Mega Man VGGTS Stories

Cyber-Elf Grandia
(Twilight Prince and Brother_Zero)
Approx. pages: 42
Era: Zero
- After Zero had defeated Phantom in Cyberspace and acquired the Ultimate Boots, he found that Phantom had also left a Cyber-Elf behind. His scans indicated that the Cyber-Elf was unidenified, so he decided to keep it and show it to Ciel. Ciel decided to run some scans on the Cyber-Elf herself, and Zero left her to her research to get some rest. As Ciel scans the Cyber-Elf, she wishes that there would be some way she could help Zero in his missions instead of always staying on the sidelines. As she is thinking this, the Cyber-Elf begins to glow, and Ciel is about to find out firsthand what powers this Cyber-Elf contains... Completed April 13, 2007.

Ever Growing Tremor
Approx. pages: 34
Era: Classic (Archie comics)
-After defeating Dr. Wily's new nefarious scheme to defeat Megaman and conquer the world, Rock discover the mad scientist's work that he was planning to use on one of his new robo Master, a strange canister that is mark: XR-127/ Macronite. Not wanting to leave the thing around for Dr. Wily to return and tries to use it again, Rock takes the canister with him as he heads back home. Once home, Rock see's his sister, Roll, as well as Tempo, whose here to only deliver something to Dr. Light but ends up helping Roll cleaning up some rooms as Dr. Light was away for a few days to be part of a science meeting of some sorts. With nothing else to do, Rock sets the canister he took from Dr. Wily's lair on a table and helps the two robot as well. This gives Roll to have a small excuse to play match maker again after her attempt back in the arctic didn't work. However, Roll causes the canister that was set on the table earlier to fall and break. Soon particles burst out and they flew around, making contact with tools, E tanks, but worse of all, Tempo herself. At first, nothing happens to the stoic robot, but after heading home and talking to her sister, Vesper, Tempo soon notices that she appears to be slightly bigger than she normally is. Soon everyone realizes that Tempo is slowly growing non-stop, and realizes as well that this is cause by the capsule Rock brought with him. Thankfully, the growth spurts weren't bad enough that they should worry at the moment, just enough to see if they can try to figure out how to stop the growth spurts as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, things will not be getting for everyone as Dr. Wily is about to commence his true plan to defeat Megaman. Completed September 27, 2019.

Giantess Roll
(Crazy Bum)
Approx. pages: 16
: Classic
- With Dr. Wily not attempting to cast any evil for the day, it gives Mega Man the opportunity to take a much-needed break. Unfortunately, he gets criticized by his sister, Roll, for being too lazy to help with her chores. Mega Man still believes he deserves that break, and after a shopping trip gone wrong, the two seperate from sight. With Roll by herself, Wily sees her as the perfect bait for his latest plan. So he sends his robots out to capture Roll while he prepares his lab for a big surprise. For Mega Man, it'll be a BIG surprise for sure. Completed February 5, 2003.

(Cubed Cinder)
Approx. pages: 14
Era: Classic (cartoon series)
- It's a glorious day for Mega Man because he's about to have a Hyper Drive installed in his system by Dr. Light. Hyper Drives are the good scientist's newest invention, turning any ordinary robot into a weapon and muscle-bound fighting machine that would make the Incredible Hulk jealous. After the test goes well, Roll is anxious to have her own Hyper Drive, still in development, permanently installed in her system. When the Hyper Drive is used inside Roll's body, it works a little too well judging by the fact that she's bigger than Dr. Light's entire lab... Completed February 10, 2006.

Maverick Crusher
(The Wind Chaser and C-102)
Approx. pages: 5
Era: X
- The Repliforce has invited X and Zero to test out their newest invention, the Molecule Multiplicator X. Whoever is blasted with the device's beam is enlarged to such a size that defeating Mavericks would be as easy as crushing bugs. But before the two Maverick Hunters can be blasted by the beam, they are distracted by Sigma's sudden appearance. They manage to keep the machine out of his evil hands, but not until Iris is accidentally blasted by the device, enlarging her to a solid 100 feet tall. Rather than complain over the situation, Iris agrees to assist the Hunters in their ongoing battle with the Mavericks as the battle for world peace continues. Of course, Sigma has ideas of his own for the giant Iris... Completed March 27, 2004.

Protoman Downsized
Approx. pages: 4
Era: Classic (cartoon series)
- On a job to steal Dr. Light's Shrink Ray, an act of stupidity turns Protoman into the size of a mini-figure. Being the only Wilybot caught, the now tiny Protoman is at the mercy of Roll... and is in for a world of pain. Completed May 24, 2015; uploaded September 4, 2015.

Roll's Power Trip
(Cubed Cinder and Ramsus; idea by gamdann)
Approx. pages: 16
Era: Battle Network
- On a dark and stormy night, Mayl is working hard on her homework when her PET gets zapped by some heavy lightning. Rather than the device being fried to a crisp, Mayl's program, Roll.exe, gets transported into the real world! Roll is surprised to see herself living and breathing in the human world alongside Mayl, but the young girl wants to find a way to return Roll to the PET. Roll, however, refuses to comply and instead becomes fed up with having to constantly serve Mayl day in and day out. She ends up using her digital powers to shrink her own owner down to tiny size! Just what does Roll have planned for her new slave now that the tables have turned? Completed June 23, 2006.

The Smallest Loophole
(MicroGamer1 and aguyfromnowhere143)
Approx. pages: 29
Era: Classic
- In the laws of robotics, it is stated in three rules that robots will not try to harm humans, they will obey humans, and they won't lay harm to themselves. However, what would happen if there is a loophole to the first law, in that the robot isn't technically harming a human being, or that they don't register a human's presence to begin with? Today, such an idea is about to be explore between a new experiment from Dr. Wily and a certain maid robot of Dr. Light as one decides to try out some experimental fun on a building full of innocent workers and the other will continue her duty as she normally does. What shall be the result for everyone in the end? Completed October 22, 2020.

Titan Tron
Approx. pages: 25
Era: Legends
- While digging through a cavern, Tron & a few Servbots find a Reaverbot known as the T.A.T. or the Titan Absorber Terror.  The Reaverbot manages to snag Tron, and the Servbots run away in fear.  When Tron wakes up she sees herself outside the cavern.  However, her perspective of the world is now from a much higher view than usual. Completed March 8, 2014.