Ever Growing Tremor


Prologue: Dr. Wily is defeated once again…

            The world is once again threatened by none other then Dr. Wily, with a new plan to defeat Dr. Light and the blue bomber himself. Rock, donning the Megaman once again, ventures deep within Wily’s new castle. Traversing the many floors weren’t easy for Rock as he had to fend of many robots, Mets, Sniper Joes and the annoying yellow devil once again. After passing through those tough tasks and once again dealing with the tradition 8 robot master, Rock is about to enter the final room where Wily is at. He enters the teleport and sees the mad scientist and his new Wily Machine; some kind of giant steamroller with spikes on the roller itself, the usual skull like head protector for the Wily capsule and a couple of missile launchers.

“Ah Megaman, nice of you to come in.” Wily says as he presses some buttons and starts up the machine. “Now hold still so I can turn you into scrap.” Wily says as he charges the machine towards Rock. Rock summons his faithful companion, Rush, in his jet form and manages to evade Wily’s attack.

“You’re not winning Wily, so give up right now.” Rock says as he points his megabuster as some of missile launchers, managing to break them apart. Wily, being the stubbornly persistent person that he is, ignores Rock’s statement and turn the machine around and press some buttons, preparing to fire a laser beam from the skull part of the machine. Rock sees this and jumps off rush just in time for both to avoid the laser beam. Rock counter attacks and fires right at the canon, which causes the canon to blow up as well as the rest of the machine. Wily sees his machine about to blow up and press another button that made the capsule eject from the soon destroy machine.

“Curse you Megaman,” Wily says in frustration as he looks at the blue bomber. “But I’m not through just yet, I still got another trick that is sure to destroy you.” Wily says out loud. Rock was about to prepare himself another attack from Wily, but sees the scientist fetching something in his capsule. “And this lovely new invention of my will do the trick.” Wily pulls out a strange glass container, marked XR-127/ Macronite. The capsule emanates an ominous red glow as Wily laugh manically. “With this, any robot servant of my will easily overcome you.”

“Not if I stop you first.” Rock says as he fires his megabuster right the wily capsule. Wily barely manage to quickly drop his invention in order to dodge Rock’s attack. However, this cause Wily to drop the canister he talked about and let it fall towards the ground. Thankfully the canister didn’t break upon contact, but now Wily doesn’t have his “Ace” in the hole to turn the battle into his favor.

“Blast, should have seen that coming.” Wily says as he presses another button on his capsule. Soon a loud alarm blares out and red-light flashes. Wily activated the self-destruct button as prepares to make his leave. “This isn’t the last time you’ll see me you annoying pest, you’ll see me sooner than you expect.” Wily says as he flies out of the room and leaves Rock behind.

“With how many times you escape and return again, I give it a week.” Rock says under his breathe, annoyed that he let Wily get away, again. Rock prepares to leave the area before he spots the canister that Wily was planning to use in the battle and picks it up. “Don’t think it’s a good idea to leave you behind for Wily to return and use you.” Rock says as he now starts to make his exit with the canister in hand.

     After avoiding some close call here and there, Rock manages to exit the castle as it starts to blow up. Rock watch from a distant as he watches the structure soon crumble for the loud noise of explosion subdue. Rock sigh in relief that he got out of the place before looking at the capsule again. “Alright, let’s take you back and see if we can figure out what exactly Wily design you to do.” Rock says as he treks back home. However, as soon as Rock leaves the area, a familiar floating capsule can be seen few hundred yards away.

“Ha ha ha, you oblivious fool, you have no idea what you’re in for.” Wily says in the safety of his capsule, laughing hysterically as he can’t wait for his plan to go into motion.

Chapter 1: Calm Morning

            As Rock was off to defeat Dr. Wily, Roll was alone at Dr. Light’s lab as Light himself, as well as Auto, where out to go to a science committee. Not too worry that her brother would be in danger as Rock had stopped Wily’s scheme multiple amount of times, Roll decides to straighten up part of the lab while everyone is away. There are couple of heavy equipment scatter around that will need extra hands to move around.

“Hopefully Rock will be done soon.” Roll says as she cleans some of the floor. She then hears the doorbell ringing. “Oh, he’s done already?” She asks out loud as she sets her broom down and makes her way to the front door.

Roll makes her way to the front door as she opens the door. “Nice to see you beat Wily already, Ro-,” Roll stops herself as she opens the door and see that the robot in front of her isn’t her brother. The robot wasn’t wearing blue armor or blue skintight body suit, but a black body suit and green armor with purple with each edge of the armor, an orange crest on her chest and a green helmet that let two ponytails out on the top. “Oh, hello Tempo, I wasn’t expecting to see you.” Roll says.

“Morning, Roll.” Tempo says, in a slight stoic tune. “Dr. Lalinde wanted me to deliver this to Dr. Light.” She shows a box that has some tools and a machine part that is used to transfer energy into E tanks.

“Uh, Dr. Light actually gone somewhere.” Roll says.

“Really, how long will be gone?” Tempo asks.

“About a week.” Roll says as Tempo hands her the box. “So far, it’s just going to be just me, Rock and Rush watching over the place until Dr. Light gets back. Though those two are off to beat Wily again.”

“And you’re not at all concern of his whereabouts or needing possible help?” Tempo, while somewhat still struggling of getting used to her emotions returning, is worry about the idea of her friend fighting only without any backup.

“Don’t worry, knowing my brother, Rock will beat Wily easy.” Roll says with confident, with Tempo still questioning the chirpy robot’s enthusiasm of the idea. “If you want, you can stay for a bit until Rock returns.” Tempo thought about of Roll’s offer and figures she might as well stick around until she is sure Rock returns safely. That and she also realizes that if she returns home, she’ll have to put up with her sister’s jokes and pun.

“Very well, I’ll stay a for a while.” Tempo says with Roll letting her inside.

About an few hours later…

“Phew, glad to back.” Rock say as he opens the door and enters the place. Rock makes his way to a storage room. Inside was nothing more than just some used up E tanks, used parts that doesn’t work and a manual on how to use top spin for dummies. Rock walks up to a table to set the canister he took from Wily on it. Not exactly ready to look what’s inside the canister, Rock makes his way out and heads to his room to change into his casual clothes. As Rock manages to get into his casual clothes, he hears his sister sounding like she’s giving instruction.

“Let’s carefully move this here and I should be able to get underneath it.” Rock heads towards the direction of Roll.  Upon entering a room mostly use for holding equipment and all kinds of machines, he sees not only her but Tempo helping her move a heavy looking computer.

“Oh, Tempo, didn’t know you’re here.” Rock says as he makes his way to girls.

“Rock, we didn’t see you.” Tempo says as she and Roll sets the computer down.

“See, told you Rock was perfectly ok.” Roll says with a smile. “Take it Wily tuck his tail and ran away again?” She asks Rock.

“He ran as soon as I knock off his new invention.” Rock says, still not knowing what it does exactly.

“Well, its nice to hear you were able to defeat him.” Tempo says.

“She’s was worry that you couldn’t held your own against old loon.” Roll blurts out.

“Thanks for clarifying that to him, Roll.” Tempo says with a tone that is a mixture of annoyance and a strong hint of sarcasm.

“Well thanks for the concern, Tempo, but Wily wasn’t nearly of challenge like before.” Rock says. “Anyways, what were you two doing?”

“I’m helping Roll move some equipment around as she said she is trying to clean around the lab.” The stoic robot says, which reminded Rock that now that he’s here, he has to help around as well. He sees the computer the two were moving before he enters.

“Let me help then,” Rock says as Tempo moves a bit to let him get next to her so they both can move the computer.

“I’ll go get a bucket of water, be right back.” Roll says as she makes her way out of the room, and about to leave the two alone. She did stop herself by the door and looks at the two robots. The two manage to move the computer and were talking to themselves. Seeing the two together at the spot, Roll remember the time the three of them, and Iceman, were at the Antarctic and remember how she tried to convince Rock to ask Tempo out, only or the two of them to agree to be friends by the end of the day. A playful smile forms on Roll’s face as she has the idea to play match maker once again, hoping this time it works. With nothing to possibly ruin the day, and nothing really stopping her from doing this potentially bad idea, Roll runs off to see if she can set her little scheme in motion.

Chapter 2: Awkward Attempts

With Roll gone, Rock and Tempo were by themselves as they move stuff around. With the computer move to a different spot, the two robots wait for Roll to return so they can wash the section that was beneath the computer.

“So, what exactly brought you here, Tempo?” Rock asks the stoic robot.

“As I told Roll earlier, I came here to drop off some equipment Dr. Lalinde borrow from Dr. Light. But then Roll said that Dr. Light has left for a committee.” Tempo explains, then remembers something she neglect to mention. “Which now that I remember that part, I forgot to mention Dr. Lalinde also left for a committee as well, just not as long. I was planning to head back home and finish some geological projects before Roll asks if I wanted to stay for a bit, figure I could also help a bit as well while I’m here. That, and my sister is also has nothing to do at the house.”

“Vesper in a cheery mood?” Rock asks, knowing a bit of Vesper Woman’s and Quake Woman’s relationship, particularly Tempo’s view of Vesper’s jokes and pranks.

“Very cheery,” Tempo said flatly. “She’s been making puns and jokes all morning, I was relief when Dr. Lalinde ask me to do the delivery so I can take a break.” She rubs her head a bit from remembering a terrible pun about using beef as a password is not a good idea for its not stroganoff.

“Well, thanks again for helping around.” Rock says, with Tempo giving a light smile as they wonder what’s taking Roll so long.

“Wonder what’s taking Roll so long to get a bucket of water.” Tempo says, tapping her foot.

“Yeah, she should be back by now.” Rock says as he prepares to go find his sister with Tempo following. “Hey Roll, you found the bucket yet?!” Rock calls out for his sister with no response back.

“Does she normally take this long?” Tempo asks.

“No, she’d come rolling by five minutes ago.” Rock says. As the two walk around to find Roll, the mischief robot herself keeps an eye on the two as she waits for the two get to next to a room.

“Let’s see if I can make these two to work together more and maybe I can bait them further to give each other a shot.” Roll says with a gleeful smile as she holds a rope that is tied to a certain power cable.

“At this rate, we would have been done by now.” Tempo says with Rock agreeing as the two walks. As they walk, Rock notices a door open and decides to look inside. Roll sees her brother from the room across and smiles as she pulls the rope, yanking a power cable to keeps the light on for the whole house.

“Hey!” Tempo says as she and Rock can no longer see anything.

“What gives?” Rock tries to feel around before he accidentally bumps into Tempo.

“Careful,” Tempo says as she carefully gets up and feels around before her hand makes contact on Rock’s shoulder. “Why do I got a feeling your sister is to blame for this?” Tempo asks, sounding annoyed.

“Somehow, I don’t doubt it at all.” Rock says as he moves his hand and manages to find Tempo’s wrist. “We are in the power room, so let’s see if we can put the power back on.” Rock says as he and Tempo carefully walk around while holding each other’s wrist, so they don’t get separated and bump to each other again.

As the two stumbles in the dark, Roll is using some night vision goggles and watches the two, enjoying the sight of the two holding each other’s hand, sort to speak, and sees how this idea of her goes. Rock and Tempo manages to find on side of the room and try to move carefully. As they move around, Rock felt something hitting his foot. He bends down and feels what feels like a rope or cable.

“I think I found the power cable.” Rock says.

“Great, now hurry up and plug it back.” Tempo says as she tries to remain still, not noticing that during their stumble, Tempo foot manages to get tangle a bit with her foot. Roll sees this and see that maybe she should do something before the two do something and get themselves tangle up. But before she could do something, Rock plugs the cable and the light instantly came back on, which blinded everyone in the process and made Roll pull the rope by accident.

“There, finally.” Rock says as he got up and prepares to turn around. However, in the process, the rope tangle around Tempo’s foot pulled and it forces Tempo to fall forward and land on Rock. This causes the rope to get more tangle up and kind of tied the two together, making their face make contact. “Where did this rope came from?”

“I don’t know, but I am getting slightly claustrophobic and would like to get untangle.” Tempo says in frustration trying to get the rope off but making it worse. As Roll recovers her eyesight, she sees that Rock and Tempo are tangle up with the rope and gulps a bit as she moves away from the area before the two notices that she’s there.

“Ok, that plan could have gone better.” Roll says, giving a sheepish smile as she wasn’t planning for the two robots to get tie up. “Well, it’s still a start so I’m sure I can make those two give each other a shot soon.” She tries to think of what she should try next while Rock and Tempo are somewhat preoccupied in the next room, not worrying about the two being tied up as she’s certain the two can get themselves untie. “Hmm, I wonder if Ice man would be willing to help me again….nah, I think he would potentially screw things up.”

Roll doesn’t notice that she walked a few minutes in the hallway until something got her attention. “Maybe if I ask Rush to help *zrrt*….huh?” She sees a door to a storage open. The door opening wouldn’t be enough to disrupt her attention, but a bright red glow and small noise emanates from the from the storage room. She peaks inside and soon spot something she never saw before, a canister, the same canister that Rock took from Dr. Wily’s lab.

“Huh, I don’t remember Dr. Light working something like this before.” Roll says to herself as she walks towards the strange canister. She looks at it, as well as pokes it a bit, before picking the canister up. “Wonder what’s inside this thing.” Roll examines the strange canister, only noticing the name, XR-127/ Macronite, marked on it, yet doesn’t notices the Dr. Wily symbol that is on the bottom of the canister. Roll looks closely at canister, seeing something floating inside, but can’t make out any details.

“Looks like…” Roll squints her eyes and tries to see if she can enhance her eyes a bit to look closely at the contents inside the canister, but….

“Roll?” A voice, Tempo’s voice, could be heard behind Roll, which not only broke Roll’s concentration, but startle her.

“Ahh!” Roll shrieks as her grip on the canister slips and soon the canister flies up. Roll tries to catch the canister with Tempo attempting to quickly run to catch the canister as well. Unfortunately, it was too late as the canister fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

“Please tell me that wasn’t something important?” Tempo says with a bit of nervousness.

“I-I don’t know.” Roll says as she sees the cause of the red glow that was inside the canister, which looks like a red cloud of particles, is fidgeting around before a small bead like projectile shots out from it. Roll manage to fall back just in time to avoid getting hit from the loose projectile, with it managing to fly into an open jar and manage to have the jar shut itself. Soon, the particles burst out and the girls quickly run around to avoid getting hit from the charging objects.

“Roll, what was in that thing?” Tempo asks loudly as she struggle to avoid getting hit by multiple particles.

“Like I said, I don’t know. Never saw the canister before!” Roll says as she jumps out of the way from a cluster of the red glowing objects, managing to get underneath a box as another flying object flies towards Roll, but bounces off. Tempo was about to run into an empty locker for shelter until she heard something that made her stop in her track.

“What’s going on!?” Rock could be heard as he is running towards the commotion, not realizing the danger he’s about to put himself.

“Rock, don’t come here!” Tempo shouts before jumping back to avoid a flying projectile. Sadly, her attempted warning didn’t work as Rock made it to the door, with all the remaining particles forming up and prepare to ram right towards the front door and into the Blue Bomber himself. Tempo reacted fast enough to sprint right towards the door and immediately shove Rock right out of the. Unfortunately, there was no time to avoid what comes next. Rock watch as a bright glow emanates behind Tempo as the cluster of red particles smacks right on the back of Tempo. Her body started glowing red, with the orange crest glowing bright red. Rock and Roll watch with concern and fear for their friend as all the particles that was loose got absorbed into Tempo.

Tempo looks at herself, scare of what the particles did to her as she continues to illuminate. Soon, the red glow emanating Tempo’s body started to die down, with only the gem on her chest glowing. Rock and Roll looks at Tempo, not saying anything as they wait for something to happen. Yet nothing happens, leaving the group confuse and now concern of what Wily’s invention might or will do to Tempo.


Chapter 3: Thorough Examination

After the capsule broken and the particles ramming into Tempo, the three robots run around at the lab to find any machine to examine Tempo’s body, however, they haven’t found anything they tells them anything wrong with Tempo.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to break the thing.” Roll, whose been apologizing for ten minutes as she and Rock uses a scanner and examine Tempo before using another scanner when it shows nothing.

“Let’s worry about the possible effects those strange particles have on me first before listening you apologizing.” Tempo, while trying to remain her stoic personality, is worry as much as everyone of what Wily’s invention would potentially do. “Where did you said you got that capsule again?” Tempo looks at Rock as he fiddles with a computer to see if it can check Tempo’s system to see if anything comes up.

“Dr. Wily, he was about to use it to beat me, but he left immediately as soon I made him dropped it.” Rock explains, now wishing he got rid of the capsule.

“Did he even said what it would do?” Roll ask as she fetch one more scanner and see if maybe she can examine the gem on Tempo’s chest, seeing as it’s the only thing that shows sign of being affected from the particles as it glows red still.

“No, he just said it would allow any robot to overpower me, or something like that.” Rock says as he looks at the computer and sees that even with a full system checkup, the results comes out empty.

“So, all we know, the capsule could have held a virus that could have some kind of enhancement?” Tempo says, now more worry that she could be endanger of being under Wily’s control any second now. Rock and Roll got a bit nervous as well as they seem to think the same thing.

“Let’s focus on figuring out what the particles even can do before figuring out ten different things of whatever Wily’s invention is also capable of.” Rock says.

“But we have yet to find anything that says something change inside Tempo.” Roll says as she finishes using the scanner for the gem and much like every other gadget the robots has used, it came out with little to zero results. “You would think we would find out by now considering its Wily we are talking about; we should already figure out what the thing did by now.”

Tempo looks at the broken-up capsule and looks at the name the capsule is label as. “XR-127/ Macronite?” Tempo reads out loud. “If this is what Wily calls it as, we might be able to figure out a little bit what its capable of by its name only.” Tempo says as she moves to a computer and tries to type up the name or anything that could be associated to the name. After several tries, since macronite isn’t a real word or name, the on thing she could pull up that is like the name is just “macro.” “Macro, large-scale, that’s about all I could find in the definition.”

“Ok, so what exactly is this thing is trying to make large-scale of exactly?” Roll says as she and Rock looks at Tempo and don’t see much of change in scale. They even got a tape measurer and see that so far Tempo is still the same size.

“Maybe there’s another meaning.” Tempo says, mainly so she can get the two to stop looking at her for anything “macro” related. She type-search the meaning again, and the only thing she got were the words of; large, long, excessive. Much to her and everyone else’s annoyance, the search gives zero results to what they need.

“Let’s keep seeing until we either find something, or Tempo continues to show no signs of change.” Rock says, with both girls agreeing.

“Well, let me go look to see if I can find a different scanner that could be more useful.” Roll says as she leaves the lab, leaving the two alone.

“*Sigh* So much for things settling down after Dr. Wily.” Rock says as he restarts the system check up on the computer.

“So far, Wily’s invention shows no sign of having effect on me, except for this.” Tempo taps on the crest on her chest. “If we are lucky, Wily’s invention ends up being some kind of dud and we have worried for nothing.” Rock wishes that is the case, but until they know more of what the capsule was holding does, they can’t exactly just ignore it.

“By the way, thanks for…pushing me out of the way from the weird particle clouds, or whatever the thing is.” Rock scratches the back of his head as he says that, not knowing how to feel about his friend protecting him with the cost of getting hit from the strange particles. “Though you didn’t need to risk yourself.”

“True, I could’ve just slam the door to stop you from entering the room, I just didn’t think about it in the moment.” Tempo says, “Though to be fair, you probably would have still come inside.” Rock couldn’t help but give a smile sheepish smile of the remark. “Still, its just nice to see you, or Roll, didn’t get hurt in the whole fiasco.” Tempo gives a warm smile, with Rock smiling back before they heard Roll returning.

“I think I found one that should help.” Roll returns with another scanner. With the three in the same room again, they continue their rough examination of Tempo.

Hours has past, and so far, the three robots had no luck unfortunately.

“We have scanned, examine, and scanned my body so many times, I think we have a better time finding a diamond on a pebble.” Tempo says while, understandably, is getting tire of her body getting search, scanned, and even poke around all day.

“I’m really think that if Wily’s invention was supposed to do something, it would have happened an hour ago.” Roll says, while showing that she’s also getting tired of examining her friend. Rock also can’t help but agree with his sister as something should’ve happened by now, yet nothing has. Rock looks at the time and sees that it is getting awfully late.

“I think its best we call it a night.” Rock says as he sets a scanner down and sits down.

“Agree, and I best head home before Vesper blows a fuse of me not getting home by now.” Tempo says as she prepares to head home.

“Call us if something happens.” Rock says with Tempo nodding.

“Goodnight.” Is all Tempo could say with Rock and Roll saying “goodnight” back. They watch their friend leaves, leaving the two sibling robots alone.

“As Tempo said earlier, hopefully we were worried for nothing and Wily’s invention was a dud.” Rock says with Roll agreeing.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m going to bed.” Roll says as she gets up and walks a bit before accidentally kicking a tool she used to examine Tempo. She looks around sees that during their attempts of examining Tempo all day, they made quite the mess in the lab. Roll groans as she realizes that she’s going to have to clean the whole place up first thing in the morning.


After walking for quite a bit, Tempo sees her home ahead of her. She sighs in relief as she makes her way to the door. She’s about to reach for the doorknob before the door swung open and the sight of a familiar robot tackles her.

“Finally, you came back.” A female robot says. The robot, who is Tempo’s sister Vesper Woman, had a bee or wasp like attire for her clothes, with her armor looking slightly similar to Tempo’s armor except she has more a short dress like design with it being cone like at the bottom, yellow boots with white feet, white gloves with yellow and silver gauntlets, four wings on her back that are straight edges, a yellow torso that is similar to Tempos but has a blue gem on her chest instead of an orange one, and her helmet is yellow with a silver diamond on the forehead with two antennas.

“Hello Vesper.” Tempo simply says, sounding tired in her tone.

“What happened? I thought you would have been back hours ago.” Vesper says as she closes the door after Tempo walks inside. “And what’s up with your gem?” Vesper asks as she notices the gem on her sister’s chest is red instead of orange.

“Uuh, sorry, today’s been a long day.” Tempo says, collapsing on the couch to relax for a bit. “Let’s just say I had a bit of experience at Rock’s home.” Tempo tries to say.

“Really, you were at Rock’s place all day?” Vesper says with the smuggest grin while looking at her sister, imagining all sorts of ways to pick on Tempo.

“N-Not like that!” Tempo shouts with a massive blush on her face as she just realizes what she said.

“Uh-huh..” Vesper says, with Tempo groaning in frustration as her sister is going to hold on to her words for a bit.

“Listen, I’m tired, I’m going to go bed.” Tempo says as she musters up the energy to get up and head to her room. “I’ll explain what happened tomorrow.”

“Ok, I’ll send a email to mom that everything is ok…and my sweet sister made a boyfriend with Dr. Light’s robot.” Vesper says with grin, hearing a loud thud as Tempo slams her door in annoyance when she heard Vesper. The mischief robot couldn’t help but laugh.

Tempo makes a bee line to her bed, not even changing to her casual clothes as she flops on her bed. Immediately, Tempo was sound asleep as she nestles up in the cover and pillow. The night rolls by as Tempo, lays still, with nothing to disturb her. However, as the night passes by, the gem on her chest continues to glow bright.

Hours has passes…

Tempo moans a bit as she opens her eyes and sees that the sun is out. She looks at the time and sees that its almost eleven in the morning. “I must have been more tired than I thought.” She says to herself as she tries to get up. She moves to the side of the bed and get ups, only to feel her head banging on something. “Ah, what the…!?” Tempo rubs her head. She looks up and see that the only thing she hit was the ceiling. “Huh, that can’t be…right… Tempo looks around and sees that her room, everything, is smaller than before. Her bed is crushed a bit, and she has to crouch bit to not hit the ceiling.

“Tempo!?” Tempo hears her sister calling her behind the door before it slowly opens. “Are you finally uuaahhh.!?” Vesper jumps back a bit as she sees her sister is now fifteen feet tall. “Wh-what in the world happened to you?”

“Um, so about what happened yesterday….” Tempo says nervously as she knows she’s going have quite a tale to tell her sister on their way to Light’s house.


Chapter 4: An Even More Thorough Examination

“You have got to be kidding me…” Rock says as he and Roll looks at Tempo, towering over them as she stands now sixteen feet tall.

“I’m not enjoying this either.” Tempo retorts, nervous of her new size while showing a bit of sign of annoyance as she must crouch to avoid smacking her head against the ceiling.

“Seriously, what in the world happened?” Vesper spoke. “Tempo has grown over night, and you’re telling me that Wily’s invention is the cause of all this?” She says, as worries for her sister.

“I don’t get it, we scan and examine her so much that we should have spotted something like this before she left.” Roll says as she returns with a scanner. She uses the device and starts scanning Tempo.

“Which begs the question as to why this is happening now.” Tempo says as she has to kneel down a bit for Roll to have an easier time scanning her.

“Um, everyone, the scanner is picking up a huge spike of energy…” Roll says as she looks at the scanner and sees the radar going up. “And its all over Tempo.” Everyone looks at the scanner and sees that sees an energy outline emanating all over Tempo’s body.

“What exactly is inside that capsule that is making Tempo grow?” Rock asks.

“Out of curiosity, where did this happened?” Vesper asks.

“Here, I’ll show you.” Roll says as she escorts Vesper to the room where the capsule was at while Rock helps Tempo to get to the room as well. After a few minutes, Roll and Vesper enters the room and walk inside.

“So far nothing seems to grow, and a lot of stuff got hit by the strange particles.” Roll says.

“So then why is it only affecting Tempo?” Vesper asks as Rock and Tempo manages to get next to the room.

“If I was to guess,” Tempo says as she struggles to not bang her head against the ceiling. “Its possible Dr. Wily made, whatever he made, to only affect robots and that’s it.”

Everybody couldn’t help but agree with the idea, which only another question of who Wily planning was to use the invention on to begin with. As everyone ponder a bit, Vesper notices something by the table, a jar that has a red tiny object banging around the glass. Vesper walks towards the jar and picks it up. “Hey, is this the particle thing you all were talking about?”

Rock and Roll walk towards Vesper and see the jar with the trap object.

“Let’s see if we can finally figure out what this thing is exactly.” Rock says with everyone making their way to the lab. After some time has passed, everyone carefully uses a computer and microscope to examine the strange glowing object.

“So this thing must be part of the…macronate?” Vesper says, not really bothering to remember the name nor care.

“Macronites.” Tempo clarifies as she takes the opportunity to stand up and stretch as she doesn’t have to crouch in the lab. “And seems the name is currently fitting.” Tempo states.

“Hey look,” Roll points at the monitor as it shows the glowing object in a clearer detail. The image the computer shows a single, nano size, robotic machine as it fires around what seems to be some kind of energy beam that doesn’t go far.

“This is the thing that is making my sister grow?” Vesper says, sounding unimpressed of the sight of the tiny machine.

“Seems like it, and there much more store up inside Tempo’s body.” Rock says.

“Well let’s hurry up and get rid of them.” Vesper says as she grab the microscope and flies up to Tempo and tries to see if she can find any that she can remove. However, as the flying robot gets close to Tempo and places the lens of the microscope next to Tempo’s head, they discover a shocking discovering. Under the microscope lens, the computer pulls up a image that show just how many of the Macronites is just on one section the ever growing robot.

“There’s…there’s hundreds of them…” Rock states as everyone looks at the screen and sees the many nano size machine staying in place while glowing a bit. Suddenly some of the nanites started to glow.

“Wait, what are they doing?” Roll says as everyone watch the miniscule bots glowing before releasing energy. In just a few second, the area the once glowing bots stood on started to warp and stretch, and Tempo started to grow another foot.

“Ok, that’s it, we need to scrap those things off Tempo right now.” Vesper declare as she grabs a towel and starts rubbing the area hard, much to Tempo’s annoyance. Vesper scrubs the area for good five seconds before pulling back and placing the microscope lens back at the spot. Much to Vesper dismay, the bots were still in the same exact spot, like nothing touch them at all.

“They’re still stuck to Tempo?” Rock says, wondering why Vesper tries and tries again get the bots off her sister but nothing she did budges the bots from their spot.

“Come on, they’re puny, they should be easy to get rid of.” Vesper says as Tempo stops her from scrubbing her body again.

“They seem to gather energy and release it, but how?” Roll says as she and Rock while ignoring Vesper trying to scrub Tempo with a waxing buffer.

“Hold on, let me check something.” Rock says as he grabs the scanner Roll used earlier and scan’s Tempo’s body again. After a while, nothing happens other than showing the massive energy output on around the growing robot. Then something happens as the scanner starts to act up even more than before. The scanner shows a certain spot on Tempo’s body shows a small energy decrease before suddenly receiving a sudden energy spike, and Tempo grew again by another foot. They soon see that the energy spike was happening in the very gem on Tempo’s chest.

“These things are using me?” Tempo states, “But that doesn’t make sense, I should have shut down in the middle of the night.”

“Unless the energy they are taking are given back?” Rock says as he tries to figure out how the miniscule bots are supposed to perform. “If I’m guessing this right, and that’s still a confusing stretch, Wily must’ve made this thing to harmlessly take energy from you and used that same energy to power themselves before giving it back to you without powering down themselves.”

“I don’t follow.” Vesper says, getting a headache of the confusing function of the strange machine.

“Look, I’m just trying to guess this as best as I can.” Rock says, as even he doesn’t know if he’s understanding the function of the bots as well.

“How about we try to think of something more important than how these things are making Tempo grow,” Roll interrupts, “And that is, how do we shrink her back to normal?”

“I don’t know,” Rock flat out says, while Tempo soon receives another growth and is now twenty feet tall. “But we need to figure out how to at least stop Tempo from growing.”

Everyone looks at Tempo as they know Rock is correct. If they don’t figure out how to either stop the constant growth spurts or shrink Tempo to normal size, then who know just how massive Tempo will get in the end.

Chapter 5: Hard at Work


With a tough task now set before them, the four robots struggle to figure out on finding a way to reverse the effect the strange nanobots are giving in Tempo’s body. It proofs far easier said than done as the security system on just the one trapped nanobot is difficult to investigate and even harder to try to hack into the miniscule thing. Hours has past and everyone getting annoyed as they barely made progress on seeing the coding of the miniscule bot.

“For something made by Wily, he sure knows how to make it difficult to break into his inventions.” Tempo says, who grew a few feet and now stands twenty-three feet tall, now having an impossible time getting around that now she’s stuck in the lab.

“Then again, we are talking about a mad genius who knows how to reprogram robots on a dime.” Roll says.

“If we can just break into this thing, we might be able to figure out on how to break into the rest of the things inside Tempo.” Rock says, hoping he’s right. “Has anyone had any luck on getting Dr. Light on the phone?”

“No,” Roll, sounding annoyed as she has called Light’s phone many times and it just keep getting on hold. “Somehow, I got a feeling Auto is to blame.”

“I’m not getting any luck with my mom either.” Vesper says as she tries to get Dr. Lalinde and it goes straight to voice message.

“*sigh* Which means we are on our own until we either figure this problem out or they call us.” Tempo scoffs as looks at the computer everyone is using to hack the nanobot.

“I think its obvious, but Tempo, I think its best you stay here until we figure what to do.” Rock says.

“Agreed, but where would I sleep exactly?” Tempo askes.

“There’s the testing room,” Roll says, as she points at the door the is on one side of the room. “There shouldn’t be anything there, and it should be roomy enough for you to sleep in. Though it might be a bit uncomfortable.”

“It will have to suffice.” Tempo states, as she doesn’t want to point out that she is already uncomfortable as she now must be on her knees and crawl around without hopefully breaking something with her ever-growing size.

“I’ll stay over as well.” Vesper states, “Not going to leave my ‘big’ sister alone like this.” Vesper says with Tempo being very annoyed of that terrible joke that she tries to flick her finger at the back of the flying robot’s head. Rock and Roll couldn’t help but give a small laugh, as it was at least something to brighten up the atmosphere.

“Well, I’m going to go get some E-Tanks.” Roll says after she finishes laughing, “I got a feeling we are going to be here for all day.”

“I’ll join you.” Vesper says after she manages to avoid the irritated wrath of her sister as Tempo tries to reach for her and smack her. The two robots leave the lab as they were a good distant away before Vesper ask something that got Roll a bit nervous.

“So, out curiosity, what exactly you were doing with canister while my sister was tied up with Rock?” Vesper asks Roll, who got nervous as she figures she would have to explain this part to Vesper.

“Um, what was I doing?” Roll says with a sheepish smile.

“Tempo told me about the power outage on our way here.” Vesper folds her arms as she looks at the robot.

“I….I try playing match maker with both of them…” Roll says.

“Match maker?” Vesper, understandingly, wasn’t expecting to hear that type of answer.

“I thought could pair the two up this time, and well I wasn’t expecting for them to get tied when I pulled the power cable, and the rest you already know.” Roll explains as she waits to hear what Vesper has to say. At first Vesper says nothing, but a few second later, Vesper burst out laughing.

“Ha ha aha ha haah ha!” Vesper kept laughing for a good minute. “S-sorry, I just wasn’t snnrkk aha haa.” Roll waits until the laughing robot finally catches her breathe.

“All done” Roll asks flatly.

“Y-yeah, I think I got it out of me.” Vesper had to wipe some fluid out of her eyes before speaking again. “Anyways, as cute as the idea would be for your brother to hook up with my sister, good luck trying to get her try with how emotional dull she can be.”

“You mean her emotion chip and she’s slowly getting adjusted to having emotion again?” Roll recall something of that sort.

“Something like that.” Vesper says, “Honestly, even if Tempo is perfectly ok with her emotion coming back to her, I still think she would stubborn to give Rock a shot with how much she loves to stick her head into rocks…the boring kind I mean.”

“Yeah, I kind of figure that might be a bit of the case.” Roll says, thinking she can say the same thing about her brother.

“If Tempo likes Rock, then she’ll eventually at least try something. If not, then I can still poke fun with the idea just to make her blush once in a while.” Vesper says, with Roll couldn’t help but chuckle a bit of the thought. “Now then, let’s hurry up get some e tanks, those two might be wondering where we are now.”

“Agree.” Roll says as the two robots head to a storage room for leftover E-tanks.

Hours has soon passed that it was long into nighttime already. The group has yet to hack into the nanobot but were making progress. Soon everyone shows that they are getting tired and are having difficulty staying up to focus.

“I think its best we call it a night.” Roll was the first to spoke.

“But we’ve yet to hack the nanobot.” Tempo states. The unfortunate robot has grown much since the last several hours and now is thirty feet tall, which was making things impossible for the gigantic robot to move around without some part of her smacking into something.

“We know, Tempo,” Rock spokes, “But with how annoying this thing is proving to be, we are going to have to call it and wait till morning.” Rock says as he looks at Tempo, who’s showing to be very tire. He looks at Vesper who, unintentionally, already clocked out by an hour ago. Tempo sees everyone is barely got the energy to keep pushing themselves and reluctantly agrees with Rock’s statement. Rock and Roll get to try to carry Vesper into a guest bedroom. Tempo sighs a bit as she looks at the entrance to the testing room and sees it has gotten a bit small for her to squeeze through.

“Ok, let’s see if I can…” Tempo carefully crawls through the hole. At first, she manages to get her head and should past the entrance, all be it rather roughly with her body scrapping against the sides. However, as soon she was about to get her stomach through, but then she receives another foot, and now is struggling to get through. Tempo was starting to get annoyed as she tries to be more careful. She manages to squeeze by, but now her legs and boot made it difficult to get them through. With attempts she manages to get one of her foot through, but then she grew another foot and when she tries to get her foot through, she accidentally broke the entrance and a bit of the wall. Tempo groans in frustration as she crawls inside the room more and lays her head against the wall to try to get comfortable. It was easier said then done as the room was a bit cramp, much to her dismay.

“You ok?” Tempo looks past her stomach and see’s Rock with an E-tank. He looks at the damage can tell Tempo isn’t having a pleasant experience.

“Well, let’s see; I broke some stuff at this size, I have to carefully crawl while hoping I don’t cause any type of damage, I’m in a cramp spot that is bringing back unpleasant claustrophobic fear, and I’m still growing with no idea if these stupid nanobots will ever stop growing me.” Tempo burst out in frustration, before sighing a bit as she lifts Rock so he could stand on her stomach. “Sorry, just annoyed right now.”

“I…I can see that.” Rock says with a meek smile as he offers Tempo the E-tank.

“Thank you.” Tempo says as she calms down and brings her hand to pick up the E-tank, which was like a tiny crumb to her. At her size, Tempo had no choice but to swallow the thing for the energy to get absorbed.

“We’ll figure out to fix this situation, Tempo.” Rock tries to cheer Tempo up. “Hopefully the computer will have the machine hack by morning and figure out a way to reverse the growth effect.”

Tempo gives a weak smile at Rock’s optimism, though she is more concern about one thing. “I’m just worry just how much I will grow in the morning. At the rate I’ve been growing all day, I fear I’m might be more harmful in the city.” Rock tries to think of something, but even he got nothing to say that could ease Tempo’s concern.

“Sorry that this all started because of that canister broking.” Rock could say. “Maybe I should have destroyed the thing when I had the chance.”

“True, bringing the canister might not have been a great idea, but I guess its better then breaking in Wily’s lair where any of his robot master could have been infected.” Tempo states, “Though, to be also fair, this whole thing probably wouldn’t have started if your sister didn’t try playing match maker again.”

“Y-you notice too, huh.” Rock says in a embarrass smile as he also figures that power outage yesterday was too odd to be occurring when they were trying to look for Roll.

“Roll didn’t exactly do a great job hiding the fact she’s got something to do with the unplug power cord when she left the rope behind.” Tempo says, reminding Rock that he and Tempo got tied up.

“Yeah, I’m surprise she didn’t try to take a picture of the scene.” Rock says, feeling red in the cheeks as he was trying to forget the scene.

Tempo couldn’t help but give a small laugh of the thought. “Agree, she would be holding the whole thing on us for a long time.” Rock couldn’t help but give a small laugh as well, nodding his head in agreement. He was just glad to see Tempo smiling a bit. Soon he started to feel tire.

“I going to back to bed now.” Rock says with Tempo carefully picking him up and setting back to the floor. “I’ll wake everyone up early in the morning so we can all get back to work.”

“Ok, and thanks for cheering me up.” Tempo says as she watches Rock wave and say goodnight to her before trying to go to sleep.

About two hours has passed, everyone has been deep asleep. Tempo manages to go to sleep as well, which was easier said than done as she grew several more feet. However, something as causing Tempo to stir in her sleep. A loud buzzing noise could be heard in Tempo’s head and soon she starts to wake up.

“mmrmmmrrr, What…now?” Tempo places her hands on her head, where the buzzing noise started to become a headache. “Ugh, its going to be a long night if this keep*BZZRT* Ahh!” Tempo wince as she felt her system starting to act where. “What’s happening to me?”

Meanwhile, outside…

“Confounded nanobots, the virus I hide with them should be strong enough by now.” Inside a flying capsule, Wily fiddles a remote as he hovers over Dr. Light’s house. “Wasn’t expecting the Macronites to infect someone else, but as long it’s one of Megaman’s annoying friends, it’ll work well enough as plan B. Now then, time to give Megaman a rude awakening.” The mad scientist presses more button on the remote.

Inside the room, Rock, and everyone was sound asleep. Then suddenly the whole house violently shake that woke everyone up. Rock got up and immediately start running to the testing room to see if Tempo is ok and maybe the shaking was cause by her growth spurt.

“Tempo, are you…ok?” Rock stops himself as soon as he got to the testing room.

“Rock, what’s going on?” Roll, as well as Vesper, could be heard running down the lab to meet up with the blue bomber.

“Please tell me its just my sister, rolling around her sleep.” Vesper spoke until she sees the testing room. The whole room is turn apart with a huge gapping hole on the entire side of the room. To make matters worse, Tempo is nowhere to be found with the sound of loud thuds can be heard heading to the city.


Chapter 6: A Walk in the City


In the middle of the city, the city was very quiet, with little activity happening at all. That soon changes as loud thudding could be heard and felt. Anyone that was nearby look up and panic as they quickly avoid a gigantic boot slamming down. From a distant, pedestrians could see a towering 50ft robotic woman as she stomps the street. Tempo was moving, not really paying attention where she is as her head was going in and out of consciousness. Her vision was going static as she could only make the faintest of detail.

“My head…. What is going…” She stutters as she continues walking forward, stepping on a car in the process. “Need…. need help…” Tempo says, soon falling on the ground, almost crushing some people and robots that barely manage to get out of the way. As Tempo struggles to figure out what exactly is happening to her, Wily is not far behind as he watches the stumbling robot creating quite the panic.

“Ahhg, I should have total control over this girl by now.” Wily says as he looks at Tempo attempting to get up and bumps into a building in the process. “The virus has yet to take control, maybe I should have made the nanobots grew this robot faster.” Wily looks next to him as he looks at another canister that he made after Rock’s “victory” the other day. “Hmm, if I need to, I’ll just use the improve version and control her from there.” As the mad scientist continues to monitor Tempo walking around in a confuse state, one of his monitor flashes up. He looks at the screen and see that Rock is getting close. “Gah, not yet, going to have to force the nanobots to work faster.” Wily presses some button and soon Tempo clutches in pain as her system is going wild and her body starts to grow faster.

At another part of the city, Roll, Vesper, and Rock, whose back into his blue bomber outfit, were following the destructive path of Tempo as fast as they could.

“Why is Tempo out in the city, she knows full well the panic she must be creating.” Roll says as everyone passes by many crush debris and deep imprint footprints.

“I don’t know, but I got a bad feeling we are going to fine out quickly.” Rock says he tries to find Tempo but is having a hard time.

“Hey guys,” Vesper, whose flying in the air, calls out the two robots. “Tempo’s footsteps, their getting bigger.” Rock and Roll got nervous as they climb one of the crush cars and see what Vesper is pointing out. The footprints were growing in a consistent size, but now they see that there is a massive size difference from the spot that Tempo fell on earlier to the next few steps.

“This isn’t good,” Rock says. “If Tempo’s growth spurt is getting faster, she’s going to crush the whole city by morning.” He and everyone else look ahead and see some of the building got damage from Tempo walking around in a dazed state.

“Let’s hurry up and find my sister before she causes more damage.” Vesper states as she flies ahead with Rock and Roll catching up.

The three robots ran for a couple of minutes before Rock and Roll stumble a bit as they felt the street shake. They knew what is most likely causing the tremors as they look around. The tremors grow stronger before a loud crash could be heard behind them. Turning around, they gaze up in shock as Tempo stomps a block behind them, now standing 75ft tall. It only been thirty minutes since Tempo left Dr. Light’s lab and she grew so much at a short time, and her growth spurts is showing no sign of stopping.

“Tempo!” The group shouts up as they try to run towards the towering robot.

“H-huh…” Tempo looks so lost in dazed, barely hearing the voice of her friends and sister. She took a step or two at the direction of the voices. The three robots had to stop in their tracks as Tempo’s foot slams down right in front of them.

“Tempo, stop moving!” Vesper shouts out to her sister. Tempo, barely functionally correctly, looks around before her eyes gazes down and sees three familiar looking figures.

“E-everyone…?” Tempo could mutter as she starts to fall to her knees, almost having her legs and hand slamming next to the robots. She looks down and could see the group before her face. “Oh…hey everyone…” She says as she moves her hand and started poking them a bit to see if what she is seeing is real.

“Tempo, please stop.” Rock says as he pushes Tempo’s finger back.

“Sis, you need to get back to Dr. Light’s lab.” Vesper flies up to her sister’s face.

“Dr. Light…aren’t I already there…?” Tempo looks around, not able to tell where she is. Soon she moves one of her hand to her head as she hears more buzzing and static noise. “Ugh, my head….”

“What’s wrong with her now?” Roll ask as everyone look at their towering robot as she manages to grow more and stands at 85ft. Suddenly, a loud blurring noise could be heard, a very familiar noise Rock knows far too well.

“Grr, Dr. Wily!” Rock says as everyone looks up above Tempo and sees a familiar capsule he has seen no more than two days ago.

“Of course, its me, Megaman. Who else?!” Wily says with devilish grin as he looks down at the robots.

“What are you doing to my sister?!” Vesper shouts up to scientist as she looks at Tempo with concern.

“Isn’t it obvious, my new invention is giving a necessary power boost she’ll need to defeat that annoying blue pest.” Wily points at Rock, “Though to be honest, I wasn’t expecting some other robot to get infect, was planning more for Megaman’s sister to take the fall instead.”

“What, why me?” Roll, understandably, was shocked to hear this.

“Was planning to use this on Megaman more, until I realize it would be difficult to fight back if it was someone he knows dearly of.” Wily says as he grabs the remote and presses a button. Rock sees what Wily is doing and tries to aim his arm cannon, but stumbles as Tempo has another growth spurt and soon reaches 100ft tall. Wily looks at a monitor in his capsule and give a massive grin. “Now enough stalling, crush that annoying Megaman right now!”

Rock got back on his feet as he tries aim his arm cannon again. However, he panics as his view is replace as a giant glove hand reaches for him. Roll and Vesper cry out for Rock as they look up and to their dismay, Tempo is under Wily’s control.


Chapter 7: Wily’s Time to Strike


Rock groans in pain as he felt Tempo tighten her grip around him. He looks at giant robot’s face and sees that she has no control of herself. Wily could be heard laughing as he watches his plan working. Rock tries to aim his arm cannon at Wily, but with the mad scientist hiding behind Tempo, Rock could not get a good aim, not with having to hurt his friend in the process.

“Tempo, try to get out of Wily’s control.” Rock says as he could feel his body getting crush from Tempo’s grip, with Tempo not showing any signs of listening.

“Ah haha haa, can’t defeat me when its one of your friends who has you at a disadvantage, huh Megaman?” Wily says, enjoying seeing the blue bomber unable to fight back.

“Let Tempo go!” Wily hears a voice and looks up to see Vesper and Roll in the air as Vesper drops Roll. Roll descends as she lands right on top of Wily’s capsule and is inside the capsule itself. Soon Roll tackles Wily and tries to beat him up to get the remote.

“Annoying girl, can’t you see I’m busy beating Megaman?” Wily shouts.

“Yeah, and that’s my brother you idiot.” Roll says as she grabs one of Wily’s eyebrows. “Now leave him and Tempo alone.” As Roll was busy distracting Wily, Vesper flies back to Tempo.

“Tempo, snap out of it already.” Vesper says as she flies up and tries to pull Rock out of Tempo’s grip. That unfortunately didn’t work as Vesper had to stop when she sees a shadow engulfs her as Tempo uses her other hand to attack her. Vesper manages to dodge in time and had to start flying around to avoid getting swatted. On the bright side, this distract the brainwashed giantess enough to stop tightening her grip on Rock. “Rock, what are you waiting for, blast either Wily or Tempo!”

“But she’s your sister.” Rock couldn’t believe what he just heard.

“The more reason to go ahead and blast her.” Vesper says as she tries to avoid a couple more swings, one of which smacks into a building hard. “She’s thick headed enough to take a couple of hits.” Vesper states as she flies around Tempo’s head and pulls one of her ponytails. Rock, hesitantly reluctant, listens to what Vesper says and shoots a little bit at Tempo. This causes Tempo to focus back at Rock and tries to squeeze him again but gets hit on the side of her face as Vesper does a flyby and makes Tempo focuses back at her. Wily’s control seems to limit Tempo’s thought process, making her focus on one thing at the time. Rock hopes that maybe he and Vesper can distract Tempo enough to let Roll hopefully grab the remote away from Wily.

Roll was busy beating Wily while Wily himself was busy trying to knock Roll off his capsule. “Leave me alone already, I’m this close of winning for once.” Wily says before Roll manage to kick him in the gut, which cause him to bump into the stirring wheel of the capsule. This cause the whole thing to shake and make Roll stumble back. She groans a bit as she lands on something. Wily sees this as his chance to get rid of Roll as he turns the wheel to make the capsule to get upside down. Roll barely had time to reacted as she grabs two things that is close to her; a seat belt and the things she lands on, the canister Wily was planning to use.

“Hey, turn this thing back to other position so I can kick your head.” Roll says as she struggles to hang.

“Get lost kid, I got no time waste with annoying pest like you.” Wily says as he tries to make the capsule to shake to make Roll fall off. Roll manages to hang on a bit to use the canister she is holding to smack Wily on the head. Wily winces in pain, which made him jerk the stirring wheel so fast, the whole capsule spins around. When the capsule made a sudden stop, Wily was in a complete daze as he tries to get his baring, while Roll got fling up in the air. Roll panics as she sees herself falling to the ground.

As Vesper and Rock were busy trying to distract Tempo, they soon notice Tempo wincing a bit as she stops focusing on the two. Soon Vesper heard Roll screaming and turns around to see Roll falling in the air. Without hesitation, the flying robot makes a beeline flight straight to Roll to try to catch her. Roll covers her eyes as she sees the ground, only to feel her body get yank in the air as Vesper manages to catch her in time.

“T-thanks…” Roll says, as Vesper flies away from the ground.

“No problem,” Vesper says, “Please tell me you manage to stop Wily.”

“No, he still has the remote.” Roll says as she looks at Tempo and remembers her brother. “What about Rock?”

Both robots look at Tempo as she stumbles around a bit, crashing into a building. This causes her to lose her grip and let go of Rock. Rock tries to stop his fall but Tempo crushing him make it difficult to grab on to anything and falls toward the ground. Both girls shout out to Rock as Vesper tries to fly as fast as she could to get to Rock. Rock looks down and see he’s quickly falling straight to the ground before something moves directly beneath him to break his fall.

“G-got you…Rock…” Tempo struggle to says as she looks down at her friend. Tempo manages to regain herself in time to catch Rock before she kneels to the ground. Vesper flies towards Rock and sets Roll down next to him. They look up and see Tempo looking at them. “T-take Rock, and… and get out of here, before Wily tries to take control again…” Tempo says as she places her hand on her head, feeling the virus and nanobots going into over drive as she looks at the flying capsule and sees Wily regaining himself.

“Stay strong sis, we’ll be back!” Vesper shouts out to Tempo as the three robots run. As Wily finally manages to regain his senses, he looks around and sees Rock running.

“Don’t think you can run forever Megaman!” Wily shouts before he saw something about to ram right into him. He quickly got to the control of the capsule and flew it out of the way as Tempo tries to slam her fist into Wily.

“Leave Rock alone.” Tempo muster to say as she tries to go after Wily.

Rock, Roll, and Vesper could only run from the area as they look behind and see Tempo trying to fight back. They run back to Dr. Light’s lab and hope Tempo will be able to fight Wily back long enough for them to come up with a plan.


Chapter 8: Coming Up with a Plan


“I hope you have a plan to save Tempo.” Vesper says as the three robots manages to get to Dr. Light’s lab. Everyone tries to catch their breathe as they contemplate what to do next.

“I wish I do, but the only thing I can’t think of anything.” Rock says as he tries to think of something. Rock walks to computer that he programs to continue hacking the nanobot to see how its progress is. “Ugh, this thing is still not close to being able to help us reprogram the nanobots in Tempo.” Rock says.

“Well, maybe this might.” Roll spoke up as she shows everyone the canister she manages to grab from Wily’s capsule.

“Isn’t that…?” Vesper looks at the canister and see the name on it, marked: XR-128/ Sizenite. The canister looks similar to the other canister that broke yesterday, but instead of emanating an ominous red glow like the nanobots that bonded with Tempo, it just glow blue as the nanobots inside don’t look active even the slightest.

“I manage to snatch it when I was trying to grab the remote Wily to control Tempo.” Roll says as she sets the canister on a table.

“Well, that’s nice and all, but unless we can figure out how to use this thing without Wily controlling whoever this infect, we’ll do nothing but give him two ever-growing robots.” Vesper says as she looks at the device. Her eyes soon spot a piece of paper taped on the lid of the paper. “Oh, what’s this?” Vesper pulls the paper and reads it. “Detail reminder of XR-128/ Sizenite.”

“Wily needs a reminder of something he creates?” Roll asks, finding Wily more of a joke of a scientist than she already did while question the horrible name of “Sizenite.”

“Somehow wouldn’t be the dumbest thing I heard about Wily.” Rock says as remembers some of Wily’s defenses that were laughably easy for him to outsmart with so little effort. “Vesper, can you read it?” Rock asks with Vesper reading out loud.

“This is a improve version of Macronite, allowing one to set the size of any robots to either grow or shrink either by program through a computer or through remote control at a rapid pace, achieving the size in seconds or minutes, depending the desired size. Note: Have not made a remote yet, so must set size first and let whatever robot infected be stuck at that size until otherwise. Upon testing, the Sizenite will also now bond with any energy fuel, allowing the robot to consume it with the size effects reacting almost immediately and can become even more larger than before or shrink to whatever size you wish. Note: testing has shown that it has a strange effect on energy container, sometimes the container will shrink or grow when set to one of the options, sometimes the container could shrink when setting the nanobots to grow, its random for some reason. Note: Remember to program Sizenite with the virus to control the robot, other wise the robot will have the same mind set as they usually do. Keep that in mind as the virus of previous version is weaker than the program of this thing and the nanobots aren’t programmed to fight the new version of nanobot but bond with it. So, if the virus is not program with this, the program could potentially overwrite the virus and revert the robot back to normal. Another note: Not entirely sure what would happen if this version is mixed with the previous version, one idea nothing happens, the idea is the robot might have control of their size, no idea. One last note: Don’t ever be inside the robot when they shrink to whatever size that is set, YOU’LL REGRET IT!”

“…..Ok, that was painfully longer of a note than I thought Wily would make.” Rock says, trying to see if he understands what the note says.

“For a genius, Wily is pretty stupid for leaving important information like this around.” Roll says as she looks at the canister and wonders if what was said is true.

“Maybe, but that idiot might’ve just given us the information we need to rescue my sister.” Vesper says.  Rock thought a bit and agrees with Vesper.

Rock then grabs the canister and bring sit next to the lone nanobot of the Macronite. Looking at the canister, he sees a monitor on the side and presses it, giving options like size set, activation, and how many of the nanobots that is contained to be release. Grabbing a glass jar, Rock sets the device to release one nanobot. The canister spits one out, though not activate as it just floats in the air before Rock snatches it with the jar. He walks to the Macronite nanobot and carefully moves the Sizenite nanobot next to it. Everyone watches as the nanobots did nothing before the Sizenite bot makes a mad dash towards the Macronite. The newer bot attaches itself to the older version and soon the Macronite bot’s red glow that it emanated earlier dies down and soon is replace with a blue glow and doesn’t look active, same as the new nanobots in the canister.

“Let’s see what we can do.” Rock says as the three get started on the task in hand, hoping they just find the solution to their problem.

The three robots spent a good thirty minutes trying to see if they can come up with a good plan as they use the note from the canister to figure out how to reprogram the nanobots. Roll left to got get a E-Tank and quickly comes back with a few.

“Ok, I got some tanks.” Roll sets the tanks down on the floor. “Have you two figure out how to reprogram the….ugh, Sizenite?” Roll groans at the bad name.

“I think so, it’s just figuring out how to do this is taking a bit longer than I thought.” Rock says as types on the monitor. “Wily didn’t exactly make this thing easy to understand exactly.”

“Well, we better hurry up.” Vesper spoke. “Its been a while since we left Tempo to deal with Wily, I’m getting very worried.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure can hold back against Wily’s control.” Rock say, while also hoping he’s right that Tempo hasn’t got reprogram yet.

“Thanks,” Vesper says before saying something that made Rock lose his focus. “Maybe Roll is right for trying to pair you and my sister together.” She jokingly says.

“C-can we focus?” Rock shouts, struggling to hide a blush as he wasn’t expecting a joke like that suddenly. The girls couldn’t help but laugh while Rock focuses back to programing the nanobots. After a bit, Rock is almost done programming the nanobots. “Ok, this thing should be almost ready, all we just need to do is transfer these things into the E-Tanks and get it to Tempo.”

“Hey, not to be pessimistic of Tempo’s ability to not get reprogram,” Roll spoke up, “But what happens if she falls under Wily’s control? It will be difficult to get the E-Tank to Tempo.”

“And make her eat the tank…” Rock says, remembering earlier that Tempo had to swallow the E-Tank he gave her just to consume the energy. “Ok, this is probably going to be a bad idea, but we might need to grow one of us to size big enough to have a chance to force Tempo to take the tank.”

“You sure that’s a good idea?” Vesper asks. “You do remember the part of being stuck at whatever the set size is?

“True, but we may have no choice.” Rock says, “Once we get the E-tank finished, I’ll take some of the nanobots and see if I can set myself to a size that won’t endanger the city.”

“Wait, why you?” Roll says.

“Because out of the three of us, I got more experience fighting robots and Wily to at least have some clue what he might try to do next in the middle of a battle.” Rock points out.

“Good point.” Roll says flatly. As the group manages to come up with a plan, they soon felt the ground shake. The shake was strong enough to make the group stumble. Soon another one could be felt, but stronger, and they can easily guess why.

“Uh oh…” Vesper spoke as she and everyone fear the worse with how powerful the tremor was.

“You two focus on transferring the bots into the E-Tank, I’m going to go out and check.” Rock say as he makes his way outside.

“Be carefully, Rock!” Roll shouts as she and Vesper focus on the task in hand.

The blue bomber calls out his trusty companion, Rush and the two makes their way out the house. Rock could feel a couple more tremors with each one getting stronger. He looks around and sees the city, with some of the buildings getting topple. A loud warning siren could be heard as many people try to evacuate the city, or at least area, as the source of the tremors is making a bee line towards one location, Dr. Light’s Lab. Soon, Rock sees a sight that made him extremely nervous. Standing in the distant, a 600ft tall Quake Woman could be seen.


Chapter 9: Time to Rock the City


Rock gulps at the sight of Tempo, standing at a size perfect enough to destroy the whole city she wants to. To make things worse, Tempo’s expression was more stoic than before, to the point she looks like she’s in a trance. Rock fear what this means, and his fears are confirm when he sees the familiar sight of a flying capsule hovering next to Tempo’s head.

“Ah ha haa haa, take a good look of your doom, Megaman!” Wily shouts into a microphone. “Now then, crush that annoying blue pest.”

“Yes…sir…” Tempo spoke, not sounding like herself as she is under complete control of Wily. Soon Tempo stomps her way towards Rock, crushing the streets as she prepares to reach down and grab Rock.

“Rush, jet mode!” Rock shouts to the robotic dog, and Rush immediately turns into Rush jet. Rock hops on and the two immediately flies in time to avoid Tempo. They fly between legs, causing Tempo to turn around just in time to see Rock flying up to her face. “Sorry Tempo!” Rock shouts as he fires his megabuster at the gigantic face, making Tempo blink as some of the shots hit her in the eye. With Tempo completely focusing on Rock, the blue bomber tries to fly away and direct Tempo away from the city and causing more damage then there is.

Roll and Vesper manage to catch the sight of Tempo stomping off, giving chase to Rock.

“She got so massive already!?” Roll says, couldn’t believe just how much Tempo grew from earlier.

“Wily must be forcing those nanobots in Tempo into overdrive.” Vesper says. “Let’s hurry up before my sister grow big enough to turn the city into a crater.” The two focuses on the Sizenites and prepare to start transferring the bots into the E-Tank. They connect a tube to the tank and the canister and soon Vesper presses some buttons to start transferring.

“Ok, let’s hope this thing doesn’t take long to transfer.” Roll says with Vesper agreeing. They watch as the bots started to immediately transfer to the E-Tank. After a minute, the transfer was complete with only a third of the Sizenites being transferred. The E-tank started to glow a bright blue, as the bots become active and are waiting to bond to whatever robot consumes it.

“Finally, let’s hurry up and start working on the gro-“ Vesper was about to talk about working on the growth setting for the next batch of nanobots for Rock, but stop as the E-Tank start to shake. The two robots back up a bit before the E-Tank start to grow at a ludicrous speed that it smacks into the girls. The to robot groan a bit before recovering themselves and looking at the E-Tank and were shocked to see the tank has grew to fifteen feet tall.

“You have got to be kidding me.” Roll says as she got up and ran to the tank to see if she could move it. The tank did not budge even for a second.

“Great, so one of the things Wily talk about came true.” Frustrated of remember a certain part of the not, Vesper really wish she got her hands on Wily to smack him into the horizon.

“And Rocks to busy trying to get Tempo out of the city to focus on coming back here.” Roll says as she tries to think of something to get the tank to Rock.

“What are we going to do?” Vesper asks, “We need to change plans and quickly, Tempo must be the size of a mountain by now.” Roll then had a bit of idea once she heard change of plans and looks at the massive tank.

“Well, we got two E-Tanks, and we got enough nanobots for the both of us.” Roll says as she points at the canister. Vesper was a bit confuse before she realizes what Roll is implying and immediately starts programming the rest of the nanobots.

“You do know whatever I set these things to; we are going to be stuck at that size for who knows how long.” Vesper states.

“Don’t care, we need to hurry before Wily makes Tempo crush Rock.” Roll says as she connects the canister with the two E-Tanks.

“Well then, here’s hoping the size I set this thing is big enough.” Vesper says as she and Roll watch the canister transfer to the two tanks.

Once the tanks were filled with the nanobots, the two girls quickly take one tank each before the tanks have time to react like the giant tank. They immediately absorbed the energy and soon could feel the effects of the nanobots as their bodies start to grow.

Chapter 10: Running from a Powerful Force


As the girls were busy at Dr. Light’s lab, Rock was having a difficult task looming over him, in this case, quite literally. The blue bomber has been trying to outrun Tempo while leading her away from the city as much as possible. That is easier than done as Tempo’s massive size gave her an advantage to make a few steps and immediately catch up to Rock, all while destroying anything that has the unfortunate luck of being in her way. Thankfully the warning siren earlier made it to were some of the citizens were out of the area, but each step Tempo made could be felt all the way to the city and would shake everything apart.

“Why don’t I ever keep some of the useful weapons for stuff like this?” Rock says to himself as he had to maneuver Rush just to barely avoid Tempo reaching out and trying to either crush her with her hand or swat them as if they’re a gnat to her. Each time Tempo reaches out to try to catch Rock, her hands barely misses Rock as he manages to slip through her fingers. The worst was when Tempo would slam either her foot or fist down. The sheer strength of either one would be enough to shake the ground and destroy anything in a couple of yards all while Rock barely hangs on to his dog as he tries to get out of the spot. Things weren’t helping for the poor robot as he can see Wily following the chaotic show.

“Aha hah, to think you are having a difficult time handling your friend.” Wily says as his capsule struggles to catch up with the two robots. “If I knew something like would be this easy to make your run, I would done this a lot sooner.”

“What I wouldn’t give to have Wily get a taste of his own medicine.” Rock says to himself, as he must focus not getting destroy from his friend then get annoyed from Wily. Rock looks ahead and can see that he’s managing to get near the edge of the city. He just needs to keep going and he doesn’t have to worry about Tempo unintentionally putting people’s lives at risk.

Meanwhile, Wily can see Rock leading Tempo to the edge of the city and couldn’t help but chuckle a bit of Rock’s plan.

“And where do you think you’ll be going once you lead this titanic bulldozer out of the city?” Wily calls out to Rock, “Face it, Megaman. You can’t run away from your friend forever. And even if you do, I’ll just keep giving her the size she needs until you’re in the palm of her hand with no hope of escape. Even if I have to make her dwarf the planet itself.” Wily states as he grabs the remote and presses some button.

“Surely he must be joking,” Rock says, couldn’t believe what Wily is saying, “He’s insane if he makes Tempo that massive.”

As Rock continues to focus running from Tempo, his thought was immediately interrupted as he saw the ground shaking and a powerful rumble could be heard behind the blue bomber. Rock got nervous as he knows what it must mean. He looks behind himself and almost fell off Rush as he watches Tempo preparing to get another growth spurt, and a strong one at that. Rock watches in shock as Tempo’s growth spurt is getting accelerated as she grows faster than before. The bottom sole of her boot would steamroll countless objects as the robot herself stands tall for many to see. Soon the growth spurt stops and Tempo grew twice then what she was a few seconds ago, now standing over twelve hundred feet tall.

“T-this is getting ridiculous.” Rock stammers a bit before seeing Tempo preparing to make her move. High above Tempo looks down and can see Rock and soon summons her drill weapon on her hand. Rock sees what the titanic robot is about to do and tries to get as far away from his current spot as fast as possible. Tempo moves her drill hand up and then slams it straight to the ground. A terrifying force rocks the whole land as the drill penetrates the ground and creates an earthquake that could be felt for miles and a dust cloud that stretch far enough to make it to the city. Rock was at the worse spot as the drill, while thankfully missing him by a dozen yards, lands right behind him and the shockwave from the drill making contact to the ground and drilling the earth was so strong, the sheer force smacks right at Rock and Rush. The impact separated the two and Rush was teleported back to Dr. Light’s lab while Rock was sent flying ahead by a mile or two.

After making contact to the ground a couple of times, Rock somehow manages to make it through the landings with no serious injuries. Being very disoriented, Rock tries to figure out where he is now. He found himself in a very dusty area, in the middle of the dust cloud Tempo created when she used her weapon on Rock. Unfortunately, Rock’s thoughts were interrupted as he soon felt the ground shaking, with each tremor getting stronger. Rock tries to get up and run from the spot, but it was no use as the shaking stops as soon as a building size sole slams near where Rock is, knocking the blue bomber back on his back. Rock only had only a few second to recover before her heard a low rumble above him. He looks up and soon the dusty cloud clears out as neighborhood size hand reaches down and scoops the area that Rock stands in. Rock could only hang on to where he was at as his world rumbles and is lifting, past the dust clouds, allowing Rock to see around him, with the worst thing to see is his gigantic friend, who grew again and is twice the height of her previous size.

Rock panics as he tries to get up and run but the second he tries, Tempo uses her other hand to slam one of her fingers right in front of the tiny robot. Rock stands where he was, trying to think what to do next before he hears the familiar voice of Wily.

“Ha, told you that you can’t run away from your friend forever, Megaman.” Wily shouts. “As much I want to appreciate the moment, time for you to get lost. Turn him into crushed scrap.”

Tempo hears Wily and obeys what the mad scientist says and soon start closing her hand. Rock watches as his area grows dark as Tempo prepares to crush him like a bug. Rock, in a desperate attempt, aims his megabuster and fire some shots at Tempo’s face, with the hacked robot showing no signs of noticing. Soon Tempo’s finger closes out all the light and Rock can feel the area getting smaller as he feels himself getting squished. Rock tries to push against Tempo’s fingers, but with Tempo’s new size, Rock is no match to stop crushing force. Rock brace himself for the worst as he doesn’t know how to get out of this situation. However, Tempo soon stops as she hears what sounds like a whistle and soon looks up.

“Huh, what’s that?” Wily, also noticing the whistle sound, looks up and sees something in the sky that is absolutely massive. Before Tempo and Wily had time to react, whatever the two was looking at quickly lands right at the ground and shook everything with enough force to make Tempo’s drill move slightly sad. Tempo looks ups as something reaches for the hand Tempo was using to crush Rock and immediately grabs with enough force that it made Tempo let go of everything in the hand, including Rock. Rock got lost for a second before seeing himself falling to the ground. He tries to summon Rush to fly him out of the area, but he was out of energy for Rush jet and continues to fall. However, something moves underneath Rock and the blue bumper lands on something very soft that safes him from become a flat iron plate. Recovering from the fall, Rock looks around before looking up to be greeted from a massive red wall that goes up for a while. He, as well as Wily as soon he recovers from the unexpected crash landing, looks higher up before seeing a familiar sight that made each one’s jaw drop.

“Heh, guess I made it just in time.” Everyone looks up and see a mile tall Roll as she looks at her hand to see Rock safe and sound.


Chapter 11: Commence a Massive Rescue


Everyone couldn’t help but look up at the mile-tall Roll as she stands over Tempo, twice her height. The gigantic robotic girl sighs in relief as she’s glad she manages to get her just in time to safe her brother.

“R-Roll!” Rock couldn’t believe the sight of his sister as she looms over him while he is sitting in the middle of the palm of Roll’s hand.

“Sorry it took so long to get here, Rock.” Roll says with a smile, glad to see that Rock wasn’t crush.

“Cursed girl!” Roll turns her attention towards the direction where Wily is, seeing him shout at her as he hides behind Tempo. “You think just because you grew a size larger than this one you will easily win? We’ll see about that as soon as she dwarfs you like a mere bug.” Wily says as he fiddles the remote to make Tempo focus on Roll, who’s just stands where she is with one of her hands on her hips as she looks at the mad scientist with annoyance.

However, as Wily was busy fiddling the remote, he did not notice as a vast shadow engulfs him. He only manages to notice just in time as a white mountain reaches out to him before closing all around him. The capsule and Wily bounces around as he felt himself being move somewhere. Soon light could be seen blinding Wily before the light is replace by a gigantic angry pupil starring right at Wily.

“So, what was that about messing with my sister’s size again, BUG?” Vesper looks at the tiny capsule that is in the middle of her palm. The robot girl stares angrily at the tiny scientist as she prepares to move her other hand towards Wily.

“Ah, wait, you took the Sizenite, which mean the virus should make it easy for me to take contro-“

“Oh, you mean the very virus you forgot to install, as well as the remote?” Vesper interrupts the scientist as she positions one of her fingers directly at Wily. Wily immediately knew he is screw and does the only thing he can do at a time like this.

“Please forgive m-!“ Unfortunately for Wily, Vesper once again interrupts him as she flicks her finger right at the capsule and watch Wily get fling right into the horizon and is out of sight.

“Nope.” Vesper says as she places her hands on her hip.

“Well that takes care of that problem.” Roll says with a smile, glad to see Wily gone, before diverting her eyes down at Tempo. “Now to fix this problem.”

Sadly, Tempo shows no sign of gaining her sense back as she runs right at Roll and prepares to use her drill to attack. That attempts however was quickly interrupted as Vesper reaches down and pulls against one of Tempo’s ponytail and instantly knocking the robot down.

“Woah, calm yourself, Tempo.” Vesper says as she tries to keep Tempo from attacking anyone.

“While I’m grateful you girls came in just in time to safe me from becoming metal scrap,” Rock finally spoke up and looks at his sister, “Why did change the plan and took the nanobots?”

“Well, we were hoping to get the E-tank for Tempo and the one for you after the transfer was done, but the one for Tempo….” Roll reaches into her pocket and carefully plucks out a tiny, to her, E-tank. Rock could see it in the distant and can see that the tank was big. “Anyways, I wouldn’t be complaining if I were you. You’re not the one who’s stuck at this size for who knows how long.” Roll says, a little bit peeve at the thought she and Vesper are stuck at a mile tall.

“I don’t know what you’re complaining about, Roll.” Vesper says as she playfully toys around with Tempo. “I could get use to the idea of being the bigger sister.” Vesper says with a smile as she places her hand on top of Tempo’s head to keep her from her hands swinging at her. However, Vesper’s smile quickly turns to confusion as she felt her sister shaking. Soon, everyone watches in shock as Tempo grew twice then her previous size, now standing under Vesper’s height by a little. Vesper panics as her sister immediately tackles her to the ground and proceeds to attack.

“Ah, that’s right, Wily accelerated Tempo’s growth!” Rock shouts, remembering that the nanobots inside Tempo’s body are sent to overdrive. Roll hears this and immediately tries to rush towards Tempo to shove the E-Tank into aggressive robot. However, Tempo sees Roll coming towards her and swung her drill arm at the maid robot. Roll manages to catch the sight of the drill and stops just in time to avoid getting hit by the drill, but soon receive a blunt impact from Tempo’s elbow as she quickly shoves herself right on top on Roll. Roll struggles to push against Tempo, which was more difficult than looks as Roll also tries to not clutch her hand that has Rock on it and accidentally crushes him. Tempo eyes looks at the hand and could see Rock, and her focus is slightly shifted as she tries to reach for Rock to crush him while keeping Roll pin down. Rock sees Tempo’s gigantic hand reaching for him and tries to get up and put as much difference away from the hand.

As Tempo’s hand reaches down and can almost reach the blue bomber, she felt herself being pull backwards as she also felt her arms getting pull back. Looking behind, Vesper can be seen putting a full nelson on Tempo.

“Quick, give her the E-tank now.” Vesper shouts as she strains herself to keep her sister from moving. Roll sees her opportunity and gets up. Roll dashes towards Tempo and quickly put the shoves the E-tank into Tempo’s mouth. The hacked robot felt something in her mouth and tries to spit the object out of her mouth. That would be difficult as Roll tries to keep her hand on Tempo’s mouth to force her to swallow while Vesper continues to hold on to Tempo. The three giantesses continue to struggle around before one of Roll’s attempts to make Tempo swallow cause her to push against the robot enough that it made Vesper lose her balance and the giantesses land on the ground. Vesper groans a bit as everyone lands right on top of her. Tempo and Roll would soon land with Tempo opening her mouth a bit before she made a hard swallow from getting knock down and receive the landing, but not before all three giantess missed seeing that something else flew out of Roll’s other hand upon the landing and fell right into Tempo’s mouth just as she swallow. Upon regaining herself to immediately plant her boots right on Roll’s stomach and shove her off. Roll groans from the landing as she looks up to see Tempo getting up, preparing to attack before she stops as her body shakes a bit.

“She swallowed the E-tank, she must be returning to normal size now.” Roll says, hoping she is right. However, Vesper and Roll watch Tempo’s body shake a bit and starts to change size again, but not to where they were hoping for. They watch as Tempo soon grew to where she almost stands twice as tall as the two girls. “W-what’s going on, the bots should be shrinking her, Rock…. Rock?” Roll looks at her hand that is supposed to have Rock but sees that its completely empty. She looks around to see if maybe her brother fell off somewhere but stops as Tempo looks at the two girls and immediately start to attack.

Chapter 12: The Tremor is Growing Strong


“Ugh, this is just great…” Rock says to himself, rubbing his head as he found himself in a vast metal tunnel, with wires and cables attach to the walls and many different kind of machinery parts that should only be see at regular size but now are small buildings to him. Rock looks around, knowing where he is as he remembers getting catapulted off Roll’s hand in heading into Tempo’s mouth. He looks around the inside of Tempo as he tries to figure out where to go to get out of here. However, Rock could fell everything shake violently as the titanic robot is moving around, trying to attack Roll and Vesper.

“Ugh, I don’t get it, Tempo should be shrinking by now, so why isn’t working.” Rock says to himself as he felt his world rock at one side and felt himself getting fling into a cable. “Got to find that E-tank and fast.” Rock tries to get around the spot he is and hopes that he can find the tank before things get worse outside.

Meanwhile outside….

Roll and Vesper panic as Tempo now stand over them and tries to strike them down. The two moves away from each other as Tempo slams her hand down. The two has a difficult time avoiding each attack Tempo made as she is hellbent at striking the two robots with every ounce of her strength.

“You said the E-tank got swallow, so why she’s still attacking us?” Vesper shouts as she manages to avoid another of Tempo’s attack.

“I don’t know, it probably hasn’t taken full effect yet with how big she is.” Roll says as she tries her best to look for her brother while also not receiving a mega-size drill to the face.

“So, what, we just play dodgeball and hope Tempo shrinks down soon?” Vesper says, not liking how things are getting worse Tempo grows again, now four miles tall.

“For now, it might be all we can do.” Roll says as she sees Tempo dashing at them and uses her drill again. The manages to barely avoid the drill, allowing Vesper to reach and grab her sister’s arm.

“Come on Tempo, get back to being your boring self that can’t take a joke.” Vesper says as Tempo swings her arm to shake the robot off.

Back inside Tempo…

Rock wasn’t having a good experience as every movement Tempo made was a terrifying feeling to the blue bomber as he would fly to one side of the area to the next. It would only get worse as each growth spurt Tempo gets makes traversing her body worse and worse. Rock tries to figure out where he must be at, but with how things are shaking around violently, it makes it hard to tell if he’s even going to the right direction that might lead to the E-tank that should be around. Rock was begging to wonder if he will be able to find the E-tank in time before he started to hear a noise, one smaller and different than the noise going on outside. Looking around, Rock looks at one side of the area and sees something moving towards his direction. Upon the a few second, Rock manages to see what it was. It was rather small to Rock, about the size of a small rock, and is robotic. Rock soon realizes what this strange robot thing is after remembering Dr. Light’s lab.

“A nanobot?” Rock wonder why this thing was doing here, and why its so big compare to the one he and everyone was examining earlier. Rock looks around and the ground as well and tries to see if he came examine the surface. He looks and can see faint light embedded in the surface. If Rock had a magnifying glass, he would see that these were nanobots as well. Rock was even more confuse as there is no way the bigger nanobot that is walking past him should be the same one. With nowhere else to go and having a hunch on something, he decides to follow the larger nanobot.

Back outside….

Tempo manages to shake Vesper off her arm and tries grab her so she could slam her to the ground. Roll tries to stop Tempo and grabs her leg. Tempo struggles to reach for Vesper as Roll was pulling her back a bit, but soon her body shakes a bit.

“N-not again!” Roll states as she felt the leg she grabbed on to was getting bigger and harder for her to hold on to. Vesper looks behind her and manage to get a see her sister growing more until she’s eight miles tall.

“This is ridiculous,” Is all Vesper could say before Tempo sees her and reaches for her again. Tempo manages to easily grab Vesper by her leg and swung her to the ground.  Vesper was a bit daze as Tempo stands over her and prepares to slam her drill at her sister. Roll looks up and panics before climbing a bit on Tempo’s leg to hop up and grabs Tempo’s ponytails. This cause Tempo to stumble backward a bit as she struggles to regain her footing.

Back inside Tempo….

The fight outside with the three girls were not making things any easy for poor Rock as he had to hang on to whatever was around him to not get fling around. The violently shaking was making it very difficult for the robot to keep his eyes on the large bot as it continues its path, practically ignoring everything outside.

“Wish I was this thing at the moment, maybe I can get around finding that E-tank easier.” Rock says as he continues his tough task at following the bot, hoping he’s right about following the thing. After a minute or two of holding on to wires, bolts, and even engravings on the surface, Rock can hear a noise, one that is very different compare to what is outside and to the little bot he’s been following. Turning around the corner, Rock is soon greeted by sight of something he wasn’t expecting; a massive room that has a giant glowing crystal-like object with many tubes connected to it and surrounding both the tubes and the crystal are hundreds and hundreds of bots. Rock found himself practically inside Tempo’s chest and is at her core.

The massive cluster of bots vary in many size as they bundle together while biting into Tempo’s core. They soon glow bright before releasing a powerful blast into the area they were at. Soon another bot can be seen splitting apart after it release energy before they repeat the process again, with each one getting bigger than the last.

“Self-replicating nanobots?” Rock says as he stares in awe of the sight of the many bots that completely ignore the blue bomber. “No wonder why the bots are getting bigger, but that must, mean that Tempo…” And right on cue, Rock’s world rumbles and the room soon started to stretch and warp before soon stopping with twice the amount of room. Rock didn’t even have to look outside to know that Tempo grew again and is now 16 miles tall. Rock stumbles a bit from the growth spurt, worrying for Roll and Vesper as he focuses on finding the E-tank. “Come on, please don’t tell me my hunch is wrong.” Rock says, hoping that maybe following the bots would lead him to find the E-tank as well is proving right.

After a few stumbles and feeling the world shake around while bumping into a few bots, Rock worries his hunch is wrong and he might be too late. However, after one more shake from Tempo moving outside, some bots move away from a small section of the area and a faint blue glow can be seen bury under some of the bots. Rock sees the glow and sees that it was the E-tank.

“I was right!” Rock says cheerfully as he tries to run towards the tank as fast as possible. He manages to get to the tank and sees that its ok, but it hasn’t been absorbing by any of the bots. “Why are they ignoring the nanobots…..right, Wily’s note.” Rock smacks himself as he remembers one part of Wily’s note saying that theses bots will ignore the Sizenite bots, and the bots are still contain in the tank so they can’t go out and over take the other bots. Rock tries to think of a way to make the Sizenites bots get absorbed by the other bots before thinking of one idea. In a desperate attempt, Rock points his megabuster and starts blasting the E-tank.

Back outside….

Roll and Vesper when in trouble as Tempo towers over them easily as they barely stand below her foot. The two had to run in different direction as Tempo stomps her boot down to crush the two girls. Vesper has a bit of an advantage of the situation as she can easily fly around and avoid most of Tempo’s attack. The same can’t be said the same for Roll as she can’t fly and has no choice but to run as fast as she can. Vesper sees Roll running and tries to fly towards her to catch her, but Tempo sees this and slams her fist to block the flying robot. Vesper stops herself as she must think of a way to help Roll while dealing with sister. Vesper though of an idea and immediately flies up to Tempo’s face. Tempo’s focus moved from Roll to Vesper as the flying robot did everything, she can to distract Tempo. Roll sees the titanic robot not looking at her and tries to run as much as possible.

Vesper did her best to avoid Tempo’s hand as she tries to swat her like she is an annoying bug, ironic. Vesper manages to do a good job at dodging every swing, but that was about to change as Tempo’s body shakes again. Vesper panics as Tempo’s body shoot up and now stands around thirty miles tall to where her shadow engulfs many parts of the land, including the city itself. Her growth spurt shook the ground, violently shaking everything for many miles, including making Roll fall flat on her face.

“Roll!” Vesper looks down to see Roll fell, not noticing she made a terrible mistake as a massive landmass moves directly at her. Vesper looks up just in time to see the palm of Tempo’s hand as she smacks Vesper out of the air and into a mountain. Vesper was ok, but badly injure to the point of delirious.

Roll tries to get up before she felt a mountain lands next to her. She looks and can see Tempo’s boot next to her. Fearing what comes next, she looks up to see Tempo starring at her as she moves her boot and hovers it above Roll. Roll didn’t had time to move as she sees the purple sole of Tempo’s boot slamming down on her. Luckily, Roll is managing to push against the boot a bit, but it would be a matter of time before Tempo fully steps on Roll.

Back inside Tempo’s body….

The last growth spurt made things horrifically worse for the blue bomber as Rock lost his footing and aim at the E-tank and tumble quite the distant away. Luckily for him, Rock could still see the E-tank, but unfortunately, he was so far away that he won’t have the time to get closer for a easy shot before Tempo either grows again or finishes off Roll and Vesper. With no other choice, Rock aims his megabuster and starts blasting at the E-tank. All his shots were hitting around the tank, only hitting the bots that were making thing painfully difficult for Rock to even have a chance to hit the tank.

“Come on, let me hit the stupid tank.” Rock says, trying to keep himself calm as he tries to blast his target. More of his shots were missing, only barely making it to the tank. “Please, let me save Tempo before its too late.” Rock says as he focuses his aim one last time and fires. Time slows down for a bit as the shot makes it trajectory towards the tank. The shot misses several bots that move out of the way just in time and soon the shot contacted the E-tank. The tank soon shatters, and a blue cloud spews out. “Yes!” Rock sees his last finally hit his mark and can see the blue cloud of the Sizenite starting to get active. One of the nearby bots notices the cloud just as it flies right at the bot and soon the bot shudders before it stops a bit and soon tackle another bot. Rock watches as the Sizenites started to affect the Macronites and the reprogramming process slowly makes it’s way to the core. Rock hopes the Sizenites work fast enough to allow Tempo to come to her senses in time. However, his thoughts were interrupts as some of the Sizenites contacted Tempo’s core and the whole area shook hard and violently, and the whole area started to grow.

“W-what’s going on?” Rock stumbles as the shaking continues nonstop.

Back outside….

Roll can feel Tempo applying more pressure to her boot as Roll can’t push back against the massive boot for much longer. Vesper manages to recover a bit and could see Tempo is trying to crush Roll under her foot and immediately gets up to make a beeline towards the two. Vesper didn’t have time to fly up to Tempo’s face and has no choice but to fly up to the bottom of the sole and try to help Roll push back. Even with the two robots, Tempo shows no sign of stopping, if anything, she applies more pressure once she saw her sister trying to help Roll. The two girls fear the worse as the brace themselves to get flatten, only to have a major panic as they felt Tempo shaking again.

“Not again, we can’t outrun her with her next growth spurt.” Roll says, fearing she and Vesper are doom. However, the two heard something that made them notice that Tempo stop trying to crush them. A loud groan can be heard high above as Tempo sounded like she’s having a headache. Soon, Tempo lifts her foot as she takes a small step back. Vesper and Roll watch as Tempo’s body shakes again, before Vesper quickly reacted and grabs Roll as she starts flying. She took off in time just as Tempo grows again, with the bottom of her boots bulldozing everything in their path. Roll and Vesper watch in fear as Tempo grew to an extremely massive height of 50 miles tall, her whole body can be seen for many miles. The two robots were scare to try to avoid Tempo before noticing she is stumbling backward. Roll looks behind Tempo and panics as Tempo is stumbling right towards the city. Vesper sees this and tries to fly as fast as she can to Tempo, desperate to try anything before Tempo flattens the city.

Everyone inside the city watch stood in fear for the last hour when they watch Tempo stomping around with Vesper and Roll, scare to try to leave the city when each step Tempo made would shake the city hard and made it impossible to evacuate the city completely. It only got worse when they kept seeing Tempo growing more and more until they see her in the terrifying height of 50 miles. They soon panic as Tempo start to stumble backwards, with the bottom of her foot preparing to land right on top of them. Every scream in fear as they look up and see the sky is replace by the purple bottom sole as it descends.

Vesper and Roll were so far away to fly up to Tempo that they watch in fear as they witness Tempo about to plant her foot down at the middle of the city. Everyone closes their eyes as they didn’t want to witness what comes next. Soon a powerful boom noise could be heard as the two robots knew that Tempo stood back. Roll slowly opens her eyes, scare to see the damage. However, her eyes widen as she saw the while Tempo did took a step back, she stops her foot just in time to miss the city by a few miles. Soon, the two robots could hear a booming voice high above.

“Wh-where….where am I?” Tempo spoke up as she rubs her eyes, fully regaining consciousness.


Chapter 13: Surviving the Aftermath


“What happened…where am I?” Tempo looks around, not recognizing where she is as she took a step forward. While Vesper and Roll were cheerful to see that Tempo finally regain consciousness, they were still in danger as Tempo is about to take a step on them. Vesper manages to fly her and Roll out of the way in time as the titanic boot slams down.

“Even when she’s not under Wily’s control, she’s still trying to crush us.” Vesper says in annoyance. This made Tempo stop herself as she thought she heard something.

“Huh, what was that noise?” Tempo asks herself, still slightly not fully awake while looking around to find the source of the noise. “It sounds like a familiar annoying pest.”

“Annoying pest!? I’ll show you how who’s the pest once your sorry butt shrinks back to normal size!” Vesper shouts at her sister, almost dropping Roll in her fit of rage. This was enough to make Tempo look down and her eyes widen when she sees the familiar sight of Vesper and Roll.

“What the?” Tempo kneels and reaches for the two, which made the girls panic as they were scared that Tempo is going to continue her attempts to crush them. Thankfully that isn’t the case as Tempo easily plucks the two robots from the air and brought them to her face. “Vesper? Roll?”

This was enough to make the girls smile as they see that Tempo is back to herself.

“Sis, its good to see you back to normal again.” Vesper says with smile.

“Normal, I’m still big to you two.” Tempo points out, clearly not knowing what has happened for the past hour. “And why am I standing in the middle of nowhere?” Tempo looks around, not seeing anything recognizable to her.

“Um, about that, Tempo,” Roll spoke up, preparing to tell Tempo what happened. However, the robot didn’t have the chance to as Tempo started to shake again.

“Uhg, not again, I’m still growing?” Tempo says in annoyance, “How big am I going to get now….huh?” Tempo was about to tap her foot and wait for hew new growth spurt but notice that everything is starting to get bigger instead of her.

“It…its finally working!” Vesper and Roll said in unison as they watch Tempo is shrinking this time. Tempo sees this and gives a smile as she dwindles in size.

“You found a way to reverse the nanobots?” Tempo could not believe this and is resisting the urge to give the two robots a giant hug in joy, mainly because she fears she could crush them at her size. Tempo watches the girls were getting bigger and bigger to her with each passing second. Soon Tempo would be at the same size as the girl, only to continue shrinking. “W-wait a second, I’m still shrinking!” Tempo says in disbelieve, “Don’t tell me I’m now going to shrink forever.” Tempo plead, fearing the idea of being in an endless cycle of growing and shrinking nonstop. Vesper and Roll couldn’t help but look at each other and laugh.

“About the idea of you shrinking nonstop,” Roll spoke, “You still shrinking because you haven’t reach you normal size.”

“N-normal size?” Tempo couldn’t believe what she just heard as she watches the girls towering over her as she continues to shrink. “Just how big did I get?”

“Big, very, very big.” Vesper says, watching her sister dwindle until she starts to become the size of a small bug and continues to get smaller.

Tempo couldn’t help but look up in awe as Vesper and Roll continue to get bigger until her size shrinking process slows down, now reaching her normal size. Vesper and Roll couldn’t help but smile as they see Tempo is finally back to normal size, all while Tempo couldn’t believe that she is now seeing the mile-tall robots.

“Well, this is defiantly a different perspective than yesterday.” Tempo stumbles back a bit, not use to seeing everyone is now towering over her. Roll and Vesper couldn’t help but laugh at the moment. Tempo also couldn’t help but laugh as well, enjoying the moment now she isn’t growing nonstop.

“Well, we are glad that you are enjoying the part of being normal size more than us at the moment,” Vesper says, “We kind of need one big favor from you.”

“Big favor?” Tempo couldn’t but groan a bit as she thinks Vesper said “big” on purpose as a pun.

“Yeah, you see, when Rock, Vesp-“ Roll was about to talk about the Sizenites, before she stops herself and remembers something extremely important. “Wait, Rock! Where is he!?” Roll got up as she remembers that she lost track of her brother and tries to carefully look around. Vesper got nervous as she forgot about Rock during the battle and tries to help Roll. Tempo got nervous, fearing she may have hurt Rock as she remembers Wily trying to use her to hurt her friend. She was about to ask to help before she felt something on her chest. She looks down, seeing something very tiny by the gem on her chest. One benefit of being a robot specifically design to examine rocks and other geological stuff, she has a bit of a built-in microscope lens in her eyes. She looks around the area of the gem and sees a tiny blue figure blasting away at the gem, which does nothing to Tempo, but it did enough to allow her to guess what the blue figure is. Carefully as she can, Tempo pluck the blue speck and brought it close to her face. Her eyes widen as she recognizes the speck before her lens manages to clearly see the speck in great detail.

Tempo smiles as she simply says one thing to the speck, “Thank you, Rock.”


Epilogue: Much Needed Break…. Somewhat….


Hours after the whole incident….

When the whole event finally subdues and everything not in the threat of getting flatten by a nonstop growing robot, the people of the city tries to repair the damage that was cause by Tempo and the scuffle outside the city. Thankfully, no one either notices Tempo or recognizes that she was the giant robot. Which is a good thing as Tempo makes her way to Dr. Light’s lab and get started on a very taxing task that she got not much of a choice but to do alone, well kind of.

“I still can’t believe that I was easily controlled by Dr. Wily and almost destroy you, Vesper, Roll, and the city.” Tempo says with the sound of self-disappointment and possible embarrassment in her usual tone. Once she told Roll and Vesper she found Rock, they all fill her in of what transpired in the time period between her stumbling around the city at 50 ft tall to where they restore her back to normal. She looks at Rock at the palm of her hand, who unfortunately is still at his miniscule size after getting shrunk with Tempo and will sadly be stuck like that until things are fix with Roll and Vesper. The two girls were forced to wait outside the city as they are still stuck at one mile tall, somewhat now bored out of their mind as they can’t really do much without endanger many things like the city or anything nearby. So now the two robot masters, Tempo mostly, are trying to create more Sizenites just to at least shrink Roll and Vesper back to normal.

“Don’t worry about it, Tempo, I’m just glad we manage to restore you back to normal before things got significantly worse than it did.” Rock says in his built-in radio, which was about the only way for the two to now communicate as the sheer size difference made it impossible for Rock to talk to Tempo normally. Rock had the most difficult time getting used to his new size, as just the palm of Tempo’s hand feels like a vast landscape while the rest of Tempo was something else for Rock that he couldn’t help but feel extremely intimidated of Tempo’s massive size to him.

“True, with how you describe the whole situation, I could have accidentally destroyed the city before growing even further and destroying everything before potentially outgrowing the world.” Tempo says bluntly. “To think Wily is that insane to go that far to defeat you.”

“I would like to think Wily is sane enough to not do something stupid as that, but I’ve been wrong before. Thank goodness he didn’t have the hindsight to use the bots on other robots.” Rock states. He shudders the thought of what would happen if Wily were to make more of the nanobots and spread them out to more robots instead of just one.

Tempo continue to type in some program into a computer as she tries to make some machines here and there before attempting to start creating the nanobots with what little information she has from the computer that spent so much time hacking the old nanobot they had before, which is starting to prove easier said than done. “*sigh* Ignoring Wily for a bit, at the rate I’m making this thing go, you, Roll and Vesper better get used to your new size for a while.” Rock could see the frustration in Tempo’s look as he has no choice but to watch the titanic, to him, size robot do all of this work by herself, he couldn’t help but feel little bit like Tempo was as she grew too big to help examine the annoying nanobots.

“H-how about a small break, Tempo?” Rock suggested as he sees Tempo shifting her eyes at the miniscule robot before sighing a bit before giving a small smile.

“I guess a break is a bit of needed.” Tempo says as she carefully moves to a chair, making sure she doesn’t move too fast for Rock to accidentally fall off. She sits down as she then moves Rock towards the tip of her nose, one reason being that she wanted to use both hand for a e tank and the other reason being that she wanted to at least see Rock without having to constantly use her hand to hold on to him.

“Hey, quick question, you are perfectly ok, right?” Rock asks with a concern tone.

“Of course, well other some tingle here and there, but otherwise I don’t feel anything at all different.” Tempo says, examining her hand and other parts of her boy and don’t see anything odd. “Why do you ask?’

Rock remembers something about Wily’s note, the part about that he doesn’t know what might happened exactly would happen should the Sizenite and Macronite were to meet inside a single robot at the same time. The exact thing that happens with Tempo. Rock looks at Tempo before shaking his head of the thought. “Oh, never mind, just being paranoid is all.” Tempo couldn’t help but give a halfhearted smile of her friend’s concern for her.

“How are you feeling about your new size?” Tempo ask Rock, somewhat feeling strange of the thought that this tiny speck on her nose is her friend.

“Too be perfectly honest, a bit intimidated by the sheer size difference with me and practically everything around me.” Rock says, as he understandably hasn’t gotten use of being a miniscule speck to every order normal size object here and there. Just looking around and he can tell a small bolt or nut are the size of cities and large castles to him. “Its… a bit overwhelming to say the least.” Rock didn’t want to say the same thing to Tempo, as her eyes stare down at him.

“Does that include me?” Tempo asks in a stern tone as her gaze stares into the miniscule robot’s core. “Exactly how intimidating and overwhelming would you describe me?” Rock felt a bit nervous to answer that question as Tempo’s eyes looking like she wants a serious answer. Soon, the sound of something caught him off guard, Tempo chuckling a bit. “I’m only joking, Rock.” She says with a lighter tone as she sees Rock sighing a bit. “Again, thank you so much for helping.”

“You don’t have to thank me, Tempo,” Rock says as he looks at Tempo with a smile. “We are friends after all, I couldn’t leave you stuck in your predicament.” Rock’s words, while usually the same optimistic he used before to cheer Tempo up, made her pause a bit as she thought about something. Tempo would have just taken the compliment, but after knowing that Rock went through quite a bit just to save her, enough to where she does feel like she does need to make it up to him with some kind of gift or something to show her appreciation. “Um…Tempo?” Rock manage to get Tempo back reality after being deep in thought, making him slightly worry of Tempo’s mental state.

“Sorry, just thinking something?” Tempo says, looking back at Rock.

“And what’s that?” Rock asks before he saw his area grew dark and turns around just in time to see two mountain like digits that is Tempo’s fingers as she manage to carefully pinch the back of Rock’s collar and lift him up from her nose to let him get a good view of one of her eyes.

“Of a nice enough gift to give my thanks.” Tempo simply says as she lowers him towards her lips, blocking all Rock’s view as he felt Tempo drifting him towards the very thing.

“Uh, Tempo, no thanks, you really don’t have to…” Rock says nervously before he was interrupted as Tempo practically gave him a landscape size kiss before pulling him back and lifting him back towards her eyes. Rock was rather speechless of what just happened, as he wasn’t expecting the massive robot to do something unusual as that. “…T-Tempo?”

“Try to not get any ideas, Rock.” Tempo says in a monotone voice yet hiding her blush. “I only wanted to give you some form of gift that you at least deserve. This was something I could think of to at least give you right now.” She explains, “As such, this will be our secret from Roll and Vesper, understand?” Tempo states, as she doesn’t want to hear what either Vesper or Roll would say if they ever found out what Tempo just did, the two would never let this moment go.

“A-agree…” Rock says, still somewhat flabbergasted and feverishly blushing from receiving the gift. Tempo gives a smile as she places Rock back to the tip of her nose, mainly enjoying the sight of Rock’s reaction and enjoying the thought that Rock somewhat does looks adorable at his size now she has time to think about it.

“Now then, I think that is enough of a break.” Tempo says as she carefully gets up without the minuscule blue bomber falling off. “How about we get back to trying to restore Roll’s and Vesper’s size?” Tempo says as makes her way to resume working the nanobots. Rock was still dumbfounded from Tempo’s gift that he did nothing but nod in agreement while holding on to where he is at.

Unfortunately, it turns out the process will take at least a few weeks before Tempo will be able to create enough nanobots and program them to shrink Vesper and Roll back to normal. It would be even longer before Tempo will have the chance to grow Rock back to normal. At least she has a minuscule Rock to keep her entertain.