A Spark of the Christmas Spirit


Its Christmas Eve and throughout the Mushroom Kingdom, all of it citizens are getting ready for the big day as they all got their gifts to give to each, food for their Christmas Feasts and the company of their loves ones. There was one person whom was getting ready for Christmas for a whole other reason. That reason, involves a certain jolly red suited old man coming over.   

Over at Diamond City, its citizens were looking forward for the big day. People were out getting last minute presents and supplies for their feasts. People were still working hard despite the excitement that was within the air. Even more so than the people those were working within Wario-Ware headquarters.  

Deep within the Wario-Ware headquarters,

“And now, the Diamond City weather report” spoke the news anchor on the news. Ken the reporter suddenly appeared on screen, behind him was a map of the Mushroom Kingdom. “Good new to those within Diamond City that wanted White Christmas but I’m afraid it’s not all good news. It is forecasted a blizzard is coming to hit Diamond City at six o’clock tonight and its going to active till twelve am, on Christmas Morning” spoke the reporter as there was an image of a nasty angry looking cloud with snow sprinkling down top where Diamond City on the map.

“It is best for the citizens to seek shelter as soon as possible as you all won’t be able to go anywhere once it hits” said the reporter. “Thank you Ken, now in other news, the thief for the theft of the highly classified blueprints is still at large as the Diamond City Police have found no clue to who is behind the theft” said the news anchor as the screen turned black.           

“Boy, it looks like it’s going to be a nasty blizzard” Wario said as he turned off the wide screen television that was hanging on the wall on the other side of his office. “Yeah, do you think we should let everyone go home early?” asked Waluigi as he was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. “Hmm?” pondered Wario as he crossed his arms to think. “Morning Wario” spoke a lively voice. Wario and Waluigi looked towards the entrance of the office and saw that it was Mona.      

They saw that Mona was holding a wrapped up present as she made her way towards Wario’s desk. Wario looked at the present, then over at Mona. “This is for you for tomorrow” Mona said as she handed him the present. Wario held it in his arms, “Thanks Mona…” was all he said. “You’re welcome” Mona said as she put her hands behind her back. She slowly diverted her eyes away from Wario as he done the same. Waluigi looked on at the two and saw how awkward the two of them were behaving.

Waluigi gave a light cough to break the awkwardness. “Ah” was all Wario said as he placed the present on his desk, opened the top desk draw and took out something. “Here you go” was all Wario said as he handed Mona a wrapped up present. Mona looked at the present as she held it. “Thank you” said Mona as she moved in and kissed him on the cheek, which caused Wario to blush. “I see you later” she said as she turned round and left the office.

Waluigi snickered when he saw Wario’s blushed face. Rolling his eyes, “Fine, fine, I let everyone go home early” said Wario as he leaned over towards the speaker phone that was on his desk. With a push of a button, the speakers throughout headquarters made a buzzing noise at first, and then Wario’s voice echoed though. “Attention all employees, due to heavy snow storm forecasted to hit Diamond City within the hour. You all are allowed to leave early. Oh and Merry Christmas”              

Within seconds of saying, almost every employee left the building. The ones that remained were the twin ninjas, Kat and Ana. The two of them were deep within their room, the reason for why they remand was due to them not listening to Wario’s announcement as they were focusing too much on working on their game. “Oh yeah! This is going to be our best game ever!” gloated Kat as she busy working. “You said it” Ana said as she was focusing on her work.

It was only thirty minutes later that they realised that everyone has left, what alerted them with that fact was when the door to their room swung open in came one of the janitors. The janitor look at them all confused, “Huh? What are you girls doing here?” asked the janitor. The twins looked on at him and asked him the same question. The janitor went on to explain that Wario allowed everyone to leave early due to a blizzard hitting the city. “What!” yelped Ana upon hearing about the blizzard.

“We got to out of here and get home as soon as possible” panic Kat as she looked at her sister. With that, the twins looked at each other, nodded and rushed out of the room. “Oh Merry Christmas!” shouted the janitor as he looked down the corridor as he saw the twins rushing down it. “Merry Christmas!” echoed the twins’ voice as they yelled back.  “Good kids” said the janitor to himself as he went back into the room. Once the twins reached the entrance to the building, to their surprise, it hasn’t started yet. They could see the sky getting dark but the snow clouds as street lights went on.

“Come on! We got to hurry!” ordered Kat as she dashed out of the building and rushed towards her house. “Wait up!” yelled Ana as she chased after. The twins, using their ninjutsu skills; they climbed up onto a street lamps and leaped onto the next in order to reach their house. Each time they leaped, they leave a puff of different coloured smoke. They have been doing this for over twenty minutes. “You know…” said Ana as she leaped first, “We could probably get home quicker by running”

 “True, but we still need to cut corners by cutting through people’s gardens. Come on, we need to cut through over there!” Kat said as she leaped onto the street lamp that was in front of a familiar mansion. “Right then,” Ana said as she appeared next to her sister in a puff of smoke, “Let’s go”. Before they could be able cross over the garden that belongs to a familiar mansion, without any sign of a build up, the blizzard that was forecasted came pouring down on top of the girls earlier than expected.

This caused the two of fall off the street lamp but with their ninjutsu skills, they were able to land safely onto the ground. Before they could response, the twins felt the bitter harsh cold from the blizzard. “Oh no! We didn’t make it” Kat said as she wrapped her arms together to keep warm. Ana did the same. They looked over the mansion and Ana asked, “Isn’t that Ashley’s place?” “Yeah…come on we have to get inside. I hope she allows us inside” answered Kat as she began to make her way towards the mansion. Ana followed her.      

Meanwhile within Ashley’s Mansion, within the kitchen,

“Now with one drop of Lilliput’s Tear” said Ashley as she held the eyedropper and squeezed its content down into the cauldron. The glittering liquid fell from the eyedropper and fell into the contents. With a wooden spoon in her other hand, Ashley began to stir and each time she stirred it slowly began to glow green. “First part is complete” Ashley said as she leaned in with an empty glass and scooped up some of its contents. She turned round and placed it on to the table within the kitchen.

With the glass on the table, Ashley looked at it and saw that the liquid was slowly losing its green colour as it was fading away to appear more like water.  Every now and then, it gave of green shine. With the eyedropper in hand, she leaned towards the glass and used it to suck up some of the potion. “What is it that you’re working on anyway?” asked Red as he stood behind her. Ashley looked over her shoulder and down at him, “Working on the first half of my potion”.  “First half? What’s it meant to do then?” asked Red as he raised an eyebrow. “First half does this” answered Ashley as she turned round and faced Red. She knelt down and with the eyedropper she held it above Red’s head and squeezed it.

Before Red could react, the drop of the potion fell on top of him. Within moments, Red looked up at Ashley and noticed that she and the world around him were growing bigger.

Ashley looked down at him as she saw that his size was melting away with a grin growing on her face. Once stopped, Red found himself in a world of giants as he stood three inches. He looked around him, took a few steps back from Ashley as he saw that she smiled down at him. “Can you please change me back?” asked Red as he looked up at the towering Ashley. “I’m afraid that it doesn’t work like that. The first half of the potion shrinks whatever it touches and it last for twelve hours” answered Ashley.

“What!” yelled Red annoyed as he shook his fists. Before Ashley could respond to the little devil’s outburst, there was a loud bang upon the front door, which echoed throughout the mansion. This startled Ashley as she wasn’t expecting any visitors. Ashley looked towards the direction of the front door and was expecting it to be opened by Red. There was a faint cough from underneath. Ashley looked down and was remained that Red was shrunken. “Oh…right” Ashley said as she rolled her eyes as she made her way towards the front door. Ashley picked up Red and placed him on her shoulder as she then took her time towards to answer as she was walking towards it as slow as possible.


“Oh come on! Come on, come on, come on, and come on! Please, please answer the door” said Ana as she was shivering from the harsh snow. Kat was about to say something until she heard footsteps from behind the door. From there she was expecting whoever was on the other end of the door to open it, but after a few seconds has past and they haven’t opened it. “Can you open the door? Please we’re freezing out here” begged Kat as she began to knock on the door.

There was another moment of silence; they then heard the door handle turned and the door creek open. The twins were surprised at seeing that it was Ashley whom opened the door. “Can we please stay the night?” asked the twins at the same time. Ashley looked at the two of them, looked behind them and saw the blizzard. “You know what day it is right?” asked Ashley as she looked at them both with a raised eyebrow. “Yeah it Christmas Eve” answered Ana as she had a huge grin grew on her face.

“Oh? Well if you know that then I guess you know who is to arrive later?” asked Ashley as she looked at the other twin. “Of course, Santa Clauses will come to deliver our presents” answered Kat as she too had a huge grin grew on her face. “Okay…one more thing…will he come here to deliver ‘your’ presents?” she asked as she looked both of them.

The twins looked at each other and simply nodded their heads. “Good” Ashley said under her breath. “Hmm? What did say?” asked Kat. “I said that’s good…get in here, come!” answered Ashley as she took a step on the side to allow them to enter. “Thank you so much!” said the twins at the same time as they entered the building. Ashley followed them into the living room. Once entered, Ashley made her way towards the fireplace place and lit it up. “There you go, warm yourselves up” Ashley said as she looked over at the twins and saw that they were shivering.

“Thanks” said Kat as she made her way towards the fire to get some warmth. Ana followed after, as soon as she reached the fireplace, she noticed Red was on Ashley’s shoulder. “Aww how cute” Ana said as she grabbed hold of Red. Ana was hugging the little devil. “Hey hands off!” yelped Red as he was trying to break free from Ana’s strong grip, but his voice fell onto deaf ears. Red looked over towards Ashley, hoping that she would stop Ana from hugging him. To his surprised, he saw Ashley giggled a little as she turned her head away from him.

“What are you getting excited over?” asked Kat as she looked over her shoulder. Ana turned towards her and showed Red to her sister. On cue, Kat’s eyes light up as she squee at the sight of him. She rushed up to him and yanked him from Ana’s hands and performed the actions that her twin did moments before. “Okay, okay you two that’s enough” Ashley said as she finally freed Red from the twin’s embrace. “Aww!” moaned the twins as they saw Ashley place Red back on her shoulder.

“So…erm…how did Red get so small?” asked Kat as she moved up close to Ashley, so that she could look at Red some more. “By a shrinking potion, the effects only last for twelve hours” answered Ashley as she lead them to the kitchen. From there, the twins saw a table which is covered in viles, each on filled with different coloured liquid and a few glasses. Besides it stood a black cauldron which was filled with green glowing liquid. “So this…” asked Kat as she wondered towards the table to get a better look at the viles. “The viles are ingredients for many potions that I make,” answered Ashley as she pointed at the viles.

Ana looked over at the table and saw a glass filled in what she assumes to be water, until she saw a sight hint of a green glow coming from it. “This is?” asked Ana as she looked up. “The potion that I used to test on Red” Ashley answered as she looked at her shoulder. Red smiled nervously. “Why?” asked Kat as she looked at her. “Why?” Ashley responded as she raised an eyebrow. “Why make a shrinking potion?” asked Kat as she turned towards her. “Why? Because I wanted to” answered Ashley as she crossed her arms.

“If you both behave the night, then I wouldn’t use this on you two as punishment” Ashley said as she turned to exit. “Oh okay sure…” Kat said as she took a step back. “That’s okay. Come; let’s get your beds ready” Ashley said as she left the kitchen. “Is it me or does it seems like you touched a nerve” Ana said as she stood next her Kat. Kat simply nodded. With that the twins followed after her. They followed her all the way towards her bedroom. Once they were inside, they both saw how large her Ashley’s room was.     

“Wow! Didn’t pictured you to have a giant room” said Ana as she wondered round the room. She stopped and looked at the king sized bed that was at the far end of the room. “You sleep in that?” she asked as she looked over at Ashley. “Yep…come on then” Ashley answered as she walked towards the bedside cabinet. Once she was up to it, she opened the top draw and took out something. When she turned round, the twins saw that she was holding her wand.

Ashley raised her wand and gave it a twirl. A bright light emitted from the wand and two white auras lay in front of her. When the aura faded away, the twins saw two sleeping bags, each one to match their favourite colour. Two white pillows popped out above the sleeping bags and felled on top of them. Then a pair folded pyjamas popped down on top of the pillows. “You know, this kinder like a slumber party” Ana said as she burst out giggling. “Yeah” Kat said in agreement as she too burst out into laughter.

“Think what you want but I’m getting ready for bed” Ashley said as she yawned. “Really, but its only 6.30. We haven’t eaten anything” moaned Ana as she patted her belly. “Same here. Can we have something to eat please?” asked Kat as she did the same. With a roll of her eyes, Ashley used her wand to create some food for the twins to eat. In a puff of pink smoke that appeared in front of them, a plate of a brown bread sandwich with it being sliced bananas flavour. “Wow, thanks” said the two of them at the same time. With that they each picked up the sandwich and began to each it.  

“Is that okay for you both?” asked Ashley as she waved her wand towards the bedside cabinet. In a puff of smoke, a doll house appeared on top of it. She walked up to it and allowed Red to climb onto hand. “Yeah, that was tasty thanks” said Kat as she looked over at Ashley as she leaned over to the dollhouse. As she was close enough, she poked the front door opened and allowed Red to enter the dollhouse. “Right, you go to sleep” ordered Ashley as she looked through the bedroom window and saw him entered the room.

“The same goes for you two” she said as she turned to face the twins. Once Ana finished eating her sandwich, she simply nodded as she and Kat got ready for bed. Once all of them were ready for bed and climbed inside, Ashley used her wand to turn the lights off in her room. “Night everyone” she said as she circled up in bed and closed her eyes. Kat and Ana snuggled inside their sleeping bags and tried to go to sleep. They simply couldn’t sleep, they were too excited about tomorrow.

To pass the time, since they felt they were in a slumber party, they decided it would be a great idea on telling each other ghost stories. They kept this going on for a few hours but the two didn’t felt tired at all, mostly it had something to with the ghost stories not being scary at all and was just childish things that they can come up with.          

During all of this Ashley tried her hardest to get asleep but found it hard to do when all she could hear was the sound of the twins chattering away about their ghost stories. She paid close attention to the last the ghost story and chuckled to herself. Kat and Ana took note of her chuckle and looked towards her. Ashley sat up from her bed and said, “You call that a ghost story? Please. That’s not even scary” “She got a point” Kat said as she looked at her sister. “You got a scarier one then?” asked Ana as she looked at Ashley with a sour look.

“Very well,” Ashley said as she looked over at the clock and saw that it was only 9.00pm, “I got one. One that scarier than yours” “Oh yeah, let’s hear it then” said Ana as she crossed her arms. Ashley climbed out of bed, grabbed hold of her bed covers and placed it besides the twins. With that she sat down on top her covers. With the wand in hand, Ashley made it to shine a slight glow so that the twins could see her face. Ashley looked at the two of them and then looked at her wand.

“Why it’s the most terrorising ghost story you two will ever hear” Ashley said as she looked up at the twins’ eyes. Kat and Ana looked on at her while making a worrying gulp. Ashley took note at the fear they had in their eyes as they were staring intensely towards her. Ashley looked over to the doll house and could see that Red was in bed fast asleep in his toy bed. “Now then, let me tell you girls about the tale of the most horrified, gruesome being you will ever hear. Believe it nor not but he is the brother of the well loved man that we all know. This gruesome person’s name is…”


*Incoming Intermission*    

Due to the nature of the ghost story, it has been decided to skip towards the end of it as the author being a ‘chicken’ felt that it would be too scary for the audience to read for the holiday.

*End Intermission*


“The end” Ashley said as she looked on at the twins. She saw that they were shivering in fear. “That’s not true is it?” asked Kat as she was hugged her sister. “Yeah…it’s not true” Ana said as she hugged her back. “Who knows, perhaps he real, perhaps he’s not. But tell me,” Ashley said as she looked at them with smirk on her face, “Will you two go to sleep now”. With that, Ashley stood up, picked up her belonging and went back to bed.

Once she was in bed, Ashley was half expected the twins to talk to each other but to her delight, they didn’t utter a sound. With that, Ashley was able to drift off to sleep, though the same can’t be said for the twins. They couldn’t sleep due to Ashley’s story. They kept on tossing and turning inside their sleeping bags for what they could tell was a couple of hours. Just then, as the twins were about to drift off as the clock read 11:00pm, a thumb echoed from downstairs.

This startled the two of them as they then heard the sound of footsteps. Kat sat up and looked towards the door, as she slowly climbed out of her bag. Ana did the same thing as her and was about to say something.   “Shh” said Kat as she placed her index finger on her own lips. Ana remained quiet as she too began to hear crooked sounding footsteps. Ana eyes widen as she whispered, “You don’t think it’s him do you? The man that must not be named?” Kat looked at her sister with a worry look on her face. “It could be…come on” whispered Kat as she got out of bed and made her way towards the door to her room. Ana followed her after out of the room. Once out, the two of them listen out to the footsteps which came from downstairs.

The twins slowly made their way down the corridor and made it to the top of the stairs. They looked down and they could see a faint light flashing about. “You think it could be him trying to find us do you?” whispered Ana as she looked back to her sister. “Could be…we have to be sure, come on” answered Kat as she whispered back. With that Kat slowly made her way downstairs, hoping that it doesn’t creek with each step. There were some slight creeks but nevertheless they made it downstairs without altering the intruder.

They slowly crept towards the source of the sound that the intruder was making in, which was the living room. As they were making their way over there, Kat saw a broom placed beside the wall next to cleaning cupboard and picked it up. She looked at it and felt that if she had to defend herself and her sister, it would be best to take the broom with her. With that, she followed Ana whom about to reach the living room door. To her luck, she found that the door was left open slightly so that she could take a peek inside.  

From what she could see, she saw a silhouette moving about the room as if it was trying to find something. Just then, Ana felt something grabbed hold of her shoulder. She hastily turned round to face who was touching her and saw that it was Kat. Kat gestured for her to follow into the kitchen. As Kat was leading, Ana followed her till they entered the kitchen.  “What is it?” asked Ana as she whispered to her sister. Kat looked at her with the limited light they have.       

“Okay…here’s the plan. Grab some water from in here and soak him with it. In the moment of confusion, I will hit the switch and then knock him out with his broom” whispered Kat as she held the broomstick. “Sounds like a plan” Ana said as she nodded her head. Slowly, Ana made her way towards the kitchen, trying not to make too much noise to alert the intruder. Trying her hardest to see in the dark, she could make out the outlines and before she could make a glass of water.

She could see a glass was already made, right up to the brim. With that, she carefully grabbed hold of the glass and rejoined her sister as they made their way towards the living room. From the entrance of the room, the twins could see a shadowy figure searching throughout the living room. Kat tapped onto Ana’s shoulder to signal her to follow through with the plan. Ana nodded as she slowly made her way towards the shadowy figure. As she was getting closer, she noticed that the figure had its back on her.

Once she was close enough, the shadowy figure turned down to face her and it was startled to see Ana. Before it could act upon seeing her, Ana swung with the glass still in hand towards it. “Whaaaa!” shouted a male voice as he was soaked by the liquid that Ana threw at. Kat switched on the lights, expecting to see the intruder but she couldn’t see anyone beside her sister. “Where did he?” asked Kat as she raised an eyebrow. Ana looked down at the glass she was holding and her eyes widen as she realised what she was holding. “What’s the matter?” asked Kat as she took note at Ana’s expression. “I think I just…” answered Ana as she held the glass towards Kat. There she saw that the glass had a slight green glow.

Kat looked on and she too realised what just happened. From that moment, the twins’ eyes darted towards the last spot that they saw the intruder and looked down on the floor. Their eyes widen in shock as they saw who the intruder was. There lying unconscious by the fireplace, was Santa Clauses but pocket sized. “Oh my….is that. No, it can’t be” said Kat as she slowly made her way towards the shrunken Santa. Once she was close enough, she crouched down onto all four to get a better look at of him.

“Is it who I think it is?” asked Ana as she was looking at Kat. Kat looked over at her sister and simply nodded. Ana dropped the glass which shattered upon impact when it hit the ground and placed her hands over her mouth. “Go! Get Ashley to think this!” ordered Kat. Ana nodded as she rushed her way towards Ashley’s room. 

Meanwhile just moments before, certain someone, was having a dream,         

“What do you think you’re doing?!” yelled Santa, whom was three inches tall as he looked up at Ashley while trying to break free from his string binds. Ashley looked down at him with a grin on her face, picked up a loose end of the string and dangled an upside down shrunken Clause. “Well young lady? What are you going to do?” asked Santa as he was being raised higher up to her face. Ashley slowly moved her way towards a cauldron, with a wave of her wand lit up a fire beneath it and heating up the contents within.

Ashley leaned over the cauldron and dangled Santa over the contents which began to glow green. “You are the main ingredient for my potion” answered Ashley as she looked at Santa and then looked down at the green glowing contents. Before Santa could say anything, Ashley let him go. Before he was able to fall inside the contents; a loud set of screams of fright could be heard which could be heard throughout the room. Ashley looked around the room, trying to see where they came from but before she could question what the screams were about, she noticed that there wasn’t the sound of a splash within the cauldron.

She looked back down and saw that Santa hasn’t even touched the surface of the contents. She even noticed that he was moving at all, “It’s as if someone hit the pause button on the remote” Ashley said to herself as she leaned in to grab hold of him. Once in her grasp, the sound of a loud glass shattering echoed throughout. This started her more than the screams. “No…it cannot be” said Ashley as she looked at Santa and saw the he wasn’t moving, it was like he was a toy.

“Okay…Ashley, time to wake up” Ashley said to herself as she looked at the door to the room. With that, she made her way towards the door and opened it. There on the other side was a blinding light, so bright that Ashley had to squint her eyes before entering. Once through, Ashley opened her eyes and found herself in bed. She had woken up from the dream. Ashley looked around the dark room and noticed that the twins were nowhere to be seen. Before she could ponder about where the twins are, the sound of running footsteps could be heard from within the hallway.

Ashley got out of bed and poked her head down the hallway. There she saw Ana rushing down the hallway towards her. “What’s the matter?” Ashley asked as she took a step out of the room. “We…we heard something that started us and went to investigate it” answered Ana as she grabbed hold of Ashley’s shoulders. “Okay…” was all Ashley could say as Ana shook her a little. Ana then grabbed hold of Ashley’s right hand and began to pull her, “Come on!”

With that Ashley was being led by Ana as she led her to the living room. Once entered, Ashley looked on and saw that the room was a mess, with Kat by the fireplace. “What did you girls do to my living room?” she asked as she looked at the twins. “That’s the thing…” said Ana as she pointed over to her sister Ashley looked over towards Kat and made her way towards her. When she was close, she looked on what was in front of Kat and then she saw something that she wasn’t expecting. There in front of the fireplace, Ashley saw the shrunken Santa Clauses.

“What did you girls do?” asked Ashley sternly. “It’s as I said…we heard something moving around down here and thought that it was an intruder” answered Ana as she slowly made her way towards her. “An intruder? Did you two forget that it’s Christmas Eve? Who do you think comes around at this time of the night?” snapped Ashley as she looked over her shoulder. “Well…it’s just that…after that story…I guess….I guess that our imagination got the best of us and believed that it was that creature from the story” said Kat as she hung her head.                 

With that, feeling wide awake, the three of them decided to get dressed. Ashley picked Santa up and placed him on the kitchen table. Each one tries to keep themselves busy till Santa awakes, which wasn’t that long. “What” came a small voice. Ashley and the twins looked over at the voice and saw that Santa had woken up. “Oh good you’re awake” Kat said as she rushed over to the table. “What the!” Santa said as he was startled at seeing Kat towering.

“What happened?” asked Santa as he sat up to look up at her. “You…shrunk by accident” answered Ana as she looked down. “Oh yes…I remember now” said Santa as he slowly stood up. “You were shrunk, because of these two with my potion that I made” Ashley said as she crossed her arms as she looked at the twins. “You made the potion…how long do this last?” asked Santa as he looked up at her. Ashley took a deep breath and then answered, “Twelve hours”. “Twelve hours…oh no” was all Santa said.           

“You know…I just thought of something” said Ana as she looked at the girls. The others looked towards her as she continued, “Seeing as how Santa is stuck this size for twelve hours...he wouldn’t be able to finish the rest of his deliveries” Kat’s eyes widen as she realises that she was right. “Oh no, what are we going to do?” asked Kat as she looked back down at Santa. Santa looked up at them and shook his head. “There’s only one thing left to do,” Santa said as he turned away from them, “I have to cancel the remaining deliveries for the town over”

“What!” yelled the twins as they slammed themselves onto the table, almost topping it over as well as causing Santa to fall onto his back. “Yes…if I can’t deliver those presents, then I have to cancel the remaining houses” he said as Santa slowly climbed himself back onto his feet. “Hay waits a minute. What if we were to help?” asked Kat as she stood up straight. “Hmm?” was all Santa said as he looked up at her. “Hey yeah, what if we helped you deliver the remaining presents” Ana as she chipped in. “That’s a tempting offer but I afraid that you two won’t be enough to deliver them on time” Santa said as he looked at her.

Slowly he and the twins looked towards Ashley. Ashley looked at them with a raised eyebrow. “What?” was all she said. Kat and Ana rushed up towards her and answered, “We need your help to save Christmas!” Startled by their forwardness, Ashley took a step back and shook her head. “What? Why?” asked Kat as she took step towards her. Ashley didn’t say anything as she looked away from her eyes. “Where’s your Christmas Spirit?” asked Ana as she stood next to Kat.

Upon hearing that, Ashley looked at her in the eyes, gave her a frown and then stormed off. Once she left the room, she slammed the door hard which shook the whole room. “Erm…what was that about?” was all Ana said. “I know what it’s about” Santa said as he raised his voice so the twins could hear him. The twins looked over at him and made their way towards the table. “What’s that all about? Why did she act that way just know?” asked Kat as she pulled up a chair. Ana pulled up a stool and sat on it.   


Ashley, whom was fuming at what Ana said, stormed into her bedroom and slammed her door. This startled Red as he was lying on his toy bed. “What’s happening?” asked Red as he poked his head out of the bedroom window of the dollhouse. Ashley looked over at Red and answered, “That word! Ohm! She makes me so mad!” Ashley made her way towards the dollhouse and knelt down so she could look at him properly. “Okay…calm down” Red said as he climbed out of window. Ashley held out her right hand for Red to drop onto. Once Red landed safely onto her palm, Ashley raised it towards her face and said, “She said where’s my Christmas Spirit”

“Ah…that’s it is it” was all Red said as he crossed his arms. “That’s it? You know how I feel about that!” snapped Ashley. “Yes, I know how you ‘FEEL’ about it. What happened then?” asked Red as he sat down. “They want me to help out Santa to deliver the remaining presents” answered Ashley as she sat down as well. “That’s when they mention that word huh? You know,” said Red as he slowly stood up, “I think you should help. I mean I figured out what the other half of the potion is meant to do. So yeah…I believe that it would be best”

Ashley looked away for a moment and thought about what he said. She then looked back at him and nodded her head. With that Ashley climbed back on her feet, placed Red back in the door house and made her way out of her room.   She made her way back to join the others. Kat and Ana were still by the table listening to Santa when they heard Ashley entering. “Fine, I help,” Ashley said as she held her hands up and performed the quotation gesture, “Save Christmas”.

“That’s great!” said Ana as she was overjoyed. “Yeah” was all Ashley said as she walked towards them. “What changed your mind?” asked Kat. “Because of me! That’s why” gloated Red as he waved at them. Upon seeing Red on Ashley’s shoulder, the twins gushed over how cute he is as they rushed over to grab hold of him. While the twins were fighting over who gets to hold him, Ashley makes her way towards Santa. “Thank you Ashley” Santa said as he smiled up at her.

“You’re welcome,” said Ashley as she turned to face the twins, “Now if we’re going to do this then we must do it in the style of a certain princess”. Ashley took out her wand and aimed it towards Kat and Ana. In a flash of light, Kat and Ana found their normal ninja clothes were replaced with a familiar outfit Christmas outfit. “What are we wearing?” asked Kat as she looked down at the clothes she was wearing. Ana did the same and saw that she was wearing the same outfit.

“It’s what we are wearing when we are helping out” answered Ashley as she waved her wand above her head. In flash of light, Ashley was wearing the same outfit as they twins. “Will you two let go of me!” yelled Red as he still trying to break free. “It would be best for Red to remain here” said Ashley as she made her way towards them and freed him from the twins’ grasp. “AWW really” was all Ana said as she watched Ashley placing Red onto the floor. With that, Red rushes off to hide from the twins whom were watching him with sparkling eyes.

“He’s far too small on how we’re going to doing it” said Ashley as she looked at her. “How are we doing it?” asked Kat as she shook her head and watched Ashley walking her way to the kitchen. Moments later, Ashley returned holding three vales of purple liquid. “Best be outside for when we take these” answered Ashley as she made her way towards the entrance. Before the twins followed, Kat went over and picked Santa up, placed him on shoulder and joined the others outside.                     

When they got outside, Ashley handed the twins two of the vales. “What’s in this?” asked Kat as she looked at the vale. “Just my grandma’s wig” answered Ashley as she held her glass of the same vale. “Grandma’s wig” asked Ana as she looked at her confused. “Yeah, with Grandma’s wig, it will make us big” Ashley answered as she looked at her. “Really?” the twins said at the same time. “Here watch” Ashley said as she drank the whole potion. The twins looked at Ashley expecting her to grow, only to see that she hasn’t grown an inch. Before they were able to say something about the potion, to their amazement, they saw Ashley went sky rocketing upwards as she grew in size.

By the time Ashley stopped growing, which was forty five foot, with her hands on her hip, she looked down at the twins with a smirk on her face. Kat and Ana looked up shocked at what they saw. “Well, she is a witch…we shouldn’t have doubted her” Kat said as she took a deep breath and looked at the potion in hand.  Just like with Ashley, Kat began to grow to the same size as her. Ana did the same and grew to the same size. Kat noticed that she and the others towered over the mansion, as she looked at the roof of the mansion, she spotted something.       

There on the rooftop of the mansion, sat Santa’s sleigh and his reindeers. The reindeers were startled at first by the sight of the three giantesses but settled down when they heard the sound of Santa’s voice as he shouted for them to calm down. Kat looked down at her shoulder, she could barely see him but she held her index finger for him to climb on. Once Santa made it to her finger, he shouted as loud as he could for her to hear him that he was there.  

With that, she place her index finger towards the sleigh for Santa to climb into. “You know…I don’t think anyone of us is able to drive this” said Kat as she looked at the sleigh and then at the reindeers. “Hmm, true…we can’t leave Santa and his belongings here; we need to take them with us. Wait! I believe how to that” Ashley said as she turned to face the streets. Before anyone could ask her what she meant, they saw here rushing off down the street. Instead of chasing her, they felt it would be best to leave her to it.   

Ashley was going the street, trying her hardest not to slip on the snow covered road. She didn’t go far, just a few streets over from where she lives and once she reached the street she was heading for, she stopped in front of a two floor house. ‘Which room’s Penny?’ Ashley thought as she scanned each window, trying to determine which window she was looking for. She turned her head to listen in on what’s behind each of the windows. Slowly Ashley made her way to the highest window of the house and she was able to hear something on the something.

“Pink….fluffy….unicorns…” mumbled Penny in her sleep. Ashley listens in with a raised eyebrow, a bit confused on what she’s mumbling about. With that Ashley tapped the window, which die to her size caused Penny’s room to shake. The vibration caused Penny to wake up instance while shouted out “Dancing on rainbows!” Penny breathed heavily due to her sudden awakens; her mind drifted off a second ago on what cause her to wake up as he remembers her room shaking.

“Was it…a minor earthquake?” Penny asked herself as she noticed that her room was still intact. Taking a deep breath, Penny decided to go back to sleep but before she could, her room shook again. Just then Penny noticed that something was behind her curtains. Slowly, Penny got out of bed and made her way towards the curtains and once she was there, she hastily open them. There on the other side of her window, she saw a giant eye staring at her.

Penny stared at the eye for a few seconds before she was about to scream the whole house down. Though before she was able to, she suddenly noticed that the wall shrouded the window began to move like water ripples. Just as she was about to question about her wall, she saw four fingers and a thumb emerging from it and grabbed hold of her. Before Penny could scream, she found herself outside her house. Slowly, Penny looked at the fingers that have wrapped around her and then slowly looked up at whom it belongs to.

“Ashley?” was all Penny could say as Ashley opened her hand and let her sit on her palm. “Okay…not a lot of time to explain. To answer a lot of your question, all I’m going to say is this. Magic” said Ashley as she tried not talk too loud as she raised her hand closer towards her face. “Magic?” asked Penny as she didn’t understood. “Magic, it’s all you need to know” answered Ashley. “Okay…but magic doesn’t explain why you are a giant or why I’m in your hand” Penny said.

“Okay…it’s probably best to show you why I need your help” Ashley said as she made her way back to her mansion. Once she made her way back, with Penny in her hands; she showed Penny what she need her help with. Penny looked at the sleigh and saw Santa Clauses shrunken on one of its seats. Penny slowly looked up at Ashley and was about to ask her a question but stopped herself when she realise what the answer was going to be. “Magic” was all Penny said. Ashley simply nodded.         

“I need you to fly my sleigh” Santa said as he Penny looked back down at him with wide eyes. “Okay…I must be sleeping. This is a dream” Penny said as she rubbed her face. “Think what you like, dream or not. We need you to fly it” said Ashley as she placed Penny inside of the sleigh. “Wait…why me?” asked Penny as she looked up. “Because I couldn’t think of anyone else that could do this” answered Ashley as she pointed her wand towards her.

In a flash of light, Penny’s pyjamas were replaced in the same Christmas outfits that the girls are wearing. “What gives?” asked Penny as she looked at her clothes. “Trust me deer, it will be cold when we get started. You need to wear something warm” answered Santa as Penny found him sitting on her shoulder. “This has to be a dream” Penny said as she hung her head. “Whatever rocks your boat” said Santa as Penny picked up the leads for the reindeers. “Let’s get started then shall we?” asked Ashley as she looked over at Kat and Ana.

“Oh best pick up those sacks” Santa said as he looked at the giantesses. The girls looked over at the sacks that were in the back of the sleigh. Ana leaned over to pick up the sack which hen she looked it, was tiny compared to her. Then like magic, the sack started to grow in size till it was the right size for her to carry. Kat and Ashley did the same as the sacks were tiny at first till they grew to the right size for them. “Best not forget” said Santa as he put his hand in his pocket.

He took out a list and held it as high as he could. Ashley looked at the list and with her free hand, picked it up. Just like the sacks, the list grew in size to the right size to hold. She looked at it and saw that it was the Naughty & Nice List as it had the location of the town other and the names that live there. With that Ashley put the list away and said, “Let’s go”. With that, Santa instructed Penny on how to fly the sleigh. Following his order, Penny was able to let it fly into the night sky.

“Right then, let’s-a-go” Kat said as she and the others began to follow the sleigh as it flew off towards the town over. Once they saw that they reaching the town, Santa yelled out, “Okay girls! We’re going to circling round the town till we can find somewhere to land. We’ll meet up again once you all finished delivering” Penny looked out at the three giantesses and saw that each one nodded their head in agreement. With that, the girls looked at the sleigh flying off towards the town, leaving them behind as they’re about to enter.          

Once they set foot within the first area of the town, they looked on at the buildings that they have to deliver and each one took a deep breath.  Kat noticed that there weren’t that any people out in the streets, barley any cars driving as the majority of them have parked up. Every now and then the twins do see a car driving, when that happens; they hastily hid themselves behind the buildings on the street. Each time they did that, they noticed that Ashley didn’t hide behind any of the buildings like they did. She just stood there with holding her sack behind her back, while watching the cars drive past.

To their surprise, Ashley didn’t cause any sort of reaction from them. Before they can finally ask her about it, Ashley looked over towards them and held out the Naughty & Nice List for them to read. Carefully, they made their way towards to her and look at the names on the list. Once they looked at the names, like magic, the twins suddenly knew where each person on the list lives. With that Ashley rolled the list away and made her way to do her first delivery.

Taking note, Kat and Ana decided that it’s best to their first delivery. Silently the twins made their way through the streets, tip toeing the best they could without causing a giant footprint on the snow covered roads. They looked at the buildings and saw that some of them still have their lights on glowing through the windows. They looked over towards Ashley and saw that she wasn’t doing the same thing as them, tip toeing as she was just marching through.

As they watched her marching through the streets, to their amazement no one had noticed her, a giantess marching through the streets. With that Kat and Ana shook it off as they carried on walking through the area, looking for the first building to deliver presents to. Whiling wondering through, the twins carefully tried not to step on the cars that are scattered all throughout the streets, but every now and then, they accidently bumped into a few. They didn’t damage them but she was lucky that she didn’t set off their alarms.

Believing that they’re made good progress arriving to the first building, Ana didn’t watch her stepping as her right foot touched a car, which due to her size made her fall flat forwards on the street, which shook the whole street. For a brief moment, Kat looked over around herself as she believed that her sister had just ruined Christmas for all the people of the areas that they’re to deliver. Normally people would have checked to see what that loud was, so Kat made it to Ana and help her up and slowly they both looked at the buildings around them and to their surprise. They didn’t see any lights turning on. No curtains were pulled slightly so their owners could see her. No one stirred from within their houses, not even a mouse.  

Hastily, the twins rushed to check the sack that Ana was carrying to see if its contents are okay and with a sigh of relief, she found that the presents are still intact. With that Kat and Ana made her way off towards the first building to deliver the presents. Making sure that they’re not in any risk of tripping over on cars again by making sure they’re check their footing. Once they reached the first building, Kat and Ana took out presents that were within their sacks as they, like magic, can remember who the presents belong and where they live in.

With that, Kat moved over to the house next door to the building they reached to and with the presents in the palm of her hand. Once she made it up to it, she saw a chimney and with that, Kat stretch out to reach it. She reached, Kat tilt her hand and allowed the presents to full inside the chimney. Once the presents reached the bottom, like magic, they levitated towards the house’s Christmas tree. Kat looked over to Ana and saw that she too did the same thing as her.

They both then looked over towards Ashley and saw that she was performing the same actions as they did with her first delivery. With that, they slowly made their way towards Ashley as she too was heading towards them. Once they were close enough of each, Ashley held out the Naughty & Nice List again and showed the twins on where to deliver to. They all went off to deliver presents all throughout the night. Every now and then, Kat and Ana could see a smile grew on Ashley’s face every time they meet up to look at the list.    

They kept on doing this as the clock ticks the hours away; as the three of them were done within the town. Ashley took out the list and saw that there were no names left on it. Ashley looked over at the twins and pointed towards the direction of the outskirts of the town. With that, the three of them slowly made their way out of the area they were in, once they made a good distance away from it; they looked back and saw Santa’s sleigh flying towards them.

“All done” Ashley said as she looked at the sleigh as it circling around the three giantesses. “That’s good!” shouted Santa. “Hey I have a question” asked Kat as she looked at Ashley. “What is it?” answered Ashley. “How come you didn’t get seen they those people when they could’ve seen you?” asked Kat. “Oh and how is it that we would tell where those people lived?” asked Ana. Ashley looked at them, then looked over at Penny and then back at the twins and answered, “Magic”

“Magic?” was all the twins said. “Yep, just a few tweaks to help us deliver those presents” answered Ashley. “Then, you mean to say that we didn’t need to hide those people?” asked Kat. “Yes, though I guess I should have told you two this at the beginning” answered Ashley. “You think?” the twins said at the same time. “That doesn’t matter anymore. What does matter is that we’re finished” said Ashley as she smirked at them. “That’s true. That you girls for helping me” Santa shouted.

The twins looked over at the sleigh and saw that Penny was able to make it hover in mid air. “You’re welcome Santa” said the twins as they him on Penny’s shoulder. “As thanks for helping, I’ve left you two some extra presents at your place” shouted Santa. “Thank you…so…erm…what now?” asked Kat as she looked at Santa. “Now, I believe that its time that you two go home” answered Santa he stood up on Penny’s shoulder. “Home? What about you three?” asked Ana as she looked at them all.

“Penny here has to fly my sleigh back and Ashley…well…I need her to make sure that we don’t crash” answered Santa as he looked at her. “If you two like, I can give you a ride home with my magic?” asked Ashley as she looked at them. The twins looked at each other and then looked at her and Kat answered, “Sure…but we like to wait for you two at your place” “Okay” was all Ashley said as she took out her wand. She waved her wand towards the twins, engulfed them in a flash of light and they vanished as the light faded.

“Come now Penny. Time to take me home” Santa said as he sat back down. “Which direction is it?” asked Penny as she looked at him. Santa pointed the way home, which was north. With that, Penny made the reindeers pull the sleigh towards north. Ashley followed after them, with the wand in hand in case something was to happen that would cause Penny to lose control of the sleigh.

 Back at the mansion,       

In a flash of light, Kat and Ana found themselves back at Ashley’s mansion. They noticed that they’re still giants as they towered over the trees and the lampposts shrouded them. Before they could decide on what to do while waiting for the others to return. They heard a sound of a faint cough beneath them. They looked down at what it came from and saw by the entrance of the mansion was Red. To their surprise they were able to see him clearly. “The potion wore off…kinder broke the dollhouse. What’re you two doing here? Where’s Ashley?” Red said as he looked up at the towering giantesses.

Kat and Ana didn’t say anything, they dropped onto their kneels, their eyes lit up and burst out saying very loudly, “Aww how cute”. Upon hearing them say that. Red turned tail and ran away from as fast as he could. The twin giggled as they decide to give case.  


It took them a while but Ashley, Penny and Santa were able to make it back to Santa’s grotto before sunset.

“Now easy does it” Santa said as he held onto Penny’s hair. “Don’t worry Santa…I do it…I just passed my driving test” Penny said as she saw the grotto and made the reindeers head towards it. As they were fast approaching, Santa felt himself raising up from Penny’s shoulder due to the gravity.  Within seconds, she was able to land the sleigh with a thump on the snow. Once landed, Santa falls back onto Penny’s shoulder. “Here you are Santa…safe and sound as promised” Penny said as she breathed sigh of relief as she safely landed and stopped the sleigh. “That’s good” was all Santa as he slowly let go of Penny’s hair. “What are you going to do now?” asked Ashley as she loomed over them.

“Yeah…there still a few hours left before you grow back to normal” Penny said as she looked up at Ashley and then looked at him. “Oh don’t worry about that” Santa said. “What do you mean?” asked Ashley. Santa looked over at Ashley and then over to Penny. “Okay…I have something in the glove compartment” answered Santa. “The glove compartment? What you got in there?” asked Penny as she looked over at the handle of the compartment within the sleigh.    

She leaned over and opened it up. Penny searched inside the glove compartment till she felt something within. She took it and saw that it was a strange looking remote, which looked like a Wii remote. “Yes that’s it” Santa said. Penny looked over at Santa with a raised eyebrow. “This thing?” asked Penny as she held Santa with her free hand.  “Yes, this thing would restore me back to my normal size” he answered. “You mean to say that you had this all this time and you didn’t think of using it?” asked Penny.

“Trust me, there is a reason why I didn’t tell you both about this till now” answered Santa. “I’m sure you do, and I guess I’ll hear about it soon” said Penny as she climbed out of the sleigh. She placed Santa on the ground, aimed the remote at him. “It’s the A button” Santa said as he saw that she didn’t know which button to press. “Oh right” Penny said as she pressed one of the two buttons on the remote and a red beam engulfed him. Ashley and Penny watched on and saw that Santa grew back to his normal size.

“Thank you Penny” Santa said as he looked down on her. “No problem…I was scared but it was fun riding that sleigh” said Penny. “As thanks,” Santa said as he made his way towards his sleigh and reached out for his on e of the remaining empty sacks, “This is for you” he said this as he took out a wrapped up present from one of them and handed it to her. “Thank you” Penny said as she held onto the present. “Hope you enjoy it” Santa said as he put his hands in his pockets. “I’m sure I will” Penny said.  

Santa looked up at Ashley and noticed something about her, took a deep breath and said, “I know what you think of yourself Ashley,” Santa said as he saw the worried look in her eyes, “You feel left out in the feelings that’s normally felt by others doing the Holidays”. Ashley looked at him and was about to say something but Santa had his hand up to keep the girl hushed. “You feel that you don’t know what it means to have the Christmas Spirit within you. You even thought that by using me as an ingredient for your potion was meant to grant you with said feeling. But; here’s the thing young girl. Believe me when I say this, you have obtained a spark of the Christmas Spirit without the need of that potion” Santa said as he looked up at her his arms crossed.

Hearing those last words, Ashley placed her hands on her chest and smiled. “Within time, as each year Christmas approaches. That spark will blossom. That is my present to you this year” Santa said as he looked up at her with a smile. “Thank you” was all Ashley said. “Now then, it best that you two go home and enjoy Christmas” Santa said as he smiled at them. “Thank you, we will. Merry Christmas” Penny said as she waved at her. With that, Penny made her way towards Ashley whom then picked her up.         

“Merry Christmas” Ashley said as she waved down at Santa. He waved back as he watched on as Ashley took a few steps back, placed Penny onto her shoulder and with a wave from her magic wand; the two of them vanished in a flash of bright light. Once the light dimmed down, Santa found himself to be alone outside the grotto. Once he turned round to enter, he saw a familiar face that towered over him and the grotto.

“Merry Christmas Sandy Clause” spoke a smiling giant princess. Santa looked on and saw that the giant princess was making her way round the grotto so that she could talk to him face to face. “Merry Christmas to you too, Princess Apple” Santa said as he saw her made her way to where Ashley and the others stood. “I came to check up on you and I can see that it worked” Apple said as she smiled down at him. “Oh yes, it worked. It worked perfectly” chuckled Santa. “I have to say, that was a bit reckless of you. Even learning on what she was planning on doing. You still went to her” said Apple as she has a serious look on her face.

“Yeah I know, that’s why I made sure that Kat and Ana to be with her on Christmas Eve. I’m not sure where or whom she learnt it from but, in the end, her potion kinder did work for her. I was in that sense, was the potion that gave her the Christmas Spirit. She got what she wanted and I got Ashley off the Naughty list” Santa said as he smiled up at the giantess. “That’s good to hear. I’m glad that it all worked out. Well I’ll see you next year” Apple said as she smiled down at him. “Looking forward for it” Santa said as he watched Apple turning round and headed on home.       

Meanwhile back at Ashley’s mansion,

Ashley and Penny found themselves back at the mansion. Ashley picked Penny and placed her down onto the ground. “What are you going to do know then?” asked Penny as she looked up at her. “I’m going to enjoy today and I like to enjoy with you and the others” answered Ashley as she smiled down at her.”I would like that” Penny said back. Just then, the two of them noticed Kat and Ana were over by the garden as they focusing on something. Slowly Ashley made her way towards them and saw that they were cooing over Red, whom was trying to break free from their hands.

Ashley looked on and giggled at the sight. Ashley heads off towards them to free Red from them but stopped in her tracks and looked up into the sky. Kat and Ana stopped what they were doing and saw Ashley looking up at the sky. Penny looked up at the sky along with the others as they saw the same thing as her. Slowly they all saw that the morning light was shinning down upon them, each of them with a smile on their faces. They all then looked out at the dawn and saw the beauty of the morning sky has to offer. Ashley, Red, Kat & Ana and Penny; they all looked up into the sky as if they could see people looking down or rather reading them and they all said all at once as load as they could,