Wario and the Beanstalk


Once upon a time, within a barely known area of Mario’s World, there exists a lively city, full of residents that have no knowledge of Mario or anything outside of the city, with the exception of a few.  Nevertheless, it’s a very active city and rarely has any quiet days.  Today, they’re all very happy.  The reason?  It’s payday!  Every end of the month, employees get their paychecks and have fun spending their cash, doing whatever they please with it.  Unfortunately, not everyone was happy.  Within the city lives a greedy man by the name of Wario, Mario’s rival and the owner of a large game-making company, known as WarioWare, Inc.  He works his employees’ butts off and refuses to pay them a single penny at the end of each month, and this one was no exception.  During closing hours, everyone is leaving work with sad looks on their faces.  One of them in particular is a beautiful young girl.  Her name is Mona, and she’s not too happy with what she’s just gone through, as she drives away on her scooter.


Mona: *groans* Man!  Once again, Wario refuses to pay us any money!  I swear, if it wasn’t the fact that he was so popular around Diamond City, not to mention dreamy…


Her face turns red as she thinks about him.  Then she snaps out of her trance, shakes her head, and gets back into her unhappy attitude.


Mona: …I’d be so out of there!


She drives around the city, seeing everyone else having a good time shopping and buying stuff.  She becomes depressed.


Mona: *sighs* I wish I could have fun.  Or better yet, be rich, like Wario.  I wonder how that would feel like?


She continues driving through the city and into the mountains.  Soon, she sees a stranger dressed in blue with glasses waving at her.  Curious, Mona pulls over and sees that he has a treasure box with him.  Little does she know is that this stranger is really the Magikoopa, Kamek, a minion of Bowser.


Mona: Nice box you have there.


Kamek: You want it?  Inside this box is a mysterious item that can grant you wishes and your ultimate desires.


Mona: *gasps* Really?!  But why would you want to give something this valuable away?  I mean there has to be a catch.

Kamek: There is.  This box won’t open just for anyone.  It only works on those who have a kind heart.


Mona: Oh…

Still wanting to give it a shot, Mona goes into her pocket and hands Kamek some money.  Fortunately for her, she’s been saving.


Mona: Will this do?

Kamek takes the money and hands her the treasure box.


Kamek: That’s perfect!  Thanks kid!  Good luck with that box!  You’ll need it!


Kamek grabs his broomstick and flies away, cackling.


Mona: Wow!  He must be a warlock.  Well, let’s see what’s inside this box.


Mona takes a deep breath and stares at the box for a few seconds.  She grabs the lock and is able to open it.


Mona: It opened!  Right on!


Soon, light spirals out of the box and the whole area gets extremely bright.




As the light disappears, so do Mona and the box.  Kamek flies over to the area in surprise.  His real plan was to get someone to open the box for him so that Bowser could use it against Mario.


Kamek: They’re gone!  Hmm…  I’d better report to Bowser and make up a good excuse for this.




In another part of Mario’s World, the legendary plumber, Mario, is relaxing with Princess Peach, leader of the Mushroom Kingdom, in her room.  They are enjoying the beautiful scenery from her window.


Peach: Isn’t it beautiful, Mario?


Mario: It’s-a nice and peaceful.  I love the downtime, too.


Peach: It’s good to be able to have some downtime every once in a while.  Looking at this beautiful forest always soothes me.


Suddenly, the skies get dark, and ground starts rumbling violently.


Mario: Hey!  What’s-a going on here?!


Peach: I can’t see a thing!


Soon, the entire area turns black, and Mario screams.


Peach: Mario?!


As the rumbling starts fading, the dark skies lift, and the once beautiful scenery is now a gigantic wreck.  Meanwhile, Peach’s attendant, Toadsworth, is running through the castle.


Toadsworth: Princess!  Master Mario!  Oh, blimey, I’m too old for this!


Suddenly, he hears Peach scream and rushes into her room.


Toadsworth: Your highness!  Are you okay?

Peach: I’m fine, but Mario’s gone!


Toadsworth looks out the window and sees the wall of Peach’s room destroyed.


Toadsworth: Who--What could’ve done this?!


Both of them look outside and are even more startled to find giant footprints around the area with several buildings smashed.


Toadsworth: Oh, my!  This is very strange, indeed!


Peach: Mario!!


Toadsworth: We’ll worry about him later.  Right now, we need to get this town rebuilt and know that the residents are okay.


Peach: But--


Toadsworth: I’m sure that Master Mario can take care of himself, no matter where he is.  I’ll let his brother and a few others know about this.  Hopefully, they’ll be able to shed some light on this situation.


Peach: All right…




In another area of the world, Mario’s brother, Luigi, is riding on their good friend, Yoshi, through the woods, enjoying his downtime.


Luigi: As Mario is-a relaxing with-a Peach, I thought that I would-a enjoy my own downtime with-a you, Yoshi.  It’s-a been a while since we’ve done this, hasn’t it?


Yoshi: Yoshi!


Suddenly, the skies get dark, and the ground starts shaking violently. The entire place turns black.


Luigi: Whoa!  What’s-a going on here?!  *grunts* Hey!  I can’t-a move!!


Yoshi: WHAAA!!!

As the darkness clears, both of them are missing, and giant footprints can be found around the area, completely totaled.




Back in Diamond City, Wario gets a call from Peach’s Castle at his house.


Wario: Fine, fine.  If I see them, I’ll-a let-a you know.  Good-a bye.


Wario hangs up the phone.


Wario: Ha!  If I feel like it!  What happens there is-a no concern of-a mine, especially if it involves Mario.


Wario goes back to his couch and continues to watch TV.



In another area if the city, a young man is working in a garden, helping an elderly man with his tasks.  His name is Young Cricket, and he has been traveling around Diamond City for several years with his teacher, Master Mantis, becoming employees of WarioWare, Inc.


Young Cricket: All finished!


Elderly Man: Thank you so much for your help, young man.  I’m sorry to have troubled you to do this for me.


Young Cricket: No trouble at all.  I enjoy helping people.


Elderly Man: As a reward, take this.


The elderly man hands Young Cricket a green clove of garlic.


Young Cricket: What’s this?


Elderly Man: This strange garlic has some magic in it.  Although I’ve never figured out what it does or how it works.  I’m sure someone as reliable as you can figure this out.  Thanks again.


Young Cricket looks at the green garlic with a raised eyebrow.


Young Cricket: You’re welcome…




A little later, he shows the garlic to his sensei, Master Mantis.


Master Mantis: Hmm…  Very interesting…


Young Cricket: Well, what’s the story, master?


Master Mantis: As the elderly man said, there is mysterious power within this strange vegetable.  However, I know nothing about it.  You should go and seek an expert about this, my young apprentice.


Young Cricket: I know of one, and he’s the greatest in town, master.


Master Mantis: Beware, young pupil.  Consult this expert, and you may soon face a challenge bigger than you can possibly imagine.  It will be very dangerous, and your abilities will be tested like never before.


Young Cricket: I understand, master.  Whatever the circumstances may be, I will face this challenge head on, and I won’t back away until I’ve finished this task and unraveled the mystery behind this green garlic!


Master Mantis points away from Young Cricket.


Master Mantis: Then go!  Find the expert and face your challenge!


Young Cricket: Yes, master!  I’m on my way!


Master Mantis: Good luck.


Young Cricket: Thanks, master.


Both of them smile, as Young Cricket leaves.


Master Mantis: He’ll need it.




Young Cricket knocks on the door of Wario’s house.


Wario: Hold on!  I’m-a coming!


Wario opens the door and is pretty surprised to see Young Cricket.


Wario: Young Cricket?


Young Cricket: Hello, Mr. Wario.


Wario: What do you want-a?


Young Cricket: I found some really strange garlic that I wanted you to take a look at.


Young Cricket hands him the garlic.  Wario takes a look at it and starts thinking.


Young Cricket: Well?  What do you make of it?


Wario throws the garlic in his mouth and swallows it in one gulp, surprising Young Cricket.


Wario: It’s not bad.


Young Cricket: Well, this was a waste of time…


Suddenly, Wario gets an uneasy feeling in his stomach.  His face turns green as he hunches over.


Young Cricket: Mr. Wario, what’s wrong?!


Wario is unable to answer.


Young Cricket: Let me help you!


Young Cricket gets into a fighting pose and kicks Wario in the butt.  Doing so causes Wario to spit out the garlic.  The garlic flies out the window and lands nearby it.  Wario coughs and exhales a sigh of relief.


Wario: Thanks.


Suddenly, the place starts rumbling.


Young Cricket: What’s that?


Both of them head outside and see a giant nose and mustache that looks like Wario’s on the ground near the window.  Suddenly, the nose has nostril hair growing out of it.  The hair spirals and heads straight for the sky.  Both Wario and Young Cricket are very surprised as it continues to go as far as the eye can see.


Young Cricket: Wow!  What on earth--?!


Wario: A giant beanstalk, made up of-a nose hairs?!


Young Cricket: And it was your nose, too.


Wario: You know, I’m actually quite flattered…


Young Cricket: Well, I’m guessing that the nose and this beanstalk is the result of that garlic.


Wario: Well, I’m-a climbing it.


Young Cricket: What?  Why?


Wario: I’m-a curious.  This could-a lead to a new adventure, and-a wherever there’s adventure, there’s-a treasure!


Wario laughs as he starts his climb.


Young Cricket: As nasty as this looks, I might as well join him.  This could be the challenge that Master Mantis was talking about, and I can’t let him down!


Filled with excitement and determination, Young Cricket jumps onto the beanstalk and starts his climb.  Surprisingly, the hairs that made up the beanstalk were very stiff, making the climb easy.




Mario slowly wakes up and finds himself in a strange room.  To him, it looks like a normal bedroom, but it’s gigantic. 


Mario: What’s this?


Mario turns around and sees Luigi & Yoshi next to him.  Yoshi wakes up and notices Mario.


Yoshi: Yoshi!!!


Yoshi pounces on Mario and licks him, wagging his tail back and forth.


Mario: Okay!  Okay!  It’s-a nice to see you too, my friend.  But where are we?


Yoshi shakes his head and holds up his hands, making an “I don’t know” gesture.


Luigi: Oh, Mama Mia!


Mario: Luigi!


Luigi: Mario?  What’s a going on here?


Mario: I don’t-a know.  One minute I was with-a Peach.  The next minute, I’m in-a here.


All three of them take a good look at the gigantic room from where they’re standing.


Yoshi: Wow!!


Luigi: Mama Mia.  You can-a say that again.


Yoshi: Wow!!


Suddenly, they hear giggling echoing around the room.


Luigi: *gulps* Now I’m-a getting scared.


Mario looks down and notices the strange coat of red.


Mario: Hey, Luigi.  Look at this.


Yoshi: Hmm?


All three of them notice the red ground all over.


Luigi: Weird.  It-a feels like-a cloth.


Yoshi: Mm.


Yoshi points over to the two large hills next to them.  As Mario & Luigi look at them, they notice a lot of peach on both areas of where the red floor ends.


Mario: Mama Mia.  What is-a this-a place?!


Luigi jumps over the hills and lands on a big peachy area with a hole nearby, then looks over to see some orange with more red on it.   On the bottom of it, he notices a white floor below him with two peachy hills that looked like walls in between it and two red objects in the end of them.  The more Luigi saw, the more nervous he was getting.


Luigi: *gulps* Hey, M-M-Mario.  I’m not-a l-l-liking this…


Yoshi starts sniffing up another area.  He notices that the smell is really nice, like oranges.


Yoshi: Mmmmm.


He goes pass the red area and notices another peachy area with a narrow passage and a small hill with plenty of orange on the sides.  Before he could go up the hill, the hill shifts itself, and Yoshi ends up seeing something that makes him drop his jaw.  Meanwhile, Mario manages to piece this puzzle together and realizes what he was standing on.


Mario: Hey, Luigi!  I think--What’s wrong?


Before Mario could finish his sentence, he noticed that Luigi was shaking in his boots and pointing to where Yoshi was standing.  Mario looks over and drops his jaw in shock.


Mario: Mama Mia.


The giggling echoes again.  Soon, Yoshi and the Mario Bros. end up dealing with the ground rumbling and two gigantic skinny pink objects coming at them.


Yoshi: WHAAA!


All three of them started running down to the split.  They jump down to the white area and barely avoid the pink objects.   They continue running, but notice the peach hills closing in on them.  To make matters worse, they soon run into a dead end with a gigantic red wall in front of them.  They turn around and look up to see a gigantic shadow looming over them.  As the giggling echoes throughout the room, Luigi and Yoshi realize what they were standing on.


Luigi: What do we do now?


Mario: We have-a no choice.  We fight.


Yoshi: Yoshi.


All three of them get into a fighting stance.


????: I wish they were asleep.


Mario, Luigi, & Yoshi: Hmm?


A bright golden light engulfs the room for about five seconds.  When it disappears, Mario, Luigi, & Yoshi are knocked out.  The giggling echoes within the room, as the giant shadow looms over the three helpless heroes.



Wario and Young Cricket have reached the top of the clouds.  They look around and acknowledge the scenery.


Young Cricket: This is incredible.  I’ve been to many strange places before, but NEVER have I seen a castle in the sky.


Wario: Castle?  What castle?


Young Cricket: That castle over there.


Young Cricket points to the humongous castle, which is the only building in the area.


Wario: Hmm…


Young Cricket: Mr. Wario, should we check it out?


Wario: *laughs* If it-a means treasure, then I say, let’s-a go!


Wario and Young Cricket race for the castle.  What they were both unaware of was how big it really is, until they saw it up close.


Young Cricket: Wow!


Wario: A giant’s castle…


Young Cricket: Should we turn around and go back?


An evil grin is on Wario’s face.


Wario: Heck no!  Whenever treasure’s involved, I NEVER turn back!


Young Cricket: Okay, so how do we get in?


Wario looks around and points to a window and a humongous red object.


Wario: We can use-a that thing to get us up-a to the window.


Young Cricket takes a good look at the object.


Young Cricket: Mr. Wario, doesn’t that object look familiar to you?


Wario: Should it?


Young Cricket: It looks like a scooter, and a very familiar one at that.


Wario looks at it for a few seconds.


Wario: Bah!  Who cares?


Both of them make their climb to the top without any problems.


Wario: Hahaha!  I’m in-a luck!  The window’s open!


Wario and Young Cricket head through the window.  They jump down and land on the ground far below them.  As they walk through the room, Young Cricket is amazed at how big everything is.  He notices that the objects around the place look familiar and gets an uneasy feeling.  A giant rock guitar, a giant baton stick, and a few giant hats hanging on a wall look like they belong to someone he knows.


Young Cricket: Uh, Mr. Wario?


Wario: What?


Young Cricket: Something about this place definitely doesn’t feel right.  All these objects look like they belong to someone that we know, and I have a feeling that whoever it is will return.


Wario ignores him as he goes into another room.


Young Cricket: Hey!  Wait for me!


Young Cricket runs after Wario.  This new room continues to have the same familiar stuff.  Soon, Wario starts getting that uneasy feeling.


Young Cricket: Mr. Wario, I sense that someone is in this room.


Wario: Where?


Young Cricket: On the table by the open window.


Wario and Young Cricket climb up a nearby chair and jump onto the table.  Both of them become surprised at who they see locked up in small cages.  To Wario, this is a HUGE surprise.


Wario: Mario?!


Young Cricket: You mean as in THE Mario?!  Wow!  What would he be doing in a place like this?


Wario: Well, whatever it is, if he thinks-a that he’s-a going to stop-a me this-a time, he’s-a crazy!


Wario jumps down off the table and leaves.  Young Cricket examines the cages and notices something strange about them.


Young Cricket: Hmm.  No openings or locks.  These are no ordinary cages.  I sense a magical aura about.


Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi start waking up.


Mario: Oh…


Luigi: Now, where are we?


Yoshi: Yoshi.


Young Cricket: Excuse me.  Are you guys okay?


Yoshi: Hmm?


Mario: Who are you?


Young Cricket: My name is Young Cricket, a resident of Diamond City.


Mario: Diamond City?  Never heard of it.


Luigi: Anyway, could-a you let us out?


Young Cricket: Sorry, but I don’t know how to open these cages.


Mario: Well, are you by yourself-a?


Young Cricket: No, I’m with Mr. Wario.


Mario: Mama Mia.  As if-a things couldn’t get-a worse.


Luigi: Let me guess.  He came here looking for-a treasure.


Young Cricket: Please forgive him.  He really doesn’t mean to--


Mario: (Overlapping “mean to--”) You don’t have to explain.  I know how he is.  For him, treasure is-a the number one priority.


Young Cricket: Thanks, Mr. Mario.  I must say that it’s an honor to meet you in person.  You too, Mr. Luigi.


Yoshi: Wehhoooww!!


Mario: I’m-a sure he’s-a thrilled to meet you too, Yoshi.




Meanwhile, Wario continues to look through the room for any treasure.


Wario: There has to be treasure around-a here.  I’ll bet that-a those three came to find it for themselves, but-a couldn’t avoid the traps.  So, I’ll just have to be careful while I search.




After the formalities and explanations, all four of them are now stumped.


Young Cricket: So, no one knows who or what is behind this.


All three of them shake their heads no. 


Mario: We didn’t get a good-a look at who it was, but it-a was definitely a gigantic creature.


Suddenly, the room begins to shake.


Mario: Something’s coming!  You’d-a better hide!


????: Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum!  I smell the stench of a greedy rat!  Now the question is what should I do with that?  Should I play with him or make him go SPLAT?! *giggles*


Wario: Huh?  I know that-a voice!  But it-a couldn’t be!


Young Cricket goes to hide behind a chair leg, and Wario manages to hide behind a table leg.  As the shaking becomes more violent, a giant figure walks into the room.  When Young Cricket & Wario look up at the giant figure, they are shocked to realize that the giant creature is not a monster, but a familiar figure at an abnormal height.


Young Cricket & Wario: MONA?!



Wario: She’s-a become huge!!


Young Cricket: Of course!  The giant outfits, accessories, and clothes around here definitely pointed to her.  But how the heck did this happen?




The young giantess stops in front of the three prisoners and bends down to look at them with a big smile on her face.  All three of them are shocked at the sight of the teenage titan.


Yoshi: WHAA!!


Mario: It’s a girl?!


Luigi: SHE did this to us?!


Mona: I wish their cages were gone.


In a bright flash, the cages disappear, and the three little prisoners are free.


Mona: Well, this is nice.  Now, I’m rich and even have my own castle in the sky!  Awesome!


Mona takes a good look at them and becomes surprised at who she took with her.


Mona: Okay.  Now, I need to know for sure.  Are you the legendary Mario?


Mario: Uh, yes.


Mona screams, causing all the little men to cover their ears.


Mona: WOW!  I never imagined I’d meet someone like you!  The ultimate legend!  Wario’s rival!  This is amazing!


Mona turns to the twin in green next to him.


Mona: Are you his brother, Luigi?


Luigi: I am.


Mona screams again.


Mario: Does she have-a to scream?!


Luigi: Mama Mia!


Mona: AWESOME!!  The man in green who always has Mario’s back whenever he needs it!  You’re just as popular as he is!  This is even more amazing!


Mona turns to the green dinosaur next to him.


Mario Bros.: Oh boy…


All the men get ready for her third scream, but instead, Mona just giggles.


Mona: Well, I don’t know who you are, but you’re definitely the cutest of the three!


Mona moves up close with her eyes closed and lips puckered up.  The Mario Bros. run out of the way as her body gets further down the table.  Yoshi gets startled as Mona gives him a huge kiss on his face.  A gigantic kiss mark is left on his head and nose.  Mona winks and giggles at him.  Shocked and surprised, Yoshi’s face turns red with hearts in his eyes.




Yoshi faints, and Mona becomes curious.


Mona: Is he okay?


Yoshi: Yoshi!


Mario: He’s-a fine, but-a that was unexpected.


Mona: Well, can you blame me?  I mean, you three even look cute enough to play with. *giggles*  I just hope that you three weren’t too scared when you were on top of my body earlier.


Mario: It-a was a big surprise.


Luigi: That’s-a for sure.


Yoshi nods his head.  Mario clears his throat and walks as close as he can towards the giant woman.


Mario: Excuse me, but could-a you tell us what’s-a going on here?


Luigi: Yeah.  Who are-a you?  How did we get here?


Yoshi: Yoshi?


Mona: Hmm…  Well, since you all asked so kindly, I’ll tell you.  All four of us are going to live together forever. *giggles*


Mario Bros.: WHAT?!


Yoshi: WHAA?!


Mona: Well, maybe I should start at the beginning.


Mona shows them the special item.  It’s a giant golden Mushroom with wings and a P on its head. 


Yoshi: Wow!


Luigi: Mama Mia!


Mario: Mama Mia!  Is-a that--?!


Mona: It’s known as the legendary P-Wing Mega Mushroom.


Mario: I thought so.  It’s a combined item from a P-Wing and a Mega Mushroom.


Mona: I don’t really know what you’re talking about, but I do know that it has the power to grant me wishes.




Wario overhears this, and becomes very eager to get his hands on the item.


Wario: (Thinking) Grant wishes?!




Mona starts to explain her story.


(Flashback to Mona opening the treasure chest.)


Mona is in a white area with the P-Wing Mega Mushroom, which is twice as big as she is.  She slowly reaches for the item and touches it.


Mona: (Narrating) As I was holding onto that item, I felt a strange power flowing through me.  Soon, the item that I was holding onto was as small as a fairy.  Then, the item was floating in front of me, and I heard a voice.  As strange as it sounds, the item itself spoke to me.


Mushroom: Someone with a kind heart has awakened me, and here I am.


Mona: Huh?  Who’s there?


Mushroom: Greetings, Master.  I am the legendary P-Wing Mega Mushroom.


Mona: (Narrating) To make a long story short, this item made me gigantic, allowed me to transport myself into your side of the world, and take all three of you.


(End flashback.)


Mario: Okay… But-a why did you take us?


Mona: Because I wanted to meet Wario’s rival and his brother.  At first, I felt like playing around with you, so I had you walk around my body. *giggles*  Yet, when  you guys decided to put up a bold front, I had to put you all to sleep.  I figure that I’d find out the truth a little later.


Luigi: Okay...  But-a what caused the dark skies?


Mona: That also came from the magic that the item had.  The item also helped make your prisons.  Once that was settled, the item gave me everything I wanted, including a castle in the sky.  The downside is that I’m now stuck with this tail and these weird ears.


Mona is referring to the looks of a raccoon in Super Mario Bros. 3.  In other words, she’s also become Raccoon Mona.


Mario: Of-a course.  The P-Wing gives the one that-a uses it-a the abilities of a flying raccoon.  I also notice the giant-a blue P on your stomach.


Mona looks down and is surprised.


Mona: Wow!  I didn’t even notice that.  Well, as goofy as I look, I’m sure I’ll manage.


Luigi: Well, now that-a you’ve got what you wanted, how’s about-a letting us go?


Yoshi: Yoshi.


Mona: Sorry, but I can’t do that.  Like I said before, all four of us are going to live together forever, and as long as I’m up here with the P-Wing Mega Mushroom, it’s magic will protect me and keep you three in check.  In other words, you can’t win.


Mario: Why are-a you doing this?


Mona turns around and clenches her fist.


Mona: Because I’m tired of my normal life and never getting paid by Wario!  He never pays anyone anything!  I work my butt off harder than all the other employees, yet he treats me the same way he treats everyone else!  I’m sick of it!  So if I have to keep you guys here in order to make myself happy, then so be it!


Luigi: You can’t keep us here-a forever!


Yoshi: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!


Mona turns to them with a mischievous smile.


Mona: That’s what you think, little man.  No one else knows that we’re up here, and I’m wishing you three back in your cages.


Mona snaps her fingers, and the cages that had imprisoned Yoshi & the Mario Bros. reappear and imprison them again.


Mona: Now, if you’ll excuse me.  I’m going to continue decorating my new castle.




Wario: (Thinking) So, you think that-a you can upstage-a me?  Well, we’ll see about-a that when I snatch-a your precious item.


Mona leaves and heads into her bedroom with Wario sneaking close behind.  She has numerous teenage accessories around her bedroom, including a table with a mirror and several pictures of Wario.  Mona goes in front of her mirror and frowns at the extra features attached to her body.


Mona: I just wish that I could get rid of these second ears and this tail.  It just doesn’t look right on me.


Mushroom: Sorry, my lady.  But that’s beyond my power.


Suddenly, Mona’s thinks about what Mario said, and her expression changes.


Mona: Wait a minute.  Mario said that I also had the powers of a flying raccoon.  Maybe I can have fun with this.


Mona places the P-Wing Mega Mushroom inside a jail cell.


Mona: I hope that you’ll be comfortable in here.  I apologize if it seems that I’m treating you like a prisoner, too.


Mushroom: Please, don’t feel ashamed, master.  I completely understand.  Remember, I exist to serve and obey you, not to complain about how I’m treated.


Mona: *giggles* Thank you for understanding.  If anything bad happens to you, please let me know, immediately.


Mushroom: Your wish is my command.


With a smile on her face, Mona flies out her bedroom window.



Meanwhile, the three prisoners are thinking about what they should do.


Mario: So, what do we do?


Luigi: Don’t-a know.


Yoshi groans.


Luigi: She’s-a right, though.  Even if we did escape, we wouldn’t even know where to go.


All three of them go into thinking.


Luigi: Guess we’ll-a have to rely on-a Wario and-a that other guy.


Mario: I had a feeling that-a you’d say something like that-a.


Yoshi: Aw!




In Mona’s room, Wario is looking at the mushroom, and although he appears calm, he’s actually very excited about this.


Wario: Hahaha!  Perfect!  She doesn’t even know that I’m in her room, and the bars look-a wide enough for me to fit through.  Now’s-a my chance!


Young Cricket: Mr. Wario!


Young Cricket runs up to Wario, but Wario makes sure that Young Cricket falls in line.


Wario: Young Cricket.  Don’t you try to stop-a me.


Young Cricket: I’m not.


Wario: Really?  Well, then.  You’re not-a trying to usurp me, are you?


Young Cricket: No, I’m not.  I’ll admit, I don’t like the way you’re going about this, but I really don’t have much of a choice.


Wario: Excellent!




Meanwhile, Mona is flying around the castle, enjoying herself.  She makes dives, loops, and even flies backwards, testing every aspect of the P-Wing’s abilities.


Mona: *laughs* This is incredible!  With this power, I could go around having fun in other towns, doing what ever I please, and fly away before any military shows up. *laughs*  Problem is, I don’t know exactly where I am or where I should go.


Mona starts thinking.  After a few seconds, she snaps her fingers and gets an idea.


Mona: I know.  I’ll ask the mushroom to make me a high-speed computer.  This way, I can organize everything and know where and when I can have fun.


Mona starts flying over to her room but stops when she looks inside the window.


Mona: Huh?  What’s this?




With drool coming from his mouth, snot running from his nose, and his tongue sticking out, Wario stares in awe at the P-Wing Mega Mushroom.


Wario: At last!


Wario grabs hold of the P-Wing Mega Mushroom and makes his wish.


Wario: I wish-a for ALL the treasures in the world!


Suddenly, the whole place starts rumbling for a few seconds.  Then, both men hear giggling echoing in the room.


Young Cricket: Nothing happened.  And is it supposed to be laughing?


Wario: Come on-a, you piece of junk!  I made-a my wish!  Grant it!


????: Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum!  So, the stench of a greedy rat comes from in here!  Unfortunately, that item won’t work for you, my dear!  Now, turn around and face your newest fear!


Both men gulp, slowly turn around, and see the towering, teenage titan standing behind them with her hands on her hips and a mischievous smile on her face.  Both Wario and Young Cricket turn red in their faces at the sight of the gigantic girl.


Mona: Boo.


Mona unlocks the door and heads toward the tiny men.


Young Cricket: Uh, Mr. Wario.  What do you do in a situation like this?


Wario: Normally, I would-a beat my adversary to a pulp.


Young Cricket: But what about Mona?  Isn’t she invincible with that mushroom?


Wario doesn’t answer.  He just keeps his eyes on Mona, who kneels down to their level.


Mona: Well, I’m quite surprised that you made it up here, Wario.  Then again, you’re the only one I know who would try to steal something of utmost value.  But unfortunately for you, all you did was unexpectedly walk right into my hands.  The P-Wing Mega Mushroom will only work with someone who has a kind heart, something that you’ll never possess.


Mona turns her attention toward the little boy in front of Wario.  She surprised at who it is.


Mona: Young Cricket?  What are you doing here?


Young Cricket: I was just as curious as Mr. Wario about this place.


Wario: Please, just-a Wario.  The “Mr.” is-a getting annoying.


Young Cricket: Sorry, Wario.


Mona: Well, why don’t I bring us to a place more comfortable?


Mona goes over to reach for Young Cricket, but he jumps back and gets into a fighting pose.


Mona: Calm down.  I’m not going to hurt you.


Wanting to give her the benefit of the doubt, Young Cricket relaxes and allows Mona to grab him.


Young Cricket: What about Wario?


Wario: I’ll-a join you…  (Thinking) Not like I have-a much of a choice… *groans*


Mona grabs Wario and brings them up as she stands to her full height.


Mona: So, how do you two like me now?


She winks, causing them to blush.


Mona: Well?


Wario: Um, well…


Young Cricket: Very n-n-nice…


Wario: Okay, I guess…


Mona just giggles and heads off into the room where Mario, Luigi, & Yoshi are imprisoned.  The three prisoners are sad to see that the largest lady in the sky has captured their only hope for freedom.


Mona: Hey, little guys!  I’ve got some playmates for you to have fun with.


Mona places Young Cricket & Wario in front of the cages.


Mona: I wish there cages were gone.


The cages disappear, and Mario & Wario stare at each other in an unfriendly manner.


Yoshi: Wow.


Luigi: Nice meeting you again, miss.


Mona: The name is Mona.  I’m assuming that you already met Young Cricket and Wario?


Mario: We did.


Mona: Hey!


Mona pokes the backs of Mario & Wario with her index fingers, bringing their attention towards her.


Mona: Behave yourselves, unless you want to be put in cages.


Mario & Wario: *gulps* Uh, no thank-a you!


Mona giggles and pats them both on their heads.


Mona: I didn’t think so.


She stops patting them and takes a good look at all the little guys.


Mona: Well, now that we all know each other, let’s have some fun.


Mona opens her hands.


Mona: If you men wouldn’t mind.


Knowing that she wouldn’t take “no” for an answer, they walk onto her hands, which are so big, that they could fit up to three people in each one.


Mona: Now, because you’re all so cute, I’m going to give you all some sugar.


Surprising everyone, she presses them against her colossal chest.  As they listen to her heartbeat, all the men blush, as her chest was as soft and comfortable as a gigantic pillow.  After, what felt like, a long minute, Mona took them away from her chest and held them up to her face.


Mona: Did you guys enjoy yourselves?


All of them nod their heads with their faces as red as an angry Wiggler.


Mona: *giggles* Now, since I made you guys feel comfortable, I’d like you to return the favor.


Mona places them on the ground.  Shortly afterward, she takes off her boots and sits down.


Mona: I could use a good hand and foot massage.


Wario: And-a what do you want us to do about-a that?


Mario: I think I get the message.


Without saying anything else, the little men go to work massaging the small pieces of skin on her fingers, palms, toes, and feet.  For Mona, this was very relaxing.  After a few minutes, Mona decides to do something else.


Mona: Okay, boys.  That’s enough.  I want to try something else.  Mario, can you and your brother step forward?


Mario & Luigi step in front of Mona, curious as to what she’s going to do.


Mona: You two are known as very high jumpers, right?


Both men nod their heads.  Mona stands up to her full height, and as she looks down, Mario and the others are surprised at how big she is from their perspective.


Mona: I’d like both of you to try and jump as high as you can.  I want to see how far up you can go.


Mario Bros.: Huh?


Mona: I want it to compare the jumps to my 100 ft. body.


Young Cricket: Well, it would be nice to see how good you guys are.


Mario: Okay.


Luigi: You first, Mario.


Mario: Fine by me.


Mario goes directly in front of Mona.  Comparing his size to hers, he was barely up to her calves.  He goes for a jump, reaching her knees.  He goes into a double jump, reaching the upper part of her leg.  He lets out a Super Jump Punch and reaches up to her skirt, and then he lands on her left foot.


Young Cricket: Wow!  Amazing!


Luigi: *chuckles* You ain’t seen nothing yet.


Luigi gets himself ready for his jumps.


Mona: Hold on Luigi.


Mona picks up Mario in her left hand and brings him up to her face.


Mona: Well, you got as high as my skirt.  Very impressive.


Mario bows politely to Mona, and she giggles.


Mario: Thank-a you.


Mona: You’re welcome.


Mona places Mario on the ground.


Mona: Okay, Luigi.  Now you may start.


Luigi walks up to Mona’s feet.


Mona: Ready?


Luigi: Ready.


Luigi jumps up, making it beyond her knees.  He goes into a double jump, making it up to her skirt.  He lets loose a Super Jump Punch and reaches up to her stomach.  He lands on her right foot.


Young Cricket: Incredible!


Mona picks up Luigi in her left hand and brings him up to her face.


Mona: Wow!  You got as high as my belly button.


Luigi: Well, even though Mario is-a well known for his jumping skills, I tend to go higher.


Luigi bows politely to Mona, and she giggles.


Luigi: Thank you.


Mona: You’re welcome.


Mona places Luigi on the ground.  Yoshi goes up to Mona’s feet and jumps while waving his hands.  She kneels down to him.


Mona: Well, you seem excited.


Mario: Do you want to try too, Yoshi?


Yoshi shakes his head.  He points over to Wario, who’s not looking too happy.


Mario: I wonder what his-a problem is.


Mona: Well, let’s find out.


Wario is looking away from Mona with his arms crossed, wanting no part of her screwy ideas.  Mona walks over to him, stepping over the other men in the process.  She kneels down to his level.


Mona: What’s wrong, Wario?


Wario: It’s-a nothing.


Mona: Are you sure?  You look angry.


Wario: I’m not angry.


Mona: But you look very angry.


Wario: I said I’m not angry.


Mona: Upset, then.


Wario: I’m not upset, either.


Mona: Mad.  Irritated.  Irritable.  Unhappy.  Devastated.  Antagonized.  Furious.  Enraged.  Aggravated.  Stressed.


Wario: WILL YOU SHUT UP?!?!  I’m-a not any of those things!!


Mona: Then why are you yelling?




Mona: Shouting, then.


Wario: …………Mona, just shut up.


All of them except Wario can’t help but laugh under their breaths.  Wario, on the other hand, snaps.


Wario: I just-a can’t believe that-a what started as an adventure has turned into a nightmare.


Mona: What do you mean?


Wario: I didn’t get any treasure, I’m-a stuck with those losers, and-a to top it off, I’m-a like-a your prisoner!  And-a you expect me to like you even more, just-a because you’re a giantess?!  Ha!  Fat chance!


Young Cricket: Wario!


Wario: You heard-a me!


Mario: How can-a you be so cruel?


Wario: How can-a you be so calm?  She kidnapped-a you guys, and-a you’re acting like it’s-a no big-a deal.  You should-a be feeling the same way as I am about-a what this worthless trash has-a done to us.


Luigi: That was-a going too far!


Wario turns around and crosses his arms with a smile.


Wario: So sue me.


Mona becomes enraged at Wario, but doesn’t show it, despite having an upset look on her face.  She closes her eyes, and without warning, snatches him in her right hand.


Wario: Hey!  Let-a me--GAH!!


Mona squeezes him.  Then, she turns to the other guys.  They look at her and gulp, wondering what’s going to happen.


Mona: Excuse me, gentlemen.


Mona takes Wario to her room.  While doing so, she almost steps on the other men.  Fortunately, the men are quick enough to avoid getting squashed.  Mario & Luigi avoid her left foot, and Young Cricket & Yoshi dodge her right foot.  Before they could say anything about her carelessness, she slams the door of her room, causing them to lose their balance and fall.


Young Cricket: This can’t be good.



All the men rush over to the door and try to listen in on the conversation.  At the moment, all they can hear is Mona’s thunderous footsteps and Wario yelling at her.




Wario: For the last time, you useless pile of garbage, PUT ME DOWN!


Mona throws him on a table, and Wario falls on his face.  He gets up and continues yelling at Mona.


Wario: What’s-a the matter with-a you?!  You big-a, crazy nut!  I said-a to put-a me down, not-a to throw me!  It’s-a always like-a this!  You’re useless, and-a if-a you keep this up, you can-a rest assured that-a you’re due for resignation!  Do you understand-a me?!  Remember your place!  You work for me!  I am-a your boss, and-a you will-a do what I say!  Do I make-a myself cle--WHOA!


Throughout Wario’s ranting, Mona grabs a chair, sits down in front of Wario, and slams her right fist on the table, causing him to fall down.


Wario: What’s the matter with-a--




Her loud voice echoes through Wario’s ears.


Wario: *groans* What are-a you trying to do, make-a me go--




Mona slams her other fist on the table, causing Wario to fall down again.  Before he could protest, Mona gets her gigantic face in his face.  Wario backs up as she continues to push against him.


Mona: Now YOU listen to me, you greedy punk!  I don’t listen to you anymore!  From this point, you listen to me!  Is that clear?!


Finally letting reality sink in, Wario just nods his head and stays quiet.


Mona: I finally have your attention, don’t I, Wario?  After five years, I finally have your undivided attention.


Mona slowly backs away, smiling evilly.


Mona: How does it feel?  How does it feel to know that the beauty has tamed the beast?  How does it feel to know that I now own you?!  Well?!


Wario doesn’t answer.


Mona: Thought so.


Mona turns her head towards the open window and looks at the sky.


Mona: You know?  It wasn’t until you became a part of my life that things really kicked off for me.  Yet, with every job that I have, I’ve only been known as a town-based icon.  I’ve never really been able to go beyond that.  And at certain times, I’d be asked, “How’s it like to be sided with Wario, the greatest icon out there?  It must feel amazing!”


Mona laughs and shakes her head.


Mona: If they only knew the truth…  Even I believed that it was really great and continued to convince myself that.  Well, the lying and pretending stops now.  You’ve stiffed employees time and time again, and I’m sick and tired of it.  And why, Wario?  Why?


Wario: Uh, well--


Mona: I’ll tell you why!  Because it was always about you!  It was always about your ego, and how far you’d go!


Wario: Sheesh!  You make it sound like a bad thing.


Mona: It IS a bad thing!!


Both of them stay silent and stare at each other for a few seconds.  Then, Wario decides to question her about her attitude.


Wario: I still don’t-a see why you’re complaining.  I treated you better than-a the others.  Next to Waluigi, you were like-a my second in command.


Mona: Oh, please!  You never cared about me!  Nothing I did was ever good enough for you!  My accomplishments, my successes, my achievements!  No matter how well I did or how much money I made, none of it was ever good enough for you!  The only thing I ever wanted was for you to treat me like a successful employee!  To be proud of me!  To…like me!  And to pay me the money that I rightfully earned!


Mona leans her head down, as her face turns red.  Wario blushes a little bit.  But before he could try to comfort her, she starts getting teary-eyed and clenches her teeth.


Mona: But I finally figured out that none of that is ever gonna happen!  Because it’s never been about me!  It’s always been about you!  I’ve worked and slaved my way to the top, but in the end, it was always about you!  My work and careers have always been the fuel for your ego, and because of that, you’ve always gotten the spotlight!


Wario: Oh!  Come on, Mona!  You know that if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t even be mentioned outside of-a Diamond City!  You should-a be more grateful!


Mona leans over to Wario again, but Wario stands his ground.


Mona: I am, but I’m not a little girl anymore.


Wario: (Sarcastically) Could’ve fooled me.


Mona shakes her head in disappointment.


Mona: How ironic, isn’t it?  How ironic that I’d become just like you, Wario?  Personally, I hate it.  And the worst part of it is that I still like you.  I wish you were in a cage and on the table outside this room.  Get out of my sight.


Wario: WHAT?!


In a flashing light, Wario disappears.




Soon, a bright light appears behind the men.


Young Cricket: What was that?!


Mario & Luigi go up the table and see Wario in the cage.


Luigi: What happened?


Wario: What do you think happened, stupid?!  She snapped!


Young Cricket and Yoshi listen to the door, and they hear Mona crying.  Young Cricket gets upset.


Young Cricket: What did you do to her, Wario?!


Wario: Nothing!  I swear!


Young Cricket: Well, with what she has in her possession, it has to be something.  I’m going to have a talk with her.


Young Cricket knocks on Mona’s door, but she doesn’t answer.


Young Cricket: Mona!


Mona: Leave me alone!


Young Cricket: But I want to talk to you!


Yoshi: Yoshi!


Mona: I said leave me alone!


Instead of asking for Mona to open the door again, Young Cricket uses a different method.


Young Cricket: You know, Mona?  I’m surprised at you.  With the stuff and power that you have, you still feel inferior.


Mona: What’s that suppose to mean?!


Young Cricket: Oh, I don’t think you want to know.


Mona opens the door.  When she steps out, Young Cricket sees that she’s at her boiling point in tears.  However, the ninja decides to keep a cool head about this, as he knows that he can’t fail this challenge.


Mona: Where are you?!


Young Cricket: I’m down here.


Mona looks down and snatches him in her left hand.  She brings him to her face, with her nose touching his chest.


Mona: Now, I’ll ask again, insect.  What’s that suppose to mean?


Young Cricket: Let’s take this conversation back to your room, if you wouldn’t mind.


Mona just looks at him for a few seconds.  His shirt gets wet from her tears, but his concern is on Mona.  He looks into those angry, watery eyes of hers, trying his best not to get scared.


Mona: Fine.


Yoshi: Yoshi!


Mona looks down to find out that Yoshi wants to join them.


Mona: You can join us too, Yoshi.


Mona allows Yoshi to jump on her right hand and heads back to her room.  She closes the door behind her, and the Mario Bros. head over to listen to the conversation.


Wario: Hey!  Don’t-a leave me here!


Ignoring Wario, both of them bring an ear to the door.




Mona has Yoshi & Young Cricket on her table.  Mona sits on her chair with her arms crossed and waits for what Young Cricket has to say.


Mona: Now, start talking.


Young Cricket: *clears throat* First off, I’m sorry for the way I acted a little while ago.  I feel really bad insulting you like that.


Mona: Then why did you?


Young Cricket: I wanted to see what could have caused you to burst into tears.  With what you have now, it’s shocking.


Yoshi: Yoshi.


Yoshi nods his head, as Mona looks away from them, trying to avoid dumping her problems on these two.


Mona: It’s nothing.  Don’t worry about it.


Young Cricket: Come on.  You can tell me.


Mona: Grrr!


Mona slams both her fists on the table, causing them to jump and fall back.


Yoshi: WHAA!


Mona: I said it’s nothing!  Don’t make me have to--


She stops in mid-sentence when she notices that Yoshi is looking scared.  Before, he was able to put up a bold front because he thought that she was evil.  But now that she’s become a friend, he doesn’t want to hurt her and doesn’t know what to do.


Mona: Uh, Yoshi.  I-I didn’t mean to--


Mona tries to reach for Yoshi, but he backs away.  Young Cricket, however, walks up to Mona, confusing her and Yoshi.


Yoshi: Hmm?


Mona: What are you doing?


Young Cricket: May I get closer to your face, please?


Mona: Uh, okay.


Mona brings him to her face.  Young Cricket takes his hands and tries to wipe the gigantic tears off of Mona’s face.


Young Cricket: As Master Mantis would tell me, “Those who conceal their problems, conceal their hate.  Those who conceal their hate will seal their fate.”  Meaning that if you don’t resolve your problems, you’ll have an unhappy future, and I really don’t want that to happen to you.


Mona is surprised at how much Young Cricket cares about her.


Mona: (Thinking) I threatened him several times, and he still wants to help me.


Yoshi: Wow.


She places Young Cricket back on the table, takes a deep breath, and starts explaining herself.


Mona: I’m furious at Wario.  He constantly pushes me around like I’m a pawn on a chessboard.  At times, I was able to endure his harsh attitudes, but whenever he stiffed me of my hard-earned paychecks, I felt like ripping him limb by limb.  In fact, I still remember the first time he stiffed me.  He ran away with all the cash, and I was the only one who chased him down.


Young Cricket: Did you get him?


Mona: No, he got away.  Despite this incident, I still continued to work for him, because I enjoyed being with him.  Yet, he’s never thanked me for staying with him.  He was always the biggest superstar in Diamond City and a worldwide icon.  Now, I’m literally a lot bigger than he is, and he still acts like he can boss me around.


Young Cricket: So, it’s basically hidden anger that you’ve stored up, and you feel that there’s something inside you that’s preventing you from letting Wario get what he deserves for his actions.


Mona: Exactly.  I want to mangle him so badly, but at the same time, I can’t hurt him.  I’m so confused.


Young Cricket: I disagree.


Mona: Huh?


Young Cricket: You can hurt him, but you don’t want to, and that’s okay.  But with your size, there are alternatives.


Mona: Alternatives?


Yoshi: Hmm?


Young Cricket winks at her.


Young Cricket: You know what I mean.


Mona realizes what he’s saying and smacks herself on her head.


Mona: Of course!  I guess I was so angry that I wasn’t thinking straight. *laughs*


Young Cricket: It’s nice to see you smiling again.  It suits you a lot better than anger.


Mona: Oh, come on.  Don’t make me blush. *giggles*


Young Cricket: And one another thing.  I honestly don’t care how big or powerful you are.  I just hope that you never let the beasts outside destroy the beauty that makes up the wonderful giant I see in front of me.  I know that Wario can be a royal pain, but you should never let him or anyone get under your skin.  You’re too smart to stoop to his levels.  Never let anyone stop you from being you, no matter what the circumstances are.


Mona gets curious as to why Young Cricket cares so much.  She wipes the tears from her eyes and starts asking him.


Mona: Young Cricket?


Young Cricket: Yes?


Mona: Do you like me?


Young Cricket: Of course I do.  You’re a friend and an employee of WarioWare Inc.


Mona: That’s not what I meant.


Young Cricket: Huh?


Mona grabs him and holds him up to her face.


Mona: I mean do you like me?


Young Cricket: *gulps* Wait a minute, do you mean--


Mona: Yes, I do.


Nervous to death, Young Cricket takes a big gulp, and a deep breath.  Yoshi teases Young Cricket by moving his eyebrows up and down.


Yoshi: Mmmmmmm.


Young Cricket: Cut it out, Yoshi!


Yoshi & Mona laugh.  Young Cricket becomes happy knowing that Mona has cheered up.  However, he has difficulty answering Mona’s question and tries to change the topic.


Young Cricket: Well, you’ve proven to be a very good friend, and I know how popular you are in Diamond City, so I’m sure that you have plenty of boys in the palm of your hands.


Mona: Actually, they’re just fans.  I hardly know them as well as I know you.  Besides, you are very cute, especially from this perspective. *giggles*


Young Cricket: Thank you.


Moved by Young Cricket’s wisdom and kindness, Mona goes into tears again.  She hugs him against her chest.


Yoshi: Wow!


Mona: Thanks, and I’m really sorry for the way I acted.


Although soaked, Young Cricket doesn’t care.  He’s just happy that she’s happy.


Young Cricket: You’re welcome, and I accept your apology.


Mona brings him to her face again.


Mona: I just hope that you enjoy living here with me, because I want us to be very happy together. 


Young Cricket: *gulps* R-R-R-Really?!


Mona: Yeah, all six of us.


Although slightly disappointed, Young Cricket stays smiling.  Mona notices this, but doesn’t say anything about it.  She wipes her tears off and places him down next to Yoshi.


Mona: Now, if you two don’t mind.  I’ve got some unfinished business to attend to.  I wish that you two were outside the room and that Wario was back here.


In a bright flash, Young Cricket & Yoshi are replaced with Wario.


Wario: Huh?  Well, it’s about-a time that-a you let me out of that cage.  Now, why don’t-a you make yourself useful and-a get--


Mona laughs.  Wario looks at Mona, and notices that she’s got a mischievous smile on her face.


Wario: What’s so funny?


Mona: You still don’t realize your place.  I guess I’ll have to do what I should’ve done before.


Without another word, Mona picks up Wario by his overalls with her right hand and brings him up to her face.


Mona: *evil giggles* If I were you right now, I’d be afraid.  I’d be very afraid.



Mona throws him back on the table.  As he gets up, he sees a giant hand falling on top of him.  He runs out of the way, barely avoiding the giant hand.  However, he notices another hand moving in on him.  He jumps over the other hand.  Soon, he sees both hands slam down on both sides of Wario.  The hands get ready to clap him.  He runs to the other side of the table as the hands miss.  However, the clap was loud enough to cause him to fall off the table.  Mona catches him and smiles.


Wario: Mama Mia, Mona!  What’s-a with you?!


Mona: *laughs* I’m just having fun with you.


Mona brings him up to her face again.  This time, she does it slowly as she opens her mouth.


Wario: *screams* NO, MONA!  DON’T EAT ME!!




Outside the room, Mario and the others are listening to Wario scream.


Mario: Should-a we do something?


Young Cricket: I wouldn’t worry.  Mona knows exactly what she’s doing.  Besides, I’m enjoying this.




As Wario heads into her opening mouth, he soon feels himself being yanked out and tossed in the air.  He screams as he almost hits the moving ceiling fan.  He falls back down and lands on Mona’s foot.  He feels the wind and force of her foot moving him back up again as he flies over her helmet.  He falls behind her and sees another red boot kicking him back up again.  For Mona, this was like a game of hacky sack, kicking him around several times before catching in her hands.  Wario was barely enjoying himself and wanted it to stop.


Wario: Okay, I get the message, Mona.  Please!  Enough!


Mona: *evil giggles* Sorry, but I’m far from finished.


Mona drops Wario on the ground nearby.  As he gets up, he notices that she’s raised a boot in the air.  He screams and manages to evade the stomping boot.


Mona: Welcome to my stomping grounds, Wario!


Several times, Mona attempts to squash Wario as he runs around the room.  Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot.  Every step causes him to jump, as she got closer and closer to him.  A few minutes later, Mona stops and gets on all fours.  Wario turns around to see what she’s up to.


Wario: What are you doing now?


Mona: Time for a game of cat & mouse.


Wario: *gulps* Oh, no…


Once again, Wario starts running as Mona goes after him.  Exhausted, Wario tries to find alternatives to avoid another chase.  Wario tries to hide underneath the table, but Mona was able to crawl underneath it.  Wario escapes and tries to go under her bed, but the mattresses were also high enough for her to crawl underneath for him.  Wario escapes, makes a dash to her dresser, and goes underneath it.  He rests and tries to catch his breath.


Mona: Clever, but you’re forgetting the ace I have up my sleeve, Wario.  I wish that you were in front of me.


In a bright flash, Wario finds himself in front of the giantess’s enormous boots.  He looks up and sees her with a mischievous smile on her face and her hands on her hips.


Wario: Aw, come on!  I’m-a tired!


Mona: Then that means it’s time for this cat to get her meal.


Mona giggles as she grabs Wario.  Too exhausted to continue, Wario passes out.  She looks at him and smiles at his expression.  His eyes roll in different rotations as his tongue sticks out.  She throws him into her mouth and moves him around in ever direction with her tongue.  A few times, she would gently press her teeth on his pudgy areas and move her jaw around.  To her, it felt like very chewy meat.  Soon, she spat him on her hands.  Not only was he dazed, but he was mangled and full of her saliva, too.


Mona: As nasty as that tasted, I hope this has taught you a very powerful lesson, Wario.  And I promise you that things will continue to get worse, if you continue to defy me.




Mona steps out of the room with a messed up Wario in her left hand.  She looks down at the other men with a smile.


Mona: Hi, guys.


Mario: Uh, what exactly did-a you do to him?


Young Cricket: She was teaching him a lesson and having fun.


Mona: I just hope that you guys won’t make the same mistakes he made.  Otherwise, you may be next.


All of them gulp at her warning.  Mona kneels at Yoshi and giggles.


Mona: Now, I bet you guys are hungry.  Aren’t you, my cute little friend?


Mona uses her right index finger to tickle Yoshi’s chin.  Yoshi licks his nose and lips as he nods his head.


Mona: *giggles* So I take it that means “yes”?


Yoshi licks Mona on the chin, extending his tongue to reach it.


Yoshi: Wehhoooww!                               


Mona: *giggles* Okay, fine.  We’ll head over to the kitchen.


Mario: I could-a use a good-a meal, myself.


Luigi: I second that.


Young Cricket: Let’s eat.


Mona heads into another room with the men following close behind.




Soon, they find themselves in a kitchen with a bunch of decorations making it look like her restaurant, Mona Pizza.  Mona places the dazed Wario on a table.  She grabs the other men and places them on the table with him.


Mona: I’ll be right back.


Mona leaves the room.


Young Cricket: Now, I wonder what that was all about.


Luigi: I don’t-a know.  But-a what a design!


Yoshi: Yoshi!


Young Cricket: It looks just like her restaurant.


Mario: She owns a restaurant?


Young Cricket: Mona does a lot of things.  She’s a waitress, a cheerleader, plays in a rock band, works in an ice cream parlor, and occasionally works in concession stands.


Mario & Luigi are shocked knowing all this.


Mario Bros.: What a woman!


Young Cricket: I know.


Young Cricket blushes.


Mona: I’m back.


The guys turn around to see Mona in her Mona Pizza uniform.  Wario shakes his head, stands up, and looks at Mona.


Mona: Well, what do you think?


Mario: You changed-a clothes, I see.


Mona: I wanted to wear something more appropriate for this situation.


Mona starts pacing around, thinking.


Mona: Now, what should I eat, a Mario burger, a Luigi sandwich, a Cricket crepe, some Wario waffles, or maybe some Yoshi eggs?


Instantly, the men are struck with fear.


Yoshi: Ack!


Mona: *giggles* You’re all so cute, that maybe I’ll do a combo.


Luigi: N-N-Now wait a minute!  You can’t-a do that!


Mona: Of course I can.


Young Cricket: B-B-But what about our talk?!  I mean if it’s about what I said earlier, I said I was sorry!


Mona: And I forgive you, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t punish you for it.


Wario: I-I-I-I don’t-a want to be eaten alive!


Mona: Save your breath, Wario.  You’re the last one I want to hear protesting.


Mario: But-a what about-a the fun times that-a we’ve had?!  The friendships that-a we share together?!  I know Wario was a pain to deal with-a but--You’re just-a fooling around with us, aren’t you?


Mona: *laughs* Of course I am!  I really wouldn’t do that to you guys.  All because of what Mario said.  I’m surprised that you caught my bluff, by the way.


Everyone laughs for a while.


Young Cricket: Seriously, what are we eating?


Mona: Well, I thought that we’d go with what I like best.  Pizza!


Mario: Sounds-a good to me.


Luigi: Good choice.


Yoshi: Yoshi.


Young Cricket: So, where do we start?


Mona: Just leave everything to me.


Wario: Let-a me guess.  You plan on-a wishing for a pizza, right?


Mona: I could do that, but it wouldn’t be fun for us, now would it?


Wario: I disagree.


Mona: Well, too bad.  I’m in charge, and we’re making pizza.


Wario gets slightly annoyed at Mona.  Mona goes into a closet and pulls out a few utensils and ingredients.


Mona: Okay, guys.  We’re going for a combo, mixing a bunch of ingredients into one pie.


Mario: I’m-a going for pepperoni.


Luigi: Green peppers for me.


Yoshi: Yoshi!


Mario: Extra cheese?


Yoshi: Yoshi!


Yoshi nods his head.


Wario: Lot’s of-a garlic!


Young Cricket: Uh, well, I don’t know what I want.


Mona: It’s okay, Young Cricket.  I’m trying to watch my figure, so I’ll make single slices for the both of us.  Just plain cheese?


Young Cricket: Sure.


Mona: Okay, here’s what I want you guys to do.  Mario, I need you and Luigi to work with the tomato sauce, but wait until I’m done with the dough.  Wario, take care of the cheese.  Young Cricket & Yoshi, the extra ingredients that the guys wanted will be your job.


Mario: But-a what about the dough and-a the crust?


Mona: Leave that to me.  Now, let’s get started.




Mona gets some pizza dough from her oven and starts tossing it around.




Meanwhile, Young Cricket & Yoshi are getting ready to chop the extra ingredients with their skills.


Young Cricket: Okay.  Let’s see if my skills and size can do this job.  We’ll start with the pepper.  Ready?


Yoshi: Yoshi!


Young Cricket: Hi-ya!


Young Cricket jumps into the air and goes into a Hi-Jump Kick.  The force and speed of his kick was enough to slice the pepper in half.


Young Cricket: Wow.  That was almost too easy.


Yoshi: Ha!


Yoshi gets himself ready to work with the garlic.  He jumps up and gets ready to do a Ground Pound.


Yoshi: Brring, Ha!


He smashes down on the garlic, and easily splits it in two.


Young Cricket: Not bad.


Yoshi: Wehhoooww!


Young Cricket: But there’s no resting yet, my friend.  We’ve still got a lot of slicing to do.


Yoshi: Yoshi!


They continue to slice up the pepper and garlic with karate chops and Yoshi’s tail.  In several minutes, the two ingredients are chopped up into small pieces.


Young Cricket: Now, for the salami.


Yoshi: Yoshi.




Mona is done tossing the dough around, making it a flat, circular shape.


Mona: Okay, now for the sauce.


Mona grabs a tomato and places it in a bucket.  The Mario Bros. are confused.


Mario: Only one of-a each ingredient?


Luigi: Are-a you sure that this-a will be enough for all of us?


Mona winks at them with a smile.


Mona: Trust me.  One of each is all we’ll need.


Young Cricket: Mona’s an expert with pizza.  Don’t doubt her experience.


Mario: We’re not-a doubting anyone.  We’re just-a surprised.


Mona: *giggles* I’ve learned a few methods to be able to conserve materials and still have more than enough for everybody.


Mona winks at Young Cricket.  Young Cricket’s face turns slight red.


Young Cricket: Uh, I…should be getting back to work now.  Yoshi can’t handle the salami by himself.


Young Cricket rushes over to Yoshi.


Mario: He likes her, doesn’t he?


Luigi: Looks like it.


Mona: *giggles* Okay, back to work.




Wario takes the giant cheese and tosses it in the air.  Then, he does a Corkscrew through the cheese, turning it into confetti.


Wario: Ha, ha, ha!  Piece of cake!


Suddenly, he looks at a room within viewing distance.  It’s full of gold coins.  He becomes excited and is about to take off, but he looks at Giant Mona having fun with the other guys.


Wario: (To himself) I’ll-a wait until the time is-a right.




Mona: Done.


Mona takes the bucket, and pours the tomato sauce onto the dough.


Mona: Okay, guys.  I want you two to wear these special shoes that I wished for this occasion.


Mona hands them two pairs of small boots.


Mario: What is-a this suppose to do?


Mona: These boots should help you guys spread the sauce out to all corners of the pie.  I wanted you two to have fun, too.  It should feel like an ice rink.  Just promise me that you two won’t fall in the sauce.


Luigi: As-a long as Mario doesn’t get tempted to eat it, then we should-a do fine.


Mario: Hey!  I got over that-a overeating habit a long time ago.


Mona: Okay, men.  Have fun.  I’m going to check on the others.


Mona leaves as Mario & Luigi start putting on their new boots.  They smear the boots with tomato sauce and start gliding themselves along the pie.  Sure enough, it was like an ice rink with a red smear line along their paths.  They decided not to do any tricks, as they didn’t want to take a chance that they’d fall into the sauce and mess up their clothes.




Mona heads over to Young Cricket & Yoshi, who have just finished things up.


Mona: Very good.  Just the way I expected it to be.


Young Cricket: Thank you, Mona.


Yoshi: Yoshi.


Both of them take a bow, making her giggle.


Mona: There’s no need to bow, gentlemen.


Wario comes over to Mona.


Wario: Cheese is-a done.


Mona: Okay.  I’ll take a look at it.


Mona looks at the cheese and sees that it looks like a big confetti pile.


Mona: I’m impressed by your skills, guys.


All three of them blush.


Mona: Now, I’ve just got to make the single slices.  I’ll take care of that myself.  In the meantime, I want you three to hand the Mario Bros. the pepperoni, but don’t put anything on the pie until I get the cheese on it.  Okay?


All three of them nod their heads.  Mona leaves as the three of them start grabbing pepperoni and placing it near the giant pie.  Wario looks at the Mario Bros. with a raised eyebrow, wondering why they’re goofing around.  His stomach starts rumbling, and he places the pepperoni nearby and runs back to get the next one.  They continue working back and forth.  After several minutes, Mona returns and takes a good look at everyone working hard.


Mona: Okay, everyone.  I’ll take care of the rest.


Mona picks up Mario & Luigi by their overalls and places them aside.  They switch back to their brown shoes.  Meanwhile, Mona takes the cheese and spreads it around the pizza while humming her restaurant’s theme music.  Shortly afterward, she starts thinking on how to satisfy all four men.  Just simply placing all of the ingredients on the pie would be a minus.  Suddenly, she figures out a way to make it work.  She takes the other ingredients and places each one in its own corner.  Pepperoni in one, green peppers in another, garlic in the third, and extra cheese in the forth.


Mona: Now to cook it, but I’m not going to wait while that happens.  I wish the pizza was cooked, and the kitchen was clean.


In a bright flash, the pizza is finished with the kitchen looking like new.  After finishing, Mona kisses her fingers.


Mona: Bellissimo!


The three Italians do the same thing.


Mario, Luigi, & Wario: Bellissimo!


Yoshi: Hmm?


Young Cricket: Your guess is as good as mine, Yoshi.


Mona: All finished.  I even finished the two single slices.  Here, Young Cricket.


Mona hands the giant plate of the single slice to the little man.


Young Cricket: Thank you, ma’am.


Mona: I’m just surprised that no one asked for mushrooms.


Wario: After dealing with-a you and-a your mushroom, forget it!


Mona: *laughs* I had a feeling that I’d get on someone’s nerve mentioning that.  Anyway, I was wondering if the four of you would entertain me.


Mario: How?


Mona: I want to see how fast each of you guys can finish your corner of the pizza.


Mario: Ah, like a Mario Party Mini-Game!


Mona: Sure, I’ll go with that.


Wario: *cackles* No problem!


Luigi: Let’s go!


Yoshi: Yoshi!


Wario, Yoshi, & the Mario Bros. get in their corners, ready to dig through their side of the pie.


Mona: On your marks!  Get set!  Go!


The four men dig through their corner of the pizza.  Meanwhile, Young Cricket and Mona are sitting nearby cheering them on while eating at their own pace.  After it was finished, the standings were that Mario came in first, Wario in second, Luigi in third, and Yoshi in forth.  None of them cared about the standings, however, as they were too busy enjoying their meal.


Mario: Mona, that was-a the greatest pizza I’ve ever enjoyed!


Luigi: So good!  Thanks-a, Mona!


Wario: Still just as-a good as ever!  Mona, you rock!


Yoshi himself is very happy at the girl.


Young Cricket: I strongly agree.  Like you, this pizza is perfect!


Mona: What did you just say?


Young Cricket is shocked at what he just said, and tries to make it look like he knows what he said.


Young Cricket: I said that this pizza is perfect.


Mona: That’s not what you said.


Young Cricket: Yes, it was.  Anyway, what’s next?


Mona gives him a strange look, but decides not to argue.


Mona: Anyway, I wish we had ice cold drinks.


Once again, in a bright flash, all of them are holding onto cups big enough to cure their thirsts.  After finishing them, Mona stands up and smiles.


Mona: I hope you enjoyed your meal.  I thank you for coming to Mona Pizza.  Have a nice day. *giggles*



Mona takes all the men back to the room near her bedroom and places them on the table.


Mona: Now, while you all digest, I’ll entertain you with an after-dinner show.  Don’t go away.


Mona heads into her room.  She changes into another outfit.


Mona: Gentlemen, I present for your approval, The Mega Mona Fashion Show!


Mona comes out of the room in a blue shirt with a heart on it.


Mona: This outfit is considered to be very cute.  The heart states that the girl is ready to find a boyfriend.


Wario: Nice.


Yoshi: Wow.


She poses, as if it was for a magazine cover, and goes back into the room.  She changes into her Gelateria outfit and comes out of the room.


Mona: This uniform was made to be cool, and it should be, since it screams to serve ice cream.


Mario: How nice.


Luigi: Pretty.


She winks and heads into the room.  This time, she decides to show off her rock band outfit.


Mona: This outfit rocks!  It’s used to show off its cuteness, as well as act like a hardcore rocker!


Young Cricket: (Thinking) Even with the raccoon features, she still makes it look good.  Very lovely!


Mona gives a peace sign over her eyes, winks, and heads back to the room.  She switches into her Restaurant Sora Sora outfit.


Mona: “May I take your order?”  This outfit is just screaming for attention.


Wario: Now that’s-a making me hungry again.


Mona bows to the little men and heads back into the room and changes into her cheerleading outfit.


Young Cricket: Just as beautiful as ever.


Mona: Give me an “M”!  Give me an “O”!  Give me an “N”!  Give me an “A”!  This outfit is hot enough to start a parade!  Hot, meaning cool, to represent D.C. High School.  I’ve got more, so don’t go away.


Mona kicks a leg in the air before heading back to the room.  The fashion show continues as Mona continues to show them outfits and doing poses that even make Wario applaud her, especially with two of the outfits that she had on show.  After about an hour, Mona is back in her standard attire.


Mona: We hope that you enjoyed The Mega Mona Fashion Show.  We thank you for coming, and wish you a good night.


The men applaud and whistle at the lovely giantess.  She giggles and waves at the little men, as if she was in an actual fashion show.  After the excitement dies down, Wario decides to speak up.


Wario: Mona.  I’m-a sorry.


Mona: Huh?


Wario: I was-a way out of-a line a while ago.


Wario blushes a little bit.  Mona sees this and becomes happy.


Mona: Oh, Wario.


Wario: You, Young Cricket, and-a everyone that works for me are-a my friends.  I made a job making these video games, and-a it was because that-a you guys contributed that I am where I am.


Mona: So does that mean that you like me?


Wario looks at Mona for a second before turning around.


Wario: (Thinking) Okay, here it-a goes.


Wario takes a deep breath.


Wario: I’m-a proud that-a you put the extra effort to your work.  I can’t-a say that-a having you on-a my team was a mistake or an accident either.  You’re a good-a person, Mona.


Young Cricket: Truer words could not have been spoken today.


Yoshi: Yoshi.


Yoshi nods his head.  Mona becomes so moved by Wario’s words that she snatches him and hugs him against her chest, with tears down her eyes and soaking his body.


Mona: Oh, Wario!  Thank you!  That’s all I ever wanted from you!


Wario: Yeah.  (Thinking) At least she didn’t ask for extra money.  Still, getting hugged like-a this is worth it.  (Out loud) So, when can-a we go home?


Surprised at this question, she brings him to her face.


Mona: “Go home”?  Are you crazy?  I said that we’d be together forever, and I meant it.


Wario: WHAT?!  But-a the others and I are-a getting tired of-a being stranded here.


Mona: Well, that’s too bad, because I’m still in charge.


Young Cricket: Come on, Mona.  Fun’s fun, but being stuck here forever is ridiculous.


Mario: We have-a things that-a we have to do.


Luigi: Plus our friends-a back home will-a be worried sick about us.


Yoshi: Hmm.  Yoshi.


Annoyed by this, Mona takes action.




Mona’s loud voice echoes through their tiny ears.


Mona: I wish that Mario, Luigi, & Yoshi were back in their cages!


In a bright flash, Mona has Mario, Luigi, & Yoshi back in their cages.  Mona looks down on them with her arms crossed and a demanding attitude on her face.


Mona: You all are staying with me whether you like it or not!  Good night!


Young Cricket: Why aren’t we in cages?


Mona: Because you two will snuggle with me tonight.


Wario & Young Cricket: WHAT?!


Mona grabs them and heads into her room.  She places them on her table and heads into her bathroom.


Mona: I’ll be out in a minute.  I just need to freshen up.


She winks at them.


Mona: No peeking.


She closes the door.  As they hear the water running, they can’t help but wonder what she’ll wear to bed.  Soon, Wario decides to ask Young Cricket a very curious question.


Wario: So, what-a do you think of-a Mona?  You like her don’t-a you?


Young Cricket: Well, just between us, I really do.  She definitely has traits and skills that match her beauty.  However, I know that she likes you.


Wario: Well, she’s okay.  But I’m-a more into treasure than-a women.  Besides, even though she’s-a very beautiful, she’s-a still young for my tastes.


Young Cricket: I can’t argue with that logic.  Still, I’m surprised that she was serious when she said that we’d be here forever.


Wario: I don’t-a like it.


Young Cricket: Me neither, but as long as she’s got that wishing mushroom, we can’t really do anything.


Soon they see Mona coming out of the bathroom and wearing sparkling purple pajamas.  She flings back her hair, and looks at the two men, who are in awe of her beauty.


Mona: Time for bed.


She grabs them and heads into the bed, turning off all the lights.


Mona: Good night, my little hunks.


Young Cricket: Sleep well, my gigantic beauty.


Wario: Good-a night, Mona.


Soon, Mona falls asleep, while snuggling Wario & Young Cricket.  To the two little men, this was very comfortable, and although they were enjoying themselves, Young Cricket was not happy.  He starts thinking about the three prisoners and whispers to Wario.


Young Cricket: (Whispers) Hey, Wario.


Wario: (Whispers) What?


Young Cricket: (Whispers) I say that we get out of here, right now.


Wario: (Whispers) Are-a you sure about-a this?


Young Cricket: (Whispers) Would you rather spend another day in Mona’s care?


Wario: (Whispers) Now that-a you mention it-a, no.


Wario and Young Cricket manage to wriggle their way out of Mona’s grip and sneak away.


Wario: (Whispers) Now, I’m-a going for the treasure.


Young Cricket: (Whispers) What treasure?


Wario: (Whispers) Don’t-a worry about it.  Bye.


Wario leaves.  Although confused, Young Cricket decides not to argue with him.  He turns to the P-Wing Mega Mushroom and thinks.


Young Cricket: (Thinking) Mona said that the mushroom would only work on people with kind hearts.  Let’s see if I’m worthy enough.


Young Cricket touches the mushroom and makes his wish.


Young Cricket: (Whispers) I wish that the prisons entrapping Mario and his friends would vanish.


Mushroom: Someone else with a kind heart has asked for a wish, and I will grant it.


Young Cricket: (Whispers) I also wish you wouldn’t speak so loudly in this room.


Mushroom: (Whispers) As you request.




In a bright flash, Mario and his comrades are free.


Yoshi: Hmm?


Luigi: We’re free?


Mario: But-a how?




Young Cricket: (Whispers) I also wish that you would become small enough to fit inside a bag.


Mushroom: (Whispers) Your wish is granted.


The P-Wing Mega Mushroom starts getting smaller and smaller until it becomes as small as an action figure.  Young Cricket takes the mushroom and looks back at the sleeping Mona.


Young Cricket: (Thinking) I strongly regret doing this to you, Mona, but I’m not going to let everyone suffer imprisonment, even if it is in your care.


He leaves the room and meets up with Yoshi & the Mario Bros.


Young Cricket: I’ve got the Gold Mushroom.


Mario: Good.


Luigi: But-a how were you able to get us free?


Mushroom: I can answer that.  Because I sensed that he had a kind heart, I decided to grant his wish.


Young Cricket: I figured that much by myself.  But how come I’m not gigantic or have the raccoon features like Mona does?


Mushroom: Because Mona was the first one to summon me when I was released from that treasure box, she was granted with my powers.  As long as she has my powers, she’s my master.  Yet, if others with a kind heart decide to use me, I am able to grant their wishes.  However, wishes that go against my master are forbidden.


Mario: So that-a means that we can’t wish our way out of-a here, right?


Mushroom: That is correct.  I was used to set your friends free, but I can’t be used for you to escape, as it is against Mona’s wishes.


Wario: In-a that case, we’ll make our own way out.


Wario heads over to Young Cricket.


Young Cricket: Here, Wario.


Wario takes the mushroom and stuffs it in his bag.


Wario: Now let’s-a get out of here.


Luigi gets curious about Wario’s bag and why it looks stuffed.


Luigi: What’s-a with the--


Wario: (Overlapping “with the--”) No questions about-a my bag.  Let’s just-a worry about-a leaving this-a castle.


Mario: Anyone know how?


Young Cricket: I saw an open window in Mona’s room.  Unfortunately, we’ll have to get over her bed in order to get out, as her bed is right next to the window.


Yoshi: WHAAA!!




All of them make it back to Mona’s room.  They carefully get onto the bed and try to walk as carefully as possible.  It becomes very difficult, as the coins and gold in Wario’s bag jingle if he goes too fast.  Fortunately, by walking along the end of the bed, they all make it to the window without incident.  They breathe a sigh of relief.  However, as they step out, Wario’s bag starts flashing.




Young Cricket: That’s not good.


Mona: What’s going on?


Young Cricket: That’s even worse.


Mona wakes up, and finds all her captors escaping with Wario holding a glowing bag.  She knows that the glowing bag is her mushroom.


Mona: Hey!  What do you all think you’re doing?!


Wario: Leaving with-a these idiots and-a all your gold-a.  Bye-bye!


Young Cricket: I’m very sorry, Mona.  But it’s for your own good.


As they jump out, Mona clenches her teeth, shakes her fists in anger, and screams.




She reaches for the window, but is unable to grab anyone.




Outside, all five of them take cover in the huge grass.


Wario: Okay, let’s try to make to back to the beanstalk.  It’s-a not too far from-a here.




The young giantess steps out of the castle, dressed in her standard attire, in a very angry mood.


Mona: Where are you rats?!




Mario: Everyone, get-a to the beanstalk!  I’ll-a stall her!


Everyone runs away while Mario goes up to the enraged giantess.  He whistles for her attention, and she runs up to him.  She tries to grab him with each reach, but is unable to do so, as Mario’s jumping abilities are too great for her.  Mario hides in the grass, and Mona starts pulling it, several strands at a time, trying to find him.  Mario escapes, and heads for the beanstalk.  He notices that everyone else has gone halfway down the beanstalk.


Mona: Found you!


Mario notices Mona running for him, and he starts his climb down.  Rather than climb down after him, Mona decides to jump off and fly for the little man.  Before Mario could make it to the bottom, he notices Mona reaching for him.  He tries to get around it, but she latches on the beanstalk and grabs him.


Mona: Gotcha!


She brings him to her face.


Mona: The others may have gotten away, but you won’t.  I can promise you that now--What the--?


What Mona was unaware of was that everyone else is frantically chopping the beanstalk down.  Mona soon finds herself falling.  She gets back into her flight, but loses her grip on Mario.


Mona: Oh, no!  Mario!


He starts falling all the way down to the ground.  Mona dives for the little man at an alarming speed.  Miraculously, she manages to grab him.


Mona: Gotcha!  It’s okay, Mario!  You’re safe--Uh-oh!


She looks at the ground and notices that she’s about to crash face first.  She tries to slow down, but is unable to do so, shaking the ground tremendously as she lands and making a gigantic crater with her body.


Luigi: MARIO!!


Yoshi: WHAA!


Both of them run up to the unconscious Mona, who starts shrinking back to her normal size and loses her raccoon powers.  Fortunately, Mario was right underneath her.  He lifts her on his back and takes her to Young Cricket.


Mario: I’m-a sure I can-a leave her in-a your care.


Luigi: Mama Mia, it’s-a miracle that you survived.


Mario: Wario, do you know the way to the Mushroom Kingdom.


Wario: Sure.  Young Cricket, you take care of-a Mona.  I’ll lead these losers out of-a my city.


Wario takes the guys away while Young Cricket looks after Mona.




Later, Mona wakes up in Wario’s house.


Young Cricket: Are you okay?


Mona: *groans* I’m fine.  Thanks.


Wario: About-a time you woke up.


Mona looks around the room and notices that both men are much larger than before.


Mona: *sighs* So, I guess it’s over.


Young Cricket: Yes, it is.


Wario: Mario took the gold mushroom and-a went back-a to the Mushroom Kingdom with-a the other two.


Mona: I see…


Young Cricket: By the way, why did you risk your life to save Mario?  You could’ve wished him for safety while still flying.


Mona: I guess I wasn’t thinking straight.  I mean, I think it’s natural that people don’t tend to use common sense in the excitement of things.  I just hope that you guys aren’t mad at me for what went on during our time in that castle.  Besides, I enjoyed spending time with you guys.


Mona starts blushing.  Soon, Wario & Young Cricket turn red.


Young Cricket: Y-You enjoyed spending time with us?


Mona nods her head.


Mona: At my gigantic size, I knew that I would be able to have even more fun with you two.  I’m glad that you showed up when you did.


Wario: Well, I admit that-a it was okay.


Young Cricket: And you were very beautiful as a big girl, but I think that I’ll stick with the normal you.


Mona jumps and hugs Young Cricket, much to his and Wario’s surprise.


Mona: Thank you both.  Especially you, Young Cricket.


Young Cricket puts his hands around hers, and they enjoy the moment together.


Wario: Hmph.  Well, I suppose that I’ll leave you two alone for a little while.


Wario heads into the other room.  Meanwhile, Mona and Young Cricket look at each other, as they let go of each other.


Young Cricket: Um, I…suppose that I’ll…see you later. 


Mona: *giggles* Good bye.


Mona starts to walk out the door.


Young Cricket: Hey, Mona.


Mona turns around and looks at Young Cricket straight in the eyes, causing the young guy to blush.


Mona: Yes?


Young Cricket: Maybe we could…get together sometime…and hang out.  You know…j-j-just…the two of us.


Surprised, Mona slowly walks up to Young Cricket, who’s very nervous right now.


Mona: Hang out?  You mean…like a date?


Young Cricket’s gulps, and face turns completely red, as he slowly nods his head.  She just stares into his eyes for about a minute.  For Young Cricket, it felt like the longest waiting moment of his life.  Then, Mona smiles and kisses him on the cheek.  Young Cricket is beyond shocked.


Mona: I’d love to.


Young Cricket’s face turns back to normal as he smiles and exhales a sigh of relief and joy.


Young Cricket: R-R-Really?


Mona: Yeah.


Young Cricket: Okay.


Mona: Okay.


Young Cricket: Okay.


Mona: Okay.


Young Cricket: Okay.


Both of them are unable to carry out a conversation.  They just look at each other, blushing and smiling.  Then, Mona starts talking.


Mona: I just hope that this isn’t because of what we went through earlier.


Young Cricket: Well, that’s part of it.


Both of them laugh.  Young Cricket holds the door for Mona as they leave Wario’s house.




Meanwhile, Wario is in the other room, thinking.  At first, he’s feeling a little weird about what Mona said to him, but when he sees the treasure that he swiped from her, his attitude completely changes.


Wario: Now it’s a happy ending!  WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!


And they all lived happily ever after.