Reverse Kidnapping

(Cubed Cinder)

Princess Peach sat patiently at the dinner table, watching as a group of Toads, along with Toadette and Mario, all came walking in. Behind them, which caused her to gasp with delight, was a birthday cake sitting atop a table that was being wheeled in.
"Happy Birthday, dear Princess Peach! Happy Birthday to you!" the Toads sang, after which they applauded as they finished rolling the cake towards the princess.
"Awww… thank you, everyone!" Peach shouted.
"Woohoo! I figured it was our turn to make you a giant cake like you did for me!" Mario said.
"Just remember not to eat too much, your highness! You're on a strict diet!" Toadsworth said.
"Haha! Of course, Toadsworth." Peach said as she picked up the knife on the table and sliced off a piece, wasting no time in forking it into her mouth, which also brought applause from the Toads.
The party went on as usual, with everyone either dancing, chatting, or eating pieces of the cake… although Peach mostly just sat and ate as Toadsworth didn't want her to go too crazy. She still had a kingdom to run, after all! Peach eventually reached near the center of the big cake, where she pulled out a piece topped with what looked like the top of an orange-and-red mushroom.
"Hmmm… this kind of topping looks familiar." Peach said as she sunk the cake into her mouth.
"Mmmm… and it tastes good too." she added as she chewed and chewed, eventually reaching for another piece with the same topping.

After Peach gulped down the second piece, she then felt her legs brush up against the bottom of the table.
"Huh?" Peach said. Before she could look underneath and see why that was, she suddenly felt those same legs push up against the table and tip it over. Peach got up in shock, and watched as the entire room was getting smaller along with everyone inside. Everyone else gasped as they watched the princess grew bigger and bigger.
"What's… what's happening!?" Peach shouted.
"Mama mia! Princess Peach is getting bigger!" Mario shouted.
"Your royal highness! How can this be!?" Toadsworth said.
"I don't know! I was eating a piece of cake topped with an orange-and-red mushroom!" Peach shouted. One of the Toads immediately ran forward.
"Merci!! It appears you have zeaten ze Mega Mushrooms, your magnifique!" the Toad said.
"Mega Mushroom? Why in blazes would you top a cake with Mega Mushrooms!?" Toadette shouted.
"Sacre bleu! I thought ze would make ze great decoration… and zat ze princess wouldn't eat zat much cake!" the Toad said.
"Ugh… this is why I've never been a fan of super fancy cooking!" Toadette said. Everyone looked and saw Peach ducking down trying to not burst through the ceiling. She was hoping the growth spurt would stop, but that didn't appear to be happening anytime soon.
"Never mind that! We must evacuate the castle immediately!" Toadsworth said.
"Yes! Go, everyone! I don't know how much longer I can stay like this!" Peach said as pieces of the ceiling started to crack apart and fall around the princess and her dress. Everyone inside made their way for the exit.

Fortunately, everyone inside the castle managed to make it out, and right on time too. Just as the last of the Toads came sprinting out, finally part of the ceiling busted apart, revealing a still growing Princess Peach. Peach watched the area around her (especially her own castle) get smaller and smaller. Finally though, the growing stopped. Peach didn't realize she was all the way up to 168 feet tall. All she knew was that she was very big.
"Oh my… I'm taller than even Princess Apple!" Peach said.
"Princess Peach, your… ahem… your highness! Down here!" Toadsworth said. Peach looked down and saw Toadsworth, Toadette, Mario, and the rest of the Toads, breathing a sigh of relief.
"Whew… thank goodness you all got out safely." Peach said.
"Princess Peach… are you alright?" Toadsworth asked.
"Yeah. I'm better now that I don't have to squeeze myself into a tiny room. In fact…" Peach said. The giant princess suddenly smiled as she took a couple steps out of her castle (leaving behind the hole she busted through). She did one twirl around and looked down at everyone.
"I feel fantastic! Seeing all of you and all the buildings so much smaller… it's a new experience!" Peach said.
"Well… um… I'm glad you feel that way, but… aren't you worried about returning to normal size?" Toadsworth said.
"Well… Toadsworth, could we maybe put that off until I'm ready? Like I said, I want to walk around and see what the rest of the world looks like from up here!" Peach said.
"As you wish, your bigness… er… highness… whoa!" Toadsworth said, only to suddenly get picked up by the giant princess. He kicked around trying to escape from the giant white gloved hand, but this only made Peach giggle watching one of her protectors squirm around.
"Heehee! I think you look cute when you struggle, Toadsworth!" Peach said as she snuggled the old Toad against her face. Finally she set him back down on the ground.
"Now then, if you'll excuse me, everyone!" Peach said as she carefully stepped around the tiny group and made her way away from the castle, first setting foot on her race track, Royal Raceway.

As the group watched the giant Peach walk away, Mario couldn't help but smile.
"Mama mia! I'd like to see Bowser try and kidnap her now." Mario said.
"Never mind that, Mario! Look at Peach's Castle! All that hard work we did trying to put it back together…" Toadette said as she focused on the gaping hole on the right side of the castle.
"Never fear, Toadette! We'll just round up as many Toads as we can! You made a great Chief, remember?" Mario said as he pulled out his hardhat (Super Mario Maker 2) and replaced the cap on his head with it.
"Heh… true. Come on, everyone! Who wants to help rebuild a national institution!?" Toadette said as she looked back at a group of cheering Toads who followed Mario and Toadette towards the castle. Other Toads stayed behind and continued to watch the giant Peach march into the distance.

Unsurprisingly, activity in Toad Town came to a screeching halt when they heard soft booming sounds and saw a shadow cover most of the sunlight from town. Many of the Toads looked up and gasped when they saw the giant Peach towering high above.
"Hi everyone! Don't be afraid. It's just me… only bigger! Haha!" Peach said as she gently walked around, making sure to pull up her dress anytime it caught a building or two. Peach kneeled down and got a closer look at many of the Toads, some of them younger and wishing they could grow that big, prompting a giggle from the giantess. She couldn't resist giving some of these children a light poke, knocking them on their backs, although they cheered loudly.
"I just got poked by the giant princess! I'll never wash this vest again!" one of the Toads shouted, again prompting a giggle from Peach.
As she stood back up to her full height, she walked past one of the edges of Toad Town where she saw a forest. Most of the trees came up to her knees, except for a few that rose up to half her size. Peach ran her gloved hands across some of these trees.
"Hmmm… these trees are looking healthy. I'm glad everyone has been taking care of them!" Peach said. She took a step forward and felt something go crunch underneath one of her heels. Peach lightly gasped and feared the worst as she separated the many branches below her waist, but saw she had only crushed a much smaller tree. Still, she briefly lamented its loss.
"I'm sorry, little tree. It was hard to see you amongst these many tall trees." Peach said before she let go of the trees she was holding.

When she looked in front of where she was standing, that's when she saw Bowser's Castle way out in the distance. Suddenly, Peach got a smirk on her face.
"Hmmm… I'd like to see Bowser try and kidnap me now. Even better… I should kidnap HIM for a change! Oooooh… being this big certainly has its perks." Peach said. With that smirk still on her face, Peach made her way past the forest, past all of Toad Town, and slowly walked across the grassy plains, anxious to set foot onto Dark Land.

In Dark Land, it was chaos as usual inside Bowser's Castle. Bowser was busy looking at the mirror, frowning at the unicorn horn that was strangely on his nose.
"Kamek… when I said I wanted the good luck of a unicorn… I didn't mean it literally!!!" Bowser shouted.
"Whoops! Sorry, master. You know how quick on the trigger I can sometimes be with this wand." Kamek said. With a few quick waves from his wand, and with Bowser's face glowing in rainbow colors, the villain suddenly had his normal nose back.
"Sigh… there's gotta be something I can do to change my luck when it comes to defeating the Marios." Bowser said.
"I concur, master. But what?" Kamek said. Bowser had an annoyed look on his face.
"Why do you think I'm asking you, you pinhead!?" Bowser said.
"Er… right. Maybe Junior has a few ideas." Kamek said.
"Yeah, and I bet they all won't work. You know, one of these days I wish Princess Peach would just walk to my front door and give herself up to me." Bowser said.

Just as she said that, the duo (and all the other minions inside the castle) felt the ground thump every couple seconds, with thunder-like booming sounds to match. Bowser and Kamek ran to one of the windows in the throne room, and their jaws briefly dropped to the floor when they saw the gigantic Princess Peach walking confidently over Dark Land. Bowser then grabbed Kamek by the robe.
"Have you been playing too much with your growth magic!?" Bowser asked.
"Of… of course not, Lord Bowser! Maybe it was Kammy that messed up!" Kamek said. Before the two knew it and before they could argue any more, they suddenly saw a giant blue eye peeking inside.
"Yipes!" Bowser and Kamek both shouted.
"Hello, Bowser. Not so big and bad now, are you?" Peach said. She pulled her face back and tried to reach her hand through the window.
"I'll protect you, master!" Kamek said as he summoned an oversized hammer (that the Hammer Brothers would probably be proud of). He swung the hammer, striking Peach's gloved hand and forcing her to pull it back.
"Ow!" Peach said. Bowser quickly ran to the other side of the throne room, looking out another window.
"Koopa Pack! Ataaaaaaaaack!!!" Bowser shouted. His loud demeanor woke up all of his minions, ranging from Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Hammer Bros, and others. They went charging towards the giant princess without any hesitation.

As Peach finished checking her hand to make sure there wasn't any severe damage, she looked down and saw Bowser's many minions running up towards her. This only made her laugh.
"Hahahaha! Such blind loyalty. I'm giving you one chance to turn around and run away!" Peach shouted. Some troops got the memo and turned around, but most of them didn't flinch and instead latched onto the bottom of her dress.
"Hmph. Don't say I didn't warn you." Peach said. She swayed her legs around in a way that caused her dress to twirl. Over time, the minions couldn't hold on any longer and went flying off her dress, some of them sinking into the nearby lava moat. The minions that avoided this fate couldn't relax for long, as they looked up and saw the bottom of one of Peach's heels fast approaching, smushing them into the ground. Peach smiled as she saw the minions literally flatter than pancakes (which was always the case with a Goomba). But she felt something was missing.
"Mmmmm… maybe I should try a different approach." Peach said as she gently slipped her feet out of her heels, kicking them aside and leaving herself in her bare feet. Peach wiggled her toes, noting the pink painted toenails that matched the color of her dress.
"Heehee! Thank goodness my nail polish has held up! Now then…" Peach said as she took aim at more of Bowser's minions, none of whom were anxious to find out what being crushed by a bare foot would feel like.
"Run away!" one Koopa Troopa screamed before he turned around. Alas, due to Peach's massive size giving her an incredible stride, it only took a couple steps for Peach to smush these minions underneath her feet.
"Ooooooh… that feels good." Peach said.

She then felt a few explosions off her blonde hair. It didn't take her long to figure out where they came from as she looked up and saw a few airships shooting lasers and cannonballs and other projectiles at her, none of which were having an effect on her. As they tried to fly over her head, Peach reached up and grabbed one of them, easily fitting it in her hand. Peach looked inside the cockpit (seeing a Rocky Wrench) and didn't have a happy look on her face.
"That was a big mistake shooting at me like that. Now I'll crush you like the pest you are." Peach said. Just as the Rocky Wrench jumped out and parachuted towards the ground (seeing the massive walls of light and dark pink that were Peach's dress on the way down), the giant princess crunched the airship like a twig off a tree, dropping the pieces onto the ground.
The other airships, nevertheless, continued to fire at the giantess. Peach couldn't help but roll her eyes over how clueless Bowser's minions were. She thought no wonder they probably served as Bowser clones sometimes to trick the Mario Brothers. Still, she wanted to dispose of them in a unique way rather than swat them out of the sky. So she took a deep breath and exhaled. The strong, gusty wind was too much even for the airships to take, and all but one of them, one by one, crashed into the ground. Peach wiped her forehead.
"Whew… destroying those airships isn't all fun and games. It's hard work!" Peach said. As for the one remaining airship? Well, Peach made short work of that by hipchecking it like she would an opponent in a Super Smash Bros. match.

The next threat Peach would face, judging by the explosions now waist high, were a series of tanks rolling up towards her from the ground.
"Heh… I thought Bowser retired those things. Well, they'll be retired when I'm through with them!" Peach said. For one tank, she bent the cannon backwards, causing it to shoot its cannonball towards another tank and cause it to explode. The minions abandoned this tank just as Peach slammed her bare foot down on it a few times until it was a mangled mess underneath. She then turned around and fell backwards… landing with a thud on her behind and crushing another tank underneath it.
"Heehee! And that didn't even hurt!" Peach said as she quickly jumped back to her feet. There were more tanks coming her way, but they were no trouble to the giantess. It made her feel good kicking one tank off the ground and flipping it upside down, subsequently crushing it with her bare feet. For the next one, she got down on her knees and dug her hands into the tank's wooden frame, splitting it open like a piece of fruit and revealing the minions inside, who all jumped out and ran away just as Peach crushed the leftovers of that tank.

The next threat came from above, as Peach watched Kamek come flying towards her. She immediately thought he was going to cast some kind of spell on her… no doubt a shrinking spell, but Peach wasn't about to be denied. To Kamek's surprise, Peach took the crown atop her head off it and flung it like a boomerang towards Kamek.
"Uh oh!!" Kamek shouted as he tried to turn away but found himself stuck to the top of the crown. The crown magically made its way back to Peach, who looked down and plucked Kamek off the crown just as she set it back on her head. Peach dangled Kamek by his trademark blue robe in front of her right eye.
"Thought you could shrink me or turn me into a cucumber, could you? I don't think so!" Peach said.
"Please! Don't eat me!" Kamek shouted.
"Eat you? Bleh… you'd taste awful. I've got just the fate for you." Peach said. She placed her in the palm of one of her gloved hands, and with her other hand…
"Flick!" Peach said as she indeed flicked Kamek off her hand, leaving the magikoopa squealing as he disappeared into the sky in a blink.

As Peach wiped her hands, she turned her attention back to Bowser's Castle. It took a few stomps to be towering just above it once more, and she looked inside each of the windows one by one trying to find Bowser.
"Bowser… where are yoooooooou?" Peach said as she scanned each and every window. Finally, she spotted him trying to run down a flight of stairs. Peach punched a hole in the wall in front of Bowser, who could only watch as pieces of the wall went flying everywhere. By the time he uncovered his face, he saw Peach's giant white gloved hand coming in and wrapping around him.
"Eeeep!" Bowser shouted, watching as he was pulled out of his own castle and suddenly finding himself staring into Peach's blue eyes.
"Well now, Bowser. What do you think of this reverse kidnapping?" Peach said.
"Grrrrr! You'll pay for this, you titantic toadstool princess!" Bowser said, only to get shaken up as Peach moved her hand around.
"I don't think you're in any position to be making demands!" Peach said.
"Okay, okay, I got it. How about you just put me down and we call it even?" Bowser asked.
"Hmph. Not a chance. I'm going to hold onto you as long as I'm this big. And if you don't like it, well…" Peach said. She then lowered Bowser towards her behind.
"Hey! Not there! Mmmmph!" Bowser shouted until he was planted against Peach's behind as she rubbed him up and down her dress.
"You can kiss me you know where." Peach said with a smirk on her face.

Just as she stopped giving Bowser the scrubbing of his life, the giant Peach looked up and saw a few familiar looking airships approaching. These airships were larger than the ones in the previous group and sported the faces of different Koopalings. As you can imagine, these airships were being piloted by their respective Koopalings, with the exception of Ludwig and Bowser Jr. who shared a ship. The two looked over at Larry Koopa, who was holding a lightning bolt (the one you see in Mario Kart games) by his claws.
"Haha! With this lightning bolt, we'll shrink the princess back down to size and rescue Bowser!" Larry shouted.
"Yeah! Maybe even have him capture her on the spot!" Wendy said.
"Do we really want to do this?" Ludwig asked.
"Ludwig's right! That lightning bolt sometimes backfires and does the opposite!" Bowser Jr. said.
"Who cares!? King Bowser's in trouble and we gotta save him!" Morton Jr. said.
"He's right! Nobody picks on Bowser and gets away with it!" Roy said.
"And he promised he'd get me a new ball! A BIG ball no less!" Lemmy shouted.
"It's a chance we gotta take, I fear." Larry said. Once the airships got close enough to the giantess (which made her take notice of course), Larry held up the lightning bolt to activate. The energy shot out from the bolt, making it disappear, and it flew right onto Princess Peach's body. Everyone, even Peach herself, suspected that she would be returning to her normal size once the electricity coarsed through her body and dress from head to toe.

But wouldn't you know it? The backfire happened.

Anybody who wasn't Princess Peach gasped as the already gigantic princess grew even bigger. In just a few seconds, Peach had tripled in size… going from 160 feet tall all the way up to 480 feet tall. She smirked as she looked straight at the Koopaling airships that once flew above her.
"Hahaha! I guess you forgot sometimes the lightning bolt makes someone grow instead?" Peach said. The Koopalings stared in total silence… at least until finally Bowser Jr. gave the most logical order possible.
"FLY AWAY!!!" Bowser Jr. shouted as the seven airships tried to turn around and get away from the mega-sized Peach. But she was ready to take them down. After slipping Bowser into her hair (specifically inside her crown), Peach magically summoned, of all things… a blue fly swatter, similar to the one she used to defeat a bunch of alien bugs not too long ago.
"Someone call the airship extermination squad!?" Peach said as she marched towards the airships. Some of them tried fighting back by shooting what would ordinarily be large cannonballs or laser beams, but they didn't make a dent on the princess, who took her first swing and took down two of the airships, one of them Wendy's.
"Waaaaaaaah!!! That was my favorite airship, you stupid…!" Wendy shouted before crashing into the ground in a fiery explosion. Roy screamed his lungs out as he watched the flyswatter whack him and his airship down to the ground. Granted, there were a few swings and misses, which made Peach gnash her teeth.
"Hold still, you little pests!" Peach shouted. Finally, though, after a few more swings, all the airships were down. As the Koopalings and Bowser Jr. literally ran for the hills, Peach planted one of her bare feet on Ludwig's airship, smashing it into many pieces.
"Mmmmm… that felt so good." Peach said.

She then focused her sights on Bowser's much smaller castle now. And it reminded her of Bowser himself as she lifted up her crown and ran her gloved fingers through her hair. Bowser, meanwhile, in the forest of golden hair strands watched as the castle-sized fingers came down from above.
"Yipe!" Bowser shouted as he took off running just before a finger could crush him. Despite the best navigating that Bowser could do, he was eventually caught by the giant finger and pinched in between two of them. Peach lifted Bowser out until he was in front of her right eyeball once again.
"Did you enjoy your stay in my hair, little Bowsee?" Peach said.
"Bleh… I suppose it's better than falling in a pool of lava." Bowser said.
"Teehee!" Peach said as she walked over towards Bowser's Castle, enjoying hearing the thundering booms each of her footsteps were leaving behind. She especially loved seeing the castle small enough for her to lift her leg high in the air and look like she was going to crush it (much of course to Bowser's dismay as he wiggled around from between her two fingers trying to break free). But instead, Peach set her leg back down.
"Nah… I've got something more fitting in mind." Peach said. She backed up a series of steps… almost walking out of Dark Land entirely. And then, after closing her hand to keep Bowser from falling out, Peach charged forward with incredible speed, her hair and dress flowing from behind. Once Peach felt she was close enough…
"Ah…CHA!!!" Peach shouted as she turned around and threw herself butt first onto the castle.


Instead of recoiling off the castle, her immense size in comparison to it allowed her to bulldoze right through it, crushing it beneath her behind. After feeling the ground stop shaking, which impressed even the giant Peach, she got up and brushed the debris off her dress. She smiled seeing nothing left of the castle but a pile of rocks, some of them spilling into the lava moat that once surrounded the structure. Peach opened her hand and allowed Bowser to see the damage.
"My… my castle…" Bowser said as he shedded a tear.
"Awww… don't be sad, Bowser. I think it's an improvement!" Peach said. Suddenly, she licked her lips as she moved Bowser to above her mouth, once again dangling him with her fingers.
"Now then, I should lock you up in my dungeon. It might be a bit… well… sticky! Teeheehee!" Peach said.
"No, please!!! Have mercy!" Bowser said, making Peach happy to hear Bowser crying for help.

However, before she could drop the villain into her mouth, she felt her body tingle. She looked down and saw the reason why.
"Oh? I'm shrinking!" Peach said as she shrunk smaller and smaller. She quickly assumed the effects of the lightning bolt were wearing off… however, she still found herself shrinking despite getting down to 160 feet tall. Smaller and smaller the princess shrunk, finally allowing Bowser to break free and land hard on the ground. Peach soon found herself all the way back to her normal size.
"Oh dear… everything wore out! The lightning bolt… the mega mushroom…" Peach said. She gulped nervously as she looked ahead and saw an angry looking Bowser approaching. Behind him were everyone else she thought she chased or threw out of Dark Land, including Kamek.
"My freedom." Peach said.
"You know, I don't take kindly to any kind of damage to my castle. You remember Smithy and his dumb sword, right?" Bowser said.
"Er… right. Just one question. Where are you going to keep me?" Peach asked, only to watch as Bowser walked up to her and grabbed her by the arm.
"Oh… I still would like to take you on that, you know, odyssey, we talked about before Mario crashed my wedding!" Bowser said.
"*gasp!*" Peach said.
"Somebody get the Koopa Clown Car fired up!" Bowser shouted.
"Right away, Dad!" Bowser Jr. said.

However, before he could run off and before anyone else could move around, the thumping sounds as the rhythmic ground shaking returned despite Peach being her normal size.
"Hmmmmm? But you've shrunken back to normal." Bowser said.
"Master! Look!" Kamek shouted as he pointed up. Everyone else looked to see where Kamek was pointing at, and everyone gasped, including Peach. A giant Toadette was suddenly marching over the hills of Dark Land, eventually planting her feet in front of the group. Toadette looked like her usual self, except for wearing a tool belt around her waist and a pink hard hat.
"Not so fast, Bowser! It's my turn to save the princess from another castle!" Toadette said. She raised one of her feet up, with Peach running out of the way.
"Koopa Pack, retreat!" Bowser shouted as he got away before Toadette could crush him. He ran past the pile of rocks that made up his castle.
"Hey, Dad! Wait for us!" Bowser Jr. said as he and the other Koopalings and minions ran after Bowser. Toadette giggled as she watched the villains take cover in the hills in the distance.

Then she looked down at Peach, who looked up in awe over how big Toadette was (which was a shade over 100 feet tall).
"Are you okay, your highness?" Toadette asked.
"Better now, thanks to you! How did you grow so big?" Peach said.
"Haha! You didn't eat ALL the Mega Mushroom pieces in that cake. I was worried your size would wear out at the wrong time." Toadette said.
"And you were right! Thanks, Toadette." Peach said. Toadette smiled as she got down on her hands and lowered her braided 'hair.'
"So… how about a lift?" Toadette asked.
"Heh, why not?" Peach said as she jumped up and wrapped herself around one of Toadette's braids. The giant Toadette stood back up and watched as Peach held on tight while her braids lightly swung around.
"I'll walk real slow so my hair doesn't swing too fast. And…" Toadette said.
"And what?" Peach said.
"And, well, so I can thoroughly enjoy seeing the land from this size." Toadette said.
"Teehee… isn't it great?" Peach said.
"Oh, I totally agree! I sooooooo gotta see if Toad will love me even more like this. I mean… after we finish repairing your castle." Toadette said. Peach laughed and watched as Toadette began the slow trek out of Dark Land and back to her castle. But she gasped as she looked back and saw her still huge high heels.
"Oh! My shoes!" Peach shouted.
"Oops! I'll get them!" Toadette said as she walked back and picked up the gigantic heels, "But how are we going to shrink them back to normal size?"
"We'll worry about that later. I got plenty of other shoes in the meantime." Peach said as the two winked at each other before finally leaving.

A few minutes later, Bowser and his minions, his son, and the Koopalings all came out of hiding.
"They're gone, Lord Bowser." Kamek said.
"Grrrr… they're so going to pay for all of this! Nobody grows big but me!" Bowser said.
"Huh? What about that one time in Super Smash…" Bowser Jr. started to say.
"Nobody but ME!" Bowser growled, threatening to breathe fire out of his mouth.
"Sorry, Dad." Bowser Jr. said.
"(sigh) Well, I suppose I better get to work conjuring up the magic to put this castle back together." Kamek said. Just as he said that, a clap of thunder was heard in the air and rain started to fall from the sky.
"Make it quick. I can't stand having a soggy shell!" Bowser shouted.
"Neither can us!" the Koopalings shouted.
"WAAAAAAAH! MY MAKEUP!" Wendy shouted suddenly as she frantically ran around trying to find cover.