Big Surprise for Birthday Toad


We begin our story with a very familiar mushroom girl shopping at the supermarket.  For the past three weeks, she had been all around Toad Town , gathering ingredients for this special evening: ingredients for a fancy dinner, a dress, a pair of high-heeled shoes, and a necklace.  She only needed one more item and we join her as she makes her selection.


Toadette:  I’ve finally found it!


            Beaming, she looks up at some perfume in a fancy bottle; there’s only one problem, though.  It’s on the top shelf, way out of her reach.  Luckily for her, one of the supermarket’s employees is passing by right behind her.


Toadette:  Excuse me.


Employee:  Yes?


Toadette:  Can you please get that perfume of the top shelf for me?


Employee:  I can do that.


            While he gets the perfume, Toadette eyes another female Toad down the aisle trying to reach something on the top shelf.


Toadette (To herself):  At least I know when I can’t reach for something, unlike some people.


            She giggles to herself as the employee hands her the perfume bottle.


Employee:  Here you go, miss.


Toadette:  Thank you.


            As she touches the bottle, she feels a spark, similar to one from static electricity.


Toadette:  Ow!


            Placing the bottle in her other hand, she shakes the pain-inflicted hand vigorously to get the sting to go away.  What she doesn’t know is that she’s steadily growing.  Usually, she’s shorter than the Koopa cashiers, but, when she arrives at the checkout lane both she and the cashier are shocked to see that they are staring each other in the eye!


Cashier: Hello, Toadette.  How are you doing today? (Thinking): Man, when did she get so tall?


            It’s obvious that she’s been here many times before, as the cashiers know her by name.


Toadette:  Fine, I guess.  How are you?  (Thinking):  I couldn’t look him in the eye before.  Am I having a growth spurt?


Cashier:  Good.  Fancy perfume you got here.  Got anything special planned?


Toadette:  It’s Toad’s birthday today, and I need this to go with the surprise I’ve got for him.


Cashier:  Ah.  Well, let me ring this up for you.  There are so many discounts on this product I’ve lost track.


Toadette:  How bad is it?


Cashier:  So bad that the price for this item has gone down from 100 coins to 5 coins.


Toadette:  *gasp* You can’t be serious!


Cashier:  I’m afraid I am.  I was there when the item was being discussed.  The company’s representative exploited so many loopholes that our policy looked like swiss cheese!  It was ridiculous!


Toadette:  That was a very funny pun, but I hope the sales are going better.  I mean all of that possible money you’re losing.


Cashier:  Thankfully, that’s the good side.  These things have been flying off the shelves as fast as we can put them up.  All the sales have made up for the deficit.


Toadette:  What do you mean?  The shelf looked fully-stoked when I got there.


Cashier:  I know, because we restocked it just after you came in.


Toadette:  Well, that’s a relief.  At least the business is booming.


            Just as she said that, they both hear some rumbling from the entrance.  Turning their heads, they see a stampede of young female shoppers rushing toward the aisle that Toadette had came from.


Cashier:  Uh-oh.  I’d better get you out of here.  I wouldn’t want to see you trampled.


Toadette:  At least now I see why you put them on the top shelf.


Cashier:  Yeah, to buy us time to prepare.


            Toadette looks around as the rest of the checkout lanes now have cashiers at them.


Toadette:  Take care, and be careful!


            She hands him a blue coin, the traditional five-coin piece of the Mushroom World.  He hands her the sack with the perfume in it.  After once again feeling the static shock she hurries out the entrance.


Cashier:  Same to you!  There will be more of them coming!



            Now outside the supermarket, Toadette is greeted with a swarm of female shoppers.  She would have been toppled over had it not been for the fact that she was twice as tall as everyone else.


Toadette:  Man, that cashier was right, this is just nuts!


            While making her way out of the entranceway, she has a couple more questions.


Toadette (Thinking):  Why am I twice as tall as everyone; I bet it has something to do with this bottle…


            She receives another jolt from the plastic sack.


Toadette (Out loud):  … that is shocking me through plastic!  Anything that has an electric quality should not shock anything through plastic!!  And furthermore, the bottle is made of glass!  Glass!  Something’s really strange here, how can glass shock anything at all?!


            She removes the bottle from the sack.  While looking at it, she gets another shock.


Toadette:  Well, I’d better see if this smells good to make sure I didn’t put five coins to waste.


            She sprays herself with the perfume.  It smells way better than she had expected.  Then, she feels a little nauseous.  Soon, the nausea overpowers her and she falls to the ground unconscious.  When she regains consciousness, she shakes her head, stands up, and looks around.


Toadette:  Man, what happened?


            Looking out over the parking lot, she can tell that it is smaller.  Even her kart, which she can see from where she is, looks like a toy car.  She turns and looks at the supermarket.  She is roughly 5ft. taller than it.  This would place her at around 30ft.; the supermarket wasn’t very tall.


Toadette:  Well, that confirms it.  I’ve grown in size.  I just hope I haven’t smashed anything yet.


            Then she takes a glance down toward her feet.  A crowd of people so large that it filled the parking lot has surrounded her.  The females in the crowd start getting jumpy when they see the enlarged perfume bottle in her hand.  They head for the entrance, but Toadette puts a foot down in front of the entrance, blocking them out.


Toadette:  I don’t want you all to end up like I am right now.  It’s not as cool as it looks. (Thinking): I’m surprised the media or the cops haven’t come yet.  I guess this crowd has them blocked out.


            Knowing that she can’t keep this situation under control for long, she digs into her vest pocket and pulls out her cell phone.  Dialing a number, she attempts to call the one person who she thinks can help her.


Toadette:  Oh, I hope this works…



            At Peach’s Castle, she is with Mario, Luigi, and Toad in her bedroom.  The latter two are on the bed watching the former two duke it out in DDR.  When even Mario can’t beat her at his own game, Toad believes that he has a point.


Luigi:  Man, she is good.


Toad:  Well, it would be nicer if she played fair.


Peach:  What do you mean play fair?


Toad:  For one, you still have longer legs than us.  I can’t beat you, Luigi can’t beat you, and Mario can’t beat you.  It’s his game and he can’t beat you!  I think the pads are rigged.


Peach:  And I think you still can’t dance!


Toad:  I can to!


Peach:  If I remember correctly, last time we had this conversation your girlfriend beat you badly when I had to answer the phone.  Isn’t she the same height as you?


Mario:  Man, that’s a good comeback.


Luigi:  Come to think of it, where is Toadette anyway?


Peach:  Yeah, where is she?


Toad:  Last thing she told me was that she was going to go shopping.  I haven’t heard from her since.


            At that very moment, the phone rang.  Peach went over to answer it.


Peach:  Well, this time I know it can’t be you two calling.


            She picks it up.  She is surprised to hear the person in question on the other side.


Peach:  Toadette!?


            At this instant, everyone crowds around her to hear about Toadette’s whereabouts.


Toadette:  I can’t explain right now; just come over to the supermarket as fast as possible!  I can’t keep this situation under control for long!


Peach:  We’ll be over as soon as we can.


            She hangs up.  Everyone can tell from the sound of her voice that it was pretty urgent.


Peach:  Mario, is there a Warp Pipe near the superstore?


Mario:  I’m afraid not.  The store just opened last year, and we haven’t had time to install one.


Peach:  Shoot!  How are we going to get there in time?!


            However, she remembered something and bolted for her closet.  Throwing stuff out like crazy, she comes back with a wand.


Peach:  This is the Warp Zone Wand that Bowser was using to connect this world to the real one.  We can use it to get to the superstore!


            She points it down to the ground.  A green beam shoots to the floor, where a Warp Pipe comes up out of the ground.  The four waste no time in hopping in.  The pipe closes behind them.


Peach (Thinking): I hope we get there in time…



            Meanwhile, at the superstore, Toadette is trying to calm the situation as best as she can, but she remembers a staggering fact.




Toadette:  Well, that’s a relief.  At least the business is booming.


            Just as she said that, they both hear some rumbling from the entrance.  Turning their heads, they see a stampede of young female shoppers rushing toward the aisle that Toadette had came from.


(End Flashback)


Toadette: (To herself)  *gasp*  The females in the store!  They might not be as patient as I was to try it!  If they use it inside the store the damage would be devastating!  Oh Peach, please hurry and get here!


            The top of the store at the entrance was glass.  Toadette peered inside to see that they had made it to the checkout lanes.  Panic started coercing through her.  When she heard tiny screams, she turned forward to see people moving and clearing a small circle in which a tiny (to her) green object popped out of the ground.


            As the Warp Pipe emerged out of the ground, the four people inside were ejected out.  As the pipe disappeared, they started looking around.


Mario:  There is quite a crowd out.  Do you see Toadette anywhere?


            Luigi performs a high jump, spinning in all directions to spot her mushroom cap.


Luigi:  I didn’t see her.  Peach, do you see her?


            Peach summons her parasol and jumps into the air.  Using it to glide, she spins slowly to see if she can spot her.


Peach:  I’ve got nothing, too.  Toad, do you see her?


            Toad is nowhere to be found.  When everyone thought they had lost him in the pipe, Mario feels a vibrating sensation.  Turning his head, he sees the little mushroom person trembling and pointing a shaky finger toward the superstore.  Everyone turns and looks, and they can’t believe what they see.


Mario:  Whoa.


Luigi:  It can’t be.


Peach:  But it is.


            In front of them is Toadette, but no one expected her to be 30ft. tall.  When she sees that they are looking at her, she informs them about the situation.


            Toadette:  This perfume that I’m holding makes females big!  There is a group of them inside the store!  You have to stop them from trying it or the supermarket will be destroyed!


            Instantly, the Mario Bros. charge to the entrance, the crowd giving them a wide path.  Toadette lifts her foot long enough for them to get inside, then she puts it down.


Toadette:  I hope they weren’t too late…



(Inside the Store)


Mario:  Stop!  Don’t use that perfume!


Luigi:  You don’t know what you’re doing!


Female #1:  I’m pretty sure we do.


Female #2:  Yeah; she said this stuff will grow us to her size if not taller.  I don’t want it.


Female #3:  We’re kinda scared of heights.  I don’t know what I’d do at that height.


            All of them place the bottles on the ground and head for the exit.  Mario and Luigi are about to leave when the cashier that Toadette was speaking with earlier stops them.


Cashier:  That really can’t be Toadette outside, can it?


Mario:  That’s her, alright.


Cashier:  I knew there was something fishy about that perfume!


Luigi:  You know about this?


Cashier:  Yes.


Mario:  Then come with us.  You could help shed some light on the situation.



(Outside the Store at the same time)


Toadette:  Peach?


Peach:  Yes?


Toadette:  Could you clear this crowd for me please?  I’m getting a tad claustrophobic.


Peach:  I’ll see what I can do.


            Peach gets out her cell phone and calls the police and informs them.  Within minutes they arrive, acting as crowd control.  By the time the crowd is gone the Mario Bros. return with the first group of females and the cashier.


Toadette:  That’s a lot better; thank you.


Peach:  No problem.


            Toadette sits down, leaning her back against the building.  Mario, Luigi, and the cashier are sitting on one side of her while Peach and Toad are examining the enlarged perfume bottle on the other.


Toadette:  You might not want to touch the bottle, Peach.  It can give you…


            Toadette is unable to warn her in time as the princess gets zapped by the big bottle.


Toadette:  …a shock.


            Peach shakes her hand vigorously to get the pain out and keeps looking.  She comes to the ingredients list.  Reading down it, she is shocked (no pun intended) to see that it contains every size-changing power-up they’ve ever come into contact with.  Without warning, the bottle explodes, drenching them in purple liquid.  What happens next is unbelievable.

Standing at 75ft. tall, and within mere inches of the supermarket wall, is Princess Peach.  After opening her eyes, she takes a look around and has already noticed the size difference.


Mario:  Princess, are you okay?


            At her new size Peach can’t hear them, so Toadette, who is on the same size scale as her, asks the question.


Toadette:  Peach, are you okay?


Peach:  Yeah, I’m fine.


Toadette:  That stuff really works, doesn’t it?


Peach:  I’m not surprised; I got around to the ingredients list, and I saw that this had bits and pieces of every size-changing power-up we’ve ever run into.


            At their sizes, it’s really easy to overhear conversations, and Mario picks up on this one.


Mario:  Toadette?


Toadette:  Hm?


Mario:  Could you place me on top of your head, please?  I’d like to speak with Peach.


Toadette:  Sure thing, Mario.  Peach?


Peach:  Hm?


Toadette:  Could you sit down, please?  Mario would like to talk with you.


Peach:  Sure; I wouldn’t want him to strain his voice.


            As Peach gets to a sitting position, Toadette lifts Mario to the top of her mushroom cap.  As soon as they are in position, Mario moves as close as he can to the edge.  He speaks, regardless of the fact that he is a little weak-kneed from staring at Peach’s face.


Mario:  So you say that the perfume contains every single size-changing power-up I’ve come across?


Peach:  Yeah, that’s right.


Mario:  That would take some serious scavenging to get all those power-ups, much less get them into perfume bottles and mass produce them.


Toad:  And we could have an even bigger problem.


            Everyone had forgotten about the mushroom person’s presence.  They turn and look to let him know they’re listening.


Toad:  Toadette bought the perfume, which is bad, since she rarely makes a perfume purchase, and only goes for high-quality brands.


            Toadette gives him a glare but he keeps going.


Toad:  Plus, the cashier said that the perfume had been out for a couple of weeks.  Many people have probably bought it before her.  I’m surprised that we haven’t heard of this already. 


Toadette:  They were probably saving it for a special occasion, like I was.


Toad:  You mean, like my birthday?


Toadette:  Yes, like your birthday.


Peach:  Have you noticed how quiet it’s gotten?


Mario:  What do you mean?


Peach:  Look.


            All of them glance around the lot.  The place is empty, minus some of the cars used by the employees.


Toadette:  Well, what did you expect, the place being roped off and the media attacking us with questions?


Peach:  Pretty much, yeah.


Toad:  I’m glad that hasn’t happened yet.  Besides, we have something more to worry about.


            He points to the road, where a cargo truck with a picture of the perfume bottle on the side is headed towards the freeway.  It takes them a bit to figure out his point.


Mario:  They must be trying to ship this stuff all over the world!


Peach:  And that’s not the least of our problems.  Who do we know that likes perfume as much as Toadette does?


            Once again, it takes a while for them to figure it out.  But for Luigi, it hits him like a smack to the face.


Luigi:  Daisy.


Mario:  Daisy?


Luigi:  Yes, Daisy.  She goes out and gets it like she has a collection or something!  If she got her hands on this we could be in big trouble!


Mario:  Then we need to get to Sarassaland right away!


Luigi:  But our kart is at the castle; there’s no way we can make it in time!


Toad:  Unless we went first.


            Everyone looks at him, as he would be the last person to suggest this option.


Mario:  Are you sure?


Toad:  Yeah; I’ll use Toadette’s kart; we’ll be okay.


Mario:  If you say so.


            So everyone stands to move.  Mario jumps from Toadette’s head to Peach’s hand.   She lowers it for Luigi to hop on, and then she walks toward the castle.  The cashier walks back into the store, probably to calm the nerves of his more-attentive employees.  As for Toad, he sprints for Toadette’s kart, hops inside, and starts the engine.


Toad:  Man am I glad that I carry a spare key for this kart.


            After backing it up, he heads for the road, with Toadette tagging behind.


Toad:  I hope we get there before it’s too late.



            He was going as fast as he could, which was unfortunately the speed limit: 70mph.  What made matters worse was that the store was on the opposite side of the kingdom from the Sarassaland border, so it wasn’t like he was going to get there anytime soon.  He was even starting to doubt himself.


Toad:  Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…


Toadette:  I thought it was.  I’m proud of you for suggesting it.


            He smiles.  He has to keep his eyes on the road but is glad to know she’s there.


Toad:  Seriously, though, how are we supposed to get there in time?  We still have a lot of ground to cover.


Toadette:  I see a way; take a look ahead of you.


Toad:  Huh?


            About a mile in front of him are a bunch of cars with mushrooms on the back, famous for giving speed boosts.


Toad:  I see what you’re getting at.


            As soon as he catches up, he starts ramming the cars and running over the mushrooms they dropped.  They were in alternating lanes and at the perfect spot; just after the last mushroom wore out, he drove over another and was back up to speed.  Toadette actually had to jog a bit just to keep up!  After 20 minutes of this, they were crossing the border.


Toad:  Wow; that shaved great time!  But we still have a ways to go until the castle.


Toadette:  Then you should use this.


            She hands him a golden mushroom, their special power-up from the Double Dash Grand Prix.  But it’s on her scale, so he wonders if it will do more harm than good.


Toad:  Can I even hold it?


Toadette:  It may be on my scale, but it still weighs the same.  You shouldn’t have a problem with it.


Toad:  Okay, that eases me, but where did you find it?


Toadette:  One of the mushroom cars had one.  I’m surprised you didn’t notice it.


Toad:  I guess I was just moving too fast.


            He sets it in the back seat of the kart.  Since the freeway was relatively straight, he didn’t worry about it falling off.  He wonders how to use it for the first few minutes, but then he gets an idea.  He starts tearing off bits and pieces of the mushroom and feeds it to the kart for more speed.  As soon as it is gone, he finds himself at the exit that leads to the castle.


Toad:  Well, that was quick.


            He exits the freeway.  Once he is on the main road, he pulls to the shoulder.  He scans the freeway and can’t find Toadette anywhere.


Toad:  Did I lose her?  You’d think you could see someone who’s 30ft. tall.


            When he looks ahead, he sees her in the distance, headed for the castle.


Toad:  That’s not fair!  This kart can barely clear 70 and yet she takes a shortcut.  Sure didn’t know this would be a race.


            He speeds off in her direction, hoping to catch her.  Soon, he sees a shortcut of his own.  He veers left, taking a dirt road headed straight for the castle.  Coming within 50ft. of it, he notices that the normally symmetrical structure is irregular, but doesn’t pay it much attention.  Beating his girlfriend by mere seconds, he has no time to taunt as he sees that they were too late.


Toadette:  Hey!  You took a shortcut!


Toad:  Not like you didn’t take one yourself, but we can worry about that later.  I’m sure that we didn’t make it.


Toadette:  Oh really?  Or did the fact that she’s 75ft. tall and right in front of us give it away?


Toad:  Very funny.  Look.  I don’t think she knows we’re here.


            He’s right, even with their quarrel she hasn’t noticed.  She appears to be crying with her head buried in her arms.


Toadette:  Daisy?


            She hears her name mentioned.  She lifts her head, turns and sees the two.  In an instant, Daisy hugs Toadette, apparently glad to see her.


Daisy:  Toadette!  Man, I thought I was the only one.


Toadette:  Good to see you too, Daisy.  If it helps, Peach was affected, too.


Daisy:  Well, I’d never thought that she’d be into perfume shopping.


Toadette:  I don’t think she is.  After I grew, she was looking it over when it randomly exploded, drenching her in the liquid.


Daisy:  I’m sure the bottle grew with you.


Toadette:  Yep, it did.


Daisy:  And I’m sure the bottle gave you some shocks.


Toadette:  Even through the plastic sack I had it in.  Man, that made me mad!


Daisy:  I know, right?  That was getting on my nerves too.


            Daisy sets Toadette back on the ground, and they begin conversing about other things.  Toad, however, is dumbstruck.  He had been standing there for 5 minutes, and yet, they forgot he was even there!


Toad:  At this rate, I could go grab a bite to eat and come back and they won’t notice.


            He starts doing just that, confident that they wouldn’t notice.  Unfortunately, they were fully aware he was there.  Before Toad could board the kart, a shadow looms and he instantly loses all vision.  As soon as he could see again he was greeted by Daisy’s face.


Daisy:  Hello.


Toad:  What do you guys do, plan this out or something?


Daisy:  Well, it is your birthday, and what’s a birthday without surprises?


            He tries to retort, but he sees that she got him.


Daisy:  So, are you two the only ones that are coming or will the others show up?


Toadette:  Well, Peach took the Mario Bros. back to the castle so they could drive their kart.  Why she didn’t carry them here I don’t know.


            Toad, even though he’s in Daisy’s palm, starts to feel tremors.


Toad:  And speaking of which…


            They all turn and look in the direction that Toad came from.  Zipping up the dirt road were the Mario Bros., using their Double Dash kart, and not to far behind them was Peach.  That all quickly changed, though, as Daisy stood, pitching Toad to Toadette, and the Mario Bros. swerving out of the way, the princesses greeted in at the midway point with the largest hug those four will ever see.


Toadette:  Something tells me they aren’t worried about their size difference.


            The Mario Bros. pull up their kart to Toadette’s foot.  Hopping out of it, they join the conversation.


Mario:  Of course they aren’t worried; they believe we’re going to be able to fix it.


Luigi:  Except for the fact that we don’t know how to fix it.


Toad:  Huh!?


Mario:  Seriously, we don’t know how to- oh boy.


            Mario and Luigi duck behind Toadette, hoping that their respective girlfriends don’t find them.  When the princesses come back from their meet and greet, it takes them a minute to see the obvious flaw.


Mario:  Shoot!  We didn’t hide the kart!


Luigi:  Do you want them to find us!?


Mario:  No.


Luigi:  Then keep it down!


Mario:  Why are we hiding, anyway?


Luigi:  Don’t ask me; you suggested it!


Mario:  Calm down, I know why.  Daisy’s going to hug you, which I will laugh at.


Luigi:  Hey!


Mario:  Then Peach is going to get the same idea and will hug me, leaving Toad to laugh at us!


Luigi:  Do you really think he’s going to laugh?


            Mario is the only one that notices that the dark, looming shadow they were hiding under has just become darker.  Knowing that this basically meant they were done for, he tries to stop his brother from continuing the conversation.  He taps him on the shoulder.


Luigi:  What?


            He points behind them.  Luigi looks over, up, and gasps.  Peach and Daisy were standing right there, apparently with knowledge of the whole conversation.  


Mario:  You heard everything we’ve said, didn’t you?


Peach & Daisy:  Yep.


Luigi:  And you’re going to go ahead and do it anyway, aren’t you?


Peach & Daisy:  Mm hm.


Mario Bros.:  Oh Mama Mia!


            And so, it played out like they had discussed it, except Peach and Daisy grabbed the Mario Bros. simultaneously, leaving no one to laugh, except Toad of course.


Luigi:  See, I told you he’d laugh.


Mario:  No, I told you he’d laugh!  Besides, I think we’ve got bigger problems.


            As Toad watches them in an all-too-familiar situation, he wonders if he can stop laughing.


Toad:  Man, this is just too funny!


Toadette:  Don’t forget I can do the same thing to you.


            Toad stops laughing and becomes frightened.  When they could, the Mario Bros. look over with grins.


Mario:  Now I’d laugh at that!  He could feel our pain!


Peach:  Feel your what?


Mario:  Pleasure!  Yeah, that’s what I meant.


Luigi:  Smooth.


Mario:  Shut up!


Daisy:  You know, that would be funny.


Toad:  Says you!


Toadette:  You know, I think I should.  It’s been what, five hours since I grew and I haven’t held you once.


Toad:  Good point I guess.  Fine, I guess it’s alright.


Toadette:  Yay!


            And with that being said, she presses him against her chest.  Toad was really scared, but was within minutes enjoying himself.


Toad:  I don’t see what the big deal is; I kinda like it.


            Mario and Luigi catch this.


Mario:  Sure, he may like it now…


Luigi:  …but wait until she does it to him every chance she gets.  He won’t like it anymore, that’s for sure.


            When the massive hug-fest comes to a stop, the sunset can be seen from where they are.  Releasing their grip, the ladies put their respective boyfriends into positions where they can view it.


Mario:  (Whispering)  Man, am I glad that’s over.


Luigi:  (Whispering)  I know, I thought I was going to choke!


Toad:  I still don’t understand why you two hate it so much.


Mario:  We don’t hate it.


Luigi:  Yeah, it’s just the fact that they put us in awkward positions.


Mario:  For example, just a few minutes ago, we were being held upside-down.  I didn’t know if you’d catch it.


Luigi:  This has happened many times in the past.


Toad:  Trust me, I know.


Luigi:  We have had it done to us so many times that we’ve gotten used to it.


Mario:  If they would just put us right-side-up so we can try to return the gesture, then we’d be fine.


Toad:  Ah, I see.  That clears things up a bunch.  Now I can pay a little more attention to the sunset.


Mario:  It is rather nice this evening.


            They stood/sat in silence looking at the setting sun.  Only when a noisy grumble broke the silence did they remember something.


Mario:  I take it you three are hungry.


            They nod their heads in response.


Mario:  It’s going to be a challenge trying to fill you up.


Luigi:  I think there’s something more important to remember.


Mario:  Right, it’s Toad’s birthday!  And I bet that none of us except for Toadette had anything planned.


Toadette:  Yeah, I did.  I just wasn’t expecting to have a growth spurt, though.


Peach:  I’m sure he’ll understand.  Forgive me, but we’ve got more pressing matters.  I’m starving!


Daisy:  I’m so hungry I could eat a horse, and at this size…


Peach:  Whoa, don’t make us lose our appetite before we even eat, Daisy.


Daisy:  Sorry, guess I got carried away.


            In the few minutes that no one had addressed him, Mario had come up with a couple of options for this problem.


Mario:  I’ve got a couple options that we could try.


Peach:  Great!  What are they?


Mario:  We could either buy as much food as possible and pray that it fills you, or we can find a Mega Mushroom and see if I can get it to grow the food.


Peach:  I suggest we try the second one first.  That first option’s too costly.


Daisy:  Yeah, we wouldn’t want to have you all go bankrupt just to help us out of a pinch.


Toadette:  Okay, we’ve got a plan!  But Mario, how do you plan to get a Mega Mushroom to grow food?


Mario:  Well, someone must have tweaked the Mega Mushrooms we use in the Mario Kart Grand Prix, or else we’d bust our karts or bikes.


Peach:  True.


Toadette:  I’ve never given it any thought really.


Daisy:  So, what does that have to do with our hunger problem?


Mario:  I was hoping I could borrow one of them to grow the food we were going to get you.


Toadette:  Yeah, but that doesn’t explain how you plan on doing this.  You can’t just throw it on one person’s food or there won’t be enough for the rest.


Mario:  Well, I could just get a pizza.  Everyone loves pizza!


Luigi:  But I thought you loved spaghetti.


Mario:  Pizza’s a close second.


Peach:  So you plan on getting a pizza, growing it to our scale, and hoping that it will feed us?


Mario:  Basically, yeah.


Peach:  As good as it seems, it has a couple of flaws.  First, may I remind you that the effects of a Mega Mushroom only last a minute?  Second, we all like different toppings.  I’m afraid there’s no “one size fits all” for this one.


Mario:  For the first one, I can run to the supermarket and get a custom pizza.  Everyone will have to tell me what they like.


Luigi:  Just get me a cheese slice.


Toad:  I like pepperoni on mine!


Daisy:  I think I’m going with veggies.  I’m trying to watch my weight.


Toadette:  Same here, and for the same reason.  Just make sure not to get mushrooms!


Peach:  I’ll go with a veggie slice.  I’ve really been eating wrong lately.


Mario:  I’m going to go with Toad on the pepperoni.  That takes care of problem #1.  As for problem #2, I guess I’ll have to use two Mega Mushrooms.


Peach:  But we don’t know the effects!


Mario:  Thanks to Daisy, yeah we do.  We at least know that they will grow things much larger and for a longer period of time.  That should satisfy the cravings.


Peach:  Mario, I’m impressed!  Did you really have all of this planed out?


Mario:  No, I just made it up as I went along.


Peach:  How do you plan on cooking the pizza?


Mario:  I’ll use fireballs.  They won’t go on the pizza; I’ll think of something.


            With that, everyone heads back to the Mushroom Kingdom .  Mario boards his kart alone; he is going to retrieve the pizza.  Daisy carries Luigi and Toadette carries Toad and the kart as they follow Peach back to the castle.

            Mario stops by the supermarket, where it all began, to pick up the pizza.  He also makes sure to get a couple other special items.  Then he makes a few other stops through the city before heading for Peach’s Castle. He snags two of the tweaked Mega Mushrooms.  Keeping the kart near the castle, he makes the trek a half-mile north of the castle to a large clearing, where they decided to set up.  Mario sets the pizza down then begins to pull a large amount of grass out from the center, eventually making a large dirt circle.  He then lets loose a loud whistle.  The girls are given a shock as a few mobile cranes pull up to the dirt circle.  Mario then brings the pizza to the center, as well as a metal plate for it to cook on.  He drops the two Mega Mushrooms on top and takes off running.  The pizza grows to the outer perimeter of the circle and the cranes hoist it up in the air by the plate.  He then gives another whistle.  More toads come out in various vehicles, dropping wood into the dirt until the pile is big enough.  Then, he concentrates energy to his hand and lets loose a fireball.  It sets the wood on fire and the flames get the pizza cooking.  An hour later it’s finished cooking.  Mario has the crane operators lower the pizza onto the weak flame, putting it out instantly.  He then turns to the girls and bows.  When he leans up, he has a smirk on his face.


Mario:  Dinner is served.



            As outrageous as it seems, Mario had just finished cooking the biggest pizza ever seen with what seemed like incredible ease.  His “audience” is just sitting there, all five of them gaping at him.  Mario still keeps that smirk on his face.


Mario:  Eat it before it gets cold.


Toad:  Wow.


Luigi:  That’s my brother for you.


Daisy:  Whoa.


Toadette:  Amazing!


Peach:  Mario, where did you come up with this?  You were probably gone 20 minutes tops!


Mario:  I thought it up while I was getting the pizza.  I needed some help to cook it though…


Peach:  which explains why you were gone so long.


Mario:  Exactly.


            So, everyone digs into their slices.  In the end, there was only a leftover slice of pepperoni; Mario and Toad decided to share a piece.  The monster pizza did well in satisfying the hungers of the giantesses.


Mario:  Oh!  I almost forgot!  I have an extra something back in the kart.  Peach, Daisy, I may need your help carrying it.


Peach:  Okay.


Daisy:  Sure.


            The ladies stand up and follow Mario out of the clearing.  Meanwhile, the others are left to talk.



(Outside the Clearing)


            Mario heads for the castle with Peach and Daisy keeping a fair distance behind him, for fear of stepping on him.  As they walk, Peach has something on her mind.


Peach:  Mario, how did you get all those people to come out this late?


Mario:  I gave them 100 coins apiece if they’d come and help.


Peach:  What!?  There were at least 20 of them out there!


Mario:  I know.


Daisy:  So, where’d you come up with 2,000 coins?


Mario:  That was how much I happened to save from our first Mario Party, with interest of course.


Peach:  So, you’re not that worried, are you?


Mario:  No, not really.


Daisy:  What did we come back here to get, anyway?


Mario:  Oh, you’ll see.


            They reach Mario’s kart.  In the back was what appeared to be a birthday cake, as well as some candles, obviously for Toad.


Peach:  That’s nice!  You still went and bought a cake for him, despite the circumstances!


Mario:  He’s my friend after all.  I can’t let him think I forgot his birthday!


Daisy:  I’m guessing that you want the cake grown in size, too.


Mario:  Correct.


            Mario places the candles as Daisy continues.


Daisy:  If you’re setting the candles in now, which is a good idea, how are you going to light them?


            Mario stops.  He hadn’t thought of it.  Then, one thing caught his eye.  There was a small fray in Peach’s dress, probably from it snagging on something.  There was a bit of string going from it.  To Peach, this was unnoticeable; to Mario, it was perfect for his plan.  He took the string and started pulling the length of it off the hem of Peach’s dress.  Peach couldn’t quite figure out why he was running around her dress, but stood still anyway.  Reaching the starting point with a good length, Mario stoops down in front of the cake messing with the string.  It takes him a few tries, but he gets it.  When he pulls away, the cake looked as follows:  the candles were positioned ten on the perimeter and one in the middle.  The pink string he tore off extended from the ground to the first candle, connected the other nine, and then stopped at the one in the middle.  Satisfied, Mario then ran into the castle to grab two more tweaked Mega Mushrooms; when he returned, he tossed them on the cake.  The cake grew rather slowly, giving Mario and then the girls enough time to move it to the back without it causing damage.  When the girls could clearly see the pink string, they caught on to his plan.


Daisy:  So, you plan to use the string as a fuse to light the candles in order.  Clever.


Peach:  But where did you get the string?


Mario:  From your dress.


Peach:  Huh?


            Peach looks down at her dress, franticly searching for a tear.


Peach:  I don’t see a tear anywhere!  Oh Daisy, do you see it?


            Daisy takes a look at Peach’s dress and finds the tear Mario used in short order.


Daisy:  Yeah, there’s a tear in it, but it’s so small it’s no wonder you couldn’t notice it.


            Peach, relieved by this news, then turns her attention to the cake.  Scanning over it, she notices one fatal flaw and addresses Mario.


Peach:  Mario, there aren’t any decorations on the cake.


            Mario slaps himself on the forehead.


Mario:  And all of the decorations I brought are still small!  How are we going to fix this?


Daisy:  Just grow the decorations and we’ll take care of the rest!


            Mario heads in to grab two more tweaked Mega Mushrooms and returns.  He grabs the sack with the decorations and tosses them on it.  They grow to scale.  What Mario is not prepared for though is a couple of giant gloved hands coming at him.  Barely able to jump out of the way, he watches as the girls hastily decorate the cake.  When they are finished, Peach allows Mario to climb onto her palm.  She then lifts him to a position where he can see the whole cake.  The decorations on it were amazing to say the least.


Peach:  So, what do you think?


Mario:  Amazing!


Daisy:  Glad you think so.


Mario:  Come on!  We’ve got to get this cake back to Toad for his birthday!


            With Peach on one side and Daisy on the other, the girls followed Mario back to the clearing.



(Inside the Clearing, Same Time)


            After watching the three leave, the others try to figure out why.  Its starting to grow chilly, so Toadette places them in her lap to keep them warm.


Toadette:  So, what do you think they went after?


Luigi:  Maybe he forgot the side dish!


Toad:  Luigi, you do know there’s no side dish for pizza, right?


Luigi:  Really?  I thought there was…


Toadette:  Maybe it has to deal with your birthday, Toad!


Luigi:  Oh, that’s right!  It is your birthday isn’t it?


Toad:  Not helping Luigi.


Luigi:  Sorry, Toad.  No hard feelings, right?


Toad:  Nope.


Luigi:  Anyway, I’m not so sure you’re right, Toadette.  Mario hasn’t mentioned it since this wacky adventure started, or at least I don’t think he has.


Toad:  But it’s Mario!  Surely he can’t forget my birthday!


Toadette:  We’ll just have to wait and see.


            45 minutes pass and they haven’t returned.  They are starting to doubt their return when they feel tremors.


Toad:  That must be them.



            They sat and watched as Mario emerged from the forest followed by Peach and Daisy, who were carrying the biggest birthday cake on record.  They set it in the dirt on its tray.  Mario grabs the pink string.


Mario:  Toad, are you ready?


Toad:  You bet I am!


            Toadette places him on her mushroom cap so he can see the display.  As Mario lights the flame and it goes from candle to candle Toad watches in awe as the display comes to life in front of him.  He is amazed to say the least.


Everyone:  Happy Birthday, Toad!


Toad:  Wow, this is amazing!  Mario, I was starting to believe you had forgotten.


Mario:  I’d never forget any of my friends’ birthdays!


Daisy:  Then I hope you don’t forget mine!  It’s in a couple of weeks.


Mario:  I’ll try not to!


            After Toad made his wish (Toadette had to blow out the candles), everyone grabs a slice.  Thank goodness the cake was precut!  After that, it’s basically after midnight.


Toad:  This is the best and most unusual birthday I’ve ever had!


Toadette:  You sure got a treat, that’s for sure!


Mario:  Well, we should probably get some shut-eye; we’ve been up pretty late.


Peach:  Agreed.


            Daisy then lets out a huge yawn.  It shakes the ground fairly well, and everyone can’t help but laugh at it.


Daisy:  Whops!  I guess I probably won’t be making it home in time.


Mario:  Yeah, I suggest we sleep here tonight.  I don’t think anyone’s got the energy to make it.


            With everyone using the last of their energy to nod their heads, they get into sleeping positions.  With Mario on Peach’s body, Luigi on Daisy’s, and Toad on Toadette’s, they all drift off to sleep.



            The next day, the females wake up to the fact that their respective boyfriends weren’t currently crushing them.  This posed a problem.  The males woke up due to the vibrations and also realized that the girls weren’t back to normal.


Mario:  I thought that it would wear off by now.


Peach:  I’m not surprised that it didn’t.


Mario:  What do you mean?


Peach:  With all the size-changing ingredients in the perfume, we’ll probably be stuck like this for the rest of the month.


            That was bad, and since that day marked the start of a new month, that made it even worse.


Daisy:  So, we are stuck like this for the entire month, eh?  Well, I say we have some fun!


Peach:  I think everyone will agree on that.  Just how will we fix this mess to prevent this from happening again?


Mario:  I’m sure it will be a lot easier than you think to reverse it; we’ll fix it after the fun’s over.


Peach:  Sounds good to me!


            So, for the next 30 days, Peach, Daisy, Toadette, and their boyfriends used their size to explore different parts of the Mushroom World, viewing the world from their new vantage points.  What occurred during their adventures I will not say; those are stories for another time.