Maverick Crusher

(The Wind Chaser and C-102)

X and Zero entered the room, where the top members of the Repliforce waited, including Colonel, Double, Iris, and General.

"Ah, X and Zero. I'm so glad you could make it." General said.
"Well, we got your signal, and we're here." X said.
"So what's up, General?" Zero asked.
"I would like to display this new invention that my men have successfully been able to create." General said. He then pulled the cover off from behind him, which revealed this new weapon that he spoke of.
"I present to both of you... the Molecule Multiplication X." Colonel said.
"MMX? Someone's a big fan of X, I can tell." Zero said.
"Well, it was the best I could come up with. But never mind the name of the unit, it's what it does that's more important." Colonel said.
"The MMX is designed to shoot off a special beam that expands the robotic circuitry of any robot that is zapped by the highly concentrated energy of this device." General said.
"Hmmm... interesting." X said.
"X, why don't you volunteer to be this machine's first test subject?" Colonel said.
"Huh? Why me!?" X said.
"Go ahead, X. Besides, Iris might think you look cuter when you look big." Zero said. Iris giggled in the background.
"Very funny, Zero..." X said as he started walking to the front of the machine.

Meanwhile, watching from outside the windows was Sigma, who had obviously heard of this machine from his spies. He was obviously enticed by this machine and he very much wanted it for himself.
"Hahahaha... with the MMX at my command, I would have enough power to destroy the Repliforce!" Sigma said. Just then, he was starting to warm up a superblaster that he had prepared a few weeks ago, hoping to wipe out everyone inside so he could have the machine all to himself.

"All right, stand by everyone. The beam should engage in 15 seconds..." Colonel said. Everyone backed away from X so he could have the room he needed. As Colonel was counting down, Zero looked outside to see Sigma getting ready to fire his blaster.
"5...4...3...2..." Colonel counted.
"Colonel, look out!!!" Zero shouted. He pushed Colonel away from the controls, but in doing so, the machine started to tilt away from X, this time pointing towards Iris. She tried to jump out of the way, but the machine fired and the beam hit her before she could get the chance. She screamed out in pain.
"Brother! Help me!!!" Iris shouted.
"Iris!!! Hold on!" Colonel shouted. Meanwhile, Sigma was ticked that he couldn't destroy anybody from inside, yet he was completely unaware of the situation Iris had gotten herself into.
"Dang it... Zero ruined my plans again! But no matter, I'll get that machine yet!" Sigma said, before he started to fly away. Zero could see him fly away, but there was no chance he was going to catch him now.

Finally, the beam shut off by itself, and Iris laid on the ground in exhaustion. Everyone gathered around her.
"Zero! What was all that about?" General asked.
"I could sense Sigma's evil energy nearby. He was trying to blast Colonel away from the MMX." Zero said.
"Sigma... somehow I had a feeling he would want his dirty mitts on the machine." X said.
"Well, he didn't get it, that's the good news." Colonel said. Just then, Iris started to move slowly.
"Iris! Are you OK?" Colonel asked.
"Oh... brother... I feel so strange." Iris said.
"Uh oh..." X said.
"What, X?" Double asked.
"The beam hit her, and not me, through all the madness and mayhem that Zero described." X said.
"Then that means..." Colonel started to say something, but just then, everyone looked down as Iris started to grow ever so slowly.
"Everybody get back!" General shouted. Everyone backed away as Iris continued to grow.

All the robots look up and watch as Iris expands thru the entire rooftop before the growth process finally stops. Iris slowly sits up in the debris. She estimated herself to be 100 feet tall.
"What happened???" She said while focusing on her surroundings.
"General, is Iris going to be okay?!" Colonel asks.
"I am not really sure, She just looks a little confused. The machine does work so that is a plus right there." General Said.
"Why is it I'm getting a bad feeling about this?" Double said to everyone.
"Dont worry Double, it's only Iris. It's not like we grew a maverick or something similiar. Besides with someone as big as her on our side, we could easily triumph over Sigma and his army!" X said.

Just then Iris turned her attention to everyone standing by her in the corner. Zero looks up at the huge female reploid above him.
"Are you alright, Iris?" Zero asked her.
"I'm fine, Zero. It looks as if General's new weapon worked quite wonderful too." Iris replies.
"Well, I dont mean to use you or anything Iris, but X and myself could use a little back-up taking out Sigma and his mavericks. Perhaps you could lend us a hand?" Zero asked.
"True, I know Sigma's army would never stand a chance with her on our side! Only if she wants to though." X said.

"Of course. I'll do anything that I can to help defeat the evil." Iris said with a smile.
"Great! We already have a full update on the whereabouts of Sigma and his maverick army." Zero said.
"We should hurry then. Here, I'll give you two a lift." Iris said before picking up both X and Zero up and placing them on her shoulders.
"Whoa... thanks Iris!" X said.
"Good luck, X and Zero. And please be safe, Iris. We will continue our watch over the prototype just to make sure none of Sigma's mavericks try to sneak off with it." Colonel said.
"I'll be fine, Brother. Goodbye for now." Iris said waving back at them. The rest of the Repliforce members gave their goodbyes and good lucks to them as they headed straight for sigmas fortress.

They eventually arrive near the gates of Sigma's newly constructed fortress. Iris set X and Zero down by her feet. Hordes of maverick troops begin to line up ready to attack and defend the fortress.
"So much for our sneak entrance, Sigma must of found out ahead of time we were coming..." X said while powering up his buster cannon.
"Oh well, this is what we do best, X! Let's get em!" Zero then pulled out his Z-Sword as they both jumped off from Iris's shoulders and charged into the mob of mavericks.

Iris watched X and Zero destroy the mavericks with ease. Although even more seemed to pour out from various corridors. Not being able to stand the carnage she felt like going back. But naturally, she stuck around.
"I can't just leave...They offered me my help and I accepted. I've got to at least try and help." Iris thought to herself. Eventually, she came up with the idea that she should tackle the main base of operations as X and Zero duel against the mavericks.
With that in mind, Iris made it to the main part of the fortress without having to deal with any enemies. The door wasn't being guarded by anybody either.

"Alright Sigma, come on out here and surrender!" Iris said then waited for a little bit. Eventually the fortress doors then opened. Iris noticed Sigma and two Maverick bodyguards exiting the fortress. At first Sigma thought this was just an ordinary maverick hunter who managed to slip past the war bots and wanted to challenge him to a battle. However he wasn't expecting to see one 100FT tall.

"What the?? This is impossible! Grrrrr... take care of her!" Sigma ordered his bodyguards. The two maverick bodyguards quickly approached Iris and began firing their high-powered laser rifles at her. Normally these weapons would tear apart any average Reploid but all they did was slightly char the paint on her armor. Getting a bit annoyed, Iris raised her foot and stomped two of Sigma's best mavericks like nothing. Seeing his bodyguards get smashed to peices Sigma was suprised.

"Give up Sigma! You and your dumb mavericks don't stand a chance!" Iris said to Sigma. Sigma then smiled evilly once again.
"Oh... so what about this dumb maverick?" Sigma said. Suddenly, behind him emerged one of his biggest mavericks ever created, the King Dragon (from Mega Man X4). Iris backed away as the similar-sized maverick closed in on her.
"Now do you fear me?" Sigma said.
"Fear you? Ha! No oversized dragon is going to stop my friends from completing their mission!" Iris said. X and Zero had seen the King Dragon emerge and approach Iris, and were now deeply concerned for their friend.
"Damn!!! Sigma's sending the King Dragon after Iris! We gotta stop it!" Zero said. But before he could advance any further, X stopped him.
"Hold it, Zero! If she needs our help, we're here. Let's just see how this turns out." X said. Before Zero could say any more in argument, he decided to wise up with X and stand back. As he said, if Iris was struggling, they would come in to help.

Unfortunately for the King Dragon, it felt that Iris was going to be a gutless challenger, much like how she was before being enlarged. But it did not expect what Iris was about to pull out of her bag of tricks. Iris smiled and then clenched her fist as the King Dragon closed in.
"Shoryuken!" Iris shouted as she hopped up and smacked the dragon right in the face. Surprisingly enough, it took out the dragon enough to knock it down right into Sigma's fortress, leaving it in ruins.
"What!? Where the heck did she learn how to do that?" Zero asked.
"I was wondering where my Hadoken and Shoryuken battle chips went..." X said. True to X's word, Iris pulled the Hadoken manuever next.
"Hadoken!!" Iris shouted. She thrusted her hands forward and out came a blue fireball. It came into contact with the King Dragon as it began to break apart into pieces. When it was completely torn apart, Sigma couldn't help be be impressed with what he had just seen.
"Very impressive," pronounced Sigma as the gigantic Iris looked at him. "However, despite the fact that you look like a Godzilla reject does not mean you can defeat me."
"I'm not scared of you Sigma!" replied Iris.
"Yes, a 100 foot tall Reploid isn't usually scared of many things. However, I will prove to you that I am something to be feared!"
Removing his cape and drawing a light saber, Sigma jumped up at Iris and slashed at her armor with the speed of sound. However, the attack did little except take off little slithers of armor.
"You'll have to do better than that Sigma!" To prove her point, Iris crashed her foot into the ground, causing a small quake and knocking Sigma off of his feet. As she reached for the Maverick, Sigma jumped and aimed his hand at her.
"Die whelp!" A cannon swiveled out of the hand, firing a huge beam at Iris, hitting her dead center, and creating a cloud of dust. But when it cleared, Iris was there. Apparently unhurt too.

"No! That's impossible!" Sigma said in disbelief.
Iris slowly opened her eyes and looked around for a monent, relieved to be alive. The only thing she remembered was that huge fire attack headed torwards her. She then looked down at Sigma, who was still confused on how she could survive such an attack.
"Why you!!" Iris said then swiftly reached down and grabbed Sigma in her hand. The once bulk and tall maverick king was now only the size of a small action figure to her.
"I can't believe you just did that to me! I was going to go easy on you but just for that I think I've changed my mind." Iris said. Meanwhile Sigma tried his hardest to free himself from her hand but it was almost impossible to escape the grip.

"I'm going to make you pay for all those innocent lives lost because of you, Sigma!" Iris said then began tightening her grip around Sigma in her hand. The maverick grunts with pain as he feels his body slowly being crushed. Iris then released Sigma's weakened self from her grip and lets him hit the ground below.
"Grrrrr... You wont get away with this!" Sigma said while slowly looking up. Not wasting anymore time, Iris raises her foot above Sigma and stomps him flat. A small crunch and explosion is heard beneath her foot. Iris moves her foot away revealing the pieces of metal remains that were once Sigma all together.
"I hope thats the last we see of him." Iris said. Just then she heard a familiar voice from behind.
"Not quite, kid!" it said. Iris heard it then turned around.
"No, it can't be!" Iris said in shock. It was Sigma again! Only this time, he was different. It was actually a floating wire-frame Sigma head, kinda like the one that nearly possessed X's body a few years back.
"Damn you for destroying my body. However, I will return again in an even more powerful body some day! Until then, you will finish what I started now!" Sigma said.
"What are you talking about?!" Iris said.
"Before I go, I'm going to transfer some of my virus into your body! Seeing how powerful you are already, I'm sure you will give everyone, including the Maverick Hunters, a good fight just like I do!" Sigma said then headed straight for her.

As Sigma charged for the stunned Iris, he suddenly had to stop to see Zero leaping in front of him and giving him a huge slash. Sigma's vision blurred fast as he tried to recover from the damage done by the maverick hunter.
"Don't EVER lay a finger on her, Sigma! Not when I'm around!" Zero said.
"Arrrrrgh... fine. I'll let you win this time. But the next time, you won't be so lucky!" Sigma said, as he was fading into the distance.
"Well, that's that. The maverick threat has subsided." X said.
"For now. You know he will be back soon." Zero said.
"There's nothing more we can do here. So what do you guys suppose we do next?" Iris said.
"Well, we should try to get you back to your normal size. Perhaps the General has a way of reversing the effect." X said. Though Zero has other ideas.
"I don't know, X. She would be of great service to the city as far as cleaning up the mess the Mavericks made." Zero said.
"Well, let's see what Iris thinks." X said as the two looked up at Iris and awaited her decision.

Iris agreed it was time for her to return to normal size.
"I agree with X. I need to be back at my normal size so that I may resume my duties with the Repliforce." Iris said. Both X and Zero nodded as they hopped onto Iris's hand while she walked back to Maverick Hunter base.

Back at the base, Iris stood outside the headquarters as Double and Colonel were taking great care with the MMX in bringing it outside.
"So, Colonel, are you certain that this device has a shrink effect?" X asked.
"Of course, X. It was my suggestion to the engineers that they include a shrink function in case of an emergency situation such as this." Colonel said.
"Let's hope it works. One of my sensors is kinda uncomfortable with working with a giant Iris." Zero said. X giggled at that remark.
"All right, stand clear everyone. I'm powering up the machine." Colonel said. Iris stood patiently as she was ready to be shot by the shrink beam.
"5...4...3...2...1..." Colonel counted down the time to firing, but as soon as he said one, something went drastically wrong.

The machine exploded! No shrink beam was fired. The machine simply destroyed itself. Everyone obviously was stunned.
"Huh? What happened?" General asked. Colonel looked over the remains of the machine.
"I don't know... I guess it overloaded. Perhaps the shrink function wasn't tested to perfection." Colonel said.
"How long before repairs can be made?" X asked.
"Probably a couple of weeks before I can get this baby running again." Colonel said. Iris frowned upon hearing that.

"You mean I'm going to be stuck like this for two more weeks!?" Iris shouted.
"I'm afraid so, sis." Colonel said. But then Iris wiped off the frown and instead smiled, picking up X and Zero in the process.
"Oh well, that's okay! At least I have you two to comfort me while I'm like this!" Iris said.
"Oh boy, I hope this isn't a sign of things to come." Zero said.
"It can't be that bad, right, General?" X said from above.
"Not really. I think I have some tasks that would fit Iris's size appropriately. Just give me some time to get them together and make the proper arrangements." General said.

As the days passed, Iris stayed busy doing various tasks for the city, in an effort to help better serve the remaining humans that lived. For X, Zero, and the Repliforce, it was good to see Iris being recognized for her accomplishments. She had always been a shy one before growing to such a huge size.