Peach's Picnic


At 12:00 A.M, one night in the Mushroom Kingdom, everything was normal.  Most were in bed, others were about to be in bed, but taking care of a few things.  By 12:00 A.M the next evening, the entire community would cease to exist.  It all started, with a mischievous Magikoopa, flying over the sleepy kingdom, with a terrible prank in mind.

   The Magikoopa was wearing a white robe and was flying on a broom.  The moonlight gleamed off his spectacles.  He looked down at the Mushroom Kingdom and began to snicker.  He had no reason for his actions, was not sent by anybody, he was just plain mean, and so he started to raise his wand.  It began to glow and sparkle.

Mario and Luigi were one of the few up that night.  They were watching late night television, while eating popcorn.  Mario was falling asleep, while Luigi was wide awake, watching the show with some real interest. 

Luigi reached down to scoop another handful of popcorn, but only felt the bottom of an empty bowl.  He looked down and sighed.  He looked over at Mario.

“Hey Bro,” He said. “You want some more popcorn?”

“Hmmmm?” Mario grunted. Then he saw the empty blue bowl.  “Oh, sure.”

Luigi then got up and prepared to make another serving.  While he was up he also grabbed a soda out of the fridge.  He waited for the popcorn to finish popping and then poured it in the bowl.  By the time he returned to the couch, Mario was snoring.

Luigi sighed and then began to watch the TV again.

            Princess Peach was up as well.  She had gone down to the basement to be alone.  Being the Princess, she was given a lot of attention.  The guards always watched her, people always stared at her, when she went out and of course there was Toadsworth, who was always behind her.  She didn’t like all the attention and wanted a place where she could be alone.  What better place than the basement, which would not be occupied by the guards at night.  Peach, in her nightgown, looked around the tidy basement and sighed.

            “It’s so hard being the Princess.” She said to herself. “I wish I could have a little time to myself during the day.”

            She sighed again, brushing a lock of gold, blonde hair behind her shoulder.  She sat down and listened to the calm silence, which was rather soothing, and felt a bit more relaxed.

            The Magikoopa waved the wand in small circles, gathering power.  He looked down at the town and imagined the look on their faces.  A force of energy began grow around the end of the wand, until it was a huge white orb.  The Magikoopa swung the wand down, and the orb sped off to the ground.  It grew brighter as it hit the ground, as the power flattened.  Then, it exploded, sending a wave of white energy across the entire Mushroom Kingdom.

            Pretty soon the energy wave enveloped the whole town.  People began to shrink.  Luigi was soon standing by a gigantic popcorn bowl, Mario awoke on a giant pillow, the guards found themselves in giant hallways, doorways, and lawns, and people awoke in giant beds.

            The Magikoopa was a professional, and made sure that no non animated object was shrunken.  It would ruin the prank.  Every person above the surface was soon shrunk.  The energy wave, once it reached the borders of the kingdom, broke apart, and pretty soon, the town was quiet again. 

            The Magikoopa laughed hysterically and flew off to torment another town.  His spell left everything above the surface shrunk.  Everyone in The Mushroom Kingdown, was smaller than an inch.

            Everyone…except for Princess Peach, who remained in the basement for a bit longer, enjoying her free time.  Finally she stood up and walked up the stairs.  She walked out into a hall.  She saw no guards.   She breathed a sigh of relief, not having to worry about them, and headed up to her room, expecting a guard at any moment.  But she never saw one and returned to her room.

            Some guards did see her, but they couldn’t get her attention. She walked right past them.  Pretty soon, people began to exit from their homes, climbing down and over things to do so.  Mario and Luigi ran into several people, and they began to gather and rally them.

            “People!” Mario screamed. “We need to get to the castle!  We need to see if they know what’s happened!”

            The people, thinking that the rulers of the Kingdom could do something, all hurried off to begin the journey to Peach’s castle.

At the small size of the people, they didn’t make it by the time the sun was in the air.  Princess Peach was up at 8:00 A.M, and the first thing she noticed and probably the only thing she noticed was the lack of a nagging Toadsworth.  She shrugged at first, going about her daily morning routine, taking a shower, brushing her teeth, applying make-up.  The whole time, she nearly stepped on a few guards, who screamed up to her in vain. 

Peach walked to the dining room, and then started noticing that no breakfast was being prepared.  She shrugged and figured it was a slow morning.  Toadsworth was probably nagging the cooks now for not doing anything.  She went back to her bedroom, went out to the balcony and looked around.  It was a beautiful spring day.  The grass was a soft, lush green, the sky was blue, the sun was warm, absolutely perfect.  Peach smiled.  She loved days like this.  She sat out and looked out at the beautiful scenery for about thirty minutes.  After that, Toadsworth’s absence was starting to get to her. 

So, she went out around the castle in search of him. 

“Toadsworth?” She called around the rooms, not noticing the absence of the guards.  “Toadsworth!”

No sign of him anywhere.  Peach stood in the foyer of the castle, hands on her hips. 

“Now where did he get off to?”  She asked aloud. “He usually never leaves me alone-“

With that, a smile of sudden realization spread on Peach’s pink lips.  Toadsworth was missing, and she was, for the time being, free.  She could do whatever she wanted.  Toadsworth was always by her side, making anything fun annoying.  She couldn’t really enjoy herself when the old man was breathing down her neck.  But now…

Peach immediately thought of all the things to do.  There were so many, but a roar from her empty stomach gave her a good idea.  A picnic in the beautiful Courtyard would be delightful.  With that she got a basket out of a closet and went to the kitchen to grab something to eat.  She looked in the fridge, and thought about making herself a salad.  But then she spotted a wrapped up thing of potato salad that had been served on a past lunch made by the chefs.  Peach looked at it and shrugged.  It would do, she thought it was a pretty tasty dish, and it went so well with warm days, picnics, and cold iced tea. 

She placed the wrapped potato salad in the basket, filled a pitcher of iced tea, and then picked up a glass.  With everything she needed, she happily walked out the door and to the Courtyard.


It was almost noon.  Almost twelve hours since the voyage started.  Mario and Luigi were leading the town to the castle.  After walking through a giant jungle of grass, weeds, and flowers, they finally reached the Castle’s Courtyard.  

Fortunately, they had only encountered giant ants, but they had heard many other things lurking around were they couldn’t see.  Sometimes loud roars were heard from far and close.  Women were huddled together in large numbers, fearing that a giant spider would attack them.  Mario was more worried about a bee, wasp, or hornet.  Those were more viscous than spiders. 

Luigi was walking behind him.  He had spent a good amount of time trying to keep people calm.  He had how this had happened, but they needed to do something about it.

The Courtyard was always taken care of by those who worked for the castle.  The lawn was manicured and bugs were always taken care of.  This place was safer than the rest of the grass.

“How much longer do you think it will take, bro?” Luigi asked Mario.

“I’d say about three or four hours.” Mario replied.

Luigi groaned.  “Man, my legs can’t take much more of this walking! We’ve been at it for hours!”

“We’ll take a break soon, I guess.” Mario said, starting to wish he would shut up and walk quietly.  But then again, he knew Luigi was probably speaking for more than himself.  Mario could hear people start to wear out and it wouldn’t take long before more people would ask for the same thing.

“Let’s just keep going for a little longer.” Mario told Luigi.  “I need to see if the Princess is alright.  Who knows? She might be held prisoner right now.  I can’t let anything happen to her and-“

He was cut off when the ground began to shake, and loud approaching booms were sounding.  People began to scream and fall like bowling pins.  There was a crunching sound as grass was being smushed.  The booms and quakes were stronger and stronger.  Whatever was coming, it was massive.  Finally, a quake so big, whoever was standing was sent on their faces, and those who were already off their feet, were flung into the air and fell right back onto their behinds.

Mario scrambled to his feet.  He noticed the massive red object immediately.  Blades of grass were bent and broken beneath it, and a pink, fluttering wall was right above it.  Mario knew what it was before he even looked all the way up.  The residence looked up at awe for Peach’s giant red, high heeled shoes up to her face.  She wasn’t looking down at them, but instead looking behind them.  A giant basket was in one hand, a pitcher full of some liquid in the other, and a blanket tucked under arm.  A warm smile of pure enjoyment was on her face.  The people all looked up at her, and then Peach began to move. She bent her knees and set the giant basket down, creating more ruckus as it crushed more grass.  People began to scream.  Peach then sat the pitcher down and then took the blanket from her arms.  Mario suddenly knew she meant to spread it on the ground and was about to do something to get the people moving, when he noticed they already were.  The townsfolk were now running to Peach’s feet, knowing the blanket would crush them.  Mario joined them and began to look around for Luigi. 

A loud Whoooop was heard as the enormous blanket unraveled and waved till it was flat and square.  Peach lowered it to the ground.  It bent the grass but it’s weight didn’t crush it.  Suddenly the giant high heeled shoed were in the air and they both ended up on the blanket.  The Peach bent and retrieved the basket and the pitcher.  She sat down on the blanket.

Mario saw only a side of her, but was stunned by how beautiful she was.  He could have stared at her for hours, but a tap came on his shoulder.  Mario turned, expecting Luigi, but was surprised when it was Toadsworth.

“Toadsworth!?  How did you get here?”  Mario asked him. 

“I had to grab onto her dress.” The old man replied.  “I have to keep watch on her, and now I have to get here to help me.  I need her to know what’s she’s done.”

“What she’s done?” Luigi asked, joining them.

“She’s stepped on guards!” Toadsworth yelled, making it seem as he had seen it first hand.  “She has no idea what has gone on, and from the looks of it, she doesn’t even seem to care.  It’s like she’s glad to be rid of us.”

Probably just glad to be rid of YOU, Mario thought, having listened to
Peach complaints about Toadsworth.

“I don’t think she meant to hurt anyone.” Luigi said.

“I know that.” Toadsworth said.  “But it has to stop before it gets out of hand!!”


Peach was sitting on the soft blanket, enjoying the warm, soothing glow of the sun.  It felt so good on her right now.  She thought about all the times were Toadsworth would follow her and breathe down her throat when she tried to relax.  She never could completely feel at ease when that old man was always trying to have conversation with her when she didn’t want it. 

Peach then reached into the basket and brought out the potato salad and unwrapped it.  It smelled fine and delicious.  Another empty roar came from her stomach.  But she didn’t pay mind to it.

The blanket was soft, and Peach started to feel her eyelids get heavy.  She didn’t know why, but she was awful tired.  Perhaps the wonderful feeling that she was free was too wonderful.  Peach reached up and removed her crown and sat it on the picnic basket.


The conversation between Mario, Luigi, and Toadsworth was broken when movement came from Peach.  Everyone looked at her, to see the massive Princess scoot to one end of the blanket and then, she lay down, the potato salad at her feet, along with the pitcher of tea..  Everyone saw her lay on her back and then they saw only the side of her.  Mario was hypnotized by the beautiful woman, so was everyone else.  Except for Toadsworth, that is. 

 He stepped forward and turned to the townsfolk. 

“Alright! He cried in his rusty voice.  “This is our chance!  We’ve got to climb the princess and get her attention.

People seemed to nod and agree with this, and thus they began.

With their advance smallness, it took them awhile to get the entire town onto the blanket.  After that they had to walk to Peach’s snoozing body.  They all got into the positions that they were going to climb.  The whole thing took about forty minutes, since some people moved slow from the exhaustion of the previous journey of reaching the Courtyard.

Some people grabbed onto her shoulders.  Mario and Toadsworth climbed up a section of her dress that ran to the top of her stomach.  Luigi and some others were climbing a strand of hair that had flowed from her other side to theirs.  Soon, the entire population of the Mushroom Kingdon began to climb up their massive princess.  Mario had to find intense pleasure in this, finding that he enjoyed Peach’s lovely scent.  Her dress was soft and relatively easy to climb. 

After about ten more minutes people were starting to reach the tops of her chest.  Mario and Toadsworth, along with many others, reached the top of her stomach.  Others began to walk along her breasts.  Luigi and his group were walking along her chin, holding on to the golden strand of hair.

The temperature was not hot; it was mild, with a refreshing cool breeze coming quite often.  The ice in the pitcher stayed for awhile, taking it’s time melting.  Mario had given it a glance.  He looked at the water sitting in there, nice and cold, the lemon slices in it bobbing mockingly.  Mario turned away, trying to ignore his dry throat.

Fifty minutes in all.  That was the length of the citizen’s progress of climbing Princess Peach.  After they got as far as mentioned, Peach’s eyes fluttered open.  She did not feel Luigi and his group walking across her chin, but realized that she was, above the waist, lying in the grass.  Not wanting her dress to get dirty and deciding, after the nice spring nap, that it was time to actually start the picnic.  She started to get up to her feet.

That was when things took a swerve for the worst for the townsfolk.  Mario immediately saw what was going on and grabbed at the dress.  Luigi was also aware, and tightened his grip on the strand of hair.  Princess Peach was up on her feet quickly.  Most of the people were not as smart as Luigi and Mario.  Before they were even fully aware of what was happening, they were falling off the massive body.  Mario watched in utter horror as they plummeted past him, screaming along the way.  Mario tried desperately to grab Toadsworth as he fell, but missed him.  One screaming lady almost hit Mario dead on.  Mario was terrified, but grew even more when he realized where they were heading.  With growing fear, Mario realized that the entire Mushroom Kingdom population was falling into Peach’s potato salad.

Luigi and his group were a bit luckier.  They were already holding onto the strand of hair in a single file line, like people climbing up a mountain.  When Peach stood, the hair fell down to her stomach.  Luigi saw Mario, holding on for dear life.  Their eyes meet for a moment.  Then, a huge gloved hand reached the hair.  The hair went between the fingers, which were moving up them, scraping people off as Peach brushed the hair back behind her ear. Luigi tried to find Mario again before a massive finger struck him and made him lose his grip.

After the hair was back behind her ears, Mario continued to look up as the gloved hand went to her breasts.  As the screams, which Peach couldn’t seem to hear, continued, Mario watched as the hands slide down from her breast and down her dress, brushing herself off.  Mario could only watch as the hand knocked those who had hung on off.  Mario was struck by a falling man and they both went falling.

Those who had been on her chest and stomach fell right into the gooey potato salad.  Mario fell right into it with a gooey splat, and was soon covered in mayonnaise and whatever else was in it.  Several people were trying climb out of the bowl, but couldn’t find anything to climb up the sides.  Mario slide down a slippery trail until he was at the very bottom of the bowl.  Many others soon fell down with him.  Others were stuck in places further up the mountain of potato salad.

As for those who had been climbing her hair, they had been sent flying away when Peach brushed the hair back.  Instead of going into the potato salad, they were sent splashing in the Iced Tea pitcher.  Luigi was one of the last ones to fall in.  He fell on a lemon slice.  The force of his landing caused the slice to sink a bit, spilling Luigi into the very cold tea.

All this took place in a matter of seconds.  It all ended with the majority of the townsfolk landing in Princess Peach’s lunch.  The very few who avoided the bowl and the Pitcher took off running back through the jungle of grass.  Mario had seen a few of them run and wondered what their fate would be.  Peach’s red high heeled shoes nearly squashed one of them as she began to sit back down.

When Peach was sitting comfortably on the blanket, she opened the basket and took out a fork.  Screams blared out as the biggest fork Mario had ever seen, stabbed through the potato salad with a loud sucking noise.

Peach then reached back into the basket and brought out a glass.  Holding the glass with one hand, she grabbed the handle of the pitcher with the other.  Luigi felt the water react as if they were in a huge storm.  Huge storm turned into a raging river, flowing out of the pitcher into the glass.  People began to swim the other direction.  Luigi was able to climb back onto a lemon slice and held onto it as if it was a raft.  The lemon, bouncing off ice, finally slid out of the pitcher.  While he was falling, Luigi lost his grip on the slice and was just falling alone.  Then when the slice hit the filling glass, Luigi fell right back on it, and the “raft” was hit by a downpour of falling people and a hard cascade of cold tea.  Luigi watched as the water level reached the glasses top and the water slowly weaken until it was a thin stream to small drips as the pitcher was raised and returned to the ground.

With all that done, the picnic began.

Mario felt the potato salad wriggle a bit as Peach picked up the bowl.  She set it on her lap, grabbed the glass of iced tea and set that beside her.  Mario watched as massive fingers seized the handle of the fork.  Now, with the bowl in her lap, Mario could look up and see her chest, up to her face.  The fork went up, a loud gooey sounded as a lump of potato salad was torn off.  Mario saw two people stuck in it like some kind of sprinkle.  For a moment, Mario could only hear their screams.  It was a man and a woman. There could have been more but Mario couldn’t see them.  The screams faded, so did the lump.  Mario watched, hypnotized, as the fork took the lump up to Peach’s face.  The lips parted, and the fork went inside, the lips closed over it, and the fork slide back out empty.  Mario felt a growing, sickening horror as he saw Peach begin to chew her food.  Mario felt a terrible bolt of realization that this was his fate unless he got out of her. But then, what of the other townspeople?

            While she was chewing, Mario saw the fork descend again.  It didn’t come for him, the potato salad mountain was to high to start eating the bottom of it.  Peach was going for the top first.  Mario knew there were more people up there, and he tried desperately to climb up, but potato salad was too gooey.  He only succeeded in smearing himself in a bunch a goop.  Mario looked back up just in time to see a lump appear in Peach’s throat.  He could have sworn that he heard the loud gulp as she swallowed.  The man and the woman he had seen were gone.

Luigi couldn’t see the screams, but he managed to look over the tip as his lemon slice floated over to wall of the rim.  Luigi watched with horror as Peach brought another bite of food to her mouth.  The fork passed the glass, and he could hear the people scream.  Peach opened her mouth again and took the new lump into her mouth. Again, the fork came out clean.  The question that kept recurring was how long would it be before a gloved hand seized the glass?

Mario saw Toadsworth, stuck near the top of the mountain of Potato Salad, apparently stuck.  The fork came down again.  It had missed him twice, but now he saw with growing fear that it was coming for him now.  The dug in his location and wrenched up his spot.  It freed him, and he wanted to jump, but the fork rose up too high too fast.  Toadsworth looked down at the fading away bowl, until he felt a hot breeze of air.  He turned to see two big pink lips open wide.  He was sitting on top of the lump of food, and got a good view.  Her tongue was out a bit, waiting to catch the food.  Thin cords of saliva ran from her bottom teeth to her top teeth.  Toadsworth, too horrified to be disgusted, turned, as if he was going to walk away.  Another burst of Peach’s breath came on him.  Finally the fork entered the mouth, and the lips sealed Toadsworth inside.

He was too old to do much.  He fell off the mound of food onto the rolling tongue, soaking in saliva.  He couldn’t see anything, but slimy, smushing noises as the teeth chew the potato salad.  Toadsworth was thrown here and there inside the mouth, the potato salad and saliva eventually splattered on him.  Toadsworth was able to think of times during his childhood when kids open their mouth and showed them the yucky chewed food in their mouths.  His brain kept telling him that now that’s were he was.  Suddenly, a great suction was forced on him, and he slid, along with the rest of the contents in Peach’s mouth, across the tongue.  Peach smacked her lips as she chewed one final time; a sudden thing of light peered in and then was gone.

I keep telling her to chew with her mouth closed, Toadsworth thought for no reason.

Then, that was all.  Toadsworth was sucked down the throat, and even heard the gulp as he went down.  He could hear screams coming from Peach’s stomach.

Mario had forgotten about Toadsworth.  He knew that once they were on the fork, nothing could be done to help.  He still couldn’t move, and that was killing him, because people were in dire need of rescue.  The fork wrenched up a new, large section of the potato salad, and several people were on this one.  One lucky man was able to roll off the fork at the last second.  The fork went back to Peach’s mouth and was gone in her mouth.  The fork was lowered again.  But this time, when it stabbed through, the fingers left handle of it.

Luigi nearly fainted when the hand left the fork and was now seizing the glass.  The water churned and the people freezing in the water were now beginning to swim in the other way as the glass began to tilt.  Luigi knew that it would be best if he stayed on the lemon slice.  Luigi watched as a pair of giant pink lips puckered and their opening covered the rim of the glass.  The glass was fully tilted and water flowed into her mouth.  People began to disappear under Peach’s lips and their screams died off as they flowed in down Peach’s throat like some crazy water ride. Luigi could hear the gulps as Peach swallowed the drink.  A group of girls holding to a small, melted thing of ice were screaming as they were sucked in the giant woman’s mouth.  After they were gone, the flow of water stopped, and then reversed itself.  The lips closed and Luigi could see the girls being sent down screaming as they flowed down to Peach’s stomach.

Luigi was sent far back, and was knocked off the lemon down into the pit of ice.  Luigi noticed that the glass was almost empty.  Few people remained, but Luigi knew there were more in the pitcher.  Peach seized the handle of the pitcher and raised it up and soon Luigi watched, feeling as if the whole thing was dream, as a mess a people, ice, tea, and lemon slice barred down on them.  Luigi was able to keep from drowning by returning to his lemon wedge just before the liquid started pouring. 

Soon the mess of things coming from the pitcher began to fill the back up to the rim.  Luigi watched an ice cube fall on a girl.  Luigi paddled the lemon slice and fished the girl out.  She was still alive, but was unconscious. 

Peach lowered the pitcher and the picked the fork back up, plucked another lump of the potato salad up and brought it to her mouth and ate it.  This one had a large bunch of people in it. Mario noticed that the screams had died down, because the people who had been screaming the loudest had been eaten.  He noticed a women crawling down to him.  Mario tried again to help but found that he himself had sunk in the gooey mess like quicksand.  The woman was a good feet away when the fork came down a wrenched her up.  Mario didn’t watch her fate, but did notice that Peach had consumed more than half the potato salad and was working quickly down to him.

Luigi was peeking over the rim of the glass, standing on his lemon slice, scanning frantically for Mario.  He couldn’t see him or anybody really.  The only person he could see out side the glass was Princess Peach.  Luigi turned back to the girl, but she was gone.  She was now frantically swimming around an ice cube.

As this was happening, Peach had eaten three more bites of the potato salad.  Mario and all the ones one the bottom were about to be next.  A group of teenagers were in the next lump.  One of them was a girl who screamed very, very loudly.  Despite that, Peach still didn’t hear them.  She opened her mouth and when the lips closed the scream was muted entirely.  The next bite took and old man.  He didn’t fight much, probably because he was too old and too weak.  So he just went with it and waited for it to be over.  He was up at the lips and gone the next moment.  There were some people stuck to the sides of the bowl.  There were two small bites left.  The fork descended and Mario thought he was next, but the fork scraped the sides of the bowl and brought the rest of it along with the rest of the townspeople down to him.  When they were, the fork scooped them in to one big lump.  Mario felt the hard metal object push him and saw many others being buried even deeper in the potato salad as Peach did this.  Then, the fork descended out of sight.  Mario felt it under him.  It took the entire lump up.

People began to scream even harder.  Mario tried hard to get out of his spot, but the mess kept sucking on him not letting him go.  It was like watching an elevator go up.  First her stomach, her breasts, her neck, and then finally the massive pink lips.  The tongue suddenly appeared and wet the lips.  Then they opened, and Mario felt a warm breeze on him.  Suddenly the mouth drew closer and closer.  Mario looked away and saw people had stopped screaming, hypnotized, perhaps not excepting the fact that they were about to be eaten.  Mario looked up and saw the teeth pass overhead.  They were in Peach’s mouth.  The teeth closed hard on the back of the fork and the fork slid out, dumping everything and everyone on the wet tongue.  People broke free and began to run.  Mario did the same, as he knew the teeth were about to come down.  He saw a group of people stuck, he went to help them, but a wet track of the potato salad caused him to slip down to the tongue.  Then, the teeth did their thing.  People were thrown around like clothes in a washing machine; the even more gooey stuff began to hit their faces.  Saliva was dripping from the roof of Peach’s mouth.  Mario couldn’t even stand for a second.  The wet mouth just caused him to slip and slide. 

Mario tried to grab some people to help them, but the final movement then came.  Everything was suddenly shoved back, and before Mario was fully aware, he heard a huge gulping sound.  Then he was pulled down and was then falling into the throat.  He could hear a mob of screams in the depths of Peach’s stomach. 

With the potato salad eaten, all that was left was the glass of tea.  Peach put the bowl down and seized the glass.  Luigi held on, but then a wave of tea splashed him and he fell into liquid.  Soon the rim was at Peach’s lips and the raging river began.  People were too tired, due to their panic, and just flowed right into Peach’s move, with little struggle.  Luigi, who had been floating on a lemon slice, was now using his energy to swim for it.  He fought the raging waters, listening to the gulps as Peach chugged the water.  He was doing surprisingly well.  Though he was still flowing to her lips, he was able to stay in as the water was running out.  Finally the river died as Peach drank the remains.  Luigi was now sitting on the rim.  Peach’s lips were still open and the glass was tilted even more as Peach tried to get what was left.  A small iced cube fell down.  Luigi only saw it when it was too late.  It slid into him, knocking him into the open lips.  Then, whatever tea was left in the glass came.  It was this last tiny stream that ended it all.  Peach swallowed it and Luigi.


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Peach sighed, feeling very refreshed by the tea. 

There was a small bit left in the pitcher (Yet no person was left in it) but Peach didn’t want it.  She stood up and rubbed her stomach in satisfaction.  A soft burp came from her stomach as it worked on the food.  Peach bent down and put the bowl in the basket, along with the glass and fork.  She folded up the blanket and picked everything up.  She then headed to the castle.  If Mario had been on her shoulder as she left, he might have seen a group of four or five people watching her leave, their hopes defeated.

Peach put her supplies away and then thought of what to do next.  There were other things to do.  She might even call Mario and see what he was up to.  Yes that would be delightful.  Her stomach burped again and she rubbed it softly.  She decided it would be nice to go to the garden.  There were so many beautiful flowers there, and that was something that could be enjoyed fully on a day such as this. 

Princess Peach walked out into the Courtyard again to the garden, and she began to sing softly as she went.


Mario thought he was dead for a moment.  All he could see was total darkness.  Put he realized that his heart was beating a marathon pace.  He could hear scream all around him, and he could feel he was swimming in some very thick liquid.  There were things floating around in it. The acids hadn’t mixed in just yet, but Mario began to fear for his and everybody’s lives. He tried to listen for Luigi, but couldn’t hear him over the frightened townsfolk.  A loud gurgle shook the walls of the stomach, causing more people to freak out. 

Mario wondered, in a crazy train of thoughts, what the place he now inhabited looked like.  If he was going to be trapped in here, it was only fair to now what it looked like. 

After awhile, some more liquid splashed into the stomach.  A series of burps and gargles shook the walls.  Mario floated where he was through out it all.  People, even after a while, were still panicking.  The whole time, Peach was completely unaware that anyone was even gone.  The fluids in Peach’s stomach began to bubble a little. 

Then finally, the waters began to churn like it was a washing machine.