Princesses in Wonderland


Mushroom Kingdom

Peach, Daisy and Rosalina were sleeping underneath the Tail Tree, *yawn* "Man, how long have we been asleep" Daisy said waking up
"I think a few hours" Peach said fixing her hair
"Guess it's time to get up" Rosalina said rubbing her uncovered eye, the three princesses stood up and dusted themselves off and fixing their crowns
"Toads are probably worried sick about me" Peach said
"Luma's must be wondering where I am" Rosalina said
"Pretty sure they're alright" Daisy said
Peach, Daisy and Rosalina began to walk back to the castle when they noticed a white rabbit wearing a tuxedo coat hopping through the field "I'm late, I'm late, I'm late" he said
"What in the world" Daisy asked, "Is that rabbit wearing a coat" Rosalina asked
"Where did he come from" Peach asked, the rabbit hopped over to a tree and disappeared down a hole "I know this sounds crazy but I think we should follow it" Peach said
"Are you sure that's a good idea" Rosalina asked
"Rabbit's usually have something useful" Daisy said
"True" Rosalina said
"Come on, let's move" Peach said as the three followed the rabbit to the hole
"So now what" Rosalina asked looking into the hole
"Don't know" Daisy said
"Only way to go is down the hole I guess" Peach said, everyone nodded and dropped into the hole.

Rabbit Hole

Inside the rabbit hole, the three pick themselves up "Ok not the best idea" Peach said as they pick themselves up
"What's life without a little mystery" Daisy said
"At least we landed somewhere safe" Rosalina said
Peach, Daisy and Rosalina looked at themselves and noticed their clothes changed, "Where did these come from" Peach asked, Peach, Daisy and Rosalina were dressed in a short dress each matching their personal color(pink for Peach, yellow for Daisy, blue for Rosalina) with and apron attached, matching color bow replacing their crown, white socks and matching color shoes, though Peach and Daisy still retained their unique gloves and Rosalina still had her purple nail polish
"Okay this is weird" Daisy said
"Remember the fact that we can change our clothes magically" Rosalina said
"Okay weirder than normal" Daisy said
"Where are we exactly" Peach asked
"Good question" Rosalina asked
"Looks like some kind of funhouse" Daisy said
"I think I see a passageway down here" Peach said "Come on"
Peach, Daisy and Rosalina walked down the hallway leading them into a room full of small doors with a glass table and a small curtain on one of the doors "What in the world is this place" Daisy asked
"Who knows" Peach said
Rosalina walked over to the curtain and moved them to see a door with a face on it sleeping "Normally this would be out of place but then again we live in a world were everything has eyes" Rosalina said
the door woke up "Well hello there"
"Um Hello" Rosalina said,
"I suppose you would like to go through here" the door said
"Well yes actually" Rosalina said
"Well first let me show you what's on the other side" the door said opening his mouth
"Hey girls, over here" Rosalina said
Peach and Daisy walk over as all three take turns looking through the door "Wow, such a beautiful garden" Peach said
"Well let's get inside" Daisy said
"Well there's a problem with that" the door said
"And that is" Daisy asked
"Well you're much to big to fit inside" the door said
"Of course we are" Peach said as all three of the princesses facepalm
"Well now what" Rosalina asked
"Try the table" the door said
the princesses looked over to the table and saw a small bottle on it "Oh right" Rosalina said walking over to the table the bottle had a label that said "Drink Me" Peach gave it a quick sniff "Well I don't smell anything wrong with it" she said taking a small sip before passing it to the other two as they took a sip "Anything" Peach asked
"Nothing yet" Daisy said
"Well now what" Rosalina asked, everyone shrugged their shoulders however they soon noticed that everything was getting bigger around them
"We're shrinking" Peach said, after a while they stopped shrinking and were small enough to fit through the door
"Alright" Daisy said, walking over to the door they each tried to open the door without luck "What gives" Daisy said
"Oops, I forgot to mention, I'm locked" the door said
"Now you tell us" Peach said
"Well where's the key" Rosalina asked, turning around they saw the key on the table "Well that wasn't there before" Peach said
"Too late now, come on" Rosalina said as they walked back to the table
"Well let's fly up there" Peach said, all three jumped but couldn't take flight causing them to fall back to the ground
"Ow, that hurt" Daisy said
"Why can't we fly" Rosalina said
"I don't know" Peach said
"You know what, screw this, let's just us our size changing abilities" Daisy said
they nodded and focused but like with their flight they couldn't change size "Shoot, it's not working" Peach said
"Something must be blocking our powers" Rosalina said
"Well only thing we can do now is climb up" Daisy said
trying their best they attempted to climb up the table but due to the table being glass they couldn't get a good grip and slid back down "Great now what" Peach said
"Try the box" the door said, "What box" Daisy asked, a small box appeared in front of them "Oh, that box" Rosalina said
opening the box it revealed three small slices of cake "Well, here goes nothing" Peach said as all three of them take a bite
"Well it tastes good" Daisy said, a short time later they saw they were growing "Alright we're growing" Daisy said
"A little too much perhaps" Rosalina said as they grew so much that their heads hit the ceiling "Well that's just great" Peach said, a muffled sound could be heard
"Beg your pardon" Rosalina said moving her foot from in front of the door
"I said a little goes a long way, hehehe" the door said laughing
"That's not funny" Peach said her eyes begining to tear up "Because now... now *sniff* WE'LL NEVER GET OUT" Peach began to cry heavily
"It's alright Peach" Daisy said trying to calm her down "Even if..." Daisy began to tear up as well "EVEN IF IT'S TRUE" Daisy began to cry as well
"Please don't cry you two" Rosalina said as she began to tear up "Because if you two start crying *sniff* I'LL START CRYING" seeing her friends crying caused Rosalina to start crying as well
"Hey please calm down" the door said
"WWWAAAHHH" the princesses cried harder causing the room to fill with tears, as the room filled one of the doors was kicked open
"Quick the bottle" the door said, regaining their composure they grab the bottle and taking a sip causing them to shrink back down to microscopic size and landing in the bottle as it was carried through the open door.


As they float through the water they pull themselves to the top of the bottle "You know Peach, I think your vibe powers are starting to rub off on us" Daisy said
"Yeah, sorry about that" Peach said "Our emotions can be very unpredictable"
"Probably due to the fact our powers share a similiar magical frequency" Rosalina said
dropping back into the bottle they float across the ocean of tears "Geez, maybe we overdid it" Peach said
"Yeah, tell me about it" Daisy said
"Well now we just go with the flow" Rosalina said, after some time the three princesses wash up on a beach now outside the bottle
"Man, where are we now" Daisy asked
"Way off course, that's for sure" Rosalina said
"Well, not much we can do about it now" Peach said as they dusted themselves off "Come on let's get moving", as they walk along the beach they see a group of people in a circle
"Why hello there" the dodo said
"What's the deal with this" Daisy asked as they scratched their heads
"We're playing a game" the dodo said
"So what's the point" Rosalina said
"There is no point, there are no losers yet there are no winners" the dodo said
"So no one wins and no one loses" Peach said
"Yes" the dodo said
"Okay then" Rosalina said "Well this is going nowhere"
"Agreed" Peach said
"Let's ditch this guy before we go insane" Daisy said as they walk in the other direction.


Making their way into the forest they came across two pathways "Great, now which way do we go" Daisy said
"Perhaps we can help" two voices said
"Who said that" Peach asked
"We did" two people landed in front of the princesses "I am Twiddle Dee" one person said
"And I am Twiddle Dum" the other said
"Oh great more weirdos" Daisy said
"Listen, can you tell us which way will lead us out of here" Rosalina asked
"We could tell you" Twiddle Dee said
"But we could also not tell you" Twiddle Dum said
"Good grief we're not gonna get anywhere with these two" Peach said "Let's just go around them"
the three began to walk down one of the pathways but was blocked by the twins "Sorry can't go this way" they said
"Okay we'll just go the other way" Rosalina said
walking down the other pathway they were blocked again "No, not this way either" they said
"OH COME ON" Daisy said
"Easy Daisy" Peach said
"I have an idea" Rosalina said "Follow me"
the three walked back toward the center but instead walked through the brush in the center of the path "Hey wait" the twins said
exiting out of the forest they saw a house with the white rabbit "Hey it's that rabbit again" Daisy said as they walked over to him
"Oh there you are Mary-Ann" the white rabbit said
"Is he talking to us" Peach wondered
"Go and get my gloves" the white rabbit said pushing the three of them inside
"Hey wait a minute" Rosalina said
"And don't come out until you find my gloves" the white rabbit said
"Well guess we better find those gloves" Daisy said
"This day keeps getting weirder and weirder" Rosalina said
"Weirder than usual" Peach asked
"Fair enough" Rosalina said "Let's go"
walking up the stairs they enter the white rabbit's room "Great, where do we start looking" Daisy asked "This place is a mess"
"Let's just start looking" Peach said as they began walking around the room searching for the gloves, looking around they saw a small box sitting on a table, upon opening the box they saw multiple cookies sitting inside
"Hmm, might as well have a snack while we're looking" Rosalina said grabbing three cookies and passing two of them to Peach and Daisy
eating the cookies the continued to look around when the noticed everything getting smaller "Oh no" Peach said
"I don't like where this is going" Daisy said
"Here we go, again" Rosalina said, the three begin to outgrow the room causing their arms and legs to push out the windows and doors
back outside the house the white rabbit tapped his foot waiting for them to come out "Mary-Ann, where are you" he said walking to the door opening it to see a foot pushing through the door "HELP, MONSTER" he said screaming
trying to pull themselves out they couldn't escape "Ugh, great now what do we do" Daisy said
"I don't know" Rosalina said
"Well nothing left to do but wait" Peach said
the white rabbit came back with the dodo "See, there's a monster inside my house" the white rabbit said
"Ah so there is" the dodo said
"Oh great, he's back" Daisy said
"Not that dodo again" Peach said
"What will you do" the white rabbit asked
"Don't worry" the dodo said "We just need to send someone inside" looking around the saw a lizard with a long ladder "Oh Bill"
"Huh, what is it" Bill said walking over
"We need you to go through the chimney and get inside that house" the dodo said
"Okay then" Bill said placing the ladder and climbing up, as he climbed up he noticed three sets of eyes looking at him "Huh, AAAAUUUUGGGHHH" Bill scrambled down the ladder only to be grabbed by the dodo and white rabbit and dragged up the ladder "I don't want to go inside" Bill said
"Nonsense, old chap" the dodo said "Just get in there" pushing Bill down the chimney causing soot to fly into the room
"Ah... ah... AH" the princesses use their free hand to try and block each other's nose "AAHHCCHHOO" the force of their sneeze caused Bill to fly out the chimney and into the air "Bless you" they said to each other
"Well now what" the white rabbit said
"Well only one thing to do at a time like this" the dodo said "We'll smoke the monster out"
"Right we'll smoke the... WAIT WHAT" the white rabbit said chasing after the dodo "NO, NO, NO"
the dodo began lit a fire to the house "Well now what do we do" Peach said
looking around they saw a vegetable patch "I have an idea" Rosalina said using her hand to grab three carrots
"NO, NOT MY VEGETABLES" the white rabbit grabbing onto the carrots
"Sorry about this, but we have to eat something" Peach said
"PLEASE STOP" the white rabbit said as Peach, Daisy and Rosalina take a bite of the carrots causing them to shrink back down to microscopic size "Great, now I'm even more late" the white rabbit said rushing off
"Wait for us" Peach said
"Great, back to the chase" Daisy said
"Come on after him" Rosalina said as the three rush off to chase the rabbit
"You go on ahead, I'll be here" the dodo said.


Wandering through a garden the princesses become exhausted "Ugh, we'll never catch up to him at this rate" Daisy said "We're too small"
"Well, what do we do now" Peach asked
"Let's just find our way out of here" Rosalina said
the princesses walked through the garden looking around for an exit when they came across a field of flowers "Excuse me" Peach asked "Can you help us"
"Ah you must be new here" one of the flowers said
"Weirdest looking flowers I've ever seen" another flower said
"Ever seen a Piranha Plant" Daisy said
"Anyway do you know a way out of here" Rosalina said
"In order to find your way out, you must find the caterpillar" a flower said
"Can you point us in the right direction" Peach asked, the flowers pointed toward a open spot "Thank you" Peach said as they head in that direction, in the spot they see a large mushroom with a caterpillar sitting on top of it smoking a pipe from a hookah "Um excuse me" Peach asked
"Hmm" the caterpillar turned around "Who are you" he said blowing smoke in their faces
*cough* "Can you help us find our way home" Daisy asked
"For what purpose exactly" the caterpillar asked
"Because we don't belong here" Rosalina said
"Can't you help us in anyway" Peach asked
"I can't help people who can't help themselves" the caterpillar said
"We've been trying to" Peach said
"Well can you at least help us get big again" Daisy said
"Why exactly" the caterpillar asked
"We're quite tired of being small" Rosalina said
"AND WHAT'S WRONG WITH BEING SMALL" the caterpaillar said angrily
"Ummm" all three princesses scared decided to keep quiet
"YOU KNOW NOTHING" the caterpillar said as he began to smoke heavily causing him to be engulfed in smoke, a few moments later the caterpillar emerged as a butterfly "One side will make you grow taller" he said
"One side of what" Rosalina asked
"And the other side will make you grow shorter" the butterfly said
"The other side of what" Rosalina asked
"THE MUSHROOM OF COURSE" the butterfly said flying in front of the princesses face before flying off
"Rude" Daisy said as they pick themselves up, grabbing a piece from each side of the mushroom the ponder which side is which
"Okay, let's see" Peach said, each of them took a bite from the one in their left hand causing them to grow larger "Okay that worked" Peach said
"A little too well if you ask me" Rosalina said as they looked at their right hand "Which means this one" taking a bite from that one caused them to shrink back to micro size "Ok, this time" each of them took a small bite from the left hand piece causing them to finally grow back to normal size
"Finally" Daisy said "Back to normal height"
"Now, how are we going to remember which is which" Peach asked
"I have an idea" Rosalina said using the pipe Rosalina colored the left hand piece red and the right hand piece blue "Red for growth, blue for shrinking"
"Nice job, Rosalina" Peach said "Come on, let's find that rabbit".


Back in the forest the princesses wandered around searching for the rabbit "Now where did he go" Peach wondered
"Looking for something" a voice said
turning around they saw a smile floating in mid-air "Okay that's just creepy" Daisy said
the mouth moved closer as a pair of eyes formed above it "Hello there"
"Who are you" Peach asked
"I'm the Cheshire Cat" he said as a cat body appeared
"Any particular reason you're here" Rosalina asked
"You know, just hanging around" the Cheshire Cat said
"Good grief" Peach said
"If you want to know, he went that way" the Cheshire Cat said pointing
"Who" Peach asked
"Who what" the Cheshire Cat said
"We don't know that's why we asked" Daisy said
"Oh right, the white rabbit" the Cheshire Cat said
"Is everyone here completely crazy" Daisy said
"Chill out, Daisy" Rosalina said "Let's just get going" Peach, Daisy and Rosalina walked in the direction the cat pointed
"Or was it that way" he said "Oh well" the Cheshire Cat disappeared
after walking for a while the princesses found themselves in open space filled with tables and teapots "Umm what's going on here" Peach asked
"An unbirthday party" one of the people at the table said
"A what" Rosalina asked
"An unbirthday party my dear" the other person at the table said
"And you guys are" Daisy asked
"I'm the Mad Hatter and this is the March Hare" the Mad Hatter said
"Any reason you're here" the March Hare said
"We're looking for a rabbit" Rosalina said
"Rabbit go that way" a doormouse said poking his head out of a teapot before going back inside "Okay then, well see ya" Daisy said as they began to walk away
the Mad Hatter and March Hare looked at each other and rushed after them pushing the princesses to the table "Please you must stay for tea" the March Hare said
"It is your unbirthday after all" the Mad Hatter said
"As much fun as that would be, we really must be going" Peach said as they manage to escape and head out, after making their way out of the forest they found themselves in a familiar room
"And we're back to where we started" Rosalina said
"That's a good thing" Peach said
"Because now we can go through that door" Daisy said, back in the room they grab the key of the table and eat the blue mushroom piece causing them to shrink small enough to fit through the door.

Queen's Castle

On the other side of the door they saw a huge castle with a beautiful garden "Finally" Rosalina said
"Look over there" Peach said, in the garden they saw a group of cards walking across the garden with buckets of red paint in their hands
"Wonder what they're up to" Daisy asked
"Let's find out" Rosalina said as they walked over to the cards "Excuse me" Rosalina said tapping on of the cards on the back
"Huh, what do you want" a 2 spade card said
"Pardon us but what are you doing exactly" Peach asked
"Well as you can see, we accidentally planted white roses by mistake" a 3 diamond card said
"And the queen likes red roses" a 4 club card said
"So we're painting them red" the 2 spade card said
"Oh well then let us help" Daisy said as they pick up a paintbrush and paintbucket, after some time they almost finished painting the rose when they heard a loud horn
"The queen is coming" the 3 diamond card said as the cards bowed down, "Go get outta here" the 4 club card said
Peach, Daisy and Rosalina decided to hide out the line of sight
"Introducing the Queen of Hearts" a 5 heart card said
the Queen of Hearts walked over to her roses and noticed something off about her roses "Who's been painting my roses red" she turned to the other cards "WHO'S BEEN PAINTING MY ROSES RED"
"It was his idea" the 2 spade card said
"No it was his" the 3 diamond card said
"No him" the 4 club card said
"OFF WITH THEIR HEADS" the Queen of Hearts said, Peach, Daisy and Rosalina looked over to see the cards being dragged away
"Phew that was close" Rosalina said quietly, all three princesses emerged from their hiding place and walked over to the gate
"And you three are" the Queen of Hearts said
"Oh crud" Peach, Daisy and Rosalina thought as they turned around
"Umm, we're just lost" Peach said
"Oh well, I see" the Queen of Hearts said "Anyway I was about to start a croquet game, come follow me", not sure what to do Peach, Daisy and Rosalina shrugged their shoulders and followed behind the queen, at the croquet field the queen prepared the game field by having her cards becoming hurdles "Are we ready" the Queen of Hearts said
"Yeah, I guess" Peach said looking over to see a person removing the paint from the roses before turning back to the queen
the white rabbit appeared "Let the games begin"
the Queen of Hearts grabbed a flamingo and hedgehog, placing the hedgehog on the ground she swung the flamingo knocking the hedgehog through the card soldier "Your turn"
"Okay then" Peach said as the princesses readied their hedgehogs on the ground and preparing to take a swing but before they swung the flamingo raised up missing the hedgehog
"Huh" they thought, taking another swing the flamingo raised up again missing the hedgehog again, "Ok then, wanna play rough, we'll play rough" they thought grabbing the flamingo by the neck and swinging knocking the hedgehog through the card soldiers
"Hmm not bad" the Queen of Hearts said
"MY QUEEN" the King of Hearts ran over "THE ROYAL TARTS ARE MISSING"
"WHAT" the Queen of Hearts yelled
"It was the Knave of Hearts, my queen" the King of Hearts said
"OFF WITH HIS HEAD" the Queen of Hearts yelled
"Wait my queen, perhaps we should give him a fair trial" the King of Hearts said
"Very well" the Queen of Hearts said walking off, inside the courtroom the Queen of Hearts sat and the judges stand as Peach, Daisy and Rosalina sat among the audience, the Knave of Hearts walked into the room and sat at the defendants stand, "My verdict is guilty" the Queen of Hearts said "Wait a minute, isn't the testimony supposed to come before the verdict" Rosalina asked
"Verdict first, Testimony after" the Queen of Hearts said
"But that makes no sense" Daisy said
"Best not to make her mad or else we'll lose our heads" Peach said
"How could I have stolen the royal tarts" the Knave of Hearts said "I was tending to the royal garden, on your orders"
"Are you sure that you we're following my orders" The Queen of Hearts asked, "I have the note from you right here" the Knave of Hearts said pulling out a note
the King of Hearts walked over and took the note and gave it to the queen "It is your handwriting" the King of Hearts said
"Do you have anyone who can confirm you whereabouts" the Queen of Hearts said
"Good grief" Peach said as the princesses reached into their pockets and eating the mushroom piece "They can" the Knave of Hearts said pointing to Peach, Daisy and Rosalina
"Say what" Rosalina said
"Come over here" the Queen of Hearts said
"Oh great" Daisy said as the princesses walked over to the witness stand
"Can you recount seeing the Knave of Hearts tending to the garden" the Queen of Hearts said
"Yes, actually he was" Peach said
"And are you sure it was him" the Queen of Hearts said
"Yeah, it was him" Peach said staring to become annoyed
"And did you see him with the tarts" the Queen of Hearts said
"No he didn't have the tarts" Daisy said annoyed
"What are you not happy unless you're right" Rosalina said annoyed
"Are you questioning me" the Queen of Hearts said angrily
"You know what, yes" Rosalina said angrily breaking her usual calm demeanor as the princesses stood up unknowingly growing in the process "You're so focused on being right you can't even see when your wrong"
"WHAT DID YOU SAY" the Queen of Hearts
"Yeah, get off your high horse" Daisy said enraged and growing again
"WHY YOU LITTLE" the Queen of Hearts yelled
"You have no idea how to run a kingdom" Peach said enraged and growing once again
"OFF WITH THEIR HEADS" the Queen of Hearts yelled, the princesses stood up to their full height towering over everyone
"Excuse me ladies" the King of Hearts said "But according to the the rules those larger than a mile high must leave the court immediately"
"We're not a mile high" Peach said "And we're not leaving"
"OH YES YOU ARE" the Queen of Hearts said
"And how are you going to make us exactly" Daisy said "In case you haven't noticed, we're way bigger than you"
"And besides" Rosalina reached down picking up a few card soldiers "You're nothing but a deck of cards" Rosalina let the cards fall to the ground
"GUARDS" the Queen of Hearts said
the card soldiers grouped together and leaped into the air surrounding the princesses "Get off us" Peach said fending off the cards
"Leave us alone" Daisy said tossing other cards to the grounds
"Go away" Rosalina said launching even more cards to the ground
however the cards continued to swarm them "AAAUUUUGGHHH" the princesses screamed and closed their eyes.

Mushroom Kingdom

"PEACH, DAISY, ROSALINA, WAKE UP" Peach, Daisy and Rosalina opened their eyes to see Toad shaking them
"Who, what, where, why, huh" Peach, Daisy and Rosalina looked around scared and confused
"Geez, you girls been asleep for a few hours now" Toad said back up a bit
looking around they saw that they were back in the Mushroom Kingdom sleeping under the Tail Tree "Oh thank goodness" Peach said breathing a sign of relief
"It was all just a dream" Daisy said
"Uh, are you sure about that" Toad asked
"Why do you ask" Rosalina said
"Umm, your clothes" Toad said
the princesses look down to see that they were still wearing the clothes from their dream "So it wasn't a dream" Peach said
"I doubt that" Rosalina said
"What makes you say that" Daisy asked
"Look" Rosalina said noticing that their hands were laying on Rosalina's Storybook with their magic flowing from their hands to the book
"That explains alot" Daisy said, "We must have accidentally been channeling our magic into the book while we were asleep" Peach said
"Which explains why we shared the same dream, why it felt so real and why our clothes changed" Rosalina said "Though one thing still confuses me"
"And that is" Daisy asked
"How did we turn giant exactly" Rosalina asked
the princesses stood up and noticed that they were mega sized "Huh, did not notice that" Peach said
"Oh, I can explain that" Toad said "Don't you remember that you girls accidentally got turned giant last week due to the professor's latest invention when he asked you to clean his lab"
the princesses thought for a moment and remembered "Oh right, I completely forgot about" Peach said
"Let's not tell the Mario and Luigi about this when they get back from vacation, alright" Daisy said
"Agreed, the less they know the better" Rosalina said
"Does that mean me and Toadette as well" Toad asked
"YES" the princesses said
"Alright, alright, geez" Toad said walking back to the castle
"This one's going straight to the diary" Peach said
"Tell me about it" Daisy said
"Well whatever happens while the bros. are gone will be our little, or should I say big secret" Rosalina said, the princesses high fived each other before walking back to the castle.