A Mushroom Christmas Carol


It's Christmas eve all through the Mushroom Kingdom, everyone is getting ready for the day that is to come, the day filled with joy, happiness and even fun. Everyone put aside their past difference for just one day, that day everyone knows all full too well, it’s a day known as Christmas.

Though…not everyone love this magical holiday, this person feared by all throughout the kingdom live in a castle that’s far away from everyone else. This person is known by everyone as Bowser, the king of the Koopas.

Bowser hated Christmas and no one knows why…perhaps it because no one gives him Christmas card or even a present. Maybe…just maybe, it’s because he always get coal in his stockings every year. Bowser looked out from the roof of his castle, holding out a telescope and looked at another castle, this castle have stain windows of a beautiful princess that is loved through out the land, some even say that Bowser loves her…but that we may never know.       

Over to the princess’s castle, which is ruled by Princess Peach Toadstool, in her castle, everyone loves Christmas, everyone gives each other wrapped up presents for them to put their Christmas tree. Some even go and leave out different sizes of cookies and glasses of milk for both Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa Claus.

The sun begins to set, causing the young ones to go to bed, as they all know that both Mr & Mrs Santa know when they’re awake. As the children are fast asleep, dreaming of the presents that will be placed under the tree, Bowser has something nasty all planned as he was riding on his clown car.

Being as silent as he can, Bowser stopped his clown car high above the castle. He pushed a red button on his controls and slowly as many vacuum cleaners as to the homes to all Toads was slowly climbed down each chimney and placed right next to the Christmas tree. With a push of another button, the presents of each and everyone were being sucked into the vacuum and being stored inside the clown car.  

Once his evil deed is done, Bowser gave a small snicker as he set course his clown car back to castle, unaware that he was spotted by Princess Peach, Daisy, Pauline and even the giantess Princess Apple. On the rooftop of Peach’s Castle, the princesses, Pauline were standing on the roof while the giant princess was leaning on the castle. “Oh dear this cannot be” said Peach as she couldn’t believe the mean deed that Bowser has committed.

“Oh what should we do?” asked Daisy as she looked at Peach with a worried look on her pretty face. “Perhaps we should send the Mario Bros to get the stolen presents” suggested Pauline as she looked at the princesses. “Fear not ladies for I have a plan” said Princess Apple as the women looked up at the pretty giantess smiling down at them.

With only four hours left before the big day, the clock within Bowser’s bedroom reads only eight o’clock. Bowser was in his bed, happy with all the presents he stole from all the little children and toads. As Bowser turned off the light from his bedside lamp, he began to nod off to Subcon but something stopped him as he heard the sound of cracking echoing throughout the room. Bowser turned the lamp back on and sat up; he noticed that sound stopped and he thought nothing of it as he was to bout to go to sleep again was when something scared the shell of him.

The whole rooftop of Bowser’s room was ripped open and a giant hand swopped down and scoops Bowser out. Too scared to open his eyes, he heard female voice he knew which, he slowly opened and saw something he didn’t want to believe. As there in front of him was a giant face of the pretty Princess Apple. Bowser noticed something different about her as she was glowing, all white, like a ghost.        

Before the evil Bowser could speak, Apple began to spoke as she said, “For you’re evil deeds you must change character or for you shall suffer the fate of Wart” “Wart? Who is that?” asked Bowser as he has no idea on the person whom she speaks of. “That’s the point…I shall grant you a chance to change with help of three giantesses whom will come at every hour till Christmas has come” answered Apple as she looked down at Bowser. “Every hour?” said Bowser. “You better get your sleep as you shall need” said Apple as she tilt her hand sideways as Bowser fell back into his bed.

Bowser opens his eyes as he looked round and found that the roof was back to as it once were and thought that it was just a dream. Bowser then looked at the clock that was in the room and saw that it now says nine o’clock. Bowser just laughed as nothing happened as he remembered what he was told about giantesses and every hour. Thought nothing of it, Bowser went back to sleep but he didn’t sleep for long as he had a rude awaking as he herd a very load voice.

Bowser opened his and looked above him and saw a giant face of the pretty Princess Daisy looking down at him. Just like the last princess, she was glowing, all white, like a ghost. “D…Daisy…what are you doing?” asked the evil king as he was surprised at what he saw. “I’m not the Daisy that you once knew as of tonight…I am the Giantess of the Christmas Past” answered Daisy as she smiled down at Bowser.

“What do you plan to do with me?” asked Bowser as he looked scared. “Fear not evil one for I shall not harm you” said Daisy as this calmed Bowser down a little. “I’m here to show you your past…as that is the role for me, Giantess of the Christmas Past” answered Daisy. “The past…why do you do this to me?” asked Bowser confused at what she said. “Oh hush now, on with the story I say” answered Daisy as she walked off into the distance with Bowser in her hand.                     

Daisy walked for what Bowser could tell like it was hours, Daisy stopped in her tracks, looked down on her hand and said, “It is time to see what your past has to say” “Huh…what?” was all the evil king could say when he looked at what Daisy was pointing to. There in front of them was a very familiar looking floating castle. Daisy walked in closer and stood right outside of an opened window and the two of them looked inside.

Inside the very room they were looking in, the two of them could see a very young looking Bowser…this Bowser is what others call Baby Bowser. “Kamek! Kamek!” screeched the young Koopa as he was jumping up and down.

In a puff of pink smoke, a Magickoopa that goes by the name of Kamek arrives. “Yes evil Prince Bowser” said Kamek as he was on his broomstick. “Did you get my future bride?” asked Baby Bowser as he looked up with excitement in his eyes. “Yes of course I did Prince” answered Kamek as he took out his wand and fired shapes out from it.

Once the shapes came together, Baby Peach in her pram appeared. “Oh thank you Kamek” said Baby Bowser as he rushed to the pram. Baby Bowser took out from his shell a small box, he jump on top of the pram and asked, “Oh Princess Peach…in the future on this beautiful Christmas day…would you be my bride for the near future” Baby Bowser opened the box and showed a small ring. Baby Peach looked at it and said, “Me no like smelly Koopa…me no like!”                                      

“Wha…what?” asked Baby Bowser as he dropped the box and fell off the pram. Before anyone could say anything else, the huge red door into the room suddenly opened and there stood two Yoshis, one green while the other was blue. On their backs were Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. “Give us back the princess” said Baby Mario as the green Yoshi he was on walked towards him. Baby Mario went in to save Baby Peach by grabbing her arm and put her behind without Baby Bowser trying to stop them, they were already gone.

“Erm…Prince Bowser?” asked Kamek as he was nervous on what Baby Bowser was going to say. Baby Bowser just looked at the doors that were left open, tears began to fall on his scaly checks and then Baby Bowser began to cry. “Please calm down Prince” begged Kamek as he tried to calm him down, which didn’t work. “That does it….for now on, why I’m big and strong…I will force her to become my bride!” cried Baby Bowser as river of tears was rushing out of the room.   

Outside the window, where Bowser was looking in sitting on Daisy’s hand, looked up and said, “You know…this was the first reason to why I despises Christmas…because of you! I had to go through that again! How was this supposed to help me huh?” With a worried look on her face, Daisy answered, “This is only the first stage you know, and oh would you look at the time…well good luck Bowser”

With a confused look on his face, Daisy just tilts her hand sideways which caused Bowser to fall off.

With a thump, Bowser woke up in his bedroom breathing heavily, looks at the clock and it reads ten o’clock. “What oh…that was only a dream” said Bowser to himself as he laid back ad began to fall asleep again.   

“Well, well, well” said a very familiar voice that Bowser knew all too well. With a cold feeling running down his shell, Bowser opened his eyes and looked up at a pretty face that belongs to Pauline whom like the others had something different as she too was glowing, all white, like a ghost. “What are you to do to me?” asked the evil king as he looked up in fear as he knew the history the two had together.

“Oh calm down green scale, I’m not here to give you harm, I’m here to take you on you’re second journey” answered the pretty giantess as she raised her hand that held Bowser in closer to her face. “Second journey? Oh where are you taking me this time?” asked Bowser. “I’m the Giantess of the Christmas Present, I’m here to show you the events of the tomorrow morning” answered Pauline. “Do I have to?” asked Bowser as he knew the answer that was to come.

With a smile on her face, Pauline just walked off towards town. While walking, Bowser could see night’s sky slowly fading away as the Christmas dawn breaks it. Pauline stops in her tracks, kneeled down and look through an open window of a house. She placed Bowser on the floor in front of her to look inside.

The sound of children began to echo as Bowser could see two Toads rushing down the stairs to look at their Christmas tree. Their happy little faces turned sad when they saw nothing under it. “Mom, mom! Someone has stolen the presents” shouted one of the children. The mother Toad rushed down to see what was happening and saw indeed the naked Christmas tree as there was nothing underneath it.

“There, there children…you know what…Christmas isn’t just about presents, it’s the time where we all can spend time with our loved ones” said the mother as she tried to cheer her children up.

Just then, there was knock on the door.

The mother stood up and walked over to the door and opened it. “Greetings Miss, I was wondering if you and your children would like to join us at the Christmas Meal held within Princess Peach’s Castle” said a young male Toad. The man looked at the empty tree and said, “You too I see” with a smile on his face, “And then you should deafly come along” “Has others haven’t got presents” asked one of the children.                                     

The man just nodded. “Would I be able to bring the Christmas dinner I made for my family to share?” asked the mother as she looked back at the kitchen and saw it filled with food, ready for Christmas. “Sure…the more the merrier, would you like some help?” said the man. “Oh thank you” said the mother as she let the man in.


Pauline picks up Bowser and said down to him, “Shall we go and see everyone else at the castle” Pauline stood up at full height and slowly strolled towards the castle. Once reached, Pauline looked through window that showed her the ballroom, which was filled with all of the Toads from the town along with Princess Peach, Princess Daisy and the Mario Bros sitting together around a huge table filled with food that the whole town made.

Bowser looked down and could hear them laughing, having fun despite not having the presents that he stole. “Do you see it yet?” asked Pauline as she looked down at him. “See what yet?” asked Bowser as he confused at her question. “That what you did…it didn’t ruined Christmas…in fact, it looked like you’re evil deed brought the people of the town closer together which they never done before” answered Pauline with a smile on her face.

“What…I’ve done this? A jolly good future with everyone getting along?” roared Bowser as he looked down at the ballroom and saw the people still laughing. “Well…my time is up…so good luck for the finally stage…you may need it” said Pauline.  

With a confused look on his face, Pauline just tilts her hand sideways which caused Bowser to fall off.

With a thump, Bowser woke up in his bedroom breathing heavily, looks at the clock and it reads eleven o’clock. “What a scary dream” said Bowser to himself as he laid back ad began to fall asleep again.             

“KING BOWSER KOOPA!” echoed a scary voice as it boomed right through Bowser’s eyes.

Not wanting to open his eyes and he fears on who might be looking down at him. “OPEN YOUR EYES…KOOPA” ordered the voice. Slowly, Bowser opened his eyes and looked and what he was what he could tell was the Grim Reaper looking down at him. “Am…am I out of lives?” asked Bowser as he looked at the huge black cloaked person with its face hidden in its hood.

“NO BOWSER…YOU ARE NOT OUT OF LIVES BECAUSE AS YOU CAN SEE…” said the cloaked person as it was taking off its hood. Once the hood fell down, it shows the face of a pretty face that belongs to Princess Peach looking down at Bowser. “Princess….Princess Peach? Why are you wearing black?” asked Bowser as he looked up at her. Peach raised her hand with Bowser in it and said, “That’s because I’m the Giantess of the Christmas to Come”

“Oh boy…looks, I’ve learnt my lesson, I will return the presents” said Bowser. “You still have one more journey to take” said Peach as she cut Bowser short. With that, Peach began to walk off into the distance with Bowser in her hand. While walking, Bowser noticed that many days has gone by as the sun kept on rising and setting which stopped when Peach stopped in her tracks.

“Where are we?” asked Bowser as he looked up at Peach. “Where? The future…a year from now” answered Peach as she lowered Bowser onto the floor. Bowser looked around and noticed at what he could tell was a graveyard, which was very misty. “Why are we here?” asked Bowser as he looked up at Peach as she knelt down. Peach pointed towards a group of people with a giantess that was gathered in front of a gravestone. Bowser could make the people out as Princess Peach, Pauline, Princess Daisy, Princess Apple, Luigi, Toadsworth and all of the Toads.

“Who…who died?” asked Bowser as he noticed that everyone apart from Peach and Luigi left. The two them cried, Luigi takes off his hat and put onto the gravestone, the two of them left to join the others. Bowser and Peach slowly walked towards the gravestone and saw whose name was written on. Bowser read the name and he could believe it as there written in stone it says,

Mario Mario

Mushroom Kingdom’s greatest hero


“This can’t be real…” said Bowser as he took a step back. “You want to see more?” asked Peach as she picked Bowser up. At full height, Bowser could see what the Mushroom Kingdom looked like as it was no longer beautiful but was filled out as a wasteland. “In this future, Christmas has become illegal…forbidden by its new ruler” said Peach as she looked down at Bowser.

“Who’s the new ruler?” asked Bowser. Peach pointed towards at something that Bowser couldn’t make out. “Who is that?” asked Bowser as he noticed upon how huge the thing was. “Think about and you will see” said Peach.

The thing began to more which shows Bowser its Koopa like shell and then it hit him…Bowser knew who the thing was…

“That’s…me” said Bowser as he knew the thing was as he too became that thing twice as people dubbed him as, Giga Bowser.

“In this future…it was caused when you stolen all of those Christmas presents, upon which created a few chain reactions that lead to this future, with you…became a mindless beast” said Peach as she looked at Giga Bowser looking around its scenery. “What caused me to become that?” asked Bowser. Peach pointed towards a small group of people that was going to fight Giga Bowser and among them was the Koopalings.

“What…why are they there?” asked Bowser as he looked up. “They all fed up with the way you kept trying to kidnap me and always failing and also the way you acted upon that Christmas Eve. Now many months later into the future, all of your Koopa Trooper Armies have left you as well…you became alone…alone in your castle, slowly driving yourself mad. With the help from someone from the past, you became Giga Bowser once again but this time, with the cost of you mind” answered Peach.

“Okay I get it” said Bowser as he saw Giga Bowser breathing fire upon the people that were attacking him. “Please tell me…tell me what I can do to change this future” begged Bowser as he fell onto his kneels. Peach slowly raised her hand towards her face and said, “By the time you wake, I’m sure you’ll figure it out” “What do you mean?” asked Bowser not knowing full well as to what she said.

Peach tilt her hand sideway which caused Bowser to fall off.

With a thump, Bowser woke up in his bedroom breathing heavily, looks at the clock and it reads seven o’clock. “What…I’m, I’m back!” said Bowser to he shot out of bed. Bowser looked at the clock once again and he knew that it was morning and he knew that it was Christmas morning. “Boy what a horrible future I’ve been, there is still time to change my fate….Koopalings!” said Bowser as he was circling around the room.

With a dash, all eight of his children arrived in his room with them all saying. “Yes evil dad” “Now listen here you lot, I got something planned and I need your help in doing it” said Bowser as he marched left to right in front of the Koopalings. “What is the deed evil pops?” asked Bowser Jr. “I need you lot to load up all of the presents into the Clown Car and wake up my army” answered Bowser.

“But why daddy?” asked Wendy. “Because I thought of something very evil” said Bowser with an evil grin across his face.

A few hours later,

Within Princess Peach’s castle,

“Yawn…Merry Christmas everyone!” said Daisy as she walked into Peach’s room, rubbing her left eye. “Merry Christmas” said both Peach and Pauline. “So…did the plan work?” asked Pauline as she looked at Peach. “Well I made the make believeth future as scary as possible with the help of Apple’s mushroom called A Mushroom Christmas Coral” answered Peach as she looked out of her window and saw Apple showing up there.

Peach opened the windows and asked, “How was your stay in the giant hotel?” “It was nice…I was just glad that there wasn’t a giant Wendy running amuck the place” answered Apple as she smiled down as her little friends.  “Yeah…good thing Bowser isn’t taking over the hotels any more” said Peach as she smiled up at her. “Well speaking of Bowser…I can see his Clown Car coming towards up” said Daisy as she pointed at the thing as it was heading towards the castle.

“Princess, princess, this is horrible!” screeched a Toad as he rushed into the room. “What’s wrong?” asked Peach as she looked at him. “It’s Bowser…he, he…he got his entire army following him” answered Toad as he fainted. “What?” were all the girls could say as they looked towards the Clown Car and they could indeed see Bowser’s army marching before him.

Before the girls could say anything, Bowser poked out of his Clown Car with a microphone in his claw and said, “Now here this citizens of Toad Town and listen good”

Every Toad looked up at the Clown Car and waited for what he was going to say.

With a deep breath, Bowser spoke the words he never thought he would ever say…

“Merry Christmas!”

As he voice echoed, Bowser pressed a button, many vacuum cleaners popped out of the Clown Car and many upon many presents fell out of them and landed softly to the people that they were addressed to. Bowser looked down with a smile on his face as he knew the future he saw was not be anymore.                                 

The girls looked upon with a smile on their faces as they knew that Bowser would now and forever celebrate Christmas. “It worked?” said Daisy. “Yes…yes it did” was all Peach could say as she was enjoying the view of the good deed that Bowser have done.

Mario and Luigi entered the room the girls were in with presents in their hands for everyone. They gave each one their gifts which brought more smiles on their pretty faces. With a kiss from all the girls to the Mario Bros, Bowser had one last gift to give. With a push of a button, a huge bob-omb was fired into the sky and exploded. As the light went down, everyone looked up in the sky which brought joy to everyone as there falling down from the sky were snowflakes.

Everyone looked up into the sky as if they could see people looking down or rather reading them and they all said at once as load as they could,