(Cubed Cinder)

NOTE from author: This takes place in the mid-90s cartoon series, which explains why Proto Man is on Wily's side.

Dr. Light wiped away the sweat that was constantly coming down his forehead as he carefully worked with Mega Man's internal systems. The blue hero laid down on the flatbed, shut down so that a most critical operation could be performed by the good scientist. Mega Man's sister, Roll, stood on the other side of the flatbed along with Rush.
"Dr. Light, maybe you should take a break. You've been working quite a sweat for the past hour or so." Roll said. Rush barked in agreement.
"I appreciate your concern, Roll, but it's most important I get this Hyper Drive installed in Mega Man's system." Dr. Light said.
"Remind me what makes the Hyper Drive so important?" Roll asked.
"You'll see once I test it with Mega Man. Trust me, this will greatly help us in our battle against Dr. Wily." Dr. Light said.
"Well hurry up! The suspense is really getting onto my circuits." Roll said. Finally, after some last minute soldering, Dr. Light exhaled and closed up Mega Man's panel.

"Ha! Finished! Now to reactivate Mega Man." Dr. Light said. He pressed a series of buttons on his Mega Buster, and then Mega Man opened his eyes and looked up at his master.
"Well, Dr. Light, is it ready?" Mega Man said.
"Of course, Mega Man. All diagnostic tests came out with positive results. You are ready to use my latest invention, the Hyper Drive!" Dr. Light said.
"Alright! So what does it do? You've been keeping this thing secret since you deactivated me." Mega Man said.
"You too, eh, bro? He wouldn't tell me either." Roll said. Dr. Light then walked over to his computers and loaded up a picture of the small blue box that he had just installed inside Mega Man.
"The Hyper Drive is our newest weapon to use in the battle against Dr. Wily and his nasty robots. You can use it, Mega Man, to combine the powers of Rush, Eddie, Beat, and yourself into one large fighting machine. You'll have enough firepower to destroy an entire squadron of Wily's fighters!" Dr. Light shouted, sounding very excited over his new creation.

"Hmmm... you've certainly gotten my attention, doctor. So how do I activate it?" Mega Man said.
"Simply think about your new invention, and a signal will be sent to Rush, Eddie, and Beat. They will come to you and combine with your own circuits, transforming you into Hyper Mega Man." Dr. Light said.
"Well, it's worth a try. Hyper Drive, activate!" Mega Man said. Instantly he began to think of the new power he was about to receive. At that point, Rush, Eddie, and Beat all came rushing into main room, right past Roll and Dr. Light who both watched as the four robots merged together and Mega Man's body became encased in a bright white light which gradually became larger and larger. Finally, the light died down and revealed Mega Man, only he looked about 20 feet tall and was loaded with some heavy artillery from head to toe.
"Whoa... look at you, Mega Man!" Roll shouted. Indeed, Mega Man was looking all around his buffed up titanium exterior, seeing the incredible change his body has just gone through.
"You're not kidding... you've really outdone yourself, Dr. Light!" Mega Man said, his voice sounding the same as before.
"Well, yes, I am certainly glad you like your new Hyper Drive." Dr. Light said.
"Let's see how much firepower this baby has." Mega Man said. He opened up the missile launchers mounted on his shoulders. Dr. Light and Roll quickly scampered out of the way as Mega Man fired the missiles at a useless wall in the corner of the lab. The missiles let out a strong explosion as they left a gaping hole that led outside. Mega Man whistled over his newfound power.

"Man... Wily better watch out. This kind of firepower is stronger than even his own!" Mega Man said. He then morphed back to his regular self as Rush, Eddie, and Beat all formed out of Mega Man's body.
"That's so cool! When do I get a Hyper Drive for myself, Dr. Light!?" Roll asked.
"Well, I'm afraid I'm still working on yours, Roll. But be patient. Hopefully within the next several days I will have a Hyper Drive for you." Dr. Light said.
"Ugh... does it really have to be so long?" Roll said, folding her arms.
"What's wrong, sis? Jealous?" Mega Man asked.
"Well... okay, yes I am! I want to fight alongside you for a change. Just think... a brother and sister team beating down on Wily and his crazy bots!" Roll said.
"Well, I'll certainly do my best to finish your Hyper Drive, Roll. I'll start again tomorrow... it is getting late, after all." Dr. Light said.
"Yes, it is time you got your sleep, Dr. Light. I'll stand guard outside the lab tonight." Mega Man said.
"Thank you, Mega, and good night." Dr. Light said as he walked out of the lab and into his cozy private quarters.

Late at night, with Mega Man busy guarding outside the lab and Dr. Light sound asleep, this was Roll's chance to sneak into the lab and find her Hyper Drive that the good doctor said was still in development. She had converted her right hand into a flashlight in order to better see inside the lab. She looked around before finally spotting the clearly unfinished Hyper Drive.
"Ah ha! There you are, my little friend!" Roll said. She picked up the device and then looked at some nearby spec sheets.
"These must be the specification sheets that help Dr. Light put this thing together. Surely he won't mind if I finish this thing for him." Roll said. She would spend the next hour or so doing what would've been days of work to put the device together. Its external shell was finally complete, and most disgnostic tests passed. Roll noticed on the computer monitor that some of the tests had failed, but she didn't care.
"Well, who cares about a stupid diagnostic test? It's time to put this baby to the test!" Roll said. She opened up a panel where her stomach would be and connected the Hyper Drive to various wires and cables inside her system. Once she was done installing the device, she closed up her panel.
"Well, here goes. Dr. Light says I have to think about Rush, Eddie, and Beat for them to join with my circuits." Roll said. With that, she started to concentrate.

Outside, Mega Man, along with Rush and Beat, were walking around the lab grounds looking out for any suspicious activity. Suddenly, Rush stopped in his tracks and had a hypnotized look on his face. Beat got the same look, and Mega Man eventually discovered it.
"Rush? Beat? You guys okay?" Mega Man said. Rush then barked out something before he charged into the lab, busting through the front doors. Beat followed, and Mega Man soon gave chase after his two pet bots.
"Rush! Beat! Get back here!" Mega Man said. He then made it into the main room, where he watched as Rush, Beat, and Eddie started to merge with Roll.
"Roll?" Mega Man asked.
"Oh, hi, Mega Man! Look at me! I'm about to become Hyper Roll!" Roll shouted. Just then, her body started to glow as brightly as Mega Man's did when he was transforming. Roll then started to grow as she quickly reached 20 feet in height.
"Alright! Look at me! I'm..." Before Roll could finish saying how excited she was, she began to notice something was wrong. Very wrong.
"Uh... Mega Man... why am I growing even bigger?" Roll said as Mega Man noticed she was indeed getting bigger than even Mega Man got.
"Don't look at me! I don't know how your Hyper Drive works!" Mega Man shouted up to the growing giantess robot. Soon she was big enough that her head had bumped onto the ceiling.
"Ouch! That smarts!" Roll said. She was forced to kneel down in order to make herself more room inside the shrinking lab. In the process, however, she ended up crushing several of Dr. Light's computers with her knees. Pieces of the ceiling started to fall down towards the bottom of the lab.
"Oh great... Roll's gonna break through the ceiling." Mega Man said. He was forced to run out of the main lab with so much debris falling down. Finally, he heard a crashing sound as Roll broke through the ceiling. Mega Man ran outside and watched as Roll contined to grow well past the height of Dr. Light's lab.

The chaos finally settled down as Roll stopped growing at just over twice the height of Dr. Light's lab. If Mega Man had to guess, Roll was about 200 feet tall now. Roll was looking around the scenery in front of her, with her hands on her hips. Through all this, Mega Man didn't realize that Roll looked significantly tougher and more armed just as Mega Man was earlier. This was clear just by looking at the huge missiles armed on her... well, you know... her chest, let's just say.
"Well... this isn't the kind of growing up I had in mind when I installed that Hyper Drive." Roll said.
"No kidding. You're a real Sentinel now!" Mega Man shouted. Roll picked that up with her enhanced hearing and didn't seem to find that funny.
"Bleh, way to stick the Marvel reference in there." Roll said.
"Sorry, I guess I haven't forgotten about that war we fought against Onslaught." Mega Man said. Dr. Light then came running out of the lab to face Mega Man.
"Mega Man! What on Earth is going on here?" Dr. Light said. Mega Man then pointed up to Roll.
"That's what is going on, doc. Looks like Roll couldn't wait to try out her own Hyper Drive." Mega Man said.
"Oh no... I was afraid this would happen." Dr. Light said.
"That Roll would sneak into the lab tonight and install the drive herself?" Mega Man asked.
"No... that Roll would grow to that big a size." Dr. Light said.
"Hey, Dr. Light! Look at me, Hyper Roll is here to save the day!" Roll shouted.
"Er... yes, that's great, Roll. But you see, I hadn't found the time to decrease the power output of your drive. That's why you've grown far too big... the merge of the robots is outputting too much power throughout your body!" Dr. Light said.
"Well, no matter the case, I feel terrific! I can kick some robot butt now instead of always being the lonely housekeeper that I always was!" Roll shouted.
"Now Roll, shouldn't we be concerned about fixing that Hyper Drive of yours?" Mega Man said.
"Forget it! I feel just fine and nobody is going to stop me from saying that. I think I'll go wander off into the city and have some fun there!" Roll said. She then lifted her feet high enough to let her step out of Dr. Light's lab, being careful not to damage it further in the process. Soon she was completely out of the lab and she took her first steps towards the city, which was several miles away but clearly in Roll's sights. Mega Man and Dr. Light watched as she left a trail of huge footsteps in her wake.

"Oh... this is terrible! There's no telling what Roll will do as big as she is!" Dr. Light said.
"Don't worry, Dr. Light, I'll go after her and bring her back. Rush!" Mega Man said. But Rush didn't come. He quickly realized why that was the case.
"Oh right... I forgot. Rush is in Roll's body since she's in hyper form." Mega Man said.
"Wait! You can use Roll's Star Cycle to catch up with her!" Dr. Light said, pointing to the hovering vehicle that Roll normally uses to fly with.
"Good idea, doc! I'll be back, and hopefully with Roll!" Mega Man said as he ran over to the Star Cycle and powered it up before he drove it towards the city, following the path that the giant Roll left behind.

As Roll was walking towards the city, she actually stopped and admired her new body for the next couple of hours. The strategy behind this was so that she could see much more of the city with daylight and that there would be more people around during this time of day. Once the sun was fully up, Roll resumed her trek towards the city, and a few minutes later, she was there.

The people of the city were minding their own business until they heard some rumbling sounds getting progrssively louder and louder. The rumbling started to sound more like footsteps. Soon, their suspicions were confirmed as the giant Roll came walking out of hiding from one of the taller buildings, which weren't that many of compared to Roll's 200-foot-tall body.
"Peek-a-boo!" Roll shouted as she looked down at the group of little people. She couldn't help but giggle over what she just said.
"Ack!!! Everybody run! There's a giant girl on the loose!!!" a panicked young man shouted as he and everyone else around him scrambled for safety. Of course, Roll was the closest thing to looking like a girl that nobody suspected she was a robot. Nevertheless, Roll walked out onto the road and watched as the tiny people ran away from her.
"Well, I can understand why they're running. I'd be worried too if I came across a giant robot." Roll said. She took small steps, making sure not to crush any of the people that stood in her path. Even with small steps, each step was leaving a booming sound that echoed throughout the city. While all this was going on, Roll kept a smile and a positive attitude on her face, probably because she would be using every sensor in her body to make sure no humans would be harmed through this experience.

Then she looked back up and around the city, trying to find something she could help the humans out with. She managed to focus her attention on a gigantic radio tower next to what appeared to be a TV broadcast studio. She used her robotic eyes to zoom in and see two male construction workers trying their best to walk on the thin grates of the tower while hanging on for dear life.
"My goodness... what are those humans doing risking their lives like that?" Roll said. That's when she started walking down the road instead of taking a shortcut to the radio tower. She was in such a hurry that she ended up crushing a few cars in her path, but luckily they were empty cars. Roll made it Priority One in her systems that no humans were to be harmed.
At the tower, the three guys were hanging on for dear life while fumbling for their repair tools. One of them was having all sorts of trouble doing both at the same time.
"Joe, man, be careful!" one of the guys said.
"Geez... Kenny, I can't help it. You think they would at least give us a floating platform!?" Joe said. That little bit of frustration caused him to lose concentration as he started to lose his footing from the tower.
"Whoa, whoa... noooooooooo!!!" Joe said as he finally lost his footing.
"Joe, no!" Kenny shouted, trying to grab his friend by the hand but unable to do so. But just a few seconds later, Joe felt his falling stop as he looked down to see he was now sitting on what looked like a human hand. He looked around to see that it was the giant Roll that had caught him.

"Are you alright, little human?" Roll asked.
"Uh... yeah. Thanks, ma'am..." Joe said.
"What were you two doing up there anyway? That wasn't very safe." Roll said.
"Yeah, but we were kinda called in as emergency workers. The tower is having some kind of trouble generating power." Joe said.
"I see. Why don't you guys go home? I'll handle this." Roll said as she picked up the other guy, Kenny, and then laid them both down next to her feet. The guys slowly waved up at Roll before they walked away, confused no doubt over seeing her at such a huge size. Roll saw them leave and then she looked up at the tower that was about twice her size.
"Now then, let's see what kind of weapons systems Dr. Light gave me." Roll said. She pressed some buttons on her right arm, which is where she would normally access her appliances. Roll then felt some antennae pop up on top of her head. She touched the antennae to get a feel for them, and she could feel them building with electricity.
"Hmmm... I wonder what these things do." Roll said. Just then, she gave the command to fire the antennae, which then let loose with a tremendous blast of electricity that covered the entire tower! The blast was so intense that it lit up the city like a light bulb for a short while. Roll then turned the antennae off and simply stared at the radio tower, marveling over her new source of power.
"Whoa... Mega Man would be sooooooo jealous if he saw that. Heeheehee... now he'll definitely have to have me join him in battle!" Roll said. Just then, she picked up something in the distance with her super sensitive hearing. It sounded like young kids screaming.
"Those screams came from the city. Someone's in trouble! Now I'll show Mega Man just how much of a hero I can be." Roll said as she began to walk back into the city.

Roll's suspicions were indeed correct. Three children, a boy and two girls (who looked like twins), were being circled by two of Wily's newest robots, Knight Man and Tomahawk Man. The boy was staying in front of the girls every step of the way.
"Hahaha! These little kids aren't of much concern to us, are they?" Tomahawk Man said.
"Thou shall giveth what we need to us, and thou shall not be harmed." Knight Man said.
"Never! I won't give you the remote controller I built for my robot, and I won't let you harm my sisters!" the boy said.
"Tsk tsk, such bravery. I'll make sure it doesn't go to waste!" Tomahark Man shouted. He then equipped his arm hatcher and charged for the boy, who braced for the worst. That is, until help arrived.
"STOP!!!" Roll shouted. Her voice was so commanding and loud that it caused the two robot masters to stop in their tracks, scared to their circuits. The group was then covered up by a large shadow, which they would soon find out was accompanied by the giantess Roll. Needless to say, the evil robots looked tiny standing next to Roll's huge hyper-form body.

"And just what do you creeps think you're doing?" Roll asked.
"Um... aye indeed... we was just helping the the young runt find his way home. Perchance you understand us, young giant one?" Knight Man said.
"Bleh... your Shakespeare isn't very enlightening. As my brother would say... eat plasma!" Roll said. She then converted her appliance arm into that of a plasma cannon, similar to Mega Man's! She then waited until the two robots were at a distance before she fired a large plasma shot at the robots, causing them to break apart into pieces like Mega Man would normally do.
"Aaarrrghh!!! Blown to pieces again! Quick, Knight Man, teleport us back to Wily's palace!" Tomahawk Man shouted.
"I fear Sir Wily will fie upon us on our return..." Knight Man said. He telepathically controlled his broken left hand to touch the teleport button on his right arm, and the two broken robots soon vanished from sight.

Once Roll saw the robots disappeared, she sat down and picked up the three children in order to comfort them.
"Are you three okay? Did those nasty little robots hurt you in any way?" Roll asked.
"No! We're just fine!" the girls said simultaneously.
"Yeah, we're good, thanks to you." the boy said.
"Hey, what's your name!?" both girls said.
"Well, it's Roll." Roll said.
"Roll? That's a cool name! Let's go, Roll! Let's go, Roll!" both girls said as they jumped up and down on Roll's hand doing a cheer.
"Please don't mind my little sisters. They want to be cheerleaders someday. I want to build robots, and I had just finished building my first controller." the boy said.
"That's great. I'm a robot myself, so I can relate with you somewhat." Roll said.
"You're a robot? Aren't you a little too big for a robot?" the boy asked.
"Well, it's a long story. Right now, I think we should go after Dr. Wily!" Roll shouted.
"Dr. Wily?" the boy asked.
"The guy who built those two robots. He's always causing trouble, and now that I'm big, perhaps I can teach him a lesson for once!" Roll said.
"Yay! Go Roll! Go Roll!!!" the girls shouted.
"That's cool. Let's do it!" the boy said.
"Well, this is just for me. I should keep you kids safe until I can get you all home." Roll said. She thought about where she could put them until she looked down over her own body, "And I know just the place."
With that, Roll pressed a button on her appliances panel, and soon a door opened up just under her chest area. She safely put the kids inside as it lit up with bright lights overhead.
"You'll be safe in here." Roll said as she hit the same buttons to close up the panel. The hidden containment room was hidden from sight as if it had never been seen. Roll then looked around and saw a bunch of helicopters hovering overhead with newspeople no doubt talking about this giantess.

"Hmmm... I guess it's time I addressed the media. This oughta be fun!" Roll said.

Mega Man flew Roll's Star Cycle slowly around the city streets, looking to see a couple of crushed cars as well as footprints of where she had been walking.
"Well, she's definitely been here." Mega Man said. He was scanning for any spilled blood that may have come from humans that were crushed from Roll's feet. He didn't see any.
"Hmmm... these people are lucky Roll didn't harm anyone." Mega Man said. He then looked up over some of the buildings and could just see the upper part of Roll's body as she was looking up talking to a helicopter.
"And lucky for me Roll isn't too hard to find." Mega Man said. He got back on the Star Cycle and pressed some buttons to switch the vehicle to flight mode as he took off for the skies and towards his really big sister.

At the same time, Dr. Wily watched from his teleportation unit as whatever was left of Knight Man and Tomahawk Man came tumbling down from the unit. Proto Man was standing nearby, smirking as he knew what was coming next from Wily.
"You blithering idiots! All I ask you to do is get some spare robot parts, and you still end up in pieces!" Dr. Wily shouted.
"It wasn't our fault, Dr. Wily! This overly big girl robot came and surprised us!" Tomahawk Man said.
"Thee was most gargantuan. No womanly robot on this planet would dare to reach that size." Knight Man said. Wily then hit a couple buttons on Knight Man's head to shut him down for now, no doubt because he was getting tired from hearing his Shakespeare talk and voice.
"I told you installing a Shakespeare program into Knight Man would get annoying after a while." Proto Man said.
"Who asked you!? Now what's this about a giant girl robot you came across? Or are you trying to pull my leg?" Wily said as he looked down at Tomahawk Man's head.
"No, seriously! It wasn't Mega Man! This robot looked hundreds of feet tall!" Tomahawk Man shouted.
"He's not kidding, doc. Take a look at this..." Proto Man said. Wily turned around and looked at the television monitor, which was coming from a helicopter as it shot down on Roll looking up at the picture.

"So tell me, um, Roll, is it? How long have you been active?" the newswoman could be heard saying.
"Well, I was born several years ago as one of Dr. Light's first robots. In fact, you've probably already met my brother, Mega Man, who has saved this city many times!" Roll said.
"I see, so you were one of Dr. Light's creations? Did he really build you to be so big?" the newswoman said.
"Well, I wasn't always this big. I was more of a housekeeping robot until I found this thing called a Hyper Drive sitting inside Dr. Light's lab. I ended up installing it on my own, and that's how I got this big." Roll said.

As the interview continued, Wily couldn't help but become fascinated with the sight of Roll being so big.
"Hmmm... so Tomahawk Man wasn't lying after all. Isn't she a beauty, Proto Man?" Dr. Wily said.
"Yeah, I guess. If you're into giant female robots, that is." Proto Man said.
"The blue dweeb's sister said something about a Hyper Drive installed in her system. I simply must have it! I can power up my robots and finally give Mega Man a run for his money!" Dr. Wily said.
"Just one question, doc. How do we get this Hyper Drive?" Proto Man asked.
"Easy. Get me as many robots as we have around here. We're going to be giving Roll a special welcome just for her! Mwahahahahaha!!!" Wily said as he ran off to gather as many of his robots as he could. Proto Man, meanwhile, got started on putting Tomahawk Man back in one piece.

Back in the city, Roll was just about to finish her interview with the media people inside the helicopter. Then Mega Man came flying in between the conversation. He stood up in the Star Cycle and began to shoo the copters away.
"Everybody clear out! I have the situation under control!" Mega Man said. Within a short period of time, the helicopters cleared out, and the skies belonged only to Roll once more. Down by her feet, the media people on the ground gathered around the giantess robot while several onlookers braved the storm by wanting to capture a picture of her.
"Hey! What did you do that for? I was having a nice interview!" Roll shouted.
"Don't you think you've garnered enough attention for one day?" Mega Man said.
"I don't see how I'm not gaining lots of attention with the humans looking up to me." Roll said.
"Listen, Roll, I don't care how nice you are to the city. We need to get you back to Dr. Light's lab and get you back to normal!" Mega Man shouted.
"What are you talking about? I happen to like this new body, even if we don't have to fight Wily's robots!" Roll said.
"But you're causing a total panic! And besides, you're just not fit for crime fighting, sis!" Mega Man said. Roll then displayed a face of total anger, as surely her eyes would be lit up with flames by now. She clearly did not like how Mega Man continued to refer to her as nothing more than a housekeeping robot for Dr. Light. Without thinking, Roll suddenly lunged her hand forward and grabbed her little brother with authority. The force of the grabbing caused the Star Cycle to be destroyed beneath Mega Man's feet, leaving Mega Man stuck in Roll's fist.

"How can you say that to your big sister!? I become the world's most powerful fighting machine in the world and this is how you continue to treat me!?" Roll shouted. She then started to actually cry as her anger emotions faded back. She dropped Mega Man, who fell to the ground and was able to safely land thanks to his titanium body. Mega Man looked up at his giant sister only to have to jump out of the way of her falling tears, which were the size of boulders.
"W-W-Why won't you ever give me a chance?" Roll said, wiping away her tears and struggling to find her voice. Finally, she couldn't take it any more as she walked in the opposite direction. Amazingly, she was still able to avoid crushing any innocent bystanders, but all the cars and nearby buses that were in her path weren't so lucky.
"Roll... wait!" Mega Man said, trying to call out for his sister. But she didn't hear him. Mega Man sighed.
"(sigh) Maybe I have been too hard on her." Mega Man said to himself. When he looked to see the Star Cycle on pieces, he resorted to the only way he could catch Roll now. By running after her.

Roll must've ran at least half a mile with tears in her eyes before she finally settled down. She rested against a tall glass building as she tried to get her emotions back on proper territory.
"Mega Man just doesn't get it. Sure, he fights well alone, but think of all the robo-butt kicking we could do as a team. Just think... if we both had our Hyper Drives running at the same time." Roll said. Roll then looked down next to her foot to see a young boy trying to hide behind her heel. Roll bent herself down and picked up the boy.
"Hey, little guy, what's wrong?" Roll asked.
"Wily's robots! They're coming!" the boy shouted. He pointed to his right, and as Roll looked down in that direction, she saw an army of evil-looking robots marching down the street. Dr. Wily (in his flying Skull Machine) and some of his top robots like Cut Man, Guts Man, Proto Man, Tomahawk Man, and Bright Man were leading the coup. Roll then set the boy back on the ground.
"You go on home. I'll take care of these bad bots!" Roll said. The boy nodded at the giantess and then
"Hello, Roll. It's so good to see you all grown up!" Wily said through the loudspeaker built onto his ship.
"Wily! I should've known you'd show up sooner or later." Roll said.
"Yes. And now that I am here, you will be coming with us!" Wily said.
"Hah! In your dreams. You think I would ever work for a deadhead like you?" Roll said.
"Oh, I have ways to persuade you. Robots, attack!" Wily shouted. Just then, all of Wily's robots, which were several rows worth of them, started to fire all sorts of weapons up at the giantess. Naturally, all these shots bounced off Roll's body.
"Man, give me a break... you think these puny things can stop me!?" Roll shouted as she walked straight into the warzone, stomping as many of these bots as she could. Wily just smirked.
"Not when I can just keep making them." Wily said. Indeed, from his ship descended hundreds more of his minor fighting robots by the minute. Roll watched as her feet became surrounded with robots trying to attack the giantess but having no luck whatsoever.
"Hah! The more, the merrier!" Roll shouted as she got back to stomping all over the robots.

Mega Man was running down the broken streets as quickly as he could, trying to catch up to his overgrown sister.
"Man, Dr. Light sure made Roll's Hyper Drive powerful. I've never seen her react so emotionally." Mega Man said. He then turned the corner and then stopped to see Wily's vast legion of robots attacking Roll, who was stomping away and littering the streets with robot parts.
"Oh great... I guess Wily wants a piece of Roll. Well, I won't be letting that happen!" Mega Man shouted as he resumed his run, this time for the battlefield.

Ten minutes later, Roll was still stomping away at the evil robots, but she was beginning to show signs of fatigue, mostly because while she was focusing on the minor robots, all of Wily's main robots were focusing their attacks on the giantess as she could not raise her guard up in time. Roll dropped down to one knee, breathing as if she was a normal person.
"Well, Roll, are you ready to surrender to me?" Wily said.
"Never... I'd rather turn myself off than serve you!" Roll said.
"Have it your way, my sweet. Finish her, my robots!" Wily said. Just as he gave the command to his five main robots, a plasma shot suddenly hit the ground that was between them and Roll's body. The robots looked to see Mega Man running down the road.
"It's Mega Man!" Cut Man said. He fired his rolling cutter towards the blue robot hero, but he jumped over and blasted Cut Man right in the chest, knocking him unconscious.
"Hey Wily! It's not nice to pick on my big sister with me around!" Mega Man said. He fired another plasma shot, this time aimed at the robot generator armed on the back of his ship. It was destroyed right on impact, and the minor robots that were still standing collapsed to the ground with nothing to power them.
"NOOOO!!! My robot generator! I'll fix you for this, you meddling blue pest!" Wily said as he fired laser bolts from his ship. Mega Man used his athletic prowess to dodge these bolts and zap his robots at the same time. While all this was going on, Mega Man didn't see Proto Man retreat to the top of one of the buildings.

"You're scrap metal, mega punk!" Guts Man shouted as he charged to stop Mega Man. But he didn't see a large metal object coming down on him. He looked up in time to see it, but he couldn't put his hands up in time to stop it, and he was crushed into the ground. Mega Man looked to see it was Roll's frying pan that had flattened Guts Man, one of her many built-in accessories.
"Say thank you, mega brother." Roll said, winking down at her little brother.
"Alright, alright. Thanks, Roll. Now let's take the rest of them!" Mega Man shouted. Meanwhile, Roll looked to see Bright Man and Tomahawk Man rising up to the skies as they both used some sort of jet pack. They landed right on Roll's... um, y'know... chest.
"It's lights out for you, mega babe!" Bright Man said.
"Yeah! Time to cut you down to size!" Tomahawk Man said. Bright Man activated his bright light while Tomahawk Man tried chopping away at Roll's titanium skin. Roll just smirked over their futile attempts and in fact used her fingers to pinch out Bright Man's light bulb.
"It's not nice to hang around a girl's chest like you're doing right now." Roll said. The two robot masters initially didn't figure out what she meant by that, but they soon realized it when they saw what it was they really were clutching onto.
"Firing booby missiles!" Roll shouted. True to her words, the 'boobs' (there, I said it) suddenly came flying out of Roll's chest and were revealed to really be two very large missiles! Bright Man and Tomahawk Man shrieked like little girly robots as the missiles rode off far from the city and exploded in the distance, luckily with no further damage.

Mega Man shook his head in astonishment over what he saw, especially over the kind of firepower that Roll truly possessed in her hyper form.
"Sheesh... I hate to admit it, but you may be a lean mean fighting machine yet, Roll!" Mega Man shouted.
"Hah! I told you so!" Roll said, playfully sticking her tongue down to her brother.
"Hey bro! Heads up!" Proto Man shouted as Mega Man looked on top of one of the buildings to see him. He then saw Proto Man fire one heck of an energy blast... it was much bigger than any of Mega Man's plasma shots!
"Mega! Look out!" Roll shouted as she lightly brushed Mega Man out of the shot's path with her hands. Unfortunately for Roll, she ended up getting blasted instead, and she was clutching her stomach as she collapsed onto some buildings, totally demolishing them upon impact. She was grimacing in pain, and Wily noticed that along with all sorts of electric sparks eminating from where she was clutching her stomach.
"Well... this may turn out to be interesting. All robots, fall back!" Wily said.
"Awwww, but Wily, I wanted to finish off Mega Man!" Proto Man shouted.
"You heard your master, Proto Man. I said fall back!" Wily shouted. Cut Man, Guts Man (both back to their regular selves), and Proto Man got onboard the ship as Wily flew it backwards and high enough so Mega Man couldn't reach him. Mega Man, after watching Wily backtrack and then getting back up to his feet after being pushed by Roll's huge hands, ran up to his sister and stood between her legs as they were slumped to the ground.
"Sis! Are you okay!?" Mega Man said.
"Y...Yeah. I don't know what's going on... Proto Man's shot shouldn't have affected me like it did. Ouch!" Roll said, reacting to another electric shock from the pain she was feeling.

Shortly thereafter, an ambulance came screaming down the road towards where Roll was sitting. When it stopped near the giantess and Mega Man, one of the doors opened to reveal Dr. Light coming out.
"Thank you, now have your Robo-Rescue Squad assist the authorities with damage control." Dr. Light said to the robot driver before he nodded and drove the ambulance away. Dr. Light then ran to his number one creation to look up at Roll.
"Mega Man? Are you okay?" Dr. Light asked.
"Yeah, but I don't know if Roll is." Mega Man said, pointing up to his gigantic sister as she sat down, holding her stomach in pain.
"Oh no... she must've gotten blasted where the Hyper Drive is installed in her system!" Dr. Light said.
"Is that what is causing the pain?" Mega Man asked.
"Yes, only a malfunctioning Hyper Drive can cause that much pain for a robot like Roll. If we don't get that thing out of her system, it could cause a massive explosion and take the city with it!" Dr. Light said.
"What!? We can't let that happen to my sister! No way!" Mega Man said.
"I know, but how can we get the Hyper Drive out? It's likely to have grown with her circuits!" Dr. Light said. Roll overheard the conversation and offered up an idea.
"Mega Man... you're strong, you can remove the Hyper Drive from my systems." Roll said.
"Huh? How?" Mega Man said.
"By going inside me to get it, what else?" Roll said.
"Now wait a minute... did you just say go inside your body to rip that Hyper Drive out?" Mega Man said. He looked over at Dr. Light to get an idea of what he was thinking.
"Well, there is no other option that I can think of, and if we can disconnect just part of the drive from her internal systems, it'll shut down before it can explode." Dr. Light said. Roll then suddenly converted her right hand into that of a mini-vacuum. Dr. Light backed away so that he wouldn't get caught in the force winds that would sweep Mega Man into a most unthinkable place until today... inside his own sister's body that would no doubt be full of the same set of circuits, wires, and gears that comprised of his own body. Mega Man looked back at his creator to confirm something.

"Dr. Light, if I disconnect the Hyper Drive, we'll get Rush, Eddie, and Beat back and Roll shrinks back to her normal size, right?" Mega Man said.
"Yes, along with everything inside her body, so you'll have to hurry and get out of her body before she shrinks!" Dr. Light said.
"Well, I've got my teleportation frequency set just in case. I hope it'll work inside of her." Mega Man said.
"Ready when you are, Mega Man." Roll said.
"Alright, let's do it." Mega Man said. Roll then activated the vacuum on her right handand Mega Man loosened up his footing on the ground, allowing himself to get pulled into Roll's body.

The force of the vacuum caused Mega Man to go flying right past all the circuit boards and wires and everything else electronic that composed of Roll's right arm. Finally, after barely avoiding what clearly looked like a live wire, Mega Man landed on one of the gears that was constantly spinning at a slow rate. It was pitch black inside, but luckily, Mega Man was equipped with night vision so he could clearly see where he was.
"This must be the shoulder joint. And if my readings are correct, the Hyper Drive is near her stomach area. I just hope she doesn't make any sudden moves." Mega Man said. Sadly, just as he said that, he lost his footing and fell down on his back on the gear.
"Mega Man! Can you hear me!?" Dr. Light's voice said from Mega Man's wrist communicator. The voice was scratchy, no doubt from all the interference coming from being inside his sister.
"Dr. Light, what is it?" Mega Man shouted. He tried his best to maintain his balance with everything around him moving, not to mention the buzzing sound of electricity from the gears and circuits receiving the energy needed to mobilize the parts.
"Dr. Wily and his robots are attacking Roll! She has to keep moving in order to keep from getting further injured. You'll have to be extra careful!" Dr. Light shouted.
"Right, Dr. Light, I'll be carefulllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!" Before Mega Man could finish, he finally fell off from the gear he was standing on as it tilted just enough. Mega Man found himself falling straight for Roll's midsection. He looked to his side and saw just what he was looking for.
"The Hyper Drive!" Mega Man shouted. He then grabbed onto a coiled wire that was hanging from one of the gears and used it to slow down his fall.
"Whew... I'll bet all my memory chips every robotic surgeon on this planet is jealous of me by now." Mega Man said to himself as he started to swing from wire to wire. He simply marveled over what he was seeing regarding the inside of Roll's body. The inside was like a huge tower filled with moving parts. Gears clanked, cylinders rolled, and wires sent energy to every part. Mega Man could hear the echoing booms of each Roll's steps as she tried to avoid further injury to her circuits. He had to hurry as he slowly approached the Hyper Drive.

Outside, Roll was doing her best keeping Wily's robots from seriously attacking her. At the same time, she continued to clutch her stomach hoping to subside the pain that came from the Hyper Drive kicking into overload thanks to getting hit from Proto Man's super attack.
"Oh... be careful, Roll! Don't forget Mega Man is inside you!" Dr. Light shouted through a megaphone.
"Hey... ouch... it's not like I have a choice, do I, doctor!? Ow...!!!" Roll shouted in frustration having to do so much multitasking by now. She was so preoccupied she could actually feel some of her memory chips being fried from having to store so much information. What she didn't feel was Cut Man and Guts Man standing on her left shoulder. Cut Man was busy cutting away at the outer shell that protected Roll's insides from the outside world, but now a panel was ripped open.
"Okay, Guts Man, it's open!" Cut Man said.
"Hahahaha! Look out, Mega Man, because Guts Man is gonna pound you today!" Guts Man said as he jumped inside and started to dig for a path that would get him to Mega Man while not wanting to raise Roll's suspicions that another robot may be inside her.

Back inside Roll, Mega Man slipped and swung through the mass of wires, cylinders, and electronics until he finally made it to the platform that housed the Hyper Drive. He watched as smoke boiled out from its sides, a clear sign that the unit had either been damaged or was simply overheating. Either way, it was vital not just for Roll's sake, but for the fate of the entire city that Mega Man get this drive at the very least disconnected. Then Dr. Light could properly dispose of the drive back at his lab when Roll was back to her normal size.
"Well, here goes nothing." Mega Man said to himself. He then grabbed the right side of the drive and pulled with all his might. He spent the next minute or so pulling and pulling, but the drive wouldn't budge an inch.
"Ugh... it's no good. The drive's too big for me to move it." Mega Man said.
"Hey, mega jerk!" a voice shouted. Mega Man looked up and saw Guts Man diving right for him! He dove out of the way just in time for Guts Man to hit nothing but the platform.
"Guts Man! How did you get in here!?" Mega Man shouted.
"Heh, how else? I opened a path just like you. Now I'm gonna give you the beatdown of your life!" Guts Man shouted. He started charging full steam for Guts Man, but as we all know, Guts Man wasn't exactly the brightest of all of Wily's robots. Mega Man simply fired a charged plasma shot at Guts Man, who got thrown back to the Hyper Drive as a result of the direct hit. Mega Man walked up to the unconscious Guts Man.
"You really are a big help, Gutsy. Saves me the trouble of ripping this thing out myself." Mega Man said with a smile. He grabbed onto Guts Man's arm and then allowed his program to be copied into his system, something that Mega Man is so famous for doing. After the program was done installing, Mega Man could feel his strength intensify a hundred-fold, almost like he had the Hyper Drive running in his own system. Guts Man woke up and quickly realized what had just happened.
"Uh oh! I'm getting out of here!" Guts Man shouted. Again, without thinking, he leapt off the platform and crashed right through Roll's titanium armor, exposing the broad daylight from outside into Roll's inner systems.
"And thanks for the light, Guts Man!" Mega Man shouted as he listened for the thud that came from Guts Man landing on the hard pavement almost a hundred feet from where Mega Man was standing. Mega Man then heard another loud electric shocking sound coming from around Roll's insides and he had to hold on as Roll collapsed on one knee once more.

"Mega Man... please hurry! I can't take much more of this!" Roll's voice echoed throughout her system.
"Hang tight, sis! I'll have you out of this jam in a flash!" Mega Man shouted. He ran back to the Hyper Drive and got back to pulling on it. This time, and no doubt with the help of Guts Man's power, Mega Man could feel the drive inching out of one of its connectors.
"It's working!" Mega Man said as he pulled and pulled and pulled, grunting every step of the way and not letting anything regarding Roll's systems get the best of him. Finally, and losing his footing while doing so, the lower right part of the Hyper Drive became dislodged from Roll's main circuit board.
"Whew! I did it!" Mega Man shouted, pumping his fist up in victory. Just then, the entire inside of Roll became surrounded with electricity.
"Now it's time to go!" Mega Man shouted. He then got a running start from the drive platform and dove out of the hole that Guts Man helped create. Luckily, there was a Robo-Rescue Squad holding a net to catch Mega Man safely. Mega Man landed in the net and then rolled off to watch as Roll became surrounded once again in the same bright white light that originally made her transform into Hyper Roll in the first place.
"Hey!? What's going on? I feel like I'm shrinking!" Roll shouted. Mega Man and Dr. Light had to shield their eyes from the intense light, but they could just see that indeed Roll was indeed shrinking.

After a couple minutes of intense white light, it faded away. Mega Man and Dr. Light looked and took deep breaths as they saw what they hoped they would see. Roll back at her normal size, and Rush, Eddie, and Beat were all there as well.
"Roll!" Mega Man said.
"Mega Man!" Roll shouted. The two then ran towards each other and hugged in happiness. Rush, Eddie, and Beat also surrounded the two robots in happiness and Mega Man was especially happy to see Rush again.
"Oh, Rush. I missed you boy!" Mega Man said, patting Rush on the head. Rush barked in agreement. Dr. Light walked up to his two creations and simply smiled.
"(sigh) Thank goodness you two are all right. I'm glad this fiasco is all over." Dr. Light said.
"Hey? Where's Dr. Wily?" Mega Man said, looking around to see where he and his robots went to." Mega Man said.
"He must've escaped through all this. No matter, we'll get him next time." Dr. Light said.

"Dr. Light, please let me say I'm sorry for all this. I got too greedy wanting to get my new powers now because Mega Man's were working. And I almost destroyed the city because of that." Roll said.
"There there, Roll. We should be fortunate there were only a few causalities through all this, and the city buildings that were destroyed can easily be repaired by my robots." Dr. Light said.
"Dr. Light's right. The most important thing is that you didn't go power crazy like most other giant robots would've done." Mega Man said.
"Yeah, you're right. I guess I can be thankful for that. Oh yeah... the drive itself..." Roll said as she opened up her stomach panel and took the drive out. Dr. Light took it from her hands.
"Well, I'm sure it got fried from all the energy that came from it overheating and from suddenly disconnecting. It'll take me months to fix this thing again." Dr. Light said.
"It's okay, Dr. Light. I think I can wait this time." Roll said.
"Good for you, sis. And to be fair, I won't use my Hyper Drive until yours is ready. Gotta learn to fight together, right sis?" Mega Man said.
"You bet, mega bro!" Roll said as she high-fived Mega Man.
"Now then, let's go back to my lab. We've got some cleaning up to do after you outgrew it this morning!" Dr. Light said. The robots nodded and everyone all started walking out of the city.

When they got close to the lab, Mega Man stopped walking when he remembered something.
"What's wrong, Mega Man?" Dr. Light said.
"Y'know, I just remembered something from seeing Roll open up one of her panels. Roll... weren't there some things you stored in your chest compartment?" Mega Man said.
"My chest compartment? What do you..." Roll stopped in midsentence when it started to come back to her.
"Wait... you don't mean..." Roll said.
"Yeah. Those kids you saved in the city earlier today." Mega Man said.
"Shoot! I can't believe I forgot about them. I must've forgotten when some of my memory chips short-circuited from the Hyper Drive malfunctioning." Roll said. With that in mind, she opened up her chest compartment like she did earlier in the day.

Sure enough... there were the three children. All tiny as if Roll was still the giantess Hyper Roll they had met from the city. The kids woke up to see Roll's face.
"Hey! It's Roll! Let's go, Roll! Let's go, Roll!!!" the girls shouted.
"Uh... hi kids. Are you all okay?" Roll said.
"Yeah. It was actually quite comfortable with the oxygen tank built inside that compartment of yours." the boy said. He then looked to the side and saw Mega Man looking down at the kids.
"Whoa! Aren't you Mega Man? The most famous robot in the city!?" the boy shouted.
"Go Mega Man!!! Go Mega Man!!!" the girls shouted. Mega Man simply looked at Roll.
"Um... oops." Roll said, acknowledging the mistake she made of forgetting to take the kids out of her safe compartment. After all, Dr. Light did say that everything inside Roll would shrink along with her. Dr. Light saw the kids and remained calm over the situation.

"Don't worry, I think I may have those size-changing gemstones we got back from Wily a while back. But I may have to recharge them, and that could take a while." Dr. Light said as he walked back into his lab.
"Meanwhile, I'll call the parents of these children and let them know they're safe. I guess you're gonna have to play babysitter again, Roll!" Mega Man said. Roll just shrugged and took Mega Man's joke to heart.
"Hey, that's okay. I've got three kids looking up at me for the time being. That's all that counts!" Roll said, referring to how they still think she is Hyper Roll, even though she would eventually tell the story to them when they got inside.

While not everything was back to normal yet, this didn't bother Dr. Light and his faithful robots in any way. What mattered to him, as he picked up his robotics toolbox to get to work on Roll's damaged Hyper Drive, was that the crisis was now over.