Toadette's Water Problem


Day One: This is Only the Beginning

She was going to be late.

            Toadette drove quickly down the Mushroom Freeway in an effort to get home before the rain came.  She pushed her kart to its limit, 5 miles below the speed limit, but good enough for her.


Toadette: Man, sometimes I wish that Toad didn’t forget about the groceries.  Well, I can’t really blame him for it; being one of Princess Peach’s mushroom retainers is a very time-consuming job, and I should know, ‘cause I am one. *giggles*


            She reaches her exit, Fungus Road.  She is forced to wait as the light is red.


Toadette: Almost there, just a few more miles.  I hope Toad isn’t getting worried.


            The light changes.  She turns right.  Although the speed limit on Fungus Road is 45, she keeps the kart at a steady 50.


Toadette: Anyway, I hope I make it home before the rain comes.  I’ve never liked it, and now I’m scared stiff ever since I learned about my condition.




Dr. Toad: Well, Toadette, it seems you’ve got a condition.


Toadette: What kind of condition?


Dr. Toad: I’m not sure, but it’s clear that this condition will only occur when rainwater hits your mushroom cap.


Toadette: What’ll happen if rainwater touches my mushroom cap?


Dr. Toad: We don’t know but DON’T LET IT HAPPEN!


Present Time


Toadette: I just hope that the Weather Toad was correct this time.  He’s had a history of getting it wrong and I would appreciate it if he got it right this time!


            Suddenly, her vision starts to darken.  Toadette looks up.


Toadette: *gasp*!


            The sunlight she had been enjoying has disappeared, replaced by a heavy cloud cover.


Toadette: Please don’t rain, please don’t rain, please don’t rain!


            She is about five miles from her destination when the rain comes down hard.


Toadette: Man!  I thought I was going to make it on time!  That’s why I didn’t bother to get my umbrella!  I left it at the house!


            The rain soaks her head pretty good, and, after about five minutes, something’s wrong.


Toadette: Why do my feet feel so crammed down there?  And am I losing my grip on the steering wheel?


            Sure enough, she was.  She does the smart thing and pulls off to the side and (with difficulty) hops out of the kart.  She stands in the rain looking at her kart in disbelief when she notices something.


Toadette: Is it me, or is everything getting smaller?


            Everything was getting smaller.  Toadette sighs and shakes her head.


Toadette: So, I guess this is my “condition”.  It really isn’t that bad, but as it appears I won’t be driving home then I’ll need to figure out something quick.  I can’t just leave my kart here!


            She ponders her situation while steadily getting bigger.  When she clears 20ft., she gets an idea.


Toadette: I know what I can do!


            She then just stands by the roadside and waits, causing any car passing by to careen off the road or crash due to the sight she’s making.  Finally, after clearing 50ft. tall, she picks up her entire kart with one hand and starts the rest of the way home.


Toadette: I just hope Toad doesn’t flip out when he sees me like this.


Toad & Toadette’s House


            Speaking of Toad, our red-spotted mushroom is watching T.V.


Toad: Where’s Toadette?  I thought she’d be back by now; I wonder what’s taking her so long.  Still, she better hurry; the rain is just going to get worse.



Fungus Road- 2 miles away


Toadette: There’s Cherry Street, I’m almost there!


            She quickly makes the left turn and starts jogging down Cherry Street.  Surprisingly enough, her heavy footfalls haven’t cracked the roads yet.


Toadette: Princess Peach sure makes sure these roads are strong.  All my plodding and I haven’t made a dent.


            She’d better hurry because the rain’s picking up and she’s over 65ft. tall.


Toad & Toadette’s House


Toad: Seriously, where is she!?  She should’ve been here by now!


            Soon, he gets his answer as heavy footfalls approach the house.  Toad is immediately scared stiff.


Cherry Street-Outside Toad & Toadette’s House


Toadette: I’m sure by now Toad knows I’m here.  Better put this up before I let him know it’s me.


            Sitting next to the house is the garage.  She easily lifts up the garage door and rolls the car in.  After shutting the door, she gives a light tap (as light as she can manage) to the front door.


Toadette: I hope he’s not too scared stiff.


Inside Toad & Toadette’s House


Toad: Someone’s k-k-knocking at the door.  It’s p-p-probably the same thing that put in Toadette’s kart and approached the house.  I just h-h-hope it’s who I think it is.


            Moving very slowly, Toad finally opens the door and is slightly relieved to see that it’s Toadette.  The fact that she’s nearly 85ft. tall still has him pretty scared, though.


Toad: G-G-Glad to s-s-see you.


Toadette: Me too.  I kinda figured you’d take a while to open the door.


Toad: Well, maybe you should sit down while I get your umbrella.


            As he says this, the rain gets even harder.


Toadette: You better find that thing quick!


Toad: Okay, I’ll try.


            The rain is now so heavy that by the time Toad finds the umbrella, Toadette is now 95ft. tall! Toad hurries to his giant girlfriend, who is now sitting by the house. He sticks his head out the window.


Toad: Here it is!  I’ve found it!


Toadette: Well, throw it to me, and hurry!


            Toad quickly throws the umbrella to Toadette.  When it lands in her massive hand, like magic, it enlarges to her size.  Finally, at 100ft. tall, Toadette opens the massive umbrella.

            Meanwhile, while Toad is watching this ordeal, he forgets that he, too, has a condition similar to Toadette’s.  However, this one makes him shrink when in rainwater contact.  So he finds it surprising that he can’t touch the floor.  With all his might, he stands on the window seal.  Toadette notices that he can stand in the window seal and can also see he forgot, too.  So she extends a hand to him


Toadette: So I see you forgot about your condition. *giggles*


Toad: Yeah, I guess so.


Toadette: *uncontrollable laughter*


Toad: What’s so funny!?


            But the answer can be plainly seen as the roof of the window is twice as high as before.  Before he can reach half a foot tall, he jumps onto Toadette’s massive hand.  He struggles to relax, but soon finds himself comfortable resting against Toadette.  Three and a half hours later they are both at their normal sizes.


Inside Toad & Toadette’s House-around 7:30 p.m.


            Once they are dry, they return inside.  Toadette heads immediately for the garage, while Toad plops down on the couch and resumes watching T.V.


Toadette: *from the garage* I’m really getting sick of the Weather Toad.


Toad: Tell me about it.  The rain should have held off ‘til now, he said, but, apparently, he was wrong.


Toadette: Anything good on T.V.?


Toad: No, not really.


Toadette: Well, turn it to the news, then.  I always want to know what happens in the Mushroom Kingdom.


Toad: Speaking of the news, it’s a wonder we didn’t end up on it just now.


Toadette: I know what you mean!  Well, I’d better get super started.  Since we ran out of time with our you-know-what for anything fancy, I guess I’ll whip up something basic.  How does chicken and noodles sound?


Toad: You know I’ll always love your cooking.


            During the conversation, Toadette manages to get the groceries in from the garage.  Then, she starts the supper.  In a matter of minutes, the food is ready and Toad follows his nose to the dining room table where Toadette is already seated.  After polishing off the meal (which Toad thought was excellent), they wash the dishes.


Toadette: Why don’t you go into the living room.  I can take care of the rest of these myself.


            Toad returns to the living room.  Toadette soon joins him, a smile on her face.


Toad: Wow, that was quick.


Toadette: Told ya I could take care of the rest. *giggles*


            They start watching their favorite movie that came across the channel.  When it was done, which was around 10 o’clock, they declared it to be bedtime.


Toad: Come on, Toadette, we should probably get to bed.  We’ll have a busy day tomorrow.


Toadette: *yawn* We always have a busy day tomorrow.


            With that, they head upstairs and perform their nightly routine.  Taking showers, washing their faces, etc. (Remember that only rainwater activates their condition, so these were fine to do).  After that, they strap on their PJ’s.  Toadette is wearing a long (to her, anyway) pink nightgown with a white fringe.  Toad just has on a blue shirt and a pair of blue pants.  Preparing to go to bed they wonder what will be in store for them tomorrow.


Toadette: Good night, Toad


Toad: Good night, Toadette.


            With that, the two reach up and turn off the bedside lamps so they ca drift off to Slumber land.


Day 2: Déjà vu


            These two lovebirds seem to do everything together, as they have woken up nearly simultaneously.  They sit up in bed and look at each other with smiling faces.


Toadette: Good morning, Toad.


Toad: Good morning, Toadette.  Did you sleep well?


Toadette: Sure did.  Well, we should get started, like you said, we have a busy day today.


Toad: And like you said, every day is a busy day


Toadette: You learn quickly, don’t you? *giggles*


            With that, they throw over the covers and get out.  Then, together, they make up the bed.  Soon they perform their morning routine (taking a shower, brushing their teeth, etc.).  After Toadette straightens her pigtails, they ponder on what to eat.


Toadette: What do you feel like eating today?


Toad: I, myself, felt like bacon today.


Toadette: That’s odd, ‘cause I feel like scrambled eggs.


Toad: I’ve got it!


Toadette: What?


Toad: We’ll cook what we feel like eating, then we eat it together.


Toadette: Wow.  Great idea, Toad!


            After Toadette cooks her eggs and Toad fixes his bacon, they dine, but it is rushed by the fact that they are nearly out of time.  So, after breakfast, they dress in their trademark clothing, then are ready to leave.


Toadette: Don’t forget to lock the door.


Toad: I won’t; by the way, should we take our umbrellas?


Toadette: Good idea, I would like to avoid another incident, and plus, I really don’t trust the Weather Toad; that’s why I didn’t watch the news this morning.


Toad: Well, we should be going; we must be on the brink of being late.  I’ll drive.


            So the two take their Double Dash kart, to save gas and all.  They get back on Cherry Street, turn right onto Fungus Road, but, when they approach the freeway, Toad makes a right.  They go on ‘til the Main Street exit.  Turning left, Toad drives the kart into Toad Town and finds a place to park.


Toad: Well, we finally made it.


Toadette: Well, we’re not in the castle yet, so we better get going!


            The two head into the castle for another day of work


Eight Hours Later


            The mushroom couple prepares to leave, but when they do, Toad can’t shake the feeling that he forgot something.


Toadette: What’s wrong, Toad?


Toad: It’s nothing, really.


Toadette: Well, we better get home, hopefully this time without getting soaked.


Toad: Let’s hope you’re right.


            But the cruel irony of it, Toad is ready to turn onto Fungus Road when their vision begins to darken.


Toad & Toadette: Oh, not again!


            But sadly, again.  Also, that’s when Toad realizes what he forgot.


Toad: Oh no!  I left the umbrellas at the castle!


Toadette: So you mean…


Toad: Yep, here we go again.


            After that, the clouds open up and pour out rain.  It is so heavy, in fact, that in half the time is took Toadette to figure out something was wrong, Toad had pulled over because he was having trouble getting to the pedals and the kart sure liked to do wheelies.  So the two hop out and wait.  Wait for Toadette to be big enough to pocket Toad so he can start to dry and carry the kart so they don’t leave it.  Then, she starts her walk down Fungus Road again.


Toadette: I can’t believe this is happening again.


Toad: Well, at least you’ve gotten used to it.  Besides, it’s going to be a lot worse.


            Toadette can hear her shrunken boyfriend as part of her condition.


Toadette: What do you mean “a lot worse”?


            He meant that she would have to go back to the castle to retrieve their umbrellas.  Trying to get into the castle at her size will be hard, and the trip is long.  Worst of all, she’s got to make it there and back home before she gets big enough to cause real damage.


Toadette: Well, let’s get this over with.


            So she spins around and heads back for the freeway.  By now, she’s 100ft. tall again so she is running out of time.  Speaking of running, that is exactly what she is doing considering her unknown time limit.  However, her route involves the Mushroom Freeway, and that means that most of the Mushroom Kingdom’s residents will see her like this.  She plods on through the highway, hearing only the screech of tires and taking great care not to step on anything.  While walking alongside Main Street, Toad remembers something.


Toad: Hey, how will we get the umbrellas form the castle?


Toadette: Unfortunately, you’re going to have to get them.


Toad: And how do you plan to get me across without shrinking too much?


Toadette: Well, I do have a couple of options.  I could try to toss you so you could land under the overhang, or I could just take you there.  Which one sounds best?


Toad: Well, the tossing one seems to be the best choice because it’s only-


            Toad takes a glance at his wristwatch.


Toad: -5:30, and most people aren’t asleep by now.


Toadette: Are you sure you want to do this?


Toad: Yeah, I’m pretty sure.


            Soon, they can see Toad Town.  Toadette still isn’t sure about the plan but is now sure of it, since she sees a conveniently placed mattress in front of the castle’s front door.


Toadette: (Thinking) Perfect!  Now, lets just hope my aim is as good as the situation.


            Hoping that no one can see her, Toadette takes the miniature Toad out of her pocket and gently tosses him towards the castle.  Toad would be no doubt screaming, but for this to work, he needs to be silent.  Direct hit!  Toad lands on the center of the mattress.  He dries off a bit, then heads inside.  It takes him but a few minutes, but it still took too long.  By the time he can find Toadette hiding behind a hill, he’s half his size, and she’s nearly double her’s.


Toad: Should we use them now?


Toadette: No.  We’ve got to make it back home before we use them.  If I sit here and dry someone will find out.


Toad: Good point.


            So, at nearly 225ft. tall, Toadette begins the long trek home.  At her current size, she can now put dents and cracks in the roads, so she tries to avoid walking on them.  After traversing the freeway, she makes her way down Fungus Road.  Upon arriving at Cherry Street, she is 285ft. tall.  Hurrying down the street, she is almost big enough to put a foot on each side of the road.  Finally reaching their humble home, and at a height of 300ft., Toadette sits down by it, still nearly four times its height.  Deploying the massive umbrella now shelters her and her house from the rain.  Before she forgets, she puts the kart in the garage.  Seven hours of umbrella drying sends them to bed without shower or supper.  But they always check the news, and while lying in their bed, what they see makes them sit up in shock.


Toadette: I thought we, or I, no offence, didn’t make the news!


Toad: But how!?  I didn’t hear any news choppers or police cars or anything!


            The T.V. screen shows Toadette on her walks to and from the castle, but, luckily, they lost sight of her before they found where she lived.  However, the reporter went on and on about how this “monster” was “a threat to the Mushroom Kingdom and must be stopped.”


Toad: Well, at least the good news is that they don’t know you and where you live.  Unless…


Toadette: Unless what?


Toad: Unless the Princess was watching.


Toadette: Well, lets hope and pray she didn’t.  Or at least they’ll let me explain if she did.


Toad: Let’s hope so.  Anyway, good night, Toadette.


Toadette: Good night, Toad.


            So they turn off the T.V. and turn off the lights to go to sleep, but each one worries at what to expect next morning.  What will happen next?


Day 3: Trouble Strikes


            The mushroom pair woke up much earlier than normal, due to a knock at the door.  They were too tired to really care about their appearance, but they were really worried about what was on the other side of their front door.  Each breathed a silent sigh of relief when on the other side of the door wasn’t a barrage of police toads, but Parakary with a letter.  The deep red color of the envelope meant bad news, so after thanking Parakary and going through a quick routine, they read the letter.  In a nutshell, the letter stated that Bowser had captured Mario, Luigi, Peach & Daisy and on top of that, wanted them to rescue them!


Toad: Bowser wants us…


Toadette: …to rescue them…


Toad & Toadette: …FROM HIS CASTLE!?!?


Toad: But why us!?  We haven’t done that kind of thing before!


Toadette: I know, Toad, I know; but apparently we’re gonna have to try.


Toad: Are you crazy!?  We could get killed trying this.


Toadette: No, I’m not, and besides, we know something he doesn’t know.


Toad: What do you mean by- Oh.


            She meant their conditions to grow and shrink.  If they could control these aspects, they could (literally) blow Bowser away!  But who to turn to?


Toad: I think I know just the person.  Come on!


Toadette: Where are we going?


Toad: You’ll see.


            Toad fires up the Double Dash kart again and they head for Peach’s Castle in hopes to find their man in time.


Bowser’s Castle


            In this evil spot in the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser’s got the Mario Bros. in shackles on the wall and the princesses in inescapable bubbles on either side.  He looks at them with pleasure and an evil grin.


Mario: You fiend!


Peach: You can’t get away with this!


Daisy: Someone’ll save us…right?


Luigi: Come to think of it, how did we even end up here?


Bowser: Don’t know, don’t care!  All that I know is that you are here and that is good enough for me!  Besides, I’ve already arranged who will try to “save” you.


Mario: Who?


Luigi: Yeah, who did you send?


Bowser: Princess Peach might remember them as two of her best mushroom retainers. *evil laugh*


Peach: Toad & Toadette!


Daisy: Why those two!?


Bowser: You see, every time I kidnap someone, weather it be one of you all or someone else, all of you except Daisy has wiped the floor with me, and I don’t want to find out right now if she can or not.


Daisy: You’ll find out the minute you let me out of this bubble!


Bowser: The point is that I hate losing all the time!  It’s time for me to start wiping the floor with people, and those two will be the first!


Mario, Luigi, Peach & Daisy: *gasp*!


Bowser: *evil laugh*


Princess Peach’s Castle


Toad: Where is he? He should be down here!


Toadette: Where is who, Toad?


            Soon, she gets her answer as a short man sporting glasses appears out of nowhere and scares Toadette half to death.


Toad: E. Gadd, we’ve finally found you!


E. Gadd: Hello, Toad.  By the way you were calling for me, it sounds urgent.


Toadette: It is urgent!  Bowser’s kidnapped our friends and wants us to save them.


Toad: Do you have anything that can hold unlimited amounts of rainwater and will release it when we need it?


E Gadd: You mean for your conditions?


Toad: Well, yes, but how did you know?


E. Gadd: I saw her on the news last night.


Toadette: Oh gee, thanks.


E. Gadd: It wasn’t to offend you, ma’am.


Toad: Well, do you have something we can use or not?


E. Gadd: As a matter of fact, yes, I do.


            He disappears into the lab and in a few seconds (for once) to come back.  He is holding what appear to be two miniature hula-hoops with spikes that point inward, one pink and one white.


E. Gadd: These, my friends, are the Rainwater Release Rings.  They are activated by sheer thought.  When you want to grow or shrink just think about it and the Rings will fulfill you need.  Either rainwater or heat will be released towards your mushroom caps.  Hope these will help you out!


Toad: They sure will!  Thanks!


            With Toadette now driving, they head for Bowser’s Castle.


Bowser’s Castle


Bowser: What’s taking them so long!?  They should surely be here by now!


Peach: You might want to calm down, Bowser.


Daisy: Yeah, it may be bad for your health.


Luigi: Don’t get worked up.


Mario: Come on, Bowser.  You should know by now that even I wouldn’t come unprepared.  They probably went to pick up some power-ups.


Bowser: Thanks, guys.  You know, if this wasn’t an evil plan, we could really be getting along here.


Mario: Now I know you’ve lost it, Bowser.


Outside Bowser’s Castle


Toad: Well, t-t-this is the p-p-place.


Toadette: Don’t be scared, I’m right here.  Besides, why are these giant spikes in the way?


Toad: Well, I guess this is a good time to try out the rings.


Toadette: I couldn’t agree more, Toad.


            Toadette pulls out the pink ring and secures it to her cap.  She wonders how she’ll activate it when she remembers what E. Gadd said.




E. Gadd: These are activated by sheer thought.  When you want to grow or shrink just think about it and the Rings will fulfill you need.


Present Time


Toadette: Well, here goes nothing.  (Thinking) Grow.


            On that note, she begins to grow.  Reaching 250ft. tall, she begins to swiftly kick down the spikes, which are only 1/6 her height.  Toad trailed behind, trying not to be inappropriate.  A few more kicks and they reach the door.  There is a slight problem, though.


Toadette: The front door is locked and we don’t have a key!


Toad: I think I can handle this.


            Toad pulls out his white ring and straps it on.  Catching on to what he’s up to, Toadette extends a hand to him.  After he shrinks to fit in the lock, making Toadette look double her current size, he walks into the latch.  He wonders how he’s going to break this thing and gets a plan.  Using the ring in reverse, Toad starts to expand; yes, he can feel the pain, but is thankful to hear that the lock was giving way first.  Toadette waits patiently outside when she sees the lock blow up.  And in its place stood the normal-sized Toad.  He looked pretty beat up.


Toadette: Toad, are you okay?


Toad: Yeah, just wish I had more time to figure out how to break the lock.


            Toadette shrinks to roughly 25ft. tall and carries Toad inside.  They sure look worried.


Toadette: We better hurry!


Toad: Yeah, who knows what he’s doing to them in there.


Deep Inside Bowser’s Castle


            Bowser is really forgetting that he is an evil villain and is trying to keep his “guests’” sprits up.  Although being chained up or trapped in a bubble would make you unhappy, he was doing quite a good job.


Bowser: Remember when I played baseball at your stadium, Mario, and sent the ball flying?  I thought no one would catch it.


Luigi: No one but me.


Mario: I was so glad you made that catch.


Peach: I know; we would have lost the game, otherwise.


Daisy: Wow.  I’ve never seen this side of you before.  It explains why you kidnap Princess Peach a lot.


Bowser: And why’s that?


Peach: Yes, Daisy, please explain.


Daisy: All he really wants is someone to talk to.  Peach, except in front of Mario, does he ever treat you badly?


Peach: No, not really. We really have go- what was that?


Daisy: I heard it, too.


Mario & Luigi: Me too.


Bowser: Sounds like footfalls.  Heavy ones.  Too big to be the mushrooms.  Anyway, time to clean house!


Mario: *silently* Shoot, I would hope he had forgot.  Oh well, I can’t wait to see what happens.


Toadette: *silently* Ready?


            Toad nods.  She pulls open the door and prepares for the worst…


            …as Bowser launches a powerful fireball at the door, hoping that he could dine on roasted ‘shrooms, but, what he saw in front of him he couldn’t comprehend.  Heck, everyone couldn’t believe what was happening in front of them.

            Before Bowser was a great wall of black, but only as tall as him.  He didn’t dare look up, but curiosity got the better of him and he looked up, only to see the giant Toadette smiling down at him.


Toadette: All that did was scorch my shoes.


Mario: Toadette?!


Luigi: How’d she get that big?!


Daisy: What’s that on her head?


Peach: Where’s Toad?


Bowser: Oh crud.


            Bowser prepared to be stomped to a pancake, but Toadette, who was now 100ft. tall, had other plans.  She lifted him up to eye level.


Toadette: Boy, you sure don’t look so scary anymore.  However, before I defeat you, someone would like to speak to you first.


            She reaches into her vest pocket and pulls out Toad.  Placing him on the ground, she shrinks, taking Bowser with her.  When Bowser is eye level with Toad, she stops shrinking him.  While she’s freeing the prisoners, Toad gets to have some words with the Koopa King, delivering several punches while going on about how he’s always kidnapped and treated horribly.  He doesn’t fight back, knowing that if he were to harm Toad, Toadette would kill him right there.  Soon as she’s done freeing the prisoners, she re-extends her hand to Toad.  Jumping onto it, he quickly clambers into a vest pocket with Mario and Peach.  Then she grows to a massive 700ft. tall, completely destroying the castle without moving an inch.  Seeing Peach’s Castle in the distance, she begins the short journey to the castle grounds.


Peach’s Castle Grounds


            As soon as she arrives, she shrinks down to normal size, remembering to pull the passengers out of her pockets.


Mario: Wow.


Luigi: Remind me not to tick you off.


Peach & Daisy: Same here.


Peach: Well, after all that has happened, I say we talk more about this during supper.  Oh, and thanks for saving us, Toad & Toadette, I really didn’t know if we would ever escape from that place.


Toad & Toadette: No problem; just glad we could help.


Mario: Okay, I’m officially hungry.


Peach: Then let’s eat!


            Seeing that as a good idea, everyone went into the castle to enjoy one of the best meals ever.  What lies in store for the group ahead now that two more people can get them out of a jam?  And what of Bowser?  Simple, he managed to escape before his castle was obliterated.  He won’t bother them again.


            Will he?