How the Wario Bros. Stole Christmas


It's Christmas eve all through the Mushroom Kingdom, everyone is getting ready for the day that is to come, the day filled with joy, happiness and even fun. Everyone put aside their past difference for just one day, that day everyone knows all full too well, it’s a day known as Christmas.

Though…not everyone love this magical holiday, as two people were looked down upon as greedy as all they do is take and give only a little. These two live in Diamond City where the eldest runs a business while other...erm, just pop up at all sport events. These people are known as Wario and Waluigi, AKA the Wario Bros.

Wario was sitting in his office looking out at the view of Diamond City, taking a bite out from a raw garlic. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Wario looked at the door and saw it open in came Mona wearing a winter coat and scarf. “Its getting late, are you going home? Asked Mona whom was still at the door.

“No, no I'm not, not yet anyway” answered Wario as he took another bite from his garlic. “Oh...are you at least coming to the party tomorrow?” asked Mona. “I think...I think about it” said Wario as he looked back out the window. Mona looked a little sad at hearing what he just said and left. As she left, Wario heard the door clicked and stood up from his seat.

Wario took out a walkie-talkie which was inside his table draw and spoke through it, “Waluigi”

Up on the rooftop of the building, Waluigi was sitting on a fold up chair shivering from the cold air of the night. Waluigi was holding onto a walkie-talkie and heard his brother's voice saying his name. “Yeah, what is it?” said Waluigi was he has the sound of chill in his voice.

“Any sight of him?” asked Wario. “ sightings yet” answered Waluigi as he looked through a standing telescope. “Well keep looking” said Wario. “Yeah, yeah” said Waluigi as he put the walkie-talkie down and carried on looking through the telescope.  

Meanwhile down upon the streets of Diamond City,

Mona was walking through the streets until she spotted a window which belonged to a shop. Mona looked at it and saw something she could buy and saw that the shop was still open. Once she bought the item she's planning on giving it as a Christmas present.

With the bag in hand, Mona carried on walking through the streets, she noticed that it started to snow as snowflakes began to fall down around her. “Hay Mona” spoke a familiar voice. Mona looked at the person that spoke and that it was the twin girls, Kat and Ana. “Oh hi” said Mona as she walked up to them.

“What's that you got there then?” asked Ana as she spotted Mona was holding on to a bag. “Oh...erm its nothing” answered Mona as she held onto it close. This caused the twin girls to smile. “ it for boy?” asked Kat as she leaned into her. “, no, its nothing like that” answered Mona as her face was going red.

“Okay, we take your word for it” said Ana as she patted Mona on the back. With that the three of them walked off as the snow was beginning to set.

Meanwhile way over at castle of Giant Land,

“Are you ready for the big night?” asked Prince Hugo as he looked at his wife Princess Apple whom was dressed in a Santa outfit. “Yeah I'm ready. After all I am helping Father Christmas to make his job a bit easier” answered Apple as she held onto a huge sack which was filled with tones on human size presents.

“Yes, I know you are helping like Princess Peach did a few years back” said Hugo as he and Apple hugged each other. Once they finished hugging, Apple lifted the sack up and carried it out of the castle. With that Hugo gone to bed with a smile knowing that everything would be okay.

A few hours later, the clock almost points towards twelve. Wario's walkie-talkie spoke out Waluigi's voice. “I see him, I see him” said his voice. “Right then, best get down here” ordered Wario. “Right then” said Waluigi.

Waluigi entered the office and saw Wario hiding under the table. “Hurry up and hide” said Wario  as he poked his head out. “Right, right” said Waluigi as he hid behind the door. After a few minutes, there was a sound of a thump from the roof and then at the fireplace that was in the office was covered a puff of pink smoke.

As the smoke cleared up, there stood a jolly looking man that wore all red wholly suit, a hat with same colour with a long white beard, this man is known as Santa. Santa put his hand in his pocket and took out what looked like a small sack along with a strange looking remote, which looked like a Nintendo WII remote.

Wario looked out from the table and saw Santa placed the small sack on the floor and pressed a button on the remote. A red like beam fired out from the remote and hit the sack, Wario looked at the sack and saw that it grew to a human size sack.

Seeing this answered the question that many have asked over the years.

Santa took a list which was so long that it made a huge pile over his feet. Santa looked through the list and gave a jolly laugh as he saw a few names of people that worked for Wario. Santa then looked at two names and gave a tut. He placed the list back in his pocket and like magic the rest of it got drew inside like it was being drawn into.

Santa walked over to the large sack and stuck his hand inside of it and took out seventeen wrapped presents and put them on the floor. He took the remote out again and pressed another button, this time a blue beam was fired and hit the sack. Wario saw the sack shrinking down to the size that Santa first brought it out.

With that, Santa knelt down, picked the small sack and placed it in his pocket. As he stood up and turned around, Santa saw Wario with a huge sack and slammed it over him. Waluigi run out from his hiding place with long piece of rope and wrapped it around Santa's legs, thus making it hard for him to escape.

“Wa, ha, ha!” laughed Wario as he carried Santa over to a cupboard which was in the office and locked him inside. “What do you think you're doing!” shouted Santa. “Erm...Wario, what are you doing?” asked Waluigi as he looked at his brother picking up the remote.

“I'm tired of getting nothing but coal from Father Christmas. So I thought that if I don't get presents than no one will” answered Wario as he smiled at his brother. Wario put on a coat and left the office to reach the roof, Waluigi followed him.

As they got to the roof, they saw a sleigh with a team of reindeers with leads on them. “How are you planning on taking the presents?” asked Waluigi as Wario climbed onto the sleigh. “Oh have  you not see what Santa have done?” asked Wario as Waluigi climbed on. “No” he answered  as Wario held onto the leads.

Wario then shook the leads which to the brothers' surprise made the reindeers run. “Hay do know what you are doing?” asked Waluigi as he held onto the sleigh as he saw that they were going off the roof. “Of course I do” said Wario as the sleigh suddenly took flight.

“Oh my...” said Waluigi as he looked out and saw how high up they were. “Well then Waluigi, ready for the first one?” asked Wario as he made the reindeers to land on a huge building. Once they landed, with a sack in one hand, Wario climbed off the sleigh and walked towards a chimney. “ are you planning on going down a chimney?” asked Waluigi as he saw Wario climbing on top of the chimney.

“Like this” answered Wario as jumped on top of it and thinking it would be like the warp pipes but found himself stuck from the waist down in the chimney. “Wa, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” laughed Waluigi as he saw Wario struggling to get out. Trying as hard as he might, he found that he couldn't get out. “Hay...use that remote” said Wario as he pointed to the sleigh. Waluigi walked towards the sleigh and saw the remote. He picked it up and rushed back to Wario. “There should be a blue button” said Wario. Waluigi looked at the remote and saw a blue button.”Okay...hold still” said Waluigi as he pushed it.

A blue beam fired from the remote and hit Wario. Wario slowly shrunk down in size, making him small enough to fall through the chimney. “WAAA!” screamed Wario as he fell all the way to bottom. Wario opened his eyes and saw that he landed inside a pile of coal.

He slowly climbed himself out from the coal and found himself inside what looks like a living room which is covered in Christmas things along with a Christmas Tree with wrapped presents underneath it.                          

“Ah ha!” said Wario as he walked towards the presents and tried to pull one out from the tree. As he was pulling it, the sound of footsteps could be heard coming from the stairs. Wario stopped pulling and looked up to see who it was and saw that it was one of his employees, Penny whom was wearing pink pyjamas.

“Uh oh” said Wario as he hid behind the present he was pulling and hoped that she wouldn't see him. Penny rubbed hers eyes and took a big yawn. She looked inside the living room and saw the present that Wario was pulling wasn't in line with the rest. “Huh, what are you being out of place?” asked Penny to herself as she picked the present which Wario hanged onto but lost his grip as he flew over her.  

Wario crashed landed onto a lamp which caused it fall over. “Huh?” asked Penny as she looked towards where the lamp once stood. Wario heard the sound of Penny's footsteps moving towards  where he was, so he shot up and dashed towards a place to hide. “How you fell over?” asked Penny to herself as she picked the lamp up and placed it back to where it belongs.

Thinking nothing of it, Penny stood back up and left to go back to bed. After a few minutes of waiting, he rushed out from his hiding place and headed towards the fireplace and shouted up at it, “Waluigi!” “Yeah?” echoed his voice. “Drop the remote” answered Wario. “Look out below!” answered Waluigi as he dropped the remote.

The remote crashed landed right in front of him, “Okay then?” said Wario as he walked towards it and saw the red button. He stood in front of the remote where the beam would fire and pressed the red button.

A red beam fired from the remote and hit Wario which caused him to grow back to normal size. With the sack in hand, he walked towards the Christmas Tree and took all of the presents from underneath. Once all of the presents were inside the bag, Wario picked the remote up and pushed the blue button. The blue beam fired from the remote which hit the sack which caused it shrink down to a size that can fit in the palm of his hand.

Once done, Wario slowly made his way to the front door. As quiet as he can, he opened the door and left. He rushed out in the streets and saw a ladder that allowed him to climb up to the roof. He started to climb and made it to the roof. “Wario...why didn't you climb up the chimney” asked Waluigi as he saw Wario walking up to the sleigh. Wario didn't answer.       

“Did you get it?” asked Waluigi as the two of them got on to the sleigh. “Sure did, now then on to the next one” said Wario as he shook the leads to make the reindeers to run and fly off towards the next house.

Meanwhile over at the Mushroom Kingdom,

Apple was hard at work, walking through the streets as quietly as possible while at same time taking presents out from her sack and drop them all down the chimneys. As she was walking out towards an open field as she has delivered all of the presents needed for that area, she got a sudden phone call from a ear piece she has on.

“Yes Apple's here” spoke Apple as she placed her free hand on her ear. “Princess...have you seen Santa?” asked the voice on the other line. “Miss Claus? Has something happened?” asked Apple as she sounded worried. “Its just that he haven't returned any of my calls and I'm kinder worried” answer Miss Claus. “Okay...okay, where was he last called you?” asked Apple. “He last called me when he headed over to Diamond City” answered Miss Claus. “Okay, I'm finished over here, so I can go look for him” said Apple. “Thank you” said Miss Claus as she hung up the line.    

With that Apple placed her free hand down and looked at the direction of where Diamond City and made her way towards it.

Back with the Wario Bros.

It has been a few hours since Wario locked Santa up in a cupboard back at his office. The clock reads five in the morning, leaving them only an hour before the people would wake up. “Okay, last house for the day” said Wario as he made the reindeers land on the roof.

Wario made his way towards the chimney, took the remote out and shrank himself down in size. The remote was took big for him to carry so he dropped it behind him so he jump down to him the now giant chimney. Once again he landed onto a pile of coal which he climbed himself out of. As he brushed the soot off him, he looked up and saw that he was inside what he could tell as a hall that town centres have.     

He began to wonder through looking for a Christmas Tree which he saw at the other end. “Man...I need to lose weight” said Wario as he was getting tired at running his way over. As he was about halfway there, a sound of a door opening echoed throughout the area. Wario stopped in his tracks and could see three figures enter, each one carrying a huge sack.

“Uh oh...” said Wario as all of a sudden the lights went on and he saw that the three people were his employees, Mona, Kat and Ana. “Okay girls, we need to get this place ready within a few hours” said Mona as she walked towards Wario. Using his little legs, Wario ran as fast as he can to dodge Mona's stomping feet.

Lucky for him, Wario was able to dodge her as he saw Mona heading towards the fireplace. He saw Mona knelling down and took the things out from the sack which was socketing that children have for Santa to put the presents in.

Wario then looked at Kat and Ana and saw that they were busy setting a table up for the Christmas food. Seeing this as a chance, Wario dashed towards towards the Christmas Tree which he was able to reach. Once there, Wario hid behind the presents to catch his breath.

Meanwhile on the rooftop,

Waluigi with the remote in hand was waiting to hear Wario's voice to tell him to give him the remote. Just then, Waluigi had a strange feeling that he was being watched from behind. Slowly Waluigi turned around and saw nothing but a red wall. Thinking nothing of it, he turned back for only a moment he realised that there wasn't a red wall when he and Wario first arrived.

He spun round and slowly looked up and saw Apple with her hands on her hips looking down at him with a angry look cross her pretty face. “Where did you get this?” asked Apple as she leaned forward with her right hand pointing towards the sleigh. “ see....erm” said Waluigi as he just could find the words.

Apple with her other hand picked Waluigi by his collar with her thumb and index finger and raised him to her face. “Its best to explain everything” said Apple which caused Waluigi to nod.

After a few minutes of explaining, Apple put Waluigi back on the roof and said, “You do know what you and your brother have done right?” “I...I'm sorry...I was only following my brother” said Waluigi as he looked at the floor. “Don't worry, I know what its like to follow an older sibling” said Apple as she gave a little smile at him.

“Now then,” said Apple as she leaned onto the roof, “Tell me where Santa is please” She said with a smile that you couldn't really say no to. With that, Waluigi told where Santa was being locked up. “You do know that you will be the naughty list a bit longer” said Apple as she stood up. “Yeah...I know” said Waluigi as he was still looking down on the floor.

“But I know a way that can get you and Wario on the good list a lot faster” said Apple as she smiled down at him. “Really?” asked Waluigi as he looked up at her. “Of course, if you give me back all of the presents you two stole then I'm sure that Santa would forgive you two...a little” answered Apple.

“Go on then, everything we took is in the sleigh” said Waluigi as he looked at the sleigh. “Thank you” said Apple as she leaned towards the reindeers and whispered something in their ears which caused them to run off. “What did you say to them?” asked Waluigi as he looked up at Apple.

Apple placed her index finger of her right hand and tapped her nose and said, “Its a secret”

“Oh there's one more thing” said Apple as she was about to turn around. “Yeah?” asked Waluigi. “May I have that remote?” said Apple as she held her hand out. “Of course” said Waluigi as he put the remote on her hand. Apple stood up and looked at remote and then looked at Waluigi.

“And...can you stand on top of the chimney please” said Apple as she crossed her arms behind her back as she smiled down at him. “Erm...okay” said Waluigi as he followed what she said. As he climbed on top of the chimney, Apple with the remote in hand pushed the blue button which the blue beam hit Waluigi. Waluigi looked up at Apple as he saw himself shrinking down to smaller size. “WWWHHHYYYY” screamed Waluigi as he fell down the chimney.

“Because it wouldn't be a Christmas story without the said characters being small” answered Apple with a smile as she made her to the office that Santa is being held in. As she made it to the building, she looked through Wario's office window and saw the cupboard that Santa is locked inside. Apple with a gentle tap, opened the windows inwards and carefully reached in her right arm to get the cupboard.

As she picked the cupboard up and held it close to her, Apple opened it up and saw that he still have the sack over him as well as being tied up. Undoing the rope, taking the sack off, Apple could see Santa is in one piece. “Oh Apple...thank god you found me. I feared that Christmas would have to be cancelled” said the jolly old Santa as he rubbed his eyes and looked up at Apple.

“Don't worry Santa, everything is all under control” said Apple as she placed Santa on the roof of the building. “And what became those trouble makers?” asked Santa as he shook his legs. “Oh, don't worry about those two, they will have their hands full for Christmas and beside, they did return the presents without a fight” answered Apple as she gave Santa the remote.

“Ah I see, they should be back to normal the next day” said Santa as he knew what Apple meant. Just then the sound of bells could be heard. The two of them looked off towards the distance and saw that the sun was about to rise. 

As well as that, they saw Santa's sleigh returning to him. “Ah, well then. Guest its time to go home, thank you Apple, for everything” said Santa as the sleigh landed on the roof. “No problem Santa, no problem at all” said Apple as she saw Santa climbing onto his sleigh and made the reindeers to run off. Apple waved at him as she saw him flying towards his home. “Oh best hurry up and get home before Hugo wakes up” said Apple to herself as she made her way back to Giant Land as fast as possible without waking the people up.                  

Meanwhile back with Wario and Waluigi,

Wario finished resting and looked at the presents that was under the tree and saw that many of them were for his employees. As he was making his way through, he saw one present that caught his eye. “Huh...what this?” asked Wario as he read the name that was written on a present. The name that was written on that present was his and that it came from Mona.

“Hay I think I saw something moving” said Kat as she pointed towards the Christmas Tree. “Oh boy” said Wario as he saw the twin girls making there way towards the presents and moved them apart. “Huh?” said the twins as they saw the little Wario standing there. “Is that...” said Ana as she moved in to catch him but Wario legged it as he ran right past them.

“Hay wait up” said Kat as she turned round and was about to chase after him when she saw Mona knelling down and picked Wario up. “Wario...why are you so small?” asked Mona as she looked down at him. “Hay...don't forget about me?” said Waluigi as he climbed himself out from pile of coal. “Oh another one” said the twins as they rushed towards the shrunken Waluigi and picked him up. 

“Its a long story...anyway Mona, thank you for the present” said Wario as he looked at up at Mona whom was just looked at him as she never heard him say those words to her before. “Your...your welcome” said Mona with she just smiled.

With that, Mona, Kat and Ana were able to finish up everything that would make it ready for the party which began a couple of hours later. Many of which were surprised at seeing the Wario Bros at such a small size. Everyone was having fun as there was Christmas songs playing, party games as well as the Christmas dinner.

Everyone was truly having a great time.

“So, Wario...have you been able to open your present?” asked Mona as she looked at Wario whom was sitting on the table. “No...I couldn't, I'm too small to open it” answered Wario. “Then would you like me to open it for you?” asked Mona. “Sure” answered Wario.

With that Mona stood up and picked up the present that's for Wario and placed it next to him. As Mona sat back down. She slowly ripped the wrapping paper off and with it showed Wario what it was that Mona him for Christmas which was a yellow scarf to match his outfit.

“Th...thank you” said Wario as he didn't really know what to say as its his first present he ever got in a long time. “Glad you like, you have to try it on...when your back to normal” said Mona as she giggled a little. “But...but I haven't got anything to give you for Christmas” said Wario as he felt a bit down.

Seeing this, Mona picked him, looked up and then back at him and said, “You being here is a Christmas gift to me” With that Mona moved in and kissed the shrunken Wario, which the two of them were under a mistletoe.“Hay...what about me?” asked Waluigi as he noticed that he doesn't get a kiss. “Oh if you say so” said Kat and Ana with the sound of joy, as the two of them kissed him on both side of his cheeks.     

With that everyone walked out of the building and looked out at the sheet of snow and noticed that it began to snow once more. Everyone was happy, even Wario as he felt something he never felt before for Christmas. Waluigi is happy for his brother.

Apple was happy that everything turned out alright as she did made it before Hugo woke up. She changed her outfit and with that Apple and Hugo walked out of the castle with their arms together and looked up in the sky. 

With that everyone looked up into the sky as if they could see people looking down or rather reading them and they all said at once as load as they could,