Titan Tron





Deep within the caverns, a green machine and some smaller robots are busy battling the different Reaverbots within.  It is the Gustaff being piloted by Tron with Servbots assisting her.  Teisel communicates through a radio, and Bon is with him.


Teisel: Okay, Tron.  You should be getting close to it.  Just another few rooms left. *coughs*


Tron: Okay, Teisel.


Servbot #1: Um, Miss Tron?

Tron: Yes, what is it?


Servbot #1: What is it exactly that we’re looking for?

Servbot #2: We were never really told anything.


Tron: I’m a bit confused about it myself.



Teisel: *sniffs* I found some information regarding a very valuable treasure.  *coughs* The only clue that I got was an acronym: T.A.T.  I don’t know what it is, but--*sneezes*--but it’s not something I plan to pass up, regardless of my--*coughs*--illness.  Thanks for taking my place, Tron.  I--*sniffs*--I promise to make it up to you.


Bon hands him a tissue.


Bon: Babuu!

Teisel: Thanks, Bon. *sniffs*  You’ve been so helpful.


Bon: Babuu!



Tron: You just take it easy, Teisel.  I’m sure this T.A.T. will be very valuable, if you’re this serious about not passing it up.


Servbot #3: Miss Tron, we’re almost there.


Servbot #4: It’s in the next room.

Tron: Good.


Tron and the Servbots go into the last room.  It’s a gigantic hanger, the size of a colosseum.


Tron: Huh?  There’s nothing here.


Teisel: *sneezes* Be careful, Tron.  I’m picking--*coughs*--up some strong readings!


Bon: Babuu!  Babuu!

Suddenly, a gigantic Reaverbot appears.  It’s a red-eyed Cyclops with two long hammers for arms.  It has a blob for a stomach and treads for legs.


Servbot #5: MISS TRON!  IT’S HUGE!


Servbot #6: I’m scared!


Tron takes a quick glance at it and notices the initial, T.A.T., on its shoulder.


Tron: Teisel, I seriously think you misinterpreted the information!  T.A.T. was the acronym for the Reaverbot down here!

Teisel: What?! *coughs*  Well, I’m sure it’s still guarding--*coughs*--something very valuable down there.  Take--*sniffs*--Take care of it.


Tron: But Teisel--?!

Suddenly, the T.A.T.’s stomach’s tentacles inside the blob snatch Tron!

Tron: Huh?!  What the--?!

Servbots: MISS TRON!!

Teisel: Tron!  What’s--*sneezes*--What’s going on?!

The T.A.T. pulls Tron inside its body.  The T.A.T. starts glowing bright white.  Suddenly, the whole area starts shaking.  Out of complete fear, the Servbots leave the area.




Teisel: Tron!  Tron!  Servbots!  *coughs*  Someone respond!!  Grr!  Drat!


Servbot #7: Master Teisel!  What should we do?


Teisel: Take the--*coughs*--Gesellshaft there!  We’re leaving now!


Bon: Babuu!


Teisel: I appreciate your concern, Bon, but right now, Tron’s safety takes--*sneezes*--takes priority. *coughs*  Besides, I--*coughs*--should be over this in a day or two.  Now, let’s--*sniffs*--move out!

Servbots: Roger!

Teisel: And you!

Teisel points to a Servbot.


Teisel: See--*coughs*--See if you can get some more information on the T.A.T.


Servbot #7: Yes, Master Teisel.



In no time, the Gesellshaft makes it to the island.  The Servbots that were with Tron are outside.  Teisel steps outside with Bon.


Servbot #1: Master Teisel!  You’re too sick to be outside!

Teisel: *sniff* Never mind!  Where is Tron?!


Servbot #2: We’re sorry, Master Teisel!  She disappeared!

Servbot #3: And so did the caverns!

Teisel: What--*sniff*--What do you mean, “disappeared”?! *coughs*

Bon: Babuu!

Servbot #4: Well, that T.A.T. robot absorbed Miss Tron, and then the caves started collapsing.



Teisel goes down on one knee.


Servbots: Master Teisel!

The Servbots start crying.


Servbots: We’re so sorry, Master Teisel!  We were too scared!


Teisel: Grr!  There’s no excuse for--*sniffs*--this!  MY SISTER IS GONE!!

Out of anger, Teisel kicks a nearby wall.  However, the wall starts moving, and the ground starts shaking.  A gigantic shadow looms over the others.  Teisel, Bon, and the Servbots all gasps at the sight of the gigantic shadow.


Servbot #5: Master Teisel, are we sick too?


The gigantic figure grabs its head and shakes it.  Its voice echoes as it speaks.

????: *groans* My head.  What happened?


Teisel: TRON?!



The gigantic Tron stands up, shaking the ground with her footsteps and almost stepping on her allies.


Teisel: How could we--*sniffs*--not have noticed this in the sky?! *coughs*

Bon: Babuu?!


Tron looks around.


Tron: Where am I?  Last I remember, I was absorbed by the T.A.T. Reaverbot.  Am I dreaming?  Hmm…


She looks down and gets a shock at what she sees.


Tron: Huh?!  Wh--Why is everything so small?!


Bon: Babuu!

Tron looks around and gets even more surprised at what she sees.


Tron: Bon?!  Teisel?!


She screams in shock, forcing those around her to cover their ears.  It also shakes the ground.





Tron: What happened to me?!  This has to be a crazy dream!


Tron pinches herself a few times and punches herself in the noggin to try to wake up.  But it doesn’t change anything.


Tron: No way!  It’s real!  I’m gigantic, and it’s real!  Teisel!  Help me!


Teisel: Now calm down, Tron.  I’m--*coughs*--I’m sure there’s an explanation for this.


A Servbot from inside the Gesellshaft appears outside.


Servbot #7: Master Teisel!  Miss Tron!  I got more information about the T.A.T.  It turns out that T.A.T. is the name for the Reaverbot.  T.A.T. stands for Titan Absorber Terror.


Tron: Titan Absorber Terror?


Servbot #7: The Titan Absorber Terror is a one-of-a-kind Reaverbot that doesn’t attack people.  Instead, it absorbs its victim and takes it’s shape.


Teisel: So--*coughs*--you mean to tell me that Tron is stuck like this because of that Reaverbot?

Servbot #7: Sorry, Master Teisel.  But that’s all the information I got.


Tron sits down, shaking the ground.


Tron: Well, that’s great!  What am I suppose to do now?!


Bon: Babuu!

Tron looks at the Servbots that were with her inside the cavern.


Tron: You!  How dare you show yourselves after leaving me!


Servbots: We’re sorry, Miss Tron!



Her loud voice shakes the ground and causes all those around her to cover their ears.





Servbot #1: She’s too loud!

Servbot #2: Miss Tron, please lower your voice!


Tron slams her fist at the Servbots, causing them to get scattered.



Teisel: Tron!  Please!  I’m sick--*coughs*--enough as it is!  I don’t need broken eardrums, too!

Bon: Babuu!


Suddenly, lasers come out of Tron’s eyes.  They hit the ground, causing a black mark.  One of the Servbots gets roasted.


Tron: Huh?  What just happened?


Servbot #7: Lasers came from your eyes, Miss Tron.


Tron: Really?  That came out of me?


Bon: Babuu!

Tron: You think I should, Bon?


Bon: Babuu, babuu!


Tron: Well, okay…


Tron stands up, walks near the water, shaking the ground with each step, and stretches her hand out, as if she was going to fire out an energy beam.  Surprisingly, a beam of blue energy is shot from her hand.


Tron: No way!


Tron looks at her hands.


Teisel: Amazing!

Tron: Am I…now a superhuman?!


Teisel: *coughs* Perhaps this was the treasure from that T.A.T.!  And now, Tron’s a gigantic force of impenetrable nature! *laughs* *coughs*


Tron: Hold on, Teisel.  I think I should do a few more tests.  For starters, if I’m going to be stuck like this with you guys, how can I get around--Huh?!


Tron’s question was quickly answered when her shoes started acting like jet rockets.  She outstretches her arms and starts flying around.  She and the others can’t help but be surprised at this.  She goes for a landing, shaking the ground as she does.


Servbot #4: Amazing, Miss Tron!


Tron: I wonder what else I can do.




Tron soon learns that her whole body is a weapon of mass destruction.  From shooting bullets from her fingers, to using her arms as drills, to using the sharp ends of her hair as a sharp blade-like boomerang.  She goes into the water and uses her jet rocket legs, moving around with ease.

Tron: Hmm…  So my rocket-powered legs work well underwater, and I can breathe.  Now let’s see how high I can go.


She shoots out of the water and heads into the sky and keeps going until she reaches outer space.  She takes a look at the planet and smiles.


Tron: *giggles* Wow!  I can breathe in space!  And the planet looks beautiful!  Wait’ll Teisel and the others hear of this!


Tron flies back down.




Teisel: WHAT?!  You went to space?! *coughs*

Bon: Babuu babuu?!

Servbots: Amazing, Miss Tron!


Tron: *laughs* This is amazing!  I can’t believe I’m really doing this! *laughs*


Teisel: *laughs* Did I say “impenetrable”?  I MEANT INVINCIBLE! *laughs* *coughs*


Servbots: Hurray!  Hurray!  Hurray, Miss Tron!


Bon: Babuu!  Babuu!


Tron: No.  As of now, I’d like to be known as Titan Tron!


Servbots: Hurray!  Hurray!  Hurray, Miss Titan Tron!


Bon: Babuu!  Babuu!


Tron: Now, with my new gigantic body and superpowers, how shall I use them?  Hmm…  I know! *evil laughs*



Later, Tron is flying alongside the Gesellshaft, as they make their way through the skies.




Servbot #1: Master Teisel, are you sure that we should go along with this plan?


Teisel: *coughs* I’m sure. Titan Tron seems to know what she’s doing, and I think this is the best way to--*sneeze*--I can’t wait for this stupid illness to go away…


Tron: Don’t worry about it, Teisel.


Teisel: Huh?  Tron?


Tron: I can hear you guys, even from out here.


Bon: Babuu!  Babuu?


Tron: I don’t know how I can communicate with you guys from out here, but I suppose it’s another benefit with this body.  Anyway, I suggest that you guys get all the rest you need until tomorrow, because that’s when the fun starts.  I plan to revisit all the towns from our past and give them a real scare. *laughs*


Servbot #2: But Miss Titan Tron, why do we need to get involved?


Servbot #3: Yeah, aren’t you powerful enough to handle these jobs yourself?


Tron: Yeah, but it wouldn’t be as fun, if I did everything by myself.  Just because I’m now a giant, invincible being, it doesn’t mean that I’m going to abandon you guys.


Bon: Babuu!


Tron: I see an island just below us.  Is it our first stop?


Servbot #4: Affirmative, Miss Titan Tron.


Tron: Perfect.  You guys park nearby, and I’ll keep out of sight.  I don’t want to ruin the surprise until tomorrow morning.


Servbots: Roger, Miss Titan Tron!



The next day, Teisel, inside the Gustaff, and a few other Servbots are ready to strike the nearby town.


Servbot #1: Master Teisel, are you sure you’re up for this?


Teisel: Are you kidding?  I’ve never felt better!  All I needed was a good night sleep and some medicine!  Titan Tron, are you in position?


Tron: I’m ready to strike!


Teisel: Okay, then.  LET’S DO IT!



Chapter 3


Teisel takes the Gustaff and starts firing on the first house, blowing down the door.  The Servbots enter the house, scaring the residents inside out.  The Servbots exit the house and get some valuables.


Servbot #1: Master Teisel, we’ve got some money!


Teisel: Good!  Keep up the pace!


Teisel and the Servbots continuing looting the houses, as the civilians start running around panicking.  It isn’t long before the police show up and surround the area.


Servbot #3: Master Teisel, the police have arrived.


Teisel: Good.  I was hoping they’d show up.


Police Officer: Freeze! This is the police!  You are surrounded!


Teisel: Tron, ready to make your appearance?




Still in the water, Tron’s eyes turn red to scan the cops.  After a bit of scanning, Tron responds.


Tron: No, not yet.  I’m going to wait until they bring out the big guns.  Go ahead and have some more fun.


Teisel: Feeling confident, are we?


Tron: Very, and I told you, it’s TITAN Tron.  You’ve messed that up twice already.




Teisel: Sorry, Titan Tron.  Servbots, we can handle this weak force.  Let’s go!


Servbots: Roger!


Teisel starts firing on the cop cars.  The police retaliate with their own guns and fire back, but are no match for Teisel.  After some time, the cops retreat.  Teisel and the Servbots celebrate their victory.


Teisel: Look at them run like the cowards they are!


Servbot #5: We did it!  Miss Titan Tron, it looks like we didn’t need your help, after all.




Tron: (Thinking) I’m surprised it was that easy…  I wonder…


Tron’s eyes turn red, and she notices a huge force heading towards Teisel and the others.  She smiles.


Tron: (Thinking) I thought so.  (Out loud) Teisel, don’t relax just yet.  A huge force is heading your way.  This is when I make my move.




Teisel: Understood, Titan Tron.  Boys, brace yourselves.


The Servbots get nervous.  Soon, the area is surrounded with multiple air units, cop cars, and giant tanks.


Servbot #2: M-M-Master Teisel…  It looks like they’ve really got us in a corner…


Police Officer: This is your last chance!  Surrender or we’ll be forced to use our full might!


Teisel smiles.


Teisel: Nice force.  I admit, it’s very powerful.  But unfortunately, you still don’t stand a chance!


The police are confused.




The ground starts rumbling and the water moves as if an island was rising out of the water.  Teisel laughs like a maniac.  A giant shadow soon looms over the entire island, and it’s laughing.


Police Officer: Oh, no…


Chapter 4


Tron’s arms & legs open up to reveal multiple missiles, more than enough to blow up the island.  This scares practically everyone.  With an evil smile, her arms and legs close all the weapons.  Then, she simply stomps the nearby house.  Cars and people scramble, as Titan Tron uses her eye beams on part of the road.  She continues ripping houses and stomping on cars.  People panic and run.  Several tanks fire at the titanic force, but doing no damage.  She looks down and squashes them.  Other cars are firing bullets, but she easily swats the cars into the water.  She makes her way to the island’s bank.  Several copters shoot multiple bullets at her, more tanks fire their cannons at her, and bombers drop multiple bombs at her.  She notices this and smiles.  Her brooch’s eyes beam a yellow light and it engulfs her in a shield.  Not a single piece of arsenal got through, and Tron is unharmed.  The shield disappears, as she laughs.


Tron: Aww, don’t feel bad, boys.  After all, you did your best.  Isn’t that all that matters in the end? *giggles*


She uses her lasers on one of the bombers, and it crashes into another unit, causing a huge explosion.  As she approaches, the people inside run away.  She kneels down in front of the bank and scans it.  Meanwhile, the forces continue unloading on her, although she’s paying little attention to them.


Tron: Found it!  Teisel, I’ll let you handle this.  Hold on a moment.


She turns around to face the forces.


Tron: You guys are annoying!


Tron blows a wind of cold air, and freezes up the area, including the units that were firing at her.


Tron: Now, as I was saying, I’ll let you handle this, Teisel.


Teisel and the Servbots make their way past all the damage and get in front of the bank.


Tron: Allow me.


Tron rips open the front door with her fingers.


Tron: The vault is on the second floor.


Teisel: Thanks, Titan Tron.  Bon, I need the Gesellshaft brought to the bank.


Bon: Babuu.




Teisel and the Servbots easily make their way to the second floor.  One of the Servbots tries to open the vault.


Servbot #10: It’s not opening up, Master Teisel.


Servbot #23: What do we do, Master Teisel?


Teisel: Calm down.  I’m sure there’s a password for this.


Tron: 658-7910.  I took the time to scan the area and get the safe combination.


Teisel puts that combination to good use, and it shows.  The Servbots successfully rob all the cash inside.


Teisel: *laughs* Well done, everybody!  I now declare this operation a huge success!  No pun intended.


Tron: Actually, Teisel.  This is just the beginning.  Soon, the whole world will know and fear the name of Titan Tron!  And when this is all over, we’ll be the planets richest rulers!


Teisel: So, Titan Tron.  Where’s our next stop?


Servbot #20: Do you plan to go after Mega Man next?


Teisel: Yes, I would love to see that little blue punk get exactly what he deserves, after everything he’s done to us!


Bon: Babuu!


Tron: No.


Teisel: No?


Bon: Babuu?


Teisel: Well, why not?


Tron: There’s no real reason to go after him yet, especially since we don’t know where he lives.  Right now, we just continue hitting islands.  Eventually, he’s bound to show up, or we’re bound to run into him.  Besides, I want to save the best target for last.


Teisel: I understand, Titan Tron.  In that case, let’s go to the next island.


Tron: My thoughts exactly.




Tron takes off, as the Gesellshaft follows.  Meanwhile, back on the ground, one of the officers overhears everything.


Officer: I’d better inform the other islands about this.



Chapter 5


Meanwhile, in the sky, Mega Man & Roll are watching TV.  It’s a show about clumsy people.


Mega Man: This is my favorite show.


Roll: I can see why you like it so much.  It’s very amusing.


Suddenly, the TV program is switched.


Reporter: We interrupt this program for this important news flash.  The Bonne Pirates have been on a rampage, terrorizing islands and robbing them of all their wealth.


Mega Man: What?!


Reporter: The major reason behind this is the giant creature known as Tron Bonne, who is now calling herself Titan Tron.


Mega Man: How did Tron get so huge?!


In the TV, Tron is shooing energy beams from her hands and lasers from her eyes.


Roll: It looks like becoming gigantic wasn’t the only thing that happened to her.  She’s like a giant robot.


Roll turns off the TV.


Mega Man: But how?


Roll: I don’t know, but we should look into this.  It would be pointless to go after her right now.  She’s too powerful.


Mega Man: So, what’s our first move?


Roll: We need to see where this all started.


Roll goes into the cockpit and scans for any recent activity.


That island looks like it’s been destroyed.  We’ll check that area first and see if we can get any clues.


Mega Man: Got it!




Meanwhile, in the sky, Titan Tron and the others are happy with their ongoing progress.


Teisel: Just look at this!  I never thought we’d be so successful than we are now!  And it’s all thanks to Titan Tron.  Can this get any better?


Suddenly, Tron turns her head.  Her eyes turn red and she chuckles.  Her eyes turn back to normal.


Tron: It just did.


Servbot #23: What is it Ms. Titan Tron?


Tron: I’ve just found Mega Man.  He’s going to the island where we started our reign of terror.


Teisel: *cackles* So, shall we have some fun?


Tron: We shall.




At the same time, Mega Man & Roll land on the first island.


Roll: It’s too bad Gramps is busy getting Data fixed up.


Mega Man: It’s fine.  We can handle this on our own.  What information do you have about this island?


Roll: I believe that a powerful treasure was once resting here.  I think it was called the T.A.T.  I have no idea what that is, but that’s probably what caused Tron to get her power.


Mega Man: We should check it out.  There might be a clue as how to reverse the process or some sort of information about it.


(Mega Man leaves the ship and starts walking and looking around.)


Roll: Be careful, Mega Man.  I’m picking up very powerful readings inside the mine several feet from here.


Mega Man: Got it!


(Mega Man makes his way toward the place.)


Mega Man: Roll, I found the entrance!


Roll: Mega Man, I’m picking up very power readings inside the mine.  Multiple powerful Reaverbots--WAIT!  There’s a huge energy signal heading towards you!  IT’S TRON!


Mega Man: WHAT?!


????: *laughs* Hello, Mega Man!


Tron lands in front of him.  He looks up at the gigantic marvel that stands in front of him.  She looks down on him with a gigantic smile.


Mega Man: Oh, boy…



Chapter 6


Tron: Now, what should I do with you?  Hmm…  I could simply stomp on you, but that would be ridiculously easy, and boring.  I want to enjoy every minute of this.  And I think I’ll start this off with a bang.


Tron takes her head from her body and drops it in front of Mega Man.  Her eyes turn to numbers and count down.  Mega Man runs away.  3…2…1.  The head explodes, but still remains intact.  The giantess grabs it and places it back on her body.  Mega Man continues running, but soon finds himself up against a pink wall, which is actually Tron’s shoe.


Mega Man: How did she--?!


Tron: *giggles* Did you honestly think that you could get away from me?  No, no, no, my little toy.  It’s time you learned your place and taste the agony of my feet.


Tron raises her feet and attempt to stomp on Mega Man.  He manages to dodge every last shot.


Mega Man: She’s just toying with me…


Mega Man attempts to use his Mega Buster, but it’s to no avail, as Tron’s brooch’s eyes light up and engulfs her in a yellow shield.


Mega Man: She even has a shield?!


Tron: Nothing you conjure up will save you, and if you think that I’m going to give you a chance to upgrade yourself…


Tron flies to the Flutter and lands in front of it.


Tron: …you’re sadly mistaken.


Mega Man: NO!


Tron blows an icy wind at the Flutter and freezes it.


Mega Man: Roll!


Tron: You shouldn’t be concerned about her anymore, especially when you’ve got your own skin to worry about.  You’re all mine, now.


Mega Man starts running.  Tron uses her fingers to fire multiple shots at the tiny hero.  He hides behind a rock, as she slowly walks towards him.


Mega Man: What do I do?  Maybe if I can get to the cave--


Before he could finish his sentence, a giant hand grabs him.


Tron: Gotcha!


Mega Man: Darn it, no!


Tron: Powerless, useless, and now, helpless.


Tron starts squeezing him.


Tron: It’s been nice knowing you, Mega Man.  Be aware that my crush on you is nothing personal.  It’s just business. *giggles*


Suddenly, the ground in front of her breaks apart and she sees an equally sized being emerge from the ground in front of her.


????: Put him down, now!


Mega Man: ROLL!  You’re okay!


Tron: It can’t be!  How did you get so big?!  The T.A.T. is a one-of-a-kind Reaverbot!  On top of that, how did you escape the ship?!  I froze it up!


Roll: It is, indeed, and yes, you did.


The scene goes into a flashback.  Roll is inside the ship.


Roll: She’s just toying with him.  These stats are incredible.


Roll leaves the ship and heads inside the cave.


Roll: (Narrating) I knew the moment I saw those stats of yours, Mega Man didn’t stand a chance, and with him preoccupied with you, I took it upon myself to explore the cave.  Fortunately, with the path you guys made earlier, it was easy to find where the T.A.T. was located.


The T.A.T. awakens and spots Roll.


Roll: So this is the Titan Absorber Terror.


She takes out a mini computer and notices the information she’s getting from it.


Roll: Now it all makes sense.


Before she could leave, the T.A.T.’s stomach’s tentacles inside the blob snatch her.  The flashback ends.


Roll: Safe to say, what happened to Tron has just happened to me.  However, I now understand more about this Reaverbot.  Tron is not really Tron.  At the same time, I’m not really me.


Tron: Huh?  What’s that suppose to mean?


Roll: What you and I are both in are shells, or gigantic robotic bodies.  The real us are sleeping somewhere within these bodies.  The T.A.T. may look like a gigantic beast, but it’s really an upgrading Reaverbot.


Mega Man: I see.


Tron: Hmm…  Now, I wonder what would happen if I got absorbed by it again.


Roll: I don’t think so.  As soon as I finish you off, I’m destroying that thing so that no one else may use it for evil.


Tron: You, finish me off?  You forget, I’ve got Mega Man in my grasp.


Roll’s eyes flash at Tron, blinding her.


Tron: AHH!  MY EYES!


Tron drops Mega Man and goes to cover her eyes.  Mega Man is able to land safely on his feet, and he runs away to watch.


Roll: And you forget that I’ve got the same powers as you.


Tron: Why you--?!  You should’ve stayed inside your ship.  The cold interior would’ve felt a lot better than the beating you’re about to experience.


Roll gets into a fighting stance.


Roll: We’ll see who’s left standing.


Tron gets into a fighting stance.



Chapter 7



Servbot #38: Master Teisel, didn’t Miss Titan Tron tell us that Mega Man was on the first island?

Teisel: Hmm…  She did, but I don’t see any sign of him or her.


Servbot #29: Do you think Miss Titan Tron wanted to do this by herself?

Teisel: Now, don’t be ridiculous.  Titan Tron wouldn’t dream of having fun without is.  (Thinking) Still, for her to give us false information.


Servbot #13: Master Teisel, look!

Teisel: What?  What is it?


In the distance, he sees Tron with a gigantic Roll.


Teisel: WHAT?!  Isn’t that Mega Man’s friend?  How did she get so big?

Servbot #32: Master Teisel, I’m picking up strong readings from her body, the same ones on Miss Titan Tron!


Teisel: This isn’t good.  If she’s got the T.A.T.’s powers, then Titan Tron will need our help.


Servbot #5: But why do you think she decided to do this on her own?


Teisel: I don’t know, but that question is for another time.  Let’s get going!

Servbots: Roger!




Tron shoots bullet fingers at Roll, but Roll manages to create a barrier.  Roll fires back with elbow missiles.  Tron takes to the sky.  Roll launches her hands at her like missiles.  Tron manages to punch and destroy them, taking very little damage.  However, through the smoke, Roll manages to tackle Tron to the ground, destroying the cave’s entrance.


Mega Man: Well, that takes care of anyone who wants to explore this cave to find the T.A.T.  All that’s left is for Roll to destroy it.


Tron charges up her skull broach.  Roll sees this and rolls out of the way, right before the blast is made.  Both of them stand up.


Tron: Come on, kid.  Why don’t you give up?  No matter what you do, you can’t defeat me.  Just admit defeat and make this easier on both of us.


Roll: (Thinking) It’s no good.  No matter what I do, she’ll just counter it.  We’re too evenly matched…  But there has to be something I can do…


Tron: Here I come!


Tron runs towards Roll and tries to push her, but Roll manages to hold her ground.


Tron: Give it up.  You can’t win.


Roll: Will you shut up?!


Roll pushes her back and throws her hat at Tron.  The hat displays sharp blades.  Tron manages to dodge it, but the hat circles around back and barely manages to chop of some of Tron’s hair.  The blades retract, and the hat is back on Roll’s head.


Tron: Very clever.  You almost had me.  But almost only counts in horseshoes.


Roll: I’m not giving up yet!


Roll runs towards Tron, but Tron just simply jumps out of the way.  Roll tries again, but Tron flies up.


Tron: Please.  You’ll have to do better than that.


Roll: (Thinking) If I can just get to her broach, then I can rip her from that body.  But how?


Tron transforms her arms into a giant drill and dives toward Roll.


Mega Man: Roll!  Watch out!


Roll barely manages to dive out of the way, as Tron goes underground.  Mega Man walks up to Roll’s gigantic face.


Mega Man: Roll, are you okay?

Roll: I’m fine.  But I honestly don’t see how I’m going to win this fight.


Mega Man: I honestly wish I could help, but I can barely do anything without you fixing up my equipment.


Suddenly, the ground breaks under Roll, and she finds herself being drilled by Tron.  Tron takes her to the sky and blasts Roll with her eye beams.  Then she flies down with a kick, hitting Roll in the chest.  Roll crashes to the ground with a gigantic thud.


Tron: Honestly, that was too easy.  I barely broke a sweat.  I expected you to be more of a challenge than this, but I guess being nothing more than Mega Man’s lackey has shown you how useless you are to him.  Time to finish you off!


Suddenly, a small blast fires at Tron’s leg.  She turns to find Mega Man firing bullets at her.  He starts to run the moment she notices him.


Tron: Why you annoying little pest!


Tron goes after him.


Roll: That’s it!


Chapter 8


Mega Man continues leading her on a chase, blasting her while running.  She just simply walks as if nothing is going on.


Roll: Mega Man, can you hear me?


Mega Man: Roll?  How are you--?

Roll: This body also has a communicator.  Now listen.  Lead her back towards me.  I’ve got a plan, but I’ll need your help.


Mega Man: You got it!


Tron: I don’t know why you’re wasting your efforts.  You know you can’t lay a scratch on me.  So why not just make it easy on yourself and--


Before she could finish, she notices Mega Man running towards her.


Tron: What the--?!


Mega Man runs underneath her and continues running.  Tron blushes and covers her pants.


Tron: You pervert!!  How dare you take a peek!


Mega Man: Like there was anything to see.




Mega Man covers his ears.


Mega Man: I’m not getting into this topic.


Tron: Now you’ve made me very angry!


Tron decides to fly at him, cutting him off and forcing him to hide behind a rock.


Tron: *laughs* Hiding behind a rock isn’t going to save you!  I can easily blast through it!


Tron uses a single eye beam to blast the rock.  However, when she uncovers the rock, she notices two Mega Mans.


Tron: What?!


Both of them continue running and blasting her.


Tron: How the--Grr!


Tron continues the chase.  Both of the small men go behind another rock.  Tron blasts it again, and four Mega Mans emerge.


Tron: This is impossible!  Unless…


Roll emerges from the ground with a group of Mega Mans on her hat, shoulders, and hands.


Tron: You did this!


Roll: Correct!  When Mega Man distracted you, I took the opportunity to use my belt buckle to create an army of Mega Man clones.


Tron: *laughs* This is too funny!  You actually think that a bunch of little Mega Mans will be able to stop me?


Roll: No, I don’t, but that’s not all I did!


Tron: Huh?


Roll smiles.


Roll: Now, go get her!


All the Mega Man clones jump onto Tron’s body.


Tron: Hey!  What’s going on?!


Without a word of warning, all the clones self-destruct.


Roll: Now’s my chance!


In the smoke, Roll transforms her arm into a drill and reaches for Tron’s skull broach.  She uses her other hand to grab Tron’s arm.


Tron: What’s going on?!


Roll: The end!


Roll manages to break through the broach and pull out a tiny unconscious Tron.  The giant body that she once was in deactivates and dissolves into a pool of liquid.


Roll: Are you okay, Mega Man?


Mega Man comes out from underneath Roll’s hat.


Mega Man: I’m fine.  That was a clever idea, Roll.


Roll smiles.


Roll: Thanks.  But I couldn’t have done it without your help.


Tron wakes up.


Tron: *groans* What happened?  Why can’t I move my arms?


Tron soon realizes that she’s in the grasp of a gigantic Roll.


Roll: It’s over, Tron.  Now it’s time for you to pay for what you did!


Tron: NO!  I can’t believe I was outsmarted by the likes of you!!


Mega Man: Deal with it.


Suddenly, a claw appears from the flying Gesellshaft and takes Tron from Roll’s grasp.  The claw places Tron on top of the ship.  Teisel appears.


Teisel: I can’t believe that you tried to do this without us, Tron!

Tron: Sorry, Teisel.  I got carried away with my new powers…


Teisel: Well, we’d best make a break for it.  But I promise that next time, we WILL defeat them!


Roll flies into the air, with Mega Man on her shoulder.


Roll: You’re not going anywhere!


Before Roll could make a move, a giant light blinds her and Mega Man.  When it disappears, a cloud of smoke is in front of them.


Mega Man: Did they get away?


Roll: Only one way to find out.


Roll takes a deep breath and blows the smoke away.  However, there is no trace of the Gesellshaft.


Mega Man: They’re gone…




Later, Roll uses her breath to defrost the Flutter.  After it’s back to normal, she looks down at Mega Man.


Roll: Why don’t you get the ship ready for departure?  I’ll be ready in a moment.


Mega Man: You got it!


Roll gives Mega Man a lift into the Flutter.



A little later after that, Mega Man has the flutter ready to leave.  Roll walks toward the ship and looks into the little window at Mega Man.


Mega Man: Well?


Roll: The Mega Man clones that I created should be more than enough to finish off both the T.A.T. and the island.  I admit, I’ll miss having all these powers and especially being this big.  But I know that this has to end.  I’ll ride on top until this body is finished.


Although roughly shaking the ship while getting on top, she manages to keep from falling through.  The ship takes off.  Suddenly, the island they were on explodes.  Roll’s gigantic body deactivates and dissolves into a pool of liquid.  Mega Man notices the water on the windshield and goes up to find Roll, unconscious.  She wakes up and smiles at him with a thumbs up.  He returns the gesture, and both of them head inside, ready to begin their next adventure.