Rosalina Finds a Little Love

(Cubed Cinder)

Giant Land

The front doors to the Giant Land Castle opened up, and out walked Princess Apple. She kneeled down and gently set her hands down on the ground and then opened them up. Coming out were Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach (and a small gathering of Toads), Princess Daisy, and Rosalina… with the latter two wobbling around each holding their stomachs.
"Mama mia… I'll likely never eat that much pasta again!" Mario said.
"You and me both!" Luigi said.
"Oh man… one more spaghetti noodle and I would've needed a dump truck to haul you both out of there!" Daisy said as she patted Luigi on the back. As Rosalina (and one of her yellow Lumas) and the Toads walked out and followed Daisy, Princess Peach started to follow but stopped and turned around to look at the giant princess.
"Princess Apple, thank you so much for inviting us to your dinner party." Peach said.
"It's my pleasure, Peach. It's been a long while since we had that kind of a gathering in my castle." Apple said.
"Please give my regards to your husband, Prince Hugo!" Peach said.
"Haha! You bet I will." Apple said.
"YEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!" a monster voice shouted. Peach and Apple immediately knew where and whom it came from.
"Uh oh… sounds like Madzilla stubbed his toe again." Peach said.
"Yep… I better go calm him down quick. Talk to you later, Peach!" Apple said as she waved her smaller friend goodbye and walked back inside the castle, closing the doors behind her.

Peach finally caught up with Rosalina, who for some reason was well behind the others as they made their way to the giant warp pipe that would take everyone back to Peach's Castle. Peach couldn't help but giggle as she watched Daisy and the Toads try and speed Mario & Luigi up after they scarfed so much pasta at the dinner table, but she quickly focused her attention on Rosalina.
"Rosalina, is everything okay?" Peach asked.
"Oh, yes. I'm just fine, Peach. Just thinking about a lot of things, like what I'll see what I resume my quest to find new galaxies." Rosalina said.
"That's good. I'm always excited to hear what galaxies you find… or the ones your Hungry Lumas sacrifice to create!" Peach said.
"Yes… it's both a happy and sad occasion when the children of the stars act in that noble manner." Rosalina said.
"Ummm… Rosalina, forgive me, but I couldn't help but notice you become distracted when Mario and I hugged each other." Peach said.
"Forgive me, Princess Peach. It's just… I've never felt the feeling of love before. I can't help but be bothered that I haven't found that one special person yet. Is that wrong of me?" Rosalina said. Peach quickly stepped in front of Rosalina.
"Not at all. I know lots of people, humans and Toads otherwise, who have gone years searching for that one true love. I was lucky to find Mario and Daisy was lucky to find Luigi, but there are many others who don't have that luxury. You are definitely not alone." Peach said.
"I thank you for your comforting words, Princess Peach. I'm glad we've become acquaintances." Rosalina said. She then looked down at her Star Wand and saw it blinking brightly a few times.
"Oh… the Comet Observatory is within teleportation range." Rosalina said.
"Ah, good! I hope we'll see each other again soon… maybe the next time we hold a Mario Kart race!" Peach said.
"I would like that! Until we meet again, Princess Peach…" Rosalina said. She backed away from Peach and waved her wand around herself a few times. She then transformed into a ball of light that shot its way up to the night sky. Peach smiled as she turned around and ran to catch up with the others.

At the Comet Observatory, thousands of miles above the planet where the Mushroom Kingdom resided, many different colored Luma gathered around at the southern edge of the observatory. They cheered as a ball of light floated down and then quickly materialized as Rosalina and the one yellow Luma that accompanied her to the dinner party in Giant Land. A black Luma who we know as Polari quickly approached Rosalina.
"Rosalina! Welcome back!" Polari shouted.
"Thank you, Polari. It's good to be home again." Rosalina said as she did a curtsy in front of the Luma.
"Shall we set course for the next galaxy?" Polari said.
"Yes, please. And it doesn't have to be a specific galaxy." Rosalina said.
"Oh? I take it we're going to sail the stars and find a new galaxy?" Polari said.
"Exactly. Just make sure we're at minimal warp speed." Rosalina said with a quick nod of her head.
"You heard Mama, my fellow navigating Luma! Get the Comet Observatory going and don't stop unless she says so!" Polari said as a few red and gray Luma shouted some sounds out and went flying for the upper levels of the observatory. Rosalina and the other Luma all ran inside on the lower levels, waiting for the vessel to get moving. Seconds later after the decks were mostly cleared, the observatory's engines were running and the ship blasted off at warp speed.

Planet Hocotate

Inside one of the offices of Hocotate Freight, Captain Olimar took a few deep breaths as he pressed a few buttons on the video phone. For what felt like the 393rd consecutive day (when it was actually 265 days), he was once again having to work overtime at his place of employment. He, along with Louie, had been assigned to look for more treasures from nearby planets and asteroids that would help get the company out of debt once again. The reason for the debt? More and more of their interplanetary shipments are being 'stolen.' I quote stolen because Louie is once again secretly eating up the shipments before arriving at their destinations.
Either way, Olimar has barely been able to come home these past several months. When he DOES get home, his wife and children are sound asleep. His only contact has been through the video phone, and while his wife and children usually are totally understanding of his situation, tonight was the night things changed. Olimar watched as his wife appeared onscreen.
"Hi, honey." Olimar said.
"Hey, sweetie… Let me guess…" Olimar's wife said in a rather depressing tone.
"I'm afraid so. And I don't get overtime pay either." Olimar said.
"Again!? That's 9 weeks in a row!" Olimar said.
"I know, I know… I'm sorry, sweetie. We're just hanging on by a thread over here… and it doesn't help that all our shipments keep getting robbed." Olimar said.
"Listen, Olimar… we need to talk." Olimar's wife said.
"Talk about what?" Olimar said.
"Do you really need to keep working at Hocotate Freight? We have enough in savings to last us at least a year of you being unemployed! Why not come home? Spend time with me and the kids?" Olimar's wife said. Olimar sweated like crazy.
"I… I can't do that. I can't leave behind this company and all my friends. Even my boss… I owe so much to them." Olimar said. Olimar's wife took a deep breath.
"So I see. It's your job you love more than me." Olimar's wife said.
"Wh… what? I didn't say that!" Olimar said.
"You know what? Don't bother coming home. Ever again." Olimar's wife said.
"Sweetie… wait!" Olimar shouted.
"I'm taking the money and the kids and we'll live on another planet, away from all this mess." Olimar's wife said.
"No! Don't! You'll never be happy again!" Olimar said, his hands and face pressed against the monitor.
"Goodbye, Olimar." Olimar's wife said as the screen shut off.
"Nooooooooo!!!" Olimar screamed as he looked straight up at the ceiling.

Just like that, his wife and kids, the very reason he kept on working for Hocotate Freight, were gone. She wasn't kidding either… it was not in her blood to bluff like that. Olimar tried redialing his wife, but there was no answer. As tears of sadness came down his face, he slumped his way out of the office and walked his way towards the launchpad, where his trusty rocket, the SS Dolphin, was sitting. Looking around and seeing nobody else on the grounds, Olimar walked into the ship and fired it up, rocketing his way beyond the atmosphere.

Outer space

A few minutes after they had taken off, Rosalina came walking outside with one of her yellow Luma, watching as hundreds of stars sped by as the ship was still traveling at warp speed. She walked to one of the edges of the Comet Observatory, holding onto one of the rails and looking at the stars. The yellow Luma made a bunch of noises as it tugged lightly on Rosalina's dress.
"(sigh) You can feel it, can't you, little Luma? Mama's been feeling sad for the past hour." Rosalina said. The yellow Luma made some more noises, and yet Rosalina understood it perfectly.
"That's so kind of you, Luma, but this depression is of my own doing. Only I can cheer myself up, and the only way I can do that is finding the right man." Rosalina said. More noises from the Luma.
"Yes, it's proving to be a difficult challenge. Other than Mario, I haven't seen any man devoted to traveling amongst the stars like me. I cannot help but think it's a hopeless endeavor." Rosalina said. More noises from the Luma.
"Don't worry, Luma. I may look very sad, but inside, I remain hopeful. My hope is as strong as my wish for peace in the entire universe." Rosalina said as she looked back over the rails at the many stars flying past her.

In another region of space, there was another sad living being that was flying through the stars. That, of course, was Captain Olimar in his SS Dolphin. His wife had just dumped him because of his love and desire for his job at Hocotate Freight, which he hoped would one day fight its way out of the doldrums of debt.
"(sigh) I know my wife doesn't kid around. When she says we're breaking it up, she means it. No sense going back and fighting it." Olimar said. He looked down at the control panel of his ship and sighed as he stared at button after button, screen after screen.
"Oh, SS Dolphin. I want to get mad at you, blame you for what has transpired, but I can't. We've been through so much together. PNF-404… the Pikmin… saving Koppai from their fruit shortage… that's three generations worth of exploring and whatnot. And look where it has gotten myself AND Hocotate Freight." Olimar said. He pressed a few buttons and saw a screen of the red, blue, and yellow Pikmin standing together.
"I could always go back and mingle with the Pikmin. At least they got along with me and took obedience to a whole new level…" Olimar said.
As Olimar turned the viewscreen off and gave him a view of the space in front of him again, he watched as a bright white light was coming in fast.
"Huh? What is that…?" Olimar said, but before he could wonder any more about the light, he suddenly felt the ship rock and roll, with numerous alarms going off.
"Oh no! Not again!" Olimar said as he suddenly got flashbacks of his first encounter with the Pikmin.

Rosalina continued to lean against the railing when suddenly she had to hold on tight to those same rails, otherwise she'd get flown away as the Comet Observatory came to a sudden stop. The yellow Luma quickly cradled itself against Rosalina's chest and eventually into her arms, with the young woman feeling the star like creature trembling in fear.
"Rosalina! Rosalina!" Polari shouted. Rosalina turned around and faced the black Luma.
"What's happened, Polari? What's going on?" Rosalina said.
"We've had to drop out of warp! The observatory's sensors detected an object in its path!" Polari said.
"Can you show me?" Rosalina asked.
"The bridge crew is checking as we speak… we should have an answer by now!" Polari said. Rosalina nodded and followed Polari to the control room. Polari and Rosalina joined up with some other colored Luma, such as blue, orange, and gray, and watched the monitors.
"Have we found what hit us?" Polari asked.
"These are the coordinates detected by the observatory, sir, but I still haven't found the object." the blue Luma said.
"How can that be? We automatically dropped out of warp… we must've hit SOMETHING! An asteroid, a planet…" Polari said. Rosalina then caught a tiny dot near the center of the screen.
"Wait… right there. Can you zoom in there?" Rosalina asked.
"You heard her! Maximum zoom where she is pointing!" Polari said. The other Luma nodded and typed away at the keypads.

The screen zoomed in and eventually revealed the SS Dolphin, which was almost entirely in flames and had a few pieces coming off.
"Huh? It's a spaceship? How can a spaceship be that small?" Polari asked.
"Polari, sir! The ship is about to crash! At the central platform!" an orange Luma shouted, which Rosalina recognized as the platform where she once helped Mario and showed him a chart of nearby planets and galaxies he could visit. Everyone watched as the ship crashed and bounced up and down before dragging to a stop.
"Oh dear! I hope nobody was in that ship!" Polari said. Rosalina then tightly clutched her wand and floated her way (along with the yellow Luma) out of the room.
"Wait, Rosalina! Where are you going? It could be dangerous!" Polari said.
"Dangerous or not… if anyone was in that ship, they will need our help." Rosalina said as she left the room.

Meanwhile, near the central point of the Comet Observatory, Olimar somehow managed to survive another catastrophic situation regarding the SS Dolphin. He forced open the door and crawled his way out of the wreckage. Immediately he turned around and looked over what was left of his vessel and sighed. Then he tapped some buttons on his suit.
"Captain Olimar's log. I shall consider this the beginning of 1 day since impact. Well, it's happened again. I've struck an unidentified flying object… definitely no meteor this time around… and it has pulled my ship… well, what's left of it… to the surface. I do not recognize the place I have landed on at all. It is definitely not a planet, as I can still see stars that stretch beyond my eyesight. Perhaps it is some kind of space craft… one far bigger than I ever could've imagined." Olimar said. He then pressed some more buttons on his craft as he slowly walked around the ground, trying to study more of his surroundings.
"Intriguingly, there is plenty of oxygen on this space craft, and oxygen that is very much breathable and non-life threatening. I have enough food to last several days, but still, I will endeavor to repair my beloved SS Dolphin as quickly as possible so that I may return… well, I started to say return home… rather, return to wherever I am needed." Olimar said. The captain then turned around, only to see a gigantic wall of yellow in front of him.
"YIKES!!" Olimar shouted as he stumbled backwards. He then saw a couple black spots that were rapidly blinking. He was, in reality, looking up at a yellow Luma, and it took him a few seconds to realize he was looking at a gigantic living being.
"Are… are those eyes? What sort of giant space creature is this?" Olimar said to himself as he continued to back away nervously, while the Luma kept on following him… that is until Rosalina floated up to the Luma and picked it up.
"What is it, little Luma?" Rosalina said as she looked down and got her first look at Olimar. As for Olimar, he looked up, and up, and up, and up… he finally had to fall on his behind because he couldn't tilt his head back any further.
"What… what is… so huge… oooooooh…" Olimar said. It was too much for him to take. Never before had he seen something so big and so magnificent in beauty. He closed his eyes and fainted, an action that was not lost on Rosalina.
"Oh dear… it's an incredibly tiny space traveler. I didn't know they came so tiny." Rosalina said. Polari caught up with Rosalina and looked down at Olimar himself.
"Rosalina, who is that?" Polari asked.
"Likely the occupant of the spaceship that crashed. I think he needs help. I shall take him to my bedroom." Rosalina said as she floated towards the fainted Olimar and carefully picked up the very tiny man, holding him in the palm of her left hand.
"Are you sure that's a good idea, Rosalina? What if he's an evil alien from another galaxy?" Polari said.
"Even if he is… he's so incredibly tiny. I sincerely doubt he can cause us any harm. In fact…" Rosalina said. She then waved her wand around near the damaged SS Dolphin, and just like that, a forcefield was formed around the ship.
"That will make sure no Luma mistakes the spaceship for a toy or food or something else." Rosalina said.
"As you wish, Rosalina. What about the Comet Observatory?" Polari asked.
"Let's hold here until we find out what's going on. I'll be in my bedroom." Rosalina said as she floated away.
"Aye aye, captain!" Polari shouted as he went back to the navigation room.

Inside Rosalina's bedroom, colored almost entirely in purple, Rosalina sat down on her bed and placed Olimar on the nearby table. Except for a few yellow Luma who were playing and running around like human children would, Rosalina was all by herself with Olimar. Rosalina took the time to scan the man she brought in by waving her star wand.
"Hmmm… He is only three quarters of an inch tall. No wonder he is so incredibly small. I must look hundreds of feet tall from his perspective." Rosalina said. She then watched as he finally stirred around, slowly coming back to life.
"Oooooh… that was a strange dream. There's no way possible there can be a woman of that size." Olimar said.
"I am afraid you are not dreaming, young man." Rosalina said. Olimar looked up and there was the same giantess he saw earlier looking down on him.
"Yikes! You really are a giant woman!" Olimar said as he nervously backed away, only to be stopped when Rosalina rested one of her hands behind Olimar, preventing him from backing up any further.
"Please… there is no need to be alarmed. I will not hurt you." Rosalina said.
"Your voice… it's so calming despite the incredible size difference." Olimar said. Rosalina nodded.
"Yes. I've used my magic to make sure my voice is not too loud for your ears." Rosalina said.
"Where… where am I? And who are you?" Olimar said.
"Yes, I'm sure you have many questions. My name is Rosalina, and you're on my home… the Comet Observatory." Rosalina said.
"Your home? You mean you live out here in outer space?" Olimar said.
"That is correct. I travel the stars in search of other galaxies." Rosalina said. Olimar gasped.
"Wait… you travel the stars too! So do I! Well, only because of my job. I mean… I'd enjoy doing something like that in my spare time." Olimar said. Rosalina giggled as she watched Olimar's face blush a bright red.

"Oh ho ho… it's so nice to finally meet someone who shares the same interest as I do, Mister..." Rosalina said.
"Olimar. Captain Olimar to be exact." Olimar said.
"It's an honor to meet you, Captain Olimar." Rosalina said. Olimar quickly turned the conversation back to her traveling through space.
"But, you know, there can be a lot of emptiness in space. Don't you ever feel lonely traveling these stars?" Olimar asked.
"Not at all. I travel with my Luma." Rosalina said.
"Huh? Luma? You mean those yellow things?" Olimar said as he pointed over to the few Luma near Rosalina and her bed. Some were still floating around and playing while others were sitting in Rosalina's lap looking at Olimar just like she was.
"Yes, although they come in many other colors as well. Blue, purple, red, green, black, grey… you name it. I raise them like they're my own children, all the way until it's time for them to depart." Rosalina said.
"Depart?" Olimar asked.
"It is destiny for all Luma to eventually transform into something else, whether it be a full star or even another planet." Rosalina said.
"I see… most fascinating. But doesn't that make you sad?" Olimar asked.
"Only briefly, but for me, it's like a mother watching her child leave home to do greater things and make other people happy. That always brings a smile to my face." Rosalina said.
"Wow… you are a most genuine and kind person, Rosalina. I… I think we share so much in common. Ah… Ah… AHHHHCHOOO!!!" Olimar said as he then sneezed.
"Oh dear! Bless you!" Rosalina said. Olimar then allowed his helmet, the inside of which was drenched in his own saliva, to open up as he rubbed his nose.
"Thank you. Brrrrrr… I feel so cold. The heating system in my spacesuit must've been damaged." Olimar said.
"I see. Perhaps I can help warm you up." Rosalina said.

She then lowered her hand down towards the three quarters of an inch tall man. Olimar looked nervous at first… he thought just one of those fingers was easily big enough to crush him if he wasn't careful.
"Trust me, Olimar." Rosalina said.
"Y…Yes, ma'am." Olimar said as he jumped onto Rosalina's hand, running towards the palm. Once he got there, Rosalina moved her hand towards her chest and gently pressed it there.
"Oooof!" Olimar muffled as he felt Rosalina's hand on one side and her almost teal colored dress on the other. Olimar didn't feel too much pressure from both sides, telling him that Rosalina was being super gentle with him, but most importantly… Rosalina's chest felt very warm, and it was also relaxing him listening to her gentle heartbeat.
"Rest easy, Olimar. Let my gentle heart warm your body and soul and put your mind at ease." Rosalina said. She even gently rocked her hand back and forth, like she was cradling a baby Luma in her arms. Speaking of the Luma, they giggled as they watched Rosalina be gentle with Olimar like she would with them.
A few seconds later, Rosalina set Olimar back down on the table.
"Is that warm enough for you, Olimar?" Rosalina said.
"Oh yes… thank you so much, Rosalina. It seems to have fixed up the heating mechanism too!" Olimar said as he felt the warmth continue despite the giantess’s embrace ending. The young woman then got up from the bed, with Olimar looking up from the table he stood on.

"Now then, I must attend to other matters on the Observatory. I will be back soon. You just wait here." Rosalina said.
"Wait, Rosalina! Ummmm… can I please accompany you? I… I don't want to be alone. I feel so alone on this vessel, especially after my wife left me…" Olimar said.
"Oh? You are no longer married?" Rosalina said as she raised one of her eyebrows. The other eyebrow was probably raised too, but there was no way to tell given that eye was covered by her hair.
"Yes… she has threatened to divorce me because I haven't been home enough for her and the kids. It's gotten me quite depressed." Olimar said. And that's when it hit Rosalina. It amazed her that Olimar was feeling exactly as depressed as she was. She was distraught over having gone this long without a boyfriend, and he was depressed now that he was without a wife. It’s like synergy was starting to synchronize between the two, and she felt it was important that he not be alone like he requested.
"Okay, Olimar. You can stay with me. I'll put you where you'll be far less at risk of something bad happening to you." Rosalina said as she gently picked up the tiny space explorer and placed him on top of her right shoulder.
"Ah… thank you, Rosalina. I must admit it's been a long time since I've had a view from this high up!" Olimar said.
"I'm glad to hear it." Rosalina said as she, and the yellow Luma behind her, floated out of the bedroom.

Eventually, Rosalina made her way back to the central platform, where the SS Dolphin had crashed and was still laying to rest. She noticed a few Luma of different colors scrambling around both the ship and the immediate area. Rosalina saw an obese purple Luma nearby, whom she immediately recognized as Lubba. Lubba acted as sort of a father figure to the Luma anytime Rosalina was not within the immediate vicinity, and knew she could trust him on any activity the Luma would do was for a good cause.
"Oh? What's going on, Lubba?" Rosalina asked.
"Well, it appears some of the Luma have found loose parts belonging to the tiny traveler's spaceship." Lubba said. Olimar looked from Rosalina's shoulder and saw one of the blue Luma carrying a part he recognized.
"Oh! The Omega Stabilizer!" Olimar said.
"Is that a key part of your spaceship?" Rosalina asked.
"It sure is! I wonder if anything else is missing. If you'll allow me, I'd like to jump into the cockpit and access my ship's computer." Olimar said.
"As you wish." Rosalina said as she floated towards the tiny SS Dolphin until the bottom of her dress was within inches of it. Rosalina next gently plucked Olimar from her shoulder and set him down next to the ship. As Olimar once again shivered over seeing Rosalina tower high over him from the ground thanks to the size difference, he quickly focused on the SS Dolphin. He punched a few buttons on the control panel of his ship, and his eyes opened wide when he saw the results.
“Oh my… is that all that was damaged? That’s quite the miracle.” Olimar said. The captain then walked out of the ship where he saw Rosalina now down on her knees, likely so she could better hear him.
“Well, it looks like I’m only missing a few critical parts. All we have to do is gather them up and my ship will be as good as new again!” Olimar said.
“That’s great. Lubba, have all the Luma look around the Observatory for the remaining parts. By working together, we can resolve this dilemma in record time.” Rosalina said.
“Agreed, Rosalina! We’ll get right on it!” Lubba said as he gathered a few other Lumas and pointed them in numerous directions.
“Wait… are you sure they will know what to look for?” Olimar asked.
“Haha! Young lad… these Luma know the layout of this Observatory like they know how many stars are over their heads! They’ll find ANYTHING that looks out of place.” Lubba said.
“I see… what incredible intuition and intelligence these star creatures possess!” Olimar said.

Seconds later, there was a very loud rumbling sound that could easily be heard by everyone, even Rosalina.
“Oh? What was that?” Rosalina asked. Olimar knew right away where that sound came from, and he blushed.
“Oh… I can answer that. That was my stomach. I haven’t eaten anything for several hours.” Olimar said.
“Oh… that’s definitely not good.” Rosalina said.
“And I didn’t think to pack enough of my favorite snack… Pikpik carrots!” Olimar said.
“Perhaps I can solve your hunger problem. Please hop on. I will take you to our kitchen.” Rosalina said.
“Oh!? You have an entire kitchen on this platform?” Olimar said.
“Of course. There’s plenty of rooms here on this Comet Observatory.” Rosalina said. Once again, the tall woman extended a hand for Olimar to climb on. He did so, and Rosalina quickly put him back on her shoulder. As the two left the SS Dolphin behind, Rosalina floated her way to the kitchen area of the Observatory.

Rosalina arrived in the kitchen, and Olimar was in awe as he looked around the studied the room. He watched as Rosalina walked up to a refrigerator, which looked to him like an ice world as she opened it up. She pulled out a bucket full of Star Bits and placed it, along with Olimar, on a nearby countertop.
“Oh? What are these?” Olimar asked.
“These are called Star Bits. They’re hard pieces of candy that the Luma just love. In fact, when Hungry Luma eat enough of these things, they grow powerful enough in size and strength to become planets… maybe even entire galaxies.” Rosalina said.
“*gasp!* You mean those little star creatures I’ve seen floating around? They become entire galaxies just by eating these things!?” Olimar said.
“Indeed.” Rosalina said with a smile.
“Good gravy! The nutritional value of these things must be off the charts!” Olimar said.
“Oh, but we can’t eat them as they are now. All I have to do is wave a little bit of my magic and they become soft and chewy. I have a friend named Mario who once compared it to something I think was called a Gummi Bear.” Rosalina said.
“Hmmm… most interesting.” Olimar said. The space explorer stood back as Rosalina picked up three separate Star Bits and placed them down beside the bucket they came from. Then, she waved her sparkling star wand a few times. It didn’t look like there were any changes to the Star Bits, but all Olimar had to do was watch as Rosalina picked up one of the Star Bits and throw it into her mouth. She easily chewed it up into a few pieces, then gulping them down her mouth.
"Mmmm… delicious." Rosalina said.
"I see. Well, I suppose I will help myself." Olimar said. The space explorer walked up to one of the Star Bits. Of course, at his size, the article of food was quite massive. He could take 16 bites out of the candy and it would still look whole to the untrained eye. Still, he dug himself into the Star Bit, and right away was taken aback by how well it tasted.
"Oh… you're right! This is most scrumptious!" Olimar said as he took a few more bites before jumping onto the Star Bit. That would almost prove to be a fatal mistake.

Rosalina couldn't help but want to eat one more of those softened Star Bits, so she reached down and picked up another one. Unknown to her, it happened to be the one that Olimar had clutched himself onto. Olimar watched as the background moved around.
"Huh? The background? Am I moving?" Olimar said to himself. He then looked up and saw he was heading right for Rosalina's massive open mouth!
"Oh no!!!" Olimar shouted. He had to think fast, and that's when he looked down and saw an opening in one of the long sleeves of Rosalina's dress. He let go of the Star Bit just as Rosalina popped it into her mouth, and Olimar went falling and falling until he landed inside the sleeve. He was tucked between the fabric of the dress as well as the skin on the giantess's arm.
"I gotta keep moving before I'm crushed like a red, blue, or yellow Pikmin!" Olimar said, realizing that he was not out of the woods yet.
As he was moving through the narrow passageway, his movements were not lost on Rosalina. She couldn't help but laugh as something, unknown to her was Olimar, was tickling her right arm.
"Hahahahaha!!!" Rosalina laughed as she tried shaking her arm loose.

A couple minutes of laughing later, Olimar finally managed to emerge from underneath the dress and onto her shoulder again.
"Rosalina, down here!" Olimar shouted.
"Oh? Captain Olimar? How did you get up there?" Rosalina said as she turned her head as much as she could to peek at the tiny man.
"Well, I just went through quite the adventure! First, you almost ate me, and then I had to go crawling up your arm to reach you. Either that or fall all the way to the floor where I would've surely gone SPLAT!" Olimar said.
"Oh my! I'm so terribly sorry I put you through all that. I had no idea you were on that Star Bit." Rosalina said.
"No, no… it's my fault. I'm the one that should've been more careful." Olimar said.
"Well, in any event, you are safe and that's all that matters. Still, let us both be careful in the future." Rosalina said.
"Agreed!" Olimar said, and he received a gentle pat from one of the giantess's purple fingernails in response.
"Oh, that reminds me… it's time for me to head to the library and read a story to the Lumas." Rosalina asked.
"Really?" Olimar said.
"Yes. They just love it when I read a story before they go to bed." Rosalina said. As Olimar sat down on Rosalina's shoulder, she floated her way out of the kitchen after putting the bucket of Star Bits back into the refrigerator.

As soon as Rosalina came out, Lubba came floating up to the young woman.
"Rosalina, I have good news for our tiny visitor! We've managed to find all the parts!" Lubba said.
"Oh! That's wonderful news." Rosalina said.
"Yes… we've assembled them at the base of the ship… whenever he is ready to begin repairs, of course." Lubba said.
"Well, luckily, my ship comes with a self-repair system! All I have to do is have is beam the parts onboard, and voila! They're instantly restored." Olimar said.
"Ah, I see! It's amazing what can be accomplished with technology… like the construction of this Comet Observatory! Right, Rosalina?" Lubba said.
"Haha! That's right." Rosalina said. She then floated her way to the SS Dolphin and gently set Olimar down on the ground. He opened a panel on the side of the ship and then pressed a few buttons. As he said would happen, the few parts that the Luma had gathered got sucked into the ship, and almost like magic, they were put back into place.
"Hooray! The SS Dolphin is ship shape and ready for departure!" Olimar said. He took a few steps towards the ship like he was getting ready to board it.

But then he stopped. He took one look all the way up at Rosalina. He could see it in her eyes. She was half happy and half sad. This girl really and truly does care for me, Olimar thought to himself, and then he remembered his wife's last words before he left Planet Hocotate.
"I'm taking the money and the kids and we'll live on another planet, away from all this mess. Goodbye, Olimar." his wife's words echoed over and over and over.
"Oh, but I have nowhere else to go. No family… no wife… a job that will surely cease to exist tomorrow… there's no point in me going home." Olimar said. Rosalina suddenly had a smile on her face again as she got down on her knees and leaned in, placing one of her hands down inches away from him.
"You are more than welcome to stay on this Observatory for as long as you'd like." Rosalina said.
"You really mean that, Rosalina?" Olimar said.
"Yes, Captain Olimar. Because I… well…" Rosalina said.
"Yes?" Olimar asked.
"I have feelings for you, Olimar. If nobody else will care for you, then I will." Rosalina said. Olimar was speechless for almost 20 seconds. It reminded him dearly of his recently divorced wife, who loved him so much no matter what he did. Olimar then smiled himself.
"I… kinda share those feelings. In fact, I'd like to send you a special message." Olimar said.
"Oh? What is it?" Rosalina asked.

That's when Olimar jumped into the SS Dolphin. Rosalina at first was worried that he was going to suddenly take off, but she trusted him with whatever would happen next. The Luma and Rosalina herself backed away a bit as they saw the SS Dolphin fire up. The ship launched up in the air leaving behind a thick smoke trail. Once the ship was just below eye level with Rosalina, that's when Olimar made his move. He tilted the ship around, maneuvering it at a low enough speed. Rosalina was curious about the way the SS Dolphin was moving, and then she saw what the smoke trail left behind the ship was shaped as.
"Awwwwww…" Rosalina said as she looked at the heart-shaped trail of smoke. Then, Olimar's voice came calling out towards her.
"I love you, Rosalina!" Olimar said. She couldn't wait to share her thoughts. She reached out and gently grabbed the SS Dolphin, which promptly cut its engines upon being grabbed.
"And I love you, Captain Olimar." Rosalina said as she pressed the ship against her lips and gave it (and Olimar) the biggest kiss ever laid eyes on. As she set the ship back down on the ground, she watched as Olimar came stumbling out of the ship with hearts flowing cartoon style over his head, even as Rosalina reached down, picked him up, and held him up to her face.
"Hohoho… you look so cute when you're lovestruck." Rosalina said.
"T-t-t-thanks." Olimar said.
"Now come on, everyone! It's time for a story." Rosalina said, which prompted many a cheer from the small crowd of Luma gathered around. They followed Rosalina, who carried Olimar all the way (leaving the fully reassembled SS Dolphin behind) to the library.

When Rosalina got inside the library, she first walked to the table next to the wooden chair where she always sat when coming in here. It was on this table she placed Olimar, who watched as the giantess gracefully floated over to the bookshelf and picked out a book to read. Then she sat down on the chair, much to the delight of the Luma who followed her into the room. Olimar sat down on the table, anxious to hear the story and see how the Luma would engage with her.
"Now then, let us begin." Rosalina said as she opened up the book. The story she was reading was a take on a classic fairy tale called Sleeping Beauty.
For the next 10-15 minutes, Rosalina read the story out loud as she flipped through the pages. As she got near the end of the story, however, she made a quick glance and smile over at Olimar and changed things up a bit.
"The sleeping girl wouldn't know it yet, but it turned out the prince that would wake her up was a brave, little prince. No bigger than the girl's longest fingernail. Like the princess, he too traveled a long way in search of his destiny. Despite the magnificent size difference between the two, the prince bravely climbed the girl's dress like it were a jungle vine. He walked for several minutes across the girl's body. He was tired and exhausted in the end, but at least he had made it to the end. With a sweet kiss to her giant lips, the girl woke up. As she sat up and let the prince tumble into her hands, she thanked him for breaking the spell of eternal slumber. The two kissed each other once again, and the many Luma all cheered happily, celebrating the start of a beautiful relationship." Rosalina said.

Then she closed the book.
"And that's all. That's the end of the story." Rosalina said as she listened to the cheering of the Luma.
"Awwww… that was so beautiful. They want you to read it again!" Lubba said.
"I'm sure they do. But it's time everyone went to bed. We have a busy day tomorrow." Rosalina said.
"You heard Mama, everyone! Time to become sleeping stars! Let's go go go go!" Lubba said as he and the other Luma (except for a few yellow Luma who refused to leave Rosalina's sight) all went flying out of the library. After Rosalina got up and walked over to the bookshelf to return the book she had been reading, she looked over at Olimar on the table.
"You made up that last part, didn't you?" Olimar said.
"Yes, I did." Rosalina said. Olimar blushed and rubbed his feet against the surface of the table.
"That was very sweet." Olimar said.
"Anything for my sweet, handsome little man." Rosalina said as she gently patted him on the head again. She was about to reach down and pick him up, but then Polari came flying in.
"Rosalina, I'm sorry to interrupt, but there's another ship approaching!" Polari said.
"Oh? Another one?" Rosalina said.
"Yes! And… it's just as tiny as the SS Dolphin." Polari said.
"Oh dear… I wonder if that's my boss from Hocotate Freight. He's probably been looking for me!" Olimar said.
"What should we do?" Polari asked.
"Well, let's go find out what it wants. Make sure the Luma keep their distance just in case this is a hostile threat." Rosalina said.
"Yes, Rosalina!" Polari said as he led the way with Rosalina and the yellow Luma behind him, with Olimar perched on Rosalina's right shoulder.

Just as everyone made it to the central platform where the SS Dolphin was, they watched this other rocket ship settle down right next to the SS Dolphin.
"It's okay, Rosalina. You can let me down. I'll explain everything to the president." Olimar said. Rosalina nodded in approval and set the space explorer down on the ground. Just as he landed there, the other rocket ship opened up, and indeed, the president of Hocotate Freight came walking out.
"Mr. President!" Olimar shouted.
"Ho ho! So good to see you, Olimar! I was so worried when I heard your ship crash landed on this incredibly massive vessel. Oh dear… with incredibly massive occupants to boot!" the president said as he looked behind Olimar and saw Rosalina towering over.
"Oh, do not be alarmed, Mr. President. This young woman has been taking care of me since I crashed. But may I ask how you found me?" Olimar asked.
"Haha! We have your partner, Louie, to thank for that! For once he did something useful and found out how to track the homing beacon on your ship!" the president said.
"Ah, I see." Olimar said.
"By the way, Olimar… I am not alone. I brought someone special along for the trip because she was so incredibly worried." the president said.
"She, sir?" Olimar asked.

With that, the president turned around and let out a loud whistle, the same kind that would attract any Pikmin if they were around. Coming off the ship was none other than Olimar's wife.
"Olimar!" Olimar's wife shouted.
"S-S-Sweetheart!?" Olimar shouted in shock. Olimar's wife did not hesitate in running up to her husband and the two embraced.
"Heh heh… She begged me like a dozen times to come onboard for the ride. She told me you two had an argument?" the president said.
"Y-y-yes… I thought… I thought you said you were done with me?" Olimar said.
"Oh, Olimar. I'm so very sorry. I let my emotions get the best of me, something Hocotatians should never ever do! That was wrong of me to say those things. I just… it was just I've missed you so much." Olimar's wife said.
"It's okay, sweetie. I forgive you. These past few months have been tough on all of us." Olimar said.
"Which is why I hereby announce that you, Captain Olimar of Hocotate Freight, will be put on paid leave for 30 days starting immediately!" the president said with a happy face.
"What!? But sir… what about the debt you and I were working together to eliminate and…" Olimar said.
"Olimar, Olimar. You've worked so incredibly hard. I have nothing but admiration for how much hard work you have put into your job. But your family needs you more than I do. You've more than earned this precious time off. We can survive a month without your services. We've fought and climbed out of financial holes before. These next several days will be no different!" the president said. Olimar was stunned beyond words. His wife forgiving him and he'll finally have the free time to make her and his kids the happiest they've ever been in his life?

But then he thought about Rosalina. He looked back and saw her again kneeling down so she could better see and hear all the action.
"Oh, um… sweetie, may I introduce you to a new friend of mine? This here is Rosalina. She's been taking care of me ever since I crashed on this platform. Rosalina, this is my wife!" Olimar said. While Rosalina showed a positive attitude on the outside… deep inside her heart figuratively sank. All the plans she had for when she and Olimar were going to spend time together… immediately they were crushed like an asteroid landing on a pile of Star Bits. Still, she put on a smile and waved.
"Hello. It's a pleasure to meet you, finally." Rosalina said.
"Wow… she's so big! I'm surprised she didn't crush you, honey." Olimar's wife said.
"Haha… yeah, me too! But she was very careful, and she and her star creatures, the Luma, helped put my ship back together." Olimar said.
"Well then, we better get back to Planet Hocotate on the double! I'm already past the amount of time I said I would rent this rocket!" the president said as he quickly darted back to the rocket he flew.

Olimar and his wife proceeded to walk back to the SS Dolphin themselves, but Olimar then stopped and turned over to Rosalina, walking up to one of her hands perched on the ground.
"Rosalina… thank you for everything. You've been such a graceful host, and more importantly, a wonderful friend. I hope we can meet again someday." Olimar said. Rosalina could feel a bit of sadness building up inside her, but once again played it strong and kept a smiling face.
"Me too, Captain Olimar. I will never forget your charming face." Rosalina said. Olimar patted one of Rosalina's fingernails and then turned back to his wife, smiling as the two were together again.
"I can't wait to see the reaction on our kids' faces!" Olimar's wife said. That remark along made it all the more happy for Olimar that he was back together with the woman he's loved for all these years, but still, he took one final look at Rosalina and waved her goodbye.
"Goodbye, everyone! Safe journey across the galaxy!" Olimar said before he and his wife finally boarded the SS Dolphin. Seconds later, the two rockets fired up and blasted off into space. Rosalina floated all the way to the edge of the Observatory, holding onto the rails as she watched the two ships drift farther and farther away from her view.
"Goodbye, Olimar…" Rosalina softly said.
Polari, Lubba, and some of the other Luma joined up alongside Rosalina and watched the two ships fly away themselves.
"Well, there they go. I already miss that little guy named Olimar. He was rather nice!" Polari said.

Then to Polari's surprise, there was no reaction from Rosalina. Normally she jumps in with a thought of her own by now.
"Huh? Rosalina?" Polari said. Then… Rosalina dropped her star wand. Polari floated to where he could see Rosalina's face and gasped. She was crying.
"*gasp* What's wrong, Rosalina?" Polari said.
"I… I loved him… and now he's gone. This is… Polari… I'm heartbroken." Rosalina said.
"Rosalina… I…" Polari said, only to get interrupted when Rosalina suddenly burst out sobbing as she looked over the rails and let the tears fall from her face to outer space.
"I LOVED HIM!!! *sobbing*" Rosalina screamed. Some of the Luma cried in response, feeling so sad for their mother. Rosalina slumped down to her knees and cried against the rails.
"I was so close… *sobbing*… to finally having true love… *sobbing*" Rosalina said as she continued to cry and cry. She hadn't felt this sad ever since she realized her parents were gone and she'd never see them again.
"I'm so sorry, Rosalina." Polari said.
The Luma allowed Rosalina to cry for a couple more minutes, and then Lubba stepped in next to try and comfort her.
"I'm sorry too, Rosalina. But always remember that you still have all of us." Lubba said. Rosalina looked up and past her soggy tear-filled eyes. At least a couple dozen Luma were gathered around Rosalina, and she could hear some of them shouting… "No more crying, Mama! No more crying, Mama!"

Rosalina wiped the tears from her eyes and looked around to face as many Luma as she could.
"Thank you… everyone. I'm so sorry for the way I acted. It's just… I've never felt the feeling of love this much in my entire life." Rosalina said.
"Obviously it's very powerful. I remember you saying you loved your own Mama so much." Polari said.
"Yes, Polari. But… I won't let it bother me. I now know what it feels like to love someone like Olimar… and then to lose that love so quickly…" Rosalina said.
"Rosalina, I have no doubt you'll find that special someone someday." Lubba said.
"I agree. Surely it's a matter of time before you'll find someone you love." Polari said.
"You are right. Thank you both… I'll just continue to be patient. I've waited this long already for love." Rosalina said, finally cracking a smile, which made the Luma happy again.
"That's the spirit, Rosalina!" Polari shouted. Rosalina picked up her star wand and hugged a couple younger yellow Luma.
"Thank you, everyone! Now then, let us get back on track. Put the ship back to warp and keep an eye out for new galaxies, Polari." Rosalina said.
"Aye aye, Captain!!" Polari said as he floated away. Lubba corralled up as much of the other Luma as he could so that they could finally get to sleep.

Rosalina started to float back to her bedroom, but before she did, she took one last look at the stars behind her. She thought one more time of Captain Olimar and prayed for the safe return of him and his wife to their home planet.