Something in the Giant Land Water

(Cubed Cinder)

Giant Palace

The wait was starting to get to Prince Hugo the Huge. As he checked his swimming trunks one last time to make sure they were on tight, he wondered where his lovely wife and fellow ruler of Giant Land, Princess Apple, was. Apple was known even among the castle guards for taking her time when changing into another outfit, especially a brand new one. Hugo sighed as he looked out the glass doors that led to where the Mushroom Garden used to reside.

That’s right. Not too long ago, in order to protect the mushrooms of the Giant Palace, including the famed Ultra Mushroom that made Apple as big as she is today, the garden was moved to another part of the castle, a heavily guarded secret that only Hugo and Apple know of (plus a couple of Hugo’s most trusted elderly guards, but they’ve since passed away). For a while, the former garden was nothing more than a backyard for recreation and games such as baseball with the Ultra Machine, but after a couple months hard work, this part of the castle was now home to the Giant Land Swimming Pool.
The pool couldn’t have opened at a better time, for the summer heat was alive and well in the Mushroom Kingdom at this time of year. Even Ice Land was seeing hotter than normal temperatures on some days! Both Hugo and Apple hoped that the swimming pool would serve as the best cooldown spot in all of Giant Land, but for today, it was just the two of them and some friends they were expecting any minute, including Princess Peach.
And that’s why Hugo was anxious to get in so he and his wife could be the first ones to take a dip.
“Apple, my dearest. I don’t wish to rush you, but we have to jump in before Peach and the others arrive!” Hugo shouted.
“Okay, all set! Here I come!” Apple shouted from down the hall. Only a few seconds later, Apple finally came into view, and Hugo’s eyes theoretically sparkled.

Apple has always looked sensational, but Hugo felt she was the spitting image of a beauty queen as she came out in her two-piece red swimsuit. There wasn’t much different compared to the typical two-piece swimsuit, although Apple’s breast size did cause a good bit of cleavage to show up. Apple’s hair was still wrapped in a ponytail, but all her jewelry, namely her crown and gold-silver bracelet, were removed. Hugo couldn’t help but admire Apple’s bare feet. It seemed like forever that she had them out of her golden sandals (outside of bedtime hours, anyway).
“Sorry, Hugo my sweet. It’s my first time wearing this thing, after all.” Apple said.
“Oh, um, yes. It’s okay, my dear. I would wait a year even for you.” Hugo said.
“Oh come on! You’re just being modest!” Apple said.
“You look beautiful, by the way.” Hugo said.
“Thanks, and so do you. If there were any other women nearby, they’d latch onto that body of yours like a magnet.” Apple said as she poked Hugo in the chest.
“Oh my! What a scary thought! We’d better jump in before that happens.” Hugo said with a smile. Apple took her husband’s arm and the two walked through the sliding glass doors, where the Giant Land Swimming Pool awaited.
“It’s beautiful.” Hugo said.
“Yes. Let’s hope all that hard work by our guards and volunteers is worth it.” Apple said.
“Shall we jump in together?” Hugo said.
“Of course! We rule a kingdom together, after all!” Apple shouted.
“1...2...3!” Hugo said. On 3, the two both ran for the pool and then jumped in together. They were submerged completely underwater only for a couple seconds before they both came up for air.
“Ahhh! Wonderful dive, my sweet!” Hugo said.
“Thanks! You weren’t so bad yourself. Maybe you should go to Rio in a few years for the Olympics!” Apple said.
“Haha! I’m probably a little too tall for that.” Hugo said.

For the next several minutes, the two swam around the swimming pool, occasionally talking about random topics such as how the morale around Giant Land was among its citizens, or what Madzilla was going to cook for dinner tonight. They stopped their latest conversation when they saw one of the castle guards coming out to the pool. He had one of his hands closed into a fist.
“Prince Hugo. Princess Apple. I beg your apology for the interruption.” the guard said.
“Think nothing of it. What is it?” Hugo asked.
“I bring you the special guests you were expecting.” the guard said. He then lowered his hand towards the edge of the pool and opened up his fist, where the two giants saw Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina... all in their own swimsuits.
“Ah, Peach! Daisy! Rosalina!” Apple shouted.
“Thank you, soldier. You may set them down and return to your post.” Hugo said. The guard nodded and set the three princesses down on the ground before leaving. Apple quickly swam up to the edge, placing her hands on both sides of the princesses to keep her afloat. She looked down at the trio who were already wearing their swimsuits. Peach, like Apple, was wearing a two-piece bikini that was colored pink (her favorite color, of course). Daisy’s two-piece suit was slightly different in that the bottom half looked more like a skirt. Rosalina also wore a two-piece bikini, with hers being colored a light blue, and there was a silver star adorning the center of the top half.
“Hello, Princess Apple! It’s always good to see you.” Peach said.
“And you’re looking really nice, I dare say!” Daisy said as she commented on Apple’s swimsuit.
“Awww... thanks, but I can say the same about you three. Although, are you sure you should be wearing that silver crest on your swimsuit, Rosalina?” Apple asked.
“It was a special gift from the Luma. I couldn’t possibly let it out of my sight, but you need not worry. It can survive whatever elements come across its way.” Rosalina said.
“After all, we’re dealing with someone who’s been to countless galaxies!” Daisy shouted, prompting a laugh from the ladies.
“Hugo, we’re not going to let our guests swim around, are we? The water’s probably way too deep for them!” Apple said.
“I agree. Hold on, I’ll go get the rafts.” Hugo said as he pointed to two of the inflatable rafts floating on the other side of the pool. Hugo went into a full on swim mode to retrieve the rafts, causing waves to surge their way around the pool. They were small to Apple, but to the three princesses, it was like a mini tidal wave coming ashore and they had to back away from getting too wet.

Diamond City

Meanwhile, outside Giant Land, it was business as usual for other parts of the Mushroom Kingdom. Although... for Mona Pizza in Diamond City, it was looking more and more like no more business. That’s the news Mona was about to receive as she walked out of the changing room into one of her casual outfits after another hard half a day’s work in her Mona Pizza outfit. Just before she was about to walk out the door, her boss, Joe (known by customers as Pizza Joe) called out for her.
“Mona! Can you come here for a moment?” Joe asked.
“Yes, Joe? Let me guess... I’m working overtime again?” Mona asked.
“No... in fact, you’re probably not going to have a job here after today.” Joe said.
“Huh? Did I do something wrong? I promise I didn’t speed today or was late with a delivery!” Mona shouted.
“No no no, I’ve never questioned your work ethic, Mona. It’s just that... we’re broke.” Joe said.
“Broke?” Mona said.
“I’m afraid so. Business has been bad... nobody is buying our pizzas anymore. Unless we get a surge of orders in, I don’t know, 24 hours, Mona Pizza will go bankrupt.” Joe said.
“I see...” Mona said, now sounding depressed.
“Hey now, cheer up! You have plenty of other jobs here in Diamond City... you’ve gained a reputation as the hardest working girl in the city!” Joe said.
“Yeah, true, but I don’t know... I feel like there’s something truly special behind Mona Pizza. Must be because my name is on the sign outside.” Mona said, briefly flashing a smile.
“Well, as I said, just keep your head up high, Mona. I’ll see you tomorrow... if there is a tomorrow for this place.” Joe said.
“Yeah. Bye, Joe.” Mona said as she slowly made her way outside the building.

Mona let out a deep sigh as she was walking down the streets. This was definitely not the best way to end a day at the proverbial office. As she walked by the newsstand, she noticed one of the headlines in big letters.
“GIANT LAND SWIMMING POOL NOW OPEN. Hmmm... Giant Land... isn’t that the place that giant princess lives? I think her name was Apple.” Mona said as she thought back to the time that Princess Apple came to visit in Diamond City. That thought alone suddenly gave her an idea, especially as she skimmed through the article and saw the part where the pool was open to all Giant Land citizens, although she missed the comment that said normal-sized people should stay away due to risk of either getting crushed or drowned.
“Well, a good swim in the biggest swimming pool ever built oughta clear my mind. I better go get my swimsuit and then find the closest pipe to Warp Zone Island.” Mona said as she sprinted off towards her home.

Super Mini Mario World Theme Park

Meanwhile, something completely different was going on at the Super Mini Mario World Theme Park. Normally a theme park where guests can play all sorts of games with the various toys of the Mario Toy Company, today it was playing host to a beauty pageant. For the past three days, various women (whether they were human or Toad or some other species) all competed to see who was the most beautiful in all the Mushroom Kingdom. One of the contestants was Pauline, who was sitting inside her tent looking at the mirror. She was among three women (all human) who had made it to the final round.
“Hmmm... I wonder what the final round is going to be like.” Pauline said. Suddenly, one of the other finalists came into the tent. It was the short blonde-haired Kate, who many recognized as one of the coaches of the Royal Tennis Academy. Somehow she took time off from her busy schedule to make it all the way to the final round of the beauty contest. But Pauline was more interested in the clothing that Kate was wearing.
“Hello, Pauline! Ready for the last day of competition?” Kate said.
“Oh, yes... but why are you wearing a swimsuit? Are you going swimming or something before the final round starts?” Pauline said.
“Haven’t you heard, Pauline? The final round is the swimsuit competition!” Kate said. Pauline’s eyebrows went up.
“Oh, I see! Good thing I brought my swimsuit then.” Pauline said as she glanced over to her nearby suitcase.
“Teehee, you better hurry and change. The show starts in less than an hour! Good luck!” Kate said as she stepped outside.
“Yeah, you too... I wonder why she’s in such a hurry. It’s like she plays tennis or something...” Pauline said. The young woman then opened up her suitcase and pulled out her red swimsuit (although it was a slightly brighter shade of red). After spending a couple minutes changing into her swimsuit, which was a one piece but with a hole below the chest to show off her stomach, she then felt she needed to get her suit nice and wet.
“Hmmm... I should break this suit in by getting it wet, but there’s not a swimming pool around for miles, especially not in this theme park!” Pauline said. Suddenly, she snapped her fingers.
“Oh yeah... that big pool in Giant Land. There’s a warp pipe to that land nearby. That’ll do nicely!” Pauline said. With that destination in mind, the swimsuit-clad Pauline stepped out of the tent and made her way to a nearby warp pipe that would take her to Giant Land.

Wario’s Castle

All seemed quiet inside Wario’s huge castle. Any visitors (not that there ever were any) would likely think Wario was out of the castle and staying at his home in Diamond City programming weird games and whatnot. And that’s what Captain Syrup and her small platoon of Gooms and Ducks were counting in as they entered the castle after blowing one of the walls out.
“Captain Syrup, are you sure we should be infiltrating Wario’s home like this?” one of the Gooms said.
“What’s the matter, soldier? Are you going belly up on me?” Captain Syrup said.
“Quack! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you, captain! All these years!” one of the Ducks said.
“Well, anyway, don’t worry. We’re just looking for a couple big diamonds. That chubby yellow hat-wearing excuse of a plumber is so rich, he won’t notice anything’s missing. And besides, I have a reputation to maintain after helping him with the Shake Dimension.” Captain Syrup said.

The pirate lady and her lackies searched around the castle and eventually found their way into one of Wario’s treasure rooms. In this room, gold coins and sparkling diamonds were seemingly everywhere they looked.
“Oooooh... what a most beautiful sight.” Captain Syrup said.
“Yes, but captain my captain, why would we want to steal a room full of coins when you already have the Bottomless Coin Sack?” one of the Ducks said, only to get bonked on the head by the captain.
“Idiot! You can never have too much treasure!! And besides... it’s always fun to steal treasure. It’d be boring if we just sat on the ship all day shaking the sack.” Captain Syrup said with a smile on her face.
“Heh heh! Even I knew that you silly duck, you!” one of the Gooms said. Suddenly, Captain Syrup picked up two of the Gooms with both her hands.
“Now get in there and start grabbing, you grubbers!” Captain Syrup said as she threw the Gooms into the pile of coins.

The group spent the next few minutes scooping up all they could with their bags. Finally, when the last bag was filled up, it was time for the group to depart.
“Captain, that’s the last bag we’ve filled!” one of the Ducks shouted.
“Alright, mates! That’s good enough... we better scram before Wario shows up.” Captain Syrup said. As she and her other lackies all turned around and darted for the exit, suddenly they had to stop when none other than Wario himself was standing in their way.
“Eeeep! It’s Wario!” one of the Ducks shouted as it and the Gooms cowered behind Captain Syrup.
“Oh! Hello, Wario! My my, it’s been a long time. Wow, you look great!” Captain Syrup jokingly said.
“Bwahaha! You’ve got some nerve showing up at my castle, Captain Syrup!” Wario shouted as he pounded his fists together.
“Yes, yes we do. Well, if you don’t mind, we’ll just be sailing along. I mean, we are pirates after all.” Captain Syrup said. She knew she was in big trouble without any sort of magic lamp or gadgetry to help her out.

And sure enough, in cartoonish fashion, the castle started jumping up and down as Wario threw punches left and right. Finally, Captain Syrup and her lackies went flying right through the castle roof and flew out into the distance. They eventually landed right smack on the dock of her pirate ship, the SS Tea Cup. The only treasure that Captain Syrup managed to keep from her stash? One single coin that landed right next to her face. Everybody worked towards getting back to their feet.
“Darn! Empty handed again!” one of the Gooms shouted.
“And I think I twisted my beak on that landing...” one of the Ducks said.
“(sigh) Well, come on, you pinheads. It’s time to sail home.” Captain Syrup said as she felt depressed over her latest failure to gain much treasure.
“Do you think maybe we could stop by Giant Land on the way?” one of the Gooms said.
“Huh? Now why in the Mushroom Kingdom would we want to go there?” Captain Syrup asked.
“They’ve got this new swimming pool that’s opened today at the castle. It’s open to everyone!” another of the Gooms said.
“Yeah! Even us normal sizers!” another of the Gooms said.
“Hmmm... Giant Land. That’s the home of Princess Apple. With her size comes some huge jewelry that I can sell for big bucks!” Captain Syrup said to herself.
“Captain Syrup?” one of the Ducks said, only to get bumped into by Captain Syrup as she walked towards the helm of her ship.
“Helmsmen! Set a course for Giant Land, pronto!” Captain Syrup said.
“Aye aye, captain!” one of the Gooms shouted. As the ship eventually got back underway, Captain Syrup smiled gleefully thinking what giant treasures awaited her at Giant Palace.

Giant Palace

Back at the castle, Hugo and Apple were both occasionally switching between standing up and floating around in the water, although Hugo couldn’t resist taking a few back-and-forth strokes from one end of the pool to the other. The other princesses, Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina, were all sitting on a large inflatable raft and keeping their focus pretty much on Apple. The ladies were talking about various things, eventually turning the conversation over to how they found all the water for the pool.
“So Princess Apple, do you mind me asking where you find all this water?” Rosalina asked.
“That’s a good question. I mean, we can probably fit a dozen normal-sized swimming pools into here.” Peach said.
“Heh, you’re probably right! I would say roughly 90% of the water came from the ocean that surrounds Giant Land, which we then had filtered using a machine from E.Gadd.” Apple said.
“Only 90%? The ocean’s so vast... I’m surprised you didn’t just suck it all up and bring it to the pool!” Daisy shouted.
“Yeah, we could have. But the other 10% of the water here came from the Soda Jungle.” Apple said. This raised the eyebrows of both Peach and Daisy.
“The... the Soda Jungle!?” Daisy shouted.
“Oh dear... aren’t the waters there poisonous?” Peach asked.
“Indeed they are, but the same filtration system we used on our own water actually purified that water as well! And actually, that water has had a very therapeutic effect.” Apple said.
“My wife speaks true. I felt new life in my old and worn out joints when I took a bath in that water a couple weeks ago!” Hugo said as he kept on swimming around.
“Hmmm... an effect similar to the legendary Fountain of Youth. I must say I am impressed.” Rosalina said.
“Thanks, Rosalina! And I’m sure you’ll agree it makes the water feel nice and cozy.” Apple said as she dipped a hand full of water and then dropped it on all three ladies, soaking them.
“Yikes! Be careful, Apple! That almost felt like a waterfall!” Daisy said.
“Oh come on, Daisy, it wasn’t that bad.” Peach said with a smile.
“And it does make my skin feel very comfortable.” Rosalina said.
“Come to think of it, I do feel a tingling sensation. It’s rather nice.” Peach said.
“A tingling sensation? Hmmm... that’s strange.” Apple said.

Just then, Daisy noticed something peculiar about the raft she and the others were sitting on.
“Huh? Hey, Apple, I think you might want to check this raft. It’s losing air or something.” Daisy said.
“Either that or the raft is suddenly shrinking.” Rosalina said. It took less than a second for Apple, who slowly had a stunned look on her face, to realize what was happening. Nothing was wrong with the raft at all.
“Ummm... ladies. The raft’s not getting smaller. You’re getting bigger!” Apple said. Indeed, Apple watched as the three princesses were suddenly twice their original height and still growing. Hugo stopped his swimming when he glanced over and saw the three growing as well.
“Huh? What’s going on, honey?” Hugo said.
“Oh my! We are growing!” Peach said as she noted everything around her getting smaller as well, including Apple herself. Soon, the three were running out of room on the raft, as it wasn’t designed to hold three people sitting at the same time. The three had to jump into the pool with Apple and Hugo... they briefly found themselves fighting to stay afloat until they felt their feet touching the surface.
Finally, the three stopped growing. Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina were now exactly the same size as both Apple and Hugo. Apple tried to lighten the mood first.

“Well, well. Nice to finally have some more company!” Apple said with an awkward laugh.
“Very funny, Apple.” Daisy said.
“Mama mia... what happened?” Peach said.
“The tingling seems to have subsided as well.” Rosalina said.
“Hmmm... I think I may know why. Of course, it’s just a theory.” Apple said.
“Hey, I’ll take any explanation that explains our sudden growth. Seriously, I did NOT eat any mushrooms before taking the warp pipe from Sarasaland!” Daisy shouted.
“It seems the purified Soda Jungle water still had an effect on your bodies. For me and Hugo, all it did was just basically massage our bodies and make us feel better.” Apple said, and Peach jumped in after figuring out the rest.
“I get it! That same water made those Goombas and Koopa Troopas gigantic down in that jungle. It must’ve made us grow as well.” Peach said.
“Precisely!” Apple said.
“Heh, I’ve lost count now of how many times I’ve been this big.” Daisy said.
“It’s still a foreign feeling to me, but I rather like it.” Rosalina said.
“Teehee, being gigantic does have its positive side, Rosalina.” Peach said.
“Well, this is all well and good and while I am not bothered at all by you being our size, Princess Peach, I wonder how we’re going to reverse the process.” Hugo said.
“Yeah, Hugo’s right. I mean, it’d be kinda hard to run the ENTIRE Mushroom Kingdom being as tall as us.” Apple said.
“I think that’s why I should return to my castle and get the word out. Apple, I would be honored if you could join me.” Peach said.
“Well, okay! Sure thing!” Apple said.
“Hold on, Peach! We should all come! Word gets out that there are other giant princesses walking around until a cure gets found, and who knows what chaos will ensue!” Daisy said.
“I have to agree with Daisy.” Rosalina said.
“Actually, it would be best if I stay behind. Someone has to keep an eye on this castle... especially if other normal-sized people try to go swimming! I’ll contact E.Gadd in the meantime and get his help.” Hugo said.
“Thanks, my love! You’re the best!” Apple said as she gave her husband a kiss on the cheek. The four giant princesses all stepped out of the pool and, after drying themselves with a couple towels, stepped back inside the castle.

As they were walking around, Peach admired how different the castle looked from her new size. She was always used to seeing the ceiling and walls seemingly hundreds of feet away, but now she was walking around the structure like it were her own castle.
“Let me just change back into my regular princess outfit and then we’ll take the warp pipe to Toad Town.” Apple said.
“Yeah... but what about us?” Daisy asked.
“Huh? What about you?” Apple asked.
“Well, we’re not exactly the right size for our own dresses.” Daisy said.
“Daisy is right. You, Princess Apple, have a wardrobe to match your size. We do not.” Rosalina said.
“I think we’re gonna have to walk around in our swimsuits... as embarrassing as that might be.” Peach said as she looked down on her body and blushed.
“Bah! Suck it up, Peach! I don’t think anyone would dare try and stare at you, the princess of all the Mushroom Kingdom. Heck, Rosalina’s a galactic princess! She’d probably take the most exception!” Daisy said.
“Well, perhaps, but some things are also inevitable, namely the attention one this size grabs.” Rosalina said.
“So what are you suggesting?” Apple asked.
“It would make us all feel better if you came along in your bikini as well, Princess Apple.” Peach said.
“Well... okay! Whatever makes you four most comfortable. But let me at least put my bracelet on. I don’t go anywhere outside Giant Land without it!” Apple said as the four continued down the corridors of Giant Palace, with Apple eventually walking into her room and equipping her bracelet.

Later, the four giantesses, plus Prince Hugo, were standing just outside the warp pipe that would look incredibly huge to a normal-sized person.
“I’ve telepathically set this pipe to take us to Toad Town, just outside your castle, Peach.” Apple said.
“Heh, I wish we had warp pipes that could take the user wherever he or she wishes.” Daisy said with a smile.
“I don’t have to remind the four of you, but...” Prince Hugo said.
“Of course you don’t, sweetie. We’re going outside Giant Land, so we’ll be careful not to step on anyone. Right, my friends?” Apple asked.
“Right!” the other three giant princesses said.
“I’ll contact you if we’ve come up with a solution to return our friends back to normal, or if anything else comes up.” Hugo said.
“Alright, honey. Love you!” Apple said as they kissed each other one more time. She then leapt into the warp pipe, complete with familiar sound effect.
“Toad Town, here we come!” Peach said as she jumped in.
“Here comes Daisyzilla one more time!” Daisy said as she jumped in.
“Daisyzilla? Doesn’t sound very friendly.” Rosalina said as she too jumped in. Prince Hugo, meanwhile, strolled back to the castle to get in touch with E.Gadd.

Little did anyone know that in the time the Giant Land Swimming Pool was unoccupied, more giantesses were about to be created.

The SS Tea Cup was fast approaching Giant Land. In fact, it was only a minute or two away from making landfall. The Gooms and Ducks made the signal to Captain Syrup.
“Land ho, Captain Syrup!” one of the Gooms shouted. The pirates watched as Captain Syrup suddenly came walking out, and they were stunned to see Captain Syrup was wearing something completely different. Instead of her usual pirate attire that she was almost never seen without, Captain Syrup was now wearing a cyan-colored two-piece bikini. She also had a yellow tape tied around her neck, similar to the kind the Mario Brothers would gain when they touched a magic feather. Captain Syrup was a bit bothered by everyone staring (in awe of course) at her.
“What are you staring at!?” Captain Syrup said.
“S-s-s-sorry, Captain Syrup. It’s just that you look... well, you’re the most beautiful looking thing ever.” one of the Ducks said.
“Why thank you, sailor. I’ll have to tell that to my magic mirror.” Captain Syrup said in a sarcastic tone before bonking the duck on the head.
“Anyway, it’s a good thing I had a feather stowed away. This cape will allow me to fly over the castle walls undetected.” Captain Syrup said.
“But may we ask what the swimsuit be for?” one of the Gooms said.
“Simple! I might as well get a swim in this new fangled Giant Land Swimming Pool you fools are babbling about. Then I’ll scout around and find a treasure worth robbing in this giant dump!” Captain Syrup said.
“Oh! Oh! Can we go swimming too? Huh? Huh? Please? Pretty please?” some of the Gooms said. However, they wound up getting hit on the head as well, either by Syrup’s hands or even her bare feet.
“No, you idiots! You’re to remain on the ship until I return. I want the ship ready to go in case we have to make a quick getaway.” Captain Syrup said.
“Aye aye, captain.” the Gooms and Ducks all grumbled. After clearing the decks and giving her enough room, Captain Syrup took off running and eventually gained enough speed to let her cape take her to the sky. Captain Syrup sailed through the air until she was over the castle walls.

Once she was over, Captain Syrup came in for a landing. Appropriately, she landed right in the back area where the Giant Land Swimming Pool resided.
“Now that’s what I call pinpoint accuracy.” Captain Syrup said. After checking on the cape to make sure it wasn’t wrinkled or something like that, she gazed her eyes first around the pool to see nobody was around. And then she looked at the crystal clear water that made up the pool itself.
“(whistles) And that’s what I call good clean swimming water. Might as well make myself at home before I go snooping around!” Captain Syrup said. With that, she effortlessly jumped into the water. Despite the water being very deep given her size, Captain Syrup was able to stay afloat being an excellent swimmer. She would spend the next few minutes casually swimming around in different strokes, as well as diving underwater trying to get as deep as she can.
It was not until she felt her feet touch the bottom of the pool that she felt a change.
“Wait... I’m touching the surface?” Captain Syrup said. She then looked around and saw the pool seemingly shrinking, and that’s when she put two and two together.
“Oh! I’m getting bigger!” Captain Syrup shouted. Indeed, she felt herself growing until the growth eventually stopped, putting her at the same size as any other Giant Land citizen, including of course Hugo and Apple. Captain Syrup splashed the water around with her hands as she admired her new size.
“Well, I’ll be. I could get used to this size.” Captain Syrup said. She then stepped out of the pool to compare herself even further. As her skin, swimsuit, and even yellow cape glistened in the sunlight above, she walked around doing her best to get a feel for her increased size. But she couldn’t admire it for long, for she heard a male voice calling out behind her.

“Hey! Who are you!?” the voice shouted. Captain Syrup turned to see it was Hugo, who was standing all by himself.
“Oh! Hello there! I’m... well... I’m from the Mushroom Kingdom. I heard the Giant Land Swimming Pool was open to the public so I jumped in for a swim.” Captain Syrup said.
“Well, yes, it’s true, but did you pay your way in like we’re asking everyone else?” Hugo asked.
“Well... sure... sure I did!” Captain Syrup said.
“Even so, we’ve had to close the pool for now because of exactly the situation you’re in. I assume this is not your usual size?” Hugo said.
“No, no it’s not. What’s in that water, anyway? I bet I could make a fortune with miracle growth stuff like that!” Captain Syrup said.
“I’m afraid I cannot tell you. I’ll have to ask you to remain in one of our quarters until the situation has been rectified. Guards!” Hugo shouted. Captain Syrup knew she was in big trouble if she were to be confined in this castle, so she took an immediate course of action. She quickly unraveled the cape she was wearing and wrapped Hugo’s head around it.
“Hey! What are you...!” Hugo shouted.
“You can’t keep me! I’m Captain Syrup! I’m nobody’s prisoner!” Captain Syrup shouted. After trying to fight his way free for about ten seconds, eventually Hugo finally lost consciousness and slumped his way to the ground (with Syrup’s support). Captain Syrup then laid the cape on top of the sleeping giant.
“Sweet dreams, old man.” Captain Syrup said. The pirate giantess then started to make her way out of the castle, only having to trip up a couple guards along the way.

Later, Captain Syrup’s pirate lackies were sitting around waiting for their captain to return. She eventually did return alright, watching as she came barging through the castle’s front doors. Of course, the group would be surprised once again to see that she had grown from her normal size.
“What the...!? Captain Syrup!?” one of the Gooms shouted.
“By jove! How did she grow so big!?” one of the Ducks shouted.
“Never mind that! Clear the decks! She’s coming right for the ship!” one of the Gooms shouted. Indeed, the giantess was making a beeline towards her smaller SS Tea Cup ship, and the other pirates scrambled to get out of the way so they wouldn’t be crushed when she jumped onto the ship, which is exactly what she did. The ship certainly rocked and rolled, but it was still barely big enough to hold the newly ordained giantess, let alone stay afloat.
“Come on! Come on! Get us out of here!!” Captain Syrup shouted.
“Aye aye, captain!” all of Captain Syrup’s lackies shouted as they quickly got the ship off and sailing in the distance. The mushroom guards of Giant Palace could only watch as the ship sailed off past their reach... but they would soon have a more immediate concern.
“Hugo is down! I repeat, Hugo is down!” one of the guards shouted from the castle. Immediately, the guards at the shoreline all sprinted back to Giant Palace to tend to Prince Hugo.
The guards all gathered around the unconscious prince and initially feared the worst.
“Is he dead?” one of the guards asked.
“No, just unconscious. I can still feel his pulse and his heart beating.” another guard said. Many of the guards breathed a sigh of relief.
“Hurry, let’s get him to his bed and wake him up!” another guard said.
“Easy, easy...” another guard said as four of them all walked around Hugo’s body and used all their strength to lift him up. The guards then all carried him back to his bedroom in order to try and awake him.

And with all the guards tending to Prince Hugo, that left the swimming pool wide open for two more familiar faces (and luckily for the Giant Land castle no more) to become giantesses after a quick swim...

Pauline was the next to come jumping out from the Giant Land warp pipe, and she was amazed at the size of the pipe considering she was still standing on the top edge.
“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that.” Pauline said. Using the item generation technique she learned from Princess Peach, Pauline magically summoned a parasol. She opened it up and used it to float down to the ground. After making it disappear, Pauline got running towards the Giant Palace. As she walked her way towards the castle, she was surprised to see nobody was around, not even anyone guarding the castle. Heck, the castle’s front door was slightly open.
“Hmmm? Even Super Mini Mario World Theme Park has more security than this. Especially after the last time Donkey Kong went bananas.” Pauline said to herself.
After a few minutes of random wandering around the huge castle, still surprised to not find any guards around (not knowing of course they were all working on reviving Prince Hugo), Pauline looked outside the glass doors (which were open as well) and saw the gigantic swimming pool. She whistled and marveled over how huge it looked.
“Whew... this puts all olympic pools to shame.” Pauline said. The young woman took one last look for any guards that might be in the area.
“Well, nobody in the pool and nobody guarding it, I might as well make myself at home!” Pauline said as she went running at full speed through the backyard and then jumping into the pool.

Like Captain Syrup before her, Pauline just casually swam around the large pool. Despite the water refreshing her body, she couldn’t get her mind off the beauty pageant that was nearing its conclusion. She felt like she had some formidable competition and it was probably going to take a miracle for her to come out of this contest with the crown. She also couldn’t help but think about Donkey Kong as well, wondering if he’d go capture crazy with her again with the swimsuit she was wearing. But she quickly put aside those thoughts. After all, Donkey Kong wasn’t too ruthless a kidnapper. Heck, during the kidnapping after the opening of Super Mini Mario World Theme Park, DK even served her tea while she was trapped at the top of the tower!
Then, Pauline had to stop all her thinking when she felt her feet touching the bottom of the pool. She looked around and could see the edge of the pool getting smaller.
“W...What’s happening!?” Pauline said. Indeed, she too had grown to Apple’s size thanks to the magical effects of the water. At first she was shocked and surprised by her newly gained size, but then suddenly remembered a very important thing.
“Oh! The beauty pageant! I have to get back before I’m too late.” Pauline said. As the young woman climbed her way out of the pool and she thought about the pageant, she thought of something that brought a smile on her face.
“I don’t know how I’m going to explain this to the judges, but there’s no way I can lose now!” Pauline said. She remembered the path she took to the pool and used it to make her way out of the castle.

Meanwhile, Mona was the next to come flying out of the huge pipe. Unlike Pauline, she didn’t land on the edge of the pipe and instead was falling straight to the ground.
“Eeeek!” Mona shouted. However, using her skills as a cheerleader, she planted her feet upon landing and immediately stood straight up.
“Whew... good thing I had cheerleader as part of my resume. Although... the monkey’s landing tips also helped wonders. And speaking of wonders...” Mona said. She then looked out in the distance towards Giant Palace.
“Wow! What a beautiful castle! I hope Princess Apple doesn’t mind my surprise visit.” Mona said. She took one last moment to check on her swimsuit, which was a two-piece bikini in a lighter shade of red (with the top part revealing no cleavage at all, unlike with Apple), before running towards the castle. Her orange hair, tied in a ponytail, blew backwards with the breeze.

When she finally made it to the front door, she had to stop when she noticed it opening up.
“Oh my! Someone’s coming out!” Mona shouted. She watched as the giant Pauline stepped out, and Mona had to sidestep to avoid getting stepped on. The woman bore a strong resemblance to Princess Apple. In fact...
“Princess Apple! Princess Apple!!” Mona shouted. Pauline stopped her walk and turned around to look down at the small girl.
“Huh? Are you talking to me?” Pauline asked.
“Hey, Princess Apple! Remember me, Mona? From Diamond City?” Mona said. Pauline raised an eyebrow, wondering why this girl was confusing her with this Princess Apple character that she had only heard stories about (meaning she hasn’t seen her in person yet). Nevertheless, she played along, probably to make up for nearly stepping on her in her rush to get out of Giant Land.
“Oh, um... hi, Mona... yes, Mona! I remember you! How could I forget a pretty face like that?” Pauline said.
“Listen, I heard you opened up the Giant Land Swimming Pool finally. Would it be alright if I went for a swim?” Mona said.
“Well, sure! I don’t see why not! Have a nice swim!” Pauline said.
“Thanks, Princess Apple! You’re the best! Um... I don’t suppose you could lead me to the pool?” Mona said.
“Well... I’m kinda in a hurry to go somewhere. Just follow the water trail I left behind.” Pauline said as she pointed towards her body still dripping with pool water.
“Okay, thanks!” Mona said as she happily ran inside the castle via the same front door that Pauline came out of.
Of course, Pauline knew that girl was probably going to grow as well the moment she jumped into that pool, but that wasn’t of her concern right now.
“Okay, gotta go! Don’t want to be late!” Pauline said as she made her way to the pipe that would take her out of Giant Land.

Mona indeed followed the trail of water that had gotten the carpets of the castle wet, eventually leading her to the pool. She too was surprised to not see any guards around, nor Prince Hugo.
“Hmmm... that’s strange. Nobody’s guarding the pool, and I haven’t run into Apple’s husband yet. Oh well! I’m just gonna jump in!” Mona said. She too ran through the backyard and jumped into the vast pool.
Like Pauline, Mona thought about a lot of things as she swam around, most times thinking about the seemingly hundred or so jobs she’s had in Diamond City, particularly the ones Wario rarely ever pays her for. But one job she couldn’t get out of her mind was the one she was about to lose... her job at Mona Pizza.
“(sigh) Poor Joe. I wish there was something I could do for Mona Pizza. Something big even...” Mona said. Curiously enough, while backstroking around the pool, she imagined herself being the same size as Princess Apple, effortlessly delivering pizzas all around the city (some even by just plain tossing them from one side of the city all the way to their doorsteps). She giggled over this dream, thinking what it would be like to be tall like Apple normally is.
Needless to say, but part of Mona’s wish was about to be granted. Like the other giantesses before her, Mona’s thought process stopped when she felt her feet now touching the bottom of the pool.
“Huh? Wait a minute... I can touch the bottom now?” Mona said. The girl then realized she was growing bigger judging by one of the inflatables beside her shrinking before her eyes. After she felt her body stop tingling and the growing stop, she was stunned.
“EEEEK! What happened!? I’m huge!!” Mona shouted. She looked around frantically.
“What to do... what to do... What am I going to say to Princess Apple?” Mona said.

The young girl then took a deep breath and cleared her mind. When she did, she got an idea.
“Wait a minute... with my size, I can save Mona Pizza! I can make my dream come true! Oh, I have to get back to Diamond City and tell Joe. I hope he hasn’t locked the doors and thrown away the key yet!” Mona said. Taking the nearby steps on the shallow end of the pool, Mona quickly made her way out and then took the same path out of the castle, not bothering to dry herself off (not that she could find any towels along the way).
Eventually she made it all the way to the same pipe she came out of, which didn’t look so big before. Remembering what Apple told her one day about using the pipe to warp wherever in the world she wanted with her thoughts, Mona used her power of thinking to transport her back to Diamond City and then jumped into the pipe. As she fell down the blackness of the pipe, she wondered what kind of reaction the city would have to her size.

Toad Town

While all this was going on at Giant Palace, the first of the ladies to grow, Princesses Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina, all were making their way to Toad Town, the capital city of the Mushroom Kingdom that rested only yards away from Peach’s Castle. Even from a distance, the trio marveled over how much smaller the town looked from their size. Of course, Princess Apple was used to the size difference having traversed through the town before.
“Woohoo! Man, this never gets tiring! I keep telling you, Peach, we should grow this big more often!” Daisy shouted.
“Um... yeah, then the Mushroom people wouldn’t know what size to get used to. But I will agree this is a most wondrous feeling.” Peach said.
“Isn’t it, Peach? Being this tall certainly puts a new perspective on things.” Apple said.
“Forgive me, Peach, but I can’t help but notice the many venues that surround your castle.” Rosalina said as she was focused on something entirely different while looking around the castle grounds with her new height.
“What do you mean, Rosalina?” Peach asked.
“Well, not just a whole town bustling with activity, but a race track... a baseball diamond... a tennis court... a golf course... is there anything you do not have around these hallowed grounds?” Rosalina said. Peach couldn’t help but blush.
“Yeah, I guess I have gotten a little carried away with what I put around my castle.” Peach said. Apple, meanwhile, looked towards the town and already could see various Toads stopping and looking up in awe.
“Looks like some of the Toads are already stunned over what they’re seeing.” Apple said.
“You can’t really blame them! It’s not often that FOUR giant women come knocking on their door!” Daisy said.
“I would imagine they must be frightened over what they’re seeing.” Rosalina said.
“Don’t worry, everyone. My voice alone should soothe everyone’s fears.” Peach said.

Finally, the four swimsuit-wearing, and nearly six story tall, giantesses were walking into the heart of Toad Town. They stopped their walk seemingly in the center of the town, keeping as close to each other as they could. The girls all looked down as the Toads looked up in amazement, and they also noted how they were twice as tall as many of the buildings in this area. As the Toads murmured with each other, with only a select few running away in fear, Peach spoke out.
“People of Toad Town, don’t be alarmed. As a result of... well, let’s just say an accident, over at Giant Palace, I and my friends, Daisy and Rosalina, are now the same size as the princess of Giant Land herself, Princess Apple. But I assure you I am the same Princess Peach I’ve always been, and until a cure for our condition can be found, I will do the best to run the Mushroom Kingdom the best that I always have.” Peach said. After a few seconds of silence, the Toads suddenly started cheering loudly. Peach smiled when she saw how quickly their worries had subsided.
“My my, you sure have a way with words, Princess Peach.” Rosalina said.
“Nah... she probably just hypnotized them with that one speech.” Daisy said.
“Oh, Daisy. It’s not like I have THAT much control over them.” Peach said. Suddenly, the princess looked down at her bare feet to see a younger Toad, along with presumably his father trying to catch him, running up to them. As the Toad jumped up and down on one of Peach’s toes, Peach kneeled down and gently picked up the young Toad.
“Hello, little one. You should be careful when running around giant people.” Peach said.
“Okay, I’m sorry. It’s just I like seeing you big and strong, Princess Peach. Now you can crush that nasty Bowser!” the Toad happily shouted.
“Hehe... I guess I could.” Peach said.
“Awww... isn’t he just the cutest thing? Hey, little guy, want to go for a ride?” Daisy asked as she leaned her head in. She tried to pick the little Toad from Peach’s hands, but Peach pulled them away.
“No, Daisy. He’s much too young. Besides, I’m worrying his father too much already.” Peach said as she gently placed the younger Toad down on the ground next to his father.
“Thank you, Princess Peach!” the Toad said before he and the child ran off. Peach couldn’t help but smile watching them run off. Daisy, on the other hand, was disappointed she didn’t get to play with them.

“Come on, Peach! We’re the perfect size to entertain these Mushroom people of yours!” Daisy said.
“Have patience, Daisy. I’m sure Peach will find someone suitable for you to toy with. She did that for me the first time I came here after growing.” Apple said with a smile.
“You’re right, Apple. I’m sure you gave the Mario Brothers a few extra gray hairs that day.” Peach said with a smile. Just as she said that and started to think what the Marios would say regarding both her size and choice of swimsuit, she suddenly heard a familiar voice calling up to her.
“Goodness me! What has happened to you, my princess!?” the male voice shouted. Peach turned and looked on the ground (as did the other giant princesses) and saw the voice belonging to, who else? Toadsworth.
“Oh! Hello, Toadsworth!” Peach said. The princess reached down and picked him up, allowing him to stand on the palm of her hand.
“Pip pip! I ask again, Princess Peach, what happened to you? And aren’t you at all worried about your level of exposure?” Toadsworth said as he pointed to Peach’s bikini with his staff.
“Teehee, don’t worry about me, Toadsworth. I rather like wearing this while being this big.” Peach said.
“As for how Peach grew to this size, I’m afraid I am responsible thanks to my new swimming pool.” Apple said.
“But don’t worry, Prince Hugo and everyone at Giant Land are working on a way to reverse the process.” Peach said.
“Ah, very good. We wouldn’t want you running the Mushroom Kingdom at that magnificent size!” Toadsworth said.
“Hey, what’s wrong with being big and ruling an entire land?” Apple said.
“Ahem... present company excepted, of course!” Toadsworth said with a blush on his face.
“Hey, I know! Here you go, Daisy! You can play with Toadsworth.” Peach said.
“Hehe, it’ll be a pleasure!” Daisy said, watching as Peach moved her hand towards Daisy and the giant Sarasaland princess reached down and picked up the tiny mushroom retainer.
“What the...!?” Toadsworth said.
“In you go, gramps!” Daisy jokingly said. The other girls gasped a bit when they saw Daisy drop Toadsworth onto her chest. The old mushroom retainer found it hard to keep his balance and he found himself trapped between Daisy’s boobs as she squeezed them together.
“Comfy, Toadsworth?” Daisy asked with a smile on her face.
“Ooof!! Young lady, I tell you this is most inappropriate behavior!” Toadsworth shouted. The other giantesses finally couldn’t resist and let out a quick laugh.

Rosalina then remembered something the young Toad from before said.
“You know, Peach. That young Toad brought up a very valid point. You are at the size where Bowser poses no threat to you. Perhaps you can even capture him for a change.” Rosalina said.
“That’s right! Oh I would pay top coin to see you capture Bowser and see him cry for help for a change!” Apple said.
“Hehe, true. But let’s save that for later. There’s still so much of the Mushroom Kingdom I want to see from up here. In fact, there’s one place I want to check out that’s not too far from here. And that’s Super Mini Mario World Theme Park.” Peach said.
“Oh! I’ve heard of that place. That’s where all those Mini Mario toys are being made, right?” Apple said.
“Yep, that’s the one! I’d like to visit that place while I’m thinking about it. Why don’t you three stay here and keep everyone in Toad Town entertained?” Peach said.
“Sure, Peach. Although don’t you think Toadsworth has had enough excitement?” Apple said as she looked at him continuing to be smothered (especially in the chest) by Daisy.
“Oh, don’t worry. He hasn’t gotten enough excitement for the week anyway.” Peach said. Before she could walk away, she heard once more from Rosalina.
“Please be careful, Peach.” Rosalina said.
“I will, Rosalina. But then again, I’m over 60 feet tall now. Who would want to mess with me?” Peach said as she winked and then walked out of Toad Town, heading for Super Mini Mario World Theme Park.

But before we follow Peach on her journey to the theme park, let’s see how Captain Syrup is doing with her suddenly smaller SS Tea Cup.

Somewhere at sea

Captain Syrup’s pirate crew continued to sweep water off the decks of the SS Tea Cup. It was only so long before the weight of the six story tall Captain Syrup could no longer be supported by the ship, and once it sunk to a low enough level, it started to take in water. The Gooms and Ducks were all trying as hard as they could to sweep the water off the ship, but eventually they had to resort to pleading for the giantess to jump off.
“Please, Captain Syrup! You have to get off or this ship will sink!” one of the Gooms shouted.
“And what am I supposed to do? Swim behind the ship!?” Captain Syrup shouted. All the pirates looked nervously at each other, knowing the captain wasn’t going to like their answer.
“Yeah...” they all said softly. But amazingly enough, Captain Syrup agreed with this plan, especially after she glanced around and saw how close the ship was coming to drowning under the sea.
“Fine, fine. I suppose I could use the exercise.” Captain Syrup said. The six story tall pirate girl giantess rolled her way off the ship, leaving behind a huge splash that covered every inch of the boat. But most importantly, as Captain Syrup started to paddle her legs and even push the ship with her arms, the ship started to raise higher up the water.
After about 10-15 minutes of paddling through the open sea, Captain Syrup was finally feeling fatigued and had to find a place to both rest herself and the ship, especially with her lackies working so hard to clear all the excess water from the ship decks (which they successfully did). The end of their journey had led the group to...

Desert Land

Captain Syrup puttered her way on shore, as did the pirates from the SS Tea Cup, although they kept a good distance away from the giantess so she wouldn’t easily step on them.
“Where are we?” Captain Syrup asked.
“From the look of all the sand stretching out seemingly for miles, plus a few palm trees... I’d say this is Desert Land.” one of the Gooms said.
“Desert Land!? Oh great... talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire!” one of the Ducks said. Suddenly, he got bumped into the sand by one of Captain Syrup’s huge toes.
“On the contrary, Desert Land is chock full of mysteries and treasure, and it’ll be all ours for the taking!” Captain Syrup said.
“I agree, especially in the pyramids!” one of the Gooms shouted.
“Right! I hear there be a pyramid filled with gold coin-spawning blocks. Wear it on your head and you’ll be rolling in coins in no time!” another Goom shouted.
“Haha! With my increased size, we’ll be at those pyramids in no time!” Captain Syrup said.
“Yes, but... which direction do we start looking in?” one of the Ducks asked. Captain Syrup gave a cold, evil glare down at the underling.
“But seriously, captain! Even if you’re that big, it’s still easy to get lost in Desert Land!” the Duck continued. Captain Syrup didn’t react because the Duck was right. Desert Land was like the Desert Colossus legend she read about in a book she stole called ‘Hyrule Historia.’ One could get lost if they didn’t have a map by their side. And she knew just the person to get a map from.
“Follow me, everyone. I know just the person who will solve our troubles.” Captain Syrup said.

That person Captain Syrup was referring to? A lone Dryite (aka a Toad clad in turban clothing) sitting on a beach chair with a basket full of maps by his side. He was just finishing handing a map to a customer (another Dryite) and then taking the lone gold coin he was asking for.
“That’s right! Enjoy your map, kind sir! I got maps to the pyramids. Maps to the tombs of the mummies! Maps to the houses of the mushroom stars!! You name it, I got it!!!” the Dryite shouted as the customer was leaving. At the same time, a dark shadow suddenly covered up every last bit of sunlight that had been shining down on him.
“Oh, good. A huge cloud passing overhead! Another minute in this hot sun and I would be baked...” the Dryite said as he turned around to get a good look at the ‘cloud’ that was overhead... only to discover the ‘cloud’ was instead the some-60-foot-tall body of a woman in a cyan-colored bikini.
“Hello there, little devil. I’ll take every map you have for navigating Desert Land.” Captain Syrup said. The Dryite stared at the giantess for a few seconds before finally reacting the only way he could.
“Yipes!” the Dryite shouted as he jumped in the air (complete with SMB jumping sound effect for some reason) and ran as fast as he could back to the nearest town. Naturally, he left behind his basket full of maps, which the Gooms and the Ducks swarmed and took every last one of.
“We got the maps, Captain Syrup!” the pirates shouted together.
“Very good. Lead the way to one of the pyramids... preferably one with the most treasure. Hohoho! I’ll steal it before that fat oaf, Wario, can even sniff it!” Captain Syrup shouted. She and the pirates then took off running to the east, hoping to find a pyramid filled with riches beyond riches.

Super Mini Mario World Theme Park

Meanwhile, the final round of the beauty pageant was well underway, with various women dressed in varying swimsuits and posing for the cameras and judges. The showing off was nearing its end, and even the three judges (Plum, Charlie, and Prince Pine) were wondering where Pauline could be, since she wasn’t part of the back line.
“Hmmm... that’s weird. Where could Pauline be?” Charlie said.
“She better hurry up, or she’ll be disqualified!” Prince Pine said. Plum had an especially worried look on her face, for some reason.
But finally, the last of the women, Kate (the same one who told Pauline the swimsuit competition was coming up) walked across the stage in her own swimsuit. There was nobody else behind her. No Pauline at all, and the time had come to choose a winner. Prince Pine, as the lead judge, stood up from his chair and held a microphone to his mouth.
“Ahem... ladies and gentlemen, I hereby declare the winner of this year’s Mushroom Kingdom beauty pageant to be...” Prince Pine said. However, before he could announce the winner of the competition, suddenly the ground began to shake rhythmically, with booming thunder-like sounds accompanying each shake. As everyone wondered what the shaking was all about, suddenly Kate looked at the main tower building of the theme park and saw something coming from behind it.
“Eeeek! Look!” Kate shouted. Everyone looked to see it was Pauline stepping out from behind the tower. Of course, she was now wearing her swimsuit and standing just over 60 feet tall. As Pauline stepped up to the stage and was careful not to crush it with her bare feet, she listened to all the uneasy chatter amongst the other, and of course smaller, contestants as well as the judges and the spectators in the nearby bleachers (mostly Toads).
“Ummm... hello! Sorry I’m late. I did a little extra work.” Pauline said.
“Man! I’ll say she did some extra work!” Charlie shouted.
“Mmph, yes... but I wonder how she grew so big. We should inquire...” Prince Pine said.
“Oh forget the inquiries! The committee said no holds barred, so Pauline wins by virtue of her magnificent beauty and size!” Plum shouted. After Prince Pine gazed between Plum (and those cute eyes of hers, he thought) and the swimsuit clad giantess that was Pauline, he made his decision.
“Right then! We have our winner!” Prince Pine shouted. Pauline smiled. It sounded like she was going to be handed the proverbial trophy despite her obvious size advantage.
“The winner this year’s Mushroom Kingdom beauty pageant is...” Prince Pine said.

But once again, before he could name the winner, suddenly a familiar voice called out.
“Oh! Hi, Pauline!” the female voice said. At the same time, the ground was shaking again at different intervals and there were booming sounds with each shake. Once again, Kate pointed everyone in the right direction.
“Oh my gosh! Look!!!” Kate shouted. Approaching the grounds, and for that matter Pauline herself, was the giant-sized and bikini-clad Princess Peach. Pauline was just as stunned to see her.
“P-P-P-Princess Peach!?” Pauline shouted.
“Yep, that’s me! I take it you went swimming in the Giant Land Swimming Pool as well?” Peach asked.
“Well... yeah...” Pauline said, sounding a bit awkward in her tone because of the surprise.
“Ladies and gentlemen! The winner of this year’s Mushroom Kingdom beauty pageant is... PRINCESS PEACH!!!” Prince Pine suddenly yelled into the microphone. It took a few seconds, but the grandstands soon erupted in applause. Pauline and Peach both had surprised looks on their faces.
“Huh? Beauty pageant? Me? The winner?” Peach said. She looked down and noticed Prince Pine walking up towards her feet, holding onto a wreath and golden crown. Peach kneeled down to get a closer look.
“Ummm... congratulations, my dear friend, Peach. I don’t know how this stuff is going to fit onto you...” Prince Pine said.
“Oh, that’s okay, Prince Pine. I only wish we could enjoy this brief reunion under more normal circumstances. I’ve missed you!” Peach said.
“Well, you know! Jewelry Land is a busy place to keep an eye over! Anyway, congratulations! Well deserved victory by our princess!” Prince Pine said as he handed the awards for winning the pageant to the giant princess, who simply held the items in her hand as she stood back to her full height.

She then looked over at Pauline who had folded her arms and was obviously pouting.
“(sigh) Always stealing the thunder no matter where you show up.” Pauline said. Peach immediately could tell why Pauline was upset. She had a feeling she was about to be crowned the winner until she suddenly crashed the proverbial party.
“Oh! I’m sorry, Pauline! I certainly did not mean to interrupt the proceedings. I didn’t even know this pageant was going on! Here, please accept these as my apology.” Peach said as she suddenly extended the hand with the wreath and crown towards Pauline, who then sighed again and suddenly cracked a small smile.
“It’s okay. You can keep them. You beat me fair and square, so to speak.” Pauline said.
“So you’re not mad with me?” Peach asked.
“Nah, there will be other beauty pageants. But never mind me, you said something about the Giant Land Swimming Pool?” Pauline said.
“Yeah, it’s made not just you and I, but a couple other friends of mine big as well. They’re working on a cure as we speak.” Peach said.
“I see. Well, I hope they take their time. I... well... I kinda like being gigantic.” Pauline said.
“Hehe, me too! It’s a wonderful feeling, wouldn’t you say? Come on, how about we meet up with the others back in Toad Town?” Peach said.
“Sure! Got nothing else to do right now.” Pauline said with a smile on her face. The two giantesses then left the beauty pageant in their wake as they stomped their way out of Super Mini Mario World Theme Park and back towards Toad Town.

Toad Town

Depending on who you asked, Toadsworth was either having the time or getting the pure torture of his old life. First it was getting smushed between Daisy’s breasts... and now the thrill was hanging on for dear life as Rosalina slowly swung her hair back and forth. Toadsworth clutched tightly onto the golden strands of hair as Daisy and Apple watched not only Toadsworth go through his ride, but Rosalina actually have a smile on her face.
“Teehee... looks like you’re having fun, Rosalina!” Daisy shouted.
“Well, I must admit this is a very unusual, yet very fun, way to entertain someone that is smaller than me.” Rosalina said.
“Okay, ladies! I can take a joke! JUST GET ME DOWN FROM HERE!” Toadsworth said.
“Oh, stop whining, Toadsworth! You know I’ve got the quick hands to catch you if you fall!” Apple shouted.

When Peach returned to Toad Town, she gasped lightly when she saw her fellow giantesses playing around with Toadsworth.
“Oh my!” Peach said. With that simple comment, Rosalina quickly scooped Toadsworth from her hair and petted him with one hand while holding him in the other.
“Oh, Princess Peach. Forgive us... we did not anticipate you returning so soon.” Rosalina said.
“It’s okay, Rosalina. And don’t worry about Toadsworth. Like I said, he could use a little more excitement.” Peach said with a smile on her face.
“A little!? Young lady, I insist we have a talk when you shrink back to your normal size!” Toadsworth said, with the giantesses simply laughing the old Toad off. Daisy was the first to notice the giant Pauline standing behind Peach.
“Oh, is that Pauline? And she grew too?” Daisy asked.
“Oh, yes! I found her in Super Mini Mario World Theme Park towering over the beauty pageant.” Peach said.
“Darn it! I knew I was forgetting to enter something!” Daisy said. Pauline smiled as she recognized both Daisy and Rosalina from when they and Peach all vacationed together on Mario Land, specifically inside the house in the Macro Zone.
“It’s good to see you again, Daisy. And Rosalina. But I don’t believe I’ve met that other giantess before.” Pauline said.
“Oh! Pauline, that is Princess Apple. She’s the princess of Giant Land. Actually, she’s always that size. Princess Apple, this is Pauline, a very good friend. She was Mario’s first girlfriend before we met.” Peach said. Apple walked over and offered to shake Pauline’s hand.
“First one, eh? Well, it’s an honor to meet you. Peach has told me much about you.” Apple said.
“Oh, stop... I can’t be THAT famous around here. But you know...” Pauline said as she shook Apple’s hand.
“What’s that?” Apple asked.
“I can see why that other girl confused you with me... we look so alike for some reason. I mean, except for our hairstyles and the color of our swimsuits.” Pauline said.
“Hmmm... come to think of it, yes. I can see the resemblance! But you said there was another girl who confused the two of us?” Apple said.
“Yeah. She went inside I presume your castle to jump in the swimming pool. The same one I jumped in and found myself growing in. She had orange hair and said she was from Diamond City.” Pauline said.
“Uh oh... that sounds like Mona. I’d wager she’s probably just as big as us by now. I better contact my husband.” Apple said. She then opened up the bracelet on her wrist, revealing the picture of family (along with her normal-sized self). This time she double tapped the top part of the opening, but suddenly heard static sounds.

“Hugo, honey? Can you hear me?” Apple asked.
“Doesn’t sound like very good reception.” Daisy said.
“That’s strange. It should be able to reach him even from all the way out here.” Apple said.
“Maybe something’s jamming the signal?” Pauline asked.
“Huh? Jamming the signal?” Apple said.
“Well, why not? It happened a lot in movies I watched back in Brooklyn.” Pauline said.
“I think we have to take that as a possibility, but meanwhile, I think we should all go to Diamond City and see if Mona has made it back there.” Peach said.
“Agreed. Then we can find out what’s causing the signal on this thing to be blocked off.” Apple said.
“But how are we going to get to Diamond City? It’s pretty far away from here, last time I checked.” Daisy said.
“No problem! The giant pipe we used to get here from Giant Land. I can re-summon it and have it transport us to Diamond City in a flash!” Apple said.
“Alright then, let’s go everyone!” Peach said. All the giantesses took a few steps to leave Toad Town, but Rosalina suddenly stopped.
“Wait!” Rosalina said.
“Huh? What is it, Rosalina?” Peach asked.
“I...I’m sensing terrible distress from a land not far from here. Voices are crying out... saying run away from the evil giant pirate girl...” Rosalina said.
“Huh? Giant pirate girl? What star bits have you been eating?” Daisy asked.
“Still... that sounds like trouble in Desert Land, and it’s probably another girl who jumped into that pool!” Peach said.
“Hmmm... this is serious. I hope the guards at my castle are aware of this and haven’t let any other visitors jump into that pool.” Apple said. Peach patted a hand on Apple’s shoulder.
“We can worry about that later, Apple. For now, we have two different places to go now.” Peach said.
“I say we split up. How about Rosalina, Pauline, and I go to Desert Land for you, Peach? You can accompany Apple to Diamond City and look for this Mona girl.” Daisy said.
“That sounds like a plan to me.” Peach said.
“Agreed. I’ll set the pipe for Desert Land first once we get there.” Apple said.

After walking several yards away from Toad Town and returning to the pipe they came from (which would always disappear once Apple leapt inside), Apple telepathically told the pipe to transport anyone who jumped in to Desert Land until she said otherwise. She gave the signal for Daisy, Rosalina, and Pauline to all jump in. Once they were through, Peach and Apple were the next to leap inside the pipe. Their destination was for Apple’s former home, Diamond City.

Diamond City

When Mona was back in the heart of Diamond City after using the warp pipe back in Giant Land, she slowed her walk to almost tiptoe speed. Of course, her size made it appear anything but tiptoeing to the shocked citizens of Diamond City, many of whom weren’t wasting any time running for cover.
“My gosh.. the city looks so much smaller from up here. I’d certainly run too if a giant girl came here!” Mona said to herself, watching her steps carefully as she saw everyone run as fast as they could. Eventually she looked out in the distance and saw the big ‘Mona Pizza’ sign.
“There’s Mona Pizza! I hope Joe hasn’t gone home yet!” Mona said as she increased her walking speed the closer she got to the parlor.

Manager Joe just slumped around inside Mona Pizza, wiping up floors since there were no customers around to keep him busy. It was pretty much quiet inside the establishment as well, aside from the occasional booming sounds coming from outside, which Joe found puzzling since the weather called for bright and sunny skies today.
“HEY JOE!!” a female voice shouted from outside. Joe had to cover his ears because of how loud the voice was.
“Crimony! What’s the ruckus!?” Joe shouted. Once he felt his hearing had recovered, he looked outside the entrance to Mona Pizza. Outside was the biggest pair of blue eyes he had ever seen.
“Oops! Sorry, Joe! Didn’t mean to scare you!” the female voice said again. Joe finally recognized who the voice belonged to.
“M...Mona!? Is that you!!?” Joe said. The giant swimsuit-wearing Mona couldn’t hear what Joe was saying because of the glass doors, so she
“Joe, come out so we can talk! Don’t worry, you know I won’t hurt you!” Mona said. Joe was a bit nervous at first, but ultimately he knew he could trust Mona as long as the two have worked together. So he finally stepped outside, and tilted his head upward in tremendous awe as he studied Mona from bottom to top. Before he could look any more, he suddenly felt himself trapped as Mona wrapped one of her hands around her boss and lifted him up to her face.
“Teehee! That’s better!” Mona said.
“What happened, Mona!? How did you get so big?” Joe asked.
“It’s kind of a long story, but never mind that! I have an idea that can save Mona Pizza!” Mona said.
“Huh? Save it? How?” Joe asked.
“Remember what the newspaper critic said about us last week? That we’ve been too slow in serving our pizzas compared to Pizza Dinosaur?” Mona said.
“Hmmm... yes, I think I recall reading those reviews. Wait... you’re not going to go after them, are you!?” Joe said.
“Oh, heck no! Maybe in Attack of the 50-Foot Mona I would, but I have a better idea! With my huge size, I could deliver probably hundreds of pizzas all over the city! Then turn around and do another hundred pizzas! No more speeding tickets too!” Mona shouted excitedly.
“Oh, yes! Yes, I get your drift, Mona! But... the problem is nobody has called in any orders yet...” Joe said.
“We’ll just give a few pizzas away for free! That will help spread the word!” Mona said.
“Well...” Joe said.
“Come on, Joe! I don’t know how long this new size of mine might last! This may be Mona Pizza’s last chance!” Mona begged.
“Okay, okay! I won’t argue with a sweet giant girl like you, even if you are an employee! Let me just get a few pies from inside.” Joe said. Mona nodded and set Joe down on the ground, waiting as patiently as she could for Joe to bring the pizzas out.

Eventually he did, and Mona spent the next few minutes dropping off pizzas from one house or apartment complex to another around Diamond City. She made sure (while of course these citizens were looking up in shock at the giantess) to remind everyone to call Mona Pizza to have their next order delivered in breathtaking speed. When Mona finished up her free orders, she walked back to where Mona Pizza was. She accidentally stepped on a parked car in her excitement to return to Mona Pizza.
“Whoops! Sorry!” Mona shouted, even though there was nobody around or in the car. Nevertheless, it made her remember to be careful since many things in the city were smaller than her now. When she finally made it back to Mona Pizza, Joe was already standing outside the entrance with boxes of pizzas sitting right beside him.
“It’s incredible, Mona! I’ve already gotten 15 phone orders!” Joe shouted.
“Wow! It’s like Diamond City likes the idea of a giant pizza delivery girl!” Mona said.
“No time for chit-chat, Mona! Get these pizzas delivered, pronto!” Joe shouted. As Mona reached down to pick up the pizzas, she glanced down at her tiny boss.
“I AM going to be paid overtime for this, right?” Mona asked.
“Oh, of course! I’ll even give you a raise... I mean, a raise in your salary!” Joe said.
“Okay, good! Because I think I’ve gotten a big enough raise in the height department.” Mona said, prompting a laugh from both. Mona then departed once more to deliver the pizzas around the city. Joe, meanwhile, had a big grin on his face that told him Mona Pizza was back on its feet as he walked back inside to no doubt take more orders.

Meanwhile, a giant pipe emerged from the ground well outside of Diamond City. Coming out from the pipe were two of the giantesses, Princess Apple and Princess Peach. Apple took a good look at the city out in the distance.
“Home sweet home.” Apple said with a smile on her face.
“Still, it must feel different every time. When it was Jewel Town, it was nothing like this.” Peach said.
“Yeah, but as you always say, progress always moves forward.” Apple said.
“True. Hey, look out there!” Peach said as she pointed out towards one of the apartments and saw Mona slipping a pizza into someone’s open window.
“Oh, there’s Mona! I wonder what she’s doing...” Apple said.
“Come on, we better ask her.” Peach said. The two giantesses then made their way carefully into Diamond City.

A few minutes later, just as Mona had delivered the last of her batch of pies from Mona Pizza, she turned around to head back to home base when she suddenly saw two more ladies just as tall as she was approaching her. She recognized both as Peach and Apple.
“Oh! Princess Peach! You... you’re big too?” Mona asked.
“Yep! We both swam in the same pool.” Peach said with a smile.
“And Princess Apple... I’m glad I could meet you again. Kinda face-to-face.” Mona said as she bowed her head down.
“Hehe, thanks, Mona!” Apple said.
“Still, I should say I’m very sorry for jumping into your pool. If I had known it was going to make me grow as big as you...” Mona said. Apple put a hand on her shoulder.
“Look, don’t worry about it, Mona. You are not the only one who’s gone through a quick growth spurt today.” Apple said.
“Oh?” Mona asked.
“She’s right! There are a few others that are as big as us. Why not come back to Toad Town with us? We can hang out together until a cure for our condition is found!” Peach said.
“Oh, I would like that! But... my manager, Joe, probably has more pizzas for me to deliver.” Mona said.
“Don’t worry, I’ve got that covered. Just lead us back to Mona Pizza!” Apple shouted.

And so the three giantesses made their way back to Mona Pizza. Joe allowed Mona to leave as soon as Apple muttered the words ‘official princess matters.’ Even though Apple was now ruler of Giant Land, she still carried some clout being the daughter of the rulers of Diamond City’s predecessor. As the three giantesses then made their way to the pipe that would warp them all back to Toad Town, Peach wondered how the others were doing.
“I certainly hope Daisy and the others are having just as easy a time in Desert Land.” Peach said.

Desert Land

The three other giantesses (Daisy, Rosalina, and Pauline) all roamed around the wide open sandy grounds of Desert Land, searching for this other giantess that Rosalina felt an evil presence in despite being all the way out in Toad Town. Pauline wiped her forehead as she used it to cover the sunlight from her eyes.
“Whew... sure is hot today. I would’ve thought being huge would mitigate some of the heat.” Pauline said.
“Well, this summer heat is pretty intense, so take Desert Land and double or even triple that!” Daisy said.
“And the sun sure is bright too.” Pauline said.
“Um... I’d be careful what you say about the sun. Peach told me it can get pretty temperamental.” Daisy said.
“An angry sun? Really?” Pauline said. Before the two could continue the conversation, Rosalina pointed out towards one of the pyramids.
“Over there... that must be our target.” Rosalina said. Daisy focused her eyes out in the distance to get a good look at the giant Captain Syrup, who looked like she was urging something to hurry up (and she was... her normal-sized pirates trying to unload every last bit of treasure from the nearby pyramid). Daisy was the first one to recognize her.
“That looks like Captain Syrup. Wario’s always ranting about her.” Daisy said.
“Looks like she’s trying to loot that pyramid.” Pauline said.
“C’mon, ladies! We’ll show her what she can and can’t take.” Daisy said as she pounded a fist into her other hand and started walking towards the giant pirate lady, kicking up sand with each stomp she made.
“Just as long as things don’t get violent...” Rosalina said as she and Pauline tried to keep up with the fellow swimsuit wearing giantess.

Meanwhile, Captain Syrup simply watched as the gold piled up at her feet with her pirates running back and forth collecting as much treasure as they could haul. Eventually, the last of the pirates jumped up and down, getting the captain’s attention.
“That’s it, Captain Syrup! We’ve covered every square inch of the pyramid and that’s everything!” one of the Gooms said. The loot looked small from Captain Syrup’s heightened perspective, which didn’t convince her the Goom was telling the truth, but ultimately she let it go and decided it was enough for now.
“Hmmhmm... well done, maties! It’s only a matter of time before I’m richer than that rich fatso, Wario!” Captain Syrup said as she scooped up the treasure in her hands.
“Come on, everyone! Time to raid the next pyramid!” Captain Syrup shouted. However, before the pirates could shout ‘Aye Aye!,’ they gasped when they saw what was approaching Captain Syrup from behind. It wasn’t until the captain turned around to start walking to the next pyramid that she gasped. The three other giantesses were standing in her path.

“Huh? What in the high seas!?” Captain Syrup shouted.
“Captain Syrup, I presume.” Daisy said.
“Why... why yes! That’d be me, alright! Gosh darn it all! I thought I was the only other giantess in town, aside from Princess Apple. What a nice pool she has, by the way!” Captain Syrup said.
“I’m sure you know why we’re here.” Pauline said.
“Captain Syrup, if you do not wish for you or your crew to be harmed, please return the treasure where you found it.” Rosalina said.
“Bah, forget it! My crew will stop you! Get them, boys!” Captain Syrup said. The Gooms and the Ducks just looked at each other like their giantess leader was crazy. What chance did they possibly have to take down one 60-foot-tall giantess, let alone three of them? Daisy knew this too.
“You heard the captain! Get us! We’re just big, gigantic princesses.” Daisy said.
“Actually, I’m a certified VIP guest.” Pauline said as she corrected Daisy. Nevertheless, the Gooms and Ducks all cowered behind Captain Syrup’s feet. Captain Syrup just sighed as she looked down at the lackies.
“Yellowbellies.” Captain Syrup muttered under her breath. Daisy once again pounded her fists together.
“Just put the treasure back and nobody gets hurt.” Daisy said with a determined look on her face. That look alone was enough to submit Captain Syrup into defeat.
“Okay, okay.” Captain Syrup said. She then walked over to the pyramid that had holes punched and kicked into it earlier by the giantess and lazily dumped the treasure back inside. Captain Syrup then looked back at the other giantesses.
“So now what? Am I supposed to get on my knees and beg for forgiveness?” Captain Syrup asked.
“Maybe, but I think we should leave your fate to Princess Peach when we get back to Toad Town. Come on, let’s go.” Daisy said. As the four giantesses left to return to the warp pipe back to Toad Town, Captain Syrup’s lackies naturally wondered what they were supposed to do next.
“Captain Syrup! What do we do now!?” one of the Gooms shouted.
“Just wait at the SS Tea Cup until I get back.” Captain Syrup said.
“But Captain...” one of the Ducks started to say.
“That’s an order, sailor!” Captain Syrup shouted. The Gooms and Ducks didn’t argue any further and began the long walk through the hot sands back to their ship.
As for the four giantesses, they all leapt into the warp pipe on their way back to Toad Town, with Captain Syrup wondering what was going to happen next.

Toad Town

Peach, Apple, and Mona had already made it back to the center of Toad Town, and they didn’t have to wait any longer when Peach was the first to see Daisy coming back with Pauline, Rosalina, and now Captain Syrup all heading their way.
“Oh, here comes Daisy!” Peach said.
“Yes, but who is that with them?” Apple asked. Daisy and the others were finally caught up with Peach. With seven giantesses all now crowding around the center of Toad Town, the Mushroom people were now starting to back away to allow as much room as possible.
“Hey, Peach! I see we have more than one newly grown guest.” Daisy said as she pointed over to Mona.
“Oh, yes. This is Mona, a citizen from Diamond City. I think it’s safe to assume she jumped in the pool like we did, hence her growing this big.” Peach said.
“Wow... it’s like we’re a sorority with all us giant girls!” Mona shouted.
“So who is that you found?” Apple asked.
“Oh, this is the pirate girl that Rosalina sensed. Her name is Captain Syrup. We caught her trying to steal treasure from one of the Desert Land pyramids.” Daisy said.
“Who? Me? It was my dumb pirate friends trying to steal the treasure! I tried to stop them, honest!” Captain Syrup jokingly begged.
“Riiiiiight... and I’m the queen of rock and roll.” Pauline said. The other giantesses couldn’t help but laugh.

Just then, Peach heard Toadsworth calling out her name. She looked to see him running down the path that led to her castle.
“Princess Peach! Princess Peach! I have most urgent news!” Toadsworth said. Peach got down on one knee so she could hear the elderly Mushroom retainer better.
“What is it, Toadsworth?” Peach asked.
“One of our Mushroom scouts just came back from Dark Land. It seems Bowser and his no good batch of Koopas are preparing some sort of transmission device to hijack television signals all over the Mushroom World!” Toadsworth said.
“Huh? Television signals?” Apple said.
“Hmmm... sounds like my kind of pirate.” Captain Syrup jokingly said.
“Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out his plan!” Daisy said.
“Right. He’s probably going to hypnotize everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom to do his bidding.” Peach said.
“Maybe that would explain why I’m getting all that interference when I try to communicate with Giant Land!” Apple said as she looked down at her bracelet.
“Perhaps we should alert the Mario Brothers.” Rosalina suggested.
“Ummm... no offense to them, especially Mario, but aren’t we the perfect size to deal with this Bowser creep? I know I’m big enough to intimidate Donkey Kong for a change!” Pauline said.
“You’re absolutely right, Pauline. Just look around, girls. We’re big! We can probably foil Bowser’s plan faster than a heartbeat. So who fancies a trip to Dark Land?” Peach said. The other six giantesses did not hesitate in voicing their support.
“Alright, we’ll go to Dark Land ourselves and stop Bowser, Toadsworth. We’ll be back soon.” Peach said.
“Okay, I shall not argue given your current size. But I must still advise you to be careful!” Toadsworth said. Just like before, Princess Apple led everyone to the gigantic warp pipe. This time, after wishing the pipe would take her to Dark Land, everyone jumped in one after the other.

Dark Land

Inside his throne room, Bowser was walking around in a very ancy fashion. It wasn’t making the Magikoopas and Sledge Brothers and other minions concentrate any better on preparing a large contraption where the only thing recognizable was the satellite dish on top. Kamek tried to calm his master down.
“My lord, Bowser, please sit down and rest easy. We will have the dish fully completed soon and have your mind control waves broadcasting around the world very soon!” Kamek said.
“Bah! Those slowpokes should’ve been finished by now! And besides, that excuse of a test run has surely alerted those pesky Marios to our plan right about now!” Bowser shouted.
“Have no fear! We’ll be done in a few minutes!” Kamek said as he once again urged the troupe to hurry up with final construction.
Of course, Bowser had a much bigger problem than the Mario Bros. foiling his plans. Quite literally as he was about to find out. He could hear the growing sounds of booming thunder, and it sounded almost never-ending.
“Geez... these Dark Land storms are booming more than usual.” Bowser said.
“Huh? That’s strange. It wouldn’t match up with even my old climate report I did on this land.” Kamek said. One of the Koopa Troopas decided to take a peek outside the closest window. His eyes lit up as he looked out at seven of the biggest women heading towards the castle.
“EEEEEEEP! Your royal highness! Giant women are coming! Lots of them!” the Koopa Troopa said.
“Oh please... are you trying to pull my leg again!?” Bowser said. And then, just as he asked that question...


A large portion of the wall came crumbling down as a giant fist suddenly came flying through, which destroyed the mechanical contraption in the process. Just like that, there was a large opening leading outside the castle to the gloomy look of Dark Land. Obscuring most of that view were the seven giantesses that tried to crowd their way around the opening (and ended up having to surround the castle), with Daisy rubbing her fist.
“Woohoo! That felt awesome!” Daisy shouted. Peach, meanwhile, just leaned in towards the opening, flashing a devilish smile right at Bowser.
“Hello, Bowser. We meet once again.” Peach said.
“Um... uh... um... who... what... where... why... how... what...?” Bowser said, obviously at a loss of words. He was so stunned, he remained motionless even as Peach reached inside to grab the Koopa king.
“Lord Bowser, look out!” Kamek shouted, trying to snap Bowser out of his trance. He could only watch for now as Bowser was trapped in Peach’s right hand and the giant princess was holding him up against her face, with the other swimsuit wearing giantesses trying to get a good look.
“Hey! I wanna see! I wanna see!!” Captain Syrup shouted.
“I think he might be starstruck by what we’re wearing.” Pauline said.
“Yeah, let alone our massive size!” Mona shouted.

Kamek couldn’t stand by anymore and watch his master take this kind of humiliation. He summoned his broom and hopped on, making sure to pack his best magic wand. He flew into the air, circling above the giantesses’ heads.
“Don’t worry, master! I will shrink these ladies to a more suitable size!” Kamek shouted. As he started to twirl his wand around, this move was not lost on one of the giantesses. Rosalina looked up and quickly grabbed Kamek, trapping him in her hand.
“Sorry, but I do not believe you will be shrinking anyone today.” Rosalina said. After using her other hand to pluck Kamek’s wand out of the Magikoopa’s hand, Rosalina then threw Kamek back inside the castle, causing him to crash against a wall and knock him unconscious. Peach happened to notice Kamek hitting the wall and then she looked over to Rosalina.
“Oh, Rosalina? Did you do that?” Peach said.
“Yes. That evil Koopa was about to cast a spell that I heard him say would shrink us to a more suitable size.” Rosalina said.
“Nice job, Rosalina! I didn’t know you had it in you!” Daisy said as she patted the galactic princess on the shoulder. Rosalina, of course, stayed modest given her personality.
“Well... I just did what any other friend would do.” Rosalina said.
“Oh, I see you managed to pluck his wand from him? I wonder how much that would sell on the market...” Captain Syrup said.
“Is that all you ever think about? Money and stealing things?” Pauline asked.
“Hey! I’m a pirate girl! You’ve probably never even been on a pirate ship.” Captain Syrup said.
“Actually, I have.” Pauline said, thinking back to the last time Donkey Kong’s grandfather, now known as Cranky Kong, tried to kidnap her and the long adventure Mario had to go through (she even wondered briefly where that tower came from).
“Never mind that. Rosalina, can I have that wand please?” Peach said. Rosalina nodded and gave the tiny wand to Peach’s other hand. Bowser could only watch and wonder what Peach was intending.

“What are you going to do, Peach?” Daisy asked.
“I think we should shrink Bowser himself to a more suitable size.” Peach said.
“Ooooooh... I see where this is going!” Daisy said. She had a big grin on her face when she began to picture what Peach was planning. As Peach held the wand high above Bowser’s head, he made one last plea for mercy.
“Wait, stop! You can’t!” Bowser shouted.
“I can’t? Just try and stop me, Koopa Stoopa!” Peach shouted. She then twirled the wand, and suddenly a rainbow colored stream of magic came flying out and landed all over Bowser. Some of the magic sprinkled onto Peach’s hand, but it wouldn’t be enough to have any effect on the giantess.
“*cough cough!*” Bowser coughed out some of the dust. It took a few more seconds, but Peach’s patience soon paid off.
“It’s working, Peach! He’s shrinking!” Daisy said. The giantesses watched as Bowser began to shrink from his normal size, appearing smaller and smaller in Peach’s bare hand with each passing second.
“Nooooo! Help meeeeeeeeee!!!” Bowser squealed as he watched helplessly the girls growing before his eyes.

Finally, Bowser felt the shrinking stop. He felt himself reduced to exactly one foot tall. But most importantly... he looked incredibly small to the giantesses.
“Oh my gosh! Look how tiny he is!” Daisy shouted.
“He’s as small as the Punies!” Apple added. Peach moved her hand closer to her eyes, and Bowser shivered at the huge size of just one of Peach’s blue eyes.
“So, Bowser? How does it feel to have the tables turned? Do you feel now what I had to go through the last time you captured me and fled beyond the galaxy?” Peach asked. She could see Bowser shouting something, but she could barely make out what he was saying. Daisy couldn’t help but find that funny.
“Haha! What’s that, little king of the Koopas? You’re going to have to speak up!!” Daisy shouted.
“Oh! Come on, put him on the ground! I wonder if he’s taller than my toes!” Mona shouted. Peach smiled and did just that, kneeling down and dropping Bowser onto the Dark Land surface before standing at her full height again. Everywhere Bowser looked, he was surrounded by one giantess after another. Mona leaned one of her feet in, and Bowser tried to back away, only to run into Daisy’s foot as she put it forward.
“Wow! Look at that! Even my pinky toe is bigger than him!” Mona shouted. After nudging it forward a couple inches and knocking him down to the ground, Daisy suddenly nudged her foot forward and did the same thing.
“Yeah! Let’s play kick the Koopa!” Apple suddenly shouted. Soon, all the giantesses were gently nudging Bowser with their feet, leaving it almost impossible for him to get on his feet and scramble away. The frustration was building despite the danger he was in.
“Arrrrrgh! You ladies will regret the day you ever toyed with me!” Bowser shouted. Of course, none of them heard that. They just kept on kicking the villain around until Daisy suddenly decided to hover a foot directly above him.
“Hehe, now we should play smother the Koopa!” Daisy said.
“Careful, Daisy! Don’t crush him! He’s more fun to us alive.” Peach said.
“Don’t worry, Peach. I’ve got it covered.” Daisy said. Indeed, the giantess planted a foot onto the ground, but only with a very slight amount of force. It was just enough to pin Bowser to the ground, leaving him unable to escape. Worse yet, the spikes on his back were having zero effect on Daisy’s skin because of the massive size difference. Eventually, Daisy finally lifted her foot up and allowed Peach to do the same thing.
“Go ahead, Peach! You try it now!” Daisy said. Peach wasted no time in doing the same exact thing that Daisy did earlier.
“Yeah! Doesn’t that feel good!?” Daisy shouted.
“Yes! It absolutely does! I could do this all day if I wanted!” Peach shouted.

As much as she wanted to, however, it quickly got boring for Peach, especially with him not putting up a fight. She lifted up her foot and then picked him up again. Without even glaring at the Koopa king to see how he was feeling, she instead asked her fellow giantesses what else they could do with their shrunken captive one.
“I have an idea. It’s kinda something I’ve always wanted to do to someone evil but VERY small.” Apple said. She reached down and picked up the ‘micro’ Bowser from Peach’s hand... by his tail no less. Bowser shook around trying to break loose of the amazing grip that Apple had on him despite the size difference.
“In you go, Bowser! Try not to suffocate!” Apple said. That’s when she dropped him on top of one of her breasts. It was no secret that Princess Apple’s chest was bigger compared to other giantesses such as Peach and Daisy. After Apple shook her chest (more specifically the top part of her bikini), Bowser lost his balance and fell in between Apple’s mountain-sized breasts, and it was about to feel a lot worse as Apple squeezed her chest together.
“Oh my!” Peach shouted.
“Haha! Yeah! Squeeze him good!” Daisy shouted. Bowser, meanwhile, was gasping for air in his soft but suffocating prison, and yet he felt compelled to grab onto whatever skin he could to keep from slipping down to possibly a long fall towards the ground.
In the end, though, that’s what would happen. Apple stopped squeezing, and Bowser slipped right through the top part of her bikini and started to fall to the ground. However, his fall would not last long as Daisy ended up catching him in mid-air. She didn’t waste any time in having her own fun with the villain... by sticking him in her bellybutton.
“Look, ma! No hands!” Daisy shouted as she encouraged the other giantesses to look down at Bowser clinging on for dear life in Daisy’s navel. It didn’t help any when Daisy decided to do a miniature dance with her hips swinging back and forth. Pauline thought the dance was kinda cool.
“You’ve certainly got the moves, Princess Daisy.” Pauline said.
“Perhaps that dance will catch on throughout the universe.” Rosalina said in a rare display of humor.
“Hehe, very funny, Rosalina!” Daisy shouted.

Just then, Peach looked down by her feet and saw a swarm of Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Buzzy Beetles, and other minions storming out.
“Looks like we’ve overstayed our welcome. Let’s get back to Toad Town.” Peach said.
“Awww... come on, Princess Peach! Why don’t we stay and do some creature crushing?” Mona asked.
“No, Mona. We’re leaving now. Lead the way, Princess Apple.” Peach said.
“You got it!” Apple said. As the giantesses started to walk away, with Peach plucking Bowser from Daisy’s navel, they stepped over the normally large chasm that led to the lava river down below. Daisy then stopped and turned around and stomped out the bridge, leaving the minions left stranded on the ‘island’ where Bowser’s castle resided.
“Pfffffft!” Daisy said as she stuck her tongue out towards the minions. Pauline, meanwhile, put a hand on Daisy’s shoulder.
“C’mon, loudmouth!” Pauline said as she gently tugged on Daisy to follow along. Eventually, all seven giantesses jumped into the warp pipe and were gone from Dark Land.

Toad Town

When the giantesses eventually returned to Toad Town, they noticed the crowd of Toads gathering once more. Apple was the first to notice two standout guests from the crowd.
“Oh, look Peach! The Mario Brothers are here!” Apple said. Peach smiled. Anytime Mario looked miniscule from her perspective, it was like she had died and gone to heaven. Although the same could also be said for Luigi and Daisy. In fact, Daisy wasted no time running towards Luigi.
“Hi, sweetie! Come here and give me a hug!” Daisy said.
“Yipes!!! I’m outta here!” Luigi shouted as he turned around and tried running away. Of course, he didn’t get too far (he got right to the front doors of Peach’s Castle in fact) before Daisy caught up to him and scooped him up.
“Teehee! Thought you could run away from me, eh? Aren’t you just the cutest little thing!?” Daisy shouted as she gripped onto Luigi with both her hands and then cuddled him against her face.
“Eeeps! Not so hard, Daisy! I need to breathe!” Luigi shouted. Daisy continued to hug Luigi against her face even as she sat down in front of the castle, her feet digging into the grass in the process.
“I bet you’ve been dreaming of something like this, haven’t you?” Daisy asked as she kept on hugging Luigi.
“What!? Wait a minute now!” Luigi said as he was now blushing at the thought that was said out loud.

Most of the other giantesses just laughed out loud as they watched Luigi go through his ‘torture.’ Even Mario laughed as well, but he stopped when he saw a large shadow block out the sunlight beaming down on him. Of course, that shadow belonged to Princess Peach as she reached down and picked up Mario in a much gentler fashion than Daisy did with Luigi.
“So, Mario. What do you think? Am I attractive?” Peach asked with a smile.
“Mama mia! I think you’re absolutely stunning! But then again, so are the other ladies.” Mario said.
“I’m sure you’re wondering how we all grew so big... well, except Princess Apple of course.” Peach said.
“Actually, Toadsworth told me everything. Hey, what’s that in your chest?” Mario said as he pointed to the spiny object stuck between Peach’s breasts.
“Oops! I totally forgot!” Peach said. With her other hand, she pulled out the shrunken Bowser, who was now unconscious.
“Huh? Is that Bowser? He’s a lot smaller than I remember him.” Mario said.
“Kamek tried to shrink us with his magic, but we turned the tables and used his magic to shrink Bowser. I’m gonna toy with him later so that he knows how I’ve felt after all this time.” Peach said.

But then, all of a sudden, a quick flash of light zipped by Peach’s hands, and Bowser was gone.
“Whoa! What was that?” Mario shouted.
“Look over there!” Apple said. The giantesses looked to see Kamek, fully conscious again, flying on his broom with the mini Bowser in his hands.
“You ladies will pay for this! Once my master is back to his normal size, you’re gonna get it!” Kamek shouted before flying away, presumably all the way back to Dark Land.
“Should we go after him?” Apple said.
“We’ll worry about them another day. For now...” Peach said as she looked down at Mario again and smiled.
“Uh oh... am I sensing a hugging sensation?” Mario said.
“You’d be right, my sweet mini Mario.” Peach said as she cradled Mario close to her chest and hugged him like he were a doll.
“Hey now, that is a trademark of the theme park you know.” Pauline joked as she watched Mario get hugged gently by the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Of course, some of the other girls wanted to have a piece of the Mario hugging act as well. Namely Rosalina and Pauline.
“Forgive me, Princess Peach, but I wish to experience the sensation of hugging a smaller human being myself.” Rosalina said.
“Oh... sure, Rosalina! Here you go!” Peach said as she passed Mario into Rosalina’s hands. Mario almost fainted from seeing Rosalina’s enhanced beauty from being in a bikini overcome all his senses. Rosalina, meanwhile, just cuddled Mario almost underneath her covered breasts.
“When you’re done, can I hug him next? He’d probably faint over me holding him.” Pauline said with a smile.
“Hmmm... actually, I have an idea. Let’s hug him all together!” Peach shouted.
“Ah, a group hug. That would be most wonderful. Wouldn’t you say, Mario?” Rosalina asked.
“Ummmmm....” Mario was at a loss for words. He was unable to give out his opinion on the matter. And with that, the three giantesses all wrapped their arms around each other, and Mario ended up getting pinned between one of Peach’s breasts and one of Pauline’s breasts, causing the girls to giggle slightly. Captain Syrup just rolled her eyes while Apple and Mona both watched from the side.
“Oy... it’s like watching girls with their little dollies.” Captain Syrup said.
“Awww... what’s wrong, captain? Too mushy for you? I’m wishing I could cuddle Wario right now... that’ll make him give me my next paycheck!” Mona shouted.
“Hmmm... a rather delightful thought you have there, young lady.” Captain Syrup said.

While all this hugging and later kissing was going on, Apple’s bracelet started beeping. She opened it up and suddenly heard the voice of one of her guards.
“Princess Apple! Do you read me!?” the guard shouted.
“Yes, guard! I can hear you, finally.” Apple said.
“Oh, I see! We’ve been trying to call you for a couple hours...” the guard said.
“Sorry about that. Something from Dark Land was causing interference, but my friends and I destroyed it. So what is it you need?” Apple asked.
“Well, everything’s okay now. Prince Hugo was knocked unconscious a couple hours ago, but he just woke up not too long ago.” the guard said.
“What!? Is he hurt? How is he?” Apple asked.
“Don’t worry, princess! He’s as fit as a fiddle again! Oh... but I have more important news that I must pass. A scientist named Dr. Penny Crygor has arrived. She says she has the cure for anyone affected by the swimming pool to return to normal.” the guard said.
“Excellent! We’re on our way back to Giant Palace now. Apple out.” Apple said as she closed her bracelet. She approached Peach, Rosalina, and Pauline who continued to play around (safely of course) with Mario.
“Um... Peach, I hate to break up your little games with Mario, but a cure has supposedly been found for your condition.” Apple said.
“Oh, really? Gee, that’s too bad. I kinda wanted to stay big a little longer...” Peach said.
“But I’m sure even you agree that the longer you stay big, the more worried the Mushroom Kingdom may become.” Rosalina said.
“You’re right, Rosalina. Wait here, Mario. I’ll be back... at a more manageable size.” Peach said as she gently set Mario back down on the ground.
“Whatever you say, Giant Peach!” Mario joked.
As Peach started to round up all the other giantesses, including Daisy who almost didn’t want to let go of little Luigi, Captain Syrup was the only one who gulped nervously. What she did to Prince Hugo was still fresh in her mind, and she could only wonder what was going to happen now that he was awake once more. As the giantesses jumped into the warp pipe that was already mentally programmed by Apple to return everyone to Giant Land, she tried sweet talking her way out of the trip back.
“Ummm... you don’t suppose we could make one more trip before we shrink back to normal? Like say... Water Land?” Captain Syrup asked.
“Come on, captain. Just jump in the pipe.” Apple said. Captain Syrup sighed and jumped in, with Princess Apple being the last to jump into the pipe.

Giant Palace

Finally, all the giantesses had made their way back to Giant Palace. Apple led the way (with Captain Syrup trying to stay hidden in the back) with the first guard greeting her at the front doors of the palace.
“Welcome back, Princess Apple. Forgive me, but Prince Hugo is still resting in his bed. He passes along his welcome back wishes.” the Mushroom guard said.
“Thank you, but please... you must tell me how he was knocked out.” Apple said.
“His memory is still a bit fuzzy. All he remembers is a girl who had jumped into the swimming pool had grown, and that same girl knocked him out cold before she could be taken for holding until E. Gadd arrived.” the guard said.
“I see... although you told me over the communicator Dr. Crygor’s granddaughter, Penny, was the scientist that arrived.” Apple said.
“That’s correct! She says she heard about the growing problem your friends behind you went through and raced to some up with a solution. It seems she beat Professor Gadd to the proverbial punch.” the guard said.
“Oh that Penny. She’s got quite the brilliant mind for a teenager!” Mona commented.
“She’s waiting for you along with a couple other guards at the swimming pool. Please follow me.” the guard said. The seven giantesses followed the palace guard through the palace and to the swimming pool area. Of course, murmurs were going around the other giantesses regarding who attacked Prince Hugo (even though you the reader knows the culprit).
“Gee, I wonder who it was?” Daisy asked.
“You don’t suppose there’s another giantess running around the world out there...?” Mona asked.
“We can worry about that and help Apple once we’re all back to normal.” Peach said.

Penny was standing patiently on a roughly 20-foot-tall pedestal (set up by the guards) holding some kind of spray bottle in her hand. Her patience finally paid off when she saw the seven swimsuit wearing giantesses enter the pool.
“Oh my!” Penny shouted, watching as all the giant women gathered in front of her.
“Hello! Are you the scientist named Penny Crygor?” Apple asked.
“Y...y...yes I am! Are you Princess Apple? It’s a most supreme honor to finally meet you!” Penny said. She reached out her arm like she wanted to shake a hand. Before pulling back after realizing it was a force of habit, Apple shook Penny’s hand with a couple of her large fingers.
“It’s nice to meet you too, Penny. Don’t be nervous.” Apple said.
“Oh, I’m not! I’m just... I’m used to seeing just one giant person in front of me. But seven!? Wow...” Penny said.
“So you say you’ve invented a way to return the other ladies around me to their normal sizes?” Apple asked.
“Yes, I have indeed! When I learned that part of the swimming pool water was composed of formerly poisonous water from Soda Jungle, I took some Tasty Tonic, plus some other ingredients that I borrowed from Tayce T. out in Toad Town, and created the perfect antidote! I’m confident that one spray will shrink anyone who has grown as a result of the water back to their normal size.” Penny said.
“Well, let’s not waste any more time. Let me step back so you can work your magic.” Apple said, doing exactly that even though there was no way the spray could affect her because of the Ultra Mushroom making her giant size permanent.
And so Penny let loose with the spray, which came out of the bottle in full force considering she had to spray a total of six 60-foot-tall women. Some of the girls could feel the spray interacting with their skin.
“Ooooh... this feels kinda cold!” Daisy said.
“I can already feel my body tingling...” Rosalina said.
“(sigh) Too bad. I wanted so bad to give the Kong family a run for their bananas.” Pauline said.
“Oh, I think it’s working.” Peach said. Indeed, Peach watched as the ground closed in from below, like she was falling towards it.

After almost a minute, all six ladies were back to their original size. Peach actually smiled when she turned around and saw the gigantic Princess Apple approaching her.
“How do you feel, Princess Peach?” Apple asked.
“Well... it feels different, again. But I think I can get used to this quicker.” Peach said.
“I tend to agree.” Apple said with a smile of her own.
“Well, ladies, it’s been a real magnificent adventure, but I think it’s time I made my escape and got back to life as a pirate! Ciao!!” Captain Syrup said, talking in a very hurried manner. Then, she pulled out a miniscule bottle of red potion that she had somehow kept hidden inside the bottom part of her cyan-colored bikini. She threw the potion to the ground and a red door suddenly opened up. The pirate girl wasted no time in opening the door and running through, with the door vanishing as soon as she went through.
“Miserable Muda Mekabon! The villainess got away!” Daisy said. The other girls just looked funnily at the Sarasaland princess.
“What? Luigi’s always alliterating whenever Bowser escapes.” Daisy said.
“Actually, Daisy has a valid point. I believe Captain Syrup was the one who attacked my husband.” Apple said.
“Oh? You knew that, Apple?” Rosalina asked.
“Her reluctance to come back to Giant Land? Hiding in the back of the line? Just because she’s a pirate girl? You don’t need to be a super smart scientist to figure that out. No offense, Penny.” Apple said as she winked down to the science girl.
“Oh, none at all taken!” Penny said.

“Well, we’re all back to normal, but what next? I mean... we can’t exactly go swimming with you, Princess Apple. We’d just grow again.” Daisy said.
“Indeed. I think we’re going to need to close the pool to all non-Giant Land citizens for the time being. Penny, if it’s not too much trouble, could you continue your research into reversing the growth effects of that water on normal-sized citizens? Perhaps we can come up with a way for that effect of the water in this pool to go away.” Apple said.
“Oh, I would be most honored! But... I have so many other experiments to conduct with my grandpa in Diamond City. It could take months before I come up with some kind of solution.” Penny said.
“It’s okay, Penny. Please take your time. In the meantime...” Apple said as she looked at the pool and then down at Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Mona, and Pauline.
“What is it, Apple?” Peach asked.
“How about we all take a trip to Water Land? We don’t have to worry about any growing water down there.” Apple said.
“OH YEAH!!! I absolutely love the beaches down there!” Daisy said.

So with the guards helping Penny get back to Diamond City, Apple picked up her five smaller girlfriends and carried them all to the pipe. After jumping in, everyone was in Water Land and they spent the rest of the day just swimming around the many bodies of water that made the land famous. And of course, Daisy got to party at the Water Land beaches as well. Eventually, everyone told each other they had a great time and they ended the day returning to their normal lives.

Well, everyone except for one of the former giantesses.

Desert Land

Just off the shore that one could say signaled at long last the end of the road for Desert Land sat the SS Tea Cup. The crew onboard just sat around, waiting for their giantess captain to return and hopefully make another attempt at stealing treasure. The group was surprised to see a red door suddenly materialize out of thin air. It opened up, and out stepped the normal-sized Captain Syrup... although there was something different about her that everyone noticed after they greeted their captain once again.
“Captain Syrup! You’re... back.” one of the Gooms said.
“And you’re totally back to your normal size too.” one of the Ducks said.
“Of course I’m back! And yes I’m back to my teeny tiny self. Come on, let’s set sail. Maybe there’s some ancient treasure somewhere out there that’ll make me giant and shoot fireballs and be invincible all at the same time and...” Captain Syrup said. Before she could go on, she noticed all her shipmates just plain staring at her.
“What!? You’re looking at me like I’m a ghost or something...” Captain Syrup said. She quickly figured they were probably gawking at her body being exposed from wearing a bikini, and so she ran into her quarters to finally change back into her regular pirate outfit.
But before she could do that, however, she took one good look in the full size mirror.

Her skin was a deep, bright red.

The shipmates all leapt off the ground when they heard Captain Syrup suddenly screaming her lungs out.
“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!! SUNBURN!!!! SOMEBODY GET ME SUNSCREEN!!! HURRYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!” Captain Syrup screamed. The pirates all almost ran into each other as they rushed to try and help Captain Syrup, all while the ship finally set sail for the open sea.