Roll's Power Trip

(Cubed Cinder and Ramsus; idea by gamdann)

NOTE from Cubed Cinder: Ramsus did the first part of the story and then I took over for him. This story takes place during the first season of the anime (or early on in the video game series if you prefer).


Rain poured down hard over Dentech city. Thunder boomed through the air. Lightning cracked through the sky, and inside the home in a particular neighborhood. The young Mayl was working away at her homework on her computer. Connected to the PC was a terminal in which her PET was jacked into.

“Mayl, I don’t think it’s wise to be working on the computer during this storm. It looks really bad.” The Navi of the PET, Roll.EXE, suggested.

“Don’t worry, Roll. I’ll be done in a few minutes, and if you helped, we could get this done even faster.” Mayl replied.

“Can’t you just take a break? At least continue to when the storm is over? This is really dangerous you know, for the both of us!”

“Oh don’t worry about it, you’ll be fine.”

Mayl continued to work away while the storm became worse and worse. The deafening thunder and the flashes of lightening along with Roll’s warnings didn’t deter Mayl at all, but all it took was one stray bolt of lightning to hit her house to change the way things worked.

A bright flash and her humble home was struck and an electric charge surged through the house, specifically her computer, the PET terminal and of course, the PET.

A pink light shot out and struck Mayl in the chest, throwing her to the floor. The pink light filled the room, shining brightly almost to the point of blinding, then the light began to fade and Mayl’s eyes widened in surprise at who was standing over her.

“R-Roll?!” She squeaked.

Roll groaned and stumbled over onto the bed, rubbing her head, “Oww…Mayl, are you alright? What happened?”

Mayl bolted up and ran over to her, staring at her in complete disbelief. Her Navi was right in front of her, sitting on her bed, life-sized! “Roll! You’re…here?!”

Roll slowly opened her eyes and looked up at her Net-Op in confusion, “What are you talking….about?” Roll stood up and looked Mayl in the eye and gasped and glanced over to the PET, “Whoa! I’m here! In the real world!” She bounced up from the bed and grabbed Mayl’s hands and spun around with her, laughing happily, “This is incredible!”

“Roll! Stop!” Mayl pulled away and stumbled onto the bed with a soft grunt, “This is serious! You can’t be out here in reality! You need to get back to your PET!”

“Why? This way you won’t be all alone, you’ll have someone right here with you all the time!”

“This isn’t right, Roll. What if someone sees you?”

“So what? Everyone knows who I am, what’s the problem? I don’t see what’s so wrong about me being here. We ARE friends right?”

Mayl sighed and got up from the bed and stood up to her, “Yes, but we still have a bond as NetOp and NetNavi!”

Roll scoffed, “Oh…Oh I see. You just like bossing me around don’tcha? Giving me commands all you like. Well you know what? I’m sick of that and I’m sick of you not listening to me either.” She put up a hand to Mayl’s chest and pushed her back down onto the bed, sneering down at her.

Mayl gasped and looked up at Roll, “What? No! It’s not like that at all. Of course I listen to you Roll!”

Roll shook her head and then grinned, “Ohh…I know what would fix you! If you were the same size I was in the PET. A few inches would certainly make you appreciate me more.” She grinned and took a few steps back, and shot off a thin pink beam at Mayl, encasing her in a pink glow.

Mayl looked down at herself and her hands and looked back to Roll, “What did you do to me?” And as she asked that, she began to diminish in size. Slowly shrinking down by an inch per second, getting smaller and smaller and smaller until she was just a mere two and a half inches and then she did the only thing she could do, scream. Her bed became a football field to her, her room became bigger than an airplane hangar, and as for her NetNavi, Roll had become a living breathing giantess before her eyes, at least, from her point of view.

Roll’s eyes twinkled with excitement and curiosity as she crouched down to get a closer look at the tiny Mayl, “Wow! You’re so tiny!”

Roll’s voice was so loud to the little Mayl’s sensitive ears that she winced and covered them while glancing up at her massive NetNavi, “Ack! Roll, take it easy. Don’t shout!”

“Oh. Sorry sorry.” Roll giggled softly and reached down with an enormous hand and plucked the little girl up by the back of her outfit with her thumb and index finger. Then hoisted her into the air and placed her down in her pink palm, “I can’t believe how tiny you are. It’s incredible. Isn’t it great? It’s only been a few minutes and already I’m having so much fun. I’ll never go back to the PET.”

Mayl glared up at her and stomped her tiny foot down on Roll’s palm, “This is ridiculous! You can’t keep me like this and you can’t stay this way. What about school? What about Netbattling? What will everyone else say?”

Roll smiled brightly and giggled, “Don’t worry about a thing, Mayl. I have it all covered. And besides,” She chuckled, bouncing the small girl up and down in her hand, “Who’s going to stop me? It’s not like we know exactly how this was caused and how to get me back in the PET.”

Mayl yelped and cried out as she was thrown for a ride in the light bouncing of her captor’s hand, “B-b-but…” She sputtered, “Couldn’t you at least change me back?”

Roll grinned and curled her pink fingers around Mayl’s tiny form, “Nope. I think you need to spend some time small, looking up at me the same way I had to look up at you. I won’t hurt you or anything, but you need to learn a lesson.”

Mayl gulped as those fingers snaked about her, holding her firmly, “L-lesson?!” She cried, squirming and struggling in that tight grip.

“That’s right…” She said softly, uncurling her fingers and having the small girl rest in her palm, rolling her about and turning her this way and that with her thumb as she gave a smirk that was full of mischievous thought, “Oh yeah…I was thinking you need to spend some time serving me, how does that sound?”

Mayl grunted and groaned, at the mercy of that massive thumb moving her about against her will as she listened to Roll’s words, the fear within her growing worse and worse till it was to the point she fought back tears.

Roll frowned down at her a little as she watched her. She figured she would have apologized or begged for her forgiveness by now. Indeed they were friends but she wanted to feel a little more appreciated and less taken for granted. “Well then!” She began to announce, tossing Mayl up into the air and catching her with her thumb and index finger by the legs, dangling her upside down as she grinned, “I’m still waiting for your answer, little lady.” She said firmly with great expectation.

Mayl whimpered as she swung back and forth, squirming, gazing down Roll’s pink body to the floor that seemed to be hundreds of feet away, whooshing back and forth, almost enough for Mayl to be sick to her stomach. “Okay…okay…I’ll do whatever you want…” She whispered.

“What was that?!” Roll boomed, cupping a nonexistent ear and leaning toward the tiny girl in her fingers, grinning widely.

“I’ll do whatever you want! Just please, put me down!!” Mayl cried, sniffling some.

Roll giggled with excitement and lowered Mayl to the floor, setting her down at her pink boots, “This is perfect timing. There was something I always wanted to try…” She said softly, sitting down on the floor with her knees pulled up, lifting one leg and lowering her hands to her boots, starting to pull one of them off.

Mayl was quite shocked as she gazed up at her Navi, doing something she thought wasn’t even possible. She continued to stare with surprise as Roll completely removed her boot, revealing, a pretty, well defined foot that matched her skin.

“Ahh much better…” Roll giggled, wiggling her toes and setting her foot down on its heel in front of Mayl, causing the tiny girl to recoil, pinching her nose and groaning in displeasure.

“You’ve GOT to be kidding!” Mayl cried, waving her hand in front of her face, “I didn’t even know navi’s were that detailed! And who’d know their feet could reek like that?!”

Roll laughed, starting to remove the other boot, “What do you expect? It’s not like we take showers, hygiene isn’t necessary in cyberspace when you’re automatically clean all the time.”

Mayl grimaced and backed up some more, “So what am I supposed to do?”

“Give me a foot massage of course.” Roll chirped, beaming down at Mayl.

Mayl groaned and opened her mouth to protest, but she saw the look in Roll’s eyes, realizing that she was serious. With a defeated sigh, she approached Roll’s immense right sole and placed her tiny hands on it, expecting it to feel rough and calloused, with all the time that was spent in those boots and the countless netbattles, but to her surprise, they were soft, smooth, and actually pleasant to touch, as if her navi’s feet were made of silk. They did stink, but the nice feeling actually put a small smile on Mayl’s face.

As for Roll herself, she licked her lips softly and closed her eyes, uttering a slow moan... a good sign that Roll was enjoying it.

Cubed Cinder

Finally, after a few minutes of going from toe-to-toe and rubbing away at her virtual skin, Mayl sat down and rested against Roll's small toe, trying her best to catch her breath. The only other thing she could hear aside from her breathing was the giggling of Roll from above.
"Hee hee... you did a great job, Mayl! You deserve an award for all that hard work!" Roll shouted. She then picked up Mayl from the floor and suddenly planted her against her own lips, kissing her like the little dolly she was.
"Y'know, I just love you at PET size. Get it? PET size?" Roll said, laughing at her own joke.
"Yeah, yeah... very funny, Roll. Now can you please return me to normal size and get back to your own world? This is crazy what you are doing!" Mayl shouted. Roll kept on a smile as she looked down at her former owner.
"You just don't get it, do you, Mayl? You don't know what it's like being stuck in virtual land all day doing nothing but checking your e-mail and scanning your files for viruses." Roll said.
"Maybe I can make things work out... figure out a safer way for you to travel to this world! There has to be a better way than this!" Mayl shouted, trying her best to plea with the giantess. Roll just shook her head.
"It's too late for that, Mayl. I've already made up my mind after all... I will stay here and you can be a tiny friend to me." Roll said. Mayl just shivered with fear, she wasn't talking like a true friend would, that's for sure. Roll could clearly see the emotionally negative look on her face.

"Awww... you don't look so happy like I am." Roll said.
"You think?" Mayl said as she tried to pout, but couldn't since she was being held in both of Roll's hands.
"Well, I know just what would cheer you up. I've heard Lan do this when he tries to cheer you up." Roll said. Suddenly she loosened her grip to one hand around Mayl's body, and she held the tiny human in such a way that the front of her fully clothed body was exposed. Roll took her free hand and gently rubbed a finger softly against Mayl's stomach, moving it up and down ever so slightly. Mayl tried her best to hold a giggle considering this was one of her ticklish spots and the feeling of Roll's pink hand wasn't like anything she ever felt before, but it was doing her no good.
"There now... doesn't that make you feel better?" Roll asked. Finally, Mayl started to break out into all-out laughter as she tried to fight against the finger touching her body.
"Okay, okay! STOP!!! I give! I give!!!" Mayl shouted in between bursts of laughter. Roll pulled back her finger and just smiled over seeing her friend laugh like she did.
"That's my little PET." Roll said, laughing once again at her own joke.
"You never get tired of that line, do you?" Mayl said.
"Hey, you should try saying it sometime. Now then, let's see if you've been keeping up with your exercises." Roll said. She walked over to Mayl's bed and placed her on top of the sheets.
"Exercise? What do you mean?" Mayl asked.
"Just watch..." Roll said. She then aimed her hands a few yards to Mayl's right side. Some wireframe beams emerged from her hands and they soon formed various gymnastics equipment such as a balance beam and horizontal bar suspended in midair. Mayl just watched as the objects materialized and she wondered what Roll was planning. Roll then placed Mayl on one end of the balance beam.

"Uh... so what's going on here?" Mayl asked.
"Isn't it obvious? We're going to see if you've been exercising by having you run through this short obstacle course." Roll said.
"Huh? Obstacle course?" Mayl said.
"Yep... all you gotta do is make your way across the balance beam, jump up to the floating horizontal bar and swing your way across, and then the big finish! On your mark..." Roll shouted.
"Wait... what do you mean big finish!?" Mayl shouted, trying to get an answer from Roll.
"Get set.... GO!!!" Roll shouted. Mayl almost didn't move at first, but when Roll inched a finger in her direction, that's when Mayl jumped on the balance beam and tried her best to get from one end to the other without falling off. She fell off three times before finally making it across the balance beam and hopping up to the floating horizontal bar, she swung back and forth for a few seconds thinking there would be something to catch her eventually. Finally, Mayl was totally surprised when the bar actually moved to toss her across, and she watched as Roll tilted her head down so that her headband was in front of Mayl! Mayl went flying through the headband (which flashed as soon as Mayl went through it) and landed hard on the soft bed. As Mayl dusted herself off from the wild ride, Roll was looking on her wrist which had some sort of watch attached to it now.

"1 minute, 29 seconds. Not your best effort, I am afraid." Roll said.
"Well, I don't exactly do that everyday, you know!" Mayl said.
"I know, but it is most important that you are eating right
"Same old Roll... giving me advice. So why won't you change me back to normal size!?" Mayl shouted, clearly getting frustrated with her situation right about now. But Roll seemed to ignore as she picked up her tiny owner once more.
"Well... it is time for bed. We'll be able to sleep easy now that the thunderstorm has passed over." Roll said. Indeed, Roll was right in that the storm that brought her to the real world was gone and the night skies were clear now with the moonlight illuminating the streets of AC/DC Town.
"But you're a NetNavi... you don't need to sleep!" Mayl said.
"Not when you activate sleep mode like you always did to me every night." Roll said. She then pulled back the bedspread and jumped into Mayl's bed and right away laid down flat on her back, still holding Mayl in her hands.
"Ahhhhh.... this bed feels so comfortable." Roll said. She then took the two-inch-tall Mayl in one hand and pressed her against her own chest. Mayl squirmed uncomfortably trying to get herself comfortable in a very uncomfortable position.
"Good night, Mayl... sleep tight. Activating sleep mode!" Roll said. Her body then glowed pink for a couple quick seconds, and soon, she was fast asleep.
"(sigh) Good night, Roll..." Mayl said. For herself, she grumbled her way to sleep, hoping that by tomorrow, Roll would wise up and return Mayl back to her normal size. She was really hoping shortly thereafter, because who knows what Lan might think at seeing Mayl so small?

Mayl was very surprised that she was able to make it through the night in one piece. She opened her eyes to the sight of both the ceiling of her own room as well as the pink color of Roll's hand which still had a slight grip on her. Then again, it was a testament to how well Mayl had done in helping create her Roll program, particularly the sleep function.
Then, Mayl lost her balance as Roll awoke from sleep mode automatically upon the clock hitting 7:30 AM. She fell down to Roll's left leg as she watched her giantess NetNavi stretched out and gave out a morning yawn. She then looked down at Mayl.
"Good morning, Mayl! I have no new messages for you this morning!" Roll said, giggling as she said that's what she used to say all the time as a program inside Mayl's PET. Mayl just grunted.
"Very funny... I had no idea you were such a jokester." Mayl said.
"Hey, I guess it comes with the territory. Now come on, let's go have some breakfast." Roll said. She took Mayl in her hands once more and walked out of Roll's room for the first time since entering the real world.

Roll had made her way into the kitchen, where she placed Mayl on one of the countertops. Roll opened up the refrigerator and appeared to be looking for something. Mayl could only wonder what Roll could possibly be doing in the fridge.
"Come on, Mayl, you don't need to eat!" Mayl shouted.
"You're right... I don't. But you do, since you are still a human after all. Ah... here we go!" Roll said. She pulled out a freshly sealed bag containing some slices of bread and opened it up. She pulled out just one slice of bread and laid it right next to the tiny Mayl. Mayl just stared at the piece of bread before looking back up at Roll.
"Well, aren't you going to eat it?" Roll asked.
"I will... but why are you doing this?" Mayl asked, obviously curious to know why Roll was being so generous when it didn't seem that way last night when she was shrunken by her own NetNavi. Roll just smiled down at her little owner.
"Because I still care about you. Without you... I couldn't possibly exist!" Roll said.
"If you still care about me, then why shrink me!?" Mayl shouted. Roll then wiped her smile away, obviously unhappy that Mayl was still frustrated with being so small.
"I'm just showing you the tough life I've had to live inside that PET of yours. I was hoping you and I could spend some better quality time together now that I am in the real world, but I guess that won't happen now. You have to understand that..." Before Roll could finish, Mayl interjected. She kicked the piece of bread left for her in frustration.
"No... YOU listen to me, my NetNavi!!! You cannot possibly live here in the real world and you cannot keep me at this size forever! We have our normal lives to get around to and you're only messing those things up by doing all this!" Mayl shouted.
"But what about Lan and MegaMan being able to live together after they stopped the WWW a couple months ago?" Roll asked.
"That was completely different! What you're doing is simply going to cause problems for us!" Mayl shouted. Finally, Roll couldn't take it anymore. She cringed her teeth knowing she was going to completely regret what she was about to do.
"SHUT UP!!!" Roll shouted. She then charged up her headband and stretched it out, wrapping it around Mayl. Then she lit it up with 10,000 volts of electricity as Mayl screamed out in pain from the electric shocks pounding her tiny body. Roll kept this up for about 10 seconds before finally releasing Mayl, causing her to collapse against the piece of bread and clutch her heart to both catch her breath and alleviate the pain flowing through her body. Roll then slammed one of her hands down next to Mayl, causing her to jump and catch her breath once more. Mayl looked at Roll's huge face to see she had an angry look on it... but there were tears coming down her eyes, like she was sad as well.
"Please... don't make this any more difficult than it already is. Now eat your breakfast, or I'll just shrink you even more." Roll said. The thought of shrinking even smaller must've gotten Mayl's attention as she rose to her feet and went to work chomping up as much of the bread as she could. Roll then went back into Mayl's room, probably to think about what she had just done.

A few minutes later, Mayl had eaten as much as she could and she just stood around the countertop, waiting for Roll to come back. And come back she did, slowly but surely. Roll stopped her walk at the countertop as she looked down at the tiny Mayl.
"Mayl... listen, I'm really sorry for shocking you like I did earlier. You were being uncooperative and I just didn't think I had a choice." Roll said. Mayl then shook her head.
"No, it's my fault. You're right... I am being difficult. I guess I'm just not used to being... well, how tall am I anyway?" Mayl asked.
"Two point five inches, to be exact." Roll said.
"I see. And yeah... you being here is strange and all, but it doesn't exactly mean the end of the world like I made it out to be." Mayl said.
"So you finally agree why this is a good thing for me?" Roll said.
"Yeah... for now." Mayl said. Then, the jewel on Roll's chest then started to flash and give out a beeping sound. She tapped it and saw a digital message form in front of her.
"Oh... I almost forgot! It's time to go to school." Roll said.
"But how can we? I can't exactly go to school at this size!" Mayl shouted.
"Don't worry, I got that covered. For now, I'm gonna keep you in a safe place." Roll said. She then picked up Mayl from the countertop and then held the tiny girl in front of her mouth, making sure to open it wide!
"Wait... Roll, what are you doing? You're not going to eat me, are you!?" Mayl shouted. Roll didn't answer as she tilted her head back and dropped Mayl inside her mouth. Because Roll was tilting her head back, Mayl just fell right down into the stomach area. Mayl just closed her eyes fearing she would be digested by her own NetNavi in a few minutes.

But when she felt the falling stop, Mayl slowly opened her eyes and noticed she was actually floating now! Not only that, but Roll's 'stomach' wasn't really a stomach at all. It looked more like a NetNavi battlefield with nothing but a blue background and scan lines, with 1s and 0s flying all over the place. Just then, Roll's voice started to echo through the field.
"Mayl... can you hear me? Say something if you can!" Roll said.
"I hear you!" Mayl shouted, her voice actually echoing through the playfiend.
"Ah, wonderful. The secret communication lines work beautifully. You can stay safe in the stomach area where nobody can see you. I'll attend class for you!" Roll said. She stood in her place, rubbing her stomach where Mayl currently was, so to speak.
"What? You going to class!?" Mayl shouted.
"Chill, girl! Like I said, it's been done before with Lan and MegaMan... and you said it yourself! NetNavis don't need to eat!" Roll shouted, almost gleefully, but when Mayl heard about the NetNavis don't need to eat part, she quickly felt relieved and realized that's why Roll did not hesitate in swallowing her. Then Mayl suddenly felt the gravitational field around her shift away from the front of Roll's body, which told her that Roll was heading out on her way to the school. She just hoped that the entire town wouldn't be staring at Roll when she arrived.

As Roll walked happily down the streets of AC/DC Town, some of Mayl's worst fears were coming to pass. Indeed, every single person that Roll passed by ended up staring at her. Roll would most times shrug them off, while a select few others she would ask what they were staring at before that person just went on with life like nothing happened.
This certainly held true when it came to the school. Nearly every student took at least one look at the NetNavi as she was walking through the crowd and towards the classroom that Mayl is normally a student of. Roll just smiled and waved at everyone that was looking at her, especially Lan who was already sitting at his desk. Lan just looked down at his PET at MegaMan.exe's face.
"Hey, MegaMan, can you see this?" Lan said, pointing his PET in the direction of Roll as she was sitting down in Mayl's desk.
"Yeah, Lan, I see it. I'm still trying to compute how this is possible." MegaMan said.
"We oughta to find out from Roll how she got into the real world... and where Mayl is too!" Lan said.
"After class, my friend. I sense Ms. Mari approaching the classroom." MegaMan said. Indeed, Lan looked at the door to see Ms. Mari entering the classroom. All the students sat down and faced Ms. Mari.
"Good morning, class!" Ms. Mari said.
"Good morning, Ms. Mari!" most of the class shouted.
"Let us begin with the roll call. Lan..." Ms. Mari said as she looked at Lan's desk to see him there. She would do this for every student.
"Dex... Yai... Mayl..." Ms. Mari said, but when she called Mayl's name and noticed Roll sitting in her seat, that's when she paused in her place for a few seconds before finally opening her mouth.

"Wait a minute, you're not Mayl..." Ms. Mari said.
"No, of course not, Ms. Mari. I am her NetNavi, Roll.exe. I'm afraid my NetOp is under the weather and cannot attend class today." Roll said.
"But how can you be here? You're a NetNavi! NetNavis shouldn't be in the real world!" Ms. Mari said.
"Well... technically, Ms, Mari, it is possible for me to be here. Lan and MegaMan have a special bond that has allowed Lan's NetNavi to cross over into our world with the greatest of ease, and he was able to be here without causing any compromises." Roll said. Ms. Mari just raised an eyebrow having very little idea what she was talking about, but as long as someone was sitting at that desk, she just shrugged. She asked Roll one more question before moving on with today's lessons.
"You can jack in, right? Because today's lesson will need the assistance of the Internet." Ms. Mari asked.
"Of course... as you know, NetNavis are capable of anything with the right program!" Roll shouted happily. Mayl just sighed from inside Roll's 'stomach.'
"If only you all knew..." she said to herself.

Lan was looking back at Roll this whole time, watching with as much curiousity as Ms. Mari and wondering just what Roll was doing here.
"She's lying, Lan." MegaMan said from Lan's PET. Lan turned to look at MegaMan on his PET's screen.
"What do you mean?" Lan asked.
"That bond Roll is talking about is very special, one that can't be duplicated unless your father was doing it." MegaMan said.
"Yeah, you're right. You think that has something to do Mayl not being here too?" Lan said.
"I wouldn't doubt it for one nanosecond. I say we get to the bottom of this after class." MegaMan said. Lan nodded and then looked up at Ms. Mari as the day in school began.

Hours pass, and as the school day went on, Mayl was simply floating around inside Roll's stomach area. She could only listen in on the conversation and take mental notes since her PET wasn't exactly functional anymore. Mayl soon thought about how she was going to get out of this predicament.
"(sigh) Who would've thought I'd start out today being trapped inside my own NetNavi." Mayl said. Just then, Mayl looked around to see something very strange happening. It appeared as though the field of ones and zeros was getting larger! She immediately thought of the worst possible scenario... was she shrinking even more? Turns out that was not the case as she suddenly noticed some platforms forming several feet away from herself. Then it suddenly hit Mayl as she remembered a lesson she learned in class last week.
"Roll must be jacking in! When two electronic devices are connected together, the playfield of both devices merges until the devices are disconnected!" Mayl said to herself. Then the second part of her theory struck her brain, and that's when she saw her opportunity. She reached into her skirt pocket and pulled out a chip clearly said on its front side, Emergency Logoff Chip.
"And if I present this chip at the bridge that connects the two worlds together... maybe it can get me out of here! I don't care if I promised Roll I'd be good to her... I have to get someone's help if I'm going to get back to normal!" Mayl said to herself, making sure not to speak out loud so that Roll wouldn't hear her and get any ideas.

So Mayl literally swam her way from Roll's 'stomach' world to the glowing bridge that connected Roll to the desk terminal. Mayl then looked down at the bridge and then at the Emergency Logoff Chip she held in her hand.
"Now... if I place this chip on the bridge, it should..." Mayl said. As she put the chip down on the bridge, her body suddenly overflowed with electricity once more, but it wasn't shocking her this time. She could hardly feel any pain as she looked to see electric bolts flowing from head to toe. Before she could really wonder what was happening, Mayl suddenly felt herself being teleported! She had to shield her eyes again from the bright light that was surrounding her. Finally, when the light died down, she looked to see where she was at.

Back in the classroom, standing in between Roll's legs on the chair of her desk.

Mayl fell back in shock over being that darn close to her own NetNavi, but she also breathed a sigh of relief because she was no longer trapped in virtual reality.
"Whew... I made it. Now to get Lan's attention!" Mayl said to herself. With Roll focused on the class, the two-inch-tall Mayl began to climb down Roll's leg hoping that she wouldn't spot her. She made it successfully, and Mayl was now on the floor of the classroom, looking at the feet of each and every one of her classmates. Mayl started to make her way towards Lan's desk. She got as close as she could to him without the fear of him stepping on her, but just before she could open her mouth, the bell rang and the lesson was over and everyone was exiting the classroom.
"Remember everyone! Your homework will be due by the beginning of next class!" Ms. Mari shouted. Many of the students grunted at the sound of the word 'homework' but they in reality came to expect it. Lan then packed up his PET and then proceeded to walk out of the classroom.
Mayl stomped her foot down on the ground, getting upset at herself for being a split second too late in getting Lan's attention. But Mayl wasn't in despair for long. She looked in the direction of Ms. Mari's desk, and that's when she quickly realized that the teacher could possibly help her.
"Ms. Mari! She can help me out!" Mayl said. She then got into a full-on sprint as she ran over to the teacher's desk in an attempt to get Ms. Mari's attention.

Meanwhile, Roll was jacking out of the Mayl's desk and was about to get up and head for home when one of her internal sensors started to beep. Roll checked and noticed a message digitally appear in front of her eyes: STORAGE COMPARTMENT EMPTY. That 'storage compartment' referred to her stomach, and she realized that Mayl must've gotten out somehow. She quickly scanned around the classroom and was just able to spot the tiny Mayl running behind the teacher's desk. Roll quickly walked over there to try and stop Mayl from drawing Ms. Mari's attention.

As for Mayl, she stopped her run when she got behind the teacher's desk. Ms. Mari was standing at her desk already reviewing her lesson plan for tomorrow. With Ms. Mari occupied with looking at her textbook, the tiny Mayl saw this as a perfect opportunity to get as close as she could to the normal-sized teacher. In fact, Mayl fearlessly hopped onto the top of Ms. Mari's feet and shouted as loud as she could to get her attention.
"Ms. Mari!!!" Mayl shouted. After calling her name three times, Ms. Mari started to look around for where the sound of her name was coming from. Finally, after calling her name a fourth time, Ms. Mari put her textbook down on the desk and looked right down at her feet to see the tiny Mayl there. But she could only see her for a couple seconds when Roll suddenly got to the teacher's desk and reached down with her headband to, using her digital powers, stick Mayl to it! Roll quickly grabbed the tiny Mayl once she stood up straight again and held her in her hands.
"Oh, I'm very sorry, Ms. Mari. There was some sort of bug standing on your feet." Roll said.
"Well... um, thank you, Roll. That bug did look very much familiar though..." Ms. Mari said, thinking back to looking down at the tiny Mayl.
"Oh, it was probably just an illusion. I believe you have been working too hard this week, Ms. Mari. You should take some time off down the road." Roll said with a smile.
"Well, I really appreciate that, Roll, but I'll be just fine. You give my best wishes to Mayl and let me know when she's feeling better." Ms. Mari said.
"Of course!" Roll said as she, with Mayl in her hands, finally walked out the door. Ms. Mari was still wondering about the tiny Mayl that she swore she saw standing on her feet, but she finally shrugged it off and just sat down at her desk.

Once Roll was outside the classroom, she quickly walked over to a small corner in the hallway where nobody would notice she was really there. Once Roll saw nobody was looking, she opened her hands and looked down at the tiny Mayl. Mayl quickly saw the look of displeasure on Roll's face.
"What were you thinking!? You were completely safe inside of me." Roll said. Mayl just shook her head.
"Y'know, I can't exactly trust my NetNavi when she's doing all these things to me." Mayl said.
"I said you could trust me! For goodness sake, Mayl, I'm just showing you what life is like at PET size!" Roll said.
"Well, I want my normal life back! And soon!!!" Mayl said. Roll then finally frowned and couldn't help but tighten her grip around Mayl. Mayl yelped in pain from the tightness of the grip.
"Look, if you try to do this again, I'll just shrink you to the point where nobody but me will see you. Got it!?" Roll shouted, talking in a tone that put her in charge. Mayl gulped at the thought of shrinking even smaller than she already is, so she had no choice but to comply with Roll's wish. Just then, both girls heard a familiar voice.

"Hey, Roll!" Lan shouted. Roll quickly turned around and saw Lan was approaching her. Not having enough time to store Mayl in a properly safe location, Roll suddenly used her powers to give her hair a light static charge before sticking Mayl to it like a magnet on a refrigerator. The charge was hardly useful as a few short seconds later, Mayl felt herself slipping from Roll's hair. With quick thinking, Mayl was able to grab the green bow that was near the end of her long ponytail. She hung on for dear life as she listened in on the conversation that was about to take place between Lan and Roll.
"Oh... hello there, Lan. How are you and MegaMan today?" Roll asked.
"I'm just fine. You're looking great, Roll!" MegaMan shouted from Lan's PET. Lan just smiled as he looked into Roll.
"So, um... what are you doing here, Roll?" Lan asked.
"Well, like I said, I'm substituting for Mayl who isn't feeling well today." Roll said.
"Well, yeah... but I mean how did you get here? I mean MegaMan's the only one that can really enter this world, and even that's pretty tricky!" Lan said. Roll knew that Lan was onto something from the way he was asking those questions, so she went with an age-old theory to try and shake him up a little. A little flattery goes a long way it seemed.
"I tell you what? Why don't we go to Mayl's home and we can talk about this?" Roll asked.
"Well, sure... I don't have anything else to do." Lan said. The two then started to walk out of the school together. Mayl, still hanging on from Roll's green bow, tried desperately to get Lan to hear her.
"Lan! Lan!!! It's me, Mayl!!! I'm back here! LAN!!!" Mayl shouted, but neither Roll or Lan seemed to hear her up to this point.

Roll and Lan finally made their way back to Mayl's home and the two made their way into Mayl's room. Lan looked around to find that Mayl wasn't around, and he was anxious to get an answer to that question from Roll.
"Hey, where is Mayl? Didn't you say she was sick or something?" Lan said.
"Don't worry about Mayl, Lan. I promise you she's fine." Roll said.
"But if she were sick, why wouldn't she be in..." Before Lan could finish his train of thought, Roll walked up to him and put a hand over his mouth in order to silence him.
"Relax, Lan, Mayl is fine. Listen, we should talk some more about each other for the time being." Roll said.
"What do you mean?" Lan asked.
"Well, this being my first time in the real world, I thought it'd be nice to get to know you better." Roll said.
"Well, okay... if you insist." Lan said.
"Yippee! I'm talking to one of Mayl's friends!" Roll shouted as she spun herself around in excitement. In the excitement, Mayl held on for dear life but eventually lost her grip and finally went flying through the air. Luckily for her, she landed back on her bed, the same place her adventure as a shrunken slave to Roll began. Mayl wobbled around feeling dizzy from Roll's spin cycle before she finally shook off the cobwebs. As soon as she did that, however, her vision was filled with that of Roll and Lan looking at each other. Mayl almost gasped... being this close to Lan was a great chance for her if Roll didn't get to her.
"Lan! Down here!!!" Mayl shouted. Lan was looking around the room except for on the bed.
"Huh? What was that?" Lan asked. Roll looked in the corner of her eye to see Mayl shouting out from the bed for Lan. She had to distract Lan as long as possible so that he wouldn't possibly see the shrunken Mayl.
"What was what?" Roll asked.
"I hear something calling my name, but I can't put my finger on it..." Lan said. Just then, Roll decided to interfere by wrapping her arms around Lan and turning him so that he was facing away from the bed. Mayl couldn't believe what she was seeing.
"Huh!? What's going on here?" Mayl said to herself. She watched as Roll was caressing Lan's face with her hands.

"Did anyone ever tell you how handsome you looked?" Roll asked.
"Well, um... not really, why?" Lan said.
"Oh, it's nothing. I just think you should be lucky to be who you are. Being the hero after you stopped WWW... things like that." Roll said.
"Well, I couldn't take all the credit. You and Mayl really helped us out." Lan said. Roll moaned a bit as she moved her hand movements down to Lan's chest. Finally, Lan had to push her hands away before she went any lower.
"Hey, wait a sec... why get so close!?" Lan asked.
"Oh, I'm sorry, Lan. I just have never expressed love to a human being. All my love emotions were always digitally programmed, representing a one or a zero depending whether or not I liked the NetNavi. And I... I just love this feeling I am getting!" Roll said.
"Uh, Roll... are you okay? You should listen to what you're saying..." Lan said. Finally, Roll flashed a big grin on her face and looked right into Lan's eyes. And then came the biggest surprise to the three people in the room.

Roll planted her lips on Lan's and kissed him!

Mayl gasped big time at what she was seeing, and then she gritted her teeth out of bitter anger. This was NOT what she got Roll.exe for, that's for sure.
"HEY!!! That's my... my friend you're kissing, Roll!!! Lan, snap out of it!!!!" Mayl shouted, screaming louder than ever before. Some ten seconds after the kiss began, Lan pulled himself away from Roll's face and broke up the kiss.
"There's that voice again..." Lan said. Finally, Roll quickly snatched up Mayl and then pinned Lan down to Mayl's bed with both her hands. Mayl grimaced in pain from being squeezed so tightly by Roll.
"Don't you worry about that voice... and just drop it, okay? If you don't, I'll... I'll delete MegaMan. Got it?" Roll said. Lan just nodded quickly.
"Okay, now you can go." Roll said as she lifted herself up from Lan, who slowly got up and walked out of Mayl's room, looking at Roll strangely the entire time.

Once Lan was gone, Roll shut the door and looked in the palm of her right hand at the still angry Mayl.
"Well, that went well, didn't it?" Roll said with a smile.
"Are you kidding!? You were kissing Lan of all people!" Mayl said.
"Come on... you have a crush on him, don't you? I just wanted to get that feeling of love you sometimes tell me." Roll said.
"Huh!? What do you mean I have a crush on him!?" Mayl shouted. Roll couldn't help but giggle.
"Just chill out, girl... You're way too tense for a little girl." Roll said, rubbing it in as she petted Mayl on the head with a finger from her other hand.

Meanwhile, in the living room of Mayl's home (where her piano was), Lan continued to walk slowly out of the house, trying to recover what he had just been a part of.
"Lan and Roll sitting under a tree..." MegaMan said with a laugh or two.
"Very funny, MegaMan... that is definitely not the Roll I remember from Mayl's PET." Lan said.
"Yeah, you're right. If only we could do a full-on scan of her..." MegaMan said. Lan stopped his walk upon hearing MegaMan cut himself like he did.
"What's wrong, MegaMan?" Lan asked.
"Lan! I've got a virus alert at Mayl's computer! There's a lot of them coming too!" MegaMan shouted.
"Probably because Roll wasn't protecting her computer... we better get up to Mayl's room!" Lan shouted as he pulled out the jack-in cable from his own PET while running back to Mayl's room.

Because the door was unlocked, Lan was able to open the door and run into Mayl's room. Roll was caught by surprise as she gasped and turned around to see Lan, but luckily she hid Mayl quickly enough for Lan to miss her.
"Roll! Mayl's computer is under a virus attack!" Lan shouted.
"What!? How can that be? The system's..." Roll said, but she cut herself off suddenly remembering the past events that got her in this world.
"There's no time! I need to get into her system!" Lan said as he ran past Roll. He then found the jack-in port in the side of Mayl's computer, the same one that got fried from the intense thunderstorm last night.
"Jack in! MegaMan, execute!!!" Lan said as he connected his PET to Mayl's computer and MegaMan was sent in. When MegaMan arrived, he looked to see several platforms floating around without wonder in cyberspace. Lan watched all the action from his PET.
"Whoa... this place got damaged pretty good. It looks like a lightning strike did all this!" MegaMan said.
"A lightning strike... you mean from that big thunderstorm we had last night?" Lan asked. Roll finally knew now was the time to tell the truth.
"Yes... Mayl's computer was on when lightning struck her house last night. It fried the barrier between our worlds and allowed me to enter here." Roll said.
"So that's how you were able to get into the real world?" Lan said.
"Yeah... now I see that was a mistake. I left Mayl's computer unprotected... if we don't stop those viruses, we may never be able to save her computer! She's got a lot of important projects on that thing!" Roll shouted. Lan then pulled out a battle chip with a power shot as the picture.
"Don't worry, we'll stop those viruses! Uploading Blaster chip, MegaMan!" Lan shouted as he inserted the chip into his PET. MegaMan's right arm instantly turned into a power cannon that he used to blast away groups of the viruses (which all looked like Metools) one by one.

This plan worked for a while, but MegaMan soon found himself surrounded by the many Metool viruses once more.
"Lan! There's too many of them! I could use some more power!" MegaMan shouted.
"Dang it! There must be something we can do!" Lan shouted in frustration.
"Roll! Roll! You have to go help MegaMan!" Mayl shouted from inside Roll's closed hands. Roll looked down towards her hands as Lan looked down with her. Roll took a deep breath and opened up her hands, revealing the tiny Mayl to Lan.
"Mayl!? Is that you? You're so tiny!" Lan asked.
"Yes, Lan... it's me. You didn't have to rub it in." Mayl said as she pouted.
"Oh... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!" Lan said as he rubbed the back of his head.
"It's all my fault. The first thing I did when I got here was shrink Mayl down to PET size. I was jealous of her and how she was always looking down at me when I was inside her PET... I wanted her to look up at me for a change, and it made me forget about my sworn duty to serve and protect her no matter what." Roll said. Mayl then smiled as she nodded up at the giantess.
"Now do you understand why we can't possibly live together, Roll?" Mayl said.
"Yes, you are right... it is time I corrected my mistakes." Roll said. She then walked over to the bed and placed Mayl down on it. Mayl sat comfortably knowing what Roll was about to do next.
"Now hold still, Mayl..." Roll said. Just then, she shot the same exact thin pink beam that she used to shrink Mayl yesterday. Mayl looked down at her body as it was engulfed in the pink light once more. But this time, instead of shrinking, she was growing...

After about 15 seconds or so, Roll shut off the beam and Mayl was back to her original size.
"Whew... finally!" Mayl said as she looked over herself, relieved to be back to her normal size. As Mayl looked into Roll's eyes without having to look up for a change, MegaMan continued to shout for backup inside his PET.
"Hey! I'm not getting any help here!" MegaMan shouted.
"Oh... sorry, MegaMan! But what can we do!?" Lan shouted.
"Let me jack into your PET, Lan... it'll get me back into the virtual world and I can help MegaMan out!" Roll said.
"Okay, anything's worth a try!" Lan said. He opened up one of the covers on his PET, revealing a socket that Roll connected herself to. In a short time, Roll's body started to glow a bright white color and she began to vanish piece by piece from the real world. Mayl watched as Roll joined by MegaMan's side.
"Mayl, your PET should be active again!" Roll shouted. Mayl looked over to see the screen on her own PET, which had been sitting next to her computer, going from a blank screen to that of Roll in the battlefield standing next to MegaMan.
"Alright... let's do this, Roll! Uploading Sword chip!" Mayl shouted. She opened up a drawer on her desk and pulled out a chip that she connected to her own PET. Roll's right hand suddenly changed to that of one holding a pink sword.
"Wow... you never told me you had a Sword chip!" Roll shouted.
"Yeah... I picked it up from Commander Beef after he almost threw it away. He said it wouldn't work with SharkMan." Mayl said.
"Alright, now let's finish this!" MegaMan said.
"You got it!" Roll shouted as the two NetNavis charged into battle.

A few minutes later, every last Metool virus had been deleted, and the floating platforms were starting to form back together into one large platform. Lan and Mayl watched the same thing from the real world. In fact, Mayl's computer suddenly booted back up again! Shortly after that happened, Lan and Mayl both jacked out of Mayl's computer and the two NetNavis were back in their respective PETs.
"Hey, look! The platforms are forming back together." MegaMan said.
"Hmmm... that's strange. I thought that thunderstorm we had last night fried this computer for sure!" Roll said.
"Unless that lightning strike somehow just caused the platforms to break up, seperating the barrier between our world and the real world." MegaMan said.
"You really think that's possible? Could that be all the damage that can be done?" Lan asked.
"Hey, these electric devices are getting so advanced these days... we probably should've seen that one coming!" MegaMan said.
"Well, I'm just glad we're all safe, especially Mayl." Lan said as the two just smiled at each other but then looked away, both feeling shy towards each other.
"Ah... the power of love!" Roll shouted.
"Oh stop it, Roll!" Mayl said down to her PET.
"Seriously, please allow me to once again apologize for my brash and unnecessary behavior over the past 24 hours. I know what I did was wrong and I will accept any punishment you deem necessary to me." Roll said.
"Oh come on, Roll. I can understand where you're coming from... I'd probably get frustrated too if I were trapped inside a box having to always look up at people for days on end." Mayl said.
"(sigh) Well, I guess this means my time in the real world is over. I'm back inside your PET." Roll said. Mayl just looked at her screen for a few seconds before she finally smiled.
"Hmmm... not if I have anything to say about that." Mayl said.
"What do you mean, Mayl?" Lan asked.
"Well, just give me a little time, okay? If my theory is true, maybe I can make it my science project!" Mayl shouted.
"Well, okay. I better get home then... my mom is probably worried!" Lan shouted. He picked up his PET and left Mayl's room while Mayl sat down at her computer and started to type something.

12 hours later

Mayl had been at the computer now off and on for the past half-day. Night had fallen over AC/DC Town as Mayl wiped the sweat from her forehead. Heck, she was still dressed up in her regular daytime clothes. Roll was obviously getting concerned over Mayl's health as she wondered what she could possibly be working on.
"Mayl, you've been working on that program for the past twelve hours! Won't you give it a rest?" Roll said, but Mayl didn't respond with her eyes fixated on her computer screen. Finally she hit a few buttons on her keyboard and raised her arms up in triumphant fashion.
"Yes... all done!" Mayl shouted.
"All done with what?" Roll asked.
"Well, I was thinking about how someone can escape the virtual world by standing on the platforms that serve as a barrier between our world and your world by standing on them when they break apart for whatever reason. You via a lightning strike and me when I was trapped between you and the computer at my classroom desk." Mayl said.
"So what does that mean?" Roll said.
"If I built this program correctly, it should open up the barriers and allow you safe passage into my world. We can see each other again!" Mayl said. Roll gasped upon hearing this obvious surprise from Mayl.
"Really!? But what about your computer systems around the house that I usually protect from viruses like those Metools we deleted earlier?" Roll asked.
"Well, this program makes a copy of your security functions and stores them for about two hours... plenty of time to spend with me without any of us worrying about a virus attack!" Mayl said.
"Wow... that's awesome, Mayl! I can't thank you enough for doing this!" Roll said, clearly getting excited again over traveling to the real world.
"Well, don't thank me yet... we gotta see if the program works!" Mayl shouted. She then connected her PET to her computer via the jack-in port. Once the connection was set up, Mayl got ready to run the newly-created program.
"Executing!" Mayl said as she clicked on some icons on her screen and then pressed the Enter key on her keyboard.

As Mayl got up from her chair to watch the program run its course, the same kind of events that originally got Roll into the real world started to take place again. The PET screen started to glow pink, although not as bright as before, and then a pink light shot out from the screen, curving down towards the floor of Mayl's room. Mayl backed away as the light soon formed to that of Roll herself. Roll immediately celebrated by jumping up and down.
"Yay! Yippee!!! Yahhhhooooo!!! I'm back in the real world! I'm so glad to see..." Roll shouted, but she had to immediately stop her cheering when she looked behind her to look at Mayl, but all she could see was Mayl's dark pink-colored shoes, and they were huge at that. Roll's eyes worked their way up and they allowed her to see the truth, explaining why Mayl's feet were so big...

Because Mayl was the one that was now huge!

Roll quickly looked around to see the rest of her room overly gigantic too. She figured she must be two inches tall now, just as Mayl was earlier.
"W-W-W...What happened? Why am I so tiny?" Roll said. Her voice sounded like a squeak to Mayl's ears as she reached down to pick up the tiny NetNavi. She spoke softly to make sure she didn't blow out her digitized eardrums.
"Well... look at you, Roll. You're so cute this way!" Mayl said.
"Mayl, something went wrong! That program makes me tiny in the real world!" Roll said.
"That was part of the program. I didn't want you to be my size again for fear that you would shrink me again. Let's just say I wanted to keep things in perspective by letting you know who is still in charge." Mayl said. Roll just stood there in silence, thinking about Mayl's words and looking up at the giantess at the same time. But then she smiled.
"Yeah... you're right. I need to learn my lesson after what I did to you yesterday. I can accept this if you feel it's for the best." Roll said.
"Thank you, Roll. Do you want to sleep with me tonight?" Mayl said.
"I would be honored to sleep with you in your bed!" Roll said. Mayl smiled as she pulled back her covers and jumped into her bed.
"Wait... aren't you going to change?" Roll asked.
"Nah, I'm a little too tired to change. Don't worry. With you in my hands, I'll sleep comfortably tonight." Mayl said. Indeed, Mayl cradled Roll in her hands and eventually placed her close to her chest. Roll's sensitive hearing picked up the sound of Mayl's heartbeat, which was drifting her to sleep even without the help of sleep mode. Mayl moaned a bit as she finally made herself comfortable in the bed.

"Good night, Roll." Mayl said. Roll smiled up at the giantess for the last time today.
"Good night, Mayl." Roll said. The two girls finally went to sleep as the events of yesterday and today became distant memories to both of them. Roll knew she would have to go back to the PET the next day, and be tiny whenever she wanted to visit Mayl, but as she told her NetOp... perhaps it was better this way.