized one of her famous parties at her castle, hoping it would get her out of the terrible mood. Creatures from all over the Mushroom world gathered at the castle, from Rougeport to Flipside, so they can party.

One of the partiers however, was someone who lived quite close to the castle. A small Goomba with a blue cap on might not seem like some person important, but this Goomba actually went on an adventure with the famous Mario to stop Bowser from abusing the Star Rod to grant his own wishes. It was none other than Goombario, Mario’s number one fan.

“I’m still a bit discouraged that my family couldn’t come, for Peach is really good at throwing parties!” Goombario thought. “Oh well, Goombaria needed help practicing for that dance recital anyway.”

With the thought out of the way, Goombario went around the lobby, striking a few conversations with others, including the weird Fishmael from the Toad Town Docks. However, he noticed three party guests in the corner of the lobby, which caught his interest. Once was a Goomba wearing square glasses that sported a red cap on it’s head, who was also holding a notepad and pencil. Another was a creature with a roundish body and flat feet, like a Bob-omb, but had a small yellow star on it’s head. The last one looked like a blue Toad wearing glasses.

Goombario went over to the three, but the roundish creature and Toad were too engaged in conversation to notice. However, the square glasses Goomba looked up from it’s notepad and cocked and eyebrow at Goombario.

“Hmmmm? Excuse me, but do I know you?” the square glasses Goomba asked.

“Errrrmmm, I don’t think so.” Goombario replied. “Not many Goombas wear caps like mine.”

The square glasses Goomba thought for a few seconds, before coming to a realization.

“Wait, does your name happen to be Goombario?”

The question surprised Goombario. How the heck did the square glasses Goomba know about him? Most of the time when others talk about the Star Rod incident, Mario is usually brought up as the main hero, not the others that accompanied him! Regardless, Goombario decided to answer.

“Ummmm, yes it is…” he replied in an uneasy tone.

With that said, the square glasses Goomba basically shot out of his spot and zoomed over to Goombario, having a big smile on his face.


Goombario eyes went big at the sudden outbursts the Goomba was spilling out. Noticing that, the Goomba shut up.

“Ummmmm, sorry about that, but I have indeed heard about you from a colleague I work with. Does the name Goombella ring any bells to you?”

Goombario goes into shock again.

“Why yes, she’s my pen pal from Rougeport! We like to write to each other about what’s going on with our lives, and Goombella likes to send pictures of the stuff she and Professor Frankly are researching.”

“So you do know her? That’s great, for I also work for Professor Frankly!”

If Goombario’s mouth could drop to the floor at any time, it would have been this moment. He always was pretty curious about what Goombella and Professor Frankly worked on outside of the pictures Goombella sends him, and now that someone other than Goombella was right in front of him, he could finally find out what!

“Really, you indeed work for Profesor Frankly?” Goombario asked.

“Yup, although I usually am not a serious researcher, unlike Goombella. Sometimes I just sit back and relax when I’m supposed to work. I’m kind of lazy that way.”

The Goomba weakly chuckled to himself after that remark, and then suddenly came to another realization.

“Oh shoot, I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Goombilly, a laid back and relaxed researcher.”

“Well, you know me already, so I guess I don’t really need one.” Goombario replied.

Before the two could talk about themselves some more, a voice exclaiming “May I have your attention everyone?” could be heard over the crowd. It was none other than Toadsworth, the elder Mushroomer of Princess Peach.

The crowd went silent, then Toadsworth made a gesture for the room behind him. After a few seconds, a huge cake would come bursting through the doors, almost looking like a big wedding cake, being carried by a few Toads.

“Let’s all welcome Princess Peach!” Toadsworth exclaimed.

The partiers all applauded as the princess came into the room, although Goombario and Goombilly couldn’t due to having no arms. As Princess Peach came into the room, Goombario noticed how pretty banged up she is. Her skin looked a little paler, there were slight red marks around her eyes, probably meaning she cried a bit, and her dress looked a little wet. Goombario had never seen Peach in such a mood like this, thinking she might be sick or something.

She didn’t say a word as she came into the room, and the Mario Bros were following up the rear, having a neutral expression on as they came in, along with a few more Toads.

“Don’t get so worked up dear Princess, surely a slice of cake will cheer you up!” Toadsworth said.

Suddenly, the cake started to mysteriously shake, then small horns erupted from the top and a couple of eyes. Toadsworth got pretty frightened, zipping behind Mario for comfort.

After a few seconds, a big turtle creature burst out of the cake, covering the whole crowd in frosting and cake mix and cause the crowd to go into a panic. Goombario and Goombilly could hardly see what was going on with the crowd in such a panic, so they moved on to a higher ground to see.

For Luigi, he just facepalmed at the sight, for it was just Bowser.

“Bwahaha! You can’t have a party without me!” Bowser exclaimed. “Now hand over the princess or else!”

“Or else what?” Mario asked.

Bowser’s expression quickly changed to a frantic one. He thought for a moment before replying.

“Well, uhhhh, I…kind of never thought this far!”

Mario facepalmed after Bowser said that. Then, while the Mario Bros were about to get in another fight with Bowser, Goombilly noticed something weird going on from Princess Peach. It was barely visible, but Goombario could make out a wave of purple lines coming out from Peach’s body, while Princess Peach’s facial expression started to slowly go negative. The lines started to get more visible over time, and Peach’s mood darkened.

Soon enough, Princess Peach spoke.


Surprisingly, everyone in the room stopped moving and looked a Peach, who looked very dark and angry. Even the Mario Bros and Bowser stopped fighting once the heard her. Goombily and Goombario could only watch in horror as she looked at Bowser.

“I…have…HAD IT! You think it’s so great going through this sort of crap EVERY DAY, getting kidnapped by some stupid excuse for a villain EVERY TIME?!”

Bowser was speechless, and so was everyone in the room. This was so out of Peach’s character, nobody had ever seen her this angry!

“Having a life of doing OVER AND OVER AGAIN is so STUPID! You need to learn, no, EVERYONE needs to learn to give me some slack around this place, no, THE WORLD NEEDS TO LEARN!”

Suddenly, the whole castle started to shake, and Peach started to slowly get darker in color. Most of the partiers have ran away in fear at this point, with only Goombilly, Goombario, the yellow round creature, the Mario Bros, Bowser, and Toadsworth left to watch. Then, as sudden as it was when Bowser crashed the party, Peach’s body started to get bigger and bigger, with pieces of the ceiling falling as she grew.

“WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!” Goombilly yelled, running out of the room, with the remaining people, except Peach, running out after him.

As soon as everyone got outside, they could only watch in horror as the entire castle crumbled before their eyes. Toadsworth seemed the most affected.


Just then, a giant shadow stated to slowly rise from the castle’s rubble. The remaining partiers could only stare in astonishment at what it was.

“Oh…my…Grambi…” Mario said.

Chapter 2: The Explanation and Strategy

Emerging from the rubble was something nobody around had expected. The group from before could only watch in shock at what came out before them, not including Toadsworth, since he fainted on the spot once he saw the castle’s wreckage.

Coming out of the castle’s remains, was a gigantic Princess Peach, only she was sporting on a purplish dress with a high robe on her back.  Her face looked a little more pale than usual; almost making her look like some sort of ghost, and her gloves sported a light purple color. The expression on her face was what gave everyone shivers up everyone’s spine, because while her eyes sported a look of pure anger, her mouth was eerily smiling, almost as if she enjoyed wrecking her own castle.

She then started to speak, with her voice booming across the kingdom.

“So, everyone like my new look?!” Peach boomed. “Cement me into your brains mortals, for I will be the last thing you will ever see before you die!”

With that said, Peach started to stomp forward, forcing the group in front of the castle to run away from her gigantic shoes. Soon enough, she was gone, although her stomps could be heard for miles.

Goombilly was the first to break the silence.

“Wow, never saw that coming, huh?” Goombilly said, trying to lighten the mood.

Everyone still awake would glare at Goombilly in a serious way, forcing him to shut up.

“Whoa, who knew the princess actually had some anger buildup during the entire party scuffle?” Goombario replied.

“Well, I don’t think it was normal…”

The group turned around to notice the roundish creature from before, with a sad expression on its face. Bowser immediately recognized the familiar presence.

“Chippy, err, I mean…Starlow was it? Darn, I can’t remember the details!”

“Wow, even after the most recent struggle, you still hardly remember me! Indeed, my name is Starlow. HELLO YELLO!”

“What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be somewhere safe from what’s happening?” Luigi asked.

“Well, something about Peach’s behavior was...not normal, so I had to stick around to see if what I was thinking about it was true or not.”

Mario was curious about that, so he decided to speak up.

“What kind of thoughts were you thinking?” Mario asked.

Starlow then began to show a very depressing frown, and then did a deep sigh before replying.

“I sensed a dark aura, like it was from the Dark Star, but the Dark Star is gone now, so I’m a bit puzzled as to what I’m sensing from her. Maybe some sort of negative energy consumed her?”

Goombilly and Goombario gasped once they heard about the Dark Star.

“Wasn’t the Dark Star the being that got destroyed by the Mario Brothers and Bowser?” Goombario asked.

“Yes, that’s the one.” Starlow replied. “A demented bean named Fawful built a contraption to absorb some of Peach’s energy to awaken the Dark Star. After being awakened, it absorbed Bowser’s DNA and fused with Fawful to become Dark Bowser, but thanks to Mario, Luigi, and Bowser, Dark Bowser was beaten and wiped from existence.”

Goombilly was busy writing down notes about what Starlow said, but after reviewing the story, he realized something.

“Wait, you said Peach was used to awaken the Dark Star?” Goombilly asked.

“Yes, I did.”

“Then what if some small remains of the Dark Star were still in Peach, like from the machine that was used to absorb her energy? It would make a whole lot of sense, seeing as the aura you sensed on Peach at the party is very similar to the Dark Star’s.”

“You know what? I think that’s exactly what’s going on!” Bowser exclaimed. “No wonder she flipped out on me, for she would never do that to me, even if I kidnap her all the time!”

Mario gave Bowser a quick glance of disgust, before continuing to listen.

“Well, you can’t really argue with that logic.” Starlow replied. “But for now, we have a much bigger problem, quite literally, right now.”

“We at least need someone to stall Peach until we can come up with an idea to get the Dark Star’s remains out of her.” Luigi said.

After a moment of silence, the Mario Bros, Starlow, and the two Goombas look at Bowser with wide grins on their faces.

“What? NO WAY! There is no way I’m stalling the princess while all of you think of a plan!”

“I can’t believe you got me to do this!” Bowser replied from his Clown Car to a radio he is holding.

“Well, we need someone to stall while we think of a plan!” Mario replied through the radio. “And you have an entire army to help you!”

“Well, you are kind of right on that point.” Bowser replied. With that said, all of Bowser’s flying troops, from Paratroopas to Lakitus, appeared behind him, ready for battle.

“Just go up to Peach and stall her while we think of a plan.” Goombario said through the radio.

“Ugh, fine, but all of you owe me for doing this!” Bowser replied. After that little remark, Bowser put the radio away and readies his troops for battle. Soon enough, he spots the gigantic Peach in the distance, destroying cities and towns under her feet.

“Oh lord, this is going to be hard!” Bowser exclaimed. “ALL RIGHT TROOPS, LET’S MOVE OUT!”

With that said, Bowser’s aerial forces zoom ahead to the huge princess, with Bowser holding up the end of the troops. Bowser knew this wasn’t going to be pretty, but he knew he had to stop Peach before she reaches Dark Land…

Chapter 3: Unexpected Growth

Meanwhile with the others, the group was still thinking of a plan to stop the dark infused Peach.

“Well, we could try to find a legendary power up to help us, that way we could get evenly matched with the gigantic princess.” Starlow said.

“Sorry Starlow, but I don’t think that’s going to be an option.” Goombilly replied. “Most of the legendary power ups are miles away from here. For instance, the Crystal Stars are all the way back at Rougeport, the Ultra Mushroom is hidden away at Giant Land, and the Star Rod is all the way at Star Haven, to name a few. Since time is of the essence to save millions of lives, it will probably take too long to get all of those.”

“Then I guess that idea is out of the picture.” Mario said.

Just then, a ring would go off on the group’s radio. Luigi pushes a button to turn it on, and then booming noises started to erupt from the radio.

“YOU LOT, I’M GOING TO NEED SOME ASSISTANCE OVER HERE!” Bowser’s voice boomed from the radio.

“Bowser, is everything okay over there?” Starlow said into the radio.


“Really?” Goombario asked.


“Wow, ummmm, we’ll come up with something!” Luigi replied, with a sense of uneasiness in his voice.


Meanwhile, at the other end of the line, Bowser continued to fire some Bullet Bill missiles from his Clown Car while the rest of his army continued to attack, but they weren’t damaging the gigantic Peach at all.

“You call these puny itches attacks?” the gigantic Peach shouted across the land. “You clearly don’t know the power that I wield!”

As if right on cue, the giantess swats many Paratroopas and Lakitus straight out of the sky with her right hand and crushes many Hammer Bros and Koopatrols under her high heeled shoes. Many buildings and innocent bystanders were killed in the process.

“Grrrr, you can’t kill people to take over the world, BECAUSE THAT’S MY JOB!” Bowser shouted.

Unfortunately for Bowser, he should have paid attention to his surroundings rather than rage about the destruction, for he failed to notice Peach’s gigantic hand come colliding with his Clown Car. Spiraling to the ground below, the Clown Car crashes at a nearby field, with Bowser shooting out from his car and into a tree, banging his head in the process.

Rubbing his head from the crash, Bowser looked up and noticed Peach’s gigantic shoe falling right above him. Bowser barely managed to avoid it, but his Clown Car wasn’t so lucky, disappearing under the massive figure of Peach’s shoe.

Now scared out of his wits, Bowser started to run as fast as his legs can manage, but it was short lived, for he accidentally tripped on a stone in front of him. This caused Bowser to land on his shell, unable to pick himself up.

As Bowser continued to struggle to get himself up, Peach’s gigantic figure loomed right over him, smiling at him in a wicked way.

“Well, well, well, look who’s finally unable to go against me, the great Koopa King himself!” Peach bellowed. “You have no idea what it was like to always get kidnapped by you EVERY TWO SECONDS! Now I can finally get my revenge for all those times you kidnapped me, by burying you under my foot!”

With that said, Bowser could only watch in horror as Peach raised one of her high heeled shoes over him, shadow and all.

“Goodbye, king of the Koopas!”

Peach’s shoe came crashing down on Bowser with one swift motion, and multiple cracks could be heard as Bowser’s bones were crushed under the massive weight. The poor Koopa King didn’t even get a chance to react, as the shoe came on him so quickly. The massive pain came to him so fast, that he started to black out…

The gigantic princess cackled seeing Bowser getting crushed under her heel, grinding it to the ground to seal Bowser’s fate.

However, what happened next was something the giantess never thought was possible…

A mysterious force from under her shoe started to push it off the ground! Peach tried to keep her foot on the ground, but the force was just too much. The force managed to push the foot right off the ground, causing the giantess to lose her balance and fall to the many cities below. A gigantic BOOM would echo through the world as she landed, and small earthquakes would erupt from nearby kingdoms.

As the princess slowly got up to her feet, what she saw was astonishing. It was Bowser, but he appeared to be the same height as her! He also didn’t show any signs of getting hurt from getting crushed under her shoe.

“But, but how could you survive being crushed to ashes? I KILLED YOU UNDER MY FOOT!” the gigantic princess exclaimed.

Bowser merely laughed at that remark.

“You thought you could kill me under your foot?” Bowser replied. “You must be stupid to think that! I have the ability to grow to this size when I’m in mortal danger, and you, gigantic princess, almost killed me. That’s enough to trigger it!”

            Princess Peach stomped the ground in anger, knowing that she didn’t kill the annoyance that kidnaps her all the time, but she quickly calmed down and smiled eerily.

“Well, I seemed to have underestimated you.” Peach replied. “Now I will have to go ALL OUT to stop you!”

“Bring it on, witch!” Bowser shouted.

With that said, the two giant beings started to run at each other in an attempt to get the first blow…

Chapter 4: The Incoming Fight

The group that was working on a plan could hear Bowser and Peach tussling in the distance, so they knew they needed to work faster.

“Oh man, we’re running out of time here!” Luigi exclaimed. “We need to think of something and fast!”

“You are completely right about that statement.” Goombilly said.

“Then let’s start brainstorming.” Mario said. “Is there any way we can help stop Peach at this size?”

“Well, ummm…”

Everyone turned around to see Starlow with a really sad expression on.

“You know I can kind of sense the Dark Star’s energy, right? I kind of, ummm, sensed it’s energy emitting from a place in Peach’s body.”

“Oh? Where might that be?” Luigi asked.

Starlow’s face started to get more uneasy.

“Errrrr, well, it’s somewhere around her head area, but if it was, ummmm, on the outside, we should have been able to see it by now.”

“So you’re saying…”

“Yes.” Starlow said, face grossing out. “It’s somewhere in her mind.”

Goombilly started to get the same feeling of uneasiness Starlow is experiencing, causing him to shudder uncontrollably.

“How do you propose to get into her mind then? None of us have that sort of power!” Luigi asked.

“Well, I kind of have a suggestion.”

Everyone turned around to notice Goombilly with a straight face on.

“I’m sure Professor E. Gadd might have some sort of invention to help us. That crazy kook is always making inventions left and right!”

“I guess it’s worth a shot, since I do happen to have his phone number after the whole Dark Moon incident.”

“Well hurry up, for we don’t know how much longer Bower can stall Peach!” Goombario exclaimed.

With that said, Luigi whips out his phone and proceeds to dial E. Gadd’s number. Meanwhile, Starlow looks at the Peach and Bowser fight in the distance.

“Just a little while longer, for we may have just found the way to end this.” Starlow thought.

“Ooof!” Bowser exclaimed as Peach managed to push Bowser into multiple buildings below, crushing them under his gigantic shell.

The two have been at it for a while ever since Bowser grew to Peach’s size. Both of them showed signs of damage from multiple hits from the opposing side, and most of the buildings around them have completely disintegrated, with only piles of rubble left where they once stood.

“You’re not bad for someone who gets kidnapped by yours truly!” Bowser replied, staggering up from the blow from Peach.

“I do have some activities outside of being kidnapped, you know.” Peach replied. “It’s not like you’ll remember it after I destroy you, for I have powers beyond what you are capable of.”

Bowser fumed at that remark. How could someone that always gets kidnapped by him have powers that could overpower him? You would think she would have used them sooner so Bowser would stay away from her!

Out of rage, Bowser spewed fire right at the dark princess, but before the fire could connect, a purple barrier would form around Peach and reflect the fire back at Bowser. Thankfully, Bowser saw the flames coming back and quickly ducked into his shell to protect himself against the fire, which took the flames like they were nothing.

“You will have to do better than that if you want to outmatch me.” Peach replied. “Simple fire like that is a stupid attack to take a hit from.”

Bowser snorted in anger once his attack failed to hit. It was like she was immune to all forms of magic with that barrier up, and as long as it was up, he couldn’t spew flames at her without it being sent back at him. He knew he needed a different approach to winning, but what?

“If magic won’t do anything, maybe I can hit her with brute strength. But how will I be able to get in close enough to hit her?” Bowser thought.

That was when Bowser remembered something when he fought earlier. In his glimpses of the small landscape around him, he noticed structures that stood out among the rest: The Mushroom Skyscrapers. These buildings were very popular in Mushroom City, and they were just the right height for Bowser to do his next attack, but first he needed to get Peach over near that area.

Thinking quickly about how to get her over there, Bowser rushes over to the brainwashed princess, with hands outstretched. Peach reacted quickly to the sudden motion and puts her hands up, and locked each other’s hands together. Wasting no time, Bowser started to use his great strength to push the princess near the skyscrapers, while Peach tried to push back. However, Bowser had much more strength then Peach, brainwashed or not, and because of that, easily overpowered Peach and made it over to the skyscrapers.

“You honestly think just pushing me will earn you victory, you brainless koopa?” Peach said in a cold tone, as if venom was seeping from her mouth.

“No, but I think you’ll be pretty upset about what coming up.” Bowser replied.

With one final push, Bowser forced Peach backward over the tall skyscrapers. Peach couldn’t handle the sudden gravity change, causing her to tumble backward from the skyscrapers tripping her and land on her back with a loud BOOM echoing over the horizon.

With the princess on the ground, Bowser took the opportunity to launch himself in the air in his shell for another attack. Before Peach had any time to react, Bowser slammed himself hard on the princess’s body, using his shell as extra weight. Cracks could be heard under him as his weight crushed the dark princess under him, and rubble around him turned to sand from the sheer force of the slam.

Picking himself up, Bowser got off Peach to see the damage. As Peach got up, he noticed almost no damage on her whatsoever, as if the attack never happened.

“Heheheheheheh, you call that an attack?!” Peach cackled. “That did nothing but irritate me! Surrender now before I grind you into dust!”

Bowser panted in exhaustion from the attack. He underestimated how powerful Peach had become with the Dark Star’s power influencing her. He needed to think of a different tactic quick!

“The Great Koopa King gives no one…” Bowser replied, panting heavily. “Nobody takes over the world…but me!”

“Very well then.” Peach said. “I’ll show you the true meaning of death!”

With that said, the two gigantic titans run at each other for another round.

Meanwhile, with the Mario group, Luigi finally got in touch with Professor E. Gadd and received an invention of his. It almost looked like a movie projector, but with a round capsule shape.

“So this is the machine that sends others into the minds of others?” Goombario said. “Looks a little generic is you ask me.”

“Looks can be deceiving.” Starlow replied.

Luigi took a nice glance of the machine, rubbing his chin in thought.

“This is supposedly called the MindTransinator 8000, and it’s only a prototype.” Luigi explained.  “He said we have to aim the machine at the person we want to transport ourselves into, and press the red button when ready.”

“Wait, he said it was a prototype? So that means it hasn’t even been fully tested yet!” Goombilly exclaimed.

“Prototype or not, this is our only chance to stop the rampage.” Mario said.

Sighing deeply, Goombilly looks at the others.

“Alright, I’m in. Hopefully the thing works.”

“All right, that’s the spirit!” Starlow exclaimed.

With that said, Mario aims the machine at Peach’s gigantic figure in the distance, and gets ready to send everyone into her mind.

“Let’s end this!” Luigi exclaimed.

Mario then presses the red button, causing everyone from around the machine to get sucked into a purplish vortex, sending them careening into the depths of Peach’s mind.

Chapter 5: Attack of the Fifty Foot Baby

Goombario was the first to wake up, and noticed everyone else that was with him on the ground, slowly waking up as well. Goombilly and Mario had to readjust their caps once they woke up, while Starlow had to get her head unstuck.

“Dear Grambi, I feel like one million Bob-ombs just exploded in my face” Goombilly said.

“Well, the professor said it was still just a prototype.” Luigi replied.

With that said, the group then noticed something very ominous about where they were. The sky was dark purple with spots of black patched around it, and the ground that everyone was standing on was just a long violet red plane, with seemed to extend endlessly in all directions.

“This is Peach’s mind? Looks like the power of the Dark Star infected it pretty badly.” Luigi said. “We have to find the core of the darkness and destroy it!”

Suddenly, as soon as Luigi was done speaking, Starlow noticed a figure getting close to them, and she didn’t like the look of it. Noticing the horrific expression Starlow had on, the group looked in the direction she was looking in and saw the sight that horrified Starlow. It was a giant, near fifty feet tall baby version of Peach, but in dark shades of black and grey colors, almost making it look gothic.  The dress it was wearing looked almost like a miniature version of the dark dress the possessed Peach was wearing, with the shoes like the possessed Peach’s ones as well. As for its face, it had the same face as Baby Peach, pacifier and all, but its eyes were crimson red and its skin was pure white. Finally, its crown was of a deep silver color, and in the middle was a black colored star shape, emitting dark aura.

The giant Baby Peach looked down and grinned devilishly at the group.

“Well, what do we have here?” the giant Baby Peach said, in a voice that mimicked the original Baby Peach, but with a little more mature tone in it. “New playthings to entertain me? I’m sure those small objects will surely entertain me for a long time!”

“We’re not toys for anyone, you wretch!” Mario exclaimed, also taking a quick moment to think. “As a matter of fact, you’re probably the entity that’s fueling Peach’s rage!”

“Well, there ARE no other creatures around here, pipsqueak.” the giant Baby Peach replied. “Such a shame really, for all of the memories that reside in this mind here refused to cooperate with me, so I sent them all to the deepest depths of this princess’s mind, where they will remain there until I get full control of this place. Right now, this woman is only being fueled by her hatred for everything. This is only temporary until I can regain control of her mind AND body!”

“You monster!” Starlow exclaimed. “To think the remains of the Dark Star created you, it’s just pure evil!”

“I know it is, and I’m happy to follow in the footsteps of my creator.” the dark Baby Peach replied. “Let’s just cut to the chase where I eliminate you lot and gain control of this princess, for I’m sure all of you are thinking the same thing!”

“I couldn’t have said it better myself!” Mario replied, readying fireballs in his two hands.

However, Goombilly was really nervous about fighting, for he never actually did get in to any major fights in his lifetime. He then decided to not let in cloud his mind, and got into a fighting stance.

“Time to eliminate you bugs!”

With that said, the fight began. Goombario and Starlow went ahead first, with the others close behind them. The Dark Baby Peach took the moment to fire multiple bolts of lightning at the group, which they barely dodged them by inches.

“HEADBONK AWAY!” Goombario exclaimed, jumping high in the air in an attempt to attack the toddler with his head. However, the Dark Baby Peach saw the attack coming and swatted Goombario away with one of her giant hands. Goombilly, even though he wasn’t really a fighter, got out a gun from one of his pockets and fired a beam of cold ice at the star shape embedded in her crown, for he had a hunch that it was her weak point. The giant toddler held her chest in pain, as if the attack hit her there, and stared angrily at the Goomba, and snatched him up in her left hand.

“Trying to hit me in that spot? WRONG CHOICE!” the Dark Baby Peach exclaimed. “Let’s see if you can put up any sort of fight IN MY BELLY!”

With that said, the giant toddler removed the pacifier from her mouth, and opened her mouth wide. Goomilly struggled to get out his gun while he was getting closer to the toddler’s mouth, but he was stuck firmly in her fist and could get it out.

“Goombario, the star shape on her crown is her weak point!” Goombilly shouted to Goombario. “Tell the Mario Brothers and Starlow to aim at the-“

Goombilly’s sentence was suddenly cut short by him suddenly getting dropped into the toddler’s mouth, much to the horror of Goombario. A horrific GULP was heard as the Dark Baby Peach swallowed the scientific Goomba, patting her stomach in satisfaction.

“Mmmmmm, he was very tasty indeed.” The dark entity said, looking down at Goombario. “You’ll be my next appetizer!”

Goombario’s pupils shrunk in fear, he definitely didn’t want to suffer the same fate as Goombilly. In desperation, Goombario dashed away in fear, but the Dark Baby Peach was right behind him. However, before she could snatch up the small Goomba…


…a huge Star smacked the giantess straight on her crown’s star marked weak spot, causing her to topple backward in pain. Before Goombario could attempt to figure out what happened, Mario, Luigi, and Starlow appeared in front of him.

“You didn’t think we would skip out on helping you out?” Mario said. “We just needed you two to distract the giantess long enough to use one of our strongest attacks.”

With that said, the group looked back to see the Dark Baby Peach continue to get hit by huge balls containing millions of stars on her weak point. Soon enough, she was on her back, not moving.

“And that is how you defeat someone fifty feet tall!” Luigi exclaimed.

However, the four of them suddenly hear small noises coming from the giantess’s body. Thinking she was going to go for another round, the four of them prepare their abilities for combat, but just when it looked like she might rise up again, a brown object covered in slime came out of the toddler’s mouth and landed on the ground.

“Alright, that was REALLY nasty.”

The four immediately realized that voice. Looking at the group, the brown slimeball that was Goombilly came over to them.

“Dear Grambi, you’re still alive!” Goombario exclaimed.

Goombilly coughed some fluid out of his mouth before replying.

“It wasn’t easy. The extremely limited amount of air and all of the gastro acids in there took a lot out of me. Thanks to you guys beating that wretch, the flaps that blocked the way back to her esophagus opened up, allowing me to get before I was digested or ran out of air.”

Goombilly then proceeded to cough up more fluids, clean his glasses, and dry out his red cap, trying to get as much of the acids and saliva out of everything. He knew he did get in a similar situation before, but he thankfully wasn’t swallowed that time.

Suddenly, in a burst of light, the Dark Baby Peach was gone, and the dark colors of the areas around Peach’s mind started to clear up. Peach’s mind was becoming normal again.

“We better get out of here ASAP, for I don’t want to be misinterpreted as a virus in Peach’s body!” Starlow exclaimed.

“Thankfully, E. Gadd came up with a solution.” Luigi replied. “All we need to do is press the button on this remote.”

With that said, Luigi proceeded to take out what looked like an ordinary TV remote with only one button on it, and pressed it. Suddenly, as quick as a flash, the group was gone

Meanwhile, with the giant Princess Peach and giant Bowser, the giant Princess Peach started to get lightheaded, and she started to get a massive headache.

“What is this? I feel like my power is diminishing!” she exclaimed.

“It looks like you’re not so powerful anymore!” Bowser replied. “I win this fight if that’s the case!”

“No, I can’t lose to-“

Peach never did finish that sentence, for she slowly started to shrink back to normal. Since Bowser’s body couldn’t sense any more of the mortal danger, Bowser started to shrink as well.

After a few minutes, the group that went into Peach’s mind soon reappeared back in front of the ruined castle, with Bowser and Peach next to them, although Princess Peach was unconscious.

“It’s over, finally over.” Starlow said. “Hopefully the town and cities that were destroyed manage to heal off the damages done.”

“I hope so to.” Goombario replied. “Besides, I can’t believe I finally got to go on another adventure with Mario, along with a friend of Goombella! This is going in my personal collection of memories, the greatest ones that is!”

The group laughed heartedly at that remark, but Luigi then noticed something missing.

“Errrr, where’s Peach and Bowser?”

The group looked around a bit, but the two were not seen anywhere. Everyone eventually came up with the most obvious answer.

“Looks like the Mario Brothers have a princess to save…again!” Starlow replied.


After catching a boat back to Rogueport, Goombilly got off the docks and headed back to Professor Frankly’s house, where Goombella greeted him heartedly.

“Glad to have you back, lazybones!” Goombella said. “So how was the party?”

“Well, it was…kind of unexpected.” Goombilly said, chuckling weakly while having on a weak smile. “I don’t really want to talk about it.”

“You do know you always say that when you slack off on research, you know.” Goombella replied.

Before Goombilly could reply back, Professor Frankly came in the room, bringing a familiar device with him.

“Oh Goombilly, nice to have you back!” Frankly said. “We have been working hard on a certain device while you were gone!”

Goombilly, took one good look at the machine, and gasped.

“Is…is that…”

“Yes, young lad.” Professor Frankly said. “It’s the Generator! We have been hard at work trying to stabilize it, for we found out it actually has special properties. We hope to find out more about it and learn what types of devices in can power up or enhance!”

However, when Professor Frankly looked over to where Goombilly was, he noticed he was already gone.

“He lost it once he heard the name.” Goombella explained. Professor Frankly sighed deeply at that.

“Oh well, he works for us anyway, so I hope he helps us with our research sooner or later. I honestly think our research on the Generator will lead to great adventures!”