Chozo Exposure


"I wonder what the Chozo did on this planet." Samus thought as she walked out of her starship and into an ancient Chozo city. Multiple scan readings in her ship showed no life signs of any kind, but they did pick up an electromagnetic field surrounding part of the Chozo city. Samus walked around until she found a Chozo Statue. In the hands of the Chozo Statue was a glowing energy ball. Samus ran to the Chozo Statue.

"What is this?" she wondered out loud. She had never heard of a Chozo that left behind an energy ball. The energy ball grew brighter as Samus got closer. Before she touched it, the energy ball went straight into Samus! Samus fainted immediately after she absorbed the energy ball. She woke up 3 hours later.

"What was THAT!?" She looked around and saw that everything was smaller.
“Huh? Did that energy ball make everything smaller?” she said. Another look at the city showed that Samus actually grew to 300 feet tall.
"Great. The energy ball made me grow. Now what am I gonna do?" She thought, "Maybe I should go around the planet and see what is there to see." In five simple steps she was at the edge of the city.
“That was quick.” she muttered to herself smiling. At the end of the city was a vast ocean.
"Hmmm…At this size I might be able to make it across the ocean without getting harmed." She walked slowly into the ocean surprised that it was a very hot ocean.
“Good thing I have the Gravity Suit on, otherwise I would burn up.” She started walking underwater.

“Geez, and I thought that there were no life signs on this planet! This ocean has like 60 trillion different kinds of life forms!!” She carefully made her way around to the other mainland. When she poked here head out of the water, her scanners read that the air was poisoned with a very powerful neurotoxin.
“This just gets better and better. I better go back underwater before the neurotoxin affects my suit.” When Samus ducks underwater all the life forms started to look at Samus.
“Uh…hello. How are you doing?” she said.
“GET……OUT!!!!!” the life forms yelled in union.
“Why?” Samus asked.
“YOU….ARE….DESTROYING…OUR….HOMES!!!” they yelled.
“But I can’t go out there. It’s too dangerous for me.” Samus said sadly.
“THEN….GET….OFF….THIS…..PLANET!!” they yelled even louder than before.
“I can’t. I’m too big for my starship.” She was getting angry.
“THEN….FIND…..A…..WAY!!!” they were yelling like crazy.
“You guys are really starting to make me angry!!” Samus began charging up her Wave Beam.
“WHAT….ARE…..YOU….DOING!!??” The life forms screamed.
“I am going to kill you all!!” she shouted. She fired the Wavebuster at the bottom of the ocean revealing a secret Space Pirate base.

“Wha…!? A Space Pirate base?! Boy I better find out what the hell is going on here.” She said, surprised. Samus took a closer look at the Space Pirate base and saw that it was occupied.
"Isn’t that Ridley, she wondered, wearing some kind of aqua suit? Wait. I thought that only Aqua Pirates has that kind of suit. This must be a special kind of suit made for Ridley." Suddenly a large group of Aqua Pirates came out of the base.
“Great. Now what?” Samus charged up her Wave Beam and was about to shoot the Wavebuster when the Aqua Pirates stopped in mid-water. The Aqua Pirates seemed to be talking to each other. Samus could overhear some of the conversation.
“What will Master Ridley say if we reported……..” one Aqua Pirate told another.
“I don’t know. He seems to be very angry right now………..” the other one said.
"What is going on with them?!" Samus thought. A bright light came from the surface and Samus felt herself growing again. She grew and grew and grew until she was 600 feet tall.

“WOAH! Now THIS is large!!” Samus said excited. She began to charge up for a Wavebuster and unleashed it onto the base. The base was destroyed instantly, but Ridley managed to escape.
"Geez, he ALWAYS finds a way to escape. That little turd!! I will find a way to kill him once and for all!!!" Samus thought angrily. Samus looked under the wreckage of the base and found a suit power-up. She put it on.
“Hmmm….protects you from neurotoxin. Perfect. Just what I need.” She said happily. At her large size it took her 4 steps to get out of the ocean. As soon as she stepped out of the water the neurotoxin was neutralized. “WHOA! Were the Space Pirates making this suit to protect themselves from the neurotoxin? I do not have the answer at this time.” She told herself.

Samus walked around until she found another Chozo city. This time it was occupied by Space Pirates. There were Space Pirates everywhere. They were so busy that they didn’t notice Samus until she started crushing some of the research facilities. Several Space Pirates were talking to each other very rapidly.
“What the hell were they doing here?! Building research labs and command centers in the middle of an ancient Chozo city! They will pay for that!” Samus began charging up a Plasma beam. Suddenly Ridley came out of nowhere flying straight at Samus! He knocked her off balance.
“HAHAHA!!! You are a weak-minded fool Samus!!! I will kill you even though you are 600 feet tall!!” he screamed. Samus was about to get up when she doubled in height to 1200 feet tall.
“GEEZ! AM I GOING TO KEEP ON GROWING!!??” she told herself though every Space Pirate over 100 miles away heard her say it. Ridley looked very surprised that Samus doubled in height. Samus took this opportunity to knock Ridley to the ground.
“Ow! Did you have to do that Samus!?” he shouted.
“Yes I did. Now I will kill you Ridley and all of the Space Pirates!!” Just before she crushed him with her foot Ridley dodged and flew up into the air. Samus charged up a Wave Beam to paralyze him, but before she could hit him he jumped into a man-made (or in this case Ridley-made) wormhole.
“What the…..?! Where’d he get wormhole technology?! I know the Chozo never made any form of wormhole unless….” she thought for a moment. No! It can’t be!! Have the Space Pirates advanced more than the Chozo?! Impossible!! I better find out where and what this technology is and inform the last remaining Chozo, if I can find them. At first she tried to communicate with them via telepathy, but there was no Chozo within range. Great. Now let’s try radio contact. Samus charged up her radio so any Chozo within a 5,000,000 light-year range will hear her.

“Hello? Any Chozo in range?” she said.
“We hear you Newborn. This is Chozo team 4847. What is your reason to call us?” the Chozo replied.
“Well, the Space Pirates have some type of wormhole technology and…” she was cut off by the Chozo screaming.
“Yes, I don’t know if they stole it or made it themselves, but I do know that they have it because Ridley used one before I crushed him with my foot.” the Chozo started talking rapidly after Samus said that.
”Newborn, did you find the Growth Ball we left behind for you?” they said.
“Yes I did.”
“Good. That was the last upgrade we made that your suit can have, but how are you communicating with us? We are well over 5,000,000 light-years from you.” Samus looked shocked.
“Does the size change increase the range of radio waves?” she asked.
“Yes it does. It doubles the range of the wavelengths. How tall are you now?” they answered.
“Uh…..1200 feet tall.” The Chozo sounded shocked.
“You are 1200 feet tall, correct? The Growth Ball can only make you grow up to 300 feet tall.”
“It does? But I got hit with some kind of light and grew to 600 feet tall. Then when I got knocked down by Ridley, I grew to 1200 feet tall. What do you think caused that?”
“Perhaps the…..WHAT THE HECK!!!??? WHERE DID RIDLEY COME FROM!?!?” they yelled.
“Ridley must have exited the wormhole he made here.” Samus decided as the radio cut off, “but how am I getting off this planet?” Samus thought that there was a Space Pirate Mothership large enough to hold her, but then she remembered making her way through a Mothership on her first mission and realized that she was too big.

Hmmm…..maybe I can make a ship large enough for me. She thought. Samus walked through the Space Pirate Compound until she found the pieces she needed to make a ship. It took her about 10 months to make a fully operational ship for her size. Samus flew the ship into space and flew to the place where Ridley attacked Chozo team 4847. Ridley was hanging around the area perhaps waiting for Samus or more Chozo to come. Samus crashed right into him knocking him awake.
“HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Well met Samus.” he screamed flying around the ship looking for entrances.

Samus blew the purple air hatch open and walked into the blue nebulae unharmed by the vacuum of space. She turned on her boosters and started to circle around Ridley looking for weak spots.
“Hehehehehe. Noticed I don’t have anymore weak spots didn’t you Samus?” he said.
"You may say that but I know you have a weak spot somewhere on you." Samus said silently. Suddenly Samus had an idea. She rolled into the morph ball and started planting bombs in Ridley’s mouth and held his mouth shut until the bombs exploded. Before the bombs exploded though, Ridley whipped his tail at Samus and entered another wormhole.
"Damn! Why is he so cunning!? That wormhole looks familiar though. Did I see one on a planet a long time ago?" Samus thought as she made her way back to the ship. She was about to start up the hyper-engine when she started to grow to 2400 feet tall.
“What the heck!? Am I being exposed to some type of radiation or something?” she asked herself as she started to break apart the ship.
"Oh this is just perfect! Now what do I do? I can’t just wander around in the middle of a large nebula without encountering some kind of alien life-form to communicate with." Suddenly Samus had an idea. She decided to contact the Chozo, but since she knew what they would say she tried something different. She implanted the hyper-engine into her boosters and flew into the wormhole-like hyperspace traveling at 5 times the speed of light to a planet rich with Space Pirate colonies, mines, and other stuff the Space Pirates were building. Soon after she landed though, every weapon was turned on Samus waiting to shoot. Samus began to shoot Super Missiles at every large building, knocking out the main power core of all the colonies.

“So, you decided to follow me didn’t you, Samus?” a sneering voice said from behind the one of the remaining buildings. Ridley flew around the rubble and fired a fireball that surrounded Samus.
“Hehehehehehe….this technology is very effective.” He told Samus.
“What technology?!” she demanded as she tried to break out. An army of Space Pirates started to move closer to Ridley and Samus.
“I am afraid that is a secret Samus. You see, you always know of our new technology so you keep on thwarting our plans,” he said, “So we decided to not tell you about our new technology. All of our logs do not contain anymore plans in it. Every time you scan one it will come up in encrypted form plus you will receive a virus into that Chozo Power Suit……..WHA…!?”

His eyes bulged as he saw Samus was growing to 4800 ft tall. As Samus grew she broke free of the fireball prison she was in, Space Pirates began to shoot at Samus like crazy but this had no effect. Samus smirked as she started to crush all the Space Pirates with her foot.
“What do you think of THAT Ridley? You are not escaping me this time!” she shouted. In a blink of an eye she grabbed Ridley and started to crush him with her index finger and thumb. Ridley was begging for Samus to release him but she kept on squeezing him. A few seconds later Ridley was crushed and Samus was left with a butch of limbs, blood, and other stuff from Ridley. Samus smiled and walked to the edge of a small cliff and looked up to the stars, wondering what she'll do now considering all that has happened to her in this mission.