Inside the Peachy Diary

(Cubed Cinder)

Present time

Peach opened up her diary, like she does every Friday night just as soon as everyone in the castle is asleep (except for the mushroom guards, of course). It had been a very interesting week, to say the least, for the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She's been through everything from protecting a land in both her own kingdom as well as on another planet that didn't even rise past her ankles.
She also helped save Toad from a deadly virus that could've severely handicapped his life to the point where it's almost painful for Toadette to watch. But it got really interesting when Peach had to... no, it's best she not tell right now. It's just too insane and unfathomable for her mind, let alone her growth spurt, to take. She then picked up a nearby pen and started to write what was on her mind, speaking aloud what she was saying.

"Dear diary,

It's been such a strange and unimaginable week here in the Mushroom Kingdom. Enough to send both my mind and growth spurt into swirling chaos. That may be saying too much, but nevertheless, what hasn't changed is the events of the past week. It makes me want to keep thinking about that growth spurt I've gone through over the past several years. But before I talk about what has happened, I feel I should share two of the dreams I've been having, no doubt that happened as a result of these weird events.

These dreams have all had to do with past events that have occured in the Mushroom Kingdom. Whether or not that was by coincidence, I'll never know. But it was almost a shame that I had to either wake up from these dreams or snap out of my daydream so that I can continue to run my kingdom without trouble. One such dream I had... the memories just rung out like a bell. It's just too interesting to think about each of these dreams and what might have happened if they ever became real. For instance, I remember this one time when we were fighting against a gigantic version of Bowser, during which he called himself Koopzilla, and we had just helped Professor T. Garden create another batch of Super Sushi..."

STORY #1 - Peach Meets Koopzilla

Deep within the badly damaged town of Sayonara, Princess Toadstool (Peach back then for the uninitiated) and her friends, Mario, Luigi, and Toad waited almost impatiently for the Super Sushi to be ready. They knew every second they didn't act meant that much more damage for the city of Sayonara, which has had to contend with Koopzilla nearly all day long. They had tried to stop them through conventional methods, but none of them worked. They came to a consensus that it was best to fight fire with fire.

Finally, the microwave beep went off, and Professor T. Garden then pulled out his latest batch of Super Sushi.
"Ah! My latest batch of Super Sushi is now ready!" the professor said.
"Then serve the supper! We gotta grow as big as Koopzilla so we can clean his pipes!" Mario said.
"Yeah... but which one of us?" Luigi said.
"Personally, I could use a height boost myself." Toad said. Toadstool then stepped in front of everyone.
"I'll take it, professor." she said.
"What!? Princess? You can't be serious, can't you?" Toad said.
"Yeah. Koopzilla's quite the bully. He'd push you around at the first opportunity!" Mario said.
"That might be true. But it's time that I stepped up for a change as the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Koopa must pay for all he's done to us, and it's only fair that I be the one to knock him out." Toadstool said as she sat down at the nearby table.
"Very well then." the professor said. He laid the platter full of the Super Sushi down for the princess to eat, which she got into right away. Toad was surprised to see how fast she was eating.
"Boy... I never knew the princess was such a quick eater. She must really be anxious." Toad said.
"Yeah. That's normally Mario's position, if you know what I mean." Luigi said. A couple minutes later, the plate was completely empty.
"Mmmmm... good." Toadstool said with a smile. Then she looked down and noticed her napkin starting to rip apart. It didn't take a rocket scientist for everyone to see that the princess was growing! Luckily, because of the widespread effects of the Super Sushi, Toadstool's princess outfit grew along with her.
"It's working!" Mario shouted. Everyone stood back at every single part of her body just expanded outward. Bigger and bigger she got. Finally, when the princess felt her head bump against the ceiling, she placed both her hands against it as it started to fall apart once again, after it had been previously destroyed by Koopzilla.
"Oh... not again! I just had that ceiling fixed!" the professor shouted as he and the others ran outside the crumbling building. It soon gave way entirely to be replaced by Princess Toadstool's growing body, which soon stopped to match the same size as Koopzilla.
"Now it's Koopa clobbering time!" Toadstool said as she started to walk towards the inner parts of the city, where Koopzilla was last seen.

Meanwhile, Koopzilla was continuing his destruction-fest, just finishing ripping apart a glass building that stood no chance of surviving his might.
"I haven't had this big a blast, since I set that fire in the dynamite factory! Hahahaha!" Koopzilla said. He then looked over his shoulder to see the gigantic Princess Toadstool jumping into the scene.
"That's enough, you revolting reptile!" Toadstool said as she floated over the buildings. She then landed on the ground, causing quite a shakeup around the area.
"What the!? Well, if it isn't little miss Princess Toadstool! And she's as big as me!" Koopzilla said.
"That's right, Koopzilla. And I'm ready for some Koopa butt-kicking!" Toadstool said.
"Hahaha!!! You think you stand a chance against me?" Koopzilla said.
"Well, are you going to bring it or not? It's time we settled our score once and for all!" Toadstool said. The two then charged each other and locked hands, strangling to get a hold of each other.
"Tell me! How did you ever get so creepy, crummy, and crabby?" Toadstool said.
"Years of practice." Koopzilla said. Then, Toadstool made a daring move towards Koopzilla's stomach, and actually managed to pick up the villain entirely! She then threw him over his head, sending him flying over to some undamaged buildings that simply got flattened underneath his weight. Toadstool then stomped over to where Koopzilla was laying down, and then grabbed him by the tail!
"Take this, Koopzilla!" Toadstool said.
"No! Wait, wait!!! Put me down!!!" Koopzilla shouted as he was once again sent flying to another previous undamaged section of the city. Toadstool walked over happily to a few yards away from where Koopzilla was resting.
"Ha! You'd be surprised what that Super Sushi can do to a 'little princess' like me." she said.
"Is that so? Well, just remember, he who koops last... koops best!" Koopzilla said as he picked up a significantly smaller building and hurled it towards Toadstool. She quickly ducked to dodge the structure and then turned and watched as the structure collided with another portion of the city. She then looked to see Koopzilla holding two power poles, one in each hand.
"I'm sending you back to lasagna land!" Koopzilla said. Toadstool took a few steps back, stopping short of two monorail tracks with one empty monorail car just inches away from her heeled shoes.
"Easier said than done, lizard lips." Toadstool said. She picked up the monorail and then took a swing at Koopzilla, who blocked the attack with the power poles. Toadstool was also successful in blocking attacks taken by Koopzilla. So far, neither was successful in laying a hit. Toadstool finally took a few steps backward.
"As Mario would say in Brooklyn... bonzai!" Toadstool shouted. She threw the entire monorail car at Koopzilla, who easily blocked it with his power poles.
"Nice try, pretty woman!" Koopzilla said. He then threw the power poles to the ground as the two giants went back to hand-to-hand combat.

Meanwhile, back at Professor T. Garden's damaged science lab, Mario, Luigi, and Toad just watched as the two continued to battle each other.
"Princess Toadstool may save the city, but there'll be no city!" Toad said.
"Yeah. But you have to admit, if it weren't for Koopzilla, the view would've been nice." Mario said, referring to how much more beautiful the princess was at her increased size.
"Terrific teriyaki! I've done it!" Professor T. Garden shouted from the background.
"Done what?" Mario said as the gang ran over to see what he's done.
"Oh! I've created the antidote to Super Sushi." Professor T. Garden said.
"Great garlic! Now we can shrink that koopy Koopzilla back down to size!" Luigi said.

Back in the city, Toadstool was beginning to show signs of fatigue as Koopzilla was starting to gain the upper hand. In fact, Koopzilla reached in and picked up Toadstool, tossing her to a big building. Toadstool landed hard, but was able to get up and brush the debris off her dress.
"Lucky for me that shopping mall broke my fall!" Toadstool said, keeping a close sense of humor through the entire thing. The two then locked eye contact again, ready to attack once again. Behind the chaos, Mario and the gang were running into the battle scene with Luigi and Toad holding one very large needle with the Super Sushi antidote fluid inside.
"This is the second biggest hypodermic needle I've ever seen!" Toad said.
"What was the biggest?" Luigi asked.
"My last flu shot." Toad said.
"Get ready, guys. When Koopzilla closes in, we'll give him an injection of Super Sushi Shrinker!" Mario said. Back at the battle scene, Koopzilla was holding a billboard advertising a soft drink.
"Chew on this, pizza puss!" Koopzilla shouted as he threw the billboard towards the princess. But Toadstool was able to flip jump over the projectile and land a few yards away from the Koopa king. She then noticed how Koopzilla was standing underneath an orange-colored tarp that was being used to cover the damage on the roads.
"Koopzilla, hope you don't mind that I'm sweeping you off your feet." Toadstool said as she grabbed the tarp and pulled it hard enough to trip Koopzilla up. He landed hard on his back in the process.
"Ouch! You'll pay for that you royal pain in the tail!" Koopzilla said as he got back up and charged for Toadstool. From below, Luigi and Toad knew now was the time to make their move.
"Let's make like a cactus and stick him!" Toad shouted as the two ran with the needle in their hands. They were successfully able to stick it to Koopzilla, who jumped up and yelped in pain before landing back on the streets.

"YEEEEEOWWW!!!" Koopzilla shouted in pain. He then recovered to see the buildings around him getting bigger.
"Hey... this city's getting bigger." Koopzilla said. He then quickly realized what was going on. The city wasn't getting bigger. He was getting smaller.
"No! I'm shrinking!!!" Koopzilla shouted. Soon, after all the special effects had worn out, he was back at his normal size. There was no more Koopzilla. Only King Koopa. The evil villain then looked up and saw the still gigantic Princess Toadstool walking towards him.
"You too big good-for-nothing princess of a good-for-something kingdom! You foiled my plans again!" Koopa shouted.
"That's right, Koopa! You're all kooped out!" Toadstool said.
"Then as the old saying goes. He who koops and runs away lives to koop another day!" Koopa said, pulling out a potion from underneath his shell and throwing it down on the ground, opening a warp hole.
"Hey! He's escaping into a warp zone!" Mario said. The group charged after him with Toadstool from above trying to grab him, but Koopa was able to jump in and get away as the hole faded.
"Miserable macaroni! Koopa's got away again!" Luigi said.
"Yes. But Sayonara's seen the last of him and his koopa-crazy conquests." Peach said from above.

Present time

"Now that I look back, I kinda feel bad I didn't volunteer to take that Super Sushi, as I had never experienced size-changing before in my lifetime, at least during my young age then. But it was probably for the better that I let Mario grow instead of myself. I was very modest back in those days, not as loose as I certainly am today. I can only wonder though how Sayonara would've reacted at seeing myself at such a large size.

My other dream that I will share with you is another one of those 'I wish I had done it' scenarios. As I said before, if it weren't for Mario, I wouldn't have learned to better defend myself. But I can't help but wonder what would've happened had I been as brave as him. Case in point, Mario becoming a giant ninja to fight off Bowser's Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas. Again, what could've been had I come to the rescue..."

STORY #2 - Peach versus the Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas

As the Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas celebrated their victory in their mission of capturing Mario, Luigi and Toad, along with the capture of Prince Hugo and his transformation to a poodle, Princess Toadstool was sneaking behind Bowser's throne in an attempt to get his friends out of their caged prison, which actually belonged to Squawker, Prince Hugo's pet parrot. Toadstool pulled as hard as she could on the cage to get it open for her friends, but it was no good.
"I can't get it open. But never mind, guys, I've got a way to trick Bowser, and we'll need to work together. Here's the plan..." Toadstool then leaned in close as she discussed her plan with her friends before hiding back behind Bowser's throne. Once she had another clear chance, Toadstool ran over and switched two of his magic rods in their places.

As soon as the Koopas had stopped celebrating, the princess went back to hiding behind the throne as Bowser sat on it. Bowser looked up at his giant-sized Koopa Kids.
"So, what kingdom are we giant ninja koopas gonna conquer first?" Big Mouth said.
"Water Land!" Kooky shouted.
"Desert Land!" Cheatsy shouted.
"Quiet, Koopalings! I'm the king here, so I'll decide which land we're going to take over!" Bowser shouted. Then the princess stepped out from behind Bowser's throne.
"You're not taking over any land, Bowser!" Toadstool said.
"WHAT!?!?" Bowser shouted as he was surprised to see the princess there, as were the Koopalings.
"Release my friends and turn Prince Hugo the Poodle back into Prince Hugo the Huge, or else!" Toadstool said.
"Or else what, my dear princess?" Bowser asked, with a mean look on his face.
"Uh... just let them go and I'll come back next Tuesday and tell you." Toadstool said.
"Grab her, Koopalings!" Bowser shouted. His Koopalings then marched forward and reached down to grab Toadstool, who didn't even bother to try and escape from their clutches.
"Oh, this is horrible! Bowser is so mean! I bet he's gonna turn the princess into a miniature poodle too!" Mario said in a sarcastic tone. Bowser heard this and smiled gleefully.
"That's a great idea, Mario! You might have just given me a million dollar idea! Hahahaha! I always wanted twin poodle!" Bowser shouted as he reached to grab his red wand. Little did he realize he had just grabbed the green wand instead, which had allowed his kids to become Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas earlier.
"It worked, Mario. Bowser doesn't realize he's been tricked." Luigi said as he leaned in toward Mario's ear.

Bowser then aimed his wand at the princess and zapped her with it. Big Mouth had to drop the princess to the ground as his fingers had gotten burned from feeling the sparks of the blast. But as soon as Toadstool landed on the ground, she started to grow right before Bowser's eyes! Her clothes were slowly transforming as well. Instead of a normal princess outfit, she was wearing a short pink-colored dress (similar to her Mario Golf outfit) and knee-high boots. There was also a purple bandana wrapped around her head instead of her crown that usually rested atop her brown hair. Bowser had a very confused look on his face, then looked down and realized he had zapped her with the wrong wand.
"Hey! Who's been fiddling with my wands?" Bowser asked.
"Good Truthful Honest Giant Ninja Princess Toadstool. That's who!" Toadstool said, in a powerful tone as she towered over the evil Koopa king. She then kneeled down and broke open the front door of Squawker's cage, allowing Mario, Luigi, and Toad to escape. The three, after looking up at the enlarged ninja princess, took one look at Bowser and charged at him. Bowser dropped his wand and ran away in fear, soon getting behind his own Koopalings as they prepared to face off against Princess Toadstool. She got in her ninja stance as the four giant Koopas charged for the princess. But unaware to them, Mario was now holding the green wand as he zapped it towards them.
A wave of green energy surrounded the Koopa kids as they started to shrink back to their normal size. Soon, by the time they reached the giant ninja princess, they could only see the brown color of her knee-high boots. They had to look up this time to see the princess towering above them! Toadstool raised her foot and tried to squash the Koopa kids, but they were able to escape. While all this was going on, Luigi had restored Prince Hugo to his normal state.

The kids all retreated behind Bowser this time as they all looked up in fear from both Prince Hugo the Huge and the giant ninja Princess Toadstool towering above them.
"C'mon, prince! Let's kick some Koopa butt!" Toadstool said with a sly smile on her face.
"Save us! No fair!" The kids shouted.
"I'd like to save you, Koopalings, but I... uh... I... uh... I just remembered something! I have an important tail styling appointment in another warp zone! Bye!!!" Bowser shouted. He then jumped up and hit a music block, which revealed a pipe that he immediately jumped into. Toadstool slowly walked towards the Koopalings.
"Wait for us! We're kooping out too!" The Koopalings shouted before they jumped in after their father. The pipe soon disappeared, and Toadstool looked behind her to see Prince Hugo walking up to her and offering to shake her hand, which they did.
"Thank you, Princess Toadstool. You've been a big help in saving Giant Land!" Prince Hugo said.
"Oh, forget it, Prince Hugo. We're just glad to have you back to your normal self." Toadstool said as they both smiled. They shook hands one last time before Mario zapped Toadstool and returned her to her normal size.

Present time

"Okay, so the idea of my ninja outfit would've flat out embarrassed me back then, when I was more modest than brave. But hey, I bet Toad would've said I looked hot in that outfit. Oh well, again I feel its best history played its course rather than destiny, because I would've made a lousy ninja overall. Those guys sure are good from what I've seen of them in Toad's late night movies.

Now I can get to talking about the events that have happened this week. Let me take a moment to vent some frustrations I've had with Mario Kart Racing. It's such a shame, but it seems the teamup of myself and Daisy hasn't quite worked out as well as we wanted. We're halfway through the season, and far back in the point standings. And this is all happening because of our kart getting pushed around by the more powerful machines that are around on the track. Daisy was really taking the frustration to heart, offering a radical suggestion that I couldn't help but smile and think about."

STORY #3 - Lightning Strikes Twice

At the race track known as Mario Circuit, which was just outside Princess Peach's castle grounds, Princesses Peach and Daisy in their Heart Coach vehicle was just short of the lead position. Not too far ahead of them was the Red Fire driven by Mario and Luigi. It's been a winless season for Team Princess as they've struggled all year to even get a decent finish this season.
"This is it, Daisy! Hopefully we can hold on for our first podium finish of the year!" Peach said. She was standing on the back of the kart while Daisy did the driving.
"Yeah! Let's hope you're right!" Daisy shouted. However, they would end up speaking too soon. Behind the Heart Couch was the Turbo Yoshi, driven by Yoshi and Birdo. Peach could just see Birdo taking a banana peel and throwing it as far ahead as she could. It landed immediately in front of the Heart Couch.
"Daisy! Watch out for that banana peel!" Peach shouted. But it was too late. Daisy didn't steer quick enough to dodge the object entirely. The Heart Couch was soon sent spinning out of control as Daisy tried to get the control back. During the spin, the kart had run through a double item box, giving Peach and Daisy both new items to hold onto. Eventually, the kart was sent spinning into the nearby bushes as it collided with them and forced Peach and Daisy into the grass.

Both princesses got up slowly as they brushed the dust and debris off their dresses. They also had to shake their heads of the grass that had gotten caught in their hair.
"Ugh... another crash." Peach said.
"Every race it's the same thing! We kick butt, but then they kick our butts!" Daisy said. Being a bit more tomboyish than Peach could ever be, she tended to have a tougher attitude whenever she was frustrated. Suddenly, Peach remembered about the item she had collected while spinning, and was astonished to see what it was.
"Hey, Daisy, look at this! I picked up a lightning bolt while we were spinning!" Peach said. Daisy looked at it, and suddenly looked at her feet to see she had collected one too.
"Yeah, I got one too." Daisy said.
"Maybe we can still win this! We both know how a lightning bolt can temporarily shrink all racers on the track except for the ones that wield the bolt. We can catch up while they're all so small!" Peach said. Daisy then looked at the second lightning bolt that had collected to go with Peach's, and then she came up with an idea.
"Wait, Peach. I have a better idea. It sounds sinister, but work with me here. Even if this will help us get back up front, how do we know this won't improve our luck any?" Daisy said.
"Well, you never know. One race can make a difference in someone's season." Peach said.
"That may be true, but as princesses, I say we should do more than just that. How good are lightning bolts when two are used at the same time?" Daisy asked.
"Uh... I know the effects last longer when two bolts are combined. A lot longer than 15 seconds, that's for sure." Peach said.
"You thinking what I'm thinking?" Daisy asked. Peach was at first confused, but then started to realize just what she was thinking.

"You're... you're not going to ask me to strike my bolt at the same time as yours, right?" Peach said.
"Precisely. When the karts are about to lap us, we strike our bolts and shrink them down to size. Hopefully they'll be small enough for us to have our fun and games with them!" Daisy said.
"What!? Daisy! Why would you want to do that?" Peach asked.
"To show the big boys not to mess with us princesses. What do you say? You with me or not?" Daisy said. Peach at first hesitated, but then smiled and looked at her friend.
"Okay, I'll do it." Peach said.
"Alright, let's hide and wait until they come around this turn, then we'll zap them together. We'll try to block the little rascals if any of them try to escape. Even if they tried, we'll stop them with our princess might!" Daisy shouted.
"Wow... I don't think I've seen you have a side like this." Peach said.
"I guess it comes from ruling a kingdom that hasn't had any evil invasions in over fifteen years." Daisy said with a smile. The two then hid behind the bushes and waited for the other karts to come rolling by to complete their second lap around the track.
"Steady..." Daisy slowly said. Finally, as the karts came up the small hill, it was time to make their move.
"Now!" Daisy shouted. Both girls held their lightning bolts together and high in the sky. They shot electricity first up into the sky and then back down onto the other racers, shrinking them instantly to tiny size. The princesses laughed as they let the karts creep along the road for a few more yards until they stepped out from their hiding place. All of the vehicles stopped just short of the princesses' feet.

"Hello, boys." Peach said.
"Peach! Daisy! Was it you two that fired the lightning bolt?" Mario asked from his kart as he and Luigi looked a long ways up at their respective girlfriends.
"Not just one, but two. All of you will be small for quite some time now." Daisy said.
"HEY! How dare you ladies try to interfere!" Bowser shouted.
"Yeah! Daddy and I were just about to win too!" Bowser Jr. shouted. Peach then kneeled down as close as she could to the two tiny villains.
"Oh really? I'd like to see you win at that size! Against us even!" Peach said.
"So, Peach, what are we going to do with these little critters?" Daisy said. Peach thought about it for a short while, and then instantly thought of something.
"Hmmm... I have something in my castle that would be perfect for them. Help me gather all of them." Peach said. As soon as the shrunken racers heard this, they tried to drive off and escape, but the girls were just too big for them to get away. Daisy picked up four of the karts while Peach held three of them in her hands. They each looked down at their captive bunch before walking carefully back to Peach's Castle.

Back at Peach's Castle, the two princesses had carefully set all the karts onto Peach's dresser. Peach, in the meantime, was walking over to her closet and appeared to be searching for something.
"So, what's this something that you say is perfect for our little friends?" Daisy said. After further digging, Peach finally pulled out what appeared to be a cardboard box.
"This." Peach said. She placed the box on the ground and opened it up, revealing pieces of a model that looked like a very familiar track. Even Daisy recognized it.
"What the... these pieces look like parts of the old Royal Raceway track!" Daisy said, thinking back to seven years ago when the old Royal Raceway track was inaugurated into the Mario Kart Racing schedule.
"Yep. Little racers need a little track to race on, after all." Peach said. She and Daisy then got to work putting the model track together and placing it on Peach's royal bed. Then, one by one, the two princesses placed each of the racers at the track's start/finish line.
"Now, what do you say we watch a real Mario Kart race?" Peach said to Daisy.
"Oh yeah. I'm ready." Daisy said. As soon as everyone was on the track, Peach and Daisy stood as close as they could to the bed without causing interference.

"Ready... and GO!" Peach shouted as loud as she could, her voice booming through the ears of the racers. They wasted no time as they jumped out from the line and drove through the turns. With no items, it was simply a contest of who had the faster kart. But at least the racers could truly feel a sense of speed as good looking as the model was to the original track. It even had the big jump that was there for the racers to normally get past the river. Of course, the jump wasn't as huge considering the lack of zippers on the track surface. Heading through the last couple of turns, some of the racers almost got distracted in seeing the gigantic princesses just a few yards away from where they were.
One lap was complete, then Daisy gave a look at Peach.
"I say we up the stakes a little bit." Daisy said.
"Hmmm... good idea." Peach said. She then lowered a finger as close as she could to the racing surface, shaking it up and down as she tried to get the racers' nerves up. They were hoping that finger wouldn't come down in front of their machine. Many of the racers were able to make it through, with only the machines belonging to Bowser/Bowser Jr. and Donkey Kong/Diddy Kong slamming against the finger.
"Two down. Nice try, guys." Peach said.
"Yeah. Now it's my turn to make a clean sweep." Daisy said. That being said, Daisy took her hand and swept it across the track, again trying to rattle a few nerves. Wario and Waluigi got too nervous and ended up spinning out, almost crashing right into her arm.
"Clean sweep. I think I get it." Peach said. As the racers came to the big jump once again and made the leap, Peach let loose by blowing out a gust of air from her mouth. To small racers like the ones on the track, this simple blow was one of hurricane nature, and it was enough to blow some machines way off course. Like the Baby Mario and Koopa Troopa machines.

Now, the only machines left were those that belonged to Mario/Luigi and Yoshi/Birdo. And it was up to Daisy to finish them off. That is, if she so desired.
"So, you two managed to survive? Well, try this on for size!" Daisy said. She turned around and kneeled down, lifting her hair up with her hands and placing it right in front of the racers! The two machines took the plunge into Daisy's hair, trying to sweep as much of it out as they could. Mario and Luigi were able to make it through, but Yoshi and Birdo had steered heavily off course and were now driving over Peach's bed. Peach looked and noticed the two brothers racing on towards the start/finish line. They stopped as soon as they crossed.
"So, the Mario Brothers win as usual." Daisy said.
"You can't be too surprised, Daisy. They go through these kinds of traps whenever we're in peril." Peach said. She could just see Mario and Luigi pleading their case, but she didn't care what they were saying. As long as they were shrunk, she was in control of them.
"How about an encore, Daisy?" Peach said.
"Yeah. That was a great race now that I think about it." Daisy said. With that, the girls got back to work gathering up all the racers once again. Many, if not all of them, cringed knowing they would have to go through this same kind of treachery once again.

Present time

"Okay, I had to laugh after thinking about that scenario and the time we spent with the shrunken racers. Certainly the thought of combining our lightning bolts made for a scenario I've seen occur many times in those action-packed TV shows that I can't get Toad to stop watching. But in the end, the lightning bolt effects were only temporary, and the racers all got back to their normal size about an hour after our fun and games with them. Just like with mushrooms, scientists have yet to discover all the secrets behind the shrinking lightning, so therefore they can't make it powerful enough to make the effects last a full day like Daisy dreamed of. Oh well... maybe now they'll be nicer to us as the season goes on.

Speaking of which, Toad and Toadette had to be excused from the last race because of some kind of illness Toad had contracted. At first, none of us had no idea what kind of condition he was in, until we noticed how much taller Toadette was compared to him. That's when I realized that Toad had caught some kind of virus, one that seemed to shrink his body on slow but steady basis. Had I not worked hard as I did during my days as Nurse Peach to find a cure for his condition, I'd hate to think what would become of Toad."

STORY #4 - Too Small of a Virus

After the latest race on the Mario Kart Racing schedule was held the day before, Peach scanned the results to see how everyone, including herself and Daisy, had done. Daisy had already gone home to Sarasaland for the day, so Peach was looking at the results herself. One thing that caught her attention was the absence of Toad and Toadette on the running order. She had not been told by anyone why they weren't present at the track, but she felt now would be a good time to find out.

Peach ran back to her castle and entered Toad's room. There was Toadette, kneeling next to Toad's bed, which appeared to have nothing on it.
"Toadette?" Peach said. Toadette jumped up upon hearing her name, and she slowly turned to look up at the princess.
"Princess Peach... I'm so glad you're here." Toadette said.
"What's wrong? How come you and Toad weren't a part of today's race?" Peach said.
"I... I... Something's wrong with Toad." Toadette said.
"What? Where is he?" Peach said. Toadette then slowly opened her hands up as slowly as a flower would open its petals. Peach took a step back in disbelief, but then looked closer. There was Toad, but only a quarter inch tall! Of course, she knew Toad was small before, but this was just insane!
"Toad!? Is that you?" Peach said. At first, she couldn't hear a thing he was saying because he was so small, but she leaned in her ear to hear him better.
"Princess Peach! Thank goodness you're here! Please do something before I shrink to almost nothing!" Toad shouted. Peach then kneeled down and looked at Toadette in the eyes.
"How did this happen?" Peach asked.
"Well, Toad said he came across this rather sick Goomba in the grass fields about two days ago. Next thing we knew, he fell asleep early that night and the next day he was about half his size! I wanted to call you and tell you that we wouldn't be able to race, but Toad insisted that he could find a cure for this himself." Toadette said.
"Well, it obviously hasn't happened. You say he came across this sick Goomba, right?" Peach asked. Toadette nodded.
"Hmmm... then it has to be virus-related. Wait here, let me go get something from Mario." Peach said as she walked out of the room.

Peach then ran towards a nearby warp pipe and jumped into it. She later reappeared outside the Mario Brothers Pad as she ran for the front door. The Mario Brothers weren't home, but luckily for the princess, the front door was left unlocked. Peach ran inside and looked around the room before finally spotting a bottle full of the world famous Megavitamins. She took one look at the Megavitamins as a reminder that it was Dr. Mario with the help of herself, as Nurse Peach, who created the powerful medicine capsules that could cure any known disease in the Mushroom Kingdom.

As Peach took the Megavitamins back to her castle, she then suddenly remembered one thing, which was proving to be a problem. Toad was way too small to fit the Megavitamins into his mouth, so she had to think of some way to shrink the capsules down to a more reasonable size. Luckily, that's when she got an idea.

Peach ran back into the room where Toadette was wandering around. A microscope sat in the middle of the room, as that's where Toad was resting. Yep, he had gotten small to the point where he no longer could been seen right out of the blue. There certainly wasn't any panicking yet, but if Peach didn't cure her close friend soon, he'd be too small to even live.
"Well, princess? Did you find a cure?" Toadette said.
"I hope so. These Megavitamins always do the trick when it comes to curing diseases caused by a virus." Peach said.
"Oh, wonderful! We must give them to Toad immediately!" Toadette said.
"Yes, but first, we've got to find a way to reduce the size of these pills for him to take." Peach said.
"How about we use a poison mushroom? That shrinks anything!" Toadette said. Peach then shook her head.
"No, not a poison mushroom. The effects of that will just get into the Megavitamins and do more harm than good." Peach said. Just then, Toadette jumped up with another idea.
"How about a lightning bolt? That can't be as harmful as a poison mushroom. We could strike the pills and have them shrink." she said.
"Now that might work. We might have to double strike them so that they stay small enough to fight the viruses. And I happen to still have two bolts that Daisy gave to me a while back." Peach said. She walked to a nearby cabinet and pulled out the two lightning bolts. She held onto one and gave the other to Toadette.

"Okay, whenever you're ready, we'll focus the lightning bolts and have them strike the pills." Peach said.
"But won't they become so small that we can't see them?" Toadette said.
"Yeah. That's why I have this with me." Peach said, pointing over to a nearby table which had a magnifying glass sitting atop it. Toadette nodded. She then held her lightning bolt high in the air, as did Peach, as the electricity poured out of the bolts and zapped the Megavitamins, shrinking them instantly. To the two, it appeared that they had vanished out of sight, but with one look through the magnifying glass revealed that the Megavitamins were there.
"It worked! Look how small those Megavitamins are!" Toadette said.
"Yes, but now we need to get them inside Toad's mouth." Peach said. She grabbed some tweezers and used them to carefully pick up the tiny Megavitamins one by one. Then the two girls walked over to the microscope, where Toad was resting.
"Okay, Toad, I've got a set of Megavitamins ready that's sure to cure your condition. I need you to open wide for me." Peach said, softly so that her voice wouldn't blow out his eardrums. Toad did what he was told, opening his mouth wide while Toadette carefully guided the tweezers holding the Megavitamins to Toad's mouth, while he promptly swallowed them.

"That's it! Now, clear your mind. Feel yourself guiding the pills to those nasty viruses that caused this." Peach said. Toad nodded, doing his best not to let the giantesses, particularly Toadette on his left, distract him from mentally controlling the viruses.
"Come on, Toad... you can do it! You just have to!" Toadette said. As Peach looked through the microscope and Toadette continued to squint, Toad could be seen closing his eyes, clearing his mind in order to help the Megavitamins fight off the viruses in his body.
A few minutes later, Toad could feel a strong reaction throughout his body. It was almost like a sense of power going through him. As he looked around and felt what it was, he could see Toadette reacting.
"Princess! Toad's growing!" Toadette said. She quickly took her eye off the microscope and waited for Toad to become more visible. Once that happened, she carefully picked up the mushroom retainer and placed him on her nearby dresser, leaving him to grow. Soon enough, Toad was back to his normal size.
"Toad!" Toadette shouted. Toad jumped off the dresser and leapt into Toadette's arms.
"Oh... Toadette!" Toad said.
"I was so worried for you!" Toadette said.
"I'm sure you were, my dear. I was freightened myself having to go through all that." Toad said. He then looked over and up at Princess Peach.
"Princess Peach... thank you for saving my life." Toad said.
"You're very much welcome, Toad. It's nice that my nursing skills of several years ago still pays off even today." Peach said.

Present time

"That was certainly a close call the day Toadette and I cured Toad of those pesky viruses. Had we waited perhaps ten more minutes, Toad would've shrunken small enough to the point where we couldn't do anything to help him without putting his life at risk. I know it had to be hard for Toad considering he's small enough to begin with, but I admire his courage for hanging in there through those rough times. Not to mention Toadette as well for keeping her composure. I was worried for her mental stability considering she watched her boyfriend go through this whole mess. But as they always say in the end, everything turned out fine.

The next day, I got a call from my good friend, Princess Apple of Giant Land. I never fully realized this until Apple told me, but it turns out that somewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom was the sister land to Giant Land. And it shouldn't come as much of a surprise when I found this new land to be known as Small Land. In this land, everything is significantly smaller. It makes normal-sized people like me look like the giants. That being said, I was called upon to help stop a renegade group of Goombas that were perhaps dreaming of being bigger than their master one day..."

STORY #5 - Large Trouble in Small Land

Peach walked around the grassy plains of Grass Land, holding a map in her hand. If other people were watching her, they'd be wondering what she would be doing wondering around by her lonesome through the quiet place. Fortunately for Peach, there was nobody around. Then again, there shouldn't be anyone around. She was in a secret part of Grass Land that only a select few knew about. Peach was soon about to find out what made the place so special.
"Hmmm... according to this map, I'm getting close. It should be just as Apple told me." Peach said. She was referring to Princess Apple, princess of Giant Land and a good friend of Peach.

Meanwhile, unknown to Peach, there was plenty of commotion deep within the grass. Many mushroom people ran around as fast as they could, trying to avoid being crushed by the giantess. Inside the nearby palace, the king's servants were running into the throne room to inform the king of Peach's arrival.
"Sire! Princess Peach has arrived in Small Land!" one of the servants said.
"Excellent! Sound the alarm and get her attention any way you can!" the king shouted. The servants nodded as he followed them outside, looking up at the fair princess towering high above in the skies, unaware she was standing on top of her land. The alarm then buzzed off throughout the castle, and servants were shooting fireworks into the sky.

Soon, all this action was enough to get Peach's attention. She stopped and then looked down to find her feet a few yards away from the Small Land castle. She could just see King Small running in front of his servants and asking them to stop.
"Cease fire!" King Small shouted.
"King Small? Is that you?" Peach asked, her voice echoing through the skies.
"Yes, my dear Princess Peach. I'm so glad you could make it." King Small said. Peach kneeled down to get a closer look at the people of Small Land, being very careful not to crush anyone or anything. Many were just overwhelmed at looking up at the gigantic (to them, anyway) princess and seeing her bigger than anything in the land.
"I hope I didn't cause too much trouble while looking for your land." Peach said.
"Nah, don't worry. My people could see you coming and they took proper precautions to avoid tragedy. It also helps that we're in a location so secret, only a few people from the outside world know where we're at." King Small said.
"I guess Princess Apple told you of my arrival." Peach said.
"That she did. Thank goodness she didn't come herself. Trust me, you would look our size compared to her if she ever visited this land! At least we're thankful she cares so much about this land." King Small said.

"So, King Small, can you tell me what kind of trouble your land is facing?" Peach asked.
"Ah, yes. Terrible times have hit upon our land, and you may be the only one that can save us. You see, a wild pack of Goombas have somehow discovered our location, and for the past few days, they have rampaged through our land each night, causing destruction wherever they go, not caring for the many innocent lives that have been lost as a result of their evil-minded nature!" King Small said.
"Oh, I see..." Peach said, showing a bit of sympathy for the king and the hard times his people have been through.
"I can't say that I'm surprised they would attack this place. I hear you and your friends like to go stomping on them every so often." King Small said.
"Like we have a choice. Most of the Goombas of the world have been under Bowser's influence for far too long." Peach said.
"So, princess, will you help us? I know you are very busy as princess of all Mushroom Kingdom, but we're in desperate times. I fear for the continued safety of my people." King Small said.
"Never fear, King Small. I will protect you from those Goombas!" Peach said.
"You will? Oh, thank you, Princess Peach! You shall be regarded as a hero to this great land upon the completion of your efforts!" King Small said.
"Oh, please, King Small. That's so kind of you. Now then, we need to defeat the Goombas when they come back. And I know a good way to do it." Peach said. She then kneeled in closer with the king of Small Land and discussed her plan with him.

One hour later, King Small and his servants were patiently waiting outside on the balcony for the arrival of these giant Goombas to attack their land once more.
"So, are you sure this plan will work?" King Small asked. Peach, now the same size as the Small Land citizens themselves, stood next to the king.
"Well, I could've just stood guard around the land and waited for those Goombas to show up, but that would've been too easy. Don't forget, Goombas aren't exactly the smartest creatures around, especially when they work for evil." Peach said.
"I suppose you're right. But is reducing yourself to our size really so necessary?" King Small said.
"The Goombas will get overly excited seeing myself at a shrunken size. They'll be so caught up in trying to crush me when I will have pulled out my secret weapon." Peach said. She then pulled out a super mushroom from one of the pockets in her dress.
"Oh... so I guess you will surprise them initially by appearing at that size, but then take that mushroom to return to your normal size and defeat the Goombas from there?" King Small said.
"Yep. Like I said, I could've just stayed at normal size and bonk on their heads right away, but I want to poke some fun with those Goombas. And maybe even give your people something to watch." Peach said.
"Sire! Sire! The Goombas are coming!" one servant said.
"You know what to do, King Small." Peach said.
"Right! Keep all the guards close to the castle walls! I wish to have a chat with those Goombas before we consider using force." King Small said. The servant had a slightly confused look on his face, wondering why the king would give an order like that instead of a direct attack. But he always demanded his orders be carried out without hesitation.
"Yes, my king! I will inform the troops of your orders." the servant said before he ran away.
"Come! We must greet these Goombas at the front." King Small said.
"Let the mayhem begin." Peach said with a smile.

At the front of the castle, three Goombas were approaching the area. To Peach, at her normal size anyway, they were ordinary Goombas. But to the people of Small Land, they were the most menacing things they had ever seen. The people ran as fast as they could for cover as the Goombas stomped on their houses one by one. King Small stood unnerved in front of his castle as the Goombas approached.
"Well, well. If it isn't the king himself!" Goomba #1 said.
"I'm surprised he hasn't taken off yet for cover." Goomba #2 said.
"As king of this land, I will never abandon the people that I love and care for!" King Small shouted.
"Oh, what are you gonna do?" Goomba #2 said.
"Yeah! In case you haven't noticed, we're bigger than you, so you don't have a fighting chance against us!" Goomba #3 said.
"Not if I unleash my secret weapon!" King Small said.
"Your secret weapon? Ooooh... I'm sooooo scared!" Goomba #1 said as all three of them laughed at the same time. King Small then turned his back to the Goombas and signaled to the guards to bring out this 'secret weapon' of his. Then, out from the castle gates came Princess Peach.
"Secret weapon at your service, King Small." Peach said as she stood next to the king.
"What the...? It's Princess Peach, princess of all the Mushroom Kingdom!" Goomba #3 said.
"But wasn't she a lot taller than that?" Goomba #2 asked.
"Precisely! Look at her! Somehow she got shrunk to their size. This is our chance to please the boss!" Goomba #1 said.
"I wouldn't be so sure, boys." Peach said.
"Well, what are you going to do!?" Goomba #2 said.
"Yep. You are clearly in the same dilemma as your little friends. Now prepare for your demise!" Goomba #1 said, he then started to slow raise his foot up into the air, no doubt to crush the living life out of the princess. Little did they realize her plan was about to begin.
"I wouldn't count on it." Peach said to herself. She then pulled out the super mushroom from her pocket and quickly took a bite out of it. Within seconds, Peach started to grow once more. The people of Small Land were watching in fascination as the princess gained size. When the Goomba's foot came down on the princess, she stopped it with both of her hands. She fought against its pressure as she continued to grow. Finally, she pushed the Goomba back as it lost its balance.

"Hey, Goomba #1! You okay?" Goomba #2 asked.
"I'm fine. But that little princess! Why I oughta..." Goomba #1 was about to finish until he looked to see the princess just as tall as they were. But she didn't stop there. Eventually she wound up growing back to her normal size, which to the people of Small Land was really gigantic.
"Now, guys, I believe you were saying something about stomping little me?" Peach said.
"Uh... we, uh... we were just joking! Yeah, that's all, just a trick!" Goomba #3 said as he started to sweat with nervousness.
"Yeah, I mean, why would we want to do something like that to someone as you, right, #1?" Goomba #2 said.
"Uh... right. RUN!!!" Goomba #1 shouted as the three started to take off in the other direction. But Peach made a big jump and floated through the air, positioning herself to land on the three Goombas one by one. Then, in a one-two-three punch, Peach stomped on all three Goombas, flattening them like pancakes and causing them to disappear from sight, like they usually do when Mario defeats one.

Even though she was several yards away, Peach could hear the people of Small Land cheering wildly over the Goombas being defeated. Now they could all sleep easily knowing that there was no longer a major threat to their homes. Peach once again carefully stepped through the land and greeted King Small once more.
"Thank you so much for your help, Princess Peach! We forever owe you a debt of our lives." King Small said.
"Well, happy to be of assistance, King Small. I wish you and your people well." Peach said.
"Do you wish to stay and be our special guest of honor?" King Small said.
"I'd love to... but I'd rather not risk the safety of your people as big as I am compared to this land. Plus, your chef would have to cook up one really big meal to fill me here!" Peach said. King Small and his servants simply laughed at that remark.
"Very well then. Good luck to you, Peach." King Small said.
"Same here. I hope to see you again someday." Peach said. She then kneeled up and carefully stepped out of Small Land and back into Grass Land, where she eventually found a warp pipe to return to her castle.

Present time

"And so that's how I saved Small Land from their troubles. I still admit this day that I could've just gotten the whole thing over with and stomped the Goombas on sight, but that simply would've been too easy. Although the overall intelligence of Goombas have gone up in recent years, there are still many out there that are simply too dumb to properly think straight, whether or not they are good or evil. Hopefully one day the Goombas will wise up more than they have, and I also look forward to the day I visit Small Land again.

Well, that concludes my diary entry for tonight. I thought about telling you about my last adventure from this week, the one that's so much more bizarre than anything else I've ever seen in the Mushroom Kingdom, but I feel that should be told for another day. See you tomorrow, diary."

With that, Peach closed the diary and put it back into her dresser. Wiping the sweat away from her forehead after an exhaustive writing session, Peach slowly drifted off towards her bed and to sleep.